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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SDSU10701SDSUDiplacus longiflorusHowe, D. F.22151952-6-08 San DiegoMcClain Ranch, south of Hwy 80 just west of road to Harbison Canon.
    AHUC103161DAVDiplacus puniceusBeecher Crampton67811963-5-07 ?  RiversideWestern Riverside County: 2 miles west Lakeland Village, Elsinore Mtns. Cleveland National Forest.
    CAS-BOT150263CASDiplacus puniceusBoyd, Steve; Virgen, Aydee108502004-4-13 RiversidePeninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains region: San Mateo Canyon, midway between confluence with Los Alamos Canyon and Tenaja Canyon
    CAS-BOT150696CASDiplacus puniceusWallace, Gary D.; DeBuhr, L.11671973-5-5 San DiegoOn Kerney Mesa along the side of Mira Mesa Rd.
    CAS-BOT150836CASDiplacus puniceusGrant, Geo. B.6828 (SD 28)1973-7-25 Unknown
    CAS-BOT150837CASDiplacus puniceusRattan, Volneys.n.2010-6-22 Unknown
    CAS-BOT150838CASDiplacus puniceuss.n.1997-11-8 Unknown
    CAS-BOT150839CASDiplacus puniceusRattan, Volneys.n.1919-9-30 Unknown
    CAS-BOT150840CASDiplacus puniceusPalmers.n.1934-8-13 Unknown
    CAS-BOT150841CASDiplacus puniceusPennell, F. W.; Harvey, E. M.268031949-6-29 OrangeOrtega Highway, above San Juan Capistrano
    CAS-BOT150842CASDiplacus puniceusEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas39311937-4-24 Orange2 miles east of San Juan Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT150843CASDiplacus puniceusEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas39301937-4-24 Orange2 miles east of San Juan Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT150844CASDiplacus puniceusMoran, Reid6281941-2-26 Los AngelesJohnson's Valley, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150845CASDiplacus puniceusWolf, Carl B.108941941-6-25 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Head of Avalon Canyon, below the Wrigley Mauseoleum
    CAS-BOT150846CASDiplacus puniceusWolf, Carl B.35101932-5-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Avalon Canyon, above the last almond orchard
    CAS-BOT150847CASDiplacus puniceusWolf, Carl B.35091932-5-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Avalon Canyon, above the last almond orchard
    CAS-BOT150848CASDiplacus puniceusWolf, Carl B.34741932-5-9 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Pebbly Beach Canyon, about 1/2 way to Mexican Houses
    CAS-BOT150849CASDiplacus puniceusThorne, Robert F.; Everett, P. C.334761964-2-7 Los AngelesJunction of Airport and Canyon road, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150850CASDiplacus puniceusSmith, Huron H.51071912-6-14 Los AngelesSilver Canyon, Santa Catalina Isl.
    CAS-BOT150851CASDiplacus puniceusSmith, Huron H.50121912-5-28 Los AngelesAvalon Canyon, Santa Catalina Isl.
    CAS-BOT150852CASDiplacus puniceusRaven, Peter H.178191962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: above Emerald Bay
    CAS-BOT150853CASDiplacus puniceusRaven, Peter H.177741962-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Avalon Canyon about 1 mile south of Avalon
    CAS-BOT150854CASDiplacus puniceusNichols, Viola10111911-8-11 Los AngelesCatalina Island
    CAS-BOT150855CASDiplacus puniceusMoran, Reid6281941-2-26 Los AngelesJohnson's Valley, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150856CASDiplacus puniceusMoran, Reid6281941-2-26 Los AngelesJohnson's Valley, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150857CASDiplacus puniceusHasse, H. E.s.n.1893-6-1 Los AngelesNear Soldiers Home
    CAS-BOT150861CASDiplacus puniceusCampbell, Marian L.1241921-3-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT150862CASDiplacus puniceusKnoche, HermanSeries A, No. 9251919-6-25 Los AngelesAvalon, Santa Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150863CASDiplacus puniceusGrant37531901-4-8 Los AngelesAvalon, Santa Catalina I.
