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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    LA00626247LADelphinium gypsophilumHarlan Lewis860-A1952-5-02 San BenitoRoad to Idria, 8.6 miles south of Panoche Pass Rd
    OBI166422OBIDelphinium gypsophilumRobert F. Hoover105821967-5-20 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain, W side, ca 1 mi S of Calif Valley hq
    SBBG172718SBBGDelphinium gypsophilumClare B. Hardham30841958-4-29 Montereyhills western edge of Hames Valley [ca. 10 mi E of Jolon]
    SBBG172719SBBGDelphinium gypsophilumF. L. JohnsonROB05421993-5-24 San Luis Obispo2 km S of Twin Bridges, Camp Roberts
    SBBG172723SBBGDelphinium hesperiumRussell S. Woglum9951935-5-25 Montereyalong Hwy 198 between King City and Coalinga
    AHUC101902DAVDelphinium parryiBeecher Crampton14791953-6-22 TulareTulare County: Near Badger.
    AHUC101903DAVDelphinium parryiRay A. Evanss.n.1951-5-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: N section of San Timoteo Canon, just S of Redlands.
    BSCA2654BSCADelphinium parryiMerkel, Dalton (Mike)2091960-3-30 San DiegoCanon due north of Tamarisk Grove Campground.
    BSCA2659BSCADelphinium parryiFlanagan, Pat A.1979-6-08 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. Heuchera Gorge.
    BSCA2660BSCADelphinium parryiSpolsky, Anns.n.1979-6-08 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. Heuchera Gorge.
    BSCA2667BSCADelphinium parryiBostic, Dennis L.s.n.1964-7-18 San DiegoLower Doane Valley in open.
    BSCA2668BSCADelphinium parryiGros1561957-7-17 San DiegoLower Doane Valley
    CAS-BOT116307CASDelphinium parryiParish, Samuel B.22541891-6-23 San BenitoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT227717CASDelphinium parryiBlakley, E. R.57561963-5-9 VenturaCherry Canyon, first canyon northwest of Triangulation Point Camel. Anacapa Island
    CAS-BOT8719CASDelphinium parryiHardham, Clare Butterworth30841958-4-29 MontereyHills, 9.9 miles east of Jolon, Jolon-Bradley Road
    CDA0050847CDADelphinium parryiBenjamin E. Carter362001-3-10 San Luis ObispoNear the peak of the hill north of Johnson St. San Luis Obispo. Grassland, serpentine, elev 1600 ft.
    CHSC95341CHSCDelphinium parryiLeRoy Gross4372001-6-6 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains Region: north side; Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road. Down (north) the road from the crest. USGS Quadrangle: Burbank
    CLARK-A1528-3864CLARKDelphinium parryiJohn C. Roos26071943-4-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
    CLARK-A1528-3865CLARKDelphinium parryiJohn C. Roos14151937-5-02 RiversideLa Sierra
    CLARK-A1528-3866CLARKDelphinium parryiJohn C. Roos56141952-5-07 RiversideBox Springs Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-783CLARKDelphinium parryiC. M. FlanaganOO 6071973-5-31 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation
    CSLA013983CSLADelphinium parryiJames Henrickson106741973-6-10 San DiegoCity of Del Mar in Crest Canon at junction of Del Mar Heights and Crest Dr.
    CSLA013985CSLADelphinium parryiBrian C. Miller7761967-6-11 Los AngelesAngeles Forest, San Gabriel Canon, Hwy 39, 3 mi. above Rincon
    CSLA013987CSLADelphinium parryiJames Henrickson32481969-5-16 Riverside6 miles W. of Murrieta on Santa Rosa Plateau, 1/2 mile N. of Tenaja Campground
    CSLA013988CSLADelphinium parryiBrian C. Miller7761967-6-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon, Highway 39, 3 miles above Rincon
    CSLA013992CSLADelphinium parryiSteven P. Lynch861969-4-24 San Luis ObispoFish Ranch Rd., one mile south of Santa Margarita off highway 101
    CSUSB90383CSUSBDelphinium parryiRoy W. Martin780525-221978-5-25 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90433CSUSBDelphinium parryiRoy W. Martin760519-61976-5-19 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB93126CSUSBDelphinium parryiR.C. Smith1973-5-17 San BernardinoGreenspot -- Highway 38
    DAV153615DAVDelphinium parryiMarc Meyer71995-3-26 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Carrizo Plain; 2 W. of Soda Lake Rd.; 2 N. of Simmler Rd.
    DAV312251DAVDelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders261722003-4-29 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Western San Gabriel Mtns.: Castaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Rd.
    DAV312252DAVDelphinium parryiClifton F. Smith19551947-4-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Along Rattlesnake Canon Trail, Santa Barbara.
    DAV312253DAVDelphinium parryiJ. M. Tucker27351954-6-16 San DiegoSan Diego County: Sand Creek, between vicinity of junction of road to Rancho Alegria with road around north end of El Capitan Lake, and the air strip ca. 1 mi. south of this junction.
    DAV312254DAVDelphinium parryiErnest C. Twisselmann71681962-5-17 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Goldtree Hills, about 0.5 mile south of Grant's Lake.
    DAV312255DAVDelphinium parryiErnest C. Twisselmann71911962-5-25 VenturaVentura Co.: Quatal Canon at the Mathews Ranch, Shandon.
    DAV312256DAVDelphinium parryiR. N. Raynors.n.1938-6-20 RiversideRiverside Co.: Coahuila.
    DAV312257DAVDelphinium parryiGordon J. Pilone2361962-6-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Cucamonga Canon. San Gabriel Mountain range.
    DAV312258DAVDelphinium parryiGordon J. Pilone1761962-4-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 2 miles north of Highland Ave. in Fontana. San Gabriel Mountain range.
    DAV312259DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewiss.n.1941-5-24 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Pozo.
    DAV312260DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewiss.n.1941-5-08 San BenitoSan Benito County: State Highway #25, .4 miles north of road to Pinnacles Nat. Mon.
    DAV312261DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewiss.n.1941-7-07 RiversideRiverside County: Lake Hemet.
    DAV312262DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewiss.n.1941-5-07 VenturaVentura County: U.S. Highway #399, 1 mile W. of road to Ojai.
    DAV312263DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewiss.n.1941-3-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 5 miles east of Redlands.
    DAV312264DAVDelphinium parryiDaryl Koutnik4381978-4-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Cornell Corners, south of Agoura Road on Cornell Road.
    DAV312265DAVDelphinium parryiC.H. Lamoureux12601957-5-19 Stanislaus5 miles from Del Puerto Road on road to top of Mt. Oso.
    DAV312266DAVDelphinium parryiG. K. Helmkamp84812004-4-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: San Rafael Mountains: Pintado Creek, 8.5 N of Los Olivos along Figeroa Mtn Rd.
    DAV312267DAVDelphinium parryiD. C. Finfrock371950-4-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 1.5 miles east of Mentone.
    DAV312268DAVDelphinium parryiGerald Dickinson271962-4-24 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: 1 W. Old Topanga Canon Rd - Mulholland. Santa Monica Mountains.
    DAV312269DAVDelphinium parryiJanet Browder181973-4-28 San BenitoCALIFORNIA: San Benito CO. New Idria Road, 20 miles north of New Idria.
    DAV312270DAVDelphinium parryiDorothy Buell121992-4-20 San Diego1.5 km north of Highway 80 and 2 km west of Ribbonwood Road. Growing up in other subshrubs in sandy topsoil, dry conditions, and full sun in chaparral with Eriogonum dominant. Caulescent perennial, 35 cm tall, with fibrous roots and purple flowers. Common.
    DAV328690DAVDelphinium parryiH. Lewis4341941-5-07 FresnoFresno County: State Highway #198, 8 miles W. of Coalinga.
    FSC0009250FSCDelphinium parryiH. Lewis1941-5-07 FresnoState Hiway #198, 5 miles W. of Coalinga, Fresno County, California.
    FSC0009251FSCDelphinium parryiH. Lewis6611946-8-07 San Luis Obispo1.5 miles south of Klaw, San Luis Obispo County
    FSC0009252FSCDelphinium parryiWinton H. Frey68-0321968-3-10 San Luis ObispoFound on O'conner Road south of San Luis Obispo. Elevation: 300 feet.
    FSC0009253FSCDelphinium parryiL.M. Moa651121965-3-20 San Luis ObispoCollected along Highway 1, 3 miles north of the Santa Barbara County line.
    FSC0009254FSCDelphinium parryiDan Richards680501968-3-26 San Luis ObispoCollected just below the intersection of highway I and 5th street in Grover City, California.
    HSC206869HSCDelphinium parryiJames Henrickson106741973-6-10 San DiegoCity of Del Mar in Crest Canon at junction of Del Mar Heights and Crest Dr.
    HSC206872HSCDelphinium parryiW.S. Piercesn1963-6-16 San Luis ObispoHwy. 466, 5 W of Atascadero.
    HSC206873HSCDelphinium parryiDavid Portersn1965-5-14 Los AngelesAlong Mulholland Hwy., 1 W of Canon Rd.
    HSC206874HSCDelphinium parryiD.R. Stover251965-4-10 VenturaMatilja Canon 3 W of Hwy. 399
    HSC206875HSCDelphinium parryiP. Markle54A1960-6-1 VenturaFoster Park
    HSC206876HSCDelphinium parryiShogo Yamaguchisn1944-4-1 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts
    HSC206877HSCDelphinium parryiH. Lewissn1941-5-07 VenturaHwy. 399, 1.0 W of rd. to Ojai
    HSC206878HSCDelphinium parryiD. Connell321965-4-10 VenturaMatilija Canon Rd.
    HSC206879HSCDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd17121986-4-19 RiversideTemescal Canon: flats at SE end of Alberhill Mtn.
    IRVC17944IRVCDelphinium parryiKarlin G. Marshs.n.1980-5-13 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Adjacent to Arroyo Trabuco, a short distance, about 0.25 miles downstream from Gate & caretaker house.
    IRVC18332IRVCDelphinium parryiGail A. Bakers.n.1975-5-21 San DiegoSan Diego County: Lemon Grove, Egert & 60th Streets.
    IRVC22066IRVCDelphinium parryiFred M. Roberts9021983-3-10 OrangeDana Point Headlands: 0.9 W Dana Point Harbor; 1.1km SW Richard Henry Dana School
    IRVC24908IRVCDelphinium parryiFred M. Roberts29841986-6-06 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: Main Divide Truck Trail, Upper Tin Mine Canon, 3.3km SSE Sierra Park.
    IRVC26966IRVCDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders260902003-4-28 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, east of the filtration plant and Lake Hughes Rd., north of Charlie Canon
    IRVC27803IRVCDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders297502005-4-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area; S of Plum Cyn at end of Canon Crest Dr, NW of mouth of Mint Cyn.
    IRVC30617IRVCDelphinium parryiMark A. Elvin25022003-5-1 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Castaic Mesas; ca 1.5km ESE of Castaic Lagoon, N face of Charlie Canon.
    IRVC3192IRVCDelphinium parryiTony Prices.n.1965-4-24 RiversideHighway 74, 1/4 mile southeast of Keen Camp.
    IRVC3194IRVCDelphinium parryiRobin Hobsons.n.1965-5-07 RiversideRailroad Canon
    IRVC3196IRVCDelphinium parryiJohn Schrams.n.1965-4-10 Santa BarbaraParadise
    IRVC3198IRVCDelphinium parryiR.H. WhittakerSJ-621963-5-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet. Slope SE-18 degrees concave. Deep sandy loam soil, dissected, occ. granite boulders.
    IRVC3950IRVCDelphinium parryiD. W. Goodalls.n.1967-6-03 VenturaLockwood Valley Road; Los Padres National Forest.
    IRVC8515IRVCDelphinium parryiP. W. Rundel12771964-5-02 Kern6 mi west of Alta Sierra. Greenhorn mountain range. San Joaquin drainage area. Hum-gran soil. Oak woodland vegatation type. South slope. Altitude stunted.
    JEPS5521UCJEPSDelphinium parryiWillis L. Jepson14291901-5-17 RiversideVan Deventer's Ranch San Jacinto Mts.
    JEPS5523UCJEPSDelphinium parryiS. B. Parish20341888-5-20 San BernardinoSlover Mt.
    JEPS5649UCJEPSDelphinium parryiWillis L. Jepson118821927-4-19 San Diegomesa headlands on the ocean La Jolla
    JEPS5698UCJEPSDelphinium parryiWillis L. Jepson27361907-5-13 FresnoSan Carlos Creek, San Carlos Range
    JEPS5902UCJEPSDelphinium parryiFrank Peirson481918-6-01 Los Angelesfoothills e Rubio Canon (n base of mts., back and slightly e of Altadena); San Gabriel Mountains
    JEPS5903UCJEPSDelphinium parryiWillis L. Jepson12211901-5-17 RiversideRiverside
    JEPS5905UCJEPSDelphinium parryiWillis L. Jepson26541907-5-10 San BenitoWarthan Creek San Carlos Range
    JEPS86587UCJEPSDelphinium parryiL. R. Heckard, Jim Hickman66521987-4-11 San Luis Obisposlopes to s side of arroyo 0.5 mi back from ocean (n of San Simeon); Arroyo de la Cruz
    JEPS93702UCJEPSDelphinium parryiE. R. Blakley48921962-3-31 Venturain canyon on n. side of Middle Isl. (Anacapa Isl.); Channel Isl.'s, Anacapa Isl.
    LA00626836LADelphinium parryiPaul F. Covel1937-4-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borego [Borrego] State Park.
    LA00630075LADelphinium parryiP. C. Everett68711935-5-19 OrangeSanta Ana Mts, Baker Canon, West Ladd Truck Trail
    LA00630077LADelphinium parryiGracia L. Jenks9881911-5-30 San DiegoMt. Soledad, La Jolla
    LA00630080LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1941-7-07 RiversideLake Hemet
    LA00630083LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1941-7-07 RiversideLake Hemet
    LA00630084LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1941-5-07 VenturaState hiway #150, 6.4 miles NW of Santa Paula City limits
    LA00630086LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1943-6-10 San Bernardino.5 mile below Dutch John's on City Creek Road, on road to Big Bear Lake
    LA00630089LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis7961949-5-14 Santa Barbara1.8 miles south of Red Rock Mine, San Rafael Mts.
    LA00630091LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1941-5-07 VenturaU.S. #399, 1 mile west of road to Ojai
    LA00630093LADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis1941-5-07 VenturaVentura County: U.S. Highway #399, 1 mile W. of road to Ojai.
    LA00630096LADelphinium parryiNorman C. Cooper11051944-4-22 RiversideBanning
    LA00630098LADelphinium parryiLincoln Constance25861940-5-04 UnknownCalifornia Inner Coast Ranges. Western Merced County. Ortigalita Valley, 1 mile north of Ortigalita Peak.
    LA212069LADelphinium parryiTarja Sagars.n.2015-3-13 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu Wilderness
    LA212172LADelphinium parryiJim R. Shevock14071972-3-19 Santa BarbaraTransverse Ranges; Santa Ynez Mountains; Santa Cruz Trail, Oso Creek
    LA212286LADelphinium parryiCarol Hainess.n.1964-5-23 Los Angeles1 miles from beginning of Old Ridge Route
    LA212855LADelphinium parryiTarja Sagars.n.2015-3-13 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu Wilderness
    LA326900LADelphinium parryiC. Eplings.n.1935-6-27 San DiegoDescanso junction
    LA52183LADelphinium parryiO.A. Plunkett521831926-4-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park; unspecific
    LOB115382LOBDelphinium parryiRupa Kamboj92011-4-9 RiversideCleveland National Forest.
