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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    LA209169LAMimulus aurantiacusHarlan Lewis1939-7-01 MontereyMonterey
    LA209165LAMimulus aurantiacusK. Kinsel1930-4-17 Riversidenear Perris
    SBBG193005SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusBonnie C. Templeton1930-7-05 AlamedaOakland Hills
    SBBG193008SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusH. and M. Dearing1949-5-29 Tuolumnesouth bank of S Fork of Stanislaus River between Vallecito and Columbia
    SBBG193059SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusL. E. Allen1968-4-18 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Point Sal
    SBBG193061SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusRalph Hoffmann1931-5-31 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Point Sal
    SBBG193056SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusRalph Hoffmann1931-7-18 MontereyLos Padres National ForestBig Sur
    SBBG193033SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusCarol Bornstein, E. Collins1994-4-23 San Luis ObispoLas Pilitas Rd
    SBBG193031SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusWilliam J. Dress1951-5-12 San MateoSt Highway 1, just S of Pigeon Point
    SBBG193022SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusRalph N. Philbrick1964-6-04 San Luis ObispoCerro de San Luis Obispo
    SBBG193062SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusRalph Hoffmann1931-5-31 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Point Sal
    SBBG193048SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusJ. R. and R. C. Robbins1932-6-09 San Luis Obispo12 mi from Cayucos
    SBBG193055SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusM. J. Cody1938-7-14 HumboldtTrinidad Head
    SBBG193053SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusVivian Haraden1941-7-13 Sonomacanyon, ca. 20 mi E of Bodega Bay
    SBBG193057SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusJ. R. and R. C. Robbins1932-8-29 San Luis Obisponear Cambria
    SDSU00021SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusWedberg, H.1966-3-26 San DiegoWillows Rd. at Hwy 80, 5.1 mile from Alpine on the road to Descanso.
    SDSU10681SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusCoop, William E.1952-4-01 San DiegoJacumba area.
    SDSU10683SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusClose, D.1959-4-20 San DiegoAlpine.
    SDSU10685SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusunknown, Uknown1952-4-01 San DiegoJacumba .
    SDSU13593SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusMiller, W.1972-7-12 RiversideR.R. bed 50 yards west of erosion area.
    SDSU19122SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusHutchison, Steve1974-4-26 San DiegoMediterranean Scrub Project Canon Site.
    SJSU357SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusA.W. Jacobs1938-7-23 San Diegohills 9 mi E of Campo, Campo Cr drainage c. 2 N of Mexican border
    SJSU369SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusA.W. Jacobs1938-7-27 San DiegoLakeside (c. 12 N)
    SJSU377SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusA.W. Jacobs1938-8-04 OrangeTrabuco Canon Rd, Santa Ana Mts c. 8 NE of El Toro
    SJSU470SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusH. Miller1940-4-15 Los AngelesPomona
    SJSU611SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusG. Witherspoon1940-7-02 MontereyAsilomar, Pacific Grove
    SJSU1493SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusD.J. Thompson1954-5-02 Contra Costabetween Pinole & Pittsburg
    SJSU5903SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusS.P. Erbe1970-11-28 San Diegonear Carlsbad
    SJSU10407SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusH.P. Allmendinger1972-3-26 San Diegoby Cottonwood Cr c. 1.5 mi E of Laguna Junction on Hwy 80
    SJSU10417SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusJ. Paravantes1973-5-05 NapaSoda Canon Rd 5 N of intersection with Siverado Trail (rd)
    SJSU10418SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusG.A. Kattenhorn1967-3-21 Los AngelesLittle Dalton Cr, N of Glendora, San Gabriel Mts
    UCSB009269UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusParks, H.; Parks, S.1951-6-01 HumboldtAlong bay shore near landing, Trinidad
    UCSB009282UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusRamona Vernand1963-4-07 San Luis ObispoOn corner of Los Osos Valley Rd. and Tenth Street, Baywood Park, about 11 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo
    RSA0098875RSAMimulus aurantiacusJessica Orozco2017-5-10 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    SFV110032SFVMimulus aurantiacusB. J. Kanno1992-6-29 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains; Stony Point. North end of CA-27. At top of rocky slope.
    SFV110043SFVMimulus aurantiacusC. Ferguson1971-5-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Placerita Canon Natural Area Park.
    SFV110050SFVMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusB. C. Templeton1960-6-23 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, along coast.
    RSA0099322RSADiplacus aurantiacusJessica Orozco2008-3-26 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0099659RSADiplacus aurantiacusJessica Orozco1931-9-12 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0101254RSAMimulus aurantiacusJessica Orozco1974-5-23 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    CHSC1748CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusV. Holt1933-6-13 MontereyBig Sur.
    CHSC1749CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusH. Holder1949-5-19 SonomaHighway #1.
    CSUSB93473CSUSBMimulus aurantiacusNicholas A. Niechayev2013-5-16 San BernardinoCSUSB, North side of Badger Hill
    PGM3298PGMMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusYadon, Vern1986-3-06 MontereyGabilan Range, Topo Rd, 4 mi E from Metz Rd
    PGM1908PGMMimulus aurantiacusYadon, Vern1979-5-31 San BenitoPescadero Cyn S of Fremont Pk, Tom Stevenson property above cabin
    PGM1571PGMMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusGriffin, James R.1972-7-05 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, SFB Morse Botanical Reserve
    PGM949PGMMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusLind, Helen1971-5-10 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Valley Robinson Cyn, 2 mi from Farm Center Bridge
    PGM69PGMMimulus aurantiacusYadon, Vern1960-6-02 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Church Cr Access Rd, 2.5 mi down hill on access rd fr Tassajara Rd
    PGM86PGMMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusYadon, Vern1960-4-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Granite Cyn South Coast Hwy 1, 0.4 N Granite Cyn
    PGM6916PGMMimulus aurantiacusHowitt, Beatrice F1955-5-15 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, On reservation
    CSUSB93872CSUSBMimulus aurantiacusElise Bonilla2012-5-11 San BenitoLittle Badger Hill behind the campus of California State University, San Bernardino, on a dirt trail near a reservoir and a man-made ravine.
