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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SBBG69731SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exigua[unknown]1895 Contra CostaMt Diablo
    SBBG69722SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRalph Hoffmann1930-4-28 KernBodfish
    SBBG69751SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaI. Cooke, D. Atkins1931-3-18 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: rd up Figueroa Mtn
    SBBG33521SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. D. E. Elmer1903-4-1 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton
    SBBG84678SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaT. L. Secrest1949-4-14 Santa Barbara3 N of Lompoc
    SBBG81669SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRalph N. Philbrick1986-4-24 San Luis Obispoca. 0.5 NE of Black Mtn Rd, along trail from rd to Friis Camp
    SBBG69721SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. L. Bartholomew1938-4-26 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Santa Ynez River, Los Padres Nat Forest
    UCSB005941UCSBClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGlenn Keator1958-3-28 NapaSouthern end of Lake Hennessy
    CHSC32820CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBrian H. McMurtry1979-4-07 Tehamaca. 2 mi. se Paskenta on Round Valley Rd.
    CHSC11355CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart1969-4-07 NapaNear Lake Berryessa.
    PASA370PASAMontia exiguaAnnetta Carter1929-5-21 MariposaYosemite
    PGM2077PGMClaytonia exiguaYadon, Vern1980-5-04 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Chews Ridge, Chews Ridge Rd jct with Lookout Rd
    PGM2090PGMClaytonia exiguaYadon, Vern1980-5-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Chews Ridge near summit, Jct Tassajara Rd & Lookout Rd
    PGM1115PGMClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaYadon, Vern1973-4-18 MontereyDiablo Range, Hwy 198, Mustang Grade summit near Fire Station
    PGM275PGMClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaYadon, Vern1962-5-27 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Tr, approx 4 mi from Hwy 1
    JEPS43313UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson1893-4-29 NapaSt. Helena Reservoir; Napa River Basin
    JEPS43316UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson1899-4-25 TehamaStiver's Ranch
    UC7854UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMaclean1875-3-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    JEPS43240UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaI. T. Walker1921-3-28 Fresnonear Auberry (bordering the San Joaquin River); San Joaquin River
    UC1176776UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell1946-5-12 Marinabove Little Canon
    UC82872UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAlice Eastwood1897-4-20 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    UC7945UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaChesnut, Drew1891-3-21 Marinnear Liberty's
    UC552345UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E. Parks1925-3-01 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
    UC83813UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaT. S. Brandegee1894-6-16 San DiegoEl Volcan
    JEPS48618UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaElsa Kraeger1926-3-07 Contra Costaw side Mt. Diablo
    JEPS43315UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson1891-5-20 San FranciscoPresidio; San Francisco
    UC1176775UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell1946-5-19 MarinCanon Ridge
    UC402908UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMrs. H. P. Bracelin1930-3-23 Napa1.5 mi se Mt. St. Helena Inn (flanks of Mt. St. Helena); Mt. St. Helena
    UC148711UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. J. Smith1908-4-25 Santa ClaraMt. Day
    JEPS43273UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. J. Smith1908-4-25 Santa ClaraMt. Day
    JEPS43337UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. L. Mason1931-4-05 Contra Costase of Mt. Diablo (on road from Marsh Creek to Livermore); Upper Marsh Creek
    JEPS43349UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVirginia Bailey1938-4-16 Tehama6 mi w Paskenta (on Paskenta-Covelo road)
    UC82753UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAlice Eastwood1898-2-21 MarinFairfax Hills
    UC292576UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E. Parks1926-3-01 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
    UC162569UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaunknown1892-5-01 FresnoAlcalde
    UC7850UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAlice Eastwood1896-4-01 Marinnear Fairfax
    UC7937UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. N. Bolander1866-4-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC7944UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. L. Greene1892-3-28 San FranciscoPresidio; San Francisco
    UC7952UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. Davidson1892-1-01 Los Angeles
    JEPS43341UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaInez Smith1919-3-25 Santa ClaraCoyote Creek
    JEPS43267UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. J. Smith1908-4-25 Santa ClaraMt. Day
    UC1106073UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell1946-3-17 Marinnear Rock Spring; Mt. Tamalpais
    JEPS43321UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. W. Kisling1910-1-01 SiskiyouEdgewood
    UC7940UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson1893-4-29 Napareservoir near St. Helena; Napa River Basin
    UC7955UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaF. T. Bioletti1891-4-01 San FranciscoMission Hills; San Francisco
    UC464483UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. M. Holman1931-5-15 TrinityWildwood
    CDA0023949CDAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaF. D. Horn1978-3-30 SiskiyouShasta River Canon near Yreka.
    JEPS128226UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoger Raiche008.002000-3-26 SonomaThe Cedars. Lower Russian River, Big Austin Creek watershed.
    JEPS128336UCJEPSClaytonia exiguaRoger Raiche009.102010-2-28 SonomaThe Cedars. Lower Russian River, Big Austin Creek watershed.
    UCR0088914UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaScott Cantrell0151986-3-26 San Bernardinothe Pinnacles, near Rock Camp [north of Lake Arrowhead]
    POM195548RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E. Parks04181930-4-06 AlamedaBerkeley Hills, near Grizzly Peak.
    CAS-BOT439157CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaParks, H. E.; Parks, S. T.04181930-4-6 AlamedaBerkeley Hills, near Grizzly Peak
    RSA725106RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSula Vanderplank050506-62D2005-5-6 Los AngelesOff Big Pines Hwy (Road N) on the N side of the San Gabriel Mountains. Near Shoemaker Canon.
    UCR0088920UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMitch Provance0510--362010-5-12 Venturaalong Lockwood Valley Rd., c. 1 mile SW of Kern Co. line, c. 1/4 mile SW of Lockwood Creek Trail
    CAS-BOT439145CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEdelbrock, G.0671975-4-5 Stanislaus
    UCR0088909UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Turula0751975-3-29 NapaSoda Canon Road, 4.2 miles [north]east of Silverado Trail
    DAV329391DAVClaytonia exiguaB. Pekin12003-4-26 NapaCalifornia, Napa County, on Bureau of Land Management land S of McLaughlin Reserve. West of Devil Head Road, S side of Hunting Creek, S of Hunting Creek campground, just W of pool at confluence of Sensitive Plant Canon and Hunting Creek.
    CHSC24936CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBrad R. Parker11976-4-03 LakeSmall population, ca. 72 mi sw of Chico and 2.5 mi e of the Abbott mine on the s side of Hwy 20, between fence and shoulder of the road.
    CDA0033794CDAClaytonia exiguaD.G. Kelch10.1112010-5-15 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. Trail from Prospector's Gap to Lower Summit parking lot.
    CHSC90694CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. Isle10011996-3-07 TehamaMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. North Fork Stony Creek Watershed. Wilder Research Natural Area. T2 N R0 W S26 SE1/4
    SD155577SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAndrew R. Pigniolo10032003-3-5 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 3 - Knoll with grassland on northeast side.
    BSCA1719BSCAClaytonia exiguaPigniolo, Andrew R.10032003-3-5 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 3 - Knoll with grassland on northeast side.
    POM97512RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. A. Munz101801926-4-08 San Luis Obispo35 miles east of Paso Robles
    CHSC28799CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. D. Jokerst1021978-3-28 GlennCommon in shaded draws on slopes s of Black Butte Res.
    CAS-BOT439264CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowitt, Beatrice F.10211958-3-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. On the south bank along the lane at Hastings Reservation
    PGM6640PGMClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowitt, Beatrice F10211958-3-16 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, Along entry lane
    RSA0167682RSAClaytonia exiguaDuncan S. Bell102742017-3-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestPost-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; collecting in Grass Valley on the northwestern section of the Pinnacles, south of the Mojave River.; Silverwood Lake
    JEPS43248UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson10371a1924-4-27 LakeToll House; Mt. St. Helena
    CHSC46728CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart10411976-4-10 NevadaOn the south side of Mooney Flat Road, south of the Englebright Lake.
    SFV108780SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaT. R. Gordon10431975-6-05 TulareSierra Nevada; East facing slope along Little Kern River.
    OBI123330OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert F. Hoover104671967-4-15 San Luis ObispoElkhorn Hills
    UC7885UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaW. H. Brewer10561862-5-07 Contra CostaMount Diablo
    UC7852UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBrewer10561937-5-19 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT439315CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHesse, V. F.10571953-4-8 Santa CruzBen Lomond sand hills
    UC7935UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaW. H. Brewer10591862-5-07 Contra CostaSummit of Mt. Diablo; Mt. Diablo
    UC7939UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaState Survey10591862-5-07 Contra CostaMt. Diablo Summit
    CAS-BOT439179CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.10611954-4-15 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Ross Ridge: summit, 11 miles southwest of Blackwell's Corner
    MACF031839MACFClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaS. R. Ganley10711972-3-28 SonomaHighway 1 North of Cloverdale
    RSA0106792RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMitch Provance107502009-4-28 KernTehachapi Mountians: Tejon Ranch, 1.8 N of Gorman, Bear Canon, along Crane Canon Rd., about 0.5 mi. SW of Castac Lake.; Lebec 7.5'
    UCR0088890UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMitch Provance107502009-4-28 KernTejon Ranch, 1.8 N of Gorman, Bear Canon, along Crane Canon Rd., about 0.5 mi. SW of Castac Lake
    POM182684RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. D. Keck10771931-4-03 Lake6 miles N of Aetna Springs.
    CAS-BOT439203CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKeck, David D.10771931-4-3 Lake6 miles north of Aetna Springs, southern Lake County.
    CAS-BOT439169CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBrewer, W. H.10821862-5-12 Contra CostaMonte [Mount] Diablo
    UC7934UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaW. H. Brewer10821862-5-12 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    UC7938UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaState Survey10821861-1-01 Unknown
    CDA0014915CDAClaytonia exiguaG.F. Hrusa108551993-5-02 ColusaFrenzel Creek Research Natural Area. Mendocino National Forest. Mouth of Frenzel Creek. North Coast Ranges.
    CAS-BOT439204CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPenalosa, Javier10911961-2-25 MarinTiburon Peninsula. Tiburon. Serpentine slope around St. Hilary's Church.
    CAS-BOT361352CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguade Nevers, Greg109581997-4-24 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, 3450 Franz Valley Rd., Santa Rosa
    PPWD1594PPWDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaG. de Nevers109581997-4-24 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Pepperwood Ranch. Elev. 100-400 m. 38 N; 122 W.
    CAS-BOT439323CASClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaBowerman, Mary L.10981932-3-6 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Black Hawk Ridge near saddle
    UC692661UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaMary L. Bowerman10981932-3-06 Contra Costanear Black Hawk Ridge saddle; Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439304CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, Le Roy11011901-1-1 Santa ClaraStanford University
    JROH3329JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL.R. Abrams11011901-1-27 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT439271CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas110721933-4-22 San BenitoNear San Benito
    POM300714RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman11101932-3-12 Contra CostaAlamo Canon; East-facing bank fifteen ft. above the stream.
    CAS-BOT439164CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowerman, Mary L.11101932-3-12 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Alamo Canyon
    CAS-BOT439165CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowerman, Mary L.11101932-3-12 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Alamo Canyon
    UC692544UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman11101932-3-12 Contra CostaAlamo Canon (e-facing bank 15 ft above the stream) Alamo Canon; Mount Diablo
    SBBG173630SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess111122019-3-29 VenturaRose Valley, first vernal meadow on E side of rd to Rose Valley Campground, Los Padres National Forest
    RSA726539RSAClaytonia exiguaNaomi Fraga11122004-4-29 KernBLMAlong the Pacific Crest Trail near Morris Peak.; Owens Peak 7.5' USGS Quad
    SBBG172093SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess111252019-4-1 Venturaupper Cuyama Valley, Timba Creek, clay slopes on S side of cyn, Los Padres National Forest
    CAS-BOT439166CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowerman, Mary L.11131932-3-12 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Alamo Canyon
    UC692545UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman11131932-3-12 Contra CostaAlamo Canon (50 ft above stream) Alamo Canon; Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439322CASClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaBowerman, Mary L.11141932-3-12 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Alamo Canyon
    UC692660UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman11141932-3-12 Contra CostaAlamo Canon (50 ft above stream) Alamo Canon; Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439159CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCovel, Paul F.11151938-3-4 AlamedaOak Hills (Frye St & Maple Ave)
    CAS-BOT439270CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas111771933-4-23 San BenitoNear Hernandez
    CAS-BOT439272CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas111781933-4-23 San BenitoNear Hernandez
    CAS-BOT439307CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice112091922-4-30 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton
    UC692551UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman11281932-3-23 Contra Costae of Donner Creek; Mount Diablo
    UC412616UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. W. Hicks1131917-3-24 Contra Costaw shoulder Mt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT439160CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas113551933-5-28 AlamedaStrawberry Canyon, Berkeley Hills
    CAS-BOT439134CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTrue, Gordon H.11391963-4-3 NevadaWolf Road along Ragsdale Creek, just west of Higgins Corner
    HSC32506HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson11431974-4-08 Lake200 m E of Oasis Resort, 13 mi. E of Clear Lake Oaks along Hwy. 20
    CHSC69689CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald11451984-4-11 TehamaRound Valley Rd. (also M4 or 2 N02), 5.4 mi w of Newville Rd. (2.7 mi w of Mendocino Nat. Forest boundary).
    CHSC69691CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaVernon Oswald11481984-4-11 TehamaRound Valley Rd. (also M4 or 2 N02), 8.0 mi w of Newville Rd. (5.3 mi w of Mendocino Nat. Forest Boundary).
    SBBG204544SBBGClaytonia exiguaR. Burgess114972020-4-28 VenturaSespe Creek drainage, Cherry Creek Rd, up shady side cyn, E side of rd, Los Padres National Forest
    HSC32638HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGary S. Lester1151974-4-21 TrinityAlong Hwy. 299, 1 W of Oregon Mt. Summit, Rockwall
    UC615387UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBeryl O. Schreiber1161932-3-21 AlamedaSequoia Park Oakland (Oakland)
    RSA48005RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoxana S. Ferris116941948-6-11 Trinity1.5 miles above Peanut on State Hwy 36.
