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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SD207041SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran Moran119601964-10-01 VenturaPoint Mugu. Ex Hort San Diego 28 Jun 1965.
    SD207042SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran8479A1961-5-01 VenturaLong Grade Canon. Ex Hort San Diego 14 Jun 1965.
    SD207043SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran8479D1961-5-01 VenturaLong Grade Canon. Ex Hort San Diego 30 May 1963.
    SD207044SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran8479B1961-5-01 VenturaLong Grade Canon. Ex Hort San Diego 16 May 1961.
    SD207045SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran8479C1961-5-01 VenturaLong Grade Canon. Ex Hort San Diego 25 Jun 1961.
    SD207046SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran67921958-5-15 VenturaPoint Mugu
    SD48605SDDudleya blochmaniaeReid Moran67931958-5-26 Los AngelesEx hort. artificial hybrid by David Verity, UCLA.
    CAS-BOT109652CASDudleya caespitosaSnodgrass, R. E.s.n.1901-7-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. East End Mountain.
    CAS-BOT410830CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas233371947-7-14 Montereynear Marina Beach
    CAS-BOT410831CASDudleya caespitosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-8-6 MontereyHot Springs
    CAS-BOT410832CASDudleya caespitosaLee, Edward; Mason, Herbert90821934-10-1 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    CAS-BOT410833CASDudleya caespitosaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1945-7-5 Monterey
    CAS-BOT410834CASDudleya caespitosaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1966-5-25 Monterey
    CAS-BOT410835CASDudleya caespitosaGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric3451982-5-17 MontereyJust N of Gamboa Point, above Potter's Beach, Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT410836CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.4041978-9-1 MontereyGarrapata Creek, along Hwy 1
    CAS-BOT410837CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.4061978-9-1 Montereyca. 2 mi. S of Bixby Creek on Hwy 1, on W facing slope along hwy
    CAS-BOT410838CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.4081978-9-1 MontereyLimekiln Creek, along Hwy 1
    CAS-BOT410839CASDudleya caespitosaHoover, R. F.11,5311969-8-10 MontereyMarina Beach
    CAS-BOT410840CASDudleya caespitosaHowitt, Beatrice F.6111955-6-2 Montereybelow Julien Little Park
    CAS-BOT410841CASDudleya caespitosaHowitt, Beatrice F.6241955-6-3 MontereyJade Beach near Pacific Schoolhouse
    CAS-BOT410842CASDudleya caespitosaColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-8-12 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT410843CASDudleya caespitosaElmer, A. D. E.46541903-6-1 MontereyCarmel Bay
    CAS-BOT410844CASDudleya caespitosaHeller, A. A.84121906-7-24 Montereynear Point Pinos light house, near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT410845CASDudleya caespitosaJenkins, Olafs.n.1907-7-15 Montereynear Beach, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT410846CASDudleya caespitosaAbrams, L. R.42691909-8-17 Montereyat Carmel
    CAS-BOT410847CASDudleya caespitosaAbrams, L. R.42691909-8-17 MontereyCarmel
    CAS-BOT410848CASDudleya caespitosaMorley, Thomass.n.1941-7-3 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles NE of Jamesburg
    CAS-BOT410849CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas116011933-8-19 MontereyPt. Lobos
    CAS-BOT410850CASDudleya caespitosaPlaskett, R. A.861897-5-1 MontereyWillow Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT410851CASDudleya caespitosaRaven, Peter H.21091950-5-18 San FranciscoBayveiw Hills
    CAS-BOT410852CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas315611956-6-17 San FranciscoSummit ridge of Bayview Hills
    CAS-BOT410853CASDudleya caespitosaRattan, Volneys.n.1877-5-26 San FranciscoAngel Island
    CAS-BOT410854CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice15821912-8-6 San FranciscoFort Miley
    CAS-BOT410855CASDudleya caespitosaBreedlove, D. E.10081961-8-27 Monterey0.5 mi from mouth of Kirk Creek
    CAS-BOT410856CASDudleya caespitosaHeller, A. A.84121906-7-24 Montereybeyond Point Pinos lighthouse near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT410857CASDudleya caespitosaHowitt, Beatrice L.; Vandevere, Judson731964-8-11 Montereyon a warm bank halfway up Gibson Canyon in Mark's acquisition to P. Lobos Reserve. At mt 1 mile n w from Highway 1.
    CAS-BOT410858CASDudleya caespitosaCook & Cook2431946-6-29 MontereyTip of Poisonoak Ridge, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT410859CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alices.n.1894-8-1 San FranciscoPresidio
    CAS-BOT410860CASDudleya caespitosaBrandegees.n.1920-8-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CAS-BOT410861CASDudleya caespitosaWoodcock, Fidella G.s.n.1914-6-1 MontereyDel Monte Heights
    CAS-BOT410862CASDudleya caespitosaHeller, A. A.84121906-7-24 Montereybeyond Point Pinos lighthouse near Pacific Grove.
    CAS-BOT410863CASDudleya caespitosaAbrams, L. R.42701909-8-17 Monterey17 mi drive near Carmel
    CAS-BOT410864CASDudleya caespitosaSmith, C. Pipers.n.1906-10-1 MontereyMoss Beach, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT410865CASDudleya caespitosaSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1933-7-23 San MateoGrown from plants collected near Ano Nuevo Pt.
    CAS-BOT410866CASDudleya caespitosaEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1924-6-22 San MateoAno Nuevo Isl.