    UC103639UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusE. L. Greene1886-5-01 MarinTamalpais
    UC26694UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusIvar Tidestrom1895-6-14 SonomaPetaluma
    UC103637UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusEdward Lee Greene1884-1-01 AlamedaBerkeley
    UC495531UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMerle Randall1930-6-13 Marin8 mi above Bolinas; Alamere Creek
    JEPS10242UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusW. H. Shockley1886-6-01 AlamedaOakland
    UC125173UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusKatharine Brandegee1907-6-30 Marinnear Bolinas Bay
    UC126069UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusK. Brandegee1929-3-31 San DiegoDescanso Grade, San Diego Co.
    UC26689UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusA. L. Bolton1897-8-01 Monterey
    UC26685UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusWillis L. Jepson1891-5-02 SolanoChandler Canon Araquipa Hills
    UC886097UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusC. Epling, Wm. Robison1935-7-26 MendocinoRussian Gulch
    UC1056308UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusA. Menzies1955-4-26 UnknownCalifornia
    UC1056311UCJEPSDiplacus leptanthusunknown1936-4-9 Unknown
    JEPS79780UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusMatt Herbrand1916-7-02 PlacerEmigrant Gap
    UC103626UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusKatharine Brandegee1905-7-11 MarinRodeo Lagoon
    UC26686UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusWillis L. Jepson1891-5-02 Solanonear Vacaville
    UC193605UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusEdward Lee Greene1885-7-11 AlamedaBerkeley
    UC26687UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusCarl Purdy1821-1-01 Mendocinonear Ukiah
    UC1063411UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusH. L. Person1932-7-23 Humboldtroad e Korbel; Eureka Quadrangle
    UC1964659UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusHaley Schlageter2014-5-20 San Luis ObispoCal Poly Campus
    JEPS53939UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusErnest Marquez1961-4-23 Monterey3 mi from Ocean (The Animas); Carmel Valley, Rancho San Carlos
    UC101770UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusKatharine Brandegee1907-7-07 MarinTiburon
    UC103640UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusT. S. Brandegee1889-5-01 Contra CostaAntioch
    JEPS4614UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusE. Van E. Ferguson1918-5-23 San Diegomountains near Ramona
    UC26691UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusIvar Tidestrom1895-6-01 Contra CostaCrockett
    UC26693UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusF. W. Bancroft1895-4-09 StanislausKnight's Ferry
    UC1052478UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusH. E., S. T. Parks1951-6-01 Humboldtnear landing, type locality Trinidad
    UC445122UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMiss C. M. Hoak1912-8-01 SonomaMonte Rio
    CSLA017744CSLADiplacus aurantiacusGeorgia Childs1958-3-1 Los AngelesMallard [Millard] Canon
    CSLA017770CSLADiplacus aurantiacusRichard Simcox1957-5-07 Los AngelesGriffith Park
    SHTC5514SHTCMimulus aurantiacusReeves, Teri1965-6-30 StanislausOakdale, CA
    SHTC5515SHTCMimulus aurantiacusYang, Ming-Sze1965-6-23 Santa Cruz1 mile from Big Basin, off of Alba Rd.
    SHTC5518SHTCMimulus aurantiacusJackson, Gordon1965-7-03 MarinFork Conkite
    SHTC5519SHTCMimulus aurantiacusVeccherialli, Carlo1965-6-23 AlamedaCabot Rd., San Leandro
    SHTC5520SHTCMimulus aurantiacusGreen, Linda A.1965-7-13 Contra CostaCrow Canon
    SHTC5535SHTCMimulus aurantiacusCarosella, T.1982-11-16 Monterey
    SHTC5536SHTCMimulus aurantiacusBrewer, Vic1967-4-14 Los AngelesPuddingstone, 35 yards across dam
    UC76079UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMiss Carlotta Case1904-7-01 Contra CostaMuir Station
    UC103636UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusEdward Lee Greene1885-1-23 AlamedaBerkeley
    UC85428UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusKatharine Brandegee1907-5-25 El Doradoabove Lotus (n bank of river); American River
    UC85427UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusKatharine Brandegee1907-5-08 Sacramentoabout 1/4 above American River Bridge (north bank); Folsom
    CSLA017554CSLAMimulus aurantiacusRobert J. Fortloge1961-6-06 San Luis ObispoCambria, 1 mi from ocean, in Pine Forest community
    PPWD1163PPWDDiplacus aurantiacusJ. Anderson2011-7-11 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - On trail to Devil's Kitchen/Grouse hill. Plant community: Volcanic Chaparral.
    PPWD1166PPWDDiplacus aurantiacusJ. Anderson2011-7-11 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - On trail to Devil's Kitchen/Grouse hill. Plant community: Volcanic Chaparral.
    SBBG175462SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusFlorence Beckwith1915-6-1 MarinMount Tamalpais
    SBBG181760SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusBonnie C. Templeton1930 AlamedaOakland Hills.
    CDA0020907CDAMimulus aurantiacusAnon.1908-11-14 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Santa Maria Union High School. South Central Coast.
