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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT33081CASCryptantha arenicolaHeller, Amos Arthur82031906-05-08 InyoWest of Laws
GH00095918GHCryptantha arenicolaA. A. Heller82031906-05-08 InyoSand hills west of Laws
CAS-BOT176689CASCryptantha intermedia var. rigidaChandler, Edwin R.37171968-05-07 VenturaFirebreak W of Maintenance Yard, Route 33, upper Sespe
LA00602768LACryptantha intermedia var. rigidaO.H Kappler1412a1947-05-24 KernGreenhorn Mountains. Kern County Park.
OBI131877OBICryptantha intermedia var. rigidaEdwin R. Chandler38521970-05-07 Santa BarbaraBates Cyn campground, White Oak Guard Station, Sierra Madre Mts
RSA0071000RSACryptantha intermedia var. rigidaE. R. Chandler38521970-05-07 Santa BarbaraBates Canon Campground, White Oak Guard Station, Sierra Madre Mountains.
RSA0076109RSACryptantha intermedia var. rigidaE. R. Chandler36841968-05-02 VenturaMaintenance Yard, Route 33, upper Sespe.
UCSB029390UCSBCryptantha intermedia var. rigidaDennis E. Breedlove22111962-04-08 San Benito0.9 road mile northeast of New Idria; Call Mountains.
DAV315942DAVCryptantha juniperensisCNPS Melinda ElsterCARR--928A-A2015-04-24 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Carrizo Plain National Monument.
DAV315943DAVCryptantha juniperensisRobert E. Preston27612010-04-16 FresnoCa. 12.5 N of Coalinga, in Pine Canon.
DAV315944DAVCryptantha juniperensisRobert E. Preston27512010-04-14 KingsReef Ridge, in Big Tar Canon, ca. 4.9 mi SSW of Avenal.
DAV315945DAVCryptantha juniperensisRobert E. Preston27282010-03-31 KernE slope of Temblor Ranges, 0.9 W of Temblor Ranch.
DAV315948DAVCryptantha juniperensisElizabeth Milauskas91994-05-07 RiversideRiverside County: Agua Canon near Palm Springs, 4 blocks west of Via Monte Vista near Dam.
DAV315951DAVCryptantha juniperensisFrederic Hrusa110491993-05-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Huasna area. Approximately 4 km. beyond Stony Creek Campground.
DAV315953DAVCryptantha juniperensisR.G. Swinney106622009-05-06 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Transverse Range; San Gabriel Mtns.-Western Mojave Desert, Canon, 0.4-1.5 miles SE of Mt. Emma Rd., upper south fork of Carr Cyn.
DAV315954DAVCryptantha juniperensisR.G. Swinney126592010-05-11 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains, Acton, 0.7 road miles SE of jct. of Soledad Canon Rd. and Crown Valley Rd., 0.3 miles east of Crown Valley Rd. on dirt Rd., below US Forest Service boundary.
GMDRC12036GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre417222019-05-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Just south of Largo Vista in Grandview Canon along Road N4 (240th St East), 1.1 mile north of Big Pines Hwy (Hwy N2), 5 miles east of Valyermo
GMDRC12055GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre417462019-05-23 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Ranges: along Pacific Crest Trail in upper San Francisquito Canon at Green Valley Station, 2.5 air miles south of Elizabeth Lake
GMDRC12064GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre417552019-05-23 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Sand Canon, just west of Sand Canon Rd, 2.9 miles north of Hwy 58, approx. 10 miles east of Tehachapi town center
GMDRC12182GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre419422019-06-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: along steep switchbacks of 4WD road # 3N69 just north of west end of Baldwin Lake
GMDRC12959GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre429962020-05-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Ball Flat, 0.9 miles NE or Big Pines Hwy, 1.2 miles north of Jackson Lake
GMDRC12984GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre430312020-05-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: north side of range along Largo Vista Rd, approx 1 mile N or Mile High (junction Big Pines Hwy).
GMDRC13021GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre430812020-05-14 KernSierra Nevada: just south of Hwy 178, 4.3 miles west of Walker Pass
GMDRC13079GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre431772020-05-15 KernSierra Nevada: Piute Mountains, southeast base of range along Jawbone Canon Rd - Geringer Grade, Cottonwood Cr drainage overlooking Kelso Valley
GMDRC13127GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre433012020-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Summit Valley in Horsethief Cyn watershed, just south of Hwy 138, west of exit Hwy 173, 0.6 air miles from NW shore of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC13243GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre435092020-06-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: along FS Rd # 3N12-C on NE slopes of Delamar Mtn, just below Pacific Crest Trail, 1 mile south of Holcomb Valley
GMDRC13549GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre439152021-04-28 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains: along Pine Canon Rd (N-2) approximately 2 miles east of Three Points, just below Sawmill Canon
GMDRC13674GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. M. Andre440432021-05-13 Los Angeleswestern Transverse Ranges: Liebre Mountains, just north of Pine Cyn Rd in Pine Canon, 2.6 miles ESE of Three Points and approx. 7 miles west of Lake Hughes
GMDRC3736GMDRCCryptantha juniperensisJ. Andre112022009-05-09 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: New York Mountains: along NY Mtns Road at small limestone hills near mine and borrow pit, approx 0.5 W. of Rd to Canon.
HSC202628HSCCryptantha juniperensisL.P. Janeway16401986-05-06 FresnoAlong Los Gatos Creek, ca. 8-1 W of Coalinga via road
HSC202727HSCCryptantha juniperensisR.G. Swinney104542009-04-24 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns., Mojave Desert: Littlerock Creek, 0.3 W of Littlerock Creek Campground
IRVC106786IRVCCryptantha juniperensisA.C. Sanders139621993-05-06 Los AngelesMojave Desert: 13 miles north of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave F
IRVC106787IRVCCryptantha juniperensisA.C. Sanders139531993-05-06 Los Angeles12 miles N of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave G, to 1-1 W of intersection.
IRVC106789IRVCCryptantha juniperensisA.C. Sanders227761999-05-19 KernMt. Pinos to Temblor Range area: dirt road along So. Calif. Gas Co. line from Hwy 33 near BM 2785 (San Andreas Rift Zone) to Klipstein Cyn. Rd. (Cienaga Cyn.) near old Klipstein Ranch (Ballinger Canon 7.5 Q)
IRVC113694IRVCCryptantha juniperensisMark A. Elvin40442005-03-15 San Diegosouth of Dulzura; ridge west of Bee Canon; north of Donahoe Spring
IRVC113698IRVCCryptantha juniperensisVictoria Sorks.n.1973-04-05 RiversideElsinore, 1.5 N 0.5 W of intersection of Hwys 71 & 74.
IRVC113699IRVCCryptantha juniperensisR.H. WhittakerSJ-151963-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Hemey Hwy.; 33.69967 -116.75012
PUA62784PUACryptantha juniperensisG.L. Clifton69261981-04-21 MontereyLocal landmark: Mustang Ridge. San Ardo Quad.
RSA0089136RSACryptantha juniperensisMitch Provance403-012003-04-05 RiversideJurupa Mountains, Sunnyslope neighborhood, east side of Sierra Blvd., north of west end of Lauren Ln., SW of Noname Mtn.; Fontana 7.5
RSA0116513RSACryptantha juniperensisSteve Boyd119182008-05-01 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada region: Piute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley.
RSA0116514RSACryptantha juniperensisA. C. Sanders294182005-04-13 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel-Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, lower Mint Canon at the community of Mint Canon.; Mint Canon 7.5 Q.
RSA0116515RSACryptantha juniperensisSteve Boyd95571997-04-20 KernSan Emigdio Range: Pleito Hills region, San Emigdio Ranch, ridge on west side of Pleito Canon, approximately 4.5 air miles due north of Antimony Peak.; Pleito Hills
RSA0116516RSACryptantha juniperensisTimothy S Ross79501994-05-25 Los AngelesNecktie Basin: Hanging basin ca 470-83 W of Warm Springs Mtn summit. These collections from ca 600-800 m WSW of summit.; Warm Springs Mtn 7.5
RSA0116517RSACryptantha juniperensisLyman Benson8304a1937-05-16 KernKern Canon, Greenhorn Mountains. Kern River Watershed.
RSA0116518RSACryptantha juniperensisE. C. Twisselmann119761966-04-20 KernSummit of Black Canon.
RSA0116523RSACryptantha juniperensisH. M. Pollards.n.1972-03-30 VenturaHead of Signal St., North Ojai.
RSA0116808RSACryptantha juniperensisA. C. Sanders409902014-04-08 RiversidePeninsular Range: Temescal Canon, along Temescal Canon Rd. c. 0.2 km SE of I-15 crossing, near mouth of Mayhew Canon and just east of Mayhew Rd.; Lake Mathews 7.5
RSA0140018RSACryptantha juniperensisNaomi Fraga52582015-04-07 Los AngelesThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Strumpel Parcel owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River.; Acton
SBBG109602SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClare B. Hardham180341971-04-24 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; American Cyn near cmpgrd
SBBG116350SBBGCryptantha juniperensisD. H. Wilken w- E. Painter160312003-04-24 VenturaBallinger Cyn; ca. 3.7 linear km ESE of Ballinger Cmpgrd
SBBG116572SBBGCryptantha juniperensisD. Silverman, N. Cione41052001-04-28 San Bernardinovolcanic tuff slopes above Seep Spring, NE of Pilot KnobNAWS S Ranges
SBBG116575SBBGCryptantha juniperensisD. Silverman14622000-06-15 VenturaNE of Lockwood Valley, Parcel 4932
SBBG11815SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClare B. Hardham31401958-04-29 San Luis ObispoCamatta Ranch, E of Creston
SBBG118618SBBGCryptantha juniperensisM. Wetherwax, E. PainterCR2902002-04-21 San Luis Obisporoadside, Training Area Q, near western boundary of installation; Camp Roberts
SBBG220054SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler28681966-05-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33, Tule Crk Crossing
SBBG220055SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler35031967-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; slope adjacent to Ozena Cmpgrd
SBBG220056SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler34691967-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; slope adjacent to Sandstone Public Camp
SBBG220057SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler34681967-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; slope adjacent to Sandstone Public Camp
SBBG220058SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler34761967-06-02 Venturanear Sandstone Public Camp
SBBG220059SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler19321964-05-30 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Cyn
SBBG220060SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClare B. Hardham18781957-05-01 Montereyhead of Lowe′s Cyn, ca. 15 NE of San Miguel
SBBG220061SBBGCryptantha juniperensisDennis E. Breedlove27501962-05-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; 3 mi S of Lockwood Valley Rd, on rd to Thorn Meadows
SBBG220062SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler21741965-05-07 Santa BarbaraBallinger Cyn
SBBG220063SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler12821963-06-05 Santa BarbaraQuatal Cyn near the E line of Santa Barbara County, Cuyama Valley
SBBG220065SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler22951965-05-18 Santa BarbaraBates Cyn near Guard Station, Sierra Madre
SBBG220066SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler2198a1965-05-14 Santa BarbaraBallinger Cyn, ca. 0.5 mi E of Hwy 33
SBBG220067SBBGCryptantha juniperensisKatherine K. Muller10071960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero near Salisbury Potrero, Sierra Madre
SBBG220068SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler12511963-06-03 Santa BarbaraMiranda Pine Rd, ca. 5 mi above jct with rd out of Smith Cyn, Sierra Madre
SBBG220069SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler38521970-05-07 Santa BarbaraBates Cyn Cmpgrd, White Oak Guard Station, Sierra Madre
SBBG220070SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClare B. Hardham104871962-05-24 Santa BarbaraE end of Hurricane Deck, San Rafael Mtns
SBBG220071SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler11511963-05-23 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn, ca. 3.5 mi E of Tepusquet Rd
SBBG220072SBBGCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Blakley69281968-06-08 Santa BarbaraWhite Ledge, Hurricane Deck; San Rafael Mtns
SBBG230058SBBGCryptantha juniperensisR. G. Swinney82481998-04-04 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: west of Devils Punchbowl County Park, at the junction of Holmes Creek and Watson Creek.
SBBG85988SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClifton F. Smith53811957-05-22 Santa Barbaralower Santa Barbara Cyn
SBBG86032SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClifton F. Smith54151957-05-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Cyn, above Reyes Ranch
SBBG86034SBBGCryptantha juniperensisClifton F. Smith57441958-05-06 VenturaHwy 399, at turnoff to Lockwood Valley
SBBG87613SBBGCryptantha juniperensisA. C. Sanders65121986-05-26 San BernardinoCanon Summit, E side of Interstate 15 just S of the Oak Hill Rd exit.
SD00036688SDCryptantha juniperensisMitch Provance411-612011-04-18 Los AngelesWest Mojave Desert: Broad Canon, vicinity of 160th St. W, just W of Fairmont Butte, abouth 1.5 mile NNE of Fairmont.
SD00052915SDCryptantha juniperensisI.W. Clokey58231937-04-13 San Luis ObispoSoutheast corner San Luis Obispo Co. Brushy field.
SD00053299SDCryptantha juniperensisFrank F. Gander35691937-05-09 San DiegoLee′s Valley
SD00053300SDCryptantha juniperensisR.G. Swinney164012014-05-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: east of Valyermo, east end of Holcomb Ridge, 0.35-0.45 miles north of Panorama Rd., 2.5 road miles east of Bobs Gap Road, in north-sough arroyo cutting through Holcomb Ridge (Valyermo 7.5′Q)
SD00053301SDCryptantha juniperensisRonald B. Kelley7742005-05-31 MontereySouth roadside slope on CR G18, 86 miles west of US 101 junction.
SD00053302SDCryptantha juniperensisMichael G. Simpson38212014-06-02 VenturaAdjacent to Glen Marshall trail, ca. 0.2 miles south of trailhead parkig lot.
SD00053303SDCryptantha juniperensisMakenzie Mabry782014-05-21 VenturaOff of Hwy 33. East side of road. Partial shade slope.
SD00053304SDCryptantha juniperensisDuncan S. Bell82352015-05-07 San DiegoJacumba Mountains; Carrizo Gorge; collecting along the old railway tracks, approximately 3.5 air miles north of the town of Jacumba.
SD00053307SDCryptantha juniperensisMichael G. Simpson38162014-05-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Apache Canon Road, ca. 0.4 mile east of junction with Hwy 33, just past gate south of dirt road.
SD00053308SDCryptantha juniperensisA. C. Sanders66031986-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; hills on the north side of Baldwin Lake, ca. 0.75 mile north of Highway 18 (near site of Doble) on road to Lucky Baldwin Mine.
SD00053309SDCryptantha juniperensisLarry Hendrickson1172004-04-23 San DiegoMorteros, Upper Blair Valley. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
SD00053310SDCryptantha juniperensisA.C. Sanders137541993-04-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns: Canon Pass, 0.8 mi E of Canon Junction on Hwy 138, Crowder Canon (Canon 7.5′Q)
SD00053311SDCryptantha juniperensisDave Silverman80392010-05-20 Los AngelesAntelope Valley, north of Palmdale and west of Air Force plant, 50 m west of Sierra Highway and 325 m north of Avenue N.
SD00053312SDCryptantha juniperensisDave Silverman80152010-05-19 Los AngelesAntelope Valley, north of Lancaster, 75 m west of Sierra Highway, 500 m north of Avenue F.
SD00053313SDCryptantha juniperensisMichael G. Simpson38142014-05-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. West side of Hwy 33, ca. 13 miles south of Hwy 166.
SD00053330SDCryptantha juniperensisJon P. Rebman169082009-04-12 San DiegoEast of Jacumba; south of I-8 and north of Old Highway 80 near carrizo Creek Road; along the existing powerline and proposed powerlink area
SD121824SDCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler34851967-06-02 VenturaDry slope adjacent to Sandstone Public Camp, Upper Sespe Watershed
SD121826SDCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler34761967-06-02 VenturaSandstone Public Camp, upper Sespe watershed
SD121827SDCryptantha juniperensisE. R. Chandler35031967-06-02 VenturaSlope adjacent to Ozena Campground, upper Cuyama watershed
SD126021SDCryptantha juniperensisCarl B. Wolf69311935-05-21 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains, Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mountain, Upper Sespe Creek, 3.6 miles south of Pine Mountain Grade
SD136884SDCryptantha juniperensisSteve Boyd16001986-04-02 RiversideGavilan Plateau, Gavilan Hills: Harford Springs County Park
SD137841SDCryptantha juniperensisDarin L. Banks2551995-05-03 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, East of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, along the lower alluvial benches ofArroyoSeco
SD178186SDCryptantha juniperensisG.K. Helmkamp40451998-05-21 Los AngelesWestern Mojave Desert: junction of Munz Ranch Rd. and Lake Elizabeth Rd. north of Lake Elizabeth.
SD181667SDCryptantha juniperensisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Aliso Canon ca. 0.5 mile east of Blum Ranch.
SD185168SDCryptantha juniperensisT. B. Salvato8012005-05-16 RiversideSan Jacinto River east of Valle Vista, just downstream from the Forest Service boundary and north of CA. 74.
SD194306SDCryptantha juniperensisEdwin R. Chandler37171968-05-07 VenturaFirebreak west of Maintenance Yard, Route 33 upper Sespe.
SD26729SDCryptantha juniperensisFrank F. Gander80811940-04-04 San DiegoExtreme southeast corner of San Diego Co.
SD87569SDCryptantha juniperensisF. W. Peirson4021919-05-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Arraster
SDSU19367SDSUCryptantha juniperensisRebman, Jon P.169082009-04-12 San DiegoEast of Jacumba; south of I-8 and north of Old Highway 80 near carrizo Creek Road; along the existing powerline and proposed powerlink area
SDSU20698SDSUCryptantha juniperensisKelley, Ronald B.7822005-05-05 Los AngelesSandberg site.
SDSU20699SDSUCryptantha juniperensisKelley, Ronald B.10842006-05-09 KernOn both roadsides of SR 58, about 0.7 miles east of San Luis Obispo county line, and 0.5 miles west of McKittrick Summit (park on north roadside turnout at the west end). Temblor Range.
SDSU20700SDSUCryptantha juniperensisKelley, Ronald B.10772006-05-08 MontereyUC Hastings Preserve, east-northeast of Watertank Hill on ridgetop.
SDSU20701SDSUCryptantha juniperensisKelley, Ronald B.10992006-05-12 San BernardinoBaldy Mesa, on the edge of the Mojave Desert, along power line corridor on the south side of access road, 0.1 miles east of Baldy Mesa Road. 11.1 miles south of Mesquite St. junction.
SDSU20739SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSimpson, Michael G.38142014-05-21 VenturaWest side of Hwy 33, ca. 13 miles south of Hwy 166. Los Padres National Forest.
SDSU20741SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSimpson, Michael G.38162014-05-21 VenturaApache Canon Road, ca. 0.4 mile east of junction with Hwy 33, just past gate south of dirt road. Los Padres National Forest.
SDSU20744SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSimpson, Michael G.38262014-06-02 VenturaApache Canon, ca. 200 feet north of dirt road, ca. 0.5 mile east of junction with Hwy 33 (Maricopa Hwy).
SDSU20747SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSimpson, Michael G.38212014-06-02 VenturaAdjacent to Glen Marshall trail, ca. 0.2 miles south of trailhead parking lot.
SDSU20766SDSUCryptantha juniperensisMabry, Makenzie752014-05-21 VenturaOff of HWY 3 West side of road.
SDSU20767SDSUCryptantha juniperensisMabry, Makenzie752014-05-21 VenturaOff of HWY 3 West side of road.
SDSU20781SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSimpson, Michael G.37342013-05-02 San Luis ObispoAvenales ranch.
SDSU21023SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSanders, A. C.400272012-04-12 RiversidePeninsular Range: Santa Ana Mtns. Region: Temescal Canon, along Temescal Canon Rd. between Glen Ivy and Indian Truck Trail, c. 100 m SE of El Hermano Rd. (Lake Mathews 7.5′ +-- 100m). Sandy californicus, Bromus diandrus.
SDSU21400SDSUCryptantha juniperensisYang, Stella2018-05-12 Santa ClaraArroyo Bay, east of Mt. Hamilton, San Antonio Valley.
SDSU21777SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSanders, A.C.407512013-04-02 RiversidePeninsular Range: Temescal Canon between Horsethief Canon Rd. and Hostettler Rd., above I-15 Fwy, SE of Corona (Lee) Lake (Alberhill 7.5′)
SDSU21781SDSUCryptantha juniperensisProvance, Mitch65322003-05-25 RiversideSan Bernardino Valley: Rialto, Colton Dune System, N side of Slover Ave. between Pepper Ave. and the tank farm (ca. 0.5 W of Pepper Ave.)
