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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC106528DAVDeinandra corymbosaBeecher Crampton5961950-6-20 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Richmond
    AHUC106529DAVDeinandra corymbosaBeecher Crampton4701949-6-05 Contra CostaContra Cost County: along Highway 40, Pinole to San Pablo, above Garrity Creek, on top of West Hills.
    AHUC106530DAVDeinandra corymbosaBeecher Crampton5961950-6-20 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Richmond
    AHUC106531DAVDeinandra corymbosaJ. E. Streets.n.1950-5-01 FresnoFresno-Kern Countys: west side.
    CAS-BOT286213CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice16371912-8-8 MendocinoFort Bragg
    CAS-BOT286214CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.59591948-6-30 Mendocino1/2 mile south of Noyo
    CAS-BOT286215CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.26681933-11-7 MendocinoGreenwood (Elk P.O.), north of town
    CAS-BOT286216CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.26661933-11-7 Mendocino4.5 mi. N. of Manchester
    CAS-BOT286217CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.26661933-11-7 Mendocino4.5 mi. N. of Manchester
    CAS-BOT286218CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.26661933-11-7 Mendocino4.5 mi. N. of Manchester
    CAS-BOT286219CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1908-7-24 MendocinoBald Hill, Fort Bragg
    CAS-BOT286220CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1908-7-24 MendocinoSouth bank, near mouth, of Pudding Creek, Fort Bragg
    CAS-BOT286221CASDeinandra corymbosaKnoche, HermanSeries A, No. 2071919-5-13 MontereySoledad - Gonzales
    CAS-BOT286222CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132321931-8-14 MontereyTularcitos Valley, 20.3 miles above Carmel Mission
    CAS-BOT286223CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132371931-8-14 MontereyPoint Sur
    CAS-BOT286224CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132361931-8-14 MontereyCoast 15 miles (by road) south of Carmel
    CAS-BOT286225CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.29601934-7-8 Monterey1.5 mi. E. of Point Sur
    CAS-BOT286226CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.29621934-7-8 Monterey3 mi. S. of Carmel on road to Point Sur
    CAS-BOT286227CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.29601934-7-8 Monterey1.5 mi. E. of Point Sur
    CAS-BOT286228CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-6-10 MontereyCarmel-Salinas Divide
    CAS-BOT286229CASDeinandra corymbosaElmer, A. D. E.40341902-9-1 MontereyDel Monte
    CAS-BOT286230CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas54181930-8-3 MontereyBetween Mission San Carlos and Del Monte
    CAS-BOT286231CASDeinandra corymbosaSmith, Charles Piper1362a1907-7-4 MontereySalinas, south-east one mile
    CAS-BOT286232CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.40761903-9-27 MontereyPajaro, Moss Landing Road
    CAS-BOT286233CASDeinandra corymbosaRandall, Alice D.3501910-4-22 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. Carmel-by-the-Sea
    CAS-BOT286234CASDeinandra corymbosaMcGregor, E. A.181906-6-3 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286235CASDeinandra corymbosaHeller, A. A.72041903-9-3 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286236CASDeinandra corymbosaWolf, Carl B.37591929-6-24 MontereyHopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286237CASDeinandra corymbosaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1881-7-1 MontereySoledad
    CAS-BOT286238CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-6-10 MontereyCarmel-Salinas Divide
    CAS-BOT286239CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100631925-7-22 MontereySouth Coast Ranges. Carmel. Between Mission and foot of Ocean View Avenue
    CAS-BOT286240CASDeinandra corymbosaRandall, Josephine D.s.n.1909-12-1 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. Carmel
    CAS-BOT286241CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.50851940-5-29 MontereyTularcitos Ranch, Tularcitos Creek Elev. given as 900 ft
    CAS-BOT286242CASDeinandra corymbosaColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-9-11 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. At Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286243CASDeinandra corymbosaHeller, A. A.68021903-5-29 MontereySalinas road near Del Monte
    CAS-BOT286244CASDeinandra corymbosaStockwell, Palmer251933-9-3 Monterey20 mi. S. of Carmel on the Big Sur road
    CAS-BOT286245CASDeinandra corymbosaOlsson-Seffer, P.s.n.1904-6-14 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286246CASDeinandra corymbosaCopeland, H. F.s.n.1938-6-18 MontereySouth of Carmel
    CAS-BOT286247CASDeinandra corymbosaA., L. R.42561909-8-17 MontereyCarmel
    CAS-BOT286248CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.7381909-8-23 MontereyMount Toro, back of Monterey
    CAS-BOT286249CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1907-7-20 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286250CASDeinandra corymbosaPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-6-26 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286251CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.52871955-7-17 Monterey1.4 miles south of Prewitt Creek, near Point Gorda
    CAS-BOT286252CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132401931-8-16 MontereyAt Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286253CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132411931-8-16 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286254CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132421931-8-16 MontereyNear summit Carmel Grade
    CAS-BOT286255CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131221931-6-3 MontereySummit Carmel Grade
    CAS-BOT286256CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131191931-6-3 MontereySeventeen Mile Drive, Point Joe
    CAS-BOT286257CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100631915-7-22 MontereySouth Coast Ranges. Carmel. Between Mission and foot of Ocean View Avenue
    CAS-BOT286258CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132691931-10-10 MontereyCarmel Valley
    CAS-BOT286259CASDeinandra corymbosaStockwell, Palmer251933-9-3 Monterey20 miles S. of Carmel on the Big Sur road
    CAS-BOT286260CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas54181930-8-3 MontereyBetween Mission San Carlos and Del Monte
    CAS-BOT286261CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas54171930-8-2 MontereySouth end of San Juan Grade, at the north end of the Salinas Valley plains
    CAS-BOT286262CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, Chesters.n.1926-8-20 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT286263CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.7431955-9-13 MontereyMonterey Peninsula. Along side of Carmel-Pacific Grove Highway near Grove Highlands
    CAS-BOT287368CASDeinandra corymbosaSaunders, C. F.s.n.1906-7-1 UnknownSequoia
    CAS-BOT287369CASDeinandra corymbosaRaven, Peter H.30311951-6-24 NapaValley floor W of Napa Elev given as: ca 200 ft
    CAS-BOT287370CASDeinandra corymbosaWalker, Harriet A.35711914-6-17 UnknownNear Tobin Station, Ocean Shore RR
    CAS-BOT287371CASDeinandra corymbosaKellogg, A.; Harford, W. G.W.4861868-6-10 San MateoSan Bruno
    CAS-BOT287372CASDeinandra corymbosaBolander, H. N.941860-1-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT287373CASDeinandra corymbosaParry, C. C.1231946-7-5 UnknownPacific Coast
    CAS-BOT287374CASDeinandra corymbosaKnight, Walter34361979-9-15 Contra CostaPoint Pinole Regional Shoreline
    CAS-BOT287375CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.98621914-8-23 Contra CostaGiant
    CAS-BOT287376CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.101141915-9-4 AlamedaEnvirons of Oakland (Melrose) on E shore of San Francisco Bay
    CAS-BOT287377CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas181711943-5-23 AlamedaHills above Mills College
    CAS-BOT287378CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alices.n.1920-8-1 AlamedaUniversity campus, Berkeley
    CAS-BOT287379CASDeinandra corymbosaGreene, Edward Lees.n.1881-7-1 AlamedaBerkeley
    CAS-BOT287380CASDeinandra corymbosaGreene, Edward Lees.n.1882-4-1 AlamedaBerkeley
    CAS-BOT287381CASDeinandra corymbosaHeller, A. A.137201922-7-22 AlamedaNear the entrance to the University of California at Berkeley
    CAS-BOT287382CASDeinandra corymbosaRattan, Volneys.n.1880-7-7 AlamedaOakland Hills
    CAS-BOT287383CASDeinandra corymbosaBolanders.n.1894-5-2 AlamedaOakland
    CAS-BOT287384CASDeinandra corymbosaCovel, Paul F.s.n.1940-5-7 AlamedaRedwood Rd, Oakland Hills
    CAS-BOT287385CASDeinandra corymbosaRaven, Peter H.110521957-7-5 Contra CostaAt tip of Point Isabel
    CAS-BOT287386CASDeinandra corymbosaAnderson, Barrett; Almeda, Frank32511986-8-8 MarinBiscayne Court just off Point San Pedro Rd
    CAS-BOT287387CASDeinandra corymbosaAnderson, Barrett32611986-8-13 MarinBiscayne Court just off Point San Pedro Rd
    CAS-BOT287388CASDeinandra corymbosaTrue, Gordon H.46531968-7-2 MarinPoint Reyes Bird Observatory ca 3 miles NW of Bolinas at Arroyo Hondo, Baccharis plot W of PRBO Headquarters
    CAS-BOT287389CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas153361939-9-3 MarinNear Black Point
    CAS-BOT287390CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas162521941-6-8 MarinHills NE of San Rafael
    CAS-BOT287391CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas196501944-6-25 MarinSanta Venetia
    CAS-BOT287392CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas213411945-7-29 MarinBolinas
    CAS-BOT287393CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas153361939-9-3 MarinNear Black Point
    CAS-BOT287394CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis S.610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp Elev given as: ca 10 ft
    CAS-BOT287395CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis S.610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp Elev given as: ca 10 ft
    CAS-BOT287396CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.98911914-10-2 MarinN of Bolinas
    CAS-BOT287397CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas214611945-9-2 MarinSan Rafael Hills
    CAS-BOT293654CASDeinandra corymbosaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-5-1 Monterey
    CAS-BOT293655CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100851915-7-29 MontereyEasterly base of Carmel Grade in the environs of Monterey
    CAS-BOT293656CASDeinandra corymbosaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1881-7-1 MontereySoledad
    CAS-BOT293657CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.94851965-7-11 MontereyHill just north of Malpaso Creek
    CAS-BOT293658CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, Chesters.n.1926-7-1 MontereyUpper Cachagua Creek
    CAS-BOT293659CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas44531929-10-11 MontereyPt. Lobos
    CAS-BOT293660CASDeinandra corymbosaTomich1771948-6-6 MontereyNorth Field at lower burn, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT293661CASDeinandra corymbosaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-4-1 Monterey
    CAS-BOT293662CASDeinandra corymbosaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-4-1 Monterey
    CAS-BOT293663CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.; Vandevere, JudsonH711964-8-4 MontereyOld road in Mark's Aquisition to Pt. Lobos Reserve
    CAS-BOT293664CASDeinandra corymbosaYadon, Vernals.n.1965-6-23 MontereyMarina beach
    CAS-BOT293665CASDeinandra corymbosaNewell, Gwendolans.n.1914-7-8 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT293666CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, Chesters.n.1926-8-20 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT293667CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, Chesters.n.1926-8-1 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT293668CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice24111912-11-9 MontereyPacific Grove, Monterey
