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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
UCSC100012062UCSCCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaDylan M. Neubauer18282021-4-30 Santa Cruz(SnFrB) Quail Hollow Ecological Reserve, 1.08 air-miles east-southeast Ben Lomond
JEPS79242UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaG. L. Hannan2641980-4-06 Tulare0.25 mi ssw junction of Avenue 72 and Road 10 (along poorly marked dirt road); Pixley National Wildlife Refuge
JEPS5872UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRobert F. Hoover30301938-4-09 San Joaquin1 mi n Corral Hollow (near Alameda Co. line)
UC766261UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover30301938-4-09 Alameda1 mi n Corral Hollow (near Alameda-San Joaquin Co. line)
RSA176932RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPeter H. Raven182041963-4-20 Monterey1.5 miles due west of Bradley.
UC1032565UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaC. W. Hanks1971935-4-22 Santa Cruz1/5 mi ne Felton; Santa Cruz Quad
UC311248UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz99941926-4-04 Kern10 mi s Willow Springs (open sandy plain)
UC1137376UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. R. Short3191935-3-03 Kern2 mi e Arvin
UC660993UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. R. Short3191935-3-03 Kern2 mi e Arvin
UC903181UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaEthel Crum17441936-4-05 Contra Costa2 mi w Byron; South Coast Ranges
POM273518RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLyman D. Bensons.n.1928-4-30 Lake2 miles S Lakeport, Mayacamas Mt Range, Clear Lake watershed.
RSA43154RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRobert F. Hoover70671947-4-25 San Luis Obispo2 miles south of Arroyo Grande.
RSA17809RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaCarl B. Wolf35631929-4-15 San Luis Obispo2-3 miles inland from ocean and about 5 miles north of Santa Maria River.
POM311189RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLeo Koch8981940-4-27 Lake2.1 miles south of Lakeport.
UC672485UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH. L. Mason52381929-4-29 Lake2.9 mi w Lakeport (on road to Hopland)
UC971679UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLeo Koch8981940-4-27 Lake2/1 mi s Lakeport
SBBG190606SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. Crum20201938-5-08 Colusa3 N of Leesville
UC629760UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaEthel Crum20201938-5-08 Colusa3 mi n Leesville
JEPS5870UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaFred Shoemaker1938-4-11 Contra Costa3 mi w Byron
RSA408402RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaC. R. Quicks.n.1929-3-30 Fresno3 miles NE Parlier, west bank of King's River.
POM257147RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. K. Crum20201938-5-08 Colusa3 miles north of Leesville.
UC1032567UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaP. L. Johannsen10511937-4-16 Kern3/4 mi nne Frazer Springs; McKittrick Quad
UC1032566UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH. C. Lee4551936-3-05 San Luis Obispo3/4 mi se Callenders; Arroyo Grande Quad
JEPS17945UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge B. Rossbach4891955-5-01 Santa Barbara4 mi n Lompoc
UC1073392UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge B. Rossbach4891955-5-01 Santa Barbara4 mi n Lompoc
RSA79445RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaF. W. Peirson55511925-3-20 Tulare4 miles south of Porterville.
UC971680UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLeo Koch9011940-4-27 Lake4.4 mi s Lakeport (across the hill above rd)
POM311188RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLeo Koch9011940-4-27 Lake4.4 miles south of Lakeport.
UC726524UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaA. A. Heller160551941-4-12 Madera5 mi s Madera (along US Hwy 99, in open grassy place)
UC765653UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover4731935-3-30 Madera5 mi se Madera
UC1032570UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH. S. Yates54871936-4-10 Santa Barbara5 mi se Santa Maria; Lompoc Quad
RSA77988RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaVerne Grant85471948-5-28 San Luis Obispo5 miles south of Oceano on Guadalupe road.