    CAS-BOT150864CASDiplacus puniceusEastwood, Alice65021917-7-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
    CAS-BOT150865CASDiplacus puniceusDunkle, M. B.20341928-11-25 Los AngelesHamilton Canyon
    CAS-BOT150866CASDiplacus puniceusCarlson, John I.s.n.1915-6-13 Los AngelesAvalon, Santa Catalina Isl.
    CAS-BOT150867CASDiplacus puniceusCarlson, John I.s.n.1914-5-2 Los AngelesAvalon, Catalina Isl.
    CAS-BOT150868CASDiplacus puniceusHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.231051964-3-17 Riverside10 miles n. of Pala, on road to Elsinore
    CAS-BOT150869CASDiplacus puniceusHall, H. M.29281902-4-21 RiversideVicinity of Riverside, Gavilan Hills
    CAS-BOT150870CASDiplacus puniceusRoos, John C.56651952-5-14 RiversideHills 2 miles northwest of Perris
    CAS-BOT150871CASDiplacus puniceusHaines, L.; Erickson, L.s.n.1937-4-9 RiversideRiverside - Hemet Road near Winchester turnoff
    CAS-BOT150872CASDiplacus puniceusBenson, Lyman31831932-3-26 RiversideSummit Temecula Grade
    CAS-BOT150873CASDiplacus puniceusBaker, C. F.41521904-4-4 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT150874CASDiplacus puniceusB., C. F.41521904-4-4 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT150875CASDiplacus puniceusB., C. F.41521904-4-4 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT150876CASDiplacus puniceusAbrams, L. R.138761941-4-22 RiversidePalomar School near Perris
    CAS-BOT150877CASDiplacus puniceusHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.231051964-3-17 Riverside10 miles n. of Pala, on road to Elsinore
    CAS-BOT150880CASDiplacus puniceusTose, Franks.n.1927-6-4 San DiegoOn San Luis Rey River
    CAS-BOT150881CASDiplacus puniceusHalse, Richard R.36321988-6-13 San DiegoOn the north side of Batiquitos Lagoon, which is about 3 airline miles north of Encinitas, at the end of Batiquitos Drive, just east of Interstate Highway 5
    CAS-BOT150882CASDiplacus puniceusAbrams, L. R.65961917-7-5 San DiegoTorrey Pine Hill
    CAS-BOT150883CASDiplacus puniceusBrandegees.n.1889-5-1 San DiegoNear San Diego
    CAS-BOT150884CASDiplacus puniceusBreedlove, D. E.18071962-3-10 San Diego6.6 miles east of Chula Vista on Paradise Valley Road at junction with Sweetwater Road
    CAS-BOT150885CASDiplacus puniceusBreedlove, D. E.624451985-3-12 San DiegoDel Mar Mesa between Carmel Valley and Penasquitas Canyon
    CAS-BOT150886CASDiplacus puniceusHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.221651962-3-16 San Diego10 mi. s.e. of Temecula, on rd. to Pala
    CAS-BOT150887CASDiplacus puniceusHowell, John Thomas29541927-8-6 San DiegoNorth slope in Rose [Canon] Canyon, east of La Jolla
    CAS-BOT150888CASDiplacus puniceusHowell, John Thomas48611930-5-11 San DiegoPala summit on road to Temecula
    CAS-BOT150889CASDiplacus puniceusJones, Marcus E.34391882-3-23 San DiegoFall Brook
    CAS-BOT150890CASDiplacus puniceusKnoche, HermanSeries A, No. 5441919-5-27 San Diego15 miles north San Diego
    CAS-BOT150891CASDiplacus puniceusGrant, Geo. B.2851902-4-1 San Diego
    CAS-BOT150892CASDiplacus puniceusGrant14651902-4-19 San DiegoSweetwater Dam
