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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC102519DAVDaucus pusillusWalter P. Spiveys.n.1955-06-01 ShastaShasta County: 10 miles northeast of Redding.
AHUC102607DAVDaucus pusillusBeecher Crampton47971958-05-19 Colusa10.1 miles southeast of Leesville.
AHUC102608DAVDaucus pusillusBeecher Crampton41761957-06-11 MarinMarin Co.: Just south of Muir Beach.
ARF0126BLMARDaucus pusillusDonald Hazlett1261994-06-07 Humboldtnear horse Mt. Ridge rd
CAS-BOT182830CASDaucus pusillusShevock, James R.95881982-05-27 TulareAlong road above Wishon Fork Tule River, 0.5-0.7 mile above junction with California highway 190
CAS-BOT183268CASDaucus pusillusShevock, James R.97441982-06-11 TulareTule River Canyon. Along California highway 190 at Redwood Drive
CAS-BOT183461CASDaucus pusillusShevock, James R.94191982-05-06 TulareAlong General′s Highway, 2.5 miles north of Ash Mountain Park Headquarters near Potwisha Campground above Middle Fork Kaweah River
CAS-BOT226924CASDaucus pusillusCarter, Eugene8301974-06-17 TrinitySalmon-Trinity Alps and vicinity. In abandoned mining tailings at Store Gulch
CAS-BOT227420CASDaucus pusillusCarter, Eugene9821975-06-19 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River. Along trail near Digger Pine Flat
CAS-BOT361341CASDaucus pusillusde Nevers, Greg109711997-04-24 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, 3450 Franz Valley Rd., Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT434218CASDaucus pusillusWilliams, A.; Hagerty, C.; Skwarek, R.; Martin, K.; Johnson, R.140222014-05-10 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Less than 0.25 miles up Azalea Hill Trail from intersection with Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Plot on north side of trail near shallow drainage.
CAS-BOT602977CASDaucus pusillusJunak, Steven A.; Sainz, Darwin; Sainz, Jeanette; Columbus, TravisSCa-15962001-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: On W side of main fork of Wild Boar Gully
CAS-BOT635604CASDaucus pusillusShevock, James R.; York, Dana123021995-07-31 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Steep canyon north of Boyden Cave toward Junction Divide, Kings River drainage.
CATA00063CATADaucus pusillusUSC Wrigley Interns: Sabrina Lawrence-Gomez392011-07-08 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Deer Valley Trail
CATA00144CATADaucus pusillusPeter Henrikson1071987-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon
CATA00226CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs2161973-05-04 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle of Middle Ranch Canon
CATA00737CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs12591991-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Upper Cherry Valley
CATA00903CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs17411992-04-14 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Hillside south of Ben Weston Beach
CATA00952CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs18171992-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood Canon, southeast of El Rancho Escondido
CATA00966CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs18341994-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Southeast end of Renton Mine Road
CATA01038CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs19611995-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, southeast side near horse trail
CATA01211CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs22671995-06-15 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cottonwood Canon
CATA01258CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs23421995-06-29 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: By Empire Landing Road near quarry
CATA01322CATADaucus pusillusMark L. Hoefs24171995-07-15 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Upper end of Renton Mine Road
CATA01972CATADaucus pusillusF.R. Fosberg1931-04-13 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine, Pebbly Beach Canon, left fork
CATA02591CATADaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne527491979-05-01 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Upper part of sandy, north-facing sea bluff west of Simonton Cove
CATA02592CATADaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne487691977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Canada Lobos
CDA0000965CDADaucus pusillusD.G. Kelch5.3332005-06-14 Contra CostaSan Pablo. North Alvarado Park, south of San Pablo Dam Rd. East Bay.
CDA0009594CDADaucus pusillusD.G. Kelch7.1832007-04-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
CDA0010299CDADaucus pusillusJoseph A. Betzler9682003-04-04 San DiegoSan Diego Wild Animal Park, Conservation Area. near the middle of old road that is between South ridge Road circle and the gate at the edge of the property. 0.8 miles northwest of junction of Rockwood Canon and San Paqual Valley Road. N 33.1 W 116.972.
CDA0010903CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa109991993-05-15 NapaUniversity of California, Quail Ridge Reserve betw. Hwy 128 and Lake Berryessa.
CDA0011032CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa109071993-05-05 TuolumneImmediately to NE of rocky serpentine ridge adjacent to reservoir and ˜ 1 W of Quartz, 2.5 m. S of Jamestown. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0011649CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa123501995-06-19 San Luis ObispoNear summit of tall dune protecting W side of southernmost of Duck Club lakes. Nipomo Dunes.
CDA0011800CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa78191990-05-02 SacramentoE side of Lake Natoma approx. 1-4 m. S of Willow Creek parking area. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0012640CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa80791990-06-07 SacramentoE of Powerhouse ruins, approx. 1-2 mile S of Willow Creek. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0012735CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa79351990-05-21 SacramentoVicinity of Rainbow Bridge and Folsom Powerhouse. E side of Lake Natoma. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0013651CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa137761997-05-21 Santa ClaraSan Felipe Ranch. In bottom of Horse Valley. Mount Hamilton Range.
CDA0016458CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa154882000-06-12 CalaverasE margin of site, tributary of Black Creek, ˜ 3 mi. S of Copperopolis. At power substation. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0017149CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa158632001-06-07 AmadorSutter Ione Rd. 0.6 mi. E of Hwy 124 and +-- 3-4 N of Ione. Ione Region.
CDA0017747CDADaucus pusillusAustin Griffithss.n.1982-04-28 San Luis ObispoDeep into eastern part of dunes ca. 2 mi. S of Oso Flaco Ck, NE of Hidden Willow Valley. Guadalupe Dunes.
CDA0019513CDADaucus pusillusM.I. Wibawa1742002-05-15 SacramentoAlong Latrobe Rd, 0.5 W of Stone House Rd. Sacramento Valley.
CDA0020626CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa168472006-06-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest, +-- 3 mi. downstream of Nira trailhead (Sunset Valley Rd.). At and W +-- 1 mi. of Coldwater Camp. San Rafael Mountains.
CDA0029514CDADaucus pusillusD.G. Kelch9.2752009-05-10 Contra CostaFranklin Ridge. Fernandez Ranch Extension. Carquinez Strait.
CDA0030534CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa172442008-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Above Sisquoc River, app. 1-4 mi. downstream from Sycamore Camp. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0030859CDADaucus pusillusM. Beyers6402010-05-29 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. Westside of Cold Creek (Homestead Trail).
CDA0035002CDADaucus pusillusM. Beyers5712010-05-19 Santa BarbaraKerry Creek in canyon (below road crossing) draining S side Miranda Pine Mtn. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0035417CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa183132011-06-08 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Sisquoc River canyon at Sycamore Camp. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0036312CDADaucus pusillusJ.R. Keck, Jr.PDR# 3300491980-05-14 GlennStonyford; County Road 306.
CDA0036848CDADaucus pusillusCDFA Staffs.n.1995-05-23 SonomaSugarloaf Ridge State Park; near junction of Meadow, Hillside, and Gray Pine Trails, east of bridge across Sonoma Creek.
CDA0038308CDADaucus pusillusT.C. Fuller19041958-06-17 HumboldtZanone Ranch, Cape Mendocino.
CDA0038309CDADaucus pusillusT.C. Fuller205531993-06-07 FresnoSouth slope below St. Nicholas Hill, St. Nicholas Ranch, 38526 Dunlap Road, ca. 1.5 km northwest of Dunlap. ,Sierra Nevada.
CDA0038310CDADaucus pusillusJ.L. Johnsons.n.1978-07-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
CDA0039040CDADaucus pusillusD.G. Kelch13.089-B2013-04-16 SolanoSulfur Springs Ridge W of I-80 rest stop.
CDA0040172CDADaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa185592014-05-14 LakeSilver Spur Ranch. Benmore Canon at intersection of Box Canon, 1 1-2 mi. S of spillway at Indian Valley Reservoir. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0052164CDADaucus pusillusCharles Elmer Jenneys.n.1914-06-13 MaderaBass Lake.
CDA0052165CDADaucus pusillusJ. Dunnicliffs.n.1990-06-07 MaderaOakhurst.
CDA0053031CDADaucus pusillusAndra ForneyH061112402008-06-11 TulareQuercus douglasii young to mature trees growing in clusters with shrubs. Large open grassy patches and grassy understory comprise stand. Stand continues on adjacent properties to the NW and possibly to S. Site very thick with wildlife habitat including rodents, tarantulas and various insects. Previous owners grazed cattle in stand. Only mature shrubs present, no young or seedlings. Associated taxa Quercus douglasii. 4026820 N, 334190 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 36.372213, -118.848354). Elev 564 m.
CHSC100276CHSCDaucus pusillusD. Isle14821989-04-17 GlennMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges Grindstone Creek Watershed. Slopes adjacent Old FH7 (307) in 1988 Powderhouse Burn between unnamed Grindstone Creek tributary in T2 N, R7W, SW1-4 Sec 24 at 1400 and Poserhouse Rd (21N20) Jct in NW1-4 Sec 23 at 2080. 1st Post Wildfire year group of species near ANSU site.
CHSC101137CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart156762009-05-15 ButteAbout 20 yards east of the dirt road which is Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3-4 mile (air) west of Highway 32, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S3 W1-4
CHSC105733CHSCDaucus pusillusDavid Isle17561993-06-23 LakeMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges Upper Main Eel River Watershed. N of Lake Pillsbury, Oak Flat Cpgd & 2 N01. ˜ 1-8 Mi. E of Gravelly Valley Airstrip. 1993 EUI Plot 4. By p in Airport on USGS Lake Pillsbury Quad 565-2c(35). T18N R1 W S02 SW1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Lake Pillsbury 1:24,000
CHSC108196CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart173702011-06-07 YubaGrassy road margin, about 50 yards south of the huge gravel bar along the Yuba River, about 150 yards west of the south end of Parks Bar Bridge (Highway 20), about 15 miles (by air) northeast of Marysville. T1 N R06E S30 NE1-4
CHSC108700CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janeway103432011-05-29 GlennInner North Coast Ranges. Along Hull Road (road 313, Forest Road M9) 7.2 road km west of Road 306 (the road from Chrome to Elk Creek); 4.2 air km west-southwest of Chrome. On low road cutbank, T2 N R0 W S36 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chrome 1:24,000
CHSC108778CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janeway102582011-05-11 GlennInner North Coast Ranges. 2.9 air km south-southeast of town of Elk Creek; along northeast side of Stony Gorge Reservoir, along access Road 3.9 km south of Hwy 162. T2 N R0 W S15 SE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Elk Creek 1:24,000
CHSC112274CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart186252013-04-26 ColusaInner North Coast Range. North side of State Highway 20, just east of Lake County Line, 12.2 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S34 SW1-4
CHSC112314CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart186752013-05-01 ColusaInner North Coast Range. On the north side of the wash, north of State Highway 20, just east of Lake County Line, 12.2 mile (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S34 SW1-4
CHSC113320CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart194982014-05-17 TehamaOn the north side of the dirt and rock piles, north of the poor dirt road, about 50 yards west of the diversion dam on Mill Creek, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Los Molinos. T2 N R0 W S06 NW1-4
CHSC114697CHSCDaucus pusillusJ. R. Keck, Jr.1980-05-14 GlennStonyford; County Road 306. T1 N R0 W S34
CHSC117001CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart209192016-06-04 ButteOn the north side of Lumpkin Road, about 100 yards north of McCabe Creek, about 3 miles (air) west of Forbestown. T1 N R06E S0 W1-4
CHSC118033CHSCDaucus pusillusDaphne K. Christopher1972003-04-17 TehamaDye Creek Nature Conservancy Preserve. Antelope Creek trail.
CHSC120556CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart217472018-06-07 ShastaRoad edge, along Baker Road, about 210 feet from Fox Creek, about 3-4 mile (air) from Pit-4 Powerhouse, 4.6 miles (air) from town of Big Bend, 40 miles (air) northeast of Redding. T3 N R01E S undesignated section
CHSC122830CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janeway129662019-05-27 ShastaKlamath Ranges. Along Cline Gulch Road, 2.4 road-km east of French Gulch Road. South-facing slopes low in deep canyon of Cline Gulch. T3 N, R7W, SE 1-4 of sec. 1 Whiskeytown 7.5 quad.
CHSC1953CHSCDaucus pusillusA. Goekler1929-05-10 San MateoMoss Beach.
CHSC20902CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor7661975-06-16 MontereyCa. 2 ft e of trail, ca. _ mi s of Picnic Area, Toro Regional Park, ca. 10 mi ne of Salinas on Hwy. 68.
CHSC20958CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor6931975-06-04 MontereyAlong Nason Rd, between Los Padres Dam and Prince′s Camp, ca. 10 mi se of Carmel Valley Village, Carmel Valley.
CHSC21159CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor6411975-05-30 MontereyCa. 500 yds e of Hwy 1, ca. 30 ft s of Canonaster, ca. 1_ mi s of Carmel.
CHSC25271CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor13861977-06-26 ButteN side of Ponderosa Way, ca. 3 mi w of Forest Ranch.
CHSC29122CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor25801980-05-01 SutterS side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, ca. 2 mi w of Yuba City. T1 N R01E S26 SE1-4
CHSC29798CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor28821980-05-14 ButteOn w side of Oroville-Quincy Hwy ca. 1 mi (2 mi by car) n of Bidwell Bar Bridge over south fork of Feather River, ca. 7 mi s of Lake Madrone.
CHSC31890CHSCDaucus pusillusL. Ahart13541977-05-08 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC33386CHSCDaucus pusillusJ. P. Smith92001977-06-30 HumboldtSamoa Peninsula just east of the drag strip. T0 N R0 W S29
CHSC33895CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor37781981-05-21 ButteS side of Concow Rd, ca. 0.5 mi s of its jct with Ponderosa Way, ca. 20 air mi n of Oroville. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC35190CHSCDaucus pusillusJames Henrickson98551973-05-17 San Diego6.5 (air) miles SSE of Fallbrook, 1mile E of Bonsal on Liliac Road.
CHSC35967CHSCDaucus pusillusM. S. Taylor44911982-05-21 ButteOn n side of Hwy 70 along Pulga Rd near Pulga bridge over the Feather River, ca. 20 air mi ne of Oroville. T2 N R05E S06 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC37323CHSCDaucus pusillusL. Ahart34791982-05-30 SutterAlong small wash, ca. _ mi w of Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC38733CHSCDaucus pusillusVernon Oswald4461983-05-07 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, on the north rim ca. 1600 ft e of the power lines.
CHSC39491CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart40771983-06-21 ButteAlong Bloomer Hill Road, about 3-4 mile west of the Oroville Quincy Highway, about 15 miles north-east of Oroville.
CHSC39840CHSCDaucus pusillusMaibelle Williams1929-05-10 San MateoMoss beach.
CHSC40434CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart49851985-05-15 ButteOn a ridge, east of the dirt road, about 1_ miles north-east of Concow Res.
CHSC41596CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janeway16071986-05-02 MercedSouthwest of Los Banos. Eastern slopes of Inner South Coast Ranges. Northwest side of Los Banos Cr at a side cyn ca 1 mi west of upper end of Los Banos Detention Reservoir. T11S R09E S16 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ortigalita Peak NW 1:24,000
CHSC41751CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janway15421986-04-17 FresnoWest of Coalinga. In side cyn on s side of Los Gatos Cr at the Gauging Station. T20S R14E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Alcalde Hills
CHSC42096CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart52881986-05-24 SutterNear the road and near the fifth gate to the Dean Ranch, about 3_ mi north of Sutter, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC42478CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart55681987-05-06 ButteAlong the road, at the Poe Power House along the North Fork of the Feather River, about 2 miles south-east of Jarbo Gap.
CHSC45873CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart46221984-05-21 SutterAt the old homestead, on the south side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC55172CHSCDaucus pusillusL. P. Janeway40111991-06-15 TehamaBattle Creek Wildlife Area. Small canyon draining north into Battle Creek, ca _ mi south of the creek; ca 1_ mi east of the Sacramento River. T2 N R0 W S02 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Balls Ferry 1:24,000
CHSC64686CHSCDaucus pusillusVernon H. Oswald67141995-05-09 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Dales Lake Ecological Reserve. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1.5 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff, se of Pool 20. T2 N R0 W S26 NE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC66315CHSCDaucus pusillusV. H. Oswald79151996-07-01 ShastaHarrison Gulch Rd. 3.7 mi (odometer) N of Hwy. 3 W of Platina. T3 N R10W S35 SW1-4
CHSC66467CHSCDaucus pusillusVernon H. Oswald75641996-05-20 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Hog lake Plateau. BLM parcel along Hwy. 3 NE of Red Bluff. Near Hwy. 36 at the N tip of the parcel. T28N R0 W S08 SE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC68776CHSCDaucus pusillusVernon Oswald85441997-06-05 HumboldtNorth Spit of Humboldt Bay 3.7 mi south of Hwy. 255, Orvil Wilson Memorial Off- road Vehicle Park opposite the junction of New Navy Base Rd. and Loncoln Ave. T0 N R0 W S29
CHSC78785CHSCDaucus pusillusJulie Cunningham1998-05-11 TehamaVicinity of Round Valley Road and Newville Road (Garland Road). T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Newville
CHSC80578CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart88392001-06-14 TehamaNorth of the dirt road that leads to the tower, east sides of road M2, about 8 miles west of Paskenta. T2 N R0 W S34 SE1-4
CHSC81213CHSCDaucus pusillusJ. Trizzino632001-04-29 ButteEnd of Potter Road north of Skyway before Honey Run, at meeting with seasonal creek, nearly dry at this time. T2 N R02E S section not surveyed USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
CHSC84044CHSCDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart102002003-05-22 ShastaWater ditch, east of the poor dirt road, about 150 yards south of the Coleman Canal, about 1 1-8 miles west of the barn, 4 miles (air) west-southwest of Darah Springs State Fish Hatchery, about 11 miles (air) east-northeast of Cottonwood. T3 N R0 W S26 SW1-4
CLARK-A1528-139CLARKDaucus pusillus1969-05-14 RiversideBox Springs Mountains
CLARK-A1528-2434CLARKDaucus pusillusDavid L. Davis1311962-04-20 RiversideRiverside
CLARK-A1528-7776CLARKDaucus pusillusJohn C. Roos13991937-05-02 RiversideLa Sierra
CSUSB91775CSUSBDaucus pusillusO.F. Clarkes.n.1952-04-17 RiversideUniversity of California Riverside; field
CSUSB94019CSUSBDaucus pusillusRichard L. Irwins.n.1973-04-16 San DiegoTorrey Pines State Reserve - North Shore
DAV338249DAVDaucus pusillusCraig Thomsen29082009-05-14 ColusaColusa County on Walker Ridge: south of spur road about 1-2 mile east of Walker Ridge Road, en route to Eaton Springs.
DAV338250DAVDaucus pusillusCraig D. Thomsen27542008-05-23 ColusaColusa Co.: BLM Payne Ranch. Southwest of intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 20. About 1 mile south of Hwy 20 (south of Destanella Flat) and 2.5 miles west of Hwy 16.
DAV338251DAVDaucus pusillusEllen Dean36532007-04-07 ColusaColusa Co.: BLM Payne Ranch, mouth of Craig Canon, along unimproved road, about 2 road miles south of junction of Hwy 20 and Hwy 16. .
DAV338252DAVDaucus pusillusCatherine Yasuda62009-05-03 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 1.9 road miles north of junction with Hwy 20. East side of the road.
