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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    UC534127UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumS. B., W. F. Parish12221883-4-01 RiversideAgua Caliente
    RSA0031896RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-19 San DiegoSan Felipe Hill.
    RSA0031895RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-20 San DiegoSan Felipe.
    UC303096UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMarcus E. Jones1906-4-20 San DiegoSan Felipe
    CAS-BOT7858CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCoombs, A. L., Mrs.s.n.1911-5-1 San DiegoWarners Springs
    CAS-BOT7974CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCoombs, A. L., Mrs.s.n.1911-5-1 San DiegoWarner Springs
    CAS-BOT7851CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEastwood, Alice26471913-4-12 San DiegoYaqui Wells, Colorado Desert
    JEPS6259UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWillis L. Jepson85461920-4-15 San DiegoVallecito-Old Butterfield Stage Station; hillsides just above
    JEPS6261UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWillis L. Jepson87891920-4-25 San Diegojunction of Grapevine Creek and San Felipe Creek (lower end of canyon); Anza Desert State Park, Sentenac Canon
    RSA0162273RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMary F. Spencer15921920-6-20 San DiegoMonument Peak, Laguna Mts.
    SD1691SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumF. W. Kelseys.n.1920-6-27 San DiegoJamul
    RSA0029795RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumI. L. Wiggins20031926-3-20 San DiegoBetween Julian and Banner.
    CAS-BOT33186CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWiggins, Ira Loren20031926-3-20 San DiegoNear Banner, about 5 miles below Julian
    UC534125UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumIra L. Wiggins20031926-3-20 San Diegoopen slope near Banner (about 5 mi below Julian)
    RSA0029800RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumE. C. Jaegers.n.1926-5-26 San DiegoMontezuma Valley.
    CAS-BOT7857CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWiggins, Ira L.22831927-4-12 San Diego1 mile west of Mountain Springs along the highway to Jacumba Hot Spring
    RSA0029903RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumF. W. Peirson77401928-3-24 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek, near foot of Sentenac Canon.
    SD80174SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. S. Woglums.n.1932-3-20 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley
    RSA0029788RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. S. Woglums.n.1932-3-20 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley.
    CAS-BOT7854CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRowntree, Lesters.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoEast base of Mountain Springs Garde
    POM182215RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumP. A. Munz120821932-4-03 San DiegoNear Campbell Ranch, Vallecito Valley
    RSA0029803RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumP. A. Munz120821932-4-03 San DiegoNear Campbell Ranch, Vallecito Valley
    UC495152UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock120821932-4-03 San Diegonear Campbell Ranch, Eastern, San Diego County
    SD00000329SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl Eplings.n.1932-4-04 San DiegoRidge between Canon Valley. Rocky slopes of canyon spurs and ridges.
    CAS-BOT33209CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEpling, C.; Robinson, W.s.n.1932-4-4 San DiegoRidge between Campells Ranch and Mason Valley
    UC1303059UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Epling, Wm. Robison1932-4-04 San Diegobetween Canon Valley (w margin of Colorado Desert); Colorado Desert
    LA212168LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San Diego
    RSA0029794RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San DiegoHellhole Canon.
    RSA11176RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San DiegoHell Hole Canon- near Borego.
    RSA0020490RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San DiegoHell Hole Canon- near Borego.
    RSA0029793RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San DiegoHellhole Canon.
    RSA0029792RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-4-05 San DiegoYaqui Well.
    CAS-BOT7853CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-4-5 San DiegoHellhole Canyon
    CAS-BOT7855CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-4-5 San DiegoHellhole Canyon
    UC854089UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Epling, Wm. Robison1932-4-05 San DiegoHellhole Canon
    RSA0029750RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRoxana S. Ferris82221932-5-01 San DiegoJacumba, near international boundry.
    LA207620LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl Eplings.n.1932-6-20 San DiegoWildwood Glen near Alpine
    RSA0029804RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC. Eplings.n.1932-6-20 San DiegoWildwood Glen near Alpine.