    CAS-BOT150893CASDiplacus puniceusHardham, Clare B.48531959-6-18 San DiegoLa Jolla
    CAS-BOT150894CASDiplacus puniceusHardham, Clare B.48551959-6-18 San DiegoLa Jolla
    CAS-BOT150895CASDiplacus puniceusHitchcock, C. L.60041940-4-12 San Diego4 mi. south of Temecula
    CAS-BOT150896CASDiplacus puniceusMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.38431894-7-2 San DiegoJamul Valley
    CAS-BOT150897CASDiplacus puniceusMearns, Edgar A.36591894-6-21 San DiegoBetween Campbell's and Cameron's Ranches, Laguna
    CAS-BOT150898CASDiplacus puniceusMcMinn, H. E.14151925-6-26 San DiegoNear Scripps Biol. Institute, La Jolla
    CAS-BOT150899CASDiplacus puniceusMunz, Philip A.155751940-3-18 San DiegoGrade northwest of Pala
    CAS-BOT150900CASDiplacus puniceusRaven, Peter H.127171958-4-30 San Diego1.5 miles east of Torrey Pines on road to Miramar
    CAS-BOT150901CASDiplacus puniceusRaven, Peter H.; Wedberg, L.94721956-6-23 San DiegoTorrey Pines
    CAS-BOT150902CASDiplacus puniceusHoover, Doris Hardmans.n.1966-3-5 San DiegoJ.R. Hoover Ranch +- 4 mi. s.e. of Fallbrook
    CAS-BOT150903CASDiplacus puniceusHoover, Doris Hardmans.n.1966-5-14 San DiegoJ.R. Hoover Ranch +- 4 mi. s.e. of Fallbrook
    CAS-BOT150904CASDiplacus puniceusHoover, Doris Hardmans.n.1966-8-6 San DiegoJ.R. Hoover Ranch +- 4 mi. s.e. of Fallbrook
    CAS-BOT152061CASDiplacus puniceusMunz, P. A.; Harwood, R. D.37581920-4-24 OrangeSanta Ana Mts., Sierra Canyon
    CAS-BOT152119CASDiplacus puniceusEastwood, Alice25491913-4-6 San DiegoPoint Loma
    CAS-BOT152120CASDiplacus puniceusErtter, Barbara; Strachan, Jeffrey34941980-5-23 San DiegoKearny Mesa at north edge of San Diego, northeast of junction of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Highway 163
    CAS-BOT152121CASDiplacus puniceusChandler, Harley P.50631904-5-1 San DiegoMission Valley
    CAS-BOT152122CASDiplacus puniceusAbrams, LeRoy32851903-4-23 San DiegoHills near Ysidora
    CAS-BOT152123CASDiplacus puniceusAbrams, LeRoy34401903-5-9 San DiegoMission hills, San Diego
    CAS-BOT152124CASDiplacus puniceusAbrams, L. R.48911912-7-9 San DiegoNear Del Mar
    CAS-BOT152137CASDiplacus puniceusWiggins, Ira L.119081948-5-19 San DiegoHillside between Otay Reservoir and Dulzara
    CAS-BOT152139CASDiplacus puniceusWiggins, Ira L.19241926-3-7 San Diego1 1/2 mi from jamul toward Otay Dam - Cuyamaca Mountains Region
    CAS-BOT152140CASDiplacus puniceusWiggins, Ira L.18781926-3-6 San DiegoNear Mt. Helix - Cuyamaca Mountains Region
    CAS-BOT152141CASDiplacus puniceusWiggins, Ira L.18781926-3-6 San DiegoAlong Barrett Dam Road 5-6 mi from Jamul - Cuyamaca Mountains Region
    CAS-BOT152142CASDiplacus puniceusWiggins, Ira L.32731928-6-17 San DiegoLa Jolla Canyon
    CAS-BOT152143CASDiplacus puniceusShockley, W Hs.n.1936-9-27 San DiegoLa Jolla
    CAS-BOT152144CASDiplacus puniceusRose, Lewis S.352411935-7-7 San Diego2 mi. E. of La Mesa
    CAS-BOT152145CASDiplacus puniceusJones, Marcus E.34391882-3-23 San DiegoFall Brook
    CAS-BOT152146CASDiplacus puniceusRose, Lewis S.352411935-7-7 San Diego2 mi. E. of La Mesa
    CAS-BOT152147CASDiplacus puniceusRehder, Alfred2181914-8-3 San DiegoDehnar, near San Diego
