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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
ARF0287BLMARDodecatheon hendersoniiJennifer Anthony-Wheeler2871995-03-15 Humboldtgrwng under white oaks, shaded meadow beside river at Honeydew cmpgrnd
ARF0395BLMARDodecatheon hendersoniiJennifer Wheeler3952011-06-01 HumboldtPine Ridge Rd, entry to firewood cutting area
CAS-BOT126621CASDodecatheon hendersoniiYork, Dana6261996-04-27 FresnoCa. 82 km E of Fresno, 5.5 km W-NW of Boyden Cave, Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, 320 m up Redwood Creek from Hwy. 180
CAS-BOT184081CASDodecatheon hendersoniiYork, Dana16221997-02-02 FresnoCa. 29 km E-NE of Fresno (FSC), 700 m N of Wildcat Mtn.
CAS-BOT227803CASDodecatheon hendersoniiCarter, Eugene9271975-04-27 TrinityEast Fork of North Fork Trinity River. South of Store Gulch
CAS-BOT249283CASDodecatheon hendersoniiRubtzoff, Peter89671977-04-20 FresnoHaslett Basin area, Sierra Nevada. Westerly slope of ridge on east side of Nutmeg Creek Valley (NW 1-4 of Sec. 24, T11S, R25E)
CAS-BOT258896CASDodecatheon hendersoniiBlock, G.; Missaghian, J.; Klein, J.; Barrio-Lopez, C.2012012-03-24 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Sky Oaks Meadow, outcrop near Meadow Club golf course
CAS-BOT278111CASDodecatheon hendersoniiCastner, A.; Cash, D.; Missaghian, J.; Lo, B.136012013-03-09 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Rocky Ridge Road, first serpentine outcrop after Bon Tempe dam
CAS-BOT279940CASDodecatheon hendersoniiGosliner, T.; Hannibal, M. E.; Imazumi, S.; Whelan, S.136202013-04-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Rocky Ridge Road, first serpentine outcrop after Bon Tempe dam
CAS-BOT389755CASDodecatheon hendersoniiNieri, J.s.n.1969-02-26 San MateoHillsborough
CAS-BOT433232CASDodecatheon hendersoniiHalse, Richard R.90302014-03-25 ColusaAlong the Sites-Logoda Road ca. 4.7 miles northeast of Logoda; on the west end of Grapevine Pass.
CAS-BOT489844CASDodecatheon hendersoniiHaines, L.s.n.1950-03-26 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos
CDA0012821CDADodecatheon hendersoniiG.F. Hrusa126551996-03-08 SonomaNW side of Foote Ranch on ridge between Foote Creek and Briggs Creek. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
CDA0012897CDADodecatheon hendersoniiG.F. Hrusa127311996-03-26 SacramentoAbove Laguna Creek on S side of creek. Cosumnes River Drainage.
CDA0034074CDADodecatheon hendersoniiD.G. Kelch11.232011-05-04 Contra CostaNr Morgan Territory Regional Park.
CDA0039679CDADodecatheon hendersoniiA.C. Browne861950-03-27 Santa ClaraAlum Rock Park, San Jose.
CDA0039680CDADodecatheon hendersoniiJerome Dunnicliffs.n.1985-02-25 Fresno1 mile east of Piedra on Elwood, east of Sanger.
CDA0039681CDADodecatheon hendersoniiMartin Oliver262002-03-21 TrinityGray Falls Campground.
CDA0044079CDADodecatheon hendersoniiM. Beyers10472014-04-04 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserrve: East side of Cold Creek and Homestead Trail. Inner North Coast Ranges.
CHSC101180CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. P. Janeway96812009-03-28 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Tehama Wildlife Area; along the Powerline Road near the Shaw Creek Bridge over an un-named northeastern fork of Shaw Creek. Rocky north-facing slope just above the creek. T2 N R01E S13 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dewitt Peak 1:24,000
CHSC110485CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDavid Isle19581993-07-21 MendocinoMendocino National Forest; North Coast Ranges; Upper Main Eel River Watershed. SE of Bald Mountain ˜ 1 mi; S of Rd 2 N02 ˜ 200 ft. EUI Plot 14. T20N R1 W S09 NE1-4 of NE1-4 of NE14 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mountain
CHSC110799CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDean Wm. Taylor213372013-04-25 ShastaCascade Ranges. Magee Peak vicinity: Cornaz Lake Road (Forest Road 26) about 1.5 miles up from (traveling west) Highway 89. T3 N R04E S22 USGS Quadrangle: Burney Mountain East 1:24,000
CHSC111471CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. P. Janeway104212011-07-03 MendocinoHigh North Coast Ranges. At the northwest corner of Goat Rock, along Road M61 8.2 road km west of Low Gap. T2 N R1 W S12 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC114964CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLowell Ahart199472015-03-14 ButteOn the south side of the poor old dirt road, Beatson Hollow, about 3-5 of a mile northwest of Cherokee Road, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville. T2 N R04E S18 SE1-4
CHSC116063CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRichard R. Halse90302014-03-25 ColusaAlong the Sites-Logoda Road ca. 4.7 miles northeast of Logoda; on the west end of Grapevine Pass.
CHSC12160CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. M. Mayer781973-03-31 LakeOn the s side of the road 11.3 mi e of junction 53 & 20 on Hwy 20.
CHSC12185CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLowell Ahart1973-03-14 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC13887CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin2471972-03-21 Butte4 mi se on Cherokee road from Hwy 70, 500 ft west of road, near oaks in cow pasture.
CHSC13891CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin1821972-03-11 Butte0.5 mi se on Oregon Gulch Road from its intersection with Cherokee Road, Table Mountain, Oroville; sw side of road.
CHSC13892CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin2471972-03-21 ButteApprox. 4 mi se on Cherokee Road from its intersection with Hwy 70, w side of road near oaks in a cow pasture.
CHSC13896CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin1801972-03-04 Butte3.8 mi ne on Cherokee road from Table Mountain Road in Oroville, on northwest side of road.
CHSC13902CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin2111972-03-24 Lake5 mi se of Kelseyville, Canon of Hwy 29 and Hwy 175, sw corner of intersection.
CHSC13924CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiG. C. Strausbaugh21968-02-28 ShastaLocally abundant on hillsides surrounding vernal stream ca. 50 yds s Happy Valley Rd, ca. 1-4 mi from intersection with Bus Loop 5.
CHSC1395CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Baynes1929-04-20 ButteParadise.
CHSC1396CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. M. Staley1953-08-06 ButteRush Creek.
CHSC1397CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiV. Holt1946-04-16 YubaSmartsville.
CHSC14018CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiG. Notch1271974-03-30 LakeLocated ca. 5 mi w of jct of Hwys 20 and 16.
CHSC14047CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin1841974-03-11 ButteCanon Oregon Gulch Rd from its intersection with Cherokee Rd, Table Mt, n of Oroville.
CHSC14050CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin1831972-03-11 ButteCanon Cherokee Rd from its intersection with Hwy 70, side of road.
CHSC14051CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. F. Goodwin2471972-03-21 ButteCanon Cherokee Rd, from Hwy 70, ca. 500 ft w of road near oaks in cow pasture.
CHSC19937CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor4141975-03-10 ButteAlong paths on bluffs overlooking Butte Creek, ca. 1-4 mi sw of Covered Bridge, ca. 8 mi e of Chico.
CHSC20167CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD. B. Dewey101975-02-28 ButteCa. 400 yds e of Little Butte Creek, ca. 2 mi upstream from intersection with Butte Creek.
CHSC21632CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis Ball4931975-03-09 Contra CostaContra Loma Regional Park. In area #8. On n facing slope near top of hill ca. 550 yds sw of main parking lot ca. 850 yds w of Contra Loma Blvd.
CHSC22677CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert A. Schlising22301962-05-04 LakeCoast Ranges. 7.1 NE of Jct Hwy 20 on Bartlett Springs road.
CHSC23455CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD. L. Parker81973-04-18 MontereyCa. 3 mi S of Jamesburg [label says Jamestown] on road to China Camp in Carmel Valley.
CHSC2398CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. Carter1461965-02-13 ButtePlant found on Crubbs Rd. .9 mi SE of intersection with Reservoir Rd., on W bank along road ca. 6 mi. S of Oroville.
CHSC24655CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiKristy Dudley71976-04-03 LakeCa 30 yds n side of Hwy 29 (Pink-eye Lake), ca. 1 mi w of Lower Lake (Clear Lake).
CHSC24852CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiA. D. Launer21976-04-10 HumboldtOn s bank of Conley Cr, 100 yds n of forks of Conley Cr, ca. 1.5 mi e of Church St. in Blocksburg.
CHSC24977CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Cox411976-03-10 ButteN. Table Mt. ca. 300 yds. n of Cherokee Rd., along w edge of Mt., 4.3 mi ne of Oroville.
CHSC27769CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiK. D. Whitney51978-03-20 MarinCa. .25 mi w of Hwy 101, .25 mi s of Lucas Valley Rd., San Rafael.
CHSC27955CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor19441979-03-20 ButteCa. 1 mi n of jct of north fork Feather River and Hwy 70 along an old road, ca. 10 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC28836CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJeffrey M Lund31979-04-07 NevadaLocated on side of road. T1 N R08E S35 center USGS Quadrangle: Nevada City
CHSC31198CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor23581980-02-17 ButteAlong a dirt road, ca. 1-4 mi sw of Lower Forbestown Rd, ca. 3 mi w of Forbestown. T2 N R06E S15 NE1-4
CHSC31199CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor23951980-03-19 ButteMacabes Creek Canon, ca. 100 ft e of Lumpkin Rd, ca. 2.5 mi n of its jct with Forbestown Rd, ca. 18 mi ne of Oroville. T1 N R06E S07 SE1-3
CHSC31341CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDiane M. Reilly21980-03-21 ButteNW slope ca. 1-2 mi n on dirt road, ca. 2 mi off Hwy 70, ca. 25 mi e of Chico. T2 N R04E S02 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek
CHSC31402CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLeslie Steidl31980-03-15 ButteCa. 0.6 mi nw of Lumpkin Rd. on Island Bar Hill Rd, and 10 ft w of Island Bar Hill Rd, 22 mi ene of Oroville. T2 N R06E S21
CHSC31413CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiHerb Allan McLane11980-03-03 ButtePlumas National Forest, MDM, 1 mi sw of Ponderosa Dam. T2 N R06E S05 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown 1:24,000
CHSC31805CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. Ahart7161975-03-23 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut. Near North Honcut Creek on moist to dry soil, near large rocks.
CHSC32673CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor34051981-03-16 ButteShaded embankment, e side of Truex Rd, ca. 1-2 mi s of its jct with Hwy 70, ca. 7 mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S16 SC1-3 USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee
CHSC32731CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. S. Taylor33971981-03-12 ButteAlong s side of 2 N53.2, in open disturbed areas, ca. 1 mi sw of Feather Falls community. T20N R06E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Forbestown
CHSC32937CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiTeri Bartkowski501980-05-03 TrinityPhilpot Ck. campground. T3 N R1 W S11
CHSC33355CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSteven Azevedo21980-03-23 ButteCorner of Pentz-Magalia Hwy. and Limesaddle Road, 3 mi. sw of Paradise.
CHSC3542CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Francis671966-03-19 ButteOn hillside S. of covered bridge, Honey Run.
CHSC35774CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiColleen D. Harvey61982-04-17 ShastaErickson Property, ca. .5 mi w of jct of Deschutes Rd. and Robledo Rd., 1.5 mi n of Palo Cedro. S central portion of Sect. 31. USGS Quadrangle: Millville 1:64,000
CHSC36153CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiHank Thompson101980-04-05 AmadorIntermittent population ca. 3.5 mi ne of Fiddletown, 1 mi n of Tyler Rd.
CHSC36163CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMary Banchero41979-04-08 CalaverasCa. 0.75 mi w of burson, 3 mi s of Mokelumne River. T0 N R10E S2 Wcorner USGS Quadrangle: Wallace 1:24,000
CHSC3654CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert D. BriggsR-991966-04-06 NevadaRough and Ready.
CHSC3753CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. L. Adams651964-04-28 ButteS. side of Paradise Reservour 200 yds. from dam.
CHSC40205CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. P. Janeway7361984-04-21 MendocinoBetween Rose Creek and Bar Creek along road M1 ca 2 1-2 mi north of the Eel and Black Butte Rivers confluence. T2 N R1 W S23 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Covelo
CHSC4027CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSadie Gualtieri1967-03-10 ShastaHiway 44 out of Redding, S. at Deschutes Rd., 2 or so miles to Belmont Drive, to end of st. on W. slope.
CHSC41211CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. D. Jokerst19731984-04-17 TrinityCommon in forest openings at edge of Bridge Canon the Stuarts Fork of the Trinity River, several miles north of Trinity Alps Resort. T3 N R0 W S20 SW1-4
CHSC4174CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiKathy Sommerstrom251967-04-25 ButteFound 1-8 mi west of covered bridge, 100 yds from Butte Creek on South bank.
CHSC44343CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLowell Ahart59511988-03-28 ButteNear a small shrub and a small stream, about 1-10 mile south of Lumpkin Ridge road, about 1 1-2 miles east of Camp 18, about 8 miles east of Feather Falls.
CHSC45084CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Marr101988-03-24 Butte! mi w of Concow Rd 6 mi from Hwy 70, 18 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC46085CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLowell Ahart61971989-03-25 ButteAlong an old road to Lake Oroville, near Lake Oroville, about 1-4 mile north-west of the West Branch Bridge across Lake Oroville.
CHSC47110CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL. P. Janeway32101989-04-08 San BenitoBottom of cyn just E of Reynoso Peak. T13S R08E S05 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ruby Canon
CHSC48666CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiVernon Oswald12371984-05-30 GlennMendocino Nat. Forest, Masterson Campground at Plaskett Guard Station. Growing along the edge of a mountain meadow. T2 N R0 W S26 center
CHSC48667CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiVernon Oswald11241984-04-09 ButteFeather Falls Trail, 0.75 trail mi n of the trail head at the end of Bryant Ravine Rd. T2 N R06E S02
CHSC52118CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGary R. Koses151979-04-03 Butte5 mi s of intersection of hwy 70 and Cherokee rd. E side of Cherokee rd.
