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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT195571CASCatapodium rigidumRaven, Peter H.178261962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: near mouth of Cherry Canyon
CAS-BOT195572CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas301111954-10-20 San Francisco1356 Filbert St., San Francisco
CAS-BOT195573CASCatapodium rigidumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas22211936-5-6 San Luis ObispoChorro Creek
CAS-BOT195574CASCatapodium rigidumTrue, Gordon H.79751976-6-15 Santa CruzAt Alpine Nursery (Ray & Rose Williams), in northern outskirts of Watsonville
CAS-BOT195575CASCatapodium rigidumYates, H. S.65881937-6-7 AlamedaBerkeley - 2219 Channing St.
CAS-BOT195576CASCatapodium rigidumThomas, J. H.10177A1963-6-20 AlamedaAt 2802 Webster St., Berkeley
CAS-BOT195577CASCatapodium rigidumRubtzoff, Peter58861968-6-7 AlamedaSoutheast corner of Agriculture Hall, Berkeley, Univ. of Calif. campus
CAS-BOT195578CASCatapodium rigidumHerriott, Lilian Taylors.n.1957-7-11 AlamedaAt 2635 Webster St., Berkeley
CAS-BOT195579CASCatapodium rigidumAhart, Lowell34061982-5-3 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, ca. 1 mi. N and 2.5 mi. E of Honcut
CAS-BOT195580CASCatapodium rigidumAhart, Lowells.n.1979-4-28 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch. Honcut
CAS-BOT195581CASCatapodium rigidumAhart, Lowells.n.1976-7-4 ButteNorth Honcut Creek about 2 miles ne. of Honcut
CAS-BOT195582CASCatapodium rigidumBest, Catherines.n.1976-6-1 MarinIn front of 19 Alcatraz Ave, Belvedere
CAS-BOT195583CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
CAS-BOT195584CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
CAS-BOT195585CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas213781945-8-12 MarinCascade Canyon, Mill Valley
CAS-BOT195586CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
CAS-BOT195587CASCatapodium rigidumHowitt, Beatrice F.12781962-5-4 MontereyIn the yard at 1006 Benito Ave., Del Monte Park, Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT195588CASCatapodium rigidumHowell, John Thomas289561953-5-8 MontereyCarmel
CAS-BOT195589CASCatapodium rigidumLee, Edward; Mason, Herbert93981935-4-20 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
CAS-BOT195590CASCatapodium rigidumLee, Edward; Mason, Herbert93981935-4-20 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
CAS-BOT195591CASCatapodium rigidumWhite, Keiths.n.1963-5-1 MontereyOn boundary between Hastings Reservation and Bill Lambert Property
CAS-BOT195592CASCatapodium rigidumGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric2781982-4-30 MontereyLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Gamboa Point Section. Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT195593CASCatapodium rigidumClemens, Mrs. Joss.n.1919-5-31 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT195594CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1955-8-17 Santa BarbaraFox Canyon (at former site of city dump), Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195595CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-7-1 Santa BarbaraGarden St. bordering Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195596CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-6-5 Santa BarbaraGarden St. side of Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195597CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1966-6-26 Santa BarbaraOn the Garden St. side of Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195598CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1967-7-4 Santa BarbaraGarden St. between Micheltorena and Sola Sts., Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195599CASCatapodium rigidumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1971-6-27 Santa BarbaraIn East Alameda Park, Micheltorena and Garden Sts., Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT195600CASCatapodium rigidumKronmueller, Mr.s.n.1969-5-13 Santa Clara65 Los Altos Ct., Los Altos
CAS-BOT195601CASCatapodium rigidumThomas, John H.99021962-6-2 Santa ClaraHeadwaters of Stevens Creek, about 9 miles S of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT195602CASCatapodium rigidumThomas, John H.95111961-6-3 Santa ClaraHeadwaters of Stevens Creek, about 9 miles south of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT195603CASCatapodium rigidumThomas, John H.95091961-6-3 Santa ClaraHeadwaters of Stevens Creek, about 9 miles south of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT195604CASCatapodium rigidumKoch, Leo9641940-5-19 SonomaWood residence, 349 Second Avenue, Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT195605CASCatapodium rigidumDeNevers, G.17611981-7-19 SonomaGarrison yard
CAS-BOT195606CASCatapodium rigidumKoch, Leo9641940-5-19 SonomaWood residence, 349 Second Avenue, Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT560912CASCatapodium rigidumKramer, Neal22142017-7-4 MarinFairfax, Marin County, CA
CAS-BOT619509CASCatapodium rigidumJunak, Steven A.SCa-19072003-5-5 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Campground. Disturbed flats near picnic tables
CAS-BOT634553CASCatapodium rigidumRawlings, John; Timby, Sara25372019-5-2 San MateoKnoll Drive, San Carlos.
