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You searched for: Cryptantha clevelandii florosa

  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0011483CDACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.F. Hrusa122611995-05-29 San Luis ObispoBurned chaparral on W face of main ridgeline near N boundary of RNA. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
CDA0011502CDACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.F. Hrusa122821995-05-28 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area. Immediately to SW of Peak 1 Radio Facility.
CDA0011518CDACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.F. Hrusa123041995-05-28 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area, Los Padres NF. Ridge immediately SW of Radio Facility 2 (Peak 1).
CDA0011580CDACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.F. Hrusa111101993-05-22 San Luis ObispoNear Mt. Lowe radio tower. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
CDA0015224CDACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.F. Hrusa147621998-07-21 San Luis ObispoImmed. W of intersection of Callendar Rd. & Hwy 1 Nipomo Dunes.
FSC0020168FSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaWilliam Noblitt751561975-05-03 San Luis ObispoAlong the north side of Morro Bay State Park.
FSC0020169FSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJim BartelT74-681974-03-30 San Luis ObispoNear the corner of Nevada Court and Butte Drive on the seaward side of the street in Cuesta-by-the-Sea. Coastal strand.
FSC0020170FSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaCraig M. Finch321973-03-18 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay, just south of the municipal pier in Coastal Strand.
GH00095928GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJ. F. Macbride ; E. B. Payson7971915-07-06 San DiegoRoadside, Linda Vista
GH02023231GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-05-22 Monterey[data not captured]
GH02023232GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-03-31 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023233GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1981-05-31 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023234GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-07-21 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023235GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1985-04-23 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023236GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1922-04-18 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023237GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-02-28 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023238GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2011-01-14 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023239GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-03-03 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023240GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1860-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023241GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-04-20 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023242GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-08-04 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023243GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1892-08-06 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023244GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-07-07 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023245GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-06-10 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023246GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-05-17 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023247GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-07-27 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023248GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-06-30 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023249GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-04-22 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023250GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1857-01-01 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023251GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-05-14 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023252GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-05-17 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023253GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-07-13 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023254GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-08-05 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023255GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1929-09-16 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023257GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1925-08-01 Santa Barbara[data not captured]
GH02023258GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-07-11 Ventura[data not captured]
GH02023259GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1973-06-23 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023260GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-08-15 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023261GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1985-05-15 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH02023262GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-10-10 Orange[data not captured]
GH02023263GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-03-09 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023264GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-08-03 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023265GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1896-07-28 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02023266GHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-04-01 Unknown[data not captured]
HSC202895HSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrancia Chisaki13441959-05-27 Lake0.7 mi. S of Howards Hot Springs (SW of Lower Lake), N Coast Range
IRVC113586IRVCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson46712020-07-15 OrangeRonald W. Caspers Wilderness Park, creek just off Juaneno Trail, ca. 1.5 kilometers north-northwest of park entrance.
IRVC113736IRVCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson42532019-06-08 OrangeCa. 0.1 mile north of Forest Rte 3S04, ca. 3.6 miles along road from Hwy 74 (Ortega Highway). Santa Ana Mountains.
IRVC26624IRVCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF.R. Fosberg75251932-03-20 Santa BarbaraHungry Man′s Gulch.
JROH1386JROHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaToni Corelli2622003-05-28 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Bird marker along Trail 9 at edge of chaparral.
JROH6203JROHCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJohn Rawlings12322014-05-06 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; on the top of Trevor′s Knoll, about 70 m north of Trail 10.