    CAS-BOT7859CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumGentry, H. S.s.n.1933-4-11 San DiegoNear Palm Canyon, Borego Valley
    RSA0029789RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFlorence J. Youngberg1001935-4-11 San DiegoBorrego Palm Canon, E San Diego County.
    SBBG168974SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRussell S. Woglum7111935-4-15 San Diegonear Jacumba
    SD11190SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander175-31935-4-17 San DiegoBox Canon, north end of Mason Valley
    RSA0162272RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumM. B. Dunkle46061935-4-19 San DiegoVallecito Hill.
    SD37297SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEdith A. Purer62831935-4-19 San DiegoBox Canon, east of Banner
    RSA0029797RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumW. L. Jepson171131935-4-20 San DiegoAt Yaqui Well, east of San Felipe Narrows [Sentenac Canon].
    JEPS62384UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWillis L. Jepson171131935-4-20 San Diegoe San Felipe Narrows [Sentenac Canon]; Yaqui Well
    SD15335SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander19171936-5-12 San DiegoNear Jacumba
    SD16047SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander26191936-5-30 San DiegoLaguna Mt. near Garnet Peak
    RSA0029902RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl B. Wolf84581937-4-07 San DiegoColorado Desert, Borego State Park, in the Palm Canon above Park Headquarters
    LA207621LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumK. Watkinss.n.1937-4-10 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway, 2 mi. above valley
    CAS-BOT7860CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumWatkins, K.; McClintock, E.s.n.1937-4-10 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway, 2 mi. above valley
    SD21030SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumS. G. Harters.n.1937-4-22 San DiegoBorego
    CAS-BOT7973CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCovel, P. F.7651937-4-22 San DiegoPalm Canyon, Borago State Park
    LA207623LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl Eplings.n.1937-5-07 Riverside1 mi. above Pinon Flats, Palms to Pines Hwy
    LA207622LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl Eplings.n.1937-5-07 Riverside2 mi. above PInon Flats, Palms to Pines Hwy
    SBBG168972SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. and M. Dearing3771937-5-11 San DiegoYaqui Pass near Banner
    SD17604SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumD. E. Scarberys.n.1937-5-25 San Diego2 miles west, 2 miles south of La Posta
    LA207619LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCarl Eplings.n.1937-6-07 Riverside1 mi. above Pine Flat
    LA38269LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEnsign5531937-8-20 San DiegoBanner Grade, 0.5 mi. below Eisenmengers
    LA38267LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumEnsign5551938-4-9 San DiegoEnd of road in Hellhole Canon
    SD20848SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander53211938-4-15 San DiegoBorego Palm Canon
    SD21411SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander56541938-5-18 San DiegoBurn at Boulevarde
    SD21454SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander56971938-5-18 San DiegoJacumba
    SD21569SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander57991938-5-27 San DiegoRattlesnake Valley, Harper Ranch
    SD24558SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander71351939-4-02 San DiegoRocky slopes near Vallecito Sta.
    SBBG168975SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. and M. Dearing31611939-4-11 San DiegoBorrego Valley
    SD24720SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander72221939-4-19 San DiegoNear Yaqui Well
    LA38237LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLewis5991939-8-24 San DiegoBanner Grade, 0.4 W of Banner Queen Station
    RSA0029798RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumHenry J. Ramseys.n.1940-3-17 San DiegoBorrego Valley.
    SD27565SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander86641940-5-22 San DiegoNear Eagles' Nest Hot Springs Mt.
    SBBG168973SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRussell S. Woglum32841941-4-1 San DiegoVallecito Valley
    RSA0029787RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. S. Woglum32841941-4-1 San DiegoVallecito Valley.
    SBBG168971SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. and M. Dearing46151941-4-07 San DiegoPalm Cyn, Anza Borrego State Park
    LA325899LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewiss.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoBorego Palm Canon
    RSA0029799RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoBorrego Palm Canon
    RSA0029796RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumHarlan Lewiss.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoHellhole Canon, Borrego State Park.
    DAV312272DAVDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewiss.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoSan Diego County: Hell Hole Canon. Borego State Park.