    CAS-BOT293669CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas54321930-8-3 MontereySeventeen Mile Drive opposite Bird Rock
    CAS-BOT293670CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice1721912-5-29 MontereySeaside, Monterey
    CAS-BOT293783CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.4720B1955-3-21 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, between airstrip and highway
    CAS-BOT293784CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.5545D1956-3-17 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293785CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.3889E1954-4-10 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport between airstrip and highway
    CAS-BOT293786CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.43221954-6-24 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, between airstrip and highway
    CAS-BOT293787CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.35861953-10-3 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293788CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.34591953-7-14 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293789CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.5545D1956-3-17 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293790CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.36201953-10-17 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293791CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.60221956-6-24 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293792CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.68281957-8-16 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT293793CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.42241954-5-26 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, between airstrip and highway
    CAS-BOT293794CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-6-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near Seabright
    CAS-BOT293795CASDeinandra corymbosaDavis, Horaces.n.1913-10-1 Santa CruzGlenwood
    CAS-BOT293796CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas108541932-10-19 Santa Cruz3 miles n. of Boulder Creek
    CAS-BOT293797CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.26321933-11-3 Santa Cruz1 mile west of Aptos
    CAS-BOT293798CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.50631940-5-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains, 0.5 miles W. of Hecker Pass
    CAS-BOT293799CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.51601940-6-1 Santa CruzFreedom, Corralitos Creek, 0.5 mi. N. of Pinto Lake Turnoff, N. of Watsonville
    CAS-BOT293800CASDeinandra corymbosaJones, Marcus E.22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    CAS-BOT293801CASDeinandra corymbosaDavis, Horaces.n.1907-9-1 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Glenwood
    CAS-BOT293802CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.50631940-5-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains, 0.5 miles W. of Hecker Pass
    CAS-BOT293803CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.96681961-8-13 Santa CruzAlong Graham Hill Road 2.2 miles SE from Felton RR. Station
    CAS-BOT293804CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.96701961-8-13 Santa CruzBog at Camp Evers
    CAS-BOT293805CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.24591950-10-1 Santa CruzRancho del Oso, about 1 mile inland from the coast. 8.5 miles NW of Davenport
    CAS-BOT293806CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-10-13 Santa CruzAptos
    CAS-BOT293807CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-6-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near Seabright
    CAS-BOT293808CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-9-23 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Near Waddell Mill, Big Basin
    CAS-BOT293809CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1910-6-7 SonomaBetween Napa Junction and Petaluma
    CAS-BOT293810CASDeinandra corymbosaHektner, Mary M.2231975-8-14 SonomaRoad cut not far from hedgerow separating Units 28 and 34-A Owners' Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1
    CAS-BOT293811CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis S.s.n.1962-8-6 SonomaBodega
    CAS-BOT293812CASDeinandra corymbosaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja11901965-9-13 SonomaLohrman Lane near firehouse. Petaluma
    CAS-BOT293813CASDeinandra corymbosaBacigalupi, Rimo19021928-6-18 SonomaAt mouth of Salmon Creek 2 miles north of Bodega Bay
    CAS-BOT293814CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.27271933-11-10 Sonoma1 mi. E. of Shellville
    CAS-BOT293815CASDeinandra corymbosaBaker, Milo S.4168a1930-6-1 SonomaFappiano's Ranch just north of his Subdivision on Russian River. Near Healdsburg
    CAS-BOT299151CASDeinandra corymbosaHiesey, Wm. M.3911937-8-12 San Luis ObispoNear San Carpojo Creek along coast highway
    CAS-BOT299152CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131481931-6-8 San Luis ObispoCoast of northwest San Luis Obispo County 15 miles north of San Simeon
    CAS-BOT299153CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131401931-6-8 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT299154CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131501931-6-8 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    CAS-BOT299155CASDeinandra corymbosaSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1954-5-7 San Luis ObispoLos Osos
    CAS-BOT299156CASDeinandra corymbosaSummers, Mrs. R. W.4481886-8-1 San Luis ObispoLos Osos
    CAS-BOT299157CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.73671947-8-10 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley
    CAS-BOT299158CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.73671947-8-10 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley
    CAS-BOT299159CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.62361946-7-21 San Luis ObispoCoast west of Cambria
    CAS-BOT299160CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.115091969-8-1 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT299161CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.100101966-9-13 San Luis ObispoPoint Seirra Nevada
    CAS-BOT299163CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.12831956-8-8 San Luis ObispoNear mouth of Villa Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT299164CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.s.n.1937-6-17 San Luis ObispoRoosevelt Highway n. of San Simeon
    CAS-BOT299165CASDeinandra corymbosaMcDonald, Julias.n.1925-7-21 San Luis ObispoPolytechnic School grounds
    CAS-BOT299166CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice149641927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT299167CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice150251927-8-1 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT299168CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice150421927-8-1 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Bay
    CAS-BOT299169CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice136731926-4-29 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT299170CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas59721938-6-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Cambria and San Simeon
    CAS-BOT299171CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas408231964-6-29 San Luis ObispoNear St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cambria
    CAS-BOT299172CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas44961929-10-13 San Luis Obispo2 1/2 miles n. of Cambria
    CAS-BOT299173CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132101931-8-8 San Luis ObispoSouth side Osos Valley
    CAS-BOT299174CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131531931-6-9 San Luis ObispoCambria, 6 miles above high tide
    CAS-BOT299175CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131501931-6-8 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon on the coast of San Luis Obispo County
    CAS-BOT299176CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131401931-6-8 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT299177CASDeinandra corymbosaHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1927-5-7 San Luis ObispoNaer Gaviota
    CAS-BOT299178CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.51441940-5-31 San Luis Obispo6 mi. N. of Cayucos
    CAS-BOT299179CASDeinandra corymbosaSummers, R. W.s.n.1888-8-24 San Luis ObispoLow valley near San Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT299180CASDeinandra corymbosaSummers, R. W.s.n.1888-8-24 San Luis ObispoLow valley near San Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT299181CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.13081956-8-25 San Luis ObispoRte 166 near Rte. 101
    CAS-BOT299182CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.62981960-6-17 San Luis ObispoCambria, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT299183CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.10051956-6-24 San Luis ObispoMadonna Arena, See Canyon
    CAS-BOT299184CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.100021966-9-13 San Luis ObispoRagged Point
    CAS-BOT299185CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.115491969-8-15 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    CAS-BOT299186CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.72251947-5-25 San Luis ObispoCoast directly west of Cambria
    CAS-BOT299187CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.73621947-8-9 San Luis ObispoBetween San Carpoforo Creek and Arroyo de la Cruz
    CAS-BOT299188CASDeinandra corymbosaElmer, A. D. E.49631903-7-1 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
    CAS-BOT299189CASDeinandra corymbosaElmer, A. D. E.49631903-7-1 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
    CAS-BOT299190CASDeinandra corymbosaWiggins, Ira L.121991949-7-2 San MateoPescadero Beach
    CAS-BOT299191CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.17841932-5-25 San MateoHills two miles west of Belmont
    CAS-BOT299192CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.12921931-10-5 San MateoSalada Beach beside the golf course
    CAS-BOT299193CASDeinandra corymbosaClausen, J.18701941-7-1 San MateoBase of Montara Mountain near Montara
    CAS-BOT299194CASDeinandra corymbosaRaven, Peter H.112951957-9-1 San Mateo1.1 mi. s. of Pigeon Point Lighthouse
    CAS-BOT299195CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, Hazelle A.s.n.1956-6-24 San MateoArroyo de la Frioles along the coast
    CAS-BOT299196CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.5921949-6-4 San MateoAlong the coast 1.4 miles s. of road to Pescadero
    CAS-BOT299197CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, J. H.11521949-10-16 San MateoJust north of outlet of San Gregorio Creek
    CAS-BOT299198CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.30001902-9-21 San MateoCrystal Lake
    CAS-BOT299199CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.30001902-9-21 San MateoBill Road, Crystal Lake
    CAS-BOT299200CASDeinandra corymbosaOberlander, George9051950-5-6 San MateoCahill Ridge
    CAS-BOT299201CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1909-10-8 San MateoBelow Whitehouse Creek east of Franklin Point
    CAS-BOT299202CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1907-8-6 San MateoBetween Woodside and Crystal Springs
    CAS-BOT299203CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1909-5-25 San MateoHalf Moon Bay
    CAS-BOT299204CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.21906-11-17 San MateoPortola
    CAS-BOT299205CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-10-11 San MateoNear Half Moon Bay (Spanishtown)
    CAS-BOT299206CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-10-11 San MateoNear Half Moon Bay (Spanishtown)
    CAS-BOT299207CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-5-17 San MateoNear Milbrae
    CAS-BOT299208CASDeinandra corymbosaElmer, A. D. E.49631903-7-1 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
    CAS-BOT299209CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, L. S.413611941-8-9 San MateoMoss Beach
