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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT165409CASClarkia unguiculatas.n.1841-1-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT165656CASClarkia unguiculatas.n.1947-5-10 Santa ClaraCongress Springs near Los Gatos
    CAS-BOT165677CASClarkia unguiculatas.n.1938-5-28 SonomaAlexander Valley toward Geyserville
    CAS-BOT165704CASClarkia unguiculatas.n.1894-4-20 VenturaIn Ojai
    FSC0016078FSCClarkia unguiculata1936-5-2 Fresno
    FSC0016079FSCClarkia unguiculata1951-8-19 Fresno
    FSC0016087FSCClarkia unguiculata1967-4-3 Fresno
    FSC0016090FSCClarkia unguiculata1960-8-1 Fresno
    FSC0016092FSCClarkia unguiculata1932-8-13 Fresno
    POM32298RSAClarkia unguiculataA. A. Heller56861902-6-11 SonomaSanta Rosa creek, E of Santa Rosa
    UC125529UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. A. Heller74821904-6-02 Santa Claranear Los Gatos; Los Gatos Canon
    UC172865UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. A. Heller107671913-5-28 Butte8 mi n Oroville; Table Mountain
    RSA710929RSAClarkia unguiculataA. C. Sanders300502005-5-7 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at E end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank; Pechanga 7.5' Q.
    RSA0049838RSAClarkia unguiculataA. C. Sanders339122007-5-24 KernPastoria Creek (Bear Trap) Canon, below Bench Mark (3364 ft.) Tejon K, c. 6 miles NE of Lebec.; Pastoria Creek 7.5′ Q.
    RSA725926RSAClarkia unguiculataA. C. Sanders262442003-5-1 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: southeast side of Castaic Mesa, east of Lake Hughes Rd. and the filtration plant, Newhall Ranch.; Newhall 7.5' Q.
    POM49634RSAClarkia unguiculataA. D. E. Elmer38771902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains.
    POM32413RSAClarkia unguiculataA. D. E. Elmer42931903-6-1 San MateoAlpine School House.
    UC306526UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. D. E. Elmer42931903-6-01 San MateoAlpine School House
    UC1122460UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. D. Gifford1911934-5-03 Ventura1 mi s Newberry Park; Triunfo Pass Quadrangle
    UC1122465UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. D. Gifford6791935-5-08 Los Angeles2 1/2 mi s Warm Springs; Angeles National Forest, Tejon Quadrangle
    JEPS111556UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. G. Murdock812003-6-2 Contra CostaFranklin Canon - McHarry Ranch Rd
    LA200711LAClarkia unguiculataA. Handschiegels.n.1925-6-1 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Encino Country Club (historic site)
    RSA448467RSAClarkia unguiculataA. Menkes.n.1955-4-15 VenturaCamulos.
    UC1122462UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataA. Simontacchi2561937-7-09 Lakejust above s shore Soda Lake; Lakeport Quadrangle
    IRVC112858IRVCClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders269992003-6-20 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range/Santa Clara River Watershed: Off-haul Canon between San Martinez Grande Canon and Ventura Co. line, north of Hwy. 126 and ca. 1 W of Mayo Spur.
    IRVC112859IRVCClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders262442003-5-1 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: southeast side of Castaic Mesa, east of Lake Hughes Rd. and the filtration plant, Newhall Ranch.; Newhall 7.5' Q.
    SD00050016SDClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders262442003-5-1 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains: SE side of Castaic Mesa, E of Lake Hughes Road and the filtration plant, Newhall Ranch (Newhall 7.5' Q)
    UCR0061065UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders205231997-4-20 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, San Emigdio Creek Canon 3 miles due south of ranch headquarters at junction with dirt road to the west; Hills S of the San Joaquin Valley
    UCR0061086UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders251632002-6-19 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, spring 1.5 miles ESE of Del Valle, SW of Canon, canyon above bench mark 926, just south of Santa Clara River
    UCR0061088UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders262442003-5-1 Los AngelesNE side of Canonal Forest boundary, c. 0.6 mi. due west of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons
    UCR0061089UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders269992003-6-20 Los Angeles'Off-haul Canon' between San Martinez Grande Canon and Ventura Co. line, north of Hwy 126 and c. 1 W of Mayo Spur, Newhall Ranch
    UCR0061124UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders229541999-6-28 VenturaMarr Ranch, west end of ranch off Tapo Canon; Simi Valley
    UCR0061125UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders266302003-5-14 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon, 1.2 km west of Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0061122UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders267202003-5-15 Venturaalong dirt road to the crest of the range above Salt Canon, 1 km west of Los Angeles Co. line, Newhall Ranch
    UCR0061102UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders300502005-5-7 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
    UCR0061056UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders339122007-5-24 KernPastoria Creek (Bear Trap) Canon, below Bench Mark (3364 ft.) Tejon K, c. 6 miles NE of Lebec
    UCR0061060UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders340212007-5-31 Kernslopes south of Bear Trap Canon and east of the paved road from Castac Lake, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec
    UCR0061059UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders341152007-6-7 KernGeghus Ridge c. 8 miles NE of Lebec, south facing slopes above Bear Trap Canon
    UCR0061055UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders341602007-6-12 KernGeghus Ridge c. 10 miles NE of Lebec, large side canyon above Bear Trap Canon, SE of the corral near bench mark 4821
    UCR0061101UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders384172010-5-19 RiversideRiverside, western end of North Hill, edge of Fairmount Park, above intersection of Redwood Dr. and Randall Rd.
    UCR0061149UCRClarkia unguiculataA.C. Sanders397222011-6-27 Santa CruzEureka Canon Rd., 8.4 miles above Corralitos
    CDA0038067CDAClarkia unguiculataA.G. Murdock812003-6-2 Contra CostaFranklin Canon - McHarry Ranch Rd. Canon.
    LA45504LAClarkia unguiculataA.M. Johnson40931932-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Brent's Mountain; Crag's Camp
    LA45671LAClarkia unguiculataA.M. Johnson44691934-5-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon; Behind tunnel, right side of road
    CAS-BOT165533CASClarkia unguiculataAbbott, E. K.s.n.1971-5-22 Monterey
    CAS-BOT165534CASClarkia unguiculataAbbott, E. K.s.n.1963-7-6 Monterey
    CAS-BOT165543CASClarkia unguiculataAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-1-1 Monterey
    CAS-BOT165560CASClarkia unguiculataAbbott, E. K.s.n.1889-1-1 Monterey
    CAS-BOT165449CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.57021916-6-30 Contra CostaMt. Diablo near lake
    CAS-BOT165475CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.119581927-5-2 KernHobo Hot Springs, Kern River Canyon
    CAS-BOT165500CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.66171917-7-8 Los Angeles[Topango Canon] Topanga Canyon, Santa Monica Mts.
    CAS-BOT165503CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.17111901-6-4 Los AngelesLos Tunas [Canon] Canyon, S. Monica Mts.
    CAS-BOT165504CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.50111913-7-18 Los AngelesRussels Lake
    CAS-BOT165520CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.49601912-7-16 MaderaLangworthys near Northfork, Sierra National Forest
    CAS-BOT165559CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.64771917-6-8 MontereyJolon Grade between [Kings] King City and Jolon
    CAS-BOT165611CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.; Borthwick, H. A.79981921-5-1 San BenitoNear Paicines
    CAS-BOT165486CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, L. R.; McGregor, E. A.3071908-6-16 KernVicinity of Fort Tejon
    CAS-BOT165505CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, Le Roy3051899-4-1 Los Angeles[Sepulverda Canon] Sepulveda Canyon, S. Monica Mts
    CAS-BOT165712CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.161908-6-1 VenturaSulphur Mountain Spring, Sulphur Mountain
    CAS-BOT165643CASClarkia unguiculataAbrams, LeRoy16551901-5-1 Santa ClaraStanford University
    JEPS31668UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataAdele Lewis Grant1915-6-12 Calaverasnear Parrotts Ferry; Stanislaus River
    CDA0020548CDAClarkia unguiculataAguilarPDR 13226302005-5-27 MercedAshlock Ranch, NW of Robinson Rd & Allen Rd in Hickman. San Joaquin Valley.
    CAS-BOT165438CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell63331989-5-31 ButteNorth of the end of Truex Road, near Lake Oroville, about 1/4 mile north-west of the West Branch Bridge across Lake Croville
    CAS-BOT165442CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell22661980-5-13 ButteAlong Pacific Heights Road, Oroville
    CAS-BOT165444CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell41701983-6-30 ButteAlong old Highway 40, near the rest area, and near where the road runs into Lake Oroville, about 4 miles south of Jarbo Gap
    CAS-BOT165678CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell24311980-6-21 SutterSouth Butte, Sutter Buttes
    CAS-BOT165679CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell46211984-5-21 SutterAt the old homestead on the south side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes
    CAS-BOT165680CASClarkia unguiculataAhart, Lowell35051982-5-30 SutterAbout 3/4 mile west of the Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes
    UC125528UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataAlice Eastwood1901-6-23 MendocinoMill Creek
    UC20023UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataAlice King1895-5-01 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    DAV308594DAVClarkia unguiculataAlice Warrick231979-5-19 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. 9 miles west of Winters on Rt. 128, ca. 1/8 mile south of hwy. Slight southern facing slope.
    CAS-BOT165616CASClarkia unguiculataAlmeda, F.25661975-5-27 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mts. Slopes and canyons bordering the Davy Brown Campground
    CAS-BOT165617CASClarkia unguiculataAlmeda, F.28021976-5-21 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mts. ca. 2 mi. SSW of the Cachuma campgrounds
    RSA448584RSAClarkia unguiculataAmelia Eathertons.n.1930-5-1 Los AngelesGriffith Park.
    CAS-BOT165423CASClarkia unguiculataAngsbury, Mrs. J. C.s.n.1922-6-14 MariposaYosemite
    DAV316853DAVClarkia unguiculataAnn E. Bebensee301984-5-29 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. 11 miles southwest of Winters on County Road 32.
    CSUSB92821CSUSBClarkia unguiculataAnna Mayers1978-5-24 Los AngelesHollywood Hills; Hollywood Hills; Hillside of Laurel Canon Blvd. in Los Angeles.
    IRVC112857IRVCClarkia unguiculataAnne E. Justices.n.1981-5-15 Yolo9 miles from Dixon on Hwy 128 in Cold Canon.
    DAV301741DAVClarkia unguiculataAnne Marie Orcino191994-5-14 Los AngelesStunt High Trail, 1 mile E on Stunt Rd. from jct with Mulholland Hwy., Calabasas.
    DAV316854DAVClarkia unguiculataAnne Marie Weyandt171989-6-04 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Near road cut.
    OBI129150OBIClarkia unguiculataAnthony Baniaga2122010-5-16 San Luis ObispoAlong Nacimiento Lake Rd
    CAS-BOT165669CASClarkia unguiculataApplegate, Elmer I.2051895-5-11 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek above Stanford University
    CSUSB92818CSUSBClarkia unguiculataArt Whistler1966-5-01 Los AngelesRoadside near Semmole Hot Springs near Mulholland Drive and Cornell Street.
    LA201199LAClarkia unguiculataArthur C. Gibson44362001-5-23 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; upper Indian Creek Trail
    DAV316896DAVClarkia unguiculataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2008-4-1 NapaNapa County: north side of Pope Canon Road ca 2 km west of intersection with Berryessa-Knoxville Road.
    UC1122467UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataB. Bolt7441936-5-25 San Luis Obispo3 mi ene Santa Margarita; San Luis Obispo Quadrangle
    SFV109356SFVClarkia unguiculataB. C. Templeton91271961-4-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley; Claremont. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    UC639010UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataB. E., H. J. Miossi2581940-4-20 San Luis Obispo1 mi n San Luis Obispo (along Highway 101)
    LA00617403LAClarkia unguiculataB. R. Lower1954-5-14 Los Angeleshill opposite Shell station 1 mi. east of Mint Canon on Ridge Route to San Fernando Blvd.
    RSA4558RSAClarkia unguiculataB. Thoeles.n.1932-5-1 Los AngelesMalibu Lake, Santa Monica Mtns.
    HSC217503HSCClarkia unguiculataB.D. Rogerssn1964-6-1 KernBreckenridge Mtn., 25 mi. E of Bakersfield
    CAS-BOT165432CASClarkia unguiculataBaker, Kathy141982-6-5 SolanoWest of Winter along Hwy 128, Stebbin's Cold Canyon Reserve. 100 yards from entrance on east side of path
    CAS-BOT165672CASClarkia unguiculataBaker, Milo S.s.n.1925-1-1 SonomaMark West Cr. [Canon] Canyon
    CAS-BOT165561CASClarkia unguiculataBalls, E. K.120971965-7-8 MontereyCarmel Highlands opposite Yankee Point
    RSA537460RSAClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter85601989-6-10 San Luis ObispoE side Black Mt ca 20 air miles ENE of San Luis Obispo, 3 1/2 mi from Hwy 58 on rd to Navajo Campground; La Panza Range.
    SD00049995SDClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter33461980-5-11 MontereyArroyo Seco Road west from Greenfield a few miles east of Los Padres National Forest. Just west of junction with Carmel Valley Road.
    RSA537461RSAClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter84891989-5-28 SolanoExtreme NW Solano Co: Cold Canon Preserve SE of Route 128 just south of Putah Creek Crossing below Lake Berryessa
    UC1586081UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter85601989-6-10 San Luis Obispoca. 20 air mi ene San Luis Obispo (3 1/2 mi from Hwy. 58 on road to Navajo Campground, e side of mountain); La Panza Range, Black Mt., McGinnis Creek
    UC2081897UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter141761995-5-17 FresnoHighway 168 (Tollhouse Roa) 0.2 NE of Humphreys Station (junction Pittman Road), Sierran foothills NE of Fresno.
    UC1586080UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter, Annetta Carter84891989-5-28 Solanose Rt. 128 (just s of Putah Creek crossing below Lake Berryessa); Cold Canon Preserve
    UC2043271UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter, Holly Forbes141091995-5-15 MariposaWhite Rock Road ca 8 air miles S of Mariposa, 3 mi S of Old Highway junction, along creek on NE side of Ward Mountain.
    UC1795692UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter, Kristin Ertter144771995-7-11 Contra CostaStage Road along Pine Cr. in Diablo Foothills Regional Park southwest of Walnut Creek; partial shade of oak forest,
    UC1586096UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBarbara Ertter, Travis Columbus91051990-6-10 Contra Costaw Pleasant Hill (hillside above junction of Spengler and Blue Oak trail, ne corner of park); Briones Regional Park, Briones Hills
    LA105122LAClarkia unguiculataBarry A. Prigge82421988-7-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Calabasas, 900 ft ESE of N-Junction of Mulholland Hwy and Old Topanga Rd, S of Calabasas High School
    LA00617398LAClarkia unguiculataBarry A. Prigge8495 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains, Devil Canon, 1.5 air miles NW of junction of Simi Valley Freeway and Topanga Canon Blvd
    LA00617399LAClarkia unguiculataBarry A. Prigge87351989-5-13 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains; Blind Canon; S fork of canyon, ca. 1.7 W of junction of Simi Valley Freeway and Topanga Canon Blvd, N of Chatsworth
    CAS-BOT165604CASClarkia unguiculataBarry, Margaret A.1661937-6-22 San MateoOn Coal Mine Ridge
    CAS-BOT165489CASClarkia unguiculataBauer, H. L.s.n.1928-5-26 KernBreckenridge Mt.
    CAS-BOT165408CASClarkia unguiculataBaur481956-5-29 Unknown
    CAS-BOT165434CASClarkia unguiculataBeane, L.; James, Lois E.21161949-5-18 Alameda2 mi. E. of Niles
    UCR0061150UCRClarkia unguiculataBecky Brookss.n.1973-5-20 Solanoc. 10 miles south of Winters, c. 100 yards south of junction of Putah Creek Road and Canal Road. 50-70 NE of Putah Creek across hwy on turnout near base of ravine
    AHUC101007DAVClarkia unguiculataBeecher Crampton5741950-5-13 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Southwest Walnut Creek.
    AHUC101009DAVClarkia unguiculataBeecher Crampton89451973-5-14 SolanoSolano County: Ca. 2-3 miles SW of Winters.
    AHUC101008DAVClarkia unguiculataBeecher Crampton4671949-6-05 Contra CostaContra Cost County: At base of Mount Diablo, on road from Byron to Clayton (Highway 4), along banks of Marsh Creek.
    CAS-BOT413821CASClarkia unguiculataBell, Duncan S.; Gross, LeRoy; Garcia, Eric71912014-6-11 FresnoSierra Nevada; Central Sierra Nevada region: Sequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness; Boyden Outcrops; south side of Highway 180; near Boyden Cave. Elev. given as 3171 ft.
    SHTC290SHTCClarkia unguiculataBella, R. & Smith, A.202016-4-19 StanislausLocated at Knights Ferry along the main trail
    CAS-BOT165417CASClarkia unguiculataBentley, Georgias.n.1917-6-3 LakeLower Lake
    OBI129176OBIClarkia unguiculataBill Arbaughs.n.1966-5-28 Los AngelesTajunga Cyn
    PUA33532PUAClarkia unguiculataBill Grummer1979-6-16 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    CAS-BOT165626CASClarkia unguiculataBlakley, E. R.B-28441959-5-31 Santa Barbara[Rattle Snake] Rattlesnake Canyon near old mission dam Santa [Inez] Ynez Mtns. Santa Barbara
    RSA22256RSAClarkia unguiculataBlanche Clears.n.1938-5-28 SonomaAlexander Valley toward Geyserville
    UCR0061077UCRClarkia unguiculataBob Arthur640510--51964-5-10 Los AngelesMonrovia Canon, on North Canon Blvd, 1.5 mi. from gate
    DAV316872DAVClarkia unguiculataBob Rodin2241943-5-29 AlamedaAlameda County: UC Berkeley. Strawberry Canon. West end of canyon.
    UC685549UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataBob Rodin2241943-5-29 Alamedas ridge at w end Strawberry Canon; Berkeley, University of California Campus
    CAS-BOT165686CASClarkia unguiculataBoline, Marilyn M.41957-5-9 Tulare2 1/2 m. upstream on Kaweah R. from Three Rivers P.O., 1/4 m. NW of Edison powerhouse #1
    SHTC1080SHTCClarkia unguiculataBorman, E.L.691994-5-03 StanislausKnight's Ferry, Orange Blossom road.
    CAS-BOT165455CASClarkia unguiculataBowerman, Mary L.2351930-6-3 Contra CostaNorth Road 1.9 miles from North Gate
    CAS-BOT165498CASClarkia unguiculataBoyd, Steve; Maurice, Amber113222004-5-18 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region: Elizabeth Lake Canyon at and just upstream from confluence with Ruby Canyon, between Warm Springs Mountain and Red Mountain Elev. given as 2000 ft
    CAS-BOT165448CASClarkia unguiculataBrandegee, K.s.n.1937-8-2 Contra CostaAntioch
    CAS-BOT165469CASClarkia unguiculataBrandegee, Katharines.n.1907-8-6 FresnoStevenson Creek, Sierra National Forest
    PGM2280PGMClarkia unguiculataBranson, Ron1983-6-23 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Lockwood-San Lucas Rd, 7 miles N of Lockwood
    CAS-BOT165564CASClarkia unguiculataBreedlove, D. E.434841978-5-9 MontereyArroyo Seco-Carmel Valley road 3 miles west of Arroyo Seco Road
    RSA651733RSAClarkia unguiculataBrian McColgan351988-5-25 Los AngelesEvey cyn., 1 mile N of Padua on M. Baldy rd.
    RSA652340RSAClarkia unguiculataBurgess Springs.n.1948-5-08 Los AngelesPuddingstone Dam, San Dimas.
