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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A01674496ACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. Wen71232003-06-25 Tuolumneoff Evergreen Rd. Just W of the yosemite national park, S of the Hetch Hetchy entrance. In the diamond O campground of stanislaus national forest, along trail beside the middele [middle] tuolumne river
ARF0356BLMARCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJennifer Wheeler3562010-07-28 Humboldtoff Pine Ridge Road under shady old growth Douglas-fir
CAS-BOT191002CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce60891991-08-06 ModocS Emerson Trail at stream between S Fork of Emerson Creek and Bearcamp Trail, Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT191003CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert761988-07-11 ModocCedar Pass Campground.
CAS-BOT191004CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45241988-07-22 ModocVicinity of Emerson Campground E side of the Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT191005CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPayne, Francis Dorris8011935-07-19 ModocParker Creek.
CAS-BOT191006CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce67851994-07-02 Modoc5.0 km SE of Joseph Creek Basin on the W side of the Warner Mountains.
CAS-BOT191007CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45261988-07-22 ModocMill Creek, Lake City Canyon, 5.5 km W of Lake City, E side of the Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT191008CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett55351990-07-20 ModocBuck Creek between Del Pratt Spring and Howard Flat, W side of Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT191009CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett44391988-07-21 ModocAbove Upper Rush Creek Campground ca. 4 km E of State Highway 299 between Adin and Canby.
CAS-BOT228621CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHelmkamp, G. K.; Helmkamp, E. A.178192011-07-19 TuolumneNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Forestry Route 5N14, 1.8 miles southeast of Boards Crossing bridge of North Fork Stanislaus River Elev. given as 4485 ft.
CAS-BOT230075CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDean, Ellen; Starbuck, Margaret; Mawdsley, K.; Huiet, L.; McIntyre, P.; Loughran, C.68302010-08-03 AlpineGrover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Southern part of park near lower reaches of Shay Creek on east side of meadow near where drainage passes under Hot Springs Road
CAS-BOT351070CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVillasenor, Jr., Ricardos.n.1985-07-23 FresnoTeakettle Creek just above the road to Black Rock Reservoir. Sierra National Forest.
CAS-BOT94890CASCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWenk, R. C.2412005-07-16 TrinityCoffee Creek, Big Flat Meadow, NW of Gates cabin at N end of meadow
CDA0000978CDACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD.G. Kelch6.2832006-06-20 PlumasFern Gulch, E of Butterfly Valley, just S of Keddie.
CDA0013340CDACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.F. Hrusa131881996-07-09 ButteOn USFS 2 N15, approx. 100 meters to S of Hwy 162 across from entrance to Rogers Cow Camp. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0015530CDACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.F. Hrusa146981998-07-05 SiskiyouCedar Camp Rd. +- 5 mi. E of Weitchpec on Hwy 9 N side of Hwy. Mile 4.x. Siskiyou Mountains.
CDA0018589CDACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.D. Barbe32761981-06-24 Plumas1.4 miles above (south of) Main Street, Taylorsville (end of China Grade). Sierra Nevada.
CDA0038259CDACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.F. Hrusa184962012-08-19 MaderaWhisky Creek below Whisky Falls, immed. E of Stewart Edward White′s meadow. Sierra Nevada.
CHSC100374CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart151112008-07-18 NevadaNear a small stream, about 50 yards north of the water ditch, Along the P. G. & E. water ditch at the 3 1-4 mile mark, about one mile southwest of Highway 20 (by ditch), about 1-2 mile south of Bear Valley. T1 N R11E S36
CHSC100439CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart153632008-09-10 PlumasOn the bottom of East Branch Creek, on the east side of Quincy La Porte Road, about 1 3-4 miles (air) south of Little Grass Valley Reservoir, about one mile northeast of La Porte. T2 N R09E S1 W1-4
CHSC102101CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart161972009-07-28 PlumasOn wet soil and humus, seeps, slope northwest of mine, west (above) Forest Service Road 2 N28Y, 2.9 miles (air) northwest of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam. T27N R08E S3 W1-4
CHSC1089CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaV. Holt1935-09-01 PlumasBuck′s Lake.
CHSC11105CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart1969-07-30 PlacerNear Ahart Camp, French Meadows.
CHSC113614CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart198042014-08-31 PlumasIn an unnamed drainage, on the west side of Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the foot bridge across Black Rock Creek, about 200 yards southwest of the Black Rock, Little Grass Valley Reservoir, about 4 1-2 miles (air) northwest of La Porte. T2 N R09E S30 NE1-4
CHSC11784CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copeland3861929-07-20 ButteJonesville.
CHSC14103CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. V. Ritter3651969-06-15 Tehama.4 mi. w of Soda Springs Campground. 200 yds. s of Highway 32.
CHSC20896CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. S. Taylor8801975-08-31 ButteOn Ernies Island in Butte Creek, ca. 50 ft s of Humboldt Rd, ca. 1-2 mi e of Butte Meadows.
CHSC20992CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. T. Griggs1571975-07-11 PlumasBuck′s Lake. T2 N R07E S29
CHSC21563CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. M. Mayer1975-07-03 PlumasBucks Lake. Found beside a stream in the middle portion of the section. T2 N R06E S33 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga
CHSC27910CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. S. Taylor17411978-07-19 ButteCherry Hill Campground, on s side of Old Humboldt Rd, ca. 2 mi sw of Jonesville.
CHSC28953CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. S. Taylor18171978-07-21 ButteOn s side of Oroville-Quincy Hwy along creek in a meadow, ca. 14 mi n of Lake Madrone.
CHSC33730CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. S. Taylor39991981-07-13 PlumasAlong Lookout Creek, ca. 2 mi w of its jct with 2 N11, ca. 3 air mi nw of n tip of Frenchman Lake, ca. 15 air mi n of Chilcoot. T24N R15E S01 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Frenchman Lake
CHSC35931CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. S. Taylor47141982-06-23 PlumasAlong creek (tributary to Middle Creek), on s side of Peoria Creek Rd (2 N10), 1.7 mi w of its jct with 23N50Y, ca. 3 air mi sw of Sloat. T23N R10E S1 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Blue Nose Mt.
CHSC39041CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart42931983-08-16 ButteN part of county, at edge of small stream that flows into Butte Creek, about 1 mile e of Butte Meadows.
CHSC40774CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart51161985-07-09 ButteAlong Fall River, about 100 yards south of the bridge across Fall River. about 1-2 mile west of Lumpkin Ridge Road, about 2 1-2 miles north-east of Camp 18, about 9 miles north-east of Feather Falls.
CHSC43557CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart17461978-05-31 ButteAlong a stream, near the South Fork of the Feather River, where the log bridge crosses the river, about 5 miles west of the Sly Creek Dam.
CHSC43558CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart11751976-07-16 PlumasSeep, about 1-2 mile east of Dogwood Creek, about 1 1-2 miles north-west of Fowler Peak, about 5 miles north-west of Little Grass Valley Reservoir.
