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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC041629DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBeecher Crampton77391966-6-14 YubaYuba County, 1 mile east of Brownsville on La Porte road.
    AHUC33158DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBeecher Crampton77391966-6-14 YubaYuba County, 1 mile east of Brownsville on La Porte road.
    CAS-BOT258354CASCornus sericea subsp. sericeaPainter, E. L.; Wetherwax, M.; Downing, K.CR-3092002-5-9 MontereyCamp Roberts. San Antonio River, on flood plain between San Antonio Rd (w of impact area) and edge of river
    CAS-BOT383108CASCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTownesmith, Andrew; Meyer, Karen M.8392007-7-20 LassenLassen National Forest, Eagle Lake Ranger District. Along Forest Service road 30N03, 0.5 mile from intersection with state route 36, at roadblock where two decrepit bridges cross Susanville River
    CAS-BOT649558CASCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLenz, Martin J.53732018-7-3 Shastaapproximately 1775 ft., 304 deg. from outlet of Summit Lake, Shasta Trinity National Forest
    CAS-BOT94076CASCornus sericea subsp. sericeaYork, Dana19281997-7-5 FresnoCa. 110 km E of Fresno (FSC), 1.1 km N of Upper Paradise Valley, adjacent to the South Fork of Kings River (W side)
    CAS-BOT95595CASCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett44441988-7-21 ModocAbove Upper Rush Creek Campground ca. 4 km E of State Highway 299 between Adin and Canby.
    CDA0014226CDACornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.F. Hrusa135311996-8-23 PlumasUpper Long Valley Creek below confluence with Bull Run Creek. 1 mi. E of Lava Peak, & 2 NE of Cromwell townsite. Along old 12E19 pack trail, now largely unused in upper parts. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0015992CDACornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.F. Hrusa112621993-6-29 PlacerDuncan Creek approx. 100 meters upstream from Mosquito Ridge Rd. bridge crossing, & 1 mile N of French Meadows Reservoir.
    CDA0018587CDACornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.D. Barbe32791981-6-25 Plumas0.7 mile south of Arlington Road, (Main Street, Taylorsville) on Beckwourth-Greenville Road, east of Taylorsville. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0037454CDACornus sericea subsp. sericeaMisty Hailstones.n.2011-10-3 PlacerTahoe City. Granlibakken Resort.
    CDA0038584CDACornus sericea subsp. sericeaD.H. Shaws.n.1977-6-1 SiskiyouNear Happy Camp.
    CHSC102129CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart161672009-7-27 PlumasOn damp soil, on the southwest side of a stream, headwaters of Grizzly Gulch, 2.1 miles (air) northeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam. T2 N R08E S08 NE1/4
    CHSC106143CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. P. Janeway102102010-9-12 TehamaHigh North Coast Ranges. At Willow Spring, 2.5 km east-southeast of Buck Rock, just below Road M2. T2 N R1 W S24 SE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Buck Rock 1:24,000
    CHSC113637CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart198172014-8-31 PlumasSouth of an unnamed drainage, on the west side of Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the foot bridge across Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the Black Rock, west side of Little Grass Valley Reservoir, about 4 1/2 miles (air) northwest of La Porte. T2 N R09E S30 NE1/4
    CHSC11947CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. B. Copeland4311930-6-25 ButteJonesville. Along creek.
    CHSC122976CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart221552020-6-27 PlumasAbout 20 yards west of the dirt road, about a mile west of the sign to Camal Peak, about 3 miles (air) southwest of Tamarack Flat, about 4 miles (air) west of Little Grass Valley Reservoir Dam. T2 N, R8E, Section 33.
    CHSC123779CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. P. Janeway135802021-7-9 TehamaHigh Cascade Range. Western end of Deer Creek Meadows at the Hwy 32 bridge, near the northeast side of the bridge. T2 N, R5E, SE 1/4 of sec. 20. Childs Meadow 7.5' quad.
    CHSC21077CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. T. Griggs441975-7-02 PlumasBuck's Lake Forest Service Survey. T2 N R06E S36
    CHSC21556CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. E. Brink, Jr.1975-7-02 PlumasBucks Lake Floristic Survey. T2 N R06E S06 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
    CHSC26339CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGary MaxwellG-661970-7-12 San BernardinoCa. 4 air miles SE of Big Bear City at Greenspot Campground in San Bernardino Mtns.
    CHSC33765CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. A. Schlising41211981-6-28 ButteE of Sterling City near E border of county. S and E of andesitic Table Mountain in Little Kimshew Creek. T2 N R05E S04
    CHSC34571CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. R. Marsh111972-7-16 San BernardinoBig Bear Lake area, ca. 15 mi. E of Fawnskin in San Bernardino Mts.
    CHSC34875CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaM. S. Taylor40281981-7-17 PlumasLakes Basin, Bear Lakes trail, ca. 1/4 from trailhead, ca. 6 air mi s of Mohawk. T2 N R12E S07 NE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City NW
    CHSC40092CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller133921920-6-20 SiskiyouMetcalf's ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy.
    CHSC451CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaM. Yoder1941-7-21 SiskiyouCastle Lake.
    CHSC452CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. Morgue1932-5-16 MendocinoRiverdale.
    CHSC48307CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald30071987-6-23 ButteJust w of the Skyway, 1.4 mi (odometer) s of Inskip. T2 N R04E S3 W1/4 of SW1/4
    CHSC48308CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald30121987-6-23 ButteHiogh Lakes Rd. 1.4 mi (odometer) n of Philbrook Rd. T2 N R04E S12 NE1/4
    CHSC48309CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald7361983-6-22 ButteSoda Springs Campground near Calif. Hwy 32, 17.8 mi n-e of Forest Ranch. T2 N R03E S25
    CHSC50830CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald43651990-7-19 ButteSlope on the south side of Philbrook Creek, ca. 3 mi east of Philbrook Reservoir, ca. 0.3 mi west of the Plumas County line. T2 N R05E S16 SE1/4
    CHSC54524CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald48101991-8-05 PlumasLassen Volcanic Park. Terminal Geyser located ca. 2.5 miles (air) southeast of Drakesbad. T3 N R05E S3 W1/4 of SW1/4
    CHSC58493CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald50551992-7-03 LassenLassen Volcanic Park. Grassy Creek between Horseshoe and Snag lakes, ca. 0.3 NE of the trail to Canon Meadow. T30N R06E S04 SE1/4 of SW1/4
    CHSC61640CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart72371993-9-13 ButteOn the west side of Bolt Creek, about 1 mile south-east of Butte Meadows. T2 N R04E S28 SE1/4
    CHSC63136CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart74351994-7-14 SierraOn the sout side of the large pond, steep rocky slope on the north side of Henness Pass Road, at Keystone Gap, east of Keystone Mountain, about 1 1/2 miles east of Alleghany. T1 N R12E S06 SE1/4
    CHSC66384CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald78101996-6-17 LassenModoc Plateau. Bizz Johnson Trail accessed at Devils Corral Trailhead off of Hwy. 36 ca. 7 W of Susanville. Growing on the edge of a marsh at the 6.0 mile post E of Devils Corral Trailhead. T2 N R11E S05 NW1/4 of SE1/4
    CHSC68861CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald86111997-6-24 LassenSouth of Susanville on the north of Diamond Mtn. at a springy slope with streamlets along Forest Rd. 2 N43, 5.4 miles east of Gold Run Rd. (29N10), 0.7 mi east of Lassen NF boundary. T28N R12E S06 NE1/4
    CHSC71574CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald94571998-8-03 SiskiyouKangaroo Lake Rd. (USFS 4 N08) 2.6 mi southeast of Gazelle-Canong a streamlet on the upstream side of a culvert. T41N R0 W S27
    CHSC75491CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. F. Hrusa135311996-8-23 PlumasSierra Nevada. Upper Long Valley Creek below confluence with Bull Run Ceek. 1 mi E of Lava Peak, & 2 NE of Cromwell townsite. Along old 12E19 pack trail, now largely unused in upper parts. USGS Quadrangle: Johnsville 1:24,000
    CHSC84425CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart105052003-8-13 PlumasOn the west side of Hopkins Creek, about 10 yards south of where Hopkins Creek forks, about 1/8 mile south of Turkey Town, about 1 mile (air) southwest of Blue Nose Mountain, about 10 1/2 miles (air) northeast of La Porte. T2 N R10E S14 near center
    CHSC88735CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. Fischer2492004-5-25 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles n. of McArthur, on eastern edge Modoc Plateau. Located on n.e. shore of Big Lake. USGS Quadrangle: Timbered Crater 1:24,000
    CHSC88758CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. Fischer2732004-5-28 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles n. of McArthur, on eastern edge Modoc Plateau. Located along Lava Springs Trail between Crystal Springs and Ya-She. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
    CHSC90873CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Isle1662004-7-20 TehamaMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Thomes Creek Watershed. N. of Rd. 2 N25. T23N R0 W S07 SE1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC91004CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Isle2841996-7-15 MendocinoMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Upper Middle Fork Eel River Watershed. Grass Lake. T2 N R1 W S14 NE1/4 of SW1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC91993CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart122012005-7-23 NevadaMeadow, under the power lines, about 100 yards west of the paved road, southwest of Lake Spaulding, about 1/2 mile north of Highway 20. T1 N R12E S2 W1/4
    CHSC92706CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Isle13252000-7-6 GlennMendocino National Forest- North Coast Ranges Black Butte River Watershed. Proposed Baseball Unit T-2 W of Atchison Campground. West aspect. S side of Baseball T-2 in creek. T22N R10W S14 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mendocino Pass
    CHSC93111CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Isle14201993-8-04 GlennMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Black Butte River Watershed. Spring W of County Rd. 311 N23); .35 miles N of Tar Flat. T20N R0 W S16 NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mountain
    CHSC95498CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLeRoy Gross24362005-10-4 InyoSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: West of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14SO4, from Hogback Creek Road. This road ends just inside the mouth of Hogback Creek.