DAV393246DAVDaucus pusillusL. Ahart34791982-05-30 SutterSutter County: ca. 1-4 mile west of Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
DAV393247DAVDaucus pusillusPerry S. Allen2871969-05-09 StanislausStanislaus County: East end of Basso Bridge; 2 miles southwest of La Grange.
DAV393249DAVDaucus pusillusLinda M. Barker14861976-05-13 HumboldtHumboldt County: Lanphere-Christensen Dunes. 3 miles west of Arcata.
DAV393250DAVDaucus pusillusLawrence M. Booth10331932-05-12 OrangeOrange County: Newport Bay.
DAV393251DAVDaucus pusillusH. A. Borthwick18571925-05-25 YoloYolo County: Putah Canon.
DAV393252DAVDaucus pusillusFrederica Bowcutt711984-04-20 TuolumneTuolumne County: Stanislaus National Forest. On Paper Cabin Ridge. About 10 air miles SE of Sonora and 5 air miles NE of Wards Ferry Bridge. NE of Don Pedro Reservoir.
DAV393253DAVDaucus pusillusFrederica Bowcutt4541984-06-23 SonomaSonoma County: Salt Point State Park. Approx. 20 miles N of Jenner and 80 miles S of Fort Bragg on the Sonoma County Coast. West of Highway 1, about 1-2 mile north of Gerstle Cove.
DAV393254DAVDaucus pusillusFrederica Bowcutt7171986-05-17 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park; Immed. SE of Seal Rocks. SE of Bear Harbor 1 air mile. Along the Lost Coast foot trail.
DAV393255DAVDaucus pusillusFrederica Bowcutt8491987-05-26 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. South of BLM′s King Range Conservation Area and W of Garberville about 20 miles. SW of Four Corners approx. 1 air miles. Along Needle Rock Rd. (countr road 435).
DAV393256DAVDaucus pusillusH. F. Copelands.n.1934-05-27 MarinMarin County: Dillon′s Beach.
DAV393257DAVDaucus pusillusEllen Dean4801999-05-15 MarinMarin County: Point Reyes National Sea Shore; North Beach Dunes, just south of the main parking lot.
DAV393258DAVDaucus pusillusEllen Dean37392007-05-11 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range, northwest of the City of Winters, between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. Central part of ranch near western portion of loop road.
DAV393259DAVDaucus pusillusTom Hendrix1611937-05-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: 5.24 miles west of southwest El Dorado School, Poza.
DAV393260DAVDaucus pusillusMary M. Hektner1291974-07-06 SonomaSonoma County: Unit 35A Owners Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
DAV393261DAVDaucus pusillusMorris Halperins.n.1929-06-16 AlamedaAlameda County: Craigmont Hills, Berkeley.
DAV393262DAVDaucus pusillusLing Ka Ho32005-04-30 SacramentoCalifornia: Sacramento County, Deer Creek Hills Reserve, north of Latrobe Rd., starting out along Latrobe 1.5 road miles W of intersection with Michigan Bar Rd.
DAV393263DAVDaucus pusillusFreed W. Hoffman15681947-05-09 MontereyMonterey County: South Coast Ranges, Rancho Rico, Big Sur.
DAV393264DAVDaucus pusillusG. F. Hrusa80791990-06-07 SacramentoSacramento County: Folsom Lake State Rec. Area; disturbed area E of Powerhouse ruins, approx. 1-2 mile S of Willow Creek.
DAV393265DAVDaucus pusillusP. B. Kennedys.n.1928-07-15 HumboldtHumboldt County: Sea Cliffe, near Trinidad.
DAV393266DAVDaucus pusillusB. Pitzer11241988-06-18 San DiegoSan Diego County: Black Canon Road, ca. 3 miles south-southwest of Mesa Grande Road.
DAV393267DAVDaucus pusillusB. Pitzer27801996-04-30 OrangeOrange County: Upper Newport Bay: California Department of Fish and Game Ecological Reserve off (west of) Jamboree Road.
DAV393268DAVDaucus pusillusR. N. Raynors.n.1941-05-09 ButteButte County: Feather River, 4 miles south of Oroville.
DAV393269DAVDaucus pusillusP. Rodriguez-Rojos.n.1997-05-17 Sonoma:Sonoma County Lake Sonoma. Springs Rd. Serpentine annual grasslands. UTM: 1 N0085
DAV393270DAVDaucus pusillusP. Rodriguez-Rojos.n.1997-04-20 NapaNapa County: Lake Berryessa. Capell Creek. On serpentine rocks. UTM: 1 N6659
DAV393271DAVDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders268192003-05-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Valley: long abandoned gravel pit on boundary between Irwindale and Azusa, east of Irwindale Ave., south of 210 Fwy (which bisects pit) and north of Santa Fe Railroad, east of the San Gabriel River channel.
DAV393272DAVDaucus pusillusT. B. Salvato7722005-05-16 RiversideRiverside County: San Jacinto Mtn foothills: San Jacinto River E of Valle Vista, just downstream from the Forest Service boundary and N of CA Hwy 74.
DAV393273DAVDaucus pusillusClifton F. Smith8361944-06-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Jesusita Trail near Tunnel Portal, Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
DAV393274DAVDaucus pusillusCharlotte N. Smith12771964-06-28 KernKern County: Greenhorn Mt., about 4 miles south-westerly from Eugene Grade, near Rattlesnake Grade Road.
DAV393275DAVDaucus pusillusA. Solomeshchs.n.2002-06-06 SacramentoPhoenix Park. East Sacramento. 0.5 miles east from intersection of Hazel Ave. and Sunset Ave.
DAV393276DAVDaucus pusillusBarbara Yungert1481974-05-13 YubaNorth of Yuba River, F-2 project area, Sierra Foothill Field Station.
DAV393278DAVDaucus pusillusJake Ruygt48232005-05-09 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area, west side of Berryessa-Knoxville Road. (Coordinates converted from UTM data by label maker.)
DAV393279DAVDaucus pusillusEllen Dean86592015-05-02 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife public lands. Vicinity of headwaters of Nevada Creek. NE corner of land parcel.
DAV393280DAVDaucus pusillusAlice Warricks.n.2007-05-01 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon.
DAV393281DAVDaucus pusillusAlice Warricks.n.2008-04-01 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon.
DAV393282DAVDaucus pusillusG. Ledyard StebbinsC-1341981-05-22 SolanoCold Canon, one half km south of entrance, along canyon trail.
DAV393283DAVDaucus pusillusG. Ledyard StebbinsC-4211984-05-26 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve.
DAV393284DAVDaucus pusillusK. Mogel72002-05-04 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. At northern tip of ridge, N of the jct of West and East roads; ca. 300 ft along the lower road that leads to the power lines; side of road.
DAV393285DAVDaucus pusillusS. Murphy62002-05-05 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge UC Reserve, northern tip of ridge, ca. 200 m from intersection of West and East roads, north side of upper road leading to power lines and tip parcels.
DAV393286DAVDaucus pusillusGeorge F. Hrusa107781993-04-18 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Steep east facing slope on west side of Cold Creek, near reserve southern boundary.
DAV393287DAVDaucus pusillusLynn Wheeler42001-04-28 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Found downslope of West Road ca. 0.45 as the crow flies miles (2400 ft.) NW of jct. with S. Decker Canon Rd.
DAV393288DAVDaucus pusillusA. Haselby62000-04-29 NapaNapa County, McLaughlin Reserve, near Yolo County line, high on hill.
DAV393289DAVDaucus pusillusJulia Curlette1551993-05-11 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. NW Solano Co. just E of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa.
DAV393290DAVDaucus pusillusGeoffrey Levin4961975-05-09 RiversideRiverside County: Dripping Springs Forest Service Station, Cleveland National Forest. Pacific slope drainage area.
DAV393291DAVDaucus pusillusJack Majors.n.1956-05-23 SacramentoSacramento County: just east of Folsom turnoff along Highway 50.
DAV393292DAVDaucus pusillusDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2002-04-12 StanislausStanislaus County: Del Puerto Canon Road to San Antonio Valley Road.
DAV393293DAVDaucus pusillusJack Maze161963-04-27 YoloYolo County: 3-4 mile east of Recreation Beach, State Highway 128.
DAV393294DAVDaucus pusillusJune McCaskill4941956-06-29 MarinMarin County: Drakes Beach.
DAV393295DAVDaucus pusillusWallace M. Pences.n.1928-08-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: San Miguel.
DAV393296DAVDaucus pusillusJ. Pierner142000-04-29 YoloYolo Co-Napa Co line; McLaughlin Reserve, 1 mile (as the crow flies) N of old town of Knoxville.
DAV393297DAVDaucus pusillusN. Nicola0692001-04-19 YoloYolo County: Eastern foothills of inner north coast range, Capay Valley, 0.9 miles as the crow flies N. of Rumsey; Lowrey Ranch.
DAV393298DAVDaucus pusillusH. E. Parks241421938-06-01 Del NorteDel Norte County: Tryon′s Flat. North Coast Ranges.
DAV393299DAVDaucus pusillusSusan Zhang22008-05-03 YoloYolo County; Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek downstream of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon. West side of Bray Creek.
DAV393300DAVDaucus pusillusEllen Dean48392008-04-17 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek, downstream of Monticello Dam.
DAV393301DAVDaucus pusillusJuan Sanchez22013-05-04 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. NE of Kelseyville. Lower northern slope of Mount Konocti. South side of park, south of Soda Bay Road. Along fork in undeveloped road that goes southeast from Glebe Road at gate.
GMDRC13737GMDRCDaucus pusillusJ. M. Andre441082021-05-21 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: along Corral Cyn Rd, NE of Lake Morena, 0.9 miles west of Buckman Springs Rd, 1.5 miles SW of Cottonwood Fire Station
GMDRC13835GMDRCDaucus pusillusJ. M. Andre442092021-06-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Palomar Mountain; along East Grade Rd (S-7), approximately 5 miles N of Henshaw Lake dam
HREC1216HRECDaucus pusillusKerry L. Heise20071997-06-18 Mendocino3-4 NE of Bedford Rock, top of Riley Ridge B.A., just outside of HREC boundary.
HSC104060HSCDaucus pusillusM.F. Norman132015-04-11 HumboldtArcata, Ma-le'l Dunes
HSC104702HSCDaucus pusillusPeter Sorensensn1976-06-02 HumboldtWoodley Island
HSC21481HSCDaucus pusillusD.E. Anderson22471962-07-10 HumboldtLuffenholtz Beach, about 2 mi. S of Trinidad along old Hwy. 101
HSC21482HSCDaucus pusillusH.E. Parks241421938-06-01 Del NorteSmith River
HSC21483HSCDaucus pusillusJ.V. Lenzsn1946-04-28 Amador5 W of Plymouth
HSC23959HSCDaucus pusillusMary Katherine Wicksten1201971-06-24 San MateoHuddart Park, side of park entrance
HSC33767HSCDaucus pusillusRon Rahlston771975-05-24 HumboldtSamoa Dunes off Samoa Blvd., across from boat landing
HSC37850HSCDaucus pusillusPeter Sorensensn1976-06-02 HumboldtWoodley Island, Humboldt Bay
HSC37925HSCDaucus pusillusPeter Sorensensn1976-06-04 HumboldtNorth Spit
HSC38645HSCDaucus pusillusJ.P. Smith81471975-05-31 HumboldtGrowing in Samoa Peninsula in wooded area just E of the Eureka-Samoa bridge
HSC38897HSCDaucus pusillusJ.P. Smithsn1973-05-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell
HSC38938HSCDaucus pusillusLinda M. Barker14861976-05-13 Humboldt3 W of Arcata.
HSC43840HSCDaucus pusillusMaralyn O′Meara4961974-06-02 HumboldtSouth spit to Humboldt Bay
HSC46960HSCDaucus pusillusJ.P. Smith92001977-06-30 HumboldtSamoa Peninsula just E of the drag strip
HSC61404HSCDaucus pusillusRuby Van Deventersn1960-06-16 Del NorteKellogg Ranch (Kortie Ranch) Pacific Shores subdivision
HSC62574HSCDaucus pusillusRuby Van Deventersn1941-05-25 Del NorteWashington Flat
HSC64563HSCDaucus pusillusLinda M. Barker9161975-06-18 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 13.5 N of southern entrance at Patrick Creek
HSC78607HSCDaucus pusillusL.P. Janeway7671984-05-07 HumboldtN Spit of Humboldt Bay, just behind foredunes near Flag 1″
HSC79901HSCDaucus pusillusJames Henrickson98551973-05-17 San Diego6.5 mi. SSE of Fallbrook, 1 mi. E of Bonsal on Liliac Rd.
HSC85253HSCDaucus pusillusSteve Boyd17361986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canon: Walker Canon area, where Alberhill Creek (=Temescal Creek) flows between Alberhill Mtn. and Gavilan Hills.
HSC89382HSCDaucus pusillusCox3891968-06-20 FresnoHwy. 168, 6.4 NE of junction with county road just before reaching Toll House going towards Alder Springs (approx. 4.4 mi.)
HSC93214HSCDaucus pusillusF. Bowcutt14621989-07-11 Mendocino70 air mi SSE of Eureka, 20 air mi SSW of Garberville, 10 air mi SSE of Four Corners, in Anderson Creek Gulch, creek along Lost Coast Trail
HSC99679HSCDaucus pusillusCox4231968-06-20 FresnoHwy. 168, 6.4 NE of junction with county road just before reaching Toll House going towards Alder Springs (approx. 4.4 mi.)
IRVC101890IRVCDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin41702005-04-06 San DiegoOtay Mtn; W side vernal pool complex; S of Otay R.; N and E of O′Neal Cyn; WNW of prisons.
IRVC101891IRVCDaucus pusillusMignonne Bivins.n.1979-10-11 TulareSequoia National Park.
IRVC101892IRVCDaucus pusillusMichael G. Simpson24702003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miner′s canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
IRVC101893IRVCDaucus pusillusTom Murpheys.n.1983-04-07 VenturaSan Nicolas Island; S side of road, 1-4 mile W of pump house in the Wells area.
IRVC101894IRVCDaucus pusillusG.A. Marshs.n.1976-04-11 OrangeEl Toro: Lake Forest Riding Club, W of Trabuco Rd.
IRVC101895IRVCDaucus pusillusF. M. Roberts10441983-05-13 OrangeLaguna Beach: Sycamore Hills, 1.2 NE jct. El Toro and Laguna Canon Rds.: 5.5 km ESE Signal Peak
IRVC101896IRVCDaucus pusillusC. Thompson (HS)s.n.1965-04-12 OrangeLaguna Hills
IRVC101897IRVCDaucus pusillusC. W. Sextons.n.1965-04-26 OrangeNorth Slope of Dana Point
IRVC101898IRVCDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin25962003-05-03 San DiegoSan Ysidro Mountains; SE side of Otay Mtn., western Marron Valley, S of BM 838, ca. 0.5 N of Mexican border on slope above Tijuana River.
IRVC101899IRVCDaucus pusillusA.C. Sanders265782003-05-08 RiversideLos Alamos Road at Warm Springs Creek crossing west of Hwy 79, northeast of the Hogbacks, north of Los Alamos Rd. and east of the creek
IRVC101900IRVCDaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts57612003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mtn; head of canyon ca. 2 miles NW of Otay Mtn Peak, ca. 0.4 mile WSW of peak 2242.
IRVC101901IRVCDaucus pusillusA.C. Sanders262822003-05-01 Los AngelesNE side of Castaic Mesa, ca. 0.75 mi. southwest of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons, Newhall Ranch
IRVC101902IRVCDaucus pusillusA.C. Sanders262952003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border
IRVC102298IRVCDaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts Jr.28191986-04-29 OrangeIrvine: Turtle Rock, above corner of Ridgeroute Rd. and Turtle Rock Dr., 1.1 km SE French Hill
IRVC102299IRVCDaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts Jr.28281986-05-14 OrangeLomas De Santiago: Loma Ridge, Santiago Canon Rd., 5.5 km by road NW Silverado Cyn. Rd.
IRVC111831IRVCDaucus pusillusRobert L. Allen121482001-06-29 OrangeSanta Ana Range, San Juan Canon; 0.9 road miles E of San Juan Guard Station following Ortega Hwy SR74; Along San Juan Creek from spillway of rock dam at 33d35 N 117d29 W; T7S R6W S9; to 30 mpg sign on roadway
IRVC113333IRVCDaucus pusillusMichael G. Simpson43862020-04-28 OrangeForster Canon trail system.
IRVC113661IRVCDaucus pusillusMichael G. Simpson45982020-06-18 OrangeRonald W. Canonal Park. Lower Oso Trail, ca. 400 meters northwest of Hwy 74 (Ortega Hwy), edge of trail (dirt road).
IRVC27498IRVCDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin34092004-05-02 OrangeIrvine: San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, near Campus and University Drs., 1.7km (air) NNW UC Irvine campus center.
IRVC8692IRVCDaucus pusillusC.W. Sextons.n.1965-04-26 OrangeNorht slope of Dana Point
JEPS100136UCJEPSDaucus pusillusG. SmickGAS1882003-05-13 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
JEPS103840UCJEPSDaucus pusillusE. Neese, E. PainterHL18131995-06-12 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 12), old settlement site, ca. 0.05 air km due S of San Miguel Creek, ca. 0.5 air km W of confluence of San Miguel Creek and Nacimiento River, ca. 1.0 air km due S of Nacimiento River, ca. 1.25 air km SE of Los Bueyes Road ford of San Miguel
JEPS103841UCJEPSDaucus pusillusE. Painter, E. NeeseHL16361995-05-17 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 3), ca. 0.6 air km due E of Mission Creek, ca. 2.0 air km SW of Cosio Knob
JEPS104563UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJake Ruygt15461984-05-05 Naparidge north of Bell Canon
JEPS109428UCJEPSDaucus pusillusDean W. Taylor206182009-05-28 TuolumneYosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy Valley, trail from O′ Shaughnessy Dam to Tueelala Falls (north side of the reservoir); Lake Eleanor, CA 7.5 USGS quadrangle.
JEPS111503UCJEPSDaucus pusillusD. G. Kelch05.2652005-05-13 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive Area along Vista Road ˜ 2.5 kiloms West of Martinez
JEPS111615UCJEPSDaucus pusillusD. G. Kelch04.2062004-05-09 Contra CostaCrockett - Upper Edwards Canon, above Crockett Blvd
JEPS111628UCJEPSDaucus pusillusD. G. Kelch05.1872005-05-01 Contra CostaCrockett - Edwards Canon, near top of canyon.
JEPS115615UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart156762009-05-15 ButteAbout 20 yards east of the dirt road which is Ten Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3-4 mile (air) west of Highway 32, about 10 miles northeast of Chico
JEPS118079UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart173702011-06-07 YubaGrassy road margin, about 50 yards south of the huge gravel bar along the Yuba River, about 150 yards west of the south end of Parks Bar Bridge (Highway 20), about 15 miles (by air) northeast of Marysville
JEPS120992UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino186252013-04-26 ColusaRocky serpentine outcrop on the north side of Hwy 20, just east of Lake County line, 12.2 air miles east northeast of the town of Clear Lake, 17.1 air miles west of Williams.
JEPS121115UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart186752013-05-01 ColusaOn the N side of the wash, N side of Hwy 20, just E of Lake County line, 12.2 air miles ENE of the town of Clear Lake, 17.1 air miles W of Williams.