CHSC44043CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. P. Janeway23041987-06-26 ButteEdge of pond in Camp Cr next to crossing of road, 2.5 mi east of Granite Ridge along the road to Lynch and Logue Mdws. T2 N R05E S32 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Kimshew Point 1:24,000
CHSC44044CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. P. Janeway22321987-06-19 ButteAlong Sly Cr near crossing of road from the Challenge-LaPorte Rd 2.1 mi toward the SE side of Sly Cr Reservoir. T2 N R08E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Strawberry Valley 1:24,000
CHSC46201CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. P. Janeway29601988-07-02 ButteAlong road to French Cr 1.2 mi S of Coyote Gap. Above road. T2 N R05E S02 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga 1:24,000
CHSC47051CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. A. Schlising46501988-07-30 ButteNE part of county on Snow Mountain ridge. At roadside. T2 N R05E S04
CHSC48622CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVernon Oswald15641984-07-09 TehamaHwy 32, 0.4 mi n-e of the 2nd bridge over Deer Creek. Beside streamlet. T2 N R04E S1 W1-4
CHSC62765CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. Castro1591987-07-21 PlumasCa 6 mi E of Graegle and 6 W of Clio via Hwy 70-89, off USFS Rd 2 N98 at lower edge of a spring on unnamed E-trending tributary to Mohawk Ck. T22N R12E S34 SE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Clio 1:24,000
CHSC64197CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaS. C. Morey5881983-07-23 ButteCherry Hill Meadow. On n side of Humboldt Rd., ca. 3.2 mi e of Butte Meadows. T2 N R04E S15 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64,000
CHSC65060CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVernon H. Oswald70861995-07-17 TehamaHigh Cascade Range. Forest Road 3 N16 0.5 mi N of Hwy. 36, ca. 2 mi NE of Mineral. On the margin of a meadow. T29N R04E S2 W1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC66762CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVernon H. Oswald81521996-08-14 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Northeast of La Porte on the La Porte-Quincy Rd. 3.1 N of the road to Johnsville, 1.0 mi S of the South Fork of the Feather River. In a meadow. T22N R10E S1 W1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC78387CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart86112000-07-28 NevadaWest of the small spring, on the east side of Fall Creek, about 200 yards east of where Fall Creek crosses Forest Highway 18, or Bowman Lake Road, about 5 miles (air) or 8 miles by road north of Highway 20 and Bear Valley. T1 N R12E S0 W1-4
CHSC85687CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. F. Hrusa146981998-07-05 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mountains. Cedar Camp Rd. +-- 5 mi. E of Weitchpec on Hwy 9 N side of Hwy. Mile 4.x. Roadside.
CHSC89600CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. P. Janeway81962004-07-29 TulareSouthern High Sierra Nevada. Edge of un-named meadow 0.5 km north of Quaking Aspen Forest Service Station; headwaters of South Fork Middle Fork Tule River. T21S R32E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Canon 1:24,000
CHSC92672CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD. Isle13262000-07-06 GlennMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Black Butte River Watershed. Proposed Baseball Unit T-2 W of Atchison Campground. In creek S border of Baseball T-2. T22N R10W S14 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mendocino Pass
CHSC97303CHSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart144732007-08-10 PlumasAbout 100 yards south of Beckwourth Gensee Road, there is a small quarry east of a poor road, the meadow and stream, about 2 miles (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R13E S07 NE1-4
CLARK-A1528-3363CLARKCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJohn C. Roos27281943-07-03 San BernardinoCrestline
CSLA007023CSLACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. A. Schlising39141980-07-16 ButteN of Butte Meadows and SW of Jonesville at area of Cherry Hill Campground near Butte Creek; T2 N, R4E, section 15; along Butte Creek.
DAV316425DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell35441953-09-13 FresnoFresno County: Bank of Sheep Thief Creek at point where Stump Springs Road joins 168 on Big Creek.
DAV316426DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMrs. Flora Hayess.n.1935-07-15 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Strawberry.
DAV316427DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph M. DiTomaso2031975-07-29 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps. 0.5 mile below Big Bear Lake.
DAV316428DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1997-09-04 CalaverasCalaveras County: Arnold-Dorrington. Stanislaus National Forest. Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
DAV316429DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert E. Preston15442001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, N slope of Rainbow Mtn.
DAV316430DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLloyd P. Teviss.n.1902-08-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tallac. Lake Tahoe. (elevation estimated by label-maker)
DAV316431DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean43822007-07-23 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Washoe Meadows State Park, southeastern corner of the park on the south side of the Upper Truckee River. Upper Truckee River Restoration Project monitoring well #1 plot.
DAV316432DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDonald C. Hagar2181957-08-27 HumboldtHumboldt County: 8.5 miles NE of Hoopa, Domingo Block e.
DAV316433DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBeth Lowe Corbin2611982-08-06 PlacerPlacer County: 1-8 mile W of Onion Creek campground.
DAV316434DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. Banchero38761980-07-11 ButteButte County: NE part of county. Old site of Merrimac.
DAV316435DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBryan Drews.n.2003-07-02 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Along stream in UC1.
DAV316436DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean and Margaret Starbuck68302010-08-03 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Southern part of park near lower reaches of Shay Creek on east side of meadow near where drainage passes under Hot Springs Road.
DAV316437DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean78542013-07-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: W shore of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park, Along General Creek drainage. On west side (upstream) of bridge connecting North Fire Road with South Fire Road, south side of creek.
DAV316438DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAllyson Ayalon1112012-07-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County. Kyburz. South-facing slopes of the Sierra Neveda found along the North of Highway 50.
DAV316439DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. F. Hrusa184962012-08-19 MaderaMadera County: Whisky Creek below Whisky Falls, immediately east of Stewart Edward White′s meadow.
DAV316440DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean90562016-07-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Near southern boundary of D.L. Bliss State Park. North side of unnamed drainage on west side of Highway 89. Close to highway.
DAV316441DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean97652018-07-06 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Downslope of Rubicon Trail between Eagle Creek and Eagle Point, south of rock slide area.
DAV396563DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaN. Hopkins1881975-06-24 County UnknownCounty Unknown.
DAV398418DAVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEllen Dean105002019-08-16 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. South side of Burton Creek near east end of Burton Creek Natural Reserve meadow.
GH01674490GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaW. B. Cooke138601939-08-10 Siskiyouon the west bank of Mud Creek Canyon. Canadian Zone
GH01674491GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copeland3861929-07-20 ButteJonesville
GH01674492GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. Eastwood17671912-08-22 Unknowntrail from Morgans Springs to Sulphur Works. Lassen Butte Region
GH01674493GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. Eastwood8811912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
GH01674494GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson44391988-07-21 Modocabove Upper Rush Creek Campground ca. 4 km E of State Highway 299 between Adin and Canby. T40N R10E SEC17 Canby 15′ Quad.
GH01674495GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. M. Bartholomew67851994-07-02 Modoc5.0 km SE of Joseph Creek Basin on the W side of the Warner Mountains
GH01674497GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson45241988-07-22 ModocVicinity of Emerson Campground E side of the Warner Mountains. T39N R16E SEC10 Emerson Peak 7 1-2′ Quad.
GH01674498GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson45261988-07-22 ModocMill Creek, Lake City Canyon, 5.5 km W of Lake City, E side of the Warner Mountains. T44N R15N SEC28 Davis Creek Quad
GH01674499GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. Abrams127011930-07-23 El DoradoTamarack Trail. Glen Alpine Canyon
GH01674500GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson55351990-07-20 ModocBuck Creek between Del Pratt Spring and Howard Flat, W side of Warner Mts. T46N R15E S5
GH01674501GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. R. Vasey1876-01-01 UnknownW. Calif.