LA00602529LACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF.R. Fosberg76601932-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; First canyon E of Prisoners Harbor
LA00602531LACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg75251932-03-20 Santa BarbaraHungry Man′s Gulch; Santa Cruz Island
LA00602533LACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaLincoln Ellison1929-05-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
LA00638709LACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaO.H. Kappler151940-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W Fork, Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon
OBI161044OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDavid Keil322012014-04-12 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park north of Los Osos Middle School
OBI161259OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaReed Kenny4562019-04-26 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
OBI161476OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaReed Kenny4072019-04-17 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
OBI20724OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRobert F. Hoover61101946-06-01 San Luis ObispoE of summit on Canon rd
OBI20729OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRobert F. Hoover78411950-04-21 San Luis ObispoBetween Morro Bay and Cayucos (S of toro Crk)
OBI31660OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSmeltzer481982-04-12 San Luis ObispoIn Laguna Lake Park
OBI77604OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSteven A. Junak43291990-05-15 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge Botanical Area, Los Padres Natl forest. Santa Lucia Mts: near S edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, on W side of upper middle fork of Chorro Crk, along old rd on W side of Pick and Shovel Mine, about 0.1 mi S of house ruins
OBI8409OBICryptantha clevelandii var. florosaLynne D. Althouse181977-03-31 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s Horse Ranch near San Luis High School, San Luis Obispo
PGM5088PGMCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHowitt, Beatrice F16381963-06-17 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Marina, 1-4 mile from Monterey Bay
PGM5089PGMCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHowitt, Beatrice F20601967-04-23 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Royal Oaks Park, N Monterey County
PGM5090PGMCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHowitt, Beatrice F30081968-06-08 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Monterey Pen Airport, Nr private plane airport (Del Rey Oaks side)
PGM5091PGMCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHowitt, Beatrice F30751969-06-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Hanging Valley
POM146229RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. M. Reed53011926-04-14 OrangeBluffs along sea at Arch Beach.
POM246607RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg44921931-04-04 Los AngelesOcean bluffs near Cherry Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
POM3896RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaI. M. Johnston19481918-05-05 Los AngelesPuente Hills.
PUA64279PUACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
RSA0036113RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaIra W. Clokey50381930-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
RSA0094681RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham43351959-04-25 MontereyPinus attenuata groves between San Antonio School (Lockwood) and San Ardo.
RSA0094682RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaG. R. Campbell160961951-05-30 OrangeSan Juan Canon, Ortega Hwy, 4 mi. inside west border of Cleveland National Forest.
RSA0094683RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. M. Reed49861925-05-14 OrangeAliso Canon.
RSA0111929RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman313012016-04-05 San DiegoCanon: southern portion of Base; east of Wire Mountain complex & just north of the Base boundary; Training Area November. Square G5.
RSA0153748RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Aliso Canon approximately 0.5 mile east of Blum Ranch.
RSA0153846RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Blakley50501962-04-02 Santa BarbaraAt the jct of the W and N forks of Willow Canon, San Miguel Island.
RSA0153887RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. S. Jussels.n.1933-05-28 AlamedaStrawberry Canon, Berkeley Hills.
RSA0153888RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle17631928-03-31 Los AngelesLittle Harbor, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153889RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg106461932-05-07 Los AngelesRidges of Grand Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153890RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. B. Wolf35221932-05-10 Los AngelesEquestrian trail back of Avalon. Santa Catalina [Island].
RSA0153891RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS45581931-04-10 Los AngelesAvalon Canon, just below Pacific Divide, Santa Catalina Island
RSA0153893RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. A. Munz24891919-04-19 Los AngelesLone Hill, San Dimas.
RSA0153894RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaI. M. Johnston19351918-05-05 Los AngelesTrunbull Canon, Puente Hills
RSA0153895RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS43501931-03-24 Los AngelesHamiltons Canon, Santa Catalina Island
RSA0153896RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS48351931-05-07 Los AngelesCottonwood Canon, left fork, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153897RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. B. Wolf34871932-05-09 Los AngelesAt 2nd group of mine workings in left (east) fork of Pebbly Beach Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153898RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg106201932-03-28 Los AngelesHills between Del Rey and El Segundo
RSA0153899RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS48221931-05-06 Los AngelesCanon, Santa Catalina Island
RSA0153900RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS47501931-05-04 Los AngelesSecond bridge below Eagles Nest Middle Ranch Canon, Santa Catalina Island
RSA0153901RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS46251931-04-15 Los AngelesEagle′s Nest, Middle Ranch Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153902RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS46511931-04-16 Los AngelesBulrush Ridge, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153903RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS44921931-04-04 Los AngelesOcean bluffs near Cherry Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153904RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS45501931-04-10 Los AngelesAvalon Canon. Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153905RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS43781931-03-25 Los AngelesHamilton Canon near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. Top of south wall.
RSA0153906RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. FosbergS43641931-03-25 Los AngelesHamilton Canon near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153907RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle20971929-04-07 Los AngelesWhites Landing, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0153908RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle74471940-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. Head of Graveyard Canon.
