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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        CAS-BOT192647 CAS Deschampsia danthonioides Pettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W. s.n. 1897-04-29   Ventura NULL Near Laguna
        OBI156298 OBI Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 23261 1992-06-14   Ventura NULL Los Padres National Forest. San Emigdio Mountains. Cerro Noroeste Road, 1.2 road miles southeast from Valle Vista campground.
        POM365036 RSA Deschampsia danthonioides Ralph Hoffmann s.n. 1930-06-05   Ventura NULL Lockwood Valley.
        RSA0119070 RSA Deschampsia danthonioides Pam De Vries 8148 2016-05-14   Ventura 1662 LPNFOff the Yellow Jacket Trail west of Lockwood Peak, about 1.25 air miles east of the intersection of Grade Valley Rd (Forest Road 7N03) and San Guillermo Rd (Forest Road 7N03C).; Lockwood Valley 7.5 Quad.
        RSA0406191 RSA Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 227 2019-06-05   Ventura 1018 Los Padres National Forest. Along Middle Sespe Trail from W. About 1.5 miles from trailhead.
        RSA603841 RSA Deschampsia danthonioides C. Epling 1814 1933-06-03   Ventura 2133 Chuchupate Camp W side Frazier Mt.
        SBBG114414 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides R. Burgess 4666 2001-05-26   Ventura 1158 Los Padres National Forest; Alder Crk trail, ridge NE of Cow Springs Cmpgrd
        SBBG120515 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 3879 2000-05-29   Ventura 1554 Los Padres National Forest; crk on S side of Lockwood Valley Rd, W of USFS boundary, E of mile marker 20.5, Lockwood Valley
        SBBG126668 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 7995 2008-05-25   Ventura 1716 Los Padres National Forest; Piano Box Loop Rd, 0.3 mi from Mutau Rd
        SBBG133263 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 9036 2012-04-27   Ventura 1063 Los Padres National Forest; upper Sespe Valley, Rose Valley Rd in vicinity of Hwy 33
        SBBG134414 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 10002 2015-06-05   Ventura 2085 Los Padres National Forest; Alamo Mtn area, moist swale off Little Mutau Trail ca. 0.25 mi from trailhead
        SBBG134992 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 8377 2009-05-25   Ventura 1741 Los Padres National Forest; San Guillermo Mtn area, along rocky, dry tributary to San Guillermo Creek, N of Piano Box Loop
        SBBG141479 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 7560 2007-05-27   Ventura 1043 Dick Smith Wilderness at Cuyama River crossing, Los Padres National Forest
        SBBG151211 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 10983 2018-07-30   Ventura 2533 Mount Pinos, Trail SW of Chula Vista meadow, at terminus of Mount Pinos Rd, Los Padres National Forest.
        SBBG152242 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 7017 2005-07-01   Ventura 1737 Mike Foster Bear Ponds, around margins of pond No 4 (largest pond), Los Padres National Forest.
        SBBG229401 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides NULL 4739 2001-06-23   Ventura 1615 Los Padres National Forest, vernal pool in vicinity of Apache Potrero, Cerro Noroeste Rd
        SBBG96447 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides Clifton F. Smith 4620 1956-05-30   Ventura 1310 lower Cherry Crk, S of Sespe Crk off Hwy 399
        SBBG96469 SBBG Deschampsia danthonioides Clifton F. Smith 4617 1956-05-30   Ventura 1280 Cherry Crk just S of Sespe Crk off Hwy 399
        UC149772 UCJEPS Deschampsia danthonioides H. M. Hall 6416 1905-06-24   Ventura 1584 e. base Mt. Pinos Mt. Pinos
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