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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT154131CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter57521966-6-5 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 mi. from Hwy. 116 and 0.6 mi. from Llano Road.
CAS-BOT154135CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter60391969-5-11 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, northeast of Graton, at the end of Piner Road.
CAS-BOT154159CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter65291971-6-10 SonomaSebastopol - Santa Rosa Hwy., near Wright Road.
CAS-BOT154160CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter74391974-5-18 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 mi. from Hwy. 116 and 0.6 mi. from Llano Road.
CAS-BOT154162CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter57381966-5-29 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, N of Sebastopol (near Occidental Road).
CAS-BOT154163CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter51621963-6-6 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, E of Graton.
CAS-BOT156312CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorRubtzoff, Peter60241969-5-3 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, east of Sebastopol.
CAS-BOT33319CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorGreene, Edward Lees.n.1890-5-4 SolanoElmira
CAS-BOT488328CASDowningia concolor subsp. concolorSolomeshch, Ayziks.n.2009-5-11 SonomaSanta Rosa Plain, NW of Cit of Santa Rosa. Maggi Property located SW of the intersectin of Fulton and River Rds. Sampling pool #1
DAV351386DAVDowningia concolor subsp. concolorJake Ruygt6625b2019-5-2 NapaSnell Valley Ranch, n. side Snell Valley Rd. Aetna Springs Quad.
CHSC74974CHSCDowningia concolor var. concolorSanchez-Mata1996-4-28 SolanoFairfield. Jepson Prairie Reserve.
DAV238818DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Rugyt6815a2020-5-19 NapaMill Valley, east of Angwin Airport; quad St. Helena.
DAV397558DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorAyzik Solomescshs.n.2009-5-14 SonomaSonoma County: 2.3 km. southeast of city of Sebastopol. Santa Rosa Plain, Cooper Site, pool 1. Elevation estimated from Google Earth by label maker.
DAV397559DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt13221982-6-13 NapaNapa County; Pope Canon Rd., near large vernal pond on south side of road.
DAV397567DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorJ.A. Johnston61995-4-30 SolanoSolano County: Along Cook Lane, approximatley a quarter of a mile north of the visitors entrance to Jepson Prairie.
DAV397568DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff74391974-5-18 SonomaSonoma County: Todd Road, 1.4 mi. from Hwy. 116 and 0.6 mi. from Llano Road.
DAV397569DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-11 SonomaSonoma County: Santa Rosa Plain. NW of City of Santa Rosa. Maggi Property located SW of the intersection of Fulton and River Rds. Sampling pool #1.
DAV397570DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorMukunda Ranjit141982-5-09 Solano1.2 miles S from junction of railroad and Highway 113; ca. 10 miles S of Dixon.
DAV397571DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt32451993-5-01 NapaNapa County: Pope Canon Rd. at large vernal pond.
DAV397572DAVDowningia concolor var. concolorAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-12 SonomaSonoma County: Sonoma Regional Park. Vernal Pool.
JEPS100383UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorDean W. Taylor176622001-5-15 LakeCoyote Valley, Highway 29 ca. 2 miles Northeast of Middletown, 0.2 miles Southeast of junction of Grange Road
JEPS103628UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis195-951995-5-31 Napacorner of Pope Valley Cross Road and Chiles-Pope Valley Road
JEPS103647UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis147-951995-5-15 SonomaN of Sonoma at Rt. 12 entrance to Sonoma Valley Regional Park
JEPS106562UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt17331986-4-26 Napa4.5 miles northof Westgate Dr. on Atlas Peak rd.
JEPS106563UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt12401982-5-12 Napaeast of Rocktram, west of HWY 221, Suscol Plain
JEPS106564UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt39941998-5-23 NapaNapa Airport Industrial Park, NW corner
JEPS106565UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt12061982-4-29 Napaeast of Rocktram, west of HWY 221, Suscol Plain
JEPS106566UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt36621996-5-13 NapaHardin Road, .35 mile from Pope Canon Road, Pope Valley
JEPS106567UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJake Ruygt3081978-5-14 Napa.3 miles south of Oak Knoll Ave. on Silverado Trail;east
JEPS108445UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis, Tony Morosco196-951995-5-31 LakeNear Middletown. N side of Butts Canon Road, 0.4 mi E from Rt. 29.