    FSC0022160FSCMimulus aurantiacus1955-8-18 Santa Cruz
    FSC0022168FSCMimulus aurantiacus1955-8-8 Santa Cruz
    FSC0022170FSCMimulus aurantiacus1953-7-1 Tuolumne
    MCCC5MCCCDiplacus aurantiacusLisa Brodeur1981-5-07 Mendocino3 mi. E. of Hwy. 1 on Greenwood Road (RR132)
    MCCC660MCCCMimulus aurantiacusSusan Treiman1981-3-11 Mendocino
    MCCC70MCCCDiplacus aurantiacusKim Gilbert1981-6-06 MendocinoBoyce Lane, 1/2 mi. E. of Hwy. 1, 1/8 N. of Pearl Drive
    MCCC941MCCCDiplacus aurantiacusSonya Popow1982-6-11 MendocinoOff Sherwood Road
    MCCC942MCCCDiplacus aurantiacusSonya Popow1982-6-11 MendocinoOff Sherwood Road
    MCCC5750MCCCDiplacus aurantiacusP. Cuttitta1961-8-12 MendocinoFew scattered in Pinewood Campground and county road, MacKerricher State Park
    PUA7701PUAMimulus aurantiacusD.R. Hardy1972-5-04 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA2765PUAMimulus aurantiacusC. Pearson1952-4-14 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA7855PUAMimulus aurantiacusRay Larson1968-6-24 MendocinoLocal landmark: Pleasant Valley. Navarro Quad.
    PUA6537PUAMimulus aurantiacusLavern C. Wolcott1951-6-18 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
    PUA22735PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1979-7-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
    PUA57817PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1983-7-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Camp Grant. Weott Quad.
    PUA3178PUAMimulus aurantiacusL.D. Londagin1971-5-17 NapaLocal landmark: Conn Valley. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA33909PUAMimulus aurantiacusJoe Callizo1979-6-10 NapaLocal landmark: Silverado Trail. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA2156PUAMimulus aurantiacusH. Paul Buchheim1970-5-14 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
    PUA3180PUAMimulus aurantiacusW.D. Sumner1972-4-21 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
    PUA3177PUAMimulus aurantiacusK.Y. Nelson1971-4-30 NapaLocal landmark: Snell Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
    PUA2919PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1971-4-25 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Berryessa. Walter Springs Quad.
    PUA33525PUAMimulus aurantiacusBill Grummer1979-6-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA64554PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1986-5-13 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Olympia. Felton Quad.
    PUA3186PUAMimulus aurantiacusGilbert Jerome Muth1967-5-17 NapaLocal landmark: Calistoga. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA2921PUAMimulus aurantiacusW.D. Sumner1971-4-22 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
    PUA3181PUAMimulus aurantiacusD.J. Brantley1970-5-13 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA64309PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1986-5-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
    PUA38621PUAMimulus aurantiacusDwain Goforth1980-4-09 SolanoLocal landmark: Blue Ridge. Lake Berryessa Quad.
    PUA62051PUAMimulus aurantiacusJoe Callizo1983-4-02 NapaLocal landmark: Four Corners. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA6470PUAMimulus aurantiacusC.A. Ground1968-4-19 LakeLocal landmark: Middletown. Middletown Quad.
    PUA2077PUAMimulus aurantiacusS. Roos1972-4-15 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA2155PUAMimulus aurantiacusR.J. Rakestraw1970-5-02 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA3182PUAMimulus aurantiacusN.L. Turner1970-5-09 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Extension Mine. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA46887PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1981-4-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
    PUA58778PUAMimulus aurantiacusGrummer & Hemphill1983-6-13 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA19633PUAMimulus aurantiacusMuth And Griswold1979-6-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Craigs Creek. Crescent City Quad.
    PUA61689PUAMimulus aurantiacusJoe Callizo1984-4-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA61806PUAMimulus aurantiacusJoe Callizo1986-4-01 NapaLocal landmark: Whitehead Lake. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA6551PUAMimulus aurantiacusG.L. Clifton1972-5-26 NapaLocal landmark: Twin Peaks. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA17022PUAMimulus aurantiacusBill Grummer1978-5-13 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    SBBG201933SBBGMimulus aurantiacusMichael R. Benedict1969-1-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Red Mountain
    SBBG201931SBBGMimulus aurantiacusMichael R. Benedict1969-1-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Red Mountain
    SBBG201930SBBGMimulus aurantiacusMichael R. Benedict1966-7-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: N face of rock outcrop on ridge running SW from Prisoners Harbor
    SBBG201929SBBGMimulus aurantiacusRalph Hoffmann1931-9-10 Santa Barbara2 mi inland from Fry's Harbor
    SBBG201928SBBGMimulus aurantiacusRalph Hoffmann1931-9-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Dick's Harbor
    UCSB045462UCSBMimulus aurantiacusClayton Baker2016-4-8 Santa BarbaraSan Clemente restoration site.
    SHTC781SHTCDiplacus aurantiacusMilam, D.-1971-5-08 MercedPacheco Pass on highway 152, slope east, veg. type grasses, oaks, and brush
    SHTC3691SHTCMimulus aurantiacus--2019-4-11 -
    SHTC5236SHTCMimulus aurantiacusCordrey, Kenneth-1964-5-16 UnknownYosemite Junction
    CAS-BOT150306CASDiplacus aurantiacusWetzel, Cherie L.0091967-6-14 AlamedaNiles Canyon and Vicinity
    RSA0117160RSAMimulus aurantiacusMatt Morris012014-5-17 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro, 1 mile into the Bluff Trail near Diablo nuclear power plant. Near the Pacific Ocean.