    LOB115384LOBDelphinium parryiD. Burke751972-3-15 Riverside1.5 miles west of Yucca Valley on Hwy. 61.
    LOB115385LOBDelphinium parryiR. A. Paneros.n.1935-4-21 VenturaMatilija Canon
    LOB115386LOBDelphinium parryiR. S. Woglum18021938-5-29 San DiegoLake Henshaw; on road starting up toward Palomar.
    LOB115387LOBDelphinium parryiP.C. Baker56281966-4-28 RiversideRoad from Murrieta to De Luz, then back to Murrieta via Tenaja Station.
    LOB115389LOBDelphinium parryiV. C. Bleich1221970-5-31 KernFreeman Canon at Walker Pass
    LOB115391LOBDelphinium parryiWilliam F. Dodson2061970-5-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., 1.8 miles southeast of mountain Center on California 74, south facing slope.
    LOB115392LOBDelphinium parryiF. DeVito531970-5-07 RiversideSanta Ana Mtns. Wardlow Wash, 1 mile south, route 91/71 intersection, near Corona
    LOB115393LOBDelphinium parryiG. E. Orr1973-4-28 San Bernardino2 mi. SE of Lucerne Valley
    LOB17560LOBDelphinium parryiKim Nguyen102009-4-11 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74) near candy store
    MACF032345MACFDelphinium parryiJ. Evan22401930-5-30 Los AngelesAbove Lake Hollywood, Santa Monica Mountains
    MACF032346MACFDelphinium parryiFay A. MacFadden26351931-4-22 Los AngelesSan Francisquito Canon.
    MACF032347MACFDelphinium parryiLouis C. Wheeler6741932-5-01 Los Angeles3 N Claremont.
    MACF032348MACFDelphinium parryiFay A. McFadden16001929-6-06 Los AngelesTuna Canon
    MACF032349MACFDelphinium parryiFay A. McFadden15881933-5-17 Los AngelesPicture Canon
    MACF032350MACFDelphinium parryiRobert L. Dressler8111949-5-08 Riverside6 miles southwest of Perris.
    MACF032351MACFDelphinium parryiRobert L. Dressler8111949-5-08 Riverside6 mi southwest of Parris
    MACF032352MACFDelphinium parryiE. R. Blakley34131960-5-18 Santa BarbaraFine Corral Potrero
    MACF032353MACFDelphinium parryiE. R. Chandler6601962-4-27 VenturaNear Lion Cyn Public Camp area at the jct of Sespe Crk and Lion Crk; 34.5615 -119.1644
    MACF032354MACFDelphinium parryiT. Pringle931966-4-27 RiversideIn Railroad Canon by Railroad Canon Lake.
    MACF032356MACFDelphinium parryiS. R. Ganley2501971-3-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains
    MACF032358MACFDelphinium parryiLarry J. Colin14-4-C1971-5-08 MontereyAbout 25 miles from Lockwood headed west on G14.
    MACF032359MACFDelphinium parryiS. R. Ganley8761971-5-13 Los AngelesMulholand Drive, Santa Monica Mountains
    MACF032361MACFDelphinium parryiDaniel Taylor1976-5-16 Los Angeles
    MACF032363MACFDelphinium parryiJohn Little17111976-6-17 OrangeMid Crow Canon
    MACF032364MACFDelphinium parryiDaniel Taylor1976-5-16 Los AngelesVogel Flats
    MACF032366MACFDelphinium parryiElizabeth Powell1978-5-13 Monterey13.2 Miles west of Jolon on Nacimiento- Furgusson Rd.
    MACF032367MACFDelphinium parryiElizabeth Powell1978-5-13 Monterey13.2 Miles west of Jolon on Nacimiento- Furgusson Rd.
    MACF032368MACFDelphinium parryiB. Petroff1982-5-15 MontereyLos Padres Nat. Forest. Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd.
    MACF032369MACFDelphinium parryiVicki L. Schaaf1984-5-12 Monterey1/2 mile east of Ponderosa Campground, on the Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd. Los Padres Nat'l Forest.
    MACF032370MACFDelphinium parryiGary Sampson85-4221985-5-14 San BernardinoLower Aliso Canon.
    MACF032371MACFDelphinium parryiS. DeSimone7821986-5-08 OrangeCollected at Starr Ranch Sanctuary.
    MACF032372MACFDelphinium parryiChan Phommasaysy1949-5-14 Monterey15.5 miles from PCH on Naciemento-Ferguson Rd., Los Padres National Forest
    OBI148323OBIDelphinium parryiDirk Walterss.n.1980-5-19 San Luis ObispoAlong highway 58 1/2 to 1 mi. East of junction with Park Hill Road. Canon before Canon
    OBI166132OBIDelphinium parryiDavid Keil340962016-5-3 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
    OBI166248OBIDelphinium parryiMatt Hatchs.n.2011-5-1 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range. Irish Hills Nature Reserve.
    OBI166265OBIDelphinium parryiMichael Walgren4392015-2-20 San Luis Obispohills behing Del Mar Park in northern Morro Bay
    OBI166273OBIDelphinium parryiMichael Walgren4382015-2-24 San Luis Obispodevelopment at the western terminus of Teresa Rd. in teh City of Morro Bay. Located north of Huighway One near teh intersection of South Bat Boulevard and Highway One
    OBI166281OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil309842011-3-22 San Luis ObispoUpper eastern slope of Santa Lucia Mountains. Tributary of Tassajara Canon north of San Luis Obispo.
    OBI166282OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil310192011-5-12 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range. Irish Hills. Madonna - Twisselmann Ranch, accessed from Prefumo Canon Road.
    OBI166294OBIDelphinium parryiClifton F. Smith124401993-5-27 Santa BarbaraAlong dirt rd to Dabney Cabin from Davy Brown, in cyn E of Zaca lake and below catway, ca 1.5 mi from locked gate
    OBI166323OBIDelphinium parryiKaris Russell62015-4-28 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills, take Sterling Land and hike into surrounding hills. Sample taken from Northeast-facing slope.
    OBI166324OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil316872013-5-2 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo. Upper Alamo Creek drainage. Hike from 35.178659 ° , -120.196577 ° to 35.16639227 ° , -120.1875824 °
    OBI166325OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil312492012-4-7 San Luis ObispoShell Creek Road north of Highway 58
    OBI166326OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil316072013-5-2 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo. Upper Salinas River valley along Avenales Ranch Road
    OBI166336OBIDelphinium parryiDavid Keil348172017-5-19 San Luis ObispoEastern slope of Santa Lucia Range south of Nacimiento Lake on eastern flank of Cypress Mt. Along Cypress Mt. Drive 1.4 miles SW of intersection with Klau Mine Rd
    OBI166349OBIDelphinium parryiNancy E. Arnold2861981-5-10 San Luis Obispo7.6 miles NE of Santa Margarita, Calif Cyn, N end of La Panza Mtns.; near ravine
    OBI166354OBIDelphinium parryiJason Dart3312009-5-26 San Luis ObispoAdelaida Road ~600 feet east of Hidden Mountain Road
    OBI166365OBIDelphinium parryiRobert L. Allen2861981-5-10 San Luis Obispo7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf Cyn, N end of La Panza Mts. Base of N facing slope, near ravine
    OBI166367OBIDelphinium parryiMatthew Arterburn311997-4-08 San Luis Obispo1.3 mi on Red Hill Rd off hwy 58
    OBI166369OBIDelphinium parryiMatthew Arterburn711997-4-28 San Luis ObispoFris Camp near Black mtn, La Panza Range
    OBI166371OBIDelphinium parryiJenner Whitt402003-4-14 San Luis ObispoBurn on Hwy 58 1 mi E of jctn 229. Area burned in JUl 2002
    OBI166372OBIDelphinium parryiKyle R. Weichert492015-4-30 San Luis ObispoOak Shores, north of Lake Nacimiento.
    OBI166391OBIDelphinium parryiDavid Keil346982017-5-12 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch Road at eastern base of Garcia Range near intersection of two creeks
    OBI166420OBIDelphinium parryiDavid Keil273701998-5-20 San Luis Obispo20 mi. E of junction with Tepusquet Canon Road on Hwy 166.
    OBI166421OBIDelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil273701998-5-20 San Luis Obispo20 mi. E of junction with Tepusquet Canon Road on Hwy 166.
    OBI171531OBIDelphinium parryiMatt Ritter2012-5-6 San Luis ObispoSinton Ranch, Shell Creek Road
    PASA2532PASADelphinium parryi1922-5-18 RiversideRoad south of Lake Elsinore
    PASA2533PASADelphinium parryiFrank W. Peirson1923-3-27 San DiegoImperial Beach
    PASA2534PASADelphinium parryiLoletta Hiebert1923-3-27 Los AngelesFlintridge
    PASA2535PASADelphinium parryiStason1930-5-01 San DiegoNear St. John's Grade
    PASA2536PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason1930-5-1 San Luis ObispoNear Hauasna School
    PASA2537PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason1932-4-16 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley
    PASA2538PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason1932-5-01 San Luis Obisponear Simmler
    PASA2539PASADelphinium parryiSally Ellis1940-4-16 Los AngelesClaremont
    PASA2553PASADelphinium parryiFrank W. Peirson30511922-5-18 RiversideRoad south of Lake Elsinore
    PASA2554PASADelphinium parryiFrank W. Peirson34061923-3-27 San DiegoImperial Beach
    PASA2555PASADelphinium parryiLoletta Hiebert1923-3-27 Los AngelesFlintridge
    PASA2556PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason1923-3-27 San DiegoNear St. John's grade
    PASA2557PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason3141923-3-27 ?  San Luis ObispoNear Huasna school
    PASA2558PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason1932-4-16 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley
    PASA2559PASADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason3281932-5-1 ?  San Luis Obisponear Simmler
    PASA2560PASADelphinium parryiSally Ellis1940-4-16 Los AngelesClaremont
    PGM4885PGMDelphinium parryiYadon, Vern2001-5-21 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Hames Valley along Jolon Rd, N end of H Valley (just W of) toward Jolon
    POM100721RSADelphinium parryiMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-5-05 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
    POM121821RSADelphinium parryiMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-4-26 Los AngelesMalibu Hills. [Santa Monica Mountains]
    POM123104RSADelphinium parryiH. E. Hasses.n.1890-5-1 Los AngelesFoothills, Sierra Santa Monica.
    POM147680RSADelphinium parryiMarcus E. Joness.n.1927-5-29 Los AngelesIsthmus, Catalina Island.
    POM148RSADelphinium parryiJ. F. Illingworths.n.1898-6-1 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM150RSADelphinium parryiS. B. Parish114061917-6-14 San BernardinoWaterman Canon, San Bernardino Mountains.
    POM151RSADelphinium parryiCaroline S. Weinlands.n.1940-7-12 Los AngelesPomona College Canont.
    POM154RSADelphinium parryiH. M. Hall75161907-5-22 Santa BarbaraMono Creek
    POM155RSADelphinium parryiHarry Lowes.n.1903-5-13 Los AngelesCollected near Pasadena
    POM155574RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkle18481928-4-11 Los AngelesEmerald Bay, Santa Catalina Island.
    POM155660RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkle19451928-5-13 Los AngelesCoach Road
    POM156RSADelphinium parryiP. A. Munz22551918-5-16 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM175185RSADelphinium parryiP. A. Munz114451929-5-17 Santa Barbara6 miles east of Lompoc. Cuyama Valley
    POM175558RSADelphinium parryiF. R. Fosbergs-48631931-5-14 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
    POM178057RSADelphinium parryiJoseph A. Ewan42161931-5-16 Los AngelesWest Fork Garapito Creek.
    POM179297RSADelphinium parryiRalph Hoffmann1291930-12-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
    POM199533RSADelphinium parryiI. W. Clokey45551929-5-1 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
    POM200998RSADelphinium parryiI. W. Clokey49361930-5-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
    POM202190RSADelphinium parryiP. A. Munz131861934-5-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek, north of Wheeler Hot Springs
    POM209283RSADelphinium parryiFrank W. Johnsons.n.1910-3-07 Los AngelesMonrrovia
    POM219979RSADelphinium parryiF. R. Fosberg81081932-5-05 Los Angelesn. [north of?] Avalon, Santa Catalina Island
    POM220069RSADelphinium parryiF. R. Fosberg81201932-5-05 Los AngelesCanon above Villa Park, Avalon.
    POM220085RSADelphinium parryiF. R. Fosberg81301932-5-06 Los AngelesBig Wash Canon, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.
    POM230597RSADelphinium parryiI. W. Clokey66221935-6-05 San BernardinoSawpit Canon, San Bernardino Mountains.
    POM258800RSADelphinium parryiFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-5-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
    POM305417RSADelphinium parryiHenry J. Ramsey6361938-5-04 RiversideElsinore
    POM316456RSADelphinium parryiGordon Pilone5051962-6-24 Los Angeles1 mile W of Topanga Canon Road on [Robinson?] Road
    POM366RSADelphinium parryiC. F. Baker52931909-4-19 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM367RSADelphinium parryiO. W. Robinsons.n.1916-4-18 San BernardinoCucamonga Canon.
    POM50516RSADelphinium parryiA. D. E. Elmer38261902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains.
    POM50901RSADelphinium parryiA. D. E. Elmer38941902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    POM6343RSADelphinium parryiM. Durants.n.1918-5-15 Los AngelesClaremont.
    PUA17818PUADelphinium parryiH. Lewis1941-7-07 RiversideLocal landmark: Lake Hemet. Idyllwild Quad.
    RSA0016903RSADelphinium parryiShogo Yamaguchis.n.1941-4-1 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts
    RSA0028783RSADelphinium parryiM. Wall721993-5-19 RiversideSage Rd, 4.6 mi S of Red Mtn Rd SE of Hemet. Associated plants include Adenotstoma fasciculatum, Eriogonum fasciculatum, Collinsia concolor, and exotic grasses.
    RSA0034913RSADelphinium parryiW. M. Arbaugh1631968-4-04 San Luis ObispoPerfumo Canon.
    RSA0034988RSADelphinium parryiLee Hainess.n.1935-7-04 Los AngelesLittle Dalton Canon, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA0045485RSADelphinium parryiPaul M. Inman51583-61983-5-15 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon in the Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, about 1 mile north of Arcadia, near first weir above Hoegee's Canon Winter Creek trail.
    RSA0053747RSADelphinium parryiDuncan S. Bell10772010-5-21 San BernardinoPioneertown Mountains Preserve; Sawtooth Mountains; just to the west of Chaparrosa Wash, approximately 1.4 air miles southwest of Pioneertown.
    RSA0159398RSADelphinium parryiEdward F. Anderson22381960 San DiegoFallbrooks (near Clark's).
    RSA0161419RSADelphinium parryiJustin M. Wood17162010-5-14 San DiegoDameron Valley: East side of Hwy 79, 0.6 miles south of Riverside/San Diego county line, +/- 3.0 miles NW of Oak Grove.; Aguanga Quad.
    RSA0168421RSADelphinium parryiDuncan S. Bell105872017-4-24 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSand to Snow National Monument; San Gorgonio Wilderness area; collecting in the East Branch of Millard Canon, approximately 0.8 air miles northwest of the summit of Kitching Peak.; San Gorgonio Mountain
    RSA0193404RSADelphinium parryiR. G. Swinney28401994-4-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora Wilderness Park, jct. Lower Monroe Mtwy & Mystic Canon Trail.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0279337RSADelphinium parryiDavid Morledge790611979-5-19 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground on Santa Margarita Rd. about 7 miles west of Hwy #58.
    RSA0326727RSADelphinium parryiPaul H. Woods.n.1941-4-04 Los AngelesTurnbull Canon.
    RSA109986RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls222571956-10-31 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden.
    RSA11306RSADelphinium parryiFay A. MacFadden16001929-6-06 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon.