JEPS12251UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLawrence M. Booth10331932-05-12 OrangeNewport Bay
JEPS127023UCJEPSDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart209192016-06-04 ButteOn the north side of Lumpkin Road, about 100 yards north of McCabe Creek, about 3 miles (air) west of Forbestown.
JEPS127871UCJEPSDaucus pusillusAdam C. Schneider1552013-05-17 San MateoCrystal Springs Reservoir
JEPS128203UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRoger Raiche051.002000-04-30 SonomaThe Cedars. Lower Russian River, Big Austin Creek watershed.
JEPS129031UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJake Ruygt62592016-05-21 NapaWantrup Wildlife Preserver, Hardin Road. Santa Helena 7.5 Quad.
JEPS14067UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson175511936-05-29 NapaHowell Mt., Adam-and-Eve Ridge
JEPS14125UCJEPSDaucus pusillusMary Beal4661938-05-20 San Bernardinohill opposite Cave 2 Mitchell′s Caverns (Providence Mts.); Mojave Desert,, , caves tr
JEPS14206UCJEPSDaucus pusillusAllison Krames1935-04-28 KernGreenhorn Mts.
JEPS14239UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy148701936-06-08 HumboldtTrinidad
JEPS15991UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson92871921-06-02 MendocinoHopland
JEPS15992UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson120881927-05-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Pelican Bay
JEPS15993UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson122401927-06-02 San Benitoupper San Benito R., Lorenzo Creek
JEPS15994UCJEPSDaucus pusillusVictor Duran14391926-05-06 Mendocinonear Willits; Forest Service Map 19 North Coast Range
JEPS15995UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWalter Fry3441914-06-16 TulareSequoia Nat′l Park, Oriole Lake
JEPS15996UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson163331932-05-09 Tehamas.w. Tehama Co., Ely
JEPS15997UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson163871932-07-24 HumboldtMail Ridge
JEPS15998UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson20211902-07-05 TrinityS. Fork Trinity R., Martin′s Ranch
JEPS15999UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson19631902-06-10 HumboldtRedwood Creek, Hupa Rd.
JEPS16000UCJEPSDaucus pusillusSamuel B. Parish1888-05-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS16001UCJEPSDaucus pusillusFrank W. Peirson5001919-06-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., San Antonio Region, Cow Canon Divide
JEPS162UCJEPSDaucus pusillusunknown711925-07-23 MarinPt. Reyes Light
JEPS163UCJEPSDaucus pusillusWillis L. Jepson177151936-07-24 Mendocinonear Fort Bragg (sea-cliffs 1-5 mi. n. of Pudding Creek)
JEPS39393UCJEPSDaucus pusillusCharlotte N. Smith12771964-06-28 Kernca. 4 mi. s.w. from Eugene Grade (near Rattlesnake Grade rd., Greenhorn Mt.); Greenhorn Mt.
JEPS75509UCJEPSDaucus pusillusP. F. Yorks1731974-06-08 Contra Costan. Briones Reservoir (ca. 1.6 km. s. of Bear Creek Rd. on Hampton Rd. in Hampton Rd. Natural Reserve); Hampton Rd. Natural Reserve
JEPS79555UCJEPSDaucus pusillusEdward Lee8361934-05-23 San Franciscos lake, n shore Lake Merced (San Francisco);, , South Lake, n shore
JEPS81326UCJEPSDaucus pusillusL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman59411982-07-06 Colusaca. 1-2 mi. n.e. Summit Springs (e. of trail, s. side Snow Mt.); Snow Mt.
JEPS81518UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRoy E. Buck, James A. West111982-06-11 Santa Cruzca. 17 mi. n.w. Santa Cruz (n.-n.e. facing hillside overlooking Lasher Marsh, H-H Ranch); H-H Ranch
JEPS84459UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJack Stratford1981-04-27 Alamedan. Natural Dam (McDonald Ridge); Anthony Chabot Regional Park, McDonald Ridge
JEPS88159UCJEPSDaucus pusillusV. H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart, Robin Ondricek-Fallsheer79151996-07-01 Shastaw. Platina (Harrison Gulch Rd. 3.7 mi. (odometer) n. of Hwy. 36); High North Coast Ranges
JEPS88589UCJEPSDaucus pusillusVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart75641996-05-20 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy. 36 n.e. of Red Bluff (near Hwy. 36 at n. tip of parcel); Cascade Range Foothills
JEPS89923UCJEPSDaucus pusillusDean W. Taylor118771991-06-07 San Benitow. end Gloria Valley (in hills on border w- Monterey Co.); S. Coast Ranges, Mt. Johnson 7 1-2 Quad., Gloria Valley
JEPS910UCJEPSDaucus pusillusW. C. Mathews361914-01-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
JEPS912UCJEPSDaucus pusillusunknown1311925-07-31 Del NortePt. St. George
JEPS917UCJEPSDaucus pusillusunknown1491925-08-19 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas
JEPS93067UCJEPSDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley32831960-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Isl., Coches Prietos Canon
JEPS93068UCJEPSDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley42421961-04-29 Santa Barbara1.3 mi. n.-n.w. of w. tip of island San Miguel Isl.
JEPS93085UCJEPSDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-11771995-05-16 Venturan.e. escarpment s.w. of Rock Jetty (in e. fork of Jetty Canon); San Nicolas Isl.
JEPS93111UCJEPSDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-8651992-05-11 Venturaon w. side of canyon ca. 1-2-way between conspicuous offshore shipwreck and Grenadier Point (s.w. coastal flats, San Nicolas Isl.); San Nicolas Isl.
JEPS97272UCJEPSDaucus pusillusVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart67141995-05-09 TehamaT2 N R2W NE1-4 W1-4 Sec. 26, 700 ft, Cascade Range Foothills, stony Tuscan loam. Dales Lake Reserve on the W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1.5 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff
JROH222JROHDaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas144551968-05-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH223JROHDaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas144551968-05-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH224JROHDaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas151141969-06-04 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH225JROHDaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas156101970-04-28 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH226JROHDaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas171881974-04-24 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH229JROHDaucus pusillusJohn Hunter Thomas191011978-04-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH230JROHDaucus pusillusJohn Hunter Thomas247421989-05-11 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH232JROHDaucus pusillusJohn Hunter Thomas250201991-05-02 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH234JROHDaucus pusillusJohn Hunter Thomas251711992-04-29 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
JROH6025JROHDaucus pusillusJohn Rawlings25442019-05-14 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; Road F just east of Y intersection
LA00636923LADaucus pusillusBarry A. Prigge69291986-03-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Leo Carrillo State Beach; 0.3 miles west of Mulholland Hwy on Pacific Coast Hwy
LA00636924LADaucus pusillusBarry A. Prigge6393B1985-06-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cold Creek Canon; along trail from upper gate of Cold Creek Preserve to Murphy Ranch site
LA00636925LADaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven141211959-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Hwy, 1 mile west of Las Virgenes Rd, Malibu Creek Drainage
LA00636927LADaucus pusillusFrancis M. Balls.n.1948-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 1 mile west of tunnel on Sepulveda Blvd
LA00636928LADaucus pusillusArthur C. Gibson41902001-04-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; along crest of Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks
LA201388LADaucus pusillusArthur C. Gibson41032001-05-06 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; along crest of Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks
LA210362LADaucus pusillusJohn Lambrinos96--6 Santa BarbaraCentral Coast; Vandenberg Air Force Base
LA212402LADaucus pusillusJim R. Shevock17681972-05-19 ButteN. of Lake Orvoville, Hwy. 70
LA213596LADaucus pusillusLouis C. Wheeler25711934-04-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Marshall Creek (La Verne Quad.)
LA36076LADaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven151101960-04-24 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Santa Rosa Valley; W end of valley along creek
LA82091LADaucus pusillusO.H. Kappler6751944-06-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LOB112323LOBDaucus pusillusP.C. Baker76371975-05-04 RiversideAlong Calif. 71, just north of Murrieta.
LOB112324LOBDaucus pusillusMelvin Kunkle1191972-05-12 Orange1.5 miles east of San Juan Station on Ortega Highway
LOB112325LOBDaucus pusillusRonald Osborn541970-05-24 OrangeSan Juan Guard Station, Lion Canon
MCCC1018MCCCDaucus pusillusRouvaishyana1983-05-27 MendocinoCa. 100 yds. W. of Inglenook Grange
MCCC3546MCCCDaucus pusillusDorothy Scherer621996-09-05 SonomaN. side of Windemere Point, Fort Ross Historic State Park
NY214426NYDaucus pusillusD. Douglass.n.1981-07-20 Unknown
OBI104517OBIDaucus pusillusMonika Richardson2182017-08-03 Santa CruzBluff west of Highway 1
OBI110689OBIDaucus pusillusDavid Keil331692015-05-04 MontereyCholame Valley. Jack Ranch. California Flats Botanical Survey. Barren hillside above Cottonwood Creek.
OBI110690OBIDaucus pusillusJ.R. Bentley1934-04-23 Tuolumne
OBI110691OBIDaucus pusillusTracey Call20691961-06-10 Sonoma1 mile north of Kruse Rhododendron State Park.
OBI110692OBIDaucus pusillusD. R. Miller609.8842009-06-03 San Luis ObispoRocky Butte-Pine Mtn Region, Near creekway in Almaden Flats, Pico Creek headwaters.
OBI110693OBIDaucus pusillusGeorge Butterworth691995-05-02 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plains Natural Area. T31S, R19E, S15, SE qtr. 1-4 mi E of rd where it curls E and down
OBI110694OBIDaucus pusillusJoy Nishida3771982-05-22 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campground
OBI110695OBIDaucus pusillusKrystoff-Spasbo171982-04-18 San Luis Obispo22 mi E of Arroyo Grande
OBI110696OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil251781995-05-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Grant Rd, just S of intersection with Bishop Rd.
OBI110697OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil233621992-07-03 El DoradoCirca 11 km due south of Placerville near intersection of Sand Ridge Rd and Dawn Rose Ln.
OBI110698OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil201411987-05-06 San Luis ObispoHwy 229 ca 1-2 mile north of junction highway 58.
OBI110699OBIDaucus pusillusD. R. Miller405.795A2005-05-01 San Luis ObispoOn bluffs at EW Ranch, Cambria
OBI110700OBIDaucus pusillusRobert F. Hoover94271965-06-14 San Luis ObispoNear Arroyo del Oso, S of Arroyo de la Cruz
OBI110701OBIDaucus pusillusAnthony Baniaga1272010-04-18 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda BLM ACEC
OBI110702OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil239151993-04-23 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. El Rancho Rd at San Antonio Crk
OBI110703OBIDaucus pusillusDavid Keil340412016-04-24 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Lake Regional Park. Grey Pine Loop Trail.
OBI110704OBIDaucus pusillusJohn Knapp472003-05-10 Los AngelesCatalina Island.
OBI110705OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil138781980-04-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town Crk near Lime Mtn Mine, W of Paso Robles
OBI110706OBIDaucus pusillusFred Hrusa711980-06-01 San Luis ObispoAbove Botanic Garden in Poly cyn. Just below Yucca area
OBI110707OBIDaucus pusillusSharon Jochums2281974-05-18 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz area just S of river W of hwy 1
OBI110708OBIDaucus pusillusL.D. Oyler10331990-04-19 San Luis ObispoTrip from Oso Flaco Lake to Little Coreopsis Hill (LCH), over Maidenform Flats to see Mimulus, S through old campground facility and back via site of Dithyrea maritima where we counted 45 plants just W of ORV area fenceline
OBI110709OBIDaucus pusillusG.F. Hrusa123501995-06-19 San Luis ObispoNear summit of tall dune protecting W side of southernmost of Duck Club lakes
OBI110710OBIDaucus pusillusJo Ellen Butler & Nolan Coogan405.7952005-04-22 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. EW Ranch Cambria
OBI110711OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil13975-11980-05-16 San Luis ObispoCa. 1 N of Piedras Blancas Lighthouse
OBI110712OBIDaucus pusillusE.R. Blakley42411961-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island, 1-3-10 W of the western tip of the island
OBI110713OBIDaucus pusillusMartin A. Piehl62251962-05-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island, on lower N side of Green Mt
OBI110714OBIDaucus pusillusJoy Nishida4361982-06-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campground
OBI110715OBIDaucus pusillusAustin P. Griffithss.n.1982-04-28 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes, ca. 2 mi S of Oso Flaco crk, NE of Hidden Willow Valley
OBI110716OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil161951982-06-26 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz N of San Simeon
OBI110717OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil194271986-05-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFb. Point just N of Pt. Arguello
OBI110718OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil192951986-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts just N of San Luis Obispo in Reservoir Cyn
OBI110719OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil192951986-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts just N of San Luis Obispo in Reservoir Cyn
OBI110720OBIDaucus pusillusV.L. Holland1481965-05-15 Fresno3 mi E of the Orange cove cut off rd along slope of hwy 180
OBI110721OBIDaucus pusillusArthur W. Hazebrook991991-06-06 San Luis ObispoNipomo Dunes complex, Big Coreopsis HIll
OBI110722OBIDaucus pusillusArthur W. Hazebrook991991-06-06 San Luis ObispoNipomo Dunes Complex, Big Coreopsis Hill
OBI110723OBIDaucus pusillusMelody Dickens7BH1980-04-30 San Luis ObispoOn Black Hill, Morro Bay State park
OBI110724OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil158841982-04-23 San Luis ObispoOld dunes area along edge of Morro Bay w of S Bay blvd and E of Santa Ysabel ave
OBI110725OBIDaucus pusillusNancy E. Arnold3441981-05-20 San Luis ObispoChap area burned on 31 July, 1980. CDF fire no. 53-265. 7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf cyn, N end of La Panza Mts
OBI110726OBIDaucus pusillusNancy E. Arnold2981981-05-17 San Luis ObispoChap area burned on 31 July, 1980. CDF fire no. 53-265. 7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf cyn, N end of La Panza Mts
OBI110727OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil147211981-05-19 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob. Upper slopes of Indian Knob
OBI110728OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil171261983-05-29 MontereyHunter Liggett Military Reservation. S of Jolon near confluence of Los Burros crk and Nacimiento River at end of pavement on San Jones Cyn Rd. T24S, R7E, Sect 4,5,6
OBI110729OBIDaucus pusillusJulie M. Vanderwier1571979-05-04 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sand
OBI110730OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil140201980-05-18 San Luis ObispoCNPS photography committee field trip to Arroyo de la Cruz. Ca. 1 mi E of Canon Hearst Ranch
OBI110731OBIDaucus pusillusElizabeth Rudd2811971-05-23 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
OBI110732OBIDaucus pusillusF. Rush1031961-04-29 San Luis ObispoMt SLO
OBI110737OBIDaucus pusillusJenner Whitt462003-04-14 San Luis ObispoBurn on Hwy 58 1 mi E of jctn 229. Area burned in JUl 2002
OBI117761OBIDaucus pusillusDavid J. Keil248921995-04-15 San Luis ObispoShell Crk Rd, ca 1-2 N of jctn with Calif Rte 58
OBI140550OBIDaucus pusillusRobert L. AllenA5991982-05-07 Montereyjust SW of Highway 1, 10 miles NW of Cambria. T26S. R7E
OBI148296OBIDaucus pusillusReed Kenny8102019-06-17 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
OBI149865OBIDaucus pusillusKathryn Bay3441988-05-11 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
OBI154411OBIDaucus pusillusGreg Frugoli451997-04-15 San Luis ObispoIn drainage 0.3 mi S of Hwy 58 at turnout-parking area on Red Hill Rd, La Panza range, Los Padres NF (Hwy 58 burn area)
OBI161163OBIDaucus pusillusDavid Keil340972016-05-03 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI161335OBIDaucus pusillusReed Kenny6772019-05-21 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
OBI161589OBIDaucus pusillusDavid Keil357892019-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Cojo Ranch side. Point Conception, Point Conception Rd. 0.21 miles north of Point Conception Lighthouse, on edge of cliffs.
OBI164490OBIDaucus pusillusDavid Keil359242019-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Stop 1. Cojo Ranch Unit. 1.34 miles east from Cojo Gate along Long Canon Rd. and 1.5 miles east from the Pacific coast. Site with wells and weather station.
OBI186495OBIDaucus pusillusKathryn Bay3681988-05-24 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
PASA1930PASADaucus pusillusSally Ellis1940-04-22 Los AngelesPuddingstone
PGM1647PGMDaucus pusillusYadon, Vern1977-05-26 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, The Indians, 3-4 mi fr tr head to Junipero Serra Pk
PGM2337PGMDaucus pusillusYadon, Vern1983-07-04 MontereyDiablo Range, Priest Valley LeNeve Prop, 3.5 mi from Hwy 198 along North Fork Rd
PGM2579PGMDaucus pusillusYadon, Vern1984-04-18 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Malpaso Cyn, Same
PGM4559PGMDaucus pusillusYadon, Vern1996-05-20 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove Pt Pinos, Golf Crs Area Lighthouse Ave extention
PGM7022PGMDaucus pusillusHowitt, Beatrice F09581956-06-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Highlands S coast Hwy 1, Above highlands along a ridg
POM123015RSADaucus pusillusMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-05-29 RiversideSouth of Temecula.
POM12330RSADaucus pusillusF. L. Robinson811921-05-18 Los AngelesClaremont.
POM128242RSADaucus pusillusL. R. Abrams46821911-07-12 MariposaYosemite Valley
POM133417RSADaucus pusillusC. F. Baker28431903-05-03 San FranciscoSandhills near San Francisco
POM133419RSADaucus pusillusE. B. Copeland33371903-06-08 San MateoMontara Point.
POM133425RSADaucus pusillusA. A. Heller56101902-05-27 SonomaBodega Bay
POM145549RSADaucus pusillusJ. B. Feudge18531927-06-30 San Luis ObispoCambria
POM155754RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle18901928-04-22 Los AngelesButtonshell, Santa Catalina Island.
POM158308RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle19001928-04-29 Los AngelesLittle Harbor, Santa Catalina Island.
POM161082RSADaucus pusillusRimo Bacigalupi13331926-04-18 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula
POM162485RSADaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmanns.n.1927-08-19 Santa BarbaraSand dunes, surf.
POM174571RSADaucus pusillusRoxana S. Ferris65871926-04-23 Colusa2 miles from Stony Ford.
POM19139RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz66721923-04-09 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, east coast.
POM199799RSADaucus pusillusI. W. Clokey50131930-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
POM201614RSADaucus pusillusL. M. Booth10331932-05-12 OrangeNewport Bay.
POM208256RSADaucus pusillusL. C. Wheeler26091934-06-02 SiskiyouOak Knoll ranger station, Klamath River.
POM216900RSADaucus pusillusH. F. Copelands.n.1934-05-27 MarinDillon′s Beach.
POM220013RSADaucus pusillusF. R. Fosberg81401932-05-07 Los AngelesCoach rd. above Hamilton C. [Canon], Santa Catalina Island.
POM232322RSADaucus pusillusI. L. Wiggins46781930-07-11 HumboldtNear Samoa
POM246436RSADaucus pusillusF. R. FosbergS-45311931-04-10 Los AngelesAvalon Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
POM259642RSADaucus pusillusFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-28 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island.
POM264603RSADaucus pusillusH. E. Parks241421938-06-01 Del NorteTryons Flat
POM265809RSADaucus pusillusJ. C. Roos13991937-05-02 RiversideLa Sierra, western Riverside. [Collection is Jack Frost Lake. aka Frost Reservoir, apparently a part of La Sierra [Loma Linda University Campus] ca. 1937 south of Indiana Avenue and west of Sayward Circle, near Pierce.Owned by city of Riverside ca. 2000
POM288490RSADaucus pusillusLyman Benson64791935-04-27 Monterey5 miles N of Monterey. Monterey Bay watershed.