    CAS-BOT439150CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura116941948-6-11 Trinity1.5 miles above Peanut on State Highway 36
    UC796447UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine116941948-6-11 Trinity1.5 mi above Peanut (on State Hwy 36)
    CHSC69690CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald11721984-5-02 ColusaMendocino Nat. Forest, Fouts Spring Rd. (M10; 18n01) 11.9 mi w of Stonyford. Growing in gravel on a road cut.
    CAS-BOT439146CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.117801915-3-25 SutterNear Sutter City
    CAS-BOT439147CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.117801915-3-25 SutterNear Sutter City
    UC852046UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. A. Heller117801915-3-25 Sutternear Sutter City
    JEPS85112UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoy E. Buck, Rexford Palmer11791989-4-20 Monterey2.8 air km sw Fourth of July Spring (ne-facing slope on s side of Lewis Creek Rd in Lewis Creek canyon, 22 air km ene of King City); Lewis Creek Canon
    DAV329401DAVClaytonia exiguaC.H. Lamoureux11801957-3-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Greenstone Feed Store, Hwy 50, between Placerville and Shingle Springs, on north side of highway.
    CAS-BOT439171CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBacigalupi, Rimo11851925-3-25 Contra CostaAlong Joaquin Miller Road, just above 'The Hights' [Heights] - Oakland Hills
    SBBG69720SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. A. Munz119051930-5-21 San Bernardinoroad from Lake Arrowhead to Deep Crk
    POM171864RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. A. Munz119051930-5-21 San BernardinoEdge of meadow at lower part of line belt, on road from Arrowhead Lake to Deep Creek, north side of San Bernardino Mtns.
    CAS-BOT439120CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.119221915-6-3 GlennBetween Mud Flat nd Bennet [Bennett] Spring on the Newville-Covelo road, in the Coast Range
    CAS-BOT439121CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.119221915-6-3 GlennBetween Mud Flat nd Bennet [Bennett] Spring on the Newville-Covelo road, in the Coast Range
    RSA731247RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd119512008-5-1 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada region: Piute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley.
    HSC96213HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaM. Lindquist122005-6-15 Humboldt
    HSC100992HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith12,7152010-4-26 Mendocino
    CDA0011391CDAClaytonia exiguaG.F. Hrusa121111995-4-22 ColusaApproximately 5 N of intersection of Walker Ridge Road and Highway 20. Inner North Coast Ranges.
    CAS-BOT439184CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.122771966-5-20 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Spring at the west end of Tollgate Ridge (mountains east of Keene).
    CAS-BOT439185CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.122771966-5-20 KernTehachapi-Kernville Region. Spring at the west end of Tollgate Ridge (mountains east of Keene).
    CAS-BOT439243CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.1231978-3-21 MendocinoRte. 111 (Mt. House Rd.) at Hwy 128. Elev. given as 500 ft.
    JEPS101051UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor123181992-3-11 San BenitoDiablo Range, Las Agillas Mountains, east slope of Cerro Colorado,
    JEPS104831UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor123481992-3-30 Mercedridge 1 mi SW of Ortigalita Peak summit, on western border Little Panoche Valley
    JEPS104808UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor123601992-4-15 MercedPiedra Azul Canon, ca. 2 miles west from Panoche de San Juan,
    JEPS101054UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor123601992-4-15 MercedPiedra Azul Canon, ca. 2 miles west from Panoche de San Juan,
    CAS-BOT439192CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, L. R.124121928-5-6 Lake6 mi. up grade west side Bartlett Mt.
    HSC72967HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGail Newton12521980-7-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
    RSA93495RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMilo S. Baker125371953-4-26 Tehama5 W. of Paskenta in foothill at burn elevation somewhat higher than Paklenta.
    CAS-BOT439306CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHesse, V. F.12541954-3-25 Santa ClaraPage Mill road
    SBBG37999SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClare B. Hardham125731965-5-10 Montereyhead of Big Sandy
    LA325883LAClaytonia exiguaHarlan Lewis12621940-3-17 San DiegoLyons Valley; 5 miles W of Barret Lake
    HSC33074HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson12631974-5-14 HumboldtBeside the old Samoa-Crannel railbed N of Samoa, along the Mad River Slough
    CDA0012822CDAClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaG.F. Hrusa12654A1996-3-08 SonomaBetween Foote Creek and Briggs Creek on Foote Ranch at corner of Ida Clayton Rd. and Hwy. 1 North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
    OBI123327OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil127371978-4-27 KernAlong Cerro Noroeste Rd at Valle Vista campground on lower slopes of Mt. Abel
    CAS-BOT439161CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMason, H. L.12811925-3-7 AlamedaJunction 1/2 mile southwest of Sunol
    UC634939UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. L. Mason12811926-3-07 Alameda0.5 mi sw Sunol
    SJSU15461SJSUClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman, Stella Yang12932015-2-21 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Santa Clara Co. Near small drainage at base of south-facing slope below Mt. Umunhum summit.
    UC634940UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. L. Mason12961925-3-10 Contra Costahigher slopes Mt. Diablo
    RSA784350RSAClaytonia exiguaAnna Kostikova132010-6-16 Los Angelesroad 7N23 turn from road 7N08
    SFV108776SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. E. Grissell131967-5-06 MarinBolinas Road, about 2.25 miles southwest of Fairfax Post Office.
    JEPS68968UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEdward Lee13021935-3-10 Contra CostaNortonville , Kirker Creek (s watershed Kirker Creek)
    CAS-BOT439314CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHesse, V. F.13031954-6-17 Santa CruzSlope of Loma Prieta
    SBBG28591SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaErnest C. Twisselmann130421967-5-18 San Benitocyn of San Benito River, just above Picacho
    RSA195151RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. C. Twisselmann130421967-5-18 San BenitoCanon of the San Bernito River, just above Picacho.
    CAS-BOT439265CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.130421967-5-18 San BenitoCanyon of the San Benito River, just above Picacho.
    CAS-BOT439266CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.130421967-5-18 San BenitoCanyon of the San Benito River, just above Picacho.
    OBI123325OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil130591979-4-19 San Luis ObispoUpper Prefumo Cyn rd
    SBBG54832SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid Keil130591979-4-19 San Luis Obispoupper Prefumo Cyn Rd
    CAS-BOT439248CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas13061934-4-10 Mendocino9 miles south of Hopland
    CAS-BOT439249CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas13061934-4-10 Mendocino9 miles south of Hopland
    CAS-BOT439109CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.130941919-3-29 ButteFeather River near Yankee Hill
    CAS-BOT439110CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.130941919-3-29 ButteFeather River near Yankee Hill
    CAS-BOT439245CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.13201980-3-26 MendocinoEastside Road, ca. 6.50 mi. NE of Hopland. Elev. given as 450 ft.
    SD71590SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHelen V. Witham1331969-5-26 San DiegoWest slope of South Peak, Cuyamaca.
    UCSB005937UCSBClaytonia exiguaWilliamson, Paula S.1351982-5-16 VenturaDry Creek Canon; located 0.5 miles west of Dome Springs Road, 2.0 miles north of Lockwood Valley Road
    JROH5705JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Rawlings13532015-3-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; Rd D
    UC13674UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. P. Tracy13551902-4-05 Alamedahills near Berkeley; San Francisco Bay Region
    CAS-BOT439317CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.135851962-4-14 SonomaCa. 1/8 mi. beyond County dump
    JEPS28104UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoxana S. Ferris135851962-4-14 Sonomaca .12 mi beyond Sonoma County dump
    UCR0088899UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClark P. Cowan13611978-5-08 KernTehachapi Loop Road, 6 miles south of Hwy 58, toward Tehachapi
    CAS-BOT361316CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGosliner, T.; Hannibal, M. E.; Imazumi, S.; Whelan, S.136212013-4-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Rocky Ridge Road, first serpentine outcrop after Bon Tempe dam
    CHSC42270CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. P. Janeway13721986-3-21 FresnoSide cyn on north side of Warthan Cr ca y mi west of Coalinga via hwy 1 W-facing steep crumbly shale slope in side cyn of the side cyn. T21S R14E S17 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain
    RSA564630RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. C. Sanders137491993-4-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, Upper Crowder Canon: Highway 138 in the Canon Pass area, 3.2 miles E of I-15 at Canon Junction, 0.9 mile W of Summit.
    UCR0088912UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders137491993-4-23 San BernardinoCanon Pass area, Hwy 138, 3.2 miles east I-15 at Canon Junction., 0.9 mi. west of Summit. Upper Crowder Cyn.
    CHSC109701CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaV. Soza13812002-4-3 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges, Liebre Mountains region: West side of Bouquet Canon, canyon opposite Texas Canon. Stable Fire 2001 area. T0 N R1 W S21 SW1/4 SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mint Canon
    CHSC86514CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaB. Castro13832003-3-17 ColusaVicinity of Sites, hills N of the Sites-Lodoga Rd, and Stone Corral Creek. T1 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Lodoga/Sites 1:24,000
    UC1745695UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAnnetta M. Carter, Sarah Dyal, Ethel Crum13831938-5-08 ColusaBetween Leesville & Stonyford. 6.6 mi. S of Lodoga. 3 N of Leesville.
    UC1745699UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAnnetta M. Carter, Sarah Dyal, Ethel Crum13881938-5-08 ColusaBetween Leesville & Stonyford. 6.6 mi. S of Lodoga. 3 N of Leesville.
    UC724599UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLois Chambers1391933-3-31 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Valley; Mount Hamilton Range
    CAS-BOT471227CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMcCubbin, L.; Leist, F.; Suri, P.; Reid, N.142012014-3-22 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: On Pine Mountain Road, approx. 0.33 mi from intersection with Bolinas-Fairfax Road, plot along unofficial trail to east
    HSC44453HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. York1441978-4-23 LakeBarrel Springs Campground.
    HSC73384HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert Kirkpatrick1441981-5-09 TrinityMuldoon Gulch off Hwy. 36
    HSC40352HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLinda M. Barker14451976-5-01 TrinityHills above Philpot National Forest Service Campground
    UC1818931UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson, Diane Lake145921996-4-14 Contra CostaMount Diablo; ; North Peak of Mt. Diablo; open rocky flats.
    RSA127366RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. T. Howell146151939-4-23 MarinCorte Madera Ridge, Mt. Tamalpais.
    CAS-BOT439229CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas146151939-4-23 MarinCorte Madera Ridge, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439230CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas146181939-4-23 MarinUpper Throckmorton Trail, Mt. Tamalpais
    HSC47018HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSheila Logan1481978-5-13 ShastaBeegum Gorge Rd., near Platina, 2.7 mi. from the junction of Hwy. 36 and A16 on FS Rd. 1S02
    UC672985UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaJoseph P. Tracy148011936-4-26 HumboldtKneeland Prairie
    CAS-BOT439152CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.14841919-4-11 TuolumneRawhide Hill, Rawhide
    CAS-BOT439153CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.14841919-4-11 TuolumneRawhide Hill, Rawhide
    SBBG22529SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. R. Chandler14891964-7-24 Santa BarbaraCamuesa Crk Cyn and bank of small side cyn
    JROH3332JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn H. Thomas148951969-4-20 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    HSC17756HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC.B. Wolf14951928-2-25 NapaMt. St. Helena Grade, 5 N of Calistoga
    CHSC42273CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. P. Janeway15001986-4-10 FresnoSlope on south side of Warthan Cr ca 5-6 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198. Bare places on the slope. T21S R14E S2 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain
    RSA466952RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E. Hasse15081906-6-05 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek.
    JEPS43333UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson152341929-4-29 AmadorSacramento to Jackson road (Willow Springs Station)
    CAS-BOT439313CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHesse, V. F.15261955-5-5 Santa CruzNear, north of, Bear Creek summit
    RSA707458RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaNaomi Fraga15312005-3-31 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSouth side of Hwy 173, across from Las Flores Ranch. ca. 2 miles northeast of intersection of Hwy 173 and Hwy 138. Area burned in Old Fire of 2003.; Silverlake 7.5'
    UCR0088915UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaNaomi Fraga15312005-3-31 San BernardinoS side of Hwy 173, across Las Flores Ranch, c. 2 NE of intersection of Hwy 173 and Hwy 138
    CDA0016362CDAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaG.F. Hrusa153492000-4-13 San Luis ObispoGoat Springs pasture, W of KCL Ranch campground. Carrizo Plain.
    CAS-BOT439305CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, Le Roy15361901-4-1 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
    CAS-BOT531481CASClaytonia exiguaSmith, D.; Whelan, S.; Smith, V.; Kuimelis, H.153672015-4-10 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Potrero Meadow
    JEPS43245UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson153931930-4-13 FresnoDiablo Range; sw Fresno County
    CAS-BOT439220CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas154321940-5-12 MarinSouth end of Carson Ridge
    UC1106072UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell154321940-5-12 Marins end Canon Ridge
    CHSC35704CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. D. Jokerst15601982-5-08 ButteOpening in Yellow Pine F. Adjacent to road to Forbestown Resv. just S of its jct with the S. Fork of the Feather River. T2 N R07E S3 W1/4 of SE1/4
    JROH3333JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn H. Thomas157711971-4-24 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT439294CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.158541971-5-2 San MateoNear intersection of Canada and Edgewater roads. About 4 miles SW of center of Redwood City.
    CAS-BOT439240CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.; Kipping, Ted15921980-5-2 MendocinoMendocino Pass. 23.5 mi. (37.8 km.) E. of Covelo on Mendocino Pass Road. Elev. given as 5000 ft.
    SBBG121775SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess15961995-5-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Apache Cyn, S of Apache Cyn Rd
    UC724589UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. K. Sharsmith15991935-3-29 Stanislaus4 mi above mouth of canyon Arroyo del Puerto (e side of Mount Hamilton Range); Mount Hamilton Range
    DAV329402DAVClaytonia exiguaCraig J. Hohenberger161979-4-15 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Blackbird Valley, Mines Road. Growing in chaparral on dry hillside. Corolla red-pink.
    HSC46996HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSheila Logan1601978-5-13 ShastaTrinity National Forest, Basin Gulch Campground
    UC2028068UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, Tony Morosco160061998-4-12 Contra CostaMount Olympia on north side of Mount Diablo, below false summit on East Trail.