GH01674502GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. P. Chandler14041901-06-01 HumboldtKlamath River
GH01674503GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. C. Harris ; S. K. Harris6721936-06-22 HumboldtYager Creek
GH01674504GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall ; E. B. Babcock34231902-07-01 MariposaLittle Crane Creek
GH01674505GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. L. Mason6231923-07-21 TuolumneHetch Hetchy
GH01674506GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. Carter7061934-08-13 Siskiyouwatershed of West Branch of Indian Creek, Happy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road, Klamath National Forest
GH01674507GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. J. Hermann26241931-07-30 UnknownManzanita Creek, Lassen Volcanic National Park
GH01674508GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. J. Smiley4531913-08-09 UnknownSoda Springs
GH01674509GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. H. Raven ; R. Snow136691958-07-22 MendocinoFern Canyon, Van Damme Beach State Park
GH01674510GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. H. Smith39091911-01-01 Humboldt[no additional data]
GH01674511GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. W. Hunnewell78341921-07-15 PlacerLake Tahoe
GH01674512GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz159171940-07-09 FresnoSheep Creek, near Cedar Grove Camp, King′s River
GH01674513GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMrs. A. L. Coombs1906-01-01 PlumasPrattville
GH01674514GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. Abrams44191911-06-20 MariposaNear Happy Isles, Yosemite Valley
GH01674515GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. A. Heller13251a1919-06-27 SiskiyouMetcalf′s ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy
GH01674516GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. M. Newlon151919-07-14 TulareGiant Forest
GH01674517GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall90281911-07-04 MariposaMineral Spring, Yosemite Valley
GH01674518GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall85031909-06-06 MarinLagunitas Creek, in the Transition Zone from the village of Lagunitas to Camp Taylor
GH01674520GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaW. H. Brewer21331864-01-01 El DoradoPyramid Peak
GH01674521GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. J. Smiley4901914-07-03 MariposaNear Hazel Green, Yosemite
GH01674522GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMrs. R. M. Austin ; Mrs. C. C. Bruce1897-07-01 ShastaMt. Lassen, Plumas Co. [Mt. Lassen is located in Shasta County]
GH01674523GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. A. Purpus55881897-04-01 Unknownin Middle Tule R.
GH01674524GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaV. Stortz7481962-06-24 NevadaSouth Fork Yuba River at Lang′s Crossing
GH01674525GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. T. Howell ; G. H. True494221932-09-15 LassenElysian Valley, west of Janesville
GH01674526GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. T. Howell ; G. H. True500501973-07-31 Plumason road from Janesville to Thompson Peak, Diamond Range
GH01674527GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. T. Howell ; G. H. True501661973-08-01 LassenGold Run Creek road south of Susanville, Diamond Range
GH01674528GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. Ahart ; P. Ahart51161985-07-09 ButteAbout 1-2 mile west of Lumpkin Ridge Road, about 2 1-2 miles north-east of Camp 18, about 9 miles north-east of Feather Falls, bar along Fall River, about 100 yards south of the bridge across Fall River. Yellow Pine Forest
GH01674529GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. T. Howell387771962-09-22 KernShirley Meadows, Greenhorn Mountains
GH01674530GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. C. Twisselmann54931959-07-08 TulareIce Creek at the Johnsondale-Quaking Aspen Road
GH01674531GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. C. Twisselmann101391964-08-20 TulareCrane Meadow
GH01674532GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. H. True72401972-06-16 NevadaSouth shore of Donner Lake
GH01674533GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. R. Quick53-1281953-08-22 TuolumneLeland Creek east of Cow Creek Guard Station
GH01674534GHCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. F. Covel13621938-08-11 TuolumneYosemite Nat. Park, Tuolumne Big Trees
HSC217128HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte8631967-08-10 TrinityGrizzly Creek, about 1 mi. E of junction with China Spring Trail
HSC217129HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte7061967-07-24 TrinityBig Flat
HSC217130HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLarry E. DeBuhr6701972-07-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, Snake Creek on FS Rd. 2N18, E of Lake Arrowhead
HSC217131HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederick W. Oettinger4801968-08-11 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, near Tom Tyler Cabin
HSC217132HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRichard Spjut8561970-07-21 Modoc10 W of Cedarville above a campground, off Hwy. 299
HSC217134HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBrad Klipfel3011973-08-03 HumboldtAlong ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
HSC217135HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer14081969-07-18 SiskiyouHead of S Russian Creek
HSC217136HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer8581969-07-11 SiskiyouRavine above C.C.C. road.
HSC217137HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer18891969-08-04 SiskiyouAbove S Sugar Lake
HSC217138HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer14051969-07-18 SiskiyouSW facing slope above S Russian Creek.
HSC217139HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer15161969-07-24 SiskiyouSE facing slope W of Sugar Lake
HSC217140HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer11831969-07-23 SiskiyouAlong road near Horse Range Creek.
HSC217141HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer22541970-06-24 HumboldtS of Mill Creek Gap, FS Rd. 1 N02
HSC217142HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD.E. Anderson23141962-08-05 Siskiyou3 W of Bartlett, 1 N of Shasta Co. line on Hwy. 89
HSC217143HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.P. Smith42831970-06-30 Del NorteFrench Hill Rd., 25.7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 199
HSC217144HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.P. Smith39001970-06-15 Siskiyou1 W of Forks of Salmon
HSC217145HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDavid Wheeler1061979-05-13 HumboldtRedwood Valley, 1.0 mi. S of dump on other side of Redwood Creek from rd.
HSC217146HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaClare R. Wheeler37261985-05-20 MendocinoHendy Woods State Park, Philo, near parking lot and trailhead
HSC217147HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGladys L. Smith58821980-06-10 MendocinoHendy Woods State Park near Philo
HSC217148HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD.E. AndersonJ-11011971-06-18 HumboldtIn narrow canyon of the N Fork of Mad River, along Hwy. 299, E of Blue Lake
HSC217149HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD.E. AndersonJ-12381971-06-28 HumboldtAlong Mad River, 2 mi. S of Blue Lake.
HSC217150HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.P. Smith70841973-07-04 TrinityTrail 1 W26 from Rd. 80 between Dubakella and S Dubakella Mtn.
HSC217151HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer27831976-07-01 SiskiyouStreamside terraces and lower slopes along the Little N Fork of the Salmon River.
HSC217152HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaK. A. Wayman1242010-07-14 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.5 mi east of Hoopa along Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Six Rivers National Forest boundary.
HSC217153HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCara Witte5672007-07-20 HumboldtBoard Camp Butte. Forest Serivce Road 4E27.
HSC217154HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCara Witte9742008-07-30 HumboldtForest Service Road 5N04. 1-4 mile east of intersection with Forest Service Road 4N70.
HSC217155HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. Fred Hrusa146981998-07-05 SiskiyouCedar Camp Rd., about 5 mi. E of Weitchpec on Hwy. 9 N side of Hwy.
HSC217156HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVernon H. Oswald81521966-08-14 PlumasHigh Sierra Nevada, NE of La Porte on the La Porte-Quincy Rd. 3.1 N of the Rd. to Johnsville, 1 mi. S of the S fork of the Feather River
HSC217157HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.M. Riegel9511980-07-29 ModocS Warner Mtns.
HSC217158HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL.P. Janeway4311983-07-18 SiskiyouUp NE draw 1-4 mi. from Rd. 1 N07, 5 mi. from Indian Creek Rd.
HSC217159HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM.A. Baker18641980-06-07 HumboldtNear Ammon Creek
HSC217160HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM.A. Baker33751980-07-30 Del NorteNear Island Lake
HSC217161HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGail Newton20691980-08-10 HumboldtNear Blake Mtn.