SDSU21801SDSUCryptantha juniperensisKelley, Ronald B.7742005-05-31 MontereySouth roadside slope on CR G18, 8.6 miles west of US 101 junction.
SDSU21863SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSanders, A.C.400872012-04-27 RiversidePeninsular Range; Santa Ana Mtns. Region; Temescal Canon, along Temescal Canon Rd. near I-15 crossing and mouth of Mayhew Cyn.
SDSU22580SDSUCryptantha juniperensisAndre, J.M.404652019-05-10 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; 0.5 mile south of New York Mtns Rd, sw of entrance to Canon, at historic mine site.
SDSU22941SDSUCryptantha juniperensisScott D. White12783B2009-05-19 KernTehachapi Mountains: Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles S of Hwy 58, just NW of Oak Creek Pass. (Tehachapi South: T1 N R1 W S5, 6)
SDSU22945SDSUCryptantha juniperensisScott D. White127272009-05-18 KernMohave Desert: Oak Creek, 5 miles W of Mojave on Oak Creek Rd. East of Cal Portland Cement. (Monolith: 35 ° 0 N, 118 ° 15 W; T11N R13W S22, SW-4).
SDSU22951SDSUCryptantha juniperensisT.B. Salvato79032013-04-04 RiversidePeninsular Range: southeastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, dirt extension of Lake Street, c. 1.3 mi north of Hwy 15 and Temescal Canon
SDSU22953SDSUCryptantha juniperensisSanders425461994-06-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns.: north of Baldwin Lake at site of Doble, near the Pacific Crest Trail & west of Holcomb Valley Rd.
SDSU22956SDSUCryptantha juniperensisR. G. Swinney130881994-06-24 Los Angeleslower Canon Mesa, c. 0.7 rd. miles east of Angeles Forest Hwy on dirt service road, at sharp switch-back that extends into dry wash, c. 0.8 air miles south of Pearblossom Hwy
SDSU23513SDSUCryptantha juniperensisR.C. Benkendorf2872017-03-17 FresnoKreyenhagen Ranch
SDSU23546SDSUCryptantha juniperensisR.C. Benkendorf383b2017-03-01 San Benito
SDSU23622SDSUCryptantha juniperensisNina M House11482021-09-15 TulareSalmon Creek watershed, Sequoia National Forest. S19 T23S R33E. Approximately 10.83 air miles north of Kernville, and 5.79 air miles northwest of Cannell Peak.
SJSU11357SJSUCryptantha juniperensisA.N. Gillogly1966-05-02 Riversidebehind Univ of Canon Bldg, University of California
SJSU3351SJSUCryptantha juniperensisC.W. Sharsmith68491962-04-21 San Luis Obispolower reaches of Recruit Canon near Crocker Peak, Temblor Range
SJSU3415SJSUCryptantha juniperensisC.W. Sharsmith68671962-04-22 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Rocks at edge of Carrizo Plain c. 4 mi SW of Simmler
UC1618399UCJEPSCryptantha juniperensisBarbara Ertter, L. Heckard, T. Sholars, J. Hickman74851988-05-23 Los AngelesPine Canon Rd. along San Andreas fault on n. side of San Gabriel Mts. (Co. Rd. N2); San Gabriel Mts.
UC1871088UCJEPSCryptantha juniperensisTim Ross, Walter Appleby71141993-05-13 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains: Steep northerly slope ca 85 NE of Los Pinetos Spring, draining to easterly tributaries of Los Pinetos Canon.
UCR0004419UCRCryptantha juniperensisGeorge K. Helmkamp93872005-04-22 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Hwy at Mile-19 (CA Hwy 58, east of Santa Margarita near Wilson Corner)
UCR0005358UCRCryptantha juniperensisGeorge K. Helmkamp66462001-05-02 Kern[dirt road 0.45 km south of] CA Hwy 58, very near the San Luis Obispo Co. line
UCR0039554UCRCryptantha juniperensisR.G. Swinney82482005-05-21 Los Angeleswest of Devils Punchbowl County Park, at the junction of Holmes Creek and Watson Creek
UCR0113415UCRCryptantha juniperensisMitch Provance419--522019-04-09 Los AngelesWest side of Quartz Hill, vicinity of Columbia way, W. Avenue M, and 80th St. W.
UCR0113863UCRCryptantha juniperensisA.C. Sanders335062007-04-24 Los Angeleshills above Oso Canon near Kern Co. line, c. 1 mile SW of National Cement Plant
AHUC100223DAVCryptantha nevadensisBeecher Crampton25171955-04-25 KernKern County: Canon Creek Canon, 6 miles NW of Mojave.
AHUC100224DAVCryptantha nevadensisBeecher Crampton25751955-04-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County, 1.5 mile south of Barstow, Bear Valley Road.
CAS-BOT560224CASCryptantha nevadensisRawlings, John20592017-03-25 KernBLM Road SE138 at mouth of Short Canyon, Southern Sierra Nevada
CDA0037091CDACryptantha nevadensisB. Villegass.n.2008-06-05 VenturaHungry Valley. [Near Los Angeles County & Kern County lines.].
CDA0040505CDACryptantha nevadensisT.C. Fuller84641962-05-08 San BernardinoHighway 91 to Las Vegas, 17.7 miles east of Baker.
CDA0040506CDACryptantha nevadensisT.C. Fuller79901962-04-04 RiversideHighway 99 [later renumbered Highway 86], 1.3 miles north of Oasis. ,Colorado Desert.
CDA0053075CDACryptantha nevadensisBetsy HarbertI05141320-A2008-05-14 KernClosely spaced ARTTRI stand. Occasional live oak and ceanothus individuals throughout stand. To the west the stand peters out before ravine where (Ericameria) becomes more prevalent. Stand continues across dirt road NW a little higher in elevation until it integrades with Juniper, Pine, and Cercocarpus. Associated taxa Artemisia tridentata. 3948965 N, 363767 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.675171, -118.505351). Elev 1171 m.
CHSC102226CHSCCryptantha nevadensisB. Castro17162008-04-10 San BernardinoMojave Desert. South-southwestern slope of Opal Mountain, about 550 m from the top. T32S R45E S07 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Opal Mountain 7.5
CHSC119399CHSCCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross30602008-03-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Northcentral Mojave Desert region: Road that runs between the northwest portion of the Alvord Mountains and low hills northeast of Coyote Lake. Few miles south of the Fort Irwin Military boundary line.
CHSC147CHSCCryptantha nevadensisSonia R. Westerberg1938-04-02 San BernardinoRedlands.
CHSC40540CHSCCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Jokerst17301983-04-26 InyoAlong the lower portion of Mc Elvoy Canon in the Inyo Mtns western Saline Valley. T14S R37E S02
CHSC95494CHSCCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross21212005-04-28 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Ridgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road. Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Than dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin. (Pacific Mtn. 7.5 Quad.: T4N R12W, 11w S1, 6, NE1-4 of 1, NW1-4 of 6) USGS Quadrangle: Pacifico Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC99174CHSCCryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga4472003-03-20 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Indian Wells Canon. Creosote Bush Scrub at lower end of canyon. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
CHSC99838CHSCCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross22152005-05-03 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: West terminus of Holcomb Ridge, west of Big Rock Creek. General collecting along the east, northeast side of hill. North of Fort Tejon Road, west of Valyermo Road. Near 34.46 N, 117.86 W to 34.46838N, 117.87262W, then back to 34.47336N, 117.86053W. T4N, 5N R9W, 10W S6, 1,31, NW1-4 of 6, NE1-4 of 1, SW1-4 of 31. USGS Quadrangle: Valyermo 1:24,000
CLARK-A1045-16CLARKCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-04-21 San BernardinoAdelanto 2 miles north of Adelanto, and east of U.S.Highway 395; Creosote Bush scrub area;; Adelanto 7.5′Q
CLARK-A1528-2229CLARKCryptantha nevadensisJohn C. Roos1966-03-20 Riverside
CLARK-A1528-7857CLARKCryptantha nevadensisJohn C. Roos42461949-04-11 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains
DAV315938DAVCryptantha nevadensisJohn Wears.n.1998-07-08 RiversideRiverside County: San Jacinto Mtns. Pine Meadow in eastern Garner Valley, R-Ranch, just east of Hwy 74, between Gold Hill and Thomas Mountain.
DAV315939DAVCryptantha nevadensisRobert E. Preston2084b2003-04-01 FresnoBig Blue Hills, ca. 0.2 mi S of Cantua Creek
DAV315940DAVCryptantha nevadensisEllen Dean24192005-03-27 KernKern County: Along Hwy. 14, 3.8 road miles north of exit for California City, west side of the road.
DAV315941DAVCryptantha nevadensisEllen Dean23662005-03-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Just west of Ship Mountains, south of Route 40 and Mojave National Reserve. Along Cadiz Road, 11.1 road miles south of intersection with old Route 6 National Trails Hwy.)
DAV315946DAVCryptantha nevadensisRobert E. Preston15122001-04-24 FresnoBig Blue Hills, between Arroyo Hondo and Cantua Creek
DAV315947DAVCryptantha nevadensisDaryl Koutnik1311978-03-23 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: north side of State Highway 18 and just west of Llano.
DAV315949DAVCryptantha nevadensisChuck Hughes592009-03-23 RiversideRiverside Co.: South of Highway 62 near the abandoned Desert Center Airport. Near city of Rice.
DAV315952DAVCryptantha nevadensisEllen Dean22862005-03-25 San BernardinoCalifornia, San Bernardino County. SE of town of Ludlow, S of Hwy. 40, along National Trails Rd. (Route 66), 9.4 road miles E of intersection of Hwy 40 and Route 66 at Ludlow. Take dirt road S from Route 66 0.2 road miles.
FSC0020081FSCCryptantha nevadensisKaren Crombie891979-03-10 ImperialThis plant was found on S22, 3 miles west of Palm Canon Rd.
FSC0020082FSCCryptantha nevadensisChas. H. Quibell23531953-06-24 San BenitoN.E. slope Griswold Hills, Panoche country. 13-4 W. of Silver Creek. 4 m. S. of 180 entrance from Fresno Co.; broad rounded high point.
FSC0020083FSCCryptantha nevadensisChas. H. Quibell23681953-06-25 San BenitoN.E. slopes Griswold Hills, Panoche country, 1 1-2 m. w. of Silver Crk., 2 1-2 m. s. of 180 entrance from Fresno Co.; near foot of first steep e-w ridge above rolling annual grassld. to n.
FSC0020084FSCCryptantha nevadensisW. R. Smith; T. Hansen601958-04-01 San BernardinoSouth Pass in Sacramento Mts. approx. 20 mi. west of Needles on Hiway 66. South from Hiway 66 in first wash running NW & SE on east side of summit of pass.
FSC0020085FSCCryptantha nevadensisNorman Fletcher1958-04-26 San BenitoSan Benito Co. 5 miles from Fresno Co. line, on road leading northwest. North-facing rocky slope. Panoche Rd.
FSC0020086FSCCryptantha nevadensisDon Trueblood; Stanley Nelsons.n.1958-05-10 San BenitoEastern border San Benito county; 6 mi. n. of junction in Big Panoche Valley on Big-Little Panoche Road, then 1 1-2 mi. SE. on jeep road into Panoche Hills.
GH02024819GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-09-24 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024820GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-03-09 Kern[data not captured]
GH02024821GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-07-14 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024822GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1885-06-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024823GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-04-03 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024824GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1959-05-10 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024825GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1846-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024826GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-09-28 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024827GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-06-23 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024828GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1915-06-21 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024829GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024830GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-01-30 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024831GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1910-07-26 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024832GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-05-07 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024833GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-05-21 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024834GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-05-13 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024835GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-10-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024836GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1945-05-06 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024837GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-05-09 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024838GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1912-07-25 San Diego[data not captured]
GH02024839GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1906-06-13 San Diego[data not captured]
GH02024840GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1963-04-18 Riverside[data not captured]
GH02024841GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-04-30 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024842GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-05-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024843GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-07-13 San Diego[data not captured]
GH02024844GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-08-20 San Diego[data not captured]
GH02024845GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1925-04-14 San Diego[data not captured]
GH02024846GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-03-17 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024847GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-12-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024848GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1887-06-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024849GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-04-19 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024850GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1911-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024851GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1990-08-16 Mono[data not captured]
GH02024852GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-05-29 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024853GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1933-08-25 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024854GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-07-14 Mono[data not captured]
GH02024855GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-06-09 Mono[data not captured]
GH02024856GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1893-07-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024857GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-10-01 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH02024858GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-06-01 San Benito[data not captured]
GH02024859GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-05-15 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024860GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1933-07-11 Kern[data not captured]
GH02024861GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1922-04-07 Kern[data not captured]
GH02024862GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1950-08-28 Kern[data not captured]
GH02024863GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1927-06-27 Kern[data not captured]
GH02024864GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-03-26 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024865GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024866GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-06-16 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024867GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1899-09-08 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024868GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-07-08 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024869GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1927-09-24 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024870GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-07 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024871GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1860-01-01 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024872GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-04-02 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024873GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-03-23 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024874GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-12 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024875GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1860-01-01 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02024876GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1927-08-12 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02024877GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-04-14 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02024878GHCryptantha nevadensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-06-05 Unknown[data not captured]
GMDRC1050GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisG.L. Clifton243152001-04-01 San BernardinoMarble Mtns: Marble Mtns: Kelbaker Rd, just s. of I-40, growing in wash in coarse sand Near 34 ° 43.7 N 115 ° 40.5 W. Elev. 3090 ft.
GMDRC12366GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. M. Andre422152020-03-29 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Mojave National Preserve; along powerlines on south end of Kelso Dunes, just east of Bull Cyn Wash, 6.8 road miles west of Kelbaker Rd
GMDRC2133GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre75651998-03-22 San BernardinoMarble Mountains: Marble Mountains: Marble Mtns, approx. 1 mi. SSE of I-40 and Kelbaker Rd overpass, growing in volcanic gravelly n-facing slope. Elev. 874 m.
GMDRC2888GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre97232008-02-27 San BernardinoBristol Mountains: along gas pipeline road, approx 2 mi. E. of Kelbaker Rd, approx 1 mi. S. of I-40, among rocky volcanic-rhyolite hills.. Elev. 2750 ft.
GMDRC5899GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre195982010-04-02 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: 1.5 mi. southeast of Clarks Pass (Hwy 62), on isolated rocky hill overrun by blowing sand.
GMDRC599GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre37661998-04-20 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Pisgah Crater, 1-2 mi. S of railroad overpass on road to mine (crater).
GMDRC930GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre39842001-04-06 San BernardinoBristol Mountains: 15 miles west of Kelbaker Road on I-4 Near 34 ° 49′ 50′ N 115 ° 53 5 W T8N R10E sec.. Elev. 2950 ft.
GMDRC9804GMDRCCryptantha nevadensisJ. M. Andre380202017-03-10 RiversideChuckwalla Bench: along Red Cloud Rd, 2.5 mi. SSE of junction Interstate 10, between Orocopia and Chuckwalla Mtns
HSC202728HSCCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd116212005-04-06 San BernardinoMojave Desert; East Mojave Desert region: Sheep Corral area, southern base of the Granite Mountains, west of Kelbaker Road, north of Interstate 40
HSC202729HSCCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre136662010-04-23 San BernardinoKelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, along powerline access road S end of Kelso Dunes, 7.5 W of Kelbaker Rd.
HSC202730HSCCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd20161987-04-12 InyoS end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 W of junction with Hwy. 178, 2 mi. W of Shoshone
HSC202731HSCCryptantha nevadensisHolly Barnes171985-04-04 San BernardinoSheep Hole Pass on Amboy Rd.
HSC202732HSCCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield36381986-05-10 MonoMouth of McAfee Creek, Fishlake Valley Drainage.
HSC202733HSCCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield35411986-04-29 InyoWhite Mtns., near drainage NE of Wyman Creek, 3.15 N1 ° W of Deep Springs College, Deep Springs Valley drainage
HSC202734HSCCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield32401986-03-12 InyoNear intersection of Saline Valley and Racetrack Valley Rds., Nelson Range Divide
HSC202735HSCCryptantha nevadensisRichard Spjut54741979-04-13 InyoMojave Desert; between Kingston Peak and Tecopa along Furnace Creek Rd.
HSC202736HSCCryptantha nevadensisD. Atwood175431993-03-24 San Bernardino1-4 NE of Baker Dump. E Mohave scenic area.
INF00993INFCryptantha nevadensisDeDecker, Mary32031973-05-20 InyoInyo Mountains: 3-4 mile southwest of Lime Hill on road to Eureka Valley.
INF00994INFCryptantha nevadensisMorefield, James D.26241985-03-21 InyoWhite Mountains, 3.0 miles N 50 ° W of Black Mountain summit, at the mouth of Black Canon, Owens Valley drainage.
INF00995INFCryptantha nevadensisDeDecker, Mary33821974-04-20 InyoOwens Valley. East of Owens River, near Aberdeen Station
IRVC106763IRVCCryptantha nevadensisK.E. Justices.n.1973-04-07 San BernardinoGopherus Gulch, about 5 mi S of Joshua Tree.
IRVC106764IRVCCryptantha nevadensisT. W. Mulroy2590a1973-04-26 InyoNear summit between Death Valley Jtn. & Death Valley
IRVC106790IRVCCryptantha nevadensisMark A. Elvin47322006-04-01 San BernardinoDry Morrongo Wash at County line btween Riverside and San Bernardino at bridge of Hwy 62.
IRVC106906IRVCCryptantha nevadensisA.P. Romspert327(4)1977-04-08 InyoAnvil Spring, Butte Valley, Panamint Mtns, Death Valley National Monument.
JEPS103099UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDave Silverman, Eve Laeger, Holly Hill8302000-04-18 KernTejon Ranch, NE end of Commanche Pt., N of Commanche Creek
JEPS108227UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen2832005-05-06 Contra CostaMt. Diablo State Park. Rocky outcrops on the south side of North Peak.
JEPS108390UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen2102005-03-20 FresnoTumey Hills. Dirt road heading south along ridge of BLM land 1-2 miles south of junction with Panoche Rd.
JEPS108393UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen2222005-04-03 Contra CostaMt. Diablo State Park. Next canyon east of Rhine Canon and lower down than the trail from Devil′s Elbow.
JEPS110025UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre, Staci Markos, Anna Larsen, John Game, J. Greenhouse45152004-05-01 San BernardinoBlind Hills; Essex Road, 1 N I-40
JEPS116702UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen5692006-05-05 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Sandy wash on Amboy Rd. on the south side of Sheephole Pass.
JEPS116722UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen5482006-04-27 MontereyAlong Jolon Rd. west of Bradley. At summit of road above Hames Valley.
JEPS116923UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Gowen8832008-04-30 Los AngelesSouthwest corner of Avenue D (Hwy 138) and 210th St. West.
JEPS122507UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre, T. La Doux122442010-03-28 San BernardinoMarble Mountains; south end of range approx. 9 miles E of Kelbaker Road and 0.5 N of Highway 66 (Natl. Trails Highway). Cadiz Summit 7.5 Q.
JEPS122559UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre, T. La Doux, H. Bartosh, R. Preston121762010-03-20 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; N end of Turtle Mountains just west of Los Arch Mine Area, and just NE of Mohawk Spring, approx. 11 miles west of Highway 95. Mohawk Spring 7.5 Q.
JEPS122631UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre124622010-04-07 San BernardinoPiute Mountains; along transmission line road in valley east of N Piute Mountains and west of N Sacramento Mountains, 3 mi south of Route 6 Natl. Trails Highway), 2 mi N of I-40 freeway. Homer 7.5 Quad.
JEPS122645UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre124872010-03-23 San BernardinoBristol Mountains; along dirt road at large wash crossing 7 mi south of I-40, 0.5 mi west of Kelbaker Road. Amboy 7.5 Quad.
JEPS123612UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre, T. La Doux, Shannon Still94022007-11-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains W side of Granite Mountains E end of Bristol Mountains, approx. 1 N of I-40.
JEPS123698UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre, T. La Doux, H. Bartosh, R. Preston, JEPS Herbarium Workshop119182010-03-18 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains; eastern end of Sacramento Mountains, along dirt road 1.7 mi S of I-40 at Highway 95 junction, approx. 1 mi E of Flattop Mountain and 4 mi S of Eagle Peak. 7.5 Quad: Flattop Mountain.