    UC2028063UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, Tony Morosco160111998-4-12 Contra CostaMount Olympia on north side of Mount Diablo, East Trail along ridge NE of summit
    OBI123336OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil160411982-5-08 San Luis ObispoCypress Mtn, E of Cambria in Santa Lucia Mts. NE side of mtn on hillside above cypress swamp
    JEPS43338UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson161621932-4-02 Fresnoupper Waltham Creek; Waltham Creek
    SBBG34640SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClare B. Hardham16171957-4-04 San Luis Obisponear Union Oil Pump Station, Atascadero, Creston Rd
    CAS-BOT439285CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHardham, Clare B.16171957-4-2 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Near Union Oil Pump Station, Atascadero-Creston Road.
    UC1136707UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. C. Wilson1621935-3-29 Contra Costa1 mi w Deer Flat; Mt. Diablo Quad.
    UC56202UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. M. Hall16211901-2-22 Marins side Mt. Tamalpais; San Francisco Bay Region
    JEPS43339UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson163281932-5-09 TehamaPaskenta; sw Tehama County
    UCSB005943UCSBClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKamb, Peter & Chisaki, Francia16341950-3-18 Contra CostaNorth-east slope of South Peak of Mt. Diablo
    UCSB005945UCSBClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKamb, Peter & Chisaki, Francia16381950-3-18 Contra CostaSaddle between North and South Peaks of Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439201CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowman, Agnes M.1641902-4-1 LakeSulphur Bnks
    CAS-BOT439267CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.165121973-3-29 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument. Vicinity of Pinnacle Rocks.
    POM319199RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPatricia Wilder16521965-3-27 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mt. Road, ca. 4 mi. below Lookout Station; towards Los Olivos. Mt. Range Santa Ynez.
    CHSC101595CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid W. Isle16552002-4-18 ColusaMendocino National Forest; N of Fouts Springs, N of Chlorinator Building & road to Bathhouse Trail (Snow Mtn). N aspect of E drainage; MDB&M. T1 N R0 W S05 NW1/4 of SE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Fouts Springs
    POM275474RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. K. Sharsmith16571935-3-30 StanislausArroyo del Puerto, Red Mountains.
    UC724604UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. K. Sharsmith16571955-3-30 StanislausArroyo del Puerto; Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains
    RSA319200RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPatricia Wilder16671965-3-27 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mt. Road, ca. 4 mi. below Lookout Station; towards Los Olivos. Mt. Range Santa Ynez.
    CAS-BOT439269CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.166741973-4-23 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument. Foot Trail and upper part of Chalone Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT439167CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas16761926-3-7 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT439168CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas16781926-3-7 Contra CostaMitchell Canon [Canyon], Mt. Diablo
    HSC1831HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLarry Berti171969-3-15 TehamaN face of Antelope Creek Canon, 12 mi. E of Red Bluff, 3 mi. upstream from dam
    CHSC7111CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBryan C. Willingham171969-4-12 LakeOn cliffside along n side Hwy 20, n shore Clear Lake, ca 6000 ft n KonoTayee Point. T1 N R0 W S29 NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Lakeport
    DAV391999DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders170711995-5-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: San Bernardino Mtns, Coxey Road, 0.4 mi. above turnoff to Oak Spring, wash below Rattlesnake Spring.
    UCR0088910UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders170711995-5-21 San BernardinoCoxey Road, 0.4 mile above turnoff to Oak Spring, wash below Rattlesnake Spring
    UCR0088911UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders171041995-5-21 San Bernardinowest foot of Rattlesnake Mtn, 1.2 miles above the turnoff to Oak Spring on Coxey Rd.
    CAS-BOT439293CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.171311974-4-11 San MateoArea to the SE of Canada Road and Edgewood Road. NW of Woodside.
    JEPS100774UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor171471999-4-29 CalaverasTable Mountain, ca. 3 air miles E of Murphys, at head of Yea Moe Gulch
    CAS-BOT439132CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas1727A1926-3-21 NapaSt. Helena Creek below Patten's
    CAS-BOT439181CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.17381955-3-20 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Packwood Canyon, 10 miles west of Blackwell's Corner
    RSA486657RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd17481988-4-08 San BernardinoWest side of Ord Mountain. North of Lucerne Valley. 15 miles south of I-40 on Camp Rock Road near Tyler Valley.
    UC56201UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. M. Hall17591901-4-05 Contra CostaMt. Diablo; San Francisco Bay Region
    RSA15643RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. B. Wolf17671928-4-08 San Benito1 N of New Idria on San Carlos Creek.
    JROH3334JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn H. Thomas177171975-4-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    HSC34861HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson17911975-5-05 LakeBeside Hwy. 29, 2 N of Middletown
    CAS-BOT439226CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas179371943-5-2 MarinCarson Ridge
    UC1176767UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell179371943-5-02 MarinCanon Ridge
    JEPS77942UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEdward Lee18001936-3-15 Napa0.75 mi out Rutherford (Rutherford-Pope Valley road)
    HSC34899HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson1810B1975-5-05 LakeBeside Hwy. 2 N of Calistoga along St. Helena Creek, NE side of Mt. St. Helena
    JEPS77948UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEdward Lee18151936-3-15 Napaon road from Rutherford Pope Valley; Butt's Canon
    RSA0078291RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaErika M. Gardner181a2013-5-18 KernScodie Mountains; Kiavah Wilderness; Sequoia National Forest. About 0.50 (air)miles northwest of Pinyon Peak. West side of the dry meadow.; Walker Pass 7.5' Quad
    JEPS81986UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoy E. Buck, James A. West1821983-4-03 Santa Cruzapprox 17 mi nw Santa Cruz (between forks of Gulch #1, H-H Ranch, located between Calif Hwy 1 (Cabrillo Hwy) and Swanton Road, se of Greyhound Rock)
    UC1106289UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPeter H. Raven18281950-4-22 Marinnear Rock Springs; Mt. Tamalpais
    CHSC2459CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Carter1851965-4-24 TrinityFound in Douglas City, on rather dry slope 75 yds. NW of wash house at trailer park beside river.
    OBI123337OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil186001985-4-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Crk Rd, N of Rocky Butte lookout at locked gate
    UCR0088919UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil186001985-4-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 miles from CA Route 1 along San Simeon Creek Road, north of Rocky Butte lookout at locked gate
    CAS-BOT439261CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.186031972-4-2 MontereySouth slope of Parkfield Grade (2.2 miles from the summit)
    CAS-BOT439262CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.186031972-4-2 MontereySouth slope of Parkfield Grade (2.2 miles from the summit)
    CHSC112251CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLowell Ahart186722013-5-1 ColusaOn the east side of Bear Valley Road, about 2 1/2 miles (by road) northwest of the intersection with State Highway 20 and Bear Valley Road. T1 N R0 W S34 NE1/4
    SBBG128770SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLowell Ahart186772013-5-1 Colusasouth side of wash, N side of State Hwy 20, just E of Lake County Line, 12.2 mi (air) ENE of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 mi (air) W of Williams
    CHSC112263CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLowell Ahart186772013-5-1 ColusaInner North Coast Range. On the south side of the wash, north side of State Highway 20, just east of Lake County Line, 12.2 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S34 SW1/4
    JEPS121109UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLowell Ahart186772013-5-1 ColusaOn the S side of the wash, N side of Hwy 20, just E of Lake County line, 12.2 air miles ENE of the town of Clear Lake, 17.1 air miles W of Williams.
    POM300715RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman18751933-4-15 Contra CostaCanon south of Arroyo del Cerro, about 250 ft. below spring;
    CAS-BOT439162CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowerman, Mary L.18751933-4-15 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Canyon south of Arroyo del Cerro, about 250 feet below spring
    UC692543UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman18751933-4-15 Contra Costas of (canyon s, below spring) Arroyo del Cerro; Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439163CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowerman, Mary L.18761933-4-15 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Canyon south of Arroyo del Cerro
    UC692541UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman18761933-4-15 Contra Costas of (canyon s, basin a short distance below the spring) Arroyo del Cerro; Mount Diablo
    SBBG30265SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDonald Myrick18781968-5-01 KernThompson Cyn, S slope of Piute Peak
    POM164075RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. F. Baker18841903-4-06 San MateoSan Bruno Hills near S.F. [San Francisco]
    POM225860RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM. S. Jussel191931-3-30 LakeGlenbrook near Jordan Park.
    HSC66069HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTeri Bartowski191980-4-19 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 1.3 mi. S of jct. with access road to Indian Valley Dam
    HSC72776HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMark Loy191980-4-12 LakeJct. of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd., 6 mi. W of jct. of Hwy. 20 and 16
    CHSC55735CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJennie J. DuBose191991-4-06 LakeE side Clear Lake, 2.2 mi s of Lucerne T1 N R0 W S19 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Lakeport 1:64,000
    JEPS43314UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson19031902-6-20 HumboldtFt. Seward Ranch Ridge
    CAS-BOT439268CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.19133D1978-4-23 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument. High Peaks, Condor Gulch, Bear Gulch trail loop.
    UC765760UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover19161937-4-22 AlamedaRedwood Peak road Oakland Hills (Oakland Hills)
    CAS-BOT439234CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas193671944-4-2 MarinBolinas Ridge
    UC625487UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFrank W. Gould1951938-4-13 San Benito5 mi s Paicines (on the road to Panoche, ridge several hundred feet above the road)
    CAS-BOT439180CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.19631955-5-12 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Messa Ridge, Temblor Mountains
    RSA10167RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. B. Wolf19811928-5-06 Lake6 mi. from Clear Lake on the Bartlett Springs Grade. (Morrison Garden).
    CAS-BOT439182CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.19811955-5-12 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Summit of Associated Canyon, Temblor Mountains
    CAS-BOT439183CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.19811955-5-12 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Summit of Associated Canyon, Temblor Mountains
    CAS-BOT439194CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWolf, Carl B.19811928-5-6 Lake6 miles up Bartlett Springs grade
    UCR0088897UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders198171997-3-07 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, 4 NE of Eagle Rest Peak (near bench mark 4070), along a dirt road 6.5 km north of Antimony Peak
    VVC917VVCClaytonia exiguaA.C. Sanders198171997-3-07 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, 4 NE of Eagle Rest Peak (near bench mark 4070), along a dirt road 6.5 km N of Antimony Peak
    CAS-BOT439241CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.19961981-4-10 MendocinoMountain House to Hopland Road. Circle A Ranch. Elev. given as 600 ft.
    UC692552UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaMary L. Bowerman19981933-5-04 Contra Costae end Fossil Ridge; Mount Diablo
    CHSC115386CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart199942015-4-1 ColusaNear a small drainage, burned over in 2012, rocky serpentine outcrop on the north side of State Highway 20, 1/2 mile east of Lake County Line, 12 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17 miles (air) west of Williams. Inner Coast Range. T1 N R0 W S03 NW1/4
    JEPS124232UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart199942015-4-1 ColusaInner North Coast Range. 1/2 mile east of Lake County Line, 12 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17 miles (air) west of Williams.
    CHSC24139CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaB. Bunge21976-4-03 LakeGrowing 3 ft. from Hwy. at intersection of Walker Ridge Rd. and Hwy 20.
    CHSC115327CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart200182015-4-10 LakeOn the north side of Brim Road, about 3 miles west of the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Brim Road, about 18 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S11
    SBBG158036SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart200182015-4-10 Lakein meadow on N side of Brim Rd, ca. 3 W of intersection of Bear Valley Rd and Brim Rd, ca. 18 mi (air) W of Williams
    JEPS124240UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart200182015-4-10 LakeAbout 3 miles west of the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Brim Road, about 18 miles (air) west of Williams.
    UCR0088916UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders200781997-3-22 San Bernardinoalong the Pacific Crest Trail southwest of Grass Valley Creek; San Bernardino Mtns.
    OBI123332OBIClaytonia exiguaGreg Wilvert2012005-4-9 San Luis ObispoSE Half of the Caliente Range. Above Lawson Spring
    RSA0028044RSAClaytonia exiguaGreg Wilvert2012005-4-9 San Luis ObispoAbove Lawson Spring.
    CAS-BOT439176CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.2011953-4-1 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Black Canyon
    CAS-BOT439177CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.2011953-4-1 KernTemblor Range and the Western San Joaquin Valley. Black Canyon
    UC2027409UCJEPSClaytonia exiguaGreg Wilvert2012005-4-9 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of the Caliente Range. Above Lawson Spring.
    JEPS128421UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJulie Kierstead Nelson, Brad Rust2015-0032015-3-27 TehamaWest slope of Tedoc Mountain, Beegum Creek watershed, SE Klamath Range, below milepost 11 on Forest Service Road 2 N45.
    SBBG154093SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDenise Knapp2018-1832018-5-7 Santa BarbaraDry Canon Road.
    HREC745HRECClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKerry L. Heise20261996-4-20 MendocinoFoster Biological Area, app. 3/4 mi SW of headquarters.
    RSA653266RSAClaytonia exiguaA. C. Sanders203891997-4-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch: 'Pleito Ridge,' W of Pleito Creek along a dirt road, ca. 4.5 N of Antimony Peak.; Pleito Hills 7.5
    UCR0088898UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders203891997-4-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, 5 km (air) north of Antimony Peak on dirt road, SE of Bench Mark 4070; Hills S of San Joaquin Valley
    UC83811UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaunknown20461889-4-17 San DiegoLaguna Mt.
    RSA618178RSAClaytonia exiguaD. L. Banks20501997-5-11 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: South of the Cleveland National Forest and the Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. Approximately 0.3 miles north of the intersection of the Gomez Truck Trail and the Palomar Divide Road (9S07).; Boucher HillWest of Gordon Point and Morgan Hill.
    UC692550UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman20651933-5-10 Contra Costaridge w Indian Ceremonial Spring; Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439242CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.20681981-4-23 MendocinoMountain House to Hopland Road. Circle A Ranch. Elev. given as 600 ft.
    CAS-BOT439222CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas207981945-4-29 MarinFairfax Hills
    HSC39748HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.O. Sawyer20871970-4-04 SiskiyouAlong Sugar Creek
    SD196614SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLarry Hendrickson21202007-5-8 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. N of Lake Cuyamaca, « air mi. SSW of intersection of State hwy. 79 and County hwy. S-1 (Sunrise Highway) in meadow on west side of Hwy 79 (formerly Tulloch property).
    POM216323RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. D. Keck21261933-5-03 MontereySummit of grade above Parkfiels on Estrella road, Cholame Hills.
    CAS-BOT439254CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKeck, David D.21261933-5-3 MontereySummit of grade above Parkfield on Estrella road, Cholame Hills
    CAS-BOT439255CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKeck, David D.21261933-5-3 MontereySummit of grade above Parkfield on Estrella road, Cholame Hills. Elev. given as 2400 ft.