HSC217162HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGail Newton16201980-07-20 HumboldtNear Bell Swamps
HSC217163HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGail Newton15211980-07-14 HumboldtNear Deadman Ridge
HSC217164HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJohn Palmer7871980-08-13 SiskiyouDead Cow Creek, near USFS Rd. 4 N44, Beaver Creek Rd.
HSC217165HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJohn S. Palmer2561974-09-14 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along trail to Big Bear Lake
HSC217166HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaThomas Wood2461979-08-10 Modoc1.1 mi. E of Modoc National Forest boundary on Mill Creek Basin Rd.
HSC217167HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM.T. Milligan5891966-07-27 ModocSlopes and ridges E of Jess Valley
HSC217168HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDorothy Parkersn1949-06-26 SiskiyouSalmon Mtn. Range, Etna Creek
HSC217169HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton141001979-07-31 HumboldtNear Tish Tang A Tang Creek, S Fork, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC217170HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton106811979-07-29 Del NorteNear Elk Valley, close to the town of Orleans
HSC217171HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton118091979-07-31 HumboldtNear Tish Tang A Tang Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC217172HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton108721979-07-25 HumboldtNear Red Cap Lake, close to the town of Forks of Salmon.
HSC217173HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton121981979-08-02 HumboldtNear Oregon Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC217174HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton119661979-08-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek Lakes, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC217175HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton120381979-08-01 HumboldtNear N Trinity Mtn., close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC217176HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGriswold69441979-07-11 HumboldtNear Snow Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
HSC217177HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGriswold62731979-07-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC217178HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGriswold71851979-07-12 HumboldtNear Groves Prairie, close to the town of Willow Creek.
HSC217179HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaOverton125111979-08-02 HumboldtNear Bret Hole, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC217180HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaOverton126571979-08-02 HumboldtNear Grogan Hole, close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC217181HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaOverton99701979-07-26 HumboldtNear Willow Creek, E Fork, close to the town of Willow Creek.
HSC217182HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWalter Overton123401979-08-01 HumboldtNear Mill Creek, Middle Fork, close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC217183HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte10341967-08-19 SiskiyouS Fork of Salmon River, between campground and Carters
HSC217184HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte2841966-08-03 SiskiyouJosephine Lake basin.
HSC217185HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB.D. Rogers20951966-06-15 HumboldtE of Bridgeville on Hwy. 36
HSC217186HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ.O. Sawyer558B1968-07-22 SiskiyouBetween Handcock and Diamond Lakes
HSC217187HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD.E. Anderson43491967-06-07 HumboldtAlong Puter Creek, tributary to Mad River, about 3 mi. S of Blue Lake
HSC217188HSCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCara Witte5072007-07-11 HumboldtGrouse Mountain. Forest Service Road 5N0 Near spring.
JEPS113706UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino144732007-08-10 PlumasAbout 100 yards south of Beckwourth Gensee Road, there is a small quarry east of a poor road, the meadow and stream, about 2 miles (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis
JEPS114919UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart151112008-07-18 NevadaNear a small stream, about 50 yards north of the water ditch, Along the P. G. & E. water ditch at the 3 1-4 mile mark, about one mile southwest of Highway 20 (by ditch), about 1-2 mile south of Bear Valley
JEPS116104UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart, John Dittes161972009-07-28 PlumasOn wet soil and humus, seeps, slope northwest of mine, west (above) Forest Service Road 2 N28Y, 2.9 miles (air) northwest of Butt Valley Reservoir Dam
JEPS119317UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDana York19111997-06-21 FresnoCa. 57 NE of Fresno (FSC), 2.7 km SW of Dinkey Creek (site) Forked Meadow (private property).
JEPS12339UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHelen-Mar Wheeler4431941-08-17 El Doradoca. 4 mi. n. of U.S. Hwy 50 junction on rd. to Emerald Bay (s.w. end Lake Tahoe); Lake Tahoe
JEPS127497UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaSteve Matson3651998-07-28 PlacerTahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista-Kings Beach.
JEPS129479UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-1062018-06-26 ShastaChalk Mountain, Southern Cascades, north side of Pit River, 7 miles west of Lake Britton.
JEPS18853UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaV. F. Hesse22851957-07-19 Tuolumne3 mi. from Pine Crest (Dodge Ridge rd.)
JEPS25822UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. H. Frost661925-07-12 ModocStow′s Meadow, Cedar Canon Warner Mts., Cedar Canon, Stow′s Meadow
JEPS25823UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAdele Lewis Grant11481917-07-26 FresnoHuntington Lake
JEPS28569UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge W. Gillett7091957-07-11 Shasta1-4 mi. above Manzanita Creek (on Chaos Crags Trail); Lassen Volcanic Nat′l Park, Chaos Crags Trail
JEPS28619UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge W. Gillett8021957-07-17 Plumasnear the e. inlet upper Willow Lake meadow; Lassen Volcanic Nat′l Park, Willow Lake meadow
JEPS31552UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLincoln Constance7421934-05-31 Humboldtfrom w. boundary of park to Grasshopper Peak (Squaw Creek rd., Bull Creek flat along Bull Creek, n. side of creek, Bull Creek Region); Bull Creek Region
JEPS39948UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCharlotte N. Smith12321963-08-23 Tularenear trail from Soda Spring on Freeman Creek in Lloyd Meadow to Quaking Aspen; Lloyd Meadow area
JEPS43885UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson42861911-06-27 MariposaYosemite to Wawona (Grouse Creek); Grouse Creek
JEPS43886UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDr. L. M. Newlon151919-07-14 TulareGiant Forest Sierra Nevada, Giant Forest
JEPS43887UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson82791919-05-17 MarinPaper Mill Creek
JEPS43888UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson6461900-06-23 TulareMarble Fork, Sequoia Nat′l Park Sierra Nevadas, Sequoia Nat′l Park, Marble Fork
JEPS43889UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson143891898-07-01 NevadaBear Valley
JEPS43890UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson143881890-08-07 Calaverasnear Calaveras Big Trees (Snowdon Ranch); Sierra Foothills, Snowdon Ranch
JEPS43891UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson143871894-07-01 SiskiyouSisson
JEPS43892UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAdele Lewis Grant8901916-08-03 TuolumneBrightman Flat
JEPS43893UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWillis L. Jepson168061934-08-02 Sierra2 mi. e. Bassett Station (Pioneer rd. sta., N. Fork Yuba R.); N. Fork Yuba R.
JEPS43894UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMilo S. Baker1893-07-15 ModocForestdale, Taylor Creek
JEPS69768UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaW. B., V. G. Cooke454551972-07-06 Siskiyoualong Mud Creek Dam rd. Mt. Shasta
JEPS72745UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGladys L. Smith23071964-08-01 El Dorados. shore Echo Lake
JEPS72746UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGladys L. Smith34501972-08-23 El Doradobelow California Alpine Club lodge (e. side U.S. 50)
JEPS72747UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGladys L. Smith33041972-07-20 El Doradoat Glen Alpine Spring Glen Alpine Spring
JEPS72748UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGladys L. Smith23001964-07-31 El Doradotrail from Echo Lakes to Fallen Leaf Lake (near Lily Lake)
JEPS79574UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEdward Lee, Annetta Carter9181934-06-17 Marin1 - 2 mi. s. South Brook ((trip to Bolinas))
JEPS79575UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEdward Lee, Annetta Carter9181934-06-17 Marin1 - 2 mi. s. South Brook ((trip to Bolinas))
JEPS96042UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart81521996-08-14 Plumasn.e. La Porte (on La Porte-Quincy Rd. 3.1 mi. n. of rd. to Johnsville, 1.0 mi. s. of S. Fork Feather R.); n. High Sierra Nevada
JEPS98486UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart86112000-07-28 NevadaE side of Fall Creek 200 yds E of Forest Hwy 18 (Bowman Lake Road), 5 air miles (8 road miles) N of Bear Valley and Hwy 20
JEPS99612UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMelanie Arnett82022001-06-24 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; Moist S-sloping (ca. 2%) drainage with large stands of Smilacina spp., Veratrum sp., Senecio triangularis, and Mimulus spp.