    CHSC99702CHSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. P. Janeway84632008-7-23 SiskiyouKlamath Ranges. The Eddys/Scott Mountains; along small tributary from the west of Parks Creek; above Road 17 8.0 road km south of Stewart Springs Road. Along small creeklet flowing down a east-northeast facing slope, T4 N R0 W S22 NW1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: China Mountain 1:24,000
    CLARK-A1528-2614CLARKCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn C. Roos48511950-7-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains
    DAV133644DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFred Hrusa92331992-7-18 SacramentoSacramento County: About 25 air miles S of Sacramento, 10 air miles W of Galt, and 1 air mile NE of Walnut Grove. Immed. E of Locke, in the Sacramento River Delta, N of the Delta Cross Channel.
    DAV134311DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrederica Bowcutt16241993-6-25 SacramentoSacramento County: Delta Meadows River Park. About 25 air miles S of Sacramento, 10 air miles W of Galt, and 1 air mile NE of Walnut Grove. Immed. E of Locke, in the Sacramento River Delta, N of the Delta Cross Channel.
    DAV156491DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRobert E. Preston16612001-6-30 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: Klamath National Forest, Hemlock Lake, T4 N R1W se 1/4 of se 1/4 Section 14
    DAV165992DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBeth Lowe Corbin2621982-8-06 PlacerPlacer County: 1/8 mile W of Onion Creek Campground.
    DAV178752DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. K. Helmkamp126322007-7-27 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Southeast end of Cisco Grove; along local road just before it passes under Interstate-80.
    DAV183635DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBryan Drews.n.2003-7-12 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest.Next to weir up the road from UC1.
    DAV184684DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. O. Hanes811992-9-15 NevadaNevada County: Tahoe Forest. Rattlesnake Ck.
    DAV190114DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean64842010-6-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Adjacent to Hot Springs Creek on N side of creek.
    DAV190549DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean67182010-7-18 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of Markleeville. North side of Hot Springs Creek near road bridge in central part of campground. Just S of main campground and E of bridge.
    DAV193701DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean72262011-8-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Lake Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. West of Vikings Holm buildings near trail to falls and bridge.
    DAV198771DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean74442012-7-26 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Lake Tahoe Basin. Sugar Pine Point State Park. Near Hwy. 89, along General Creek on east side of highway.
    DAV217417DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean90582016-7-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Near southern boundary of D.L. Bliss State Park. Unnamed drainage on west side of Highway 89.
    DAV231921DAVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEllen Dean102742019-7-19 PlacerPlacer County: Northwestern corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Burton Creek Natural Reserve, Meadow to the SE of Antone Meadow. Along unnamed drainage that crosses undeveloped road and feeds into Burton Creek from the north. On slope leading from road down into drainage.
    ELH00615ELHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGary Schoolcraft211977-6-01 LassenWillow Creek Canon
    ELH00616ELHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGary Schoolcraft5381981-7-14 LassenBeaver Creek area south of Pittville
    FSC0017521FSCCornus sericea subsp. sericea1995-10-7 Fresno
    FSC0017525FSCCornus sericea subsp. sericea1956-2-26 Siskiyou
    FSC0017530FSCCornus sericea subsp. sericea1983-5-22 Fresno
    HREC1095HRECCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. F. Heady4761952-8-26 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Hagen Lake
    HSC221285HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW.R. Marsh111972-7-16 San BernardinoBig Bear Lake area, 15 mi. E of Fawnskin in San Bernardino Mtns.
    HSC221286HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRich White2591978-7-18 SiskiyouNear stream outlet of Raspberry Lake.
    HSC221287HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.F. Knezevich3351967-7-08 Trinity'Clems Camp' , 4 mi. from the junction of the road to Salt Log Springs on the road to Brushy, Big, and Green Mtns.
    HSC221288HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClare R. Wheeler3301978-5-05 MendocinoFeliz Creek Rd., 1.5 W of Hopland near Feliz Creek at bridge.
    HSC221289HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMichael Ward601970-7-12 San Bernardino4 air mi. SE of Big Bear City off Hwy. 38 near Greenspot Campground in San Bernardino Mtns.
    HSC221290HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTim Messick5911979-6-24 MonoBetween Clearwater Creek and Rd. to Bodie from Hwy. 395, 0.6 mi. E of Hwy. 395 in lower Clearwater Canon.
    HSC221291HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR.G. Means851962-7-06 Shasta18.8 mi. E of Fowler Campground Rd. on Hwy. 89
    HSC221292HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH.E. Parks113461936-6-13 Del NorteShelly Creek, near Monumental.
    HSC221293HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRuby Van Deventersn1938-7-13 SiskiyouPoker Flat.
    HSC221300HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.P. Smith4525B1970-7-28 TrinityTwin Lakes.
    HSC221301HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaThomas Wood2331979-8-09 ModocDirt road along Bidwell Creek, 2.7 W of Jct. with Hwy. 2, N of Fort Bidwell.
    HSC221302HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWendell Wood1071970-7-13 MonoAbove Hwy. 158 between Silver and Grant Lakes.
    HSC221303HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.M. Riegel1601978-8-30 ModocS Warner Mtns.
    HSC221304HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDenis Kearns4181981-7-23 HumboldtNear Whiteys Peak.
    HSC221305HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaSteve Selva41974-8-16 SiskiyouAlong banks of Sugar Creek near outflow of Sugar Lake.
    HSC221306HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMaralyn A. Renner22451980-8-06 SiskiyouFS Rd. 40S07 crossing of Louse Creek
    HSC221307HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn S. Palmer4401976-7-02 TrinityAlong Log Lake Creek.
    HSC221308HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. Reinhardt2721974-7-1 Del NorteE Blue Creek tributary on Fork of the Blue Trail.
    HSC221309HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBrad Klipfel7891976-7-15 Del NorteChimney Rock area, Elk Hole, behind Chimney Rock.
    HSC221310HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBrad Klipfel8141976-8-25 Del NorteBehind Chimney Rock.
    HSC221311HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrederick W. Oettinger6341968-9-01 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, E side of Abbott's Lake.
    HSC221312HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrederick W. Oettinger10581969-7-18 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, outlet of upper English Lake.
    HSC221316HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaK. A. Wayman772010-7-7 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.5 mi east of Hoopa along Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Six Rivers National Forest boundary.
    HSC221318HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaThomas W. Nelson44051978-7-02 HumboldtOff FS Rd. 2S08 near Pine Mountain, road to Lost Lake.
    HSC221319HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWilliam J. Ferlatte18541976-9-22 SiskiyouGrouse Ridge along Yellow Rose Mine Trail.
    HSC221320HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWilliam J. Ferlatte15411974-7-15 SiskiyouYellow Rose Mine Trail.
    HSC221321HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaOverton98051979-7-24 HumboldtNear Black Rock, close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC221322HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaOverton126651979-8-02 HumboldtNear Grogan Hole, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC221323HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWalter Overton123681979-8-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek, Middle Fork, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC221324HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.L. Clifton108871979-7-25 HumboldtNear Red Cap Lake, close to the town of Forks of Salmon.
    HSC221325HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.L. Clifton119071979-8-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek Lakes, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC221326HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.L. Clifton117851979-7-31 HumboldtNear Trinity Summit Guard Station, close to the town of Hoopa
    HSC221327HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaThomas W. Nelson33851977-6-03 HumboldtFloodplain of Mad River at S end of Mad River Bridge.
    HSC221328HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWilliam J. Ferlatte8391967-8-07 TrinityCanon Creek Lakes.
    HSC221342HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer5001968-7-10 SiskiyouAlong S Sugar Creek.
    HSC221343HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.P. Smith73001973-8-14 SiskiyouOn trail from Campbell Lake to Cliff Lake.
    HSC221344HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.P. Smith47891971-9-17 SiskiyouHorse Range Creek drainage along road.
    HSC221345HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer30171977-7-03 HumboldtAlong Big Hill Rd. (8N01) at Mud Spring.
    HSC221346HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer14011969-7-18 SiskiyouSW facing slope above S Russian Creek.
    HSC221347HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer14001969-7-18 SiskiyouSW facing slope above S Russian Creek.
    HSC221348HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer8401969-6-11 SiskiyouDuck Lake Creek near C.C.C. road.
    HSC221349HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer19281969-8-04 SiskiyouHeadwaters of S Sugar Creek.
    HSC221350HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer27101975-10-17 HumboldtS slopes of N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC221351HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer4881968-7-10 SiskiyouLower slopes grading to terrace of a temporary stream.
    HSC221352HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.O. Sawyer1961968-6-18 SiskiyouAbove S Russian Creek on W side.
    HSC221353HSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.P. Smith101661979-6-24 TehamaShasta-Trinity National Forest, Wells Creek Camp.
    IRVC109472IRVCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG.K. Helmkamp81972003-10-8 San Luis Obispobase of Nipomo Mesa 0.25 mi SW of Halcyon Rd along an unnamed road near the railroad crossing
    JEPS104102UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart105052003-8-13 PlumasOn the w side of Hopkins Creek, ca 10 yd south of where Hopkins Creek forks, ca 1/8 mi south of Turkey Town, ca 1 mi (air) sw of Blue Nose Mountain, ca 10 1/2 mi (air) ne of La Porte.
    JEPS106394UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJake Ruygt40221998-6-13 NapaMilliken Creek south of Foss Valley.
    JEPS107502UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart122012005-7-23 NevadaMeadow, under the power lines, about 100 yards west of the paved road, southwest of Lake Spaulding, about 1/2 mile north of Highway 20
    JEPS112670UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDean W. Taylor174672000-5-24 Santa CruzMonte Toyon, along Mangles Gulch, 1.6 mi up Redwood Drive from Aptos Post Office
    JEPS112671UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDean W. Taylor174672000-5-24 Santa CruzMonte Toyon, along Mangles Gulch, 1.6 mi up Redwood Drive from Aptos Post Office
    JEPS115110UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart, John Dittes161672009-7-27 PlumasOn damp soil, on the southwest side of a stream, headwaters of Grizzly Gulch, 2.1 miles (air) northeast of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam
    JEPS122316UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart198172014-8-31 PlumasOn the west side of Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the foot bridge across Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the Black Rock, west side of Little Grass Valley Reservoir, about 4 1/2 miles (air) northwest of La Porte.