    CAS-BOT152148CASDiplacus puniceusPurer, Edith A.59461935-2-22 San DiegoView Point Ranch, north of Lake Hodges
    CAS-BOT152149CASDiplacus puniceusPennell, F. W.; Epling, Carl251571940-4-22 San DiegoValley east of San Diego
    CAS-BOT152150CASDiplacus puniceusParish, S. B.90331914-4-12 San DiegoPala
    CAS-BOT152151CASDiplacus puniceusParish, S. B.90191914-4-12 San DiegoEscondido
    CAS-BOT152152CASDiplacus puniceusParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.8011881-5-1 San DiegoMts. of the Coast Range
    CAS-BOT152153CASDiplacus puniceusStreet, L.s.n.1917-5-14 San DiegoBalboa Park, San Diego
    CAS-BOT152154CASDiplacus puniceusStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-7-1 San DiegoSan Diego
    CAS-BOT152155CASDiplacus puniceusWolf, C. B.19791931-5-12 San DiegoSlope 1 mi. above Lake Hodges Grove, on the rd. to Escondido
    CAS-BOT152158CASDiplacus puniceusStockwell, Palmer12241935-5-13 San Diego8 miles south of Temecula
    CAS-BOT152159CASDiplacus puniceusRandall, Josephine D.s.n.1917-3-5 San DiegoAlvarado Canyon near San Diego
    CAS-BOT152161CASDiplacus puniceusDaniel, T. F.; Baker, M.34021984-4-7 San DiegoHills above jct. I-15 and Old 395 (West Lilac Rd.), ca. 11 mi. N jct. Hwy. 78 in Escondido
    CAS-BOT152162CASDiplacus puniceusDunn, G. W.s.n.1891-3-25 San DiegoSan Diego
    CHSC1796CHSCDiplacus puniceusL. Oliver1935-4-20 San DiegoSo. Calif. Coast.
    CHSC24205CHSCDiplacus puniceusT. P. Spira601976-6-23 San DiegoCommon on slopes of Otay Mtn.
    CHSC26487CHSCDiplacus puniceusJames Henrickson45331970-4-10 Riverside8 air miles ESE of Temecula along Hy. 71-79.
    CHSC34439CHSCDiplacus puniceusJames Henrickson71511972-3-10 San DiegoSpring Valley, 5 mi. E. of La Mesa near jct. of Jamacha Blvd. & Campo Blvd.
    CHSC34621CHSCDiplacus puniceusJames Henrickson95571973-5-07 San DiegoIn N-S running Crest Canon near corner of Crest Dr. and Del Mar Heights in city of Del Mar.
    CHSC35464CHSCDiplacus puniceusJames Henrickson71881972-3-10 San Diego5 mi. SE of La Mesa, SO. on Hwy. 94 along Sweetwater River.
    CHSC61673CHSCDiplacus puniceusDavid M. Thompson10621992-5-14 San DiegoN side of Fallbrook. 0.8 N of Co. Road S13 (Mission Road) along De Luz Road.
    CHSC89875CHSCDiplacus puniceusL. P. Janeway80662004-5-8 RiversidePeninsular Ranges. Santa Ana Mountains, Los Alamos Canon near mouth of Wildhorse Canon, where Wildomar Road crosses the creek. On steep northwest-facing slope above the road, bottom of the canyon. T07S R0 W S15 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sitton Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC98396CHSCDiplacus puniceusLeRoy Gross3642001-3-31 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains region: South side: at end of Olive Ave, parked on Via Montana, in city of Burbank. Folllow an old road that is overgrown so that a faint trail is all that is left of this road. The old road goes up to the main crest with Sunset Canon to the west and Story Canon on the east. West facing slope, growing along old road, above a small side canyon that drains into Sunset Canon.