UC518962UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaDavid D. Keck22221933-5-05 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi s Oceano (on rd to Guadalupe, sw SLO Co, on old dunes here for 2-3 mi s, 1/4 to 1/2 mi inland from ocean)
JEPS12707UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, Keith Harrison51521955-5-16 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi w Nipomo (on sand hills); The Mesa
POM216194RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaD. D. Keck22221933-5-05 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles south of Oceano on road to Guadalupe
UC669331UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg19961941-3-24 Madera6 mi s Madera (e side of hwy)
HSC223986HSCCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPat Daly421988-4-16 Lake6.1 mi. on Walker Ridge Rd. from Hwy. 20 to Blue Oak Campground
UC1032569UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaA. D. Gifford5591935-4-10 Los Angeles7.5 mi n Redrock Mtn (2.25-2.5 mi w of Threepoint (in Pine Canon) in foothills, just s of Neenach on annon. annot.); Tejon Quad
UC26677UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. Burtt Davy8771895-4-07 Contra CostaAntioch
RSA292938RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaReino Alava9381957-5-20 AlamedaArroyo del Puerto Canon, west of the Mt. Oso road fork.
RSA212007RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. C. Twisselmann151541969-4-24 San Luis ObispoBedell Ranch, 5 miles southeast of Creston, La Panza Range.
POM262025RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaI. L. Wiggins35681929-4-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Guadalupe and Oceana.
SBBG190597SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. E. Allen1966-4-06 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa Rd, E of Vandenberg Village
SBBG190600SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHenry M. Pollard1968-5-22 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa, ca. 1 mi E of Vandenberg Village
SBBG190607SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. R. Chandler37611968-5-28 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: SW of Burton Mesa Rd and Club House Rd, ca. 1 mi E of Vandenberg Village
SBBG190599SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. R. Chandler5901962-4-20 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; 4 W of main gate to Vandenberg Air Base on the Lompoc-Casmalia Rd
JEPS4638UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWillis L. Jepson213251891-4-20 SutterButte Pass Region of the Marysville Buttes
RSA296432RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaW. L. Jepson213251891-4-20 SutterButte Pass, Marysville Buttes.
UCR0051838UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp190902012-5-31 CalaverasCA-26 east of Mokelumne Hill, at the crossing of the South Fork Mokelumne River
OBI105439OBICollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaKathleen Goddard Joness.n.1994-4-17 San Luis ObispoCNPS Wildflower Weekend outing to Guadalupe Dunes. Wild Almond Meadows; 5 deflation areas near Oso Flaco Lake at property owned by Lena Enos Buss
POM273522RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaCora W. Bensons.n.1935-5-15 LakeCold Creek Canon, Kelseyville. Middle N. Coast. Clear Lake watershed.
UC41790UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaChestnut, Drew1889-4-16 Contra CostaConcord
RSA21904RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAlice Eastwood52941938-4-26 AlamedaCorral Hollow
PGM6897PGMCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F12281962-4-18 MontereyDiablo Range, San Lucas-Coalinga Rd Hwy 198, About 3 miles from San Lucas
JEPS4251UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90411925-3-20 TulareDucor
POM98403RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90411925-3-20 TulareDucor.
UC310430UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90411925-3-20 TulareDucor; grassy flat
RSA143605RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWm. Ivanovich75031937-4-12 FresnoEast of Pearson's nursery just north of Shields Ave. Fresno.
JEPS21720UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann42171958-4-04 KernEnos Rd. 0.25 mi n Kern River; Eastern San Joaquin Valley
UCSC10851UCSCCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaD. Styer, J. Styer10922016-5-4 MontereyFort Ord National Monument; Region F9; Badger flats
SBBG190605SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaK. G. Junes1994-4-17 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Guadalupe Dunes; Wild Almond Meadows; deflation areas near Oso Flaco Lake
POM225725RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaChas. H. Quibells.n.1917-7-30 FresnoIn the valley about Fresno.
UCR0051830UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp53652000-4-19 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills, See Canon at Pippin Lane, about 1.5 miles north of San Luis Bay Dr.
RSA12882RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaCarl B. Wolf64211935-4-17 FresnoJacalitos Hills, 4 miles south of Coalinga.