    JEPS124848UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Degenfelder361969-6-27 SierraFound along rocky stream coming out of upper sardine lake, near Gold Lake Road and junction with highway 49.
    JEPS124849UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRechen1201964-7-13 TuolumneHW 108 Deadman's Creek.
    JEPS124850UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMarge Kempf2271965-6-29 SierraCollected at Union Flat Campground. Off of HWY 49
    JEPS124851UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLaurel Loeblich951964-7-12 TuolumneJust west of Sonora Pass on highway 108 at Dead Man's Creek.
    JEPS126343UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaSteve Matson3941998-9-01 PlacerTahoe north shore; Snow Creek Watershed, Tahoe Vista/Kings Beach; dirt roas extension of North Ave. at junction with west fork of Snow Creek.
    JEPS19471UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson106291924-7-23 PlumasRich Pt. Middle Fork of Feather River; Rich Pt., Middle Fork of Feather River
    JEPS24620UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava67731958-8-31 Siskiyoudirectly opposite Mossbrae Falls between Shasta Retreat and Shasta Springs (on bank of Sacramento R.); Sacramento R.
    JEPS46189UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDuncan Dunning1921-9-12 Mariposaca. 4 mi. s. Wawona (Big Creek near Fish Canon w. side of rd. to Yosemite Nat'l Park)
    JEPS46203UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. E. L. Mossman891931-3-22 AlamedaWildcat Canon Berkeley Hills, Wildcat Canon
    JEPS46248UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. H. Frost231925-7-11 ModocCedar Canon campsite 2 mi. above Cedarville
    JEPS46283UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCharlotte N. Smith7131942-8-01 Kernn.e. side Sunday Peak (ca. 1/4 mi. s. of Kern-Tulare line)
    JEPS48795UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn W. Duffield1937-6-07 PlumasValley Creek
    JEPS50128UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson168141934-8-03 SierraPioneer road sta. 2 mi. e. of Bassett Sta. (N. Fork Yuba R.); N. Fork Yuba R.
    JEPS50129UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson141481900-2-03 AlamedaBerkeley, Strawberry Canon
    JEPS50130UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson141471900-9-09 AlamedaBerkeley
    JEPS50131UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson141461891-6-09 Contra Costae. side Berkeley Hills, Fish Ranch
    JEPS50132UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson141451893-6-20 SolanoHaas Slough
    JEPS50133UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson141441898-7-01 NevadaBear Valley
    JEPS50134UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson6601900-6-23 Tularenear Marble Fork (Sequoia Park); Sierra Nevadas, Sequoia Park
    JEPS50135UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson81941918-9-01 AlamedaBerkeley, Telegraph Canon
    JEPS50136UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson62121914-10-31 Contra CostaOakland Hills, Moraga Ridge
    JEPS50137UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson61801914-8-15 ShastaDelta
    JEPS50138UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson56951913-11-22 San JoaquinSan Joaquin Delta, lower San Joaquin R., Middle R.
    JEPS50139UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson11801900-9-18 MarinInverness
    JEPS50140UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaS. B. Parish44651897-6-01 San DiegoSmith (Palomar) Mt.
    JEPS50141UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. P. Harrington1932-8-01 San DiegoDoane's ranch, Mt top., Doane's Valley
    JEPS50142UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson1894-7-24 Siskiyouregion of Upper Sacramento, Sisson region
    JEPS50143UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. H. Haworth1917-5-11 AlamedaOakland Hills, Glory Hole Canon
    JEPS50144UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAdele Lewis Grant12431918-6-14 TuolumneLake Eleanor Sierra Nevada, Lake Eleanor
    JEPS50145UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrank W. Peirson31861922-7-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., San Antonio Mts., Swartout Valley Region,
    JEPS50146UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson17121901-7-12 MarinInverness
    JEPS50147UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson17131901-7-21 MarinInverness
    JEPS50148UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson45161911-7-27 Tuolumnenear Benson Lake (Yosemite Park); Yosemite Park
    JEPS50149UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson24921905-5-25 MendocinoWillits
    JEPS50150UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAdele Lewis Grant, Ruth Ballon, Joseph Andorfer Ewan79131933-5-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mts., San Miguelito Creek
    JEPS50151UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLawrence M. Booth12781932-7-19 OrangeBolsas Creek
    JEPS50152UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLincoln Constance8441934-6-11 Humboldttrail along e. bank S. Fork Eel R., N. Dyerville Flat Bull Creek Region, S. Fork Eel R., N. Dyerville Flat
    JEPS50179UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. D. Butler841908-8-07 Siskiyouborder of lake at head of Wooly Creek
    JEPS50180UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. D. Butler861908-8-21 SiskiyouEtna Creek
    JEPS50181UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson79061918-8-07 ModocMt. Bidwell N. Fork Bidwell Creek, Mt. Bidwell
    JEPS50182UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson65621915-7-26 TuolumneMiddle Fork Stanislaus R., Deadman Creek
    JEPS50183UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson32041909-7-10 MariposaLake Merced Merced R., Lake Merced
    JEPS50184UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson9751900-7-25 TulareKern River Canon at Lewis Camp Sierra Nevadas
    JEPS50185UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAdele Lewis Grant4571915-9-03 TuolumneE. Fork Relief Creek, Kennedy Meadow Sierra Nevada, E. Fork Relief Creek, Kennedy Meadow
    JEPS50186UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWalter Fry51912-9-12 TulareSequoia Nat'l Park, Sequoia Creek
    JEPS50187UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRuby Van Deventer2931938-7-31 Del Nortetrail to Twin Peaks (swamp)
    JEPS50188UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAlmeda Nordyke1917-7-08 MonoConvict Creek Owens Valley, Convict Creek
    JEPS50189UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRuby Van Deventer2781938-7-17 Del NorteRobber's Roost Swamp
    JEPS72712UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGladys L. Smith35831972-7-17 El Doradostreambank and shores of Lily Lake near Fallen Leaf Lake; Lily Lake
    JEPS72713UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGladys L. Smith18651963-7-27 El Doradoold Echo Summit pass, Hawley Grade Sierra Nevada, old Echo Summit pass, Hawley Grade
    JEPS72714UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGladys L. Smith19061963-7-28 El Doradoaround Audrain Lake; Echo Summit area
    JEPS72715UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGladys L. Smith22911964-7-31 El DoradoEcho Lakes to Fallen Leaf Lake
    JEPS75756UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi44381976-9-06 Colusaat margin of Trout Creek at trail crossing Snow Mt.
    JEPS75805UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTodd, Virginia Keeler-Wolf5451973-9-02 TehamaYolla Bolly Mts., French Cove
    JEPS75866UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLawrence R. Heckard38821974-9-10 Colusaalong East Circle Trail Snow Mt. (along spur running s.e. from West Peak)
    JEPS75962UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWilliam J. Ferlatte15411974-7-15 SiskiyouTrinity Alps, Yellow Rose Mine Trail
    JEPS77872UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRobert M. Lloyd36351965-5-08 Sonomas.e. Sebastopol (ca. 4 mi. n. of Rte. 116, e. of Cunningham, upper portion of Laguna de Santa Rosa Marsh, Llano Rd.); Laguna de Santa Rosa Marsh
    JEPS77881UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEdward Lee7281934-4-21 AlamedaWildcat Canon; Berkeley Hills, Wildcat Canon
    JEPS77882UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEdward Lee7281934-4-21 AlamedaWildcat Canon; Berkeley Hills, Wildcat Canon
    JEPS79877UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy83921927-11-06 Humboldtalong Yager Creek Carlotta; Northern Coast Ranges
    JEPS80457UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman5113A1979-6-16 Lakes.w. flank Snow Mt. (along creek flowing into Timber Lake)
    JEPS80510UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGilbert Muth4441966-7-24 SiskiyouMarble Mt. Wilderness Area, Marble Valley
    JEPS80771UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman57421981-7-30 Colusas.e. side Snow Mt. (Trout Creek Trail)
    JEPS80825UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman57971981-7-31 Colusae. side Snow Mt. (Dark Hollow Creek)
    JEPS80849UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman58191981-8-01 Lakes.w. side Snow Mt. (along Bear Creek)
    JEPS83889UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWayne Roderick1975-8-01 Siskiyouvicinity of Cook and Green Pass (w. of summit); Siskiyou Mts.
    JEPS87349UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrederica Bowcutt16241993-6-25 Sacramentoca. 25 air mi. s. Sacramento (10 air mi. w. of Galt, 1 air mi. n.e. of Walnut Grove, immed. e. of Locke, n. of Delta Cross Channel, levee slope parallel to side slough ...); Courtland 7.5' Quad., Sacramento R. Delta, Delta Meadows Riv
    JEPS87623UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart74351994-7-01 Sierraabout 1 1/2 mi ne Middlewaters (s side of the larger pond, slope on n side Henness Pass Road at Keystone Gap, e of Keystone Mountain, about 11 mi (air) ne of Alleghany); e of Keystone Mountain, ne of Middlewaters, Keystone Gap
    JEPS87624UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart74351994-7-01 Sierraabout 1 1/2 mi ne Middlewaters (s side of the larger pond, slope on n side Henness Pass Road at Keystone Gap, e of Keystone Mountain, about 11 mi (air) ne of Alleghany); e of Keystone Mountain, ne of Middlewaters, Keystone Gap
    JEPS88238UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart78101996-6-17 Lassenca. 7 mi. w. Susanville (Bizz Johnson Trail accessed at Devils Corral Trailhead located off Hwy. 36, at 6 mi. post e. of Devils Corral Trailhead); Modoc Plateau
    JEPS94790UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart94571998-8-03 SiskiyouKangaroo Lake Road(USFS 4 N08) 2.6 mi se of Gazelle-Callahan Road; Kangaroo Lake Road
    JEPS95014UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart86111997-6-24 Lassen0.7 mi e of Lassen National Forest boundary (5.4 mi e of Gold Run Road (2 N10), s of Susanville on n side of Diamond Mountain at a springy slope with streamlets along Forest Road 29N43); Diamond Mountain, Forest Road 29N43
    JEPS95603UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart74351994-7-01 Sierra11 air miles NE of Alleghany (S of the larger pond, N side of Henness Pass Road, at Keystone Gap, E of Keystone Mountain, 1 1/2 NE of Middlewaters)
    JEPS99747UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMelanie Arnett81882001-6-24 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; W-facing 40% lowslope on E side of Middle Fork San Joaquin River at bend just downstream from Rainbow Falls. Shrubby, rocky hillside. Loose pumice over degrading rhyodacite and granite.
