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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    OBI123371OBIClaytonia sibiricaDavid J. Keil172611983-7-01 HumboldtAlong Bull Crk Flats Rd 1.4 W of US 101. Humboldt Redwoods State Park
    OBI123370OBIClaytonia sibiricaMonika Richardson1682017-7-25 Santa CruzScotts Creek
    SBBG25052SBBGClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick14241966-6-09 Santa Cruznear Boulder Crk
    SBBG25876SBBGClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick15231966-8-10 SiskiyouSalmon Crk Trail at Mountain Meadow Ranch, Big Flat
    SBBG30594SBBGClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick20261968-6-25 SiskiyouAdams Crk above Mountain Meadow Ranch, Big Flat, Coffee Crk; Trinity Alps
    SBBG69724SBBGClaytonia sibiricaH. and M. Dearing36891939-6-21 Humboldteast fork of Willow Crk
    SBBG1944SBBGClaytonia sibiricaH. and M. Dearing20911938-6-22 TehamaDeer Crk Cyn
    SBBG1967SBBGClaytonia sibiricaH. and M. Dearing36891939-6-21 Humboldteast fork of Willow Crk
    SBBG21919SBBGClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick10121964-7-29 MendocinoHwy 1 near Heritage House, Little River
    SBBG69718SBBGClaytonia sibiricaL. Rowntree1931-7-21 Humboldtnear Ferndale
    SBBG1966SBBGClaytonia sibiricaH. and M. Dearing34781939-5-29 Del Nortenear Smith River on Hwy 101
    SBBG1945SBBGClaytonia sibiricaH. and M. Dearing2291933-5-16 HumboldtWeott
    UCSC245UCSCClaytonia sibiricaH. S. Yates59001936-6-24 Mendocino8 miles N.E. of Westport - Cape Vizoaino
    UCSC5451UCSCClaytonia sibiricaRandall Morgan42562004-7-26 Santa CruzLittle Creek, Little Creek, near confluence in Scott Creek
    UCSC100008467UCSCClaytonia sibiricaRandall Morgan44502005-5-30 Santa CruzWatsonville, Green Valley Road
    SDSU09795SDSUClaytonia sibiricaHowe, D.F.31141961-8-01 Humboldt12.7 miles north of Arcata on # 101.
    SJSU1971SJSUClaytonia sibiricaC.W. Sharsmith64371957-6-21 Mendocinoin canyon bottom; Little River c. 3 mi S of Mendocino City
    IRVC3089IRVCClaytonia sibiricaR.H. Whittakers.n.1963 HumboldtHUMBOLDT REDWOODS STATE PARK
    RSA280RSAClaytonia sibiricaE. R. Johnson11291928-8-23 MendocinoFort Bragg.
    POM424570RSAClaytonia sibiricaT. S. Elias106121987-8-22 Del NorteAlong Mill Creek Trail in redwood grove. Jedediah Smith State Park
    RSA65727RSAClaytonia sibiricaF. W. Peirson64031925-8-10 MendocinoJug Handle Creek, 6 miles north of Mendocino City.
    RSA396848RSAClaytonia sibiricaGladys L. Smith66411981-6-11 MendocinoUsal, near old mill site, the picturesque old town of Usal now totally man eroded, a shabby, Dirty spot 6 N of jct with Rte 1.
    POM161345RSAClaytonia sibiricaRimo C. Bacigalupi18181928-3-10 MarinAbove beach Coast Guard Station, 3.5 miles N of Point Reyes
    RSA114980RSAClaytonia sibiricaE. K. Balls207491955-5-16 MendocinoAbout jct Old Coat Road with Hwy 1 N of Rockport.
    RSA464441RSAClaytonia sibiricaM. S. Jussel4031933-7-30 MarinMarsh at summit of road to Pt. Reyes from Inverness.
    RSA246824RSAClaytonia sibiricaR. F. Thorne351301965-8-05 HumboldtWailaki Recreation site.
    RSA0059513RSAClaytonia sibiricaH. M. Pollards.n.1948-7-22 HumboldtPerch Creek Canon, near Orleans.
    POM118717RSAClaytonia sibiricaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-4-26 HumboldtScotia.
    RSA181243RSAClaytonia sibiricaJohn H. Thomas45621954-8-12 Santa CruzBoulder Creek 2.2 miles NW of town of Boulder Creek.
    RSA117687RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett5931956-7-02 MendocinoAt sharp bend in roa dacross stream on Cal #1, 2 miles S of Westport, a few hundred yards from the ocean.
    POM117947RSAClaytonia sibiricaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-4-26 HumboldtScotia.