RSA0153910RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. B. Wolf3861927-04-24 MarinOn Stinson Beach to Sausalito Road, south of Mill Valley toll road.
RSA0153911RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaLyman Benson84001937-07-03 Monterey5 miles north of Big Sur. Santa Lucia Mts.
RSA0153913RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaB. O. Schreiber24831938-04-17 Monterey0.8 miles west of mouth of Mincey Canon, between Bradley and Pleyto; Bradley (Monterey
RSA0153915RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRoxana S. Ferris127391954-03-06 MontereyCa. 3 miles W of Mission San Antonio between Mission Creek crossing and Nacimiento River.
RSA0153916RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaD. D. Keck32361935-05-10 Monterey11.2 miles northwest of Bradley on road to Jolon, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA0153917RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaI. M. Johnston22141918-05-04 OrangeHills back of Laguna Beach.
RSA0153918RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. S. Rose630331963-05-07 MontereyBitterwater Road, 6 miles NE of King City.
RSA0153919RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJ. P. Rebman207642011-03-17 San DiegoCanon: Rome III Training Area; east of I-5, north of Las Pulgas Road, and east of El Camino Real along a dirt road that leads to an electrical tower. Square D2.
RSA0153920RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. R. Abrams18211901-06-15 OrangeSantiago Peak-Trail.
RSA0153924RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRoxana S. Ferris76411929-04-15 San Luis Obispo2 miles north of Morro on the coast road,
RSA0153925RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-05-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
RSA0153927RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-05-09 San Luis Obispo[No additional locality information.]
RSA0153928RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. L. Johannsen6851936-03-21 San Luis Obispo1 mile S of San Luis Obispo.; San Luis Obispo
RSA0153934RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island.
RSA0153935RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaW. R. Ferren21631980-04-28 Santa BarbaraCanon of Jaro Creek ca. 5 miles southeast of Lompoc on Route 1.
RSA0153936RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-06-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island.
RSA0153937RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffman651930-06-15 Santa BarbaraValdez, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA0153938RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaGary D. Wallace17051979-04-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. W of Stanton Ranch. Canon N of Field Station.
RSA0153939RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg76601932-03-25 Santa BarbaraFirst Canon, E Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz island,
RSA0153940RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. F. Thorne476131976-04-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. 0.5 mile ESE of Mt. Pleasant.
RSA0153941RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. F. Smith59661959-05-27 Santa BarbaraIn grass along road above Chinese Harbor NE coast of the island.
RSA0153942RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg75251932-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Hungry Man′s Gulch.
RSA0153943RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg76191932-03-20 Santa BarbaraSnugglers Cove, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA0153944RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Blakley34031960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, Potrero.
RSA0153945RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. A. Munz115471930-04-07 Santa BarbaraMouth of canyon, Hazards Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara County.
RSA0153946RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg76601932-03-25 Santa BarbaraFirst Canon, E Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz island,
RSA0153947RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. R. Fosberg76761932-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Prisoners Harbor.
RSA0153948RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJ. M. Tucker20931951-04-20 Santa Barbaraca. 1-2 mile inland from Jalama.
RSA0153949RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. A. Munz118371930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Ladys Harbor.
RSA0153951RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-28 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island.
RSA0153952RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. A. Munz117101930-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Near Torrey Pines.
RSA0153955RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaA. D. E. Elmer39361902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains
RSA0153957RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. A. Munz102691926-04-09 Santa BarbaraSan Miguelito Canon, 3 miles from Lompoc.
RSA0153959RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. B. Wolf35191929-04-14 Santa Barbara4 miles south of Surf.
RSA0153960RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake.
RSA0153961RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake.
RSA0153962RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle74281940-03-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. 2nd canyon south
RSA0153963RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle7446b1940-03-21 Santa BarbaraLanding Cove, Santa Barbara Island.
RSA0153964RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle74461940-03-21 Santa BarbaraSignal Hill, Santa Barbara Island
RSA0153965RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. S. Rose332331933-06-20 Santa CruzWatermans Gap.
RSA0153966RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaM. B. Dunkle74471940-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. Head of Graveyard Canon.
RSA0153967RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-07-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
RSA0153968RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-07-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
RSA0153970RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. S. Rose332381933-06-20 Santa CruzBen Lomond.