    RSA113903RSADelphinium parryiG. R. Campbell215011955-12-06 San DiegoBotanic Garden.
    RSA122693RSADelphinium parryiH. C. Lee9451937-5-14 San Luis Obispo1 mile W of Dry Creek School, Paso Robles.
    RSA122695RSADelphinium parryiN. K. Carlson1881936-3-20 San Luis Obispo2 miles E of Islay Hill, Arroyo Grande; Arroyo Grande
    RSA122774RSADelphinium parryiC. M. Belshaw17291936-3-25 San Luis Obispo3.6 miles ENE of Valencia Peak, Cayucos.
    RSA12912RSADelphinium parryiCarl B. Wolf63021935-4-07 Riverside2 mi. SW of Perris.
    RSA131040RSADelphinium parryiPercy C. Everett238331959-6-02 Los Angeles1 NE of entrance to Stokes Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
    RSA131755RSADelphinium parryiE. R. Blakley31561960-4-09 Santa Barbarasmall cliff on side of Cherry Canon, north side of Black Mountain. Santa Rosa Island.
    RSA13191RSADelphinium parryiE. R. Johnson67591935-5-05 RiversideGavilan Hills, Cajalco District. North Side of Carob Ranch.
    RSA131992RSADelphinium parryiGale Sphon3561959-6-06 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground, Los Padres National Forest.
    RSA132181RSADelphinium parryiFranklin Beylik471958-5-11 MercedOrtegalita Crk. 7 mi. from junction of main secondary Rd. Ca. 3 North of Ortegalita Peak.
    RSA135131RSADelphinium parryiPeter H. Ravens.n.1960-4-24 VenturaWest end of the Santa Rosa Valley, north of Conejo Grade.
    RSA140521RSADelphinium parryiClare B. Hardham35781958-6-07 MontereyRooster Creek, headwaters of Arroyo Seco.
    RSA140522RSADelphinium parryiClare B. Hardham35271958-6-03 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo: Chimney Rock Ranch, road to Adelaida
    RSA145567RSADelphinium parryiE. R. Blakley34131960-5-18 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero
    RSA148102RSADelphinium parryiG. Ledyard Stebbins39691949-5-08 Santa BarbaraArroyo del Puerto 7-8 miles west of Patterson.
    RSA148105RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewis632A1946-6-04 San BernardinoHorse Thief Canon Road, 2.9 miles West of Canon Summit (Railroad)
    RSA148124RSADelphinium parryiA. Lewis6221946-5-07 FresnoHernandez- Coaluega Road. .5 mi east of Fresno County Road Camp
    RSA149628RSADelphinium parryiG. Mehlquist4341941-5-07 FresnoState highway #198, 8 miles West of Coalinga
    RSA149650RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-5-24 San Luis ObispoPozo, San Luis Obispo Co.
    RSA149651RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-5-08 San Benito0.4 mi north of the road to the Pinnacle.
    RSA149654RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1943-6-10 San BernardinoAbout .5 mile below Dutch John's on City Creek Road, on road to Big Bear Lake
    RSA149655RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-5-07 VenturaState Highway #150, 6.4 miles N.W. of Santa Paula City limits
    RSA149663RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-5-07 VenturaU. S. Highway #399, 1 mile W. of road to Ojai
    RSA149673RSADelphinium parryiHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-3-30 San BernardinoZanja at Mentone. 5 miles east of Redlands.
    RSA15337RSADelphinium parryiCarl B. Wolfs.n.1926-4-1 Los AngelesOccidental College Campus, Eagle Rock
    RSA1574RSADelphinium parryiStark9701928-3-19 San BernardinoDevil's Canon, San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA161121RSADelphinium parryiPeter H. Raven178201962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, above Emerald Bay.
    RSA16371RSADelphinium parryiPercy C. Everett71601935-6-17 RiversideColdwater Canon Trail to Santiago Peak., 2 miles above Glen Ivy Resort.
    RSA163770RSADelphinium parryiClare B. Hardham107901963-6-14 MontereyParkfield Mountain
    RSA16419RSADelphinium parryiPercy C. Everett68711935-5-19 OrangeSanta Ana Mts, Baker Canon, W Ladd Truck Trail
    RSA165554RSADelphinium parryiClare B. Hardham107171963-6-06 MontereyInatersection Jolon-Bradley Road 101 Nacimiento Dam Road.
    RSA176916RSADelphinium parryiD. E. Breedlove28611962-5-16 Santa Barbarain Canon west side of Portezuela Grade, 3.4 miles east of Christy Ranch; Santa Cruz Island.
    RSA177857RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne344601965-5-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: N slope of Black Jack Mountain
    RSA180502RSADelphinium parryiE. W. Lathrops.n.1960-5-27 Riverside6 miles west of Murrieta.
    RSA187960RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne1879601966-4-30 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; mouth of Gallagher's Canon.
    RSA188303RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne365311966-6-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Hay Press area
    RSA199194RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne376451968-5-27 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
    RSA199195RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne376451968-5-27 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
    RSA213229RSADelphinium parryiReid V. Moran7141941-3-16 VenturaNear Old Sheep Ranch, Middle Anacapa Island.
    RSA261672RSADelphinium parryiS. B. Parishs.n.1891-6-23 San BernardinoFoothill of San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA278308RSADelphinium parryiC. W. Tilforth18051979-5-23 RiversideMurrieta-DeLuz Rd., ca. 2 air miles south of Murrieta.
    RSA295270RSADelphinium parryiR. S. Woglum1161936-4-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Queva Valdez
    RSA299RSADelphinium parryiJ. T. Howell9661928-5-12 OrangeRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    RSA304850RSADelphinium parryiJames R. Shevock13151949-4-13 OrangeNewport Beach Bay.
    RSA304858RSADelphinium parryiJames R. Shevock14071972-3-19 Santa BarbaraOso Creek, Santa Inez Mts.
    RSA305585RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne525611979-4-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Christi Canon E of Christi Ranch.
    RSA306296RSADelphinium parryiHenry J. Ramsey13601937-5-21 San BernardinoNorth of Fontana.
    RSA342261RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne321751963-6-08 San Luis Obispo6 miles NW of Bradley on road to Jolon
    RSA343878RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne606681985-5-18 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: at edge of Cleveland National Forest.
    RSA35002RSADelphinium parryiH. M. Pollards.n.1946-4-12 Venturameadow near Calif. Prep School
    RSA3517RSADelphinium parryiCarl B. Wolf34601932-5-09 Los AngelesAt junction of Skyline Drive and Pebbly Beach Road. Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA356748RSADelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne455141973-5-23 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: N side of Mesa de Colorado. Santa Ana Mountains
    RSA387359RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd17121986-4-19 RiversideTemescal Canon Temescal Canon: flats at SE end of Alberhill Mtn.
    RSA392969RSADelphinium parryiRalph Hoffmanns.n.1931-4-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. S of main ranch.
    RSA393777RSADelphinium parryiS. B. Parishs.n.1891-5-1 San BernardinoPlains near Colton.
    RSA395725RSADelphinium parryiThekla Mohr17861969-5-12 Los AngelesSierra Madre.
    RSA395914RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd17661986-4-22 RiversideTemescal Canon: Stable alluvial benches of Indian wash just south of I-15.
    RSA398266RSADelphinium parryiH. M. Pollards.n.1969-5-28 VenturaEDGE of Ventura River-bluff, Santa Ana Boulevard, Oak View
    RSA398525RSADelphinium parryiN. C. Cooper13541944-6-04 OrangeSan Juan Canon, lower camp ground.
    RSA398528RSADelphinium parryiDonald Andersons.n.1931-4-20 KernSalt Creek Canon.
    RSA398530RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidson27831913-7-1 InyoBishop Creek.
    RSA398531RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidson23671910-4-25 InyoHaiwee.
    RSA398541RSADelphinium parryiUra J. Jensen151949-5-28 San Bernardino2 W [of] Crestline.
    RSA398542RSADelphinium parryiUra J. Jensen221949-5-28 San BernardinoCrestline, open Mt. side So. exposure.
    RSA398706RSADelphinium parryiR. J. Smiths.n.1934-5-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island.
    RSA398707RSADelphinium parryiG. I. Moiley5931919-5-06 Los AngelesCatalina Island.
    RSA398708RSADelphinium parryiG. R. Johnstone189771934-5-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Is. Descanso Canon.
    RSA398709RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkles.n.1928-4-11 Los AngelesEmerald Bay, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA398710RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkles.n.1931-4-22 Los AngelesAvalon Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA398711RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkles.n.1928-5-13 Los AngelesSanta Canong Coach Road.
    RSA398712RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkles.n.1931-4-22 Los AngelesAvalon Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA398713RSADelphinium parryiM. B. Dunkle29681932-5-28 Los AngelesWhite's Landing, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA398714RSADelphinium parryiReid V. Moran6671941-3-02 Los AngelesNorth of Wilson's Harbor, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA398715RSADelphinium parryiH. Twinings.n.1906-5-1 Los AngelesElysian Park, Foothills.
    RSA398716RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-5-1 VenturaHoppers Ranch.
    RSA398718RSADelphinium parryiLouis C. Wheeler6741932-5-01 Los Angeles3 miles N of Claremont.
    RSA398721RSADelphinium parryiFordyce Grinnell Jr.s.n.1910-5-1 Los AngelesArroyo Seco, near Pasadena
    RSA398722RSADelphinium parryiM. Bisbees.n.1917-5-28 Los AngelesGrassy hillside, East end of Eagle Rock
    RSA398723RSADelphinium parryiGeo. L. Moxley17831913-6-15 Los AngelesPoppy Peak, Annandale.
    RSA398724RSADelphinium parryiGeo. L. Moxley19311913-6-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA398726RSADelphinium parryiFordyce Grinnell Jr.s.n.1910-4-1 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills, Pasadena.
    RSA398728RSADelphinium parryiGeo. L. Moxleys.n.1913-6-15 Los AngelesPoppy Peak, Annandale.
    RSA398730RSADelphinium parryiBonnie C. Templetons.n.1931-3-29 Los AngelesMandeville Canon
    RSA398731RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidsons.n. RiversideMt. San Jacinto.
    RSA398734RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1892-6-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA398738RSADelphinium parryiN. C. Cooper21871945-5-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains
    RSA398740RSADelphinium parryiTisdales.n.1929-5-20 Los AngelesMulhalland highway
    RSA398741RSADelphinium parryiunknowns.n.1931-9-18 Los AngelesMilard's Canon [Millard Canon].
    RSA398742RSADelphinium parryiH. L. Bauers.n.1931-4-01 Los AngelesSanta Suzana Pass. [Santa Susana]
    RSA398743RSADelphinium parryiO. R. L.s.n. Los AngelesNear Glendale
    RSA398744RSADelphinium parryiFrances M. Moreys.n.1922-4-29 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA398745RSADelphinium parryiR. S. Woglum9951935-5-25 MontereyAlong Hwy 198 between King City and Coalinga
    RSA398746RSADelphinium parryiR. S. Woglums.n.1930-8-05 San BernardinoSeven Oaks, Upper Santa Ana River
    RSA398747RSADelphinium parryiI. W. Clokey66221935-6-05 San BernardinoSawpit Canon, San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA398748RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidson21991909-7-1 San BernardinoBear Valley.
    RSA398750RSADelphinium parryiunknowns.n.1937-6-06 San BernardinoSan Timoteo Canon, Redlands.
    RSA398760RSADelphinium parryiF. H. Elmore205651936-4-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
    RSA398761RSADelphinium parryiReid V. Moran7141941-3-16 VenturaNear Old Sheep Ranch, Middle Anacapa Island.
    RSA398762RSADelphinium parryiMalcolm M. Rice19531924-5-19 Santa BarbaraEl Encanto.
    RSA398763RSADelphinium parryiC. Epling17811933-6-03 VenturaWest side of Frazier Mountain.
    RSA398764RSADelphinium parryiFrances Holzwarts.n.1929-5-05 VenturaPratt trail, Ojai Valley.
    RSA398765RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-5-1 VenturaHoppers Ranch.
    RSA398767RSADelphinium parryiG. R. Johnstone140581931-5-03 Los AngelesPico Canon, Santa Susana Mountains.
    RSA398770RSADelphinium parryiEmery M. Whiltons.n.1937-5-04 MontereyTaken near Parkfield, Monterey County
    RSA398771RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidson17821910-4-20 OrangeCorona Del Mar.
    RSA398774RSADelphinium parryiEmery M. Whiltons.n.1938-5-15 RiversideLake Elsinore.
    RSA398775RSADelphinium parryiAnstruther Davidson22221909-7-1 San BernardinoSanta Ana Pines. San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA43268RSADelphinium parryiH. M. Pollards.n.1947-4-26 VenturaMurietta Canon.
    RSA48922RSADelphinium parryiP. A. Munz133811949-5-26 OrangeHead of Sierra [Freemont] Canon, Santa Ana Mountains.
    RSA489404RSADelphinium parryiL. F. LaPres.n.1988-3-03 San BernardinoSanta Ana River wash N of Redlands and E of Orange St.; Tri City Aggregate property.
    RSA50296RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls134781949-5-04 RiversideCajalco Road, road to Lake Mathews, Gavilan Hills. 2 miles from Corona to Elsinore Highway.
    RSA519256RSADelphinium parryiEd LaRues.n.1989-4-26 Riverside2 mi. (airline) NW of Lake Elsinore, adjacent to Cleveland National Forest; at mouths of Rice and McVicker Canons.; Alberhill 7.5'
    RSA525282RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd45961990-5-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Vail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn of Hwy R3 and Powerline Road, NE of the lake.
    RSA525454RSADelphinium parryiD. Bramlet44991990-4-29 RiversideLake Skinner County Park, SE base of Bachelor Mtn.
    RSA525676RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd45481990-5-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Vail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn of Hwy R3 and Powerline Road, NE of the lake.
    RSA534254RSADelphinium parryiD. A. Young19111989-4-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Steep road behind Stanton Ranch: 0.3 mi. from Valley Road, Central Valley
    RSA534798RSADelphinium parryiD. A. Young19131989-4-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Portezuela Grade, 2.5 W of field station.
    RSA535897RSADelphinium parryiC. F. Smith55311957-6-06 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero, Sierra Madre Mountains
    RSA535898RSADelphinium parryiC. F. Smith53941957-5-22 Santa BarbaraLower Santa Barbara Canon, upper Cuyama Valley
    RSA535916RSADelphinium parryiC. F. Smith70001962-6-14 Santa BarbaraEl Jaro Creek along Hwy 1 in San Julian, SE of Lompoc.
    RSA539368RSADelphinium parryiFred M. Roberts40301988-6-02 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns: Silverado Canon, Maple Springs Truck Trail, 4.3km above gate. 1.0 WSW Bald Peak.
    RSA543781RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd60381991-5-02 RiversideVail Lake region, SW and W flanks of Billy Goat Mountain, 3 miles N Hwy 79, 1 mile W of Hwy 3 N of Aguanga.
    RSA552933RSADelphinium parryiFred M. Roberts43341989-5-02 OrangeAliso-Wood Canons Regional Park. Lower Wood Canons, 3.3km S Multon Peak.
    RSA553995RSADelphinium parryiScott D. White91-1661991-6-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Basin: West end of Crafton Hills, at E terminus of Citrus Avenue, ca. 0.5 mile (air) SW of Crafton Reservoir.; Yucaipa
    RSA561019RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd71911992-5-04 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains; San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area; Oak Flats area E of Verdugo Potrero
    RSA581442RSADelphinium parryiFred M. Roberts43611989-5-12 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Santiago Canon, Flemming Regional Park, just E of Modjeska at end of paved road, ca. 3.3 WSW Laurel Springs.