    UC518972UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid D. Keck21261933-5-03 Montereysummit of grade above Parkfield (on Estrella road); Cholame Hills
    RSA709622RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLeRoy Gross21282005-4-28 Los AngelesRidgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5 Quad.Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Then dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin.
    DAV358602DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCraig D. Thomsen21362000-4-12 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. Caltrans right-of-way, on south side of Hwy 20, ca. 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20/16 instersection, near Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    RSA0069356RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDean W. Taylor214722014-4-23 Tehama4 miles SW of Viola, via Rock Creek Road ca. 3 road miles SW of Highway 44.; Grays Peak, CA 7 1/2 ′
    CAS-BOT439225CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas215591946-3-24 MarinFairfax Hills
    CAS-BOT439221CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas215741946-3-24 MarinNear country club, Fairfax Hills
    CAS-BOT439227CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas215781946-3-24 MarinCarson Ridge
    UC1176766UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell215781946-3-24 MarinCanon Ridge
    CAS-BOT439224CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas215791946-3-24 MarinCarson Ridge
    CAS-BOT439235CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas215791946-3-24 MarinCarson Ridge
    UC1187043UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaV. F. Hesse2176c1957-4-29 Santa Cruznear Eagle Rock
    CAS-BOT439231CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas219171946-5-19 MarinCarson Ridge
    CAS-BOT439228CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas219181946-5-19 MarinCarson Ridge
    CHSC122206CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLowell Ahart219372019-4-27 TehamaRoad bank on the south side of Pettyjohn Road, about 6.1 miles (air) northeast of Tomhead Mountain, about 24 miles (air) west of Red Bluff.
    UC692546UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman21951933-5-25 Contra Costaw end of s-face Oyster Ridge (near gully bottom e of saddle); Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT439113CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJokerst, James22071985-4-5 ColusaNear Coyote Peak.
    PASA369PASAMontia exiguaMargaret Stason2221930-4-15 San Luis ObispoTemblor Mountains
    SJSU7794SJSUClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaS.H. Casey2231969-4-11 Santa Claraby firebreak road W of Uvas Canon County Park, Uvas Canon, Santa Cruz Mts
    UCR261657UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAnn Howald22752003-3-8 SonomaMayacamas Mountains, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, McCormick Addition, ca. 0.1 mile east of intersection of Headwaters Trail and Grandmother Oaks Trail
    CAS-BOT439119CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJanish, Carl; Janish, Jeanne2281948-3-22 Glenn2 mi. west of Elk Creek store on San Hedrin Road
    HSC37889HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson22901976-4-11 MendocinoBeside road to Little Red Mtn.
    RSA755970RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaOrlando Mistretta23072008-4-4 Los AngelesNorth of State Hwy 14 along Southern California Edison Transmission Line in the vicinity of Peaceful Valley Road (Segment 5, structure 54 per TRTP survey; 2008).
    HSC38214HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson23411976-4-12 LakeAlong Morgan Valley Rd., 1 W of Napa Co. line
    DAV329404DAVClaytonia exiguaDaryl Koutnik2351978-4-03 VenturaVentura County: Decker Road at Lake Eleanor.
    RSA757201RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaOrlando Mistretta23582008-4-7 Los Angelesalong SCE transmission line corridor, ca. 1 W of intersection of transmission line with State Hwy. 14 (1.25 mi. NW of Vincent substation), southeast edge of Sierra Pelona Ridge. (Segment 5, structure 43 per TRTP survey-2008)
    DAV329414DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMichele H. Mills2361998-3-30 MarinMarin County: San Quentin, Tiburon Peninsula, Middle Ridge Open Space Preserve.
    UC2085335UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarry Breckling2381932011-3-28 MariposaFrom Bear Valley take Hornitos Road to Hunter Valley Mountain Access Road. Plants are on the S.W. side of the road on a rocky road cut west of road to fie lookout.
    HSC45696HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaChristopher Knopp241978-4-23 LakeBarrel Springs Campground
    CHSC9107CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaB. K. Madsen241970-4-04 Lake1 W. of Mercury mine, Highway 20, in vicinity of Clear Lake.
    SD121065SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMichael Curto2421986-3-10 San DiegoFrequent on slightly drier hillside south of Minshall Meadow on southeast shore of Cuyamaca Lake. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
    UCR0088895UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaT.B. Salvato24202007-5-7 Kernc. 1.5 mi east of Castac Lake, at the head of Dry Field Canon
    UCSB005947UCSBClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDennis E. Breedlove2435-A1962-4-19 Ventura4.5 miles east of U.S. Highway 399 on Lockwood Road, Ozena Valley; on the Ozena River
    DAV358601DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCraig D. Thomsen24572001-4-12 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. Caltrans right-of-way, on south side of Hwy 20, ca. 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20/16 instersection, near Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    HSC17755HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD.E. Anderson24671963-5-19 HumboldtAbout 1 mi. S of Kneeland school
    DAV329403DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEllen Dean24812005-4-24 LakeLake County, McLaughlin UC Reserve, along dirt road that leaves Morgan Valley Rd, 0.9 rd mile S of intersection with with road to Reserve Field Station on the E side of the road. Rocky serpentine outcrop E of stock pond with white shed.
    UC1565127UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHarold, Virginia Bailey2482b1948-7-22 Tulareabout 1 mi below General's Highway (Redwood Mountain road); Kings Canon National Park
    UC1565125UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHarold, Virginia Bailey24951948-7-22 TulareRedwood Creek; Kings Canon National Park
    JROH3336JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Hunter Thomas251331992-4-09 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT439131CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCantelow, Ella Dales25211939-4-8 Napa1/2 mi. n.e. of Pacific Union College, Howell Mt.
    JEPS70018UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLawrence R. Heckard25371971-5-08 San Benitoabout 1.5 mi above Aurora Mine (sw of Idria) (along San Carlos Creek); San Carlos Creek
    CHSC67847CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJames D. Jokerst25961986-3-18 El DoradoSerpentine outcrop W of and adjacent to Lotus Creek, N of crossing of Indian Creek.
    HSC45098HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Sutherland26.23.4.781978-4-23 Humboldt
    SD85964SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Mitchel Beauchamp26021971-5-31 San DiegoMoist bank, northwest slope of Cuyamaca Peak.
    CDA0023948CDAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaG.D. Barbe26161980-4-29 Siskiyou200 meters north of Hamilton Street on Highway 3, north edge of Fort Jones.
    HSC41877HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLloyd Simpson2651977-4-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    SBBG46833SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. W. Edge2661973-4-09 San Luis Obisponear summit of See Cyn Rd
    UCR0088917UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders267672003-5-18 San BernardinoCleghorn Road, 0.5 mile northeast of Canon
    UC634941UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. L. Mason26891926-3-06 Marinn side Mount Tamalpais
    OBI123339OBIClaytonia exiguaDavid J. Keil269351998-4-28 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just north of Cuyama River on hills near Rock Front Ranch. ORV trailhead. T325, R17E, Sec 25 and T325, R18E, sec 30.
    HSC66025HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. Boyd271980-4-19 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 2.65 mi. S of junction with access road to Indian Valley Dam
    HSC39550HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson27011976-6-14 HumboldtS of Mt. Lassic, Signal Peak
    CAS-BOT439133CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMason, H. L.27161926-3-14 NapaMount St. Helena
    OBI123322OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil272181998-5-11 San Luis ObispoCaliente Range, 5.1 mi from Soda Lake Rd. along Selby Rd.
    DAV329397DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert E. Preston27262010-3-30 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: W side of Temblor Range, 5.8 mi ENE of Simmler.
    UC692548UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman27321935-3-16 Contra CostaPeach Tree Springs Road Mount Diablo (e fork of canyon)
    UC692547UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman27371935-3-16 Contra Costae fork Arroyo del Cerro; Mount Diablo
    UCSB005946UCSBClaytonia exiguaDennis E. Breedlove27461962-5-12 Ventura3.0 miles south of Lockwood Valley Road, on road to Thorn Meadows; San Guillermo Mtn.
    CAS-BOT439278CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRaven, Peter H.27541951-3-25 San FranciscoNear Baker's [Baker] Beach, San Francisco.
    CAS-BOT439154CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.27661956-5-3 VenturaSan Emigdio Range. Ballinger Canyon
    HSC74287HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM.A. Baker27791980-7-11 HumboldtNear Red Mtn.
    OBI123324OBIClaytonia exiguaKyle R. Weichert282015-2-25 MontereyTurkey Flats.
    HSC74245HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM.A. Baker28061980-7-11 HumboldtNear Red Mtn.
    CAS-BOT439174CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBaker, C. F.28161903-4-28 Contra CostaMitchell's canon [Mitchell Canyon], Mt. Diablo
    UC144408UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. F. Baker28161903-4-28 Contra CostaMitchell's Canon; Mt. Diablo
    UC172943UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. F. Baker28161903-4-28 Contra CostaMt. Diablo, Mithcell's Canon
    JROH3337JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaToni Corelli2822005-2-16 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University; lost serpentine, Trail 5
    UC692553UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman28461935-4-17 Contra Costa2 mi from West Road (= North Road), Mt. Diablo entrance (ridge w of chaparral); Mount Diablo
    UC634936UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. L. Mason28541926-4-11 Alamedabetween Cedar Mountain and Rancho Repose; Mount Hamilton Range
    DAV329396DAVClaytonia exiguaJ. Adams2861993-5-08 SonomaSonoma County: about 40 air miles N of San Francisco; about 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mtn 1 mile.
    DAV329393DAVClaytonia exiguaBotany 102 Students2861993-5-08 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park; about 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa.
    HSC49716HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.O. Sawyer28641977-4-30 MendocinoRed Mtn.
    CAS-BOT439250CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBacigalupi, R.28681948-4-4 MendocinoAt Mountain House junction, 8-1/2 miles northwest of Cloverdale
    UC692549UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman28931935-4-22 Contra Costaridge w Pioneer Road, Mount Diablo (w of Stage Road); Mount Diablo
    UC765765UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover28961938-3-25 Contra CostaLone Tree Valley
    UC1042329UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell291651954-4-26 Trinity3 mi ne Douglas City
    DAV329389DAVClaytonia exiguaRobert E. Preston29512014-4-11 AlamedaAlameda County: 1.1 mi ENE of Patterson Pass summit.
    UC1057472UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaG. Thomas Robbins2961940-3-21 Sonoma506 mi e Windsor (Barnes Creek Canon, e of Chalk Hill Road); Barnes Creek Canon
    OBI123329OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClifton F. Smith29671951-4-08 Santa BarbaraFrom W slopes of Figueroa Mtn Apparently elsewhere in this region as about Nira Campground, Manazan crk, etc
    SD121749SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClifton F. Smith29671951-4-08 Santa Barbarawest slopes of Figueroa Mtn.
    UC1112234UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson29891957-6-09 Lakeca 3 mi w Cobb Valley (e of Bottle Rock Road, n side Boggs Lake, margins of lake); Boggs Lake
    OBI123323OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil302202003-5-17 TulareSequoia National Forest. Southern Sierra Nevada. Junction of Rincon Trail with Forest Road 22S05 (Sherman Pass Road), east of Johnsondale. Vicinity of 35.9848 ° N x 118.4575 ° W
    OBI123338OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keil305062008-4-11 San Luis ObispoHighway 58, just east to ca. 0.25 miles east of San Juan Creek bridge. South side of highway.
    UC1927828UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid Keil, Lisa Andreano, Mike Walgren, Aaron Sims305062008-4-12 San Luis ObispoHighway 58, just east to ca. 0.25 miles east of San Juan Creek bridge. South side of highway.
    HSC43102HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMaralyn O'Meara3071974-4-21 Trinity0.5 W of Oregon Mtn. Summit along Hwy. 299
    UC275639UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E. Parks30951925-5-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    UC1049553UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRimo Bacigalupi30991950-4-16 Glennabove Red Bridge Camp (between lower reaches of North Fork and Middle Fork of Stony Creek, just above their confluence, at Colusa-Glenn County line); Innermost North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
    OBI123340OBIClaytonia exiguaGeorge Butterworth311995-4-04 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain Natural Area. On NE slope 200 yds down from Windmill Rd
    UC1049552UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRimo Bacigalupi31001950-4-16 Glennridge above Red Bridge Canonfluence of the North and Middle Forks of Stony Creek, vicinity of Colusa-Glenn County line); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest, Stony C
    UC1215073UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaV. F. Hesse31011962-5-17 Santa Clarafoot of cone Loma Prieta
    HSC49719HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.O. Sawyer31071978-4-20 TrinityAbove Hwy. 299 White's Bar.
    CAS-BOT439286CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.31271935-4-10 San Luis ObispoKern-San Luis Obispo County Line, 13 miles northwest of McKittrick, on road to Simmler, east slope of Temblor Range (Inner Coast Range). Elev. given as 2800 ft.
    CAS-BOT439287CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.31271935-4-10 San Luis ObispoKern-San Luis Obispo County Line, 13 miles northwest of McKittrick, on road to Simmler, east slope of Temblor Range (Inner Coast Range). Elev. given as 2800 ft.
    UC161030UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJoseph P. Tracy31281910-4-24 HumboldtOcean Beach at Humboldt Bay; Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay
    DAV329399DAVClaytonia exiguaHeidi E. M. Dobson3141978-4-10 MarinMarin County: Overlooking Alpine Lake above Bolinas-Fairfax Road at base of Pine Hill.
    PASA368PASAMontia exiguaMargaret Stason317 Santa BarbaraFiguroa Mountain
    UC161031UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJoseph P. Tracy31741911-4-30 HumboldtEureka; Tracy's garden
    UC1056274UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRimo Bacigalupi, Arthur Holmgren31861950-4-26 Colusajust w Bear Valley (slope just w of base of the grade to Indian Valley (Bartlett Mt. Road)); Inner North Coast Ranges
    HSC41934HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaE. Cope321977-4-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC42361HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSue Sweet321977-5-07 TrinityPhilpot Campground, 1.2 W of Peanut
    CAS-BOT439260CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas320571957-4-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Canyon near Hastings Reservation
    HSC44415HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Kelly3211977-4-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    UCSB005938UCSBClaytonia exiguaClark Cowan3211975-4-20 San Luis Obispo100 yds. from the end of a dirt road, 150 yds. NE. of Soda Springs Rd., 8 W. of junction with Hwy. 166, Carrizo Plain.