UC76210UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRalph Hopping241901-5-09 TulareKaweah River Basin; ...likely...low elevation along margin of San Joaquin plains...going into Sierras by Ewan, 1935
POM273520RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLyman D. Benson5741928-5-26 LakeKelseyville, Middle N. Coast. Breen's Lake, Cold Creek.
RSA2428RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. W. Blankinships.n.1923-4-26 LakeKelseyville.
UCR0051827UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp55122000-4-24 MontereyLos Padres National Forest, Nacimiento- Fergusson Rd. (starts about 8.5 miles north of Gorda), 10.2 miles east of CA Hwy 1; at Sherlock Creek
SBBG190608SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaD. Wilken w/ E. Painter162572005-5-6 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; headwaters of the Arroyo Seco, Santa Lucia Memorial Park, ca. 0.25 linear km NNE of Indians Ranger Station
POM14846RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaA. A. Heller66661903-5-02 MontereyLow sandy ground near Del Monte
JEPS5895UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWillis L. Jepson151581929-3-29 MaderaMadera
UC672484UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJoseph Dixon961928-3-31 San JoaquinManteca
RSA408403RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaE. E. Stanford12991930-4-12 San JoaquinMariposa Road near Cometa Road.
UC885511UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell51211938-4-19 FresnoMercey Hot Springs
JEPS5890UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWillis L. Jepson119341927-4-25 Santa BarbaraMission La Purisma
UCR0051836UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp37801998-5-18 Santa ClaraMt.Hamilton Road (CA Hwy 130) east of San Jose; 15.2 miles from the western origin of the hwy; Central Coast Range
SBBG190604SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaG. Junes1974-4-02 San Luis ObispoNW corner of Hwy 1 Willow Rd, Nipomo Mesa
UC26578UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaW. H. Brewer6051861-5-14 MontereyNear Camp 32.
POM196031RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaFrances Stapless.n.1929-4-14 San JoaquinNear Clements.
POM88177RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. R. Abrams107811925-3-24 MaderaNear Fairmead on Madera Road.
POM121700RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. Coopers.n.1927-3-19 FresnoNorth of Bakersfield,
POM307551RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHenry J. Ramsey24431938-4-10 Santa BarbaraNorth of Lompoc.
SD212729SDCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaG.K. Helmkamp103662006-5-9 AmadorNorthern Sierra Nevada Foothills: Near Enterprise, circa 0.4 miles East of CA Highway 88 on an unnamed dirt road (probably Bell Road)
SD234522SDCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaG.K. Helmkamp106322006-6-4 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada foothills: Rock Creek Road, about 2.2 miles east of its junction with Hwy CA-193.
UC41779UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaThe Postmaster1900-3-24 Contra CostaOakley; Mount Diablo Region
UC518014UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLewis S. Rose330631933-4-05 AlamedaPatterson Pass
RSA8368RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. S. Rose330631933-4-05 AlamedaPatterson Pass.
JEPS5871UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover30591938-4-10 AlamedaPatterson Pass; e side
RSA22372RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. S. Rose382171938-5-05 San FranciscoPresidio.
SBBG190598SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. P. Broughton11861967-5-19 Santa BarbaraPurisima Hills: Vandenberg Air Force Base; 4 W of main gate to Vandenberg
UC72048UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWilliam Kellogg61904-4-01 MontereyRancho Encinal
UCR0051795UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp106372006-6-4 El DoradoRock Creek Road at the crossing over Rock Creek, 6.8 miles east of the junction with CA Hwy 193
PGM6898PGMCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHowitt, Beatrice F12471962-4-18 MontereySalinas Valley, Oasis-San Lucas Rd, Along rte
UC623444UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH. H. Biswell61935-5-05 MaderaSan Joaquin Experiment Range
SBBG190601SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. G. Yates1886 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Region
JEPS5866UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMrs. Harriet P. Kelley1919-3-23 FresnoSelma
SJSU11595SJSUCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH.E. Opie1956-4-14 Santa ClaraSenter Rd Hills, San Jose
UCR0051793UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp174922011-6-7 AmadorShake Ridge Road, 7.6 rd. miles northeast (via Pine Gulch & Gopher Flat rds) of junction of Sutter Creek Rd. and Pine Gulch Rd.