    RSA585568RSADelphinium parryiTim S. Ross64631992-5-30 MontereyNacimiento-Fergusson Road, 10.3 (road)mi E of Hwy 1, just a few meters before the bridge over the Nacimiento river.
    RSA591819RSADelphinium parryiE. W. Lathrop70161969-5-08 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and San Mateo Canon. Cleveland National Forest.
    RSA599473RSADelphinium parryiSteve Boyd94911997-4-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper watershed of Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route, vicinity of 'Osito Flat', a distinctive, open grassy break in slope under the high tension power lines.; Liebre Mtn
    RSA612068RSADelphinium parryiValerie L. Soza791998-4-26 Los AngelesClaremont, Bernard Field Station (BFS), Claremont Colleges, NW corner of Mills Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.: West of main road, SW of pHake Lake. At center of BFS.
    RSA612204RSADelphinium parryiSherwin Woods.n.1931-4-02 Santa BarbaraSespe Creek
    RSA614094RSADelphinium parryiD. L. Banks16971997-4-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. South of Dorland Mountain, just east of the Wilderness Area boundry with the Pechanga Indian Reservation, along a tributary of the north fork of Pechanga Creek.; Pechanga
    RSA618173RSADelphinium parryiD. L. Banks20131997-5-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, east of San Gabriel Church along Pechanga Road, east of its intersection with Pechanga Creek.; PechangaEast of where the road crosses to the southern bank of the south fork of Pechanga Creek.
    RSA644897RSADelphinium parryiE. R. Blakley48921962-3-31 VenturaAnacapa Island. In canyon north side of Middle Island.
    RSA650486RSADelphinium parryiJohn Manning221948-5-25 Los Angeles4 miles S. SW. of Claremont.
    RSA650487RSADelphinium parryiJames E. Burns141948-5-15 Santa Barbaraalong S.M.V. Railroad track 1 mile West of 5-C Refinery near flower field. Santa Maria.
    RSA654438RSADelphinium parryiValerie L. Soza983a2000-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, southwest side: Along Verdugo Mtwy, above Brace Canon, W of junction with Stough Canon Mtwy.; Burbank
    RSA656124RSADelphinium parryiJames Henrickson198961985-5-01 San Bernardinoca. 10 air miles NE of Redlands, 3-6 miles NNE of Mentone, from the mouth of the Santa Ana Canon about 3.2 miles upstream.
    RSA660794RSADelphinium parryiLeRoy Gross4372001-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side; Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road.; Burbank
    RSA660908RSADelphinium parryiMitch Provance5371998-5-24 RiversideCentral 'Rattlesnake Mt.', 0.5 NE of peak 1739.; Fontana 7.5' Q.
    RSA683075RSADelphinium parryiScott D. White91542003-5-1 OrangeRancho Mission ViejoSanta Ana Mtn Foothills: Slopes above the west side of Canada Gobernadora and adjacent small canyon to the west.; Canada Gobernadora
    RSA692584RSADelphinium parryiScott D. White90782003-4-23 VenturaPrivate, proposed for developmentFoothills of 'Big Mountain' northeast of Moorpark College.; Simi Valley West
    RSA69400RSADelphinium parryiMargaret Stason3281932-5-1 San Luis Obisponear Simmler
    RSA69411RSADelphinium parryiF. W. Peirson57451925-4-11 Orange5 miles south of Laguna Beach.
    RSA69412RSADelphinium parryiF. W. Peirson30511922-5-18 RiversideLake Elsinore, Riverside Co.
    RSA69414RSADelphinium parryiF. W. Peirson83371929-5-04 RiversideMostly about bushes on low hill about 2 miles south of summit of St. Johns Grade south of Hemet.
    RSA698564RSADelphinium parryiMinor Warnes.n.1934-4-28 OrangeLadd Canon-Santa Ana Mts. PR8.
    RSA701498RSADelphinium parryiM. Wall721993-5-19 RiversideSage Rd, 4.6 mi S of Red Mtn Rd SE of Hemet. Associated plants include Adenotstoma fasciculatum, Eriogonum fasciculatum, Collinsia concolor, and exotic grasses.
    RSA702295RSADelphinium parryiScott D. White104312004-5-18 Los AngelesPrivate, proposed for developmentEastern Santa Susana Mtns. West of the I-5 Freeway, ca. 4 N of the I-5 / SH-14 jtn. and 6 mi S of Canon Canon and surrounding slopes, canyons, and ridges.; Oat Mountain
    RSA715156RSADelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders259822003-4-14 Los AngelesSanta Clara River watershed; Newhall Ranch, ca. 0.4 north of Hwy 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mi. south of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway, vicinity of large water tank.; Val Verde 7.5'
    RSA715157RSADelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders261512003-4-29 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: Castaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, northeast of the filtration plant, north of Charlie Canon, 1.2 air miles east of Lake Hughes Rd.; Warm Springs Mtn.
    RSA715158RSADelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders261832003-4-29 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: Castaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Rd.; Newhall
    RSA717581RSADelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders274632004-4-9 RiversideSan Jacinto Valley: Tres Cerritos, ca. 3 miles WNW of Hemet, east of the Lakeview Mtns., in central valley among the three peaks.; Lakeview 7.5'
    RSA720650RSADelphinium parryiAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-4-29 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range: Castaic Mesa, study area 68 north of the water plant, ca. 1 km E of Castaic Lagoon; Newhall 7.5'
    RSA724604RSADelphinium parryiK. Dobryd-10691992-10-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. in the City of Westlake at So. end of Las Virgenes Reservoir at So. end of Lindero Cyn.
    RSA724619RSADelphinium parryiK. Dobryd-10681992-10-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. in the City of Westlake at So. end of Las Virgenes Reservoir at So. end of Lindero Cyn.
    RSA752467RSADelphinium parryiJustin M. Wood8512009-6-8 Los AngelesPrivateCity of San Dimas, Sycamore Canon, Falcon Ridge Ranch.; Glendora
    RSA757731RSADelphinium parryiLeRoy Gross43522010-4-12 RiversideFrom camp near 34.02 N, 116.68 W, east of the Paw, near the mouth of Canon. Dropped down the Whitewater River to the first wide alluvial canyon to the east, near 34.02133N, 116.67779W.; Canon to near 34.02483N, 116.66819W. Then surveyed back to camp by climbing to saddle of ridge to the north, near 34.02655N, 116.67484, and small draw at south end of Canon.
    RSA763765RSADelphinium parryiDoris Bowers18431972-4-15 RiversidePulgas Creek Canon, Rancho California.
    RSA772877RSADelphinium parryiEarl Maize271973-5-08 Los AngelesMt. Baldy Road, 1 mile east of Padua Hills, below San Antonio Reservoir, 7 miles north of claremont
    RSA778550RSADelphinium parryiDavid J. Keil191701986-4-13 San Luis Obispo2 miles E from junction with Las Pilitas Road on Parkhill Road. S side of highway.
    RSA784840RSADelphinium parryiJ. D. Olmsted34611962-5-02 RiversideIn small arroyo north of turn from US 60 to Gilman Hot Springs, San Timoteo Badlands
    RSA79306RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls162301952-4-20 San Diegogrown in Botanic Garden.
    RSA79416RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls172461952-5-21 Los AngelesBotanic Garden, Claremont
    RSA795020RSADelphinium parryiSandra M. Namoff382011-3-27 San BernardinoBLMBureau of Land Management, White Water Canon, west side of Canon Rd. Drive, Painted Hill Canon.
    RSA94216RSADelphinium parryiH. M. Pollards.n.1954-5-01 Santa BarbaraAliso Canon, near Paradise Canon Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara vicinity.
    RSA95863RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls194281954-5-26 San DiegoBotanic Garden.
    RSA96217RSADelphinium parryiE. K. Balls190141954-4-19 San DiegoBotanic Garden.
    SBBG168903SBBGDelphinium parryiRalph Hoffmann1931-4-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: interior of Santa Cruz Island
    SBBG171631SBBGDelphinium parryiR. Burgess108122018-5-2 VenturaOjai Front, Pratt Trail, along alternate W-trending trail at first switchback, Los Padres National Fores.
    SBBG171659SBBGDelphinium parryiAnuja Parikh1521990-4-17 Riverside0.4 km S of Potrero Crk, 4.1 km ENE of Gilman Hot Springs
    SBBG171685SBBGDelphinium parryiDavid Keil340932016-4-27 San Luis ObispoSanta Rita Rd NE of Cayucos.
    SBBG171687SBBGDelphinium parryiBonnie C. Templeton1930-7-12 San Bernardinonear Crestline, San Bernardino Mtns
    SBBG171706SBBGDelphinium parryiScott D. White, D. Bramlet, M. Honer90782003-4-23 Venturafoothills of Big Mtn NE of Moorpark College; Moorpark
    SBBG172715SBBGDelphinium parryiE. R. Chandler1804 D1964-5-22 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn ca. 3 mi from mouth of cyn
    SBBG172716SBBGDelphinium parryiE. R. Chandler18441964-5-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria-Cuyama Hwy [Hwy 166] ca. 1 mi below Pine Cyn Guard Station, lower Cuyama Valley
    SBBG172717SBBGDelphinium parryiDick Smith1967-5-28 Santa BarbaraSulphur Spring Trail, N side of Zaca Ridge
    SBBG172720SBBGDelphinium parryiH. Dearing45831941-4-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns near San Marcos Pass
    SBBG172721SBBGDelphinium parryiRalph Hoffmann1930-5-30 Santa BarbaraRefugio Pass
    SBBG172722SBBGDelphinium parryiClare B. Hardham17571957-4-27 San Luis ObispoHills, western edge of the Carissa Plains. Washburn Ranch
    SBBG172726SBBGDelphinium parryiM. WetherwaxCR-4422003-5-13 MontereyCamp Roberts, along rd to E Garrison airfield
    SBBG172727SBBGDelphinium parryiMrs. R. W. Summers1986-4-21 San Luis ObispoSta Margarita Valley [Santa Margarita Valley]
    SBBG177073SBBGDelphinium parryiR. G. Swinney76832000-5-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: San Dimas, SE-facing ridge W of San Dimas Cyn Rd, ca. 30 N of Golden Hills Rd and 40 W of stream
    SBBG181106SBBGDelphinium parryiR. Clark451985-3-14 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: up trail to mesa
    SD129281SDDelphinium parryiEd LaRues.n.1989-5-01 RiversideHills E of Beaumont, along Potrero Creek, « mi. E of Old San Jacinto Nuevo Y Potrero land grant
    SD132418SDDelphinium parryiO.F. Clarkes.n.1971-6-07 VenturaChorro Grande Cyn., draining into Sespe Crk. From the N off Pine Mountain, N of Ojai, near U.S. gypsum quarry
    SD133019SDDelphinium parryiScott White91-951991-5-13 RiversideHwy 79, immediately W of U.S. Forest Service Campground at Dripping Springs
    SD13429SDDelphinium parryiSusan G. Stokess.n.1895-7-01 San DiegoNear Dulzura
    SD140017SDDelphinium parryiScott White12491993-4-22 RiversideNorth Aberhill Ranch, in hills N of Walker Canon
    SD143767SDDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders206961997-5-04 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: N side of range, Twin Pines Creek below the confluence with Broen Crk.
    SD152772SDDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd71911992-5-04 RiversideSan mateo Canon Wilderness, Oak Flats area east of Verdugo Potrero, native grassland
    SD1723SDDelphinium parryiRuth B. Randall161925-4-01 Los AngelesMint Canon
    SD178256SDDelphinium parryiA. C. Sanders261832003-4-29 Los AngelesWestern San Gariel Mountains: Castaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Road.
    SD185300SDDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders297502005-4-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita, south of Plum Canon at end of Canon Crest Dr., NW of mouth of Mint Canon
    SD187467SDDelphinium parryiScott D. White103242004-5-7 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain foothills: Indian Creek and adjacent foothills
    SD21264SDDelphinium parryiNorman E Bilderbacks.n.1938-4-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina
    SD215634SDDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd94911997-4-01 Los AngelesUpper watershed of Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route, vicinity of Osito Flat, a distinctive, open grassy break in slope under the high tension power lines
    SD227884SDDelphinium parryiG.K. Helmkamp35981998-5-14 FresnoCoast Range: Warthan Crk Cyn, near Curry Mtn., ca. 6 - 7 miles (airline) SW of Coalinga, along CA Hwy 198, 20.8 W of Hwy I-5.
    SD244794SDDelphinium parryiDavid Keils.n.1992-4-24 Santa BarbaraAlong Tepusquet Road, ca 1 mile south of junction with California Highway 166.
    SD262364SDDelphinium parryiMitch Provance317-552017-3-28 RiversideTemescal Valley: Southern foot of the Gavilan Hills, slopes west of Black Powder Rd.
    SD37294SDDelphinium parryiH. Ritters.n.1931-4-26 Los AngelesOpen ground near Pasadena
    SD37304SDDelphinium parryiEdith A. Purer67341935-6-22 Santa BarbaraHillside, Casitas Pass
    SD41989SDDelphinium parryiD.F. Howe15481947-5-03 Los AngelesMint Canon
    SD48824SDDelphinium parryiIra L. Wiggins20581926-5-09 San Luis ObispoRoadside three miles east of Templeton
    SD48870SDDelphinium parryiIra L. Wiggins20581926-5-09 San Luis ObispoRoadside three miles east of Templeton
    SD58165SDDelphinium parryiW.L. Jepson206581942-5-20 FresnoRancho Cantua, Cantua Creek
    SD60322SDDelphinium parryiPeter H. Raven178201962-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, open grassland above Emerald Bay
    SD69556SDDelphinium parryiRobert F. Thorne365311966-6-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina base of slope, Hay Press area
    SD84899SDDelphinium parryiReid Moran7141941-3-16 VenturaNorth slope, near old sheep ranch landing, Middle Anacapa Island
    SDSU10017SDSUDelphinium parryiBeauchamp, R. M.4271967-5-12 San DiegoOn slope below Truck Trail of Otay Mtn.
    SDSU10019SDSUDelphinium parryiSmith, D.241966-4-16 San DiegoVista Grande Rd.; about 1.0 mile from Hillsdale rd. and opposite irrigation storage tank. El Canon.
    SDSU10020SDSUDelphinium parryiunknown2002-4-20 San DiegoJacumba.
    SDSU10021SDSUDelphinium parryiBastlin, Julia R.1927-3-30 San DiegoMesa near Ocean Beach.
    SDSU10022SDSUDelphinium parryiWeiner, Bill1938-5-22 San DiegoNear Dulzura.
    SDSU10023SDSUDelphinium parryiFrank, Samuel R.1962-5-23 San DiegoNE of Hwy 395 some miles NE of Rainbow.
    SDSU10025SDSUDelphinium parryiClose, D.1959-5-16 San Diego0.75 mile up Barrett Canon Rd. from Hwy 94.
    SDSU10026SDSUDelphinium parryiColeman, M.1969-5-10 San DiegoOtay Ranch, Proctor Valley Road; 4.0 miles from intersection of San Miguel Rd. adn Proctor Valley Rd. , and 0.5 mile from roadside.
    SDSU10027SDSUDelphinium parryiBarkovich, J. E.1969-5-16 San Diego.05 mile east of Bonita and Acacia roads, south of Sunnyside.
    SDSU10029SDSUDelphinium parryiBernard, W. C.81962-7-09 San DiegoRoad from Pine Hills to Boulder Creek, approximately 10.0 miles from Pine Hills Jct.
    SDSU10030SDSUDelphinium parryiSchwenkmeyer, R. C.1953-5-20 San Diego5.0 miles S of Jamul.