    CAS-BOT410867CASDudleya caespitosaPhipps, Mrs.s.n.1922-7-1 San MateoTunitas Creek
    CAS-BOT410868CASDudleya caespitosaRose, Lewis S.551681955-7-25 San MateoPigeon Point
    CAS-BOT410869CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid34991951-7-3 San MateoDevils Slide, 2 miles north of Montara
    CAS-BOT410870CASDudleya caespitosaOberlander, George10361950-6-3 San MateoSan Andreas Valley
    CAS-BOT410871CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid34991951-7-3 San MateoDevils Slide, 2 miles north of Montara
    CAS-BOT410872CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.5291979-10-1 San MateoDevils Slide on west facing granite slope along Calif. Hwy 1.
    CAS-BOT410873CASDudleya caespitosaZeile, E. M.521921-4-30 San MateoSalada
    CAS-BOT410874CASDudleya caespitosaDudley, W. R.41151895-5-31 Santa ClaraCoyote Creek at Blue Ridge Gap
    CAS-BOT410875CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas4515A1937-6-5 Santa Clara4 miles s. of San Jose
    CAS-BOT410876CASDudleya caespitosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-6-17 Santa ClaraCatus Garden, Stanford Arboretum
    CAS-BOT410877CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.6171980-6-5 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco Lake; ca 4.4 km west of California Hwy 1 on east facing slope of san dune.
    CAS-BOT410878CASDudleya caespitosaClausen, Robert T.47301940-6-24 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo Basin; Pacific Slope Geographical Province: Pacific Border
    CAS-BOT410879CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas407591964-6-29 San Luis ObispoIn canyon between Cambria and Protestant Cemetery
    CAS-BOT410880CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid34971951-6-25 San Luis ObispoSix miles south of San Luis Obispo on Highway 101
    CAS-BOT410881CASDudleya caespitosaHoover, R. F.11,1891969-3-25 San Luis ObispoSouth side of Morro Rock.
    CAS-BOT410882CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice150191927-8-1 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT410883CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice149691927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT410884CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice149691927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT410885CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice149681927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro Sands
    CAS-BOT410886CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice149431927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro Sands
    CAS-BOT410887CASDudleya caespitosaHardham, Clare B.25011957-7-31 San Luis Obispo.9 miles north of Cambria; Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT410888CASDudleya caespitosaHardham, Clare B.22571957-6-18 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT410889CASDudleya caespitosaHardham, Clare B.23021957-6-15 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains; Villa Creek
    CAS-BOT410890CASDudleya caespitosaHardham, Clare B.8351957-6-15 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains; Atascadero Ranch
    CAS-BOT410891CASDudleya caespitosaBlakley, E. R.B-20561957-2-20 VenturaPoint Mugu; South side of a cliff near the ocean
    CAS-BOT410892CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid30761948-5-28 VenturaLong Grade Canyon about 1 mile east of Camarillo Hospital.
    CAS-BOT410893CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid30761948-5-28 VenturaLong Grade Canyon about 1 mile east of Camarillo Hospital.
    CAS-BOT410894CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid37301928-4-21 VenturaLagoon at Pt. Mugu
    CAS-BOT410895CASDudleya caespitosaBaxter, Edgars.n.1941-5-10 VenturaPoint Mugu
    CAS-BOT410896CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-6-1 VenturaVentura River Basin; Near mouth of Ventura River.
    CAS-BOT410897CASDudleya caespitosaAbrams, L. R.67091917-8-15 San BenitoVancouver Pinnacles
    CAS-BOT410898CASDudleya caespitosaLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-6-1 San BenitoHernandez
    CAS-BOT410899CASDudleya caespitosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-2 San BenitoHepsedam Peak
    CAS-BOT410900CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alices.n.1917-10-1 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
    CAS-BOT411335CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.3571978-4-9 VenturaSanta Monica Mouintains, Pt. Mugu on rock that is seperated from the rest of the hill by Calif. Hwy. 1 on east facing slope near the top of the rock.
    CAS-BOT411336CASDudleya caespitosaBlakley, E. R.44111961-5-18 VenturaAnacapa island, Mouth of small rocky canyon on NE side of West island 1/4 mile west of Frenchman's Cove
    CAS-BOT411337CASDudleya caespitosaBlakley, E. R.B-28081959-4-26 VenturaBig Cove on north side of East Anacapa Island
    CAS-BOT411338CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.21963-6-2 VenturaTaylor Ranch coastal bluffs, ca. 1 1/2 miles west of Ventura River
    CAS-BOT411340CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.11962-7-6 VenturaOn sandy flat between Southern Pacific R. R. and beach, CA. 1 mile west of Venture River.
    CAS-BOT411341CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.21962-7-6 VenturaOn sandy flat between Southern Pacific R. R. and beach, CA. 1 mile west of Venture River.
    CAS-BOT411342CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1947-5-25 VenturaIn sea sand in beach w. of Ventura
    CAS-BOT411343CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.41963-7-10 VenturaSandy flat a few feet above the high tide level between beach and Southern Pacific R.R., about 1 mi. west of Ventura River.