    UC1122469UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. A. Graham5721939-5-19 San Luis Obispo1/2 mi e Tajea Spring; Los Padres National Forest, Branch Mt. Quadrangle
    CHSC53272CHSCClarkia unguiculataC. A. Janeway1986-5-14 FresnoIn the cyn of Warthan Cr ca 9 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198. Along the hwy ca 1/4 mi north of Parkfield Grade Rd. T21S R14E S20 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
    UC107953UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. A. Purpus13181895-5-01 Tularen < ear > Springville
    UC527242UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. B. Wolf20121931-5-13 Ventura1/4 mi above Ranger Station (about 8 mi above Piru); Piru Creek
    POM38549RSAClarkia unguiculataC. C. Bruce18541897-6-1 ButteLittle Chico.
    RSA448455RSAClarkia unguiculataC. Cunninghams.n.1940-6-30 KernNear summit on road, Greenhorn Mountains.
    DAV316841DAVClarkia unguiculataC. Engels.n.2008-5-8 AlamedaAlameda County: Corral Hollow Rd., 3.2 miles W of San Joaquin County line.
    DAV316884DAVClarkia unguiculataC. Engels.n.2008-5-8 AlamedaAlameda County: Corral Hollow Rd., 3.2 miles W of San Joaquin County line.
    DAV316842DAVClarkia unguiculataC. Engels.n.2008-5-8 AlamedaAlameda County: Corral Hollow Rd., 3.2 miles W of San Joaquin County line.
    POM176931RSAClarkia unguiculataC. Eplings.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesMandeville Canon.
    RSA108149RSAClarkia unguiculataC. Epling5251948-6-12 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita to Pozo Road, 14.75 miles east of railroad tracks
    RSA108150RSAClarkia unguiculataC. Epling541-P1948-6-12 MontereyBradley to Jolon Road, 1.2 mi. east of East Fork of Pleyto Road
    DAV316863DAVClarkia unguiculataC. Epling5411948-6-12 MontereyMonterey County: Bradley to Jolon Road, 1.2 miles E of East Fork of Pleyto Road.
    UC1071997UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. Epling1381946-1-01 Tuolumneroad to Mather (at junction with road to Aspen Valley)
    UC1071996UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. Epling1121946-1-01 Stanislaus2.0 mi w Knight's Ferry Rd. (Hwy.120)
    UC1071995UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. Epling75A1946-8-01 Mendocino6.9 mi e Hwy. 101 (Hwy. 20)
    UC1072006UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. Epling, P. Levine, D. Mitchell541P1948-6-12 Monterey1.2 mi e East Fork of Pleyto Road (Bradley to Jolon Road)
    UC1143214UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. Epling, P. Levine, D. Mitchell5251948-6-12 San Luis Obisporoad from Santa Margarita to Pozo (14.75 mi e of railroad tracks)
    RSA44667RSAClarkia unguiculataC. F. Smith13301945-6-06 Santa BarbaraIn canyon north of Almar Ave, Santa Barbara.
    RSA128811RSAClarkia unguiculataC. H. Thompsons.n.1903-6-22 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
    SBBG197121SBBGClarkia unguiculataC. Matt Guilliams45702018-5-24 Santa BarbaraUpper Manzana Trail trailhead, near Nira Campground.
    SBBG188176SBBGClarkia unguiculataC. Matt Guilliams55272019-3-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: burned slope SW of Valley Anchorage Road.
    DAV316893DAVClarkia unguiculataC. Osuga161992-5-29 ?  SolanoSolano County: Highway 121 Wooden Valley Road.
    UC489066UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataC. V. Meyer3821928-5-21 San DiegoValley Center Grade
    UCR0061106UCRClarkia unguiculataC.J. Harker201969-5-19 RiversideRiverside, Fairmount Park [probably North Hill, on south side of park -- ACS, '99]; Riverside
    HSC217500HSCClarkia unguiculataC.S. Appersonsn1967-6-11 Los Angeles3 mi. up Haskell Cyn. Rd. off of Bouquet Cyn. Rd.
    RSA0077466RSAClarkia unguiculataCNPS-SSNF Team80632011-6-10 KernPrivateWindwolves Wildlife Refuge; foothills of the San Emigdio Mountains, about 3.0 air miles N of the summit of San Emigdio Mountain.; Eagle Rest Peak
    YM-YOSE117620YMClarkia unguiculataCOLWELL, ALISONAC03-062003-6-17 ?  Mariposa1/2 W OF EL PORTAL ROAD / HWY 140 NCTION
    YM-YOSE117614YMClarkia unguiculataCOULTER, CHARLOTTES.N.2003-6-24 ?  MariposaEL PORTAL, W OF CHAPEL
    OBI129130OBIClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf49661933-5-25 El Dorado1-3/16 mi E of Salmon Falls rd on Folsom-Green Valley rd. W slope Sierra Nevada
    SBBG197114SBBGClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf1933-6-27 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap on Sand Crk cut-off to Miramonte
    SBBG197111SBBGClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf1931-5-12 VenturaPiru Crk, 0.25 mi above the Ranger Station, ca. 8 mi above Piru
    RSA15529RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf21801928-5-11 Los AngelesSo. base of Newhall Grade.
    POM200861RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf50101933-6-26 Tulare1.4 miles above the power house on the road to Canon. Upper Tule River.
    POM200911RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf50621933-6-27 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap on Sand Creek Cut-off to Miramonte.
    SD00049997SDClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolfs.n.1933-6-26 TulareWest slope Sierra Nevada. Upper Tule River. 1 4/10 mile above power house on road to Canon.
    RSA6157RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf49661933-5-25 El DoradoWest slope Sierra Nevada: 1.3 miles east of Salmon Falls road on Folsom - Green Valley road.
    RSA18296RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf4211927-5-31 Santa ClaraNear Roble Auto Bridge over San Francisquito Creek
    POM200866RSAClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf20121931-5-13 VenturaSlopes along Piru Creek, 1/4 mile above the Ranger Station, or about 8 miles above Piru.
    UC930695UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataCarl B. Wolf49661933-5-25 El Dorado1.3 mi e Salmon Falls Road (Folsom-Green Valley Road); Sierra Nevada
    LA00617291LAClarkia unguiculataCarl Epling541A,541P1948-6-12 MontereyBradley to Jolon Road, 1.2 mi. east of East Fork of Pleyto Road
    LA00617295LAClarkia unguiculataCarl Epling2351947 TuolumneHighway 49 at junction with Highway 120 at Tuolumne River
    LA00617302LAClarkia unguiculataCarl Epling1381946 TuolumneMather to Highway 120, at junction with road to Aspen Valley
    LA00617304LAClarkia unguiculataCarl Epling75A1946-8-1 Mendocino6.9 mi e Hwy. 101 (Hwy. 20)
    LA00617411LAClarkia unguiculataCarl Epling85411925-6-05 MontereyCarmel Highlands
    DAV316867DAVClarkia unguiculataCarol Young371964-4-17 SacramentoSacramento County: Off County Road P10A, near Folsom Dam.
    PUA6418PUAClarkia unguiculataCarolyn Thomas1974-5-23 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Creek. Walter Springs Quad.
    CAS-BOT165531CASClarkia unguiculataCarpenter, Jeanette3441983-7-3 MontereyOn west-facing slope on ridge southwest of Peak 3981 on the main ridge between Middle and South Forks of Devil's Creek
    UCSC100003933UCSCClarkia unguiculataCharisse Bickfords.n.1978-6-27 Montereyin the South Highlands - Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains -
    LA00617292LAClarkia unguiculataCharles L. Hogue1954-5-15 VenturaNear Temescal Guard Station, Piru Creek Canon, near Piru
    IRVC112855IRVCClarkia unguiculataCharles W. Sextons.n.1974-5-11 VenturaDough Flat Condor Observation Site, Sespe area.
    JEPS39980UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataCharlotte N. Smith11961963-7-20 Kernabout 1/4 mi above footd Eugen Grade; Greenhorn Mt. area
    JEPS32915UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataCharlotte N. Smith4941941-6-02 Kern3/4 mi below summit Burke Grade (n slope of Burke Hill, between Poso Flat and Little Poso Creek); Greenhorn Range foothills
    POM32370RSAClarkia unguiculataChas Davidsons.n.1885-7-1 UnknownSierras.
    RSA96362RSAClarkia unguiculataChas. H. Quibell18981953-5-09 Fresno1611′ Owens Mt. (State Fire lookout) 6 miles SE of Friant Dam: metamorphic, isolated 1200ft above 400ft San Joaquin Valley to S and W and Dry Creek to NNE.
    RSA88941RSAClarkia unguiculataChas. H. Quibell22341953-6-05 FresnoSan Joaquin River bluff at point where river turns W again about 1 miles SW of Hwy 99 xing.
    RSA89231RSAClarkia unguiculataChas. H. Quibell18481953-5-07 FresnoHumphrey Cut-off rd. 1 1/4 plus m.s. of its jct. (e) with 168; where rd., descending from its 1475′ summit, swings out into full view of Humphrey valley.
    RSA96114RSAClarkia unguiculataChas. H. Quibell18201953-5-05 FresnoAlong old road down into Pine Flat Lake basin N of Hughes Mt. Not far above high water but around double curve out of sight of it-curve by gate to property on N side.
    UC1043446UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataChas. H. Quibell18981953-5-09 Fresno6 mi se Friant Dam (on top and nw edge of nw peak, above San Joaquin Valley to s and w and Dry Creek to nne); Owens Mt. (State Fire Lookout)
    UCR0061130UCRClarkia unguiculataChris Flanagans.n.1974-5-11 TulareSouth Fork Drive, Kaweah River [near Three Rivers]
    RSA448463RSAClarkia unguiculataChristopher Davidson60201977-6-20 SonomaDry Creek Rd., 9.3 miles W of Geyserville.
    OBI148480OBIClarkia unguiculataChristopher Hauser612018-5-16 San BenitoPanoche Valley Preserve. Found in savanna in northwest corner of Panoche Valley. T14S, R1 NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec 32.
    DAV316875DAVClarkia unguiculataChuck Hughes3672013-5-2 YubaYuba County: Northwest margin of Camp Far West Reservoir.
    SBBG197122SBBGClarkia unguiculataClare B. Hardham44111959-5-06 San Luis Obispojunction rd to Pleyto and rd to Nacimiento Dam
    SBBG197132SBBGClarkia unguiculataClare B. Hardham182211971-7-03 MontereyCanonterey-Fresno county line
    SBBG197123SBBGClarkia unguiculataClare B. Hardham44151959-4-23 San Luis Obispo1 mi S of Santa Barbara Rd; Atascadero
    RSA128506RSAClarkia unguiculataClare B. Hardham44111959-5-06 San Luis ObispoIntersection of road to Pleyto and road to Nacimiento Dam, Santa Lucia Mountains
    JEPS99282UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataClare B. Hardham44111959-5-06 San Luis Obispointersection of road to Pleyto and road to Nacimiento Dam Santa Lucia Mountains
    OBI129151OBIClarkia unguiculataClfiton F. Smith34691962-6-21 Santa BarbaraWoodland, Happy Canon
    OBI129143OBIClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith87101965-5-18 Santa BarbaraImmed below White Oaks Guard station in Bates Cyn, N foothills of Sierra Madre Mts
    SBBG197212SBBGClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith34691952-6-21 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Happy Cyn
    SBBG197129SBBGClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith9351944-6-16 Santa BarbaraMission Cyn Rd near jct of Tunnel Rd
    SBBG197126SBBGClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith8371944-6-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Jesusita Trail, Mission Cyn
    SBBG197208SBBGClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith87101965-5-18 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: immediately below White Oaks Guard Station in Bates Cyn
    SBBG197125SBBGClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith32631950-6-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns:, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn [natural; not planted]
    SD00050003SDClarkia unguiculataClifton F. Smith87101965-5-18 Santa BarbaraWoodland-chaparral immediately below White Oaks Guard Station in Bates Canon, North foothills of Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CAS-BOT165601CASClarkia unguiculataCohen, Daniel1081953-6-5 San MateoLos Trancos Woods
    UCR0061123UCRClarkia unguiculataColeta A. Lawler2821971-6-01 VenturaLake Eleanor, on Hwy 23
    CHSC27728CHSCClarkia unguiculataColeta Lawler2961978-6-23 Contra CostaWest of Concord on Alhambra Valley Road, 0.7 miles east of Bear Creek Road; roadcut.
    SDSU08704SDSUClarkia unguiculataCollier, GeraldM3361951-5-15 Los AngelesOpen Field near Provosts Residnece, Just So. of sunset Blvd. UCLA campus.
    CAS-BOT165422CASClarkia unguiculataCoombs, Mrs. A. L.s.n.1916-6-4 MariposaEl Portal, Yosemite
    UCSB007032UCSBClarkia unguiculataCopp, Joseph1961-4-29 Santa BarbaraCa. 10 yd. SE. of E. fork of Alamo Pintado Creek, ca. 25 NE. of upper bridge of Figueroa Mountain Road, between Los Olivos and Zaca Peak
    CAS-BOT165437CASClarkia unguiculataCovel, Paul F.5531937-6-5 AlamedaOak. Hills.
    CAS-BOT165454CASClarkia unguiculataCovel, Paul F.2591936-5-17 Contra CostaFord Canyon, s-w base of Mt Diablo
    UCSB007029UCSBClarkia unguiculataCoz, Susan771977-6-04 Los Angeles5 miles north on Malibu Canon Road from HWY 1 on east side of road, across from Tapia Park
    SD00050002SDClarkia unguiculataCraig Reisers.n.1989-5-12 KernKeene Ranch
    CAS-BOT165645CASClarkia unguiculataCronemiller, F. P.31751967-7-7 Santa ClaraPalo Alto Foothills Park. Toyon Trail
    RSA652339RSAClarkia unguiculataD. Bartholomew851961-5-13 Los AngelesBig Dalton Canon (just back from chain across road).
    POM215776RSAClarkia unguiculataD. D. Keck23531933-5-29 NapaPope Creek bridge south of Walters Springs.
    POM209683RSAClarkia unguiculataD. D. Keck27651934-4-25 MontereyLewis Creek, NE of Lonoak.
    RSA0044732RSAClarkia unguiculataD. E. Bramlet41942008-4-14 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mtns region: Bouquet Canon. 762 m SE of Bouquet Cyn Rd, & 549 m S Hayfork Rd.; Mint Canon
    RSA41384RSAClarkia unguiculataD. F. Howes.n.1947-5-04 Los AngelesMint Canon.
    CHSC101214CHSCClarkia unguiculataD. G. Kelch07.1812007-4-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
    CHSC97906CHSCClarkia unguiculataD. G. Welch07.1812007-4-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
    SBBG197131SBBGClarkia unguiculataD. H. Wilken158912002-4-25 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts; hill immediately N of Camp Roberts, ca. 2.3 km SE of mouth of Orofino Cyn, ca. 1.2 NE of sharp bend of the Nacimiento River
    CHSC91163CHSCClarkia unguiculataD. Isle10631995-6-07 ColusaMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Bear Creek Watershed. Bear Valley Rd. 2.6 miles NW of Hwy. 20/Hwy. 16 junction + 1.4 miles SE of Wilbur Springs Junction. N. edge of Bear Valley Rd.
    UCSC100003940UCSCClarkia unguiculataD. J. Norman1151968-4-28 Montereynear Arroyo Seco camp, along roadside 2 miles from camp, in Foothill Woodland Arroyo Seco camp
    RSA593976RSAClarkia unguiculataD. L. Banks9611996-5-02 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; NW foothills of Dorland Mtn.; S end of Los Caballos Road, University of California-Emerson Oaks Reserve, approximately 20 m inside the preserve boundary gate, 3 m E of the main road along a open field.; Pechanga
    SFV109348SFVClarkia unguiculataD. L. Koutnik5161978-6-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Dry Canon - Cold Creek Road between Mulholland Highway and Old Topanga Canon Road.
    SBBG197144SBBGClarkia unguiculataD. McCleisterAH552005-6-5 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: 1 N of first crk crossing on main trail; Arroyo Hondo Preserve
    OBI129163OBIClarkia unguiculataD. R. Miller694.3971994-6-01 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. Along trl edge, below 'caves' S slope of Pine Mt; Pico crk drainage
    DAV316850DAVClarkia unguiculataD. Sanchez-Matas.n.2002-3-30 San BenitoSan Benito County: Pinnacles National Monument. Junipero Trail.
    UCSC100003929UCSCClarkia unguiculataD. Styer4152012-5-13 MontereyOld Reservation Road, Fort Ord National Monument (Region N7)
    CAS-BOT165514CASClarkia unguiculataD., R. J.6561927-5-26 Los AngelesSierra Madre Mts.
    CDA0009589CDAClarkia unguiculataD.G. Kelch7.1812007-4-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
    CDA0021570CDAClarkia unguiculataD.G. Kelch8.1032008-5-13 SolanoCordelia Hill. CA Delta.
    SJSU10994SJSUClarkia unguiculataD.J. Powers6731972-6-08 Santa Claranear Frog Lake, Henry Coe State Park, E of Morgan Hill, Mt Hamilton Range
    UCR0061105UCRClarkia unguiculataD.L. Banks09611996-5-02 RiversideAgua Tibia Mtns., NW foothills of Dorland Mtn, S end of Los Caballos Road, University of California-Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 20 m inside the preserve boundary gate, 3 m east of the main road along an open field.
    CDA0033350CDAClarkia unguiculataDale Woodss.n.2010-6-9 KernBetween Lake Isabella and Bakersfield, in the canyon along Hwy 178.
    SBBG197218SBBGClarkia unguiculataDallas Smith471984-5-21 Santa Barbaraelevated river embankment, 5.1 mi E of San Marcos Pass Rd, Santa Ynez River Valley
    UCR0061070UCRClarkia unguiculataDan S. Cooper315--172015-4-3 Los AngelesGriffith Park area, Los Angeles, south edge of Forest Lawn Dr. adjacent to Forest Lawn Cemetery
    JEPS118820UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDana York9211996-6-22 FresnoCa. 65 km E of Fresno, 9.6 km SE of Tollhouse, Sequoia National Forest, N-Fork Kings River, along trail from Mill Flat CG.
    SD00049991SDClarkia unguiculataDaniel Clevelands.n.1877-5-01 San DiegoBear Valley
    CAS-BOT165496CASClarkia unguiculataDaniels, E. H.; Bates, J.s.n.1932-5-28 RiversideNear Idyllwild, San Jacinto Mountains
    SBBG197136SBBGClarkia unguiculataDara Emery1947-4-20 Los AngelesTopanga Cyn
    SD00050014SDClarkia unguiculataDarin L. Banks9611996-5-02 RiversideAgua Tibia Mountains: Northwest foothills of Dorland Mountains; South end of Los Caballos Road, University of California-Emerson Oaks Reserve, approximately 20 meters inside the preserve boundary gate. 3 meters East of the main road along an open field.
    SD00050006SDClarkia unguiculataDarley F. Howes.n.1947-5-04 Los AngelesMint Canon
    SD00049998SDClarkia unguiculataDarley F. Howes.n.1962-5-26 San Benito1.3 miles North of Paicines on #25.
    SD00050011SDClarkia unguiculataDarley F. Howe15681947-5-04 Los AngelesDry Hillside, Mint Canon.
    DAV316861DAVClarkia unguiculataDaryl Koutnik5161978-6-03 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Dry Canon-Cold Creek Road.