LA00616196LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJohn Thomas Howell243241948-05-31 MarinDevil′s Gulch near Camp Taylor
LA00616198LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarlan Lewis16121955-07-03 TuolumneMather
LA00616200LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copeland3861929-07-20 ButteJonesville
LA00616203LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaO. H. Kappler13541946-07-21 TehamaLassen National Park, Cliff Falls Area
LA00616205LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. K. Pratt241939-08-01 UnknownYosemite National Park: Round Meadow
LA93094LACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMartha Hilend2991926-07-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Bluff Lake
LAVO7478LVNPCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaS.A. McCullough872007-07-31 PlumasBetween Hot Springs Creek and Ranger Station in Warner Valley.
NY850374NYCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. M. Bartholomew44391988-07-21 ?  ModocAbove Upper Rush Creek Campground ca. 4 km east of State Highway 299 between Adin and Canby
NY850375NYCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. M. Bartholomew55351990-07-20 ?  ModocBuck Creek between Del Pratt Spring and Howard Flat, west side of Warner Mountains
OBI139831OBICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Rodin61111956-08-08 MariposaHappy Isles, Yosemite Natl Park
OBI139835OBICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMelissa Luckow4381980-06-30 MaderaSierra Natl Forest, Minerets Ranger district. Lower Willow Sale
POM10395RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCharlotte M. Wilder2601904-08-31 San BernardinoLittle Bear Valley. Flemmings Canon.
POM128223RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Abrams44191911-06-20 MariposaYosemite Valley, near Happy Isles
POM145988RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. B. Feudges.n.1926-07-20 San BernardinoGreen Valley.
POM161370RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. C. Bacigalupi18491928-06-02 MariposaAlong Merced River. Little Yosemite Valley.
POM177394RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Abrams127011930-07-23 El DoradoTamarack Trail, Glen Alpine Canon.
POM187647RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. Ewans.n.1931-09-07 San BernardinoSawpit Canon.
POM219646RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. F. Copeland4281928-08-21 ButteNeighborhood of Jonesville, woods by Willow Creek
POM225504RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz143561936-08-11 TrinityAbove Forest Glenn .
POM228358RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. C. Harris6721936-06-22 HumboldtYager Creek
POM255381RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz159171940-07-09 FresnoSheep Creek, near Cedar Grove Camp, Kings River
POM257276RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. L. Mason21911925-07-30 TuolumneSmith Peak Trail from Mather
POM265782RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Gillogly201938-07-03 MariposaMiami Ranger Station.
POM271464RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLyman Benson22081930-07-18 ShastaE. of Round Mountain, River: Hatchet Creek; Mt. Range: N. Sierra Nevada.
POM271465RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLyman Benson39621932-07-28 ButteFirst summit, Oroville-Quincy. Sierra Nevada Range, Feather River watershed.
POM271468RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLyman Benson77031936-06-25 Mariposa5 miles SW of Yosemite Tunnel, Sierra Nevada Mtn range, Merced River watershed
POM302489RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. C. Roos27281941-03-06 San BernardinoNorth of Crestline.
POM32139RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz74361923-07-20 TuolumneAcherson Meadows, Mather.
POM32267RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarriet Ann Walker14541908-07-27 PlacerNear to Iron Spring, Cisco.
POM32805RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall34231902-07-01 MariposaYosemite National Park, Little Crane Creek
POM37930RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-08-01 FresnoHorse Corral.
POM38639RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall85031909-06-06 MarinLagunitas Creek, in the Transition Zone from the village of Lagunitas to Camp Taylor
POM46094RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeo. D. Butler14991910-06-04 SiskiyouShackleford Creek.
POM46096RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMarcus E. Jones27611881-07-21 NevadaSoda Springs.
POM46097RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-29 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
POM50069RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Abramss.n.1901-07-28 San BernardinoStrawberry Peak.
POM89964RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Abrams84691922-06-29 SiskiyouMill Creek
RSA0035405RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLowell Ahart151112008-07-18 NevadaAbout 50 yards north of the water ditch, along the P.G.E. water ditch at the 3 1-4 mile mark, about one mile southwest of Highway 20 (by ditch), about 1-2 mile south of Bear Valley.
RSA0056565RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGreg de Nevers107681995-08-20 PlacerLake Tahoe.
RSA0069304RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaKatie Gallagher3142014-07-01 TuolumneStanislaus NF, Rim Fire 2013, on 3N01C 1.5 km east of junction with 3 N.
RSA0099987RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJessica Orozco2252013-06-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off road 21S94 service road, along miner′s creek. Near the border of reservation.
RSA0180668RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaW. Harnach4581990-06-30 SierraSierra Valley. Yuba Pass.
RSA0180669RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaW. Harnach4941990-07-30 SierraSierra Valley. Hamlin Creek area.
RSA0279332RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. M. Moe3021970-07-07 ModocUpper Rush Creek Campground, 2 miles south of Aiden Pass on Hwy #299.
RSA0291332RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. M. Moe315a1984-06-28 ModocHwy #299, 10 miles south of Adin Pass at Rush Creek Campground. Modoc Nat′l Forest.
RSA0380956RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. M. Moe12091972-07-17 NevadaNear Cisco Grove along Hwy #80 about three miles east of Emigrant Gap.
RSA101390RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. Weatherby16541955-07-21 Plumas4 Water Bear Creek, Middle Fork Feather River
RSA101427RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. Weatherby16781955-08-06 PlumasUS Forest Service Camp. Meadow Valley.
RSA105485RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDouglas Barbe611955-06-30 Siskiyou1.0 mile NW of Forest Canong Johnson Creek.
RSA115731RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPercy C. Everett220241956-07-11 Calaveras1.2 mi. ne. of Dorrington Ranger Station, State Hwy 4, Ebbetts Pass Road.
RSA120860RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWagnon17501957-07-27 TrinityNear Swift Cr., ca. 1.5 mi. S of Trinity Center
RSA124552RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell35441953-09-13 FresnoBank of Sheep Thief Creek at point where Stump Springs Road joins 168 on Big Creek Grade at 5818′
RSA125041RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPeter H. Raven136691958-07-22 MendocinoFern Canon, Van Damme Beach State Park.
RSA125055RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPeter H. Raven136401958-07-20 Humboldt1.1 miles south of junction of Friday Ridge Road on Titlow Hill Road, near Grouse Ridge.
RSA126695RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPeter H. Raven143531959-06-20 Tulare5.4 miles from Posey on road to White River
RSA131526RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaElla Carters.n.1945-07-27 FresnoIn upper branch of Round Meadow not far from the creek crossing
RSA131921RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell39421954-07-21 Fresno2 miles N of Shaver Lake left off Highway 168 to Big Creek onto road to Music Mtn Lookout, then within 100 yrds rt. and down onto old road to former logging camp on saddle and around onto E side of canyon at ft. of 6801′ Music Mtn.Before road crosses to W side; 5390′.