    SDSU10045SDSUDelphinium parryiWedberg, H.9421962-5-23 Riverside4.8 miles from hwy 395 at Rainbow, on road to Santa Margarita River and Temecula Canon.
    SDSU10046SDSUDelphinium parryiPhleger, Charles1962-5-23 RiversideCollcted on land owned by the Schloss Foundation about 25.0 miles N of Escondido.
    SDSU10047SDSUDelphinium parryiBenson, Dr. Lyman21721951-4-28 MontereyJolon.
    SDSU10048SDSUDelphinium parryiHowe, D. F.15481947-5-03 Los AngelesMint Canon, Mojave Desert.
    SDSU10049SDSUDelphinium parryiGallup, A. H.1551948-6-30 Los AngelesThe Wash′Claremont.
    SDSU10050SDSUDelphinium parryiCollier, John E.1951-4-15 Santa Barbara5.0 miles S of Santa Barbara. US Hwy 101.
    SDSU14993SDSUDelphinium parryiReiser, Craig H.21-V-871987-5-21 San DiegoDelta Mountain. Camp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: 60-02.
    SDSU17879SDSUDelphinium parryiKeeley, Sterling Carter5841971-6-07 San DiegoAlpine, San Diego Co., California, USA
    SDSU23939SDSUDelphinium parryiR. G. Swinney182862016-5-2 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., north of San Dimas/La Verne, San Dimas Experimental Forest, 200 m. south of johnstone Peak summit, n. of Sycamore Flat, Glendora Quad.
    SDSU24488SDSUDelphinium parryiJohn W. BrownMM-2331995-5-04 San Diego
    SFV111924SFVDelphinium parryianon.1992-6-17 KernVentura Mountains; Near the summit of Mount Pinos.
    SFV111925SFVDelphinium parryiE. J. Spencer171992-4-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Ruby Canon, east of Lake Hughes Road, 12.4 miles from I-5.
    SFV111926SFVDelphinium parryiJ. D. Dilleys. n.1997-4-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Highway, 0.3 miles west of Cold Canon.
    SFV111927SFVDelphinium parryiL. Gross4372001-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; North side of mountains. Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road. Down the road (north) from the crest, on north-facing slope.
    SFV111928SFVDelphinium parryiR. L. Armacosts. n.1934-5-1 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey. Hills east of Loyola University.
    SFV116210SFVDelphinium parryiJ. G. Cuti671978-6-20 VenturaSanta Susana Mountains; Simi Hills. About 0.5 miles off Santa Susana Pass Road on Box Canon Road.
    SHTC5074SHTCDelphinium parryiHarrington, Drandon72014-4-23 San BenitoOutside Pinnacles National Park
    SHTC5874SHTCDelphinium parryiLopez, C.32017-5-13 StanislausFrank Raines Park on Del Puerto Canon Rd.
    SHTC5908SHTCDelphinium parryiGarcia, A.72017-5-13 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Patterson, CA
    SHTC5947SHTCDelphinium parryiK. Samson62017-5-13 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Patterson, CA
    UC1018171UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH., M. Lewis6331946-6-04 San Bernardino3 mi n Cedar Spring; Miller Canon
    UC1018500UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, M. Lewis632A1946-6-04 San BernardinoHorse Thief Canon rd 2.9 mi w Canon Summit (Railroad)
    UC1031424UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, G. Mehlquist1941-5-08 San BenitoState Hwy 25 5 mi s Pinnacle P.O.
    UC1031425UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, G. Mehlquist1941-5-07 VenturaState Hwy 150 6.4 mi nw Santa Paula City limits
    UC1031426UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, M. A. Nafie1943-6-10 San Bernardinoon City Creek Rd 1/2 mi below Dutch John's (on road to Big Bear Lake)
    UC1031427UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, G. Mehlquist1941-5-08 San Benito0.4 mi n road to The Pinnacles
    UC1031428UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, C. Epling1941-5-24 San Luis ObispoPozo
    UC1031430UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis1941-7-07 RiversideLake Hemet
    UC1031435UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. Lewis, G. Mehlquist1941-5-07 VenturaUS Hwy 399 1 mi w road to Ojai
    UC1093259UCJEPSDelphinium parryiIra L. Wiggins119091948-5-19 San Diegohillside between Otay Reservoir and Dulzara
    UC1125993UCJEPSDelphinium parryiT. M. Hendrix10021939-5-01 San Luis Obispo3.4 mi se Avenales Ranch (Plot 108); Los Padres National Forest, Branch Mt. Quadrangle
    UC1126024UCJEPSDelphinium parryiP. L. Johannsen10981937-5-04 San Luis Obispo7 mi nw Painted Rock Ranch (Plot 195); McKittrick Quadrangle
    UC1126025UCJEPSDelphinium parryiG. T. Nordstrom5711935-5-10 Ventura1 mi n Blue Point; Santa Barbara National Forest, Tejon Quadrangle
    UC1126030UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJ. B. Spring361931-4-21 RiversideBranch of Mockingbird Canon Elsinore Quadrangle
    UC1126033UCJEPSDelphinium parryiP. L. Johannsen7201936-3-21 San Luis Obispo1 mi ne junct. S. L. Obispo Cr. and Reservoir Canon (Plot 6); San Luis Obispo Quadrangle
    UC1126034UCJEPSDelphinium parryiA. D. Gifford1421934-4-23 Los Angeles1 1/2 mi e and 1 mi n Castro Peak; Triunfo Pass Quadrangle
    UC1126037UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJ. E. Sowder3311934-4-05 VenturaNorth Fork Matilija Creek Santa Barbara National Forest, Mt. Pinos Quadrangle
    UC1126092UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJerome S. Horton3471936-5-26 Los AngelesBrown's Flat Cucamonga Quadrangle, San Dimas Experimental Forest
    UC118556UCJEPSDelphinium parryiT. S. Brandegee1894-5-29 San DiegoRamona
    UC118607UCJEPSDelphinium parryiS. B. Parish20341888-5-20 San BernardinoSlover Mt.
    UC118612UCJEPSDelphinium parryiS. B. Parish20271888-5-05 San BernardinoCrafton
    UC150023UCJEPSDelphinium parryiLeRoy Abrams34391903-5-09 San DiegoMission hills San Diego
    UC1537319UCJEPSDelphinium parryiGordon H. True, Jr.981930-3-20 Riversidein wash Mockingbird Hills, Mockingbird Canon
    UC1537320UCJEPSDelphinium parryiGordon H. True, Jr.1261935-3-18 RiversideBox Springs
    UC1546711UCJEPSDelphinium parryiBarry A. Prigge75931987-5-09 San Bernardinosw slopes of peak 3.5 mi ene Mentone (on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon); San Bernardino Mtns., Morton Peak
    UC1563123UCJEPSDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd, Tim Ross, Laurel Arnseth35221989-5-07 Riversideburn in hills just to sw dam; Vail Lake area
    UC1595352UCJEPSDelphinium parryiTim Ross63531992-5-17 Los Angeles164 degr sse and ca 555m distant from mouth of Shoemaker Canon (w-facing slope above sandy bench); San Gabriel Mountains, E Fork of San Gabriel River
    UC1607980UCJEPSDelphinium parryiDonald G. Nelson2471935-4-06 Orangejust e of San Juan Capistrano (and just s of boundary of Cleveland National Forest, branching northward from the summer ranger station at main Hwy up San Juan Canon); San Juan Canon
    UC184450UCJEPSDelphinium parryiA. D. E. Elmer38261902-5-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    UC1929709UCJEPSDelphinium parryiScott D. White, Dave Bramlet, Michael Honer90782003-4-23 VenturaMOORPARK: Foothills of Big Mountain northeast of Moorpark College.
    UC1979370UCJEPSDelphinium parryiDavid Keil191701986-4-13 San Luis Obispo2 miles E from junction with Las Pilitas Road on Parkhill Road. S side of Highway.
    UC202956UCJEPSDelphinium parryiMary F. Spencer441916-5-07 San Diegorocky hillsides vicinity of San Diego, Dulzura
    UC2072164UCJEPSDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd, Lauren Raz, Timothy S. Ross94911997-4-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: Upper watershed of Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route, vicinity of Osito Flat, a distinctive, open grassy break in slope under the high tension power lines.
    UC219596UCJEPSDelphinium parryiP. A. Munz57951922-6-24 RiversidePipe Creek San Jacinto Mts., Hemet Valley (banks)
    UC338014UCJEPSDelphinium parryiunknown1887-1-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    UC450838UCJEPSDelphinium parryiFay A. Macfadden26351931-4-22 Los Angelesgrassy hillside San Franscito Canon
    UC455604UCJEPSDelphinium parryiManton1905-4-09 Unknown
    UC457247UCJEPSDelphinium parryiCarl Epling1931-4-25 Los AngelesLos Alisos Canon Santa Monica Mountains
    UC467732UCJEPSDelphinium parryiI. J. Condit1940-3-23 Los AngelesSan Dimas
    UC467739UCJEPSDelphinium parryiT. S. Brandegee1888-1-01 Santa Barbaranear Santa Barbara; Santa Inez Mountains
    UC472951UCJEPSDelphinium parryiM. F. Spencer1915-5-20 San Diego
    UC50299UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. M. Hall38961903-4-01 San DiegoLa Presa
    UC519729UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJoseph A. Ewan74611932-5-10 Los Angelesw rim Verdugo Canon
    UC537144UCJEPSDelphinium parryiMarcus E. Jones1932-6-11 San DiegoSanta Ysabel
    UC56071UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJ. H. Barber1899-5-28 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    UC56745UCJEPSDelphinium parryiW. A. Setchell1901-3-18 San DiegoSan Diego
    UC56747UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. M. Hall31551902-5-06 VenturaCasitas Pass
    UC56748UCJEPSDelphinium parryiAvis Smith11899-5-01 Los AngelesClaremont
    UC573195UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. C. Lee9451937-5-14 San Luis Obispo1 mi w Dry Creek School; Paso Robles Quadrangle
    UC61542UCJEPSDelphinium parryiErnest Braunton8941903-6-01 Los AngelesGlendale to Burbank
    UC64117UCJEPSDelphinium parryiH. M. Hall20131901-6-01 Riversidecanyon of the San Jacinto River San Jacinto Mountains
    UC702865UCJEPSDelphinium parryiCharles B. Fiker34941946-5-30 Riversidedip s Temecula River bridge on Hwy 395
    UC75298UCJEPSDelphinium parryiT. S. Brandegee34131903-5-28 San Diegomesas and canyon slopes San Diego
    UC854178UCJEPSDelphinium parryiJohn I. Carlson1915-6-13 Los AngelesAvalon Santa Catalina Island
    UC854180UCJEPSDelphinium parryiIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton45551929-5-01 Los Angelesridge Santa Monica Mountains, Mandeville Canon
    UC854185UCJEPSDelphinium parryiAlice Eastwood201906-6-19 Los AngelesGarvanza Zaca Lake Forest Reserve
    UC854186UCJEPSDelphinium parryiC. B. Clokey, I. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton47511930-5-13 Los Angeleshillside Bouquet Canon
    UC906483UCJEPSDelphinium parryiCarl Epling1932-6-01 San Diegobetween Hemet Riverside Co. and Warners Springs, San Diego Co. (via Aguanga)
    UC906489UCJEPSDelphinium parryiMildred E. Mathias13151937-5-30 Montereyalong road 1/2 mi n Tassajara Hot Springs
    UC906490UCJEPSDelphinium parryiMildred E. Mathias13031937-5-30 Montereyfields on Jamesburg road 25 mi from Carmel (via Carmel River Valley)
    UC906497UCJEPSDelphinium parryiAdele Lewis Grant1932-5-30 San Diegovicinity of Descanso
    UC906514UCJEPSDelphinium parryiCarl Epling1932-6-01 San Diegoabove Warners; Palomar grade
    UC906515UCJEPSDelphinium parryiCarl Epling1932-6-01 San Diegofoot Palomar grade; Henshaw Lake
    UC9185UCJEPSDelphinium parryiIda M. Blochman1893-5-01 San Luis ObispoSanta Maria
    UC9214UCJEPSDelphinium parryiS. B. Parish20341888-5-20 San Bernardinonear Colton; Slover Mt.
    UC9216UCJEPSDelphinium parryiA. J. McClatchie301892-4-01 Riversidenear Elsinore
    UC9217UCJEPSDelphinium parryiHarley P. Chandler1897-4-16 Los AngelesClaremont
    UC9218UCJEPSDelphinium parryiS. B. Parish36711895-5-20 San Bernardinovicinity of San Bernardino
    UC9240UCJEPSDelphinium parryiAlice King1895-4-01 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    UCR0035919UCRDelphinium parryiValerie Soza12402001-5-22 Los AngelesMorgan Fire 2000 area, between Morgan and Sycamore Canons, WSW of Sycamore Flat
    UCR0035922UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney76832000-5-19 Los AngelesSan Dimas, SE-facing ridge west of San Dimas Canon Rd., c. 300 m north of Golden Hills Rd. and 400 m west of stream
    UCR0035923UCRDelphinium parryiAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-4-29 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, study area 68 north of the water plant, c. 1 km east of Castaic Lagoon
    UCR0035924UCRDelphinium parryiF. Raymond Fosberg81201932-5-05 Los AngelesSanta Canon above Villa Park, Avalon
    UCR0035925UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders262702003-5-1 Los AngelesNE side of Castaic Mesa, c. 0.75 mi. southwest of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons, Newhall Ranch
    UCR0035926UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders297502005-4-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita, south of Plum Canon at end of Canon Crest Dr., NW of mouth of Mint Canon
    UCR0035928UCRDelphinium parryiAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-4-19 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch , River Park area east of I-5 N of Santa Clara River and west of Bouquet Canon
    UCR0035929UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders297042005-4-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, Plum Canon Rd. in Mint Canon, NW of Forest Park and south of Cruzan Mesa
    UCR0035930UCRDelphinium parryiGeo. L. Moxleys.n.1913-6-15 Los AngelesPoppy Peak, Annandale
    UCR0035931UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders261832003-4-29 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Rd.
    UCR0035932UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders261722003-4-29 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Rd.
    UCR0035933UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders261512003-4-29 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, northeast of the filtration plant, north of Charlie Canon, 1.2 air miles east of Lake Hughes Road
    UCR0035934UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders260682003-4-17 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, c. 1 km south of Magic Mountain amusement park and north of the powerlines
    UCR0035935UCRDelphinium parryiAlison Lipmans.n.1998-5-1 Los AngelesDel Cerro Park, Rancho Palos Verde
    UCR0035936UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders260902003-4-28 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Castaic Mesa, east of the filtration plant and Lake Hughes Rd., north of Charlie Canon
    UCR0035937UCRDelphinium parryiM.S. Enrights.n.2003-5-24 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, head of Salt Creek, northern crest of Santa Susana Mtns.
    UCR0035938UCRDelphinium parryiI.W. Clokey45551929-5-1 Los AngelesMandeville Canon
    UCR0035939UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders259822003-4-14 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, c. 0.4 north of Hwy 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mile south of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway, vicinity of large water tank
    UCR0035940UCRDelphinium parryiK. Klimbergs.n.1970-5-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, coast northwest of Avalon; Santa Catalina Island
    UCR0035941UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney28401994-4-07 Los AngelesGlendora Wilderness Park, junction of Lower Monroe Motorway & Mystic Canon Trail
    UCR0035942UCRDelphinium parryiGeorge K. Helmkamp38331998-5-19 Monterey3.7 miles south of Lockwood on G-14/Interlake Road, near northwest end of Lake San Antonio
    UCR0035944UCRDelphinium parryiGeorge K. Helmkamp94502005-5-12 Monterey4 miles west of US-101 on Calif. Hwy G18 in Hames Valley
    UCR0035945UCRDelphinium parryiGeorge K. Helmkamp94492005-5-12 Monterey4 miles west of US-101 on Calif. Hwy G18 in Hames Valley
    UCR0035948UCRDelphinium parryiDick Newell3752014-5-25 OrangeCleveland National Forest, Maple Springs Rd./Silverado Canon Rd., 1.8 miles due north of Modjeska Peak
    UCR0035949UCRDelphinium parryiDick Newell1702011-6-7 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Limestone Canon
    UCR0035950UCRDelphinium parryiDick Newell242010-6-8 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Limestone Canon Rd. at junction with Dripping Springs Rd., 1/2 mile SW of Silverado Rd. and Santiago Rd.