    RSA464440RSAClaytonia sibiricaE. E. Stanford18501930-6-27 Del NorteRedwood Hwy between Crescent City and Requa Bluffs
    SD620SDClaytonia sibiricaEleanor C. Laymans.n.1933-9-03 UnknownShasta Springs
    SD38113SDClaytonia sibiricaMarie Cummings1101933-5-22 HumboldtNear Blockburg
    SD51264SDClaytonia sibiricaDarley F. Howe31141961-8-01 Humboldt12.7 miles north of Arcata on #101
    SD58347SDClaytonia sibiricaLincoln Constance6481934-5-26 HumboldtNorth Dyerville Flat Grove, near Founders' Tree
    SD88361SDClaytonia sibiricaD.F. Howes.n.1972-5-06 Humboldt1.5 miles north of Phillipsville
    SD88533SDClaytonia sibiricaDarley F. Howes.n.1972-5-07 HumboldtTrinidad
    SD90249SDClaytonia sibiricaBenjamin C. Stone1121952-6-19 HumboldtHumboldt Redwoods State Park; by Founders' Tree
    SD104862SDClaytonia sibiricaDarley Howes.n.1979-6-24 MendocinoHwy 1, 23.9 N of Ft. Bragg
    SD113970SDClaytonia sibiricaDarley F. Howe32611962-5-22 Humboldt3 miles east of Orick on Bald Mountain Road
    SFV108823SFVClaytonia sibiricaM. L. Vincent8341968-6-08 ButteSierra Nevada; Soda Springs Campground.
    SFV108824SFVClaytonia sibiricaJ. Turners. n.1962-7-09 HumboldtBeside scenic Redwood Highway about 2 miles south of junction with freeway, 40 miles north of Mendocino-Humboldt county line.
    SFV108825SFVClaytonia sibiricaL. Hagenauer542002-4-28 HumboldtBlue Lake, Mad River Fish Hatchery. Along east-facing slope next to rock trail leading to Mad River.
    SFV108826SFVClaytonia sibiricaJ. R. Swansona-5261960-4-12 MendocinoThree miles east (above) Fort Bragg. Roadside.
    SFV108827SFVClaytonia sibiricaD. Parker1221949-5-26 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains; Salmon Mountains. Along the banks of Wildcat Creek.
    SFV108828SFVClaytonia sibiricaJ. R. Swanson6271979-4-27 Trinity1 mile west of Callahan. Trinity Center Road. Along margins of road to Tangle Blue Lake.
    RSA137345RSAClaytonia sibiricaI. L. Wiggins141291957-6-20 HumboldtEast side of highway, Trinidad
    RSA238294RSAClaytonia sibiricaFrederick W. Oettinger5091968-8-14 SiskiyouMeadow at spring at Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA60492RSAClaytonia sibiricaJohn H. Thomas9431949-6-16 Siskiyou1/4 mi north of Beaver Creek Public Canong Beaver Creek; 5 mi north of junction of Beaver Creek and Klamath River; Klamath National Forest.
    POM164048RSAClaytonia sibiricaE. B. Copeland38911903-8-13 SiskiyouSisson.
    RSA262514RSAClaytonia sibiricaJ. M. Tucker43181974-7-28 SiskiyouHaypress Meadows, Marble Mtn Wilderness Area
    POM87070RSAClaytonia sibiricaF. W. Peirson64031925-8-10 MendocinoJug Handle Creek, Mendocino County
    RSA464447RSAClaytonia sibiricaAnstruther Davidson36641931-5-1 SonomaSonoma County (No data on label
    RSA117682RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett5921956-7-02 Mendocino2.7 miles from bridge on Cal. #1 towards Navarro, on Cal. 128.
    RSA12471RSAClaytonia sibiricaC. B. Wolf58231934-6-30 Mendocino3 miles N of Rockport.
    RSA20819RSAClaytonia sibiricaC. B. Wolf88651937-6-17 Del Norte2.4 mi., N of Patricks Creek Tavern, along Patricks Creek.
    POM312350RSAClaytonia sibiricaMalcolm A. Nobs8921949-6-29 MarinN side of Pt. Reyes road just N of Pierce Pt. road, 3 miles N of Inverness.
    RSA305535RSAClaytonia sibiricaHenry J. Ramsey8361939-10-13 TrinityMountains, Highway 299.
    RSA211262RSAClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte1441966-6-23 SiskiyouAt Big Flat Hillside seep between campground and S. Fork of the Salmon River
    RSA117680RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett5651956-6-29 MarinAbove E of old Life Saving Station, on W beach of Pt. Reyes Penninsula, 3.5 miles from Pt. Reyes Light
    RSA238297RSAClaytonia sibiricaFrederick W. Oettinger5091968-8-14 SiskiyouMeadow at spring at Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA151808RSAClaytonia sibiricaH. K. Sharsmith47491959-8-21 TrinityMargins of Bel Creek, tributary of New River at crossing of road from Hawkins Bar to Denny ant 11 miles fromw Hawkins Bar.