    RSA654111RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBeecher Crampton32251956-3-13 Mendocino4 mi. south of Hopland, along U.S Highway 101, at junction of Pieta Creek and Russian River. Growing on serpentine slopes in digger pine and chaparral.
    AHUC102860DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBeecher Crampton32251956-3-13 MendocinoMendocino County: 4 miles south of Hopland, along U.S. Highway 101, at junction of Pieta Creek and Russian River.
    SFV108775SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM. L. Vincent3271963-3-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Highway, 0.25 miles east of Seminole Hot Springs, about 200 off road.
    OBI123321OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid Keil328862015-3-20 MontereyCholame Valley. Jack Ranch. California Flats Botanical Survey.
    RSA0073836RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaErika M. Gardner329b2013-6-1 KernAbout 200 feet from the PCT/4x4 road. South side of the trail.; Horse Canon 7.5'
    HSC37225HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLon Hall3321975-5-03 Lake8.7 mi. E of Hwy. 29 along Butt's Canon Creek on Butt's Canon Rd.
    UCR0088902UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders334202007-4-19 Los Angeleshills north of Oso Canon and south of the National Cement Plant
    UCR0088904UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders335542007-4-25 Los AngelesOso Canon near Kern Co. line, c. 0.1-0.2 mi. south of road on canyon bottom, c. 0.75 mi. east of powerlines
    RSA182320RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. D. Olmsted33591962-4-26 VenturaJunction of Thorne Meadows Road and Pine Springs Road; S of Frazier Mt. Park- U.S. 399 hwy.
    UCR0088896UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders336602007-5-3 KernDry Field Canon east of Canon road to head of Oso Canon
    HSC82345HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson33751977-5-01 MendocinoAlong Mail Ridge Rd., 10 N of junction with Hwy. 101
    RSA466953RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. C. Wheeler33781935-3-18 SiskiyouCottonwood Creek.
    CAS-BOT439246CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.33781983-5-15 MendocinoBurgess Ranch, 8 mi. (12.8 km.) SW of Hopland on Old Hopland-Yorkville Road. Elev. given as 3000 ft.
    UCR0088894UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders338562007-5-23 Kernhills c. 0.75 mi. east of Canong and east of the gas pipeline route, south of the paved road into Tejon Ranch from Castac Lk.
    RSA780878RSAClaytonia exiguaNaomi Fraga33952010-5-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestBarton Flats near campground; Big Bear Lake 7.5 minute
    CAS-BOT439209CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.340601934-3-17 MarinS. slope Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439112CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAhart, Lowell34181982-5-8 ButteAbout 1/2 mile south-west of the Forbestown Res., about 4 1/2 miles north-east of Forbestown
    SBBG12322SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. R. Blakley34341960-5-19 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: between Montgomery and Pine Corral Potreros
    RSA145594RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. R. Blakley34341960-5-19 Santa BarbaraAlong the road between Montgomery and Pine Corral Potrero.
    CAS-BOT439139CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBlakley, E. R.34341960-5-19 Santa BarbaraBetween Montgomery and Pine Corral Potrero
    RSA177960RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Thorne343791965-4-20 Sonomaca. 3/4 mi.; Charles Newman's place up Los Alamos Rd., on Rincon Ridge.
    DAV329412DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaJames A. Neilson, Jr.34791975-5-14 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains, Francisco Property. High Valley Creek. (Coordinates, location, and elevation estimated by label maker.)
    UCR0088908UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders349652008-4-18 Los AngelesCow Spring Canon, west side of canyon toward mouth
    HSC17708HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaElrid H. Spinas34A1948-5-22 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    CAS-BOT439202CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBowman, Agnes M.351902-3-1 LakeSulphur Banks
    UCR0088907UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders350642008-4-23 Los Angelesupper Cow Spring Canon
    SDSU09780SDSUClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowe, D.F.35321963-5-23 Sonoma4 miles north of Cloverdale on #128.
    OBI147819OBIClaytonia exiguaDavid Keil354902019-3-17 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills National Reserve; along Mariposa Trail above junction with Bog Thistle Trail
    UC1980023UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLeRoy Gross, Pam DeVries, Otto Gasser36152009-3-30 KernCoast Ranges; Temblor Mountains region: West end of the San Emigdio Mountains: Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; Low hills with drainages that drain west toward Cuyama Valley. South of Cerro Noroeste Road, east of Stubblefield Road, off of Highway 166. Unit number 9 on map of the refuge. Near 34.94 N, 119.43 W to 34.94087N, 119.42625W.
    CAS-BOT439296CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaChambers, K. L.; Kaplan, Hesh36971973-4-30 Santa ClaraMines Road by Mocho Creek, 22.6 miles south of the junction with Tesla Road southeast of Livermore.
    HSC31561HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTeresa Prendusi371974-5-04 LakeWalker Ridge, 0.5 N of junction with Hwy. 20
    CAS-BOT439284CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHardham, Clare B.3721956-4-4 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Marquart Ranch, Jack Mt.
    CAS-BOT439292CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.372271937-4-24 San MateoEmerald Lake.
    CAS-BOT439193CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBeane, Lawrence3781949-5-11 LakePillsbury Lake
    UCR0088905UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA.C. Sanders379822010-4-20 Los Angeleswest fork of Crane Canon, 1.47 mi. SE (155 ° ) of Castac Lake, 1.36 NE (56 ° ) of Gorman, just S of Kern Co. line
    HSC69810HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson38131978-5-26 TrinityNW facing slope along Hwy. 3, just S of Peanut
    CAS-BOT439208CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.381451938-4-17 MarinTiburon
    CAS-BOT439217CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas3838A1937-4-18 MarinNear Rock Spring, Mt. Tamalpais.
    JEPS73822UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJames R. Griffin38751974-4-22 San BenitoClear Creek Canon; San Benito Mountain Region
    CAS-BOT439259CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas390631963-5-5 MontereyMustang Grade, west of Priest Valley
    JEPS112617UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJake Ruygt39321998-4-22 NapaTributary to Cement Creek.
    OBI123333OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. R. Miller394.1381994-3-29 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. Along Ridge rd, rd cut about 100 m S of Hearst Gate, Tobacco crk drainage
    OBI123320OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteven A. Junak39621989-4-27 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge Botanical Area, Los Padres Natl Forest. Cuesta Ridge: Along main rd (USFS Rd #29S11.3) 0.4 W of W boundary sign for the Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, 5.6 mi W of hwy 101
    SBBG93616SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteven A. Junak39621989-4-27 San Luis ObispoUSFS Rd 29S11.3, 0.4 W of W boundary sign for the Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, 5.6 mi W of Hwy 101
    HSC47750HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson39761978-5-06 TrinityAt Philpot Campground
    CAS-BOT439135CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.39941952-4-20 Nevada3 mi. s. Wolf
    CHSC32987CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. Lynn Lester41980-3-31 TehamaCa. 20 yds w of Round Valley Rd, ca. 7 mi sw of jct with Newville Rd, ca. 9 mi sw of Paskenta. Open area on steep hillside.
    HSC41252HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaBrad Klipfel4011974-5-27 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    SBBG11117SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. R. Blakley40101961-4-15 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Oso Crk [Santa Cruz Trail?]
    SD113974SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDarley F. Howe40281965-3-27 ?  KernNorth slope, 6.6 miles from Mocal Rd. on Crocker Springs Road
    JEPS112618UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJake Ruygt40321998-6-15 NapaMt. St. Helena, below SW peak.
    DAV329409DAVClaytonia exiguaJ. M. Tucker40331967-4-29 TrinityColusa County: floor of Bear Valley, just west of Bear Creek, 8.3 miles north of junction of Bear Valley Road with State Highway 20.
    CAS-BOT439187CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFarnsworth, Evalyn L.4041965-4-25 KernGreenhorn Range. Lumreau Creek narrows.
    UC183596UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaJoseph P. Tracy40491913-5-04 HumboldtKneeland Prairie; Northern Coast Ranges
    UC1136704UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. A. Graham4051938-5-13 Santa Clara1.75 mi nne Mt. Isabel; Mt. Hamilton Quad.
    CAS-BOT439129CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas406751964-4-29 Mariposa4 miles nw. of Bagby on road to Coulterville
    UC766072UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert F. Hoover4101935-3-29 FresnoLittle Panoche Creek flood-plain Little Panoche Creek
    CAS-BOT439126CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas411131965-4-25 Madera3 miles northeast of Coarsegold.
    JEPS112599UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJake Ruygt41231999-3-27 NapaMurphy Creek about 1/4 mile from Wild Horse Valley Road
    GMDRC11779GMDRCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. M. Andre413072019-4-18 Kernsouthern Sierra Nevada: Sand Canon; 0.2 miles west of Sand Canon Rd, 7.1 miles north of Hwy 58, southwest of Emerald Mountain, growing on rocky calcareous hill
    SBBG1971SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. and M. Dearing41361940-3-21 MarinRoad to Alpine dam
    MACF031837MACFClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. and M. Dearing41381948-3-21 MarinRoad to Alpine Dam
    UCR0088893UCRClaytonia exiguaMitch Provance416--192016-4-13 Kern6.5 miles W of Tehachapi, between 0.5 miles W of the intersection of Route 202 and Bertram Circle, and Cummings Valley Rd.
    UCR0088892UCRClaytonia exiguaMitch Provance416--742016-4-27 KernMonolith, west side of Jameson Rd., adjacent to SE corner of SCE Highwind Laydown Yard
    RSA0088977RSAClaytonia exiguaMitch Provance416-742016-4-27 KernTehachapi Mountains: Monolith, W side of Jameson Rd., adjacent to SE corner of SCE Highwind Laydown Yard.; Tehachapi South 7.5'
    UC403365UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. E., S. T. Parks4181930-4-06 Alamedanear Grizzley Peak; Berkeley Hills
    CAS-BOT439257CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHardham, Clare B.41851959-4-7 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. West side of Hames Valley.
    DAV329392DAVClaytonia exiguaRobin Brooks421975-4-26 NapaNapa County: 2 miles south of Pope Valley (12 miles north of Highway 128).
    HSC95329HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. Snyder421999-4-17 TehamaHwy. 36 by Beegum Gorge
    JEPS43269UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson42231911-5-06 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton summit; Mt. Hamilton
    UC1587549UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42441977-3-19 Mendocino4.5 mi n Hopland (on Hwy 101, roadbank by a bypass stretch of the old Hwy 101)
    UC1587547UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42461977-3-29 Mendocino4.5 mi n Hopland (on Hwy 101, roadbank by a bypass stretch of the old Hwy 101)
    UC1587548UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42541977-3-29 Mendocino7.5 mi from junction with Hwy 101 n of Cloverdale (Hwy 128 (Cloverdale to Booneville Road) at junction with Mt House Road to Hopland)
    RSA712070RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42601977-3-30 LakeButts Valley Rd. 2 mi. from junction with Hwy. 29 near Middletown. Gravelly serpentine soil, on roadcut in shade of oaks; often growing lushly among grass plants..
    UC1587534UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42601977-3-30 Lake2 mi from Butts Valley Road junction with Hwy. 29 (near Middletown)
    UC1587535UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42611977-3-31 Marin4.6 mi from center of Fairfax (Fairfax to Bolinas Road, above Alpine Lake Dam)
    UC1587533UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42651977-4-01 Contra Costaca 0.25 mi from Deer Flat (on trail to Deer Flat from the summit road, Mt. Diablo); Mt. Diablo
    CHSC93813CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42661977-4-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. On trail to Deer Flat from the summit road, ca. 1/8 mile above Deer Flat.
    UC1587532UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42661977-4-01 Contra Costaca .12 mi above Deer Flat (on trail to Deer Flat from the summit road, Mt. Diablo); Mt. Diablo
    DAV329411DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42771977-4-03 MontereyMonterey County: San Miguel to Parkfield road (Vinyard [sic] Canon Rd.), 3.2 N of San Luis Obispo Co. line.
    CAS-BOT439295CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMartineau, Robert4281975-3-25 Santa ClaraFoothills Park, City of Palo Alto. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto. Los Trancos Trail.
    CHSC93512CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers42811977-4-03 MontereySouth side of grade on road between Parkfield and Coalinga, 2.8 mi. S of summit. On road bank.
    UC1051500UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHelen K. Sharsmith42811953-6-19 Colusanear Trough Springs (on Trough Springs Ridge); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
    RSA619477RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary DeDecker42961977-6-05 InyoSierra Nevada: East side; Walker Creek, near its junction with Falls Creek.
    UC72020UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHardin Irwin431904-3-30 Lakevicinity Kelseyville (Cold Creek Canon); , Cold Creek Canon
    DAV329405DAVClaytonia exiguaJean Langenheim43241957-3-22 MendocinoMendocino County: between Yorkville and Boonville, Highway 128.
    UC1213856UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJean Langenheim43241957-3-22 Mendocinobetween Yorkville and Boonville (Highway 128)
    CHSC35239CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM. S. Taylor43371982-4-14 GlennCa. 5 mi ne of Stonyford, n side of Rd 306, ca. 1/2 mi w of its jct with Rd 303. T1 N R0 W S10 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
    CAS-BOT439128CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAlmeda, Frank43501979-4-20 Mariposa6.5 mi N of Bear Valley.
    CAS-BOT439251CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKildale, Doris K.43861928-4-1 Mendocino1/4 mile south of Summit, at junction of Fort Bragg road & Redwood highway
    HSC104160HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAndrea Pickart442002-4-3 HumboldtLanphere Dunes
    CAS-BOT439114CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaChambers, K. L.44231978-3-19 ColusaHwy. 20 between Williams and Clear Lake, Inner Coast Range, 15.8 mi. W of Hwy. 5 and 2.9 mi. E of junction with Hwy. 16.
    UC1982387UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers44261978-3-20 LakeBottle Rock Road, 3.6 mi S of junction with Highway 29 S of Kelseyville.