    UCR0053658UCRMimulus aurantiacusScott Love0102012-2-26 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi north along Stenner Creek Ranch trail
    UCR0053536UCRMimulus aurantiacusAlex R. Van Dam0112004-5-16 Los AngelesFranklin Canon Park near the main parking lot on a slightly graded N-facing slope
    CAS-BOT654153CASDiplacus aurantiacusBoone, M.0191981-3-21 Contra CostaMt. Diablo State Park 10 mi from North Gate
    UCR0053645UCRMimulus aurantiacusLing-Hsuan Kung0282011-6-1 San BernardinoRancho Cucamonga, Sapphire Falls Trail, off Skyline Road neqar 210 Fwy, Carnelian exit
    UCR0053343UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMichael L. O'Leary0332008-5-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, trail that begins past equestrian center on road [Pine Valley-Las Bancas Rd.] west of Old Hwy 80 between Pine Valley and Guatay
    PGM6915PGMMimulus aurantiacusHowitt, Beatrice F03461955-5-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Tassajara Rd along, Roadside along route
    OBI138132OBIMimulus aurantiacusR. Mike Arens03a1994-1-12 San Luis ObispoCalif Polytechnic State University campus. In Poly Cyn near Botanical Garden foot bridge
    PPWD1165PPWDDiplacus aurantiacusS. Barnhart041613-82013-4-16 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Above barn near seep behind barn. Plant community: Serpentine Chaparral . Elevation 1179'.
    UCR0053363UCRMimulus aurantiacusSandra M. Namoff0452011-3-27 San BernardinoBureau of Land Management, Whitewater Canon, west side of Canon Rd Drive, Painted Hill Canon
    CAS-BOT150307CASDiplacus aurantiacusWetzel, Cherie L.0501967-6-26 AlamedaStonybrook Canyon road embankment
    UCR0053312UCRMimulus aurantiacusD.L. Banks05601995-6-02 RiversideCleveland Nat'l Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mt., on the Wooodchuck Trail north of the Riverside Co. boundary, c. 0.25 mi south of the clay grasslands in S32.
    UC1979589UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusD. L Banks, Steve Boyd05601995-6-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N peak of Agua Tibia Mountain; On the Woodchuck Trail N of the Riverside County boundary, approximately 1/4 miles S of the clay grassland in section 32.
    UCR0053659UCRMimulus aurantiacusJill MacIntyre071986-7-16 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge West, top of ridge with view of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay
    OBI138057OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusFrancis X. Villablanca11986-5-17 San Luis Obispo1/2 mi S of Ardath ST, and 1/4 mi E of the end of Pineridge
    OBI138084OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusFrench H. Morgan11972-5-23 San Luis Obispo1 mi off of US 101 in Reservoir Cyn
    OBI138064OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusNancy Burn11969-6-29 San Luis Obispo20 yds from the NW entrance to Poly Cyn on campus property at Calif State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo
    SBBG193019SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusM. C. C. Guido12014-5-17 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills Madonna Trail head
    SD173738SDDiplacus aurantiacusJan E. Maxted12005-2-27 San DiegoBratton Valley. Land surrounding 17536 Sierra Cielo Ln, 3 N of town of Dulzura, 1.25 mi SW of Lyons Peak summit, 1.25 mi NW of inters of Honey Springs Rd and Deerhorn Valley Rd.
    SD249288SDDiplacus aurantiacusReece Camper12014-5-20 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo. Mariposa trail, about a mile in, on the side of a hill.
    RSA709325RSAMimulus aurantiacusRobin Marushia12004-4-16 OrangeSouthern Coast: El Moro Canon, Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach; grassy ridge southwest of No Name Ridge road in park, downhill from pullout and below closed road to park entrance.
    DAV396210DAVDiplacus aurantiacusCharles Martin11986-4-20 NapaNapa County: 3 W of Monticello Dam along hwy 128.
    DAV396137DAVDiplacus aurantiacusM. Ramos11996-4-10 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. West of Winters. Along path in canyon.
    DAV396211DAVDiplacus aurantiacusSteve Mason11993-4-16 OrangeOrange County: Laguna Niguel, Sea View Park Trail, end of trail behind blue rails and Ceanothus sp. Coastal sage scrub on bluff near housing development overlooking canyon and coastline.
    HSC219453HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusClark L. Miller11978-6-15 San Mateo6 mi. S of Half Moon Bay, off Hwy. 1, on Verde Rd.
    CHSC63929CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusSharen Martin11990-4-11 MontereyT21S R03E S1 W1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Lopez Point 1:24000
    OBI170753OBIDiplacus aurantiacusSahara V. Harvey12019-4-29 San Luis ObispoEast Cuesta Ridge; on the west facing slope of East Cuesta Ridge off of Lowe Mtn. Road entering public land; near a gas line pole
    CDA0049941CDADiplacus aurantiacusAmanda Linskey12017-5-12 San Luis ObispoWest Cuesta Ridge, scattered specimens on hillsides along the uphill path from the dirt parking lot. 35.3 N, -129.6 W, 1567 m. Varied locations on hillsides, more common on lower elevation, open grassy areas.
    CDA0049951CDADiplacus aurantiacusEmily Hansen12017-2-13 San Luis ObispoAvila Ridge Trail, approx 100 yds from top of steep trail up the hill that starts at Cave Landing Rd. 35.18 N, -120.71 W, 180 m. Growing at edge of coastal scrub next to trail, N facing slope at top of hill.