    RSA554591RSAClaytonia sibiricaWalter Wisura49091993-5-09 HumboldtNorthwest: Hwy 299, 5.7 W of Willow Creek at E-fork camp ground.
    RSA40691RSAClaytonia sibiricaI. L. Wiggins116031948-3-20 Mendocino2 miles E of Coast Hwy, on road from Branscom and Westport
    RSA65729RSAClaytonia sibiricaF. W. Peirson37221923-7-07 MendocinoNavarro River, 8 miles below Wendling
    RSA500615RSAClaytonia sibiricaAaron Liston790-41989-4-19 MarinPoint Reyes National Seashore, above Limantour Beach.
    RSA464446RSAClaytonia sibiricaM. B. Dunkle90031944-6-25 SiskiyouBeaver Creek. (Coastal Northern California).
    RSA168883RSAClaytonia sibiricaJoseph P. Tracy195211951-6-21 HumboldtEverett Beck's house, Hydesville
    RSA244334RSAClaytonia sibiricaC. W. Tilforth9351973-7-19 San MateoGazos Creek Road, between Butano and Big Basin State Parks
    RSA232527RSAClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick20261968-6-26 SiskiyouIn shade along upper waters of Coffee Creek, Trinity Alps.
    RSA464443RSAClaytonia sibiricaChristopher Davidson59751977-6-19 Mendocino2.2 miles east of Gualala on County Road 502; bridge over Gualala River.
    RSA698518RSAClaytonia sibiricaJ. Russell Bruff9481937-8-20 Mendocino40 miles N of Fort Bragg on road betw Rockport and Redwood Hwy
    RSA117684RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett6011956-7-03 Humboldt18miles from jct 101.
    POM316580RSAClaytonia sibiricaPatricia Wilder36861965-6-12 MendocinoHwy 1 (Hollow Tree Road) 12.3 miles S of Leggett and US 101
    RSA271707RSAClaytonia sibiricaJane Turner1133`1962-7-09 HumboldtRedwood forest, beside scenic rdwood Hwy 2 miles S of jct with freeway, 40 miles N of Mendocino-Humboldt County line
    RSA117683RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett5761956-6-30 Marin5.25 miles along road to McClure Beach, Pt. Reyes Penninsula
    RSA464442RSAClaytonia sibiricaHoward de Forests.n.1930-4-24 MendocinoNear Dimmick [mesa?], Redwood Forest of the Albion Lumber Co on Navarro River.
    RSA211260RSAClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte1091966-6-22 SiskiyouJosephine Lake basin; Trinity Alps.
    RSA117678RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett6281956-7-07 HumboldtUpper end of Pearch Creek Campground, Six Rivers National Forest Orelans.
    RSA464444RSAClaytonia sibiricaL. S. Rose373331937-6-06 Mendocino6 miles NE of Point Arena, Shady slopes
    RSA65728RSAClaytonia sibiricaF. W. Peirson65371926-3-28 MarinTennessee Cove, Marin County
    POM92440RSAClaytonia sibiricaL. R. Abrams81861922-6-21 MendocinoMendocino City.
    RSA620423RSAClaytonia sibiricaPeter Rubtzoff53401964-7-03 SonomaSonoma County: Bodega Bay Marsh
    RSA117685RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett6001956-7-03 HumboldtNear Foundera Tree Grove, just S of Dyerville.
    RSA67628RSAClaytonia sibiricaP. A. Munz165491951-7-15 Humboldt5 miles N of Willow Creek
    RSA117688RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett6031956-7-05 HumboldtAlong State Hwy 96, above Klamath River, 2 miles S of Orleans.
    RSA117686RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett5991956-7-03 MendocinoUpgrade betw Dehaven and Rockport, 3 miles S of Rockport.
    RSA189425RSAClaytonia sibiricaL. S. Rose670931967-5-27 Mendocino4 miles E of Manchester, Mtn View Road
    RSA117681RSAClaytonia sibiricaS. S. Tillett6021956-7-03 Humboldt29 miles from jct 101, just past cutoff for Humboldt Ski Club area
    RSA710970RSAClaytonia sibiricaK. L. Chambers51381984-6-10 SiskiyouMt. Shasta City, Big Springs at the city park towards N end of city, W of old Hwy
    RSA299448RSAClaytonia sibiricaJ. P. Smith68501973-5-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell.
    RSA183605RSAClaytonia sibiricaR. D. Modafferi141965-4-08 Humboldt2.2 miles N of Trinidad on Trinity Street.
    RSA464448RSAClaytonia sibiricaE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-9-08 Mendocino7 miles beyond Philomath toward Alsee.
    RSA464445RSAClaytonia sibiricaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1922-5-1 San BernardinoLittle Bear Valley.
    RSA238293RSAClaytonia sibiricaFrederick W. Oettinger1851967-7-26 SiskiyouStream bank just below Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    DAV329812DAVClaytonia sibiricaDixie Paussa621997-2-25 MendocinoMendocino County: Camp Mendocino Rd., 5 miles from junction with County Rd. 409.