POM288491RSADaucus pusillusLyman Benson36781932-06-15 LakeBottle Rock Mountain, Middle N Coast Range, Kelsey Creek watershed.
POM305041RSADaucus pusillusHenry J. Ramsey3811939-04-23 San DiegoLake Otay.
POM316513RSADaucus pusillusPatricia Wilder35531965-06-07 MarinBolinas Ridge.
POM3239RSADaucus pusillusJ. Brittons.n.1893-04-01 Los AngelesCollected near Pasadena
POM3248RSADaucus pusillusCrawfords.n.1916-03-29 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains
POM3314RSADaucus pusillusL. R. Abrams34041903-05-05 San DiegoMission hills, San Diego.
POM3316RSADaucus pusillusClara Caldwells.n.1907-05-15 Los AngelesClaremont -x{20 Wash
POM3318RSADaucus pusillusW. R. Dudley47681896-07-02 VenturaTrail-below Mutau Flat, Mt. Pinos region.
POM3319RSADaucus pusillusL. R. Abramss.n.1908-06-02 VenturaSulphur Springs, Sulphur Mountains.
POM50352RSADaucus pusillusL. R. Abrams14881901-04-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
POM6363RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz26661919-05-03 OrangeSanta Ana River Canon.
POM6364RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz26451919-05-03 OrangeSanta Ana River Canon.
POM77818RSADaucus pusillusC. C. Bruce20501898-06-01 ButteBy Chico
POM8039RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz42611920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza Kine Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert.
POM8490RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz39451920-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. Coldwater Canon.
POM9422RSADaucus pusillusP. A. Munz38691920-05-15 San DiegoFallbrook.
POM9606RSADaucus pusillusI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-08 RiversideJurupa Mountains, extreme west end.
PPWD1663PPWDDaucus pusillusG. de Nevers109711997-04-24 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Pepperwood Ranch. Elev. 100-400 m. 38 N; 122 W.
PPWD49PPWDDaucus pusillusG. de Nevers14811981-06-06 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Chaparral; S slope of Telegraph Hill.
PPWD731PPWDDaucus pusillusP. Rockwood13872014-05-16 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - At base of northern most Oregon Oak Hill; just above the bottom land moist area; disturbed; short E-facing bank.
PUA40132PUADaucus pusillusJacqueline Greenleaf1980-06-23 TrinityLocal landmark: Mad River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA41282PUADaucus pusillusLinda M. Barker1975-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Patrick Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA44455PUADaucus pusillusJoe Callizo1980-06-06 NapaLocal landmark: Sage Canon. Yountville Quad.
PUA57410PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1983-06-14 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA58216PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59156PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1984-04-14 TuolumneLocal landmark: Red Hills. Chinese Camp Quad.
PUA59675PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1984-06-02 SonomaLocal landmark: Colman Valley Road. Duncans Mills Quad.
PUA59723PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1984-06-10 TuolumneLocal landmark: Red Hills Road. Chinese Camp Quad.
PUA59878PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1984-05-05 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA62238PUADaucus pusillusJoe Callizo1984-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Dollarhide Road. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA64929PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1986-05-23 TulareLocal landmark: Kaweah River. Giant Forest Quad.
PUA66238PUADaucus pusillusG.L. Clifton1984-05-27 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
RSA0009662RSADaucus pusillusMarcus E. Jones23191881-06-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
RSA0009663RSADaucus pusillusMarcus E. Jones290931931-07-05 SonomaWest of Cloverdale.
RSA0010677RSADaucus pusillusJoan Stewart1311993-05-01 TulareTule Driveway
RSA0012514RSADaucus pusillusJoan Stewart29422011-05-23 TulareJenkins Ranch
RSA0012536RSADaucus pusillusJoan Stewart21382003-05-10 TulareGary Hohustein Property, off Balch Park Rd
RSA0020832RSADaucus pusillusW. R. Ferren6951982-05-02 Santa Barbara1.0 mile west of end of trail to beach. Point Sal State Beach.
RSA0027682RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Rebman262182013-05-01 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base. Training Area India, Northeast of Basilone Road and east of Roblar Road. On a slope just west of the canyon bottom and south of a dirt road. Square D5.
RSA0030880RSADaucus pusillusLouis C. Wheeler25711934-04-27 Los AngelesMarshall Creek, San Gabriel Mts.; La Verne Quad
RSA0036115RSADaucus pusillusIra W. Clokey50121930-05-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Dix canon.
RSA0036900RSADaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman284872014-05-13 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Kilo Two: central portion of Base; on the slopes just west of the Santa Margarita River & west of the hospital on Santa Margarita Road. Site E6.
RSA0037514RSADaucus pusillusLeRoy Gross65512014-05-21 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range: Western side of the Machesna Mountain Wilderness. American Canon Campground.Near 35.28 N 120.26 W. Follow trail up to last creek crossing, below stock pond. Near the main ridge line. Ended near 35.29415N 120.23097W.
RSA0039553RSADaucus pusillusDuncan S. Bells.n.2014-06-11 FresnoSequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness; Boyden Outcrops; south side of Highway 180; near Boyden Cave.
RSA0041509RSADaucus pusillusLeRoy Gross64272014-05-13 San Luis ObispoCentral Western; Inner South Coast Ranges region. Garcia Mountain: Off Forest Service Road 30S05.2, Down Trout Creek to trail that climbs up over a saddle and drops down into another tributary of Trout Creek. Stopped at Buckeye Campsite.; Santa Margarita Lake, Caldwell Mesa, Pozo Summit 7 Wilderness boundary starts with trail leaving Trout Creek to climb the saddle. Started near 35.25 N 120.39436W. Ended at camp, near 35.24658N 120.34365W.
RSA0048655RSADaucus pusillusKeith E. Hoffmaster1891934-04-22 OrangeSanta Ana Mts. [Orange or Riverside County]
RSA0071928RSADaucus pusillusSabrina Lawrence-Gomez392011-07-08 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Deer Valley Trail.
RSA0088048RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. Junak64151998-04-23 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. E end of island, in dunes just E of bottom of Willow Canon (just SW of NPS vegetation transect #16).
RSA0165936RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-13951999-05-25 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Ca 2.05 miles W-SW of Jackson Peak, just E of drop-off rd; S facing escarpment.
RSA0166637RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-13811999-05-24 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Just E of Shannon Rd, opposite Tufts Rd.
RSA0170306RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSCa-15962001-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: On W side of main fork of Wild Boar Gully.
RSA0170860RSADaucus pusillusRichard R. Halse99292017-04-23 ColusaAlong Leesville Road ca. 2.9 miles northwest of its junction with State Hwy 20, west of Williams.
RSA0187470RSADaucus pusillusWilliam Harnach11952004-06-07 PlumasApprox. 3 south of Crescent Mills on Hwy 89, at Indian Falls home sites.
RSA0248578RSADaucus pusillusL. M. Moe6991971-06-30 MariposaAlong Colorado Road off of Hwy #140, north of Midpines.
RSA12220RSADaucus pusillusC. B. Wolf57641934-06-28 MarinPt. Reyes Peninsula, 8 miles by road from the Lighthouse.
RSA126323RSADaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas33171953-06-13 Santa CruzMt. Charley Road, about 0.4 mile west of summit of Santa Cruz-Los Gatos Highway.
RSA127904RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven141211959-05-05 Los AngelesMullholand Highway 1 mile W of Las Virgenes Road; Malibu Creek drainage.
RSA134408RSADaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley32831960-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Coches Prietos Canon.
RSA138206RSADaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas32741953-05-31 Santa CruzSunset Beach State Park
RSA151012RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven175861962-05-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, 1 mile south of Wilson Cove
RSA151156RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven178241962-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, above Emerald Bay
RSA151289RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven171681962-04-09 Los AngelesNear barracks, Wilson Cove, San Clemente Island
RSA155825RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven178241962-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, above Emerald Bay
RSA166527RSADaucus pusillusH. M. Pollards.n.1962-06-10 Santa BarbaraLos Canos Rd. near Gibraltar Rd. junction.
RSA176777RSADaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas101371963-05-20 San MateoAno Nuevo Island, about 0.5 mile off shore and about 20 miles NW of Santa Cruz.
RSA176997RSADaucus pusillusW. R. Dudley40731895-05-29 Santa ClaraBy the trail from Madrone Spring to Pine Ridge, Mount Hamilton Range
RSA177812RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne344971965-05-10 Los AngelesUpper end of Gallagher Canon; Santa Catalina Island
RSA183345RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven207851966-04-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Above pier near southeast end of island
RSA18457RSADaucus pusillusC. B. Wolf5501927-06-29 San MateoAlong coast south of Pebble Beach near Pescadero.
RSA187491RSADaucus pusillusJohn H. Thomas51391955-05-21 NapaSarco Creek drainage, near State Hwy No. 37 about 6 miles from Napa
RSA188228RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne348791965-06-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Upper portion of Avalon Canon along roadside
RSA192215RSADaucus pusillusE. W. Lathrop5684-b1965-04-26 Riverside4 miles southwest of Murrieta.
RSA192216RSADaucus pusillusE. W. Lathrop45251959-05-03 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta. Tenaja Canon.
RSA199129RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne375321968-04-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. Along track above Landing Cove
RSA212480RSADaucus pusillusP. H. Raven93281956-06-01 San FranciscoEast end of Presidio
RSA223823RSADaucus pusillusE. C. Twisselmann131071967-05-23 KernCottonwood Pass just east of the San Luis Obispo County Line. Small dense colony growing in the sun in brown shale in a long abandoned road bed.
RSA226506RSADaucus pusillusC. W. Tilforth3941971-06-08 San Diego1 mile NE of north tip of Loveland Reservoir
RSA239484RSADaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley40981961-04-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Mesa south of the housing area.
RSA246660RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne355681965-09-20 Del NorteNW of Lake Talawa.
RSA248845RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne428621973-04-11 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, middle portion of Norton Canon.
RSA258105RSADaucus pusillusRobert A. Norris23561975-05-17 MarinAbove Point Reyes Beach North
RSA263731RSADaucus pusillusE. W. Lathrop65171966-05-08 Riverside3 miles SW of Corona. Hagador Canon, Cleveland National Forest. Trabuco District.
RSA26689RSADaucus pusillusChas. H. Quibell18081953-05-05 FresnoUpper portion of section of lake basin behind Pine Flat Dam (Kings River) leading up to saddle north of Hughes Mountain - but well below high water mark.
RSA270833RSADaucus pusillusJames Henrickson10254-a1973-05-28 San Bernardino8 (air) miles ESE of Kelso in Providence Mountains in narrow limestone canyon 5-8 mile NW of Bonanza King Mine
RSA276107RSADaucus pusillusMark Hoefs2161973-05-04 Los AngelesMiddle of Middle Ranch Canon; Santa Catalina Island.
RSA286983RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne487691977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Canada Lobos, near upper end.
RSA289056RSADaucus pusillusH. A. Wills.n.1978-06-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Tufts & 1000 Springs Jct.
RSA29258RSADaucus pusillusF. F. Gander94091941-05-22 San DiegoDulzura.
RSA296790RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Smiths.n.1977-06-30 HumboldtSamoa Peninsula just east of the drag strip.
RSA303747RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne524191979-04-03 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Lower end of Tule Creek and dunes toward coast; N. side of island, E.S.E of Thousand Springs.
RSA306659RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne527491979-05-01 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA306682RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne527311979-05-01 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. Near airstrip on west side of the island
RSA310852RSADaucus pusillusJack Rockwell69-05301969-05-17 TulareAsh Mountain outside recreation building in grass
RSA31636RSADaucus pusillusH. M. Pollards.n.1946-06-11 VenturaBurn near Kennedy Canon.
RSA316514RSADaucus pusillusPatricia Wilder36381965-06-10 Sonoma1 mile north of Jenner on Highway 1
RSA332427RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne583731984-05-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. NE-facing bluffs (facing Santa Barbara Channel) S of Pelican Bay.
RSA341617RSADaucus pusillusF. C. Boutin15851967-05-18 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA347518RSADaucus pusillusB. A. Prigge69291986-03-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: 0.3 miles west of Mulholland Hwy on Pacific Coast Hwy.
RSA3736RSADaucus pusillusC. B. Wolf35261932-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Equestrian Trail back of Avalon.
RSA470467RSADaucus pusillusFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-05-01 San DiegoLake Hodges.
RSA470468RSADaucus pusillusT. Gertrude Williamsons.n.1924-06-28 San MateoMoss Beach
RSA47077RSADaucus pusillusL. C. Wheeler19341934-04-27 Los AngelesMarshall Creek.; La Verne
RSA470773RSADaucus pusillusM. O′Mera4961974-06-02 HumboldtSouth Spit to Humboldt Bay
RSA470774RSADaucus pusillusA. M. Johnson43051933-05-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Fish Canon Wash, open flat, west of bridge, Foothill Boulevard.
RSA470775RSADaucus pusillusJack Rempel152651932-03-19 Los AngelesEl Segundo.
RSA470776RSADaucus pusillusL. C. Wheeler18601933-06-07 Los AngelesUCLA campus at Westwood.
RSA470778RSADaucus pusillusAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-05-01 Los Angeles[no locality information provided]
RSA470779RSADaucus pusillusF. R. FosbergS-45731931-04-12 Los AngelesNear Jewfish Point, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA470780RSADaucus pusillusF. R. FosbergS-46731931-04-22 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
RSA470781RSADaucus pusillusF. R. FosbergS-45261931-04-10 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, near Avalon.
RSA470782RSADaucus pusillusF. R. FosbergS-43821931-03-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Sea bluffs W of Hamilton Canon.
RSA470783RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle24601931-04-22 Los AngelesAvalon Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA470784RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle73001939-04-06 Los AngelesMosquito Harbor. San Clemente Island
RSA470785RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle72061939-04-02 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, southeast point.
RSA470786RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle32811933-04-09 OrangeDana Point
RSA470787RSADaucus pusillusChristopher Davidson56611977-05-25 RiversideMesa de Burro, Santa Rosa Plateau area
RSA470788RSADaucus pusillusRobert Gustafson27071983-06-23 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains, Clinton Keith Road near junction with Tenaja Road.
RSA470789RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle52681938-05-28 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
RSA470790RSADaucus pusillusN. C. Cooper40241949-06-02 San DiegoEast of San Diego.
RSA470791RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle84001939-07-31 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. Cuyler Harbor.
RSA470792RSADaucus pusillusD. D. Keck33721935-06-15 Sonoma1 mile north of Salmon Creek
RSA470793RSADaucus pusillusL. Ahart46221984-05-21 SutterAt the old hoestead on the south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, west of Marysville
RSA470794RSADaucus pusillusJosephine Meyerss.n.1932-09-01 VenturaBroomes Ranch, Coast Highway.
RSA470795RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle83101939-07-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Arroyo banks and beaches, Coral Harbor.
RSA470796RSADaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle83541939-07-25 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. East end of island.
RSA487426RSADaucus pusillusSteve Myerss.n.1988-05-17 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau area W of Murrieta, Via Majorca .25 N of the intersection with Avenida Arboles.
RSA48804RSADaucus pusillusE. K. Balls79301948-05-22 MontereyCarmel Highlands above Yankee Point
RSA500206RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd35381989-05-07 RiversideVail Lake area, recent burn in hills just to SW of the dam.
RSA500208RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd35351989-05-07 RiversideVail Lake area, recent burn in hills just to SW of the dam.
RSA500211RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd35321989-05-07 RiversideVail Lake area, recent burn in hills just to SW of the dam.
RSA500221RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd35221989-05-07 RiversideVail Lake area, recent burn in hills just to SW of the dam.
RSA500222RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd35201989-05-07 RiversideVail Lake area, recent burn in hills just to SW of the dam.
RSA507477RSADaucus pusillusKathy Harpers.n.1988-05-14 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, along Hwy 243, 1-2 mi. below Mt. Edna turnoff.
RSA511016RSADaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne487691977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Canada Lobos, near upper end.
RSA522RSADaucus pusillusJ. T. Howell571927-06-08 OrangeBotany Garden, Rancho Santa Ana.
RSA525264RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd45771990-05-03 RiversideVail Lake area, steep SE flank of Oak Mtn. above NE end of lake.
RSA525681RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd45521990-05-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Vail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn of Hwy R3 and Powerline Road, NE of the lake
RSA526525RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd42641990-04-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Lower half of China Canon, S end of island, W side.
RSA527602RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd44291990-04-08 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: E side of canyon, Bryce Canon near Malo Point.
RSA533923RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross52381991-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Southeast end of island; first un-named canyon S of Snake Canon (drainage beginning 1420 feet due W of Guds)
RSA533968RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross51881991-05-18 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Twin Dams; shallow pond at the westerly of the two earthen dams, and mesic inlet draw
RSA533981RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross52091991-05-18 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, upper Twin Dams Canon
RSA533995RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross51311991-05-17 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: eastern escarpment, 1400 ft SSE of Jack (not Jack Point), and135 W of the mouth of Larkspur Canon
RSA535289RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross53391991-05-20 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: west side; terrace flats between Box and Horse Canons.
RSA535294RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross53411991-05-20 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: west side; terrace flats between Box and Horse Canons.
RSA542444RSADaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts40041988-05-26 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: tributary to Trampas canyon, along Christianitos rd., 2.4 km ESE Viejo Survey mark.
RSA561892RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd76351992-06-10 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. San Mateo Canon about Potrero Escondido, an isolated area of low relief topping the ridge system due west of the junction on Tenaja Road (7S01) and Los Alamos Road (7S04).At the confluence of Los Alamos Creek with the main trunk of San Mateo Creek
RSA562458RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd72311992-05-05 RiversideSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Eastern portions of Oak Flats along the Bluewater Trail.
RSA574341RSADaucus pusillusR. G. Swinney28271994-05-07 Los AngelesGlendora Wilderness park, 0.4 N of Big Dalton Canon Rd. at Mystic Canon Trail. On ridgetop ca. 50 m E of Trail.; Glendora
RSA587429RSADaucus pusillusD. L. Banks5731995-06-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mountain; On the Woodchuck Trail N of the Riverside County boundary, in the clay grasslands in section 32.; Pechanga QuadW of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area.
RSA588280RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-12531995-06-13 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. NE coastal flats, N of E NAVFAC Road, just W of Keyhole, 0.3 miles W of intersection of E NAVFAC and Beach roads
RSA589060RSADaucus pusillusOrlando Mistretta13221994-06-06 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek. Slopes on east side of canyon S. of jct. of Forest Service roads 4N15 and 5N04.3.
RSA589326RSADaucus pusillusT. S. Ross85861995-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Northern tributary of Canon, ca. 1070 NNE of the 1135-ft trangulation point.; San Clemente Island South
RSA599851RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd97671997-05-06 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Fish Canon just upstream from the confluence with Castaic Creek.; Whitaker Peak
RSA599873RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd97181997-05-06 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: San Francisquito Canon, west side of canyon at eastern end of Red Mountain ridge system, just north of confluence with Bee Canon and 1.5 miles by road south of the Clearwater Canon Truck Trail 6N24.; Green Valley
RSA600200RSADaucus pusillusSteve Boyd99141997-05-29 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Portal Ridge, north of the San Andreas Rift Zone, in the Cow Spring drainage along the Pacific Crest Trail, at point where trail crosses side drainage originating on ridge forming divide with Gookins Dry Lake.