    CAS-BOT411376CASDudleya caespitosaWolf, Carl B.13561927-9-2 Sonoma8 miles N of Fort Ross
    CAS-BOT411377CASDudleya caespitosaFerris, Roxana S.82601932-5-27 SonomaN end of Bodega Bay
    CAS-BOT411378CASDudleya caespitosaRubtzoff, Peter12451952-6-10 SonomaResort at E base of Fitch Mtn., near Healdsburg
    CAS-BOT411379CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.5271979-10-1 Santa CruzDavenport Landing, E side of California Hwy. 1 on W facing road embankment
    CAS-BOT411380CASDudleya caespitosaReed, C. A.s.n.1919-6-8 Santa Cruz
    CAS-BOT411381CASDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid35001951-7-3 Santa CruzCoast 3 miles N of Scott Creek
    CAS-BOT427987CASDudleya caespitosaWolf, Carl B.12221927-8-29 HumboldtCoast so. of Cape Mendocino at Devils Gate
    CAS-BOT427988CASDudleya caespitosaTwisselmann, Ernest C.83851963-6-3 KernSan Emigdio Range and the Mt. Pinos Region. Salt Creek Canyon, San Emigdio Range
    CAS-BOT427989CASDudleya caespitosaCleveland, D.s.n.1882-1-1 LakeAllen Springs
    CAS-BOT427990CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas24721927-6-9 OrangeNorth side Santa Ana Canon [Canyon]
    CAS-BOT427991CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas24721927-6-9 OrangeN. side of Santa Ana Canyon
    CAS-BOT427992CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas29441927-8-6 San DiegoNear Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Alt Sea level.
    CAS-BOT427993CASDudleya caespitosaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1952-9-9 Santa BarbaraLompoc
    CAS-BOT427994CASDudleya caespitosaNewell, Gwendolans.n.1913-8-1 Santa BarbaraMountains adjacent to Santa Barbara. San Ysidro Ranch
    CAS-BOT427995CASDudleya caespitosaPlatt, R. H.s.n.1898-4-21 SolanoVacaville
    CAS-BOT427996CASDudleya caespitosaNakai, K.6201980-6-5 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, at the end of Pt. Dume on north facing slopes.
    CAS-BOT427997CASDudleya caespitosaRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.143291959-6-4 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Point Dume
    CAS-BOT427998CASDudleya caespitosaCurran, K.s.n.1884-7-1 Los AngelesRavenna
    CAS-BOT427999CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas114601933-7-23 MarinSausalito Hills
    CAS-BOT428000CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas14824A1939-7-2 MarinElk Valley
    CAS-BOT428001CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas214461945-8-19 MarinAt head of Drakes Bay
    CAS-BOT428002CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas221511946-6-30 MarinRodeo Lagoon
    CAS-BOT428003CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas14833A1939-7-2 MarinPirates Cove
    CAS-BOT428004CASDudleya caespitosaHowell, John Thomas221501946-6-30 MarinRodeo Lagoon
    CAS-BOT428005CASDudleya caespitosaRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.212341967-5-2 MarinAngel Island. Area below East Garrison, east side of island.
    CAS-BOT428006CASDudleya caespitosaRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.210671967-5-1 MarinAngel Island. Slopes on south side of island near Rock Quarry and small reservoir
    CAS-BOT428007CASDudleya caespitosaRubtzoff, Peter7981951-9-23 MarinPoint Reyes.
    CAS-BOT428009CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas62641938-7-11 Mendocino5 miles s. of Point Arena
    CAS-BOT428010CASDudleya caespitosaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas62631938-7-11 Mendocino5 miles s. of Point Arena
    CAS-BOT428011CASDudleya caespitosaWiggins, Ira L.141451957-6-21 Mendocino2 mi. S of San Juan Beach
    CAS-BOT428012CASDudleya caespitosaWolf, Carl B.13201927-8-31 Mendocino3 mi. no. of Westport
    CHSC453CHSCDudleya caespitosaV. Holt1940-7-27 MontereyPacific Grove.
    CHSC79720CHSCDudleya caespitosaGordon Leppig14582000-7-9 MendocinoGualala, bank of Gualala River estuary, across from Gualala Hotel, UTM zone 10, 4 N, 454E.
    DAV02337DAVDudleya caespitosaH. T. Hartmanns.n.1941 MontereyMonterey County: at Lucia.
    DAV193107DAVDudleya caespitosaDaryl Koutnik5071978-5-30 VenturaVentura County: Long Grade Canon, east of state hospital.
    DAV55398DAVDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollards.n.1960-6-21 VenturaVentura County: near Taylor Ranch, Ventura.
    DAV82883DAVDudleya caespitosaDaryl Koutnik4261978-4-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Point Dume near Zuma Beach.
    DAV83198DAVDudleya caespitosaDaryl Koutnik5411978-6-19 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: San Bernardo Creek.
    DAV83206DAVDudleya caespitosaDaryl Koutnik5411978-6-19 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: San Bernardo Creek.
    DAV91697DAVDudleya caespitosaAnn F. Johnson16321979-6-19 MontereyMonterey County: at Marina Dunes, immediately south of the mouth of the Salinas River.
    DAV92631DAVDudleya caespitosaDaryl Koutnik5071978-5-30 VenturaVentura County: Long Grade Canon, east of state hospital.
    FSC0010970FSCDudleya caespitosaC. H. Quibell5361929-7-25 MontereyPacific Grove, on Monterey Bay
    HNT5122HNTDudleya caespitosaMartin MooneySN1975-6-18 MontereyPlaskett Creek
    HNT5154HNTDudleya caespitosaSokol, OttoS.N.1962-7-01 VenturaAnacapa Island
    HNT6995HNTDudleya caespitosaMoran, Reid112271963-8-15 VenturaWest Anacapa Island
    HNT9003HNTDudleya caespitosaSokolS.N.1962-7-01 VenturaAnacapa Island
    HSC38383HSCDudleya caespitosaJ.D. Ackerman3951974-7-24 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park, Morro Bay, N end of 13th St.
    HSC6465HSCDudleya caespitosaDavid Portersn1965-5-16 Los Angeles1 mi. off Mulholland Hwy. on Canon Rd.