    DAV329804DAVClaytonia sibiricaCollector Unknown1361974-1-06 HumboldtCalifornia, Humbolt Co.; Patricks Pt. State Park along Hwy 101, along trail to Agate Beach;
    DAV329809DAVClaytonia sibiricaK. Esaus.n.1935-5-22 HumboldtHumboldt County: Fort Seward.
    DAV329806DAVClaytonia sibiricaJoseph M. DiTomaso71975-6-16 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps. Morris Meadows.
    DAV329807DAVClaytonia sibiricaJoseph M. DiTomaso3551976-3-28 HumboldtHumboldt County: Highway 299 near summit, 8 miles west of Willow Creek.
    DAV329808DAVClaytonia sibiricaK. Esaus.n.1934-5-08 HumboldtHumboldt County: Redwood Highway, near Scotia.
    DAV329810DAVClaytonia sibiricaMarc Gschwind1181981-5-02 MendocinoMendocino County: 0.25 mi E of State Hwy 1 on Caspar Rd.
    DAV329811DAVClaytonia sibiricaMary M. Hektner1991975-6-03 SonomaSonoma County: coastal terrace, next to trail leading to the beach. Below Pipers' Reach, Unit 24 Owners' Map, near State Highway 1.
    DAV329813DAVClaytonia sibiricaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-6-10 HumboldtHumboldt County: Trinidad-Klamath Glenn. Prairie Creek State Park. Prairie Creek Trail.
    DAV329805DAVClaytonia sibiricaFrederica Bowcutt9301987-5-26 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Along trail to Whale Gulch in section which follows unnamed creek draining sag ponds.
    DAV329814DAVClaytonia sibiricaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-6-10 Del NorteDel Norte County: Crescent City. Redwood National Park. Wolf Creek.
    DAV329815DAVClaytonia sibiricaClinton C. Shock91980-4-06 MendocinoMendocino County: State Highway 1, 0.9 mile southwest of Hales Grove, property of O. J. M. Smith.
    DAV329816DAVClaytonia sibiricaClinton C. Shock91980-4-06 MendocinoMendocino County: State Highway 1, 0.9 mile southwest of Hales Grove, property of O. J. M. Smith.
    DAV329817DAVClaytonia sibiricaJames P. Smith68501973-5-26 HumboldtHumboldt County: Scotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell. Railroad right-of-way.
    DAV329818DAVClaytonia sibiricaJ. M. Tucker43181974-7-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Haypress Meadows.
    UCR0089527UCRClaytonia sibiricaPeter Rubtzoff58511967-8-22 SonomaSoutheast of lower Salmon Creek Marsh
    UCR0089523UCRClaytonia sibiricaA.C. Sanders22701981-8-05 Del NorteMynot Creek where it crosses Hwy 101 near Requa, just east of Hwy 101
    UCR0089526UCRClaytonia sibiricaJohn C. Roos39821948-9-01 SiskiyouMountains SW of Etna
    UCR0089529UCRClaytonia sibiricaDavid Charlton3821987-6-06 TulareRedrock Meadows on upper Redrock Creek, Golden Trout Wilderness
    UCR0089528UCRClaytonia sibiricaFran Sibel3251965-5-28 Sonomaalong Gualala River off Hwy 1 and east toward Anapolis
    UCR0089522UCRClaytonia sibiricaAaron Liston790--41989-4-19 MarinPoint Reyes National Seashore, above Limantour Beach
    UCR0089525UCRClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick20261968-6-26 Siskiyoualong upper waters of Coffee Creek
    UCR0089518UCRClaytonia sibiricaHerbert F. Copeland15151931-6-09 ButteJonesville, by Jones Creek
    UCR0089520UCRClaytonia sibiricaWalter Wisura49091993-5-09 HumboldtNorthwest; Hwy 299, 5.7 miles west of Willow Creek at East-fork camp ground
    UCR0089521UCRClaytonia sibiricaGeorge K. Helmkamp69752001-7-8 HumboldtCA Hwy 36, along the Van Duzen River, 19.6 miles east of CA Hwy 101, west of Bar W Road
    UCR0089524UCRClaytonia sibiricaGeorge K. Helmkamp57872000-6-19 MendocinoCA Hwy 20 (Fort Bragg-Willits Rd) 6.8 miles east of US-1, southeast of Fort Bragg
    UCR0089519UCRClaytonia sibiricaCharity A. Hartshorn322016-5-14 HumboldtArcata Community Forest
    HSC100606HSCClaytonia sibiricaCarl C. Marshall1501886-3-1 HumboldtEverywhere.