    UCR0061145UCRClarkia unguiculataDave Cerfs.n.1971-5-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, Figueroa Mtn Road, 5-6 miles west of Figueroa Mtn. public campground
    UCSB007002UCSBClarkia unguiculataDavid Baley521981-5-31 Santa BarbaraApproximately 2/3 mile southeast of Rancho San Fernando Rey along extreme southeast edge of Lake Cachuma, in an area 200 yards either side of drainage of unnamed creek between dirt road and water's edge
    UCR0061063UCRClarkia unguiculataDavid Charlton1951986-5-16 KernWalker Pass, 48.6 miles west of Hwy 395 on Hwy 178 [southwest of Lake Isabella]
    UC532092UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDavid D. Keck28261934-4-26 San Luis Obispo4.1 mi w La Panza
    UC423052UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDavid D. Keck4201928-6-12 PlacerAuburn
    OBI129171OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil317422013-5-20 MontereyHamann family ranch (Flentge Ranch) between Vineyard Canon Road and Parkfield
    OBI129149OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil149111981-6-20 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon along the channel and banks of Aroryo de la Cruz E of hwy 1
    OBI129162OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil171381983-5-29 MontereyHunter Liggett Military Reservation. S of Jolon near confluence of Los Burros Crk and Nacimiento river at end of pavement on San Jones Cyn Rd
    OBI129148OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil195051986-5-17 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch. 3.6 mi S of Santa Margarita along ranch rd. E base of Santa lucia Mts in area that was locally the E boundary of the Las Piltas fire of July 1985
    OBI129142OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil195721986-5-26 San Luis ObispoOak Shores development on N shore of Nacimiento Lake
    OBI129156OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil239841993-5-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. NW corner of the Base from 1 N of Calif hwy 1 (Vandenberg Rd) exit from Calif hwy 135 (Graciosa rd) S to vicinity of exit. Hills and valleys W of hwy 135
    OBI129153OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil261341997-4-10 San Luis ObispoLa panza mountains. ca. 0.3 miles from highway 58 on red hill road.
    OBI129136OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil313912012-6-28 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains. Upper Lopez Canon. Lopez Canon Trail from east Cuesta Ridge to Lopez Canon Road
    OBI129137OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil315982013-5-2 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo. Upper Salinas River valley along Avenales Ranch Road
    OBI129141OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil317652013-5-20 MontereyHamann family ranch (Flentge Ranch) between Vineyard Canon Road and Parkfield
    OBI129135OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid J. Keil123521977-5-14 Monterey3 mi E of Ponderosa campground on Ferguson-Nacimiento Rd
    OBI161120OBIClarkia unguiculataDavid Keil341172016-5-3 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
    SBBG197145SBBGClarkia unguiculataDavid Keil239841993-5-01 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Vandenberg Air Force Base; from 1 N of St Hwy 1 exit from St Hwy 135 S to vicinity of exit; hills and valleys W of Hwy 135; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    UCSB055844UCSBClarkia unguiculataDavid Magney232A-192019-6-6 Los AngelesSW Region, Western Transverse Ranges, Liebre Mountains, Sierra Pelona, Rush Canon, along dirt road to Rowher ORV Area, Angeles NF, Waypoint 400; Green Valley, Calif. topo quad.; NE1 W1/4 S19, T5N R14W San Bernardino Base Meridian.; 34.50882 -119.38967
    HSC217499HSCClarkia unguiculataDavid Portersn1965-5-14 Los AngelesAlong Mulholland Hwy., 1 W of Canon Rd.
    CAS-BOT165637CASClarkia unguiculataDavis, Hester R.s.n.1920-5-26 Santa ClaraStevens Creek [Canon] Canyon
    CAS-BOT165676CASClarkia unguiculataDay, Alva82-671982-6-1 SonomaPepperwood Ranch
    JEPS125854UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor157361996-6-14 SolanoHillsides of Hwy 680 about 4 miles south of Cordelia
    JEPS90002UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor23101973-5-05 Stanislausabout 6 mi w from Interstate Route 5 in Del Puerto Canon
    JEPS90004UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor89771987-5-18 Kernalong the old highway (Woodford-Tehachapi Road), Keene, Tehachapi Mountains Keene; Tehachapi Mountains, Keene
    JEPS105174UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor130491992-7-23 MariposaForesta Falls; old El Portal-Foresta Rd; along Crane Creek 0.5 W Yosemite National Park boundary
    JEPS90003UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor80301982-7-09 Mariposaalong Highway 140 in Merced River Canon at El Protal Yosemite boundary Merced River Canon; Sierra Nevada, , Highway 140
    JEPS90007UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataDean W. Taylor117581991-5-21 Montereyalong Bradley-Jolon Road at far nw end of Hames Valley, South Coast Ranges Hames Valley; South Coast Ranges, Hames Valley
    SD00019578SDClarkia unguiculataDean Wm. Taylor157361996-6-14 SolanoHillsides west of Highway 680 about 4 miles south of Cordelia. Cordelia 7.5'Q
    UCSB007017UCSBClarkia unguiculataDecker, Helen1911946-5-11 Santa BarbaraSan Ynez River area, near Ranger's Station
    DAV316885DAVClarkia unguiculataDena Grossenbacher9952009-5-15 AmadorAmador County: Along County Road 81 (Spanish Flat Road) about 0.5 miles from junction with Highway 49 in Dry Town. Private property.
    DAV308595DAVClarkia unguiculataDena Grossenbacher10002009-5-16 MaderaMadera County: Along Road 210, 1.5 miles east of junction with Road 211 and Bellview site. Private property.
    DAV316849DAVClarkia unguiculataDena Grossenbacher10042009-5-16 MaderaMadera County: Just west of Finegold Creek along Road 210. Private property.
    DAV316886DAVClarkia unguiculataDena Grossenbacher10462009-6-17 MariposaMariposa County: Along Bronco Hollow Road, 1.0 miles north of junction with Indian Peak Road.
    CAS-BOT165598CASClarkia unguiculataDengler, A. J.s.n.1972-6-25 San MateoWhere the trail from the top of J. R. joins that along S. F. Cr.
    SBBG197139SBBGClarkia unguiculataDenise Knapp2018-6002018-7-2 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Jeepway. [USFS Rd 6N14, just S of Santa Cruz Crk, SE of Black Cyn]
    UCSB007024UCSBClarkia unguiculataDennis E. Breedlove3701961-4-15 Santa BarbaraAlamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birabent Canon, San Rafael Range
    UCSB007026UCSBClarkia unguiculataDennis E. Breedlove36901962-6-14 AmadorState Highway 88, 5.0 miles west of Pine Grove; Sierra Nevada
    SD281355SDClarkia unguiculataDick Swinney194202017-6-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, mouth of Vasquez Canon (south tributary of Big Tujunga Canon, Condor Peak Quad
    RSA240676RSAClarkia unguiculataDonald R. Bissing1181973-6-02 Los AngelesEvey Canon, San Gabriel Mountains: mouth of canyon.
    CAS-BOT165571CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, Chesters.n.1927-6-1 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    CAS-BOT165556CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-8-5 MontereyCoast trail above Steven's ravine
    CAS-BOT165562CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-5-13 MontereyNear Jolon
    CAS-BOT165633CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-1 Santa ClaraNear San Francisquito Creek
    CAS-BOT165635CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-5-22 Santa Clara3rd ledge above Lake Lagunita, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT165639CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-6-14 Santa ClaraBy Stock Farm, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT165642CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.40211895-5-28 Santa ClaraSoda Springs [Canon] Canyon near Madrone Springs
    CAS-BOT165665CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1897-6-26 Santa CruzNear Eccles
    CAS-BOT165666CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-10-3 Santa CruzNear Big Trees, Felton
    CAS-BOT165668CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-7-6 Santa CruzTop of Black Mt., Santa Cruz Range
    CAS-BOT165682CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.33351900-8-1 TulareColony Spring
    CAS-BOT165683CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-4-5 TulareRocky Hill, Porterville
    CAS-BOT165690CASClarkia unguiculataDudley, W. R.8861895-7-25 TulareAt Nelsons. Region of Tule-Little Kern Divide: Vicinity of Camp Alla
    SHTC6741SHTCClarkia unguiculataDuke, Cassidy142018-4-23 StanislausCSU Stanislaus Canong the Trans-California Pathway
    RSA0039557RSAClarkia unguiculataDuncan S. Bell71912014-6-11 FresnoSequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness; Boyden Outcrops; south side of Highway 180; near Boyden Cave.
    CAS-BOT165468CASClarkia unguiculataDuncan, Bryan1531923-5-1 FresnoJunction of north and south fork of Kings River
    CAS-BOT165547CASClarkia unguiculataDurham, Floyds.n.1942-5-28 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg
    CAS-BOT165632CASClarkia unguiculataDutton, H. A.s.n.1900-4-30 Santa ClaraSan Jose
    RSA515769RSAClarkia unguiculataE. C. Twisselmann44911958-5-27 KernThe Greenhorn Range; Burke Hill (Poso Flat-Eugene Grade Road).
    RSA515770RSAClarkia unguiculataE. C. Twisselmann73731962-6-22 KernGreenhorn Summit road, 2.9 miles west of Wofford Heights.
    RSA115577RSAClarkia unguiculataE. C. Twisselmann21351955-6-10 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range: Upper Canon
    RSA221642RSAClarkia unguiculataE. C. Twisselmann166311970-6-11 MontereySanta Lucia Range, Ponderosa Public Camp
    RSA209522RSAClarkia unguiculataE. C. Twisselmann131081967-5-23 San Luis ObispoCottonwood Pass, eastern San Luis Obispo County
    RSA448592RSAClarkia unguiculataE. Crow3291929-4-21 Los AngelesFoothills northeast of Glendora.
    DAV316847DAVClarkia unguiculataE. D. Appenzeller51995-4-30 San DiegoSan Diego County: Sunset Cliffs, off Ladera St., 100 yrds from the ocean.
    RSA448454RSAClarkia unguiculataE. E. Stanford15101930-5-24 Contra CostaMarsh Creek Canon.
    JEPS43596UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataE. Ferguson2281919-6-11 Sonomanear Guerneville
    JEPS31662UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataE. Ferguson5321920-7-25 Fresnobetween Tehipite Valley and Gnat Meadow; Middle Fork of the Kings River watershed
    RSA144789RSAClarkia unguiculataE. G. Linsley59-1011959-6-16 Mariposa0.7 miles south of Mormon Bar.
    UC1186593UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataE. G. Linsley, G. I. Stage, R. W. Thorp59-1011959-6-16 Mariposa0.7 mi s Mormon Bar
    SFV109347SFVClarkia unguiculataE. J. Spencer81992-5-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon Road, 1.2 miles south of Muholland Drive.
    RSA60378RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls159371950-4-25 Kern13 miles SE of Edison, turn-off to Caliente, Hwy 466.
    RSA179750RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls120971965-7-08 MontereyCarmel Highlands, opposite Yankee Point.
    RSA162471RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls120781963-8-14 MontereyCarmel Highlands, opposite Yankee Point
    RSA49949RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls136611949-6-24 Santa BarbaraMojagui Pass, road to Solvang through Alisal Ranch.
    RSA48485RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls79401948-5-31 MontereyCarmel Highlands above Yankee Point
    RSA244449RSAClarkia unguiculataE. K. Balls120971965-7-08 MontereyCarmel Highlands, opposite Yankee Point.
    LA45506LAClarkia unguiculataE. Lloyds.n.1933-5-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Temescal Canon; unspecific
    OBI129166OBIClarkia unguiculataE. McMillan1321952-5-25 San Luis ObispoPalo Prieta Cyn 1 N and 8 mi E of Shandon
    CHSC119243CHSCClarkia unguiculataE. NeeseHL 17251995-6-12 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Canonment), in triangle formed by Mission Creek Road, Jolon Road, and cutoff road, ca. 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village, NW of junction of Jolon and Mission Creek Roads, ca. 0.3 air km SW of historic Jolon town site. UTMs (NAD 27, map estimate): zone 10S, 664550 E, 3981 N.
    CHSC119214CHSCClarkia unguiculataE. Neese15411995-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Canonment), in triangle formed by Mission Creek Road, Jolon Road, and cutoff road, ca. 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village, NW of junction of Jolon and Mission Creek Roads, ca. 0.3 air km SW of historic Jolon town site. UTMs (NAD 27, map estimate): zone 10S, 664550 E, 3981 N.
    OBI129139OBIClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL15411995-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Canonment), in triangle formed by Mission Crk rd, Jolon rd, and cutoff rd, ca 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village, NW of jctn of Jolon and mission Crk rds, ca 0.3 air km SW of historic Jolon town site
    OBI129140OBIClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL17251995-6-12 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Canonment), in triangle formed by Mission Crk Rd, Jolon rd, and cutoff rd, ca 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village, NW of jctn of Jolon and mission Crk rds, ca 0.3 air km SW of historic Jolon town site. UTMs NAD27 zone 10S, 664550E, 3981 N
    SBBG197155SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL20591995-7-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Nacimiento River, ca. 3.25 km S of Wizard Gulch, ca. 3.8 W of Stony Crk; USFS/Ft Hunter Liggett interface
    SBBG197154SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL18771995-6-15 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: between Slickrock Crk and Nacimiento River, ca. 4.5 WSW of Peanut, 6 km WNW of Stony Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197153SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL16941995-5-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near bridge over Nacimiento River, ca. 1infl km SE of Salmon Crk Rd ford, ca. 2.2 km SSW of Woodrow Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197150SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL17251995-6-12 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: triangle formed by Mission Crk Rd, Jolon Rd, and cutoff rd, ca. 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197152SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Neese, E. PainterHL15411995-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: triangle formed by Mission Crk Rd, Jolon Rd, and cutoff rd, ca. 0.1 km E of former site of Jolon Village; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197113SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. Painter, M. WetherwaxSLO1482000-6-13 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; first ridge W of Cerro Romualdo, just above small Eucalyptus grove remaining from old homestead; Camp San Luis Obispo
    UC107950UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataE. Palmer1471876-6-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo district
    SBBG197214SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. R. Blakley28441959-5-31 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Rattlesnake Cyn near old mission dam
    SBBG197213SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. R. Chandler1337D1963-7-26 VenturaSulphur Mtn
    SBBG197216SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. R. Chandler11951963-6-03 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: Tepesquet Rd, ca. 4.4 N of jct with Foxen Cyn Rd
    SBBG197209SBBGClarkia unguiculataE. R. Chandler18611964-5-29 Santa BarbaraBates Cyn near White Oaks Guard Station
    UC35401UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataE. R. Drew1888-7-04 AlamedaOakland
    CHSC1115CHSCClarkia unguiculataE. Thomas1940-4-14 San DiegoNear Oceanside.
    CAS-BOT165412CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alices.n.1906-6-13 UnknownCountry adjacent to Santa Maria
    CAS-BOT165452CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice110781922-3-17 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT165528CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice34041913-6-13 MendocinoUkiah
    CAS-BOT165569CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice3971906-6-15 San Luis ObispoCountry adjacent to Santa Maria. Suey Creek
    CAS-BOT165572CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice138221926-5-4 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    CAS-BOT165591CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice137861926-5-3 San Luis ObispoAvila
    CAS-BOT165623CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice5351906-6-19 Santa BarbaraRoad to Zaca Lake. Zaca Lake Forest Reserve
    CAS-BOT165625CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice6311906-6-22 Santa BarbaraTrail to Manzana Creek. Zaca Lake Forest Reserve
    CAS-BOT165457CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas58401938-6-13 FresnoRoad to Coalinga Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT165583CASClarkia unguiculataEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas23651936-5-9 San Luis Obispo6 miles nw. of Adelaida
    OBI129177OBIClarkia unguiculataEben McMillan1321952-5-25 San Luis ObispoPalo Prieta Cyn 1 N and 8 mi E of Shandon
    SD39445SDClarkia unguiculataEdith A. Purer58481934-4-29 San DiegoMountains northeast of Escondido
    SD00049994SDClarkia unguiculataEdith A. Purers.n.1931-4-01 San BernardinoFoothills East of San Bernardino.
    SD00050001SDClarkia unguiculataEdith A. Purer66991935-6-22 VenturaUpper Ojai Road, Santa Paula Canon
    RSA0161006RSAClarkia unguiculataEdward F. Anderson23701933-8-10 MariposaYosemite. [Yosemite Valley and lower elevation foothills of the Sierras. - L. Gross 1/9/19]
    RSA0156811RSAClarkia unguiculataEdward F. Anderson6341955-5-08 KernAbout the middle of the Kern River Canon. Mt. Range: Greenhorn. Drainage Area: Pacific slope.
    RSA0165116RSAClarkia unguiculataEileen BerbeoAEB-OC-3G2017-5-24 Los AngelesWithin Angeles National Forest. North of Lake View Terrace. Take Little Tujunga Canon Road north from 210 until making a right on Ebey Herreres Truck Trail. Head east until making a right on Oliver Canon to BP and L Road.
    CAS-BOT32943CASClarkia unguiculataEisen, Gustavus Augustus (August Gustav)s.n.1943-7-21 FresnoNear Fresno
    LA85596LAClarkia unguiculataElizabeth McClintocks.n.1945-5-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Dry Canon-Cold Creek Road
    UCR0061092UCRClarkia unguiculataElizabeth NeeseHL-16941995-5-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett Training Area 26, near bridge over Nacimiento River, c. 1.0 air km southeast of Salmon Creek Road ford, c. 2.2 air km south-southwest of Woodrow Reservoir, c. 4 air km southeast of Hughes Reservoir
    UCR0061093UCRClarkia unguiculataElizabeth NeeseHL-15411995-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett Canonment, in triangle formed by Mission Creek Road, Jolon Road, and cutoff road, c. 0.1 km east of former site of Jolon Village, northwest of junction of Jolon and Mission Creek Roads, c. 0.3 air km southwest of historic Jolon town site
    OBI129169OBIClarkia unguiculataElizabeth Rudd2761971-5-23 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
    DAV316890DAVClarkia unguiculataEllen Dean31722006-6-28 SonomaSonoma County: Town of Kenwood. East side of Hwy. 12. Kunde Vineyards.
    DAV316892DAVClarkia unguiculataEllen Dean37692007-5-11 YoloYolo County: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range, northwest of the City of Winters, between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. Central part of ranch.
    DAV316848DAVClarkia unguiculataEllen Dean49252008-5-17 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Along Hwy. 49, Flume trail.
    DAV316865DAVClarkia unguiculataEllen Dean89062016-5-12 SolanoSolano County: Mix Canon, to the west of Pleasant Valley Rd. Along road side on south side of creek. North and south sides of road.
    UCR0061042UCRClarkia unguiculataEllen Dean49252008-5-17 El Doradoalong Hwy 49, Flume Trail
    POM211912RSAClarkia unguiculataElmer I. Applegate2051895-5-11 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek above Stanford University.
    RSA8249RSAClarkia unguiculataElmer I. Applegate2051895-5-11 Santa ClaraSan Francisquito Creek above Stanford University.
    CAS-BOT165530CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.31861901-6-1 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT165599CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.42931903-6-1 San MateoAlpine School House
    CAS-BOT165606CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.42931903-6-1 San MateoAlpine School House
    CAS-BOT165624CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.38771902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT165631CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.38771902-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT165649CASClarkia unguiculataElmer, A. D. E.50761903-7-1 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
    RSA448466RSAClarkia unguiculataEmery M. Whiltons.n.1936-6-17 TulareGreen Horn Mountain
    CAS-BOT165544CASClarkia unguiculataEpling, C.; Levine, P.; Mitchell, D.541P1948-6-12 MontereyBradley to Jolon Road, 1.2 mi. East of East Fork of Pleyto Road
    OBI129174OBIClarkia unguiculataEric Luning352003-5-11 KernKern Cyn, Sequoia Natl forest, Lower Richbar Picnic Ground
    UC61541UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataErnest Braunton8961903-6-01 Los AngelesGlendale to Burbank
    SBBG197137SBBGClarkia unguiculataErnest C. Twisselmann73731962-6-22 KernGreenhorn Summit Rd, 2.9 W of Wofford Heights
    SBBG197138SBBGClarkia unguiculataErnest C. Twisselmann131081967-5-23 San Luis ObispoCottonwood Pass
    SBBG197117SBBGClarkia unguiculataErnest C. Twisselmann110301965-6-18 KernLos Padres National Forest; potrero in upper San Emigdio Cyn
    CAS-BOT165541CASClarkia unguiculataErtter, Barbara; Strachan, Jeffrey33461980-5-11 MontereyArroyo Seco Road west from Greenfield a few miles east of Los Padres N.F., just west of junction with Carmel Valley Road
    UCR0061053UCRClarkia unguiculataEvalyn L. Farnsworth0061985-5-27 KernFarnsworth Ranch near Glennville
    DAV316870DAVClarkia unguiculataEvan A. Sugdens.n.1978-7-09 FresnoFresno County: State Highway 180, between sections of Kings Canon National Park.