    CDA0050001CDADiplacus aurantiacusNicolas Westly12017-5-23 San Luis ObispoStenner Creek Trestle Bridge, found about 23 NE of intersection between Stenner Creek Rd and rr tracks. Specimen growing on hillside facing rd adjacent to creek. 35.3219N, -120.6 W, 379 m. Growing on NW facing side of grassy slope adjacent to creek rd, chaparral, shale.
    CDA0050002CDADiplacus aurantiacusAbbie Lauten-Scrivner12017-5-13 San Luis ObispoLocated directly to the side of Hwy 101 on hillside to the right when heading north. 35.339 N, -120.620 W. Growing on scrubbing hillside near road.
    OBI148356OBIDiplacus aurantiacusWilson Kiff12020-2-21 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay California. Morro Bay Quarry Trail. 60 yards up the left trail connected to the main parking lot and 12 feet off the left of the trail.
    OBI138123OBIMimulus aurantiacusDebbie Guillot1.51993-6-24 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park, NE corner of park, coastal sage scrub surrounded by grassland
    LA82048LAMimulus aurantiacusO.H. Kappler101940-5-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; West Fork, Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon
    OBI105285OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMrs. R.F. Hoover101962-1-13 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    SBBG193028SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusR. H. Toft101986-5-21 San Luis Obispo1/8 mi S of Broderson Rd, just SW from center of town of Los Osos
    RSA660456RSAMimulus aurantiacusIan Thompson101997-2-14 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona Ecological Reserve, ridge opposite of C-line.
    DAV396198DAVDiplacus aurantiacusA. Collier102002-5-4 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. At northern tip of ridge, N of the intersection of the jct of West and East roads. Along upper road leading to power lines, off N side of road 10 m.
    SHTC5247SHTCMimulus aurantiacusRoemer, T.N.101995-3-21 TuolumneTable Mountain near Owl Creek, immediately northeast of intersection of Hwy 120 and South Lake Tulloch Rd.
    SHTC6015SHTCDiplacus aurantiacusNguyen, Nathan102017-4-11 StanislausKnights Ferry
    CDA0037343CDAMimulus aurantiacusD.G. Kelch10.1562010-4-21 SolanoGates Canon; southeast Vaca Mountains, northwest of Vacaville.
    RSA240672RSAMimulus aurantiacusDonald R. Bissing1001973-6-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Evey Canon, 0.3 mile from the canyon mouth
    CAS-BOT150282CASDiplacus aurantiacusCarter, E.1001968-4-13 MarinDeer Creek - Bon Tempe Lake Trail, Fairfax
    IRVC15667IRVCMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusA.S. Boughey; Pat Pembrook10011965-6-08 OrangeLos Trancos Canon, fork at bottom of road. San Juaquin Hills.
    CAS-BOT150438CASDiplacus aurantiacusThompson, H. J.10011911-7-1 San Luis ObispoTempleton
    RSA0148282RSAMimulus aurantiacusEdward F. Anderson10011958-2-07 San Diego6 W of Fallbrook.
    CAS-BOT150437CASDiplacus aurantiacusThompson, H. J.10021911-7-7 San Luis ObispoTempleton
    CHSC103232CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusL. P. Janeway100332010-6-26 TuolumneCentral Sierra Nevada Foothills. Northwest flank of Table Mountain, above Old Peoria Flat Road along Table Mountain Trial; about 4.2 air km southwest of Jamestown. T0 N R14E S2 W1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sonora 1:24,000
    CAS-BOT150457CASDiplacus aurantiacusNichols, Viola10061911-5-6 San MateoBelmont, 2nd hill
    CAS-BOT150323CASDiplacus aurantiacusAbrams, L. R.100661923-4-1 Tuolumne1 mi west of Keystone
    CAS-BOT152459CASDiplacus aurantiacusNichols, Viola10081911-11-5 MontereyCorner Walnut Street, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT152460CASDiplacus aurantiacusNichols, Viola10091911-11-4 MontereyMoist ground by R.R. track, Pacific Grove toward light house.
    SBBG193023SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusClifton F. Smith100901968-6-28 San Luis Obisponear TV tower, ca. 2 W of Cuesta summit on US Hwy 1 N of San Luis Obispo
    CHSC13934CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusM. S. Taylor1011974-4-02 MontereyOn both sides of Hwy 1, ca. 15 mi s of Carmel.
    UC1063410UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusW. W. Akey1011935-7-02 Santa Cruznear junction of Bates Creek and Grover Gulch; New Almaden Quadrangle
    SHTC5530SHTCMimulus aurantiacusMetcalf, L.1011994-5-03 Stanislaus1 km east of Knights Ferry, north side of Stanislaus River, 50 m east of visitor's center
    CAS-BOT152435CASDiplacus aurantiacusNichols, Viola10101911-11-4 MontereyPine Woods Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT150312CASDiplacus aurantiacusEastwood, Alice101341921-3-19 AmadorIone
    SD166421SDDiplacus aurantiacusJon P. Rebman101652004-5-11 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, south of Loveland Reservoir on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak; Sweetwater River watershed in Sloane Canon
    SDSU10682SDSUDiplacus aurantiacusDixon, K.1021942-5-16 San DiegoJacumba #6 E.
    JEPS128314UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusRoger Raiche102.002000-5-20 SonomaThe Cedars, (shown on SLT maps as Marshall Creek but this not the name on USGS topo sheets.) Gualala River, Wheatfield Fork watershed.
    SFV112618SFVMimulus aurantiacusJ. N. Hogue102.21998-4-08 OrangePeninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains. San Juan Canon near Lower San Juan Picnic Area.