    HSC101994HSCClaytonia sibiricaM. R. Mesler8932011-7-12 HumboldtPatterson Meadows
    HSC102397HSCClaytonia sibiricaM. R. Mesler13522012-7-26 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mtn, along FS road 1 N08
    HSC104049HSCClaytonia sibiricaE.R. Fyer282015-4-29 HumboldtArcata Community Forest
    HSC12523HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ. Allen DeCou761899 MendocinoSherwood Valley
    HSC17721HSCClaytonia sibiricaV.G. Vieira51963-4-24 HumboldtEssex Pond
    HSC17722HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.E. Anderson28351963-9-29 HumboldtFish Lake
    HSC17723HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.E. Anderson19561962-3-31 HumboldtCoastal area of Prairie Creek State Park
    HSC17725HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.E. Anderson19701962-3-31 HumboldtCoastal area of Prairie Creek State Park
    HSC17726HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.E. Anderson18551961-10-01 HumboldtE side of Freshwater Lagoon
    HSC17727HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.K. Smith141968-4-08 HumboldtOn West End Rd., 3 mi. from Hwy. 299
    HSC17728HSCClaytonia sibiricaD.E. Anderson17251961-8-11 HumboldtRedwood preserve E of HSU campus
    HSC17731HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte201963-4-27 HumboldtWaste place, near 11th and A St., Arcata
    HSC17733HSCClaytonia sibiricaE.W. Styskel311963-5-16 Humboldt3 mi. SE of Korbel, on Snow Camp Rd.
    HSC17734HSCClaytonia sibiricaHarvey Doerksen11962-5-04 Humboldt1/4 W of Korbel on S side of Mad River
    HSC17735HSCClaytonia sibiricaP. Markle15B1962-4-26 HumboldtEntrance to trail to HSU campus from City of Arcata reservoir road
    HSC17736HSCClaytonia sibiricaP.W. Shieldssn1955-7-1 Humboldt1/2 mi. S of Weott
    HSC17738HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.R. Eichelberger251964-4-10 Humboldt4 mi. above Blue Lake on Hwy. 299
    HSC17739HSCClaytonia sibiricaE.R. Drewsn1889-5-18 MarinTomales Bay
    HSC23687HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer24241971-7-15 SiskiyouAlong Red Rock Valley Creek
    HSC23727HSCClaytonia sibiricaTim Baroni1241971-7-06 Humboldt15 mi. S of Ferndale on Mattole Rd.
    HSC27888HSCClaytonia sibiricaClifton Raymond Chesbrough721973-6-19 Humboldt0.25 mi. from Harris and T St. on U St.
    HSC29435HSCClaytonia sibiricaFrederick W. Oettinger5091968-8-14 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, at Tom Taylor Cabin
    HSC30284HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte11781969-6-25 SiskiyouBig Flat, near public camp
    HSC31553HSCClaytonia sibiricaGlenn McGourty431974-5-11 HumboldtAlong Maple Creek Rd.
    HSC34155HSCClaytonia sibiricaLinda M. Barker1791974-5-11 HumboldtRedwood National Park, Bald Hills Rd., Gans Prairie
    HSC34799HSCClaytonia sibiricaScott M. Kruse51975-4-09 HumboldtRedwood Park, Arcata
    HSC34812HSCClaytonia sibiricaDavid Peters41975-4-09 Humboldt0.1 W of Plunkett Rd. on Jacoby Creek Rd.
    HSC43531HSCClaytonia sibiricaB. Reinhardt2271974-7-10 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest, Elk Valley, Blue Creek and Eight Mile Creek
    HSC4460HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte4111966-8-18 Siskiyou3 mi. S of Big Flat
    HSC4461HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte1441966-6-23 SiskiyouBig Flat, between campground and S Fork of the Salmon River
    HSC4462HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte1091966-6-22 SiskiyouJosephine Lake Basin
    HSC4463HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte10371967-8-19 SiskiyouS Fork of Salmon River, between campground and Carter's
    HSC4464HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte6921967-7-09 SiskiyouKidd Creek Trail
    HSC4465HSCClaytonia sibiricaWilliam J. Ferlatte4901967-6-05 SiskiyouBig Flat, between public camp and S Fork of Salmon River
    HSC45492HSCClaytonia sibiricaMaralyn O'Meara1031972-6-08 HumboldtAlong Bald Hills Rd., 18 mi. from junction with Hwy. 101
    HSC45613HSCClaytonia sibiricaDiane L. Reed561978-5-07 HumboldtFourmile Creek on Friday Ridge Rd., 4 mi. from Hwy. 299
    HSC47503HSCClaytonia sibiricaSheila Logan301978-4-10 HumboldtMcKinleyville, foot of Hiller Ave. at Ocean Rd., near Pacific ocean and Mad River
    HSC47634HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith90561977-4-30 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, Philpot Campground and Philpot Creek
    HSC48675HSCClaytonia sibiricaLinda M. Barker4691975-5-24 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 0.1 N of Southern entrance.