RSA601365RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-11591995-04-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. S escarpment above Daytona Beach, in small E fork of first large canyon W of Cat House at Barge Landing.
RSA601570RSADaucus pusillusL. C. Wheeler98311967-06-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: North slope foothills between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch.
RSA602956RSADaucus pusillusMark Hoefs24171995-07-15 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Upper end of Renton Mine Rd.
RSA605476RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSN-8651992-05-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. SW coastal flats, on W side of canyon ca. half-way between conspicuous offshore shipwreck and Grenedier Point. Common sandy flats.
RSA615739RSADaucus pusillusD. L. Banks18541997-04-08 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Wilderness Gardens Preserve. Approximately 3.4 miles east of Pala south of Hwy. 76 along the San Luis Rey River.Areas along the main trail network from the parking area along the primary driveway within the river bottom to areas of native grasslands on the higher slopes.
RSA616156RSADaucus pusillusValerie L. Soza901998-05-03 Los AngelesClaremont, Bernard Field Station (BFS), Claremont Colleges, NW corner of Mills Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.: West of main road, along southern edge of pHake Lake.
RSA617407RSADaucus pusillusScott D. White65251998-05-19 Los AngelesCastaic Lake Area: Grasshopper Canon watershed, between 1-5 fwy.- Old Ridge Route and the lake. Proposed North Lake Planned Community.; Whitaker Pk. & Warm Spr. Mtn.
RSA618303RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSR-6621994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Cherry Canon, just below first major fork in canyon. Common, grassy E-facing hillside in canyon bottom.
RSA619540RSADaucus pusillusD. L. Banks19891997-05-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, east of San Gabriel Church along Pechanga Road, east of its intersection with Pechanga Creek, along the south fork of Pechanga Creek.; Pechanga
RSA642316RSADaucus pusillusD. L. Banks23161998-06-11 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pala Indian Reservation. Approximately 1.2 miles north of the intersection of Hwy 76 and Magee Road, on the east side of Magee Road, east of the summit of Heriot Mountain.Between Castro and Marion Canons, on an area of gentle relief known as Meadow Mountain.
RSA644328RSADaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakMA-3741998-05-04 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: S side of island, ca. 0.1 miles E of High Point.
RSA645679RSADaucus pusillusScott D. White72871999-05-02 RiversidePerris Basin: Perris - Sun City area. Just east of Goetz Rd. and south of Ethanac Rd., ca. 1.5 - 2 W of I-215 freeway.; Romoland 7.5′
RSA648189RSADaucus pusillusKarl Price511988-05-21 OrangeAn unnamed side canyon within Hot Springs Canon. It is on Hot Springs Canon Rd., 0.75 North of Ortega Hwy. (74), 12.6 mi. East of San Juan Capistrano.
RSA653056RSADaucus pusillusD. House94-361994-05-06 San DiegoCocklebur Beach, Canon, 0.5 mile West on MCTSA Road from Stuart Mesa Road, following the dirt road that is North of the MCTSA compound security fence.
RSA654342RSADaucus pusillusValerie L. Soza9692000-05-30 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains: San Francisquito Canon, at Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power San Francisquito Power Plant No. 2 and USFS Fire Station, W of San Francisquito Canon Road.; Warm Springs Mountain
RSA656276RSADaucus pusillusJames Henrickson100291973-05-20 San Diego2 1-2 miles SSE of Alpine; S of S. Grade Road, E of TAvern Road, in Palos Verdes Ranch Development.
RSA6564RSADaucus pusillusMisses Pattersons.n.1907-06-19 MontereyCypress Point
RSA659759RSADaucus pusillusOrlando Mistretta791992-04-03 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island.
RSA661085RSADaucus pusillusOrlando Mistretta1951992-04-05 Los AngelesGuds, San Clemente Island.
RSA661848RSADaucus pusillusAustin P. Griffithss.n.1982-04-28 San Luis ObispoDeep into eastern part of dunes, ca. 2 mi. S of Oso Flaco Creek, NE of Hidden Willow Valley.
RSA666895RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders241972001-05-08 RiversideS. of Hemet, E end of Diamond Valley, ca 1-4 N of Newport Rd. and 3-4 mi. E of State St.; Hemet
RSA678736RSADaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts58592003-05-11 OrangeDana Point Headlands: hilltop, 0.6km SSW Richard Henry Dana School south of Pacific Coast Highway and north of Scenic Drive.
RSA682099RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders262952003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Otay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border.; Otay Mountain 7.5′
RSA692019RSADaucus pusillusMark Elvin25962003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: SE side of Otay Mtn., western Marron Valley, S of BM 838, ca. 1-2 N of Mexican border, slopes above Tijuana River.; Otay Mountain 7.5′ Quad.
RSA699549RSADaucus pusillusL. C. Hulls.n.1934-08-04 OrangeLaguna Hills
RSA699550RSADaucus pusillusJ. Vlahoss.n.1934-04-01 OrangeLemon Heights
RSA699551RSADaucus pusillusJ. Vlahoss.n.1962-10-06 OrangeSantiago Canon
RSA700624RSADaucus pusillusGary D. Wallace16681979-04-03 VenturaSan Nicolas Island.
RSA708760RSADaucus pusillusL. M. Moe23962003-05-25 KernPlants of Ft. Tejon State Park.
RSA709192RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders297562005-04-28 RiversidePeninsular Ranges: Gavilan Hills; north of Santa Rosa Rd., 1 mi. SW of Ida Leona Mine.
RSA710876RSADaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory17462005-07-09 San DiegoDouble S Ranch, N of Angel Mountain Road, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, 2 mi W of Lake Henshaw, 4 mi E of Pine Mountain Summit.
RSA713777RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders295832005-04-22 RiversideGavilan Hills: Gavilan Plateau ca. 0.75 air mi. SE of summit of Gavilan Peak.; Steele Peak 7.5 Q
RSA714875RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders268192003-05-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley: long abandoned gravel pit on boundary between Irwindale and Azusa, east of Irwindale Ave., south of 210 Fwy (which bisects pit) and north of Santa Fe RR, east of the San Gabriel River channel.; Azusa
RSA715071RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders265782003-05-08 RiversidePerris-Aguanga Basin region: Los Alamos Road at Warm Springs Creek crossing west of Hwy 79, northeast of the Hogbacks, north of Los Alamos Rd. and east of the creek.; Murrieta 7.5′
RSA715190RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders325422006-05-24 RiversideHills between Murrieta and Menifee Valley, west of I-215, south of Bundy Cyn.-Scott Rd. and north of Clinton Keith Rd.; Murrieta 7.5′
RSA725747RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders262822003-05-01 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: NE side of Castaic Mesa, ca 0.75 mi. southwest of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons, Newhall Ranch; Newhall 7.5′
RSA732273RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders351262008-04-29 OrangeLomas de Santiago, western end of Loma Ridge on road to sheriffs training facility, c. 1.5 mi. SW of Santiago Reservoir.; Black Star Canon 7.5′
RSA732706RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Rebman134892007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake: just south of the dam, along the bottom of the dam and on the canyon floor just east of Barrett Lake Rd. and flume on the west side of the canyon. Chaparral. Geology:granitic substrates.
RSA733837RSADaucus pusillusR. G. Swinney76772000-05-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: San Gabriel River bottom, ca. 60 NE of confluence with Fish Canon between bike path and river bottom. +-- 1000 m.; Azusa 7.5′
RSA735925RSADaucus pusillusScott D. White120462008-05-29 RiversidePrivateWest of Beaumont, near SR-60 crossing over San Timoteo Creek.; El Casco
RSA736293RSADaucus pusillusScott D. White120322008-05-27 RiversideI-215 freeway, between Clinton Keith and Alamos.; Murrieta
RSA743377RSADaucus pusillusFred M. Roberts68572008-04-09 OrangeDana Point: Dana Point Headlands, CNLM Preserve near Outlook 2, 0.7 W Marine Institute (Dana Point Harbor).; Dana Point
RSA749832RSADaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders351662008-05-04 San BenitoGriswold Creek Canon, Griswold Hills, New Idria Road 3.9 miles above (south of) Panoche Rd.; Panoche 7.5′ Q.
RSA761936RSADaucus pusillusRobt. Allen124972005-04-30 OrangeCaspers Wilderness Park, East Ridge Trail.
RSA766894RSADaucus pusillusTom Murpheys.n.1983-04-07 VenturaSouth side of road 0.25 mi west of pump house in the Wells area, San Nicolas Island
RSA779413RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Rebman207282011-03-17 San DiegoCanon: Romeo III Training Area; east of I-5, north of Las Pulgas Road, and just east of El Caminmo Real along a dirt road running in the bottom of a canyon
RSA779765RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Rebman209492011-03-24 San DiegoCanon: Romeo II Training Area; north of Las Pulgas Road, east of I-5 and just NE of the junction of El Camino Real and Horno Canon Road.
RSA780002RSADaucus pusillusR. G. Swinney10294-A2009-04-07 Los AngelesAzusa-Irwindale, between the I-210 Fwy and Foothill Blvd., on west side of San Gabriel River channel; Azusa 7.5′ Q.
RSA780446RSADaucus pusillusJ. P. Rebman218262011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: E of Eagle Peak and west of Boulder Creek Road; along the trail from Boulder Creek Road to the Three Sisters Waterfall in Boulder Creek; approx. 0.3 miles west of the parking area.
RSA788478RSADaucus pusillusJ. R. Shevock94191982-05-06 TulareSequoia National Park. Along Generals Highway, 2.5 N of Ash Mountain Park Headquarters near Potwisha Campground above Middle Fork Kaweah River.
RSA789550RSADaucus pusillusJ. R. Shevock94191982-05-06 TulareSequoia National Park. Along Generals Highway, 2.5 N of Ash Mountain Park Headquarters near Potwisha Campground above Middle Fork Kaweah River.
RSA791975RSADaucus pusillusP. DouglasHL-301994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 2). near ford of San Antonio River on Del Ventrui Road. Ca 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir. Ca 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir dam.
RSA80379RSADaucus pusillusF. W. Peirson63581925-08-10 MendocinoJug Handle Creek, 6 miles north of Mendocino City.
RSA80382RSADaucus pusillusF. W. Peirson39531923-07-07 MendocinoCoast near Little River
RSA80390RSADaucus pusillusF. W. Peirson5001919-06-07 Los AngelesCow Canon divide, San Antonio Creek Region
RSA80394RSADaucus pusillusF. W. Peirson23791921-03-22 RiversideMurray Canon near Palm Springs.
RSA80399RSADaucus pusillusF. W. Peirson23111920-05-03 Los AngelesLittle Tujunga Wash, shortly above the junction with main stream, San Fernando Valley.
RSA98535RSADaucus pusillusP. Quentin Tomich1841948-06-06 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mountains, at top of Buckeye Hill
SBBG102108SBBGDaucus pusillusM. Daily1671979-07-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Tule Crk
SBBG102109SBBGDaucus pusillusM. Daily161978-04-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Daytona Beach
SBBG102338SBBGDaucus pusillusM. DailySR2191979-05-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Lobos Cyn
SBBG102340SBBGDaucus pusillusM. DailySR1861979-05-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: China Camp
SBBG103021SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-8651992-05-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: SW coastal flats, on W side of cyn ca. half way between conspicuous offshore shipwreck and Grenedier Pt
SBBG103861SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Patten92-301992-05-07 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau, along Via Vaquero at Via Oesta, ca. 5 W of Temecula
SBBG105634SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSC 39471994-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: N side of West Pt Ridge, ca. 0.2 W of rd to Painted Cave
SBBG105656SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSC 39361994-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: South Ridge Rd in Christi pines, 0.1 W of intersection with Sauces Cyn Rd
SBBG105714SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-11591995-04-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: S escarpment above Daytona Beach, in small E fork at first large cyn W of Cat House at Barge Landing
SBBG105901SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-4811990-05-21 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: S escarpment, along Theodolite Rd
SBBG106166SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-11771995-05-16 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: NE escarpment SW of Rock Jetty, in E fork of Jetty Cyn
SBBG106238SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-12531995-06-13 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: NE coastal flats, N of East NAVFAC Rd just W of Keyhole, ca. 0.3 W of intersection of East NAVFAC and Beach Rds
SBBG106274SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-2591988-05-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: E end of Tranquility Beach near Anchor Pt
SBBG111799SBBGDaucus pusillusP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL301994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Del Venturi Rd, near ford on San Antonio River, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113662SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Painter, E. Neese, M. OsborneHL31751997-04-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: N of rd inside fence paralleling Jolon Rd, ca. 1.2 km E of Jolon Crk, ca. 1.6 km SE of jct of Jolon and Mission Crk Rds; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113699SBBGDaucus pusillusP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL5671994-05-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: McGowan Cyn, ca. 2.8 W of the mouth of Laguna Cyn, ca. 3 km E of the mouth of Tule Cyn; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113702SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Painter, E. NeeseHL16361995-05-17 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 0.6 km E of Mission Crk, ca. 2 km SW of Cosio Knob; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113703SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Neese, E. PainterHL18131995-06-13 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: old settlement site, ca. 0.05 km S of San Miguel Crk, ca. 0.5 W of confluence of San Miguel Crk and Nacimiento River; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG11493SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley42421961-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: 1.3 W of the W tip of San Miguel Island
SBBG11499SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley42421961-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: 1.3 W of the W tip of San Miguel Island
SBBG11500SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley41811961-04-28 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: bank above spring at base of cliffs at Cuyler Harbor
SBBG11501SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley42411961-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: 1.3 W of the W tip of San Miguel Island
SBBG117669SBBGDaucus pusillusM. Simpson, D. Estrella, R. Lauri23632003-04-11 San DiegoPoint Loma Navy Base, Fuel Farm region, slope down from asphalt rd, ca. 100 feet SE of warehouse 114
SBBG118021SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Painter, M. Wetherwax, T. MoroscoCR2322001-04-29 San Luis ObispoNE of jct of Tower and C-25 Rds, Training Area O; Camp Roberts
SBBG11925SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Chandler2361961-07-20 Mendocinonear MacKerricher State Beach, Ft Bragg; private logging rd adjacent to shore line
SBBG120059SBBGDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders268192003-05-22 Los Angelesabandoned gravel pit on boundary between Irwindale and Azusa, E of Irwindale Ave, S of Interstate 2 N of Santa Fe Railroad, E of San Gabriel River channel
SBBG121781SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Neese, E. Painter, L. SchultheisHL15561995-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: N of rd inside fence paralleling Jolon Rd, ca. 1.2 km E of Jolon Crk, ca. 1.6 km SE of jct of Jolon and Mission Crk Rds; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG126746SBBGDaucus pusillusR. Burgess88052011-04-22 Venturaopen space S of US Hwy 101 across from Civic Arts Plaza; Thousand Oaks
SBBG126791SBBGDaucus pusillusR. Burgess88012011-04-20 Venturaopen space on W side Lynn Rd, directly across from Sidlee St; Thousand Oaks
SBBG12738SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Chandler688a1962-04-27 VenturaVentura River wash ca. 0.5 mi above St Hwy 150
SBBG12745SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley41231961-04-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: beach dunes at mouth of Tule Crk
SBBG12747SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley50771962-04-03 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: cyn NW of Green Mtn
SBBG12751SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley40981961-04-22 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: mesa S of the housing area
SBBG132973SBBGDaucus pusillusR. Burgess90662012-05-04 VenturaWildwood Mesa, Stagecoach Bluff Trail; Thousand Oaks
SBBG134543SBBGDaucus pusillusR. Burgess, B. Meiners99202015-04-25 VenturaKrotona Hill on E side of Loma Drive, Ojai Valley
SBBG134643SBBGDaucus pusillusC. M. Guilliams w- W. Hoyer34812017-05-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: rd to western Red Eye Beach
SBBG135318SBBGDaucus pusillusM. Florence6961983-05-07 San Benitofound on prescribed burn; T17S R7E S3 [near Scout Peak]
SBBG13826SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl62251962-05-24 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: lower N side of Green Mtn
SBBG14064SBBGDaucus pusillusDennis E. Breedlove28271962-05-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: small cyn on S side of Central Valley, 3 W of Stanton Ranch headquarters
SBBG14248SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl621891962-05-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: 3 mi from Stanton Ranch headquarters, to W of Ranch
SBBG150299SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-13951999-05-25 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: ca. 2.05 WSW of Jackson Peak, just E of drop-off rd
SBBG150300SBBGDaucus pusillusTim Ross, G. Allan, M. Elvin, J. Stone85861995-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: northern tributary of Canchalagua Cyn, ca. 1070 NNE of the 1135 ft Triangulation Pt
SBBG150301SBBGDaucus pusillusTim Ross, O. Mistretta, M. Hammitt51881991-05-18 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Twin Dams, pond W of the two earthen dams.
SBBG150302SBBGDaucus pusillusTim Ross, O. Mistretta, M. Hammitt53391991-05-20 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: terrace flats between Box and Horse Cyns
SBBG150303SBBGDaucus pusillusTim Ross, O. Mistretta, M. Hammitt51311991-05-17 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: 1400 ft SSE of Jack (not Jack Pt), 135 W of mouth of Larkspur Cyn
SBBG150304SBBGDaucus pusillusTim Ross, O. Mistretta, M. Hammitt52381991-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: first un-named cyn S of Snake Cactus Cyn (drainage beginning 14 W of Guds)
SBBG150305SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle73001939-04-06 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Mosquito Harbor
SBBG150306SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle72061939-04-02 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: SE point of San Clemente Island
SBBG150307SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle73001939-04-06 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Mosquito Harbor
SBBG150308SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley52421962-06-10 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: stone check dam halfway up cyn, halfway between Eel Pt and Seal Cove
SBBG150309SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl623831962-06-10 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: E of Thirst
SBBG150310SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSN-13811999-05-24 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: just E of Shannon Rd, opposite Tufts Rd
SBBG150311SBBGDaucus pusillusC. S. Garoutte, D. Knapp182016-05-03 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Daytona Beach, just past the pier
SBBG150312SBBGDaucus pusillusC. S. Garoutte, D. Knapp172016-05-03 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: near dirt portion of rd that intersects Jacson Hwy just before Tufts Rd
SBBG150313SBBGDaucus pusillusM. L. Hoefs18341994-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: SE end of Renton Mine Rd
SBBG150314SBBGDaucus pusillusS. Lawrence-Gomez, A. Cheung, D. Kasang, M. Zou, S. Ratay392011-07-08 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Deer Valley Trail
SBBG150315SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle18901929-04-22 Los AngelesSanta Canonshell; dry hillside.
SBBG150316SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle19001928-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
SBBG150317SBBGDaucus pusillusF. R. Fosberg81401932-05-07 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Coach Rd above Hamilton Cyn
SBBG150318SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSCa 471978-04-15 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: E side of ridge just W of Isthmus Cove
SBBG150319SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSCa-151978-04-15 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: North side of Cherry Cove.
SBBG150320SBBGDaucus pusillusF. R. Fosberg45731931-04-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: near Jewfish Pt
SBBG150321SBBGDaucus pusillusR. F. Thorne w- P. C. Everett348791965-06-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: upper portion of Avalon Cyn along rd side
SBBG150322SBBGDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven178241962-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Canond Emerald Bay
SBBG150323SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakSCa-15962001-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: On W side of main fork of Wild Boar Gully.