    CSLA017557CSLADiplacus puniceusVera Raglin1954-6-19 San DiegoSan Ysidro
    CSLA017756CSLADiplacus puniceusLoran Whitelock1950-5-07 Los AngelesChatsworth
    DAV396446DAVDiplacus puniceusR. S. Woglums.n.1931-4-03 San DiegoWest Central San Diego County: Lake Hodges.
    DAV396447DAVDiplacus puniceusG. F. Hrusa100531992-3-30 San DiegoSan Diego County: De Luz Canon area.
    DAV396448DAVDiplacus puniceusA.C. Sanders292602005-3-23 RiversideRiverside County: Santa Ana Mtns., Santa Rosa Plateau, east slope of Squaw Mtn., Av. Escala just above Av. Caleta, N of Tenaja Rd.
    DAV396449DAVDiplacus puniceusGeoffrey Levin4841975-4-26 RiversideRiverside County: Mayhew Canon Wash 1.5 mi. SE of Glen Ivy on Highway 71. Drainage Area: Pacific Slope.
    DAV396450DAVDiplacus puniceusDavid S. VeritySK and F-14061964-3-21 San DiegoSan Diego County: Level mesa (about to be subdivided) 1/2 mi. in from coast hwy, on 4th St., Del Mar.
    IRVC113383IRVCDiplacus puniceusMichael G. Simpson43972020-5-6 OrangeCa. 50 meters south of North Main Divide Truck Trail (Forest Rte 3S04), ca. 1.6 miles west of junction with Hwy 74 (Ortega Highway).
    JEPS10272UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusWillis L. Jepson1604a1901-6-09 San DiegoDel Mar
    JEPS10281UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusC. V. Meyer1251927-5-01 San DiegoEscondido
    JEPS15203UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusH. S. Yates54761936-4-09 San Diego1 1/2 mi sw Sorrento; La Jolla Quadrangle
    JEPS15204UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusJ. B. Spring161931-1-07 San Diego1 mi e Battle Mountain (Plot #4); Escondido Quadrangle
    JEPS15205UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusN. French1601934-1-28 San DiegoOceanside Oceanside Quadrangle
    JEPS15206UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusH. A. Jensen941931-1-16 San DiegoHead Shepherd Canon; La Jolla Quadrangle
    JEPS15209UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusA. Lewis4091934-5-01 RiversideSan Juan Canon Cleveland National Forest, Corona Quadrangle
    JEPS16427UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusPeter H. Raven, L. Wedberg94721956-6-23 San DiegoTorrey Pines
    JEPS19647UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusRimo Bacigalupi, Francia Chisaki57951957-4-04 San Diego4 air mi se Rancho Sante Fe (sw base of mountain); Black Mountain
    JEPS23721UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusE. R. BlakleyB-21421957-5-01 San Diego2 mi n Lake Wohlford
    JEPS34541UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusFreed W. Hoffman35731950-4-24 Riversidewhere Winchester road turns off from Highway #74; Rock Brook Ranch
    JEPS53938UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusRonald L. Ulrich1962-4-14 San Diegonw slope San Miguel Mountain; Spring Valley
    JEPS86530UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusRoy E. Buck8681988-4-01 Riverside7 air km w Lake Elsinore (town) (e-facing slope above CA Hwy. 74, near top of grade w of Lake Elsinore, ca 2.0 air km nw of confluence of Harlan Canon and Johnson Canon drainages); Elsinore Mountains
    JEPS87311UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusDavid M. Thompson10551992-5-12 San DiegoDoghouse Junction Otay Mt.