    JROH1864JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn H. Thomas92111961-5-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along San Francisquito Creek below Searsville Dam
    JROH1865JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn H. Thomas129331967-5-31 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1866JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas187911977-6-16 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along raised causeway
    JROH1867JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas204601981-4-21 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1868JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas205361981-5-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; low flow crossing
    JROH1871JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas207311981-7-24 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH1872JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas211401982-8-13 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; on causeway
    JROH1873JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas216431983-4-21 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along causeway
    JROH1876JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas235541985-4-25 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; causeway
    JROH1877JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas239871986-5-01 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along San Francisquito Creek near low flow crossing
    JROH1878JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas243111987-5-26 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along causeway
    JROH1881JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas250141991-5-02 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; near dam
    JROH1883JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas250801991-8-04 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; along causeway
    JROH1885JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Hunter Thomas253831992-7-24 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; causeway and boat ramp, along causeway
    JROH5906JROHCornus sericea subsp. sericeaM. Rays.n.1982-4-25 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; swamp trail about 1 km from Mapache Gate
    LA00607118LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaPhilip A. Munz132491934-5-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; 2 mi S of Lake Arrowhead, along small creek
    LA00607119LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaA.L. Grant79131933-5-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains; San Miguelito Creek
    LA00607120LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaP. Everett74611935-7-19 FresnoSierra Nevada; Huntington Lake; Florence Lake Road, 3 mi. from High Sierra Ranger Station
    LA00607121LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaCharles Darlands.n.1932-7-21 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Lodge Pole Camp
    LA00607122LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarlan Lewiss.n.1936-5-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Dogwood Canon, Lake Arrowhead
    LA00607123LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaMartha HilendSB. Mts-1811926-6-29 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains; Bear Valley
    LA00607124LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.A. Ewan97201936-7-05 Contra CostaReservoir road, Wildcat Creek
    LA00607125LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaWm. Bridge Cooke137091939-7-21 SiskiyouMount Shasta; Bear Springs
    LA00607126LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaS. Bellers.n.1930-1-29 MariposaSierra Nevada; Yosemite Valley
    LA00607127LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ.A. Ewan81041933-11-05 MarinHearts Desire, Tomales Bay (S shore)
    LA00607128LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaMary V. Hood40--104k*1940-7-07 MaderaSierra Nevada; Between Red's Meadow & Satcher Lake
    LA00607129LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaE.B. Higginss.n.1949-6-06 San DiegoCuyamaca
    LA00607130LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaE.B. Copelands.n.1930-6-25 ButteHigh Canonesville
    LA00607131LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaO.H. Kappler15591947-7-11 MonoSierra Nevada; June Lake Area. Near Iron Spring close to Grant Lake
    LA00607132LACornus sericea subsp. sericeaVictor Duran33401932-7-12 InyoSierra Nevada; Pine Creek, near Round Valley
    LAVO1927LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBurgess, J.E.221a1957-7-26 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LAVO1928LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBurgess, J.E.2211952-8-7 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LAVO1929LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBurgess, J.E.221b1993-9-2 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LAVO6317LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaOswald, Vernon H.48101991-8-05 PlumasTerminal Geyser located ca. 2.5 miles (air) southeast of Drakesbad.
    LAVO6318LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaOswald, Vernon H.50551992-7-03 LassenGrassy Creek between Horseshoe and Snag Lakes, ca. 0.3 NE of the trail to Canon Meadow.
    LAVO6922LVNPCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid Showers4037 DWS1979-7-13 TehamaBluff Falls.
    MCCC3641MCCCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBill Hirano1947-8-27 AlamedaStephen Union Bridge
    OBI104519OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaMonika Richardson2142017-8-2 Santa CruzScotts Creek
    OBI113311OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid J. Keil196871991-7-26 TulareNE of Springville along Bear Creek rd; Mountain Home State Forest. Balch park campground
    OBI113312OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaLouis C. Wheeler12631932-8-22 San BernardinoPine Knot P.O., Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mts
    OBI113315OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph N. Philbricks.n.1973-2-21 Santa BarbaraCanada del Corral, S of US Forest Service boundary,
    OBI113316OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid J. Keil129311978-7-23 PlacerCisco Grove exit from I-80, just E of Nevada Co line
    OBI113317OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaJill MacIntyre251986-8-02 TulareMountain Home State forest, Sierra Nevada Mtns
    OBI113318OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaRobert F. Hoover96771965-9-29 San Luis ObispoTassajera Crk
    OBI149626OBICornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Norman771978-5-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., Los Padres N.F., along Salmon Creek, 200 yds. downstream from Spruce Creek Camp.
    POM18184RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaP. A. Munz76951923-8-31 Los AngelesMescal Creek, San AntonioMountains, bed of small side canyon
    PPWD500PPWDCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. de Nevers15891981-6-20 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Riparian zone; confluence of Mark West Creek and Leslie Creek.
    RSA0010685RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoan Stewart28522009-7-12 TulareClicks Creek Trail
    RSA0013079RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoan Stewart7671998-7-26 TulareQA to Cedar Slope on Nelson Trail
    RSA0055963RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. F. Thorne329631963-8-09 MonoAlong Leavitt Creek, 9 miles W of Sonora Junction, Toiyabe National Forest.
    RSA0091883RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaBonnie C. Templeton11273 Plumas[No location information on label.]
    RSA0100476RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJessica Orozco3092013-6-27 TulareSequoia National Forest. Off Forest service road 21S94.
    RSA0100589RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJessica Orozco7332014-7-24 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along trail 31E45, close to ridgeline, past onion meadow, further along trail, in smaller meadow, beginning head waters of South Fork watershed.
    RSA0101362RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJessica Orozco2006-4-28 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0178046RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. Burgess94922014-4-6 VenturaSanta Paula Cr W of St Thomas Aquinas College.
    RSA0180658RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoy D. England21852018-7-17 Los AngelesEastern San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: along Big Pines Highway near Appletree Campground, on N side of highway.
    RSA114700RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. W. Peirson31861922-7-05 Los AngelesMescal Creek, Swartout Valley region, westward from Big Pines
    RSA116719RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarlan Lewiss.n.1908-4-25 UnknownPaye Mill Road, Blank Mtn
    RSA188487RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. F. Thorne354221965-8-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: swampy area along Prairie Fork of San Gabriel River.
    RSA495629RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaS. Zona3501989-6-28 Los AngelesMountain High Ski resort; W of Wrightwood, N slopes of San Gabriel Mountians
    RSA68927RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. E. Culbertson301943-7-12 SiskiyouCastle Lake, in a north facing cirque with an abrupt 1000' backwall, 14 miles SW of Mt Shasta on n. side of a 6600' eastern spur of Trinity Mts.; 2000' above Sacramento R. within 10 air miles of its headwaters to the west.
    RSA712962RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid W. Isle14201993-8-04 GlennSpring W of County Rd. 311 N23); .35 miles N of Tar Flat. Hull Mountain Quad #28.
    RSA713513RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaLeRoy Gross24362005-10-4 InyoWest of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14S04, from Hogback Creek Road. This road ends just inside the mouth of Hogback Creek.; Mount Langley Quad
    RSA720395RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. G. Swinney57131997-7-22 Los AngelesGovernment Canon, W of Wrightwood, 0.75 W of San Bernardino Co. line at Hwy. 2, Blue Ridge Mountain area.; Mount San Antonio
    RSA725847RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. G. Swinney56451997-6-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: wet of rightwood, Blue Ridge Trail, ca. 1.2 mi SE of Hwy 2 in a small canyon tributry to Sawmill Canon; Mt. San Antonio 7.5'
    RSA729583RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. G. Swinney74951999-7-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.:head of Cedar Canon, meadow on north side of Big Pines Hwy, 0.5 mi. west of junction of Hwy 2.; Mescal Creek 7.5'
    RSA750430RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp140202008-8-20 PlacerRainbow exit south from US-80 and east of Big Bend, adjacent to the South Yuba River; Soda Springs 7.5'
    RSA782440RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. C. Sanders384632010-6-26 Santa CruzTrout Gulch north of Aptos, along sides of Trout Gulch Road, between Fern Flat and Red Hawk roads.; Laurel 7.5'
    RSA794588RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp168352010-8-26 NevadaSouth Fork Yuba River, Forest Route 85 (Fordyce Lake Rd) north of Hampshire Rocks Road and I-80, 1 W (351 deg.) of Cisco.; Cisco Grove 7.5'
    RSA97120RSACornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. W. Peirson31861922-7-05 San Bernardino1.5 miles east of Big Pines, Swartout Valley (San Gabriel Mts.)