    HSC48753HSCClaytonia sibiricaBrad Klipfel791973-6-10 HumboldtAlong ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC48826HSCClaytonia sibiricaBrad Klipfel391973-5-27 HumboldtGrogan's Hole near N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC4884HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer3771968-7-02 SiskiyouUpper drainage of Joe Creek on steep N facing slopes.
    HSC48843HSCClaytonia sibiricaBrad Klipfel1991973-7-15 HumboldtAlong ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC4885HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer2431968-6-18 SiskiyouValley bottom of Blakes' Fork.
    HSC4886HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer7321968-9-11 HumboldtAlong Mill Creel
    HSC52279HSCClaytonia sibiricaMuth44621979-6-14 Del NorteNear Craigs Creek, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC52358HSCClaytonia sibiricaOverton49901979-6-15 Del NorteNear Big Flat Guard Station, close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC52453HSCClaytonia sibiricaG.L. Clifton55771979-6-19 Del NorteNear the S Fork of the Smith River, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC52671HSCClaytonia sibiricaG.L. Clifton57501979-6-22 Del NorteNear Bear Basin, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC53824HSCClaytonia sibiricaGriswold62701979-7-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC53904HSCClaytonia sibiricaGriswold69051979-7-11 HumboldtNear Snow Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC54065HSCClaytonia sibiricaWalter Overton81061979-7-17 TrinityNear S Fork Mtn., close to the town of Mad River.
    HSC54314HSCClaytonia sibiricaWalter Overton77441979-7-17 TrinityNear Horse Ridge, close to the town of Mad River.
    HSC54539HSCClaytonia sibiricaOverton95151979-7-23 HumboldtNear Titlow Hill, close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC54582HSCClaytonia sibiricaOverton96291979-7-24 HumboldtNear Friday Camp, close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC54677HSCClaytonia sibiricaOverton99281979-7-26 HumboldtNear Willow Creek, E Fork, close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC54847HSCClaytonia sibiricaG.L. Clifton106771979-7-29 Del NorteNear Elk Valley, close to the town of Orleans
    HSC55112HSCClaytonia sibiricaG.L. Clifton118611979-7-31 HumboldtNear Tish Tang A Tang Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC55187HSCClaytonia sibiricaG.L. Clifton122461979-8-02 HumboldtNear Oregon Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC55205HSCClaytonia sibiricaWalter Overton123231979-8-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek, Middle Fork, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC55276HSCClaytonia sibiricaOverton126791979-8-02 HumboldtNear Grogan Hole, close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC59143HSCClaytonia sibiricaTerry Roth971979-5-29 HumboldtOn the trail from HSU gym to Fern Lake
    HSC59580HSCClaytonia sibiricaRick Lundquist11979-4-06 HumboldtArcata, SE Corner of 7th and Union St.
    HSC59687HSCClaytonia sibiricaGeorge Kirnsn1977-10-03 HumboldtVicinity of Jolly Giant Creek, 1/4 mi. E of HSU campus
    HSC60031HSCClaytonia sibiricaM.A. Baker3391977-5-25 Del NorteMouth of Wilson Creek
    HSC60044HSCClaytonia sibiricaM.A. Baker4391978-4-21 Del NorteAlong Hwy. 199, 1.5 km E of Hwy. 101
    HSC60862HSCClaytonia sibiricaRuby Van Deventersn1972-7-26 Del NorteBig Flat.
    HSC62668HSCClaytonia sibiricaRuby Van Deventersn1958-2-02 Del NorteSutton Creek, along North Bank Rd.
    HSC64193HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer33751979-6-23 HumboldtSlopes below Mill Creek Lakes
    HSC64303HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith43361970-6-30 Del NorteJunction of French Hill Rd. and Hwy. 199
    HSC64320HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith43121970-6-30 Del NorteBear Basin.
    HSC64322HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith39561970-6-15 Siskiyou20 mi. E of Cecilville on the road to Callahan.
    HSC64323HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith66861973-5-12 Humboldt6.1 mi. from Redwood Creek on Hoopa Rd.
    HSC64324HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith68241973-5-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell
    HSC64326HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith39581970-6-15 Siskiyou20 mi. E of Cecilville on the road to Callahan.
    HSC64327HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith68501973-5-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell
    HSC64552HSCClaytonia sibiricaLinda M. Barker5811975-5-25 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., junction of Patrick Creek and Shelly Creek Rd.
    HSC64739HSCClaytonia sibiricaLinda M. Barker3931975-5-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at old ranch ponds, 13.5 N of S entrance at Patrick Creek
    HSC64764HSCClaytonia sibiricaLinda M. Barker3941975-5-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at old ranch ponds, 13.5 N of S entrance at Patrick Creek
    HSC65276HSCClaytonia sibiricaRich White2351978-7-05 Del Norte0.25 mi. below Harrington Lake between outlet and Kelsey Trail.