    HSC94130HSCDudleya caespitosaGordon Leppig14582000-7-9 MendocinoBank of Gualala River estuary, across from the Gualala Hotel
    IRVC109563IRVCDudleya caespitosaK. F. Hamilton1966-5-29 OrangeUpper Newport Bay
    JEPS49904UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson134171893-6-08 SolanoPelevo Hills
    JEPS49905UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson134161893-6-12 SolanoVaca Ridge Vaca Mtns
    JEPS49906UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson122281927-6-02 San Benitonear San Lorenzo Creek, Upper San Benito River
    JEPS49907UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson10418a1924-5-08 NapaPope Creek
    JEPS49908UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson100161923-6-23 SonomaSonoma Canon Kenwood
    JEPS49910UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaH. P. Chandler75701907-5-14 NapaWhite Sulfer Springs St. Helena
    JEPS49911UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson16761901-6-14 Montereycoast trail near Lime-Kiln Creek; Santa Lucia Mtns
    JEPS49912UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaMiss Harriet A. Walker13751908-7-11 MarinMill Valley
    JEPS49913UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaH. E. Parks1920-5-21 Santa ClaraMt. Umunhum
    JEPS49914UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaH. E. Parks1920-5-13 Santa ClaraNew Almaden
    JEPS49915UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaH. E. Parks1920-5-13 Santa ClaraGuadalupe Mine
    JEPS49916UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaR. L. Pendleton7371907-5-11 Santa Claras Los Gatos (Lexington, Alma Soda Springs)
    JEPS49935UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson175531936-5-29 NapaAdam-and-Eve Ridge Howell Mtn
    JEPS49936UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson121131927-5-28 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
    JEPS49937UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson97801922-7-23 MontereyMarina Station Monterey
    JEPS49938UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson97391922-7-20 MontereyMonterey Cypress Point (Sea cliffs Carmel Bay); Carmel Bay, Sea cliffs, Cypress Point
    JEPS49939UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWillis L. Jepson41641910-8-18 San MateoGazos Creek Pescadero
    JEPS49940UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaWilliam S. Cooper1591925-8-20 San Luis ObispoCallender
    JEPS49941UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaW. C. Mathews1914-1-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
    JEPS49942UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaMrs. J. L. Williams1917-8-12 MontereyCarmel
    JEPS83070UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaRoy E. Buck, Randall A. Morgan, James A. West4361983-7-15 San Mateo3.2 km nw Pilarcitos Dam (along crest of Fifield Ridge, w of gravel rd, 2.4 km wsw of San Andreas Dam); San Francisco Watershed Reserve
    JEPS89286UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaE. R. BlakleyB28081959-4-26 Venturaabove Big Cove (n side of East Anacapa Island); East Anacapa Island
    JEPS93385UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley44111961-5-18 Venturaon ne side of West Island 1/2 mi w of Frenchman's Cove (Anacapa Island); California Channel Islands, Anacapa Island
    LA200388LADudleya caespitosaKei Nakai3571978-4-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Pt. Mugu; across Hwy 1 from Pt . Mugu near top of rock
    LA200389LADudleya caespitosaJonathan Sauer43501968-5-06 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Point Dume; on coastal bluff
    LA34171LADudleya caespitosaPeter H. Raven143291959-6-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Point Dume
    LA92815LADudleya caespitosaPeter H. Raven153361960-5-07 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu
    LA98795LADudleya caespitosaE. R. Hobbs77--51977-7-13 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park; Los Osos. Stabilized dune area S of Morro Bay, between park road and sandspit dunes
    LA99088LADudleya caespitosaJoan Malloys.n.1962-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Point Dume; on coastal bluff
    LOB119403LOBDudleya caespitosaW.M. Paloney1661970-5-09 Los AngelesTopanga Canon Rd., 2 miles W of Topanga
    LOB119404LOBDudleya caespitosaDick Zembal1972-3-26 Ventura2 W of Sespe Creek off of State Hwy. 33. Growing in crags above the stream.
    OBI113439OBIDudleya caespitosaTawney Odegard221985-3-10 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay kangaroo Rat Reserve. SE of Morro Bay, 0.5 mi down Pecho Valley rd after passing Golf Course sign, tur rt on dirt rd just past Deer sign and continue toward dunes for 0.5 mi. MBKR site is on the left
    OBI113441OBIDudleya caespitosaJanice M. ToyoshimaJ21979-6-06 San Luis ObispoS of Shark Inlet, Morro Bay
    OBI113442OBIDudleya caespitosaF. Rushs.n.1957-8-1 San Luis ObispoS Morro Bay
    OBI113443OBIDudleya caespitosaCliff Dimond611982-5-15 MontereyAlong Ca. Rte 1, Bixby Crk cyn
    OBI113444OBIDudleya caespitosaRobert F. Hoover115311969-8-10 MontereyMarina Beach
    OBI113445OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil251191995-5-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. South Base. Point Arguello
    OBI113446OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil255131995-7-05 Santa BarbaraNorth base. west of railroad trestle at san antonio creek.