RSA0153971RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaV. F. Hesse4661944-06-01 Santa CruzGraham Hill, 3 miles from Felton.
RSA0153973RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. R. Abrams52681915-06-23 Santa ClaraSaratoga-Big Basin Rd.
RSA0153974RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaH. M. Pollards.n.1945-05-27 VenturaPratt Trail.
RSA0153976RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaH. M. Pollards.n.1967-04-06 VenturaRoad along beach west of Ventura River estuary.
RSA0165906RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSteven A. JunakSC-25901991-05-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. At Triangulation Point 717.
RSA0166410RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSteven A. JunakSC-25861991-05-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. At Forney′s Cove, at end of rd to beach.
RSA0427059RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaChristina Varnava334.52019-06-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, approaching from Hwy 33. About 1 mile from trailhead.
RSA0427082RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaChristina Varnava7702020-05-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Off FR 6N06.
RSA3739RSACryptantha clevelandii var. florosaC. B. Wolf35641932-05-11 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Point west side of Fourth O′July Cove.
SBBG107128SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham47091959-06-01 Monterey3.7 N of San Antonio School, Lockwood-San Lucas Rd
SBBG107673SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham43201959-04-25 Monterey3.7 N of San Antonio School, Lockwood-San Lucas Rd
SBBG107833SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham43351959-04-25 Montereybetween San Antonio School, Lockwood, and San Ardo
SBBG109253SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham127091965-04-01 San Luis ObispoChina Harbor, S of Cambria
SBBG109582SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham31241958-04-29 Montereyhills on W side of Hames Valley
SBBG11759SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Blakley43211961-05-03 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; ridge N of Zaca Lake
SBBG11810SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham44921959-05-12 Monterey3.7 N of San Antonio School, Lockwood-San Lucas Rd
SBBG120231SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess14871995-05-16 VenturaPotrero Open Space (Broome Ranch); Thousand Oaks
SBBG120253SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess14991995-03-22 VenturaPotrero Open Space (Broome Ranch); Thousand Oaks
SBBG122215SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess30771998-07-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Quatal Cyn, mile marker 7; side cyn N of rd
SBBG133839SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman295312015-03-03 San DiegoSW portion of Canon, NW of Santa Margarita River, Oscar 1 Training Area, along dirt rd connecting Macs Rd and N River Rd
SBBG141556SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess75192007-05-11 Venturaparcel just S of 14613 Yerba Buena Rd, E of Circle X Ranch; Santa Monica Mtns
SBBG141559SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess75242007-05-11 Venturaparcel just S of 14613 Yerba Buena Rd, E of Circle X Ranch; Santa Monica Mtns
SBBG142023SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess108642018-05-15 Venturabelow and N of Dry Lakes Ridge, opposite Feser Cold Springs, upper Sespe drainage, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG14726SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaH. and M. Dearing1935-06-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns
SBBG158172SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess60902003-08-15 VenturaPine Mtn Ridge, old oil exploration pad, S side of Reyes Peak, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG158487SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMartin A. Piehl631671963-05-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island: shade of ledges in Graveyard Cyn near its head
SBBG18633SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHenry M. Pollard1963-06-02 Venturabetween Southern Pacific Railroad and beach, ca. 1 W of Ventura River estuary
SBBG210681SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess63902004-04-30 VenturaPiedra Blanca Trail, burned over flat S of White Rocks, upper Sespe Drainage; 34.5665 -119.1605
SBBG210682SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess63892004-04-30 Venturaupper Sespe Drainage, Piedra Blanca Trail, burned over flat S of White Rocks
SBBG217851SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess31841999-03-15 VenturaSan Buenaventura State Beach, Ventura
SBBG21891SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClare B. Hardham9063a1962-04-22 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: hills N of San Antonio Mission
SBBG220344SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSteven A. JunakSC 25901991-05-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Triangulation Point 717, at top of S-facing bluffs
SBBG220345SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSteven A. JunakSC 25861991-05-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Forney′s Cove, at end of rd to beach
SBBG226488SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess27811998-05-03 VenturaMcGrath State Beach, dune fields landward of McGrath Lake, Oxnard
SBBG228794SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa[Ralph Hoffmann]s.n.1928-03-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: China Harbor
SBBG228795SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosa[Ralph Hoffmann]s.n.1928-03-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: China Harbor
SBBG229702SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmanns.n.1929-03-16 VenturaAnacapa Island
SBBG24514SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler13001963-06-07 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn
SBBG24516SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler1111b1963-05-19 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Figueroa Mtn Summit
SBBG24529SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler1249a1963-06-03 Santa BarbaraOld Miranda Pine Rd near Pine Flat Camp
SBBG24558SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler1249b1963-06-03 Santa BarbaraOld Miranda Pine Rd just before Pine Flat Camp