    SD146208SDClarkia unguiculataF. C. Vaseks.n.1964--1 San Luis Obispo1.8 miles toward Atascadero from Cerro Alto Public Campground on Atascadero-Morro Bay Road.
    SBBG197157SBBGClarkia unguiculataF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB6091993-5-25 San Luis Obispo0.5 km SE of Deer Trail Rd on W Perimeter Rd; Camp Roberts
    SBBG197204SBBGClarkia unguiculataF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB5871993-5-25 San Luis ObispoW Perimeter Rd, 3 km S of Nacimiento Rd; Camp Roberts
    RSA448458RSAClarkia unguiculataF. R. FosbergS49861931-6-01 MariposaEl Portal, Merced River.
    RSA448459RSAClarkia unguiculataF. R. FosbergS52231931-6-06 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument.
    RSA73363RSAClarkia unguiculataF. W. Peirson20861920-5-16 Los AngelesTujunga Canon, west end of San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA73361RSAClarkia unguiculataF. W. Peirson8811930-5-15 KernGreenhorn Range, hills southeast of [Glenville].
    CAS-BOT165476CASClarkia unguiculataFarnsworth, Evalyns.n.1956-6-14 KernFarnsworth Ranch near Glennville
    CAS-BOT165478CASClarkia unguiculataFarnsworth, Evalyns.n.1956-6-8 KernFarnsworth Ranch near Glennville
    CAS-BOT165421CASClarkia unguiculataFauntleroy, Sophies.n.1914-1-1 MariposaBlochmans ranch
    RSA448583RSAClarkia unguiculataFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-3-28 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills.
    UC450787UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataFay A. MacFadden77E1931-3-28 Los AngelesTuna Canon Verdugo Hills
    CAS-BOT165497CASClarkia unguiculataFelger, Richard S.s.n.1968-6-13 Los AngelesElsmere Canyon, San Gabriel Mts., Angeles Natl. Forest, ca. 2 mi se Newhall
    SD00050000SDClarkia unguiculataFlorence Youngbergs.n.1934-4-01 VenturaBetween Ojai and Wheeler's Hot Springs
    SHTC456SHTCClarkia unguiculataFlores, M.12016-4-19 StanislausKnight's Ferry
    RSA448468RSAClarkia unguiculataFrances Holzwarts.n.1929-5-05 VenturaOjai Valley, Pratt trail.
    UC422926UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataFrancis Ramaley112561917-5-18 SacramentoFair Oaks
    CLARK-A1528-648CLARKClarkia unguiculataFrank Ambrey1959-4-26 RiversideRiverside
    UCR0061061UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek630511--151963-5-11 Kernjust east of Canon Caliente Road (old US 466) 5.4 miles east of junction with new US 466 [=US Hwy 58], east of Edison
    UCR0061066UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek630604--021963-6-04 KernOld Tehachapi Road, 5.4 mi. east of junction with U.S. Hwy 466 (at Historical Marker # 660), at base of first hill after crossing Caliente Wash.
    UCR0061062UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek670620--031967-6-20 KernParker Canon on Breckenridge Mountain Road [County Route 218]
    UCR0061151UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek630510--041963-5-10 San Benitoroad to Bitterwater [Hollister Road/County Road G13], 5.3 miles NE from railroad crossing in King City
    UCR0061152UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek630510--041963-5-10 San Benitoroad to Bitterwater [Hollister Road/County Road G13], 5.3 miles NE from railroad crossing in King City
    UCR0061121UCRClarkia unguiculataFrank C. Vasek177Pp1964-7-1 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi. toward Atascadero from Cerro Alto Public Campground on Atascadero-Morro Bay Road.
    SD00049993SDClarkia unguiculataFrank F. Gander75381939-5-15 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    SD00049996SDClarkia unguiculataFrank F. Gander75611939-5-16 KernKern River Canon.
    JEPS31666UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataFrank W. Peirson20861920-5-16 Los AngelesTujunga Canon San Gabriel Mountains
    DAV316880DAVClarkia unguiculataFrederic Hrusa110871993-5-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Approximately 2 km. beyond Stony Creek Camp.
    DAV316846DAVClarkia unguiculataFrederica Bowcutt18681994-6-12 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 1.5 air miles N of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa. Along Pony Gate Trail above Adobe Canon Road (road visible from trail.) Less than 1/8 mile SW of trail juncture with Pony Gate Gulch Creek.
    SDSU08667SDSUClarkia unguiculataFredricks, Larry1963-5-08 San Diego.1 mile on Grove Off of E. Chase in El Canon. On left side of road in gutter.
    OBI129161OBIClarkia unguiculataG. F. Hrusa155162000-6-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett. Los Burros creekbed. USGS Burro Mtn 7.5'
    OBI129128OBIClarkia unguiculataG. F. Hrusa111271993-5-02 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge East. Approx 1/2 mi SE of US 101 at Cuesta Pass
    DAV316888DAVClarkia unguiculataG. F. Hrusa122431995-5-02 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Black Butte Research Natural Area. SE base of Peak 3.
    CHSC101517CHSCClarkia unguiculataG. F. Hrusa173852008-5-23 LakeDry bank above Box Canon Creek in upper Benmore Canon immediately east and south of Indian Valley Reservoir spillway.
    SD00050013SDClarkia unguiculataG. K. Helmkamp94332005-5-12 Monterey8.0 miles west of US 101 on Highway CA-G-18 in Hames Valley.
    DAV316857DAVClarkia unguiculataG. K. Helmkamp106492006-6-7 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada foothills. Hiking trail, 3.5 miles NW of Placerville along Hwy. CA-49.
    DAV316856DAVClarkia unguiculataG. K. Helmkamp107102006-6-14 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains foothills. 0.2 mile N of the Forest Hill Road on unnamed road to Lake Clementine (general area NE of Auburn on Forest Hill Divide).
    OBI129152OBIClarkia unguiculataG. L. Parsons881976-5-23 VenturaDough Flat, Sespe Condor refuge
    DAV316864DAVClarkia unguiculataG. Ledyard Stebbins80291980-5-20 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. About 1/4 mile south of State Highway 128. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    RSA448469RSAClarkia unguiculataG. R. Johnstones.n.1931-5-03 Los AngelesPico Canon, Santa Susana Mountains.
    SBBG197074SBBGClarkia unguiculataG. S. Rand1930-6-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Middle Cyn, Scorpion
    JEPS100002UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataG. SmickGAS1942003-5-20 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
    UC1122468UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataG. T. Nordstrom12271937-5-16 San Luis Obispo2.1 mi ese Chimney Rock; Adelaida Quadrangle
    RSA41254RSAClarkia unguiculataG. Thomas Robbins16681944-6-09 El DoradoInstitute of Forest Genetics, 3 miles east of Placerville
    UC747278UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataG. Thomas Robbins16681944-6-09 El Dorado3 mi e Placerville (near Institute of Forest Genetics)
    PPWD427PPWDClarkia unguiculataG. de Nevers14411981-6-04 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - On clay road cut at blind turn in Leslie Road.
    CDA0011576CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa111271993-5-22 San Luis ObispoApprox. 1/2 mile SE of US 101 at Cuesta Pass. Cuesta Ridge East.
    CDA0011668CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa79901990-5-23 SacramentoSW end of American River bluffs,Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0011678CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa79031990-5-16 SacramentoE point of Mississippi Bar near Heron Rookery. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0013951CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa140691997-8-10 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; upper Water Canon on E side of Cuesta Ridge SE of Cuesta Pass. South Coast Ranges.
    CDA0015202CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa147401998-7-20 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains along USFS Cuesta Ridge East access Rd. +- 1/2 km. SE of intersection w/U.S. 101,South Coast Ranges.
    CDA0015770CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa110871993-5-21 San Luis ObispoApprox. 2 km. beyond Stony Creek Camp.
    CDA0016289CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa155172000-6-19 MontereyFort Hunter-Liggett. Above Los Burros creekbed.
    CDA0016290CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa155162000-6-19 MontereyFort Hunter-Liggett. Los Burros creekbed,Fort Hunter-Liggett.
    CDA0016482CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa154632000-6-12 CalaverasBlack Creek Ranch, ~3 mi. S of Copperopolis. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0016707CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa158132001-5-19 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Rd. betw. Hwy 166 and Miranda Pine Mtn. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0020673CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa168942006-6-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest, At and W +/- 2 mi. of Coldwater Camp. San Rafael Mountains.
    CDA0020691CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa169112006-6-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest, W +/- 3 mi. of Coldwater Camp. San Rafael Mountains.
    CDA0021126CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa170262007-5-15 SolanoGreen Valley Canon. below Green Valley Falls. Vaca Mountains.
    CDA0026533CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa173852008-5-23 LakeAbove Box Cyn. Creek in upper Benmore Canon, immed. E and S of Indian Valley Reservoir spillway. North Coast Ranges.
    CDA0030362CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa178452009-5-10 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Sisquoc River canyon. Flats about Sycamore Camp. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0035379CDAClarkia unguiculataG.F. Hrusa183362011-6-9 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Mine Canon, approx. 3/4 mile upstream from confluence with Sisquoc River. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    SD00050012SDClarkia unguiculataG.K. Helmkamp67112001-5-29 San BenitoGabilan Range: 7.1 miles South of San Juan Bautista on Highway G-1.
    PUA3332PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1971-5-22 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Berryessa. Walter Springs Quad.
    PUA64599PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1986-5-13 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Olympia. Felton Quad.
    PUA55586PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1982-4-25 San DiegoLocal landmark: Santa Ysabel Creek. San Pasqual Quad.
    PUA64328PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1986-5-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
    PUA64948PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1986-5-23 TulareLocal landmark: Kaweah River. Giant Forest Quad.
    PUA69102PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1987-5-13 San BenitoLocal landmark: New Idria. New Idria Quad.
    PUA64134PUAClarkia unguiculataG.L. Clifton1986-5-26 FresnoLocal landmark: Pine Ridge. Shaver Lake Quad.
    RSA131981RSAClarkia unguiculataGale Sphon3541959-6-06 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground, Los Padres National Forest.
    CAS-BOT165548CASClarkia unguiculataGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric4521982-6-15 MontereyLandels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Gamboa Point Section. Santa Lucia Mountains. 100 meters east of Gamboa Cabin.
    UC20017UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataGeo. Hansen1892-1-01 AmadorJackson
    UC191895UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataGeo. Hansen5311893-6-01 AmadorAgrc. Station Sequoia Region, New York Falls
    RSA448589RSAClarkia unguiculataGeo. L. Moxleys.n.1913-7-26 Los AngelesOn hills near Newhall.
    UCR0061128UCRClarkia unguiculataGeo. L. Moxleys.n.1914-6-1 Tulare[California?] Hot Springs
    DAV316879DAVClarkia unguiculataGeoffrey Levin1941974-5-31 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Wash (Blanchard Park), Pomona College, Claremont. Santa Ana River drainage area. Alluvial fan of Mt. San Antonio (San Gabriel Mts.)
    OBI129164OBIClarkia unguiculataGeorge Butterworth5172003-5-9 San Luis ObispoChimineas. Carrizo Cyn rd at rd spring 2.3 mi S of Chimineas Rd
    RSA709023RSAClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp94332005-5-12 MontereyCentral Coast Ranges: 8 mi west of US-101 on Hwy CA-G-18 in Hames Valley.; Hames Valley 7.5'
    UCR0061113UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp42031998-6-30 San Luis ObispoAlamo Creek Rd, 0.9 mile north of Calif. Hwy 166, near Twitchell Reservoir; Coast Ranges
    UCR0061112UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp56892000-6-15 San Luis Obispobetween Los Osos and sand dunes west of the end of Howard St.
    UCR0061135UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp95-5--031995-6-21 Mariposaroadside cut along CA Hwy 49 at Hell Hollow, 1.5 miles south of the Merced River crossing
    UCR0061107UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp67112001-5-29 San BenitoGabilan Range, 7.1 miles south of San Juan Bautista on Hwy G-1
    UCR0061110UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp66902001-5-29 ?  San BenitoLos Gatos Creek Rd. NW of Coalinga at the San Benito Co. line
    UCR0061099UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp74362002-4-22 Monterey13.3 miles east of US-101 along CA Hwy 198 in the general area of Mustang Ridge
    UCR0061098UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp76082002-4-22 Monterey13.3 miles east of US-101 along CA Hwy 198 in the general area of Mustang Ridge
    UCR0061064UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp65242001-4-27 KernCA Hwy 223 (Bear Mtn. Blvd.), 7.2 miles east of Arvin
    UCR0061097UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp55552000-4-24 Monterey6 miles south of King City and 0.6 mile east of G-14 (Jolon Rd) on San Lucas Rd.
    UCR0061147UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp49461999-6-27 Santa ClaraSierra Azul, Mt.Umunhum Rd 1/2 mi from Hicks Rd., 1/2 mi west of Bald Mtn., 4 mi south of San Jose & 2 mi west of Almaden Reservoir; Sierra Azul
    UCR0061095UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp94332005-5-12 Monterey8 miles west of US-101 on Calif. Highway G18 in Hames Valley
    UCR0061114UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp94442005-5-12 San Luis ObispoCholame Hills, 4.0 mi east of San Miguel on Cross Canon Road
    UCR0061096UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp94512005-5-12 Monterey4 miles west of US-101 on Calif. Hwy G18 in Hames Valley
    UCR0061120UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp96252005-6-12 San Luis Obispoalong Canon Hwy), 4.2 miles east of Santa Margarita
    UCR0061118UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp95382005-6-7 San Luis Obispoalong Huasna Road, 1.3 mile west of Huasna Townsite Road
    UCR0061117UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp95622005-6-9 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 5.4 mi northeast of Huasna Township Road.
    UCR0061115UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp96012005-6-9 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 9.6 miles NE of Huasna Townsite Road
    UCR0061119UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp95902005-6-9 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 8.3 miles northeast of Huasna Townsite Road
    UCR0061116UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp96582005-6-12 San Luis ObispoAlong Calif. Highway 229 (road to Creston), 5.5 miles north of Calif. Highway 58; beside West Branch of Huerhuero Creek
    UCR0061044UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp106182006-6-4 El Doradoalong Rock Creek Road, 0.1 mile east of its junction with Calif. Hwy 193
    UCR0061043UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp106492006-6-7 El Doradohiking trail, 3.5 miles northwest of Placerville along Calif. Hwy 49
    UCR0061137UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp107102006-6-14 Placer0.2 mile north of Forest Hill Road on Lake Clementine Rd., area northeast of Auburn on Forest Hill Divide
    UCR0061041UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp121662007-5-27 El Dorado0.7 mile down a hiking trail northeast of CA-49; trail starting 3.5 miles northwest of Placerville
    UCR0061133UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp147382009-5-20 Colusaalong CA-16 near Bear Creek, 1.6 miles south of the junction with CA-20
    UCR0061045UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp147622009-5-24 El DoradoSand Ridge Road, 0.2 miles east of the Cosumnes River and CA-49
    UCR0061139UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp164092010-6-26 PlacerYankee Jims road along Brush Creek in Bunch Canon, 2.8 miles southeast of its junction with Canon Way, 2.75 mi. ENE (74 ° ) of Applegate
    UCR0061138UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp164202010-7-2 PlacerYankee Jims Road, 3.2 miles southeast of its junction with Canon Way, 4.4 air mi. SE (156 ° ) of Colfax
    UCR0061046UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp176202011-7-2 El DoradoForni Road near Weber Creek, 0.8 mile south of its Placerville junction with US-50
    UCR0061132UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp228542014-5-8 AmadorSutter Creek-Volcano Road, 0.2 mile east of old CA-49 in town of Sutter Creek
    UCR0061111UCRClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp91--251994-5-18 San Luis ObispoAlamo Canon, 7 miles east of US-101 on CA-166, then 4 miles north, northeast of Twitchell Reservoir
    CLARK-A1045-999CLARKClarkia unguiculataGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-6-12 TulareKern River along the River, 3 miles north of the Kern/Tulare County line; Kernville 7.5'Q
    DAV316891DAVClarkia unguiculataGeorge R. Robinson241984-5-22 SolanoSolano County: 2.2 miles west of Pleasant Valley Road along Gates Road.
    DAV316844DAVClarkia unguiculataGerald Dickinson411962-5-19 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: 3 miles W of Topanga Canon-Mulholland, Santa Monica Mountains.
    RSA658898RSAClarkia unguiculataGeraldine Dodd161992-5-16 Los Angeles1.5 miles north of corner of Mira Monte Ave. & Mt. Wilson Trail Dr. in Sierra Madre, Mt Wilson Hiking Trail.
    HSC217497HSCClarkia unguiculataGladys L. Smith58691980-6-06 Mendocino4 N of Willits along Redwood Hwy.
    RSA273286RSAClarkia unguiculataGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1967-5-25 Stanislaus18.1 miles west of Patterson, Del Puerto Canon.
    RSA273214RSAClarkia unguiculataGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-5-15 Yolo2.2 miles N of Rumsey along Highway 16.
    SHTC433SHTCClarkia unguiculataGoodfellow, S. & Moll Lee, K.112016-4-19 StanislausFound along the pathway at Knight's Ferry, CA. Surrounded by grass.
    UC1537614UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataGordon H. True, Jr.2851935-5-16 Los AngelesBouquet Canon
    DAV316873DAVClarkia unguiculataGordon J. Pilone2111962-4-28 TulareTulare County: Clemmie Gill School of Science and Conservation, 8 miles NW of Springville. Greenhorn Mt. range. Pacific slope drainage area.
    CAS-BOT590136CASClarkia unguiculataGosliner, T.s.n.2013-4-13 FresnoFlats of Birdwell Ranch east of creek bank, Joaquin Rocks
    RSA448588RSAClarkia unguiculataGrace Shaffers.n.1985-4-28 Los AngelesZ trail above Sierra Madre.
    UCSB007006UCSBClarkia unguiculataGreen, Lisa651980-5-30 Los Angeles1/4 N. of the Simi Valley Freeway near Iverson Rd.
    OBI129157OBIClarkia unguiculataGreg Frugoli421997-4-15 San Luis ObispoE of Red Hill Rd approx 0.3 mi S of hwy 58; Los Padres NF Hwy 58 burn area
    RSA0020365RSAClarkia unguiculataGreg Wilvert3632005-4-30 San Luis ObispoSoutheast half of the Caliente Range. 0.5 km E of Padrones Spring.
    UC2027543UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataGreg Wilvert3632005-4-30 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of the Caliente Range: 0.5km E of Padrones Spring.
    UCSB040479UCSBClarkia unguiculataGross, LeRoy; Soza, Valerie4362001-6-6 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin region: Verdugo Mountains, north side; Wildwood Fire Road off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road; Burbank
    DAV316845DAVClarkia unguiculataH. A. Borthwick18501925-5-05 YoloYolo County: Putah Canon.
    UC440440UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Anderson, Carl Epling1930-5-30 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains
    UC578046UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. C. Lee3691935-5-15 Santa Barbara2 mi sse Zaca Peak; Santa Barbara National Forest, Lompoc Quadrangle
    UC1122459UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. C. Lee3681935-5-15 Santa Barbara2 mi sse Zaca Pk.; Santa Barbara National Forest, Santa Ynez Quadrangle
    UC1122470UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. C. Lee6711936-6-13 San Luis Obispomouth Sausalito Creek; Nipomo Quadrangle
    SBBG197107SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. F. Copeland16111943-5-25 Sacramentonear Folsom
    POM181772RSAClarkia unguiculataH. F. Copeland5151924-5-18 AlamedaBerkeley Hills.