CHSC55396CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiBen Cunningham1991-04-20 PlumasCa. 90 ft w of Pecks Valley road and 2 mi ne of Greenville.
CHSC55397CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiVivian L. Long121991-04-13 TehamaCa. 400 m. s of Digger Creek. T3 N R01E S23 SSE corner USGS Quadrangle: Manton
CHSC55573CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJennie J. DuBose81991-04-05 GlennCa. 4 km s of Elk Creek and 1 km e of Stony Creek. T1 N R0 W S23 SE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford 1:24,000
CHSC57198CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCasey Stemler41990-04-07 CalaverasIndian Springs Road 8 mi north of Hwy 4, 4 mi south of Sheepranch road and 16.2 mi east-southeast of Murphys.
CHSC57493CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiC. Underwood21987-04-05 Shasta40 yds. s side of Hwy. 44, 16.1 mi. e of Redding.
CHSC57494CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiS. R. Mitchelson101987-04-12 TehamaCa 1.2 km nw of Black Butte. T2 N R02E S19 SE corner USGS Quadrangle: Manton
CHSC59341CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas J. Van Wagner41992-03-28 NevadaCa. m 50 upstream from Long Valley Rd. along north bank Clear Creek, ca. 5 km wsw Grass Valley.
CHSC59581CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiErik Dihle91975-04-18 SacramentoEast-facing slope of gully; west bank of American River, 2 miles downstream from Rainbow Bridge, Folsom.
CHSC59582CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiH. E. Mac Lennan11992-03-14 Yuba20 air miles se of Oroville. T1 N R07E S19 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Challenge 1:24,000
CHSC59583CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiScott Bingham831975-05-11 NapaAt top of grade 4.5 miles east of Toll House.
CHSC59801CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. Ernenwein1011983-03-30 MarinCa. 50 m n of Lucas Valley Rd. ca. 7.2 mi w of jct. of Lucas Valley Rd. with US Hwy 101 between San Rafael and Nicasio.
CHSC59802CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJan M. Karaz71979-05-05 Tuolumne100 ft west of South Fork Tuolomne River, 1.5 m south of bridge on Hwy 120.
CHSC60135CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiA. S. Meyer171988-04-09 LakeJct hwys 29 and 175, ca 3 mi se of Kelseyville. T1 N R0 W S13 center
CHSC61236CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLeo Edson71984-04-19 LakeWhispering pines. T1 N R0 W S14
CHSC61994CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiK. L. Warren71993-04-09 Shasta1 yd. w of pioneer cemetary gate, n side of trail, 40 yds. w of Trinity Mt. rd., French Gulch.
CHSC65677CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiVernon H. Oswald72281996-03-15 TehamaHog Lake Plateau. BLM parcel. Near the NE boundary on a NW-facing slope of Paynes Creek Canon, ca. 1.5 NE of the parking lot at Hog Lake Plateau. Scattered plants in brushy woodland. T28N R0 W S08 NW1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC67289CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames D. Jokerst21781985-03-24 ButteRocky Ridge ca. 1.33 NE of N edge of Lake Concow on road to Flea Mtn. T22N R04E S02 corner
CHSC67290CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames D. Jokerst19541984-03-20 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch on bluff top of the North Fork Honcut Creek. Growing within 0.2-0.3 mi of #1952 & 1953.
CHSC67291CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames D. Jokerst19531984-03-20 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch just W of the North Fork Honcut Creek. Adjacent to #1952.
CHSC67292CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames D. Jokerst19481984-03-20 ButteCa. 10 mi E of Oroville on the E side of Grand Oak Rd., 0.35 mi E of Hurleton-Swedes Flat Rd., just beyond Oak Cemetary. T1 N R05E S23
CHSC67293CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames D. Jokerst19551984-03-20 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch on bluff top of the North Fork Honcut Creek. Growing within 0.2-0.3 mi of #1952 & 1953.
CHSC69828CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiS. Morrissette121994-04-09 ShastaBasin Gulch campground. T2 N R1 W S26 NE1-4
CHSC70032CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMary Drumm551996-03-24 FresnoSierra National Forest, Trimmer Ranger Station, Heliport area- T12S R24E S12
CHSC75297CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiVernon H. Oswald96951999-04-21 TehamaNear the trailhead of High Trestle-McClure Place Trail starting on Hogback Road ca. 0.5 mi northeast of Finley Lake. T2 N R01E S15 SE1-4
CHSC77367CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiHeidi West1999-03-03 TehamaVicinity of Sunflower Gulch and Red Bank Creek. T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Lowrey 1:24,000
CHSC7877CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiNick Santamaria691969-06-20 LassenAt the edge of a small stream in Murrer′s Upper meadow located approx. 2.0 miles east of Eagle Lake.
CHSC79551CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSimona Altman601999-04-03 LakeWalker Ridge. T1 N R0 W S30
CHSC79808CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLeanna Brown421999-03-09 LakeWalker Ridge.
CHSC82607CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiTara Morgan92002-03-31 TehamaIn Ishi Wilderness within Lassen National Forest. Found near the trail that runs parallel to Mill Creek on the south. T2 N R02E S23 USGS Quadrangle: Barkley Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC87159CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJenny Marr1999-02-18 ColusaVicinity of Funks Creek, Antelope Valley, and Sites. T1 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Sites 1:24,000
CHSC88870CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiPat Sater2001-03-20 TehamaTehama Wildlife Area. 500 yds south of Little Antelope Creek on Powerline Road. UTM: 10 0592802 E, 4454 N.
CHSC90092CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRoss Rowland282001-04-02 ButteOn edge of cliff at end of Billie Trail, about 50 yards below park bench, in Billie Park, Paradise. 617180mE-44036 N-zone 10N.
CHSC9318CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiG. Strausbaugh101970-03-22 ShastaHillside immediately w of Brandy Creek Swimming Area parking lot, and ca. 25 ft. above road bed.
CHSC97954CHSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCheryl Sinkiewicz152002-03-31 TrinitySouth Fork Rd. 5 miles from Hwy. 299 on north west facing road cut. T0 N R05E S12
CLARK-A1045-385CLARKDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-06-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains Keller Peak 7.5′Q
FSC0018041FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiScott Porteous1984-02-10 FresnoPiedra, Valley Grassland
FSC0018042FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiPaul Allen63411934-03-03 FresnoPiedra, Fresno Co
FSC0018043FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMalcolm Allen1934-03-03 FresnoPiedra
FSC0018044FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiScott Porteous343541984-03-26 Fresno1.1 miles east of intersection of Watts Valley Rd. and Maxin on Maxin.
FSC0018045FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert D. Haines; Charles J. EvansC-751431975-04-13 FresnoHaslett Basin-Bald Mountain. On U.S. Forest Service Road 10S69, 2.8 miles. east of junction with 10S02.
FSC0018046FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiPaul Allen; Malcolm Allen63411934-03-03 FresnoTrimmer
FSC0018047FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJoyce Gordon; Bert Monks.n.1957-04-14 Fresno1-2 mi. n. Black Rock Ranger Station n. bank of Kings River. ca.
FSC0018048FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles L. Moran711956-04-22 FresnoNear water tank on road from Haslett basin to Dinkey Creek via Fence Meadow, ca. 9.9 m. above bridge across Big Crk. (near upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir).
FSC0018049FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. Rymer; E. McClendon61956-04-08 FresnoSampson Flat Road, off Hiway 180.; On a N. facing slope well above Flats.
FSC0018050FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert D. Haines; Charles J. EvansC-750181975-03-14 FresnoGrowing 1.7 miles along U.S. Forest Service Road 10S02 from junction.
FSC0018051FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles L. Moran571956-04-15 FresnoNear junction of Ross Creek and Big Creek ca. 1.0 m. above bridge across Big Crk. (near upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir). between road and Crk. on moist steep east facing slope.
FSC0018052FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge Botkin63411958-04-26 FresnoSequoia Lake area, Happy Gap (5,600′), junction Hy. 180 and Hy. 65
FSC0018053FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMary Shannon61969-02-22 MaderaAbout 15 miles up the River Road (Road 400) in the foothills.
FSC0018054FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn. H. Weiler; A. P. Nelson61191961-02-27 San JoaquinIn Corral Hollow near the drop tower of Atomic Energy Commission land. Canon about 0.5 miles east of Alameda-San Joaquin County line.
FSC0018055FSCDodecatheon hendersonii209631935-02-17 TulareSpringville
FSC0018056FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRichard Anderson101960-04-02 SonomaCollected 8 miles southwest of Petaluma. Roadside bluff.
FSC0018057FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph L. Medeiros1971-03-20 StanislausFound on Del Puerto Canon Road 10 miles west of Patterson.
FSC0018058FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJack Rockwell62-00021962-03-09 HumboldtCollected in R3#-T1N, section 12. It was near the forestry water tank in Bridgeville, growing under a tree on a slope.
FSC0018059FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiChuck Stern770771977-04-06 ShastaOne mile out of Capsella east of Interstate Highway 5.
FSC0018060FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMartin Richard Johnson761976-03-28 San BenitoPanoche road 10 miles north of Panoche, on the Canon ball grade.
FSC0018061FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJames K. Ringelman371975-03-25 San MateoFound below the upper parking lot of Canada Junior College, Redwood City.
FSC0018062FSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Weiler59341959-04-05 Contra CostaGrowing along Happy Valley Road.
GH00487991GHDodecatheon hendersoniiR. R. Halse90302014-03-25 ColusaAlong the Sites-Logoda Road ca. 4.7 miles northeast of Logoda; on the west end of Grapevine Pass
GH01922199GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1924-07-29 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922200GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1881-03-25 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922201GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-07-20 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922202GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1985-03-26 Napa[data not captured]
GH01922203GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-08-09 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01922204GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1875-08-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922205GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1929-04-14 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922206GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-09-05 Napa[data not captured]
GH01922207GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1881-04-01 Del Norte[data not captured]
GH01922208GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1963-03-22 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01922209GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-05-04 Placer[data not captured]
GH01922210GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-03 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922211GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1989-06-03 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922212GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-07-10 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922213GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-05-08 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922214GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-05-14 Marin[data not captured]
GH01922215GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-15 Napa[data not captured]
GH01922216GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1865-01-01 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01922217GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-07-06 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922218GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-15 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922219GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1983-09-17 Del Norte[data not captured]
GH01922220GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1863-01-01 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01922221GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1876-06-26 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH01922222GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1945-08-04 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH01922223GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;no data available;rsqb;1886-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922224GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1887-06-01 Napa[data not captured]
GH01922225GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1970-05-27 Glenn[data not captured]
GH01922226GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1924-04-11 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922227GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-04-14 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922228GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1898-05-03 Colusa[data not captured]
GH01922229GHDodecatheon hendersonii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-09-15 Napa[data not captured]
HREC739HRECDodecatheon hendersoniiH. F. Heady5311953-03-05 MendocinoPond Pasture - Hopland Field Station
HSC101959HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiNikolaus Gillen112014-03-20 Contra CostaMount Diablo State Park. Eagle Peak Trail.
HSC12217HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGary J. Stebbins301970-03-27 CalaverasAlong S.R. 12, 1.5 W of Burson
HSC12648HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGary J. Stebbins251970-03-24 CalaverasAlong Rich Gulch road 1.7 mi. S of Middle Bar bridge
HSC17853HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD. Sutherland13681966-03-27 TrinityBurnt Ranch at Moss Lumber Co.
HSC17854HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. Spellenberg13271966-03-26 Sonoma1 W of Big Geysers
HSC17855HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn L. Heywood18131968-03-30 TrinityHwy. 299, ca. 51 mi. E of Humboldt County Line
HSC17856HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn L. Heywood17601968-03-30 TrinityAlong Trinity River, Hwy. 299, 3.5 mi. E of Humboldt Co. line
HSC17857HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGreg Bos531963-03-30 Napa2.5 mi. up the Old Toll Rd. out of Calistoga. E slope
HSC17858HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.E. Anderson35731965-05-01 HumboldtAlong Bluff Creek road about 2.5 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 96
HSC17859HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.J. Jager151965-03-24 MendocinoCa. 1 1-2 mi E of Talmage along Mill Creek Rd.
HSC17860HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.E. Anderson23711963-03-01 Trinity1 N of Hawkins Bar on road to Denny
HSC17861HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR.A. Rasp261964-04-05 Humboldt5 N of Hoopa on Willow Creek Rd.
HSC17862HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiB. Francis11964-02-22 Mendocino1.5 W of Ukiah
HSC17863HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiE.C. Murczek311964-04-04 Humboldt5 N of Hoopa along side road
HSC17864HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.M. Pattensn1964-03-25 Lake6 W of Lakeport on Hidden Lake Rd.
HSC17865HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. Dole521963-04-12 Solano5 W of Monticello Dam on Hwy. 128
HSC17866HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiFrancis Wintersn1960-04-24 HumboldtPine Ridge Summit, 3 NE of Redwood Creek Ranch
HSC17867HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiC.O. Baker291962-04-18 San Benito7 mi. S of Paicines along Airline Hwy.
HSC17868HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR.F. Good231962-04-20 Sonoma2 W of Petaluma on D St. Extension toward Pt. Reyes: Sonoma Mtn. Coastal Range
HSC17869HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiW. Jan Rowe151966-04-04 Santa CruzEagle Rock
HSC17870HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiF. Demostene131966-04-02 Sonoma2 mi. E of Healdsburg
HSC17871HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiElrid H. Spinas81948-05-15 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
HSC17872HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDonald A. Johansen8101940-03-09 San MateoSkyline Blvd. W of Burlingame
HSC17876HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Wendell Howesn1932-04-10 HumboldtLord Ellis Rd. E of Korbel (20 mi. E)
HSC17878HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiW.R. Oxner121966-04-05 ShastaPollard Flat
HSC17884HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn L. Heywood18771968-03-31 TehamaHwy. 36, 56 mi. E of Shasta Co. line
HSC17885HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiW.R. Rogers2811965-04-25 TehamaHwy. 36, 4 W of Mineral
HSC17886HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiL.T. Gault501964-03-30 ShastaAdjacent to Whiskeytown Lake
HSC17887HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiK.P. St. John371965-05-07 Tehama4 W of Mineral on Hwy.36
HSC17892HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiTrue Hoyle1051967-04-21 Fresno4 W of Trimmer Ranger Station on Maxon Rd. at the bridge crossing Watts Creek .