    CAS-BOT150297CASDiplacus aurantiacusEwan, Joseph Andorfer102401937-4-24 StanislausOrestimba Creek
    SBBG155716SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusR. Burgess102532016-5-27 VenturaMoorpark area, Happy Canonal Park, E side of cyn along Middle Range Fire Rd
    UCR0053641UCRMimulus aurantiacusScott D. White102642004-4-26 RiversideSoboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed
    UC1929959UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusScott D. White102642004-4-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain Foothills: Soboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed.
    POM96322RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusP. A. Munz102781926-4-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguelito Canon, Lompoc.
    CAS-BOT150330CASDiplacus aurantiacusEastwood, Alice102871921-4-18 Contra CostaAntioch
    SJSU16161SJSUMimulus aurantiacusAlly Landreth1032018-6-21 Santa ClaraFound in Alum Rock Park, approximately 1 mile east of the first parking lot along the Penitencia Creek Trail.
    SD169555SDDiplacus aurantiacusMelvin M. Sweet1032005-4-6 San DiegoCity of San Diego (La Jolla). On canyon slopes surrounding business at 4 Westerra Court; 0.5 NW of inters of Genesee Ave and Eastgate Mall, btwn I-5 and I-805.
    SBBG164706SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusKelly Hildner1032019-4-29 Santa BarbaraStorke Ranch Open Space; south of path around east vernal pool area.
    UC1736261UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusDean W. Taylor103331989-5-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, Canong Highway 18 ca. 0.3 miles N of Cactus Springs
    SD166147SDDiplacus aurantiacusJon P. Rebman103362004-5-20 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, south of Loveland Reservoir; on north side of second tallest peak, west of Sycuan Peak
    UCSC2252UCSCDiplacus aurantiacus subsp. aurantiacusS. Levy1041994-5-22 Monterey87 Fort Ord - Fort Ord -
    SD157078SDDiplacus aurantiacusJim Lightner1042004-5-10 San DiegoL.L. Ranch, Bell Bluff Truck Trail, 2 mi south of I-8 on Japatul Valley Road.
    HSC219448HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusR. York1041978-4-08 Napa2 W of Angwin on Hwy. 128
    DAV396203DAVDiplacus aurantiacusG. K. Helmkamp104002006-5-11 NevadaNevada County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills, CA Hwy 49 at the crossing of the South Yuba River (N of Nevada City).
    UCR0053357UCRMimulus aurantiacusGeorge K. Helmkamp104002006-5-11 NevadaCalif. Hwy 49 at the crossing of the South Yuba River (N of Nevada City)
    RSA0014041RSAMimulus aurantiacusJoan Stewart10412000-6-1 PlumasPlumas National Forest
    CAS-BOT152476CASDiplacus aurantiacusTwisselmann, Ernest C.104261964-12-3 MontereyHighway 1, ca. 9 miles south of Big Sur, Santa Lucia Range
    OBI138115OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusRobert F. Hoover104381967-4-12 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande
    CAS-BOT152489CASDiplacus aurantiacusHoover, R. F.104381967-4-12 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande
    UC1314917UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusR. F. Hoover104381967-4-12 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande
    SD167443SDDiplacus aurantiacusJim Lightner10472005-4-2 San Diego2 1/2 miles NE of Descanso. Cleveland National Forest, N side of Old Viejas Grade Rd, SE slope of Poser Mtn
    SJSU10408SJSUDiplacus aurantiacusS.I. Diehl1051965-6-12 San Diegoby Buena Vista Lagoon near Carlsbad
    SD153149SDDiplacus aurantiacusKaren Rich1052003-8-31 San DiegoEast Del Mar, open space along Old El Camino Real, .10 mile N of intersection with Trento Place, top of ridge, ca. .3 mile from street along trail.
    SD158057SDDiplacus aurantiacusJeannie Gregory10512004-7-17 San DiegoAlpine, Viejas Mountain; 1/2 mile North of Victoria Drive, east end of Klucewich Road; area named Viejas West; about 70 acres undeveloped.
    DAV396180DAVDiplacus aurantiacusC.H. Lamoureux10561956-4-27 SacramentoSacramento County: Just east of Nimbus Dam, along Hwy 50.
    SBBG193032SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusJ. Copeland10571974-3-10 San Luis ObispoGates' property, Grand View Mesa, Nipomo
    SD164142SDDiplacus aurantiacusJon P. Rebman105712004-6-17 San DiegoViejas Mountain: north of Alpine; north side near top of mountain; area burned in Cedar Fire of Oct. 2003
    HSC219427HSCMimulus aurantiacusD.M. Thompson10581992-5-13 San DiegoW of Descanso, 0.4 W of Chiquito Rd., along Old Viejas Grade; ca. 0.25 mi. W of road summit; 2.8 mi. W of Viejas Blvd./Riverside Dr. junction, this jct. 0.85 N of Hwy. 79
    JEPS87322UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10581992-5-13 San Diegow Descanso (0.4 mi w of Chiquito Road (to Chiquito Peak) along Old Viejas Grade, ca. 0.25 mi of Viejas Blvd./Riverside Drive junction, this jct. 0.85 mi n of Hwy 79)
    JEPS87321UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10601992-5-14 San Diegon Ramona (3.9 mi up (ne along) Blsck Mt. Road (USFS Road 11S04) from its junction with Road 12S107, this junction 1.5 rd mi e of Pamo Valley Road); Black Mt., Pamo Valley
    OBI138109OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusRobert F. Hoover106231967-6-05 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande just below confluence of Lopez cyn (dam site)
    CAS-BOT152490CASDiplacus aurantiacusHoover, R. F.106231967-6-5 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande just below confluence of Lopez Canyon (dam site)
    JEPS87331UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson1066b1992-5-16 Orange2.4 mi n and w Hwy 74 (along USFS Road 3S04 (n side of paved loop allowing access to Main Divide Road)); Santa Ana Mts.