SBBG24559SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler14201964-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Alegria Cyn, Hollister Ranch, NW of Gaviota
SBBG24560SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler14221964-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: rd to lookout, Hollister Ranch, NW of Gaviota
SBBG24561SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler11071963-05-19 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near Ranger Station, Figueroa Mtn
SBBG24777SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler11171963-05-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; East Camino Cielo
SBBG24778SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler11291963-05-23 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn
SBBG25520SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Blakley34031960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Potrero
SBBG26566SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDonald Myrick15861967-04-06 VenturaEmma Wood St Park, just W of Ventura
SBBG39727SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHenry M. Pollard1965-06-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: trail in upper E fork of Cold Spring Cyn
SBBG40522SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHenry M. Pollard1962-04-07 Venturaca. 1 W of Ventura River
SBBG48022SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaL. W. Edge3761973-05-04 Santa BarbaraPurisima Hills: Drum Cyn Rd
SBBG51926SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Zaca Lake
SBBG63636SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaP. Bartholomew1938-06-23 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Little Pine Rd
SBBG63637SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Zaca Lake
SBBG63638SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1927-05-07 Santa BarbaraLompoc
SBBG63643SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1930-03-23 Santa BarbaraVeronica Springs
SBBG63644SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1925-05-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Knapp′s Lodge
SBBG63646SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaA. D. E. Elmer1902-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
SBBG63647SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1929-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Nojoqui Falls
SBBG63651SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1929-05-31 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Figueroa Mtn
SBBG63653SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1927-06-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley
SBBG63657SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHenry M. Pollard1946-04-14 Venturabeach near mouth of Ventura River
SBBG63741SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1930-03-15 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria
SBBG63746SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann1931-05-31 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: 3 mi S of Point Sal
SBBG63993SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMabel M. Miles San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
SBBG69253SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Blakley34031960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Potrero
SBBG81132SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith110711977-04-25 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest ridge above Det and Mono Crks, S of Loma Pelona
SBBG82020SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith110681977-04-25 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest ridge above Det and Mono Crks, S of Loma Pelona
SBBG82312SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith82641963-06-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: near Triangulation Stn East Pt 2
SBBG82362SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith63651961-04-14 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest ridge above and N of Zaca Lake
SBBG82363SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith82121963-06-03 Santa BarbaraKerry Cyn, SW of Miranda Pine Mtn
SBBG82364SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith8828a1965-06-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest USFS Campground at Scheidecks
SBBG82373SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith9782a1967-06-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest crest of San Rafael Mtns, above upper Big Bend Cyn, Sisquoc River
SBBG82770SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith9793a1967-06-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest crest of San Rafael Mtns, SE of Bald Mtn
SBBG82772SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith101791969-06-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base headland at Point Arguello
SBBG85204SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith29101951-03-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base NE of Mount Tranquillon, Camp Cook Reservation
SBBG85593SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith59871959-06-08 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn fire rd ca. 1 mi below turnoff to Little Pine Mountain
SBBG85609SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaClifton F. Smith46981956-06-15 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Buckhorn fire rd between Little Pine Mtn and Bluff Cmpgrd
SBBG97702SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler3667b1968-04-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33, Ventura River watershed below Lakes Ridge trail
SBBG97703SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler3666b1968-04-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33, Beaver Campground turn-off
SBBG97705SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler3667b1968-04-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33, Ventura River watershed below Lakes Ridge trail
SBBG97793SBBGCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE. R. Chandler3716a1968-05-07 VenturaHwy 33, firebreak to W of maintenance yard
SD00035193SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaR. Burgess108642018-05-15 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Upper Sespe Drainage, Below and N of Dry Lakes Ridge, Opposite Faser Cold Springs.