    UCR0035951UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders354322008-5-28 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Bee Flat at mouth of Limestone Canon
    UCR0035952UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders352622008-5-6 OrangeLomas de Santiago, slope SE of road junction along ridge road, near head of Agua Chinon Canon, 2.4 miles north of El Toro
    UCR0035953UCRDelphinium parryiAdrian Wolf4602000-4-15 OrangeNorth Ranch Policy Plan Area, North Baker Canon Road
    UCR0035954UCRDelphinium parryiMitch Provance317--552017-3-28 RiversideSouthern foot of the Gavilan Hills, slopes west of Black Powder Rd.
    UCR0035955UCRDelphinium parryiMitch Provance417--412017-4-18 RiversideMenifee, S side of Bundy Canon Rd., E side of Loerch Ln., 0.2 miles W of Murrieta Rd.
    UCR0035956UCRDelphinium parryiT.B. Salvato37202009-6-23 RiversideSan Jacinto River Canon, along South Fork Trail (FSR 2E17), c. halfway between Hwy 74 and the bottom of the canyon
    UCR0035957UCRDelphinium parryiTracy TennantMOR--4271998-6-16 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, upper Millard Canon, north of Canon
    UCR0035958UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White128462009-5-21 RiversideMcMullen Flat area, 0.35 north on Valley Hi Drive, from intersection with Twin Pines Road
    UCR0035959UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders383602010-5-17 Riversidesoutheastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, along dirt extension of Lake St., c. 1.0 mile NNE (04 ° ) of intersection of I-15 and Lake St.
    UCR0035960UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders378412010-4-7 Riversidesoutheastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, ridge west of dirt extension of Lake St., 0.9 mi. north (358 ° ) of intersection of I-15 and Lake St.
    UCR0035961UCRDelphinium parryiJeffrey RossMOR--2111998-5-21 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Hathaway Canon, c. 0.55 mile north of the junction of the lower and upper canyons; San Bernardino Mtns.
    UCR0035962UCRDelphinium parryiMitch Provance5371998-5-24 RiversideCentral 'Rattlesnake Mt.', 0.5 NE of peak 1739; Jurupa Mountains
    UCR0035963UCRDelphinium parryiRonald M. Copes.n.1965-5-03 RiversideBox Springs Mountains. Riverside, west side of [trail] between Pigeon Pass Road and 'Big C' , about 1 mile from 'C'
    UCR0035964UCRDelphinium parryiJeri Hirshbergs.n.1995-5-27 RiversideGarner Valley, edge of meadow c. 50 m west of Fobes [Ranch] Road
    UCR0035966UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders206961997-5-04 RiversideNorth side of the range, Twin Pines Creek below the confluence with Brown Creek [c. 2.5 miles below Twin Pines Rd. on dirt road]; San Jacinto Mountains
    UCR0035968UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders242012001-5-8 RiversideSouth of Hemet, east end of Diamond Valley, c. 1/4 mile north of Newport Rd. and 3/4 mile east of State St.
    UCR0035969UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd17121986-4-19 RiversideTemescal Canon: flats at southeast end of Alberhill Mountain
    UCR0035970UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd35221989-5-07 RiversideVail Lake area, hills just to SW of the dam
    UCR0035971UCRDelphinium parryiNancy J. Moriarty730519--31973-5-19 RiversideCity of Riverside. 50 yards east of radio tower on the UCR Box Springs Experimental Station off the Box Springs Mt. Rd.
    UCR0035972UCRDelphinium parryiDennis Vander Ven680519--31968-5-19 Riversidec. 7 miles west of Murrieta on Tenaja Rd., where road first enters a canyon. Precisely where road crosses creek. On both sides of road
    UCR0035973UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White33431995-6-16 RiversideProposed pipeline route; Lake Elsinore Pumped Storage Hydroeletric Project, west of Lake Elsinore, SE of Hwy 74
    UCR0035974UCRDelphinium parryiD.L. Banks01931995-5-03 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., east of Dripping Springs Alcove, along lower alluvial benches of Arroyo Seco
    UCR0035976UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd1571980-5-02 RiversideHarford Springs County Park, northwest corner of the Gavilan plateau
    UCR0035977UCRDelphinium parryiRex Sanderss.n.1973-5-13 RiversideCleveland National Forest; along Hwy 74, 10.18 miles from Orange County line, above Lake Elsinore, east side of the mountains
    UCR0035978UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd17661986-4-22 RiversideTemescal Canon, west side of Indian Wash, south of Hwy I-15
    UCR0035979UCRDelphinium parryiDiane C. Walds.n.1967-5-13 RiversideBernasconi Hills near Lakeview, on slope opposite Big Rock
    UCR0035981UCRDelphinium parryiB.G. Pitzer30421997-4-01 RiversideLakeview Mountains, c. 0.75 air mile SSW of Mt. Rudolph, c. 1 air mile NE of Contour (Juniper Flats) Road
    UCR0035982UCRDelphinium parryiG.R. Ballmers.n.1998-5-23 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau. Riverside Land Conservancy, Massinger oak easement, north base of Redonda Mesa, close to Tenaja Rd.; Santa Rosa Plateau:
    UCR0035983UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders201761997-4-03 Riversidenorth edge of large clay patch adjacent to the east side of the Skinner entrance road, c. 1-2 NE of Borel Road; Lake Skinner area
    UCR0035988UCRDelphinium parryiDick Newell4252016-5-22 RiversideCleveland National Forest, South Main Divide Road, 3/4 mile NW of Elsinore Peak
    UCR0035989UCRDelphinium parryiN. Miles Fellows187B1986-4-08 RiversideOasis de Los Osos Preserve, off Snow Creek Canon at the north foot of the San Jacinto Mountains, 1 mile west of Snow Creek Village
    UCR0035991UCRDelphinium parryiT.B. Salvato75432013-4-15 Riversidedirt SCE powerline access road east of Lake Street and northwest of Hilltop Drive. 0.83 mi north-northeast of the junction of Lake Street and Hwy I-15
    UCR0035992UCRDelphinium parryiHarun Bektas032011-4-26 RiversideRiverside, Box Springs Mountain Park; 7 miles above Moreno Valley via Pigeon Pass Rd.
    UCR0035994UCRDelphinium parryiTeresa Nieto152005-4-24 RiversideWildomar, Menifee Hills, south of Bundy Canon Rd. c. 1 mile from Harvest Way East, north of Felswood Rd.
    UCR0035996UCRDelphinium parryiJohn F. Green08--072008-4-23 RiversideSW of Perris, powerline route south of Ethanac Rd, and east of Theda St., east of Hwy 74
    UCR0035997UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White121452008-6-16 Riversidemeadow at Quinn Flat
    UCR0035998UCRDelphinium parryiJohn F. Green07--042008-4-23 Riversidehills south of Perris, powerline route above the San Jacinto River, east of Lantana Dr., south of Ethanac Rd.
    UCR0035999UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders357862008-7-11 RiversideColdwater Creek along trails in vicinity of junction of South Ridge and Coldwater Trails, 1.25 NE of Mountain Center, c. 3/4 mile NE of Keenwild Fire Station
    UCR0036000UCRDelphinium parryiHolly Summerss.n.2006-5-31 RiversideJust south of Mt. Edna Rd. on Calif. Hwy 243
    UCR0036001UCRDelphinium parryiJennifer H. Jones4012006-6-6 RiversideCleveland National Forest along Calif. Hwy 74; lower ele. part of San Juan Loop Trail, N of Upper San Juan Campground
    UCR0036002UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders323872006-5-19 RiversideHills between Murrieta and Menifee Valley, west of I-215, south of Bundy Cyn./Scott Rd. and north of Clinton Keith Rd.
    UCR0036003UCRDelphinium parryiT.B. Salvato6442004-5-27 Riversidehead of Banning (San Gorgonio River) Canon close to the San Bernardino Co. line, 0.5 mile southeast of Oak Glen Conservation Camp
    UCR0036004UCRDelphinium parryiJohn F. Greens.n.2005-3-16 RiversideCajalco Canon, SE of Corona, SW of Lake Mathews, east of Calif. highway 71; Collections made while monitoring pipeline repair
    UCR0036005UCRDelphinium parryiT.B. Salvato5682004-5-27 Riversidehead of Banning (San Gorgonio River) Canon close to the San Bernardino Co. line, 1 mile southeast of Oak Glen Conservation Camp
    UCR0036006UCRDelphinium parryiJason L. Hlebakos6192005-5-3 RiversideOpen slope east and downslope from Elsinore Peak
    UCR0036007UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders300072005-5-7 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
    UCR0036008UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders300082005-5-7 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
    UCR0036009UCRDelphinium parryiJason L. Hlebakos8122005-5-30 RiversideDurasno Valley, SE of Coahuilla Indian Reservation, c. 11 miles east of Bonnie Road, and c. 6 miles SSW of Anza
    UCR0036011UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders274632004-4-9 RiversideTres Cerritos, c. 3 miles WNW of Hemet, east of the Lakeview Mtns., in central valley among the three peaks
    UCR0036013UCRDelphinium parryiJohn Wears.n.1998-7-08 RiversidePine Meadow in eastern Garner Valley, R-Ranch, just east of Hwy 74, between Gold Hill and Thomas Mountain
    UCR0036014UCRDelphinium parryiJeffrey RossMOR--2971998-5-28 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Millard Canon, c. 3.5 miles NNW of Canon; San Bernardino Mtns. Region
    UCR0036019UCRDelphinium parryiKai T. Palenscars.n.2008-4-10 San Bernardinocity of San Bernardino, Little Mountain, east of Hwy I-215 and north of Hwy I-210
    UCR0036020UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney35461995-4-29 San Bernardinowest of Canon Wash and south of Hwy 138, c. 1 mile SSW of Canon Junction, off FS road 3N49
    UCR0036021UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney37081995-5-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek Ridge, Sheep Creek Rd., 1.5 miles NE of Lytle Creek Rd., west side of road
    UCR0036022UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney37071995-5-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek Ridge, Sheep Creek Rd., 1.5 miles NE of Lytle Creek Rd., west side of road
    UCR0036023UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney38151995-6-10 San BernardinoBaldy Mesa Ridge, 1.8 NE of Hwy 138 on road 3N24, 0.6 mi. east of point where road crosses ridge, c. 50-150 m north of road
    UCR0036024UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney38981995-6-19 San BernardinoLower Lytle Creek Ridge, 0.5 mi. SW of Keenbrook, 3.2 miles east of Lytle Creek Rd. on dirt road, E-facing ridge west of Canon Wash
    UCR0036025UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders327192006-6-7 San Bernardinomouth of Mill Creek Canon at Greenspot, north side of Hwy 38 (Mill Creek Rd) from Greenspot Rd to 1 km above (east), south side of wash
    UCR0036026UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White110822005-5-19 San BernardinoYucaipa. Bajada below San Bernardino Mtns. east of Jefferson St., south of Carter Ave., and north of Wilson Creek. Proposed for development
    UCR0036027UCRDelphinium parryiMitch Provance5631998-5-30 San Bernardino'Wilder's Canon Pass' , Fontana city limits, c. 0.5 miles SE of corner of Citrus and Poplar.; Jurupa Mountains
    UCR0036028UCRDelphinium parryiBill Markss.n.1971-5-09 San Bernardinonear Mentone
    UCR0036029UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney30211994-7-06 San Bernardinoc. 100 m SE of Spring Hill area, c. 100 m west of Barrett-Stoddard Road (=Forest Service Road 2N04), and west of the Pinus coulteri plantation
    UCR0036030UCRDelphinium parryiR.G. Swinney49561996-6-18 San BernardinoCherry Canon Flats, at southwest base of Sugarloaf Peak
    UCR0036031UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders148121994-6-19 San Bernardinolower Miller Canon (E fork of W fork of Mojave River), below Pilot Rock Camp
    UCR0036032UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White12941993-4-29 San BernardinoBadger Canon, above [NE of] CA State University, San Bernardino
    UCR0036033UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White49671997-4-12 San BernardinoLower mountain slopes north of Highland: Just west of Hwy 330 in City Creek Watershed; uplands and ephemeral drainage.
    UCR0036034UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Oggs.n.1995-6-27 San BernardinoYucaipa, southeast of Hwy I-10 and Yucaipa Blvd
    UCR0036035UCRDelphinium parryiD. Claycombs.n.1967-5-14 San DiegoLakeside. Moreno Drive, 1 mile south of San Vicente Dam along roadside
    UCR0036038UCRDelphinium parryiS.B. Pollack041985-4-25 San Diegosouth Miramar Landmark Vernal Pool Preserve
    UCR0036039UCRDelphinium parryiSteve Boyd84541995-4-06 San DiegoAgua Tibia Wilderness Area, NE flank of Agua Tibia Mtn, Arroyo Seco tributary at N base of Eagle Crag, just upstream from the junction with the main trunk of Arroyo
    UCR0036051UCRDelphinium parryiFrank C. Vasek620502--31962-5-02 San Luis Obispowest of the north end of Soda Lake, up against ridge, near what looks like sub-division roads
    UCR0036053UCRDelphinium parryiJoy H. Nishida3481982-5-01 San Luis ObispoAcross stream from American Canon Campground
    UCR0036059UCRDelphinium parryiGeorge K. Helmkamp84812004-4-21 Santa BarbaraPintado Creek, 8.5 N of Los Olivos along Figeroa Mtn Rd.
    UCR0036060UCRDelphinium parryiJune Latting2221958-5-04 Santa Barbara[below foot of Chalk Mtn.] Calif. Hwy 166, 27 miles southeast of junction with Sisquoc [Tepusquet] Road, open hillside near Cuyama River
    UCR0036061UCRDelphinium parryiKen Nagys.n.1968-4-27 Santa BarbaraLompoc, Casmalia Road, 0.5 mile west of Hwy 1
    UCR0036062UCRDelphinium parryiI.W. Clokey49361930-5-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Pelican Bay
    UCR0036064UCRDelphinium parryiDan S. Cooper317--132017-3-29 VenturaSimi Valley, slope north of First St. & Erringer Rd.
    UCR0036065UCRDelphinium parryiDan S. Cooper416--282016-4-14 VenturaThousand Oaks, open space along utility road south of end of Grissom Dr.