SBBG150324SBBGDaucus pusillusM. L. Hoefs, D. R. Hoefs23421995-06-29 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Empire Landing Rd near quarry
SBBG150325SBBGDaucus pusillusC. A. Drost3391983-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island: E side of head of Cat Cyn
SBBG150326SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- J. K. McPhersonB68-2381968-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island: Channel Islands National Park, Santa Barbara Island: Landing Cove
SBBG150463SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle72061939-04-02 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: S.E. point
SBBG15181SBBGDaucus pusillusHenry M. Pollard1962-06-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Las Canoas Rd near Gibraltar Rd intersection
SBBG156864SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1930-03-03 Santa BarbaraCliff Drive, Santa Barbara
SBBG16159SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Chandler11981963-06-03 Santa Barbaraslope adjacent to Colson Cyn Rd; ca. 1.1 mi E of Tepusquet Rd
SBBG164725SBBGDaucus pusillusC. Matt Guilliams51822019-04-08 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: N of airfield at northern escarpment, S of hairpin in Beach Road, at Fern Canon.
SBBG167517SBBGDaucus pusillusKristen Hasenstab-Lehman17642019-04-11 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Eastern spur of slot canyon coming off Beach Rd.
SBBG167531SBBGDaucus pusillusKristen Hasenstab-Lehman17572019-04-10 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Eastern spur of slot canyon coming off Beach Rd.
SBBG169980SBBGDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman357992019-05-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: W of Fallbrook, N Magazine, N of Ammunition Rd, central part of station, vicinity of Napalm 1 Vernal Pool complex
SBBG17524SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley58311963-05-22 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: 1 W of Cardwell Pt and S of Triangulation Pt Lamb
SBBG17568SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley58971963-05-24 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: 0.5 mi S of old ranch house at end of air strip
SBBG177882SBBGDaucus pusillusKristen Hasenstab-Lehman17542019-04-09 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Corral Harbor
SBBG179507SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. Junak, K. Kirkland64151998-04-23 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: dunes just E of Bottom of Willow Cyn (just SW of NPS vegetation transect 16)
SBBG181824SBBGDaucus pusillusJon Rebman357302019-05-09 San DiegoCanon: W-central portion of base, eastern foothills of the San Onofre Mountains, Training Area Papa Two, rolling hills NW of Pulgas Lake.
SBBG184013SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSR 6621994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Cherry Cyn just below first major fork in cyn
SBBG184016SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley1963-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island: Channel Islands National Park, Santa Barbara Island: bluffs above landing cove
SBBG184017SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakWA1831982-04-23 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: onshore side of W end of Frenchys Cove
SBBG184018SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl631901963-05-09 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: above and W of Eucalyptus grove
SBBG184019SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley28141959-04-26 VenturaEast Anacapa Island: E side of flat area covered with grass
SBBG184020SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl632351963-05-10 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: below Camel
SBBG184021SBBGDaucus pusillusMichael R. Benedict1970-04-22 VenturaWest Anacapa Island: high central part of west end
SBBG184022SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley57241963-05-09 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: above boat landing on N side
SBBG184023SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1930-06-16 VenturaAnacapa Island
SBBG184024SBBGDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakMA3741998-05-04 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island: S side of island, ca. 0.1 mi E of High Pt; top of S-facing bluffs
SBBG20437SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl634221963-05-23 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: sand dunes on ridge W of playa, W of Green Mtn
SBBG20444SBBGDaucus pusillusM. A. Piehl634531963-05-23 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: NE of Adams Cove
SBBG21008SBBGDaucus pusillusErnest C. Twisselmann84941963-06-27 KernCedar Crk just below the mouth of Fulton Crk
SBBG21612SBBGDaucus pusillusHenry M. Pollard1964-05-27 Venturanear Camp Comfort
SBBG22362SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- R. E. BroderB65-9681965-05-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: bottom of Cherry Cyn between Vail Ranch hdqrtrs and Black Mtn
SBBG24629SBBGDaucus pusillusP. H. Raven, H. J. Thompson207851966-04-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: above pier near SE end of island
SBBG26592SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Chandler32781967-04-26 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: W of Purisima St Park, Lompoc area
SBBG26792SBBGDaucus pusillusHarold E. Parks241421938-06-01 Del NorteTryon′s Flat
SBBG28278SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. PhilbrickB67-1451967-04-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: SW of Ragged Mtn
SBBG29467SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- M. R. BenedictB65-13651965-06-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: first major cyn E of Profile Pt
SBBG31700SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- M. R. Benedict, C. F. SmithB65-795H1965-04-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: head of Canada de los Sauces, ca. 2 W of head of Laguna Cyn
SBBG32928SBBGDaucus pusillusR. E. Foreman, E. C. Evans, S. C. Rainey981965-07-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Tule Crk
SBBG33558SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- M. R. BenedictB69-1441969-06-10 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Beach Rd, 0.5 W of pier, N of SE end of runway
SBBG36182SBBGDaucus pusillusMichael R. Benedict1968-04-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Pk 1848
SBBG36625SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- R. E. BroderB65-11041965-05-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: halfway between Cluster Pt and Rocky Pt (to the east)
SBBG39154SBBGDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley32831960-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Coches Prietos Cyn
SBBG48329SBBGDaucus pusillusMichael R. Benedict1971-07-14 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: NW flank of Green Mtn
SBBG48330SBBGDaucus pusillusMichael R. Benedict1969-04-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: above Cueva Valdez
SBBG5174SBBGDaucus pusillusH. and M. Dearing60311945-06-21 Madera1 mi below Bass Lake Dam
SBBG5175SBBGDaucus pusillusClifton F. Smith16791946-07-02 Santa BarbaraTunnel picnic grounds, Mission Cyn
SBBG5176SBBGDaucus pusillusH. and M. Dearing1937-05-01 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Figueroa Mtn
SBBG5177SBBGDaucus pusillusHenry M. Pollard1963-06-14 VenturaTaylor Ranch, ca. 2 W of Ventura River
SBBG5178SBBGDaucus pusillusClifton F. Smith8361944-06-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest Jesusita trail near Tunnel Portal, Mission Cyn
SBBG51788SBBGDaucus pusillusR. N. Philbrick w- D. LeaberryB75-1651975-05-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: E of Black Mtn summit
SBBG5179SBBGDaucus pusillusH. and M. Dearing33631939-05-14 SonomaBodega State Park [Bodega Dunes State Beach]
SBBG5180SBBGDaucus pusillusH. and M. Dearing34421939-05-25 Humboldtsand dunes near Samoa
SBBG52692SBBGDaucus pusillusT. Hesseldenz121977-06-06 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: near barracks
SBBG52780SBBGDaucus pusillusM. B. Dunkle1939-07-31 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Cuyler Harbor
SBBG52919SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSR 681978-05-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: W side of mouth of Old Ranch Cyn
SBBG53126SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. JunakSR 551978-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: just S of Cliff House, residence S of Vail Ranch hdqrtrs
SBBG59575SBBGDaucus pusillusHenry M. Pollard1944-10-22 VenturaBaldwin Rd
SBBG59576SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1925-04-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Gobernador Cyn, Carpinteria
SBBG59577SBBGDaucus pusillusHarold E. Parks241421938-06-01 Del NorteTryon′s Flat
SBBG59579SBBGDaucus pusillusP. Bartholomew1938-05-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: near Juncal Reservoir
SBBG59580SBBGDaucus pusillusP. Bartholomew1937-05-25 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Little Caliente
SBBG59581SBBGDaucus pusillusP. Bartholomew1938-06-17 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Camuesa Cyn
SBBG59582SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1927-05-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Rancho San Julian
SBBG59583SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1927-05-07 Santa BarbaraLompoc
SBBG59584SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1929-03-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Surf
SBBG59585SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1930-05-15 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
SBBG78786SBBGDaucus pusillusR. Hartwell7031938-05-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: fields near the ranch house
SBBG78787SBBGDaucus pusillusE. Z. Rett, P. C. Orr1945-03-28 VenturaSan Nicolas Island
SBBG78788SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1929-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island
SBBG78789SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1932-04-20 Santa BarbaraNE end of San Miguel Island
SBBG78791SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island
SBBG78793SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1925-03-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
SBBG78794SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1930-07-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: above Cochies Prietos [Coches Prietos]
SBBG78795SBBGDaucus pusillusRalph Hoffmann1929-03-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Valley Anchorage
SBBG80330SBBGDaucus pusillusF. C. Boutin, R. Gonderman15851967-05-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: coastal dirt rd NW of Naval headquarters on N coast of island
SBBG83009SBBGDaucus pusillusClifton F. Smith38121952-09-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Vandenberg Air Force Base Surf
SBBG86122SBBGDaucus pusillusClifton F. Smith8051944-05-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: lower Ullmann Place E of Mission Cyn Crk, SE of jct of Mission Cyn Rd and Tunnel Rd
SBBG86133SBBGDaucus pusillusM. Van Rensselaer18481944-06-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden; Rowney Meadow off Tunnel Rd, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn [natural; not planted]
SBBG87350SBBGDaucus pusillusB. Pitzer, A. C. Sanders, S. Morgan5501987-05-14 San DiegoW end of Otay Mesa, E of San Ysidro, head of Dillon Cyn
SBBG88615SBBGDaucus pusillusD. C. Odion1381984-05-05 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: just SE of jct of Murietta and Matilija Crks
SBBG90025SBBGDaucus pusillusMichael R. Benedict1969-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: above Pelican Bay
SBBG92067SBBGDaucus pusillusS. A. Junak w- S. Timbrook, C. KuizengaSN-31983-03-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: base of rd from Living Compound, on E side of lower Celery Cyn
SBBG94146SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. Vanderwier1983-10-12 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Jackson Hwy 100 W of Shannon and Jackson, S side of intersection
SBBG94170SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. Newman691980-04-04 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: NW end of island
SBBG94171SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. Vanderwier1983-03-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: mesa at the n edge of the runway
SBBG94203SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. Vanderwier1983-03-29 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: near E edge of the mesa near the end of the runway
SBBG94204SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. Newman1981-07-18 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Windmill Spring area
SBBG94735SBBGDaucus pusillusJ. DiVittorio1986-05-27 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Beach Rd
SD00000991SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange2432008-04-18 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, northwest of Black Mountain, along Lusardi Canon Truck Trail where the first quail guzzler is. About 3 miles NNE by road from intersection of Lusardi Truck Trail and Pano Road.
SD00016055SDDaucus pusillusAngelique M. Herman22015-03-26 San DiegoSolana Beach; San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; Stonebridge Mesa; 1 mile NE from intersection of Manchester Avenue and I-5.
SD00022874SDDaucus pusillusAndrea Comptons.n.2003-03-31 San DiegoCabrillo National Monument; E of Cabrillo Memorial Drive and N of lower maintenance parking lot
SD00023622SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow28642017-04-24 San DiegoSan Diego; Pacific Beach; Kate O. Sessions Park, near center and northwest of the open space access from Parkview Terrace.
SD00028617SDDaucus pusillusHoward L Ferguson2041981-04-10 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; S. of Eel Pt. in first drainage
SD00028618SDDaucus pusillusTimothy S Ross85861995-05-19 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Northern tributary of Canon, ca. 1070 NNE of the 1135-ft triangulation point
SD00028619SDDaucus pusillusW L Sward2361976-05-24 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Island grassland near middle of Island at intersection of main and Misery roads.
SD00028620SDDaucus pusillusM B Dunkle73001939-04-06 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Hillside, recent burn; Mosquito Harbor
SD00028621SDDaucus pusillusM B Dunkle72061939-04-02 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; On grassy slope, southeast point
SD00032654SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman354642019-04-15 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: southeast portion of island; SHOBA (Shore Bombardment Area), north side of Guds Mountain to the east of Ridge Road
SD00032986SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman357992019-05-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine: north of Ammunition Road; central part of station; vicinity of Napalm 1 Vernal Pools complex
SD00032987SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman358792019-05-21 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; south of San Onofre Peak and Las Pulgas Canon; Training Area Oscar Two; foothills area between Las Pulgas Canon and Aliso Canon; along a dirt road to the east of Stuart Mesa Road at Las Flores
SD00032988SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman357302019-05-09 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; eastern foothills of the San Onofre Mountains; Training Area Papa Two; rolling hills northwest of Pulgas Lake
SD00034032SDDaucus pusillusJerry Green5552019-06-06 San DiegoFairbanks Ranch area; S of Ted Williams Parkway; canyon; Torrey Santa Fe; 0.57 miles southwest of Santa Fe Canon Rd. & Via Canon Dr.
SD00039669SDDaucus pusillusJerry Green4652019-04-11 San DiegoPoway; Kumeyaay Ipai Interpretive Center; 0.10 miles south of Poway Road; near southern terminus of Silver Lake Dr.
SD00052759SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman365802020-04-28 San DiegoCanon: north-central portion of Base; Training Area Finch; east of the San Onofre Mountains and north of Basilone Road; on a north-facing slope to the south of San Juan Road and just south of the riparian wash area
SD00053416SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow27592017-04-14 San DiegoLa Jolla; 250 yards NW of terminus of Torrey Pines Scenic Drive at the Torrey Pines Gliderport parking lot.
SD00053735SDDaucus pusillusJohn Brown2571994-05-02 San DiegoNear south end of River Road
SD00054533SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman360032019-06-12 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine: north of Ammunition Road; southeast part of station; cattle pond to the east of the perimeter road
SD00055007SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman368672020-05-21 San DiegoCanon: southeastern portion of Base in Training Area Juliet; southeast of Lake O′Neill and northeast of the San Luis Rey entrance gate; gradual slope just north of a small canyon
SD00055008SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman368442020-05-15 San DiegoCanon: Northeastern portion of Base in Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; southeast of Case Springs Lake; east of Case Springs Road, along a dirt road near a seep in the chaparral
SD00055214SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman365862020-04-30 San DiegoCanon: extreme southern portion of Base; Training Area November; north of Oceanside and the San Luis Rey River; just west of Windmill Lake; on a southeast-facing slope near the top of the hill
SD107803SDDaucus pusillusLarry De Buhr2582b1977-04-17 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; ridge southeast of Shark Harbour, on coastal bluff.
SD107938SDDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne487691977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island; Canada Lobos.
SD11064SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander168-31935-04-11 San DiegoRolando, East San Diego.
SD11089SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander170-41935-04-13 San DiegoTorrey Pines Park.
SD112975SDDaucus pusillusWhites.n.1935-05-05 San DiegoOtay Hills
SD11421SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander205-181935-05-15 San DiegoNear Springhill School.
SD11520SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander219-331935-06-12 San DiegoTwo miles east of San Ysidro on Otay Mesa.
SD11732SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander223-781935-06-26 San DiegoOtay Mountain.
SD122555SDDaucus pusillusLowell Ahart46221984-05-21 SutterOld homestead on the south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, west of Marysville
SD124070SDDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne527311979-05-01 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island, areas near airstrip on west side of the island.
SD136679SDDaucus pusillusJohn W. BrownMM-2791995-05-28 San DiegoMcGinty Mountain; Western edge of The Mesa, northern portion of McGinty Mountain.
SD136937SDDaucus pusillusSteve Boyd76351992-06-10 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains, San Mateo Cyn Wilderness Area. San Mateo Cyn about Potrero Escondido...west of junction Tenaja Road and Los Alamos Road
SD137927SDDaucus pusillusDarin L. Banks5731995-06-02 RiversideNorthwest Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; north face of north peak of Agua Tibia Mountain.
SD144088SDDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders206841997-05-04 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: N side of the range, Twin Pines Creek drainage, dry slopes above Brown Crk.
SD14726SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander15081936-04-23 San DiegoEast end of Otay Lake.
SD148266SDDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders241262001-05-04 RiversidePerris-Aguanga Basin region: Temecula, Long Canon area west of Del Rey Road, hills on both sides of gas pipeline route.
SD152290SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman66302000-05-02 San DiegoMiramar Training Area #2 East Side.
SD153495SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory2132003-05-24 San DiegoWright′s Field - Mesa Del Arroz Preserve Alpine, CA
SD153496SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory3882003-06-13 San DiegoAlpine, South End of Mesa Del Arroz on the old Findel Ranch
SD153497SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory3592003-06-07 San DiegoAlpine, west 5 acres of old El Rancho Metate on Tavern Road.
SD154970SDDaucus pusillusMary Alice Kessler662004-03-31 San DiegoBase on North side of San Miguel Mountain, Spring Valley, California
SD15575SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander21541936-05-19 San DiegoMoosa Canon.
SD15588SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander21671936-05-21 San DiegoBarona Valley
SD156141SDDaucus pusillusMark Mendelsohn892003-06-06 San DiegoHollenbeck Canon Wildlife Area, located approximately 5 miles east of Jamul and northeast of Lower Otay Lake and accessed via State Hwy 94 (Campo Road). The 3,200 acre wildlife area provides a wildlife corridor between Otay Mountain and Jamul Mountains.
SD156490SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman80672002-05-09 San DiegoViejas Mountain: North of Alpine; lower, north side of mountain on USFS land just east of Kelley-Rebman ranch and T. Marshall propertyl
SD156880SDDaucus pusillusJerilyn Hirshberg5442004-05-26 San DiegoSouthwest of USFS Inaja picnic area, 2 miles east of Santa Isabel
SD156881SDDaucus pusillusMary Alice Kessler882004-04-17 San DiegoMillar Ranch Rd, North side of San Miguel Mountain, Spring Valley, California
SD15743SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander23101936-05-21 San DiegoNear Southeast base of El Canon Mountain.
SD15794SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander23611936-05-26 San DiegoLake Hodges.
SD158565SDDaucus pusillusMichael Simpson23632003-04-11 San DiegoPoint Loma Navy Base, Fuel Farm region. Slope down from asphalt road, ca. 100 feet southeast of warehouse 114.
SD159556SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman85692003-04-22 San DiegoCrestridge Ecological Reserve: west of La Cresta between Alpine and El Canon; near dirt road in Rios Canon
SD161017SDDaucus pusillusRod Dosseys.n.2000-05-05 San DiegoMCAS Miramar, MCAS Training Area, at edge of base around canyon top
SD161610SDDaucus pusillusJudy Gibson3132004-06-27 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, about 1.5 miles north of Descanso, just south of California Riding & Hiking trail, west of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, within Cedar Fire (Oct 2003) area.
SD162533SDDaucus pusillusRobert Lauri4652003-06-06 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Off Nate Harrison Grade near entrace to ?rope trail.?
SD163114SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman88722003-05-06 San DiegoRancho Jamul Ecological Reserve: west of Hwy. 94, south of Jamul & north of Otay Lakes Road; southwest part of reserve
SD163562SDDaucus pusillusKerry W. Key1002005-04-16 San DiegoSan Diego, Carmel Valley. Sandy hilltop in Carmel Mountain preserve, 300 m west of Carmel County Rd and Shaw valley.
SD163857SDDaucus pusillusMaryAnn Brooks-Gonyer1572005-05-06 San DiegoApprox. 7 miles north of Escondido on Champagne Blvd, about 1-10 mile south of Lawrence Welk Drive
SD164839SDDaucus pusillusAndrew C. Sanders293862005-04-08 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, just N of Leucadia, north side of the lagoon on east side of the I-5 Fwy
SD165814SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory17462005-07-09 San DiegoDouble S Ranch, N of Angel Mountain Road, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, 2 mi W of Lake Henshaw, 4 mi E of Pine Mountain summit
SD165815SDDaucus pusillusJerilyn Hirshberg11472005-07-01 San Diego.6 mile N of entrance to Inaja picnic area on Highway 78-79 between Santa Isabel and Wynola
SD166357SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman102952004-05-13 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, south of Loveland Reservoir on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak; at convergence of Lawson Creek and Sweetwater River valley
SD167310SDDaucus pusillusAndrew C. Sanders303852005-06-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn., Plaisted Creek Ecological Reserve, NE of Rincon & Pauma Valley, between Plaisted Cr. and Hwy 76, SE lobe of reserve near residences abandoned in 1996
SD167915SDDaucus pusillusBarbara Sullivan1572005-03-23 San DiegoCity of San Diego, Torrey Pines State Reserve, Parry Grove Loop, Near steps going down to trail.