    OBI113447OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil249471995-4-20 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Vicnity of jctn of Cinco rd and Point Sal Rd
    OBI113448OBIDudleya caespitosaMonika Richardson1962017-7-26 Santa CruzLittle Creek Trail
    OBI113449OBIDudleya caespitosaJulie R. Potter541969-6-29 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park
    OBI113450OBIDudleya caespitosaMelody Dickens231980-5-30 San Luis ObispoMorro rock, Morro Bay
    OBI113451OBIDudleya caespitosaRobert F. Hoover111891969-3-25 San Luis ObispoS side of Morro Rock
    OBI113452OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil225561991-8-22 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park and vicinity, along San Simeon Crk from beach inland to E boundary of park and on adjoining slopes S to boundary with C.T. Ranch
    OBI113453OBIDudleya caespitosaD. Waive Stager81972-7-17 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park sand spit [on label as Morro Bay State Park]
    OBI113454OBIDudleya caespitosaLewis S. Rose660801966-8-11 San FranciscoGolden Gate Heights
    OBI113455OBIDudleya caespitosaKamran Alavi861977-8-19 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park, Montano de Oro
    OBI113456OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil173961983-7-16 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz, N of San Simeon; On ridge S of Arroyo
    OBI113457OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil251711995-5-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Base Recreation Area (ca. 1.4 N of San Antonio rd and 0.7 mi E of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd)
    OBI113458OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil251701995-5-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Base Recreation Area (ca. 1.4 N of San Antonio rd and 0.7 mi E of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd)
    OBI113459OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid J. Keil251001995-5-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Along 35th St, 0.3 mi E of Rollo Rd
    OBI113460OBIDudleya caespitosaD. Waive Stager81972-7-17 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park sand spit [on label as Morro Bay State Park]
    OBI149286OBIDudleya caespitosaMonika Richardson2822017-8-12 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Terrace
    OBI149554OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil324942014-9-12 San Luis ObispoSanta Rosa Creek Road east of Cambria
    OBI170986OBIDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil324942014-9-12 San Luis ObispoSanta Rosa Creek Road east of Cambria
    OBI186136OBIDudleya caespitosaMonika Richardson3612017-8-21 Santa CruzScott Creek Watershed, Swanton Pacific Ranch, Little Creek
    PGM5581PGMDudleya caespitosaHowitt, Beatrice F00731964-8-11 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Point Lobos state Reserve, South shore above Bird Rock
    RSA0065457RSADudleya caespitosaFosters.n.1961-6-02 San BernardinoOld Baldy Road, Angeles National Forest.
    RSA0065458RSADudleya caespitosaToppenbergs.n.1960-6-02 San BernardinoMt. Baldy Old Road, San Antonio Canon, N. Pomona.
    RSA0183231RSADudleya caespitosaW. R. FerrenCSM-2031987-8-14 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. N of Lions Head point.
    RSA0262246RSADudleya caespitosaLouis C. Wheeler42691936-7-23 MontereyE side of Big Dome, Pt. Lobos Reserve.
    RSA0262247RSADudleya caespitosaLouis C. Wheeler42551936-7-15 MontereyWhalers Knoll, Pt. Lobos Reserve.
    RSA0262248RSADudleya caespitosa2016-4-9 Unknown
    RSA0262249RSADudleya caespitosaE. K. Balls121041965-8-08 MontereyCarmel Highlands.
    RSA0262251RSADudleya caespitosaJohn D. Olmsted50821962-6-20 MontereyNear Anderson Canon Bridge, ca. 20 miles S of Big Sur on Cal. Hwy. 1.
    RSA0262252RSADudleya caespitosaJohn Thomas Howell114601933-7-23 MarinSausalito Hills.
    RSA0262253RSADudleya caespitosaHoward Mullinss.n.1931-5-09 Los AngelesEl Segundo.
    RSA0262254POMDudleya caespitosaA. D. E. Elmer46541903-6-1 MontereyCarmel Bay.
    RSA0262255RSADudleya caespitosaPeter H. Raven143291959-6-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Point Dume.
    RSA0262258POMDudleya caespitosaHomer G. Rush1101949-4-10 San Luis Obispo1/4 mile back from the ocean. Surf.
    RSA0262260POMDudleya caespitosaHomer G. Rush1111949-4-10 San Luis Obispo4 miles north of Cambria.
    RSA0262261POMDudleya caespitosaHomer G. Rush1131949-4-10 San Luis ObispoOne mile north of Cambria.
    RSA0262262POMDudleya caespitosaHomer G. Rush1121949-4-10 San Luis ObispoSurf.
    RSA0262263RSADudleya caespitosaAlice Eastwood149691927-7-29 San Luis ObispoOn road from Morro to San Luis Obispo.
    RSA0262264RSADudleya caespitosaSusan Carters.n.1981-5-04 San Luis ObispoVandenberg Air Force Base. Tethys Road.
    RSA0262265RSADudleya caespitosaR. F. Hoover85271960-7-06 San Luis ObispoSanta Rosa Creek 4 miles East of Cambria.
    RSA0262266RSADudleya caespitosaS. Carlquist43341969-7-01 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano.
    RSA0262267RSADudleya caespitosaC. W. Tilforth8631973-6-14 San Luis ObispoNorth of Oso Flaco Lake.
    RSA0262273RSADudleya caespitosaMark Elvin1041995-11-23 San Luis ObispoCanon Pines Hotel.
    RSA0262277RSADudleya caespitosaGeorge Oberlander10361950-6-03 San MateoSan Andreas Valley, San Francisco Watershed Reserve.
    RSA0262278RSADudleya caespitosaIra L. Wiggins38021929-7-04 San MateoAbove beach near mouth of Pescadero Creek, 2 miles from town of Pescadero.
    RSA0262279POMDudleya caespitosaC. F. Baker34401903-6-30 San MateoAlamitos.
    RSA0262280RSADudleya caespitosaAnuja ParikhVAFBSAT-1871994-6-17 Santa BarbaraSan Antonio Terrace, Vandenberg Air Force Base. North of the access road to created wetland site Wildflower Wetland.
    RSA0262281RSADudleya caespitosaT. S. Elias85641984-7-26 Santa BarbaraAbout 5 W of Lompoc; Surf, near Ocean; Beach County Park.
    RSA0262282RSADudleya caespitosaE. R. BlakleyB-28081959-4-26 VenturaEast Anacapa Island. Big Cove on north side of the island.
    RSA0262283RSADudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley44111961-5-18 VenturaWest Anacapa Island. Mouth of small rocky canyon on NE side of island, 1/2 mile west of Frenchman's Cove.