    UCR0036066UCRDelphinium parryiJoseph Cahills.n.2011-3-12 VenturaConejo Mountain, west-facing slope about 20 m off Edison Road trail toward lakes, c. 3 miles south of Hwy 101 and c. 0.15 mi. west of Newbury Park
    UCR0036067UCRDelphinium parryiJoseph Cahills.n.2011-3-12 VenturaRancho Conejo Open Space, north facing slope along motorbike trail about 1 mile north of Hwy 101 near Newbury Park
    UCR0036068UCRDelphinium parryiKathy Harpers.n.1986-5-18 VenturaSespe Creek Canon, along Hwy 33 at Cherry Creek Road, north of Ortega Hill
    UCR0036069UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders266452003-5-14 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon, 1.2 km west of Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0036070UCRDelphinium parryiI.W. Clokey68251935-5-22 VenturaWest of Lockwood Valley
    UCR0036071UCRDelphinium parryiH.M. Pollards.n.1947-4-26 VenturaMurietta Canon
    UCR0036072UCRDelphinium parryiScott D. White90782003-4-23 Venturafoothills of 'Big Mountain' northeast of Moorpark College
    UCR0036073UCRDelphinium parryiAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-5-6 VenturaNewhall Ranch, near the mouth of Salt Creek
    UCR0036074UCRDelphinium parryiReid Moran7141941-3-16 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island; near old sheep camp landing
    UCR0036075UCRDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders266242003-5-13 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon
    UCR0036081UCRDelphinium parryiGeorge K. Helmkamp35981998-5-14 FresnoWarthan Creek Canon, near Curry Mountain, c. 6-7 miles (airline) SW of Coalinga, along CA Hwy 198, 20.8 miles west of Hwy I-5; Coast Range:
    UCR0036082UCRDelphinium parryiFrank C. Vasek580503--041958-5-03 KernTemblor Range, Carneros Canon, 0.5 - 1.5 mi. up right junction of dirt road
    UCR131366UCRDelphinium parryiJeremiah George112001-5-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles, San Pedro area, Defense Fuel Support Point (Naval Reservation) 3 North Gaffey St.
    UCSB015691UCSBDelphinium parryiMason, Renee1591980-4-13 Santa Barbarato the right on Mono Debris Dam
    UCSB015692UCSBDelphinium parryiSmith, Clifton19551947-4-07 Santa BarbaraAlong Rattlesnake Canon Trail
    UCSB015693UCSBDelphinium parryiBrown, Matt601981-9-26 Santa Barbara12.7 miles west of New Cuyama on highway 166; then 2.9 miles south of highway 166 on Cottonwood Canon road on the west side of the road
    UCSB015694UCSBDelphinium parryiC. J. Kraebel1932-5-25 San BernardinoDevil Cyn; lower road near Forks E & W
    UCSB015695UCSBDelphinium parryiGray, V.0251980-4-03 Santa Barbaraupper slope of Mono-Alamar trail; 0.5 miles south of Mono Adobe
    UCSB015696UCSBDelphinium parryiDennis E. Breedlove8491961-7-23 Santa BarbaraAlong the Alamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain; Birabent Canon; San Rafael Range
    UCSB015697UCSBDelphinium parryiMazzia, Linda841960-5-14 Riverside2.2 miles south of highway 70-99 on Banning to Idyllwild road
    UCSB015698UCSBDelphinium parryiRick A. Burgess3631984-4-08 VenturaOn rocky outcropping adjacent to Gridley Trail; S-Slope Nordhoff Ridge
    UCSB015699UCSBDelphinium parryiKohrs, Herb251946-2-26 Santa BarbaraRattlesnake Canon
    UCSB015700UCSBDelphinium parryiFrederick E. Clements41914-3-25 San DiegoLa Jolla
    UCSB015701UCSBDelphinium parryiJ. Nowell971958-4-1 Santa BarbaraHappy Canon 12 mi. from HWY 150; bottom of hill
    UCSB015702UCSBDelphinium parryiLestak, Leanne351978-4-01 Los AngelesHeading south on Kanan Road, turn right on Triunfo Canon Road; About 2 miles down road on south side of road; 20 ft. off road
    UCSB015703UCSBDelphinium parryiWelton, Patti161983-3-28 Los Angeles2.2 miles north of Malibu Canon Road; on southwest side of Mulholland Hwy
    UCSB015704UCSBDelphinium parryiWayne R. Ferren6091983-3-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Along valley road; 1.6 miles E of Centinella gate
    UCSB015705UCSBDelphinium parryiEspinosa, A.; Penso, K.24891988-3-22 Santa BarbaraAlong road to Coches Prietos, .25 mi from field station; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB015706UCSBDelphinium parryiRalph PhilbrickB64-1701964-6-18 Santa Barbarabetween Erabudo and Campo Raton, just south of Central Valley Road; about 3 miles east of Christi Ranch; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB015707UCSBDelphinium parryiHobbs, E.78-061978-6-04 Santa Barbarawall of canyon, Pelican Bay; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB015708UCSBDelphinium parryiPandya, S.24931988-3-22 Santa BarbaraNear Valley Anchorage; 300 yds. from naval station; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB015709UCSBDelphinium parryiWedberg, H.941957-6-15 Los AngelesLatigo Canon
    UCSB015710UCSBDelphinium parryiIsabelle McElwain1953-3-21 Los AngelesPoint Dume
    UCSB015711UCSBDelphinium parryiWhite, Arthur801960-5-14 Riverside100yds. s. of road between Banning and Idyllwild; 2.2 mi s. of Hwy. 70 & 99
    UCSB015712UCSBDelphinium parryi1051943-5-11 Los AngelesSan Dimas Meadow; San Dimas Experimental Forest; San Gabriel Mountains
    UCSB015713UCSBDelphinium parryiWoodhouse, Charles621962-5-05 Riverside6.5 miles south of Banning on road to Idyllwild
    UCSB015714UCSBDelphinium parryiSuter, Richard1121961-5-07 RiversideIdylwild - Banning road in the San Jacinto Mountains; 6.9 miles south of its turnoff from U.S. Highway 60,70,99 at Banning
    UCSB015715UCSBDelphinium parryiHand, B.321960-5-15 Riverside7 miles from Banning-Idyllwild turnoff on highway 70-99 south
    UCSB015716UCSBDelphinium parryiBoyer, Nora691962-5-04 Los Angeles50 yards west of Mint Canon Camp Ground; 7.7 miles north of Solemint on U.S. Highway 6
    UCSB015717UCSBDelphinium parryiSmith, Clifton12021945-4-07 Santa BarbaraColony on Rattlesnake Canon Trail
    UCSB015718UCSBDelphinium parryiElizabeth Collins111977-2-06 Santa Barbaranorthern ridge of the Kinivan Ranch; 1.5 miles up the northern trail from Kinivan Road
    UCSB015719UCSBDelphinium parryiDennis E. Breedlove28611962-5-16 Santa BarbaraCanon west side of Portezuela Grade; 3.4 miles east of Christi Ranch; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB015720UCSBDelphinium parryiDennis E. Breedlove27661962-5-12 Ventura4.0 miles northwest of Lockwood Valley Road; on U.S. Highway 399, upper Cuyama Valley
    UCSB015721UCSBDelphinium parryiDennis E. Breedlove27781962-5-12 Santa Barbarasouthern bank of Cuyama River; 27 miles west of New Cuyama on State Highway 166
    UCSB015722UCSBDelphinium parryiC. J. Kraebel1932-6-05 San BernardinoCholo Burn; Waterman Canon
    UCSB015723UCSBDelphinium parryiRecht, B.51980-5-04 Santa BarbaraOn west side of Refugio Road; 5.0 miles north of Refugio Pass
    UCSB015724UCSBDelphinium parryiJohn R. Haller551950-4-29 Kernnear Kern River 6 mi above Kernville
    UCSB015725UCSBDelphinium parryiFarneman, H.821967-3-26 San Luis ObispoNorth shore of Lake Nacimiento; near Bee Rock Campground, access by Interlake and Bee Rock Roads; Santa Lucia Mtns
    UCSB015726UCSBDelphinium parryiTinnin, Robert941962-5-04 Los AngelesMint Canon Camp Ground; 7.9 miles northeast of Solemint on Highway 6
    UCSB015727UCSBDelphinium parryiR. Callaway; P. Ryan351987-4-17 San Luis ObispoReservoir Canon; 1/4 mile from end of Reservoir Road; east off Hwy. 101 north of San Luis Obispo
    UCSB015728UCSBDelphinium parryiP. Ryan; R. Callaway591987-4-30 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch; 3/4 mile southeast of town of Santa Margarita
    UCSB015729UCSBDelphinium parryiGates, C.311963-5-11 Santa BarbaraEast Camino Cielo Road; about 1 mile east of Summit of San Marcos Pass; Santa Ynez Mountains
    UCSB015730UCSBDelphinium parryiFernandez, Irvin351991-5-11 San DiegoBonita Rd. to San Miguel Rd., then right 5.5 mi. on Procter Valley Rd; Just east of Upper Otay Reservoir; Bonita, CA
    UCSB015731UCSBDelphinium parryiWalker, R.361980-5-31 Ventura10km south of Lockwood Valley Road turnoff; highway 33
    UCSB015732UCSBDelphinium parryiBuchalter, Chris491976-5-27 VenturaHighway 33; 5 miles north of Ojai
    UCSB015733UCSBDelphinium parryiBeth Hendrickson; P. Ryan; Anuja Parikh10131988-4-22 Santa BarbaraLompoc; on sloping ground below and east of Wildoak Rd; near Cebada Cyn. Rd
    UCSB015734UCSBDelphinium parryiHickson, Diana711986-5-05 Santa Barbara1/8 mile S of intersection of Santa Lucia Cyn Rd and S20; Burton Mesa
    UCSB015735UCSBDelphinium parryiJ. Batson491979-5-25 Los Angeles10 miles southwest of the junction of Highway 101 Westlake Boulevard; on Highway 23
    UCSB015736UCSBDelphinium parryiRich Adler261980-3-27 Santa BarbaraNorth side of Highway 154; 0.5 mile east of Bradbury Dam observation pt
    UCSB015737UCSBDelphinium parryiWood, Kathy871980-5-30 Santa Barbara3.5 miles off of San Marcos Pass Road on Paradise Road
    UCSB015738UCSBDelphinium parryiHughes, Heidi281978-5-28 Santa Barbaranorth off Camino Cielo east of the San Ysidro trail
    UCSB015739UCSBDelphinium parryiMcEnulty, Mary171979-4-20 San Luis ObispoNipoma Mesa
    UCSB015740UCSBDelphinium parryiJacobs, L.201973-5-26 Santa Barbara200 yds southeast of Corral Rd; 200 yds. west of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    UCSB015741UCSBDelphinium parryidel Moral, Roger3001967-4-14 Santa Barbara2 mile west of Prisoner's Harbor; Santa Cruz Island
    UCSB040906UCSBDelphinium parryiThomas Mulroy1931-4-26 Los AngelesEllesmere Canon.
    UCSB048467UCSBDelphinium parryiR.A. Burgess4101985-3-14 VenturaHill immediately north of Reino Rd. and Old Conejo Rd. Between Old Conejo Rd. and US-101.
    UCSB055841UCSBDelphinium parryiDavid Magney230-192019-6-6 Los AngelesSW Region, Western Transverse Ranges, Liebre Mountains, Sierra Pelona, Rush Canon, along dirt road to Rowher ORV Area, Angeles NF, Waypoint 400; Green Valley, Calif. topo quad.; NE1 W1/4S19, T5N R14W San Bernadino Base Meridian.; 34.50882 ° N 119.38967 ° W [Note: The coordinates provided on the sheet did not match with the locality described, and may have been a typo. The longitude (-118.389670) appears to match with the locality described, instead of 119.38967]
    UCSC1341UCSCDelphinium parryiMr. Benj. Cobb132003-3-31 Montereyalong Hwy. 1 Hwy. 1 - the Esalen Institute
    VVC3361VVCDelphinium parryiTim Thomas391973-5-10 VenturaEastern Simi Hills, south east slope of Chatsworth Peak, El Rancho Adobe, vic Box Cyn.
    VVC429VVCDelphinium parryiP.J. MacKays.n.1975-5-25 San BernardinoPinion Hills, south side of Hwy 138
    VVC431VVCDelphinium parryiA.C. Sanders206961997-5-04 RiversideN side of the range, Twin Pines Creek below the confluence with Brown Creek.
    VVC717VVCDelphinium parryiP.J. MacKay1641997-4-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch; San Emigdio Cyn
    CAS-BOT7861CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1940-6-29 San Luis ObispoOso Flacco
    CAS-BOT7862CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1928-5-4 San Luis ObispoOso Flacco
    CAS-BOT7863CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeKeck, David Daniels22251933-5-5 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano on road to Guadalupe, southwestern part of county
    CAS-BOT7864CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeKeck, David Daniels22251933-5-5 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano on road to Guadalupe, southwestern part of county
    CAS-BOT7865CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeKeck, David Daniels22251933-5-5 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano on road to Guadalupe, southwestern part of county
    CAS-BOT7866CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHoover, R. F.66231947-2-24 San Luis ObispoFirst ridge west of cerro Romauldo
    CAS-BOT7867CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHoover, R. F.70721947-4-25 San Luis ObispoBlake Lake, south of Arroyo Grande
    CAS-BOT7868CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHoover, R. F.112961969-5-3 San Luis Obispo3 mi. W of Nipomo
    CAS-BOT7869CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHoover, R. F.112961969-5-3 San Luis Obispo3 mi. W of Nipomo
    CAS-BOT7870CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHoover, R. F.112961969-5-3 San Luis Obispo3 mi. W of Nipomo
    CAS-BOT7871CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEastwood, Alice143411927-4-8 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa
    CAS-BOT7872CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEastwood, Alice143411927-4-8 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa
    CAS-BOT7873CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas38671937-4-23 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa
    CAS-BOT7874CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeTwisselmann, Ernest C.26351956-4-10 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, 1.5 miles east of the Union Oil Refinery
    CAS-BOT7875CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeTwisselmann, Ernest C.26351956-4-10 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, 1.5 miles east of the Union Oil Refinery
    CAS-BOT7901CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeTwisselmann, Ernest C.26351956-4-10 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, 1.5 miles east of the Union Oil Refinery
    CAS-BOT7902CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeFerris, Roxana S.80321929-4-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Guadalupe and Callender
    CAS-BOT7903CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEpling, C.; Lewis, H.341943-4-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
    CAS-BOT7904CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEpling, C.; Lewis, H.331943-4-23 San Luis ObispoWest of Nipomo
    CAS-BOT7905CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeElmer, Adolph Daniel Edward48951903-4-1 MontereyBardino
    CAS-BOT7906CASDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeWiggins, Ira L.35701929-4-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Guadalupe and Oceana
    CDA0020864CDADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeunknown1908-11-29 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Santa Maria Union High School. South Central Coast.
    CDA0020874CDADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeunknown1905-12-03 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Santa Maria Union High School. South Central Coast.
    CHSC26024CHSCDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJames Henrickson42521969-4-10 Ventura11 miles W. of Thousand Oaks, 1 mi. E. of Camarillo State Hospital.
    CHSC26025CHSCDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeWesley O. Griesel1962-4-19 KernRand Mts., Mojave Desert.
    CSLA013989CSLADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJames Henrickson42521969-4-10 Ventura11 miles west of Thousand Oaks, 1 mile east of Camarillo State Hospital on E-facing Chaparral covered slope
    IRVC29452IRVCDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMark A. Elvin; Luanne Lum, Larry Ballard48962006-5-15 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa; Vandenberg Air Force Base; mouth of Oak Canon beside Terra Road.