    DAV312273DAVDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewiss.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoSan Diego County: Borego Palm Canon.
    HSC206857HSCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewissn1941-4-10 San DiegoHill Hole Canon, Borego State Park
    HSC206856HSCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewissn1941-4-10 San DiegoBorego Palms Canon
    CAS-BOT7852CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLewis, H.s.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoBorego Palm Canyon
    CAS-BOT7856CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLewis, H.s.n.1941-4-10 San DiegoHell Hole Canyon, Borego State Park
    PUA17821PUADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewis1941-4-10 San DiegoLocal landmark: Borrego Palm Canon. Clark Lake Quad.
    SD28586SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander91611941-4-29 San DiegoSan Felipe, near Ranch house
    SD28681SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank F. Gander92541941-4-30 San DiegoNear base of hills south of Vallecito Stage Sta
    RSA0029802RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFrank W. Gould22651944-4-06 San Diego11 miles east of Banner.
    LA207618LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewiss.n.1944-4-10 San DiegoHellhole Canon; Borrego
    LA207617LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumH. Lewiss.n.1944-4-10 San DiegoBorrego Palm Canon
    SD32453SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCharles F. Harbison44-281944-4-12 San DiegoNorth of Mountain Springs
    RSA0162271RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumN. C. Cooper23531947-4-14 San DiegoSan Felipe.
    RSA0029901RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumP. A. Munz128621949-3-27 San Diegoat head of Borrego Valley. Colorado Desert.
    CAS-BOT7975CASDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumThomas, J. H.3601949-4-21 San DiegoYaqui Springs, Anza Desert State Park in eastern San Diego Co., near Highway 78
    SBBG168970SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumT. L. Secrest1951-5-21 Riverside3 mi S of Banning
    SDSU10014SDSUDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumunknown1952-4-01 San DiegoJacumba.
    SD113787SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDarley F. Howe24811955-5-29 San DiegoDesert rim of Laguna Mts.
    SD48575SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDalton E. Merkel180B1958-5-02 San DiegoRocky area near Yaqui Well.
    RSA0029543RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1958-8-23 RiversidePalm Springs.
    RSA0162296RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumGale Sphon2751959-3-31 San Diego9.8 miles south of Highway 78 on road to Agua Caliente Hot Springs.
    SDSU10024SDSUDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumClose, D.1959-4-11 San DiegoJacumba--south of Hwy 8 near border.
    SD50085SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMike Merkel2091960-3-30 San DiegoTamarisk Grove, Anza-Borrego State Park
    UCSB015685UCSBDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumF. T. Ralph2981960-4-01 RiversideWhitewater Canon; 1.6 miles N of U. S. 9 Western edge of Colorado Desert
    RSA0029790RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumPercy C. Everett240761960-4-05 San DiegoCa. 6 miles NW of Agua Canon road to Julian.
    RSA0033830RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRobert F. Thorne318281963-5-23 San Diego4.5 miles SE of junction of connecting road from Highway 78 with Highway 79; ca 5 miles SSE of Warner Springs.
    IRVC3197IRVCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR.H. WhittakerSJ- 3791963-6-11 RiversideSanta Rosa MTS: santa Rosa Mtn. Rd Slope N-32 degrees middle, schist soil. Canon oak woodland.
    RSA0034912RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumHarold L. Piries.n.1963-6-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. near Lake Arrowhead.
    UCR0035815UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDieter H. Wilken7701966-3-26 RiversideEast ridge along Whitewater Canon
    RSA503152RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumGary D. Wallace3861966-4-05 San BernardinoWaterman Hills, Moajve Desert, 3 mi. north of Barstow
    RSA0029801RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumGary D. Wallace4301966-4-07 San DiegoSan Filipe [Felipe] Valley near Scissors Crossing.
    HSC206861HSCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumC.S. Appersonsn1966-4-24 Los Angeles10 mi. from Pearblossom off Hwy. 138 on 240th St.