    UC753954UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. F. Copeland16111943-5-25 Sacramentonear Folsom
    SBBG197128SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. F. Dunbar1966-5-12 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd near Veronica Springs Rd
    HREC335HRECClarkia unguiculataH. F. Heady7501953-6-08 MendocinoVassar Pasture - Hopland Field Station.
    UC623433UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. H. Biswell591935-5-25 MaderaSan Joaquin Experiment Range
    RSA41229RSAClarkia unguiculataH. K. Sharsmith37731936-5-24 StanislausNear headwaters of Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range
    POM275446RSAClarkia unguiculataH. K. Sharsmith32031935-5-26 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Creek, Burnt Hills, Mount Hamilton Range
    UC724418UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. K. Sharsmith10781934-5-20 Santa Claravicinity Grand View (w side of mountain); Mount Hamilton
    POM257281RSAClarkia unguiculataH. L. Mason32501926-5-26 AlamedaBluffs near Sunol, Niles Canon.
    UC634656UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. L. Mason32501926-5-26 Alamedanear Sunol; Niles Canon
    DAV316882DAVClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis11946-6-07 FresnoFresno County: Highway 198, 1/2 mile E of Monterey County line.
    UC1071999UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, C. Epling1901947-5-03 San Luis Obispo8.8 mi w US Hwy. 101 (Paso Robles to Adelaida)
    UC1018313UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, M. Lewis2171947-5-11 Santa BarbaraDavy Brown Camp San Rafael Mts.
    UC1072008UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, R. Snow, D. Steffanson, F. Ball5681949-6-07 Santa Barbara4.4 mi s Las Cruces to Lompoc Road (road to Jalama)
    UC1072007UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, R. Snow, D. Steffanson, F. Ball5671949-6-07 San Luis Obispo1.4 mi e of road to Jalama (Las Cruces to Lompoc Road)
    UC1072004UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, R. Snow, D. Steffanson, F. Ball5781949-6-07 San Luis Obispo0.3 mi s Cuesta Summit (Highway 101 n of San Luis Obispo)
    UC1072009UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, R. Snow, D. Steffanson, F. Ball5691949-6-07 Santa Barbara5.5 mi s of road to Los Alamos (Highway 1)
    UC1072003UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. Lewis, S. R. Snow, D. Steffensen, F. Ball5791949-6-07 San Luis Obispo0.4 mi n of summit Cuesta Summit (U. S. Highway 101)
    POM3156RSAClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall78481907-5-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River.
    POM3155RSAClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall74051906-6-12 Los AngelesNear Saugus.
    JEPS31665UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall62961905-6-01 Kernnear Old Fort Tejon
    UC186207UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall100791915-7-26 MontereyTessajara Road South Coast Ranges
    UC69183UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall62961905-6-16 Kernhillside n Old Fort Tejon
    UC127157UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall78481907-5-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Inez River
    UC56458UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall32001902-5-08 VenturaOjai Valley
    UC64686UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock50011904-6-02 KernBlue Mt. Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Greenhorn Range
    UC129020UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler74051906-6-12 Los Angelesnear Saugus
    UC64476UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4651900-7-06 FresnoTehipite Valley Sierra Nevada Mountains
    RSA94230RSAClarkia unguiculataH. M. Pollards.n.1954-6-25 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Road north of Veronica Springs.
    SD00049999SDClarkia unguiculataH. M. Pollards.n.1973-4-04 Santa BarbaraGrown in organic garden, El Mirasol block between Sola and Micheltorena streets, Santa Barbara.
    RSA209489RSAClarkia unguiculataH. M. Pollards.n.1965-6-12 Santa BarbaraEast Fork in Cold Springs Canon, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    RSA220072RSAClarkia unguiculataH. M. Pollards.n.1965-6-09 Santa BarbaraAlong trail in lower Cold Spring Canon, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    UC20021UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. N. Bolander63701866-6-1 MariposaBear Valley
    UC20019UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. N. Bolander63701866-6-01 MariposaBear Valley
    DAV316859DAVClarkia unguiculataH. T. Hartmanns.n.1941-6-21 PlacerPlacer County: Near Auburn.
    UC2049887UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH. W. Johansen1371955-5-27 Santa ClaraAlum rock Park, 4 miles E of San Jose.
    LA00617329LAClarkia unguiculataH. Wedberg4181959-6-04 Fresno1.1 mi. north of bridge over Kings River, on road to Balch Camp
    SBBG197133SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. and M. Dearing11491936-5-30 Monterey8 mi S of Jolon
    SBBG197134SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. and M. Dearing59821945-5-31 MariposaMerced River near Briceburg
    SBBG197108SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. and M. Dearing26661938-5-28 Tulareabove Springville
    SBBG197116SBBGClarkia unguiculataH. and M. Dearing11511936-5-17 KernKern River Cyn
    UC1072002UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis4731947-7-25 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi e of entrance Cerro Alto Camp (Morro Bay to Atascadero Rd.)
    UC1071994UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis251946-6-16 Fresno4.5 mi s Auberry (Auberry to Academy)
    UC1072001UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis3311947-6-08 Mariposa0.9 mi w El Portal checking station; Yosemite Park
    UC1072000UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis3151947-7-07 Fresno2.0 mi w Hwy. 65 (road to Miramonte)
    UC1071993UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis191946-6-15 Madera0.5 mi e Hwy.41 at Yosemite Forks (road to Bass Lake)
    UC1071992UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis11946-6-07 Fresno0.5 mi e Monterey Co. line (Highway 198)
    UC1143213UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis2171947-5-11 Santa BarbaraDavy Brown Camp Ground San Rafael Mts.
    UC1071998UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis1491946-9-01 Tulare3.4 mi e Hwy. 198 (Road to Mineral King)
    UC1072005UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataH., M. Lewis, W. Ernst, M. Mathias7701951-4-01 San Diegos Fallbrook Roads (s of San Luis Rey River on Highway 395)
    CAS-BOT165466CASClarkia unguiculataHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4651900-7-6 FresnoTehipite Valley
    CAS-BOT165485CASClarkia unguiculataHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.50011904-6-2 KernGreenhorn Range, Blue Mt.
    CAS-BOT165414CASClarkia unguiculataHansen, Geo.5311893-8-1 AmadorAgr. Station
    CAS-BOT165415CASClarkia unguiculataHansen, Geo.13081895-7-1 AmadorWest Point Bridge
    CAS-BOT165586CASClarkia unguiculataHardham, Clare B.44151959-4-23 San Luis Obispo1 [miles] mile south of Santa Barbara Road, Atascadero
    CAS-BOT165587CASClarkia unguiculataHardham, Clare B.44111959-5-6 San Luis ObispoIntersection Nacimiento Dam Rd and Rd. to Pleyto
    CAS-BOT165588CASClarkia unguiculataHardham, Clare B.7311956-5-17 San Luis ObispoChimney Rock Ranch near San Marcos Creek
    RSA108145RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis3151947-6-07 FresnoRoad to Miramonte, 2.0 miles west of HighwaHumphrey Cut-off rd. 1 1/4 plus m.s. of its jct. (e) with 168; where rd., descending from its 1475′ summit, swings out into full view of Humphrey valley. y 65.
    RSA108146RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis3311947-6-08 MariposaYosemite Park, 0.9 mile west of El Portal checking station.
    RSA108144RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis1901947-5-03 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles to Adelaida, 8.8 miles west of U.S. Highway 101
    RSA108152RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis5791949-6-07 San Luis ObispoU.S. Highway 101, 0.4 mile north of summit of Cuesta Pass
    RSA108153RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis7701951-4-1 San DiegoSouth of San Luis Rey River on Hwy 395, south of Fallbrook Road.
    RSA108147RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis4731947-6-25 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay to Atascadero road, 1.8 miles east of entrance to Cerro Alto Camp
    RSA108148RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis11946-6-07 FresnoHighway 198, 0.5 mile east of Monterey County line.
    RSA108151RSAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis5681949-6-07 Santa BarbaraRoad toJalama, 4.4 mi south of Las Cruces to Lompoc Road.
    LA00617278LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis251946-6-16 FresnoAuberry to Academy, 4.5 miles south of Auberry
    LA00617288LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis41946-6-11 TuolumneHwy 120, along Tuolumne River 0.1 mile west of junction with Hwy 49
    LA00617298LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis3051947-6-06 TulareLemon Cove to Badger, 3.7 miles north of Homer Ranch
    LA00617301LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis7541950-7-01 PlumasFeather River Highway, 0.5 miles south of bridge 9-04
    LA00617323LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis5691949-6-07 Santa Barbara5.5 mi south of road to Los Alamos (Highway 1)
    LA00617325LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis5791949-6-07 San Luis ObispoU.S. Highway 101, 0.4 mile north of summit of Cuesta Pass
    LA00617327LAClarkia unguiculataHarlan Lewis5741949-6-07 San Luis ObispoRoad to County Park at junction with Lopez Canon Road, 7.8 miles east of Arroyo Grande
    UC1564154UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHarold, Virginia Bailey20151948-7-07 Tulareabove Hospital Rock Camp (Moro Creek road); Sequoia National Park
    UC1558473UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHarold, Virginia Bailey20711948-7-10 Tularecreek near Cold Springs entrance (Mineral King Road); Sequoia National Park
    UC1558482UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHarold, Virginia Bailey20591948-7-10 Tularecreek near Cold Springs entrance (Mineral King Road); Sequoia National Park
    UC422793UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHarriet A. Walker7481907-8-03 Santa CruzBoulder Creek
    JEPS43597UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHarriet P. Kelly1919-5-13 FresnoTrimmer Springs Kings River
    LA45498LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    LA45500LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    LA45505LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    LA45507LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    LA45508LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    LA15498LAClarkia unguiculataHarvey Andersons.n.1930-5-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon
    CAS-BOT165446CASClarkia unguiculataHawthorne, J. C.s.n.1899-1-1 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
    UCSB050505UCSBClarkia unguiculataHeather E. SchneiderPB742014-5-15 MontereyHastings National History Reservation; about 11 miles W of Mission Soledad in Soledad, CA.
    UCSB050674UCSBClarkia unguiculataHeather E. SchneiderPB6112015-4-8 MontereyCarmel Valley Road; about 11 miles NE of Greenfield, CA in the Carmel Valley.
    UCSB050684UCSBClarkia unguiculataHeather E. SchneiderPB6502015-5-27 MontereyHasting National History Reservation in Carmel Valley; about 24 miles SE of Monterey off of East Carmel Valley Road.
    SBBG169737SBBGClarkia unguiculataHeather Schneider3212018-6-13 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest: Figueroa Mountain Road area. Fire Service Road 8N02.
    DAV316883DAVClarkia unguiculataHeidi Haugen81984-4-15 SolanoSolano County: Monticello Dam near Lake Berryessa. Near lake and hillside stream.
    UC724417UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHelen K. Sharsmith37731936-5-24 Stanislausnear headwaters Arroyo del Puerto; Inner South Coast Ranges, Mt. Hamilton Range, Red Mountains
    UC1301112UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHelen K. Sharsmith51031962-6-03 NapaNapa-Soda Springs Road San Francisco Bay Region
    UC1051728UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataHelen K. Sharsmith42131953-6-16 Solanolower portion Mix (Weldon) Canon; Inner North Coast Ranges, Vaca Mountains
    CAS-BOT165443CASClarkia unguiculataHeller, A. A.107671913-5-28 ButteDitch along Table Mountain 8 miles north of Oroville
    CAS-BOT165638CASClarkia unguiculataHeller, A. A.74821904-6-2 Santa ClaraLos Gatos [Canon] Canyon near Los Gatos
    CAS-BOT165670CASClarkia unguiculataHeller, A. A.57501902-6-24 SonomaNear Burke's Sanitarium
    CAS-BOT165671CASClarkia unguiculataHeller, A. A.56861902-6-11 SonomaSanta Rosa Creek, east of Santa Rosa
    CAS-BOT165675CASClarkia unguiculataHeller, A. A.56861902-6-11 SonomaSanta Rosa Creek, east of Santa Rosa
    POM307162RSAClarkia unguiculataHenry J. Ramsey20081937-5-15 Los AngelesNewhall Grade.
    POM305879RSAClarkia unguiculataHenry J. Ramsey11411938-6-17 VenturaGreen Canon.
    POM305739RSAClarkia unguiculataHenry J. Ramsey9151937-6-27 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: Bear Creek, north of Pacoima Reservoir.
    POM305880RSAClarkia unguiculataHenry J. Ramsey11401938-6-17 VenturaOjai.
    POM307197RSAClarkia unguiculataHenry J. Ramsey20731937-6-14 VenturaLake Sherwood.
    SBBG197118SBBGClarkia unguiculataHenry M. Pollard1965-6-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: lower Cold Spring Cyn
    SBBG197106SBBGClarkia unguiculataHenry M. Pollard1955-5-01 Santa Barbaracity dump, Veronica Springs, Santa Barbara
    SBBG197217SBBGClarkia unguiculataHenry M. Pollard1965-6-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: E fork trail in Cold Spring Cyn
    SBBG197215SBBGClarkia unguiculataHenry M. Pollard1959-6-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: upper Rattlesnake Cyn
    SBBG197109SBBGClarkia unguiculataHenry M. Pollard1960-5-08 VenturaOjai Valley
    UCSB007009UCSBClarkia unguiculataHerbert F. Copeland16111943-4-25 SacramentoNear Folsom
    POM262830RSAClarkia unguiculataHerbert McLean Evanss.n.1923-5-1 Contra CostaMount Diablo
    CAS-BOT165664CASClarkia unguiculataHesse, V. F.6241950-6-12 Santa CruzNear Camp Evers
    SHTC7012SHTCClarkia unguiculataHill, Amy102018-4-24 StanislausKNIGHTS FERRY off the path up on a hill
    UCSB007033UCSBClarkia unguiculataHochberg, Fred5621961-4-29 Santa Barbara1 mile west from Red Rock Camp Grounds, Santa Ynez River Road
    CAS-BOT165674CASClarkia unguiculataHoffman, Freed W.5091947-6-4 SonomaUpper reaches of East Austin Creek, Rocky Mountain
    CAS-BOT165553CASClarkia unguiculataHoldeman, Q.s.n.1964-6-30 MontereySalinas
    UCSB007027UCSBClarkia unguiculataHolly C. ForbesLP 5061983-5-21 Santa BarbaraTrail leading from staff residences to the floor of Purisima Canon, 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit, La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
    RSA775547RSAClarkia unguiculataHolly C. ForbesLP5061983-5-21 Santa BarbaraAlong trail leading from staff residence to the floor of Purisima Canon. La Purisima Mission State Historic Park: 2 NE of Lompoc City limit.
    CAS-BOT165605CASClarkia unguiculataHolsinger, Kent E.10b1979-5-16 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve; 5 mi. SW of Stanford Univ. campus, on south facing slope of Searsville Lake East facing slope, W shore of Searsville Lake just north of flat area near conservancy
    CAS-BOT165519CASClarkia unguiculataHolt, Ward B.s.n.1951-1-1 MaderaYosemite Forks near Bass Lake
    CAS-BOT165521CASClarkia unguiculataHolt, Ward B.s.n.1950-6-1 MaderaNear Bass Lake
    CAS-BOT165522CASClarkia unguiculataHolt, Ward B.s.n.1951-6-20 MaderaOakhurst
    CAS-BOT165523CASClarkia unguiculataHolt, Ward B.s.n.1951-6-20 MaderaYosemite Forks near Bass Lake
    CAS-BOT165524CASClarkia unguiculataHolt, Ward B.s.n.1951-6-20 MaderaYosemite Forks near Bass Lake
    CAS-BOT165464CASClarkia unguiculataHoover, R. F.110851968-5-13 FresnoTretten Canyon, north of summit on Squaw Valley - Piedra road
    CAS-BOT165584CASClarkia unguiculataHoover, R. F.113741969-6-9 San Luis ObispoOld Creek Road above Cayucos. Santa Lucia Range
    CAS-BOT165585CASClarkia unguiculataHoover, R. F.113571969-6-3 San Luis ObispoCalf Canyon
    LA00617284LAClarkia unguiculataHoward Lee8661937-4-29 San Luis Obispo1.25 mile northwest of San Marcos School
    RSA448596RSAClarkia unguiculataHoward Mullinss.n.1931-5-15 Los AngelesGriffith Park.
    SDSU08701SDSUClarkia unguiculataHowe, D.F.33191962-5-26 San Benito1.3 miles north of Paicines on state #25
    CAS-BOT165428CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas426511967-6-22 PlumasNear mouth of Granite Creek. Canyon of the Feather River North Fork
    CAS-BOT165433CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas20161926-6-13 StanislausKnight's Ferry
    CAS-BOT165453CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas64811931-5-12 Contra CostaNorth side of Mt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT165471CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas33992A1958-7-27 FresnoTehipite Valley, Middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT165477CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas374011962-5-23 KernKern River Canyon near Miracle Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT165494CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas51571930-5-15 KernHills near Glenville [Glennville], Greenhorn Range
    CAS-BOT165554CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas392071963-5-7 MontereyOn San Lorenzo Creek, 6 miles northeast of King City
    CAS-BOT165608CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas42681929-5-30 NapaPope Valley Creek near Samuels Springs, Napa Range
    CAS-BOT165472CASClarkia unguiculataHowell, John Thomas; Barneby, R. C.293291954-5-10 Fresno7 miles [neortheast] northeast of Academy
    PGM6328PGMClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F04031955-5-28 MontereySalinas Valley, Salinas Valley, River Rd route to Soledad from Hwy 68
    PGM6329PGMClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F16611963-7-12 MontereySalinas Valley, Salinas Valley River Rd from Hwy 68, River Rd route opposite Gonzales
    PGM6330PGMClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F30661969-5-20 San BenitoNew Idria Mine Road, Hillside
    CAS-BOT165535CASClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F.16611963-7-12 MontereyOn a bank by side of River Road on west side of Salinas Valley opposite Gonzales
    CAS-BOT165537CASClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F.17141963-7-13 MontereyBy side of Bradley Rd., on way to Indian Valley, east of Bradley (se. Monterey Co.)
    CAS-BOT165538CASClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F.36 J.P.B.P.1963-7-30 MontereyAbout 1/2 mi. up Canyon Kelly jeep road in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
    CAS-BOT165539CASClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F.17251963-7-15 MontereyAlong the Cruikshank Trail in Los Padres Forest on Avilla Creek side, and 2 mi. along the trail
    CAS-BOT165550CASClarkia unguiculataHowitt, Beatrice F.4031955-5-28 MontereyBy side of road along foothills from Salinas River Bridge to Soledad
    UCSB007015UCSBClarkia unguiculataHugh Dearing60061945-6-11 MaderaBass Lake
    UCSB007034UCSBClarkia unguiculataHugh Dearing59821945-5-31 MariposaMerced River near Briceburg
    UC454588UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataI. J. Condit1908-4-28 San Luis ObispoSee Canon
    POM262028RSAClarkia unguiculataI. L. Wiggins37681929-5-24 San Luis Obispo1.5 miles east of Templeton.
    RSA126322RSAClarkia unguiculataI. L. Wiggins143621958-7-05 TuolumneRoadside, near bridge across Eagle Creek, along road from Confidence to Columbia.
    POM199759RSAClarkia unguiculataI. W. Clokey45401929-5-1 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
    UCR0061085UCRClarkia unguiculataI.W. Clokey45401929-5-1 Los AngelesMandeville Canon
    UC1190298UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataIra L. Wiggins, Dorothy B. Wiggins143621958-7-05 Tuolumneon road from Confidence to Columbia (near bridge across creek); Eagle Creek
    UC930697UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton45401929-5-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains
    UC535497UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton45401929-5-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains
    SHTC679SHTCClarkia unguiculataIsley, L.102016-4-19 StanislausKNIGHTS FERRY off the path up on a hill
    OBI129168OBIClarkia unguiculataJ. B. Carstens561966-5-22 San Luis Obispo2 mi from Avila Beach Rd on See Canon Rd
    POM146321RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. B. Feudge17121927-5-25 San DiegoValley Center.