    RSA0262285RSADudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollards.n.1960-6-21 VenturaAbove beach near Taylor Ranch.
    RSA0262286POMDudleya caespitosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1981-6-1 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
    RSA3365RSADudleya caespitosaHarriet Ann Walker17941909-7-30 San FranciscoBakers Beach (near Lands End), San Francisco
    SBBG109539SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley77131996-5-15 Santa BarbaraHonda Park, above Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara
    SBBG109556SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley76511995-7-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: beach bluffs 1 N of Pt Conception
    SBBG11389SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley44111961-5-18 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: small cyn on NE side; 0.25 W of Frenchman's Cove [Frenchys Cove]
    SBBG122118SBBGDudleya caespitosaD. Wilken w/ R. Muller178622008-8-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Vandenberg Air Force Base; leeward side of dunes above salt pond, ca. 0.9 N of mouth of Santa Ynez River; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG125926SBBGDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil w/ L. D. Oyler249471995-4-20 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; vicinity of jct of Cinco Rd and Point Sal Rd; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG127487SBBGDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil, L. D. Oyler251701995-5-16 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Vandenberg Air Force Base; Base Recreation Area (ca. 1.4 N of San Antonio Rd and 0.7 mi E of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd); Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG132502SBBGDudleya caespitosaM. Elvin1041995-11-23 San Luis ObispoCanon Pines Hotel
    SBBG132887SBBGDudleya caespitosaR. Burgess, P. Munro, V. Vartanian95172014-4-18 Venturasalt marsh off Hwy 1 overlook
    SBBG14291SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley24521958-9-13 Montereyabove the ocean, Cypress Point, Seventeen Mile Drive
    SBBG178562SBBGDudleya caespitosaSteven A. Junak, R. Philbrick, S. TimbrookWA2041982-5-21 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: offshore slopes near western tip of islet, just W of and below Peak 485
    SBBG178563SBBGDudleya caespitosaSteven A. Junak, R. Philbrick, S. TimbrookWA2031982-5-21 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: offshore slopes near western tip of islet, just W of and below Peak 485
    SBBG19547SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1946-5-19 Venturabehind beach dunes near mouth of Ventura River
    SBBG2644SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley20561957-2-20 VenturaPoint Mugu
    SBBG2652SBBGDudleya caespitosaH. and M. Dearing22781938-7-10 Santa Barbaranear beach, Lompoc
    SBBG32663SBBGDudleya caespitosaRalph N. PhilbrickB65-469a1965-3-27 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: central portion of Middle Anacapa Island
    SBBG35661SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1968-6-07 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: near Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG35662SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1968-6-07 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Oso Flaco
    SBBG37894SBBGDudleya caespitosaM. B. Dunkle76571940-8-26 VenturaWest Anacapa Island
    SBBG38877SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley28081959-4-26 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: Big Cove on N side of island
    SBBG39938SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1962-7-06 Venturabetween beach and Southern Pacific Railroad ca. 1 W of Ventura River
    SBBG39939SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1963-6-01 VenturaTaylor Ranch coastal bluffs, ca. 1.5 W of Ventura River
    SBBG40257SBBGDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1963-7-02 VenturaTaylor Ranch coastal bluffs, ca. 1.5 W of Ventura River
    SBBG47671SBBGDudleya caespitosaE. R. Blakley71691973-7-22 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; top of beach bluffs, Lion's Head, Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG52492SBBGDudleya caespitosaR. Zembal1977-5-25 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: 100 yards E of the middle of South G Avenue on high ground
    SBBG70876SBBGDudleya caespitosaRalph Hoffmann1931-7-17 Monterey5 mi S of Big Sur
    SBBG78058SBBGDudleya caespitosaL. G. Yates?1893 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island
    SBBG80152SBBGDudleya caespitosaRalph Hoffmann1930-9-22 VenturaAnacapa islands: Anacapa Island
    SBBG85806SBBGDudleya caespitosaHolly C. Forbes13681987-7-23 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; Rhea Rd, 0.8 N of its jct with Dione Rd toward Test Pad 2; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG94951SBBGDudleya caespitosaJ. Vanderwier761982-7-09 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: near pistol range
    SBBG95840SBBGDudleya caespitosaJ. Vanderwier761982-7-09 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: Beach Rd
    SBBG96490SBBGDudleya caespitosaD. Pritchett1001984-5-11 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: Visitor Building, East Anacapa Island
    SD106233SDDudleya caespitosaK. Nakai6201980-6-05 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Pt. Dume towards the end of the point.
    SD114465SDDudleya caespitosaDarley F. Howe31261961-7-23 San Luis ObispoOcean bluff, 12.7 miles south of San Luis Obispo/Monterey County line.
    SD114466SDDudleya caespitosaDarley F. Howe9041939-7-29 MontereyCoast of Monterey County.
    SD119606SDDudleya caespitosaReid Moran118112007-5-5 San DiegoEx hort 11 Jun 1965, Big Boulder Ranch, north end of El Canon Mountain
    SD119612SDDudleya caespitosaReid Moran112271963-8-05 VenturaWest Anacapa Island. Ex hort: Abnormal inflorescence, 16 Aug. 1963. Received from ISI, Dick Banks
    SD125361SDDudleya caespitosaC. W. Tilforth8631973-6-14 San Luis ObispoSand dunes, north of Oso Flaco Lake.
    SD12572SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer53831933-7-27 San Mateo2.0 miles south of Pigeon Point.
    SD127838SDDudleya caespitosaDarley F. Howes.n.1961-7-23 San Luis Obispo12.7 miles south of San Luis Obispo County line.