    UCR0035902UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumF.R. Balding680323--41968-3-23 San Diego1 mile from junction with U.S. 78 on Grapevine Canon Road. Near wash to the SW
    CSLA013951CSLADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJames Henrickson45471970-4-11 San Diego8 air miles SSE of Borrego Springs, near summit of Yaqui Pass, in lateral canyon near County Highway S-3
    LA38239LADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLewis5911970-5-2 San Diego0.5 mi. S of Scissors Crossing
    MACF032329MACFDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumPeter RowlandsT-1541970-5-17 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest. San Jacinto Wilderness Area, Pinon Flats Campground, 15 miles E of Idyllwild on Highway 74.
    SD128263SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. Mitchel Beauchamp24261971-5-16 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountains, north side among shrubs, Ribbonwood.
    SD86026SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. Mitchel Beauchamp27061971-6-02 San DiegoAmong rocks, Pinon Point, Mt. Laguna
    SD134202SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumR. Mitchel Beauchamp27631971-6-09 San DiegoMonument Peak, west-facing slope below microwave relay station. (IPB 4/06)
    CSLA013952CSLADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJames Henrickson86401973-3-18 San Diego10 miles northwest of Borrego Springs at trail end near Salvador Canon
    OBI166231OBIDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumBarrett Anderson5921975-5-12 San Diegohwy 28 E of Banner
    UCSB015684UCSBDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumSchroeder, Gail1431976-4-25 San Diego.25 miles W. on Henderson Canon Rd. from intersection with Borrego Springs Rd. and .25 mi. SE to lower part of N. facing slope
    SD243975SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosums.n.1978-9-06 San Diego[Locality determined by SDNHM] Kentwood in the Pines
    HSC206862HSCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumD.L. Goforth961979-3-29 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert, Galleta Meadows
    MACF032341MACFDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumTrudy R. Ericson10051979-5-27 RiversideToledo Springs Campground on Thomas Mtn. Loop Road, Santa Rosa Mtns., San Bernardino National Forest.
    PUA55451PUADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumG.L. Clifton1982-4-24 San DiegoLocal landmark: San Felipe Creek. Tubb Canon Quad.
    SD115504SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuffie Clemons3411982-5-22 San DiegoIn clump of buckwheat in decomposed granite, open area in high chaparral In-Ko-Pah Mts.
    SD234162SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumG.A. Voss111983-4-09 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, Lizard Canon. At the bottom of the canyon.
    SD234542SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumG.A. Voss111983-4-09 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, Lizard Canon. At the bottom of the canyon.
    SD118403SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuffie Clemons9831985-3-30 San DiegoIn decomposed granite near mesquite thicket and lower grove of palms, Four Frogs Canon.
    SD118373SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuffie Clemons10381985-4-20 San DiegoMcCain Valley
    RSA0029786RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJeri Hirshberg2011993-4-17 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, west of Hwy S-2, about 5 miles north of Scissors Crossing.
    UCR0035904UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJeri Hirshberg2011993-4-17 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, west of Hwy S-2, about 5 mi north of Scissors Crossing
    SD138818SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCraig Reisers.n.1993-5-17 RiversideWest of Santa Rosa Mountain, near head of Nance Canon and Coyote Creek
    SD135304SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJerilyn Hirshberg2271993-5-30 San DiegoSummit of Garnet Mountain (IPB 4/06)
    SD135305SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJerilyn Hirshberg2281993-5-30 San DiegoSummit of Garnet Mountain. (IPB 4/06)
    UCR0035816UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumA.C. Sanders164851995-4-13 RiversideDevil's Garden, east end of the mtns., 2.1 miles west of Hwy 62 on Pierson Avenue and dirt extension, 1.7 miles above Sierra Blvd.
    RSA0162297RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMark A. Elvin1961996-5-30 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Palomar Mtn. Burn area. 1 mile into forest on SR 9507 up from hwy 79. Along road.
    SD231425SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMark Elvin1961996-5-30 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Palomar Mountains region: Cleveland National Forest, Palomar Mtn. Burn area. 1 mile into forest of SR 9507 up from hwy 79. Along road.