    CAS-BOT299210CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, L. S.413611941-8-9 San MateoMoss Beach
    CAS-BOT299211CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis S.s.n.1931-8-28 San MateoMoss Beach
    CAS-BOT299212CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.99421966-8-27 San MateoHalf Moon Bay
    CAS-BOT299213CASDeinandra corymbosaHemphill, Fred8191973-5-14 San MateoArea north of Malabar Road adn Melendy Drive
    CAS-BOT299214CASDeinandra corymbosaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irjas.n.1963-10-7 San MateoQuarry at end of School St. near Hillside Blvd., South San Francisco, San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT299215CASDeinandra corymbosaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irjas.n.1965-5-15 San MateoPig Ranch Ravine, San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT299216CASDeinandra corymbosaClass Collections.n.1940-1-1 San MateoAno Nuevo Point
    CAS-BOT299217CASDeinandra corymbosaGeis, Mrs. H. D.s.n.1901-10-1 San MateoSpanishtown
    CAS-BOT299218CASDeinandra corymbosaZeile, Elsies.n.1909-5-20 San MateoBurlingame
    CAS-BOT299219CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, Js.n.1909-6-13 San MateoSan Bruno Hills
    CAS-BOT299220CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.3961927-6-10 San MateoRadio Statoin, Montara Point
    CAS-BOT299221CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alices.n.1921-7-17 San MateoGranada
    CAS-BOT299222CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice2171912-6-2 San MateoGranada
    CAS-BOT299223CASDeinandra corymbosaEastwood, Alice188951937-7-25 San MateoPebble Beach, Pescadero
    CAS-BOT299224CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.128811930-8-17 San MateoEast side of Crystal Springs Lake
    CAS-BOT299225CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.127861930-3-24 San MateoNear Pescadero
    CAS-BOT299226CASDeinandra corymbosaWheeler, Phillip C.s.n.1965-8-16 San MateoColma Canyon, San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT299227CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.17841932-5-25 San MateoHills two miles west of Belmont
    CAS-BOT299228CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.17651932-5-11 San MateoOne mile east of San Gregorio
    CAS-BOT299229CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.3961927-6-10 San MateoRadio Station, Montara Point
    CAS-BOT299230CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.12951931-10-5 San MateoSkyline Boulevard, summit of Cahill Ridge, 1.5 miles south of Half Moon Bay Road
    CAS-BOT299231CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.29331934-7-7 San MateoSouth of the mouth of Tunitas Creek, on slopes overlooking ocean
    CAS-BOT299232CASDeinandra corymbosaMiller, Mrs. C. E.s.n.1918-7-30 Santa ClaraGilroy
    CAS-BOT299233CASDeinandra corymbosaRandall, Josephine D.791907-6-20 Santa ClaraStanford University, Santa Cruz Peninsula
    CAS-BOT299234CASDeinandra corymbosaHichborn, Paul R.s.n.1920-5-11 Santa ClaraHills back of Stanford University, Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
    CAS-BOT299235CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1909-5-18 Santa ClaraHill across road from stock farm, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT299236CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1907-5-25 Santa ClaraNear Los Trancos Creek behind Stanford Campus
    CAS-BOT299237CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1907-8-31 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
    CAS-BOT299238CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, Le Roy14971901-4-29 Santa ClaraStanford University
    CAS-BOT299239CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, Le Roys.n.1898-4-1 Santa ClaraStanford University
    CAS-BOT299240CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-5-8 Santa Clara2nd ledge back of Lake Lagunita, Stanford University, Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
    CAS-BOT299241CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-5-5 Santa ClaraFirst foothills near Stanford University
    CAS-BOT299242CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.42651895-6-14 Santa ClaraThe Stock Farm, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT299243CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-6-5 Santa CruzFlat Rock, Big Basin, Santa Cruz Mt.
    CAS-BOT299244CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-10-3 Santa CruzBy roadside, Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz
    CAS-BOT299245CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1909-10-8 Santa CruzCapitola
    CAS-BOT299246CASDeinandra corymbosaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1909-10-8 Santa CruzAptos
    CAS-BOT299247CASDeinandra corymbosaJones, Marcus E.22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    CAS-BOT299248CASDeinandra corymbosaJones, Marcus E.22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    CAS-BOT299249CASDeinandra corymbosaJones, Marcus E.22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    CAS-BOT299250CASDeinandra corymbosaRich, W. H.s.n.1912-1-1 Santa CruzSwanton, Santa Cruz Peninsula
    CAS-BOT299251CASDeinandra corymbosaKnoche, Herman941919-4-20 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    CAS-BOT299252CASDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis S.355731935-8-28 Santa Cruz4 mi. S. of Glenwwod
    CAS-BOT299253CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.30781902-10-13 Santa CruzAptos
    CAS-BOT299254CASDeinandra corymbosaThomas, John H.35671953-7-29 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    CAS-BOT299255CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131181931-6-3 Santa Cruz3.4 miles southwest of Watsonville
    CAS-BOT300009CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100661915-7-23 MontereyNear mouth of Carmel River, South Coast Ranches
    CAS-BOT300010CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.16291963-6-16 MontereyAlong the side of a jeep road about 2 mi. from the main Chualar Canyon
    CAS-BOT300011CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.40661903-9-27 MontereyPajaro
    CAS-BOT300012CASDeinandra corymbosaAbrams, L. R.56541916-6-1 MontereyFoot of San Juan Grade
    CAS-BOT300013CASDeinandra corymbosaDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-8-2 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT300014CASDeinandra corymbosaBraunton, Ernest6161902-7-1 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT300015CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132331931-8-14 MontereyTularcitos Creek Valley, 15.4 miles above Carmel Mission
    CAS-BOT300016CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100851915-7-29 MontereyEasterly base of Carmel grade in the environs of Monterey
    CAS-BOT300017CASDeinandra corymbosaHeller, A. A.68441903-6-12 MontereyBeach near Point Pinos
    CAS-BOT300018CASDeinandra corymbosaRobertson, Robert1521954-5-8 MontereyE. of Carmel Cove, Point Lobos
    CAS-BOT300019CASDeinandra corymbosaCovel, Paul F.6131937-8-29 MontereyHighway Monterey - Carmel
    CAS-BOT300020CASDeinandra corymbosaClausen, J.15031937-5-10 MontereyRoad south over the ranges connecting the Salinas - Monterey Road with Carmel Valley, 3 mi. from Jamesburg intersection
    CAS-BOT300021CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.50851940-5-29 MontereyTularcitos Ranch, Tularcitos Creek
    CAS-BOT300022CASDeinandra corymbosaLinsdale, Jean M.1081944-5-21 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT300023CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.1137B1960-6-8 MontereyOn a slope near the ocean not far from Garrapata Creek, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT300024CASDeinandra corymbosaKnoche, Herman24461919-9-29 MontereyPt. Lobos
    CAS-BOT300025CASDeinandra corymbosaCovel, Paul F.6201937-8-29 Monterey17 Mile Drive
    CAS-BOT300026CASDeinandra corymbosaHardham, Clare B.71451961-5-29 MontereyNear Carmel, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT300027CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.10081956-9-2 MontereyNear Jack's Peak above Carmel, Mounterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT300028CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.12641962-4-25 MontereyAbove the Gloria Road from Gonzales group east about 1 mile from the top and the county line
    CAS-BOT300029CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.6231955-6-3 MontereyAbove Jade Beach near Pacific Schoolhouse, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT300030CASDeinandra corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F.3791955-5-22 MontereyBy side of Carmel - Pacific Grove Highway near Grove Highlands, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT300031CASDeinandra corymbosaBalls, E. K.120711963-7-18 MontereyCarmel Highlands, opp. Yankee Point
    CAS-BOT300032CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.99701966-9-8 MontereyBetween Gabilan and Santa Rita on San Juan Grade Road in stubble field
    CAS-BOT300033CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.98761966-5-18 MontereyUpper Henry Sands Canyon (Gloria Road)
    CAS-BOT300034CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.115221969-8-8 Monterey2 mi. s. of Pajaro at junctoin of Hall Road and Elkhorn Road
    CAS-BOT300035CASDeinandra corymbosaHoover, R. F.115721969-9-2 Monterey2 mi. e. of Castroville
    CAS-BOT300036CASDeinandra corymbosaBaldwin, Bruce G.7231988-8-22 MontereyLess than 0.2 miles west of junction with Elkhorn Road along Hall Road
    CAS-BOT300037CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.100861915-7-29 MontereyMonterey, South Coast Ranges
    CAS-BOT300038CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132341931-8-14 MontereyCarmel Valley 2.3 miels above Carmel Mission
    CAS-BOT300039CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.132431931-8-16 MontereySalinas Road, 5.9 miles east of junction by Del Monte
    CAS-BOT300040CASDeinandra corymbosaHall, H. M.131911931-8-6 MontereyFour miles southwest of Salinas
    CAS-BOT300041CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.50801940-5-29 MontereyCarmel Valley, 2 mi. from mouth of Carmel River
    CAS-BOT300042CASDeinandra corymbosaHowell, John Thomas54181930-8-3 MontereyBetween San Carlos Mission and Del Monte
    CAS-BOT300043CASDeinandra corymbosaCannon, Evalinas.n.1894-10-1 San FranciscoVisitacion Valley
    CAS-BOT300044CASDeinandra corymbosaCannon, Evalinas.n.1894-8-1 San FranciscoNear Clarendon Heights, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT300045CASDeinandra corymbosaBacigalupi, Rimo27161941-10-2 San FranciscoPresidio directly above highway tunnel leading to Golden Gate Bridge approach, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT300046CASDeinandra corymbosaKellogg, Dr. A.s.n.1870-1-1 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CAS-BOT300047CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.51521940-5-31 San Luis Obispo1 mi. N. of Piedras Blancas lighthouse
    CAS-BOT300048CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.51521940-5-31 San Luis Obispo1 mi. N. of Piedras Blancas lighthouse
    CAS-BOT300049CASDeinandra corymbosaKeck, David D.; Hiesey, Wm. M.51441940-5-31 San Luis Obispo6 mi. N. of Cayucos
    CAS-BOT300050CASDeinandra corymbosaHiesey, Wm. M.3911937-8-12 San Luis ObispoNear San Carpojo Creek along coast highway
    CAS-BOT554216CASDeinandra corymbosaGriffith, Gerald601937-3-23 KernCaliente Wash, Caliente Creek watershed
    CAS-BOT554229CASDeinandra corymbosaGriffith, Gerald901937-4-4 KernScout Camp, Kern River watershed
    CAS-BOT554245CASDeinandra corymbosaGriffith, Gerald1381937-4-20 KernNear Kern Rivee Park, Kern River watershed
    CAS-BOT555031CASDeinandra corymbosaGriffith, Gerald2791937-6-14 KernSouthern Pacific Yards, San Joaquin Valley watershed
    CAS-BOT555034CASDeinandra corymbosaGriffith, Gerald2881937-6-15 KernBakersfield City Lot, San Joaquin Valley watershed
    CHSC24544CHSCDeinandra corymbosaM. S. Taylor7061975-6-29 MontereyIn Don Dahvee Park, ca. 10 ft e of Munras Ave, Monterey.