HSC17908HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiH.E. Parks57601936-03-03 Del NorteSmith River Canon; Darlingtonia
HSC17909HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.E. Anderson35451965-04-24 HumboldtCa. 2 mi. E of Berry Summit along Hwy. 299
HSC23050HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.E. Anderson50351970-04-16 TrinityCold Springs Campground, along Hwy. 3, 3 mi. E of Peanut
HSC23362HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR.J. Swift101970-03-25 ButteAlong Honey Run Rd., ca. 2.2 NE of Covered Bridge at entrance to McEnespys Ranch
HSC24169HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.O. Sawyer2530A1970-04-19 TrinityDenny Campground.
HSC24629HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiF.W. Peirson65731926-04-02 LakeGrade down to Clear Lake, Hopland Rd.
HSC26338HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson3541971-03-23 MendocinoBeside Hwy. 101 about 2 mi. S of Squaw Rock
HSC27256HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith50811972-03-19 ShastaAlong State Route 299 at Stillwater Creek
HSC27449HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith51331972-04-01 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 0.2 mi. from junction with Hwy. 20
HSC28379HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith61801973-04-21 TrinityAbove Eagle Creek Loop, N of the Eagle Creek Campground.
HSC28779HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith62251973-04-21 TrinityBig Bear Lake trail, N of Eagle Creek Campground
HSC28789HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith63291973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
HSC28817HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith62541973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
HSC30147HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiA.M. Montalvo1731974-04-14 HumboldtNear Grays Falls, Trinity River. Grays Falls Campground
HSC31680HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.E. Anderson5687A1972-06-16 TrinityAlong ridge road on South Fork Mtn., 10 N of its junction with Hwy. 36
HSC31777HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDonald Spalinger91977-04-13 Del Norte1 N of Gasquet, Stony Creek Bog
HSC32660HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson7301973-04-22 MendocinoBeside road to Roberts Lake N of Eden Valley Ranch
HSC32736HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson7471973-04-22 Mendocino2 mi. E of the summit on road to Eden Valley
HSC33088HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson12931974-05-26 GlennJust N of trail to Black Butte
HSC33111HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson13121974-05-27 MendocinoMendocino National Forest near Mendocino Pass
HSC33252HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiW. Georgesn1975-04-10 TrinityPoker Bar Rd. 1 1-2 N of Hwy. 299, 5 mi E of Douglas City
HSC33269HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson11551974-04-08 LakeCa. 200 m east of Oasis Resort and 13 mi. E of Clear Lake Oaks; along Hwy. 20
HSC33972HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith74631974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 4.7 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
HSC34113HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.G. Schmidt51975-07-10 TrinityHayfork area
HSC34498HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.D. Ackerman4391975-05-03 HumboldtCa. 3.5 mi. E of Chezem Rd. and Hwy. 299 intersection W of Redwood Creek
HSC34800HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert M. Specht2131975-05-17 TrinityMiddle Fork of Philpot Creek and Philpot Campground on Plummer Peak Rd.
HSC35097HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn S. Palmer3531975-05-17 TrinityMiddle Fork of Philpot Creek and Philpot Campground on Plummer Peak Rd.
HSC35324HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR.M. Sullivan291975-05-03 Lake3.6 W of junction with Hwy. 29 on Scotts Creek Rd. at confluence of S Fork and Middle Fork of Scotts Creek
HSC36587HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiLinda M. Barker3271975-05-03 Lake2.1 N of junction of Bottle Rd. and Hwy. 175
HSC38277HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson22701976-03-21 ShastaAt Brandy Creek picnic area, W side of Whiskeytown Lake
HSC38565HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGary S. Lester9321976-03-24 MendocinoLower Wilderness Meadow
HSC388HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiWilliam J. Ferlatte5421967-06-27 TrinityBig Flat
HSC389HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiWilliam J. Ferlatte5201967-06-26 TrinityBig Flat
HSC39539HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson25511976-05-23 TrinityE side of Black Lassic along S side of branch off Shanty Creek
HSC40912HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith26911975-05-11 TrinityShasta-Trinity-Whiskeytown Rec. area, around Fawn Campground
HSC42259HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSue Sweet341977-05-07 TrinityBlue Ridge Point W of Dubakella Mtn.
HSC43131HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiMaralyn O′Meara2851974-04-20 ButteCherokee-Table Mtn. Rd., 1 mi. S of Cherokee
HSC45263HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. Alcasas41978-04-07 HumboldtFreshwater Rd. 1-2 N of Kneeland School
HSC46806HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiWilliam J. Ferlatte16991975-05-21 TrinityCanon of the Stuart Fork of the Trinity River; 3 W of Hwy. 3
HSC47726HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson40031978-05-06 TrinityDeer Lick junction
HSC49613HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. York2001979-04-08 SonomaAlong Hwy. 128; 1 N of Calistoga
HSC49974HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker7211979-05-13 TrinityHobo Gulch Campground
HSC62766HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM. Dean Griswold Jr.11979-04-14 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC62819HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiKenneth Clark791979-04-14 Lake0.4 miles N of S.R. 20 Wilbur Springs Rd.
HSC62820HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.M. DiTomaso8621979-04-14 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC62967HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiTerry Roth531979-05-13 TrinityPhilpot Campground approx. 1.5 mi. from Peanut
HSC63073HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiDavid Wheeler141979-04-01 SiskiyouHaypress Meadows turnoff along the Salmon River, 1-4 mi. from S.R. 96
HSC64273HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.O. Sawyer30791978-04-22 TrinityAlong Big French Creek Rd. [5N13] 12 mi. towards Ironside Mtn. lookout
HSC66642HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCathie Goldberg21 LakeColdsprings Campground, along access road to Indian Valley Dam
HSC66702HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiCathy Goldberg72 TrinityAlong road to Dubakella Mtn. from Hwy. 36
HSC67260HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson52251980-05-08 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 1N05 at the copper mine along Copper Mine Hill
HSC67324HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson51971980-05-07 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 2 N58, Rattlesnake Ridge, at junction with FS Rd. 30N29
HSC67570HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith85461976-04-12 Lake7.8 mi. from Lower Lake on the Morgan Valley Rd.
HSC67618HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith61471973-04-15 Trinity0.1 N of the S end of Eagle Creek Loop on SR 3
HSC67620HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith61341973-04-15 TrinityCoffee Creek Rd., 4.6 W of Hwy. 3
HSC67621HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith61031973-04-15 TrinityBridge Canong Stewart Fork
HSC67624HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith60861973-04-14 Shasta3.8 mi. E of Buckhorn Summit on Hwy. 299
HSC67632HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith85691976-04-13 LakeBartlett Springs Rd., 12 mi. from its junction with SR 20
HSC67911HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith81391975-05-17 TrinityMiddle Fork of Philpot Creek and Philpot Campground on Plummer Peak Rd.
HSC67924HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith61191973-04-15 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd., 1.4 W of Hwy. 3
HSC68362HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith66371973-05-06 TrinityBlanchert Flats near Douglas City
HSC69798HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson38261978-03-25 TrinityTerrace above Canon Creek at Lower Canon Creek Meadow
HSC70230HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker18921980-06-08 HumboldtNear Buck Flat.
HSC70347HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker18151980-06-07 HumboldtNear Brush Mtn.
HSC71090HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith59771973-04-07 TrinityNew River Trail from Grays Falls Campground, on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River.
HSC71226HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson33341977-04-20 TrinityRidge just N of Mad River Ranger Station
HSC71232HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson33401977-04-23 TrinityBrowns Canon Campground
HSC71564HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker26611980-07-02 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC71677HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker22641980-06-25 TrinityNear Castle Rock.
HSC72024HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.P. Smith95961978-04-08 ShastaHwy. 36, 3.2 mi. from the Trinity Co. line
HSC72766HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiN. Metcalf31981-04-20 TrinityS side of Coffee Creek, ca. 50 yds. upstream of Trolly River crossing, ca. 20 yds. inland
HSC73203HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. York7911980-05-25 TrinityNear Browns Canon
HSC73503HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGail Newton13771980-07-13 TrinityNear Red Rock.
HSC74015HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. York7271980-05-24 TrinityNear Long Ridge.
HSC74341HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiM.A. Baker14551980-05-24 TrinityNear Long Ridge.
HSC78646HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD.K. Imper14751982-05-11 TrinityNear Wiregrass Springs.
HSC83326HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiHarold Grams101975-04-12 ColusaHwy. 16, 12.4 N of Rumsey
HSC83423HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiKenneth T. Stearnssn1976-04-26 SacramentoNimbus Dam, 100 yds. N of parking lot overlooking dam; south-facing slope
HSC85760HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR. Earing31987-03-06 HumboldtGrays Falls Campground, approx. 10 mi. E of Willow Creek on Hwy. 299, along the Trinity River.
HSC85864HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSandy Floyd61987-03-06 TrinityRt. 299, Grays Falls Campground. Between dirt road and river 250 m S of the campground.
HSC85942HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiSusan Carter701987-03-28 ShastaE slope N of Basin Gulch Campground
HSC86823HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiR.O. Gilpatrick91970-02-26 El DoradoNear Camino, 0.3 N of Mt. Danaher Rd.,W side of road
HSC86824HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiK. O′Conner-Henry71985-04-03 MariposaOn E slope of Canon on S Fork of Merced River, 1 mi. upstream of confluence with Merced River. Ca. 5.5 WSW of El Portal
HSC87450HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiClare R. Wheeler13071980-02-23 MendocinoHwy. 111. 1 mi. S of Hopland
HSC89675HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiWilliam E. Averysn1989-03-31 TehamaOn Tedoc Rd. near intersection with Hwy. 36
HSC90046HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiAndrew Enberg71990-03-17 TrinityGray Falls Campground off Hwy. 299
HSC97460HSCDodecatheon hendersoniiC. Witte132007-05-08 HumboldtCold Spring. 1-2 mile south of Titlow Hill.
IRVC3112IRVCDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Schrams.n.1965-04-12 Santa BarbaraParadise.
JEPS104946UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDean W. Taylor135481993-06-02 ShastaDamnation Creek; on about 1 mile east of Clear Creek and Clear Creek Campground; Trinity Mountains; Shasta-Trinity National Forest
JEPS112042UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. G. Murdock702003-02-21 Contra CostaMt. Wanda - Martinez Edge of chaparral, northeastern area of Mt. Wanda property
JEPS112045UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiD. G. Kelch03.522003-03-21 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive
JEPS112625UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJake Ruygt21281988-03-26 NapaToll Canon
JEPS112626UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJake Ruygt1681977-04-03 Napahills east of Lake Berryessa at north end (Green Canon)
JEPS129358UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWendy L. Boes2017-00152017-03-29 NevadaLocated on saddle along Montezuma Ridge, east of Montezuma Hill. San Juan Ridge, northern Sierra Nevada
JEPS14260UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, F. Chisaki56261956-04-20 Placer1 mi above (e) Dutch Flat; above (e of) Dutch Flat
JEPS14261UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, F. Chisaki56131956-04-19 Butte6.0 mi s Oroville (along road from Oroville s to Bangor); s of Oroville
JEPS14578UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiPeter H. Raven, G. Thomas Robbins91251956-04-29 Amadoralong the Canon Pass Road 1.5 mi e Oleta ((Fiddletown)); along Canon Pass Road, e of Oleta (Fiddletown)
JEPS17601UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance, John Dawson48861955-04-27 Mariposa2 mi n Nippiniwassee (along road to Usona, but over the line in Mariposa County [Nippiniwassee is in Madera County]); n of Nippiniwassee, along road to Usona
JEPS23898UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiAugusta La Motte1151894-02-28 AlamedaLaundry Farm
JEPS23915UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. L. Mason, H. A. Borthwick1921-03-20 Santa ClaraGuadalupe Canon
JEPS25363UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell69761959-03-26 Fresnojust e Burrough Valley (in canyon of Sycamore Creek, eastern edge of Cold Spring Rancheria, Sierra Nevada foothills); Sierra Nevada foothills, e of Burrough Valley, Sycamore Cree
JEPS25368UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell69821959-03-27 Fresno1 1-2 mi below (sw) Temperance Flat (on flat above shore of Millerton Lake, just below easternmost end easternmost Table Mountains); on flat above shore Millerton Lake, e-most of Table Mountain
JEPS25379UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell69941959-03-27 Fresnojust s Temperance Flat (above and s of head of Millerton Lake, summit of northeastern-most of the Table Mountains); above and s Millerton Lake, ne-most of Table Mountains
JEPS25402UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins70171959-04-21 Shastaon ridge slope 1.7 mi s Shingletown (drainage of Brush Creek, along road from Manton to Shingletown); s of Shingletown, drainage of Brush Creek
JEPS25488UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell, G. T. Robbins71081959-05-11 Fresnoon shaded bank of former railroad grade of San Joaquin and Eastern R.R. just e of crossing Jose Creek (lower Jose Basinn); lower Jose Basin, e of crossing Jose Creek
JEPS27273UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi75431961-02-27 San Joaquinjust below and s of drop-tower installation Atomic Energy Commission (in canyon to n of Corral Hollow just e of Alameda-San Joaquin county line); Midway USGS Quadr., n of Corral Hollow
JEPS27888UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRichard J. Craig1962-04-29 Tulare1.6 mi below Blue Ridge Lookout (w side of road); below Blue ridge lookout
JEPS28916UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge Botkin1958-04-26 Fresnojunction Hiway 180 and Hiway 65 (Happy Gap, Sequoia Lake area); Sequoia Lake area, Happy Gap
JEPS30786UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiG. Thomas Robbins121937-03-25 Sonomae Santa Rosa; Santa Rosa Creek Canon, e of Santa Rosa
JEPS39116UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard90031965-03-25 Tuolumnejust n of concrete arch bridge across creek 1 1-4 mi s Stent (along e side of canyon of Sullivan Creek); e side of canyon of Sullivan Creek, s of Stent
JEPS39994UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiPaul C. Hutchison26781963-03-24 Amador3.3 mi w of (below) the turnoff to Daffodil Hill (above Fiddletown);, w of turnoff to Daffodil Hill
JEPS43474UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoan O. Danielson141966-04-06 Butte2 mi s Cherokee (close to Oregon Gulch Road, Cherokee Road); s of Cherokee
JEPS45361UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiPerry Allen1961-03-09 Stanislausvicinity La Grange; vicinity of La Grange
JEPS46205UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. E. L. Mossman21931-02-01 AlamedaUpper Wildcat Canon Berkeley Hills, Upper Wildcat Canon
JEPS46277UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRuby Van Deventer701930-05-13 Del NorteRough and Ready Creek
JEPS48496UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiElsa Kraeger1926-03-07 Contra Costabeyond tollgate on rd to Mt. Diablo; beyond tollgate on rd to Mt. Diablo
JEPS48589UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJames G. Daly2081934-01-01 San MateoSan Gregorio Watershed Santa Cruz Mts., San Gregorio Watershed (branch of La Honda Canon, sw San Mateo County)
JEPS50810UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison92431967-05-20 Tuolumne3.0 mi e Buck Meadows (at campground above bridge crossing of the South Fork Tuolumne River (Big Oak Flat Road), site of old Cliff House Resort); South Fork Tuolumne River, e of Buck Meadows
JEPS52314UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWayne Roderick1967-04-16 El Doradoin the American River Canon s Auburn (o the El Dorado Co. side of the River, along State Highway 49); American River Canon s of Auburn
JEPS57131UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLawrence R. Heckard15951967-05-07 Sonomanear top Hood Peak; near top of Hood Peak
JEPS57231UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi17951968-05-04 San Bernardinojust w Holcomb Valley Public Camp; San Bernardino Mts., w of Holcomb Valley Public Camp
JEPS70845UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLawrence R. Heckard32681973-04-18 Alamedaalong Mines Road 15 1-2 mi s Tesla Road Junction (e of Livermore); e of Livermore
JEPS76927UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert M. Lloyd20511963-02-24 Sonoma3 mi ne Forestville (on road to US 101)
JEPS76928UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert M. Lloyd20511963-02-24 Sonoma3 mi ne Forestville (on road to US 101)
JEPS77042UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert M. Lloyd21671963-03-24 Alamedaon Mines Road 16 mi s Livermore; s of Livermore
JEPS77414UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert M. Lloyd35691965-03-26 San Benitoon road to Pinnacles 22.1 mi s Tres Pinos
JEPS78391UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiEdward Lee17841936-03-01 El DoradoColoma-Garden Valley Rd. about 1 1-4 mi (by road) n Coloma
JEPS78392UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiEdward Lee17841936-03-01 El DoradoColoma-Garden Valley Rd. about 1 1-4 mi (by road) n Coloma
JEPS78672UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiEdward Lee17671936-02-29 Amador2.5 mi (straight line) se Ione (Fork of Ione and Buena Vista Roads); se of Ione, Fork of Ione and Buena Vista Roads
JEPS81393UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman60031982-07-09 Lakeabout 1-2 mi n Summit Springs (s side Snow Mt., n and below upper serpentine area at roadless area entrance); s side Snow Mt., n of Summit Springs
JEPS83088UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJames A. West3471985-03-14 Santa Cruzca 1 km se Upper China Ladder Gulch (H-H Ranch);, se of upper China Ladder Gulch
JEPS8342UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard40561953-05-04 San BernardinoBig Bear Lake P.O., Big Bear Lake P.O. (San Bernardino Mountains)
JEPS84825UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Stratford1982-03-07 AlamedaColumbine Trail Anthony Chabot Regional Park, Columbine Trail
JEPS86075UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWayne Roderick1966-06-26 SiskiyouCook and Green Pass area
JEPS9490UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson185901938-04-05 El DoradoPilot Hill
JEPS9492UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy80611927-05-15 Humboldtnear summit on road w from Hoopa to Bair′s; Northern Coast Ranges, Hoopa Mountain
JEPS9495UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiAllison Krames1935-04-28 KernGreenhorn Range
JEPS9503UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. Mary Van E. Ferguson1919-04-13 Napanear Atlas; near Atlas
JEPS9509UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson166431934-05-05 Trinity3 mi sw Peanut (Cold Spr.); sw of Peanut, Cold Spr.