    SD141384SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumSuzanne Bell2401997-3-25 San DiegoEast side of San Felipe Wilderness Area (mak 10/07)
    SD00008344SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman38971997-4-05 ImperialJacumba Natural Area, east of Jacumba, In-Ko-Pah Mountains, region near Valley of the Moon. (IPB 10/07)
    UCR0035906UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman38971997-4-05 ImperialJacumba Natural Area. In-Ko-Pah Mountains, east of Jacumba, near Valley of the Moon
    JEPS101371UCJEPSDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDean W. Taylor164081998-5-13 San Diegohillslopes ca. 0.5 mile N of the Jacumba offramp on Interstate 8
    RSA0029791RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumIleene Anderson8631998-5-15 San DiegoMcCain Valley : 0.5 miles east of McCain Valley Road. North of historic track that is now in wilderness. West of In-Ko-Pah Mtns.; Jacumba 7.5'
    SD160518SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman86912003-4-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near the pond
    UCR0035901UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman86912003-4-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near the pond
    SD162613SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon Rebman89692003-5-10 ImperialJacumba Natural Area (BLM): In-ko-pah Mountains; East of Jacumba just over E of San Diego/Imperial County border & just N of the US/Mex border
    SD236082SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJeannie Gregory3012003-5-30 San DiegoMaple Lode Mine on Palomar Divide Truck Trail, SW of Oak Grove.
    SD237895SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJeannie Gregory2922003-5-30 San DiegoMaple Lode Mine on Palomar Divide Truck Trail, SW of Oak Grove.
    SD155564SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumAndrew R. Pigniolo13212003-6-2 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 9 - Slope on east side of small drainage.
    SD173772SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMike D. Angel1312005-3-6 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park. Go 1 mile north of Agua Canon S2. On right/north side of road is marked trail called Bismaga Wash. Park, follow trail up wash.
    SD168223SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman112932005-3-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: west of Ocotillo; eastern base of Jacumba Mountains; vicinity of Mortero Palms northwest of Dos Cabezas Spring
    SD174091SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumNancy Nenow1552005-3-20 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert, Canon W of highway S2 at the 44 mile marker, Lois Neyenesch Folly (private property) at south end of Canong the track from cabin to the water meter.
    SD236063SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumKimberly A. Staggs192005-4-2 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Squaw Canon, SW of Agua Caliente County Park.
    SD173771SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson4732005-4-3 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Mason Valley on NE side of County Hwy S-2 approx. 0.9 mi SE of access road to Oriflamme Canon. At mouth of a canyon (local name: Rainbow Canon) that drains into Vallecito Wash.
    SD193996SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumCRES Native Seed Gene Bank552007-3-22 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 1.4 mi SW of junction of Hwy 78 and Yaqui Pass (S3), Lizard Canon, 0.3 N of Chuckwalla Wash
    SD236053SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson22382007-5-14 San DiegoBureau of Land Management, 2.5 mi E of Inspiration Point on Hwy 79, Pacific Crest Trail on northwest slope of Granite Mountain, 0.5 air mile NE of intersection of trail with Rodriquez Spur Truck Trail, and 0.2 air mile SSE of Desert Queen Mine.
    SD236060SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson22602007-5-17 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Northeast of Lake Cuyamaca, beside Mason Valley Truck Trail. 1.2 air miles east of intersection of State hwy. 78 and County hwy. S-1, just west of California Department of Forestry water cistern.
    SD236051SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumKim Marsden3232008-4-2 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, mouth of Glorietta Canon, Yaqui Meadows, about 1.5 miles south of Borrego Springs Road on jeep trail
    SD236062SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumGrace Clark12008-4-6 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, west of Borrego Springs, .75 W (air) of intersection of Catarina Drive & Yaqui Road; .75 NW of intersection of Montezuma & Lazy S Roads
    SD236056SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumNancy Nenow3952008-4-16 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 1« mi SW of S-2 on Indian Gorge dirt road, Torote Canon, W side of Carrizo Valley
    SD236047SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMelvin M. Sweet6432008-4-22 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 4 mi E of Ranchita, S of Culp Valley Rd., 1/3 mile SW of Montezuma Valley Road (S22), 6 miles SW of town of Borrego Springs
    SD236057SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson29882008-4-26 San DiegoRodriquez Canon, Granite Mountain State Wilderness, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 1.7 surface miles SE of intersection of Rodriquez Spur Road and Pacific Crest Trail and 1.8 miles SW of Granite Mountain summit.