JEPS18405UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMary Beal1661937-04-24 San Bernardinoe of Daggett (w of Boulder Dam Power Line); Mohave Desert
JEPS20704UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi133001958-03-19 San Bernardinoca 4 mi from Kelso (on road between Kelso and Vulcan Mine, s slope of Providence Mts.); Providence Mts.
JEPS23052UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisReino Alava, R. Bacigalupi, Dr., Mrs. Rolla Tryon17861958-03-02 San Bernardinowash leading into Salt Creek from n portion of Avawatz Mts. (along Calif Hwy 127)
JEPS25222UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris134541961-03-10 Inyon side Hole-in-the-Wall Wash (about 0.75 mi from turn-off from State Hwy 190); Death Valley National Monument
JEPS26234UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMarjorie D. Clary16501932-03-02 Riverside2 mi w Coral Reef Ranch; Colorado Desert, Coachella
JEPS26295UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith3851941-05-27 Kernabout 5 mi e Greenhorn Summit Store (near the road to Kernville); Greenhorn Mountains
JEPS29257UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard, P. C. Hutchison83251962-03-20 Imperial6.3 mi s Picacho (which is on the Colorado River nw of Yuma, Ariz., e outliers of the Picacho Mts.); Picacho Mts.
JEPS30759UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLincoln Constance, John L. Morrison, Gregory Lyon, H. L. Mason25981940-05-05 Mercedsummit of n peak of Twin Peaks, w Merced County Inner Coast Ranges, Twin Peaks
JEPS67634UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMary L. Bowerman11431932-03-27 Contra Costaat base of Mitchell Rock Mount Diablo, Mitchell Rock
JEPS67746UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson205711941-05-02 San Bernardino5.5 mi ne Kelso
JEPS67747UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson203611941-04-26 San Bernardino3 mi s Barstow; Mohave Desert
JEPS67748UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson203591941-04-26 San Bernardino3 mi s Barstow; Mohave Desert
JEPS67749UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson203121941-04-22 San BernardinoAmboy Crater Mohave Desert
JEPS67750UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson198131940-05-03 Inyobetween Grapevine Mts. and Funeral Mts.; Daylight Pass, Hole-in-the-Rock Spring
JEPS67751UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson198061940-05-03 Inyobetween Grapevine Mts. Funeral Mts.; Daylight Pass, Hole-in-the-Wall Spring
JEPS67752UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson196021940-04-20 InyoShadscale Spring Panamint Range, Johnson Canon
JEPS67753UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson195621940-04-18 Inyoabove Panamint Springs (n end of Argus Range); Argus Range
JEPS67754UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson173211935-04-29 San BernardinoAvawatz Mts., ne Mohave Desert Mohave Desert
JEPS67755UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson172601935-04-28 San Bernardinoabout 6 mi ne Paradise Spring (ne Mohave Desert); Mohave Desert, Paradise Mts.
JEPS67756UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson85471920-04-15 San DiegoVallecito, e San Diego Co. Vallecito
JEPS67757UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson69621917-05-07 InyoHanaupah Panamint Mts.
JEPS67758UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson6709a1916-04-12 San BernardinoBarstow Mohave Desert
JEPS67759UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson58261914-04-29 San BernardinoBarstow Mohave Desert
JEPS67760UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson55191913-05-13 San Bernardinone of Bartow; Mohave Desert, Calico Wash
JEPS67761UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson54071913-05-04 San BernardinoCalico Mts. Mohave Desert
JEPS67762UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson53931913-05-04 San BernardinoBarstow Mohave Desert
JEPS67763UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMarjorie D. Clary16491932-04-03 Riverside15 mi sw Indio; Colorado Desert, Santa Rosa Mts., Deep Canon
JEPS67764UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisAllison Krames1935-03-07 InyoSlate Range
JEPS67765UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith1211940-05-04 Inyobetween 0.5 and 0.75 mi below Scotty′s Canon); Death Valley National Monument, Grapevine Mts., Grapevine Ca
JEPS67766UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisL. M. Newlon507a1922-04-09 San Bernardinosw of Newberry; Mohave Desert, Lava
JEPS67767UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJos. Burtt Davy18751896-05-02 KernBakersfield
JEPS67768UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith3061941-04-16 Kernabout 1 mi nw Long Tom Mines; Greenhorn Mountains, Tucker Gulch
JEPS67769UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith1939-05-04 Kernabove Poso Creek
JEPS67770UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover33481938-05-04 Contra Costae of Tassajero Creek
JEPS67771UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30411938-04-09 San Joaquinbetween Castle Rock and Black Butte; Corral Hollow
JEPS67772UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey, C. B. Clokey58231937-04-13 San Luis ObispoWhite Hills, se corner of San Luis Obispo County White Hills
JEPS67773UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith621940-04-25 Kernabout 2.25 mi below Poso Mine (Poso Creek); Greenhorn Mts.
JEPS67774UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson71591917-05-26 KernKeene Tehachapi Range
JEPS67775UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisWillis L. Jepson198861940-05-06 KernBodfish
JEPS85083UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoy E. Buck, Rexford Palmer12261989-04-28 Los Angeles22 air km nw Castaic (ca 1.1 air km ene of Pyramid Rock summit, between Interstate 5 and Pyramid Dam, e of head of s-draining side canyon s of Posey Canon)
JEPS85158UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoy E. Buck, Rexford Palmer12061989-04-25 Fresno12 ari km wsw Coalinga (ese-facing slope near summit of ridge w of CA Hwy 198, e of Long Hollow, ca 2.1 air km wnw of Curry Mountain summit (peak 2503))
JEPS90324UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDean W. Taylor123521992-04-15 MercedPiedra Azul Canon 2 mi w from Panoche de San Juan (South Coast Ranges);, Piedra Azul Canon
JEPS93638UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisEdwin R. Chandler37171968-05-07 Venturafirebreak w. of Maintenance Yard upper Sespe (Route 33)
JOTR30307JOTRCryptantha nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha17402008-03-10 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Stop 2 Near sand hill in Pinto Basin
JOTR30317JOTRCryptantha nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha17512008-03-10 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Stop 2 Near Sand Hill in Pinto Basin
JOTR30799JOTRCryptantha nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha18202008-03-18 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Rattlesnake Canon wash
JOTR32985JOTRCryptantha nevadensisAndre, Jim195772010-04-03 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Mountains; east of Ironage Mine, approximately 1 mi. east of Ironage Road, 4.8 mi south of Hwy 62
LA00602683LACryptantha nevadensisJane TurnerC--5181961-03-26 InyoNext to roadside three miles east of the summit of Salisberry [Salsberry] Pass.
LA00602684LACryptantha nevadensisBarry A. Prigge103301993-03-26 San BernardinoFort Irwin Military Reservation; ca 7 air km S of Post Main Gate. Mojave Desert.
LA00602685LACryptantha nevadensisBarry A. Prigge105211993-04-23 San BernardinoFort Irwin Military Reservation. ca 13 NE of Tiefort Peak, vicinity of transect 155. Mojave Desert. UTM Grid: 11S NK 50 12.
LA00602689LACryptantha nevadensisBarry A. Prigge71421987-03-16 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Silurian Valley: 15 miles (air) N of Baker and 1.5 miles E of Hwy 127
LA00602690LACryptantha nevadensisVictor Duran5711930-05-30 MonoBlack Canon, White Mts.
LA00602694LACryptantha nevadensisC. A. Barber10101970-04-18 San Bernardino1 mi. SW of Granite Pass, near Kelbaker Road; SE slope
LA00602698LACryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Sauer; D. L. Johnson44231969-04-12 San BernardinoCalico Mountains
NY01153847NYCryptantha nevadensisV. Duran5711930-05-30 ?  MonoBlack Canyon, White Mountains
NY01153848NYCryptantha nevadensisN. H. Holmgren79771975-05-11 ?  InyoCalifornia Valley, 12 airline miles east of Tecopa
NY01153849NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield26241985-03-21 ?  Inyo3.0 miles north 50 ° west of Black Mountain summit at the mouth of Black Canyon, Owens Valley drainage
NY01153850NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield36381986-05-10 ?  MonoWhite Mountains. Mouth of McAfee Creek. Fishlake Valley drainage
NY01153851NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield44251987-05-14 ?  MonoWhite Mountains: at the mouth of Furance Creek 0.7 mile N80 ° W of Wildhorse benchmark 5484. Fishlake Valley drainage
NY01153852NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield35411986-04-29 ?  InyoWhite Mountains: near drainage northeast of Wyman Creek, 3.15 miles N1 ° W of Deep Springs College. Deep Springs Valley drainage.
NY01153853NYCryptantha nevadensisN. H. Holmgren77061974-04-10 ?  KernCalifornia City land development, south side of a prominent butte, 10.5 airline miles east-northeast of the town′s center
NY3223835NYCryptantha nevadensisS. L. Welsh214761983-04-03 ?  InyoDeath Valley, Scotties Lower Ranch.
NY3223844NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield32401986-03-12 ?  InyoSaline Valley. Near intersection of Saline Valley and Racetrack Valley Roads. Nelson Range divide.
NY3223845NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield34411986-04-17 ?  MonoWhite Mountains. Near mouth of Coldwater Canyon, 1.4 mi N17 ° W of Southern Belle Mine. Owens Valley drainage.
NY3223846NYCryptantha nevadensisJ. D. Morefield35011986-04-24 ?  MonoWhite Mountains. Low hills just S of Rock Creek, 1.5 mi. S37 ° W of its mouth above Hammil Valley. Owens Valley drainage.
NY3223847NYCryptantha nevadensisC. R. Annable2751983-03-28 ?  InyoDeath Valley National Monument. Funeral Mountains. Park Boundary near Highway 190. UTM 527,440 m.E., 4,025,480 m.N.
NY3223848NYCryptantha nevadensisC. R. Annable361981-03-28 ?  InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Cottonwood Mountains. Cottonwood Canyon. UTM 469,280 m.E. 4,043,320 m.N.
OBI116774OBICryptantha nevadensisF. C. Vaseks.n.1978-04-21 San BernardinoWash of N Granite Mts. W of end of Spinel St-below Rocky spur. Sect 3 NE1-4), T6N, R1W
OBI131880OBICryptantha nevadensisGeorge Butterworth5192003-05-12 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain Natl Monument. Temblors about .4 NE of Elkhorn Rd on rd that is 2m I N of Panorama Rd
OBI131881OBICryptantha nevadensisJames M. Andre167692011-03-28 San BernardinoIron Mtn; W slope of Mtn at mine site, W of Barstow, E of Hinkley Rd, 3.5 mi S of Hwy 58
OBI131883OBICryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert1462005-04-05 San Luis ObispoSE half of the Caliente Range. 200 m SE of Wells Spring
OBI131884OBICryptantha nevadensisDavid J. Keil271931998-05-11 San Luis ObispoCaliente Range. 4.9 mi from Soda Lake Rd. along Selby Rd.
OBI131886OBICryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd107242004-03-30 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Central Mojave Desert Region: southern end of the Cady Mts NW of Ludlow (N of I-40) lower slopes and wash at base of hill topped with communication towers, along powerline rd
OBI131887OBICryptantha nevadensisDavid J. Keil199741987-04-25 San Bernardino6.6 mi SE of jctn with I-15 along Kelbaker Rd
OBI131888OBICryptantha nevadensisRobert F. Hoover119561968-03-25 San BernardinoKelso Rd just N of hwy 66
OBI131889OBICryptantha nevadensisLynneDee Althouse1572003-04-10 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch
OBI131890OBICryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross14502005-02-17 RiversideColorado Desert; Chocolate-Chuckwalla Mts region; Corn Springs campground in the Chuckwalla Mts. cyn SW of campground. UTMs 3721 N, 355238E; and UTM 3720669N, 654757e
OBI131891OBICryptantha nevadensisRobert F. Hoover119181968-03-24 San Bernardino4 mi SE of Daggett on Ord mt rd
OBI183009OBICryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert292005-03-24 San Luis ObispoApprox 1.6 W of Wells Canon.
OBI183027OBICryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert1032005-04-02 San Luis Obispo4 W of Caliente Mtn.
OBI183039OBICryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert1632005-04-05 San Luis Obispo10 N of Wells Spring.
PASA1991PASACryptantha nevadensisFrank W. Peirson1922-04-13 ImperialFoot of Mountain Springs Grade
PGM3519PGMCryptantha nevadensisYadon, Vern1987-04-30 MontereyDiablo Range, Parkfield Varian Ranch, 1-2 W of Parkfield Grade summit
PGM5109PGMCryptantha nevadensisHowitt, Beatrice F09071956-04-29 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation near, Paloma Creek Rd (Greenfield Hwy)
PGM5110PGMCryptantha nevadensisHowitt, Beatrice F12681962-04-25 MontereyGabilan Range, Gloria Rd, 1 mile from summit (approx)
PGM7152PGMCryptantha nevadensisYadon, Vern2003-04-27 FresnoCiervo Hills Sec 16 Manning Ave Entry, In south dune at entry to property
PGM7376PGMCryptantha nevadensisYadon, Vern2005-04-02 FresnoMicrocline Ridge hills W. of I-5, Monvaro Dunes E of access frm Manning Ave
POM118684RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-02-27 RiversideDesert Center. Chuckwalla Valley.
POM13416RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz51761922-05-06 San Bernardino3 miles E of Warrens Well.
POM14165RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz48001922-04-09 RiversideVicinity of Corn Springs, Chuckwalla Mountains, Colorado Desert
POM145303RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. B. Feudge7611924-04-21 San BernardinoDaggett, Mojave Desert, Ca.
POM15018RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer8591918-04-21 San BernardinoMountain Springs
POM15233RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer20341922-04-04 RiversidePalm Springs.
POM171599RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-05-19 San BernardinoBarstow to Kramer road.
POM171600RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-04-24 San BernardinoStony ridge, Calico Mts.
POM171601RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-04-27 InyoDarwin.
POM287891RSACryptantha nevadensisLyman Benson86941938-05-08 KernRich Bar, Kern Canon. Greenhorm Mountain Range.
POM287892RSACryptantha nevadensisLyman Benson82071937-04-23 InyoW. of Towne Pass, Panamint Mountain Range.
POM287893RSACryptantha nevadensisLyman Benson32341932-04-03 KernMt Breckenridge
POM368300RSACryptantha nevadensisChristopher Davidson39731976-05-22 InyoOn Waucoba Rd, ca. 0.4 mi E of junction with Westguard Rd, toward Eureka Dune.
POM368302RSACryptantha nevadensisMaurice Zigmond6621949-04-18 KernJawbone Canon.
POM369367RSACryptantha nevadensisN. Farrell75-41975-03-09 Inyo20ft from Surprise Springs road, Death Valley, National Monument, 1 mile E of Grapevine Ranger Station.
POM369446RSACryptantha nevadensisB. C. Templeton56821935-04-04 San BernardinoMojave Desert between Adelanto and Randsburg.
POM369541RSACryptantha nevadensisChristopher Davidson39161976-05-17 InyoU.S. Naval Ordinance Test Station. Sheep Canon (also called Renegade Canon) petroglyph site.
POM3854RSACryptantha nevadensisKatherine Brandegee1571909-04-16 San BernardinoBarstow, on the Mojave Desert.
POM3855RSACryptantha nevadensisH. M. Hall70381906-05-16 InyoPanamint Canon
POM46805RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer15251920-04-04 RiversideMouth of Tahquitz Canon.
POM47209RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz78271924-04-06 San Bernardino7 miles east of Daggett. Newberry Mts
POM47540RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz7845a1924-04-07 San Bernardino7 mi. east of Daqqett.
POM48775RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer1881917-03-30 San DiegoMountain Spring. Colorado Desert.
POM48777RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer3891917-04-29 San BernardinoIn desert sand, Hesperia
POM48793RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer4031917-04-21 San BernardinoHesperia, Mohave Desert.
POM48794RSACryptantha nevadensisMary F. Spencer4191917-05-11 San BernardinoIn desert sandy, Hesperia.
POM6627RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz25461919-04-12 San BernardinoBarstow, desert
POM71355RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-16 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
POM71522RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1884-05-03 San BernardinoNeedles.
POM71643RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Jones67481884-05-07 San BernardinoNeedles.
POM72906RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1907-04-10 InyoFuneral Mountains, Death Valley.
POM72927RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1907-04-09 InyoFuneral Mountains, Death Valley.
POM72934RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-02 San BernardinoKelso
POM72938RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-03 InyoPanamint Canon.
POM72939RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Jones67401903-04-20 San BernardinoGoff′s.
POM72941RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Jones67421897-04-27 InyoDarwin.
POM72945RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-15 InyoBishop, Owen′s Valley
POM72992RSACryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-15 InyoBishop, Owen′s Valley
POM7882RSACryptantha nevadensisI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-17 San Bernardino4 miles W of Victorville.
POM7921RSACryptantha nevadensisI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-16 San BernardinoVictorville.
POM7975RSACryptantha nevadensisI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-16 San Bernardino3 miles E of Victorville
POM9185RSACryptantha nevadensisI. M. Johnston22571920-05-05 KernNear Mojave.
POM9186RSACryptantha nevadensisI. M. Johnston22561920-05-05 Los AngelesNear Mojave.
POM9203RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz34381920-03-30 San BernardinoBonanza Providence Mtns.
POM9204RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz35101920-04-01 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains.
POM9205RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz36721920-03-28 San Bernardino10 mi East of Daggett.
PUA55272PUACryptantha nevadensisG.L. Clifton90611982-04-20 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Kramer Hills. Kramer Quad.
PUA55403PUACryptantha nevadensisG.L. Clifton94251982-04-24 San DiegoLocal landmark: San Felipe Creek. Tubb Canon Quad.
PUA67463PUACryptantha nevadensisG.L. Clifton175151988-03-15 San DiegoLocal landmark: Imperial Highway. Carrizo Mountain Quad.
RSA0013573RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd116212005-04-06 San BernardinoEast Mojave Desert region: Sheep Corral area, southern base of the Granite Mountains, west of Kelbaker Road, north of Interstate 40.
RSA0019333RSACryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert1032005-04-02 San Luis ObispoSoutheast half of the Caliente Range: 4 W of Caliente Mtn.
RSA0050365RSACryptantha nevadensisDuncan S. Bell10512010-05-21 San BernardinoPioneertown Mountains Preserve; Sawtooth Mountains; collecting in an unnamed canyon between Sorrel Horse Canon and Chaparrosa Wash.
RSA0081536RSACryptantha nevadensisMarc A. Baker179152014-02-16 RiversideRice Valley, lower bajada on the north side of the Big Maria Mountains, 11 WNW of Quien Sabe Point, 35 NNW of Blythe.; Big Maria Mountains NW 7.5
RSA0103039RSACryptantha nevadensisJim M. Andre206092012-03-13 San BernardinoChemeheuvi Mountains; growing on sandy cliffs in Bat Cave Wash, just north of I-40, near the PG&E compressor station, 0.4 mi. west of Colo. R.; Topock 7.5
RSA0106708RSACryptantha nevadensisDuncan S. Bell7582010-04-09 RiversideBLMEast side of the Arica Mountains, near the center of the range; approx. 1.75 air mile west of Priest Well.; Arica Mountains
RSA0116524RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker59771988-05-03 InyoCoso Range: Rose Valley drainage; Jack Henry Mine, Cactus Flat.
RSA0127859RSACryptantha nevadensisG. Rink124292014-03-24 San BernardinoJohnson Valley, a few miles north of Means Dry Lake.
RSA0172213RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga47482014-03-12 San BernardinoBLMTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Arrastre wash; southeast of Old Woman Springs.; Old Woman Springs 7.5
RSA0173622RSACryptantha nevadensisMarc A. Baker179492014-03-24 San BernardinoEastern edge of the greater Johnson Valley area, 2.4 km east of Mearns Lake, 70 km SE of Barstow.; Emerson Lake 7.5
RSA0173777RSACryptantha nevadensisMarc A. Baker195392018-04-30 San BernardinoAvawatz Pass, 37 NNE of Fort Irwin, 87 km NNE of Barstow.; Avawatz Pass 7.5
RSA0318506RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker34631974-05-11 InyoLast Chance Mountains: South end near summit 5333 ft.
RSA124298RSACryptantha nevadensisChas. H. Quibell70811953-06-25 San BenitoNE slope Griswold Hills, Panoche country, 1.5miles W of Silver Creek, 2.5miles S of 180 entrance from Fresno County, near foot of first steep EW ridge above rolling annual grassland.