    UCSB007005UCSBClarkia unguiculataJ. Batson471979-5-25 Los Angeles8 miles southwest of the junction of Highway 101 Westlake Boulevard on Highway 23
    LOB100581LOBClarkia unguiculataJ. Bolton591973-5-18 Los AngelesDry slope off Sunland Blvd., 2 W of Tujunga
    DAV316898DAVClarkia unguiculataJ. Buck61996-5-12 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Below Monticello Dam off of Highway 128.
    UC1004439UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. Burgess1651955-5-01 San Benitoabove CCC Canon trail to Peak); Pinnacles National Monument, Paicines
    UC20020UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. Burtt Davy3001893-9-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga
    UC20045UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. Burtt Davy14141895-5-18 Calaverasnear Harmon Peak
    UC20015UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. Burtt Davy3001893-9-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga
    RSA659472RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. C. Roos36261947-5-17 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon east of Newhall.
    RSA0059956RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. C. Roos55871952-4-28 RiversideSouth side Fairount Park.
    POM32299RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. D. Culbertson42081904-7-06 TulareThree Rivers.
    RSA162762RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. D. Olmsted1281958-5-11 Los AngelesClaremont, drainage along San Antonio Creek on Pomona College Campus.
    DAV316871DAVClarkia unguiculataJ. D. Skoss201948-6-06 NapaNapa-Yolo County: Putah Canon.
    UC917341UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. D. Skoss201948-6-06 SolanoPutah Canon Yolo-Napa county line
    CDA0019995CDAClarkia unguiculataJ. Hunters.n.1994-5-1 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area. Los Padres National Forest, Cuesta Ridge East.
    JEPS122471UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. M. Andre305372012-6-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; along Highway 243, 10.7 miles south of Interstate 10 (Banning), San Bernardino National Forest. Lake Fulmor 7.5' Q.
    SFV109359SFVClarkia unguiculataJ. N. Hogue381.082011-6-2 VenturaVentura Mountains; Little Sespe Creek at Squaw Flat Road.
    UC1198512UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJ. P. Tracy357 1/21899-6-26 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin's (head of creek); Howell Mountain, Moore's Creek
    LOB100574LOBClarkia unguiculataJ. Piti531970-4-17 RiversideMurrieta, on Tenaja Rd.; Santa Ana Mountains.
    POM2993RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. T. Gordons.n.1904-8-9 Los AngelesAzusa.
    POM172134RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. T. Howell42681929-5-30 NapaPope Valley Creek near Samuels Springs, Napa Range.
    RSA493RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. T. Howell10121928-6-29 Los AngelesNear Seminole Hot Springs. Santa Monica Mountains
    POM181154RSAClarkia unguiculataJ. T. Howell64811931-5-12 Contra CostaMt. Diablo.
    LA00617405LAClarkia unguiculataJ. TurnerC-4471960-5-30 KernOn Hwy. 178, 15 miles SW of Bodfish
    LA00617408LAClarkia unguiculataJ. W. MacSwain61-91961-6-14 Kern2 miles west of Keene
    LA00617407LAClarkia unguiculataJ. W. MacSwain61-151961-6-14 Tulare0.9 miles west of California Hot Springs
    SBBG197115SBBGClarkia unguiculataJ. Wear92-391992-5-27 KernW side of Tehachapi Mtns, just SE of Martina Spring, W of Horsethief Flat S of rd
    HSC217501HSCClarkia unguiculataJ.D. Ackerman5081975-6-24 San Luis ObispoCerro Alto campground off Hwy. 41 between Atascadero and Morro Bay in Santa Lucia Mtns.
    HSC217505HSCClarkia unguiculataJ.F. Knezevich2301967-6-08 Santa BarbaraJust below Upper Oso Campground off the Sante Ynez River in Los Padres National Forest
    SJSU10992SJSUClarkia unguiculataJ.W. Tilden16271961-6-10 MariposaEl Portal, Merced R Canon
    JEPS84520UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJack Stratford1983-7-04 AlamedaJackson Grade Anthony Chabot Regional Park
    JEPS110691UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJake Ruygt23021989-5-07 Napaabout 1/2 mile south of Monticello Dam on Vaca Mtns.
    JEPS110692UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJake Ruygt3231978-5-21 Napa.3 miles east of Silverado Trail on Sage Canon Rd.
    DAV316894DAVClarkia unguiculataJames A. Neilson, Jr.29711973-6-07 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. The Geysers. Site IV-G, Big Geysers. (Elevation and exact location estimated by label maker.)
    DAV316862DAVClarkia unguiculataJames B. Garner741956-4-27 KernKern County: On Highway 178, 2 miles above mouth of Kern River Canon.
    HSC217502HSCClarkia unguiculataJames Henrickson99161973-5-18 San Diego6.5 mi. SSE of Fallbrook, 3 mi. E of Bonsal, near reservoir S of San Luis Rey River
    CHSC35212CHSCClarkia unguiculataJames Henrickson99161973-5-18 San DiegoCa 6.5 (air) miles SSE of Fallbrook, 3 miles E of Bonsal, near reservoir S of San Luis Rey River. In fields.
    CHSC35415CHSCClarkia unguiculataJames Henrickson106471973-6-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts., 1/2 mile N of Topanga, on ridge above Topanga School.
    RSA491722RSAClarkia unguiculataJames L. Reveal63921987-6-07 NapaVaca Mountains, along the Gates Canon Road, 2 miles west of Pleasant Valley Road, about 5.5 miles west-northwest of Vacaville.
    RSA491791RSAClarkia unguiculataJames L. Reveal67821988-5-17 Los AngelesAlong the Green Valley Road at the mouth of Spunky Creek just north of Bouquet Reservoir, 1.7 mile west off the Bouquet Canon Road between Palmdale and Saugus.
    JEPS73827UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJames R. Griffin36521973-6-15 Montereybelow White Oak Canon Tassajara Road); Los Padres National Forest, Chews Ridge
    SD00050015SDClarkia unguiculataJames R. Shevock98631982-7-10 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Kings River drainage. Along California highway 180 above Junction Vista.
    CAS-BOT165647CASClarkia unguiculataJames, L.; Beane, L.s.n.1949-5-18 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton
    CAS-BOT165439CASClarkia unguiculataJaneway, L. P.39861991-6-1 ButteNorthwest-facing cut-bank of Dark Canyon Road 3.35 mi south of Big Bend Road/Parkhill
    OBI129155OBIClarkia unguiculataJason Dart405-H252010-5-19 San Luis ObispoHind River Ranch, west side of Salinas River, south of Crescent Lake, approximately 1.8 miles southeast of the intersection of Highway 58 and Pozo Road
    OBI129175OBIClarkia unguiculataJay N. Holliday, Jr.s.n.1960-5-12 San Luis ObispoPrice Cyn (S of Edna)
    RSA0101311RSAClarkia unguiculataJessica Orozco1991-4-8 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0099316RSAClarkia unguiculataJessica Orozco1962-5-11 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0099275RSAClarkia unguiculataJessica Orozco1965-6-6 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA0098877RSAClarkia unguiculataJessica Orozco1952-11-29 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
    RSA792583RSAClarkia unguiculataJessica Orozco22012-6-10 San BenitoFound in Indian Canon, near Hollister, Ca. Off Grass Valley rd and Cienega Valley.
    UCR0061134UCRClarkia unguiculataJim Bartel78021978-7-11 MaderaSierra National Forest, Bass Lake District. 3.2 km. south of Pilot Peak, 0.5 km along FS road 6S24 from FS Road 5S16
    PUA1792PUAClarkia unguiculataJim Echelberry1972-5-29 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    RSA0019646RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock97691982-6-18 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along PG&E service road off of Wishon Fork Tule River.
    RSA790356RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock98631982-7-10 FresnoSequoia National Park. Kings River Drainage. Along California highway 180 above Junction Vista.
    RSA303919RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock1491970-4-24 Los AngelesFoothills of San Gabriel Mountains
    RSA788496RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock95351982-5-22 KernBreckenridge Mountains. Along California highway 178 at Democrat Hot Springs.
    RSA789010RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock97691982-6-18 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along PG&E service road off of Wishon Fork Tule River.
    RSA788420RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock98631982-7-10 FresnoSequoia National Park. Kings River Drainage. Along California highway 180 above Junction Vista.
    RSA788997RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock97721982-6-18 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along county road 208 above Wishon Fork Tule River, 0.5-0.7 mi above junction with California hwy 190.
    RSA0019647RSAClarkia unguiculataJim R. Shevock97721982-6-18 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along county road 208 above Wishon Fork Tule River, 0.5-0.7 mi above junction with California hwy 190.
    RSA0055078RSAClarkia unguiculataJim Shevock12041971-5-13 Los AngelesTapia Co Park.
    UCR0061146UCRClarkia unguiculataJoan Palladinos.n.1961-4-24 Santa BarbaraCachuma County Park
    RSA0020953RSAClarkia unguiculataJoan Stewart4961996-6-15 TulareForest Service Rd 30E14.
    DAV316851DAVClarkia unguiculataJoan Stewart2941a2011-5-1 TulareTulare County: about 4 Miles NNE of town of Springville on the lower north slope of Lumbreau Mountain. Along the road to Jenkins Ranch, about 2/3 mi E of Balch Park Rd., 2.6 N of state hwy 190, about 0.25 mi above (south of) a tributary creek junction with Bear Creek. Latitude/longitude is an approximate guess using Google Earth.
    PUA33701PUAClarkia unguiculataJoe Callizo1979-6-10 NapaLocal landmark: Old Howell Mountain Road. St. Helena Quad.
    UCR0061087UCRClarkia unguiculataJohn C. Roos9891942-6-06 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon near Newhall
    CLARK-A1528-3373CLARKClarkia unguiculataJohn C. Roos9891942-6-06 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon
    CLARK-A1528-5356CLARKClarkia unguiculataJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos55871952-4-28 RiversideRiverside
    CLARK-A1528-3372CLARKClarkia unguiculataJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos55871952-4-28 RiversideFairmount Park
    CHSC92790CHSCClarkia unguiculataJohn Dittes11182005-5-11 TehamaNorthern Sacramento Valley; south bank of Mill Creek; ca. 0.3 mile east of confluence with Sacramento River; gravel bar in active channel of Mill Creek. T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Los Molinos 1:24,000
    UCR0061081UCRClarkia unguiculataJohn F. Greens.n.2003-7-17 Los AngelesArroyo Seco, Pasadena, just east of Jet Prop. Lab., transect zero below diversion dam
    JROH3036JROHClarkia unguiculataJohn Hunter Thomas210671982-7-03 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    UCSB007013UCSBClarkia unguiculataJohn R. Haller21451967-6-06 VenturaState Highway 33 near Wheeler Springs, 2.6 miles by road southwest of Wheeler's Gorge Campground, North fork of Ventura River Canon
    JROH3039JROHClarkia unguiculataJohn Rawlings, Ann Lambrecht09322010-6-23 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Along Trail 2 through small meadow about 700 yards east of the Trail 3 intersection.
    SJSU15664SJSUClarkia unguiculataJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman15132015-5-7 Santa ClaraMt. Umunhum Guadalupe Overlook; northwest face
    SJSU15974SJSUClarkia unguiculataJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman18562016-5-29 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum; west-facing slope with grassy openings below Summit Trail, east of new bridge east of Guadalupe Overlook
    CAS-BOT165667CASClarkia unguiculataJones, Marcus E.22551881-6-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    UCSB007030UCSBClarkia unguiculataJorgen, R.1671975-5-31 Santa Barbara1.8 miles north of U.S. 101 on Refugio Canon Rd.
    RSA73362RSAClarkia unguiculataJoseph A. Ewan22341930-5-30 Los AngelesCanonica Mountains.
    UCR0061144UCRClarkia unguiculataJoseph Cahill11--081998-5-24 San Diego0.12 mile west of Hwy I-15 on Gopher Canon Rd., Moosa Canon
    POM37914RSAClarkia unguiculataJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-8-15 MontereyCarmel River.
    UC1198507UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataJoseph P. Tracy56361921-5-19 Calaveras5 mi ne Copperopolis; Foothill Region, Black Creek
    OBI129165OBIClarkia unguiculataJoy Nishida3651982-5-08 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn Campground. 1.2 mi S of campground, near unlocked gate
    OBI129144OBIClarkia unguiculataJoy Nishida3801982-5-22 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campground
    DAV316899DAVClarkia unguiculataJulia Curlette1601993-5-11 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. NW Solano Co. just east of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa. Found on the western side of the canyon.
    OBI129145OBIClarkia unguiculataJulie M. Vanderwier861978-7-12 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    CAS-BOT165687CASClarkia unguiculataJussel, M. S.s.n.1927-6-21 TulareDry Creek, on road to General Grant Park
    RSA0023274RSAClarkia unguiculataJustin M. Wood40052011-5-9 VenturaSimi Valley: Arroyo Simi: East of State Route 23, south of the Metrolink Railroad Tracks, and south of the creek.; Simi Valley West
    RSA724756RSAClarkia unguiculataK. Dobryd-6311991-5-22 Los AngelesSoka University NE section. Santa Monica Mts. 1 mi East of Las Virgenes Rd off Muholland Hwy.
    SD00050008SDClarkia unguiculataK. Harpers.n.1986-5-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Little Tujunga to Sand Canon Road in the vicinity of Mendenhall Peak.
    DAV316876DAVClarkia unguiculataK. O'Keefes.n.1995-6-03 YoloYolo County: Upper west bank of Cold Creek, 200m. from confluence wth Putah Creek. Below and E of Lake Berryessa, off of Highway 128. 5m. from water.
    UCSB_SCIRH00709UCSBClarkia unguiculataK. SimmionsSC-91979-5-20 Santa BarbaraCascada Falls, 1.2 miles west of Reserve Field Station along valley road, Santa Cruz Island.
    UCSB007018UCSBClarkia unguiculataKamb, Peter4911947-5-10 VenturaUpper Sonoran Zone, Sespe Creek above Little Sespe fork, above Fillmore
    THRI-SEKI18904THRIClarkia unguiculataKane, S.; Karplus, C.SEKI.0205.012001-5-21 UnknownVM.SEKI.02 North Fork trail
    RSA0059955RSAClarkia unguiculataKarin Palmer341981-5-26 Los Angeles50 yds. west of Mt. Baldy Rd. 2.8 mi. north of Padua Ln. & Mt. Baldy Rd. junction.
    UC107951UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1905-6-18 MarinHills above Fairfax
    UC206788UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1897-7-1 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
    UC112985UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1908-5-30 El DoradoNew York Ravine
    UC107949UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1905-6-01 Contra CostaPort Costa
    UC130890UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1909-6-07 Montereyroad from Kings City to Jolon (near the foot of the grade)
    UC101795UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataKatharine Brandegee1907-6-29 MarinTamalpais
    RSA425042RSAClarkia unguiculataKathy Harpers.n.1987-5-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Mulholland Hwy between Las Virgenes Valley overlook and Yerba Buena Rd.
    POM308940RSAClarkia unguiculataKay H. Beach6971944-6-12 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon. San Dimas Experimental Forest, US Forest Dept.
    CAS-BOT165542CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.27651934-4-25 MontereyLewis Creek, northeast of Lonoak, eastern Monterey County
    CAS-BOT165546CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.27651934-4-25 MontereyLewis Creek, northeast of Lonoak, eastern Monterey County
    CAS-BOT165577CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.28261934-4-26 San Luis Obispo4.1 mi. W. of La Panza
    CAS-BOT165595CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.28261934-4-26 San Luis Obispo4.1 mi. W. of La Panza
    CAS-BOT165609CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.23531933-5-29 NapaPope Creek bridge south of Walters Springs
    CAS-BOT165610CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.23531933-5-29 NapaPope Creek bridge south of Walters Springs
    CAS-BOT165613CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.27501934-4-25 San BenitoSan Benito River, 4 mi. S. of Tres Pinos
    CAS-BOT165615CASClarkia unguiculataKeck, David D.27621934-4-25 San BenitoBear Valley (Pinnacles)
    OBI129159OBIClarkia unguiculataKell Jensen501966-5-07 VenturaSherwood Lake 1 W of hwy 23
    CAS-BOT165410CASClarkia unguiculataKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.2821868-1-1 Unknown
    UCR0061140UCRClarkia unguiculataKimberly A. Griesser062008-5-31 San BernardinoMt. Baldy village, Mt. Baldy Ave. toward ski area, 0.4 mi. north of creek
    UCR0061104UCRClarkia unguiculataKirk Taylor760529--101976-5-29 RiversideFairmount Park, Houghton Avenue, overlooking south end of Park
    SBBG197120SBBGClarkia unguiculataKristen Hasenstab-Lehman13372018-7-20 Santa BarbaraOn Rattlesnake Canon Trail; 100 W of Gibraltar Rd.
    RSA795532RSAClarkia unguiculataL. Ahart109642004-5-29 SutterRocky slope above a very steep (cliffs) draw, about 300 yards south of the fence on the northwest side of the South Butte, Suttler Buttes, about 5 air miles northwest of Sutter.
    RSA516781RSAClarkia unguiculataL. Ahart22661980-5-13 ButteAlong Pacific Heights Road, Oroville
    RSA337375RSAClarkia unguiculataL. Ahart46211984-5-21 SutterAt the old homestead on the south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, west of Marysville.
    RSA0059954RSAClarkia unguiculataL. Ahart167592010-6-1 ButteNorth side of the Guardian's Trail, about 1 mile east of the power lines, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3 air miles east of Chico.
    CDA0034719CDAClarkia unguiculataL. Ahart167592010-6-1 ButteNorth side of Guardian's Trail, about 1 mile east of the power lines, Upper Bidwell Park about 3 miles (air) east of Chico.
    RSA47587RSAClarkia unguiculataL. Beane21161949-5-18 Alameda2 miles east of Niles
    UC984870UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. Beane, Lois E. James21161949-5-18 Alameda2 mi e Niles
    UC614403UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. Constance23771938-6-30 Madera1 mi sw Oakhurst (Fresno Flats); Sierra Nevada foothills, Fresno River
    RSA495305RSAClarkia unguiculataL. D. Gottlieb88291988-6-22 San Luis ObispoOn Highway 58, 3.5 miles northeast of Santa Margarita; just south of bridge over Salinas River
    SBBG197211SBBGClarkia unguiculataL. E. Allen1966-5-26 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: arroyo just across Burton Mesa Rd, S of country club entrance
    RSA448593RSAClarkia unguiculataL. E. Hoffmans.n.1927-8-19 Los AngelesClear Creek, Angeles National Forest.
    SFV109353SFVClarkia unguiculataL. Gross9492003-5-29 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; West end of Verdugo Mountains at junction (saddle) of Verdugo Motorway and Wildwood Fire Road (abandoned road, as the ranch north of here at mouth of canyon down at La Tuna Canon burned down a long time ago). Went down into a small draw northeast of saddle, then came back up another canyon to the east of the main fire road on the crest of the ridge (Verdugo Motorway).
    SFV109354SFVClarkia unguiculataL. Gross4362001-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; North side of mountains. Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road. Down the road (north) from the crest, on north-facing slope.
    SFV109352SFVClarkia unguiculataL. Gross10952003-6-19 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; North side of Verdugo Mountains. Entered west of Haines Canon Park off of Estepa Drive in Tujunga. Followed ridge southwest, then dropped down from ridge west into a small tributary northwest of this ridge. Tributary is north of the 210 Freeway. South of freeway will drain into La Tuna Canon. Canon bottom (the canyon is not as deep as the hills north of 210 Freeway are low Homes are in the northern portion, the southern half gets just a little steeper on the slopes with more water in the creek.