    CHSC25200CHSCDeinandra corymbosaM. S. Taylor13361977-5-21 MontereyOn Toyon Ridge trail, Toro Regional Park, Salinas.
    CHSC373CHSCDeinandra corymbosaB. Richardson1929-5-11 San MateoMoss Beach.
    DAV111083DAVDeinandra corymbosaBruce G. Baldwin7231988-8-22 MontereyMonterey County: less than 0.2 mile west of junction with Elkhorn Road along Hall Road.
    DAV375666DAVDeinandra corymbosaCollector Unknown16691925-6-15 ?  UnknownCounty Unknown: Pescadero-Santa Cruz Road.
    DAV375667DAVDeinandra corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-6 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord. Oak Ridge.
    DAV375668DAVDeinandra corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-4-8 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord, Butterfly Valley.
    DAV375669DAVDeinandra corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-4-8 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord, Butterfly Valley.
    DAV375670DAVDeinandra corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-5 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord, Machine Gun Flats.
    DAV375671DAVDeinandra corymbosaPeter Rubtzoff16461954-8-03 SonomaSonoma County: Bodega Head Marsh.
    DAV375672DAVDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt29691992-5-18 NapaNapa County: Alston Park, Dry Creek Road, Napa.
    DAV375673DAVDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt17451986-5-05 NapaNapa County: West side of Mt. George. (Coordinates estimated by label maker at UC Davis).
    DAV375674DAVDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt25361990-5-11 NapaNapa County: Green Island Road at first bend in road.
    DAV375675DAVDeinandra corymbosaJune McCaskill4971956-6-29 MarinMarin County: Drakes Beach, Point Reyes Peninsula.
    DAV375676DAVDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose640841964-10-23 MontereyMonterey County: 3 miles south of Monterey.
    DAV375677DAVDeinandra corymbosaG. F. Hrusa53981987-6-09 MontereyMonterey County: Hills N of Laguna Sec Ranch on border of Fort Ord Army base. Approximately 3/4 miles N of Hwy 68 .
    DAV375678DAVDeinandra corymbosaG. F. Hrusa54001987-6-09 MontereyMonterey County: approximately 3/4 mile north of Highway 68 on Laguna Seca Ranch.
    DAV375679DAVDeinandra corymbosaK. Esaus.n.1932-7-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Watsonville.
    DAV375680DAVDeinandra corymbosaMary M. Hektner2231975-8-14 SonomaSonoma County: road cut not far from hedgerow separating Units 28 and 34-A Owners' Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
    DAV375681DAVDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt52092007-5-25 NapaNapa County: between Buchli Station Rd. and Milton Rd.
    DAV375682DAVDeinandra corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-8 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord. Mary's Valley.
    HSC104134HSCDeinandra corymbosaC. DurantCA190-652005-8-9 MontereyMachine Gun Flats meadow off of Henniken's Ranch Road.
    HSC5809HSCDeinandra corymbosaL.S. Rose640841964-10-23 Monterey3 mi. S of Monterey
    HSC71203HSCDeinandra corymbosaThomas W. Nelson45571978-8-18 MendocinoAlong W side of S.R. 1 in Manchester
    HSC91779HSCDeinandra corymbosaSusan H. Bicknellsn1988-8-15 San Luis ObispoMontano de Oro State Park, MDO 1
    HSC91780HSCDeinandra corymbosaSusan H. Bicknellsn1988-11-20 San Luis ObispoMontano de Oro MDO 10
    JEPS106658UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt22131988-6-26 Napa1.3 miles west of HWY 29 on Green Island Road
    JEPS106659UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJake Ruygt9081980-6-01 NapaMilton Rd. across from Yacht club
    JEPS111707UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaD. G. Kelch04.1792004-5-7 Contra CostaCanada del Cierbo Canada del Cierbo
    JEPS112709UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor144651994-6-30 Santa CruzScotts Valley, north end of runway at old airfield (Skypark Airport as shown on the quadrangle) now directly 0.4 W of the K-Mart
    JEPS120311UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaVern Yadons. n.2005-10-27 MontereyAlong Henniken Flats Rd., Fort Ord.
    JEPS123187UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid Gowen10102009-4-30 MontereyGloria Road at milepost 7.5 from Hwy 101, about 1.5 miles west of summit.
    JEPS12568UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1894-4-19 AlamedaBerkeley
    JEPS12589UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-6-19 Santa CruzCorallitos
    JEPS12591UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaF. T. Bioletti1892-8-01 AlamedaLeona
    JEPS12620UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaIvar Tidestrom1893-5-12 Santa ClaraPalo Alto
    JEPS12623UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaunknown281925-7-11 Montereynear Monterey; Del Monte Heights
    JEPS12625UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMiss S. E. Anderson1931-9-05 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mts.
    JEPS126255UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDevin Jokerst, Sarah Lynch2016-5-25 NapaAmerican Canon. The undeveloped property is located west of Highway 29 and north of Green Island Road.