SD00052792SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon Rebman363522020-04-14 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine, northern part of station; north of the water tower; along River Road down to the Santa Margarita River
SD107307SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake
SD11044SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrank F. Gander167-151935-04-10 San DiegoSan Onofre
SD111938SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaBarbara Ertter33511980-05-11 MontereyArroyo Seco Road west from Greenfield and a few miles east of Los Padres National Forest. Just west of junction with Carmel Valley Road
SD113305SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDarley F. Howe22281952-06-15 Los AngelesLos Angeles, Santa Monica Mountains, Mulholland Drive, ca. 9 miles from ocean
SD203295SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaCarolyn Martus5342008-04-01 San DiegoNortheast of Fallbrook. North side of the Santa Margarita River, opposite the Willow Glen trailhead. Cross the river from south side or hike down from the end of Via del Rio. About 0.1 miles northeast of where Via del Rio meets the Santa Margarita River
SD203296SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaCarolyn Martus4902008-03-25 San DiegoNortheast of Fallbrook. Santa Margarita River just below the confluence with Sandia Creek on northwest side
SD204175SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDavid Woelfel1712008-04-04 San DiegoNorthern edge of San Diego County, 1-2 mile South of Riverside county line, 1-2 mile West of De Luz Road of De Luz Road up Cottonwood Canon Creek
SD20596SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrank F. Gander50891938-03-30 San DiegoMonserrate
SD20622SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaA. J. Stover1581938-04-08 San DiegoSan Diego, Point Loma
SD213026SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman209422011-03-24 San DiegoCanon: Romeo II Training Area; north of Las Pulgas Road, east of I-5, and just northeast of the junction of El Camino Real and Horno Canon Road
SD213027SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman206492011-02-28 San DiegoCanon: cactus bluff just north of the dirt road that goes along the north side of the Santa Margarita River between I-5 and Stuart Mesa Road
SD213028SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman207642011-03-17 San DiegoCanon: Romeo III Training Area; east of I-5, north of Las Pulgas Road, and east of El Camino Real along a dirt road that leads to an electrical tower
SD221024SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaNancy Nenow10192010-05-06 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Mira Mesa south of Calle Cristobal and Lopez Ridge Park on north facing slope above the dry riverbed.
SD221025SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaNancy Nenow12622010-06-09 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Mira Mesa south of Calle Cristobal and east of Camino Santa Fe in dry riverbed.
SD229895SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman238702012-05-15 San DiegoCanon: Wire Mountain area in the southern part of the Base; east of Vandergrift Blvd.; canyon and vernal pool mesa just east of Wire Mountain Road
SD230479SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman257212013-03-27 San DiegoCanon: northwest portion of Base; Training Area Alpha One; east of Basilone Road, on a southeast-facing slope and side canyon just north of San Juan Road and San Onofre Creek
SD230480SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman256102013-03-26 San DiegoLake Hodges area: south of Escondido and east of Rancho Santa Fe; east of Del Dios Highway in the canyon to the southwest of the Lake just below the dam
SD240591SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman284022014-05-08 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Hotel: eastern portion of Base; along De Luz Creek just south of the confluence with Roblar Creek; on a N-facing slope
SD244984SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman293602015-02-24 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; India Training Area; north of Basilone Rd. & east of Roblar Rd.; along a dirt road near a canyon
SD246385SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman295312015-03-03 San DiegoCanon: southwest portion of Base; NW of the Santa Margarita River; Oscar 1 Training Area; along dirt road connecting Macs Rd. and N. River Rd.
SD249158SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMakenzie Mabry812014-06-02 VenturaReyes Creek Campground, near bathroom.
SD249470SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJohn LaGrange8342011-05-10 San DiegoSolana Beach, San Elijo Lagoon Preserve; hillside west of of Homewood Canon at it′s mouth, about 0.31 miles E of N end of North Rios Avenue
SD254264SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon Rebman314452016-04-08 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Delta Training Area: east of the junction of Talega Road and Case Springs Road along San Mateo Creek in the vicinity of Devil′s Canon; along ridge of slope
SD254265SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon Rebman313012016-04-05 San DiegoCanon: southern portion of Base; east of Wire Mountain complex & just north of the Base boundary; Training Area November
SD255671SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson36972012-06-09 San Luis ObispoCa. 0.1 mile west of junction of Calendar Road and Hwy 1 (Cabrillo Hwy), ca. 300 feet west of railroad tracks, beyond fence, ca. 0.4 mile southeast of Black Lake.