    JEPS87312UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusDavid M. Thompson10611992-5-14 San Diegoe Del Mar (at junction of Del Mar Heights Road and Canon Road)
    JEPS87313UCJEPSDiplacus puniceusDavid M. Thompson10621992-5-14 San Diegon side Fallbrook (0.8 mi n of Co. road S13 (Mission Road) along De Luz Road)
    LA35198LADiplacus puniceusMary V. Hood39--27k*1939-5-06 San DiegoRd. to Pala
    LOB110240LOBDiplacus puniceusAshley Watts52012-4-15 RiversideOff of Ortega Highway (Hwy 74).
    LOB110242LOBDiplacus puniceusEmily Ferrill42010-4-18 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74), near the San Juan Loop Trail head.
    LOB110327LOBDiplacus puniceusKeana Tang582017-3-11 RiversideCleveland National Forest; San Juan Loop Trail across the street from Ortega Oaks Candy Store on Ortega Hwy (Hwy 74).
    LOB110328LOBDiplacus puniceusJ. Farrow741974-3-24 Orangeon bank along W side of Ortega Hwy. 0.5 mi. SW of Lower San Juan Campground
    LOB110330LOBDiplacus puniceusJ. Piti601970-5-07 OrangeSan Juan Capistrano, 4 miles E of Hwy. 74, off dirt road.
    LOB110331LOBDiplacus puniceusMelvin Kunkle471972-4-08 OrangeCommon all areas, 1 1/2 miles east of San Juan Station, Ortega Highway.
    LOB110332LOBDiplacus puniceusA. Nishita1973-4-28 OrangeHwy. 74, near Cleveland National Forest sign.
    LOB110333LOBDiplacus puniceusMelvin G. Kunkle71971-3-28 RiversideOrtega Hwy., near summit on Elsinore side.
    LOB110337LOBDiplacus puniceusMelvin G. Kunkle71971-3-28 RiversideOrtega Hwy., near summit on Elsinore side.
    LOB110339LOBDiplacus puniceusC. Clark1955-3-13 OrangeSan Juan Capistrano, So Orange Co.
    LOB110340LOBDiplacus puniceusP. B. Hardy361973-4-28 OrangeCleveland National Forest, off of Ortega Hwy., 5 mi. below Lower San Juan Picnic Ground.
    LOB110341LOBDiplacus puniceusF. DeVito291970-4-05 RiversideCleveland Nat'l. Forest, Rt. 74, between Elsinore and El Carriso Camp
    LOB110345LOBDiplacus puniceusD. Burke511972-3-31 Riverside10 miles east of San Juan Capistrano on Highway 74, along roadside.
    LOB110347LOBDiplacus puniceusMartha Hawkinss.n.1952-4-27 OrangeLower San Juan Camp
    OBI158605OBIDiplacus puniceusBonnie C. Templeton10861930-4-15 RiversideHillsides near Gavilan Peak.
    PASA102PASADiplacus puniceusMargaret Stason1932-4-16 San DiegoNear Pala
    PASA103PASADiplacus puniceusMargaret Stason1931-3-30 RiversideNear Pala
    RSA0019295RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks1321995-3-30 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., W of the Dripping Springs Alcove, on the Woodchuck Trail.; Pechanga
    RSA0019296RSADiplacus puniceusSteve D. Boyd108502004-4-13 RiversideCleveland National ForestPeninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains region: San Mateo Canon, midway between confluence with Los Alamos Canon and Tenaja Canon.