CAS-BOT634554CASCatapodium rigidumRawlings, John; Timby, Sara25652019-5-12 Santa ClaraRancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve (RSA), MROSD; Hostel Trail
HSC10890HSCCatapodium rigidumLeo Koch9641940-5-19 Sonoma349 Second Ave., Santa Rosa
SD00030150SDCatapodium rigidumH.M. Pollards.n.1972-6-18 Santa BarbaraIn central flower-bed of east Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
AHUC038769DAVDesmazeria rigidaBeecher Crampton5921950-6-13 AlamedaAlameda County, U.C. Berkeley campus, along Allston Way, near intersection with Dana St.
AHUC039823DAVDesmazeria rigidaBeecher Crampton19121954-5-16 ?  MontereyMontery County, Pacific Grove, around cottages.
AHUC11857DAVDesmazeria rigidaA. A. Beetle43621946-4-30 MontereyMonterey County: 5 miles east of Salinas.
AHUC12338DAVDesmazeria rigidaA. A. Beetle42881946-6-05 MontereyMonterey County: Just above Jamesburg.
AHUC12467DAVDesmazeria rigidaA. A. Beetle42221946-4-17 MontereyMonterey County: Point Lobos State Park.
AHUC20470DAVDesmazeria rigidaBeecher Crampton19121954-5-16 MontereyMonterey County: Pacific Grove.
AHUC32367DAVDesmazeria rigidaRimo Bacigalupi63651958-6-02 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Along Box hedge just south of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, on Ellsworth St. between Durant Ave. and Bancroft Way, Berkeley.
AHUC36150DAVDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1971-6-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Co.: In East Alameda Park, Micheltorena and Garden Sts.
AHUC37060DAVDesmazeria rigidaMai K. Arbegast1975-7-06 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Berkeley, 1641 Hopkins Street.
AHUC38019DAVDesmazeria rigidaL. Ahart1979-4-28 ButteButte Co.: Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
AHUC8676DAVDesmazeria rigidaLeo Koch9641940-5-19 SonomaSonoma Co.: Backyard of Hattie Residence, 349 Second St., Santa Rosa.
AHUC9924DAVDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinMarin Co.: Sausalito.
CATA1501CATADesmazeria rigidaMark L. Hoefs27101996-5-03 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Behind dorm at Wrigley Garden
CATA1619CATADesmazeria rigidaMark L. Hoefs28921998-5-02 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, by road above Wrigley Memorial
CATA1983CATADesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSCa--3471997-3-27 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, at S edge of Hermit Gulch Campground, along beginning of Hermit Gulch Trail
CATA2487CATADesmazeria rigidaMartin A. Piehl625011962-10-03 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Dry clayey soil at margin of Echo Lake
CATA3655CATADesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSca-19072003-5-5 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Campground
CDA0011630CDADesmazeria rigidaG.F. Hrusa123301995-6-18 MontereyPerry Newberry & Sterling Way in City of Canonterey Peninsula.
CDA001962CDADesmazeria rigidaW. Davis1971-5-27 San Mateo263 Cerrito Avenue, Redwood City.
CDA001963CDADesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1971-6-27 Santa BarbaraEast Alameda Park, Micheltorena & Garden Streets.
CDA001964CDADesmazeria rigidaJ.T. Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito.
