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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT33366CASDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusThompson, Henry Joseph10551949-06-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., 4 mi S of Big Bear L., along Mill Creek road San Gorgonio Quadrangle
    CLARK-A1528-776CLARKDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusFred B. Essig1966-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CSLA009899CSLADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusDieter H. Wilken4781965-08-03 San BernardinoSouth Fork Meadows, San Bernardino Mtns.
    CSLA009900CSLADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusS. Forehands.n.1969-09-15 Mono20 mo. M of Bishop, by Heart Lake in Little Lakes Valley; Mono Lake, E side of Sierra Nevada
    CSLA009902CSLADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJ. Ewan3511929-07-31 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mts
    DAV148156DAVDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. B. Schultz151967-06-28 NevadaNevada County: 100 yards south of Sagehen Station.
    FSC0018093FSCDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusPhillip C. Crane18,1481959-07-02 FresnoSmall meadow located 1-4 mile east from SO. Canon cabin. Cabin located at fork of Florence Lake road and dirt road leadin geast from Kaiser Pass Meadow.
    FSC0018094FSCDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusChas. H. Quibell1926-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Bluff L. area.
    GH01942838GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-09-20 Tulare[data not captured]
    GH01942839GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1912-10-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01942840GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1934-08-19 Sierra[data not captured]
    GH01942841GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1928-03-29 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01942842GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-10-05 Modoc[data not captured]
    GH01942843GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942844GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1863-01-01 Fresno[data not captured]
    GH01942845GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-08-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01942846GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-07-24 Siskiyou[data not captured]
    GH01942847GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1934-03-27 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942848GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1885-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942849GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-01-01 Butte[data not captured]
    GH01942850GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-05-05 Nevada[data not captured]
    GH01942851GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus[data not captured]1936-08-24 Alpine[data not captured]
    GH01942852GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1926-03-24 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942853GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-04-16 Mono[data not captured]
    GH01942854GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1989-04-28 Modoc[data not captured]
    GH01942855GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1933-08-14 Plumas[data not captured]
    GH01942856GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-09-15 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01942857GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1955-06-15 Mono[data not captured]
    GH01942858GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1845-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942859GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-07-22 Tulare[data not captured]
    GH01942860GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1923-10-06 Inyo[data not captured]
    GH01942861GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH01942862GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1950-09-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH01942863GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-11-03 Butte[data not captured]
    GH01942864GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-04-06 Tuolumne[data not captured]
    GH01942865GHDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1985-07-01 Tehama[data not captured]
    IRVC4290IRVCDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusKen Denton11965-07-28 MonoGentain meadows, Mammoth Lakes area.
    LA207146LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJohn O′Leary2991974-07-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Dollar Lake
    LA43874LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusHenry J. Thompson10581952-08-07 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Snow Flat, Tioga Road
    LA43876LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusHenry J. Thompson15461952-10-08 Monobetween Gull and Silver Lake, just below Fern Creek Lodge, about 20 mi. S of Levening[Lee Vining]
    LA43889LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusHenry J. Thompson15451952-08-07 MonoHelton Creek along Hwy 395, about 2 W of Bishop
    LA68033LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusB. R. Strain111963-06-16 Mono0.5 W Conway Summit. Site I
    LA88618LADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJames Henrickson330471963-08-09 MonoToiyabe National Forest; near Sardine Creek in lodgepole forest, ca 1.5 mi SE of Sonora Pass
    MACF032002MACFDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMary Beth Cook1984-07-07 InyoCottonwood Lake Basin, Southern Sierra. Meadow east of Golden Trout Camp and just west of gate on trail, north side of Cottonwood Creek.
    MACF032003MACFDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMary Beth Cook1985-07-18 InyoWindy Gap, Cottonwood Lakes Basin, Souther Sierra Nevada, 1-2 mi. north of Golden Trout Camp, west side of creek.
    POM12719RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. A. Munz62721922-08-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: South Fork of Santa Ana River.
    POM128262RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusW. C. Blasdales.n.1891-08-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
    POM129381RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJoseph Grinnell231905-06-18 San BernardinoSouth Fork Santa Ana
    POM13500RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. A. Munz56261922-06-10 San Bernardino2 miles east of Bluff Lake.
    POM13670RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. A. Munz59931922-07-06 RiversideTahquitz Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.
    POM146276RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJ. B. Feudge11931925-07-10 San BernardinoSouth Fork, Santa Ana River
    POM156028RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusL. R. Abrams28481902-08-01 San BernardinoCienega near Bluff Lake.