    JEPS15282UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRimo Bacigalupi32011950-5-13 San Luis Obisposandy area just s Oso Flavo Lake
    JEPS18375UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRimo Bacigalupi, F. Chisaki, P. Hutchison57721957-4-02 San Luis Obispo1 mi n Black Lake Canon; Nipomo Mesa
    JEPS62374UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeWillis L. Jepson202711941-4-17 Santa Barbaranear Santa Maria; Los Alamos Valley
    LA207526LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeCarl Epling341943-4-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
    LA207527LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeCarl Epling331943-4-23 San Luis ObispoDunes W of Nipomo
    LA326901LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. Epling341943-4-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
    LA38294LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeLewis5041943-5-23 San Luis ObispoSand dunes, Nipomo-Guadalupe road
    LA38296LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeLewis5051965-8-6 Santa Barbara11.1 N of Los Alamos flag pole
    LA38304LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeG. Mehlquist5131945-6-15 San Luis Obispo5.5 N. of Guadalaupe on road to Arroyo Grande
    LA38385LADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeLewis6852004-10-9 Santa Barbara6.5 N of junction of oiled road to plantation, Guadalupe Rd
    MACF032360MACFDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. E. Jones1973-5-04 MontereyAlongside Naciemento River, where Nacimento-Fergusson Road crosses the river
    OBI166249OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid J. Keil239711993-5-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. NW corner of the Base from 1 N of Calif. Hwy 1 (Vandenberg Rd) exit from Calif Hwy 135 (Graciosa Rd) S to vicinity of exit. Hills and valleys W of hwy 135
    OBI166250OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid Keil271341998-5-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. N Base. Sandy hills NE of Pine Canon Gate. Area bordered to N by Hwy 1 (Lompoc-Canon both sides of Santa Lucia Canon Rd.
    OBI166251OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeArthur W. Hazebrook371991-4-28 San Luis ObispoNipomo Dunes Complex, Big Coreopsis Hill, NE base of Hill
    OBI166252OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRobert F. Hoover70721947-4-25 San Luis ObispoBlack lake, S of Arroyo Grande
    OBI166253OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMabel M. Miles1886-5-1 San Luis Obispo
    OBI166254OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid J. Keil271341998-5-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. N Base. Sandy hills NE of Pine Canon Gate. Area bordered to N by Hwy 1 (Lompoc-Canon both sides of Santa Lucia Canon Rd.
    OBI166255OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid J. Keil265111998-3-30 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Lake Cyn, NE of Pine Cyn Rd
    OBI166256OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJulie M. Vanderwier281978-5-11 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    OBI166257OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJulie M. Vanderwier281978-5-11 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    OBI166258OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeKathleen Goddard Joness.n.1994-4-17 San Luis ObispoCNPS Wildflower Weekend outing to Guadalupe Dunes. Wild Almond Meadows: fivedeflation areas near Oso Flaco Lake at property owned by Lena Enos Buss
    OBI166259OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRobert J. Rodin86171972-3-29 San Luis ObispoS of Oso Flaco, Nipomo Dunes
    OBI166260OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeKathy Joness.n.1982-5-07 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, S of Arroyo Grande. Big Coreopsis Hill
    OBI166261OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeArthur W. Hazebrook371991-4-28 San Luis ObispoNipomo Dunes Complex, Big Coreopsis Hill, NE base of Hill
    OBI166262OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRobert F. Hoover112961969-5-03 San Luis Obispo3 W of Nipomo
    OBI166279OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeBernard Miossi651939-4-08 San Luis Obispo1 N of San luis Obispo, 300 yds from hwy 101
    OBI166328OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid J. Keil262951997-5-15 San Luis ObispoLos padres national forest. la panza mountains. fringe of machesna mountain wilderness. ridge along road past castle crags and slopes below to south. area drained by small stream in canyon.
    POM147013RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAlice Eastwoods.n.1927-4-08 San Luis ObispoNipoma Mesa.
    POM150564RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeR. W. Summerss.n.1886-2-20 San Luis ObispoSano Hills by sea; Oso Flacos
    POM180023RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeLester Rowntrees.n.1931-4-1 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa?
    POM183458RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRalph Hoffmanns.n.1932-4-16 Santa Barbara3 miles N of Lompoc
    POM216196RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeD. D. Keck22251933-5-05 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano on road to Guadalupe
    PUA17819PUADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. Lewis1943-4-24 Santa BarbaraLocal landmark: Santa Maria. Santa Maria Quad.
    RSA122691RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. C. Lee4361936-2-27 San Luis ObispoMesa south of Black Lake Canon.; Arroyo Grande
    RSA122692RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeN. K. Carlson2391936-3-27 San Luis Obispo2.2 miles WSW of Piney Ridge.; SLO
    RSA149675RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. Epling331945-4-23 San Luis ObispoWest of Nipomo
    RSA149676RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. Epling341943-4-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
    RSA165556RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClare B. Hardham107161963-6-05 MontereyHills west of Bradley
    RSA166907RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDonald Myrick5491962-4-20 Santa BarbaraAbout 3.0 miles west of Lompoc.
    RSA17800RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeCarl B. Wolfs.n.1929-4-15 San Luis Obispo2-3 miles inland from ocean and about 5 miles north of Santa Maria River.
    RSA216753RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRobert F. Hoover112961969-5-03 San Luis Obispo3 miles W of Nipomo
    RSA26491RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAlice Eastwoods.n.1940-4-14 San Luis ObispoNipoma Mesa.
    RSA30020RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeE. K. Balls188941954-3-08 Santa BarbaraNear Santa Maria
    RSA398768RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJ. Doty6421969-4-25 San Luis ObispoBeside Hwy 1, 5.3 miles south of jct with Halcyon Road, south of Arroyo Grande.
    RSA398769RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeLester Rowntrees.n.1930-8-1 San Luis ObispoCoastal mesa
    RSA49725RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeE. K. Balls79531948-6-06 Santa BarbaraNear La Purissima Mission, Lompoc.
    RSA535955RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. F. Smith30351951-4-19 San Luis ObispoMesa N of Guadalupe.
    RSA647811RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeR. S. Woglum9941935-5-25 MontereyAlong Hwy 198 between King City and Coalinga
    RSA69409RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeF. W. Peirson83891929-5-18 Santa Barbara10 miles east of Lompoc on road to Buellton.
    RSA720710RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAnstruther Davidsons.n.1906-5-1 San Luis Obispo[Unspecified]
    RSA79327RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeE. K. Balls162171952-3-29 Santa BarbaraNear Santa Maria
    RSA79329RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeE. K. Balls162161952-3-29 Santa BarbaraNear Santa Maria
    RSA95867RSADelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeE. K. Balls194241954-5-26 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden [Claremont]
    SBBG170948SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. Dearing3801936-5-10 Santa BarbaraW of Lompoc
    SBBG171608SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMabel M. Miles1886-5-1 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
    SBBG171609SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClifton F. Smith30351951-4-19 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, N of Guadalupe
    SBBG171610SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClifton F. Smith32811952-4-25 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa, W of Nipomo and N of Guadalupe
    SBBG171611SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClifton F. Smith63531961-5-23 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Oceano Mesa between Dune Lakes and Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG171612SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJ. Doty6421969-4-25 San Luis ObispoSt Highway 1, 5.3 mi S of jct with Halcyon Rd, S of Arroyo Grande
    SBBG171613SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJ. P. Broughton13781974-2-27 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: top of Coreopsis Hill, Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG171614SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeL. W. Edge1231972-4-20 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: near Callender
    SBBG171615SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDonald Myrick5491962-4-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: St Hwy 1, ca. 3 W of Lompoc
    SBBG171616SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRalph Hoffmann1927-5-08 Santa BarbaraLompoc
    SBBG171617SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeD. Odion721986-5-05 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: 1/8 mi S of intersection of Santa Lucia Cyn Rd and S20
    SBBG171618SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeL. E. Allen1967-5-09 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa
    SBBG171619SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeL. E. Allen1966-5-26 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: just across Burton Mesa Rd to S of Country Club
    SBBG171620SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRalph Hoffmann1932-4-16 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: 3 N of Lompoc
    SBBG171621SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClifton F. Smith99551968-5-28 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Santa Lucia Cyn on mesa, S of Burton Mesa Rd, N of Lompoc
    SBBG171622SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAnuja Parikh, N. GaleVAFBPS 041998-5-08 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Vandenberg Air Force Base; Point Sal Rd, N of Lions Head
    SBBG171623SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAnuja Parikh, N. Gale7192000-4-22 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; E bank of northernmost lake in Lake Cyn, 1.75 km E of intersection of Pine Cyn Rd and Utah Ave
    SBBG71795SBBGDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMabel M. Miles1886-5-1 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
    SD244795SDDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid Keil239711993-5-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base: North Base; northwestern corner of the Base from 1 mile N of California Hwy 1 (Vandenberg Road) exit from California Hwy 135 (Graciosa Road) S to vicinity of exit. Hills and valleys west of Hwy 135.
    SFV111929SFVDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeR. C. F. Bacigalupi32011950-5-13 San Luis ObispoSandy (dunes) area just south of Oso Flaco Lake.
    SFV111930SFVDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeD. Myrick5491962-4-20 Santa BarbaraSandy draw left of Highway 1 about 3 miles west of Lompoc.
    UC1031431UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. Epling, H. Lewis331943-4-23 San Luis Obispodunes w Nipomo
    UC1031432UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeC. Epling, H. Lewis341943-4-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
    UC1036936UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeRimo Bacigalupi32011950-5-13 San Luis Obisposandy area just s Oso Flaco Lake
    UC1126028UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. C. Lee2741935-4-20 Santa Barbara3 miles W of Bicknell
    UC1126032UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. C. Lee4121936-2-21 San Luis Obispo1 mile N of Los Berros
    UC1280297UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJohn M. Tucker1941-7-03 Santa BarbaraHigh mesa between Canonio Canon
    UC1296243UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeR. F. Hoover70721947-4-25 San Luis Obispos Arroyo Grande; Black Lake
    UC1392672UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeR. F. Hoover112961969-5-03 San Luis Obispo3 W of Nipomo
    UC1601410UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMarcus E. Jones32281882-5-05 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    UC311366UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMarcus E. Jones32281882-5-05 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    UC467774UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJ. E. Roadhouse1041948-3-27 San Luis Obisponear San Luis Obispo
    UC518963UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeDavid D. Keck22251933-5-05 San Luis Obispoon road to Guadalupe 5.5 mi s Oceano (dunes 1/4 to 1/2 mi inland from ocean, sw San Luis Obispo Co.)
    UC52184UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMrs. R. W. Summers81886-4-21 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Valley
    UC52272UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMrs. R. W. Summers71886-2-20 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco
    UC55284UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeJ. H. Barber1899-5-22 San Luis Obisponear Morro
    UC55900UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMrs. R. W. Summers71886-2-20 San Luis Obisposand hills by the sea Oso Flaco
    UC569958UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeH. C. Lee4361936-2-27 San Luis Obispomesa south of Black Lake Canon
    UC638984UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeBernard Miossi2451940-3-20 San Luis Obispos-facing slope of hill 300 yd n San Luis Creek (one mi n of San Luis Obispo)
    UC648286UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeAlice Eastwood1940-4-14 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa
    UC75781UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHerbert Waterman1895-4-01 San Luis ObispoLos Berros
    UC854256UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMarcus E. Jones32281882-5-05 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    UC912533UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeHerbert L. Mason80501924-3-31 San Luis Obisposix miles North of Cambria
    UC9211UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeIda M. Blochman1893-5-01 Santa Barbaranear Nipomo
    UC9233UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMrs. Blochman1893-1-01 San Luis Obispo
    UC9252UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeG. Survey4091861-4-10 San Luis ObispoFox's Ranch Nipoma; Fox's Ranch, Nipoma, San Luis Obispo Co.
    UC9254UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeW. H. Brewer4091861-4-10 San Luis ObispoNipomo Ranch; ; Nipoma Ranch, San Luis Obispo Co.
    UC931967UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeVerne Grant, Alva Grant8549A1948-5-28 San Luis Obispo5 miles South of Oceano on Guadalupe road
    UCR0036058UCRDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeMark A. Elvin48962006-5-15 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base, N of Lakes Canon and west of Santa Lucia Canon. Upper edges of canyons
    UCSB015742UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeWayne R. FerrenLP 3931983-4-16 Santa Barbaranortheast of upper reservoir; La Purisima State Historic Park; 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit
    UCSB015743UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeWayne R. FerrenLP 3771983-4-16 Santa Barbara300m north of Blacksmith′s shop along service road on southwest side of Purisima Canon; La Purisima State Historic Park; 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit
    UCSB015744UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClark, S.; Forbes, HollyLP 4641983-5-07 Santa Barbaraca. 650m north of mission bldgs along west valley road; La Purisima State Historic Park; 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit
    UCSB015745UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeEdge, Lyda1231972-4-20 San Luis Obisponear Callender
    UCSB015746UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaePritchett, David; Ferren, WayneVAFB-07-871987-5-23 Santa Barbara1 N of Tangair railroad tract
    UCSB015747UCSBDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeClark Cowan105(50)1974-4-11 San Luis Obisponear Highway 1; west of Nipomo; 5 N. of turnoff to Oso Flaco
    VVC4030VVCDelphinium parryi subsp. blochmaniaeTim Thomas2631980-4-11 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains, Long Grande Canon, Potrero Rd.
    CAS-BOT121367CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeJones, M. E.32281882-5-5 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT121368CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeEastwood, Alice151191928-5-17 San Luis ObispoAlong Chollo [=Chorro] Creek, on hills.
    CAS-BOT121369CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeEastwood, Alice143971927-4-10 San Luis ObispoHills near cemetary, San Luis Obispo.
    CAS-BOT121370CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeHardham, Clare Butterworth8441956-5-27 San Luis ObispoAtascadero Ranch
    CAS-BOT121371CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeHardham, Clare Butterworth43431959-4-29 San Luis ObispoSteiner Creek near San Luis Obispo.
    CAS-BOT121372CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeHardham, Clare Butterworth56721960-5-11 San Luis ObispoMorro del Mar
    CAS-BOT33223CASDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeEastwood, Alices.n.1896-5-2 San Luis ObispoMcDonald's ranch, Carisa Plains
    CDA0049958CDADelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeChris Codding52017-3-2 San Luis ObispoAbout halfway up the trail starting at the top of Lizzie Ct off Johnson Ave. 35.281 N, -120.639 W, 152 m. Chaparral hillside 15% slope, SW facing, full exposure, serpentine and sticky clay. Herb to subshrub, 2 ft tall, green stem and leaves, purple flowers with white inner corolla, somewhat common, 9 individuals. Associated Ceanothus cuneatus, Baccharis pilularis, Yucca.
    JEPS114153UCJEPSDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeE. L. Painter, M. Wetherwax, K. DowningSLO-2602008-5-8 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo. First ridge west of Cerro Romualdo.
    OBI166263OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeDavid Keil335552016-3-6 San Luis ObispoSouth Hills Open Space
    OBI166264OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeDavid J. Keil228541992-5-02 San Luis ObispoLaguna Lake Park.
    OBI166266OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeSmeltzer961982-5-07 San Luis ObispoNE side of Laguna Lake park
    OBI166267OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeJason Dart4262009-3-17 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay, N of the intersection of Hwy 1 and South Bay blvd
    OBI166268OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeMichael Walgren3992014-4-14 San Luis ObispoChevron Oil Company property east of Del Mar Park in the City of Morro Bay.
    OBI166269OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeRobert F. Hoover66231947-2-24 San Luis ObispoFirst ridge west of Cerro Romauldo
    OBI166270OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeRobert F. Hoover66231947-2-24 San Luis ObispoFirst ridge west of Cerro Romauldo
    OBI166271OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeF.W. Wakefield III911964-4-11 San Luis ObispoReservoir cyn; opposite reservoir
    OBI166272OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeDan Harrington181984-2-10 San Luis ObispoReservoir cyn, off hwy 101 2 N of SLO
    OBI166274OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeConstance L. Baird21972-4-14 San Luis ObispoReservoir cyn
    OBI166275OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeThomas Burrows191980-4-24 San Luis ObispoReservoir cyn
    OBI166276OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeChristian Smith1974-5-13 San Luis ObispoReservoir Cyn
    OBI166277OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeDavid J. Keil271611998-5-10 San Luis ObispoHillside above end of Lizzie St. above San Luis Obispo High School
    OBI166280OBIDelphinium parryi subsp. eastwoodiaeDavid J. Keil