RSA135376RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVolney Rattans.n.1877-06-13 SonomaGuernville
RSA166087RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. R. Blakley61761963-09-07 MariposaMerced River Canon, below Vernal Falls Yosemite Valley.
RSA181150RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPeter H. Raven203321965-07-02 TuolumneLair of the Golden Bear, 3 miles west of Pinecrest.
RSA183678RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGilbert Muth2371965-08-18 SiskiyouMarble Mountains: beside Black Mt.
RSA184645RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaClare B. Hardham130361965-08-20 SiskiyouMarble Mountains, Granite Trail, near Cudahy Lakes
RSA20788RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCarl B. Wolf92531937-08-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Range, 11 miles E of Hoopa Valley on new road towards Trinity Summit.
RSA211353RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte2841966-08-03 SiskiyouTrinity Alps: Josephine Lake basin.
RSA211363RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte7061967-07-24 TrinityBig Flat, Trinity Alps.
RSA211364RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte10341967-08-19 SiskiyouTrinity Alps: Along the South Fork of the Salmon River between the campground and Carters .
RSA21141RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCarl B. Wolf91691937-08-12 TrinityNorth Coast Range, South Fork Mt., 5.7 S of Cold Spring Lookout.
RSA23165RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaI. L. Wiggins89971938-08-12 TuolumneGooseberry Camp, 3.5 miles above Pine Crest on road to Bell Meadows.
RSA233161RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPeter H. Raven214361967-07-27 El DoradoSouth edge of Fallen Leaf Lake.
RSA235194RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. W. Tilforth5941972-07-06 San BernardinoAlong Shake Creek where it crosses Forestry Road 2N18, 1 mile north of Heaps Peak
RSA237259RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederick W. Oettinger1321967-06-28 SiskiyouKelly Gulch, tributary of Salmon River. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237661RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederick W. Oettinger4801968-08-11 SiskiyouAlder thicket near spring of Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237664RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederick W. Oettinger1911967-07-26 SiskiyouAlder thicket at creek from spring near Tom Taylor Canon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA245007RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaWilliam J. Ferlatte20951966-06-15 HumboldtEast of Bridge ville on Highway 36
RSA252383RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert F. Thorne391751969-09-05 ModocModoc National Forest, Warner Mts, along Fall Creek below Falls.
RSA264971RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. L. Clifton71991975-07-28 SiskiyouNear Cook and Green Pass near the Seiad Valley.; Seiad Valley
RSA4232RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copeland3861929-07-20 ButteJonesville.
RSA453415RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. Cunninghams.n.1940-07-01 KernWestern slope of Shirley Meadow, Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA453416RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJ. C. Marvin34601921-07-01 MariposaYosemite.
RSA453417RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHoward de Forests.n.1923-08-01 MariposaYosemite.
RSA453418RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFreda Detmerss.n.1929-08-04 MariposaPeregoy Meadow, on road to Glacier Point. Yosemite National Park.
RSA453419RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnstruther Davidson19631908-07-01 TulareSequoia National Park.
RSA453420RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaThekla Mohrs.n.1918-07-01 San BernardinoForest Home [now Forest Falls], San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA453421RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLouis C. Wheeler1171931-09-07 San BernardinoSawpit Canon, San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA453422RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLarry E. DeBuhr6701972-07-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Snake Creek on Forest Service Road 2N 18, east of Lake Arrowhead.
RSA453423RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaEdwin Klines.n.1924-07-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. Lake Arrowhead.
RSA453424RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaM. B. Dunkle91141944-07-16 SiskiyouSiskiyou National Forest
RSA504850RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBruce Bartholomew44391988-07-21 ModocAbove Upper Rush Creek Campground ca. 4 km. E of State Highway 299 between Adin and Canby.; Canby 15 quad.
RSA520382RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBruce Bartholomew55351990-07-20 ModocBuck Creek between Del Pratt Spring and Howard Flat, W side of Warner Mtns
RSA52865RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. Weatherby14511950-07-07 PlumasGansner Creek, Quincy.
RSA610408RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. S. Woglums.n.1931-07-19 TulareSequoia National Park.
RSA610409RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. S. Woglum9001937-07-27 MonoCentral Sierra Nevada Mountains: Stanislaus National Forest, Sonora Pass on Hwy. 108.
RSA628211RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. C. Sanders149541994-06-26 San BernardinoBurnt Mill Canon along Burnt Mill Rd., N of Cedarpines Park, 0.7 mi. below Crest Forest Rd.
RSA628408RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. C. Sanderss.n.1994-08-21 San BernardinoHooks Creek at Forest Service road crossing just above confluence with Little Bear Creek, below Cedar Glen & E of Lake Arrowhead.; Lake Arrowhead 7.5Quad.
RSA66880RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz165521951-07-15 Humboldt5 miles N of Willow Creek, on Raccoon Creek
RSA670698RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBonnie C. Templeton83801958-09-05 San BernardinoSouth side of Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA67949RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell2901951-07-19 FresnoAlong Daulton Road directly opposite Brown Cone.
RSA68575RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell1821951-07-16 FresnoW Kaiser Camp Ground on Daulton Road, 1 mile S Kaiser diggings, 3 miles N of 9500′ Ridge. Follow jeep track up ridge across creek E of camp-beyond it encounter old gold miners ditch-follow to point just short of its source.
RSA68583RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChas. H. Quibell1921951-07-16 FresnoW. Kaiser Canon Daulton Rd., 1 m. s. Kaiser Diggings, 3 m. n. of 9500′ Kaiser Ridge.
RSA717001RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLeRoy Gross25622006-09-25 FresnoAlong highway 168, just southwest of the community of Ockenden. Near Shaver Lake. North of Pine Ridge. Near the address of 39620 Hwy. 168, and Crystal Creek Development.; Shaver Lake
RSA80696RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. S. Roses.n.1927-08-29 MariposaYosemite Valley.
RSA80699RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. W. Peirson37891923-07-08 Mendocino3 miles up Ten-Mile River
RSA80701RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. W. Peirson20891908-07-10 TulareNelson, on Tule River, Sierra Nevada
RSA80702RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. W. Peirson62981925-07-06 El DoradoLake of the Woods Trail from Fallen Leaf Lake. Sierra Nevada.
RSA80704RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaF. W. Peirsons.n.1941-07-23 MendocinoVan Damme State Park. Near sea level.
RSA80706RSACircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz106931926-07-13 San BernardinoBluff Lake.
SBBG198116SBBGCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. K. Helmkamp207612013-06-05 SierraSt Hwy 49, 1.2 N of the Yuba County line
SCFS5313SCFSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaB. A. Trowbridge41071973-07-08 NevadaSagehen Creek from cirque to Grouse Meadow.
SD00049292SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders149541994-06-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns: Burnt Mill Canon along Burnt Mill Road, N of Cedarpines Park, 0.7 mi. below Crest Forest Rd.
SD00049293SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. K. Helmkamp98772005-09-23 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Foothills: Silver Fork, 2.1 miles west of Kyburz along US Highway 50; near small creek flowing into the South Fork of the American River
SD00049294SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Weatherby16781955-08-06 PlumasUnited States Forest Service Camp, Meadow Valley
SD00049295SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCarl B. Wolf92531937-08-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Range, 11 miles East of Hoopa Valley on the new road towards Trinity Summit
SD00049296SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Weatherby14511950-07-07 PlumasOsnsner Creek, Quincy
SD00049297SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificas.n.2017-03-18 El Dorado
SD00049299SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHelen-Mar Wheeler4431941-08-17 El DoradoAbout four miles North of U.S. Highway 50 junction on the road to Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
SD00049300SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copelands.n.1929-07-20 Butte
SD00049304SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDarley F. Howe9371939-07-24 MariposaOak Flat Road
SD00049305SDCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDarley F. Howe9351939-07-21 UnknownWawona Road just outside South entrance to Yosemite National Park.