CDA001965CDADesmazeria rigidaG. Willey1978-6-16 Monterey745 Boronda Road, Salinas.
CDA001966CDADesmazeria rigidaR. L. Armacost28721973-6-12 Santa BarbaraEast Alameda Plaza, Santa Barbara.
CDA001967CDADesmazeria rigidaW. Sibray1975-6-05 AlamedaUniversity of California, Berkeley; Oxford Tract, corner of Walnut Street and Hearst Avenue.
CDA0020708CDADesmazeria rigidaG.F. Hrusa168432006-5-16 MontereyCity of Carmel. Garden weed in open flower bed at corner of Perry Newberry & Sterling Way. Annual, present here for at least 20 years. Monterey Peninsula.
CDA0033895CDADesmazeria rigidaShawn PetrashPDR# 15048352008-9-15 SacramentoElk Grove; 8521 Laguna Station Rd.
CHSC31700CHSCDesmazeria rigidaL. Ahart18521979-4-28 ButteAlong a wash near the old tunnel gold mine. Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC47611CHSCDesmazeria rigidaLowell Ahart34061982-5-03 ButteAlong the sides of a wash, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 1 mile north and 2 1/2 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles south of Oroville.
CHSC49526CHSCDesmazeria rigidaVernon Oswald18321985-6-15 ButteNear N. Honcut Creek on Peter Ahart Ranch, ca. 2.75 mi ne of Honcut. T1 N R04E S11 center
DAV11204DAVDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinMarin Co.: Sausalito.
DAV12962DAVDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinMarin Co.: Sausalito.
DAV13651DAVDesmazeria rigidaLeo Koch9641940-5-19 SonomaSonoma Co.: Wood residence, 349 Second Avenue, Santa Rosa.
DAV18010DAVDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell301111954-10-20 San FranciscoSan Francisco Co.: 1356 Filbert St., San Francisco.
DAV18826DAVDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell289561953-5-08 MontereyMonterey Co.: Carmel.
DAV211862DAVDesmazeria rigidaA. M. Shapiros.n.2015-5-17 SacramentoSacramento County: Rancho Cordova. Along American River at Rosmoor Bar.
FSC0001808FSCDesmazeria rigidaJ. S.3571933-5-28 Monterey5 miles south of Point Lobos - Monterey County, California.
JEPS125842UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaDean W. Taylor179662002-4-4 Santa CruzCoastal terrace near Davenport; hillslope just E of San Vicente Creek and N of Hwy 1.
JEPS22727UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaRimo Bacigalupi63651958-6-02 Alamedajust s of St. Mark's Episcopal Church (on Ellsworth Street between Durant Avenue and Bancroft Way, Berkeley); Berkeley, Ellsworth Street
JEPS30761UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
NCC18013NCCDesmazeria rigidaKoch, Leo9641940-5-19 Sonoma349 Second St., Santa Rosa; backyard
NCC18014NCCDesmazeria rigidaHowell, John Thomas182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
OBI156378OBIDesmazeria rigidaDavid J. Keil332022015-6-12 MontereyCampus of California State University at Monterey Bay. East of 6th Avenue off 8th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues just south of Intergarrison Road
OBI156379OBIDesmazeria rigidaA.A. Beetle42221946-4-17 MontereyPoint Lobos State park
OBI156380OBIDesmazeria rigidaG.F. Hrusa123301995-6-18 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. At Perry Newberry and Sterling Way in city of Carmel
OBI156381OBIDesmazeria rigidaDavid J. Keil169451983-4-23 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz. N of the Arroyo and W of hwy 1
OBI178742OBIDesmazeria rigidaDavid J. Keil302542003-5-28 MontereyFormer base housing area of Fort Ord on outskirts of Marina
PGM1711PGMDesmazeria rigidaLind, Helen1977-5-30 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Wood Lot off Lopez Rd
PGM1762PGMDesmazeria rigidaYadon, Vern1978-5-22 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Point Pinos, Lighthouse grounds within fenced area
PGM5908PGMDesmazeria rigidaHowitt, Beatrice F12781962-5-04 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Del Monte Park, 1006 Benito Avenue
RSA0047109RSADesmazeria rigidaD. L. Banks23271999-5-27 San DiegoSanta Margarita River Valley: Canon M.A.C.S. Margarita River Road, approximately 0.75 miles west of Vandergrift Blvd.