RSA13354RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf66481935-04-30 InyoDeath Valley region; West side of Funeral Range, Boundary Canon, 2.4 miles SW of Summit
RSA182074RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz124351932-04-21 San Bernardino10 miles so. of Victorville.
RSA182945RSACryptantha nevadensisClare B. Hardham1262211965-05-28 MontereyHidden Valley Ranch. Walk to Serrate Sandstone Ridge. Just E of Smith Mt.
RSA189438RSACryptantha nevadensisL. S. Rose670141967-04-03 InyoPanamint Springs
RSA239870RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne446161973-03-08 InyoDeath Valley National Monument: Rhodes Wash below junction with Bradbury Wash.
RSA24129RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf105951941-05-15 InyoW. side of Pahrump Valley. 3.1-10 W. of Dry Well along Old Traction Rd.
RSA24797RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf103401941-05-11 San BernardinoMojave Desert, SE Kingston Mts., 5.3 miles NW of Valley Wells-Kingston Rd. New Rd. to Excelsior Talc Mine.
RSA250149RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker33821974-04-20 InyoOwens Valley: Near Aberdeen Station, east of Owens River.
RSA25042RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf103981941-05-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Kingston Mountains, 4 miles S of Excelsior Talc Mine on new road to Valley Wells.
RSA26170RSACryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood88481941-05-07 San BernardinoNear Barstow, San Bernardino County
RSA26226RSACryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood76571940-03-26 InyoPanamint Springs.
RSA269365RSACryptantha nevadensisB. A. Prigge13701974-04-23 San BernardinoNE San Bernardino C. Clark Moutains Range, 5.3 miles NNE of Mt. Pass, 1-8 miles E of Ivanpah Springs.
RSA269939RSACryptantha nevadensisC. A. Barber10101970-04-18 San Bernardino1 miles SW Granite Pass, near Kel Baker Road.
RSA270499RSACryptantha nevadensisJames Henricksons.n.1973-04-28 San Bernardinoca 30 (air) miles ESE of Baker, 7 miles SSW of Cima.
RSA270510RSACryptantha nevadensisJames Henrickson96321973-05-16 San Bernardinoca 14 (air) miles S of Ivanpah along Ivanpah Rd; S of Vanderbilt.
RSA270512RSACryptantha nevadensisJames Henrickson94871973-04-29 San Bernardinoca 20 (air) miles NE of Cima, 4 miles along wash NE of Castle Buttes towards Moore, in N-drainage of New York Mts.
RSA270513RSACryptantha nevadensisJames Henrickson91861973-04-23 San Bernardino37 air miles SE of Baker, 8-10miles S of Kelso along Kelbaker road.
RSA277610RSACryptantha nevadensisRichard L. Zembal1311978-05-07 InyoCoso Hot Springs Area.
RSA278379RSACryptantha nevadensisJames Henrickson167481978-04-30 San BernardinoCa 12 air mi SE of Barstow & 3.5 mi SE of Daggett on Camp Rock Rd, 1.4 mi SE of powerline rd.
RSA279835RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne446141974-05-30 InyoPanamint Mountains, Death Valley National Monument, near Aguereberry Point.
RSA303179RSACryptantha nevadensisS. Castagnolis.n.1980-04-25 San BernardinoBajada W of Smith Mine.
RSA303368RSACryptantha nevadensisS. Castagnoli831980-04-27 San BernardinoSmith Mine.
RSA314557RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne555271983-05-06 InyoFuneral Mountains. Campsite, lower end of Red Amphitheater, just E. of Death Valley National Monument boundary
RSA314561RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne555451983-05-06 InyoFuneral Mountains: At mouth of Mortonia Canon, upper end of Red Amphitheatre, up canyon perhaps 1.5 mi.
RSA339844RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne514181978-05-11 San BernardinoN. Clark Mountains: Shire Gypsum Deposit, E. Mojave Desert.
RSA349046RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne517951978-05-05 San BernardinoCushenbury Canon: lower end of canyon, north slope of San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA351738RSACryptantha nevadensisP. M. Peterson2791981-06-11 InyoUpper end of Dry Bone Canon.
RSA351874RSACryptantha nevadensisC. R. Annable7991983-05-08 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Funeral Mountains; Boundary canyon.
RSA353619RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne453991975-05-03 San BernardinoE end Granite Mts.; Snake Spring. E Mojave Desert.
RSA353857RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne324581963-04-12 San Bernardino9 miles NE of Yucca Valley, SW edge Mojave Desert.
RSA3652RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf32371932-05-01 San Bernardino5 mi. E of Goffs .
RSA370081RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield3240a1986-03-12 InyoNear intersection of Saline Valley and Racetrack Valley roads. Nelson Range divide.
RSA387476RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield3541a1986-04-29 InyoWhite Mountains: Near drainage NE of Wyman Creek, 3.15 N1 ° W of Deep Spgs. College, Deep Springs Valley drainage.
RSA387599RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield35011986-04-24 MonoWhite Mountains: Low hills just S of Rock Creek, 1.5 miles S37 ° W of its mouth above Hammil Valley.
RSA387718RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield34411986-04-17 MonoNear mouth of Coldwater Canon, 1.4 N17 ° W of Southern Belle Mine.
RSA395990RSACryptantha nevadensisM. O. Bagley1921987-04-10 San BernardinoKramer Junction. Hhill with water tank just S of SEGS III
RSA4086RSACryptantha nevadensisVictor Duran5711930-05-30 InyoBlack Canon at Marble Canon, White Mts.
RSA437008RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield3638a1986-05-10 MonoMouth of McAfee Creek; White Mountains.
RSA437493RSACryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield44251987-05-14 MonoWhite Mountains: At the mouth of Furnace Creek 0.7 N80 ° W of Wildhorse benchmark 5484. Fishlake Valley Drainage.
RSA463340RSACryptantha nevadensisD. Charlton16771988-04-09 InyoSaline Valley, 2.4 miles N of Willow Creek in major rocky wash. Just north of clay-ash hills on pavement plain. Between Inyo Mtns to the west and Dry Mtn to the east.
RSA474953RSACryptantha nevadensisM. O. Bagley19071987-04-10 San BernardinoKramer Junction, 0.2 W of US Hwy 395.
RSA480005RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd21381988-03-10 RiversideNorth end Palen Mountains, 2 mi west of Palen Pass
RSA48369RSACryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz128551949-03-27 San Diegohead of Borrego Valley
RSA485372RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd20161987-04-12 InyoSouth end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 mile NW of jtn w- Hwy 178, 2 miles W of Shoshone.
RSA492829RSACryptantha nevadensisJeri Hirshbergs.n.1988-03-22 San BernardinoHillside and mesa top adjacent to Hwy 247, 1-2 miles NW of Pipes Road.; Yucca Valley North Quad
RSA4985RSACryptantha nevadensisC. B. Wolf33691932-05-04 San BernardinoN side of Mojave River, 1.5 miles from Daggett on the road to Yermo
RSA499735RSACryptantha nevadensisChristopher Davidson16781973-03-09 InyoDeath Valley Nat. Mon. Jubilee Pass on St 178.
RSA499737RSACryptantha nevadensisN. C. Cooper37811949-03-18 InyoScottys canyon, Death Valley National Monument
RSA499739RSACryptantha nevadensisPercy Train194201937-03-16 InyoWarm Springs canon, Panamint Range.
RSA499740RSACryptantha nevadensisRobert Gustafson25241983-04-25 InyoDeath Valley Natl. Monument; Jubilee Pass
RSA499741RSACryptantha nevadensisRobert Gustafson25371983-04-26 InyoDeath Valley Natl. Monument, summit at Dante′s View, Black Mts.
RSA499744RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-04-27 Kern10 miles N of Ricardo, Kern County.
RSA499746RSACryptantha nevadensisN. C. Cooper27871948-05-13 RiversideDesert Hot Springs
RSA499749RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-04-24 San BernardinoNear Garlic Spring.
RSA499750RSACryptantha nevadensisB. C. Templeton56701935-04-04 San BernardinoAdelanto to Randsburg
RSA499786RSACryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-04-27 InyoMt Spring Canon.
RSA518434RSACryptantha nevadensisB. L. Burge334h1977-00-01 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, Ivanpah Valley.
RSA552122RSACryptantha nevadensisAlan Romspert3271976-04-22 InyoChris Wichts Canon, Panamint Mts.
RSA554013RSACryptantha nevadensisA. C. Sanders121441992-04-04 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA554267RSACryptantha nevadensisB. Pitzer16211991-05-22 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, Sand Hill Artillery Range, ca. 6.5 km (air) SW of Surprise Spring and 9 km (air) east of Landers. Tortoise Study Plot 2
RSA554369RSACryptantha nevadensisTheo Glenn91-11991-04-09 RiversideBig wash in Eagle Mountains.
RSA560910RSACryptantha nevadensisD. Charlton49471991-04-24 KernSierra Nevada foothills, North of Mt. Tehachapi and Mojave. Unpaved road 1-2 mile north of Phillips Rd. Neuralia, leads to powerline road that is parallel to highway
RSA562883RSACryptantha nevadensisD. Charlton49541991-04-24 KernSierra Nevada foothills, North of Mt. Tehachapi and Mojave. Unpaved road 1-2 mile north of Phillips Rd. Neuralia, leads to powerline road that is parallel to highway
RSA565625RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd77481993-03-18 InyoResting Spring Range, 4 miles east of Shoshone, upper bajada and lower slopes along western side of range, 1.1 miles SE of Highway 178.
RSA570352RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd77781993-03-18 San BernardinoSouthern base of the Avawatz Range at the mouth of Sheep Creek Springs Canon about old mining camp at Sheep Creek Spring.
RSA570375RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd78191993-03-19 San BernardinoWestern base of the Chocolate Mountains, small canyon, ca. 1.25 miles due north of Imperial County line and ca. 3.75 miles due west of aqueduct, accessed by dirt road off of main aqueduct road at siphon station.Within boundaries of U.S. Navy′s Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range.[Northeast] Southern base of the Avawatz Range on lower third of alluvial fan below Sheep Creek Springs Canon.
RSA585362RSACryptantha nevadensisT. S. Ross4703b1991-04-27 Los AngelesBlack Butte: rocky easterly and northeasterly slopes.; El Mirage 7.5′ Quad.
RSA613068RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker701952-05-04 InyoOwens Valley: Independence.
RSA614020RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker3321956-05-30 InyoAlabama Hills: Mt. Whitney Quadrangle.; Mt. Whitney
RSA617203RSACryptantha nevadensisL. C. Wheeler70351953-03-31 RiversideNear Mountaineer Mine.
RSA617204RSACryptantha nevadensisL. C. Wheeler70371953-03-31 RiversideNear Mountaineer Mine.
RSA617326RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker30861973-04-15 InyoLittle Lake
RSA617472RSACryptantha nevadensisScott D. White67631998-06-23 Los AngelesSoledad Canon area: Proposed quarry area N of Soledad Canon Rd., S of I-14 freeway, E of Bee Canon and W of Agua Dulce Canon.; Agua Dulce
RSA618138RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker26071971-05-03 InyoSaline Valley: Toward north end. Wash below Willow Creek Camp.
RSA619011RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker32031973-05-20 InyoInyo Mountains: 3-4 mile southwest of Lime Hill on road to Eureka Valley.
RSA620120RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Mark Porter117141998-04-24 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Near mile marker 25.00 along Hwy 3 N of Adelanto and S of Trenton Road.
RSA622041RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker17221967-05-12 InyoInyo Mountains: Bee Canon, south of Mazourka.
RSA624702RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker33771974-04-10 InyoAlabama Hills: North portion of scenic drive.
RSA624706RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker33821974-04-20 InyoOwens Valley: Near Aberdeen Station, east of Owens River.
RSA624731RSACryptantha nevadensisMary DeDecker34411974-05-08 InyoOwens Valley: one mile of Owens River from Stewart Lane
RSA627360RSACryptantha nevadensisScott D. White64661998-05-14 San BernardinoOro Grande Area: Desert wash ca. 1 air mi due west of Sparkhule Mountain, near existing quarry. Potential expansion area for Riverside Cement Co.; Helendale
RSA641236RSACryptantha nevadensisR. F. Thorne453991974-05-03 San BernardinoCa. 7 miles south of Kelso: Kelbaker Road east of Kelso Sand Dunes and ca. 8 miles north of Granite Pass.
RSA660134RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre39122001-03-17 San BernardinoMarble Mountains: Along Kelbaker Rd. 2 mi. S of I-40, at base of volcanic hills.
RSA680632RSACryptantha nevadensisScott D. Whites.n.2001-03-29 San BernardinoNear Ludlow. Bajada surfaces and washes, on and near unnamed dirt road between Argos Wash and Ludlow.; Ludlow
RSA699334RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. R. Bruffs.n.1928-04-02 RiversideCanon wash 1 mile west of Morengo.
RSA699342RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. R. Bruffs.n.1928-04-01 San Bernardino29 Palms.
RSA701338RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd107642004-03-30 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert. Pisgah lava beds just south of old Route 66 and I-40, west of Ludlow and 7.8 miles east of Fort Cady Road.
RSA701420RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd107242004-03-30 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert. Southern end of the Cady Mountains northwest of Ludlow (north of Interstate 40) lower slopes and wash at base of hill topped with communication towers, along powerline road.
RSA702790RSACryptantha nevadensisScott D. White102142004-04-21 San BernardinoBLM?Southeast of Coyote Dry Lake. Just west of Manix Tank Trail, ca. 0.5 - 1.5 W of jtn. with powerline access road.; Alvord Mtn West
RSA703398RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross14502005-02-17 RiversideChocolate-Chuckwalla Mountains region: Corn Springs Campground in the Chuckwalla Mountains. Canon southwest of Campground.
RSA703811RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross15972005-03-03 RiversidePalen Mountains, south side. Near end of old prospect road.; Sidewinder Well 15 minuteNear 33.71 N, 115.11 W. to 33.72053N, 115.11051W
RSA704435RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross15452005-02-24 San BernardinoCalico Mountains. Close to Camp Rock in Mule Canon, north of the city of Yermo.; Yermo Quad. 7.5 Quad.
RSA705704RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross16352005-03-07 San BernardinoEast Ord Mountain; Canon on east side of mountain. From Camp Rock Road.; Ord Mountains & Rodman Mountains 15 Quad.Near 34.62 N, 116.73 W. Section 10 on Ord Mountains Quad & section 11 on Rodman Mountains Quad. To 34.63171N, 116.74400W.
RSA705772RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross17642005-03-17 San BernardinoSoutheast end of the Bristol Mountains; West off Kelbaker Road, followed a dirt road going to an antenna station on top of the mountain, stopped at base of mountain where the road was gated.Area near a place called -x{20 Windy point General collecting in canyon bottom and slope to the west of gate. Near 34.61 N, 115.68189W to 34.60943N, 115.68508W
RSA705787RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross19032005-04-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Southcentral Mojave Desert region: Marble Mountains; north of gas line road (mile 69), south of Highway 40, east of Kelbaker Road.; Browns ButteGeneral collecting from low hills north up near rocky cliff, then west northeast into a canyon bottom that I followed into the mountains a short distance.
RSA705863RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross16482005-03-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Southcentral Mojave Desert region: Marble Mountains; Just east of Kelbaker Road, short distance south from Highway 40.
RSA705939RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross16952005-03-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Southcentral Mojave Desert region: Marble Mountains; Just east of Kelbaker Road, short distance south from Highway 40.
RSA707099RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross14692005-02-23 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Northwest side of the Avawatz Mountains, off road that leads to Cave Spring and Avawatz Pass. Just north of Fort Irwin indefinite boundary. Northwest of Arrastre Springs, and southeast of Denning Spring.; Avawatz Pass
RSA707151RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross20192005-04-19 San BernardinoRodman Mountains; Between Camp Rock Mine to the west and Silver Bell Mine to the east. Off road that is east of the cinder cone quarry.; Silver Bell Mine 7.5 Quad.
RSA707283RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross19792005-04-19 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Rodman Moutains; South end of a large lava flow, between Camp Rock Mine to the west and Silver Bell Mine to the east.; Silver Bell Mine 7.5 Quad.
RSA709738RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross20422005-04-25 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Southwest end of the Lava Mountains, north of Red Mountain, east of Trona Road. Side road off Steam Well Road (RM1444) to Skilling Well.; Klinker Mtn. 7.5 Quad.
RSA711337RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot18392003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: North slope of Pyramid Butte.
RSA711395RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot18932003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte.
RSA711396RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot19312003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte.
RSA711404RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot11172003-03-01 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Across Parker Dam Road from Bass Point.
RSA714544RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot20292003-03-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West side, wide wash along old Needles-Parker road south of D&W mine.
RSA714548RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot15212003-03-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along old Needles-Parker road between highway 62 and Colorado River aqueduct.
RSA714567RSACryptantha nevadensisSarah J. De Groot19892003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West side of range, American Eagle Mine.
RSA718594RSACryptantha nevadensisMichael Honer22972006-05-13 San BernardinoAppx. 4.25 WNW of Flamingo Heights; Around S-facing slopes above bajada accessible by driving Hondo St. W from Hwy 247.; Bighorn Cyn. quad
RSA720206RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga1152002-05-25 KernThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Bajada of Short Canon. Along BLM road S138.; Owens Peak 7.5 Quad
RSA720308RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga2082003-02-16 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Owens Peak Wilderness Area. Bajada of Short Canon near the side of a dirt road.; Owens Peak 7.5 Quad.
RSA720348RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga4752003-04-08 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Lower sand dunes between Short Canon and Grapevine Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA720904RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga4472003-03-20 KernBLMSouthern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Indian Wells Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA722354RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. R. Bruff3-M1927-03-12 RiversideFingal
RSA729047RSACryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga6162003-05-02 KernBLMSouthern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. East end of Five Fingers.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA731205RSACryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd118472008-04-11 InyoBLMSouthwestern base of Dublin Hills at eastern edge of lower Greenwater Valley, west of Shoshone, bajada east of Furnace Creek Wash Road, north and east to lowest rocky slopes and outlying hills.
RSA732490RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross30602008-03-26 San BernardinoBLMNorthcentral Mojave Desert region: Road that runs between the northwest portion of the Alvord Mountains and low hills northeast of Coyote Lake. Few miles south of the Fort Irwin Military boundary line.
RSA732524RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross28432008-03-12 San BernardinoBLMNorthcentral Mojave Desert region: Sleeping Beauty Area of the Southern Cady Mountains: Northwest from Ludlow, follow road north from Ludlow toward Broadwell Lake, then west along a trasmission line to 34.74 N, 116.23 W.; Broadwell LakeThis area is a small hill with shaved off top of white outcrop. (prospect mined or disturbed for the power lines). Collected along wide canyon in a northwest direction from here, to 34.76817N, 116.25781. Area between Lavic Mountain Mine to the east and Paymaster Mine to the west.
RSA732593RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross29162008-03-24 San BernardinoBLMAlvord Mountains: Southeast side of mountains along a main canyon just west of Spanish Canon. Collected around an elevated lake sediment (tufa) east side of canyon, as far as a saddle near 35.07 N, 116.60 W.And a little north along the main canyon, pass where the canyon opens up with a fault line that runs in a northwest angle, near 35.08417N, 116.60613. Main starting point was near end of old road-trail near 35.07616N, 116.60862W.
RSA732836RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross29532008-03-24 San BernardinoBLMAlvord Mountains: Along south base of the mountains. Area called Alvord Well. (Water was used for the Alvord Mine, north and up canyon from this site).
RSA735416RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross31592008-04-01 San BernardinoBLMNorthwest end of the Sheep Hole Mountains; Along east side of Amboy Road, around Sheep Hole Pass. Parked at a tramission tower just off the road.Near 34.239 N, 115.720 W. General collecting along bajada to west side of mountains, up ridge to 34.23506N, 115.70664W. Then down south side of this ridge to dry canyon bottom at 34.23458N, 115.70953W. Then follow this canyon bottom back out of the mountains.
RSA736178RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre88752007-04-25 San BernardinoMid Hills: in Black Cyn Gorge, along Black Cyn Rd approx. 2 mi. South of intersection with Wildhorse Cyn Rd near Mid Hills Campground.