SFV109265SFVCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaD. H. Hoover307-681968-07-05 TuolumneSierra Nevada; Clark fork of Middle Fork Stanislaus River.
SJSU13275SJSUCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC.W. Sharsmith47771944-07-02 Mariposaby Wawona Meadows near Wawona, Yosemite National Park
SJSU1981SJSUCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC.W. Sharsmith64471957-06-21 MendocinoLittle R Canon bottom c. 3 mi S of Mendocino City
SJSU4764SJSUCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH.T. Harvey4011965-07-21 TulareRedwood Cr, Redwood Canon, Redwood Mtn Grove Extension of Kings Canon National Park
SPIF00817SPIFCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnn Willyard3011999-06-28 HumboldtMaple Creek 7.5 USGS quad. Approximately 2 air miles west of Murphy Meadows. Abundant on Forest Floor.
STNF-4646683-TEMPAIDSTNFCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAmy Miller1994-08-15 TrinityEast Weaver Creek
THRI-SEKI18983THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaOliver, M.; Reynolds, S.SEKI.0261.072001-06-13 UnknownVM.SEKI.0261. Garfield Grove trail
THRI-SEKI6026THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDigiovanni, C.66-000501966-08-05 UnknownN Grove Loop
THRI-SEKI6027THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaNorris, Larry L.5111983-07-28 UnknownLog Cr
THRI-SEKI6028THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaStocking, S.K.1966-07-06 UnknownUpper Sheep Cr
THRI-SEKI6029THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRockwell, Jack A.67-01511967-07-01 UnknownOld Rd To Ranger Sta, Cedar Grove
THRI-SEKI6030THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBuchanan, Hayle6501963-07-21 UnknownNear Stony Cr
THRI-SEKI610THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPusateri, Samuel J.J690-12-11934-09-08 UnknownCrystal Cave
THRI-SEKI612THRICircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPusateri, Samuel J.J690-12-11934-09-08 UnknownCrystal Cave
UC1021845UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. A. Munz159171940-07-09 Fresnonear Cedar Grove Camp (Sheep Creek, King′s R.); King′s R., Sheep Creek
UC1075651UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Weatherby14511950-07-07 PlumasQuincy, Gansner Creek
UC1075738UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Weatherby16541955-07-21 PlumasMiddle Fork Feather R., Bear Creek, 4 Water
UC1103564UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy24411906-05-06 Humboldtnear Hydesville (Wolverton Gulch); Northern Coast Region, Wolverton Gulch
UC1103565UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy105851932-07-15 Humboldtridges e. Corral Prairie; Klamath Mts., Trinity Summit
UC1122351UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaP. L. Johannsen9421936-07-17 Butte3 mi. s.e. Butte Meadows; Lassen Nat′l Forest, Paynes Creek Quad.
UC1122352UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. M. Belshaw24161936-07-02 Amador2 1-4 mi. n.w. Blakeley (Mill Creek); Big Trees Quad., Mill Creek
UC1190126UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaIra L. Wiggins134691955-07-23 SiskiyouChina Creek
UC1198515UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy141591935-07-23 Humboldtlower end Brett Hole (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
UC1198516UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy153811937-06-27 Humboldtw. mouth of S. Fork Trinity R. (Four Mile Creek, on Friday Ridge Rd.); Four Mile Creek
UC125524UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. A. Purpus55881897-07-01 TulareMiddle Tule R.
UC128206UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMiss Harriet A. Walker14541908-07-27 Placernear Iron Spring Cisco
UC130657UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall85291909-07-01 TrinitySalmon Mts., Coffee Creek
UC130678UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall85031909-06-06 Marinfrom village of Lagunitas to Camp Taylor (Lagunitas Creek); Lagunitas Creek
UC1311634UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert J. Rodin61111956-08-08 MariposaYosemite Nat′l Park, Happy Isles
UC1333301UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaDorothy Parker1949-06-26 Siskiyoulittle stream which empties into Etna Creek (Salmon Mt. Range); Salmon Mt. Range
UC1408916UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederick W. Oettinger4801968-08-11 Siskiyounear spring Tom Tyler Canon Mts., High Lake Basins, English Peak vicinity, Marble
UC144064UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy27161908-06-27 Humboldtopposite Buck Mt. (Van Duzen R. Valley); Northern Coast Ranges, Van Duzen R. Valley
UC1483452UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMaralyn A. Renner10221980-06-24 Siskiyoutributary stream to E. Fork Seiad Creek (where crossed by F.S. rd. 4 N20); Klamath Nat′l Forest, Seiad Valley Quad.
UC1495339UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido49511940-07-26 Siskiyoue. side of canyon of Mud Creek; S. Cascade Mts., Sacramento R. Basin, Mt. Shasta
UC1552846UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFrederica Bowcutt6221985-07-21 Tuolumneca. 30 air miles s.e. Sonora (ca. 1 air mi. n.e. of Big Oak Flat Entrance station to Nat′l park, Canon Campground along S. Fork Tuolumne R. off Evergreen-Mather Rd.); Stanislaus Nat′l Forest-Yosemite Nat′l Park boundary, Canon
UC1558478UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarold, Virginia Bailey24601948-07-21 Tularestream near Marble Fork Bridge (Colony Mill Rd.); Sequoia Nat′l Park
UC1558479UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarold, Virginia Bailey21031948-07-10 TulareSequoia Nat′l Park, Redwood Creek, Mineral King Rd.
UC157918UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMilo S. Baker4941898-08-01 SiskiyouPayne′s Springs
UC1613375UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCharles M. Belshaw11241935-07-01 El Dorado1 1-2 mi w of Strawberry (near 41 Milestone, Placerville Road to Tahoe, Central Sierra Nevada); Central Sierra Nevada
UC162349UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy33111911-07-05 Humboldtnear its mouth Willow Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Willow Creek (tributary of Trinity R.
UC164412UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeo. D. Butler14991910-06-04 SiskiyouShackleford Creek
UC164725UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall90281911-07-04 MariposaYosemite Nat′l Park, Yosemite Valley, Mineral Spring
UC1714534UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaChesnut, Drew1888-07-09 HumboldtCampbell′s
UC1753848UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnnetta M. Carter, Edward Lee6681934-06-17 MarinStream below Five-Brook, Olema-Bolinas Road.
UC195987UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. F. Sonne1884-08-10 NevadaTruckee
UC19990UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaunknown63621930-07-25 Unknown
UC19992UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA. M. Carpenter1892-08-01 NevadaSierra Nevada Mts.;; County = Placer on label, Bowman Lakes region, Nevada Co fide Jepson fieldbooks 28_158
UC19993UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMrs. M. M. Hardy1893-01-01 Placer
UC19994UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBrewer21331962-07-08 El DoradoSierra Nevada, Pyramid Peak
UC19995UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBolander63621991-09-01 Unknown
UC19996UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall10001898-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Little Bear Valley
UC19997UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarley P. Chandler1897-07-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Little Bear Valley
UC19998UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAlice Eastwood1898-07-03 Marinrd. between Bolinas and Olema
UC204916UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLe Roy Abrams44191911-06-20 Mariposanear Happy Isles (Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Nat′l Park); Yosemite Nat′l Park, Yosemite Valley
UC2081900UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBarbara Ertter177712001-07-21 Plumas(Near Lassen Co. line): Spring on S tributary of Spring Creek uphill from Plumas National Forest Road 2 N44, ca 1 air miles SW of Adams Peak in SE Diamond Mountains.