JEPS108469UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis56-951995-4-23 SolanoEast of Vacaville. On Main Prairie Road, off of Rt. 113
JEPS108495UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis192-951995-5-31 LakeAbout 7 mi outside of Middletown on Butts Canon Rd. towards Pope Valley. Along the N side of Guinoc Lake (Desert Reservoir).
JEPS108503UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis, Tony Morosco187-951995-5-31 SonomaNW Santa Rosa. W side of Pinter Rd., near Waltzer Rd.
JEPS108504UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis191-951995-5-31 SonomaNorth Windsor. Intersection of Starr Rd. and Redwood Hwy., NE end.
JEPS108518UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis152-951995-5-15 SonomaNW of Petaluma. Valley Ford Road, N of Walker Road.
JEPS108526UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis151-951995-5-15 SonomaTodd Road Reserve. SWof Santa Rosa, on Todd Road, just W of Llano Road.
JEPS108527UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorLisa Schultheis149-951995-5-15 SonomaSanta Rosa. Roadside ditch along Alton Lane, off of Fulton Rd., just N of Piner Rd.
JEPS14418UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson211931891-5-30 Solanonear Denverton (Telegraph road)
JEPS14419UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson211951893-4-27 Napasw of Napa City
JEPS14420UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson93011921-6-02 SonomaWindsor
JEPS14421UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson211041896-6-09 Santa ClaraMadrone Santa Clara Valley
JEPS14422UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson212031892-5-14 Solano3 mi s Denverton
JEPS14423UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson67771916-4-20 Solanose of Vacaville (n of Canon sta.)
JEPS14424UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1890-5-04 SolanoSuisun
JEPS14425UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson93131921-6-03 SonomaCotati Valley, at Wilfrid sta. Cotati Valley
JEPS14426UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorF. T. Bioletti1891-5-09 SonomaSonoma
JEPS14427UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. Ferguson3581920-4-01 SonomaWindsor
JEPS14428UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson91891921-5-06 SonomaSonoma Valley
JEPS14429UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorEleanor Armstrong4631932-5-20 Lake4 mi w Adam Springs; Cobb Mt.
JEPS14958UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson211971885-4-18 Solanonear Vanden Station
JEPS14959UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson211991885-4-18 SolanoVanden
JEPS17383UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRimo Bacigalupi, John Dawson48561955-4-26 Solanoabout 2 air mi se Vanden (just n of Travis Air Force Base)
JEPS19381UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorG. Thomas Robbins2651938-5-19 Sonomasw of Santa Rosa (Stony Point Road, near The Lagunas)
JEPS19382UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorG. Thomas Robbins1791937-5-23 Sonomanear Wright School (along road between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa)
JEPS21907UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorMalcolm A. Nobs, Herbert L. Mason7451949-5-14 Solanoabout 6 mi sw Dixon
JEPS24755UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60781960-4-22 Solanoside of Travis Air Force Base, 0.2 mi e of railroad crossing
JEPS24759UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601171960-5-22 Lake14.7 mi. n.w. Pope Valley (on rd. to Middletown, along margins of Guinot Lake); Guinot Lake
JEPS29142UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler61971961-4-30 Sonoma1.2 mi w Schellville railroad station (along State Highway 37)
JEPS2997UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorVerne Grant, Alva Grant76401940-5-26 Lakeabout 10 mi se Middletown (on shores of Guinot Lake, Pope Valley); Pope Valley, Guinot Lake