RSA736354RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre94302008-01-10 San BernardinoDevils Playground: S. end of Old Dad Mountain, growing in large granitic sandy wash at base of rocky limestone S-facing slopes.
RSA737576RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross32412008-04-10 InyoNorth northwest side of the Dublin Hills. West of Shoshone, and Highway 127. South of Highway 178 where the road makes a southwest curve, a few miles west of the intersection with Highway 127.; Shoshone 15 minute Quad. 19 Near 35.99185N, 116.32 W. to low rounded hill east of the highway 35.98702N, 116.33034. Ended at 35.98025N, 116.32538W.
RSA737664RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross31942008-04-10 InyoNorth Mojave Desert region: Northwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain.; Eagle Mountain 15 Quad. 1951.Parked jeep near 36.23 N, 116.37 W southeast to 36.22727N, 116.36935.
RSA747642RSACryptantha nevadensisP. De Vries72482009-04-07 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Preserve, ca. 1.10 miles east northeast of junction of Cerro Noroeste Road and Klipstein Canon Road.; Ballinger Canon 7.5
RSA749581RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross37702009-04-06 San BernardinoBLMSouthern section of the Cady Mounatins: Northwest of the Sleeping Beauty section. Just north of the transmission line road, east of the low saddle that runs between the mountains.; Sleeping Beauty 7.5 Quad.From 34.83 N 116.31 W, near marker BM19 WBC2613 along transmission road to northwest near 34.84049N 116.32047W. Traveled up a small drainage, to base of steeper slope, then northeast across an elevated bench to the west side of a sandy wash (braided bajada).
RSA749746RSACryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross37222009-04-06 San BernardinoBLMSouthwest section of the Cady Mounatins: Areas North and east of Black Butte Mine, northwest of the Sleeping beauty section. Southeast of the transmission line road.; Sleeping Beauty 7.5 Quad.Started near 34.81 N 116.34 W traveled SE to small saddle that had little amount of sand blowed on the slope to the east of this, near 34.80312N 116.33066W. Then west to Black Butte Mine, and follow a drainage NNE from the mine site.
RSA753267RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre104502009-04-04 San BernardinoTurtle Mts.: along Turtle Mt. Road at Chemehuevi Wash crossing, 5.3 miles W of Hwy. 95; Savahia Peak NW 7.5′
RSA757141RSACryptantha nevadensisMichael Honer28222008-03-10 San BernardinoBLMCady Mountains: rocky SW-facing slopes appx. 5.7 mi. E of Hector Rd., 0.8 W of big transmission-line service road.
RSA757422RSACryptantha nevadensisMichael Honer30902008-04-24 San BernardinoBLMJohnson Valley: around Sec. 10, appx. 3.5 mi. SE of Old Woman Springs, on S side of Highway 247.
RSA764534RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre136662010-04-23 San BernardinoKelso Dunes; Mojave National Preserve; along powerline access road south end of Kelso Dunes. 7.5 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd.; 7.5′ Glasgow
RSA764884RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre128022010-04-27 San BernardinoIvanpah Mtns. Mojave National Preserve. In the vicinity of Mineral Spring approx. 4 miles N of Morningstar Mine Rd. 1.8 air miles ESE of Kokoweef Peak.; Mineral Hill 7.5′ Quad.
RSA764896RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre126902010-03-12 San BernardinoClipper Mtns. S side of range along dirt road from Danby (at Hwy 66). Approx. 0.2 mile S of Bonanza Spring.; Castle Dome 7.5′ Quad.
RSA765180RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre122112010-03-19 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; E side of Turtle Mtns, approx. 0.3 miles W off Hwy 95. 6 miles NNW of Videl Jct.; Videl NW 7.5′
RSA765593RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre123442010-04-07 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley; Mojave National Preserve, along Nipton Rd at NV-CA border approx. 2.5 mi. E. of town of Nipton.; Crescent Peak 7.5 Quad.
RSA766038RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre133172010-03-26 San BernardinoPiute Range. Along Walter Rd, eastern boundary of Mojave National Preserve along W side of Walter Rd WSW of Homer Mtn. SE of Signal Hill.; Homer Mtn 7.5′ Quad
RSA768001RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre135932010-05-13 San BernardinoLanfair Valley; Mojave National Preserve; along dirt road, New York Mountains, approx. 2 miles southwest of Hart Mine (Castle Mts.) and approx. 3.5 miles east of Ivanpah Road; Grotto Hills 7.5′ Quad.
RSA777702RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre161782011-02-15 San BernardinoBristol Mountains, southeastern end of range, 3.5 miles N of Hwy. 6 National Trails Hwy.) 0.3 mile west of Kelbaker Road.; Amboy 7.5′
RSA778236RSACryptantha nevadensisDuncan S. Bell412009-03-08 RiversideArica Mountains: east side of mountain range, approximately 1.8 air miles northwest of Priest Well.
RSA778299RSACryptantha nevadensisT. La Doux6062011-03-08 San BernardinoMarble Mts.; along BLM Road NS138, 1.5 mile east of Kelbaker Road on alluvial slope off the western end of the Marble Mts.; Cadiz 7.5′
RSA778303RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre167082011-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; Playground Wash, along old mining road (now in wilderness); Bighorn Basin 7.5′
RSA778826RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre161402011-03-15 San BernardinoCalico Mountains, on west side of range, 5.5 miles north of I-15 (Yermo), 0.9 mile east of Fort Irwin Road at Strachan Road Junction; Lane Mountain 7.5′
RSA779464RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre159562011-03-11 San BernardinoFenner Valley; alluvial scarp at southeast end of Clipper Mountains, along Hwy. 6 National Trails Highway), 6.2 miles WSW of Essex; Danby 7.5′
RSA779845RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre164492011-03-31 San BernardinoOld Dad Mountain; Mojave National Preserve; along Mojave Road at Seventeenmile Point, 0.9 mile west of Kelbaker Road, approx. 12 miles ESE of Baker.; Seventeenmile Point 7.5′
RSA780647RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre168912011-02-24 San BernardinoNewberry Springs; approx. 20 miles east of Barstow, south side of Interstate 40, at end of Quarry Road, 1.5 mile W of Newberry Springs.; Newberry Springs 7.5′ Quad.
RSA783676RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre189792011-03-27 San BernardinoClipper Mts: along gas pipeline road on far west end of range. 10.6 mi east of Kelbaker Rd, approx. 2 mi S of I-40. Growing on banks of Clipper Wash.; Van Winkle Wash 7.5′
RSA785045RSACryptantha nevadensisDuncan S. Bell33462012-04-15 San BernardinoThe Calumet Mountains; southern section of this range in the Sheephole Valley Wilderness. Approximately 6.75 air miles northeast of Clarks Pass.; Cadiz Valley SW
RSA785948RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre167692011-03-28 San BernardinoIron Mountain; west slope of mountain at mine site, west of Barstow, east of Hinkley Road, 3.5 miles south of Hwy. 5 Wild Crossing 7.5′
RSA791086RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre187552011-04-06 San BernardinoAlong powerline road, 7.0 mi east of Hwy 127 (at Silver Lake), 2 mi west of Turquoise Mtn, approx. 15 NNE of Baker.; 7.5′ Halloran Springs
RSA794626RSACryptantha nevadensisJ. Andre44782003-04-15 InyoOwens Valley: Manzanar Historic Site, northwest corner.
RSA80760RSACryptantha nevadensisF. W. Peirson28571922-04-13 San DiegoMountain Springs, eastern San Diego County.
RSA80761RSACryptantha nevadensisF. W. Peirson66801926-04-27 San Bernardino14 miles E of victorville
RSA80762RSACryptantha nevadensisR. S. Woglum120831937-04-15 Inyo3 miles north of Trona.
SBBG205108SBBGCryptantha nevadensisMichael G. Simpson29442008-04-02 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park: Wash just southwest of road to Cottonwood Spring, ca. 0.4 mile northwest of Cottonwood Spring.
SBBG208254SBBGCryptantha nevadensisHasenstab, Kristen592008-04-02 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. 3.0 miles south of north enterance to the park at 29 Palms, at exhibit. 30 ft west of road in elevated portions on sides of a narrow wash.
SBBG214128SBBGCryptantha nevadensisKristen Hasenstab502008-04-01 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. 500 ft south of Cottonwood Springs campground, growing among Cylindropuntia ramosissima, along path leading to Mastodon Loop Trail.
SBBG218820SBBGCryptantha nevadensisL. Gross w- B. Tutt, S. Vanderplank14692005-02-23 San BernardinoNW side of the Avawatz Mtns, off rd that leads to Cave Spring and Avawatz Pass, NW of Arrastre Springs, SE of Denning Spring
SBBG218884SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. Burgess55892003-03-28 VenturaBallinger Cyn, along rd 0.5 NE of cmpgrd; upper Cuyama Valley
SBBG218886SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. Burgess86702010-05-15 VenturaChorro Grande Trail, upper Sespe drainage, Los Padres National Forest.
SBBG218887SBBGCryptantha nevadensisA. C. Sanders220001998-06-22 Los AngelesSoledad Pass area at N foot, ca. 5 mi SW of Palmdale, along SCE Mesa-Vincent power line at pole 18-03, just S of Vincent Substation
SBBG218888SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. Burgess44422001-04-13 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; E side of Hwy 33, un-named drainage N of Apache Cyn, SE of Brubaker Cyn
SBBG218889SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. Burgess47012001-06-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Ellis Apiary campsite, W bank of Piru Crk, N of Lake Piru
SBBG218890SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler3658a1968-04-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; across rd from maintenance yard, Hwy 33
SBBG218898SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler37041968-05-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; ca. 1 N of maintenance yard, Hwy 33, upper Sespe
SBBG218899SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler34951967-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; rd running from Ozena to Lockwood Valley and near Ozena Cmpgrd
SBBG218900SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler3524s1967-06-09 VenturaHwy 33 near the maintenance yard, upper Sespe watershed
SBBG218901SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler3533i1967-06-17 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; 0.6 mi below Pine Mtn Summit on Hwy 33
SBBG218902SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler35031967-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Camp Ozena
SBBG218903SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. N. Philbrick1967-06-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Quatal Rd, 5 W of Toad Springs Cmpgrd
SBBG218904SBBGCryptantha nevadensisR. N. Philbrick1967-06-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Quatal Rd, 5 W of Toad Springs Cmpgrd
SBBG218905SBBGCryptantha nevadensisHenry M. Pollard1967-06-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Dry Lakes Ridge, Matilija-Sespe divide
SBBG218906SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler29741966-05-13 Venturaridge above Ozena Cmpgrd
SBBG218907SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler25021965-06-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Reyes Creek Campground
SBBG218908SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler2354a1965-06-03 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33 between Sandstone Public Camp and Pine Mtn Summit
SBBG218909SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler2468c1965-06-18 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Sandstone Public Camp
SBBG218910SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler12861963-06-05 KernLos Padres National Forest; Toad Springs, Quatal Cyn
SBBG218911SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler23511965-06-03 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33 between Sandstone Public Camp and Pine Mtn Summit
SBBG218912SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler28351966-04-29 Venturaroad maintenance yard on Hwy 33, near Tule Crk Crossing
SBBG218913SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler12871963-06-05 KernLos Padres National Forest; Toad Springs Public Camp, Quatal Cyn
SBBG218914SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler15371964-04-30 Venturanear Hwy 399, ca. 7 N of Ozena Guard Station
SBBG218915SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler3657a1968-04-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; across rd from maintenance yard, Hwy 33
SBBG218916SBBGCryptantha nevadensisClare B. Hardham200741974-04-29 MontereySmith Mtn, Monterey-Fresno county line
SBBG218917SBBGCryptantha nevadensisAnuja Parikh, N. GaleSEM-161992-05-09 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; ca. 1.4 km ENE of Mystery Spring; San Emigdio Mesa
SBBG218918SBBGCryptantha nevadensisClare B. Hardham127471965-06-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; side cyn, Sespe River
SBBG218920SBBGCryptantha nevadensisErnest C. Twisselmann72491962-06-01 KernWater Cyn
SBBG218921SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1928-05-25 VenturaFrazier Mountain Park
SBBG218922SBBGCryptantha nevadensisL. R. Abrams, R. McGregor1908-06-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Borax Mine, Mt Pinos
SBBG218923SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1927-06-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley
SBBG218924SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler23181965-05-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley: rd from Bates Cyn to Schoolhouse CynCuyama Valley
SBBG218925SBBGCryptantha nevadensisE. R. Chandler19681964-05-30 Santa Barbarard to Miranda Pine via Bootlegger Cyn
SBBG218926SBBGCryptantha nevadensisDick Smith1967-02-01 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: trail from Big Pine Basin to Big Pine Lookout
SBBG218927SBBGCryptantha nevadensisIra W. Clokey58231937-04-13 San Luis ObispoSE corner of county
SBBG218928SBBGCryptantha nevadensisLincoln Constance, J. L. Morrison, G. Lyon, H. L. Mason25981940-05-05 Mercedsummit of N peak of Twin Peaks
SBBG218929SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1927-06-13 Los AngelesChandler′s
SBBG218930SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1929-05-21 Los AngelesPine Cyn
SBBG218931SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1925-05-16 Los AngelesAntelope Valley
SBBG218932SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1930-06-06 Los AngelesAlamo Crk
SBBG218933SBBGCryptantha nevadensisClare B. Hardham18781957-05-01 Montereyhead of Lowe′s Cyn, ca. 15 NE of San Miguel
SBBG218934SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1930-04-28 KernTehachapi Pass, 5 mi S of Caliente
SBBG218935SBBGCryptantha nevadensisErnest C. Twisselmann84181963-06-11 KernErskine Cyn, Piute Mtns
SBBG218936SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1930-07-11 InyoWestgard Pass [Rd]
SBBG218937SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1929-05-11 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley
SBBG218938SBBGCryptantha nevadensisRalph Hoffmann1928-04-06 Venturaupper Cuyama Valley
SD00034872SDCryptantha nevadensisRobert F. Thorne445181974-05-28 San BernardinoEast Mojave Desert, Clark Mts.: 1.8 miles up Coliseum Mine Road from power line road
SD133158SDCryptantha nevadensisEd LaRue91-611991-04-30 KernMojave Desert, 3 miles southwest of Ridgecrest; 1.5 miles north of intersection of Highway 395 & China Lake Road
SD168427SDCryptantha nevadensisJon P. Rebman113572005-03-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: west of Ocotillo; eastern base of Jacumba Mountains; south of Dos Cabezas Spring in the vicinity of Syd Hayden Spring, canyon area
SD168428SDCryptantha nevadensisJon P. Rebman112782005-03-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: west of Ocotillo; eastern base of Jacumba Mountains; vicinity of Mortero Palms northwest of Dos Cabezas Spring
SD169351SDCryptantha nevadensisJoe Barth4012005-03-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: Just north of the Volcanic Hills, adjacent to East Fork Jojoba Wash (near unmapped road), about .3 mile from west edge of square (in WNW part of square).
SD172713SDCryptantha nevadensisJeannie Gregory13052005-03-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park; 8 miles W of Ocotillo at base of Jacumba Mtns; Mortero Canon Rd; by the railroad tracks just SW of Dos Cabezas Mine.
SD172714SDCryptantha nevadensisLarry Hendrickson3652005-03-04 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Mountain Palm Springs. Southwest of parking area, along trail.
SD205625SDCryptantha nevadensisLarry Hendrickson28602008-03-31 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Indian Canon, Tierra Blanca Mountains, 2.4 miles NE of Sombrero Peak summit, 3.2 air miles WSW of intersection of County Road S-2 and access road to canyon, north of North Fork Trail (unpaved road).
SD208484SDCryptantha nevadensisLarry Hendrickson44942010-03-03 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. NE-side of Vallecito Mountains. 3.6 air miles SW of intersection of State hwy. 78 and Split Mountain Rd., and 1.0 mile SW of intersection of Old Kane Springs Rd. and Youngs Rd.
SD20849SDCryptantha nevadensisFrank F. Gander53221938-04-15 San DiegoYaqui Pass
SD210831SDCryptantha nevadensisKim Marsden2722008-03-20 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, 6.5 mi ESE of town of Borrego Springs, 300 meters SE of San Gregorio monument along Borrego Sink Wash, 3.8 NNE of intersection Borrego Springs Road and Fletcher Road
SD221041SDCryptantha nevadensisJoe Barth9132010-03-06 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: the sw part of the South Mesa (north and east of the Carrizo Badlands). Ca. 0.3 mile to the east of the canyon drainage called Arroyo Seco del Diablo. Ca. 2 miles N of Carrizo Creek. Ca.2.8 miles west of the county line.
SD237369SDCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders362332009-03-05 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Cady Mountains at edge of Broadwell Valley, saddle between hills along powerline road c. 10 - 11 NE of I-40, at foot of peak 2633, north of Sleeping Beauty Mtn.
SD240924SDCryptantha nevadensisDave Silverman78222010-03-30 RiversideSouthwest flank of Palen Mountains bajada, along Palen Dunes drive, 4.6 N of I-10, 9 km ESE of Sidewinder Well.
SD24510SDCryptantha nevadensisFrank F. Gander70861939-04-01 San Diegoabout 2 miles southwest of Carrizo Station
SD26408SDCryptantha nevadensisAllan Keller121a1939-03-25 Inyo3 miles north of Slate Range Crossing, Argus Mountains
SD39173SDCryptantha nevadensisEdith A. Purer6425A1935-04-19 San Diegowestern edge of Colorado Desert along old stage route
SD4207SDCryptantha nevadensisVictor Durans.n.1930-05-30 MonoBlack Canon, White Mountains
SDSU05481SDSUCryptantha nevadensisBeare, Pamela A.3IV92A1992-04-03 San BernardinoWest of Zzyzx Road, 4.0 miles south of intersection with I-1 Near Desert Studies Center, Soda Springs.
SDSU12028SDSUCryptantha nevadensisDellavalle, Mary10IV95J-21995-04-10 San Bernardino20.6 miles from junction of Johnson and Stoddard Wells Rd. on Stoddard Wells Rd. Between Victorville and Barstow CA.
SDSU13032SDSUCryptantha nevadensisSimpson, Michael G.21III98J1998-03-21 San DiegoIndian Gorge, near campsite just southwest of the western gorge opening, ca. 1-4 mile southwest of Torrote canyon mouth. Just past trailhead to Surprise Grove. Anza Borrego Desert State Park.
SDSU18140SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMcMullen, Erin1982-02-07 San BernardinoEmerson Wash, MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA
SDSU18652SDSUCryptantha nevadensisSimpson, Michael G.29442008-04-02 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Wash just southwest of road to Cottonwood Spring, ca. 0.4 mile northwest of Cottonwood Spring.
SDSU18685SDSUCryptantha nevadensisHasenstab, Kristen502008-04-01 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. 500 ft south of Cottonwood Springs campground, growing among Cylindropuntia ramosissima, along path leading to Mastodon Loop Trail.
SDSU18698SDSUCryptantha nevadensisHasenstab, Kristen592008-04-02 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. 3.0 miles south of north enterance to the park at 29 Palms, at exhibit. 30 ft west of road in elevated portions on sides of a narrow wash.
SDSU20361SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMabry, Makenzie232013-04-01 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park, Carrizo badlands overlook, south of slope.
SDSU20393SDSUCryptantha nevadensisBarth, Joe9132010-03-06 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: the sw part of the South Mesa (north and east of the Carrizo Badlands). Ca. 0.3 mile to the east of the canyon drainage called Arroyo Seco del Diablo. Ca. 2 miles N of Carrizo Creek. Ca.2.8 miles west of the county line.
SDSU20915SDSUCryptantha nevadensisAndre, J. M.261372013-03-20 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains; about 15 mi. west of Needles, south of I-4-, along gas pipeline road (BLM#NS061), southeastern Sacramento Mtns, at northern base of Flattop Mountain, approx. 6 mi. east of major utility lines access road. NAD83. 7.5′ Quad: Flattop Mountain.
SDSU20920SDSUCryptantha nevadensisAndre, J. M.261752013-03-20 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains; about 14 mi. west of Needles, approx. 2 mi. south of I-40, approx 1.5 NE of Flattop Mtn, along gas pipeline road (BLM#NS061), southeastern Sacramento Mts. NAD83. 7.5′ Quad: Flattop Mountain.
SDSU21770SDSUCryptantha nevadensisAndre, J.189792011-03-27 San BernardinoClipper Mountains; along gas pipeline road on far west end of range, 10.6 mi, east of Kelbaker Rd, approx. 2 mi. south of I-4 NAD83, 7.5 Quad: Van Winkle Wash.