JEPS9511UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. W. Blankinship1911-03-23 ShastaShasta Creek
JEPS9512UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLinda G. Dodd1920-04-02 NapaCapell Valley Napa Range, Capell Valley
JEPS9513UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. Harriet P. Kelley1919-04-05 Tularebetween Oak Flat and Badger (Sierra Nevada foothills);, btw Oak Flat and Badger
JEPS9514UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson145861892-03-25 Solanoridge above Collin′s Spring (Vaca Mountains);, Ridge above Collin′s Spring
JEPS9515UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson64151915-06-08 TuolumneYankee Hill, Yankee Hill (Columbia)
JEPS9517UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson106791925-03-01 AlamedaArroyo Mocho Mt. Hamilton Range, Arroyo Mocho
JEPS9519UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson41971911-05-06 Santa ClaraSmith Creek, Smith Creek (Mt. Hamilton)
JEPS9520UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson98481923-03-11 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
JEPS9521UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson145841891-03-29 MarinMill Valley
JEPS9522UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson145851884-03-30 SolanoVacaville
JEPS9524UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson145871893-03-13 Napahills e St. Helena (Napa River Basin);, e of St. Helena
JEPS9525UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson145881893-04-25 Napaw St. Helena (Caux′s Cabin, Napa River Basin); Napa River Basin, w of St. Helena
JEPS9532UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJos. Grinnell1927-05-19 Tehamanear Mineral (on Martin Creek); near Mineral, on Martin Creek
JEPS9533UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJos. Grinnell1927-05-14 TehamaMineral
JEPS9534UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. C. F. Rose1935-02-24 Shastaabout 3 mi sw Redding; sw of Redding
JEPS9535UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiAdele Lewis Grant6291916-03-18 TuolumneColumbia
JEPS9536UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIvar Tidestrom1894-03-14 AlamedaPiedmont
JEPS9538UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. J. Smith1909-03-12 Santa ClaraLos Buellis Hills Mt. Hamilton Range, Los Buellis Hills
JEPS9540UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. J. Smith221908-03-25 Santa ClaraLos Buellos Hills
JEPS9541UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIvar Tidestrom1894-03-22 San Mateo
JEPS99973UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiS. O′NeilSEO72003-03-11 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
JROH3381JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiLe Roy Abrams23111902-04-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3382JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn H. Thomas69871958-02-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3383JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn H. Thomas124161967-03-26 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3384JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert Denglers.n. San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3385JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn H. Thomas141791968-03-17 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH3386JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert Denglers.n.1973-02-23 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. In oaks towards E. serp. Top of knoll from gully below 2nd enclosure.
JROH3387JROHDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Hunter Thomas202861981-04-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Along San Francisquito Creek
LA212261LADodecatheon hendersoniiL. Hainess.n.1950-03-26 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass
LA213353LADodecatheon hendersoniiA. L. Hainess.n.1950-04-26 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass
LA31939LADodecatheon hendersoniiErnest C. Twisselmann50931959-04-25 KernGreenhorn Mountain Road, miles E of Glenville
LA43951LADodecatheon hendersoniiCarl Epling1938-04-09 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
MACF032023MACFDodecatheon hendersoniiFay A. McFadden124221924-03-20 PlacerDutch Flat
MACF032024MACFDodecatheon hendersoniiLewis S. Rose410071941-03-07 San MateoEmerald Lake, west of Redwood City
MACF032026MACFDodecatheon hendersoniiS. R. Ganley10351972-03-26 ShastaWhiskeytown Lake, Hwy 299.
MACF032027MACFDodecatheon hendersoniiS. A. Weidert1975-04-08 ShastaNear Inwood
MACF032028MACFDodecatheon hendersoniiTwain Berg1975-05-10 TuolumneCollected at Five Mile Creek and Italian Bar Road in canyon of S. Fork Stanislaus R.
OBI170287OBIDodecatheon hendersoniiDavid J. Keil291692001-03-12 San Luis ObispoCoastal side of Highway 1 along coast west of Cayucos, just east of China Harbor and west of Abalone Farm.
OBI170288OBIDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert F. Hoover112041969-03-28 San Benito1 mi S of Pinnacles turnoff on Hollister-King City Rd
OBI170289OBIDodecatheon hendersoniiLewis S. Rose680031968-03-10 MarinLarkspur, Bon Air Rd
OBI170290OBIDodecatheon hendersoniiTim Krantzs.n.1982-06-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts, Big Bear Valley. Springs N of Baker′s Pond, W of Division, S of North Shore Dr
OBI170291OBIDodecatheon hendersoniiV. L. Holland451965-03-26 Fresno1.2 mi jctn Maxin and Watts Valley rd
PGM3478PGMDodecatheon hendersoniiYadon, Vern1982-04-12 San BenitoGloria Grade, 4 mi from MNT Co line
PGM54PGMDodecatheon hendersoniiLind, Helen1967-04-05 San BenitoCienega Rd, 5-6 mi before the Almaden Winery
PGM6646PGMDodecatheon hendersoniiHowitt, Beatrice F00591955-03-19 MontereySierra de Salinas, Anastasia Canon, In Canon
PGM6647PGMDodecatheon hendersoniiHowitt, Beatrice F01111955-03-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Robinson Canon Carmel Valley, Hillside above
PGM6649PGMDodecatheon hendersoniiHowitt, Beatrice F18381964-05-08 MontereyGabilan Range, Chualar Canon, In Canon
POM118333RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-04-25 MendocinoUkiah.
POM126114RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy59941922-04-30 HumboldtTrinity River Valley, near Willow Creek.
POM13570RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz56761922-06-11 San BernardinoBear Valley.
POM181632RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJ. G. Lemmons.n.1974-05-09 PlumasSierra Valley.
POM213758RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz139351935-05-01 San BernardinoNear Bear Tavern, Bear Valley
POM215747RSADodecatheon hendersoniiD. D. Keck20001933-04-23 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Rd. 8 mi. west of Smith Creek.
POM267788RSADodecatheon hendersoniiWm. Hiesey4141940-04-05 Santa ClaraSmith Creek, Mount Hamilton, where road crosses the creek.
POM275452RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. K. Sharsmith34041936-03-08 AlamedaNorth-facing slope, Corral Hollow above Tesla.
POM287080RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Benson62791935-03-16 Contra CostaMitchell Canon near Clayton; Mt. Range: Mt. Diablo; Watershed: Walnut Creek.
POM287483RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Bensons.n.1927-04-01 LakeKelseyville. Middle N coast mt. range.
POM287485RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Bensons.n.1931-02-26 Napa4 mi n of Calistoga, Mayacamas Mt. Range. Napa watershed. Northslope. Beneath oaks; base of Mt. St. Helena.
POM287486RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Benson10621929-03-26 ShastaMountain Springs; open pine woods.
POM287487RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Bensons.n.1928-03-27 LakeKelseyville. Middle N coast mt. range. Mt. Konocti.
POM287498RSADodecatheon hendersoniiR. D. Harwood1211925-04-25 LakeWoody. by shttered spring
POM292928RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Benson147751951-04-23 San BernardinoSouth shore of Big Bear Lake, 0.5 miles east of the dam
POM76574RSADodecatheon hendersoniiGeo. D. Butler12301956-07-02 SiskiyouPine woods, Quartz Valley
POM76672RSADodecatheon hendersoniiC. C. Bruces.n.1897-03-01 ButteButte Creek.
POM78451RSADodecatheon hendersoniiC. F. Baker26161903-04-20 NapaMt. St. Helena.
POM78465RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. R. Abrams108011901-03-01 Santa ClaraStanford University.
POM78466RSADodecatheon hendersoniiEdward L. Greene108171903-04-13 Santa ClaraHills west of Gilroy.
POM89151RSADodecatheon hendersoniiF. W. Peirson65731926-04-02 LakeGrade down to Clear Lake, on Hopland Road
PUA1092PUADodecatheon hendersoniiTina Sanchez1970-04-16 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1093PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1971-04-04 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Creek. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA1102PUADodecatheon hendersoniiC.K. Kreuger1971-04-07 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
PUA11059PUADodecatheon hendersoniiJames Conrad1972-04-04 NapaLocal landmark: Brookside Drive. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1137PUADodecatheon hendersoniiD.M. Mc Manus1971-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1276PUADodecatheon hendersoniiC. Neuman1971-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Pacific Union College. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1316PUADodecatheon hendersoniiW.F. Clayton1971-03-16 NapaLocal landmark: Wild Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1324PUADodecatheon hendersoniiT.R. Bennett1971-04-15 NapaLocal landmark: Chiles Creek. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA1331PUADodecatheon hendersoniiE.E. Griswold1970-02-14 NapaLocal landmark: Atlas Peak Road. Napa Quad.
PUA16594PUADodecatheon hendersoniiShirley Sears1976-04-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Klamath River. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA16913PUADodecatheon hendersoniiBill Grummer1978-03-25 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17087PUADodecatheon hendersoniiBill Grummer1978-02-28 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA19122PUADodecatheon hendersoniiClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Shanty Creek. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA23627PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Pickett Peak. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA2623PUADodecatheon hendersoniiW.D. Sumner1971-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: James Creek. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA31359PUADodecatheon hendersoniiBill Grummer1979-03-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA31532PUADodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge H. Manley1979-04-09 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA32650PUADodecatheon hendersoniiRichard York1980-05-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Buck Mountain. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA32741PUADodecatheon hendersoniiRichard York1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA32780PUADodecatheon hendersoniiGail Newton1980-06-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Monks Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA33314PUADodecatheon hendersoniiRichard York1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA33447PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Brush Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA3411PUADodecatheon hendersoniiW.D. Sumner1972-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Peak. Rutherford Quad.
PUA34361PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA34520PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-06-08 HumboldtLocal landmark: Buck Flat. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA35272PUADodecatheon hendersoniiGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35762PUADodecatheon hendersoniiGail Newton1980-07-13 TrinityLocal landmark: Red Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA36880PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-06-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Buttes. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA37068PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37122PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA37181PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA38820PUADodecatheon hendersoniiDwain Goforth1980-04-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Douglas Creek. Ukonom Lake Quad.