    POM19640RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMary F. Spencers.n.1923-07-16 RiversideRound Valley.
    POM196540RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusH. F. Copeland12151929-06-10 ButteJonesville.
    POM3617RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusD. L. Crawfords.n.1954-05-08 San BernardinoNear Dry Lake, damp.
    POM3621RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusL. L. Gardner5161915-09-06 San BernardinoGray-back
    POM76750RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-06-30 LassenSusanville, 4 miles below Eagle Lake.
    POM77092RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMarcus E. Joness.n.1900-07-19 San BernardinoBear Valley, San Bernardino Mts.
    POM77094RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-07-27 NevadaSoda Springs.
    POM77101RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-07-07 ShastaLassen′s Peak.
    POM77104RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusR. M. Austin4481895-09-01 ModocTamaracks
    POM78475RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusC. F. Baker43581904-08-08 TulareSummit Lake.
    POM78481RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusH. M. Hall23481901-06-01 RiversideTahquitz Valley
    PUA15788PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusClifton & Ground1978-07-13 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA16427PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1978-06-17 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Willow Creek Mountain. Macdoel Quad.
    PUA45258PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMaralyn Renner1980-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA65708PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1987-06-10 ShastaLocal landmark: Star City Creek. Big Bend Quad.
    PUA65963PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1987-07-15 InyoLocal landmark: Rock Creek. Mt. Tom Quad.
    PUA68023PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1988-08-14 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Merriman Meadows. San Gorgonio Mtn. Quad.
    PUA68459PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1988-07-30 MonoLocal landmark: Dana Plateau. Mono Craters Quad.
    PUA68493PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG.L. Clifton1988-07-01 MonoLocal landmark: Saw Mill Meadow. Glass Mountain Quad.
    PUA7007PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-29 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7008PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7009PUADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lily Pad Lake. Seiad Valley Quad.
    RSA114102RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusG. Thomas Robbins12291943-06-27 El DoradoAlong U.S. Highway 50 just east of Echo Summit Pass.
    RSA120755RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusS. S. Tillett6421956-07-09 SiskiyouNortheast facing slope of Scott Mountain. Trinity-Siskiyou Cos line.
    RSA134058RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusH. J. Thompson15461952-08-08 MonoAlong creek bete. June and Silver Lakes, just below Fern Creek Lodge, ca. 15 mi. S. of Leeving.
    RSA149073RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusI. L. Wiggins164831961-06-14 Modoc6.4 mi. S of Lassen Creek Campground along road to Buck Mtn, Warner Mtns.
    RSA151882RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusChas. H. Quibell10911952-08-06 FresnoWest L., just N of lower end of ridge leading down WNW from 9984 Red Mt.; 3.5 map miles SE of Hungtington L. West L. and a series of swampy meadows and ponds drain SW into N. Fk. Tamarack Crk.
    RSA171051RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne318551963-05-27 San BernardinoN side of Big Bear Lake
    RSA17297RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusCarl B. Wolf80671936-06-30 San BernardinoBluff Lake.
    RSA191759RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne337741964-04-16 El DoradoOn N slope of Pine Hill, ca. 3-4 mi. ENE of Rescue
    RSA191787RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne330471963-08-09 MonoBank of Sardine Creek, 1.5 miles SE of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest.
    RSA191788RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne329671963-08-09 MonoToiyabe National Forest, 9 miles W of Sonora Junction, along Leavitt Creek.
    RSA19872RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusI. W. Clokey52811931-07-09 San BernardinoBluff Lake.
    RSA211276RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusWilliam J. Ferlatte6201967-07-06 TrinityDorleska Mine
    RSA231878RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusE. C. Twisselmann180261971-07-14 TulareSierra Nevada Mtns., Kern Plateau, Round Meadow.
    RSA238726RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusFrederick W. Oettinger451966-08-07 SiskiyouBelow Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. The High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA238728RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusFrederick W. Oettinger16721969-09-04 SiskiyouIn wet boreal meadow below Tom Taylor Canon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA286545RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJohn F. Emmel6781979-07-17 InyoSierra Nevada, Cottonwood Creek drainage; meadow above stream at S end of Last Chance Meadow
    RSA297369RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusLarry E. DeBuhr24041976-09-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; San Gorgonio Wilderness Area, South Fork Meadows.
    RSA300720RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJames R. Shevock31381973-08-31 San BernardinoSouth Fork Meadows. San Gorgonio Wilderness. San Bernardino Mountains. San Bernardino National Forest.