SD168525SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman110002005-03-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): Southeast of Otay Lake; approx. 1 mile south of Otay Lakes Road
SD170042SDDaucus pusillusSusie Arter122005-03-30 San DiegoCity of San Diego (Pacific Beach) 450 yards SW of N.Entrance to Kate Sessions Park, adjacent to Parkview Terrace on moderate, W. facing, exposed slope. Plant location is approx. 200 yards S.of parks N.limit, 250 yards W.of footpath, 100 yards E of ravine
SD171126SDDaucus pusillusPhillip Roullard292005-04-15 San DiegoBorder Field State Park, S of city of Imperial Beach. South Mesa, flat area just northwest of US-Mexico Border fence, 1 mi E of Pacific Ocean.
SD172123SDDaucus pusillusE. R. Blakley42421961-04-29 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island; 1.3 mile northwest of western tip of island.
SD17216SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander35511937-05-09 San DiegoLee′s Valley.
SD17329SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander36651937-05-11 San Diegonear county line on U.S. Highway 395.
SD173627SDDaucus pusillusJan E. Maxted1082005-06-12 San DiegoLyons Peak. 0.8 N of summit, on the northern half of Granite Oaks Rd. 5.5 mi E of city of Jamul, 1 W of intersection of Honey Springs Rd and Japatul Valley Rd.
SD173628SDDaucus pusillusJan E. Maxted842005-05-30 San DiegoBratton Valley. Land surrounding 17536 Sierra Cielo Ln, 3 N of town of Dulzura, 1.25 mi SW of Lyons Peak summit, 1.25 mi NW of inters of Honey Springs Rd and Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD174517SDDaucus pusillusLarry Hendrickson8531997-05-09 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Approx. 11.5 miles SE of intersection of State Hwy 79 and County Hwy S-2 West of Hwy S-2 at northern gate, just west of San Felipe Creek at base of NE flank of Volcan Mountain.
SD17531SDDaucus pusillusA. J. Stovers.n.1937-05-06 San DiegoPoint Loma.
SD177967SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman128342006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western side of the large central meadow around a small dried pond
SD177968SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman126702006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western portion of Ranch, N of Daney Canon
SD178866SDDaucus pusillusMary Alice Kessler1682006-04-30 San DiegoSpring Valley, Northeast base of San Miguel Mountain, 1.6 miles Northeast of Summit of San Miguel Mountain and 1 mile Southwest from intersection of Steel Canon Road and Highway 94
SD178867SDDaucus pusillusDaniel Williford1522006-05-25 San DiegoFox Outdoor School, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, Hwy. 76, 3.5 W of Lake Henshaw, on Prisoner Creek at Bulldozer Cut, north facing slope.
SD179881SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman134892007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake: just south of the dam, along the bottom of the dam and on the canyon floor just east of Barrett Lake Road
SD180507SDDaucus pusillusDick Schwenkmeyer2132006-05-09 San DiegoRamona. Cleveland National Forest (Palomar Ranger District), S of Pamo Valley, Pamo Valley Rd, 2.25 N of where it intersects with Haverford Rd.
SD180848SDDaucus pusillusRichard L. Breisch1562006-06-10 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, S of Morena Lake, approx. 1 mi SW of the inters of Morena Reservoir Dr and Lake Shore Dr, near Pacific Crest Trail.
SD181924SDDaucus pusillusLayla Aerne Hains1212006-06-30 San DiegoTown of Potrero, Hauser Mountain, Harris Ranch Rd, near old house site; ca. 3 N of Canon City at Highway 94, ca. 4 W of Canon Corners (inters of Hwy 94 & Buckman Springs Rd).
SD181925SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory20132006-06-07 San DiegoLakeside, Center for Natural Lands Management, Woodridge Preserve, 0.5 mi S of Julian Ave, W of Lakeview Rd and E of Los Coches Rd.
SD181926SDDaucus pusillusJan E. Maxted2432006-05-27 San DiegoBratton Valley, Land surrounding 17536 Sierra Cielo Ln, 3 N of town of Dulzura, 1.25 mi. SW of Lyons Peak summit, 1.25mi. NW of inters of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD183890SDDaucus pusillusNuri Pierce2192005-05-25 San DiegoLakeside. El Capitan Reservoir. On east end of El Monte Road (lake access rd), 1 mi west from the dam wall.
SD185425SDDaucus pusillusCRES Native Seed Gene Bank1142005-05-17 San DiegoSan Diego, UC Elliot Reserve, S of Alliant International University Sports Center, 1.4 mi E of junction of Pomerado Rd and 1-15.
SD185426SDDaucus pusillusJoseph A. Betzler9682003-04-04 San DiegoSan Diego Wild Animal Park, Conservation Area. Near the middle of old road that is between South Ridge Rd circle and the gate at the edge of the Property. 0.8 W of junction of Rockwood Canon and San Pasqual Valley Rd.
SD185427SDDaucus pusillusSarah De Groot26092003-04-27 San DiegoOat Hills, N of Escondido. Near intersection of Cerveza Dr. and Faircrest Way, Hidden Meadows.
SD186052SDDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders309662005-06-15 Riverside2.0 miles northnortheast of Vail Lake, 4.0 miles southsouthwest of Sage, Denise Rd. at Bonita Rd. near Calle de Nino.
SD186575SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman149742008-05-03 San DiegoSan Diego: Balboa Park; Florida Canon, east of Florida Drive and west of Pershing Drive, in the Morley Field area southwest of the velodrome. Note: Specimens collected during BioBlitz 2008
SD186576SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman149162008-05-01 San DiegoHellhole Canon Open Space Preserve: east of Valley Center and northeast of Lake Wohlford; southeast portion of preserve, along Hellhole Creek approx. 0.5 miles N of main parking area and kiosk
SD188695SDDaucus pusillusMichael G Simpson27592006-05-24 San DiegoIron Mountain, Poway, ca. 1.2 mile east of Hwy 67 just south of junction with Poway Rd., along hiking trail, ca. 0.5 mile north-northeast of Iron Mountain peak.
SD188696SDDaucus pusillusMichael G Simpson24702003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miner?s canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
SD189434SDDaucus pusillusJerilyn Hirshberg15092007-05-16 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, west-facing slope of Mount Gower, south of Ballena Valley, ca. 1.25 mile north of Ramona Oaks Rd.
SD189435SDDaucus pusillusAnna Trunnell122006-05-25 San DiegoEscondido, on southern edge of San Pascual Valley, San Dieguito River Park, on Raptor Ridge Trail, 1 mile SW of Ysabel Creek Rd.
SD190859SDDaucus pusillusJerilyn Hirshberg15602007-06-09 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mtns, ca. 5 miles south of intersection of Hwy 78 and Hwy 79, near edge of road to Deadman Flat, .5 mile north of intersection with Eagle Peak Road
SD190860SDDaucus pusillusIan Cain5012007-05-27 San DiegoCity of Lakeside. Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary. 13 Wildcat Canon Road. 0.37 mi E of Wildcat Canon Road, 0.27 N of Blue Sky Ranch Road, 20 meters south along stream just east of the residence
SD192193SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory23292007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake, near western shore, 12 mi E of Jamul on Barrett Lake Road, 3 mi SE of junction with Lyons Valley Road, 5.8 mi ESE of Lyons Peak
SD192194SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory23712007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake, near western shore, 12 mi E of Jamul on Barrett Lake Road, 3 mi SE of junction with Lyons Valley Road, 5.8 mi ESE of Lyons Peak
SD192195SDDaucus pusillusJim Rocks2892007-05-02 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Yankee Training Area. Along San Mateo Creek and floodplain and adjacent tributary, ca. 3.5 NE of HOLF.
SD192196SDDaucus pusillusVictoria Marshall5512007-04-27 San DiegoRamona; Boulder Oaks County Park, approx 7.0 mi southwest of Ramona, accessed through private property from Mussey Grade Road; collection area approx 1.0 mi west of Mussey Grade Road road.
SD192197SDDaucus pusillusJim Rocks3022007-05-10 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Bravo Two Training Area. Talega Canon Road, ca. 1 mi E of road junction to Camp Talega (64 Area).
SD196187SDDaucus pusillusElizabeth P. Lowe1642006-08-08 San DiegoElfin Forest, Olivenhain Municipal Water Dist, S side of Harmony Grove Road along Escondido Creek, 4 mi SW of Escondido, 1? mi W of junction Del Dios Hwy and West Via Rancho Pkwy, along the Way Up Trail
SD197105SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman178582009-05-28 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Northeast of El Canon Mountain, west of the San Diego River, and south of Barona Mesa; along El Canon Mountain Truck Trail
SD200674SDDaucus pusillusMargaret R. Mulligan25422008-05-12 San DiegoDel Dios Highlands County Preserve, top of peak, approx. one mile west on trail (road) beginning at Del Dios Highway parking lot, N of Lake Hodges.
SD201288SDDaucus pusillusMargaret R. Mulligan30182009-05-12 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, India Training Area, along Camp De Luz Road which runs along De Luz Creek, ca. 0.5 N of Camp De Luz.
SD201289SDDaucus pusillusMargaret R. Mulligan24082008-04-23 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Juliett Training Area, ca. 1 mi due east of the intersection of Vandegrift Blvd and Fallbrook Road, 1? mi N of Morro Hill
SD202083SDDaucus pusillusSteven A. JunakMA-3741998-05-04 VenturaMiddle Anacapa Island; south side of island, ca. 0.1 mile east of High Point.
SD204035SDDaucus pusillusCarolyn Martus6672008-05-14 San DiegoNortheast of Fallbrook. Just west of Sandia Creek about 3-4 mile north, upstream from the confluence with Santa Margarita River.
SD204036SDDaucus pusillusCarolyn Martus6102008-04-23 San DiegoNortheast of Fallbrook. South of the Santa Margarita River and 0.25 miles southeast of the Willow Glen and North Stagecoach trailhead, just south of Willow Glen Rd.
SD205430SDDaucus pusillusIan Cain8452008-05-11 San DiegoCity of San Diego. Tecolote Canon Natural Park. 300 meters south of west end of Mt Ariane Drive
SD205432SDDaucus pusillusDick Schwenkmeyer3432008-04-22 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, approx. 2 miles E of intersection of Santo Road with Highway 52 in Tierrasanta, under power line, approx. 1-2 mi. west of the saddle between north and south Mt. Fortuna.
SD206460SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman194172010-06-03 San DiegoBureau of Land Management (BLM) Property: northeast of Ramona; south of Hwy. 78 and north of Old Julian Hwy.
SD207512SDDaucus pusillusCarolyn Martus1302006-05-18 San DiegoCanon, 0.25 W of intersection of Wire Mtn Rd and San Jacinto Rd, about 225 yds E of Interstate 5.
SD209971SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman197752010-06-30 San DiegoSouthwest of Campo: South of Highway 94; on Bureau of Land Management lands along canyon east of dirt road and approximately 0.4 miles north of the USA-Mexico border
SD211947SDDaucus pusillusMatt Kedziora62009-04-07 San DiegoOtay Mesa, Dennery west quino and vernal pool restoration site, 0.5 mile N of 905 (Otay Mesa Road) and Caliente, just E of Angler Place
SD212453SDDaucus pusillusA. C. Sanders323862006-05-19 RiversideHills between Murrieta and Menifee Valley, west of I-215, south of Bunday Canon.
SD212454SDDaucus pusillusAndrew C. Sanders297732005-04-29 San DiegoBlue Sky Ecological Reserve, east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway, east of dirt road to Lake Poway near reserve boundary Quad: Escondido 7.5? Q.
SD212908SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman209492011-03-24 San DiegoCanon: Romeo II Training Area; north of Las Pulgas Road, east of I-5, and just northeast of the junction of El Camino Real and Horno Canon Road
SD212909SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman207282011-03-17 San DiegoCanon: Romeo III Training Area; east of I-5, north of Las Pulgas Road, and just east of El Camino Real along a dirt road running in the bottom of a canyon, in disturbed areas along road and surrounding vegetation
SD214084SDDaucus pusillusDick Schwenkmeyer4622009-04-30 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, .5 mi. southwest of trailhead at Big Rock Park on Mesa Road in Santee, about 1.0 W of Hwy 52.
SD215783SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow7172009-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego, Balboa Park, 1-3 mi E of Park Blvd and Zoo Place, east of Florida Drive on top of bluff, just off trail leading to the softball field.
SD216740SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman218262011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: E of Eagle Peak and west of Boulder Creek Road; along the trail from Boulder Creek Road to the Three Sisters Waterfall in Boulder Creek; approximately 0.3 miles west of the parking area
SD216741SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman217812011-05-19 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: East of Rancho San Diego; on the lower west side of McGinty Mountain; along the dirt road and small trail
SD216742SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman211742011-04-22 San DiegoCanon: Victor Training Area; south of Las Pulgas Road, west of I-5, on coastal mesas and canyons above the beach; northwest of the rest stop on I-5 southbound
SD216743SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman213122011-04-27 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: southeast of Sweetwater Reservoir; west side of Mother Miguel Mountain; on the lower slopes and in a small canyon
SD216744SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman217482011-05-19 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: East of Rancho San Diego; on the lower west side of McGinty Mountain
SD217538SDDaucus pusillusJeannie Gregory31152009-06-30 San DiegoMesa Grande, Nature Conservancy (Wheatly Property), 2 miles W of Morettis Junction (Pala Road & Hwy 79) E of Mesa Grande Road, 2.5 miles S of dam at Lake Henshaw
SD217539SDDaucus pusillusLayla Aerne Hains2462010-05-04 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Ca. 6.5 miles (by air) SE of city of Ramona and ca. 2.5 miles (by air) ESE of intersction of San Vicente Rd. with Ramona Oaks Rd. Along Gower Road (at end of Thornbush Rd). Ca. 0.7 mi from watertank and gate to
SD218437SDDaucus pusillusP. Seiley742003-05-08 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park
SD218514SDDaucus pusillusJerry Green1222010-05-17 San DiegoRancho Penasquitos, Black Mountain area, Miner′s Loop Trail, cut-over Trail to East Side of Black Mountain
SD219272SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman219242011-05-26 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Northeast of Eagle Peak and north of Sunshine Peak; east of a dirt road that goes north off of Boulder Creek Road; along Cedar Creek
SD220032SDDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin34092004-05-02 OrangeIrvine; San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, near Campus and University Drs., 1.7 km (air) NNW UC Irvine campus center.
SD220927SDDaucus pusillusJoe Barth10062010-05-16 San DiegoCity of Santee. Around hill and area adjacent to baseball fields just N of San Diego River. W of Riverford Rd, S of Mast Blvd, E of Ramsgate Wy.
SD223294SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman230952012-03-28 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Romeo II; San Onofre Mountains: east of I-5 and southwest of San Onofre Peak, along San Onofre Peak Road and surrounding slopes
SD225969SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman240682012-05-22 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Romeo I; southeast of San Onofre Peak; east of El Camino Real and I-5; along Horno Canon Road
SD225970SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman241662012-05-24 San DiegoLake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona and on the west side of Lake Sutherland just southwest of the dam; along Lake Sutherland Dam Road.
SD228084SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman244482012-05-30 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Echo; west of Santa Margarita Peak; west of Case Springs Road, in the canyon just west of Case Springs Lake
SD229843SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman248582012-06-07 San DiegoBarrett Lake: along Barrett Lake Road between Lyons Valley Road and the Lake where a creek crosses the road; west of Barrett Lake
SD230994SDDaucus pusillusJames R. Shevock94191982-05-06 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park. Along General′s Highway, 2.5 miles north of Ash Mountain Park Headquarters near Potwisha Campground above Middle Fork Kaweah River.
SD231518SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman258252013-04-02 San DiegoDel Mar Mesa Preserve: between I-5 & I-15, south of Hwy. 56 N of Los Penasquitos Canon, W of Black Mountain Road; on a vernal pool mesa near the main trail, NW of the end of Mannix Road
SD233723SDDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin25962003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: SE side of Otay Mtn., western Maron Valley, S of BM 838, ca. 1-2 N of Mexican border on slope above Tijuana River.
SD234268SDDaucus pusillusA.C. Sanders262822003-05-01 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: NE side of Castaic Mesa, ca. 0.75 mi. southwest of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons, Newhall Ranch.
SD234784SDDaucus pusillusA.C. Sanders262952003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Otay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border.
SD235209SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman260562013-04-24 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area Kilo One; off of a dirt road west of Basilone Road, in the bottom of a canyon near a pond
SD235210SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman262182013-05-01 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area India; northeast of Basilone Road and east of Roblar Road; on a slope just west of the canyon bottom & south of a dirt road
SD235211SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman261922013-05-01 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area India; northeast of Basilone Road and east of Roblar Road; along a canyon bottom south of a dirt road
SD235784SDDaucus pusillusRosanne L. Humphrey1122006-04-22 San DiegoOceanside, Myers Property adjacent to Eternal Hills Cemetery, approx 0.4 mi SW of Oceanside Blvd. and El Camino Real
SD237678SDDaucus pusillusJohn Groth3242011-05-27 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Mtns, 3 WNW of Middle Peak, 1 mile SE of Sunshine Mtn, 0.75 mile NW junction of Boulder Creek Road and Mc Coy Ranch Road
SD237679SDDaucus pusillusJudy Dunning1242010-05-19 San DiegoEl Canon; Crest, south side of South Lane, west of Albatross Place, near S end of South Lane Park
SD237680SDDaucus pusillusMike D. Angel7022009-04-05 San DiegoCity of San Diego in Urban Canon just N of Mission Valley. Approx 1.5 NE of junction of I-8 and SR-163, just W of the Mission Center Road and Sevan Court junction, near W end of Celestine Park E of 805
SD238009SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman279592014-04-22 San DiegoCanon: northwestern portion of Base; along Cristianitos Creek, west of Guacamole Road & east of Cristianitos Road, on the hills just west of the convergence with San Mateo Creek
SD238533SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman278422014-04-16 San DiegoCanon: southeastern portion of Base; Training Area Lima; along a dirt road south of 4th Street, just west of the dirt road on the north-facing slope of a hill
SD238534SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman282042014-05-06 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Charlie: northern portion of Base; in a smaller canyon to the north of Talega Road
SD239550SDDaucus pusillusMark A. Elvin41702005-04-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: San Ysidro Mountains: Otay Mountain; W side bernal pool complex; S of Otay R.; N and E of O′Neal Canon; WNW of prisons (Otay 7.5′Q)
SD240540SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman284872014-05-13 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Kilo Two: central portion of Base; on the slopes just west of the Santa Margarita River & west of the hospital on Santa Margarita Road
SD240541SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman283732014-05-08 San DiegoCanon: Training Area India: eastern portion of Base; along the Santa Margarita River just southwest of the De Luz Road crossing; on a WNW-facing slope that burned last year
SD240821SDDaucus pusillusR.G. Swinney10294A2009-04-07 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges: San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and S.G. Valley; Azusa-Irwindale, between the I-210 Fwy and Foothill Blvd, on west side of San Gabriel River channel
SD242385SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange8282011-05-06 San DiegoCity of San Diego; South of Highway 94; 0.21 miles SW of intersect of 60th street and Federal Blvd.