    JEPS87319UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10671992-5-16 Orange2.4 mi n Hwy 1 (along Hwy 133 (Laguna Canon Road))
    UCSB009278UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusMcCarthy, Sharon1071965-4-16 SonomaNorth of junction between 5th Street and Verano Ave., Sonoma
    UCSB009303UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusHickson, Diana1071986-4-27 Santa Barbara1/4 mile NW of intersection of Calle Lindero and Rucker Rd., Lompoc, Burton Mesa
    UC1063402UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusR. W. Lundh1071932-6-02 AlamedaMitchell Ravine Tesla Quadrangle
    UCR0053628UCRMimulus aurantiacusScott D. White10701993-2-28 MontereyGarrapata State Park, off State Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy), north of lighthouse at Point Sur and south of Carmel Highlands
    JEPS74326UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Hutt10731964-5-16 Amador1 mi s Ione (then 0.3 mi up side road to e paralleling railroad tracks)
    RSA550787RSAMimulus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10741992-5-22 Los AngelesAbove Claremont along Mt. Baldy Road; 0.8 roadmile above (N of) upper tunnel
    RSA550786RSAMimulus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10751992-5-22 Los AngelesN of Flintridge. 4.4 miles N of 210 Freeway along Highway 2
    RSA701795RSAMimulus aurantiacusSteve Boyd107732004-4-5 San DiegoCleveland National ForestFoothills area near Mesa Grande about Wash Tub Falls in Black Canon, east of Black Mountain, ca. 6 miles south of junction of Mesa Grande Rd. along Black Canon Rd.
    UCR0053508UCRMimulus aurantiacusSteve Boyd107732004-4-5 San DiegoFoothills area near Mesa Grande about Wash Tub Falls in Black Canon, east of Black Mountain and c. 6 mi south of junction of Mesa Grande Rd. along Black Canon Rd
    LA51925LAMimulus aurantiacusHarlan Lewis10781940-2-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
    SFV110035SFVMimulus aurantiacusL. Gross10782003-6-19 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; North side of Verdugo Mountains south of Hostetter Motorway (on the Thomas Guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south or and you can see the 210 Freeway.
    RSA683144RSAMimulus aurantiacusLeRoy Gross10782003-6-19 Los AngelesNorth side of mountains: South of Hostetter Motorway (On the thomas guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south of and you can see the 210 freeway.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.
    UC1870286UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusLeRoy Gross, Naomi Fraga, Bill Hogshead, Aydee Virgen10782003-6-19 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; North side of mountains: South of Hostetter Motorway (On the thomas guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south of and you can see the 210 freeway.
    LOB110244LOBDiplacus aurantiacusT. Penland1081973-4-19 Solanonear face of Lake Berryessa dam.
    CAS-BOT150459CASDiplacus aurantiacusRobertson, Robert1081954-5-1 San Mateo2 miles E. of Pescadero
    UC1193339UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusR. H. Neuns1081950-5-08 Sonoma5 mi e Geyserville; Quad. 60B3
    RSA550844RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10831992-5-25 Santa Barbara2.5 W of Hwy 101 [ at Gaviota Pass] along Hwy 1 [to Lompoc]
    RSA550804RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10851992-5-25 Santa Barbara5.3 W of Hwy 1 along road to Pt. Sal,
    UCR0053366UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10851995-5-25 Santa Barbara5.3 mi west of Hwy 1 along road to Pt. Sal
    JEPS87281UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10851992-5-25 Santa Barbara5.3 mi w Hwy 1 (along road to Pt. Sal)
    RSA550803RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10891992-5-26 San Luis Obispo0.2 W of entrance to Morro Bay State Park along Soutn Bay Drive
    HSC219426HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusD.M. Thompson10891992-5-26 San Luis Obispo0.2 W of entrance to Morro Bay State Park along South Bay Drive
    JEPS87282UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10891992-5-26 San Luis Obispo0.2 mi w of entrance Morro Bay State Park (along South Bay Drive)
    RSA550802RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10901992-5-27 San Luis ObispoNW corner of San Luis Obispo County. Arroyo de la Cruz, just S of Pt. Sierra Nevada at crossing of Hwy 1
    DAV396195DAVDiplacus aurantiacusJeannette L. Huber10901970-7-26 MontereyMonterey County: Pauling Ranch, on sea coast, west side of Hwy 1, ca. 20 N. of Cambria.
    JEPS87283UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10901992-5-27 San Luis Obispojust s Pt. Sierra Nevada (at crossing of Hwy 1); Arroy de la Cruz
    SD134630SDDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10921992-5-28 Monterey6.7 mi west of Paris Valley Road along Lockwood-San Ardo Road
    RSA550847RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10921992-5-28 Monterey6.7 W of Paris Valley Road along Lockwood-San Ardo Road
    JEPS87328UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10921992-5-28 Monterey6.7 mi w Paris Valley Road (along Lockwood-San Ardo Road)
    POM319358RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusPatricia Wilder10931961-8-30 MontereyHatton Road, near Shafter Way, Carmel, Santa Lucia Moutain range, west slope
    RSA178634RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusL. R. Abrams109341925-7-02 MontereyPacific Grove.