    SBBG161498SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. G. Swinney74951999-7-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: head of Cedar Cyn, meadow on N side of Big Pines Hwy, 0.5 W of junction of Hwy 2
    SBBG173336SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. Burgess111872019-4-28 VenturaSt Thomas Aquinus College, swimming pond adjacent to Santa Paula Creek
    SBBG212551SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. Painter, M. Andrews, B. Baldwin, A. Hazebrook, B. Bainbridge, G. NotleyHL28411996-7-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Los Burros Creek, middle area of upper cyn, ca. 3 air km NE of southernmost of Three Peaks, ca. 6.5 air km due S of Nacimiento RiverFort Hunter Liggett: (Training Area 23)
    SBBG212552SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. Lefebure1941-8-17 Plumasroad from Gold Lake Camp to mine
    SBBG212553SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKatherine K. Muller11141960-7-19 Tuolumne1 mi below top of Sonora Pass on W slope
    SBBG212554SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. McCaskill3271954-5-31 PlumasSt Highway 89, 2.6 N of Greenville, 100 yards W of roadside
    SBBG212555SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaErnest C. Twisselmann88341963-8-08 Kerncienegas near the head of Tejon Crk
    SBBG212556SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. R. Blakley38251960-9-04 Placerhill 1 N of Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
    SBBG212557SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. L. Secrest1949-9-1 MonoLeavitt Meadow
    SBBG212558SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. L. Secrest1950-8-08 CalaverasBig Meadow
    SBBG212559SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. L. Secrest1961-8-16 Mononear Lundy Lake
    SBBG212560SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. L. Secrest1950-8-17 AmadorSilver Lake
    SBBG212561SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart105052003-8-13 Plumassouth of where Hopkins Crk forks, ca. 1/8 mi S of Turkey Town, ca. 1 mi (air) SW of Blue Nose Mtn, ca. 10.5 mi (air) NE of La Porte
    SBBG212562SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. and M. Dearing11191937-8-22 InyoLone Pine Crk
    SBBG212563SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. and M. Dearing11251930-7-20 TulareKings Canon National Park; General Grant Grove
    SBBG212564SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. and M. Dearing11241936-7-18 InyoTyee Lakes, Bishop Crk
    SBBG212565SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. H. Nordhoff5441940-8-08 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
    SBBG212589SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMark Kerr1934-7-06 InyoDivision Crk
    SBBG212623SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. Burgess94922014-4-6 VenturaSanta Paula Creek W of St Thomas Aquinas College
    SBBG212624SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBonnie C. Templeton112731968 PlumasPlumas County
    SBBG212625SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith85841964-8-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Miguelito Cyn S of Lompoc
    SBBG212626SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith23371949-5-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base upper Canonda Crk, near Tranquillon Mtn
    SBBG212627SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith106131973-7-12 Santa BarbaraCanada de Las Flores NE of old ranch house, near Los Alamos
    SBBG212628SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith36911952-7-03 Santa BarbaraSmith Cyn, Goleta
    SBBG212629SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith103731973-2-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: crk in Canada del Corral near Refugio, ca. 1 mi from ocean
    SBBG212630SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith68511962-5-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: NE of Canong Hwy 1, SE of Lompoc
    SBBG212631SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith31411951-5-08 Santa BarbaraLas Positas N of Veronica Springs, Santa Barbara
    SBBG212632SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHenry M. Pollard1963-3-31 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd near Veronica Springs Rd intersection, Santa Barbara
    SBBG212633SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHenry M. Pollard1970-11-20 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd N of and near Veronica Springs Rd intersection, Santa Barbara
    SBBG212634SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClifton F. Smith57301958-4-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Rd near Santa Rosa County Park
    SBBG212635SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Hopkins1951-9-14 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd, ca. 0.5 mi from Modoc-Veronica Springs area
    SBBG212636SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hoffmann1931-3-28 Santa Barbararoad to Veronica Springs
    SBBG212637SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. W. Hopkins1951-9-14 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd, ca. 0.5 mi from Modoc-Veronica Springs area
    SBBG212638SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. W. Hopkins7101931-5-09 Santa BarbaraLos Positas Rd, ca. 0.5 mi from Modoc-Veronica Springs area
    SBBG212639SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hoffmann1932-3-15 Santa BarbaraSmith Cyn, Goleta [San Pedro Cyn]
    SBBG212640SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hoffmann1931-6-05 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Palos Colorados, San Julian Ranch
    SBBG212641SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. W. Hopkins1951-5-09 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd near Veronica Springs, Santa Barbara
    SBBG212642SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. W. Edge, E. R. Edge4241974-4-19 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: hillside near sweet-water spring, Las Flores Ranch N of Los Alamos
    SBBG212643SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. W. Edge, J. Sainz, L. Towle4001973-6-14 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: Las Flores Ranch N of Los Alamos
    SBBG212644SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMichael R. Benedict1975 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Canada de la Vina, Sanford and Benedict Vineyards, Santa Rosa Rd
    SBBG212645SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKatherine K. Muller8201957-5-03 Santa BarbaraSan Julian Road between Las Cruces and Lompoc, 5 mi SE of turn-off to Jalama Beach
    SBBG212646SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. R. Blakley, H. M. Pollard23851958-5-20 Santa BarbaraVeronica Springs, San Roque Crk
    SBBG212647SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph N. Philbrick1973-2-21 Santa BarbaraCanada del Corral, S of US Forest Service boundary; Santa Ynez Mtns
    SBBG212648SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hoffmann1930-5-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Zaca Cyn
    SBBG212649SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. and M. Dearing41551940-4-07 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: Casitas Pass
    SBBG212650SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. A. Borthwick1920-5-26 Santa ClaraStevens Creek Canon
    SBBG212651SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. R. Davis1920-5-26 Santa ClaraStevens Creek Canon
    SBBG212652SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. R. W. Summers1961-3-27 San Luis Obispohills near Lea [?]
    SBBG212653SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. and M. Dearing26131938-5-08 San Luis ObispoN of San Luis Obispo
    SBBG212654SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid Keil w/ V. L. Holland, L. Kelly206501988-5-07 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch, E of Hwy 1 along Swanton Rd, just S of Old Seaside School
    SBBG212655SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaClare B. Hardham20751957-5-30 San Luis ObispoLas Tablas Crk, 7X Ranch
    SBBG212656SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn M. Tucker, L. K. Mann36381962-7-29 Tehama0.75 N of Ovenlid, S Yolla Bolly Mtn, ca. 3 mi E of the summit
    SBBG212657SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. PainterCR3092002-5-9 MontereySan Antonio River, on flood plain between San Antonio Rd (W of impact area) and edge of river; Camp Roberts
    SBBG212658SBBGCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. W. Edge1974-6-11 San Luis ObispoSanta Rita Cyn Rd
    SCFS0248SCFSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. Trowbridge17081970-8-15 NevadaEdge of Sagehen Creek, near Rock Spring, about 2 miles west of the station on Sagehen Creek Road
    SCFS1232SCFSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. Krimmel2013-5-19 PlacerNorth Fork American River, below Soda Springs Road on trail to Heath Falls Overlook. Streamside where trail meets water.
    SD12443SDCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrank F. Gander286-101935-11-17 San DiegoNear Eagles' Nest Hot Springs Mountain.
    SDSU05740SDSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHowe, D.F.36191963-7-08 Trinity2.3 miles east of Six Rivers - Trinity National Forest line on #36.
    SFV105447SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Turner12141962-7-13 El DoradoSierra Nevada; Highway 89, about 6 miles south of Meyers. Roadside stream.
    SFV105448SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaP. S. Wilson39902004-6-25 InyoSierra Nevada; Along Bishop Creek below Lake Sabrina.
    SFV105449SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. C. Templeton92031961-5-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley; Claremont. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    SFV105450SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. Dittmer632004-7-15 MonoSierra Nevada; Rock Creek Road, French Camp Campground, about 0.5 miles from Highway 395.
    SFV105451SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. F. Smith31411951-5-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara. Along Las Positas Road north of Veronica Springs.
    SFV105452SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. C. Templeton85571960-6-21 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains; 2 miles below the summit of Scott Mountain.
    SFV105453SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. M. Tucker36381962-7-29 TehamaNorth Coast Ranges; 0.75 miles north of Ovenlid, South Yolly Bolly Mountain, about 3 miles east of the summit.
    SFV105454SFVCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. L. Fredell781992-4-10 VenturaCA-Highway 150 about 100 yards south of Ferndale Ranch near sulfur spring.
    SJSU15357SJSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLars Rosengreen22014-5-7 Santa ClaraAlong Adobe Creek near Moody Road between Rhus RIdge Road and Francemont Drive, Los Altos Hills
    SJSU16027SJSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman17872016-5-12 Santa ClaraMt. Umunhum's Summit Trail at new trail bridge east of Guadalupe Overlook
    SJSU2549SJSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH.L. Buckalew1962-7-12 Siskiyounear Poker Flat c. 4 W of junction of Indian Cr with W Branch Indian Cr, Siskiyou Mts
    SJSU8774SJSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC.L. Kline2451965-7-20 TuolumneDead Man's Cr by Hwy 108, 4.4 W of Sonora Pass
    SJSU8795SJSUCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH.L. Buckalew1958-6-30 Inyobanks of Lone Pine Cr at Whitney Portal
    SPIF02105SPIFCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMatthew C. Berger2018-6-14 ModocBurney District. Frank Canon THP. Growing along creek. Hermit Butte Quadrangle
    THRI-SEKI19095THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaPilewski, L.; Oliver, M.2001-8-12 UnknownVM.SEKI.0331. Canong old Cartridge Creek trail
    THRI-SEKI19902THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaYork, Dana19281997-7-05 Unknownupper Paradise Valley
    THRI-SEKI2321THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaStocking, S.K.67-551967-6-18 UnknownZumwalt Mdw
    THRI-SEKI2322THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaDigiovanni, C.66-00261966-7-21 UnknownSequoia Nf, Indian Cr
    THRI-SEKI2327THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaBuchanan, Hayle8901964-8-07 UnknownNear E Boundary Whitaker's Forest
    THRI-SEKI2328THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaStocking, S.K.65-091965-7-28 UnknownCharlotte Cr, Old Tr To Cr
    THRI-SEKI2329THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaRice, Barbara8761968-8-10 UnknownTr To Colby Pass
    THRI-SEKI2330THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaStocking, S.K.63-501963-6-29 UnknownSequoia Nf, Millwood Rd, Mill Flat
    THRI-SEKI8531THRICornus sericea subsp. sericeaHaultain-tweed, Sylvia455-171990-6-28 Unknown1 Ne The Citidel, Leconte Cyn
    UC1004836UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaP. A. Munz161361940-7-18 Mono12 mi. s.w. Bridgeport (side stream flowing into Robinson Creek)
    UC1042524UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaPeter Rubtzoff1261951-6-07 SonomaPitkin Marsh near Forestville (uppermost part of w. branch of Upper Marsh)
    UC1051594UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy182011948-9-02 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek (Trinity Summit); , Little Hors-Linto Creek
    UC106042UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. S. Brandegee1901-9-09 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC1083210UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHerbert L. Mason111791936-7-09 Mariposas. White Wolf (e. slope of hill forming boundary between Tuolumne and Mariposa counties); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Nat'l Park
    UC1083211UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHerbert L. Mason111431936-7-06 MariposaHetch Hetchy Trail Yosemite Nat'l Park; Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Nat'l Park
    UC1122739UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. T. Nordstrom2011934-7-09 Plumas3/4 mi. s. Mt. Ararat; Plumas Nat'l Forest, Bidwell Bar Quad.