PUA40271PUADodecatheon hendersoniiThomas Nelson1980-05-07 TrinityLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Ridge. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40307PUADodecatheon hendersoniiThomas Nelson1980-05-08 TrinityLocal landmark: Copper Hill. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA42839PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMaralyn Renner1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA43046PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMaralyn Renner1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA45164PUADodecatheon hendersoniiMaralyn Renner1980-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA46929PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA51215PUADodecatheon hendersoniiDennis Kearns1981-07-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mosquito Lake. Fish Lake Quad.
PUA51264PUADodecatheon hendersoniiDennis Kearns1981-06-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Camp. Fish Lake Quad.
PUA55145PUADodecatheon hendersoniiDavid Imper1982-05-11 TrinityLocal landmark: Wiregrass Springs. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA58127PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA58384PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1983-05-26 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA59483PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-06-12 LakeLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59513PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Pines. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59702PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-05-10 TuolumneLocal landmark: Red Hills. Chinese Camp Quad.
PUA59801PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-05-05 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA61181PUADodecatheon hendersoniiD.V. Hemphill1983-08-14 NapaLocal landmark: Las Posadas 4h Camp. St. Helena Quad.
PUA61626PUADodecatheon hendersoniiJoe Callizo1986-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
PUA62132PUADodecatheon hendersoniiJoe Callizo1986-04-09 NapaLocal landmark: Doe Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA63874PUADodecatheon hendersoniiJoe Callizo1987-03-26 NapaLocal landmark: Cooksley Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA66186PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-05-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA66264PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-04-22 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA66751PUADodecatheon hendersoniiG.L. Clifton1984-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Caldwell Ranch. The Geysers Quad.
PUA8641PUADodecatheon hendersoniiGilbert Jerome Muth1967-03-08 SolanoLocal landmark: Mix Canon. Mt. Vaca Quad.
RSA0010881RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJoan Stewart2151993-05-28 TulareFS Road 30E14.
RSA0013551RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMeredith Stewart711976-04-14 Tulare2 miles above the water tank on the Balch Park Road
RSA0014605RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJustin M. Wood15602010-05-04 San BernardinoSouth side of Holcomb Valley on unnamed SBNF road.; Fawnskin
RSA0017938RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJoan Stewart1761993-05-24 TulareAbove McIntyre Grove, Canon, trail up to Belknap Camp Grove
RSA0035098RSADodecatheon hendersoniiCarol Hainess.n.1964-04-26 Santa BarbaraSummit of Refugio Pass.
RSA0035099RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. Hainess.n.1950-03-26 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass.
RSA0049753RSADodecatheon hendersoniiDean Wm. Taylor213372013-04-25 ShastaMagee Peak vicinity: Cornaz Lake Road (Forest Road 26) about 1.5 miles up from (traveling west) Highway 89; Burney Mountain East, CA
RSA0054905RSADodecatheon hendersoniiKeith E. Hoffmaster10251941-03-22 El DoradoSo. of Pilot Hill.
RSA0060085RSADodecatheon hendersoniiRichard R. Halse90302014-03-25 ColusaAlong the Sites-Logoda Road ca. 4.7 miles northeast of Logoda; on the west end of Grapevine Pass.
RSA0065707RSADodecatheon hendersoniiKatie Gallagher2372014-05-06 TuolumneStanislaus NF, Rim Fire 2013, within 200ft of 1S03, approx. 300m north of junction with 1S24.
RSA0069223RSADodecatheon hendersoniiKatie Gallagher1632014-04-17 TuolumneStanislaus NF, Rim Fire 2013, Jawbone Ridge, on 1N01 between 1N79 and 1N28.
RSA0113658RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLeRoy Gross74742016-04-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
RSA10163RSADodecatheon hendersoniiCarl B. Wolf19851928-05-06 Lake6 mi. from Clear Lake on the Bartlett Springs Grade. (Morrison Garden).
RSA10449RSADodecatheon hendersoniiDoris K. Kildale70871929-04-12 San Benito2 miles north of summit of San Juan Grade.
RSA10950RSADodecatheon hendersoniiVictor Duran33781933-04-02 ColusaStonyford.
RSA112453RSADodecatheon hendersoniiF. G. Krauss.n.1893-03-24 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
RSA114101RSADodecatheon hendersoniiG. Thomas Robbins18661945-04-22 El DoradoLoose,loamy soil in shade of brush on wooded hillside (mostly Ponderosa pines and Black oaks) 1 to 2 mi. west of Placerville near Hangtown.
RSA114442RSADodecatheon hendersoniiE. K. Balls207081955-05-14 Plumas1.5 mi. n. of Greenville along road to Lake Almanor, Hwy. 89.
RSA123239RSADodecatheon hendersoniiT. M. Hendrix7381938-02-28 Santa Clara1.2 miles SW of Mud Lake, Morgan Hill Quadrangle.; Morgan Hill
RSA123240RSADodecatheon hendersoniiR. C. Wilson5791938-04-23 Santa Clara4 mi. E. of Monument Peak.; San Jose
RSA125837RSADodecatheon hendersoniiG. R. Campbell71956-04-05 MarinCa. 0.5 mi. above Phoenix Lake, near jct. of trail to Mt. Tamalpais.
RSA134048RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompsons.n.1950-03-25 San BenitoOn steep N slope in small narrow ravine, under Pinus sabiniana, ca. 12 N of junction with road to Gonzales; San Beniara
RSA134054RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10681950-03-06 Fresnoalong grassy river bluff W side of Kings River at n end of LacJac Ave, 4 miles NNW of Reedley.
RSA134076RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15351952-05-18 PlumasIn dry meadow under PInus ponderosa, 1.5 N of Greenville, near Wolf Creek, SE of Lake Almanor,
RSA135044RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15361952-06-17 GlennBlack Butte Mountain. Along Covelo-Willows rd. Root tip sections show 2n-ca.132
RSA15250RSADodecatheon hendersoniiCarl B. Wolf2111927-02-19 San MateoSkyline Blvd. above Spring Valley Lakes, near where Belmont Road crosses
RSA152618RSADodecatheon hendersoniiR. C. Bacigalupi40561953-05-04 San BernardinoFlat in open Jeffrey pine forest, near Big Bear Lake post office,
RSA153339RSADodecatheon hendersoniiWilliam Willss.n.1957-05-09 FresnoShaver Lake area 0.5 N of Rock Haven on rd. to Hungtington Lake 200yd. to left of rd. in open area (1000 sq. yd.) sloping toward
RSA15626RSADodecatheon hendersoniiCarl B. Wolf14801928-02-25 NapaMt. St. Helena Grade, 2 mi. below Hawkins Mt. Camp.
RSA165157RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMark Parratt2101962-04-28 Tulare4 mi. above Clenie Gill camp on road from Springville, near Bear Creek. Greenhorn Mt. Range; loam soil.
RSA168330RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy186311950-04-20 TrinityAlong river, about 3 mi. south of Kuntz; under oaks. 4 mi. southeast of Low Gap.
RSA17454RSADodecatheon hendersoniiElmer I. Applegate88561934-03-25 SonomaSausal Creek, Pine Flat region.
RSA181272RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJohn H. Thomas28711953-03-23 Santa CruzSaint Mary of the Palms, summer girls camp near Glenwood.
RSA183606RSADodecatheon hendersoniiG. Bos2781965-05-15 HumboldtBerry Summit near U.S. 299. Growing in moss at base of Quercus.
RSA189622RSADodecatheon hendersoniiNoel Holmgren26521966-06-07 Tehama1 mi. west of Goverment Flat. Frequent on wooded slopes, area not long exposed from melting snowbanks.
RSA19294RSADodecatheon hendersoniiD. D. Keck45321937-05-13 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton-San Antonio Valley road, at Isabel Creek, along creeklet.
RSA195369RSADodecatheon hendersoniiGilbert Muth5391967-03-08 SolanoMix Canon.
RSA21501RSADodecatheon hendersoniiCarl B. Wolf86831937-05-15 Tehama1.7 mi. above mud flat on Paskenta-Covelo Rd.
RSA232887RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. S. Rose680031968-03-10 MarinLarkspur, Bon Air Road Shaded slope.
RSA244995RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJ. P. Smith59771973-04-07 TrinityNew River trail from Grays Falls Campground on the north side of the Trinity River and west side of the New River.
RSA247149RSADodecatheon hendersoniiGary D. Wallace10061972-03-28 SonomaNorthwest of Calistoga, along Ida Clayton Road, 6 mi east of junction with Hwy. 128.
RSA254175RSADodecatheon hendersoniiR. D. Norris22721975-03-18 MarinScattered individuals and small grounps on rocky roadbank near Rodeo Lagoon, Ft. Cronkite.
RSA254823RSADodecatheon hendersoniiThomas W. Nelson7301973-04-22 MendocinoGrowing on moist hillside meadow north of Eden Valley Ranch overlooking Eden Creek along jeep-road to Roberts Lake.
RSA2764RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJ. W. Blankinships.n.1928-07-13 LakeMt. Konocti.
RSA287484RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Benson11021929-03-26 ShastaMountain Springs; open pine woods.
RSA304006RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJames R. Shevock14501970-03-26 ShastaWhiskeytron Lake.
RSA304007RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJames R. Shevock7771971-03-14 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument.
RSA305929RSADodecatheon hendersoniiFay A. MacFadden124221934-03-30 PlacerDutch Flat.
RSA31641RSADodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Hellers.n.1929-03-16 NapaGrade near foot of Mt. St. Helena.
RSA333612RSADodecatheon hendersoniiRobert F. Thorne543281980-06-02 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: just W of Holcomb Valley Campground
RSA388343RSADodecatheon hendersoniiR. W. Brooks111975-04-13 SolanoPartial shade of east-facing slope receiving afternoon sun only, moist soil, 1 mi. southeast of Monticello Dam.
RSA39731RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz118551947-05-18 Tehama12 mi. east of Mineral on Highway 36.
RSA40695RSADodecatheon hendersoniiI. L. Wiggins115861948-03-20 Mendocino5.8 mi. east of Laytonville, along road to Dos Rios.
RSA41953RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. C. Cantelow42201938-03-27 MercedPacheso Pass.
RSA431374RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMark Morriss.n.1929-03-03 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
RSA461371RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJ. T. Howell57561931-03-10 Contra CostaEast side of Mt. Diablo 7 miles from Clayton on Livermore road.
RSA461372RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. S. Rose380911938-02-28 MarinGrassy banks. Tomales.
RSA461373RSADodecatheon hendersoniiM. Partsons.n.1912-02-27 MarinKentfield.
RSA461375RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. S. Rose480371948-04-11 MarinSausalito, open hills
RSA461376RSADodecatheon hendersoniiHoward de Forests.n.1930-03-23 NapaMt. St. Helena. Ridge SE from mt.
RSA461377RSADodecatheon hendersoniiH. F. Copelands.n.1933-04-15 SacramentoNear Mormon Island.
RSA461378RSADodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Doty5511969-02-25 Santa BarbaraEast side of old San Morcos Pass Rd., 2.4 miles north of its intersection with Cathedral Oaks Rd.
RSA461379RSADodecatheon hendersoniiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1920-01-01 Siskiyou[No location data on label.]
RSA461380RSADodecatheon hendersoniiGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-03-25 SolanoShady slope of hill, 1.6 mi west of Pleasant Valley Road, along Mix Canon Rd.
RSA46481RSADodecatheon hendersoniiDoris K. Kildale29081927-03-20 HumboldtPhillipsville
RSA49287RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz132581949-05-16 TrinityEast Weaver Public Camp, East Weaver Creek.
RSA49706RSADodecatheon hendersoniiE. K. Balls78421948-02-27 MontereyOpen sunny slopes in turf. Decomposed granite. Carmel Highlands above Yankee Pt.
RSA503497RSADodecatheon hendersoniiRobert F. Thorne550551982-06-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Nat′l Forest, Nature Conservancy Botanical Preserve, north of east end of Baldwin Lake. Near old town of Doble
RSA518788RSADodecatheon hendersoniiBarbara J. Ertter81841989-04-09 PlacerSpring Garden Rd 0.8 NE of Foreshill-Auburn rd., ca 4 air mi. W of Foresthill; roadside bank in conifer forest.
RSA52722RSADodecatheon hendersoniiI. L. Wiggins121021949-05-01 LakeIn small openings in pine-fir forest one-half mile north of summit between Upper Lake and Pilsbury Lake.
RSA590196RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMichael A. Vincent72981996-03-30 ColusaAlong Brim Rd., 1.9 W jct. Bear Valley Rd.
RSA60398RSADodecatheon hendersoniiI. L. Wiggins123501950-04-09 San Benito80 yards northwest of San Benito Lateral on Highway from Coalinga to Hollister.
RSA604106RSADodecatheon hendersoniiM. Sidells101996-04-20 Napaalong trail running along southwest side of Lake Bereyessa, 100 m from Knoxville Rd.
RSA605775RSADodecatheon hendersoniiA. C. Sanders172461995-06-03 San BernardinoSnow Valley, margins of a meadow surrounding a small shallow pond on the N side of Hwy 18 opposite the ski area.
RSA638888RSADodecatheon hendersoniiMarcia R. Davis161977-04-16 Napaalong Highway 128, 6.4 mi. southwest of Monticello Dam, on the left side of the road while travelling southwest.
RSA6392RSADodecatheon hendersoniiD. D. Keck20001933-04-23 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Rd. 8 mi. west of Smith Creek.
RSA69043RSADodecatheon hendersoniiF. W. Peirson45991924-05-16 San BernardinoSouth side of Bear Lake, ca. 2.5 miles from dam.
RSA69044RSADodecatheon hendersoniiF. W. Peirson56631925-03-24 San Luis ObispoMorro Creek Divide.
RSA714304RSADodecatheon hendersoniiDaisie Huang60414412006-04-14 Santa Clara5 W of entrance to Grant Co. Park. Moist hillside.
RSA733815RSADodecatheon hendersoniiKeith E. Hoffmaster12201946-03-09 NapaNapa range, near summit of Napa-Monticello road.
RSA733817RSADodecatheon hendersoniiLois Weston11651942-03-07 SolanoGreen Valley.
RSA733818RSADodecatheon hendersoniiKeith E. Hoffmaster8911939-04-01 El DoradoNear Coloma.
RSA78680RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz178731952-07-02 SiskiyouBaldy Mt. Road, NW of Happy Camp, Siskiyou Mts.
RSA78835RSADodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz179131952-07-02 SiskiyouRidge west of Baldy Mt. L. O., 6 mi. by air west of Happy Camp. Siskiyou Mts.