    CAS-BOT439288CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaOberlander, George4451950-2-1 San MateoSan Francisco Watershed Reserve. Near south boundary
    SBBG124677SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess44932001-4-30 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mutau Rd, top of first grade, San Guillermo Mtn area
    CHSC53976CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald44971991-4-16 TehamaLowrey Rd 0.2 mile southeast of the South Fork of Elder Creek, north of Paskenta. Locally common on loose, gravelly soil of a disturbed roadside bank in an area of rolling hills and scattered oaks. T2 N R0 W S28
    UC1586537UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart44971991-4-16 Tehama0.2 mi se South Fork of Elder Creek (Lowrey Rd, n of Paskenta)
    CAS-BOT439143CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.451031945-6-18 SiskiyouHorse Creek & Klamath River
    RSA718260RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. G. Swinney45251996-4-13 San BernardinoCanon Canon, Mormon Rocks, SW of Forest Service Station.; Telegraph Peak 7.5′ Q.
    UCR0088913UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR.G. Swinney45251996-4-13 San BernardinoCanon Canon, Mormon Rocks, SW of Forest Service Station; San Gabriel Mtns.
    CAS-BOT439170CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice45321915-5-30 Contra Costa
    RSA761511RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLeRoy Gross45672010-5-15 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge: Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains; Unit # 3. Headwall of Bitter Creek, east of Pelato Peak, and north of Cerro Noroeste Road.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 quad.Surveyed from 34.91 N, 119.38 W near top to about 34.91876N, 119.38396.
    DAV329407DAVClaytonia exiguaBrian Parry461993-4-17 SonomaSonoma County: Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge.
    ARF0428BLMARClaytonia exiguaJennifer Anthony-Wheeler4612008-3-7 Humboldtgrwng in Samoa #3 Endangered Plant Protection Area
    POM164054RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. P. Chandler46111901-2-22 San FranciscoMount Tamalpais.
    CHSC54110CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald46111991-5-22 TehamaM2 N01), 9.8 miles (odometer) west of Paskenta. T24N R0 W S34
    CAS-BOT439117CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaChambers, K. L.46111980-4-6 FresnoParkfield to Coalinga road, 2.1 miles north of the summit.
    POM164051RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. F. Baker46241903-4-28 Contra CostaMitchell's canon, Mt. Diablo.
    POM193907RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. T. Howell46581930-4-06 Santa ClaraRocky slope, summit of Mt. Hamilton.
    CAS-BOT439299CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas46581930-4-6 Santa ClaraSummit of Mt. Hamilton
    UC421569UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn Thomas Howell46581930-4-06 Santa Clarasummit of Mt. Hamilton; Mt. Hamilton
    CAS-BOT439300CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas46641930-4-6 Santa Clara8 miles from summit of Mt. Hamilton on road to San Antonio Valley
    CAS-BOT439188CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.477351971-6-15 KernSouth end of Havilah Canyon
    UCR0088891UCRClaytonia exiguaOnkar Singh47772014-5-26 Kernc. 2 air km west of Middle Knob
    UC765466UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover47821941-3-19 Fresnomouth of Big Panoche canyon
    HSC36519HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.D. Ackerman481973-3-27 Humboldt1.5 N of Manila
    RSA527818RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTimothy S. Ross48161991-4-29 Los AngelesParker Mountain: on the N and NE slopes just below the summit.; Acton
    CAS-BOT439124CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoss, Tim; Boyd, Steve; Arnseth, Laurel48161991-4-29 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, NW Los Angeles County. Parker Mountain and ridge to the SW: SW of Acton and NNE of Ravenna. Elev. given as Collected between 3670-4131 (summit) feet elevation.
    RSA117672RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaS. S. Tillett4831956-6-18 TulareBelow Hiway, 0.5 mi. SW of Stoney Creek Campground, under Abies.
    CHSC40613CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAhart48591985-3-24 ButteFound growing on damp bare broken disturbed serpentine west of Lunt Road, about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of Lunt Road and Highway 70, north of Yankee Hill.
    CAS-BOT439111CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAhart; Jokerst48591985-3-24 ButteWest of Lunt Road, about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of Lunt Road and Highway 70, north of Yankee Hill
    UC766084UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover48621941-4-19 Stanislausmiddle part Del Puerto Canon
    CAS-BOT439252CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, J. H.4871949-4-25 MontereyParkfield Grade between Parkfield and Parkfield Junction. Diablo Range.
    CAS-BOT439316CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAlmeda, F.; DeNevers, G.48761981-3-30 SonomaPepperwood Ranch. Along road to the Garrison Cabin at the SW sector of the ranch.
    POM164020RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. D. E. Elmer49181903-4-1 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton
    RSA232568RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. D. E. Elmer49181903-4-1 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton.
    UC306731UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. D. E. Elmer49181903-4-01 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton
    HSC43839HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMaralyn O'Meara4951974-5-27 Siskiyou7.4 NE of Ft. Jones on Hwy. 3
    RSA0059501RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTimothy S. Ross49781991-4-30 Los AngelesSoledad Canon Wash between Acton and Paris.; Acton
    CHSC25155CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. D. Sagray51970-4-04 Colusa1 mi w of Abbott Mercury Mine on Hwy 20, 2 ft off side of Hwy.
    HSC48674HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaLinda M. Barker5021975-5-24 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 0.2 N of southern entrance
    UC7849UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHarley P. Chandler5021900-2-26 MarinMt. Tamalpais; San Francisco Bay Region
    UC1300965UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHelen K. Sharsmith50401962-5-12 Santa Clarae side Mount Hamilton; San Francisco Bay Region
    LA202373LAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaArthur C. Gibson50442005-3-31 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; E of Lake Eleanor, S of Westlake Village
    HSC22552HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD.E. Anderson50441970-4-23 TrinityAlong road to Hobo Gulch Campground, 6 N of its junction with Hwy. 299
    CAS-BOT439318CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.50491902-3-12 SonomaSonoma Creek, Eastern base of Mt. Hood
    UC1136705UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. S. Yates50521935-4-02 Marin0.75 mi w Liberty (Laguna Creek); Tamalpais Quad.
    UC7851UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. P. Chandler5071900-2-26 Marinn slope Mt. Tamalpais
    HSC48530HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMark Flippo511978-5-13 TrinityPhilpot Campground, 1 mi. from jct. with Hwy. 3
    JEPS43259UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson5141900-3-10 NapaHowell Mt.
    CAS-BOT439273CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas51791938-4-19 San BenitoNew Idria
    CAS-BOT439274CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas51791938-4-19 San BenitoNew Idria
    HSC27224HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith51891972-4-08 Lake0.2 N of jct. of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
    RSA293076RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson51921980-5-07 TrinityAlong road 2 N58, Rattlesnake Ridge, at junction with road 30N29.
    HSC67315HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson51921980-5-07 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 2 N58, Rattlesnake Ridge, at junction with FS Rd. 30N29
    CHSC35537CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson51921980-5-07 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest. Along road 2 N58, rattlesnake Ridge, at juction with road 30N29. T29N R1 W S16 USGS Quadrangle: Dubakella
    RSA775863RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaOrlando Mistretta51972010-5-26 Los AngelesUpper Mill Creek canyon drainage, S of Mill Creek Summit, along Southern California Edison transmission line corridor
    RSA273365RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. P. Smith52321972-4-30 Trinity5 mi. from junction with state 299 along Hennessy Rd.; rock outcrops in serpentine prairie.
    HSC27144HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith52321972-4-30 Trinity5 mi. from junction with Hwy. 299 along Hennessy Rd.
    HSC67242HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson52361980-5-08 TrinityAlong FS Rd. 1N10, 1 mi. from junction with FS Rd. 2N07
    HSC67237HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson5240 C1980-5-08 TrinityAlong FS Rd. 2N18, above Corral Creek, about 1 mi. from junction with FS Rd. 2N10
    UC1300967UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHelen K. Sharsmith52641963-3-30 MarinLucas Valley; San Francisco Bay Region
    LOB112032LOBClaytonia exiguaP.C. Baker53111965-3-27 Santa Barbara5 miles up Figueroa Mtn. Road from Midland School
    CAS-BOT439141CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.534121980-4-29 SiskiyouFort Jones
    HSC67389HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson53661980-5-30 TrinityAlong FS Rd. 4N09, 1.6 mi. from jct. with Rd. 60
    SBBG106814SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers54051988-3-24 ColusaHwy 20 ca. 22 W of Williams
    RSA614426RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaK. L. Chambers54051988-3-24 ColusaHwy 20., ca. 22 mi. west of Williams, Inner Coast Range.
    HSC67374HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaThomas W. Nelson54141980-6-10 HumboldtAlong Swayback Ridge Rd., 2.5 N of junction with FS Rd. 1S07
    HSC67185HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson54211980-6-10 HumboldtAlong road to Red Mtn., 0.5 W of junction with Swayback Ridge Rd.
    HSC67189HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson54251980-6-10 HumboldtAlong NE side of Red Mtn.
    DAV329406DAVClaytonia exiguaThomas W. Nelson54351980-6-10 HumboldtHumboldt County: Along the east side of Red Mountain.
    HSC67184HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson54351980-6-10 HumboldtAlong E side of Red Mtn.
    HSC67213HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson54421980-6-10 HumboldtAlong branch road off Swayback Ridge Rd., 1/2 mi. E of junction
    SBBG84682SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClifton F. Smith54631957-5-23 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: above Lion Cyn, W of Pine Corral Potrero
    UC635334UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCurtis Ferris551932-3-12 AlamedaSkyline Drive, East Oakland
    DAV358603DAVClaytonia exiguaEllen Dean55032009-5-3 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 1.9 road mi N of intersection with Hwy 20. E side of road in burn area - burned in summer of 2008.
    DAV329398DAVClaytonia exiguaFrederic Hrusa55331988-4-10 AlamedaAlameda County: in first major canyon to east of Mt. Hamilton. Along Highway 130.
    UC1553551UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Dean561988-6-17 Trinitynw of Indian Valley (on Rd 2N10, nw of Rd 2N55A, above Sheep Camp)
    RSA65730RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaF. W. Peirson56361925-3-23 FresnoBetween Coalinga and Parkfield.
    CAS-BOT439198CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas56911938-5-17 LakeElk Mt.
    CAS-BOT439199CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas56911938-5-17 LakeElk Mt.
    RSA181241RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn H. Thomas56991956-5-02 Santa ClaraMonte Bello Ridge, about 5 miles south of Los Altos. Vineyard and an abandoned road bordered by chaparral and broad-leaved evergreen forest.
    CAS-BOT439297CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.56991956-5-2 Santa ClaraMonte Bello Ridge, about 5 miles south of Los Altos.
    CAS-BOT439298CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas, John H.56991956-5-2 Santa ClaraMonte Bello Ridge, about 5 miles south of Los Altos.
    PPWD457PPWDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaG. de Nevers5731981-3-22 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - In serpentine cow pasture S of barn. Pepperwood entrance.
    SBBG124332SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess57412003-4-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; hillside E of Kings Campsite, E of Gold Hill Rd
    UC1282810UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. R. Sweeney5791951-4-01 Lake1.2 mi sw Highland Springs
    HSC66164HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCathy Goldberg581980-5-03 TrinityPhilpot Creek Campground
    RSA139875RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaClare B. Hardham58011960-5-20 MontereySerpentine outcrops. Headwaters Villa Cr.
    CAS-BOT439256CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHardham, Clare B.58011960-5-20 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Villa Cr.
    CAS-BOT439118CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas58361931-3-18 FresnoJacalitos Canyon
    JEPS127844UCJEPSClaytonia exiguaAdam C. Schneider, Yuri P. Springer5862014-5-16 AlamedaCedar Mountain. Property of Excel Ranch. (14201 Mines Rd. at mile marker 8.94)
    CAS-BOT439321CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBreedlove, D. E.586831983-4-11 SonomaPepperwood Ranch W of Knights Valley.
    UC7853UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. P. Chandler5881900-3-24 Contra CostaBriones Hills; Mt. Diablo Region
    UC724591UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaH. K. Sharsmith5931934-3-10 Santa Clararidge ne from summit of Copernicus Peak; Mount Hamilton
    HSC71813HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson5954 A1980-6-27 HumboldtSix Rivers National Forest, saddle between two peaks E of Mt. Lassic
    CAS-BOT439258CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas59871931-3-23 MontereyPoncho Rico Canyon, 5 miles east of San Bernardo
    RSA718272RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. G. Swinney59961998-4-14 Los AngelesPinon Hills area, 0.7 miles west of 237th St. at Panarama Rd., NW of mouth of Mescal Cyn., Mescal Highlands, 2.7 miles south of Ft. Tejon Rd.; Mescal Creek 7.5′
    UCR0088901UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR.G. Swinney59961998-4-14 Los AngelesPinon Hills area, 0.7 miles west of 237th St. at Panarama Rd., NW of mouth of Mescal Cyn., Mescal Highlands, 2.7 miles south of Ft. Tejon Rd.
    UCSC10465UCSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDylan M. Neubauer6002016-3-31 Colusa(NCoRI) Walker Ridge, Walker Ridge Road, 1.96 air-miles sse Cold Spring Mountain
    SD211678SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter60151986-4-20 KernScodie Mountains east of Isabelle Lake, ca. 4.0 airmiles northwest of Walker Pass, canyon on north side Pinyon Peak; crest of ridge north of campsite at end of dirt road.
    RSA0061013RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter60151986-4-20 KernScodie Mts E of Isabella Lake, ca 4 air miles NW of Walker Pass, canyon on N side Pinyon Peak.
    CHSC62848CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald60151994-3-23 ColusaFrenzel Creek Research Natural Area on the S side of Liitle Stony Creek, in the section on the E side of Frenzel Creek, S of Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S32 NW1/4
    JEPS95503UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald60151994-3-23 ColusaT1 N R6 W1/4 Sec. 32, 1700 ft, Chaparral. Frenzel Creek Research Natural Area on the S side of Little Stony Creek, in the section on the E side of Frenzel Creek, S of Stonyford. Occasional populations in serpentine soil of brushy and rocky slopes.
    UC1949328UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock60151986-4-20 KernScodie Mts E of Isabelle Lake, ca 4 airmiles NW of Walker Pass, canyon on N side Pinyon Peak; crest of ridge N of campsite at end of dirt road
    RSA195386RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGilbert Muth6021967-4-09 NapaAetna Spring Road.
    UC74109UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHarley P. Chandler60251906-4-04 Santa ClaraIsabel Creek; Mt. Hamilton Range
    RSA625520RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. C. Wheeler60311945-4-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert.: Mojave river, west of Deep creek
    JEPS129175UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJake Ruygt60362015-3-10 NapaSutro Ranch, east side of Atlas Peak. Yountville 7.5' Quad.