    HSC66455HSCClaytonia sibiricaMelany Seacat521979-4-29 MendocinoBig River Estuary, S side of River, 3 3/4 mi. upriver
    HSC66874HSCClaytonia sibiricaRuby Van Deventersn1969-4-29 Del NorteVan Deventer Ranch along North Bank Rd.
    HSC67725HSCClaytonia sibiricaJohn Palmer6811980-8-12 SiskiyouSE of Ward's Gap.
    HSC69844HSCClaytonia sibiricaR. Kalal481980-5-05 HumboldtFickel Hill Rd., 1 mi. E of 11th St., Arcata
    HSC70536HSCClaytonia sibiricaGail Newton16331980-7-20 HumboldtNear Bell Swamps
    HSC71792HSCClaytonia sibiricaGail Newton1761980-6-16 HumboldtNear Monks Camp.
    HSC72039HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.P. Smith88561976-6-27 Del NorteRoad to Bear Basin Butte (FS Rd. 1 N04)
    HSC73102HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ. Detzer21977-4-08 HumboldtS end of Patricks Point State Park, 0.2 W of Hwy. 101, 5 N of Trinidad
    HSC73383HSCClaytonia sibiricaRobert Kirkpatrick1611981-4-24 HumboldtJolly Giant Creek behind HSU
    HSC73631HSCClaytonia sibiricaM.A. Baker31311980-7-22 HumboldtNear Grogan Hole.
    HSC74157HSCClaytonia sibiricaGail Newton3461980-6-18 Del NorteNear Elk Valley.
    HSC75664HSCClaytonia sibiricaJ.O. Sawyer41931982-6-18 Del NorteTable Mtn.
    HSC76598HSCClaytonia sibiricaTeresa Prendusi4741981-7-24 HumboldtNear Whiteys Peak
    HSC76978HSCClaytonia sibiricaK.T. Stillman72A1976-6-25 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area
    HSC78039HSCClaytonia sibiricaJohn S. Palmer371973-6-19 TrinityBear Lakes area, along trail to Big Bear Lake
    HSC78205HSCClaytonia sibiricaL.P. Janeway5001983-8-06 SiskiyouPoker Flat
    HSC82144HSCClaytonia sibiricaThomas W. Nelson49101979-6-25 TrinityStuart Gap
    HSC84802HSCClaytonia sibiricaGladys L. Smith50561978-8-15 MendocinoHwy. 128, about 8 km E of ocean
    HSC84818HSCClaytonia sibiricaClare R. Wheeler9881979-5-09 MendocinoHwy. 128, 2.8 km E of Hwy. 1
    HSC89441HSCClaytonia sibiricaP.A. Daly361985-5-03 HumboldtTrinidad Head
    HSC89609HSCClaytonia sibiricaM. Roantree54A1985-5-24 HumboldtNW side of Trinidad Head, along trail
    HSC91387HSCClaytonia sibiricaJeff Dunksn1987-2-24 HumboldtArcata, NE of HSU field House to Jolly Giant Creek
    HSC93086HSCClaytonia sibiricaF. Bowcutt11901989-5-18 Mendocino15 mi. SWxW of Garberville, just N of Jones Ranch, S of creek that empties into Jones Bay
    HSC95732HSCClaytonia sibiricaSteven Lee172004-4-13 HumboldtArcata Community Forest, along Jolly Giant Creek Rd.
    HSC95738HSCClaytonia sibiricaKevin Thomas52004-3-18 HumboldtNear Clam Beach exit off Hwy. 1 N, along old Hwy. 101, at end of Little River Rd.
    HSC97175HSCClaytonia sibiricaErin Lonergan82007-6-13 Humboldt1 mi. E of FS Rd. NF1 on FS Rd. 5N04
    HSC98695HSCClaytonia sibiricaC. Witte532007-5-21 HumboldtBoard Camp Mountain. Near intersection of Forest Service Road 4N38 with National Forest 1.
    HSC99019HSCClaytonia sibiricaC. Witte352007-5-18 HumboldtAlong National Forest 1; approximately 1 mile north of intersection with 5N09.
    HSC99422HSCClaytonia sibiricaK. A. Wayman712010-6-28 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.9 mi east of Hoopa on Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Box Canonal Forest.
    UCSB006031UCSBClaytonia sibiricaLinda Hurst751963-4-12 MendocinoLane's Redwood Flat; U.S. Highway 101; 4 miles of Leggett; 39.89729 -123.74506
    UCSB006032UCSBClaytonia sibiricaDennis E. Breedlove31421962-6-08 Del NorteSouth bank of the Smith River, 2.7 miles northeast of Gasquet on U.S. Highway 199; 41.84572 -123.91857
    UCSB006033UCSBClaytonia sibiricaJoseph M. Keefe18671967-7-08 HumboldtCrannell Road; 2.0 miles east of Crannell, north of Eureka.