SDSU22710SDSUCryptantha nevadensisEd Kenter1532013-03-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Soda Mountains, 10 air miles west of Baker.
SDSU22984SDSUCryptantha nevadensisSimpson, Michael G.40412017-03-29 ?  San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park, Indian Gorge, ca. 1,000 feet west of entrance to Torote Canon along road, south east of dirt road ca. 400 feet, along foot trail on slope.
SDSU23573SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMark A. Elvin47311940-08-06 San BernardinoDry Morrongo Wash at County line btween Riverside and San Bernardino at bridge of Hwy 62.
SDSU24556SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMaria Jesus4982019-05-21 InyoInyo Mountains, just north of Malpais Mesa Wilderness boundary, ˜ 1.3 air miles W of BLM route S5.
SDSU24557SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMaria Jesus3152019-05-21 InyoInyo Mountains. Malpais Mesa Wilderness, near Saline Valley Rd ˜ 3.6 miles north of junction with CA-190
SDSU24558SDSUCryptantha nevadensisMaria Jesus2592019-05-21 InyoInyo Mountains, Malpais Wilderness, 1.3 air miles E of jct with CA-136 and CA-190.
SFV103655SFVCryptantha nevadensisT. R. Gordon12611976-04-15 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Along Kelbaker Road a few miles south of Kelso.
SFV103656SFVCryptantha nevadensisK. A. Wilson9361961-03-04 San BernardinoRidgecrest Highway, 4 miles northeast of Kern County Line. 6 miles north of Ridgecrest. Sandy slope at foot of rocky outcrop.
SJSU1454SJSUCryptantha nevadensisC.W. Sharsmith61261954-03-20 Inyonear Vega Mine, E base Inyo Range in Saline Valley, Death Valley drainage
SJSU3686SJSUCryptantha nevadensisC.W. Sharsmith69801963-04-12 InyoE Branch, Furnace Cr Wash near Travertine Point, Death Valley drainage
SJSU3695SJSUCryptantha nevadensisC.W. Sharsmith69801963-04-12 InyoE Branch, Furnace Cr Wash near Travertine Point, Death Valley drainage
UC100888UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. A. Heller82031906-05-08 Inyow of Laws
UC100907UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler71781906-05-26 InyoSwansea
UC100912UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler70381906-05-16 InyoPanamint Canon
UC1035087UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris128061955-05-23 San Luis Obispoabout 0.5 mi w Creston-La Panza road junction with Canon road (on Creston-La Panza raod)
UC1073069UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisPeter H. Raven, R. Ornduff, H. Arnott, J. Kuijt108091957-05-11 San Benito8.8 mi from junction n of Bitterwater (on road to New Idria)
UC1073074UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisPeter H. Raven, R. Ornduff, H. Arnott, J. Kuijt10858A1957-05-12 San Benito18.0 mi from New Idria (on road to Panoche); Call Mountain
UC1073334UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisGeorge B. Rossbach4611955-04-18 KernRed Rock Canon, e Kern Canon Red Rock Canon
UC1178552UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisPeter Kamb10521948-05-31 San Bernardinon shore Baldwin Lake; San Bernardino Mts.
UC1181799UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisV. F. Hesse28171960-06-04 San BenitoClear Creek Road, 3.4 mi ne of summit
UC1212117UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisFrancia Chisaki9501957-05-11 San Benito4.9 mi s Hernandez
UC1250199UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. J. Rodin49401949-05-07 StanislausMt. Oso Inner Coast Range
UC125929UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Jones1884-05-08 San BernardinoThe Needles
UC130931UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMrs. K. Brandegee1571909-04-16 San BernardinoBarstow Mohave Desert
UC133584UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. A. Heller77881905-04-28 KernMcKittrick
UC133673UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. A. Heller76451905-04-11 KernPampa Station
UC1377781UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisW. J. Dress31731951-04-25 Kernca 16.3 mi n Tehachapi (along U.S. Highway 466)
UC1392719UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover119181968-03-24 San Bernardino4 mi se Daggett (on Ord Mt. road)
UC1534867UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty34411986-04-17 Mono1.4 mi n 17 degrees w Southern Belle Mine (near mouth of Coldwater Canon, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Owens Valley
UC1534892UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty35411986-04-29 Inyo3.15 mi n 1 degree w Deep Springs College (near drainage ne of Wyman Creek, Deep Springs Valley drainage); White Mountains, Deep Springs Valley
UC1534959UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty32401986-03-12 Inyonear intersection of Saline Valley Road Racetrack Road (Nelson Range divide); Saline Valley, Nelson Range
UC1535060UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty35011986-04-24 Mono1.5 mi s 37 degrees w mouth of Rock Creek (above Hammil Valley, low hills just s of Rock Creek, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Owens Valley
UC1545387UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty37761986-06-06 Mono1.0 mi n 6 degrees w Black Warrior Mine (on fan sw of Morris Creek, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Owens Valley
UC1549465UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars70711987-05-28 Inyoca 2 mi s Hwy. 190 (on road to Darwin, where road drops in valley)
UC1561970UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock59681986-04-19 Kerns of Isabelle Lake (ca 4.5 mi from hwy, near 9th creek crossing, on s side, Erskine Creek, on nw side Piute Mts); Piute Mts., Erskine Creek
UC1601966UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover6068a1946-03-31 FresnoLos Gatos Creek
UC1719456UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisD. Atwood175431993-03-24 San Bernardino1-4 NE of Baker dump; East Mohave scenic area
UC1787290UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. C. Sanders, E. J. Lott139531993-05-06 Los AngelesMojave Desert: 12 miles N of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave G to 1-1 W of intersection.
UC183856UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisS. B. Parish101701915-05-14 InyoEmigrant Springs Mojave Desert
UC1871243UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Ross, S. D. Boyd, L. Arnseth50361991-04-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region; 0.6 mile ESE of Acton; S edge of Soledad Canon Wash; Acton USGS 7.5 Quadrangle; T4N R1 N-2 NE-4 NE-4 S1; elev. 2760-2880 ft.
UC1925858UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisDavid Keil271931998-05-11 San Luis ObispoCaliente Range. 4.9 mi. from Soda Lake Rd. along Selby Rd.
UC1927530UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga, Steve Boyd4472003-03-20 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Indian Wells Canon.
UC1928525UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd, Michael Denslow106092004-03-23 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Central Mojave Desert region; Lavic Mountain, southern end of the Cady Mountains northwest of Ludlow (north of Interstate 40) along powerline-pipeline access road.
UC1928556UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd, Valentin Arvizu119182008-05-01 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; Piute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley.
UC1929289UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross, Steve Boyd32412008-04-10 InyoMojave Desert; North Mojave Desert region; North northwest side of the Dublin Hills. West of Shoshone, and Highway 127. South of Highway 178 where the road makes a southwest curve, a few miles west of the intersection with Highway 1 Near 35.99185N, 116.32 W. to low rounded hill east of the hi
UC1929511UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross, Steve Boyd31942008-04-10 Inyo[Mojave Desert; North Mojave Desert region]; Northwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain. Parked jeep near 36.23 N, 116.37 W southeast to 36.22727N,
UC1949119UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisBarbara Ertter100331991-05-27 InyoN end of Death Valley, road to Big Pine ca 16 N of jct Ubehebe Crater Rd, 4.4 mi S of Crankshaft Crossing (= road to Gold Point)
UC1980233UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross37702009-04-06 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Northcentral Mojave Desert region: Southern section of the Cady Mountains: Northwest of the Sleeping Beauty section. Just north of the transmission line road, east of the low saddle that runs between the mountains. From 34.83 N 116.31 W, near marker BM19 WBC2613 along transmission road to northwest near 34.84049N 116.32047W.
UC2026997UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert292005-03-24 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of the Caliente Range. Approx. 1.6 W of Wells Canon
UC2027108UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisGreg Wilvert1462005-04-05 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of Caliente Range: 200 m SE of Wells Spring
UC2071887UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. C. Sanders, P. J. MacKay147141994-06-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Crowder Canon area of Canon Pass, 2-2.2 miles E of Highway 215 along Highway 138.
UC218080UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz, R. D. Harwood36721920-03-28 San Bernardino10 mi e Daggett
UC24662UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisC. A. Purpus1898-05-01 San DiegoSan Felipe Colorado Desert
UC280508UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisKatharine Brandegee1893-05-01 KernTehachapi
UC280521UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood1902-06-10 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita
UC306223UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisS. B. Parish192271919-04-13 San Bernardinonear Barstow; Mojave Desert
UC306734UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. D. E. Elmer43621903-05-01 StanislausAdobe Valley
UC402811UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisKatharine Brandegee1933-03-13 Inyonear Laws; Silver Canon
UC413120UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris79111930-06-11 Inyo6 mi from Darwin (on the road to Owens Valley)
UC439829UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisVictor Duran26621930-05-30 InyoBlack Canon White Mts.
UC449928UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. B. Davy19391896-05-01 KernBakersfield
UC472930UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisunknown1917-04-23 San BernardinoHesperia Mohave Desert
UC472931UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisM. F. Spencer1917-04-29 San BernardinoHesperia Mohave Desert
UC495143UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisP. A. Munz124351932-04-21 San Bernardino10 mi s Victorville
UC551783UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisF. R. Fosberg106891932-06-19 San BernardinoBaldwin Lake San Bernardino Mts.
UC551785UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisF. R. Fosberg106911932-06-19 San BernardinoBaldwin Lake San Bernardino Mts.
UC563999UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisC. Epling, Wm. Robison1932-04-04 San Diegonear Borego; Hell Hole Canon
UC564152UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris90541935-03-23 StanislausPuerto Canon, e slope of Hamilton Range Hamilton Range
UC571898UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisC. W., H. K. Sharsmith15371935-03-28 Stanislausnear mouth of Arroyo del Puerto (e side of Mt. Hamilton Range); Mt. Hamilton Range
UC571899UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisC. W., H. K. Sharsmith15951935-03-29 Stanislaus4 mi above mouth of Arroyo del Puerto (e side of Mt. Hamilton Range); Mt. Hamilton Range
UC571900UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisC. W., H. K. Sharsmith17961935-04-21 Stanislausnear upper end Arroyo del Puerto; Mt. Hamilton Range
UC573098UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisH. L. Mason31071926-04-28 San BernardinoBox S Ranch
UC576466UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisEdith A. Purer6425A1935-04-19 San Diegow edge Colorado Desert
UC596351UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30101938-04-03 San BenitoLittle Panoche Pass Glaucophane Ridge
UC598669UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisHilda H. Heller4171935-04-05 Inyon end Argus Range
UC61112UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Burtt Davy22911896-05-09 Los AngelesPalmdale to Little Rock; Antelope Valley
UC61119UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Burtt Davy21611896-05-09 KernMojave Antelope Valley
UC61122UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJ. Burtt Davy23061896-05-17 Los AngelesLlano Verde Antelope Valley
UC61124UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJos. Burtt Davy18871896-05-02 KernBakersfield
UC61127UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisunknown1944-08-07 TuolumneTower Lake
UC638753UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisEthel Crum18301937-05-07 San Bernardino9 mi s Daggett (on old road to Stoddard Well); Ord Mountains
UC659428UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLincoln Constance, John L. Morrison, Gregory Lyon, H. L. Mason25781940-05-04 Merced2 mi ne Ortigalita Peak (foot of Ortigalita Canon, w Merced County); Inner Coast Ranges, Ortigalita Canon
UC659475UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisLincoln Constance, John L. Morrison, Gregory Lyon, H. L. Mason25981940-05-05 Mercedsummit of n peak of Twin Peaks, w Merced County Inner Coast Ranges, Twin Peaks
UC703093UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. A. Heller159711941-04-07 San Bernardino6 mi e Daggett (along U.S. Highway 66)
UC727088UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisA. A. Heller159711941-04-07 San Bernardino6 mi e Daggett
UC763022UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30731938-04-10 StanislausHospital Canon at the bend Hospital Canon
UC763024UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30261938-04-09 San Joaquin1 mi n Corral Hollow (near Alameda County line)
UC763026UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30101938-04-03 San BenitoLittle Panoche Pass Glaucophane Ridge
UC763027UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover30411938-04-09 San Joaquinhill between Castle Rock and Black Butte; Corral Hollow
UC763028UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover33631938-05-08 StanislausDel Puerto Canon
UC763029UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover48561941-04-19 Stanislaus8 mi w Newman (n of Orestimba Creek)
UC763163UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover18331937-04-11 Kernon Bakersfield to Tehachapi road (edge of San Joaquin Valley); San Joaquin Valley
UC763164UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover48551941-04-19 Stanislaus8 mi w Newman
UC766275UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisR. F. Hoover60681946-03-31 FresnoLos Gatos Creek
UC774925UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCarl B. Wolf1941-05-12 San Bernardino4 mi s Excelsior Talc Mine (on new rd to Valley Wells); Mojave Desert, Kingston Mts.
UC774974UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisCarl B. Wolf105951941-05-15 Inyo3.1 mi nw Dry Well (along old Traction Rd, w side of Pahrump Valley); Pahrump Valley
UC78427UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1905-04-01 San DiegoColorado Desert
UC78435UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisunknown1927-05-10 Unknown
UC78436UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1891-04-16 InyoInyo
UC78437UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1891-04-14 InyoKeeler
UC79224UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1940-04-22 FresnoAlcalde
UC79225UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood1893-05-09 FresnoAlcalde
UC79226UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood1893-05-07 FresnoHuron
UC79227UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisAlice Eastwood1893-04-11 KernAsphalto
UC79331UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1892-05-13 KernKernville
UC79520UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisKatharine Brandegee1905-05-15 San BernardinoKramer
UC79534UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisKatharine Brandegee1905-05-01 KernTehachapi
UC857210UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton56701935-04-04 San BernardinoAdelanto to Randsburg
UC857211UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey58141937-05-04 San Bernardino12 mi n Barstow
UC857212UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey58151937-05-03 San Bernardinon of Yermo
UC857213UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey, C. B. Clokey58231937-04-13 San Luis Obispose corner of San Luis Obispo County
UC857214UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMilo S. Baker88581938-04-12 Kern38 mi n Mojave (Highway 7)
UC857216UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisJohn Thomas Howell137651938-04-10 San JoaquinHospital Canon
UC857218UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisI. W. Clokey, C. B. Clokey58321937-05-09 San Bernardinow of Canon Pass
UC857219UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisB. C. Templeton, I. W. Clokey56701935-04-04 InyoRandsburg Panamint Range, Panamint Valley
UC857220UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisB. C. Templeton, I. W. Clokey56731935-04-04 San BernardinoAdelanto to Randsburg; Mojave Desert
UC881728UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisMarcus E. Jones38321884-05-01 San BernardinoThe Needles
UC903431UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris112531947-03-25 Inyon end Death Valley (on road to Ubehebe Crater); Death Valley National Monument
UC903440UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisIra L. Wiggins, Reed C. Rollins331941-04-19 San Benito1 mi n Idria (in the canyon of San Carlos Creek); San Carlos Creek
UC981780UCJEPSCryptantha nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins3306C1950-04-02 Kernnear and s Freeman Junction (along U.S. Highway 6, w Mojave Desert); Mojave Desert
UCR0002152UCRCryptantha nevadensisD.P. Faulkner03831978-03-29 San Bernardino13 miles north of Vidal Junction
UCR0002799UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders339172007-05-24 KernPastoria Creek (Bear Trap) Canon, below Bench Mark (3364 ft.) Tejon K, c. 6 miles NE of Lebec
UCR0004474UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders172491995-06-03 San BernardinoN shore of Baldwin Lake along Hwy 18, near the Baldwin Lake Preserve.
UCR0004485UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre275492014-04-03 InyoGreenwater Range; south end of range, 4 miles west of Shoshone, [Jubilee Pass Rd.] 3.5 mi. west of Hwy 127
UCR0004486UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre181392011-05-25 Inyoalong dirt road to canyon, Freeman Creek, west southwest of Keough Hot Springs, at foot of eastern Sierra Nevada 2.5 miles west of US Hwy 395
UCR0004487UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre177392011-04-15 Inyoc. 4 mi east of Big Pine, along dirt road just south of Hwy 168, low hills at foot of White-Inyo Range
UCR0004488UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre139942008-05-16 InyoBig Pine Canon, along north side of Glacier Lodge Rd at sharp switchback at mouth of canyon; Big Pine Canon
UCR0004489UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre166052011-04-16 Inyo5.5 miles east of Independence, along dirt road to Bee Springs, 0.8 miles ESE of junction with Mazourka Canon Road
UCR0004490UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders392262011-04-20 InyoPahrump Valley, north side of E-W dirt road 0.9 km west of NV state line at a point 4.8 km south of Old Spanish Trail Hwy via the dirt road along the state line, 7.8 km SE (117 ° ) of Calvada Springs
UCR0004491UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders391322011-04-14 Inyosouthern Nopah Range at the crest of Emigrant Pass, along north edge of Old Spanish Trail Hwy
UCR0004492UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd122302010-04-18 InyoNorthwest base of Dublin Hills, south of Hwy 178, northwest of Shoshone
UCR0004493UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre116352008-05-17 Inyoc. 5 miles north-northwest of town of Independence, just north of Oak Creek Campground
UCR0004494UCRCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross32412008-04-10 Inyonorth-northwest side of Dublin Hills, west of Shoshone and a few miles west of Hwy 127, south of Hwy 178 where the road makes a southwest curve
UCR0004495UCRCryptantha nevadensisLeRoy Gross31942008-04-10 Inyonorthwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Hwy 127, around the Amargosa River, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the mountain
UCR0004496UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre81332006-03-30 Inyoalong Hwy 127 c. 1 mi north of the Tecopa Hot Springs exit
UCR0004497UCRCryptantha nevadensisTasha La Doux842006-03-31 InyoPanamint Mtns: Along Butte Valley Rd, S end of Panamint Mtns in gravelly wash
UCR0004498UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre74942006-04-02 Inyoalong Tuttle Creek Rd in the Alabama Hills about 4 miles WSW of Lone Pine
UCR0004499UCRCryptantha nevadensisJeri Hirshberg3951997-04-03 InyoPanamint Mountains. Pleasant Canon; Death Valley Region
UCR0004500UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd20161987-04-12 Inyosouth end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 mile NW of junction with Hwy 178, 2 miles west of Shoshone
UCR0004501UCRCryptantha nevadensisScott D. White31641995-05-19 InyoHistoric Radcliffe Mine, ridgetop and steep mountainside above Pleasant Cyn.
UCR0004502UCRCryptantha nevadensisLarry F. LaPres.n.1986-03-09 InyoSlate Range, c. 14 miles north of Trona on Trona Wildrose Road
UCR0004503UCRCryptantha nevadensisC.R. Annable5121983-04-22 InyoDeath Valley National Monument [Park], Funeral Mtns, east of Chloride City
UCR0004504UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield32401986-03-12 InyoNear intersection of Saline Valley and Racetrack Valley Roads. Nelson Range Divide
UCR0004505UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield35411986-04-29 InyoWhite Mtns, near drainage NE of Wyman Creek, 3.3 N8 ° west of Deep Springs College. Deep Springs Valley Drainage
UCR0004507UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre172062011-04-14 Kernalong Redrock-Randsburg Road, 3.5 miles west of Randsburg
UCR0004512UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd119182008-05-01 KernPiute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley
UCR0004516UCRCryptantha nevadensisNaomi Fraga4472003-03-20 KernThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Indian Wells Canon
UCR0004518UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp56112000-04-25 KernOak Creek Rd, 1.5 miles east of Tehachapi-Willow Springs Rd, about due west of Mojave and southeast of Tehachapi
UCR0004520UCRCryptantha nevadensisMitch Provance19902000-04-16 KernPine Tree Canon, c. 2.5 miles west of St. Hwy 14 on Pine Tree Cyn. Rd.; Southern Sierra Nevada- West Mojave Desert
UCR0004521UCRCryptantha nevadensisDavid Charlton59301994-06-04 KernTomo-Kahni (Creation Cave) State [Historical] Park, northeast of Monolith and Tehachapi, near intersection of Sand Canon and Tranquility roads
UCR0004522UCRCryptantha nevadensisLarry F. LaPres.n.1987-04-08 KernLake Isabella area, South Fork Valley
UCR0004523UCRCryptantha nevadensisMichael Theroux3861982-06-12 KernLos Padres National Forest, west shoulder of Tecuya Mtn. Tecuya Mtn. Road, 4.5 miles north of junction with Potrero Hwy; north of Frazier Park, at head of Black Bob Canon, on peak and saddle
UCR0004539UCRCryptantha nevadensisSula Vanderplank050506--502005-05-06 Los Angelesoff Big Pines Hwy (Road N) on the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains. Near Shoemaker Canon. Along ridge, wash and roadside
UCR0004544UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders302622005-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, nameless canyon NW of community of Mint Canon, tributary of Santa Clara River
UCR0004548UCRCryptantha nevadensisScott D. White102942004-05-05 Los AngelesBald Mountain area, west of Old Ridge Route
UCR0004551UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders139621993-05-06 Los Angeles13 miles north of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave F; Western Mojave Desert
UCR0004553UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd101901998-05-05 Los AngelesAntelope Valley, along Hwy 13 West Ave. D), west of the junction with Hwy 14, at intersection with 140th Street, c. 4 mi. SW of Rosamond Dry Lake
UCR0004557UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders220001998-06-22 Los AngelesSoledad Pass area at the N foot of the mtns, c. 5 miles SW of Palmdale, along SCE Mesa-Vincent power line at pole 18-03, just south of Vincent Substation; San Gabriel Mtns.