    UC1122741UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. T. Nordstrom11771937-5-05 San Luis Obispo1.3 mi. s.w. Oakdale School; Adalaida Quad.
    UC1122742UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. C. Wilson3011936-8-26 Santa CruzMaymen's Flat New Almaden Quad., Maymen's Flat
    UC1122743UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. C. Lee701934-10-17 Alpinecreek near Woodfords; Mono Nat'l Forest, Markleeville Quad.
    UC1122744UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. W. Hanks921934-9-26 Lassenw. side Long Valley (near Plumas Nat'l Forest); Sierraville Quad., Long Valley
    UC1122745UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. E. Sindel3291935-8-13 San MateoSan Gregorio Santa Cruz Quad., San Gregorio
    UC1122746UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. E. Sindel4221935-11-22 Santa Claramouth of Twin Falls Creek; New Almaden Quad.
    UC1122748UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Axelrod4191935-5-18 San Bernardino1.1 mi. e. Grass Valley Saw Mill; San Bernardino Nat'l Forest, Deep Creek Quad.
    UC1122749UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. W. Embree1231934-7-05 El DoradoWhitehall Hotel-Randall P.O. El Dorado Nat'l Forest. Pyramid Peak Quad., Whitehall Hotel-
    UC1122750UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. A. Jensen751930-9-29 San Luis Obispohead of Atascadero Creek; San Luis Obispo Quad.
    UC1122751UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. W. Lundh501931-9-01 Santa ClaraArroyo Mocho Mt. Hamilton Quad., Arroyo Mocho
    UC1122752UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. W. Lundh281931-8-17 Santa Claras. end of Halls Valley; Mt. Hamilton Quad.
    UC1122753UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaN. French371933-3-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco Quad. (C. C.) San Francisco Quad.
    UC1122754UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. R. Clar, F. Raymond231929-8-05 Santa CruzHall's Bridge New Almaden Quad., Hall's Bridge
    UC1122755UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. B. Spring, A. Lewis521931-12-03 MontereySteinback Canon San Juan Bautista Quad., Steinback Canon
    UC1122756UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. H. Raymond1141930-9-05 San Luis ObispoSanta Rita Creek Adelaida Quad., Santa Rita Creek
    UC1122757UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. M. Belshaw31935-8-02 TuolumneMiguel Meadow Yosemite Park; , Yosemite Quad., Miguel Meadow
    UC1122758UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. Bolt7081936-5-13 San Luis Obispo2 1/2 mi. e. Cerro Alto; Santa Barbara Nat'l Forest, San Luis Obispo Quad.
    UC1122760UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Axelrod6121936-7-28 Monterey1 3/4 mi. n. Lake School; San Juan Bautista Quad.
    UC1122761UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaP. L. Johannsen10011936-8-26 Tehamaat e. side of Paynes Creek Quad. Deer Creek; Lassen Nat'l Forest, Paynes Creek Quad., Deer Creek
    UC1122807UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. D. Gifford8371937-7-13 MonoBarney Lake Mono Nat'l Forest, Bridgeport Quad., Barney Lake
    UC1122808UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. S. Yates40101934-7-01 Alpinee. Ebbet Pass; Mono Nat'l Forest, Markleeville Quad.
    UC1122809UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaN. French5021934-7-07 Nevada1 mi. n.e. Tamarack; Tahoe Nat'l Forest, Truckee Quad.
    UC1122810UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaN. French991933-9-14 PlacerGreek Store Tahoe Nat'l Forest, Colfax Quad., Greek Store
    UC1122811UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. G. Albertus2801935-9-01 Sierra1 mi. s.-s.w. Sawmill; Tahoe Nat'l Forest, Sierraville Quad.
    UC1122812UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. Sawyer1131935-6-14 Plumas3 mi. n.-n.e. Kerby; Plumas Nat'l Forest, Sierraville Quad.
    UC1122813UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. Armstrong10421934-3-29 Inyo4 mi. w. Lone Pine; Inyo Nat'l Forest, Mt. Whitney Quad.
    UC1122815UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. C. Wilson521933-6-25 ModocRush Creek Modoc Nat'l Forest, Canby Quad., Rush Creek
    UC1122816UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. Axelrod441934-6-12 Plumas1 mi. n.e. La Porte; Plumas Nat'l Forest, Downieville Quad.
    UC1122817UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. G. Albertus2291935-7-23 Plumas1 1/4 mi. s.e. Spring Garden Ranch; Plumas Nat'l Forest, Downieville Quad.
    UC1122818UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. G. Winkelman2831936-8-18 Tuolumne3/4 mi. w. < Chattenden > Peak; Yosemite Nat'l Park, Dardanelles Quad.
    UC1122819UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. R. Howden1271935-8-14 Calaveras2 mi. s. Onion Valley; Stanislaus Nat'l Forest, Big Trees Quad.
    UC1122820UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. Augustine711934-9-06 Mariposajunction of Clark Creek and Gray Creek; Yosemite Nat'l Park, Mt. Lyell Quad.
    UC1140926UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. R. Dudley1902-4-05 San Luis ObispoWild Cherry Creek near Port Harford; Wild Cherry Creek
    UC1190158UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIra L. Wiggins135031955-7-24 Siskiyoutrail at crossing of China Creek (above diversion dam)
    UC1191672UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith8631949-6-24 San Luis Obispoestuary leading into e. end of Morro Bay
    UC1196900UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy90091930-7-16 Humboldtforest near McKay Camp (S. Fork Mt.); Northern Coast Ranges, S. Fork Mt.
    UC1196905UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. P. Tracy7901900-5-08 Alamedahills near Berkeley; Region about San Francisco Bay
    UC1196906UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy9671900-9-10 Humboldtnear Hydesville; Northern Coast Region
    UC1196908UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy88821930-7-25 HumboldtTrinity R. Valley at Willow Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity R. Valley, Willow Creek
    UC127159UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarley P. Chandler71501906-9-07 NapaAlta Loma Ranch
    UC127679UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMiss Harriet A. Walker761906-5-01 Alamedavicinity of Berkeley
    UC1280726UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn50571937-8-13 AlpineS. Fork Canon R. s. of < Markleville > ; S. Fork Canon R.
    UC1280727UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn29491932-7-21 Amadortrail to Thimble Peak
    UC1280728UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn50581937-8-13 Alpineat bridge over W. Fork Canon R. at Woodfords
    UC1280729UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn50411937-8-06 AmadorBear R. near P.G. & E. Dam; Bear R.
    UC1280730UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn29721937-8-04 El DoradoEmerald Bay
    UC1280731UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn24571931-5-23 ModocWarner Mts., Cedarville Rd.
    UC1280732UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. McMinn25131931-6-27 SiskiyouMt. Shasta City
    UC1330014UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBeecher Crampton77391966-6-14 Yuba1 mi. e. Brownsville (La Porte Rd.)
    UC1348915UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRobert F. Thorne, John Olmsted354221965-8-26 Los Angeleswoods along Prairie Fork; San Gabriel Mts., Angeles Nat'l forest, Prairie Fork
    UC1408909UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaFrederick W. Oettinger6341968-9-01 Siskiyoue. shore Abbotts Lake; Salmon Mts., High Lake Basins, vicin. English Peak, Marble M
    UC142286UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCulbertson42761904-8-04 Tularebelow Kern Lake
    UC142832UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. F. Baker8611902-5-15 Santa Clarafoothills near Stanford University
    UC142948UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaT. S. Brandegee1894-6-25 San DiegoJulian
    UC144412UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller80431905-6-15 Siskiyounear Sisson
    UC1483514UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn Palmer7861980-8-13 Siskiyounear F.S. Rd. 4 N44 from Beaver Creek Rd. Dead Cow Creek; Klamath Nat'l Forest, Condry Mt., Quad, Dead Cow Creek
    UC148738UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMiss Maud Minthorn1908-7-16 Monovicinity of Lundy
    UC1488852UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKatherine K. Muller8201957-5-03 Santa BarbaraSan Julian Rd. between Las Cruces and Lompoc (5 mi. s.e. of turn-off to Jalama Beach)
    UC154053UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy12471901-8-02 Humboldtnear Hydesville; Northern Coast Region
    UC154159UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. W. Mackie1902-10-20 MendocinoS. Fork Middle Eel in Plaisbull's Ranch in canyon S. Fork Middle Eel in Plaisbull's Ranch
    UC1558297UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarold, Virginia Bailey21081948-7-10 TulareSequoia Nat'l Park, Atwell Creek, Mineral King Rd.
    UC1562304UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart43651990-7-19 Butteca. 3 mi. e. Philbrook Reservoir (s. side Philborook Creek, ca. 0.3 mi. w. of Plumas Co. line); Philbrook Creek
    UC1564845UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarold, Virginia Bailey25771948-7-25 Fresnocamp site just above drift fence Paradise Valley
    UC1606422UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBarbara Ertter, Chris Thayer116971993-5-07 Contra CostaEBMUD land e. of Tilden Park (Hopkins Spring 1/2 mi. s.e. of Inspiration Pt. on Wildcat Canon Rd.)
    UC1609004UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLowell Ahart72371993-9-13 Butteca. 1 mi. s.e. Butte Meadows (on w. side of Bolt Creek); Bolt Creek
    UC164729UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall91231911-7-15 Mariposanear Sentinel Hotel Yosemite Valley
    UC165402UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. D. Butler14901910-6-04 SiskiyouShackleford Creek
    UC165420UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. D. Butler861908-8-21 SiskiyouEtna Creek
    UC1714432UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKatharine Brandegee1905-8-01 TulareGrant Forest
    UC1714433UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKatharine Brandegee1914-7-01 FresnoSage Mill Meadow
    UC1731524UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDean W. Taylor38921974-6-22 Alpine4 mi w from Woodfords (at mouth of Merk Canon, West Fork Canon River); Sierra Nevada, West Fork Canon River, Merk Canon
    UC175520UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller108171913-6-07 ButteW. Branch of N. Fork of Feather R. near Stirling; W. Branch of N. Fork of Feather R.