RSA79284RSADodecatheon hendersoniiE. K. Balls171481952-05-09 Lake3.4 mi. n. from crest of pass, Elk Mt., on road from Upper Lake to Lake Pilsburry.
RSA8492RSADodecatheon hendersoniiL. S. Rose331061933-04-22 LakeAdams Spring, brushy hills.
SFV111696SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiM. L. Vincent381961-03-26 ButteSierra Nevada; Along Cherokee Road, 1 mile north of Cherokee.
SFV111697SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiM. L. Vincent5421964-04-09 ButteSierra Nevada; Honey Run Road, 2 miles west of Skyway.
SFV111698SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiM. L. Vincent5311964-04-09 ButteSierra Nevada; Paradise. Clark road, 1.5 miles south of Pearson Road.
SFV111699SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiA. Ongun231961-04-16 LakeNorth Coast Ranges; Behind Blue Lake Resort Motel, about 5.9 miles west of Upper Lake on CA-Highway 20.
SFV111700SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15111952-02-23 MarinNorth Coast Ranges; Hillside west of Deer Park Creek.
SFV111701SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. N. Hogue135.11999-03-28 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges; Ukiah.
SFV111702SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15351952-05-18 PlumasSierra Nevada; Near Wolf Creek, 1.5 miles north of Greenville, southeast of Lake Almanor.
SFV111703SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10761950-03-25 San BenitoSouth Coast Ranges; Steep slope of small, narrow ravine about 12 miles south of Paicines along CA-Highway 25, 2.2 miles north of junction with road to Gonzales.
SFV111704SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10911950-04-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Coldbrook Public Camp, south of Big Bear Lake, 0.5 miles south of Big Bear Boulevard.
SFV111705SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15161952-03-06 San MateoSouth Coast Ranges; Santa Cruz Mountains. Kings Mountain Road, 2 miles west of Woodside.
SFV111706SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10021949-01-25 Santa ClaraSouth Coast Ranges; Diablo Range. East and north slopes along west side of Calaveras Reservoir, along Calaveras Road, east of Milpitas.
SFV111707SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiC. L. Elmore201962-04-02 SolanoNorth Coast Ranges; Vaca Valley. 0.25 miles west of Pleasants Valley Road, about 6 miles south of CA-Highway 128.
SFV111708SFVDodecatheon hendersoniiE. Cohen332002-03-17 TrinityKlamath Mountains; Salmon Mountains. West end of Hennessy Ridge, south of Salyer.
SHTC6442SHTCDodecatheon hendersoniiMendoza, Mariah152012-03-27 TuolumneTable Mountain, 1.0 miles north of Hwy 120-108 on a personal gravel road, 15 miles east of Oakdale.
SHTC6443SHTCDodecatheon hendersoniiWashburn, Gavin262014-04-08 TuolumneSonora, CA; after leaving Sierra Pacific Industries take small path off of Standard Rd. to the left, immediately before severe bend in road, About 1-2 mile down overgrown path down hill. Mind cow pies and poison oak
SJSU14163SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Mason & D.1989-03-13 Santa ClaraCalero County Park
SJSU14199SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiN.A. Hopkins15621989-07-15 Sierraby Berry Cr c. 0.25 mi below Coburn L c. 5 mi S of Yuba Pass
SJSU1498SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiD.J. Thompson1954-05-02 LakeFour-Mile Glade, Cow Mt Recreationa Area near Lakeport
SJSU1815SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. Clare H. Wolfsen1957-03-11 Mariposanear Cathay [Cathrys Valley], foothills of Sierra Nevada
SJSU8390SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.E. Ereno371956-03-15 TuolumneSonora
SJSU8399SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.L. Speed101972-03-29 Calaverasby Hwy 12, 2 mi E of Murphys
SJSU8434SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiM.E.M. Kaneko1968-04-15 Santa Claranear junction Pagemill & Moody Rds, Los Altos Hills
SJSU8436SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiR.L. Fisher251957-03-31 Santa ClaraSilver Creek Hills, 6 mi SE of San Jose
SJSU8438SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiL.A. Willis781967-04-28 Santa Claranear W end Finley Ridge 1 mi S of Packwood Cr, Diablo Range
SJSU8455SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiL.R. Plew861965-04-24 Santa Clara12 mi E of San Jose on Mt Hamilton Rd, Mt Hamilton Range
SJSU8479SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiA.H. Lilleberg1961-03-30 TrinityTrinity R, 2 mi downstream from Lewiston
SJSU8485SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.H. Gans1968-04-08 El DoradoSly Park by Sly Park Dam, Jenkinson L c. 18 mi E of Placerville
SJSU8489SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiJ.B. Willis Jr.321969-04-19 Yubaedge of Marysville Rd near Oregon House Post Office, 7.5 W of Dobbins
SJSU8492SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiR.B. Yarrington1968-04-14 Shasta2 N of Inwood
SJSU8497SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiG.A. Blanks6.51964-03-21 San Benitoboth sides San Juan Canon Rd to Fremont Peak c. 5 mi SE of San Juan Bautista
SJSU8499SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiT.A. Wayne III1962-04-07 Sonomamidway between Bodega Bay & Salmon Cr
SJSU9800SJSUDodecatheon hendersoniiC.W. Sharsmith86521982-05-30 Sierra1.2 W of Sattley, Sierra Valley
SPIF01088SPIFDodecatheon hendersoniiBotany Crews.n.2018-05-08 TrinityGrowing in a recently logged and burned mixed conifer forest with Erythronium citrinum var. roderickii and Cardamine oligosperma. Slope 341 degrees.
THRI-SEKI6443THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiStocking, S.K.10841961-03-27 UnknownElk Cr
THRI-SEKI6444THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiRockwell, Jack A.67-00161967-03-03 UnknownSequoia Nf, Hwy 180, 11.4 Mi From Entrance
THRI-SEKI6445THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiRockwell, Jack A.68-03911968-03-22 Unknown.5 Mi E Tunnel Rock
THRI-SEKI6446THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiRockwell, Jack A.67-01371967-06-20 UnknownIndian Basin
THRI-SEKI6447THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiNorris, Larry L.4111983-05-11 UnknownElk Cr Tr
THRI-SEKI6448THRIDodecatheon hendersoniiNorris, Larry L.6711986-04-06 UnknownParadise Cr Tr
UC1001492UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15351952-05-18 Plumas1.5 mi n Greenville (near Wolf Creek, se of Lake Almanor); se of Lake Almanor, n of Greenville nr Wolf Creek
UC1018145UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15361952-06-17 Glennalong Covelo-Willows Road (Black Butte Mountain); Black Butte Mountain
UC1019538UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLouise Kellogg441952-07-14 TehamaSquare Lake trail from Ovenlid toward South Yolla Bolly Mountain (Mendocino National Forest); North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
UC1019562UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15161952-03-06 San Mateo2 mi w Woodside (Kings Mountain Road);, w of Woodside
UC1019566UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10761950-03-25 San Benito2.2 mi n of junct with road to Gonzales (ca 12 mi s of Paicines along State Highway 25); San Benito Quad., s of Paicines
UC1019568UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10911950-04-29 San Bernardino1-2 mi s Big Bear Boulevard (Colbrook Public Camp, s of Big Bear Lake, Bear Valley, San Bernardino Mountains); San Gorgonio Quad., San Bernardino Mts., s of Big Bear Lake
UC1019569UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson15111952-02-23 Marinca 1.5 mi s Fairfax; s of Fairfax
UC1019570UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. J. Thompson10021949-01-25 Santa Claraalong Calaveras Road e Milpitas (w side of Calaveras Reservoir); w side Calaveras Reservoir, e of Milpitas
UC1024346UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLee Bonar, Lincoln Constance, R. W. Holm, C. E. Wood, Jr.1949-05-21 Trinity10 mi s Callahan (Scott Mountain Campground, Siskiyou-Trinity County); Scott Mountain Campground, s of Callahan
UC1034858UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHenry J. Thompson10721950-03-06 Fresno1 mi e of s end Friant Dam (on s side of Millerton Lake); Sierra Nevada foothills, s side of Millerton Lake
UC1034859UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHenry J. Thompson10711950-03-06 Fresno6.2 mi e Delpiedra (on road to Trimmer Springs); Dinuba Quad., e of Delpiedra, rd to Trimmer Springs
UC1034860UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHenry J. Thompson10701950-03-06 Fresnon slope 3 mi e Delpiedra (along road to Trimmer Springs n of Kings River); Sierra Nevada foothills, Dinuba Quad., n of Kings River
UC1034861UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHenry J. Thompson10681950-03-06 Fresno4 mi nnw Reedley (w side of Kings River at n end of LacJac Avenue); w side Kings River, nnw of Reedley
UC1034862UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHenry J. Thompson10691950-03-06 Fresno1 mi downstream from Delpiedra (s side of Kings River); s side Kings River, downstream from Delpiedra
UC1039548UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDorothy Sylva1928-03-24 Tuolumnevicinity Sonora; vicinity of Sonora
UC1039565UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason3601923-03-03 AlamedaRancho Repose, Rancho Repose (Cedar Mt.)
UC1039584UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason13031925-03-23 Alamedahills near Sunol; hills near Sunol
UC1039586UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason11871925-01-18 MarinForbes
UC1039587UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12391925-02-15 MarinMill Valley
UC1039589UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12061925-01-23 NapaWooden Valley grade
UC1046584UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiAlex D. Hawkes, Rimo Bacigalupi47771951-04-22 Contra CostaState Rd. #4 near Mt. Diablo (along Marsh Creek);, near Mt. Diablo
UC1051532UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith43341953-06-22 GlennPlaskett Meadows Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
UC1053435UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRimo Bacigalupi, Arthur Holmgren31391950-04-24 Siskiyouopposite town Dunsmuir (on e side of canyon, Cliffs along Sacramento River); along Sacramento River, opposite Dunsmuir
UC105761UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBrandegee1889-04-01 NapaMt. St. Helena
UC105767UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBrandegee1889-04-01 MarinTamalpais
UC105776UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBrandegee1889-04-01 AmadorIone
UC105783UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeo. Hansen9861895-04-01 AmadorAgrc. Station Sequoia Region, Agrc. Station = Jackson (= Jackson)
UC1073399UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge B. Rossbach3941955-04-07 Santa Clarajust s Red Mt. (s side upper Beauregard Creek, ne Santa Clara County)
UC1075814UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiE. K. Balls, L. W. Lenz207081955-05-14 Plumas1.5 mi n Greenville (along road to Lake Almanor, Hwy 89); n of Greenville, rd to Lake Almanor
UC1093636UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiFrancia Chisaki, Gene B. Newcomb10761958-03-31 Sonomaon Trinity Road 1.2 mi w of junction with Cavedale Road; on Trinity Road w of junction with Cavedale Road
UC1111024UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason27001926-03-07 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC111166UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2511900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pine Ridge
UC1123264UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiB. O. Schreiber24671938-02-27 Sonoma2 mi wnw Mark West Springs; Healdsburg Quad.
UC1123266UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiG. T. Nordstrom6351936-03-24 Mariposa1.7 mi se Blanchard; Sonora Quad., se of Blanchard
UC1123267UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. S. Yates53481936-03-08 AlamedaCalaveras Valley San Jose Quad., Calaveras Valley
UC1123270UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiC. M. Belshaw15271936-02-29 Amador2 1-2 mi se Ione; Jackson Quadrangle
UC1123271UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. S. Yates36771934-03-11 Sutter1 mi ne North Butte; Marysville Buttes Quad.
UC1123272UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. E. Sowder, R. W. Lundh481933-04-19 PlacerColfax Hill Colfax Quad., Colfax Hill
UC1123274UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. S. Yates50141935-02-03 Santa Cruz2 mi se Ano Nuevo Pt.; Santa Cruz Quad., se of Ano Nuevo Pt.
UC1123275UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. C. Wilson1141935-02-27 Contra CostaSomersville Mt. Diablo Quad.