UCR0004568UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield34411986-04-17 MonoNear mouth of Coldwater Canon, 1.3 -1.4 N17-22 ° W of Southern Belle Mine. Owens Valley drainage
UCR0004569UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield35011986-04-24 MonoLow hills just south of Rock Creek, 1.5 mi. S37 ° W of its mouth above Hammil Valley. Owens Valley Drainage.
UCR0004570UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames D. Morefield36381986-05-10 MonoFishlake Valley Drainage, mouth of McAfee Creek
UCR0004573UCRCryptantha nevadensisFred M. Roberts79962016-03-05 RiversideLittle Maria Mountains: shallow canyon at west end, 4.2 km east of Palen Pass and 2.0 WNW Peak 602
UCR0004577UCRCryptantha nevadensisDuncan S. Bell7582010-04-09 Riversideeast side of the Arica Mountains, near the center of the range, c. 1.75 air mile west of Priest Well
UCR0004580UCRCryptantha nevadensisDave Silverman78222010-03-30 RiversideSouthwest flank of Palen Mtns bajada, along Palen Dunes drive, 4.6 N of I-10, 9 km ESE of Sidewinder Well
UCR0004581UCRCryptantha nevadensisDave Silverman78842010-03-30 Riversidesouthern McCoy Mtns, east bajada flank, 800 m west of Black Creek Rd, 4.5 km north of I-10, and 8 km east of McCoy Peak
UCR0004582UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre112562009-03-10 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park, south end of the Cottonwood Mountains near Pinkham Wash, just north of aqueduct just inside JTNP boundary, c. 7 miles west of south entrance into park at Cottonwood
UCR0004583UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre108072009-02-25 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains; c. 0.5 mi. south of I-10 freeway at Eagle Mountain Road exit
UCR0004586UCRCryptantha nevadensisJohn Wears.n.1998-07-08 RiversidePine Meadow in eastern Garner Valley, R-Ranch, just east of Hwy 74, between Gold Hill and Thomas Mountain
UCR0004587UCRCryptantha nevadensisJon M. Stewart6851993-03-10 RiversideChuckwalla Valley. Corn Springs Road, 2 miles south of Chuckwalla Road
UCR0004588UCRCryptantha nevadensisB.G. Pitzer3383.11998-01-24 Riversidenorth foot of Chuckwalla Mountains. Eagle Mt Rd, south side of Hwy I-10, 0.8 mile south of hwy at powerline rd, and wash directly south of road
UCR0004589UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp31271998-04-04 Riversidejunction of Calif. Hwy 62 (Twentynine Palms Hwy) & Calif. Hwy 177 (Desert Center-Rice Rd); Southeastern Mojave Desert
UCR0004591UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders121441992-04-04 RiversideMcCoy Mountains, within 0.5 mile of McCoy Spring
UCR0004592UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd21381988-03-10 Riversidenorth end of the Palen Mountains, 2 miles west of Palen Pass
UCR0004594UCRCryptantha nevadensisTheo Glenn92--51992-03-31 Riversidenorth side Eagle Mts, Storm Jade Mine
UCR0004602UCRCryptantha nevadensisScott D. White102142004-04-21 San BernardinoSoutheast of Coyote Dry Lake. Just west of Manix Tank Trail, c. 0.5 - 1.5 W of jtn. with powerline access road
UCR0004603UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1995-03-28 San Bernardinobeside old US Hwy 66, 11.5 miles east of Goffs
UCR0004606UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders239992001-04-14 San Bernardinoeast of Flat Top Mtn. on Hwy 247, 6.1 mi. north of Hwy 62 and 0.5 mi. north of Pipes Canon Rd.
UCR0004607UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders164211995-04-09 San BernardinoPisgah Crater, 2.1-2.6 miles east of Pisgah Crater Road, c. 45 miles ESE of Barstow, south of frontage road at bend
UCR0004608UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders237912001-03-16 San Bernardinonorthern end of Sheep Hole Mountains, north side of Sheep Hole Pass, 1.3 mi. north of summit (microwave tower)
UCR0004609UCRCryptantha nevadensisEd LaRues.n.2001-05-06 San BernardinoPioneer Mine, c. 1 km SW of Jupiter Mine, eastern Kingston Range
UCR0004610UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders170661995-05-21 San BernardinoCoxey Road, 0.9 mile below Oak Spring
UCR0004611UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders167041995-04-23 San BernardinoRattlesnake Canon near Rattlesnake Spring
UCR0004612UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders168661995-04-30 San BernardinoBurns Canon, 2.1 mi above Rimrock Rd, just below Burns Spring
UCR0004614UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp64212001-03-30 San BernardinoUS-95, 8.5 miles south of I-40
UCR0004615UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders169691995-05-07 San Bernardinocanyon and slopes above Rock Corral, NE foot of the mtns, Bighorn Mtns. area
UCR0004616UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders170851995-05-21 San BernardinoCoxey Road, 0.4 mile above turnoff to Oak Spring, wash below Rattlesnake Spring
UCR0004617UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders172841995-06-11 San Bernardinonorth of Baldwin Lake, Forest Service Road 3N03 (Smarts Ranch Rd.), 0.2 mi SE of Hwy 18, near Cactus Spring
UCR0004618UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders166471995-04-23 San BernardinoTwo Hole Spring, north foot of the mtns, SE of Lucerne Valley, near mouth of Rattlesnake Canon
UCR0004619UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp27501998-02-26 San BernardinoEast Cronese Dry Lake. 0.2 mile south of I-15 on Basin Rd.; Mojave Desert
UCR0004623UCRCryptantha nevadensisEd LaRues.n.1995-03-27 San BernardinoSilver Dry Lake, 3-32 km north of Baker
UCR0004624UCRCryptantha nevadensisScott D. White20801994-06-17 San Bernardinomountain crest above Lucerne Valley, vicinity of Pluess-Staufer mining operations, south of Crystal Creek & north of Fawnskin
UCR0004625UCRCryptantha nevadensisB.G. Pitzer20101992-04-09 San Bernardino29 Palms Marine Corps Base, Bullion Artillery Range, northern Bullion Mtns, 10 km airline north of boundary of base; c. 10 km (airline) NE of Cleghorn Pass; Mojave Desert
UCR0004626UCRCryptantha nevadensisB.G. Pitzer28871996-05-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Nat. Forest, Audubon Societys Bearpaw Ranch Sanctuary, below Forest Falls. Just off CA Hwy 38 turnoff to Forest Falls, south of Mill Creek, in vicinity of University Creek; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCR0004627UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1995-03-24 San Bernardino1.6 miles west of Hwy 127, at point 0.9 mile north of Baker
UCR0004638UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd116212005-04-06 San BernardinoSheep Corral area, southern base of the Granite Mountains, west of Kelbaker Road, north of I-40
UCR0004639UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre123752010-04-07 San BernardinoPiute Range, Mojave National Preserve, along transmission line road, 2 mi north of Old Government Road, c. 4.5 mi west of Hwy 95, and 3 mi east of Piute Gorge
UCR0004640UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre123442010-04-07 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley, Mojave National Preserve, along Nipton Road at NV-CA border c. 2.5 mi east of town of Nipton
UCR0004641UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre124202010-04-07 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve, northeast end of Piute Range at foot of mountains along Old Homestead Road (historic), c. 6 mi west of Hwy 95 and 0.9 mi west of the Nevada border
UCR0004642UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre135932010-05-13 San BernardinoLanfair Valley, Mojave National Preserve, along dirt road (New York Mountains Road) c. 2 mi southwest of Hart Mine (Castle Mtns) and c. 3.5 mi east of Ivanpah Road
UCR0004643UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre135862010-05-13 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve. Castle Mountains, south side of range along dirt road 0.6 mile southeast of Hart Mine
UCR0004644UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre130732010-04-18 San BernardinoLanfair Valley, Mojave National Preserve, at major wash crossing along road c. 0.5 mi. north of and paralleling the Old Government Road (Mojave Rd), in far eastern end of Lanfair Valley, c. 3 miles west of Piute Range
UCR0004646UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre109342008-01-19 San BernardinoBristol Mountains, along gas pipeline road, 6.7 mi west of Kelbaker Road, c. 1.5 mi south of Hwy I-40
UCR0004647UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre118692010-03-31 San BernardinoCima Cinder Cones, Mojave National Preserve, above Black Tank Wash along Indian Spring Trail Road, c. 2 miles north of Kelbaker Road
UCR0004648UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre119182010-03-18 San BernardinoEastern end of Sacramento Mountains, along dirt road 1.7 miles south of I-40 at Hwy 95 junction, c. 1 mile east of Flattop Mountain. and 4 miles south of Eagle Peak
UCR0004649UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre119952010-04-13 San BernardinoCima Cinder Cones, Mojave National Preserve, on dirt road to Five Tank Corral, just north of Willow Wash crossing, c. 1.5 mi. north of Kelbaker Rd.
UCR0004650UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre133392010-04-20 San Bernardinoeastern end of Granite Mountains, UC Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, upper Granite Cove in Granite Cove Spring area
UCR0004652UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre97232008-02-27 San BernardinoBristol Mountains, along gas pipeline road, c. 2 mi east of Kelbaker Road, 1 mi south of Hwy I-40
UCR0004655UCRCryptantha nevadensisEllen Dean22862005-03-25 San Bernardinosoutheast of town of Ludlow and south of Hwy 40, along old Route 6 National Trails Hwy), 9.4 road miles east of intersection of Hwy 40 and Route 66 at Ludlow, dirt road 0.2 mile south of Route 66. Volcanic hills just south of Cadiz Valley
UCR0004656UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp28611998-03-16 San Bernardinonorth of CA Hwy 62 between Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms; east of Lear Avenue and 0.1 mile north of Amboy Road
UCR0004658UCRCryptantha nevadensisScott D. White109332005-04-15 San BernardinoSidewinder Valley (north of Apple Valley), north of Black Mountain Quarry Road on bajada below Black Mountain
UCR0004659UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre39122001-03-17 San BernardinoMarble Mtns; Along Kelbaker Road, 2 mi south of I-40
UCR0004662UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre48702005-03-10 San BernardinoMarble Mtns: c. 1.5 mi south of I-40, growing on banks of main wash east of Kelbaker Rd
UCR0004664UCRCryptantha nevadensisGlenn Rink124292014-03-24 San BernardinoJohnson Valley, a few miles north of Means Dry Lake
UCR0004668UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre195772010-04-03 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park, Pinto Mountains; east of Ironage Mine, c. 1 mile east of Ironage Road, 4.8 mi. south of Hwy 62; Joshua Tree National Park
UCR0004670UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre181692011-05-10 San BernardinoKingston Range, northeast end of range at historic Snow White Mine 0.8 mi northeast of Excelsior Mine Road
UCR0004672UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders109331991-05-02 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, SW corner of base, east of the intersection of Border Ave and Reche Road, vicinity of tortoise study plots
UCR0004673UCRCryptantha nevadensisBrian L. Phillips11001991-04-18 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, Lavic Lake Artillery Range, west of Bullion Mts., and c. 3 km (air) east of Lavic Dry Lake; c. 7 km (air) SSE of Lavic
UCR0004674UCRCryptantha nevadensisJames Henrickson169431978-05-07 San Bernardino25.6 road miles south of Baker on Kelbaker Road, 8.2 miles north of Kelso
UCR0004675UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders421976-04-30 San BernardinoGranite Pass [Kelbaker] Road, c. 5 miles due south of Kelso
UCR0004678UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders205651997-04-24 San BernardinoBLM land on north side of peak 5524 near Round Mountain, NW of the Partin Bros. (Lester) Mine at Terrace Springs, NE end of San Bernardino Mtns.; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCR0004679UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders202241997-04-05 San BernardinoAvawatz Mountains, Fort Irwin National Training Center, spring in canyon south of peak 4849 Northern Mojave Desert
UCR0004681UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders276092004-04-21 San Bernardinoproposed 160 acre gravel quarry on Kane Wash, c. 0.5 mi. west of Fort Cady Road at a point 2 miles south of I-40, c. 5 miles (air) SE of Newberry Springs, between Troy Lake and the Rodman Mountains, east of the Newberry Mountains
UCR0004682UCRCryptantha nevadensisSteve Boyd107242004-03-30 San BernardinoS end of the Cady Mountains, NW of Ludlow (N of Interstate 40); lower slopes and wash at base of hill topped with communication towers, along powerline road
UCR0004683UCRCryptantha nevadensisR.G. Swinney49971996-06-20 San BernardinoPinon Hills, west of Green Road and north of Oak Spring Ranch
UCR0004684UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre75651998-03-22 San BernardinoMarble Mtns: c. 1 mile SSE of I-40 and Kelbaker Rd over pass
UCR0004685UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre75381998-04-12 San BernardinoMarble Mountains, c. 2 miles south of Hwy I-40 just east of Kelbaker Rd
UCR0004686UCRCryptantha nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1993-04-24 San Bernardinoalong Smith Talc Road, c. 9 miles east of Tecopa [Pass?, Inyo Co.; probably after Sm. Ta. Rd. transition to Excelsior Mine Rd.]
UCR0004688UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders361912009-03-03 San BernardinoBroadwell Valley, east end of Cady Mountains along 4WD road at mouth of canyon below Old Dominion Mine
UCR0004689UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre94022007-11-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Old Dad Mountain wash, west side of Granite Mountains, east end of Bristol Mountains c. 1 mi north of Hwy I-40
UCR0004690UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders362332009-03-05 San BernardinoCady Mountains at edge of Broadwell Valley, saddle between hills along powerline road c. 10-11 NE of I-40, at foot of peak 2633, north of Sleeping Beauty Mtn.
UCR0004691UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders362052009-03-04 San BernardinoCady Mountains at edge of Broadwell Valley, along powerline road c. 10 NE of I-40, at foot of peak 2633, N of Sleeping Beauty Mtn.
UCR0004692UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders362852009-03-10 San BernardinoCadiz Valley, wash at dirt road crossing 1.7 miles SW of Chambless, 3 miles NW of Cadiz
UCR0004693UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre101542009-04-10 San Bernardinosouthwest end of the Clipper Mountains. Tom Reed Mine area, at end of dirt road c. 4 miles north of Hwy 66
UCR0004696UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders366712009-03-28 San Bernardinounder powerlines at south foot of Cady Mountains, c. 3.5 miles NE of I-40 near Pisgah Siding
UCR0004697UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre127292010-03-11 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; along Turtle Mountain Road heading towards Homer (also called Colton) Wash, northwest end of range, west of Mohawk Spring
UCR0004698UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre126902010-03-12 San BernardinoClipper Mountains; south side of range along dirt road from Danby (at Hwy 66), c. 0.2 mi. south of Bonanza Spring
UCR0004699UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre128022010-04-27 San BernardinoIvanpah Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, in the vicinity of Mineral Spring, c. 4 miles north of Morningstar Mine Road, 1.8 air miles ESE of Kokoweef Peak
UCR0004700UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre122442010-03-28 San Bernardinosouth end of Marble Mountains, c. 9 miles east of Kelbaker Road and 0.5 mile north of Hwy 6 National Trails Hwy
UCR0004701UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre132812010-03-26 San BernardinoPiute Range, Mojave National Preserve, along Old Government Road (Mojave Road) c. 7.5 miles west of U.S. Hwy 95, on eastern base of range, just west of N-S trending transmission lines
UCR0004702UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre121762010-03-20 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; north side of Turtle Mountains, just west of Lost Arch Mine and just NE of Mohawk Spring, c. 11 miles west of Hwy 95
UCR0004703UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre122112010-03-19 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; east side of Turtle Mountains, c. 0.3 mi. west of Hwy 95, 6 miles NNW of Vidal Junction
UCR0004704UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre134302010-05-03 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, along service road to north and paralleling Hwy I-15, c. 3 miles ENE of Valley Wells
UCR0004705UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre163932011-03-19 San BernardinoBristol Mountains, along pipeline road 6.7 miles west of Kelbaker Road, 1.5 miles south of Hwy I-40
UCR0004706UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre162652011-03-24 San BernardinoClipper Mountains, north of Tom Reed Mine, 6.5 mi lesnorth of Hwy 66 at Danby Road
UCR0004707UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre163142011-03-03 San BernardinoSilurian Valley, northeast of Silver Lake playa, 3 mi east of Hwy 127, 10.5 mi north of Baker, Hwy I-15
UCR0004708UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre166092011-03-08 San Bernardinosoutheast end of Bristol Mountains, 7.9 miles south of Hwy I-40, just west of historic mine site
UCR0004709UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre161232011-03-15 San Bernardinovolcanic hills south of Elephant Mountain, 1.5 miles north of Interstate-40, 0.4 miles west of Daggett-Yermo Road
UCR0004710UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre169002011-03-01 San BernardinoBristol Mountains, along dirt road 7.2 mi west of Amboy, 1.4 mi north of US Route 66
UCR0004711UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre166412011-03-08 San Bernardinowestcentral part of the Marble Mountains, and Castle Mine area, end of BLM Road #NS138, 6 mi east of Kelbaker Road
UCR0004712UCRCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre168352011-03-06 San BernardinoMarble Mountains, end of dirt road (BLM #NS-325) at base of mouth of limestone canyon 4 miles northwest of Chambliss, 11 miles east of Amboy, 2.7 miles along north of US Route 6 National Trails Hwy
UCR0004723UCRCryptantha nevadensisMark A. Elvin40442005-03-15 San Diegosouth of Dulzura; ridge west of Bee Canon; north of Donahoe Spring
UCR0112423UCRCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders438902020-03-01 ImperialChocolate Mountains, US Navy Aerial Gunnery Range, steep-walled draw 4.5 W (318 ° ) of basalt hill with Invader target, around confluence of two draws
UCR0115271UCRCryptantha nevadensisGlenn Rink124292014-03-24 San BernardinoJohnson Valley, a few miles north of Means Dry Lake
UCSB029516UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(6)1977-04-07 InyoWarm Springs Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB029517UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(5)1977-04-08 InyoAnvil Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB029518UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(7)1977-04-07 InyoJohnson Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB029519UCSBCryptantha nevadensisClark Cowan10871981-04-20 InyoJct. of road to Dante′s View and Greenwater Valley Rd., 1 N. 7.7 mi. (12.3 km.) SE of Hwy. 190, Death Valley Nat′l Monument
UCSB029520UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(1)1975-05-25 InyoHungry Bill′s Ranch, Johnson Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB029521UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(3)1976-04-23 InyoSurprise Cyn., Panamint Mts.; slope above narrows, trail to Meditation Point
UCSB029522UCSBCryptantha nevadensisAlan P. Romspert327(8)1977-05-14 InyoTetracoccus Ridge, Panamints Mts.
UCSB029523UCSBCryptantha nevadensisClark Cowan9961978-04-17 InyoFather Crowley Point, Death Valley Nat′l Monument
UCSB029524UCSBCryptantha nevadensisClark Cowan9991978-04-17 Inyo15 W. of Stove Pipe Wells Village on Hwy. 190, Death Valley Nat′l Monument
UCSB029525UCSBCryptantha nevadensisClark Cowan10071978-04-18 InyoJohnson Canon W. of Hwy. 190, Death Valley Nat′l Monument
UCSB029526UCSBCryptantha nevadensisRichardson, D.541976-05-29 Inyo0.7 miles on Round Valley Rd. from Sawmill Rd., found on the west side of the rd.