RSA0148054RSADesmazeria rigidaDean Wm Taylor179662002-4-5 Santa CruzCoastal terrace near Davenport; hillslope just east of San Vicinte Creek and north of Highway 1.; Davenport 7.5'
RSA0169692RSADesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSCa-6561998-5-14 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. SE of Blackjack Pk.
RSA0169794RSADesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSCa-19072003-5-5 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Campground.
RSA115716RSADesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollards.n.1956-6-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
RSA151967RSADesmazeria rigidaP. H. Raven177961962-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, Middle Ranch
RSA155821RSADesmazeria rigidaP. H. Raven178261962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: near mouth of Cherry Canon
RSA187856RSADesmazeria rigidaR. F. Thorne364841966-6-01 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: site of razed St. Catherine's Hotel, N of Avalon.
RSA188348RSADesmazeria rigidaR. F. Thorne364131966-5-01 Los AngelesSanta Canon, W of Orizaba Mountains.
RSA199185RSADesmazeria rigidaR. F. Thorne376581968-5-28 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
RSA244766RSADesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollards.n.1971-6-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
RSA483433RSADesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollards.n.1967-7-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara.
RSA574279RSADesmazeria rigidaTimothy S. Ross68261993-4-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Indian Head Rock, SSW of & overlooking, Little Harbor.; Santa Catalina North 7.5
RSA598753RSADesmazeria rigidaM. A. Piehl625011962-10-3 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Echo L. [Lake].
SBBG116989SBBGDesmazeria rigidaS. A. Junak w/ M. L. HoefsSCa 15072001-5-5 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: rd to Cape Cyn ridgetop, on N side of Middle Ranch Cyn, ca. 0.5 mi from jct with Middle Cyn Rd
SBBG131673SBBGDesmazeria rigidaS. A. JunakSCa 9401999-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: head of Escondido Cyn, along Cottonwood-Black Jack Rd, 1.1 mi E of reservoir in Cottonwood Cyn, open ridgetop
SBBG131680SBBGDesmazeria rigidaS. A. JunakSCa 9481999-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood-Black Jack Rd, near small creekbed, at bird sample point 36
SBBG13713SBBGDesmazeria rigidaPeter H. Raven178261962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: near mouth of Cherry Cyn
SBBG13801SBBGDesmazeria rigidaM. A. Piehl625011962-10-03 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Echo Lake
SBBG138295SBBGDesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSCa-6561998-5-14 Los AngelesSanta Canong old roadbed SE of Blackjack Pk.
SBBG142922SBBGDesmazeria rigidaSteven A. JunakSCa-19072003-5-5 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Black Jack Campground. Disturbed flats near picnic tables.
SBBG24847SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1966-4-23 Santa BarbaraEast Victoria St near Santa Barbara St intersection, Santa Barbara
SBBG27864SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1967-7-04 Santa BarbaraGarden St between Micheltorena and Sola Streets, Santa Barbara
SBBG30050SBBGDesmazeria rigidaJ. T. Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
SBBG31100SBBGDesmazeria rigidaR. F. Thorne w/ M. Z. Thorne364131966-4-30 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Fern Cyn near stream W of Orizaba Mtn
SBBG39965SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1962-7-22 Santa BarbaraGarden St side of Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG41379SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1966-6-26 Santa BarbaraGarden Street side of Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG42426SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1971-6-17 Santa BarbaraEast Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG44986SBBGDesmazeria rigidaAlice Eastwood1936-5-06 San Luis ObispoChorro Crk
SBBG45386SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1972-6-18 Santa Barbaracentral flower-bed of E Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG89165SBBGDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1955-8-17 Santa BarbaraFox Cyn off Las Positas Rd, Santa Barbara
SBBG94029SBBGDesmazeria rigidaClifton F. Smith46741956-6-05 Santa BarbaraGarden St at Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG96307SBBGDesmazeria rigidaClifton F. Smith49241956-7-06 Santa BarbaraGarden St at Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
SD00000688SDDesmazeria rigidaJon Rebman366482020-4-30 San DiegoCanon: extreme southern portion of Base; Training Area November; north of Oceanside and the San Luis Rey River; canyon just west of Windmill Lake; on a steep northeast-facing slope
SD52956SDDesmazeria rigidaPeter H. Raven178261962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; near mouth of Cherry Canon; common under Prunus lyonii
SD69563SDDesmazeria rigidaRobert F. Thorne364841966-6-01 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; at site of razed St. Catherine's Hotel; north of Avalon
SFV115374SFVDesmazeria rigidaH. M. Pollards. n.1971-6-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara. East Alameda Park.