    JEPS12628UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaEdward Lee Greene1891-7-01 AlamedaBerkeley
    JEPS13320UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1894-1-01 Alameda
    JEPS13325UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-6-20 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mountains
    JEPS20071UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaPeter H. Raven110521957-7-05 Contra Costatip of Point Isabel Point Isabel
    JEPS20107UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaPeter H. Raven112951957-9-01 San Mateo1.1 mi s Pigeon Point Lighthouse
    JEPS20108UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaPeter H. Raven11061A1957-7-06 San Luis Obispo2.3 mi n Arroyo de la Cruz Creek
    JEPS20826UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaV. F. Hesse25131958-6-13 Santa Cruz2 mi nw of Santa Cruz; Cowell property, Empire grade
    JEPS20827UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaV. F. Hesse25181958-6-26 Santa CruzHilton place, Big Basin Highway Big Basin
    JEPS21575UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaL. T. Dempster11091958-6-23 Santa CruzHillside facing away from ocean Manresa Beach State Park
    JEPS30079UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp
    JEPS30106UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2671919-6-19 Montereynear Gigling Gigling
    JEPS30871UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLauramay T. Dempster, Jean Colton38941963-8-07 Mendocino7.5 mi s bridge at Albion
    JEPS30900UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJ. H. Thomas80671959-8-16 San Mateoabout 2 mi n of Pigeon Point
    JEPS35779UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaV. F. Hesse32011964-5-26 San Mateonear coast Whitehouse Creek Road
    JEPS3704UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaV. F. Hesse10001952-9-16 Santa CruzGraham Hill
    JEPS38266UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-6-17 Santa CruzCorallitos
    JEPS38267UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-8-08 MontereyPt. Pinos
    JEPS38268UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-8-08 MontereyPacific Grove
    JEPS38340UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2671919-6-19 Montereynear Gigling
    JEPS38342UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-8-08 MontereyPacific Grove
    JEPS38345UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson97691922-7-23 MontereyMonterey
    JEPS38352UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1896-8-08 MontereyPacific Grove
    JEPS40991UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose640841964-10-23 Monterey3 mi s Monterey
    JEPS44412UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose651001965-9-04 San MateoSkyline Blvd and Half Moon Bay Road; Cahill Ridge
    JEPS50748UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaRimo Bacigalupi92941967-6-27 San Luis Obispo0.5 mi n Piedras Blancas Point
    JEPS59962UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose690971969-8-22 San MateoSkyline and Half Moon Bay Road; Cahill Ridge
    JEPS84529UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJack Stratford1982-9-02 AlamedaBig Trees parking lot Anthony Chabot Regional Park
    JEPS89709UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor103491989-5-22 Santa Cruzalong Graham Hill Rd. 0.3 mi. n. of junction w/ Simms Rd. Graham Hill Horse Showgrounds; Santa Cruz Mts., Graham Hill Horse Showgrounds
    JEPS89710UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaGlenn Clifton1988-5-04 Kernalong Hwy. 41 ca. 3 mi. w. of Interstate 5 Kettlemann Hills; San Joaquin Valley, Kettlemann Hills
    JEPS89711UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor105701989-9-29 Monterey0.2 mi. due e. Benchmark 19 (Prunedale 7 1/2 Quad.) (near junction of Hall Rd. & Elkhorn Rd., Elkhorn Slough drainage); Central Coast Ranges, Prunedale 7 1/2 Quad., Elkhorn Slough
    JEPS98927UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaBruce G. Baldwin7231988-8-22 Montereyless than 0.2 W of jct with Elkhorn Road along Hall Road
    JROH673JROHDeinandra corymbosaW.R. Dudleys.n.1893-7-01 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; near Searsville
    OBI146957OBIDeinandra corymbosaDebora Guillot3.31993-7-08 San Luis ObispoW section of San Simeon State park
    OBI154537OBIDeinandra corymbosaMichael Walgren1632010-8-13 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State park on bluff immed S of Arroyo de la Cruz; W of hwy 1
    OBI167846OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid Keil242461993-7-07 San Luis ObispoCambria. Fiscalini Ranch.
    OBI167847OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid Keil189161985-6-19 San Luis ObispoFields north of Los Osos Valley Memorial Park.
    OBI167848OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover62361946-7-21 San Luis ObispoCoast W of Cambria
    OBI167849OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover97071965-10-01 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    OBI167850OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover72251947-5-25 San Luis ObispoCoast directly W of Cambria
    OBI167851OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover73671947-8-10 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley
    OBI167852OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover115091969-8-01 San Luis ObispoCambria
    OBI167853OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover72251947-5-25 San Luis ObispoCoast directly W of Cambria
    OBI167854OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid J. Keil211211988-9-09 San Luis ObispoNorth of Cayucos. West of Highway 1 on Villa Creek Road at site of partially constructed abalone farm
    OBI167855OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover62361946-7-21 San Luis ObispoCoast W of Cambria
    OBI167856OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover73671947-8-10 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley
    OBI167857OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover115491969-8-15 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    OBI167858OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover73671947-8-10 San Luis ObispoOsos Valley
    OBI167859OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover100101966-9-13 San Luis ObispoPoint Sierra Nevada
    OBI167860OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid J. Keil273011998-5-18 San Luis ObispoN of Cayucos between Hwy 1 and ocean N of Point Estero. Just S of China Harbor.
    OBI167861OBIDeinandra corymbosaAustin P. Griffithss.n.1984-6-09 San Luis ObispoPt. Sierra Nevada Rangeland W of State hwy at mouth of Arroyo de la cruz. T25S, R6e, sect 33 BM:M
    OBI167863OBIDeinandra corymbosaFred Hrusa53981987-6-09 MontereyLaguna Seca Ranch.
    OBI167865OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover73621947-8-09 San Luis ObispoBetween San Carpoforo Crk and Arroyo de la Cruz
    OBI167866OBIDeinandra corymbosaE.H. Graham69241931-7-24 San MateoAno Nuevo Point
    OBI167867OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover73621947-8-09 San Luis ObispoBetween San Carpoforo Crk and Arroyo de la Cruz
    OBI167868OBIDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose376441937-8-29 San MateoMoss Beach
    OBI167869OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid J. Keil161971982-6-26 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz N of San Simeon
    OBI167870OBIDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose640841964-10-23 Monterey3 mi S of Monterey
    OBI167871OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover99421966-8-27 San MateoHalfmoon Bay
    OBI167872OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover100021966-9-13 San Luis ObispoRagged Point
    OBI167873OBIDeinandra corymbosaMarcus E. Jones, A.M.22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    OBI167874OBIDeinandra corymbosaDavid J. Keil215501991-5-18 San Luis ObispoC.T. ranch on E and N outskirts of Cambria; in N part of ranch
    OBI167875OBIDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose651001965-9-04 San MateoSkyline blvd and Half Moon Bay Rd; Cahill Ridge
    OBI167876OBIDeinandra corymbosaL.T. Dempster11091958-6-23 Santa CruzManresa Beach State Park
    OBI167877OBIDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp
    OBI167878OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover98761966-5-18 MontereyUpper Henry Sands Cyn (Gloria Rd)
    OBI167880OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover115721969-9-02 Monterey2 mi E of Castroville
    OBI167881OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover115221969-8-08 Monterey2 mi S of Pajaro, at jctn of Hall rd and Elkhorn rd
    OBI167882OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover94851965-7-11 MontereyHill just N of Malpaso Crk
    OBI167883OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover98761966-5-18 MontereyUpper Henry Sands Cyn (Gloria Rd)
    OBI167884OBIDeinandra corymbosaRobert F. Hoover99391966-8-27 Monterey1 NE of Castroville on Castroville Blvd
    OBI186145OBIDeinandra corymbosaMonika Richardson2982012-4-23 Santa CruzLions flat road
    PGM1403PGMDeinandra corymbosaYadon, Vern1975-5-26 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Wildcat and Malpaso Cyns between, along ridge (potrero)
    RSA0009858RSADeinandra corymbosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1934-4-09 MontereyGilroy.
    RSA0148695RSADeinandra corymbosaVernon Yadons.n.2005-10-27 MontereyAlong Henniken Flats Rd., Fort Ord.
    RSA800286RSADeinandra corymbosaPeter Rubtzoff21211955-9-09 SonomaBodega Head Marsh.
    RSA800287RSADeinandra corymbosaPeter Rubtzoff16461954-8-03 SonomaBodega Head Marsh.
    SBBG110032SBBGDeinandra corymbosaClare B. Hardham146711967-5-22 MontereyMoss Landing
    SBBG12834SBBGDeinandra corymbosaE. R. Chandler2041961-7-15 MontereyState Highway 1 near Soberones Point
    SBBG141122SBBGDeinandra corymbosaVern Yadon2005-10-27 MontereyAlong Henneken Flats Rd, Fort Ord.
    SBBG17032SBBGDeinandra corymbosaClare B. Hardham62981960-6-17 San Luis ObispoCambria
    SBBG25106SBBGDeinandra corymbosaDonald Myrick14261966-6-09 Santa CruzBoulder Crk Golf Course
    SBBG29594SBBGDeinandra corymbosaP. Gladwin1968-5-1 MontereyDel Mesa Carmel, 2-3 mi inland up Carmel Valley
    SBBG33954SBBGDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose1961-7-30 MarinChina Camp
    SBBG34818SBBGDeinandra corymbosaMrs. R. W. Summers1884-6-1 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    SBBG34829SBBGDeinandra corymbosaMrs. R. W. Summers1884-8-1 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    SBBG60945SBBGDeinandra corymbosaMabel M. Miles7111885-7-1 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
    SBBG61010SBBGDeinandra corymbosaH. and M. Dearing1929-6-09 Montereynear Castroville
    SD12568SDDeinandra corymbosaEdith A. Purer53391933-7-27 San MateoHigh stabilized sand dunes, Pigeon Point.
    SD178131SDDeinandra corymbosaG.K. Helmkamp80962003-8-31 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast: Callender Road at US-1 south of Arroyo Crande.
    SD30841SDDeinandra corymbosaEdith A. Purer40251932-7-18 San MateoNear Pigeon Point.
    SD30843SDDeinandra corymbosaMarie Cummings21241933-6-05 San MateoNear Spring Valley Lake
    SD30844SDDeinandra corymbosaEdith A. Purer36621933-5-31 San MateoSpring Valley Lakes.
    SD39706SDDeinandra corymbosaEdith A. Purer38371932-7-16 MontereyDel Monte
    SD43509SDDeinandra corymbosaPhilip A. Munz121881947-10-05 MarinTrail from Ross to Lake Lagunitas.
    SD49785SDDeinandra corymbosaJ. H. Thomas80671959-8-16 San MateoAbout 2 miles north of Pigeon Point along the coast.
    SD53378SDDeinandra corymbosaDarley F. Howe33511962-7-25 MontereyOn Highway 1, 2.6 miles south of junction with Highway 156 near Castroville.
    SD87578SDDeinandra corymbosaFrank W. Peirson39021923-6-27 MontereyCoast near Pacific Grove.
    SDSU04603SDSUDeinandra corymbosaHowe, D.F.33511962-7-25 Monterey2.6 miles south of junction with #156 east of Castroville on #1.
    SFSU002047SFSUDeinandra corymbosaJohn Dempcy0241990-5-06 Marin
    SFV101874SFVDeinandra corymbosaJ. Turners. n.1962-7-07 San MateoHighway 1, almost 10 miles north of Santa Cruz County line Open roadside.