CHSC53598CHSCCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaL. P. Janeway15431986-4-27 FresnoSide cyn to the south of Los Gatos Cr at the guaging station, ca 10-12 mi northwest of Coalinga via road. T20S R14E S0 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Alcalde Hills 1:24,000
UCR0051837UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp37061998-5-16 Santa ClaraSierra Azul Hills along Hicks Rd [Guadalupe Creek] at the south end of San Jose; 3.2 miles south of Camden Ave.
CSLA017239CSLACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJohn Elliott411967-5-21 FresnoSierra Nevada Mtns., Sans Baker Road about 3 miles south of Dunlap.
SBBG190603SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaClifton F. Smith107111974-3-22 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: W of old ranch house in Canada de los Flores, NW of Los Alamos
RSA127518RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMilo S. Baker113411946-5-01 LakeSouth end of Borax Lake.
SBBG190596SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaG. K. Helmkamp190902012-5-31 CalaverasSt Hwy 26 E of Mokelumne Hill, at the crossing of the S Fork Mokelumne River
JEPS5894UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMilo S. Baker1900-4-29 ShastaStillwater; at Leighton's
UCR0051799UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMitch Provance105382009-4-23 KernTejon Ranch, Los Alamos Creek, c. 5 miles NNE of Quail Lake
JEPS27724UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann61811961-5-23 KernTejon Ranch: Rising Canon, Tehachapi Mountains.
RSA0083004RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann61811961-5-23 KernTejon Ranch: Rising Canon.
UC1736366UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaDean W. Taylor87851986-4-20 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range, canyon opening onto north end of Elkhorn Plain
UC310880UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90301925-3-20 TulareTerra Bella
JEPS4250UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90301925-3-20 TulareTerra Bella
POM97036RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaPhilip A. Munz90301925-3-20 TulareTerra Bella.
POM304174RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1941-5-22 TulareThree Rivers near Jack Ranch.
UC138791UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaC. F. Baker27831903-4-25 San JoaquinTracy
POM15264RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaC. F. Baker27831903-4-25 San JoaquinTracy.
UCR0051792UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp172302011-5-10 AmadorTurner Road, 0.8 miles south of its junction with Amador Creek Road, 0.95 mi. SE (119 ° ) of Amador City
POM273521RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaLyman D. Benson35591932-5-08 San Luis ObispoUpper Cuyama Valley, Temblor Mountain range, Santa Maria watershed.
UC26564UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWillis L. Jepson1884-5-04 SolanoVacaville
SBBG190602SBBGCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaClifton F. Smith51131957-4-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base: W of Disciplinary Barracks, Camp Cooke, N of Lompoc
UC192676UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. W. Congdon1894-3-29 StanislausWaterford
RSA185363RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaClare B. Hardham125711965-5-10 MontereyWest branch of Cholame Creek.
UCR0051839UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp206742013-5-24 CalaverasWhiskey Slide Road, 2.6 miles south of its junction with Jesus Maria Road, 7.9 mi. SE (118 ° ) of Mokelumne Hill
RSA0035679RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp206742013-5-24 CalaverasWhiskey Slide Road, 2.6 miles south of its junction with Jesus Maria Road, 7.9 mi. SE (118 ° ) of Mokelumne Hill; Calaveritas 7.5 Q.