    CHSC62941CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaVernon H. Oswald60551994-4-06 ColusaGoat Mtn. Rd. 0.1 NE of Digger Pine Flat, S of Stonyford. Locally abundant on gravelly soil of a roadside bank. T17N R0 W S31 NW1/4
    CAS-BOT439239CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.60811981-4-13 MendocinoOld 101 Mt. House to Hopland Rd.
    CAS-BOT439200CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas61521931-4-3 LakeNear summit of Butts Canyon road to Middletown 6 miles from Aetna Springs.
    UC275327UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaJoseph P. Tracy61881923-4-15 HumboldtRedwood Creek;at Berry's Redwood Creek; Northern Coast Ranges
    RSA73520RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. D. Keck63021949-4-25 MontereyParkfield
    UC7942UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaState Survey63751860-4-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CHSC77365CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. P. Janeway64101999-4-22 GlennVicinity of Rock Ridge, Chrome Creek, and Heifer Camp Creek. T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Newville 1:24,000
    CHSC50053CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLowell Ahart64221990-3-19 ButteGrowing on steep banks, along the south side of Pacific Heights Road, about 3 1/2 miles southwest of Oroville. T1 N R03E S35 C
    CAS-BOT439238CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSmith, Gladys L.64721981-5-27 MendocinoNorth of summit of Eden Valley Ranch road, enroute to floor of Eden Valley.
    DAV329410DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJake Ruygt64852018-5-29 NapaThe Cove, Mt. Veeder.
    JEPS77788UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDouglas W. James, Jr.651973-4-29 San Benito1.1 mi below New Idria (town) (off New Idria Road, on the w side of the road)
    OBI123326OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLewis S. Rose650411965-4-25 Madera3 NE of Coarsegold
    RSA184877RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. S. Rose650411965-4-25 Madera3 miles NE of Coarsegold.
    CAS-BOT439127CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.650411965-4-25 Madera3 mi. ne. of Coarsegold
    CHSC64398CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald65061995-3-06 TehamaDales Lake Ecological Reserve. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff. Locally abundant on a bare patch of eroded fanglomerate just e of Pool 20 (Orcuttia pool). T2 N R0 W S26 NE1/4 of NW1/4
    JEPS97463UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart65061995-3-06 TehamaDales Lake Ecological Reserve. T2 N R2W NE1/4 W1/4 Sec. 26, 720 ft, Cascade Range Foothills, stony Tuscan Loam over hardpan. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 1 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff
    CAS-BOT439263CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRose, Lewis S.660091966-3-27 Monterey2 mi se of Lockwood
    JEPS5876UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson66111935-5-22 Venturae of Lockwood Valley
    UC852105UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson66111935-5-22 Venturae of Lockwood Valley
    CAS-BOT439136CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas66151971-5-25 NevadaPuddingstone ridge 5 miles east of North Columbia on Graniteville Road.
    HSC64299HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith66341973-5-06 TrinityBlanchert Flats near Douglas City
    JEPS86633UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. R. Heckard, P. C. Silva, R. L., M. Moe66931988-6-19 Colusaw of Summit Springs (near road, sw flank of Snow Mountain, Colusa-Lake County line); Snow Mountain
    SFV108778SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. R. Swanson6701961-3-27 Siskiyou1 mile south of Fort Jones, west side of Scott Valley.
    JEPS86625UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. R. Heckard, P. C. Silva, R. L., M. Moe67051988-6-19 Colusa0.5 km w Summit Springs (sw flank of Snow Mountain, Colusa-Lake County line); Snow Mountain
    UCSB005944UCSBClaytonia exiguaButler, Geo. D.6741909-4-17 Siskiyou
    UC163798UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGeo. D. Butler6741909-4-17 Siskiyounear Yreka
    JEPS46315UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEleanor Armstrong6751933-4-01 Alamedanear Redwood Park (Skyline Blvd)
    UCR0088903UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDave Silverman67742007-4-27 Los AngelesTejon Ranch, north of Oso Canon, 2.8 km due west of CA Aqueduct, 1.3 km south of Kern Co. line, 1.4 km south of National Cement Plant
    UC163720UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGeo. D. Butler6781909-3-28 Siskiyounear Yreka
    SBBG133916SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess68172005-4-30 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; E side of Hwy 33 at Timba Creek; upper Cuyama Valley
    SBBG133914SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess68182005-4-30 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; E side of Hwy 33 at Timba Creek; upper Cuyama Valley
    SD00034562SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLarry Hendrickson68562019-4-18 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; just NE of Cuyamaca Lake; Mason Valley Truck Trail; 0.6 mile N of intersection of State Route 79 and County Rd. S1; and 0.8 mile NE of intersection of 79 and access gate to truck trail.
    UC851996UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. R. Abrams68701918-3-25 Santa ClaraEdenvale
    SBBG54466SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. R. Abrams68711915-3-25 Santa ClaraEdenvale
    CAS-BOT439310CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, L. R.68711918-3-25 Santa ClaraEdenvale
    UC852006UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. R. Abrams68711918-3-25 Santa ClaraEdenvale
    OBI123331OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert F. Hoover68881947-4-04 San Luis ObispoW side of Cottonwood Pass
    CAS-BOT439281CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHoover, R. F.68881947-4-4 San Luis ObispoWest side of Cottonwood Pass
    UC1285086UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover68881947-4-04 San Luis Obispow side Cottonwood Pass
    CAS-BOT439116CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRockwell, Jack69-05681969-7-7 FresnoQuail Flat near turnoff to Whitaker Forest
    THRI-SEKI6436THRIClaytonia exiguaRockwell, Jack A.69-05681969-7-07 UnknownQuail Flat Turnoff
    RSA13120RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaC. B. Wolf69581935-5-22 VenturaOjai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mt., 2 4/10 mi. no. of summit of pine mts
    CAS-BOT439156CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWolf, Carl B.69581935-5-22 VenturaSanta Ynez Mts., Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mt., 2 4/10 mi. No. of summit of Pine Mt. Grade
    JROH3331JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJohn H. Thomas69921958-2-15 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    CDA0005445CDAClaytonia exiguaD.G. Kelch7.2872007-5-13 SonomaCavedale Rd.
    JEPS117068UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPeter Warner702006-3-11 MendocinoMacKerricher State Park, Ten Mile Dunes, about km N of parking area at bend in Ward Avenue, in dunes about 200 m from Pacific Ocean.
    CAS-BOT439275CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.70391928-4-8 San Benito2 miles below Idria on the Panoche Road
    CAS-BOT94722CASClaytonia exiguaWenk, R. C.; Bartolome, J.; Hopkinson, P.; Hammond, M.; Brownsey, P.7062008-3-22 San DiegoAnza Borrego State Park. Along Highway S-1, just S of its intersection with Highway 79. Going N from road along Fages trail. Coordinates NAD 83
    RSA603024RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. C. Wheeler71251955-4-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pinyon Flat.
    RSA603023RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaL. C. Wheeler71311955-4-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pinyon Flat.
    HSC46245HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKathy Chin721978-5-13 ShastaBeegum Gorge Rd. (FS Rd. 1S02)
    RSA747647RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. De Vries72422009-4-7 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Preserve, ca. 1.10 miles east northeast of junction of Cerro Noroeste Road and Klipstein Canon Road.; Ballinger Canon 7.5
    RSA747639RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. De Vries72562009-4-7 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Preserve, ca. 1.10 miles east northeast of junction of Cerro Noroeste Road and Klipstein Canon Road.; Ballinger Canon 7.5
    UC82754UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. A. Heller72901904-4-06 Santa Claraw of Los Gatos
    SBBG85315SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. R. Blakley73231986-4-30 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Mission Pine Basin
    POM300713RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman7361931-4-19 Contra CostaDeer Flat; Rocky dry hillslope where the trail leaves the flat.
    UC412609UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. L. Pendleton7391907-5-11 Santa ClaraLexington to Alma Springs
    RSA6471RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJens Clausen7451933-3-26 SonomaHarrison Grade, betwen Grtaon and Occidental. In orchard, gravelly soil.
    CAS-BOT439324CASClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaFerris, Roxana S.7461918-3-30 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Near top of Alpine Road-Black Mt.
    RSA579145RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTimothy S. Ross7470B1994-4-12 Los AngelesSan Francisquito Canon: westerly draw draining from ridge which divides S. Fr. Cyn from Dry Canon; ca 630 m s of where Drinkwater Canon joins S. Fr. Canon.; Warm Springs Mountain
    CDA0012025CDAClaytonia exiguaG.F. Hrusa75011990-3-19 NapaChiles Valley-Pope Valley Rd. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
    JEPS43246UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson75571918-4-20 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    HSC42261HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEd Cope761977-5-07 TrinityPhilpot Campground, 1.2 W of Peanut.
    HSC37545HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith76081974-5-27 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 4 N03
    BSCA1726BSCAClaytonia exiguaMorley, Arthur771969-5-08 San DiegoOpen south-facing slope near south boundary and Pearson grave.
    UC692554UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMary L. Bowerman7731931-4-25 Contra CostaMount Diablo summit Mount Diablo (near the house)
    OBI123328OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert F. Hoover77791950-4-02 San Luis Obispo11 mi E of Creston on La Panza rd
    CAS-BOT439283CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHoover, R. F.77791950-4-2 San Luis Obispo11 mi. e. of Creston on La Panza road
    RSA580452RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTimothy S. Ross78131994-5-11 Los AngelesSawmill Mountain: W summit area ca 260-350 meters SE of Sawmill Campground; Burnt Peak 7.5′
    CAS-BOT439125CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve78131994-5-11 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Sawmill Mountain: W summit area ca 260-350 m SE of Sawmill Campground.
    SBBG136542SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess, D. Rodriguez, P. Munro78462008-3-29 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; west bank of Cuyama River, S of Dick Smith Wilderness entrance from Hwy 33
    RSA254857RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson7871973-4-24 MendocinoGrowing along jeep-road to Roberts Lake north of Eden Valley Ranch.
    HSC32702HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson7871973-4-24 MendocinoBeside jeep road to Roberts Lake, N of Eden Valley Ranch.
    CAS-BOT439186CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFarnsworth, Evalyn L.7901967-5-25 KernGreenhorn Range. North slope of the big hill above the Rock Corral on Cedar Creek.
    DAV329395DAVClaytonia exiguaRolf Y. Berg80181964-3-14 YoloYolo County: State Highway 16, ca. 2.5 miles northwest of Rumsey, on steep, north-facing slope south of bridge.
    CAS-BOT439172CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, L. R.80231921-5-25 Contra CostaSummit, Mt Diablo
    HSC32767HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson8091973-5-05 MendocinoW of Roberts Lake
    JEPS85826UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81711989-4-08 PlacerIowa Creek Road near Auburn State Recreation Area entrance (at creek crossing, about 2 mi from I-80)
    UC1585857UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81711989-4-08 PlacerIowa Creek Road near Auburn State Recreation Area entrance (at creek crossing, about 2 mi from I-80)
    SD211679SDClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaBarbara Ertter81741989-4-08 PlacerIowa Creek Road, ca. 2.0 miles from I-80 near entrance to Auburn State Recreation Area at creek crossing.
    UC1949337UCJEPSClaytonia exiguaBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81741989-4-08 PlacerIowa Creek Rd ca 2 mi from I-80 near entrance to Auburn State Recreation Area, at creek crossing; SW-facing slope
    UC719477UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGregory Lyon8211935-5-01 Fresno3 mi n old Mercy School (banks of Little Panoche Creek); Little Panoche Valley, Little Panoche Creek
    CAS-BOT439309CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaFerris, Roxana S.8277a1933-4-21 Santa ClaraSouthern end of Oak Ridge, Mt. Hamilton Range
    CAS-BOT439244CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.83-841978-3-15 MendocinoLongvale - Dos Rios Rd. (Rte. 162) 7 mi. (11.2 km.) NE of Longvale. Elev. given as 1000 ft.
    DAV329413DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaG. F. Hrusa83101991-4-06 SonomaSonoma County: app. 1/4 N of Ida Clayton Rd. on N shoulder of Mt. St. Helena.
    SD160524SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJon P. Rebman83912003-4-8 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
    BSCA1720BSCAClaytonia exiguaRebman, Jon P.83912003-4-8 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
    UCR0088918UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJon P. Rebman83912003-4-8 San DiegoLucky 5 Ranch: S portion of new acquisition by Calif. State Parks, W side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna (Square: N22)
    UC1787728UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJon P. Rebman, Jeannie Gregory83912003-4-8 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
    OBI123334OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRobert F. Hoover84311958-3-22 San Luis ObispoSummit of Temblor Range at Kern Co. line, Simmler-McKittrick rd
    CAS-BOT439282CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHoover, R. F.84311958-3-22 San Luis ObispoSummit of Temblor Range at Kern Co. line, Simmler-McKittrick road
    UC1321296UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover84311958-3-22 San Luis ObispoSummit of Temblor Range at Kern County line Temblor Range (Simmler-McKittrick road)
    UC1285087UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. F. Hoover84311958-3-22 San Luis ObispoSimmler-McKittrick road Summit of Temblor Range (Summit of Temblor Range at Kern County line)
    CAS-BOT439158CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomas8481925-3-22 AlamedaArroyo Mocho at ne. base of Cedar Mt.
    SBBG140765SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess85992010-4-2 VenturaBallinger Cyn, jeep trail NE of campground, Los Padres National Forest.
    CAS-BOT439190CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSuchocki, Josh; Vullo, Charlene; Wear, Kyle861995-5-6 Lake200m. up road from Blue Oak Campground.
    SBBG140739SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaR. Burgess86002010-4-2 VenturaBallinger Cyn, jeep trail NE of campground, Los Padres National Forest
    RSA0169395RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaR. Burgess86002010-4-2 VenturaUpper Cuyama Drainage, Ballinger Canon. Jeep trail NE of campground. Los Padres National Forest.
    SBBG139081SBBGClaytonia exiguaR. Burgess86102010-4-2 VenturaN-facing slope S of Timba Creek. Los Padres National Forest.