    SD134468SDDudleya caespitosaCraig Reisers.n.1990-5-06 San DiegoPoint Loma, north of the active lighthouse, growing yards from the seabluffs
    SD202212SDDudleya caespitosaE. R. BlakleyB-28081959-4-26 VenturaEast Anacapa Island; Big Cove on north side of the island.
    SD202213SDDudleya caespitosaRalph N. Philbrick59-601973-7-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden under Accession Number 59-60.
    SD2079SDDudleya caespitosaKate Stephenss.n.1922-7-05 Monterey
    SD244676SDDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil251711995-5-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. Base Recreation Area (ca. 1.4 miles N of San Antonio Road and 0.7 miles E of Lompoc-Casmalia Road)
    SD244677SDDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil251001995-5-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. North Base; along 35th Street, 0.3 miles East of Rollo Road.
    SD245342SDDudleya caespitosaDavid Keil255131995-7-05 Santa BarbaraNorth Base. West of railroad trestle at San Antonio Creek.
    SD38357SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer68071935-8-09 Santa BarbaraSand dunes
    SD38414SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer53831933-7-27 San Mateo2.0 miles south of Pigeon Point.
    SD38624SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer48191932-8-28 San Luis ObispoSouth of Oceano
    SD38627SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer22261931-8-05 Santa BarbaraSand dunes [Other collections this date near Surf, Santa Barbara Co.]
    SD40237SDDudleya caespitosaEdith A. Purer79891940-8-02 San Luis ObispoSand dunes, Oso Flaco Lake.
    SD45440SDDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22841947-6-12 MontereyPoint Pinos, Pacific Grove.
    SD45441SDDudleya caespitosaReid Moran21741947-5-04 Santa BarbaraOld Point Sal Landing
    SD56739SDDudleya caespitosaD. F. Howes.n.1963-7-01 San Benito10 miles south of Hollister on Highway 25,
    SD70415SDDudleya caespitosaW. L. Jepson97391922-7-20 MontereyCypress Point
    SD71297SDDudleya caespitosaHenry M. Pollard1161963-7-02 VenturaSide of deep, brushy barranca in Taylor Ranch coastal bluffs. ca. 1.5 mile west of Ventura Rivera.
    SD71406SDDudleya caespitosaR. F. Hoover85271960-7-06 San Luis ObispoSanta Rosa Creek, 4.0 miles east of Cambria.
    SD73455SDDudleya caespitosaR. S. Woglum8221937-7-03 Santa BarbaraLompoc
    SD73458SDDudleya caespitosaR. S. Woglum8221937-7-03 Santa BarbaraLompoc
    SDSU12954SDSUDudleya caespitosaBurton, Darren H.19VIII1998a1998-8-19 Monterey5 miles north of Seaside, near offramp to old Fort Ord site, along Hwy 101, near railroad tracks.
    SFV105499SFVDudleya caespitosaA. E. Dorseys. n.2007-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Leo Carillo State Park. Mulholland Highway just north of Highway 1.
    SFV105500SFVDudleya caespitosaA. E. Dorseys. n.2007-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Leo Carillo State Park. Mulholland Highway just north of Highway 1.
    SFV105501SFVDudleya caespitosaG. T. Leppig14582000-7-9 MendocinoGualala. Bank of Gualala River estuary, across from Gualala Hotel.
    SFV105502SFVDudleya caespitosaK. A. Wilson12411961-6-24 MontereySea bluffs 10 miles north of San Luis Obispo County line on Highway 1.
    SFV105503SFVDudleya caespitosaN. Nauroudis. n.2000-5-9 VenturaBuena Ventura State Beach.
    SFV105504SFVDudleya caespitosaA. E. Dorseys. n.2007-5-22 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Rocky cliffs on northeast side of highway, just southeast of Thornhill Broome Beach.
    SFV105505SFVDudleya caespitosaF. Hoffmans. n.2002-5-11 VenturaOff of Highway 33.
    SJSU572SJSUDudleya caespitosaG. Witherspoon21911940-7-03 Montereynear Asilomar, Monterey Peninsula
    UC101027UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaHarley P. Chandler4651899-6-01 MontereyPajaro Hills
    UC101028UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaMrs. Blochman1893-1-01 San Luis Obispo
    UC1015152UCJEPSDudleya caespitosa1942-6-20 Monterey
    UC1015154UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran21741947-5-04 Santa BarbaraOld Point Sal Landing
    UC1015155UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22821947-6-12 Montereyn Bixby Creek
    UC1015156UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22781947-6-12 San Luis Obispo1 mi s Cayucos
    UC1015157UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22841947-6-12 MontereyPoint Pinos, Pacific Grove
    UC1015400UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead2911946-6-12 MontereyWillow Creek
    UC1015402UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead2971910-7-27 MontereyMarina
    UC1015405UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead6831922-7-31 MontereyLimekiln Creek; grown at Berkeley
    UC1015406UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead6841946-6-13 MontereyLimekiln Canon
    UC1015413UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead2851946-7-12 Montereywithout specific locality; grown at Berkeley, California
    UC1015414UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead6761946-6-12 Montereywithout specific locality; grown at Berkeley
    UC1015420UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJack Whitehead9141946-7-28 Montereywithout specific locality; grown at Berkeley, California
    UC1015439UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran34971951-6-25 San Luis Obispo6 mi s San Luis Obispo (on Hwy 101)
    UC1015440UCJEPSDudleya caespitosa1949-7-21 San Mateo
    UC1015441UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran35001951-7-03 Santa Cruz3 mi n Scott Creek
    UC1127102UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaC. M. Belshaw22981936-6-04 Santa Cruz0.2 mi w Hill School; Capitola Quadrangle
    UC1392946UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaR. F. Hoover1950-8-01 MontereyLucia
    UC144384UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaBaker34401903-6-30 San MateoPilarcitos
    UC146447UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaMiss Harriet A. Walker18101909-8-08 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC147284UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaR. L. Abrams1903-1-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC1492168UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaN. J. Andersson1852-1-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC1506101UCJEPSDudleya caespitosa1997-4-6 Los Angeles
    UC1543918UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaPeter H. Raven, David Verity153361960-5-07 VenturaPoint Mugu Santa Monica Mtns
    UC204131UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaA. D. E. Elmer46501903-6-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
    UC420661UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaR. L. Pendleton1131904-7-16 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC420758UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaKatharine Brandegee1909-6-12 MontereyLucia
    UC517547UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaJohn Thomas Howell37301928-4-21 VenturaPoint Mugu
    UC579385UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaG. T. Nordstrom12071937-5-12 San Luis Obispo0.5 mi se Ascuncion; Adelaida Quadrangle
    UC596811UCJEPSDudleya caespitosa1936-8-27 Santa Cruz
    UC610556UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaEdward Lee, Herbert Mason90821934-10-01 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    UC63714UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaH. M. Hall1904-8-25 Montereygrown in U. C. Botanical Garden, but originally collected in Monterey.