SD261485SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon Rebman328752017-04-04 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base, just north of the Santa Margarita River & east of I-5; Training Area Oscar 1: south-facing slope to the east of Macs Road
SD261486SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon Rebman333682017-05-23 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Training Area Bravo One: on the southern slope below the dirt road on the ridge between San Mateo and Talega canyons, south-facing slope and canyon bottom
SD26468SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrank F. Gander79201940-03-06 San DiegoNear Pala.
SD26555SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrank F. Gander79561940-03-30 San DiegoBurned hillside near Pala.
SD27046SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFrank F. Gander83831940-05-02 San DiegoUpper San Onofre Canon
SD31159SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaEdith A. Purers.n.1931-04-28 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills
SD39176SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaEdith A. Purer61761935-04-01 San DiegoMission Gorge, northeast of San Diego
SD39177SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaEdith A. Purer62461935-04-09 San DiegoSan Diego, Murphy Canon off Mission Valley
SD6768SDCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDaniel Clevelands.n.1885-04-07 San DiegoChollas Valley
SDSU05424SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHowe, D.F.48981976-06-01 Ventura1.2 miles from mouth of Little Sycamore Canon.
SDSU14044SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSilverstein, Robin P.62002-04-01 RiversideSanta Margarita Ecological Reserve. Next to concrete drainage, under telephone wire, east bank of river, 1-10 of a mile south of Northside Field Station.
SDSU22132SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRebman, Jon328752017-04-04 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base, just north of the Santa Margarita River & east of I-5; Training Area Oscar 1: south-facing slope to the east of Macs Road
SDSU22133SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRebman, Jon328732017-04-04 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base, just north of the Santa Margarita River & east of I-5; Training Area Oscar 1: south-facing slope to the east of Macs Road
SDSU22139SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRebman, Jon333682017-05-23 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Training Area Bravo One: on the southern slope below the dirt road on the ridge between San Mateo and Talega canyons, south-facing slope and canyon bottom
SDSU22470SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson42082019-05-08 VenturaJust north of Highway 33, ca. 0.9 mile south of Lockwood Valley Road.
SDSU22550SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson42532019-06-08 OrangeCa. 0.1 mile north of Forest Rte 3S04, ca. 3.6 miles along road from Hwy 74 (Ortega Highway). Santa Ana Mountains.
SDSU22923SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson46711965-06-11 OrangeRonald W. Caspers Wilderness Park, creek just off Juaneno Trail, ca. 1.5 kilometers north-northwest of park entrance.
SDSU23633SDSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaMichael G. Simpson47771997-04-15 OrangeUCI Ecological Preserve, ca. 100 meters northwest of entrance from trail at Vista Bonita Drive and Los Trancos Drive.