    CAS-BOT439178CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaTwisselmann, Ernest C.86411963-7-9 KernSierra Nevada, Greenhorn Range. Mountain Meadow, on the east slope of Sunday Peak
    UC1537255UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGordon H. True, Jr.8701938-4-20 Alamedas of Livermore (George Ranch, Miles Road)
    RSA592843RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd87501996-5-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, Sawmill Mountain, upper slopes and summit at head of Heryford Canon, east of the junction of 7N23 and 7N08.
    UCR0088906UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd87501996-5-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mtns, Sawmill Mountain, upper slopes and summit at head of Heryford Canon, east of the junction of 7N23 and 7N08
    CAS-BOT439130CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas87651941-4-25 MariposaMt. Bullion
    UC494167UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaH. E. Parks, J. P. Tracy8781930-5-26 HumboldtLaribee Valley
    UC494115UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaH. E. Parks, J. P. Tracy8781930-5-26 HumboldtLaribee Valley
    HSC32462HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaThomas W. Nelson8791973-5-05 MendocinoN of Eden Valley Ranch overlooking Eden Creek along jeep road to Roberts Lake.
    SBBG127160SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess88452011-5-7 VenturaN side of Pine Mtn, near summit, W side Hwy 33
    CHSC70837CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald88921998-3-28 TehamaNomalaki Trail north of Mud Flat Rd. between China Gulch and Bowers Creek in Mendocino NF. T2 N R0 W S21
    CHSC70836CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald88951998-4-01 TehamaInner North Coast Ranges. Mendocino NF. Nomalaki Trail between Round Valley and Mud Flat roads, just north and uphill from Bennett Creek. T2 N R0 W S28 SE1/4 of NW1/4
    CAS-BOT439247CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWheeler, Clare R.8921979-4-7 MendocinoRte. 253. 3.50 mi. (5.6 km.) E. of Boonville. Elev. given as 1500 ft.
    CAS-BOT439195CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBaker89271938-4-24 Lake2.8 miles east of Middletown.
    UC604133UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBaker89271938-4-24 Lake2.8 mi e Middletown
    HSC47633HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith90571977-4-30 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, Philpot Campground and Philpot Creek
    CHSC71043CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald90641998-5-14 TrinityWildwood Rd. 6.6 mi north of Hwy. 36, 1.3 mi north of Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area. Growing on a steep, rocky slope between the road and Hayfork Creek. T3 N R1 W S24 NW1/4
    JEPS94803UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart90641998-5-14 Trinity1.3 mi n of Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area (Wildwood Road 6.6 mi n of Highway 36, between the road and Hayfork Creek); Wildwood Road
    CAS-BOT439312CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHesse, Vesta F.9151952-4-18 Santa CruzNear Eagle Rock, about 6 miles from Boulder Creek
    SD215628SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd91641997-3-14 Los AngelesLower north flank of Liebre Mountain, eastern slope of Horse Canon.
    RSA597992RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd91641997-3-14 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, lower north flank of Liebre Mountain, eastern slope of Horse Canon.; Liebre Mtn.
    POM98634RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaP. A. Munz91771925-3-23 Fresno15 miles SW of Coalinga.
    CAS-BOT439291CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGillespie, D. K.9222a1930-4-21 San MateoEmerald Lake near Redwood City.
    CAS-BOT439189CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaShevock, James R.92541982-4-19 KernWestern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Piute Mountains, Kern River Basin. Along California highway 178, 0.3 mile east of Paradise Cove paralleling Lake Isabella Reservoir.
    UC1136706UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Armstrong9261934-3-26 Sonoma2 mi nw Camp Meeker; Sebastopol Quad.
    JEPS43243UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaWillis L. Jepson92941921-6-02 MendocinoAlder Glen School, Hopland; Hopland
    UC7941UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaState Survey9311862-4-05 Marin
    UC7936UCJEPSClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaW. H. Brewer9311862-4-05 Marin
    RSA599504RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd93291997-3-26 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Portal Ridge north of Lake Hughes, upper end of Myrick Canon drainage along Lakeview Road.; Lake Hughes
    RSA0078298RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaErika M. Gardner9412014-5-19 KernAbout 0.30 (air) miles southwest of McIvers Cabin.; Horse Canon 7.5'
    SFV108777SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaT. R. Gordon9511975-4-26 San BenitoSouth Coast Ranges; Gabilan Range. On east side of Hawkins Peak.
    HSC72286HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith96351978-4-08 ShastaTrinity National Forest, road above Beegum Gorge Campground
    RSA599657RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSteve Boyd96751997-5-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: Sierra Pelona ridgeline, about 1.5 miles west of Mt. McDill and 1.3 miles south-southeast of Lincoln Crest, the head of Bouquet Canon.; Sleepy Valley
    HSC48500HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith96861978-4-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 36
    CHSC75295CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald97001999-4-21 TehamaHigh Trestle-McClure Place Trail starting on Hogback Road ca. 0.5 mi northeast of Finley Lake. T2 N R01E S2 W
    AHUC102859DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBeecher Crampton97101980-4-26 MendocinoMendocino County: 3.5 miles north of Fort Bragg north of Laguna Point.
    HSC49255HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ.P. Smith98001978-5-06 TrinityShasta - Trinity National Forest, Philpot Campground on Plummer Creek Rd.
    SBBG134870SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaR. Burgess98742015-3-27 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Rose Valley, vernal meadow on E side of rd to Rose Valley Falls
    CHSC77466CHSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaVernon H. Oswald99122000-4-3 HumboldtNear the junction of New Navy Base Rd. and the road to Fairhaven on the North Spit of Humboldt Bay. USGS Quadrangle: Eureka 1:24,000
    RSA590867RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaOrlando Mistretta996 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Rock creek. slopes E of Little Rock Reservoir.; Pacifico Mtn.
    SBBG118509SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. glaucaM. Wetherwax, E. PainterCR4782001-4-29 San Luis Obispotop of Palisades above Nacimiento River and Boy Scout Rd; Camp Roberts
    HREC746HRECClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaA. H. M.HF81952-3-17 MendocinoNorth pasture
    SBBG124553SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Painter, E. NeeseHL30881997-3-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 1.75 km SW of Cosio Knob, ca. 3.5 km ESE of Coleman Reservoir dam; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG134319SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Neese, E. PainterHL3098b1997-3-22 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Sycamore Spring drainage, ca. 3.5 km SSW of Lower Stony Reservoir, ca. 6 W of Burro Mtn; Ft Hunter Liggett
    DAV329390DAVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCNPS Jennifer Buck-DiazKTHL--0007-C2015-3-3 FresnoFresno County: Kettleman Hills - BLM lands.
    SBBG117519SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaE. Painter, M. WetherwaxSLO2162002-2-28 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; first ridge W of Cerro Romualdo; Camp San Luis Obispo
    SBBG117548SBBGClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaM. Wetherwax, E. PainterSLO602000-3-24 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; W side of Cerro Romualdo; Camp San Luis Obispo
    UCSC100008414UCSCClaytonia exiguaChristian SchwarziNat27965332016-3-17 Santa CruzQuail Hollow Ranch County Park
    SFV108779SFVClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD. H. Hoovers. n.1967-3-04 ?  StanislausSierra Nevada; Don Pedro Reservoir. Northwest shore.
    LA84327LAClaytonia exiguaO.H. Kapplers.n.1945-5-08 San DiegoPalomar Mountain; Bailey's Camp
    OBI123335OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keils.n.1986-4-03 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn on Campus of Calif Polytechnic State Univ, San Luis Obispo
    OBI123319OBIClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDavid J. Keils.n.2006-5-4 San Luis ObispoW of San Luis Obispo in hills along dirt rd S of Prefumo Cyn rd
    UCSC7250UCSCClaytonia exiguaRandall Morgans.n.1987-4-13 Santa CruzWest slope of Loma Prieta, south of spring at headwaters of Los Gatos Creek
    SD8160SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaMrs. R.M. Austins.n. PlumasBig Meadows
    SD62095SDClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDarley F. Howes.n.1956-3-27 ?  KernWest side of Crocker Springs Road, 6.6 miles from Mocal Road
    RSA466954RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-5-03 VenturaHoppers Ranch
    RSA464599RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1895-5-06 Los AngelesKings Canon [canyon], Antelope Valley.
    RSA464606RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHoward de Forests.n.1930-4-1 Fresno[Unspecified]
    RSA464603RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHoward de Forests.n.1930-3-23 NapaMt. St. Helena. Ridge SE from mt.
    RSA20087RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaI. W. Clokeys.n.1935-5-22 VenturaEast of Lockwood Valley.
    RSA2405RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJ. W. Blankinships.n.1923-3-19 LakeHighland Springs. Shady woods.
    RSA45343RSAClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDorothy Parkers.n.1947-3-30 SiskiyouHartstrand Gulch, east of Scott Valley.
    DAV329408DAVClaytonia exiguaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-6-09 TrinityTrinity County: Wildwood-Forest Glenn.
    DAV329394DAVClaytonia exiguaA. S. Craftss.n.1956-3-10 SolanoSolano County: English Hills.
    DAV329400DAVClaytonia exiguaK. Esaus.n.1934-5-06 ColusaColusa County: West of Williams, Tahoe-Ukiah Highway.
    UCR0088900UCRClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLarry F. LaPres.n.1986-3-30 LakeThree Peaks, 5 miles southeast of Middletown, near the Napa County line
    CAS-BOT7356CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alices.n.1897-4-20 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT124323CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSmith, Doreens.n.2001-10-1 MarinMt. Burdell above Simmons Lane
    CAS-BOT439115CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alices.n.1927-3-26 El DoradoNear Coloma
    CAS-BOT439122CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHeller, A. A.s.n.1940-3-22 Glenn2 miles west of Willows.
    CAS-BOT439123CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1915-6-1 HumboldtCarlotta
    CAS-BOT439137CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1906-4-17 San DiegoJulian
    CAS-BOT439138CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1906-4-17 San DiegoJulian
    CAS-BOT439140CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1954-4-3 Santa BarbaraBase of Figueroa Mountain near Midland School, vicinity of Santa Barbara
    CAS-BOT439142CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaParker, Dorothys.n.1947-3-30 SiskiyouHartstrand Gulch, east side of Scott Valley
    CAS-BOT439144CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRattan, Volneys.n.1878-1-1 SolanoElmira
    CAS-BOT439148CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1880-5-2 TrinityWeaverville
    CAS-BOT439149CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1880-5-17 TrinityWeaverville
    CAS-BOT439155CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-5-30 VenturaCherry Canyon, Sespe Creek.
    CAS-BOT439173CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaZeile, Elsies.n.1909-4-18 Contra CostaRedwood Peak
    CAS-BOT439175CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHenry, Mary Anns.n.1978-5-9 KernWalker Pass area, west side.
    CAS-BOT439191CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCurran, M. K.s.n.1884-1-1 Lake
    CAS-BOT439196CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-3-30 LakeGlenbrook near Jordan Park
    CAS-BOT439197CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1923-3-19 LakeHighland Springs.
    CAS-BOT439205CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEllman, Phylliss.n.1973-2-26 MarinW. of Old St. Hilary's, Tiburon
    CAS-BOT439206CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1889-6-16 MarinMt Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439207CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1921-2-22 MarinRoss Valley
    CAS-BOT439210CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGreene, Edw. L.s.n.1891-4-27 MarinTiburon
    CAS-BOT439211CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaGreene, Edw. L.s.n.1891-4-27 MarinAt Tiburon
    CAS-BOT439212CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-3-31 MarinBy road to Bolinas Ridge
    CAS-BOT439237CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-3-31 MarinSan Anselmo, Bolinas Ridge
    CAS-BOT439213CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSmith, Doreens.n.2002-3-28 MarinW. of Rock Spring
    CAS-BOT439214CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaSmith, Doreens.n.2002-3-2 MarinRock Spring, Mt. Tamalpais in rock outcrop west of Ridge Crest Boulevard
    CAS-BOT439215CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alices.n.1915-3-14 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439216CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEastwood, Alices.n.1917-5-6 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439218CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaLeschke, Hanss.n.1946-3-3 MarinOn n. side of Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439219CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomass.n.1945-4-29 MarinAbove Camp Handy, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439223CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomass.n.1946-3-17 MarinNear Rock Spring, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439232CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomass.n.1946-5-14 MarinNear Potrero Meadow, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439233CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaHowell, John Thomass.n.1946-3-17 MarinPotrero Meadows, Mt. Tamalpais
    CAS-BOT439236CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaEllman, Phylliss.n.1975-3-17 MarinIn the garden of George & Phyllis Ellman, Tiburon
    CAS-BOT439276CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-5-31 San BenitoAbove New Idria
    CAS-BOT439277CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCurran, M. K.s.n.1963-5-5 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park
    CAS-BOT439279CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaCannon, Evelinas.n.1895-4-15 San FranciscoPotrero hills, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT439280CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRattan, Volneys.n.1881-4-1 San FranciscoMission Hills, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT439289CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaAbrams, L. R.s.n.1904-4-10 San MateoSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Road from Woodside to Crystal Springs near junction of Redwood City Road.
    CAS-BOT439290CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDutton, H. A.s.n.1900-2-25 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Woodside
    CAS-BOT439301CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-5-20 Santa ClaraSummit Mt. Hamilton, Hamilton Range
    CAS-BOT439302CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1910-4-1 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Upper Road toward Old Ranch Place, Gilroy Hot Springs.
    CAS-BOT439303CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-3-19 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Spur Black Mt. by trail
    CAS-BOT439308CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1900-2-25 Santa ClaraSan Juan Bautista Hills, San Jose.
    CAS-BOT439311CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-3-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Peninsula. Castle Rock.
    CAS-BOT439319CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBest, Catherines.n.1982-3-20 SonomaStoetz Lane, 2 mi. north east of Occidental
    CAS-BOT439320CASClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaBest, Catherines.n.1982-3-20 SonomaStoetz Lane, 2 mi. north east of Occidental
    JROH3330JROHClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaD.D. Daviss.n.1903-4-05 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    UCSC100011735UCSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaJames A. Wests.n.2021-7-7 Santa CruzScott Creek Watershed, Mill Creek, upstream from Mill Creek Bridge
    HSC61402HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaRuby Van Deventersn1940-4-07 Del NorteKellogg Ranch (Kortie Ranch) Pacific Shores subdivision
    HSC66029HSCClaytonia exigua subsp. exiguaS. Harrissn1980-4-19 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 1 N of junction with access road to Indian Valley Dam

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