UC306889UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaunknown1918-07-26 El Doradocreek s. Phillips; Sierra Nevada
UC310569UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaPhilip A. Munz106931926-07-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Bluff Lake
UC314621UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy66911924-06-01 Humboldtat crossing of the Kneeland Rd. Lawrence Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Lawrence Creek
UC328923UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaunknown1890-01-01 Buttenear Camp Colby
UC337300UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaunknown1962-08-01 ShastaLassens Peak
UC35383UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHarley P. Chandler14041901-06-01 HumboldtNorth Coast Ranges, Klamath R.
UC35384UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock34231902-07-01 MariposaYosemite Nat′l Park, Little Crane Creek
UC398936UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaE. B. Copeland3861929-07-20 ButteJonesville
UC422820UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaFranklin P. Nutting1900-08-20 ModocTaylor Creek near Forestdale; Taylor Creek
UC422821UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed11921907-07-25 El Doradonear Modjeska Falls (Glen Alpine); Lake Tahoe Region, Glen Alpine
UC422822UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaRalph Hopping3431905-08-10 TulareKaweah R. Basin, Giant Forest
UC454590UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaI. J. Condit1909-08-23 SiskiyouCanon; Castle Lake
UC463379UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Abrams127011930-07-23 El DoradoGlen Alpine Canon, Tamarack Trail
UC472134UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph A. Ewan51601931-09-07 San BernardinoSawpit Canon San Bernardino Bernardino Mts., Sawpit Canon
UC505099UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy89271930-07-16 Humboldtnear McKay Camp (S. Fork Mt.); Northern Coast Ranges, S. Fork Mt.
UC511329UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaLyman Benson22081930-07-18 Shastae. Round Mt. (Hatchet Creek); N. Sierra Nevada, Hatchet Creek
UC54451UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler47611903-08-01 El DoradoSierra Nevada Mts., S. Fork American R.
UC551685UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBeryl O. Schreiber17021935-06-25 Mariposabridle trail s. Mirror Lake; Yosemite Nat′l Park, Yosemite Valley
UC562518UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy150881936-08-07 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
UC562520UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy134591934-07-18 HumboldtGrouse Mt. North Coast Ranges, Grouse Mt.
UC615213UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaBeryl O. Schreiber9201933-08-09 Marincanyon behind Inverness Park
UC634667UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. L. Mason6321923-07-21 TuolumneHetch Hetchy
UC634668UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. L. Mason21911925-07-30 TuolumneSmith Peak Trail from Mather
UC637107UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnnetta Carter7061934-08-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp (CA) to Waldo (Oregon) rd. (W. Branch Indian Creek); Klamath Nat′l Forest, W. Branch Indian Creek watershed
UC64471UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall10001898-07-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., also Bluff Lake
UC64472UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2141900-06-15 FresnoSierra Nevada Mts., Pine Ridge
UC668240UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy153491937-06-20 Humboldt10 mi. up stream from mouth of Bear R.; Bear R.
UC677711UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaC. C., S. K. Harris6721936-06-22 HumboldtYager Creek
UC73323UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaMilo S. Baker1893-01-01 ModocForestdale, Taylor Creek
UC747285UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaG. Thomas Robbins11411943-06-08 El Doradoca. 3 mi. e. Camino (N. Fork Webber Creek); N. Fork Webber Creek
UC762846UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaR. F. Hoover26021937-07-07 Alpinenear Douglas Station
UC85537UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaKatharine Brandegee1905-07-27 TulareMarble Fork of the Kaweah
UC873231UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. R. Gillogly201938-07-03 MaderaMiami Ranger Station
UC914259UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaVerne Grant, Alva Grant80001947-07-08 Shastaon Hwy 299 Hatchet Mt. (Hatchet Creek Summit);, Hatchet Creek Summit
UC922409UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58741949-07-28 SiskiyouMarble Mts., Sky High Valley
UC924231UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaH. S. Reed2671939-05-23 MarinMt. Tamalpais
UC933363UCJEPSCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg55151948-08-20 TrinityTrinity Mts., Morris Meadows, Stuart Fork
UCR0074962UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders22741981-08-05 Del NorteMynot Creek where it crosses Hwy 101 near Requa, just east of Hwy 101
UCR0074963UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp179432011-07-30 El DoradoNorth-South Road, 5.5 miles north of its junction with Omo Ranch Road, east side of bridge over Pi Pi Creek
UCR0074964UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp98772005-09-23 El DoradoSilver Fork, 2.1 mi west of Kyburz along US Highway 50
UCR0074966UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCarl B. Wolf92531937-08-13 Humboldt11 miles east of Hoopa Valley on new road toward Trinity Summit
UCR0074967UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGreg de Nevers107681995-08-20 PlacerLake Tahoe
UCR0074968UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaScott D. White80702000-06-23 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead, Little Bear Creek just above its confluence with the lake and below Highway 189
UCR0074970UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp178192011-07-19 TuolumneForest Route 5N14, 1.8 miles southeast of Boards Crossing bridge of North Fork Stanislaus River
UCR0074971UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp178362011-07-19 TuolumneForest Route 5N14, 3.7 miles southeast of Boards Crossing bridge of North Fork Stanislaus River
UCR0074972UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnn Howald6521975-07-30 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
UCR0074974UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders149541994-06-26 San BernardinoBurnt Mill Canon along Burnt Mill Cyn. Road, north of Cedarpines Park, 0.7 mile below Crest Forest Dr.
UCR0074975UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders153741994-08-21 San BernardinoHooks Creek near Cedar Glen, east of Lake Arrowhead
UCR0074976UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders153911994-08-21 San BernardinoHooks Creek at Forest Service road crossing just above confluence with Little Bear Creek, below Cedar Glen and east of Lake Arrowhead
UCR0074977UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaJohn C. Rooss.n.1937-07-30 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead
UCR0074978UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp207612013-06-05 SierraAlong CA-49, 1.2 miles north of the Yuba County line
UCR0074979UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaGeorge K. Helmkamp208522013-06-15 El DoradoSilver Fork Road, 0.9 mile south of its junction with US-50 in Kyburz
UCR0114585UCRCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaL. Maynard Moe3021970-07-07 ModocUpper Rush Creek Campground, 2 miles south of Adin Pass Hwy 299
UCSB006777UCSBCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaAnn M. Howald6521975-07-30 Mononear diversion of Mammoth Creek to trout ponds; Univ. of Calif. Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve; Old Mammoth Rd; 2.5 mi. SW of Highway 203
UCSB006778UCSBCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaHugh Dearing61171945-07-19 FresnoShaver Lake
UCSB006779UCSBCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaCarl W. Sharsmith48741944-07-13 MariposaMerced; River just below Pohono Bridge; Yosemite Valley
VVC1190VVCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaA.C. Sanders153911994-08-21 San BernardinoHooks Creek at Forest Service road crossing just above confluence with Little Bear Creek, below Cedar Glen and E of Lake Arrowhead; Lake Arrowhead 7.5′Q.San Bernardino Mtns
VVC1638VVCCircaea alpina subsp. pacificaTim Thomas34202004-06-20 San BernardinoLittle Bear Ck [just east of Lk Arrowhead] upstream from FS Rd 2N26Y.San Bernardino Mtns

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