    SJSU5685SJSUDeinandra corymbosaL.S. Rose610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp
    SJSU597SJSUDeinandra corymbosaG. Witherspoon21681940-7-04 MontereyAsilomar, Monterey Peninsula
    UC1069483UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. S. Yates40411934-7-28 Santa CruzScott Valley Santa Cruz Quad.
    UC1069484UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. M. Belshaw23051936-6-04 Santa Cruz1 mi n Hill School; Capitola Quad.
    UC1069485UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. M. Belshaw22261936-5-25 Santa Cruz1.5 mi e Hazelbrook School; New Almaden Quad.
    UC1069486UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. S. Yates52451935-5-09 Santa Cruz1 mi n Scott Valley; Santa Cruz Quad.
    UC1069487UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaW. W. Akey871935-7-01 Santa Cruz1 mi nw Capitola; Capitola Quad.
    UC1069488UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. C. Wilson2281935-5-06 Santa Cruz2 mi n Santa Cruz; Santa Cruz Quad.
    UC1069489UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaG. E. Sindel3051935-7-25 San Mateomouth Pescadero Creek
    UC1069490UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaN. K. Carlson231935-5-28 Santa Cruze mi nw Davenport; Santa Cruz Quad.
    UC1069491UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaW. W. Akey1221935-7-16 Santa Cruz1/2 mi ne Manresa; Capitola Quad.
    UC1069492UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. M. Belshaw21461936-5-19 Monterey2 mi s and 1/2 mi e Watsonville Junction; San Juan Bautista Quad.
    UC1069493UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. M. Belshaw21801936-5-20 Monterey1.5 mi ne Castroville; San Juan Bautista Quad.
    UC1069494UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaB. Schreiber22141936-5-05 Monterey1.5 mi nnw Lake School; San Juan Bautista Quad.
    UC1069495UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaD. Axelrod5941936-7-18 Monterey1 mi ne Elkhorn; San Juan Bautista Quad.
    UC1080534UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaSherwin Carlquist4051956-6-27 San Luis Obispo2.3 mi n San Simeon (on Highway 1)
    UC1177095UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaPeter H. Raven22641950-6-03 San Mateonear San Andreas Lake
    UC1187012UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaV. F. Hesse2786a1960-5-31 Santa Cruzabout 3 mi n Boulder Creek (Harmon Ranch, on Highway 9)
    UC1187067UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid D. Keck, Wm. M. Hiesey50851940-5-29 MontereyTularcitos Ranch Tularcitos Creek
    UC1187107UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid D. Keck, Wm. M. Heisey50631940-5-28 Santa Cruz0.5 W of Hecker Pass
    UC123753UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHarriet A. Walker6591907-7-07 AlamedaOakland
    UC127291UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1908-3-08 San MateoSan Pedro Pt.
    UC128326UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHarriet A. Walker1981906-5-01 Alamedavicinity of Berkeley
    UC1285063UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover94851965-7-11 Montereyjust n Malpaso Creek
    UC1293861UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaE. K. Balls235421958-7-16 San Luis Obispo.5 mi n Cambria (State Highway 1)
    UC1321291UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover99701966-9-08 Montereybetween Gabilan and Santa Rita (on San Juan Grade Road)
    UC1321333UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover100021966-9-13 San Luis ObispoRagged Point
    UC134960UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. F. Baker17391902-10-01 San MateoPillar Point
    UC134961UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaC. F. Baker8391902-5-16 Santa Clarafoothills near Stanford University
    UC1392610UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover115091969-8-01 San Luis ObispoCambria
    UC1392631UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover115491969-8-15 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    UC1392945UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover115721969-9-02 Monterey2 mi e Castroville
    UC1481555UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaNeil Havlik9171980-5-14 Contra Costae side Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline
    UC1505660UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido49041940-7-19 Monterey1/2 mi s Monterey (coastal basin); Pacific Slope, Pacific Border
    UC1529064UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor88171986-6-20 Santa Cruzcoastal terrace adjacent to Woods Lagoon, Santa Cruz ((Santa Cruz yacht harbour)); Santa Cruz
    UC1536896UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaGordon H. True, Jr.5011936-6-14 San Mateos Salada Beach (meadow in canyon)
    UC1576738UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor10564B1989-9-26 Santa Cruzbordered by Highway 1, Harkins Slough Road and Lee Road; Central Coast, Watsonville W Quad., Pajaro Valley, W branch
    UC1594185UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJerry Powell16481992-6-17 Contra CostaRichmond Field Station
    UC1614597UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaCharles M. Belshaw2511934-10-28 Mendocino2 mi s Fort Bragg (sea bluff, near hwy)
    UC164990UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJ. P. Tracy17681902-8-10 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka
    UC1736763UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDean W. Taylor142321994-5-05 MontereyMonterey Peninsula; coastal terrace along 17 Mile Drive 0.2 mi S of Bird Rock
    UC174170UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1885-1-01 San MateoMoss Beach
    UC177014UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1908-5-08 MontereyCastroville
    UC184952UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall2591915-7-29 Monterey
    UC194190UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100671915-7-23 Montereybenches below (mouth of) Carmel River; South Coast Ranges
    UC194193UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100661915-7-23 Monterey
    UC194203UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100801913-7-26 Monterey
    UC194204UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100861915-7-29 MontereyMonterey South Coast Ranges
    UC194205UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100631915-7-22 Montereybetween Mission and the foot Ocean View Avenue (Carmel); South Coast Ranges, Carmel
    UC194206UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall100621915-7-01 Montereys side near San Juan Grade; South Coast Ranges
    UC194212UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall102241916-7-13 San Franciscos Daly City
    UC194670UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMichener, Bioletti1219a1892-8-01 Alameda
    UC201677UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaW. R. Dudley1897-5-05 Santa Clarafirst foothills near Stanford University
    UC202234UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaS. B. Parish114481917-8-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC202236UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaS. B. Parish115931917-8-01 MontereyMonterey Peninsula
    UC202560UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaS. B. Parish114481917-8-01 MontereyMonterey Peninsula
    UC2026442UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLouis C. Wheeler58081943-7-10 Monterey1 mile SSW Lagunita School.
    UC2029026UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaBarbara Ertter179522002-6-16 Contra CostaRichmond Field Station (UC-Berkeley).
    UC2046132UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaNeal Kramer, Tom Mahony21502015-6-12 San MateoRedondo Bluffs, Half Moon Bay
    UC204698UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJoseph P. Tracy50731918-7-06 Mendocinos fork Eel River (near the Humboldt-Mendocino County line); Northern Coast Ranges, near the Humboldt-Mendocino County li
    UC222682UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall101121915-8-28 San Mateonorth of San Bruno
    UC222688UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. P. Brandt1916-10-15 MendocinoGualala
    UC303959UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaS. B. Parish115931917-8-01 Monterey
    UC303961UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaS. B. Parish114481917-8-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC32713UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaWillis L. Jepson1894-9-01 AlamedaBerkeley
    UC32715UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaF. T. Bioletti1892-8-01 AlamedaLeona
    UC32716UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJ. Burtt Davy1896-1-01 Contra CostaMoraga Pass
    UC32717UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHarley P. Chandler4431899-6-01 MontereyPajaro Hills
    UC32718UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHarley P. Chandler3231899-5-24 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC32719UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaW. H. Brewer6071861-5-14 Montereynear Monterey; El Toro Ranch
    UC32721UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJ. Burtt Davy8121893-6-17 San MateoBelmont
    UC32722UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaM. A. Howe1892-7-27 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC32723UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaIvar Tidestrom1893-5-12 Santa ClaraPalo Alto
    UC337085UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaunknown1934-7-16 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC405403UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaP. B. Kennedy1914-10-01 Sonoma
    UC419710UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMrs. H. P. Bracelin1311930-10-26 San Mateobetween Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz (s of Pescadero, Ocran Road)
    UC454313UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaI. J. Condit1911-5-31 San Luis ObispoCalifornia Polytechnical School Canon
    UC455703UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaI. J. Condit1911-6-08 San Luis ObispoCalifornia Polytechnical School Canon
    UC473438UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJohn Thomas Howell54181930-8-03 Montereybetween Mission San Carlos and Del Monte
    UC480909UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. L. Pendleton501904-7-08 Montereynear Pacific Grove
    UC481000UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1967-6-9 Santa BarbaraGaviota
    UC481001UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHorace Davis691907-3-01 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountains Santa Cruz Mountains (Camp Idle)
    UC481023UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMrs. J. Clemens1911-10-30 Monterey
    UC481024UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1908-8-01 San MateoMontana Point
    UC523539UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid D. Keck26661933-11-07 Mendocino4.5 mi n Manchester
    UC532099UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid D. Keck29601934-7-08 Monterey1.5 mi e Point Sur (along road from this point to Carmel)
    UC536850UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMarcus E. Jones1934-4-09 MontereyGilroy
    UC53966UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMrs. R. W. Summers4481882-6-01 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    UC57578UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJ. H. Barber1947-8-11 San Luis ObispoMorro
    UC577153UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose355731935-8-28 Santa Cruz4 mi s Glenwood