    SD236048SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson36112009-3-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rockhouse Canon, a major tributary of Carrizo Wash in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. 2.7 miles S of intersection of County Road S-2 and Carrizo Wash jeep trail.
    SD236049SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMary Jo Churchwell1902009-3-31 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Hellhole Canon; at mile marker #17 of Hwy S-22, 1.25 mi up Hellhole Canon trail, 3.0 WSW of Christmas Circle.
    SD195921SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman168862009-4-12 San DiegoEast of Jacumba; south of I-8 and north of Old Highway 80 near carrizo Creek Road; along the existing powerline and proposed powerlink area
    SD236054SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumBill Sullivan6842009-4-17 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Plum Canon, 1.5 mi southwest of Highway 78, 2.75 mile west of junction with Yaqui Pass Road (County Road S-3) at Tamarisk Grove campground
    SD236070SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumNancy Nenow6022009-5-9 San DiegoWarner Springs Ranch east of Camino San Ignacio, about 1 mi SE of Warner Springs, near the entrance to the dirt road called Eagles Nest Road (but not signed).
    SD197487SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman175682009-5-12 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park: vicinity of Whale Peak; south of Pinyon Mountain Valley Road and northwest of the highest point of Whale Peak along one of the trails to the peak
    SD236052SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumNancy Nenow8722010-3-24 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; southwest on Indian Gorge Road off highway S-2 then northwest up Torote Canon.
    SDSU20869SDSUDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJohnson, Michael A.132010-4-23 ImperialCa. 0.7 mile SSE of intersection of I-8 and Mountain Springs Rd., along west side of dirt road.
    DAV312271DAVDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumChuck Hughes1412010-4-28 ImperialImperial County: About 450 feet south of Dos Cabezas Road.
    SD236055SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson46332010-4-30 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, CA Department of Fish & Game property. 3.5 miles WSW of the SW intersection of State hwy. 78 and County Road S-2 (Scissors Crossing) and 0.8 mile NW of 78 and SW entry gate.
    SD236050SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson47082010-5-6 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Smuggler Canon, east of Little Blair Valley. 2.1 air miles WSW of Whale Peak summit, and 0.6 air mile NE of terminus of access road to Pictographs trailhead.
    SD236061SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumLarry Hendrickson48672010-5-29 San DiegoSan Felipe Hills, Bureau of Land Management property. 2.0 air miles E of San Felipe, and 2.0 air miles SE of Pacific Crest Trail trailhead and Barrel Spring at County Road S-22 (Montezuma Valley Road).
    SD1696SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumRuth B. Randall1142010-10-5 San DiegoDesert Hills, Banner Grade to Borego (IPB 4/06)
    SBBG181752SBBGDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMelvin M. Sweet11272011-4-4 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Inner Pasture; near 2 mi SSW of Agua Caliente Spring; about 3.5 W of highway S-2; canyon on other side of saddle from Moonlight Canon.
    SD213295SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman214982011-5-3 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: vicinity of Whale Peak; along Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, east of The Squeeze and northeast of the highest point of Whale Peak
    SD236058SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJoe Barth15772011-5-25 San DiegoNW side of lower pass between N Fork Indian Valley and Canebrake Valley, Anza Borrego Desert State Park. 2.5 miles ~NNE of Sombrero Pk. About 19 miles ~WNW of village of Ocotillo in Imperial County.
    SD222049SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMichael G. Simpson36202011-6-19 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park. Cold Stream Trail. Ca. 0.9 mile southeast of Stonewall Peak.
    RSA0029807RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell32372012-3-23 ImperialThe Jacumba mountains; collecting in Boulder Creek approximately 3 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge
    RSA0029808RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell32802012-3-25 ImperialCollecting between the I-8 split about a mile east of Mountain Spring.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge
    RSA798765RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJason Koontz2822012-4-19 San DiegoCalifornia State ParksAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Yaqui Well Road. South of Pinyon Ridge. 3.4 mi west of junction of County Rd S-3.