    SD60185SDDiplacus aurantiacusLeroy Abrams109341925-7-02 MontereyOpen pine forests, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT152481CASDiplacus aurantiacusAbrams, LeRoy109341925-7-2 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC1303089UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusLeRoy Abrams109341925-7-02 MontereyPacific Grove
    RSA550801RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10941992-5-28 MontereyHwy 1 near Granite Creek, 6.7 mi s of Carmel River; 4.8 mi s of Pt. Lobos State Reserve, E side of road
    CHSC61669CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10941992-5-28 MontereyHwy 1, near Granite Creek, just S of a dense row of Cupressus growing along E side of road; 6.7 mi S of Carmel River; 4.8 mi S of Pt. Lobos State Reserve.
    JEPS87284UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10941992-5-28 Monterey6.7 mi s Carmel River (Hwy 1,just s of a large stand of Cupressus growing along e side of road, 4.8 mi s of Pt. Lobos State Reserve); Granite Creek
    SBBG193016SBBGDiplacus aurantiacusD. M. Thompson10951992-5-28 MontereyPrunedale, 0.3 W of County Rd G12, along Strawberry Rd
    RSA550800RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10951992-5-28 MontereyPrunedale. 0.3 W of co. road G12 (San Miguel Canon Road) along Strawberry road
    JEPS87285UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10951992-5-28 Monterey0.3 mi w Co. Road G12 (San Miguel Canon road) (along Strawberry Road); Prunedale
    RSA550799RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10961992-5-29 San Benito5.7 mi S of Hwy 25 (at Paicines) along Panoche Road
    UCR0053362UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10961992-5-29 San Benito5.7 mi south of Hwy 25 (at Paicines) along Panoche Road
    JEPS87286UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson10961992-5-29 San Benito5.7 mi s Hwy. 25 at Paicines (along Panoche Road)
    DAV396213DAVDiplacus aurantiacusC.H. Lamoureux10991956-5-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Roadside at Forest Genetics Institute, Placerville.
    UCSC6651UCSCMimulus aurantiacusThomas Swale112010-4-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, UCSC, Crown College, Near the crown fire station
    SD245479SDDiplacus aurantiacusJosh Walker112013-2-25 San Luis ObispoShell Beach; hillside of 101 north and Spyglass Drive offramp.
    SHTC7436SHTCDiplacus aurantiacusT. Glidewell112019-4-23 StanislausKnight's Ferry. Along the trail past the bridge. Found in the cracks of large boulders.
    RSA199016RSAMimulus aurantiacusW. M. Gauntt1101966-3-31 Los Angeles1 mile west of Cobal Canon, north of Claremont.
    RSA720202RSAMimulus aurantiacusNaomi Fraga1102002-5-25 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed: Owens Peak Wilderness Area. Short Canon. Near the trail head, where stream tapers off near water fall.; Owens Peak 7.5' Quad
    UC1927358UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusNaomi Fraga, Genie Fraga1102002-5-25 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Owens Peak Wilderness Area. Short Canon. Near the trail head, where stream tapers off near water fall.
    UC1745517UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacusAnnetta M. Carter, Helen Sharsmith, Florence Little11021936-4-11 San Luis ObispoPorter Ranch on Alamo Creek, a tributary of Cuyama (Santa Maria) River. 13 mi. from Santa Maria.
    OBI138079OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11031992-6-02 Santa Clara2.4 W of Pacheco Pass along hwy 152 (Gilroy to Los Banos)
    RSA550796RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11031992-6-02 Santa Clara2.4 W of Pacheco Pass along Why 152 (Gilroy to Los Banos)
    JEPS87273UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11031992-6-02 Santa Clara2.4 mi w Pacheco Pass (along Hwy 152 (Gilroy to Los Banos))
    RSA550795RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11041992-6-03 Santa Cruz2.8 mi S of Davenport along Hwy 1, then less than 0.1 mi E along Laguna Road.
    JEPS87274UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11041992-6-03 Santa Cruz2.8 mi s Davenport (along Hwy 1, then less than 0.1 mi e along Laguna road)
    RSA550794RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11051992-6-03 San Mateo1.2 ms S of Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd) along Hwy 84 (La Honda Road)
    UCR0053365UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11051992-6-03 San Mateo1.2 mi south of Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd) along Hwy 84 (La Honda Road)
    JEPS87275UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11051992-6-03 San Mateo1.2 mi s Hwy. 35 (Skyline Blvd.) (along Hwy. 84 (La Honda Road))
    CDA0020919CDAMimulus aurantiacusG.F. Hrusa110581993-5-21 San Luis ObispoBig Falls Creek, on W side of creek approx. 3/4 mi. upstream from confluence with Lopez Creek.
    UCSB009309UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusThompson, David11061992-6-03 Santa ClaraNE of San Jose, 0.2 mi below entrance to Alum Rock Park along Alum Rock Road
    RSA550838RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11061992-6-03 Santa ClaraNE of San Jose. 0.2 mi below entrance to Alum rock Park along Alum Rock Road
    CHSC61712CHSCDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11061992-6-03 Santa ClaraNE of San Jose. 0.2 mi below entrance to Alum Rock Park along Alum Rock Road.
    JEPS87276UCJEPSDiplacus aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11061992-6-03 Santa Clarane San Jose (0.2 mi below entrance to Alum Rock Park along Alum Rock Road)
    RSA550837RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusDavid M. Thompson11071992-6-03 Contra CostaSW base of Mt. Diablo, E of Danville. 2.6 NE of Blackhawk and diablo rads along Mt. Diablo Scenic Boulvard and South Gate Road
    HSC219425HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. aurantiacusD.M. Thompson11071992-6-03 Contra CostaSW base of Mt. Diablo, E of Danville. 2.6 NE of Blackhawk and Diablo Rds. along Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. and South Gate Rd.