    UC57929UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaA. A. Heller72041903-9-03 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC57930UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaA. A. Heller68441903-6-12 Montereybeach near Point Pinos
    UC57931UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaA. A. Heller68021903-5-29 Montereynear Del Monte (Salinas road)
    UC584233UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. M. Hall131501931-6-08 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    UC610667UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaEdward Lee, Herbert Mason91021934-10-01 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    UC610668UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaEdward Lee, Herbert Mason91081935-4-20 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    UC65337UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJoseph Burtt Davy74661901-5-01 MontereyBig Sur , Carmel Hill
    UC702538UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaL. S. Rose413611941-8-09 San MateoMoss Beach, open sandy coastal fields Moss Beach
    UC708626UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaRimo Bacigalupi27161941-10-02 San Franciscodirectly above highway tunnel leading to Golden Gate Bridge approach; Presidio
    UC729629UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaCarl B. Wolf37591929-6-24 MontereyHopkins Marine Station Pacific Grove
    UC771647UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaR. F. Hoover62361946-7-21 San Luis Obispocoast w of Cambria
    UC796714UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaIra L. Wiggins121991949-7-02 San MateoPescadero Beach
    UC89131UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaT. S. Brandegee1892-5-29 Alamedanear Oakland; Laundry Farm
    UC89132UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaK. Brandegee1890-8-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC89136UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHorace Davis1900-7-01 Santa Cruz
    UC89137UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaK. Brandegee1889-5-01 San MateoMilbrae
    UC89138UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaK. Brandegee1888-6-01 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    UC89139UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1890-7-01 MarinTamalpais
    UC89140UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaKatharine Brandegee1888-6-01 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    UC897689UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMilo S. Baker87901937-7-02 San Luis Obisponear Morro Bay (Highway 1)
    UC897690UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaAlice Eastwood16371912-8-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
    UC897706UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLewis S. Rose376441937-8-29 San MateoMoss Beach
    UC897707UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJohn Thomas Howell153361939-9-03 Marinnear Black Point
    UC897708UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaLouis C. Wheeler40601935-10-22 Montereyjust behind seaward bluff Point Joe; Monterey Peninsula
    UC897709UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaMilo S. Baker97901940-7-18 Marinn of first farm house on e side after crossing, road to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse Estero
    UC912273UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHerbert L. Mason33931926-6-15 Alamedacampus Berkeley University of California at Berkeley
    UC912274UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaHerbert L. Mason70411932-4-28 MontereyPajaro Hills
    UC935681UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaPalmer Stockwell251933-9-03 Monterey20 mi s Canon Big Sur road)
    UC935705UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaDavid D. Keck12951931-10-05 San Mateo1.5 mi s Half Moon Bay road (Skyline Boulevard, summit of Cahil Ridge); Cahil Ridge
    UC962136UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaH. L. Mason70601932-5-04 AlamedaLaundry Farm Oakland Hills
    UC990589UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJames I. McMurphy1908-7-24 Mendocinonear mouth Pudding Creek (South bank); Fort Bragg
    UC990590UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJames I. McMurphy7381909-8-23 Montereyback Monterey (Mount Toro); Mount Toro
    UC990591UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJames I. McMurphy1907-7-20 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC990592UCJEPSDeinandra corymbosaJames I. McMurphy1907-8-06 San Mateobetween Woodside and Crystal Springs
    UCR279606UCRDeinandra corymbosaPeter Rubtzoff21211955-9-09 SonomaBodega Head Marsh
    UCSB024854UCSBDeinandra corymbosaRose, Lewis610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp
    UCSB024855UCSBDeinandra corymbosaClare B. Hardham146711967-5-22 MontereyMoss Landing
    UCSB024856UCSBDeinandra corymbosaClare B. Hardham71451961-5-29 MontereyNear Carmel
    UCSC100000321UCSCDeinandra corymbosaReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-7-19 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC11491UCSCDeinandra corymbosaReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-6-29 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC11501UCSCDeinandra corymbosaReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-6-29 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC11502UCSCDeinandra corymbosaReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-6-29 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC11567UCSCDeinandra corymbosaReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-7-19 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC1957UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.1995-4-23 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site L1
    UCSC1958UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.1995-5-08 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site L1
    UCSC1959UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.2009-4-28 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site K2 - 195
    UCSC1960UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.1995-1-01 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site -
    UCSC1961UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.2010-3-30 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site -
    UCSC1962UCSCDeinandra corymbosaunknowns.n.1979-4-20 MontereyFort Ord, UC Reserve, Site -
    UCSC5351UCSCDeinandra corymbosaRandall Morgan33221998-7-29 Santa CruzBoulder Creek, End of Lucilles Court, S. of Boulder Creek Golf Course
    UCSC6621UCSCDeinandra corymbosaRandall Morgan12291988-6-04 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, End of Meder St
    UCSC758UCSCDeinandra corymbosaI. J. Condits.n.2012-12-12 San FranciscoRichmond Annex
    UCSC9720UCSCDeinandra corymbosaD. Styer2472008-6-2 MontereyParker Flats Road; Fort Ord National Monument Region F6
    DAV375665DAVDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJake Ruygt67352019-7-27 NapaNapa Marsh, CDFW Huichica Creek unit. Cuttings Wharf quad.
    OBI167879OBIDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHoover, R. F.99701966-9-08 MontereyBetween Gabilan and Santa Rita on San Juan Grade Road in stubble field
    PGM1445PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaLind, Helen1975-10-06 MontereySierra de Salinas, Toro Park, Vic of supply area
    PGM175PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaYadon, Vern1965-6-23 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Marina Marina Dunes, Marina Dunes
    PGM3929PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaYadon, Vern1995-7-21 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Barloy Cyn Rd, Barloy Cyn Rd
    PGM3930PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaYadon, Vern1995-7-21 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Barloy Cyn Rd, Barloy Cyn Rd
    PGM4176PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaYadon, Vern1989-5-30 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, 17 Mile Dr 1/4 N of Bird Rock
    PGM5367PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F03791955-5-22 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove, Forest hill stores near
    PGM5395PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F06231955-6-03 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Jade Beach above, Hwy 1 along
    PGM5396PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F07431955-9-13 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Carmel Pac Grade Hwy, Grove Highlands near
    PGM5397PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F11371960-6-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Garrapata Cr Hwy 1, Hwy 1 ocean
    PGM5398PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F1962-5-11 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Castroville Rd to Santa Rita, N Monterehy Co
    PGM5399PGMDeinandra corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHowitt, Beatrice F32851973-4-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Valley, Carmel Valley
    OBI167864OBIDeinandra corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaD. R. Miller811.9882011-8-21 San Luis ObispoW of sewer road in Canon the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
    RSA0015417RSAHemizonia angustifoliaMarcus E. Jones22101881-6-21 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    RSA0015418RSAHemizonia angustifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1902-6-25 MontereyCastroville.
    CDA0006972CDAHemizonia corymbosaA.C. Browne1951-8-27 Santa CruzWatsonville.
    CDA0006973CDAHemizonia corymbosaT.C. Fuller37871960-3-23 MontereyCarmel Highlands.
    CDA0006974CDAHemizonia corymbosaA.C. Browne1951-6-11 Santa CruzElkhorn Slough, Watsonville.
    CDA0006975CDAHemizonia corymbosaT.C. Fuller37871960-3-23 MontereyCarmel Highlands.
    CDA0006976CDAHemizonia corymbosaT.C. Fuller203861981-9-09 SonomaBodega Harbor subdivision just south of Bodega Bay.
    CDA0006977CDAHemizonia corymbosaD.G. Kelch4.1792004-5-7 Contra CostaCanada del Cierbo. ,Carquinez Strait.
    CDA0007073CDAHemizonia corymbosaG.F. Hrusa53981987-6-09 Monterey.
    CDA0010966CDAHemizonia corymbosaG.F. Hrusa53981987-6-09 Monterey3/4 mile N of Hwy 68 on Laguna Seca Ranch. Laguna Seca Sandhills.
    CDA0012445CDAHemizonia corymbosaG.F. Hrusa5398a1987-6-09 MontereyHills N of Laguna Seca Ranch on border of Fort Ord Army base, approx. 3/4 miles N of Hwy 68. Laguna Seca Sandhills.
    CDA0019681CDAHemizonia corymbosaA. Gilberts.n. - 51996-7-30 MontereyFort Ord.
    PUA1474PUAHemizonia corymbosaG.A. Hicks1956-7-18 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
    PUA44151PUAHemizonia corymbosaJoe Callizo1980-7-10 NapaLocal landmark: Week's Lakes'. Aetna Springs Quad.
    PUA67235PUAHemizonia corymbosaG.L. Clifton1988-5-23 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Scotts Valley. Felton Quad.
    RSA165596RSAHemizonia corymbosaClare B. Hardham72391961-5-29 MontereyCorral del Tierra. (Pine Canon Road)
    SHTC6202SHTCHemizonia corymbosaVecchiarelli, Carlo1965-8-02 San MateoHalf Moon Bay
    UCR14765UCRHemizonia corymbosaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1975-7-27 San Luis Obispoone-half mile south of Cambria
    UCR21597UCRHemizonia corymbosaFrank C. Vasek660709--011966-7-09 MontereyCA Hwy 1, Los Padres National Forest, across the road from USFS campground at Plaskett Creek
    UCR27942UCRHemizonia corymbosaA.C. Sanders23171981-8-09 San Luis ObispoCambria, corner of Windsor and Drake
    UCR66751UCRHemizonia corymbosaEdith A. Purer53391933-7-27 San MateoPigeon Point
    UCR80235UCRHemizonia corymbosaDavid D. Keck17841932-5-25 San Mateohills two miles west of Belmont
    POM118168RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaH. M. Hall100851915-7-29 MontereyEasterly base of Canons of Monterey.