    RSA0019297RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks15321997-3-16 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: North face of Dorland Mountain, the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony along the circular drive that runs around the north side of the compound.; Pechanga
    RSA0019298RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks13051997-2-23 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, north of Pechanga Road, south of Anza Road, just NNW of San Gabriel Church in the area burned by the 1996 Temecula Fire.; Pechanga
    RSA0019299RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks5611995-6-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mountain; On the Woodchuck Trail N of the Riverside County boundary, approximately 1/4 mile S of the clay grasslands.; Pechanga Quad
    RSA0019300RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks5631995-6-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mountain; On the Woodchuck Trail N of the Riverside County boundary, approximately 1/4 mile S of the clay grasslands.; Pechanga Quad
    RSA0019301RSADiplacus puniceusScott D. White100432004-4-6 RiversidePrivate / CalTransPerris / Elsinore Basin: Temescal Valley, just north of the I-15 Freeway and east of Indian Truck Trail, south and west of Lee Lake.; Alberhill
    RSA0019302RSADiplacus puniceusD. L. Banks5621995-6-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mountain; On the Woodchuck Trail N of the Riverside County boundary, approximately 1/4 mile S of the clay grasslands.; Pechanga Quad
    RSA0019303RSADiplacus puniceusA. C. Sanders275342004-4-20 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau, 0.5 km west of Tenaja Road and just north of the San Diego county line.; Fallbrook
    RSA0019304RSADiplacus puniceusB. Pitzer29581997-3-23 RiversideLakeview Mtns, ca. 1 air mile SSW of Mt. Rudolph, along powerline rd 0.3 mile E of Contour (Juniper Flats) Rd.
    RSA0028691RSADiplacus puniceusStephen Hill191981-2-16 RiversideLake Matthews Dr. 5.8 miles S. of Cajalco E. side of rd.
    RSA0045519RSADiplacus puniceusMinor Warnes.n.1934-3-03 OrangeLaguna Canon Forks. CP5.
    RSA0045523RSADiplacus puniceusStephen Bruffs.n.1979-5-7 OrangeLemon H[e]ights [a neighborhood of Tustin?]. PR8.
    RSA0054842RSADiplacus puniceusThelma Shipes.n.1932-4-22 OrangeSantiago Canon.
    RSA0054846RSADiplacus puniceusAnonymouss.n.1933-10-1 OrangeLaguna Canon.
    RSA0086589RSADiplacus puniceusBonnie C. Templeton10861930-4-15 RiversideHillsides near Gavilan Peak.
    RSA0147476RSADiplacus puniceusJon P. Rebman315772016-4-12 San DiegoCanon: eastern portion of Base; Juliet Training Area; southwest of Fallbrook & west of Bonsall; along the road just above Pilgrim's Creek. Atlas Square: E7.
    RSA0158356RSADiplacus puniceusEdward F. Anderson21671960 San DiegoFallbrook.
    RSA0158815RSADiplacus puniceusEdward F. Anderson22281960 San DiegoFallbrooks (near Clark's).
    RSA0172260RSADiplacus puniceusJoe Barth19942011-12-25 San DiegoCowels [Cowles] Mountain. From Barker Way trailhead to summit; Mission Trails Regional Park. About 2 miles NNE of Lake Murray. Square: Q12.
    RSA0172631RSADiplacus puniceusNancy Nenow27052017-4-10 San DiegoLa Jolla: La Jolla Natural Park; north-west of Mt Soledad and along Encelia Drive on service road to water tank. Square: P-7.
    RSA0173694RSADiplacus puniceusJon P. Rebman342112018-5-1 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base; Training Area Range 409A: East of Roblar Road and north of Mojito Road at the bottom of the canyon; along Roblar Creek.
    RSA0328922RSADiplacus puniceusPaul H. Woods.n.1941-4-16 Los AngelesCollege Hills [Glendale].
    RSA658879RSADiplacus puniceusPhil Elliott61981-2-16 RiversideOn Santa Rosa Rd., 5.6 miles east of Lake Mathews Rd.
    RSA658881RSADiplacus puniceusDouglas A. Springer131981-2-16 Riverside1.5 miles SW of California State Hwy. 74 and Junction of Grand Ave. at Lake Elsinore.
    RSA658980RSADiplacus puniceusRuben R. Flores10071983-4-23 San DiegoOne mile inland from the ocean in Pacific Beach San Diego. Found in a canyon north of the cul de sac of Dawes Ave. just off Ingrahm Blvd.