    UC75771UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaAlice King1895-6-01 San Luis ObispoPismo Beach
    UC933270UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran21721947-5-04 MontereySalmon Creek
    UC933303UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran33651950-6-20 Venturaat e end West Anacapa Island
    UC933304UCJEPSDudleya caespitosa1936-4-16 Unknown
    UC933305UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22811947-6-12 Monterey2 mi s Gorda
    UC933306UCJEPSDudleya caespitosaReid Moran22831947-6-12 MontereyBixby Creek
    UCR106053UCRDudleya caespitosaGeorge K. Helmkamp20551997-6-20 San Luis ObispoLos Osos, c. 0.2 NE of Buckskin & Martingale
    UCR130218UCRDudleya caespitosaGeorge K. Helmkamp49951999-6-28 San MateoPescadero Creek Watershed. Bean Hollow Road 0.3 mile south of Pescadero Road, southwest of Pescadero. Slopes above Butano Creek
    UCR158374UCRDudleya caespitosaGeorge K. Helmkamp87192004-6-24 Santa Barbarabetween Ocean Park [Rd.] and Pacific Ocean at Surf; NW of Lompoc
    UCR159374UCRDudleya caespitosaGeorge K. Helmkamp87672004-7-14 Santa BarbaraSurf, NW of Lompoc
    UCR186394UCRDudleya caespitosaA.C. Sanders342162007-6-23 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, cliffs on the east side of the mouth of the San Lorenzo River, downstream of the RR trestle
    UCR19558UCRDudleya caespitosaT.W. Minthorns.n.1924-6-20 MontereyMonterey
    UCSB034753UCSBDudleya caespitosaDanielsen, K.1991-8-12 Santa BarbaraN. Vandenberg AFB.; at Lion's Head; on road cut along Pt. Sal Road
    UCSB034754UCSBDudleya caespitosaDanielsen, K.1991-8-14 Santa BarbaraN. Vandenberg AFB.; San Antonio Creek; at the train tressel
    UCSB034755UCSBDudleya caespitosaParikh, Anuja; Gale, NathanVAFBSAT 1871994-6-17 Santa BarbaraNorth of the access road to created wetland site Wildflower Wetland
    UCSB034756UCSBDudleya caespitosaWayne R. FerrenCSM-2031987-8-14 Santa BarbaraN of Lions Head point, Vandenberg Air Force Base
    UCSB034757UCSBDudleya caespitosaFred M. Roberts, Jr.5551982-4-29 VenturaJct. 1 and Deer Creek Road; 4.7 WNW Sesquit Point; Santa Monica Mtns.
    UCSB034758UCSBDudleya caespitosaDennis E. Breedlove10081961-8-27 MontereyKirk Creek; 0.5 mi. from ocean; Santa Lucia Mtns.
    UCSB034759UCSBDudleya caespitosaJoseph M. Keefe17141967-5-07 VenturaPacific Coast Highway; 0.9 mile north of Big Sycamore Canon, Point Mugu
    UCSB034760UCSBDudleya caespitosaMark Olson1990-7-22 Santa BarbaraAlong ridge road leading to Point Sal; from Point Sal Road
    UCSB042161UCSBDudleya caespitosas.n.HR-15(7)1992-6-06 Santa BarbaraHollister Ranch.
    UCSC100011462UCSCDudleya caespitosaR.C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-6-27 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC100011463UCSCDudleya caespitosaK. Cover552001-6-17 ?  Santa CruzLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve. Eagle Trail-2.5.
    UCSC100011464UCSCDudleya caespitosaD. Styer, J. Styer7932014-8-21 MontereyFt. Ord Dunes State park (Region B5)
    UCSC100011465UCSCDudleya caespitosaCharisse Bickfords.n.1978-8-14 MontereyLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains, bluff at mouth of Big Creek Canon.
    SD207052SDDudleya ovatifoliaReid Moran67961958-5-15 VenturaPoint Mugu
    SD207053SDDudleya pulverulentaReid Moran67971958-5-15 VenturaPoint Mugu. Artificial hybrids brought by David Verity.
    RSA0262275POMEcheveria caespitosaLynman Benson61051934-7-04 San MateoMoss Beach. Watershed Pacific Ocean.
    RSA0262276RSAEcheveria caespitosaLewis S. Rose551681955-7-25 San MateoPigeon Point.

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