    POM174064RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJoseph P. Tracy50731918-7-06 MendocinoSouth Fork of Eel River, near the Humboldt-Mendocino Co line [i.e. near Piercy]
    POM204395RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaF. M. Reed90441934-8-22 Monterey4 miles N of Monterey.
    POM215199RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck26661933-11-07 Mendocino4.5 miles N of Manchester.
    POM216539RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck12951931-10-05 San MateoSkyline Blvd, 1.5 miles S of Half Moon Bay road, summit of Cahil Ridge.
    POM220621RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. C. Wheeler40601935-10-22 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula.
    POM223559RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose355731935-8-28 Santa Cruz4 miles S of Glenwood.
    POM256791RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck50851940-5-29 MontereyTularcitos Ranch, Tularcitos Creek.
    POM284875RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaLyman Benson57641934-4-01 San BenitoSan Juan - - US 101; Mt range: South Coast; Watershed: Pajaro River.
    POM284876RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaLyman Benson61021934-7-04 San MateoMoss Beach; Pacific Ocean watershed
    POM284877RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaLyman Benson21611930-6-14 San MateoSan Gregorio.
    POM284878RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaDelzie Demaree72721929-10-13 MontereyMonterey.
    POM284884RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaLyman Benson84341937-7-04 MontereyPacific Grove. Watershed: Pacific Ocean.
    POM290658RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck29601934-7-08 Monterey1.5 miles E of Point Sur.
    POM298208RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaPalmer Stockwell251933-9-03 Monterey20 miles S of Canon the Big Sur road.
    POM299466RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose413611941-8-09 San MateoMoss Beach.
    POM360248RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaM. B. Dunkle48071936-8-14 MarinSouthwest Inverness; Road to Point Reyes.
    POM360249RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. Crow4341929-8-07 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., near Carmel,
    POM360250RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. A. Purer159461932-7-16 MontereyDel Monte.
    POM360251RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose376441937-8-29 San MateoMoss Beach.
    POM360252RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. A. Purer53391933-7-27 San MateoPigeon Point
    POM360253RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose326741932-10-18 Santa CruzBoulder Creek.
    POM49206RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaA. D. E. Elmer40341902-9-1 MontereyDel Monte.
    POM53161RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. F. Baker6861902-5-01 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake.
    POM53162RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. F. Baker8391902-5-16 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University.
    POM53165RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaA. A. Heller68021903-5-29 MontereyOn the Salinas road near Del Monte
    POM53168RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaA. A. Heller68441903-6-12 MontereyBeach near Point Pinos
    POM53170RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaA. A. Heller72041903-9-03 MontereyPacific Grove.
    POM53173RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHarriet Ann Walker1981906--1 AlamedaVicinity of Berkeley
    POM53176RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHorace Davis691907-3-1 Santa ClaraCamp Idle. Santa Cruz Mtns.
    POM53193RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. F. Bakers.n.1931-5-7 MontereyPacific Grove.
    POM53615RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaHarriet Ann Walkers.n.1907-7-07 AlamedaEast Oakland.
    POM55223RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaA. D. E. Elmer49631903-7-1 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
    POM56175RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. F. Baker17391902-10-01 San MateoPillar Point.
    POM87801RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. R. Abrams30781902-10-13 Santa CruzAptos
    RSA0034608RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. B. Wolf5381927-6-29 San MateoAlong coast south of Pebble Beach near Pescadero.
    RSA117713RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaS. Carlquist4051956-6-27 San Luis Obispo2.3 miles N of San Simeon on Hwy 1.
    RSA121596RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaH. S. Yates40411934-7-28 Santa CruzScott Valley; Santa Cruz
    RSA121597RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. M. Belshaw23051936-6-04 Santa Cruz1 mile N of Hills School.; Capitola
    RSA121598RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaB. O. Schreiber22151936-5-05 Monterey1.5 miles NNW of Lake School.
    RSA121599RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. M. Belshaw21801936-5-20 Monterey1.5 miles NE of Castroville.; San Juan Bautista
    RSA121601RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaW. W. Akey1221935-7-16 Santa Cruz0.5 mile NE of Manresa.; Capitola
    RSA121603RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. M. Belshaw21461936-5-19 Monterey2 miles S and 0.5 mile E of Watsonville Junction.; San Juan Bautista
    RSA128533RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJosephine Randall791907-6-20 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    RSA130941RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. K. Balls235421958-7-16 San Luis Obispo0.5 mile north of Canong cliffs.
    RSA131329RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaPeter H. Raven11061-A1957-7-06 San Luis Obispo2.3 miles north of Arroyo de la Cruz Creek.
    RSA133897RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJohn H. Thomas35671953-7-29 Santa CruzNorthern end of Hilton Airport, open area between highway and airstrip
    RSA133899RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJohn H. Thomas80671959-8-16 San MateoAbout 2 miles N of Pigeon Point along the coast.
    RSA136183RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaW. R. Dudleys.n.1909-6-30 Santa CruzNear Seabright
    RSA140776RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaClare B. Hardham62981960-6-17 San Luis ObispoCambria, Santa Lucia Mountains.
    RSA155419RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose610581961-7-30 MarinChina Camp.
    RSA157765RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJohn H. Thomas96681961-8-13 Santa CruzAlong Graham Hill Road 2.2 miles SE from Felton RR Station.
    RSA162480RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. K. Balls120711963-7-18 MontereyCaramel Highlands, opposite Yankee Point.
    RSA164377RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaClare B. Hardham72391961-4-29 MontereyCorral del Tierra.
    RSA176646RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJohn H. Thomas96701961-8-13 Santa CruzBog at Camp Evers.
    RSA18370RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaC. B. Wolf5381927-6-29 San MateoAlong coast south of Pebble Beach near Pescadero.
    RSA184823RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose651001965-9-04 San MateoSkyline Blvd and half Moon Bay Road, Cahill Ridge
    RSA184891RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. S. Rose640841964-10-23 Monterey3 miles S of Monterey.
    RSA185393RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaClare B. Hardham104931962-10-25 MontereyDel Monte Forest
    RSA22084RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJ. T. Howell153361939-9-03 MarinNear Black Point.
    RSA26882RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaR. C. Bacigalupi27161941-10-02 San FranciscoPresidio, directly above highway tunnel leading to Golden Gate Bridge Approach.
    RSA276347RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJane Turner10801962-7-07 San MateoHighway 1, ca. 10 miles N of Santa Cruz County line.
    RSA52665RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaI. L. Wiggins121991949-7-02 San MateoPescadero Beach.
    RSA604097RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. C. Wheeler58081943-7-10 Monterey1 mile SSW Lagunita School.
    RSA612316RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaL. C. Wheeler40601935-10-22 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula.
    RSA675565RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaPaul Schallert31021945-8-29 MontereyAlong San Simeon Hwy near Carmel.
    RSA7354RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaE. R. Johnson54211933-8-29 MontereyAlong the Pacific Ocean, 6 mi S of Carmel.
    RSA81609RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJames I. McMurphys.n.1908-7-24 MendocinoSouth bank, near mouth, of Pudding Creek, Fort Bragg.
    RSA81614RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJames I. McMurphy7381909-8-23 MontereyMount Toro, back of Monterey.
    RSA81619RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJames I. McMurphys.n.1907-7-20 MontereyPacific Grove.
    RSA81624RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJames I. McMurphys.n.1907-8-06 San MateoBetween Woodside and Crystal Springs.
    RSA81629RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJames I. McMurphy21906-11-17 San MateoNear Portola.
    RSA94180RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck17841932-5-25 San MateoHills 2 miles W of Belmont
    RSA94181RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaD. D. Keck17651932-5-11 San Mateo1 mile E of San Gregorio.
    RSA94184RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaJ. T. Howell54181930-8-03 MontereyBetween Mission San Carlos and Del Monte
    RSA94186RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaF. W. Peirson13471912-6-27 MontereyMonterey
    UCR224703UCRHemizonia corymbosa subsp. corymbosaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-8 MontereyFort Ord, Mary's Valley
    CDA0006971CDAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaD. Leiser1962-7-08 San Luis ObispoCambria Pines Lodge, Cambria PInes.
    CDA0017673CDAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaAustin Griffithss.n.1984-6-09 San Luis ObispoPt. Sierra Nevada W of State Hwy at mouth of Arroyo de la Cruz. Arroyo de la Cruz.
    POM147149RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaAlice Eastwood147641927-7-29 San Luis ObispoMorro.
    POM147909RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaJ. B. Feudge17941927-6-30 San Luis ObispoCambria.
    RSA11148RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaC. B. Wolf37591929-6-24 MontereyHopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove.
    RSA128196RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaClare B. Hardham46631959-5-21 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz; Santa Lucia mountains.
    RSA133888RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaJohn H. Thomas52871955-7-17 MontereyAlong the coast, 1.4 miles south of Prewitt Creek, near Point Gorda.
    RSA216765RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaRobert F. Hoover115491969-8-15 San Luis ObispoLos Osos Valley
    RSA223693RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaJ. T. Howell408231964-6-29 San Luis ObispoNear St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cambria.
    RSA94187RSAHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaF. W. Peirson39021923-6-27 MontereyCoast near Pacific Grove
    UCR132554UCRHemizonia corymbosa subsp. macrocephalaGeorge K. Helmkamp80962003-8-31 San Luis ObispoCallender Road at US-1 south of Arroyo Grande

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