JEPS5050UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney41331953-5-26 Lake2.6 mi se Pope Valley road jct. w/ Middletown-Lower Lake rd (State 53) (along Pope Valley road, in Long Valley); Long Valley
JEPS5051UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson275291944-4-25 Solano2 mi sw Vanden
JEPS5052UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney41311953-5-26 Lake2.1 mi se Pope Valley road jct. w/ Middletown-Lower Lake rd (State 53) ((cemetery on hillside at junction) along Pope Valley road, in Long Valley); Long Valley
JEPS58880UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn Thomas Howell220441946-6-13 Marine of Aurora School (at Sonoma County line)
JEPS77865UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRobert M. Lloyd36281965-5-08 Sonoma3 mi n Highway 12 junction with Aqua Caliente Road (on Highway 12, meadow across from Lawrence Triangle End Garage)
JEPS78938UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney41311953-5-26 Lake2.1 mi s.e. of its jct. w/ Middletown-Lower Lake rd (State 53) along Pope Valley road ((cemetery on hillside at junction), in Long Valley); Long Valley
JEPS86773UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJack, Betty Guggolz10461990-5-04 Sonoma1.25 mi w Fulton Road (n side of Piner Road, in the sw corner of a Simi Winery vineyard)
OBI102607OBIDowningia concolor var. concolorMilo S. Baker113531946-5-01 LakeMiddletown-lower Lake hwy, Coyote Val, in field S of hwy
OBI102608OBIDowningia concolor var. concolorRobert F. Hoover112841969-4-26 San Benito2 N of Tres Pinos
OBI102609OBIDowningia concolor var. concolorRimo Bacigalupi41331953-5-26 LakeLong Valley along Pope Valley rd 2.6 mi SE of its jctn with Middletown-Lower Lake Rd (State 53)
PGM3847PGMDowningia concolor var. concolorGriffin, James R.1978-5-24 San BenitoClear Creek Cyn Vernal Pools, SE 1/4 Sec 10 T 18S R 11 E
POM179656RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Thomas51901939-4-1 Santa ClaraGilroy.
POM285429RSADowningia concolor var. concolorLyman Benson1721928-5-01 LakeAsbill Dam, Middletown; Mr. Range: Middle N Coast.
POM299293RSADowningia concolor var. concolorLester Rowntrees.n.1938-5-16 NapaAtlas Peak Rd, from Napa.
POM305776RSADowningia concolor var. concolorCora W. Bensons.n.1933-5-23 LakeBreen's Lake, W.B. Mt. Konocti; Mt. Rane: Middle N. Coast.
POM311160RSADowningia concolor var. concolorVerne Grant76401940-5-26 LakeGuinot Lake, Pope Valley, about 10 miles SE of Middletown.
POM312376RSADowningia concolor var. concolorH. L. Mason127931946-5-19 LakeLocomono Creek near Middletown.
POM59014RSADowningia concolor var. concolorC. F. Baker28951903-5-06 SolanoElmira.
POM59143RSADowningia concolor var. concolorC. F. Baker30571903-5-09 LakeNear Lakeport.
POM59148RSADowningia concolor var. concolorA. A. Heller55921902-5-23 SolanoNear Suisun.
POM59149RSADowningia concolor var. concolorA. A. Hellers.n.1902-6-02 SonomaSanta Rosa.
POM88011RSADowningia concolor var. concolorL. R. Abramss.n.1901-5-1 Santa ClaraMayfield.
RSA100240RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJ. T. Howell51901930-5-21 Santa ClaraDried bed of rain-pool, Gilroy
RSA166379RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Thomas30171953-4-26 SolanoVernal pool near Rio Vista Jct.
RSA168968RSADowningia concolor var. concolorBeecher Crampton63351962-4-27 Solano1 mile ENE of Dozier Station, Salem Road.
RSA181926RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJohn Weiler60961960-4-22 SolanoState Hwy 12; 3.5 miles E of Fairfield.
RSA181927RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJohn Weiler601011960-4-22 SonomaState Hwy 12; 1.7 miles N of the turn to the Sonoma State Home or 3.0 miles N of Agua Caliente.
RSA195338RSADowningia concolor var. concolorGilbert Muth6941967-5-19 NapaMilliken Dam.