    RSA304005RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJames R. Shevock21481972-07-22 TuolumneLower Granite lake.
    RSA334537RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne546771980-08-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: South Fork Meadows of the Santa Ana River and adjacent Pinus jefferyi and Abies concolor forest; San Gorgonio Wilderness area
    RSA381230RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert F. Thorne478801976-07-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest. ca. 2 miles along Mill Creek Road and 2N10 from Coldbrook Campground.
    RSA39839RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. A. Munz119571947-07-22 San BernardinoSouth Fork of Santa Ana River, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA4135RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusE. B. Copelands.n.1930-06-26 ButteJonesville.
    RSA4585RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusB. Thoeles.n.1932-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
    RSA461476RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusM. B. Dunkle37541933-07-22 RiversideTahquitz Valley.
    RSA461477RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusClaire Kibbes.n.1936-07-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountans.
    RSA461478RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusThekla Mohrs.n.1911-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA461479RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusChristopher Davidson46261976-08-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Lower South Fork Meadow, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.
    RSA461480RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusAnstruther Davidsons.n.1895-08-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Bear Valley.
    RSA461481RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusS. B. Parish30281894-06-22 San BernardinoBluff Lake
    RSA461482RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusLouis C. Wheeler10081932-07-22 San BernardinoElsie Caves, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA461483RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusEdith Allens.n.1939-07-03 San BernardinoBig Bear, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA461484RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusBonnie C. Templetons.n.1932-07-18 San BernardinoVicinity of Barton Flats, San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA461485RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusRobert Gustafson31441985-06-10 Sierranear the jct. of Hwy. 49 and Forest Service Rd. 12, Yuba Pass Summit.
    RSA462212RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusChristopher Davidson31531975-08-16 San BernardinoS. of Big Bear Lake near junction of private road to Bluff Lake and road 2N10. On edge of meadow opposite the junction.
    RSA49066RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusVerne Grant87481949-07-17 El DoradoTrail from Echo Lake to Desolation Valley
    RSA534709RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusBruce Bartholomew60331991-08-05 ModocSquaw Co. Squae Peak Trail on N side of Squaw Peak, E side of Warner Mts. Seepage area.
    RSA5472RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusCarl B. Wolfs.n.1932-08-05 RiversideOn trail from Tahquitz Valley to San Jacinto Peak; head of a fork of Tahquitz Creek. San Jacinto Mountains.
    RSA563265RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusE. C. Twisselmann169791970-07-25 TulareSouth Fork of Kern River at Tunnel Meadow.
    RSA58840RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusP. A. Munz150051950-07-14 TulareHead of Monache Meadows on South Fork of Kern River.
    RSA612337RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusLouis C. Wheeler10311932-07-23 San BernardinoSouth Fork Meadows. Santa Ana River, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA619681RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusMary DeDecker36451974-08-07 InyoSierra Nevada: Northeast of Mulkey Pass; Foxtail Pine Research Natural Area.
    RSA69027RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusF. W. Peirsons.n.1931-07-17 InyoAbout 1-4 mile south of Ruby Falls, Rock Creek Lake Basin.
    RSA69028RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusF. W. Peirsons.n.1937-08-03 InyoChickenfoot Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin. Alt. 10,880 ft.
    RSA69029RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusF. W. Peirsons.n.1922-08-22 San BernardinoMeadows of South Fork of Santa Ana River, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA69032RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusF. W. Peirson76521927-08-06 Mariposawet depression near May Lake.
    RSA69037RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusF. W. Peirsons.n.1906-08-15 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA740269RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusNaomi Fraga23672008-07-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSouth Fork Meadow from just north of intersection of trails to Dollar and Dry lake to north end of meadow near flume.; Moonridge 7.5 USGS Quad
    RSA743175RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusM. Wards.n.2001-06-19 San BernardinoVery wet region in southwest Bluff Meadow.
    RSA75606RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusAlbert M. Vollmer1931951-07-01 MonoHilton Creek, E side of Sierras, south of U.S. 395 between Leevining and Bishop.
    RSA787712RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJames Wiley Tatum1811975-07-19 TulareNorth Fork of Monache Creek meadow. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest. 5.2 WSW of the town of Olancha.
    RSA795409RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusJames Wiley Tatum3001975-08-01 TulareIn Hidden Meadow by seepage, located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    RSA8039RSADodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusH. A. Barker8101927-07-17 SierraSuake Lake.
    UCR0089907UCRDodecatheon alpinum subsp. majusEugene Cardiffs.n.1950-07-09 San BernardinoBluff Lake

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