    RSA659080RSADiplacus puniceusH. Sieverling1411984-5-19 San DiegoOn S16 3.4, miles from Jct. of S16 and 76.
    RSA733929RSADiplacus puniceusKeith E. Hoffmaster5251928-5-23 San DiegoSan Onofre.
    SBBG113263SBBGDiplacus puniceusS. A. JunakSCa 3861997-3-28 Los AngelesSanta Canon Cyn along lower end of Hermit Gulch Trail, just uphill from Crk crossing
    SBBG120835SBBGDiplacus puniceusA. C. Sanders w/ T. B. Salvato, K. Volansky325652006-5-24 Riversidehills between Murrieta and Menifee Valley, W of I-215, S of Bundy Cyn/Scott Rd and N of Clinton Keith Rd
    SBBG153111SBBGDiplacus puniceusIan Cain5772006-5-30 San DiegoPoint Loma; Cabrillo National Monument, just before last bend on Bayside Trail
    SBBG153982SBBGDiplacus puniceusJon P. Rebman342112018-5-1 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base; Training Area Range 409A, E of Roblar Rd along Mojito Rd at bottom of cyn, along Roblar Creek
    SBBG162860SBBGDiplacus puniceusC. Matt Guilliams33292016-5-11 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon near sports field; on slope to west, in burn.
    SBBG167652SBBGDiplacus puniceusJon P. Rebman322862017-3-2 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: W of Fallbrook; North Magazine, N of Ammunition Rd, northern part of station in cyn area
    SBBG174457SBBGDiplacus puniceusW. C. Muenscher146792017-8-24 San DiegoFallbrook
    SBBG181711SBBGDiplacus puniceusBonnie C. Templeton10861930-4-15 RiversideHillsides near Gavilan Peak.
    SBBG192250SBBGDiplacus puniceusJon P. Rebman294732015-3-3 San DiegoCanon: SW portion of Base; NW of the Santa Margarita River, Oscar 1 Training Area; W of Macs Rd in MASS-3 vernal pool area.
    SBBG192251SBBGDiplacus puniceusA. C. Sanders w/ M. Misenhelter292602005-3-23 RiversideE slope of Squaw Mtn, Avenida Escala just above Avenida Caleta, N of Tenaja RdSanta Rosa Plateau
    SBBG192252SBBGDiplacus puniceusB. Pitzer, S. Hemstreet19651992-5-27 OrangeUSFS Rd 3S04 to Blue Jay Group Cmpgrd, off St Hwy 74, ca. 2 air mi W of El Cariso Cmpgrd
    SBBG192253SBBGDiplacus puniceusL. Allen1967-8-15 San Diegonear Del Mar
    SBBG192254SBBGDiplacus puniceusW. L. Halvorson77-2181977-4-01 Riverside5 mi S of Temecula on County Rd S16
    SBBG192255SBBGDiplacus puniceusW. L. Halvorson77-2181977-4-01 Riverside5 mi S of Temecula on County Rd S16
    SBBG192256SBBGDiplacus puniceusE. R. Blakley21421957-5-01 San Diego2 N of Lake Wohlford
    SBBG192257SBBGDiplacus puniceusD. Wilken, E. Painter, T. Wardlaw, R. Muller162822006-4-28 San Luis ObispoW side of St Hwy 1, ca. 0.3 km S of Arroyo de la Cruz probably planted
    SBBG192258SBBGDiplacus puniceusLarry Ballard2013-5-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: ranch on S side of Hwy 1, ca. 2 W of Hwy 101, Las Cruces area [planted intentionally]
    SBBG192259SBBGDiplacus puniceusK. McEachern441993-3-24 San DiegoCabrillo National Monument; Point Loma, slope ESE of visitor center complex, below Cabrillo statue, above bayside trail rd
    SBBG192260SBBGDiplacus puniceusM. N. Ackley