UC1123276UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiW. B. Augustine951935-04-27 MariposaWawona Yosemite Quad., Wawona
UC1178842UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason27171926-03-14 Napasw slope Mt. St. Helena
UC1179002UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason, H. M. Hall, H. E. McMinn365a1923-05-09 TuolumneBig Oak Flat road near South Fork, Big Oak Flat road (South Fork)
UC1190353UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIra L. Wiggins143051958-04-12 Tuolumnealong State Highway 108, 3.3 mi w Twain Harte; w of Twain Harte
UC1191158UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason28411926-04-11 AlamedaCedar Mountain
UC1191692UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason109711936-03-14 Calaverason road between San Andreas and Mokelumne Hill; between San Andreas and Mokelumne Hill
UC1191694UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason109671936-03-14 Calaverasfive mi w Springville; w of Springville
UC1198619UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy61651923-03-17 Humboldtvicinity Garberville; vicinity of Garberville
UC1198620UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy60461922-05-14 HumboldtKneeland Prairie Northern Coast Ranges, Kneeland Prairie
UC1198621UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy98281932-04-23 HumboldtMiranda Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork of the Eel River (South Fork Eel River)
UC1198622UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy123691933-05-25 Del NorteGasquet Northern Coast Ranges, Gasquet
UC1198623UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy127021933-07-11 HumboldtGrouse Mountain North Coast Ranges, Grouse Mountain
UC1198624UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy125911933-06-13 Humboldton road w from Hoopa Valley (Hoopa Mountain); Northern Coast Ranges,, Hoopa Valley
UC1199855UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason3651923-03-17 Alamedaridge s Dublin (Livermore Hills);, ridge s of Dublin
UC1199856UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason27921926-03-22 Sonomanear Napa-Sonoma line (near Petrified Forest); near Petrified Forest
UC1199857UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason26921926-03-06 MarinCorte Madera Ridge
UC1199866UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiE. L. Greene1888-04-01 San FranciscoMission Hills
UC1199873UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiPeirson55901925-03-21 TulareLewis Creek near Lindsey; Lewis Creek near Lindsey
UC1199874UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiPeirson45991924-05-16 San Bernardino2 1-2 mi below dam (s side of Bear Lake); San Bernardino Mts., s side Bear Lake
UC1222563UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy186441950-05-07 Humboldton the road to South Yager Valley about 5 mi n Bridgeville; n of Bridgeville
UC1222564UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy186451950-05-07 Humboldton the road to South Yager Valley about 5 mi n Bridgeville; n of Bridgeville
UC1222565UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy186311950-04-20 Trinityabout 3 mi s Kuntz (4 mi se of Low Gap, along Van Duzen River); along Van Duzen River se of Low Gap, s of Kuntz
UC1222566UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy186321950-04-20 Trinity4 mi se Low Gap (Van Duzen River);, se of Low Gap
UC127292UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiE. B. Babcock1908-03-14 SacramentoFair Oaks
UC1301130UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith51491963-02-23 Marinnear Novato Dam (Novato Boulevard, Indian Valley Reservoir); San Francisco Bay Region, Indian Valley Reservoir
UC1301131UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith49351962-04-08 Santa ClaraLower eastern slopes of Mt. Unumhum near Hicks Road (Santa Cruz Mountains);, eastern slopes Mt. Unumhum
UC1377849UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiW. J. Dress30781951-03-24 Calaverasalong Route 4 in the low hills several mi w Copperopolis; w of Copperopolis
UC1392917UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover112041969-03-28 San Benitoon Hollister-King City road 1 mi s Pinnacles turnoff; s of Pinnacles turnoff
UC141698UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiC. F. Baker19451903-04-13 Santa Claraw Gilroy; w of Gilroy
UC141703UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller72771904-03-31 Santa Claranear San Jose (Alum Rock Park); near San Jose, Alum Rock Park
UC141724UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiC. F. Baker2961902-03-09 Santa Claranear Stanford University; near Stanford University
UC144409UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller1904-05-14 Santa Claraw Los Gatos; w of Los Gatos
UC1483417UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMaralyn A. Renner18381980-07-23 Siskiyounear ridge about 1 mi e Cook and Green Pass (s1-4 of ne1-4 Pacific Crest Trail, Klamath National Forest); Klamath National Forest, Seiad Valley Quad., Pacific Crest T
UC1531173UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRobert F. Thorne, B. Prigge, C. W. Tilforth543281980-06-02 San Bernardinoat placer workings just w Holcomb Valley Campground (San Bernardino Nat′l Forest);, w of Holcomb Valley campgrd
UC1537156UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGordon H. True, Jr.3461936-03-17 Santa Clara7 mi e Madrone; e of Madrone
UC1541494UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHarold E. Parks242661944-04-01 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Darlingtonia (Smith River)
UC154178UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMrs. M. H. Manning1902-03-01 Humboldtnear Hupa; near Hupa
UC1561214UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81791989-04-09 Placerca 5 air mi nw Foresthill (Shirttail Canon Road 2.4 mi from Dipper Road); nw of Forestville, Shirttail Canon Road
UC1562607UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81841989-04-09 Placerca 4 air mi w Foresthill (Spring Garden Road 0.8 mi ne of Forestville-Auburn Road); w of Foresthill
UC1601987UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiKatharine Brandegee1907-05-01 El DoradoCamino
UC1602199UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiW. H. Brewer9151862-03-28 MarinTamalpais
UC1613284UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles M. Belshaw420a1935-03-01 Santa Clara10 miles north of Salinas
UC1613493UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles M. Belshaw28521937-04-25 ColusaVicinity of Cook′s Spring Devil′s Ridge, Inner North Coast Range
UC1614474UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles M. Belshaw3671935-02-24 AlamedaStrawberry Canon, Berkeley. Back wall of canyon above Monument Hill.
UC1614527UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles M. Belshaw15271936-02-29 Amador2-5 miles SE of Ione
UC1614627UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCharles M. Belshaw591934-03-18 Marin2 miles west of Mill Valley
UC1618109UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDonald G. Nelson4611937-03-30 Contra CostaAlong Marsh Creek Road between Clayton and Byron
UC165293UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeo. D. Butler12301910-04-23 SiskiyouQuartz Valley
UC1717710UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiBaki Kasapligil70501975-04-01 MontereyCanon of the University of California
UC1719914UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDean Taylor1996-05-03 TuolumneHarden flat on Highway 120 (S road in to Yosemite)
UC1719915UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiD. H. Norris880291996-04-30 Unknownnear junction of Rancheria Creek with Balch Creek road
UC1733727UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiKay H. Beach, Frank Gould6241940-05-15 Siskiyouupper Bull Meadows Bull Meadows
UC1736297UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDean W. Taylor71969-02-22 Fresno
UC1736299UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDean W. Taylor8481971-02-27 Fresnosouth slope overlooking Kings River Red Mountain;; Red Mountain, south slope overlooking Kings River
UC175531UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller106861913-03-09 Buttetwo mi n Oroville; n of Oroville
UC189165UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeo. Hansen15141896-03-25 AmadorStoney Creek Sequoia Gigantea Region, Stoney Creek
UC203975UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy49471918-05-28 HumboldtHigh Prairie on Bald Mountain Northern Coast Ranges, High Prairie on Bald Mountain
UC218220UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz56761922-06-11 San BernardinoBear Valley San Bernardino Mts., Bear Valley
UC22373UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiP. S. Woolsey1898-03-01 Tulare35 mi e Visalia (near Grapevine Spring); head of San Joaquin Valley, near Grapevine Spring
UC22375UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCarl Purdy1898-04-13 MendocinoUkiah
UC22377UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiW. A. Setchell1898-03-22 SolanoTolenas Springs
UC22378UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson1896-02-22 NapaHowell Mt.
UC22380UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiWillis L. Jepson1893-04-25 Napaw St. Helena (trail to Caux′s Cabin, Napa River Basin); Hoods Peak Range, Napa River Basin, w of St. Helena
UC22381UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Burtt Davy4581894-04-01 Santa Claraeastern slope Loma Prieta
UC22382UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHarley P. Chandler7521901-02-22 MarinMount Tamalpais San Francisco Bay Region, Mount Tamalpais
UC22383UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHarley P. Chandler1900-02-26 Marins slope Mt. Tamalpais
UC22384UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. P. Chandler1900-03-23 Contra CostaBryants region of Mount Diablo, Bryants
UC22385UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiF. T. Bioletti1891-03-01 MarinAngel Island San Francisco Bay, Angel Island
UC22386UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiF. T. Bioletti1892-04-01 MarinFairfax
UC22387UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiF. T. Bioletti1891-03-01 AlamedaBerkeley
UC22400UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiGeo. Hansen1886-03-30 AmadorJackson
UC22415UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Burtt Davy16721896-03-15 Sonomanear Fort Ross; near Fort Ross
UC22416UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Burtt Davy12661896-02-29 Contra CostaMitchell Canon Mt. Diablo, Mitchell Canon
UC249505UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy59941922-04-30 Humboldtnear Willow Creek (Trinity River Valley); Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity River Valley
UC295954UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler122341926-04-05 StanislausAllen′s Sierra Nevada Mountains, on Big Oak Flat Road (on Big Oak Flat Road)
UC311084UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. D. E. Elmer45601903-04-01 San MateoWoodside
UC335536UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiunknown1908-08-05 UnknownSierra Valley
UC335537UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiunknown1890-04-29 MendocinoUkiah
UC35159UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. P. Tracy5391900-02-10 Alamedahills near Berkeley (Boswell′s); San Francisco Bay Region, near Berkeley
UC400179UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiYnes Mexia23391929-03-31 Marinhillslopes nw Manor; nw of Manor
UC403375UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. E., S. T. Parks5321930-04-12 Santa ClaraGuadaloupe Mines
UC444834UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. L. Pendleton6471907-04-26 Santa ClaraAlum Rock Park
UC444835UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiunknown161904-03-05 Santa Claranear Saratoga; near Saratoga
UC445027UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. L. Pendleton5731907-04-06 Santa ClaraGuadaloupe
UC445041UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiW. P. Taylor1912-03-19 Amador5 mi < ? > Canondale ((e or s of Canondale)); < ? > of Canondale
UC445045UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. Burtt Davy1897-03-19 Santa ClaraLos Gatos
UC445046UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. L. Pendleton5251907-03-01 Santa Clarahills w Los Gatos (A. A. Heller′s place, West Central California); hills w of Los Gatos
UC480629UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCarl Meyer3111928-03-03 SonomaSanta Rosa
UC483301UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIra L. Wiggins57591932-03-12 Sonomabetween Knight′s Valley and Franz Valley; between Knight′s Valley and Franz Valley
UC505170UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. M. Holman1933-04-30 Mendocinoabout 12 mi e Ukiah (Cold Creek near Blur Lake);, e of Ukiah
UC511369UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLyman Benson19501930-03-07 Santa Clarahills behind Stanford University Stanford University
UC511739UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiFrank W. Peirson65731926-04-02 Lakegrade down to Clear Lake grade down to Clear Lake (Hopland Road)
UC517947UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Thomas Howell57561931-03-10 Contra Costaon Livermore Road 7 mi from Clayton; e side Mt. Diablo, 7 mi from Clayton
UC521661UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLincoln Constance3621932-02-26 Alamedas side of Redwood Ridge
UC562464UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy78791927-04-02 Humboldtfacing South Fork of Eel River Northern Coast Ranges, fcg South Fork Eel River (Phillipsville)
UC562465UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy66121924-03-09 HumboldtKneeland Prairie
UC562752UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy80611927-05-15 Humboldtnear summit on road w from Hoopa to Bair′s (Hoopa Mountain); Northern Coast Ranges, Hoopa Mountain
UC562753UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy127591933-07-16 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain (near head of 8-mile ridge)
UC568999UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiP. A. Munz139351935-05-01 San Bernardinonear Bear Tavern (Bear Valley); San Bernardino Mts., Bear Valley
UC585128UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.20011936-06-13 Siskiyouabout 1 1-2 mi w Mt. Shasta City (e and ne slope of spur of Rainbow Ridge above Sulloway Creek); above Sulloway Creek, w of Mt. Shasta City
UC608273UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. C. Wilson5791938-04-23 Santa Clara4 mi e Monument Peak (e of Warm Springs); San Jose Quad., e of Monument Peak, e of Warm Springs
UC608531UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiT. M. Hendrix7381938-02-28 Santa Clara1.2 mi sw Mud Lake (e of Morgan Hill); Morgan Hill Quad., sw of Mud Lake
UC640460UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiElmer I. Applegate70491932-04-14 Trinity2 mi w Weaverville; w of Weaverville
UC673122UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph P. Tracy165231940-03-16 Mendocino6 mi n Calpella; n of Calpella, Redwood Valley
UC673365UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason28411926-04-11 AlamedaCedar Mt.
UC673377UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLoyd Swift1928-05-05 El DoradoTunnel Hill
UC673387UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason117401938-04-17 Mariposa8 mi e Hornitos; Sierra Nevada, e of Hornitos
UC673394UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12941925-03-10 Contra CostaMount Diablo Mount Diablo (open slopes)
UC673395UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12291925-02-01 MarinLake Lagunitas
UC673398UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12151925-02-01 Marinnear Mount Tamalpais (above Mill Valley); near Mount Tamalpais, above Mill Valley
UC673400UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason13051925-03-23 AlamedaSunol; Niles Canon, Sunol
UC673401UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason50471929-03-15 Contra Costas Nortonville; s of Nortonville
UC673402UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason12831925-03-07 AlamedaSunol, Sunol (Niles Canon)
UC673404UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason52541929-04-29 Lakebetween Kelseyville and Lower Lake; between Kelseyville and Lower Lake
UC673489UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDorothy Tebbe301930-03-26 Shastaon highway near Redding; near Redding
UC673491UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHerbert L. Mason3651923-03-17 Alamedaridge s Dublin (Livermore Hills);, ridge s of Dublin
UC676733UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiReed C. Rollins29581941-03-30 Santa Claraabout 14 mi e San Jose; Mount Hamilton Range, e of San Jose
UC691830UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMary L. Bowerman5551931-03-07 Contra CostaSouth Road near upper end Mount Diablo Mount Diablo
UC691831UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMary L. Bowerman18391933-04-09 Contra CostaDonner Canon Mount Diablo, Donner Canon
UC70402UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMilo S. Baker1899-01-01 Sacramentonear Sacramento; near Sacramento
UC719315UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiF. G. Meyer13271938-04-03 Shasta12 mi n Redding; n of Redding
UC724526UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith6381934-03-29 Santa Claravicinity Smith Creek (on western side of Mount Hamilton, Mount Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range
UC724528UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith7411934-03-31 Santa Claras end Packard Ridge Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range (Mount Hamilton Range)
UC724530UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith5681934-03-10 Santa Clarawooded slope w Hall′s Valley (western side of Mount Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range
UC724531UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHelen K. Sharsmith34041936-03-08 AlamedaCorral Hollow above Tesla (Mount Hamilton Range); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton Range
UC725316UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller148171929-03-16 Napagrade near foot Mt. St. Helena; grade near foot of Mt. St. Helena
UC725366UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller150111938-04-03 Buttenear Cherokee (Table Mountain);, near Cherokee
UC725483UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller130021918-04-28 TehamaBennett Springs
UC73472UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiHarley P. Chandler60321906-04-04 Santa Claranear Isabel Creek (Mt. Hamilton Range);, near Isabel Creek
UC73554UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiMilo S. Baker7341898-04-01 Sonomane Santa Rosa; ne of Santa Rosa
UC73555UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRalph Hopping2621902-03-26 TulareKaweah Kaweah River Basin, Kaweah
UC747622UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiG. Thomas Robbins9851943-04-10 El Dorado3 mi e Camino; canyon slope North Fork Webber Creek, e of Camino
UC747623UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiG. Thomas Robbins18661945-04-22 El Doradohillside 1-2 mi w Placerville (near Hangtown Creek); w of Placerville, near Hangtown Creek
UC754381UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIra L. Wiggins115861948-03-20 Mendocinohillside 5.8 mi e Laytonville (along road to Dos Rios); e of Laytonville, rd to Dos Rios
UC764475UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover16651937-03-25 Mercede base of Pacheco Pass
UC764488UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover28341938-03-10 Alamedaat foot of grade Livermore (Arroyo Mocho); near Livermore, Arroyo Mocho
UC764491UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover3401935-03-15 Stanislaus4 mi s Oakdale; s of Oakdale
UC765529UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover27811938-02-26 Mercede slope Pacheco Pass summit
UC766268UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover39321939-03-19 FresnoPine Flat, Pine Flat (Lower Kings River Canon)
UC766288UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover27331938-02-15 MarinSausalito
UC766292UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover27581938-02-21 Contra CostaPoint Richmond
UC766294UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiR. F. Hoover39101939-03-12 Tuolumnenear Blanchard; near Blanchard
UC796466UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiIra L. Wiggins121021949-05-01 Lakebetween Upper Lake and Pillsbury Lake; btw Upper Lake and Pillsbury Lake
UC877538UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiL. R. Abrams634c1904-03-14 San MateoMenlo Heights Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula, Menlo Heights
UC877545UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLewis S. Rose390281939-03-18 MarinSausalito
UC877546UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiLewis S. Rose381041938-03-21 Santa Clara3 mi e Madrone (above Coyote Creek); e of Madrone, above Coyote Creek
UC877547UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiC. L. Hitchcock63421940-05-07 Placerca 1 mi w Baxter; w of Baxter
UC877549UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell53981938-05-04 Maderabetween Oakhurst and Bass Lake; between Oakhurst and Bass Lake
UC877550UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiJohn Thomas Howell137251938-03-20 Santa Clara3 mi e Madrone; e of Madrone
UC877551UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiRoxana S. Ferris15621919-04-11 TuolumneOyster Bend Gulch near French Flat (Mt. Hood Mine);, Oyster Bend Gulch nr French Flat
UC877552UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiCarl B. Wolf47181933-05-16 Fresno4 mi n Badger (Pine Cove); w slope Sierra Nevada, n of Badger, Pine Cove
UC877553UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiA. A. Heller123431916-04-27 GlennBennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo Road Bennet Spring on Newville-Covelo Road
UC914245UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiVerne Grant, Alva Grant76831946-03-10 Placeron Lincoln Road e Loomis (gentle n slope); e of Loomis
UC917150UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiD. C. Finfrock161950-04-02 Napaon Pope Valley Road two mi from St. Helena; 2 mi from St. Helena
UC963850UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiH. E. Parks, S. T. Parks242661944-04-01 Del NorteDarlingtonia North Coast Ranges,, Darlingtonia (Smith River)
UC973610UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersoniiDr. Coulter1950-05-13 Unknown
UCR0089988UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiVictor Duran33781933-04-02 ColusaStonyford
UCR0089989UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiEric Brower0161997-03-30 LakeIndian Valley Reservoir. Blue Oak Campground, 2.5 miles past intersection of access road and Walker Ridge Road
UCR0089990UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiScott D. White10541993-02-28 MontereyGarrapata State Park, off State Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy), north of lighthouse at Point Sur and south of Carmel Highlands
UCR0089991UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiPhyllis Adams101982-04-20 PlacerAmerican River Canon near the town of Auburn
UCR0089992UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiE.W. Jamesons.n.1949-04-26 Plumasexperiment station in Quincy
UCR0089993UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiA.C. Sanders172461995-06-03 San BernardinoSnow Valley, north side of Hwy 18 opposite ski area
UCR0089994UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiTimothy P. Krantzs.n.1982-06-24 San BernardinoBig Bear Valley. Springs north of Bakers Pond, west of Division, south of North Shore Drive.