    RSA706833RSAClarkia unguiculataL. M. Moe23362002-5-26 KernFt. Tejon State Park
    RSA0279389RSAClarkia unguiculataL. M. Moe7271971-5-29 San BenitoAbout two miles north of Pinnacles National Monument on Hwy #25.
    DAV316881DAVClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway81052004-5-13 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Outer South Coast Ranges. Canon of Santa Ynez River, along Road 5N15 (Camuesa Road) 0.5 road km southeast of Mono Campground site.
    CHSC44018CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway16271986-5-05 FresnoSlopes along creek draining Barn Spring to Los Gatos Cr, ca 10-12 mi northwest of Coalinga via road. T20S R14E S0 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Alcalde Hills 1:24,000
    CHSC56559CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway39861991-6-01 ButteNorthwest-facing cut-bank of Dark Canon Road 3.35 mi south of Big Bend Road/Parkhill. T2 N R04E S14 NE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek 1:24,000
    CHSC72454CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway56931998-7-01 PlumasEast side of North Fork Feather River and Hwy 70, 0.4 mi south of Tobin. West-facing slope above the road. T2 N R06E S37 (!) SW1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Storrie 1:24,000
    CHSC72455CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway56941998-7-01 PlumasNorthwest side of North Fork Feather River and Hwy 70; southeast-facing slope above the road across from Injun Jim School. T2 N R06E S1 W1/4 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Storrie 1:24,000
    CHSC86101CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway78702003-7-5 FresnoCentral High Sierra Nevada. Jose Basin; along road 9S07 on east side of Jose Creek, 1.8 road km south of Jose Basin Road. T09S R24E S29 SE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Auberry 1:24,000
    CHSC89973CHSCClarkia unguiculataL. P. Janeway81052004-5-13 Santa BarbaraOuter South Coast Ranges. Canon of Santa Ynez River, along Road 5N15 (Camuesa Road) 0.5 road km southeast of Mono Campground site. T0 N R2 W S06 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Hildreth Peak 1:24,000
    DAV316878DAVClarkia unguiculataL. P. Thibault381995-5-19 NapaNapa County: Northside of Highway 1 N of Lake Solano, approx. 2-3 miles E of Monticello Dam.
    DAV316869DAVClarkia unguiculataL. P. Thibault381995-5-19 NapaNapa County: Northside of Highway 1 N of Lake Solano, approx. 2-3 miles E of Monticello Dam.
    POM32293RSAClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abrams16551901-5-1 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    POM3160RSAClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abrams3071908-6-17 KernFort Tejon.
    POM128171RSAClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abrams79981921-3-01 San BenitoNear Paicines.
    POM3159RSAClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abramss.n.1908-6-02 VenturaSulphur Springs, Sulphur Mountains.
    POM50072RSAClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abrams17111901-6-04 Los AngelesLos Tunas Canon.
    UC204360UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. R. Abrams49601912-7-16 Maderanear Northfork (Longworthy's); Sierra National Forest
    JEPS78349UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi50111979-5-14 Monterey9 mi e Lockwood (on Jolon road)
    JEPS78348UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi50111979-5-14 Monterey9 mi e Lockwood (on Jolon road)
    UC1137824UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataL. R. Short, I. H. JohnsonS-1341934-4-18 FresnoLos Gatos Creek Priest Valley Quadrangle
    SBBG197127SBBGClarkia unguiculataL. S. MatlovskyDM3387-741974-5-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Las Flores Cyn, ca. 16 W of Goleta
    RSA118951RSAClarkia unguiculataL. S. Rose571161957-6-25 Kern4 W of Keene.
    RSA169477RSAClarkia unguiculataL. S. Rose630321963-5-07 MontereyBitterwater Road, 6 miles NE of King City.
    POM203522RSAClarkia unguiculataL. S. Rose332721933-7-08 Santa Clara7 miles west of Smith Creek
    POM3154RSAClarkia unguiculataL. T. Streets.n.1918-5-19 San DiegoSan Luis Rey River near S.L. Rey.
    SBBG197124SBBGClarkia unguiculataL. W. Edge4441974-6-10 San Luis Obispolower See Cyn
    CAS-BOT165612CASClarkia unguiculataLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-5-19 San BenitoHernandez
    JEPS77771UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLawrence R. Heckard48681978-6-03 Fresnoabove and s Millerton Lake (along Sky Harbor Drive, just se of Pahmit Drive); Edwards Air Force Base
    JEPS57331UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLawrence R. Heckard18441968-5-11 Los Angeles1.3 mi below Newhall junction (along Highway 6, se of Newhall)
    RSA165714RSAClarkia unguiculataLawrence T. McHargues.n.1963-7-06 Los AngelesAtmore Meadow, Liebre Mtn.
    UCSB007008UCSBClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross3832001-5-6 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains Region: Along trail that comes up from Morning Glow Way, off of La Tuna Canon Rd. city of Sun Valley (Burbank: T2N R1 W S28)
    UCSB007019UCSBClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross10952003-6-19 Los AngelesVerdugo Mtns region: N side of mtn: west of Haines Canon Park, off Estepa Dr in Tujunga, Follow a ridge sw, then drop down from ridge w into a small tributary nw of this ridge, tributary n of 210 fwy, S of freeway tributary will drain into La Tuna Canon
    RSA682668RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross10952003-6-19 Los AngelesNorth side of mountains: Entered west of Haines Canon Park, off of Estepa Drive in Tujunga. Follow a ridge southwest, then dropped down from ridge west into a small tributary northwest of this ridge.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.Tributary is north of the 210 freeway. South of freeway tributary will drain into La Tuna Canon. All survey was done north of the 210.
    RSA660824RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross3832001-5-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains Region: Along trail that comes up from Morning Glow Way off of La Tuna Canon Rd. city of Sun Valley; Burbank
    RSA0040356RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross6595b2014-6-10 FresnoMonarch Wilderness; Trail 30E01 (forest service, guide to the Monarch & Jennie Lakes Wilderness map). Off Highway 180, along the South Fork of Kings River. Deer Cove Creek to Deer Cove Saddle, where a trail branches off to Choke Creek.Started near 36.80 N 118.71 W. Ended near 36.82590N 118.72246W.
    RSA723353RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross27652007-5-22 VenturaLos Padres National ForestSespe Wildlife Area (Condor Sanctuary). East of the Topatopa Mountains: Started at Dough Flat. Near 34.52 N, 118.89 W. End of oil exploration road out of the town of Fillmore (Goodenough Road).; Devils Heart Peak 7.5 Quad.General collecting from Dough Flat north along an old road that is a hiking trail now, to a little north of Squaw Flat near 34.54399N, 118.89703W.
    RSA723128RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross26962007-5-8 VenturaLos Padres National ForestEast of Topatopa Mountains: Sespe Wildlife Area. (Condor Sanctuary) Dough Flat, end of road (Goodenough road) from the town of Fillmore. Beyond Dough Flat the road has been reverted to a hiking trail.; Devils Heart Peak 7.5 Quad.General collecting from Dough Flat near 34.52 N, 118.89 W, to where the road had been washed out, crossing Redrock Creek near 34.53070N, 118.89483W.
    RSA0047733RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross64002014-5-13 San Luis ObispoGarcia Mountain: Off Forest Service Road 30S05.2, Down Trout Creek to trail that climbs up over a saddle and drops down into another tributary of Trout Creek. Stopped at Buckeye Campsite.Wilderness boundary starts with trail leaving Trout Creek to climb the saddle. Started near 35.25 N 120.39 W. Ended at camp, near 35.24658N 120.34365W.
    RSA681344RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross9492003-5-29 Los AngelesWest end of the mountains: At junction (saddle) of Verdugo motorway and Wildwood Fire Road (Abandoned road, as the ranch north of here at mouth of canyon down at La Tuna Canon burned down a long time ago).; Burbank 7.5 Quad.We went down into a small draw northeast of saddle, then came back up another canyon to the east of the main fire road on the crest of the ridge (Verdugo Mortorway) Basically a triangle.
    RSA660790RSAClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross4362001-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side; Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road.; Burbank
    UCR0061080UCRClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross4362001-6-6 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side; Wildwood Fire Road (now deserted and growing back) off of Verdugo Mountain Way dirt fire road
    CHSC96309CHSCClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross9492003-5-29 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges: Verdugo Mountains region: West end of the mountains: At junction (saddle) of Verdugo Motorway and Wildwood Fire Road (Abandoned road, as the ranch north of here at mouth of canyon down at La Tuna Canon burned down a long time ago.) We went down into a small draw northeast of saddle, then came back up another canyon to the east of the main fire road on the crest of the ridge (Verdugo Motorway) Basically a triangle. UTM Zone: 3787 N 0378361E. T02N R1 W S26 SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Burbank 1:24,000
    CHSC95869CHSCClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross3832001-5-6 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains Region: Along trail that comes up from Morning Glow Way off of La Tuna Canon Rd. city of Sun Valley. T0 N R1 W S28 USGS Quadrangle: Burbank 1:24,000
    UC1870167UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross3832001-5-6 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains Region: Along trail that comes up from Morning Glow Way off of La Tuna Canon Rd. city of Sun Valley
    SBBG121461SBBGClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross26962007-5-8 VenturaSespe Wildlife Area. (Condor Sanctuary) Dough Flat, end of road (Goodenough road) from the town of Fillmore. Beyond Dough Flat the road has been reverted to a hiking trail.
    UC1870247UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLeRoy Gross, Naomi Fraga, Bill Hogshead, Aydee Virgen10952003-6-19 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; North side of mountains: Entered west of Haines Canon Park, off of Estepa Drive in Tujunga. Follow a ridge southwest, then dropped down from ridge west into a small tributary northwest of this ridge. Tributary is north of the 210 freeway. South of ...
    CAS-BOT165603CASClarkia unguiculataLeithold, C. F.s.n.1894-8-13 San MateoDevil's [Canon] Canyon, branch of Pescadero & Mill Cr., Black Mt.
    RSA607012RSAClarkia unguiculataLeota Brices.n.1930-5-22 Los Angelesno specific locality given.
    SBBG197130SBBGClarkia unguiculataLeota Davidson1731965-5-1 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: San Marcos Pass Rd, NW of Cachuma Dam
    CAS-BOT165420CASClarkia unguiculataLewis, H.; Lewis, M.3311947-6-8 MariposaYosemite Park, 0.9 mi. S. of El Portal checking station
    CAS-BOT165558CASClarkia unguiculataLewis, H.; Lewis, M.11946-6-7 FresnoHighway 198, 0.5 mi. east of Monterey Co. line
    CAS-BOT165568CASClarkia unguiculataLewis, H.; Lewis, M.; Ernst, W.; Mathias, M.7701951-4-1 San DiegoSouth of San Luis Rey River on Highway 395, south of Fallbrook Road
    CAS-BOT165440CASClarkia unguiculataLewis, H.; Lewis, M.; Vasek, F.7601950-6-30 ButteHighway 24, 2.0 miles south of Arch Rock on Feather River
    POM250668RSAClarkia unguiculataLincoln Constance23771938-6-30 MaderaFresno Flats on the Fresno River 1 mile SW of Oakhurst, Sierra Nevada foothills
    UCR0061136UCRClarkia unguiculataLisa Montany301985-6-01 NapaHwy 128, 3 mi west of Monticello Dam
    CAS-BOT165536CASClarkia unguiculataLong, Robertas.n.1965-7-4 MontereyTularcitos Creek southeast of Carmel Valley
    POM271456RSAClarkia unguiculataLoren Yaussy1751936-7-17 TulareWhitaker Forest, Sierra Nevada, San Joaquin valley watershed
    SBBG197135SBBGClarkia unguiculataLouis C. Wheeler7591932-5-25 Los AngelesSepulveda Cyn
    RSA601130RSAClarkia unguiculataLouis C. Wheeler98181967-6-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: South side Fremont Pass, east side. Land Grant
    POM214269RSAClarkia unguiculataLouis C. Wheeler7591932-5-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: Sepulveda Canon.
    UCR0061084UCRClarkia unguiculataLouis C. Wheeler7591932-5-25 Los AngelesSepulveda Canon
    UC930696UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLouis C. Wheeler7591932-5-25 Los AngelesSepulveda Canon Santa Monica Mts.
    LA45503LAClarkia unguiculataLouis Wheeler7591932-5-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon
    UCSB007028UCSBClarkia unguiculataLove, Milton661967-5-12 Los AngelesSouth side of Cold Canon Road, 1.2 miles east of its junction with Puma Road, Santa Monica Mountains
    SBBG197158SBBGClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart109642004-5-29 Sutterca. 300 yards S of the fence on the NW side of the S Butte, Sutter Buttes, ca. 5 W of Sutter
    SD00050005SDClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart46211984-5-21 SutterAt the old homestead on the south side of South Butte, Sutter Buttes, West of Marysville; Foothill Woodland.
    DAV316895DAVClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart109642004-5-29 SutterSutter County: Sutter Buttes, about 5 miles (air) northwest of Sutter. About 300 yards south of the fence on the northwest side of South Butte.
    DAV316897DAVClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart167592010-6-1 ButteButte County: On the north side of the Guardians Trail, about one mile east of the power lines, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3 mile (air) east of Chico.
    HSC217498HSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart10,9642004-5-29 Sutter~300 yd. S of fence on NW side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes, 5 (air) mi. NW of Sutter.
    CHSC10620CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart1967-6-06 ButteNear Bidwell Bar.
    CHSC39353CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart41701983-6-30 ButteOn the road cut-banks along old Highway 40, near the rest area, and near where the road runs into Lake Oroville, about 4 miles south of Jarbo Gap. T0 N R0 W S11
    CHSC46135CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart22661980-5-13 ButteAlong Pacific Heights Road, about 1 mile west of Highway 70, about 2 1/2 miles south-west of Oroville.
    CHSC46494CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart63331989-5-31 ButteOn the west side of a small stream, north of the end of Truex Road, near Lake Oroville, about 1/4 mile north-west of the West Branch Bridge across Lake Oroville.
    CHSC87936CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart109642004-5-29 SutterSlope above a very steep (cliffs) draw, about 300 yards south of the fence on the northwest side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes, about 5 miles (air) northwest of Sutter. T1 N R01E S2 W1/4
    CHSC104824CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart167592010-6-1 ButteOn the north side of the Guardians Trail, about one mile east of the power lines, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3 miles (air) east of Chico. T2 N R02E S09 SE1/4
    CHSC111123CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart180922012-5-20 ButteOn the sides of the Humboldt Trail, about 50 yards southeast of the Guardian Trail, northeast of the Disk Golf Course, southeast part of Upper Bidwell Park, northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S1 W1/4
    JEPS117242UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart167592010-6-1 ButteOn the north side of the Guardians Trail, about one mile east of the power lines, Upper Bidwell Park, about 3 miles (air) east of Chico
    JEPS106145UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart109642004-5-29 SutterSlope above a very steep (cliffs) draw, about 300 yards south of the fence on the northwest side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes, about 5 miles (air) northwest of Sutter
    JEPS119802UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart180922012-5-20 ButteOn the sides of the Humboldt Trail, about 50 yards southeast of the Guardian Trail, northeast of the Disc Golf Course, southeast part of Upper Bidwell Park, northeast of Chico.
    CHSC123586CHSCClarkia unguiculataLowell Ahart223832021-5-18 YubaEast of fence, east of South Honcut Creek, about 200 yards east of the corral, Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area, about 1 1/4 miles south of La Porte Road, about 4 miles by road from Bangor. T1 N, R5E, southeast 1/4 Section 26.
    POM271458RSAClarkia unguiculataLyman Benson83131937-5-23 Kern4 miles east of Poso Flat. Mt. Range: Greenhorn; Watershed: San Joaquin Valley
    POM271452RSAClarkia unguiculataLyman Benson3461928-6-28 LakeSoda Bay Grade; Middle North Coast mt. range, Clear Lake watershed
    POM271457RSAClarkia unguiculataLyman Benson83551937-5-30 Kern5 miles east of Glennville.
    POM271450RSAClarkia unguiculataLyman Benson1621928-5-12 Santa ClaraStanford University, Santa Cruz mountain range; rocky bank of road cut behind Lagunita
    POM271451RSAClarkia unguiculataLyman Benson2961928-6-16 LakeHighland Springs. Mayacamas mtn range. ′Dobe Creek.
    DAV316852DAVClarkia unguiculataLynette Renouf211992-5-17 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Just outside of the Reserve entrance on HWY 128, west of Winters.
    OBI129154OBIClarkia unguiculataLynne Dee Oyler4731986-5-21 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch 3.6 mi SE of town along ranch rd. E base of Santa Lucia mts, locally the E boundary of the Las Pilitas fire July 1985
    RSA448453RSAClarkia unguiculataM. B. Dunkle24641931-4-22 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
    CDA0030843CDAClarkia unguiculataM. Beyers4382010-5-12 YoloVicinity of Esparto, east side of County Road 87, at Cache Creek bridge.
    CDA0044372CDAClarkia unguiculataM. Beyers11292015-4-30 MontereyVicinity of Cholame: Cholame Valley. North of the Highway 46 and Highway 41 junction. Inner South Coast Ranges.
    RSA448591RSAClarkia unguiculataM. Bisbees.n.1917-5-27 Los AngelesRoadside, Verdugo Canon
    UCSC100003932UCSCClarkia unguiculataM. Cunningham91933-7-06 Santa Clara21 mi. south of San Jose San Jose - Uvas country
    POM210093RSAClarkia unguiculataM. Cunningham91933-7-06 Santa ClaraUvas country, 21 mi. south of San Jose
    JEPS43598UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2601919-6-18 MontereyCarmel River Valley
    DAV308593DAVClarkia unguiculataM. Ensign3051943-5-28 NapaNapa County: 10 miles N of Monticello on road to Lower Lake.
    SBBG197105SBBGClarkia unguiculataM. Florence4611981-5-30 Santa ClaraCoyote Reservoir
    SFV109349SFVClarkia unguiculataM. H. Grayum9071977-12-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; North side of base of Canong Forest Lawn Drive.
    POM155766RSAClarkia unguiculataM. L. Bryan841928-5-09 Los AngelesMandeville canyon. Near Santa Monica.
    SFV109355SFVClarkia unguiculataM. L. Vincent431961-4-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Highway, 0.25 miles west of Seminole Hot Springs. Roadside.
    SBBG197110SBBGClarkia unguiculataM. Matista1351980-5-28 VenturaMatilija Environmental Science Area, Matilija Cyn
    JEPS83205UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataM. R. Crosby, Nancy Morin143581982-5-10 FresnoMonocline Ridge
    POM148102RSAClarkia unguiculataM. S. Jessels.n.1927-6-21 TulareDry Creek
    CHSC24492CHSCClarkia unguiculataM. S. Taylor7591975-6-16 MontereyIn Toro Regional Park, ca. 10 mi ne of Salinas on Hwy 68.
    CHSC25197CHSCClarkia unguiculataM. S. Taylor13591977-5-21 MontereyOn trail from Equestrian ring to Toyon Ridge trail, Toro Regional Park, Salinas.
    UC634655UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataM. Stason1926-5-31 MontereyBig Sur
    DAV316868DAVClarkia unguiculataM. Wiesendanger15201926-5-01 MontereyMonterey County: Big Sur River.
    UCSC100003935UCSCClarkia unguiculataM.F. Wilsons.n.1985-5-25 StanislausFrank Raines County Park, Del Puerto Canon, vicinity of Minniear Day Use Area
    CAS-BOT165627CASClarkia unguiculataMacArthur, Mary1011967-8-7 Santa BarbaraNear entrance to path to Nojoqui (Nah-huh-wee) Falls in Nojoqui Park, just west of Solvang
    RSA448461RSAClarkia unguiculataMalcolm M. Rices.n.1914-5-20 Santa BarbaraEl Encano, Santa Barbara.
    RSA448462RSAClarkia unguiculataMalcolm M. Rices.n.1914-5-20 Santa BarbaraEl Encano, Santa Barbara.