SJSU5390SJSUCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaN.A. Hopkins2981970-04-16 Montereyby Arroyo Seco R between Greenfield & Arroyo Seco
UC78465UCJEPSCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaT. S. Brandegee1894-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego
UCR107602UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaE.R. Blakley50501962-04-02 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island, at junction of W and N forks of Willow Canon
UCR138898UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaLouis C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-20 Los AngelesAliso Canon, c. 0.5 mile [southeast] of Blum Ranch
UCR143253UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond Fosberg76191932-03-20 Santa BarbaraSmugglers Cove, Santa Cruz Island
UCR143254UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond Fosberg106201932-03-28 Los Angeleshills between Del Rey and El Segundo
UCR143256UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond Fosberg76601932-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, first canyon east of Prisoners Harbor
UCR143257UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond Fosberg76761932-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Prisoners Harbor
UCR143262UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond Fosberg75251932-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, Hungry Man′s [Hungryman] Gulch
UCR143263UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond FosbergS--43511931-03-24 Los AngelesHamiltons Canon near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island
UCR143264UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaF. Raymond FosbergS--45581931-04-10 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon below Pacific Divide
UCR266052UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDavid J. Keil313272012-05-15 San Luis ObispoWestern end of San Luis Range. Field Ranch, Pacific Gas and Electric Company property, north of Diablo Canon Nuclear Power Plant and south of Montana de Oro State Park
UCR267255UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman293602015-02-24 San DiegoCanon, central portion of Base, India Training Area, north of Basilone Road and east of Roblar Road, along a trail in a canyon bottom. Square: D5
UCR283036UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaNeil Uelman0062017-05-12 Los AngelesOcean Trails Reserve, Dudleya Trail
UCR285484UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaTim Thomas71282017-04-30 San Luis ObispoLower east flank Caliente Range, 2 miles SW of KCL Campground
UCR285652UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaJon P. Rebman313012016-04-05 San Diegosouthern portion of Base, east of Wire Mountain complex and just north of the Base boundary, Training Area November
UCR64627UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmann691930-10-05 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake
UCR64628UCRCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-10-05 Santa BarbaraZaca Lake
UCSB029285UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaKiehn, David651980-04-19 MontereyOn the Hastings Natural History reservation ca. 100 yds. east from the main building
UCSB029286UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFritzke, Sue611980-04-27 MontereyOn south side of Jolon Rd., 10 miles south of junction with U.S. 101
UCSB029287UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaWayne R. Ferren21631980-04-28 Santa BarbaraCanon of Jaro Creek ca. 5 mi. SE of Lompoc on Rt. 1
UCSB029288UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSheehan, B.471978-05-07 Santa BarbaraNorth side of Point Sal Road, 1.5 miles west of Brown Road
UCSB029289UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFred M. Roberts, Jr.8911983-03-10 OrangeDana Point Headlands: south of Scenic Dr., 0.3 W Dana Point Harbor; 0.8 km. S Richard Henry Dana School
UCSB029290UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDennis E. Breedlove25911962-04-28 Santa BarbaraNear summit of Harris Grade; Purisima Ridge.
UCSB029291UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaFritzke, Sue6601982-03-25 Santa BarbaraFraser Point, Santa Cruz Island
UCSB029292UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaWayne R. Ferren8261984-03-22 Santa Barbara3-4 mi. from Cueva de Valdez on Santa Cruz Island
UCSB029293UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaRalph PhilbrickB659941955-05-14 Santa BarbaraAbout one mile east of triangulation point Soledad, east of old radar buildings, on road from Vail Ranch headquarters to Johnson Lee; Santa Rosa Island
UCSB029294UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDennis E. Breedlove28181962-05-15 Santa Barbara1 mile south of Prisoners Harbor; Santa Cruz Island.
UCSB029295UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaHugh Dearing40761940-02-18 Santa BarbaraNorth of Lompoc; Pine Canon Road near Santa Ynez River Bridge
UCSB048346UCSBCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaSue L. Fritzke6601982-03-25 Santa BarbaraFraser Point; Santa Cruz Island.
UCSC100000617UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDylan M. Neubauer9992017-05-05 Monterey(n SCoRO) Carmel Valley, Santa Lucia Preserve, Vuelo de las Palomas
UCSC100000619UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDylan M. Neubauer9882017-04-29 Santa Cruz(CCo-SnFrB) Santa Cruz Mountains, Porter Ranch, sandy ridge north of Kelly-Thompson Ranch Headquarters, Highway 129
UCSC100000620UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaD. Styer- J. Styer1532011-04-28 MontereyBroadway Road; Fort Ord Region D7
UCSC100000621UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaD. Styer2332010-04-17 MontereyFort Ord Region H1
UCSC100000622UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaD. Styer2342010-05-14 MontereyU.C. Reserve; Fort Ord Region H3
UCSC100000623UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaDylan M. Neubauer11622018-06-20 Monterey(SCoRO) Santa Lucia Range, Highway 1, at entrance to UC Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve
UCSC100000624UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaBray, Amidon & RutherfordBray 271975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park on slope down from observation deck
UCSC100000625UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaAmidon, Bray, & RutherfordBray 271975-05-16 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwood State Park, near observation deck Henry Cowell Redwood State Park
UCSC100000629UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaBecky Hendrickss.n.2009-05-30 MontereyGamboa Point, Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve
UCSC100005817UCSCCryptantha clevelandii var. florosaReed Kenny4561999-10-01 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch

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