UCR0089995UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1977-06-05 San Bernardinocity of Big Bear
UCR0089996UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiTimothy P. Krantzs.n.1982-06-22 San Bernardinospring feeding Metcalf Creek
UCR0089997UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiTimothy P. Krantzs.n.1982-04-17 San Bernardinonorth of Baldwin Lake, north side of Holcomb Valley Rd.
UCR0089998UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiWm. Horn Jr.670225--11967-02-25 Shasta5 miles south of Redding and 1 mile west of Hwy 99 (Business Interstate 5), [Hwy 273]
UCR0089999UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiToni Grant81977-04-16 Solanoalong Hwy 128, 6.4 miles south of Monticello Dam
UCR0090000UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiJulia Curlette1161993-04-02 Solanonorthwest part of county, Cold Canon Reserve just east of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa
UCR0090002UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiL. Linstedt301984-04-12 TrinityAt Dubakella Mtn
UCR0090003UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiJune Lattings.n.1973-05-26 TularePyles Camp Meadow
UCR0090046UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamp144972009-04-04 El DoradoHappy Valley Road, 0.8 mile west of its junction with Happy Valley Cut-off
UCR0090047UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamp117862007-04-23 Amadoralong Bell Road beside Plymouth Creek just east of Calif. Hwy 49 in the vicinity of Enterprise
UCR0090048UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamp133962008-05-04 Amadoralong Tiger Creek Road, 0.3 mi east of the turnoff to Tiger Creek Reservoir
UCR0090049UCRDodecatheon hendersoniiGeorge K. Helmkamp132352008-03-22 Calaverasalong Mokelumne Vista Road at the junction with CA-49, just west of Mokelumne Hill village
UCSB015389UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiPaul Reisentz1979-05-12 Plumas3 miles north of Quincy.
UCSB015390UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiMizuno, Robert521967-03-21 FresnoWest side of Trimaer Springs Road 23 Miles east of its junction with Sunny Slope Road, foothills of Sierra Nevada.
UCSB015391UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiJoseph M. Keefe18151967-06-03 Mariposawest of Wawona Tunnel, 5.5 miles north of Chinquapin, California Highway 41, Yosemite National Park.
UCSB015392UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiFillinger, Jennifer811991-04-06 LakeJct Hwys 29 and 175, ca. 3 mi se of Kelseyville. Kelseyville Quadrangle, 15. Se 1-4 cf sw 1-4 Sect. 30, TL3N R8W
UCSB015393UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiSkjelstad, L.91975-04-20 Butteca. 3.7 mi. S of Cherokee on the Cherokee Rd.
UCSB015394UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiRieser, R.11231966-04-04 Contra CostaOn Tarry Lane, 8 miles from intersection of Sleepy Hollow Lane, Orinda.
UCSB015395UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiAmmen, P.671966-04-08 MendocinoPoonkinny Ridge Ranch, 16 mi. east of Long-vale on Covelo Rd.
UCSB015396UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiGlenn Keator21959-03-28 NapaNear south end of Lake Hennessy, Napa range.
UCSB015397UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiHayes, Judy451961-03-29 Contra Costa2 miles N of Danville on Cliffhill Road
UCSB015398UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiKrogen, Roger71 Santa Barbara5 N of HWY 101 on Refugio pass road along mountain slopes.
UCSB015399UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiM. H. Phelps441972-03-18 Humboldt1.5 mi. from Garberville along Old Briceland Ed., 1,000 yds. north of roadside.
UCSB015400UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiKamb, Peter; Chisaki, Francia16541950-04-01 Santa ClaraEast side of Smith Creek Canon, Mt. Hamilton road about 2 miles east of crossing of Smith Cr., Mt. Hamilton Range
UCSB015401UCSBDodecatheon hendersoniiGray, John18B1976-05-16 El DoradoPlacer Big Trees State Reserve; 25 miles east of Forest Hills. T 1 N R 13E Sec 19 W quarter.
UCSC1334UCSCDodecatheon hendersoniiD. J. Norman471968-03-31 Montereyalong Tularcito Rd., in moist sunny meadow in Foothill Woodland, along roadside 4 N. of Cachagua Rd. Tularcito Rd. - Carmel Valley
UCSC2563UCSCDodecatheon hendersoniiGrey Hayes2422000-04-20 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton, Isabel Valley Ranch -
UCSC7141UCSCDodecatheon hendersoniiRandall Morgan34141999-03-30 San BenitoTres Pinos, Above Bolado Park
UCSC7438UCSCDodecatheon hendersoniiO. Johnson142011-02-23 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Field 0.2 W of
US2973837USDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. H. Thomas14321950-04-02 UnknownSanta Cruz County. Upland part of Bean Creek drainage near California State Highway #17.
US2973839USDodecatheon hendersoniiJ. H. Thomas29101953-03-24 UnknownSanta Cruz County. Grassy meadow on northern side of Boulder Creek near intersection of Jamison Road and Boulder Creek Highway, about 2.5 miles NW of Boulder Creek town.
YM-YOSE119091YMDodecatheon hendersoniiGrove, Sara - -Grossenbacher, DenaSG06-022006-05-18 TuolumneAbout 1 mile West of Mather Ranger Station and 1-8 mile North of park boundary. Datum: NAD83. GPS Error: 1 M.
YM-YOSE64093YMDodecatheon hendersoniiMICHAEL, ENID5631930-03-31 ?  MariposaEL PORTAL
GH01922236GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-03-25 Napa[data not captured]
GH01922237GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-07-23 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922238GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-08-22 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH01922239GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1860-01-01 Santa Cruz[data not captured]
GH01922240GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-06-25 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01922241GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1959-05-10 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922242GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1964-05-17 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922243GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1950-04-06 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922244GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1944-05-07 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922245GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-07-07 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01922246GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1891-07-09 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01922247GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-01-28 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH01922248GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-04-27 Marin[data not captured]
GH01922249GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1906-07-01 Marin[data not captured]
GH01922250GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-04-01 Santa Clara[data not captured]
GH01922251GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-05-06 Unknown[data not captured]
JEPS128869UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumJake Ruygt63102017-03-28 NapaWragg Ridge south if Lake Berryessa. Capell Valley 7.5 Quad.
MACF032025MACFDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumSteve Ganley4331971-02-27 MarinMount Tamapious
POM129378RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumR. L. Pendleton13201907-04-13 San MateoCanyvess Springs-Deen Ridge.
POM194655RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumY. Mexia23391929-03-31 MarinHillslopes N.W. of Manor.
POM203314RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumJ. T. Howell57561931-03-10 Contra CostaEast side of Mt. Diablo 7 miles from Clayton on Livermore road.
POM287488RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson10271929-03-21 MarinLarkspur.
POM287490RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson10001929-03-09 San MateoNorth slope of rolling foothills at Woodsides.
POM287491RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson25831931-02-16 San MateoStanford University. Corte Madra Creek.
POM287492RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson26091931-02-28 San MateoTown: Woodside; Mt. Range: Santa Cruz; River: San Francisquito Creek.
POM287493RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson10051929-03-14 Santa ClaraOpen woods of foothills at Standford University. Old rock quarry.
POM287494RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson26661931-03-18 Contra CostaMartinez; Mt Range: South Coast; Watershed: Sacramento River.
POM287495RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson19511930-03-07 Santa ClaraStandford University Town. North slope. Hills behind the campus.
POM287496RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumLyman Benson19501930-03-07 Santa ClaraStandford University Town. North slope. Hills behind the campus.
POM49825RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumL. R. Abrams23111902-04-05 San MateoSearrvill
POM78433RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumA. D. E. Elmers.n.1903-04-01 San MateoWoodsides.
POM78443RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumN. K. Bergs.n.1904-02-25 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
POM78461RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumEdward L. Greene107961902-03-09 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
POM78473RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumM. Alice King237 AlamedaBerkeley.
POM78476RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumA. A. Heller108011902-03-10 SonomaHills East of Santa Rosa.
PUA17492PUADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumB. Tam1976-03-23 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1942PUADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumGilbert Jerome Muth1966-02-26 NapaLocal landmark: Milliken Canon. Napa Quad.
PUA3412PUADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumW.I. Laidlaw1972-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Yountville. Yountville Quad.
RSA0055013RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumJim Shevock6871971-02-27 MarinMt. Tamalpais Park.
RSA112452RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumH. L. Mason621917-03-08 AlamedaKings Mt.
RSA112455RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumI. L. Wiggins33831929-03-24 San MateoOn road to Searville Lake, back of Stanford University.
RSA134050RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumH. J. Thompson15111952-02-23 MarinUnder and around shrubs, N slope ca. 1.5 mi. S of Fairfax,
RSA254275RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumRobert A. Norris22491975-03-05 San FranciscoClayey soil on hillside between Douglas Playground and Clipper St.
RSA3638RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumI. L. Wiggins57591932-03-12 SonomaWet, grassy area along stream at base of W-facing serpentine slope in mixed ever green forest; W of Stoetz Road off of Harrison Grade, ca. 2 NNE of Occidental.
RSA40109RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumL. S. Rose480371948-04-11 MarinSausalito, open hills
RSA461381RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumA. M. Kidwells.n.1894-03-01 Alamedahills about L.S.W.
RSA66917RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumE. K. Balls164061951-05-03 SonomaMaacama (Miyakama) Creek, 2mi. from turn-off to Geyserville, from Petrifird Forest, Hwy 28,
RSA69046RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatumF. W. Peirson65261926-03-13 AlamedaStrawberry Canon, Berkeley
HSC98690HSCDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. hendersoniiCara Witte7022008-06-09 HumboldtOff National Forest 1, near Board Camp Mountain. Approximately 4 miles south of Brays Opening and 1-2 mile west of the road.
UCR0090001UCRDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. hendersoniiMichael S. Mayer81985-04-19 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, Steelbridge Campground
GH01922252GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifolium;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-07-17 Yuba[data not captured]
GH01922253GHDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifolium;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-07-18 Butte[data not captured]
HSC17873HSCDodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumReo Jensensn1951-05-12 TuolumneTwain Harte
POM253216RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumA. A. Heller150111938-04-03 ButteCommon in moist red clay soil derived from disintefrated lave, Table Mountain, near Cherokee.
POM253217RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumA. A. Heller150451938-04-23 Butte1.5 mi. from Oroville on the Feather River Highway.
POM76691RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumGeo. Hansen15141896-03-25 AmadorStoney Creek.
PUA4038PUADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumT.L. Stathem1971-04-04 LakeLocal landmark: Highland Creek. Highland Springs Quad.
RSA31870RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumA. A. Heller150111938-04-03 ButteCommon in moist red clay soil derived from disintefrated lave, Table Mountain, near Cherokee.
RSA786396RSADodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifoliumDoris Bowers14951970-03-26 MercedLake McClure
NY329442NYDodecatheon hendersonii var. hanseniiG. Hansen9861893-03-02 ?  AmadorClinton
UC499445UCJEPSDodecatheon hendersonii var. yosemitanumH. L. Mason3221922-07-25 Tuolumnebetween Yosemite Creek bridge and Porcupine Flat, Tioga Road Yosemite National Park; Tioga Road, Yosemite National Park

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