    UC183572UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy40101912-10-20 HumboldtAlton Northern Coast Region, Alton
    UC183589UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy41251913-6-14 Humboldtopposite Buck Mt. (Dinsmore's Ranch, Valley of Van Duzen R.); Northern Coast Ranges, Valley of Van Duzen R., Dinsmore's Ra
    UC184384UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. D. E. Elmer40681902-9-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
    UC184651UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarry S. Yates4121914-6-10 TrinityRush Creek
    UC1927742UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. R. Miller596-6221996-5-19 San Luis Obispolower north fork of Marmolejo Creek.
    UC1980388UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTom Schweich6982010-8-9 MonoLee Vining Canon, Alongside Poole Power Station Road, about 0.2 miles east of the power station, between the road and Lee Vining Creek.
    UC202363UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall1914-7-01 ButteButte Creek near Jonesville; Butte Creek
    UC2026440UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLouis C. Wheeler64411946-11-09 Santa BarbaraRancho Santa Anita.
    UC204500UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLe Roy Abrams44101911-6-20 MariposaYosemite Valley Yosemite Nat'l Park, Yosemite Valley
    UC2081788UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBarbara Ertter177702001-7-20 Plumas(Near Lassen Co. line): Spring on S tributary of Spring Creek uphill from Plumas National Forest Road 2 N44, ca 1 air mile SW of Adams Peak in SE Diamond Mountains.
    UC21513UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. R. M. Austin, Bruce23501898-6-01 ModocLake City Canon
    UC21530UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMilo S. Baker1893-6-01 Siskiyou6 mi. below Bartles (McCloud R.); McCloud R.
    UC21531UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMilo S. Baker1893-6-01 SiskiyouMcCloud R. 6 mi. below Bartles; Mccloud R.
    UC21532UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. T. Bioletti1891-4-01 MarinFairfax
    UC21533UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. Jared1937-5-16 UnknownS. Coast Ranges
    UC21534UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall22331901-6-01 Riversidecanyons of w. side San Jacinto Mts.
    UC21535UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall12751899-6-21 San Bernardinodesert side San Antonio Mts. San Antonio Mts.
    UC21536UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaunknown48752012-10-20 Unknown
    UC21537UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaunknown4341900-6-15 Unknown
    UC21538UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMilo S. Baker1893-6-15 Modocmountain creek
    UC21540UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMiss Michener1893-8-01 NevadaTruckee
    UC21541UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaunknown48751902-5-1 Unknown
    UC21542UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. B. Bradley1897-1-01 Siskiyou
    UC21544UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaV. Rattan2621860-1-01 UnknownAmerican R.
    UC21545UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Burtt Davy66231900-5-26 Mendocinonear Cahto
    UC21546UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. H. Brewer4341861-4-12 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    UC21547UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. H. Barber2781897-8-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Exp't. Station
    UC21548UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson1894-1-01 NapaNapa R. near St. Helena; Napa R. Basin, Napa R.
    UC21549UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall1899-7-14 San BernardinoLittle Bear Valley San Bernardino Mts., Little Bear Valley
    UC21550UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall13691899-7-18 San BernardinoDeep Creek, Fish Camp San Bernardino Mts., Deep Creek, Fish Camp
    UC21551UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIda M. Blochman1893-5-01 Santa Barbaraat Santa Maria Santa Maria
    UC21552UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWillis L. Jepson1885-4-12 SolanoHaas Slough
    UC21568UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. M. M. Hardy1893-1-01 Placer
    UC21569UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. H. Brewer16561913-6-24 Mariposaabove Vernal Fall; Yosemite
    UC21572UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-1-01 ShastaOak Run
    UC249598UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy59491921-9-04 HumboldtTrinity R. Valley near Willow Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity R. Valley
    UC279027UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. Parks83811925-6-20 Del NorteCrescent City
    UC303656UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaS. B. Parish190681918-8-01 MarinLagunitas
    UC306699UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. D. E. Elmer49051903-5-01 San BenitoSan Juan, Fremont's Peak
    UC310714UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaPhilip A. Munz105601926-6-29 San Bernardinoalong stream below fish hatchery Bear Valley
    UC333735UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. G. Lemmon1988-6-4 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    UC333736UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Clark1482006-7-30 Mendocino
    UC336460UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. G. Lemmon1889-6-26 SiskiyouEdgewood
    UC35120UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. C. Blasdale1895-7-06 AlamedaOakland Hills, Jack Hayes Canon
    UC392212UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. B. Copeland1929-7-01 ButteJonesville
    UC397023UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaO'Melveny1907-3-1 San DiegoWarner's Hot Springs
    UC406955UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCarl B. Wolf21911928-6-17 Kern4 - 5 mi. s. Tehachipi
    UC407391UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIra L. Wiggins45931930-4-18 Contra Costalevee e. end Jersey Isl.
    UC412918UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. L. Pendleton7571907-5-17 Santa ClaraStevens Creek
    UC412925UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. M. H. Manning691901-6-01 TrinityTrinity Summit
    UC412926UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg2731911-7-22 Trinityhead Grizzly Creek
    UC412927UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg2151911-7-08 TrinityN. Fork Coffee Creek
    UC412928UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. W. Mackie1902-9-01 Laken. Lake Co.
    UC412929UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. E. Wieslander1914-7-12 FresnoSierra Nat'l Forest, Tamarack Creek
    UC412930UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. P. Taylor, H. C. Bryant1910-6-25 ModocParker Creek Warner Mts., Parker Creek
    UC412931UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hopping3941905-9-17 TulareKaweah R. Basin, Round Meadow
    UC412935UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMilo S. Baker1893-1-01 ModocForestdale
    UC412938UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMiss Katherine Chandler1904-8-01 El Doradonear Glen Alpine
    UC418965UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. E. Parks6961930-8-25 AlamedaStrawberry Canon Berkeley; , Strawberry Canon
    UC426924UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. B. Copeland4311930-6-23 ButteJonesville
    UC463371UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaL. R. Abrams127071930-7-23 El DoradoGlen Alpine Canon, Tamarack Trail
    UC473596UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaM. S. Jussel1931-10-11 Mariposaat the Big Trees at Wawona
    UC483420UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMisses Patterson, Wiltz1907-6-24 MontereyCarmel R. near Pacific Grove
    UC483460UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. R. Dudley1903-9-01 Montereynear Castroville
    UC484021UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCarl B. Wolf1930-10-10 Placer1 mi. e. Cisco; Sierra Nevada
    UC484121UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaE. R. Johnson1929-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Deep Creek
    UC502976UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy106291932-7-16 Humboldtnear Corral Prairie (Trinity Summit); Klamath Mts., Trinity Summit
    UC502981UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy86541929-8-18 Humboldtopposite Buck Mt. (on Van Duzen R., Dinsmore's Ranch); Northern Coast Ranges, Van Duzen R., Dinsmore's Ranch
    UC502982UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy86531929-8-18 Humboldton Van Duzen R. opposite Buck Mt. (Dinsmore's Ranch); Northern Coast Ranges, Van Duzen R., Dinsmore's Ranch
    UC502983UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy83921927-11-06 Humboldtalong Yager Creek Carlotta; Northern Coast Ranges
    UC507839UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaOrcutt Collection2231917-4-01 San Diegostreams in mts. e. of San Diego (Mountain Springs Grade)
    UC519676UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaVictor Duran33401932-7-12 Inyonear Round Valley (Pine Creek); Sierra Nevada, Pine Creek
    UC521708UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph A. Ewan81041933-11-05 Marins. shore Tomales Bay, Heart's Desire
    UC521782UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph A. Ewan79851933-9-24 AlamedaBerkeley Hills, upper Strawberry Canon
    UC537080UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaPhilip A. Munz132491934-5-15 San Bernardino2 mi. s. Lake Arrowhead; San Bernardino Mts.
    UC537172UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaPhilip A. Munz1934-5-18 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead San Bernardino Mts., Lake Arrowhead
    UC54495UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47591903-8-01 El DoradoS. Fork American R. near Echo; Sierra Nevada Mts., S. Fork American R.
    UC54867UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR. W. Summers1885-6-25 San Luis Obispohills near sea
    UC562384UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy113461936-6-13 Del NorteShelley Creek near Monumental; Shelley Creek
    UC56496UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaErnest Braunton6521902-8-01 Los AngelesOak Knoll
    UC565956UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. W. Embree821934-6-06 Plumas1 1/2 mi. n.w. Bucks Mt.; Bidwell Bar Quad.
    UC569952UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. A. Peterson461935-8-27 Mariposa3/4 mi. n. Happy Camp; Mariposa Quad.
    UC569973UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. F. Schlobohm1801935-6-21 MariposaOld Miami Mill Mariposa Quad., Old Miami Mill
    UC571795UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. K. Sharsmith37031936-5-22 Santa Claraw. side Mt. Hamilton (Smith Creek near crossing of Mt. Hamilton rd.); , Smith Creek
    UC575040UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaC. Darland1932-7-21 TulareSequoia Nat'l Park, Lodge Pole Camp
    UC57561UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. H. Barber1899-5-19 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts.