SJSU1201SJSUDesmazeria rigidaC.W. Sharsmith59761952-5-29 Santa Clararoadside, Alum Rock Park, E foothills of San Jose
UC1106106UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
UC1117714UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaA. A. Beetle42221946-4-17 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
UC1117726UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaA. A. Beetle42881946-6-05 Montereyjust above Jamesburg
UC1176947UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaHenry M. Pollard1956-6-05 Santa BarbaraGarden Street side of Alameda Park Alameda Park
UC1234805UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaPeter H. Raven178261962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, near mouth of Cherry Canon Cherry Canon; Santa Canon
UC1738945UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaDean W. Taylor134311993-5-05 Santa ClaraSerpentine hillside NE of dam at Almaden Reservoir
UC1871141UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaT. S. Ross, Janet Takara, M. Gay68261993-4-20 Los AngelesChannel Islands; Santa Catalina Island; Indian Head Rock, SSW of & overlooking, Little Harbor; Santa Catalina North USGS 7.5' quad; near 33 deg. 22'4 N, 118 deg. 28'4 W; elev. ca 260 ft.
UC1873011UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaDavid Keil302542003-5-28 MontereyFormer base housing area of Fort Ord on outskirts of marina.
UC579480UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaH. S. Yates65881937-6-07 AlamedaBerkeley, 2219 Channing Street Berkeley; , 2219 Channing Street
UC610750UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaEdward Lee, Herbert Mason93981935-4-20 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
UC699610UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaSwartz1944-5-30 AlamedaAt Dana street entrance to University of California Campus, Berkeley
UC710603UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
UC821355UCJEPSDesmazeria rigidaAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell22211936-5-06 San Luis ObispoChorro Creek
UCR13521UCRDesmazeria rigidaH.M. Pollards.n.1972-6-18 Santa BarbaraCentral flower-bed of east Alameda Park, city of Santa Barbara
UCR2735UCRDesmazeria rigidaF.M. Reed86891934-1-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino, Mrs. La Niece's garden
UCR67991UCRDesmazeria rigidaClifton F. Smith46741956-6-05 Santa BarbaraAbout waste place along Garden Street at Alameda Park City of Santa Barbara
UCR70885UCRDesmazeria rigidaJohn Thomas Howell182251943-6-13 MarinSausalito
UCSC100009207UCSCDesmazeria rigidaRandall Morgan50951978-5-09 Santa CruzAptos, Day Valley Rd
UCSC100009209UCSCDesmazeria rigidaRandall Morgan39472003-5-9 Santa Cruzaround mudstone outcrops, inland of Highway 1 opposite Bonny Doon Beach, south of creek
UCSC10600UCSCDesmazeria rigidaDylan M. Neubauer6412016-5-1 Santa Cruz(CCo) Coastal bluff south of Bonny Doon Beach, 0.1 air mile south-southwest of junction Highway 1 and Bonny Doon Road
UCSC5590UCSCDesmazeria rigidaRandall Morgan45462006-5-2 Santa CruzBonny Doon, Above Highway 1 just S/E of Bonny Doon Creek

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