UCSB029527UCSBCryptantha nevadensisSchroeder, Gail861976-03-19 San Diego0.25 W. on Henderson Canon Rd. from intersection with Borrego Springs Rd. and 0.2 mi. S.
UCSB029528UCSBCryptantha nevadensisConstance, Lincoln; Morrison, John; Lyon, Gregory; Mason, H.25781940-05-04 MercedFoot of Ortigalita Canon, 2 miles northeast of Ortigalita Peak; Western Merced County
UCSB029529UCSBCryptantha nevadensisKunze, G.2381971-05-15 InyoWestguard Pass Road, 5 miles from U.S. 395, Inyo Mountains
UCSB029530UCSBCryptantha nevadensisHolly C. ForbesFS 223b1984-04-27 InyoEast side of Fish Slough, 4.5 N of Bishop, 1 mi N of Jean Blanc Rd
UCSB029531UCSBCryptantha nevadensisHolly C. ForbesFS 4511986-05-02 InyoFish Slough: desert wetland system 4.5 mi. north of Bishop at the northern end of Owens Valley; study site includes 14 sq. mi. along a 7 mi. drainage axis; 2.5 miles N of jct. of Fish Slough Rd. and Jean Blanc Rd. on west side of rd.
UCSB029532UCSBCryptantha nevadensisFritzke, Sue571980-04-27 MontereyOn hillside above main buildings on the Hastings Natural History Reservation
UCSB029533UCSBCryptantha nevadensisClare B. Hardham100371962-04-28 MontereyBig Sandy N.E. of San Miguel
VVC127VVCCryptantha nevadensisDavid Charlton49471991-04-24 KernFoothills on the W edge of Fremont Valley, 11 NE of Mojave. Poleline Rd at jct w dirt road going E to join Hwy 14 at a point 0.7 mi N of Phillips RdMojave Desertr
VVC2120VVCCryptantha nevadensisJim Andre44782003-04-15 InyoManzanar Historic Site, NW cornerOwens Valley,
VVC3463VVCCryptantha nevadensisTim Thomas19871998-04-25 San Bernardino29 Palms Marine Base; NW corner.Mojave Desert
VVC785VVCCryptantha nevadensisP.J. MacKay2141997-05-17 InyoDeath Valley Road about .5 miles west of Wilkerson Spring and about 5 miles eastof jct w Hwy 168Inyo Mountains
VVC908VVCCryptantha nevadensisA.C. Sanders147141994-06-12 San BernardinoCrowder Canon area of Canon Pass, 2 to 2.2 mi E of Hwy 215 along Hwy 138; Canon 7.5′ Q.San Bernardino Mtns.
BSCA0392BSCACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisBarth, Joe12762011-04-04 San DiegoJojoba Wash, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 2.25 miles due S of Hwy S2, 11 miles due N of Freeway I8, 3.8 miles due W of Imperial county line. Bajada WNW of the Volcanic Hills.
BSCA0393BSCACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisMarsden, Kim2722008-03-20 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, 6.5 mi ESE of town of Borrego Springs, 300 meters SE of San Gregorio monument along Borrego Sink Wash, 3.8 NNE of intersection Borrego Springs Road and Fletcher Road.
BSCA0394BSCACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisHendrickson, Larry3652005-03-04 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Mountain Palm Springs. Southwest of parking area, along trail.
BSCA0395BSCACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisClemons, Duffie8031984-03-17 San DiegoWash east of Inner Pasture.
BSCA0396BSCACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisBarth, Joe9132010-03-06 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: the SW part of the South Mesa (north and east of the Carrizo Badlands). Ca. 0.3 mile to the east of the canyon drainage called Arroyo Seco del Diablo. Ca. 2 miles N of Carrizo Creek. Ca.2.8 miles west of the county line.
CAS-BOT478557CASCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisGardner, Erika M.; Paik, Chul11272015-02-22 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada region; Scodie Mountains; Kiavah Wilderness; Bureau of Land Management. Cane Canyon, along east-west ridge, N side of canyon
CAS-BOT534060CASCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSalvato, T. B.; Rhoholt, Karen83032016-03-13 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert: eastern base of the Dublin Hills, c. 0.8 mi W of Hwy 127 at Shoshone; W--E trending wash draining into Dublin Gulch
GMDRC9458GMDRCCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre374042017-03-25 San BernardinoChemehuevi Valley: eastern end of valley along powerline road, margin of wash in rhyolite formations, just south of Chemehuevi Wash, about 2 mi. air miles south of Havasu Lake Rd
GMDRC9905GMDRCCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre382772017-04-03 San Bernardinoabout 5.5 WSW of Ludlow, 1 mi. east of Lavic, 0.7 mi. south of Interstate 40. 0.2 mi. north of RR tracks
IRVC106907IRVCCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisD.W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-14 San Bernardino20 Km SW of Trona on Ridgecrest Rd.
JOTR33723JOTRCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha27242011-03-31 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of Hexie Mountains; Sandy pediment-bajada surrounding granitic ourcrops near Stirrup Tank parking lot (Stop 1)
JOTR34086JOTRCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha29812010-05-27 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains, Lost Horse Mountain; narrow canyon with loamy slopes and rocky outcrops; 2009 burn area, below Lost Horse Mine
JOTR35042JOTRCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisLa Doux, Tasha34952010-03-24 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Coxcomb Mountains: southwest corner of park, north of MWD Aqueduct Road on south-facing bajada among sonoran desert riparian washes.
LA00602686LACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisBarry A. Prigge102201993-03-23 San Bernardinoca 22 NE of Barstow and 5.8 mi SW of Fort Irwin Post Gate on Fort Irwin Rd.; Mojave Deser. UTM: 11S NJ 193 881
LA00602688LACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisBarry A. Prigge74201987-05-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Ward Valley; 2 miles south of Camino (I-10 [I-40] and Water Rd. Interchange).
NY2714979NYCryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisT. Salvato83032016-03-13 ?  InyoNorthern Mojave Desert: eastern base of the Dublin Hills, c. 0.8 mi west of Hwy 127 at Shoshone; west-east trending wash draining into Dublin Gulch (Shoshone 7.5 Q.; +- 1000m).
RSA0019450RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. Andre252742013-03-29 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; along Globe Mine Rd, 2.6 mi. SE of Jct with Cima Rd.; 7.5′ Hayden
RSA0022269RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. Andre252362013-03-29 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; along Lanfair Road, 3.5 mi. north of Goffs.; Goffs 7.5′
RSA0022469RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. Andre243572013-03-21 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; east side of range, near Mopah Spring trailhead parking area, 4.5 miles west of Highway 95.; Savahia Peak SW 7.5′
RSA0022483RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisR. F. Thorne556341983-05-09 InyoDeath Valley Nat′l Monument, Funeral Mountains, campsite at lower end of Red Amphitheatre above Hole in the Wall, just E of park boundary
RSA0023252RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. Andre245942013-03-24 San BernardinoBristol Mountains; south end of range, 0.5 miles west of Kelbaker Rd., 0.1 mile south of I-40 freeway.; Amboy 7.5′
RSA0027757RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. Andre243222013-03-05 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; south side of range, along rough dirt road 0.6 miles N of Highway 62, 12.5 miles west of Colo. River (at Parker), approx. 3 miles east of Vidal Jct.; Vidal Junction 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0040162RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell66092014-04-25 San BernardinoThe Pioneertown Mountains Preserve; Black Hill, just to the north of Pioneertown.; Rimrock
RSA0040306RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre279842014-03-06 San BernardinoNPSKelso Dunes: Southwest end of dunes, just east of Bull Cyn wash, 6.1 mi west of Kelbaker Rd.; Kelso Dunes 7.5
RSA0042837RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre278992014-02-11 San BernardinoBLMEast of Newberry Mountains, 3.1 mi. south of Interstate 40 Newberry Springs), along pipeline just south of Kane Wash and Fort Cady Rd.; Troy Lake 7.5
RSA0043115RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre247592013-03-27 San BernardinoBLMShip Mountains; east end of Cadiz Basin, at foot of Ship Mtns, just east of Cadiz Dunes, 11.1 mi. south of Hwy 66 at Chambliss.; Cadiz Lake NW 7.5
RSA0045271RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre271092014-02-20 San BernardinoBLMAvawatz Mountains: northern base of range, at Saratoga Springs Rd junction with Sheep Creek Spr. Rd, 2.0 mi. west of Hwy 127, 30 mi. north of Baker.; Saddle Peak Hills 7.5 Quad.
RSA0045465RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre250682013-03-28 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; west side of range, near Goldhill Mine just east of Pyramid Butte, along BLM Rd#634, approx. 12 mi. north of Vidal Jct., 3.4 mi. east of Hwy 95.; Savahia Peak 7.5 Quad.
RSA0047718RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre280362014-03-07 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains; at base of south end of range, on margin of wash 1.7 mi. north of Chambliss (Hwy 66).; Cadiz 7.5
RSA0047976RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre259452013-03-11 San BernardinoBLMTurtle Mountains: north end of range along Turtle Mtn Rd, 10.3 mi. east of Homer Wash.; West of Mohawk Spring
RSA0048098RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisEd Kentner1532013-03-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Soda Mountains. Ca. 10 air miles west of Baker.
RSA0048754RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre291482014-04-21 InyoUnknownOwens Valley: along dirt road just west of Ed Powers Rd and north of Hwy 168, 5.1 mi. west of Bishop.; Bishop 7.5
RSA0054191RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell61212014-02-21 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; northwest section of range; collecting within the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area; approximately 6.25 air miles northwest of Kane Springs.; Minneola Quad.
RSA0061119RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre244382013-04-10 San BernardinoBLMOld Woman Mountains; Canonate Gulch, 1.0 mi. east (upstream) from lower entrance to canyon, NW end of range, ˜ 9 mi. south of Danby, about 7 mi. east of Ship Mtn.; Old Woman Statue 7.5
RSA0065497RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisT. Strids.n.1974-05-27 InyoHorseshoe Mdw., near Lone Pine.
RSA0067551RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre278032014-04-22 InyoBLMInyo Mountains: along Death Valley Rd just below Joshua Flats, 25.0 mi. east of Big Pine, about 8 mi. east of Little Cowhorn Valley.; Waucoba Spring 7.5
RSA0067675RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre277262014-03-03 San BernardinoBLMAlong Ord Mountain Rd, 9.5 mi. east of Hwy 247, south side of Ord Mt, west of Camp Rock Rd.; Ord Mountain 7.5 Quad.
RSA0067676RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre277262014-03-03 San BernardinoBLMAlong Ord Mountain Rd, 9.5 mi. east of Hwy 247, south side of Ord Mt, west of Camp Rock Rd.; Ord Mountain 7.5 Quad.
RSA0072306RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre250012013-04-18 San BernardinoNPSKelso Mountains: along Kelbaker Rd, 8.5 W of Kelso, NE end of Kelso Peak.; Marl Mountains 7.5
RSA0073453RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre243132013-03-05 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; southeast side of range, along rough dirt road just off Bowman Wash Rd, 1.1 mi. west of Parker Dam Rd (at Crossroads).; Black Peak 7.5
RSA0073617RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre287622014-02-21 San BernardinoBLMNorthwest side of range, along open route dirt road, 1.0 mi. south of I-40 at Barstow-Daggett Airport Rd.; Minneola 7.5
RSA0074585RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre292262014-04-21 InyoUnknownLast Chance Range; eastern base of range, along dirt road to Last Chance Spring, 0.5 mi. north of Death Valley Rd.; Hanging Rock Canon 7.5
RSA0077357RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre273212014-03-20 InyoBLMNopah Range: At Noonday Mine area, extreme south end of range, 1.7 mi. north of Furnace Creek-Kingston Mtn Rd, approx. 8 mi. east of Tecopa.; Tecopa Pass 7.5
RSA0078023RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre276312014-03-03 San BernardinoBLMNewberry Mountains: in Kane Wash drainage at contact zone between lava flow and granitic substrates, southeast end of Newberry Mtns, just north of Rodman Mtns, along pipeline road about 5 mi. south of I-1 Newberry Springs).; Rodman Mountains 7.5
RSA0078080RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre269302014-02-18 San BernardinoNPSKelso Mountains; extreme southeast end of range on rocky limestone south-facing slopes, 2.8 miles northwest of Kelso, 0.6 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd.; Kelso 7.5
RSA0081245RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre298052014-04-23 InyoBLMInyo Mountains; very southern tip of range, along Hwy 190, 21.2 miles SE of Lone Pine, SE of Keeler.; Keeler 7.5
RSA0082980RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJ. M. Andre303702014-03-18 InyoBLMCalifornia Valley; along Mesquite Valley Rd, 0.7 mi. north of Tule Spring, SE foothills of Nopah Range, 5.5 mi. south of Old Spanish Trail Rd, about 2 mi. north of Excelsior Mine Rd.; Tecopa Pass
RSA0083515RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim Andre267872013-04-25 San BernardinoNPSMojave National Preserve; NW base of Mid Hills, along dirt road to Coyote Spring, 2.4 mi. SW of Cedar Cyn Rd, approx 1 mi. south of Cima Rd.; Cima 7.5
RSA0087992RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre312622015-03-16 InyoBLMAlong dirt road west of Amargosa River, about 0.2 mi. east of Hwy 127, 2.3 miles north of Shoshone.; Eagle Mountain 7.5 Quad
RSA0089355RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre323692015-04-10 San BernardinoNPSMojave National Preserve; western base of Marl Mountains, 0.3 NE of Kelbaker Rd, 8.5 mi. NNW of Kelso Depot.; Marl Mountains 7.5 Quad.
RSA0093508RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre272032014-03-13 San BernardinoBLMSoda Mountains; low southern base of hills marking the far NE end of Soda Mtns, 2.9 W of Baker.; Baker 7.5
RSA0094588RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell79452015-04-02 San BernardinoBLMCollecting in the bouldery valley between Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa, at the southeastern end of the Bighorn Mountains.; Yucca Valley North
RSA0104935RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell78072015-03-13 San BernardinoBLMCollecting on the northern section of Flat Top Mesa to the east of Black Lava Butte at the southeastern end of the Bighorn Mountains.; Yucca Valley North Quad.
RSA0117074RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre358062016-05-05 InyoNPSPanamint Mountains: Wildrose Cyn, 3.2 mi. east (upslope) of ranger station, northern base of limestone monolith.; Jail Canon 7.5
RSA0118451RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot76602016-03-22 San BernardinoBLMClipper Mountains, south side, just west of Bonanza Spring; road NS 206 ca. 3 miles northwest of Highway 66. South of Interstate 40, northwest of Danby, west-southwest of Essex.; Castle Dome 7.5
RSA0122728RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell94102016-04-19 San BernardinoBLMPipes Wash, collecting between Black Hill and Flat Top Mesa, approximately 2 air miles north of Pioneertown.; Yucca Valley North
RSA0123115RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell90222016-03-23 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; collecting in Agua Alta Canon, approximately 3.5 air miles southeast of the summit of Martinez Mountain.; Martinez Mountain
RSA0124031RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell88762016-03-10 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; northwestern section of the range; collecting approximately 1.75 air miles northwest of the summit area.; Orocopia Canon
RSA0124818RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell88372016-03-09 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; southern section of range; along the Bradshaw Trail, approximately 2 air miles southeast of Gucci Spring.; Red Canon
RSA0145620RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre342942016-03-18 InyoNPSGrapevine Mountains: Death Valley National Park; along Titus Cyn Rd, about 5 mi. east of Red Pass summit, 15 mi. west of Beatty NV.
RSA0146420RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre344162016-04-18 San BernardinoNPSCastle Mountains: in newly designated CM National Monument; fenceline road along base of westernmost hill of mine tailings, approx. 1.5 mi. SW of Hart Mine area.
RSA0146426RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre360342016-04-07 InyoNPSFuneral Mountains: north end of range in upper Monarch Cyn watershed, NNW of Chloride City, 2.2 mi. SE of Hwy 374, west of Keane Spring.; Chloride City 7.5
RSA0146645RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisHester L. Bell6032014-03-30 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. Mouth of Dedeckera Canon where Steele Pass Rd enters Last Chance Range.
RSA0146702RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisHester L. Bell6982014-04-19 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. Mouth of Dedeckera Canon.
RSA0147407RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre355482016-05-04 InyoBLMWhite Mountains: far south end of range along Hwy 168, 5.1 WSW of Westgard Pass.; Uhlmeyer Spring 7.5
RSA0155479RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot83732017-03-28 San BernardinoBLMClipper Mountains Wilderness, east-southeast side of Clipper Mountains: Hummingbird Spring trail, between spring area and wilderness boundary. South of I-40, north of Highway 66; 1.5 road miles along NS 022 southwest of Essex Road.; Blind Hills 7.5, San Bernardino meridianThen 3.5 road miles west-northwest on NS 021 (Hummingbird Spring Trail). Ca. 5.7 air miles west-northwest of Essex. Between 34.75 N, 115.34 W and 34.75212 N, 115.33625 W.
RSA0156048RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot87032017-04-07 InyoBLMResting Spring Range Wilderness: west side of Stewart Valley, east of Resting Spring Range, ca. 1.4 air mile northeast of Highway 178. Ca. 22 road miles northeast of Shoshone along Highway 178, ca. 9.5 road miles west-southwest of Pahrump, NV.; Stewart Valley 7.5 Q. San Bernardino meridianCa. 2.4 road miles west of CA-NV state line.
RSA0156337RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot86462017-04-06 InyoBLMNopah Range Wilderness: north tip of Nopah Range, ca. 1.05 air mile south of Highway 178, just west of Stewart Valley. Ca. 22 road miles northeast of Shoshone along Highway 178, ca. 9.5 road miles west-southwest of Pahrump, NV.; Stewart Valley 7.5 Q. San Bernardino meridianCa. 2.4 road miles west of CA-NV state line.
RSA0157337RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot84422017-03-29 San BernardinoBLMEast side of Iron Mountains, southwest of Danby Lake, west side of Ward Valley. Ca. 1.9 miles west of powerline and Water Road (054).; Iron Mountains 7.5 Q. San Bernardino meridian
RSA0158586RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisSarah J. De Groot88862017-04-19 San BernardinoBLMEast side of Calumet Mountains, west edge of Cadiz Valley, 0.45 miles southwest of NS 458, ca. 6.3 road miles north of Highway 62, ca. 14 road miles west of Highway 62-177 junction, ca. 48 miles east of Twentynine Palms.; Cadiz Valley NW 7.5. San Bernardino meridian
RSA0168247RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisDuncan S. Bell104732017-04-14 San BernardinoBLMNortheast side of the San Bernardino Mountains; Arrastre Creek watershed; collecting in the volcanic hills in the vicinity of Old Woman Springs.; Old Woman Springs
RSA0181956RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre375032017-04-05 San BernardinoBLMJust west of black cyn rd, 6.5 mi. north of mouth to gorge (at south end), approx. 2.5 mi. nw of opal mtn.; Opal Mountain 7.5
RSA0182190RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre388832017-03-25 San BernardinoUnknownWhipple Mountains. Along powerline rd (whipple wash rd), 0.4 mi. north of m.w.d. rd, just south of black metal wash, approx. 5 mi. wnw of parker dam.; Gene Wash 7.5
RSA0182345RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre370992017-03-03 San BernardinoBLMAlong us route 66, 17 mi. east of amboy, 2 mi. east of summit in southern marble mountains.; Cadiz Summit 7.5
RSA0184352RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre399202017-05-10 InyounknownOwens Valley. Along warm springs rd 4.5 mi. east of hwy 395, 0.4 mi. south of black cyn rd, just east of owens river and about 6 mi. se of bishop.; Poleta Canon 7.5
RSA0187097RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre373242017-03-19 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains. 1.3 mi. east of kelbaker rd, approx. 3 air miles south of interstate 40.; Brown Buttes 7.5
RSA0187109RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisJim M. Andre387382017-05-08 InyoBLMOwens Valley. Alabama hills, sandy spring site, 0.2 mi. south of whitney portal rd, 0.6 mi. west of horseshoe mdw rd.; Lone Pine 7.5
RSA0389878RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisMaria Jesus4982019-05-21 InyoInyo Mountains, just north of Malpais Mesa Wilderness boundary, ˜ 1.3 air miles W of BLM route S5.
RSA0389884RSACryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensisMaria Jesus3152019-04-27 Inyo