RSA408401RSACollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHoward de Forests.n.1930-4-06 Contra Costa[Unspecified]
UC26562UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. Burtt Davy30391897-3-30 Tularealkaline plain Tulare
UCR0051794UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp145482009-4-21 El Doradoalong CA-193, 1.1 miles south of the South Fork American River at Chili Bar
UCR0051796UCRCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp162722010-6-13 El Doradoalong Forebay Road, just south of Forebay Bridge over the South Fork American River
JEPS23272UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, Chas. H. Quibell69991959-3-29 Fresnoalong Santa Fe Railway right-of-way at Shields Ave. crossing San Joaquin Valley, Fresno
JEPS77383UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRobert M. Lloyd26101963-5-04 Lakealong road to Hopland about 1/2 mi from State Highway 29 ((2 mi +/- below Lakeport))
JEPS5863UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAllison Krames1935-3-24 Kernbetween Wasco and Famosa
UC766315UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover43581940-4-19 Stanislause San Joaquin River (Grayson Rd)
UC766260UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover30591938-4-10 Alamedae side Patterson Pass
UC596335UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover30591938-4-10 Alamedae side Patterson Pass
JEPS13246UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg19961941-3-24 Maderae side of hwy 6 mi s Madera
UC766263UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover30331938-4-09 San Joaquinhill between Castle Rock and Black Butte Corral Hollow
JEPS6363UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, Geo. Gillett43711954-3-10 Kernin draw just n Bena siding (on the Southern Pacific-Santa Fe RR, about 15 mi ese of Bakersfield)
JEPS4639UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, Sherwin Carlquist40211953-3-28 Maderain fallow field about 8 mi due n Madera (along meridian county farm road)
JEPS53930UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJohn Weiler63701963-4-10 Fresnoin pasture about 7 mi w Kerman (adjacent to Hwy 180)
JEPS30292UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWm. Ivanovich1937-4-12 Fresnojust n Shields Ave. (e of Pearson's nursery, along Santa Fe R.R.); Fresno
JEPS5864UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaAllison Krames1935-3-03 Kernlow hills adjoining Edison fields (near Comanche Point)
UC1541130UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaClifton F. Smith51131957-4-11 Santa Barbaran Lompoc (hillside w of Disciplinary Barracks, Camp Cooke)
JEPS5893UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaChesnut, Drew1889-4-16 Contra Costanear Concord
UC58443UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaA. A. Heller66661903-5-02 Montereynear Del Monte
UCSC100007440UCSCCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRandall Morgan501983-5-19 Santa Cruznear E end of Felton Quad area 50, section 14
UC765651UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover3771935-3-18 Stanislausnear Grayson (e side of San Joaquin River)
JEPS5862UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMrs. Kate Jared Stirring1907-4-12 Fresnonear Selma
UC765635UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover4601935-3-30 Kernnear Wasco
JEPS5869UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover4601935-3-30 Kernnear Wasco
JEPS25054UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJoseph P. Tracy51401919-5-31 Humboldtnear Willow Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity River Valley
JEPS24254UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaJ. H. Thomas18631950-5-14 Santa Cruznear summit of Quail Hollow Road (on Ben Lomond side); Ben Lomond Sand Hills
JEPS5868UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaC. N. Smith2621941-4-01 Kernon backbone of high ridge about 1 1/2 mi w Poso Mine; Greenhorn Mountains
JEPS82651UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRoy E. Buck, Randy Morgan2591983-5-10 Santa Cruzon e-facing upper midslope of high ridge approx. 1.0 km sw intersection of Quail Hollow and E Zayante Roads (2.1 km ne of Felton)
JEPS82904UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRoy E. Buck, Randall A. Morgan3631983-6-12 Santa Cruzon lower nw-facing slope of nw-se tending ridge e Zayante Road (ca. 2.3 km ene of Felton)
UC765652UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaR. F. Hoover8941936-4-10 Mercedopposite Cressey (near Merced River)
UC727774UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaMilo S. Baker113411946-5-01 Lakes end Borax Lake (along roadside)
JEPS3875UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaV. F. Hesse4531944-5-23 Santa Cruzsand hills near Mount Hermon
JEPS6374UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney41621953-5-27 Lakesandy flat along creek 1 mi w Highland Springs; Highland Creek
JEPS5201UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaWillis L. Jepson202701941-4-17 Santa Barbarase Santa Maria; Los Alamos Valley
UC71984UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaHardin Irwin1241904-3-01 Lakevicinity Kelseyville
UC56204UCJEPSCollinsia bartsiifolia var. bartsiifoliaH. M. Hall3062b1902-5-01 Los Angelesvicinity of Elizabeth Lake; Antelope Valley

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