SD242386SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange9982012-04-17 San DiegoSan Diego; Chollas Park; just N of College Grove Drive, 0.34 miles west of the dam
SD243793SDDaucus pusilluss.n.1978-06-06 San DiegoStorm Canon
SD245551SDDaucus pusillusKathleen A Mauro432009-05-10 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe; Ewing Preserve; 0.13 mile E of intersection La Glorieta & Linea del Cielo (S-8); just N of La Sencilla.
SD245552SDDaucus pusillusJerilyn Hirshberg23222011-06-12 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, NW of Cuyamaca Mtns, 0.25 mile SE of gate to McGee Flat on Eagle Peak Road, about 1.5 miles SW of intersection of Eagle Peak Road with Boulder Creek Road
SD245553SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange5692010-05-05 San DiegoEncinitas, Manchester Reserve, North slope of grassy hillside about 2 W of parking area on Manchester Ave.
SD245554SDDaucus pusillusLarry Hendrickson52852011-04-27 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Oriflamme Canon, 2.9 miles W of intersection of County Road S-2 and access road to canyon.
SD24563SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander71391939-04-02 San DiegoRocky slope near Vallecitos Station.
SD246299SDDaucus pusillusJon P. Rebman301982015-05-13 San DiegoCanon: northeast portion of Base; Santa Margarita Mountains; Echo Training Area: just off of Case Springs Road-Roblar Rd. en route to Case Springs
SD24734SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander72361939-04-23 San DiegoBlack Canon, Otay Ranch.
SD24781SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander72731939-04-27 San DiegoFirst year burn in mixed Chaparral, Poway Grade.
SD24936SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander74261939-05-09 San DiegoFirst year burn in Chaparral near Lilac.
SD249381SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow24732012-04-20 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe; San Dieguito County Park; E of Highland Drive; N of Highway S-8 (Loma Santa Fe Drive)
SD249382SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow22962012-03-06 San DiegoLeucadia; north of Encinitas Blvd; E of North Vulcan Avenue; near the south end of Cottonwood Creek Park trail.
SD249383SDDaucus pusillusNancy Nenow18392011-04-30 San DiegoLa Jolla at the west end of Torrey Pines Scenic south of the gliderport parking lot in the canyon west of bluff trail; about 220 yards W of end of Salk Institute Road
SD24981SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander74711939-05-09 San DiegoNear San Pasqual
SD251966SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange11362013-04-13 San DiegoMira Mar; edge of mesa just north of Arjons Dr, east side of Trade Place
SD251967SDDaucus pusillusJohn LaGrange11872013-04-17 San DiegoLake Hodges area; San Dieguito River canyon west of foot bridge; 1 mile west of Lake Hodges dam; just N of Del Dios Highway
SD255978SDDaucus pusillusMary Ann Hawke1142008-03-05 San DiegoDehesa; Fish & Wildlife Refuge; 0.18 mi E of intersection Willow Glen Road and Dehesa Road; just N of Singing Hills Golf Course
SD256388SDDaucus pusillusYee Chang372015-04-19 San DiegoScripps Ranch; East facing slope about 50ft E of the deadend of Semillon Blvd.
SD256389SDDaucus pusillusLarry Hendrickson66612015-05-03 San DiegoBanner Canon; Bureau of Land Management property; 1.7 air miles east of Julian and 2.1 surface miles SE of intersection of State Route 78 Wynola Road; 300 feet west of 78 below old mine road.
SD261957SDDaucus pusillusJon Rebman315062016-04-11 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base; Oscar One Training Area: Between Stuart Mesa Rd. and the Santa Margarita River; just east of Macs Road.
SD264404SDDaucus pusillusSusan T. Welker13951994-05-05 San DiegoSouth of Pine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch. West side of Long Valley Road, approx 1 mi south of Bear Valley Rd. Grid
SD264405SDDaucus pusillusSusan T. Welker15451998-04-02 San DiegoTijuana River Valley Open Space, south of Imperial Beach, north of International border. North-western side of Spooner′s Mesa. Grid W10.
SD26885SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander82201940-04-18 San DiegoHerron Ranch, near DeLuz.
SD27148SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander84851940-05-02 San DiegoPuerta la Cruz, Santa Margarita Ranch.
SD27569SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander86681940-05-22 San DiegoNear Eagles Nest Hot Springs Mountain
SD28065SDDaucus pusillusCarl B. Wolf35261932-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Canong the equestrian trail, back of Avalon.
SD28726SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander92981941-05-22 San DiegoThree miles west of Alpine.
SD28777SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Gander93641941-05-22 San DiegoBurn area between Campo and Canon City.
SD30965SDDaucus pusillusEdith A. Purer17631931-04-28 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills, north facing slope
SD3423SDDaucus pusillusFrank F. Ganders.n.1934-04-25 San DiegoEast San Diego.
SD3425SDDaucus pusillusN. S. Linychers.n.1895-04-30 San DiegoLa Jolla.
SD3426SDDaucus pusillusFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1895-04-30 UnknownFoothills, South U. S. to Carolina (mak 7-06)
SD39636SDDaucus pusillusEdith A. Purer4088a1932-07-25 MendocinoSand dunes, Fort Bragg.
SD39637SDDaucus pusillusEdith A. Purer27721932-04-23 Los AngelesDunes, El Segundo.
SD53026SDDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven178241962-05-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; open grassland beyond Emerald Bay.
SD63377SDDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven207851966-04-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island; Steep clayey slopes and arroyos above pier near southeast end of island.
SD67532SDDaucus pusillusReid Moran148821968-04-24 San DiegoGreen Valley Truck Trail, west side of Mt. Woodson.
SD69451SDDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne348791965-06-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, upper portion of Avalon Canon along roadside.
SD7581SDDaucus pusillusDaniel Clevelands.n.1874-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego (mak 5-06)
SD7582SDDaucus pusillusUnknowns.n.1875-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego (mak 5-06)
SD80445SDDaucus pusillusHelen V. Witham14431971-05-18 San DiegoSan Onofre Bluffs State Beach
SD80506SDDaucus pusillusHelen V. Witham14931971-05-18 San DiegoSan Onofre State Beach.
SD80599SDDaucus pusillusHelen V. Witham13711971-05-10 San DiegoFrequent, 5B Miramar NAS.
SD80665SDDaucus pusillusHelen V. Witham12841971-03-25 San DiegoMiramar Naval Air Station.
SDSU02268SDSUDaucus pusillusWedberg, H.9341962-05-23 Riverside4.8 miles from Hwy 395 at Rainbow, on road to Santa Margarita River and Temecula Canon.
SDSU02269SDSUDaucus pusillusBeauchamp, R.M.5531967-06-03 Los AngelesOn south hillside above Horse Canon, San Clemente Island.
SDSU02271SDSUDaucus pusillusSimpson, Michael G.24IV92C1992-04-24 San DiegoNear canyon bottom, ca. 1-4 mile northwest of Old Mission Dam, Mission Trails Regional Park.
SDSU02272SDSUDaucus pusillusOlson, Andrew29741938-04-27 San DiegoMohogany Canon, Fairmount Ave. north.
SDSU02273SDSUDaucus pusillusColeman, M.1969-04-23 San DiegoOtay Ranch, Proctor Valley Road; four miles from intersection of San Miguel Road and Proctor Valley Road, and one half mile from roadside.
SDSU02274SDSUDaucus pusillusAcquista, Steven21IV94B1994-04-21 San DiegoPlateau north of Mission Dam, Southeast of Fortuna Mountain, Mission Trails Regional Park.
SDSU13680SDSUDaucus pusillusBuschbom, Jutta111991-03-06 RiversideSE-Slope, N-Border of reserve, beyond an avocado grove, ca. 500m (15 min.) NW from the fieldstation. Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve
SDSU14252SDSUDaucus pusillusWalsh, Valerie62003-03-13 San DiegoNorth of Singing Hills Golf Course. South of Crest, north of Dehesa Rd.
SDSU14387SDSUDaucus pusillusO′Regan, Eamon1991-07-15 San DiegoT. 1 W of Cuate Hill Area-recent burn. San Diego County, California. DMC 45203 369079.
SDSU14388SDSUDaucus pusillusReiser, Craig H.23-VI-891989-06-23 San DiegoCamp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: Bravo III.
SDSU15627SDSUDaucus pusillusSimpson, Michael G.23632003-04-11 San DiegoPoint Loma Navy Base, Fuel Farm region. Slope down from asphalt road, ca. 100 feet southeast of warehouse 114.
SDSU15911SDSUDaucus pusillusWoch, Ed682004-04-04 San DiegoMiramar, west and behind garbage dump at Mast Rd.
SDSU15929SDSUDaucus pusillusWoch, Ed872004-05-10 San DiegoSan Vincente reservoir, East and North East facing slopes above lake near inflow guaging station.
SDSU16009SDSUDaucus pusillusLauri, Robert4652003-06-06 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Off Nate Harrison Grade near entrace to rope trail
SDSU17241SDSUDaucus pusillusSimpson, Michael G.24702003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miners canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
SDSU17880SDSUDaucus pusillusKeeley, Sterling Carter6051971-06-07 San DiegoAlpine, San Diego Co., California, USA
SDSU19490SDSUDaucus pusillusKozma, Elena K.82010-05-04 San DiegoLeft side of hiking trail at bottom of slope ca. 100 meters west of dam. Mission Trails Regional Park, Old Mission Dam.
SDSU21652SDSUDaucus pusillusHinton, Selena112016-04-26 San DiegoSan Diego State Ecological Reserve, north of the I-8 from campus, up 50-60 feet the hill to the left of the trail right before the Alvarado Creek.
SDSU22064SDSUDaucus pusillusGarcia Valderrama, Cesar52017-05-13 San DiegoSan Diego State University Adobe Falls Ecological Reserve.
SDSU23220SDSUDaucus pusillusWier, Harold A.8571992-05-24 San DiegoNaval Air Station Miramar, San Clemente Canon, vicinity of Bivouac 2, ca. 2 mi east of Interstate 15. SE 1 NE 1-4, Sec 10, T15S, R2W
SDSU23221SDSUDaucus pusillusBrown, John W.2571994-05-02 San DiegoNaval Weapons Station Fallbrook Annex. edge of drainage tributary of Santa Margarita River, near south end of River Road. Sect. 14, T.9 S., R.4 W, USGS 7.5 minute Fallbrook Quadrangle.
SFV100868SFVDaucus pusillusC. F. Smith16791946-07-02 Santa BarbaraMission Canon. Woodland of Tunnel Picnic Grounds.
SFV100869SFVDaucus pusillusJ. R. Maze161963-04-27 YoloEast slope of steep north0running draw about 2 miles east of Recreation Beach, CA Highway 128.
SHTC6032SHTCDaucus pusillusMassengale, Taylor62017-05-04 StanislausKinghts Ferry
SJSU1271SJSUDaucus pusillusC.W. Sharsmith59801952-06-05 Santa Claraabove Stevens Cr E slope Santa Cruz Mts
SJSU13273SJSUDaucus pusillusC.W. Sharsmith46351944-06-26 MariposaMerced R Canon below Arch Rock, Yosemite National Park
SJSU1388SJSUDaucus pusillusC.W. Sharsmith60901953-06-18 Mendocinoby Russian Gulch near Mendocino City
SJSU5890SJSUDaucus pusillusR.L. MacDonald & N.D. Addy1962-06-30 Tehamaoby Hwy 36 c. 11 W of Mineral
THRI-SEKI18816THRIDaucus pusillusPilewski, L.; Evens, J.; Roll, A.; Akin, J.; Kane, S.; Karplus, C.2001-04-27 UnknownVM.SEKI.0182. Located 0.2 W of water treatment plant, Ash Mountain Headquarters
THRI-SEKI19184THRIDaucus pusillusNagel, T.; Pilewski, L.; Akin, J.2002-05-07 UnknownVM.SEKI.0399. east of Buckeye Flat campground
THRI-SEKI7792THRIDaucus pusillusRockwell, Jack A.69-05301969-05-17 UnknownAsh Mtn Recreation Building
THRI-SEKI7793THRIDaucus pusillusStocking, S.K.11531961-04-28 UnknownElk Cr
THRI-SEKI7794THRIDaucus pusillusStocking, S.K.609471974-06-01 UnknownElk Cr
THRI-SEKI7795THRIDaucus pusillusRockwell, Jack A.69-05301969-05-17 UnknownAsh Mtn Recreation Building
THRI-SEKI7796THRIDaucus pusillusNorris, Larry L.2431982-05-13 Unknown2 Ne Ash Mtn
UC1005288UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. Burgess2151955-05-22 San Benitonear Headquarters Bear Gulch (Pinnacles Nat′l Monument);, Bear Gulch
UC1018427UCJEPSDaucus pusillusFrancis M. Ball1948-05-01 Los AngelesSepulveda Blvd. 1 mi. w. of tunnel Santa Monica Mts.
UC106443UCJEPSDaucus pusillusunknown111996-05-15 VenturaOjai Valley
UC106444UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. M. Austin2001883-05-01 ButteLittle Chico Creek
UC106445UCJEPSDaucus pusillusMrs. K. Brandegee1905-06-01 San MateoHalfmoon Bay
UC106446UCJEPSDaucus pusillusKatharine Brandegee1935-03-31 San FranciscoLake Merced
UC1088567UCJEPSDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven127021958-04-30 San Diego1.5 mi. e. Torrey Pines (on rd. to Miramar)
UC1122935UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. D. Roseberry1261935-05-02 Amador1-4 mi. s. Buena Vista Peak (Plot 98); Jackson Quad.
UC1122936UCJEPSDaucus pusillusH. S. Yates36211933-05-23 Nevada3 mi. n.e. Spencerville; Smartsville Quad.
UC1122937UCJEPSDaucus pusillusW. E. Bullard91935-06-05 Fresno1 mi. n.w. Auberry; Mariposa Quad.
UC1122938UCJEPSDaucus pusillusK. E. Bradshaw741937-06-07 Lake1-8 mi. n. Laurel Beach; Lakeport Quad.
UC1122939UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. D. Roseberry1921935-05-22 Calaveras3 mi. s.-s.e. Burson (Plot 150); Jackson Quad.
UC1122940UCJEPSDaucus pusillusN. K. Carlson1081935-06-29 San Mateo1 mi. s. Pescadero; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1122941UCJEPSDaucus pusillusB. Bolt21934-05-25 Mariposan.e. slope Indian Peak; Indian Gulch Quad.
UC1122942UCJEPSDaucus pusillusC. M. Belshaw19881936-04-26 Amador1 1-2 mi. n.w. Buena Vista Peak (Plot 40); Jackson Quad.
UC1122943UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. D. Roseberry691935-04-18 Amador1 1-2 mi. n.w. Buena Vista; Jackson Quad.
UC1122944UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. D. Roseberry2041935-05-29 Calaveras1 1-2 mi. e.-e.s. Valley Springs; Jackson Quad.
UC1122945UCJEPSDaucus pusillusP. L. Johannsen8771936-05-26 Calaveras2 mi. n.w. Altaville; Jackson Quad.
UC1122946UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJerome S. Horton4801937-06-29 Los AngelesPomona Quad., Tanbark Creek
UC1179139UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. H. Thomas32741953-05-31 Santa Cruzjust back of beach Sunset Beach State Park
UC1181172UCJEPSDaucus pusillusBarbara H. Brock3531957-07-12 Madera1 1-2 mi. s.e. South Fork (e. off Mammoth Rd., in valley n. end of property above meadow, Wahlberg Ranch); Wahlberg Ranch
UC1181180UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRichard M. Mallory5671955-05-07 Fresnos. side San Joaquin R. Temperance Flat (near rd. at entrance to Sullivan property)
UC1197346UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy82111927-06-26 HumboldtStone Lagoon sand beach
UC1197347UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy33051911-07-05 Humboldtalong Willow Creek (a tributary of Trinity R.) near its mouth Willow Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Willow Creek
UC1197348UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. P. Tracy21921905-06-11 HumboldtBucksport
UC1197349UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. P. Tracy11451901-06-16 Humboldtnear Bucksport
UC1197350UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. P. Tracy12281901-07-29 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka (hillside in Connick′s Field)
UC1197351UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. P. Tracy2751899-07-22 HumboldtEureka
UC1197352UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy12481901-08-02 Humboldtnear Hydesville; Northern Coast Region
UC1197353UCJEPSDaucus pusillusHarley P. Chandler11541901-05-01 HumboldtHumboldt Bay North Coast Ranges, Humboldt Bay
UC1197354UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. P. Tracy25791907-07-04 Humboldt1-2 mi. n. mouth of Little River
UC1197355UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy49961918-07-03 HumboldtShelter Cove Northern Coast Ranges, Shelter Cove
UC1197356UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJoseph P. Tracy56531921-05-21 CalaverasCopperopolis Foothill Region, Copperopolis
UC1223623UCJEPSDaucus pusillusunknown1989-04-25 SacramentoSacramento
UC1228819UCJEPSDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven171681962-04-09 Los Angelesarroyo in grassland above Wilson Cove (San Clemente Isl.); San Clemente Isl.
UC1234781UCJEPSDaucus pusillusPeter H. Raven178241962-05-22 Los Angelesopen grassland beyond Emerald Bay (Santa Catalina Isl.); Santa Catalina Isl.
UC123642UCJEPSDaucus pusillusMiss Harriet A. Walker3351906-06-23 Mendocinonear Comptche
UC1246757UCJEPSDaucus pusillusHoward Scott Gentry, Steven Koch197731962-06-22 MendocinoHearst
UC1282756UCJEPSDaucus pusillusJ. R. Sweeney5881951-04-15 Lake1.2 mi. s.w. Highland Springs
UC1296083UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. F. Hoover94271965-06-14 San Luis Obispos. Arroyo de la Cruz (near Arroyo del Oso, by seashore)
UC1348338UCJEPSDaucus pusillusR. J. Rodin1963-09-23 San Luis ObispoBotanical Garden of CA Polytechnic College
UC1349337UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne, P. Everett348971965-06-22 Los Angelesupper portion along roadside Avalon Canon; Santa Canon Canon
UC1357822UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRonald E. Foreman2301966-04-09 Venturaterrace above Pirates Cove (San Nicolas Island); San Nicolas Island
UC1357856UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRonald E. Foreman, Don Smith1691966-04-07 Venturas. of runway above Jehemy Beach (San Nicolas Isl.); San Nicolas Isl.
UC1375394UCJEPSDaucus pusillusC. W. Tilforth, John Dourley3941971-06-08 San Diego1 mi. n.e. of north tip Loveland Reservoir
UC1375704UCJEPSDaucus pusillusMoncrief, Mowbray1101903-08-16 MariposaYsoemite Nat′l Park
UC1400360UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne428621973-04-11 Los Angelesmiddle portion Norton Canon (San Clemente Isl.); San Clemente Isl.
UC1400385UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne355681965-09-20 Del Norten.w. Lake Talawa (Pacific Shores)
UC1443154UCJEPSDaucus pusillusH. A. Wies, R. M. Beauchamp1978-06-30 Venturan. side of Jackson Hwy. e. of Hill 907 Nicolas Isl.
UC1478672UCJEPSDaucus pusillusRobert F. Thorne, G. Wallace, M. Haefs487691977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Isl., Canada Lobos