    UC58398UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller70451903-7-29 Nevadaabove Donner Lake toward Donner Pass
    UC596702UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRensselaer J. Smith1900-4-01 Santa ClaraLos Buellis hills
    UC600763UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. F. Copeland1931-6-11 Butteby Scotch John Creek in Butte Creek Canon Jonesville; Butte Creek Canon, Scotch John Creek
    UC60983UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. B. Grant52121902-9-01 SiskiyouMt. Shasta, Dunsmuir
    UC61182UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1902-7-18 SiskiyouSisson, Cold Creek Mt. Shasta; , Sisson, Cold Creek
    UC618769UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaW. Bridge Cooke111211938-7-01 Siskiyouat upper end of the spring meadow Bear Spring; Mt. Shasta, Bear Spring
    UC634636UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. L. Mason10761924-6-19 Plumasmargin of Bear lake
    UC634829UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCurtis Ferris1561932-4-08 AlamedaStrawberry Canon Berkeley Hills, Strawberry Canon
    UC634830UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaF. H. Frost231925-7-20 ModocWarner Mts., Cedar Canon Camp
    UC63681UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler771994-7-7 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mts., Pine Ridge
    UC63682UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaH. M. Hall1899-6-01 Los AngelesSan Antonio Mts., Mescal Creek
    UC63683UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHarvey M. Hall9861898-7-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
    UC637142UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaEdward Lee10721934-8-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) rd. Klamath Nat'l Forest (watershed of W. Branch Indian Creek); , W. Branch Indian Creek
    UC639020UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaB. E., H. J. Miossi2501940-4-07 San Luis ObispoLopez Canon rd. 3 mi. above Arroyo Grande Co. Park; Santa Lucia Range
    UC650584UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIra L. Wiggins45931930-4-18 Contra Costalevee banks e. end Jersey Island
    UC668289UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy155181937-7-24 HumboldtTrinity Summit, Devil's Hole
    UC668295UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy14230 1/21935-7-25 Humboldtnear Corral Prairie (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
    UC668296UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy147051935-8-08 Trinityaround White's Creek Lake (head of N. Fork White's Creek); Devil's Canon Mts., N. Fork White's Creek, White's Creek La
    UC668297UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy125191933-6-07 Humboldton Van Duzen R. Blue Slide
    UC685614UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaBob Rodin2001943-5-14 AlamedaU.C. Canon Berkeley; , U.C. Canon
    UC695999UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg28611942-5-23 InyoLone Pine Creek e. slope Sierra Nevada, Lone Pine Creek
    UC70644UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJos. Burtt Davy1895-7-13 Contra CostaMoraga Valley, Jack Hayes Canon Oakland Hills, Moraga Valley, Jack Hayes Canon
    UC70647UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Burtt Davy15401895-5-18 CalaverasMurphy's Camp
    UC70648UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeo. Hansen1893-1-01 Amador
    UC70649UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJ. Burtt Davy2741893-9-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga
    UC70655UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJos. Burtt Davy1895-1-01 Contra CostaMorago Pass
    UC71728UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMrs. M. H. Manning61902-5-01 Modocnear Fort Bidwell; n.e. Modoc Co.
    UC725377UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller152821938-7-20 Butte7 mi. e. on the Humbug Rd. Chaparral (upper end of Snag Lake)
    UC726593UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA. A. Heller137931923-7-10 HumboldtEel R. between Scotia and Pepperwood; Eel R.
    UC73515UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRalph Hopping671901-9-17 TulareKaweah R. Basin, Giant Forest
    UC747224UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. Thomas Robbins16791944-6-11 El DoradoS. Fork American R. at Riverton; S. Fork American R.
    UC747225UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaG. Thomas Robbins17651944-7-28 El Doradoca. 1/2 mi. s. Wright's Lake (N. Fork of S. Fork Silver Creek); N. Fork of S. Fork Silver Creek
    UC765033UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaRobert F. Hoover13961936-6-25 TuolumneBrightman's Flat
    UC774995UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaCarl B. Wolf92511937-8-13 Humboldt11 mi. e. Hoopa Valley (on new rd. towards Trinity Summit); North Coast Range
    UC875780UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMarcus E. Jones27361882-5-08 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    UC875864UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMilo S. Baker3123a1928-7-06 LakeCalifornia Nat'l Forest, Deer Creek
    UC875910UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMarcus E. Jones32891882-6-28 PlacerEmigrant Gap
    UC875913UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAlice Eastwood20821912-9-03 SiskiyouSisson
    UC875950UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIra L. Wiggins80681935-7-06 Tuolumneca. 5 mi. w. Sonora Pass (Chipmunk Flats); Chipmunk Flats
    UC906747UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJoseph P. Tracy177471947-6-26 Humboldtforest near McKay Camp (S. Fork Mt.); S. Fork Mt.
    UC922399UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58671949-7-24 Siskiyoutrail to Bear Lake; Marble Mts., Paradise Lake
    UC930804UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. V. Hemphill229-41951-6-27 Glenn1 mi. s.w. Black Butte (Keller Lake); Keller Lake
    UC933381UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg55861948-9-06 SiskiyouS. Fork Salmon R. at Matthews Creek; Siskiyou Mts., S. Fork Salmon R., Matthews Creek
    UC933405UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg54241948-8-06 TrinityCanon Creek (tributary of Trinity R.) Trinity Mts., Canon Creek
    UC941137UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaIra L. Wiggins80681935-7-06 Tuolumneca. 5 mi. w. Sonora Pass (Chipmunk Flats); Chipmunk Flats
    UC942875UCJEPSCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLewis S. Rose510871951-7-16 TulareMineral King
    UCR0061277UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp140202008-8-20 PlacerRainbow exit south from US-80 and east of Big Bend, adjacent to the South Yuba River
    UCR103752UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid Charlton35721989-7-08 TulareKern Plateau, Sequoia National Forest, Troy Meadows; Kern Plateau
    UCR142712UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDon Jillson61591957-6-22 San Diegonear Public Canon Doane Valley Road, Palomar Mt. Agua Tibia Mts.
    UCR142848UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMeryl B. Dunkle46451935-8-05 MaderaShadow Lake
    UCR157498UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaScott D. White22241994-7-09 San Bernardinobetween Hwy 18 and the southwest shore of Big Bear Lake between Kidd Cove and Fisher Cove
    UCR158620UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp86532004-6-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Along Miguelito Rd at about Mile-5 W of Lompoc and near La Tipta Hill
    UCR170809UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp99342005-9-30 PlacerHampshire Rocks Road south of the I-80 Rainbow exit (c. 2 mi east of Cisco Grove)
    UCR177223UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaLeRoy Gross24362005-10-4 InyoW of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14S04, from Hogback Creek Road. Road just south of the mouth of Hogback Creek. Near end of this road
    UCR18953UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn C. Roos45571949-7-16 San BernardinoMoonridge Ski Area, Bear Valley
    UCR189635UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp126322007-7-27 PlacerSoutheast end of Cisco Grove; along local road just before it passes under Interstate-80
    UCR190800UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR.G. Swinney74951999-7-05 Los Angeleshead of Cedar Canon, meadow on north side of Big Pines Hwy, 0.5 mi. west of junction of Hwy 2
    UCR200867UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp141062008-9-15 Placeralong Foresthill Road 26 miles northeast of the city of Forest Hill
    UCR20406UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaHoward de Forests.n.1931-6-09 TulareSequoia National Park
    UCR214360UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA.C. Sanders384632010-6-26 Santa CruzTrout Gulch north of Aptos, along sides of Trout Gulch Road, between Fern Flat and Red Hawk roads
    UCR223947UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnn Howald26392010-8-4 MonoConvict Creek, UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, Mt. Morrison Rd, 0.8 W of intersection with Hwy 395
    UCR229111UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaA.C. Sanders396562011-6-13 Santa CruzAptos, above Hwy 1 in vicinity of Aptos Village, above Soquel Road near Aptos Creek
    UCR231156UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaR.F. Thorne329631963-8-09 MonoToiyabe National Forest, 9 miles west of Sonora Junction, along Leavitt Creek
    UCR234662UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaGeorge K. Helmkamp168352010-8-26 NevadaSouth Fork Yuba River, Forest Route 85 (Fordyce Lake Rd) north of Hampshire Rocks Road and I-80, 1 W (351 ° ) of Cisco
    UCR24177UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn C. Roos36661947-5-31 Los Angelesnear Jackson Lake
    UCR243418UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaAnn Howald6581975-7-30 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
    UCR27546UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaJohn C. Rooss.n.1963-8-1 San BernardinoGreen Canon
    UCR290539UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaElizabeth PainterHL-28411996-7-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Training Area 23, Los Burros Creek, middle area of upper canyon, c. 3.0 air km northeast of southernmost of Three Peaks, c. 6.5 air km due south of Nacimiento River
    UCR3565UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaWm. Horn Jr.630611--011964-6-11 San MateoHillsborough [Burlingame], 2240 Redington Road
    UCR44172UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaDavid Charlton4411986-6-07 TulareGolden Trout Wilderness. Along the trail up Ninemile Creek, between Jordan Hot Springs and Casa Vieja Meadows
    UCR90904UCRCornus sericea subsp. sericeaKathy Harpers.n.1994-6-19 TuolumneState Hwy 108 at South Fork of Stanislaus River
    UCSB040259UCSBCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTamara KlugHR371992-3-24 Santa BarbaraApproximately 0.3 miles north of intersection of Bulito; Hollister Ranch, western Santa Ynez Mountains and adjacent coastal plain, west of Gaviota State Park
    UCSC100005826UCSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaMonika Richardson2141995-3-19 Santa CruzScotts Creek
    UCSC1122UCSCCornus sericea subsp. sericeaD. J. Norman681966-5-06 El Doradonear Lily Lake, growing along stream between Lily and Fallen Leaf Lakes, in Yellow Pine Forest Fallen Leaf Lake - Lily Lake
    YM-YOSE232099YMCornus sericea subsp. sericeaTaylor, Dean20803B2009-9-3 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Spotted Fawn Lake, far western shore of the lake, headwaters of Bartlett Creek
    CDA0030944CDACornus sericea var. sericeaD.G. Kelch10.2572010-7-25 Santa ClaraVilla Montalvo. Saratoga.
    CDA0038582CDACornus sericea var. sericeaTowers.n.1946-7-25 VenturaSanta Paula.
    UCR149520UCRCornus sericea var. sericeaR.G. Swinney56451997-6-25 Los Angeleswest of Wrightwood, Blue Ridge Trail, c. 1.2 mi. SE of Hwy 2 in a small canyon tributary to Sawmill Canon
    UCR182483UCRCornus sericea var. sericeaR.G. Swinney56921997-7-22 Los AngelesGovernment Canon, west of Wrightwood, 0.75 mi. west of San Bernardino Co. line at Hwy 2, Blue Ridge Mtn. area
    UCR182753UCRCornus sericea var. sericeaR.G. Swinney57131997-7-22 Los AngelesGovernment Canon, west of Wrightwood, 0.75 mi. west of San Bernardino Co. line at Hwy 2, Blue Ridge Mtn. area

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