RSA21846RSADowningia concolor var. concolorAlice Eastwood25081936-5-19 Sonoma2 miles north of Windsor
RSA261503RSADowningia concolor var. concolorStephen L. Clement19-4-51973-4-05 Solano10 miles S of Dixon.
RSA298993RSADowningia concolor var. concolorW. L. Jepson93011921-6-02 SonomaWindsor.
RSA424715RSADowningia concolor var. concolorAaron Liston664-11987-4-25 LakeButts Canon Rd.; ca. 2 miles S of Hwy. 29.
RSA436098RSADowningia concolor var. concolorRobert Gustafson27481983-6-07 LakeHwy 29, about 1 mile N of the Spruce Grove turnoff.
RSA436099RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJ. T. Howell51901930-5-21 Santa ClaraDried bed of rain-pool, Gilroy
RSA47585RSADowningia concolor var. concolorL. Beane19481949-5-16 SonomaAbout 3 miles S of Healdsburg
RSA654064RSADowningia concolor var. concolorBeecher Crampton77281966-5-10 Sonoma6.5 miles N of Sonoma on State Hwy 12, Glen Ellen station (CA dept. of forestry).
RSA783712RSADowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff74391974-5-18 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 mi from Hwy 116 and 0.6 mi from Llano Road.
RSA783713RSADowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff60391969-5-11 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa NE of Graton, at end of Piner Road
RSA82865RSADowningia concolor var. concolorJ. M. Tucker26441953-5-17 Solanoca. 9.5 miles S of Dixon.
SD106151SDDowningia concolor var. concolorW. L. Jepson93131921-6-03 SonomaCotati Valley, at Wilfrid Station.
SD108305SDDowningia concolor var. concolorWalter Knights.n.1980-5-12 Sonoma0.5 mile south of junction of highways 116 and 121 in Sonoma Valley.
SD62434SDDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60961960-4-22 SolanoAt side of State Highway 12, 3.5 miles east of Fairfield.
UC1001278UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson91891921-5-06 SonomaSonoma Valley
UC1001279UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson93131921-6-03 SonomaWilfred sta. Cotati Valley
UC1019326UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorWillis L. Jepson67771916-4-20 Solanose of Vacaville (Canon sta.)
UC1116674UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorBeecher Crampton55121960-5-10 Solano12 mi s Dixon
UC1189260UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJoseph T. Gregory2241933-6-02 NapaHowell Mt. top Howell Mt.
UC1189261UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJoseph P. Tracy186731950-5-23 Napa3 mi e Angwin's; Howell Mountain, La Jota Plateau
UC1192021UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorHerbert L. Mason7451949-5-14 Solanoabout 6 mi sw Dixon
UC1192042UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorHerbert L. Mason127931946-5-19 Lakenear Middletown; Locomono Creek
UC1220998UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorBeecher Crampton63351962-4-27 Solano1 mi ene Dozier Station (Salem Road)
UC1244014UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorRoger LandersC-1651960-5-01 Solanoabout 9 mi s Dixon
UC1244019UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn Weiler611011961-4-30 Solano0.25 mi w Rio Vista Junction (along State Highway 12, 10.1 mi e of Fairfield)
UC1244020UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler61971961-4-30 Sonoma1.2 mi w Schellville railroad station (along State Highway 37)
UC1244021UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601281960-5-22 SonomaSchellville, Southern Pacific railroad gradings Schellville
UC1244022UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601271960-4-22 Sonoma0.2 mi nw East Windsor city limits (0.1 mi nw of Windsor River Road, directly opposite the entrance to Mattapan Ranch, bordering U.S.Highway 101)
UC1244023UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601171960-4-22 Lake14.7 mi nw Pope Valley (on road to Middletown, along margins of Guinot Lake); Guinot Lake
UC1244024UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601021960-4-22 SonomaSchellville station, Southern Pacific Railroad
UC1244025UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler601011960-4-22 Sonoma3.0 mi n Agua Caliente (or 1.7 mi n of the turn to the Sonoma State Home, on the w side of State Highway 12)
UC1244026UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60961960-4-22 Solano3.5 mi e Fairfield (at the side of State Highway 12)
UC1244027UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60931960-4-22 Solano0.8 mi s turn to Elmira (levee paralleling the Dixon-Rio Linda road)
UC1244028UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60911960-4-22 Solano0.1 mi s turn to Elmira (at the side of the s of Dixon-Rio Linda Road)