    OBI129170OBIClarkia unguiculataMarcus E. Jones22551881-6-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
    POM187327RSAClarkia unguiculataMarcus E. Jones290381931-7-05 SonomaThe Geysers.
    POM122991RSAClarkia unguiculataMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-5-01 San BernardinoSerrano Club Grounds, near Chino.
    POM46427RSAClarkia unguiculataMarcus E. Jones22551881-6-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
    POM122990RSAClarkia unguiculataMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-4-28 Santa BarbaraCuyama Canon.
    RSA339157RSAClarkia unguiculataMargaret J. Williams84-11-21984-5-20 StanislausDel Puerto Canon road, 1.7 mi. east of Santa Clara County line
    POM257282RSAClarkia unguiculataMargaret Stasons.n.1926-5-31 MontereyBig Sur
    UCR0061143UCRClarkia unguiculataMargaret-Lee Deans.n.1965-5-09 San Diego2 mi. south of Bonsall at S end of San Luis River Bridge, on Hwy 76
    UCR0061076UCRClarkia unguiculataMark A. Elvin25322003-4-22 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, bee site on open former oil well pad just east of Grapevine Mesa, S of Santa Clara River and Hwy 126, c. 4 mi. east of Ventura Co. line
    VVC335VVCClarkia unguiculataMarkell Kohns.n.1959-4-26 RiversideUCR campus; behind greenhouse 16 next to Eucalyptus.
    UCSB_SCIRH00831UCSBClarkia unguiculataMarla Daily6791979-5-29 Santa BarbaraCanon, Santa Cruz Island
    RSA448585RSAClarkia unguiculataMartha Hilend3321928-5-27 Los AngelesBouquet Canon.
    UCSB007021UCSBClarkia unguiculataMartin Fletcher6481980-6-27 Santa Barbara1.3 miles north of the coast in Agua Canon
    CAS-BOT165640CASClarkia unguiculataMartineau, Robert2911974-6-17 Santa ClaraFoothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto. Page Mill Rd. below the Park Entrance
    RSA448464RSAClarkia unguiculataMary A. Moxleys.n.1914-7-1 TulareHot Springs.
    SJSU10993SJSUClarkia unguiculataMary E. Ruby1261961-4-08 KernRancheria Cr Rd, Piute Mts
    UC692494UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMary L. Bowerman2351930-6-03 Contra Costa1.9 mi from North Gate (North Road); Mount Diablo
    CAS-BOT165545CASClarkia unguiculataMason, H. L.s.n.1921-5-7 MontereyRancho del Monte, Carmel River
    OBI129134OBIClarkia unguiculataMatt Beyers11292015-4-30 MontereyVicinity of Cholame: Cholame Valley. North of the Highway 46 and Highway 41 junction
    OBI171582OBIClarkia unguiculataMatt Ritter2012-5-6 San Luis ObispoSinton Ranch, Shell Creek Road
    UCSB038642UCSBClarkia unguiculataMcCleister, DeborahAH552005-6-5 Santa BarbaraArroyo Hondo Preserve, 18M north of first creek crossing on main trail.
    CAS-BOT165462CASClarkia unguiculataMcDonald, Julias.n.1915-6-1 FresnoBig Sandy Creek
    CAS-BOT165557CASClarkia unguiculataMcGregor, E. A.281906-6-24 MontereySan Jose [Canon] Canyon - Carmel
    CAS-BOT165516CASClarkia unguiculataMcHargue, L.; Miller, B.s.n.1963-7-6 Los AngelesAtmore Meadow near Mt. Liebre, Angeles National Forest
    CAS-BOT165580CASClarkia unguiculataMcMillan, E.1321952-5-25 San Luis ObispoPalo Prieta Canyon 1 mi. N. & 8 mi. E. of Shandon
    CAS-BOT165709CASClarkia unguiculataMcMillan, EbenSM261970-6-5 VenturaTaft Ranch at the top of Sulphur Mountain, 4 miles southeast of Ojai
    CAS-BOT165710CASClarkia unguiculataMcMillan, EbenSM261970-6-5 VenturaTaft Ranch at the top of Sulphur Mountain, 4 miles southeast of Ojai
    CAS-BOT165565CASClarkia unguiculataMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1906-6-24 MontereySan Jose Creek
    CAS-BOT165648CASClarkia unguiculataMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1902-5-11 Santa ClaraRidge above Stock Farm, near Stanford University
    CAS-BOT165445CASClarkia unguiculataMcMurphy, Jas.s.n.1914-5-27 CalaverasHillside, Wallace
    CAS-BOT165458CASClarkia unguiculataMcN., A.s.n.1896-5-2 FresnoHill 20 miles from Fresno
    UCR0061058UCRClarkia unguiculataMelissa Lippincotts.n.2007-6-28 Kern1.2 mi. ENE of Grapevine Peak. survey area 2.7D, west of Liveoak Canon
    UCR0061057UCRClarkia unguiculataMelissa Lippincotts.n.2007-6-29 Kern1.2 miles ENE of Grapevine Peak. survey area 2.7D, west of Liveoak Canon
    UCR0061054UCRClarkia unguiculataMelissa Lippincotts.n.2007-6-27 Kernslopes and canyons immediately NE of Grapevine Peak, survey area 2.9A, c. 2.5 N of Ft. Tejon
    CAS-BOT165685CASClarkia unguiculataMeng, Noraine3141966-6-11 TulareMeng Cabin, ca. 0.5 mile east of Posey
    UC495568UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMerle Randall1930-7-05 Santa Cruz2 1/2 mi from Big Basin (toward Boulder Creek)
    CAS-BOT165655CASClarkia unguiculataMexia, Yness.n.1926-6-13 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UCSB050016UCSBClarkia unguiculataMichael P. Williams24732003-6-8 Santa BarbaraSouthern foothills of the San Rafael Range; Sedgwick Reserve; West side of road just before third creek crossing.
    UCSB050027UCSBClarkia unguiculataMichael P. Williams25022005-5-23 Santa BarbaraSouthern foothills of the San Rafael Range; Sedgwick Reserve; North perimeter road.
    SBBG197080SBBGClarkia unguiculataMichael R. Benedict1967-6-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S of rd and just W of the Sobrante, S of El Pato, Central Valley
    SBBG197077SBBGClarkia unguiculataMichael R. Benedict1967-5-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: upper Cascada, ca. 0.25 N of Central Valley Rd and 2 W of Stanton Ranch
    SBBG197076SBBGClarkia unguiculataMichael R. Benedict1969-6-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: upper part of Cascada just N of Central Valley Rd, ca. 2 W of Stanton Ranch
    SD00050004SDClarkia unguiculataMichael Theroux3051982-5-26 KernDougherty Creek, above Kern River, Sequoia National Forest. (Breckenridge 15' Quad)
    OBI129138OBIClarkia unguiculataMichael Walgren2692012-4-19 San Luis ObispoImmediately W of the crest on Hwy One at Cayucos, between hwy One and Whale Rock Reservoir
    AHUC101006DAVClarkia unguiculataMichele Nunez191988-5-25 SolanoSolano County: 1.3 miles from end of Green Valley Road, N of Rockville.
    UCSB007014UCSBClarkia unguiculataMignonne Bivin751978-5-18 TulareSequoia National Park; Mather Drive, Ash Mnt housing area
    IRVC112852IRVCClarkia unguiculataMignonne Bivin751978-5-18 TulareSequoia National Park: Mather Drive, Ash Mtn. housing area.
    IRVC112856IRVCClarkia unguiculataMignonne Bivin751978-5-18 TulareSequoia National Park: Mather Drive, Ash Mtn. housing area.
    RSA413380RSAClarkia unguiculataMignonne Bivin751978-5-18 TulareSequoia National Park; Mather Drive, Ash Mountain housing area
    LOB100579LOBClarkia unguiculataMike Kawaguchi1971-5-08 Santa Clara7.0 miles west of Gilroy Canon Hwy. 152, Sprig Lake Area
    UC505696UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMilford Lundgren1933-6-03 Tuolumnenear Columbia; Five-mile Creek
    UC75680UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMilo S. Baker5941898-6-11 SonomaCemetery Santa Rosa
    RSA0089562RSAClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance516-182016-5-11 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Little Sycamore Canon, about 5 miles SE of Arvin, along an SCE access road N of Bear Valley Rd.; Bear Mountain 7.5'
    UCR0061052UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance108972009-6-16 KernTejon Ranch, White Wolf Grade, hills 1.8 miles WSW of the intersection of State Route 58 and SR-223
    UCR0061049UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance516--032016-5-9 KernTejon Hills, along transmission route, about 0.5 miles NW of Chanac Creek
    UCR0061050UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance516--172016-5-11 KernLittle Sycamore Canon, about 5 miles SE of Arvin, , along an SCE access road N of Bear Valley Rd.
    UCR0061051UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance516--182016-5-11 KernLittle Sycamore Canon, about 5 miles SE of Arvin, , along an SCE access road N of Bear Valley Rd.
    UCR0061048UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance516--842016-5-23 KernTejon Canon, transmission route, about 7 miles E of Old Headquarters, and 4.5 miles SW of Cummings Mtn.
    UCR0113218UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance619--212019-6-24 Los Angelesbetween Lyon Canon and Towsley Canon, vicinity of south Santa Clarita, west of the Interstate 5 and The Old Road.
    UCR0113280UCRClarkia unguiculataMitch Provance419--1012019-4-29 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, hills NE of Potrero Canon, about 1 mile (air) NE of Pico Canon Rd. along powerline ROW, at site of proposed substation (location A)
    CAS-BOT165517CASClarkia unguiculataMoxley, Geo. L.10951922-5-1 Los AngelesMint Canyon
    JEPS43690UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMrs. Harriet P. Kelley1919-5-13 FresnoTrimmer Springs Sierra Foothills, King's River
    UC107952UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMrs. R. M. Austin1041896-4-01 ButteLittle Chico
    UC55710UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataMrs. R. W. Summers1989-8-6 Unknown
    CAS-BOT165701CASClarkia unguiculataMunz, P. A.131561934-5-1 Ventura5 mi. north of Wheelers Hot Springs
    RSA448590RSAClarkia unguiculataN. C. Cooper21921945-5-01 Los AngelesTapia Park area, Santa Monica Mountains.
    RSA448460RSAClarkia unguiculataN. C. Cooper39811949-6-02 San DiegoFallbrook.
    UC1122463UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataN. French, R. Clar201933-6-05 PlacerMiddle Fork American River Sacramento Quadrangle
    UC1122466UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataN. H. French8141936-5-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River Santa Barbara National Forest, Santa Ynez Quadrangle
    UC1122473UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataN. K. Carlson201935-5-28 Santa Cruz1 1/2 mi nw Davenport; Santa Cruz Quadrangle
    DAV316887DAVClarkia unguiculataN. Nicola1012001-10-5 SolanoSolano County: Eastern side of inner north coast range, Putah Creek valley, Berryessa valley, UC Davis Cold Canon Preserve.
    RSA0140808RSAClarkia unguiculataNaomi Fraga53372015-4-22 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Santa Clara River, Shiells/Sommers property managed by The Nature Conservancy, S of highway 126, E of highway 23.; Piru 7.5'
    OBI129158OBIClarkia unguiculataNeil Havlik681967-5-22 San Luis Obispo1/2 mi S of US 101 on Reservoir Cyn Rd
    DAV316889DAVClarkia unguiculataNelson Cronyn331984-5-23 SolanoSolano County: Monticello Dam, south side of County Road 32.
    CAS-BOT165657CASClarkia unguiculataNewell, Gwendolans.n.1914-6-20 Santa ClaraRaymonds ranch, Los Gatos
    UCSB007016UCSBClarkia unguiculataNorman Haller1953-5-17 Los Angeles1/2 mile North of Topanga Shoping Center, approx 1 mile up Greenleaf Canon, Topanga Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
    THRI-SEKI6047THRIClarkia unguiculataNorris, Larry L.4201983-5-14 UnknownDry Cr Rd (J-21)
    RSA681729RSAClarkia unguiculataO′Brien1951989-4-21 San Benito[No location information on label.]
    LA00617283LAClarkia unguiculataO. H. Kappler20551950-5-30 VenturaAlong road from Ventura to Ojai
    LA82404LAClarkia unguiculataO.H. Kappler31940-5-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Trancas Canon, W-fork (Rattlesnake Cyn)
    JEPS43605UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataOlive Thacher281915-7-02 VenturaOjai Valley
    RSA648038RSAClarkia unguiculataOrlando Mistretta6741992-7-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Los Pinetos Spring Canon Trail.
    RSA0056209RSAClarkia unguiculataOrlando Mistrettas.n.1991-4-15 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: San Francisquito Canon.
    POM175203RSAClarkia unguiculataP. A. Munz114381929-5-17 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley, 15 miles east of Santa Maria.
    POM213651RSAClarkia unguiculataP. A. Munz131561934-5-01 Ventura5 miles north of Wheeler Hot Springs.
    UC569002UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. A. Munz131561934-5-01 Ventura5 mi n Wheelers Hot Springs
    UC1293684UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls238381959-6-02 Los Angeles1 mi ne of entrance Stokes Canon; Santa Monica Mts.
    UCR0061094UCRClarkia unguiculataP. DouglasHL-321994-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Training Area 2, near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, c. 1.7 km west of Milpitas Reservoir, c. 4 air km southwest of Coleman Reservoir Dam
    SD00030364SDClarkia unguiculataP. DouglasHL-4251994-5-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 2,3,6), above Mission Creek, W of intersection of Mission Creek and Upper Milpitas Roads, ca. 0.6 air km E of Coleman Reservoir, ca. 3.2 air km W of Cosio Knob
    SD00030365SDClarkia unguiculataP. DouglasHL-2691994-5-18 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 1), ca. 0.6 air km N of Del Venturi Road, ca. 0.8 air km E of Rattlesnake Creek, ca. 0.3 air km W of Pinal Creek.
    UCR0111044UCRClarkia unguiculataP. DouglasHL-4251994-5-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Training Areas 2, 3, and 6, above Mission Creek, west of intersection of Mission Creek and Upper Milpitas Roads, ca. 0.6 km east of Coleman Reservoir, ca. 3.2 km west of Cosio Knob
    SBBG197151SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL5851994-5-25 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 1.2 N of Cosio Knob, ca. 5.2 km E of Coleman Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197146SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL4251994-5-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: above Mission Crk, W of jct of Mission Crk and Upper Milpitas Rds, ca. 0.6 km E of Coleman Reservoir, ca. 3.2 W of Cosio Knob; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197156SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL2691994-5-18 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 0.6 N of Del Venturi Rd, ca. 0.8 km E of Rattlesnake Crk, ca. 0.3 W of Pinal Crk; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197148SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL5571994-5-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: McGowan Cyn, ca. 2.8 W of the mouth of Laguna Cyn, ca. 3 km E of the mouth of Tule Cyn; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197147SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL321994-5-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Del Venturi Rd, near ford on San Antonio River, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
    SBBG197149SBBGClarkia unguiculataP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL5591994-5-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: McGowan Cyn, ca. 2.8 W of the mouth of Laguna Cyn, ca. 3 km E of the mouth of Tule Cyn; Ft Hunter Liggett
    JEPS75481UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. F. Yorks1751974-6-16 Contra Costa1.9 km s Bear Creek Road (on Hampton Road, n of Briones Reservoir); Hampton Road Natural Reserve
    UC1226822UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. J. Hurd, Stage62-151962-6-09 San Luis Obispo5.1 mi ne Santa Margarita
    UC1226832UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. J. Hurd, Stage62-51962-6-07 San Luis Obispo2.2 mi n Harmony
    UC1226827UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. J. Hurd, Stage62-101962-6-09 San Luis Obispo2.5 mi s Arroyo Grande
    DAV316843DAVClarkia unguiculataP. J. Plummers.n.1995-5-29 NapaNapa County: Lake Berryessa.
    UC1122464UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataP. L. Johannsen651932-5-02 FresnoBear Canon Priest Valley Quadrangle
    SFV109292SFVClarkia concinnaP. S. Wilson34581997-5-29 Santa ClaraSouth Coast Ranges; Mount Hamilton Road, mile marker 15.25.
    SFV109358SFVClarkia unguiculataP. S. Wilson33921996-6-08 TulareSierra Nevada; Canon off Highway 190.
    SFV109351SFVClarkia unguiculataP. W. Byrne441994-5-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Bear Canon at Live Oak Campground. South side of dry riverbed.
    IRVC112854IRVCClarkia unguiculataP. W. Rundel12611964-5-02 Kern1/2 mi SW of Woody, Werrington Ranch.
    IRVC112860IRVCClarkia unguiculataP. W. Rundel10641962-5-05 Los Angeles′Wash - southeast corner of Pomona College.
    IRVC112853IRVCClarkia unguiculataP. W. Rundel13811964-7-13 Santa ClaraStevens Creek, 1 mile west of resevoir. Stevens Creek drainage area.
    LOB100575LOBClarkia unguiculataP.C. Baker52511965-3-26 Santa BarbaraSoutheast from San Marcos Pass on Cal. 154 at High Voltage Powerline. Elev. 1000ft.
    LOB100580LOBClarkia unguiculataP.C. Baker52521965-3-26 Santa BarbaraSoutheast from San Marcos Pass on Cal. 154 at High Voltage Powerline.
    CSUSB92822CSUSBClarkia unguiculataPam Maynard1974-5-16 RiversideFairmount Park in city of Riverside. On the southern border of the park, on a dry slope.
    CAS-BOT165488CASClarkia unguiculataParish, Samuel B.20471887-6-1 KernFt. Tejon
    CAS-BOT165413CASClarkia unguiculataParry, Dr. C. C.s.n.1922-5-1 Unknown
    POM319042RSAClarkia unguiculataPatricia Wilder15211965-3-26 Santa BarbaraCalifornia State Highway 154 at high voltage power line; southeast from San Marcos Pass, Pacific Drainage Area, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    RSA6880RSAClarkia unguiculataPattersons.n.1907-7-02 MontereySan Jose Canon [S of Carmel River?]
    CAS-BOT165529CASClarkia unguiculataPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-7-2 MontereySan Jose [Canon] Canyon
    UCSB007025UCSBClarkia unguiculataPatterson, R.10641976-5-21 Los AngelesEnd of San Martinez Canon Road, near the Los Angeles/Ventura county line
    RSA448465RSAClarkia unguiculataPaul C. Silva1081943-6-08 TulareNear Fairview. Tobias Creek.
    RSA33904RSAClarkia unguiculataPaul C. Silva1081943-6-08 TulareRoad's End. (Tobias Creek).
    RSA448582RSAClarkia unguiculataPaul Currie33 Los AngelesAlong road to Mt. Wilson, c. 15 miles northeast of La Canada
    RSA128527RSAClarkia unguiculataPaul R. Hichborns.n.1920-5-26 Santa ClaraStevens Creek Canon.
    HSC217506HSCClarkia unguiculataPaul Shieldssn1955-6-06 Sacramento1 NE of Carmichael
    CAS-BOT165474CASClarkia unguiculataPawek, Jean L.2661957-6-21 TuolumneStanislaus River Crossing, north of Columbia. Boundary of Calaveras County
    CAS-BOT165684CASClarkia unguiculataPawek, Jean L.91956-5-14 TulareHighway 198, 1 mile north of 3 Rivers oaklands
    RSA131038RSAClarkia unguiculataPercy C. Everett238381959-6-02 Los Angeles1 miles NE of entrance of Stokes Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
    JEPS45209UCJEPSClarkia unguiculataPerry Allen1961-4-21 Stanislausvicinity La Grange
    UCR0061141UCRClarkia unguiculataPesach Lubinsky0991998-6-09 San BernardinoRedlands, along I-10 Fwy c. 3 miles NW of Reservoir Canon
    UCSB007023UCSBClarkia unguiculataPete Atsatt1281958-5-10 Santa BarbaraGlen Annie Canon, directly south of Tecolote Reservoir