    RSA798766RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJason Koontz2832012-4-20 San DiegoCalifornia State ParksAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Cool Canon.
    RSA0029809RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell34962012-4-24 ImperialThe Jacumba mountains, above the Valley of the Moon, collecting in the vicinity of Blue Angel Peak, approximately 0.25 air mile north of the U.S./Mexico border.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge OE S
    RSA0029805RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell35542012-4-25 San DiegoThe Jacumba mountains; on the northwest section of Table mountain, approximately 2.75 air miles north of the U.S./Mexico border.; Jacumba
    RSA0029806RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell35392012-4-25 San DiegoThe Jacumba mountains; on the east side of Table mountain, approximately 2.4 air miles north of the U.S./Mexico border.; Jacumba
    UCR0035898UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell35542012-4-25 San DiegoJacumba Mountains, NW section of Table Mountain, c. 2.75 air miles north of the US/Mexico border
    SD226164SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman237242012-5-8 San DiegoMcCain Valley area: north of Boulevard and I-8; east of the junction of McCain Valley Road and Lost Valley Road in Lost Valley area on a boulder strewn east-facing slope
    UCR0035900UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman237242012-5-8 San DiegoMcCain Valley area; north of Boulevard and Hwy I-8, east of the junction of McCain Valley Road and Lost Valley Road, in Lost Valley area on a boulder strewn east-facing slope. Square: R26
    SD270150SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMary Jo Churchwell6682012-5-9 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Culp Valley Campground/Pena Spring Rd; South Fork Canon 0.6 mile NW of junction Highway S-22 and Pena Spring Road
    SD238259SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman265952013-5-17 San DiegoVicinity of Rocky Mountain: NE of Holcomb Village; S of Chihuahua Valley; off of Puerta La Cruz Road on a recently burned hillside
    RSA0028057RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman265952013-5-17 San DiegoVicinity of Rocky Mountain: NE of Holcomb Village; S of Chihuahua Valley; off Puerta La Cruz Road in a recently burned hillside. Square D18.
    UCR0035899UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman265952013-5-17 San Diegovicinity of Rocky Mountain; NE of Holcomb Village, south of Chihuahua Valley, off Puerta La Cruz Road. Atlas Square: D18
    SD256636SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumFred Sproul60112015-5-22 San DiegoAguanga Mountains; along Palomar Divide Truck Trail; 1.81 miles SW of Holcomb Village; 2.43 miles W of junction Palomar Divide Truck Trail and Hwy 79.
    RSA0119900RSADelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumDuncan S. Bell92302016-4-12 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; in a side canyon off of Martinez Canon, approximately 3.5 air miles northwest of Rabbit Peak.; Clark Lake NE
    SD00023983SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMary Jo Churchwell13422017-4-28 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, drainage below Jasper Trail, 2.05 air miles E of Ranchita, and .60 air miles SE of intersection of County Hwy. S-22 and Jasper Trail Primitive Rd.
    SD265230SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon Rebman331932017-5-2 San DiegoMcCain Valley area: north of Boulevard and north of I-8; along trail to the east of the junction of McCain Valley Road and Lost Valley Road
    UCR0035897UCRDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJon P. Rebman331932017-5-2 San DiegoMcCain Valley area, north of Boulevard and north of Hwy I-8, along trail to the east of the junction of McCain Valley Road and Lost Valley Road. Square: R26
    SD00040876SDDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumMary Jo Churchwell14792019-4-13 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Mine Wash, 10.31 air miles S of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, and 1.99 air mile SW of intersection of State Highway 78 and Mine Wash Primitive Road.
    GMDRC11901GMDRCDelphinium parishii subsp. subglobosumJ. M. Andre414952019-4-27 San Diegoalong south side of Hwy 78 (Banner Grade) southwestern end of San Felipe Valley in Cigarette Hills, 9.8 miles east of Julian

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