UC1244029UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60781960-4-22 Solano0.2 mi e Railroad crossing (at the side of Travis Air Force Base lateral)
UC1244030UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler60811960-4-22 Solano0.25 mi sw Canon Ranch (at the side of railroad tracks)
UC1244031UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler59601959-4-26 Sonomaabout 1 mi se Schellville (along State Highway 36)
UC1244032UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorJohn H. Weiler59581959-4-26 Solano1.1 mi e junction of North Texas St and Travis Air Force Base lateral (0.2 mi e of railroad crossing)
UC131878UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorC. F. Baker30571903-5-09 Lakenear Lakeport
UC131879UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorC. F. Baker28951903-5-06 SolanoElmira
UC1392695UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorR. F. Hoover112841969-4-26 San Benito2 mi n Tres Pinos
UC1736621UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorDean Wm. Taylor, Robert F. Holland, Carol W. Witham116421991-5-02 SolanoJepson Prairie, 2 miles SW of Olcutt; vernal pools ca. 0.45 miles E of the right-of-way of Sacramento Northern railroad
UC1746013UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAnnetta M. Carter, Joseph Tracy, Rimo Bacigalupi27761950-5-23 NapaHowell Mtn. La Jota Plateau - Las Posadas State Forest.
UC1751037UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAnnetta M. Carter, Mary Barnas30491951-4-22 LakeJust N of Hill 1030 (between Middletown and Lakeport); Middletown, Lakeport
UC177296UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1886-5-02 Solanonear Suisun; ; near Suisun
UC190707UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1886-5-02 SolanoSuisun
UC28964UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1890-5-01 UnknownSacramento Valley
UC28992UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1890-5-02 Solanonear Suisun; ; near Suisun
UC28993UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorF. T. Bioletti1892-5-01 SonomaShellville
UC336557UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorE. L. Greene1890-5-01 SolanoSuisun
UC416606UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorKatharine Brandegee1938-5-4 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC483690UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorMilo S. Baker59181932-4-01 Lakenear High School; Kelseyville
UC596043UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorR. F. Hoover34871938-5-28 San Benito2 mi ne Hollister
UC703373UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg35661944-4-28 Solanoalong Rio Vista to Suisun road
UC725653UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorA. A. Heller164891942-5-29 Lakes of Lakeport (just s of the junction of State Highway 29 with the Hopland road)
UC725780UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorA. A. Heller155931940-5-07 SolanoElmira
UC726434UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorA. A. Heller161351941-5-17 Sonoma2 mi n Windsor (on U.S. Highway 101)
UC766337UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorR. F. Hoover50301941-5-11 Lake2 mi s Lakeport
UC76661UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorM. Alice King1897-5-01 Sonoma
UC890619UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell25081936-5-19 Sonoma2 mi n Windsor
UC890620UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell55471938-5-15 Laken of Middletown (near Putah Creek)
UC890621UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAllison Hastings1940-5-03 Sonoma2 mi < ? > Smith's Corners (on Molino Road)
UC890656UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorAlice Eastwood103271921-4-24 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC972180UCJEPSDowningia concolor var. concolorVerne Grant, Alva Grant76401940-5-26 Lakeabout 10 mi se Middletown (on shores of Guinot Lake); Pope Valley, Guinot Lake
UCR279855UCRDowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff57521966-6-05 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 miles from Hwy 116 and 0.6 mile from Llano Road
UCR279869UCRDowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff60391969-5-11 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, NE of Graton, at end of Piner Road
UCR279876UCRDowningia concolor var. concolorPeter Rubtzoff60241969-5-03 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, east of Sebastopol

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