    UCSB006035UCSBClaytonia sibiricaDonald Myrick10121964-7-29 MendocinoHighway #1; near Heritage House, Little River
    CHSC94082CHSCClaytonia sibiricaR. Fischer6942005-9-17 MendocinoPlants found on the North Coast, 1 mile inland from hwy 1 along Compche-Ukiah Road.
    CHSC67764CHSCClaytonia sibiricaVernon H. Oswald83081997-2-12 HumboldtElk Head, N end of Trinidad State Beach. Locally abundant on moist, shaded floor of Sitka spruce- red alder woodland along trail leading to the bluffs at Elk Head. T0 N R0 W S23 NW1/4
    CHSC24940CHSCClaytonia sibiricaW. A. Vaccaro11976-4-04 HumboldtPop. ca. 300 yds. NE of intersection of Cedar St. & W. St., Cutten.
    CHSC68958CHSCClaytonia sibiricaVernon Oswald86961997-7-07 TehamaForest Route 35 at Cedar Creek near the northeast corner of the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness. T2 N R0 W S25 NW1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC98057CHSCClaytonia sibiricaK. L. Chambers51381984-6-10 SiskiyouMt. Shasta City, Big Springs at the city park towards N end of city, W of old highway. On the stone check-dam and at edge of creek below it,.
    CHSC1386CHSCClaytonia sibiricaA. Stone1963-4-20 MarinSmall canyon near Dillon Beach.
    CHSC1383CHSCClaytonia sibiricaA. Stone1963-4-20 MarinSmall canyon near Dillon Beach.
    CHSC32852CHSCClaytonia sibiricaLora L. Anderson131981-4-26 HumboldtSmall population ca. 0.5 mi e of ocean (Moon-Stone Beach) 0.5 mi w of Hwy 101, 11.5 mi n of Arcata.
    CHSC24162CHSCClaytonia sibiricaJ. R. Nelson201976-3-22 Mendocino300 m e of Hwy 1 in Chadman Gulch 2.3 mi s of Mendocino.
    CHSC13604CHSCClaytonia sibiricaA. R. Morrison1974-4-27 HumboldtScattered in Redwood understory ca. 1.5 mi. off Hwy. 101 Westhaven Rd., Trinidad.
    CHSC10779CHSCClaytonia sibiricaLowell Ahart1968-6-01 HumboldtNear Pepperwood.
    CHSC1385CHSCClaytonia sibiricaK. Jaekel1939-7-25 SiskiyouMt. Shasta.
    CHSC1384CHSCClaytonia sibiricaM. Underhill1952-7-12 HumboldtWet bank.
    CHSC96592CHSCClaytonia sibiricaL. P. Janeway87222006-7-1 SiskiyouKlamath Ranges. Salmon Mountains; just west of Carter Meadow, north side of South Fork Salmon River. T3 N R0 W S19 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Deadman Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC58104CHSCClaytonia sibiricaJohn Hale71990-4-09 Mendocino20 N. of Russian Gulch. T17N R1 W S18 SE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mendocino 1:24,000
    CHSC88598CHSCClaytonia sibiricaL. P. Janeway71512001-6-10 TehamaHigh North Coast Ranges. Along the 35 road 2.4 km southeast of Stuart Gap; about 2.1 km north of North Yolla Bolly. Unmapped meadow/spring. T2 N R1 W S02 NW1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: North Yolla Bolly 1:25,000
    CAS-BOT123079CASClaytonia sibiricaBacigalupi, Rimo Carlo Felice18181928-3-10 Marin3.5 miles N of Point Reyes Lighthouse, Coast Guard Station
    CAS-BOT227818CASClaytonia sibiricaCarter, Eugene8041974-6-12 TrinitySalmon-Trinity Alps and vicinity. Along the Grizzly Creek Trail at Granite Gulch
    CAS-BOT438842CASClaytonia sibiricaWilliams, A.; Tsiu, S.; Nuzzo, J.; Hasz, L.146012014-3-22 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Across the bridge from Leo T. Cronin Fish Viewing Area, near gate along Lower Peters Dam Road.
    CAS-BOT443850CASClaytonia sibiricaEastwood, Alice189781943-6-10 HumboldtLandsdale [Lansdale] Grove, Redwood Highway
    CAS-BOT443851CASClaytonia sibiricaCannon, Miss. E.s.n.1898-6-18 Santa ClaraArcadia, Santa Cruse [Cruz] Mts.
    CAS-BOT443852CASClaytonia sibiricaReed, C. A.s.n.1917-5-1 Santa CruzBig Creek
    CAS-BOT443853CASClaytonia sibiricaCovel, Paul F.3011936-4-24 Santa CruzScotts Valley
    CAS-BOT443854CASClaytonia sibiricaDudley, W. R.s.n.