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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CDA0015598CDAChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaG.F. Hrusa106651993-4-05 InyoW of Jubilee Pass, ~18 W of intersection of Hwy 127/178 on 178. Death Valley.
    JEPS29285UCJEPSChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard, P. C. Hutchison83551962-3-22 San Bernardinojust sw Parker Dam (just w of Colorado River)
    SD00008268SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaG. K. Helmkamp29401998-3-19 ImperialColorado Desert, Imperial Dam area, along Ferguson Road, 1.5 miles north of Highway S-24.
    SD00048850SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJon Rebman326372017-3-18 ImperialNorthwest side of Palo Verde Mountains: southwest of the town of Palo Verde and west of the Colorado River and Hwy 78; near BLM Road #544 along a sandy arroyo and on the adjacent volcanic mesa
    SD00048851SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJon Rebman325092017-3-18 ImperialIndian Pass area to the north of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains: east of the Algodones Dunes; east of Ogilby Rd. (S34) & just north of Indian Pass Road; along a wash and adjacent volcanic flats
    SD00048852SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJon Rebman325622017-3-18 ImperialIndian Pass area between Picacho and Black Mountain: east of the Algodones Dunes; east of Ogilby Rd. (S34) & just north of Indian Pass Road; along a canyon and its adjacent slopes
    SD00048853SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaA.C. Sanders427842017-3-10 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Chocolate Mountains, Mammoth Wash near Hayden Well (Tortuga 7.5'Q)
    SD00048854SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaSteven P. McLaughlin29241985-3-08 ImperialSandy wash near Colorado River along Mitchell's Camp Rd., 0.7 mile east of California 78.
    SD00048855SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaGary Diridonis.n.1998-2-22 ImperialIndian Pass & Gavilan Wash
    SD00048856SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaDarley F. Howe19461949-3-19 ImperialAndrade
    SD00048857SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaLarry Hendrickson31282005-4-15 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area, adjacent to maintenance yard.
    SD00048858SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaSteven P. McLaughlin28851985-3-05 Imperial5.1 miles south of Wiley Well. (IPB 10/07)
    SD00048859SDChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJon Rebman109442005-2-10 ImperialLittle Picacho Wilderness Area (BLM property): North of Winterhaven, SW of Colorado River; approx. 18 miles N of S24 on Picacho Road; just south of the Picacho State Recreation Area
    SDSU08598SDSUChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaBottroff, Larry1963-4-14 ImperialSpecies was found on U.S. 805 miles east of Plaster City in numerous populations all along the roadside.
    SDSU08599SDSUChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaHowe, D.F.19461949-3-19 ImperialAndrade, Imperial Co.
    UC1184502UCJEPSChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaPeter H. Raven117441958-3-01 Imperial8.3 mi s Palo Verde; Palo Verde Mountains
    UC495268UCJEPSChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock121601932-4-06 Imperial20 mi ne Ogilby
    UC669264UCJEPSChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg19491941-3-16 Imperial22 mi n Ogilby (swale of hills, w side of rd); Colorado Desert
    UC68588UCJEPSChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaH. M. Hall59741905-5-01 RiversideHodges Mts. Colorado Desert
    UCR0072661UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaA.C. Sanders431182017-3-27 RiversideChocolate Mountains, canyon 12 NE (46 ° ) of Bombay Beach, on both sides of the Imperial County line
    UCR0072673UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaDave Silverman78932010-3-31 Riversidesouthern McCoy Mountains, east bajada flank, 1.6 W of Black Creek Rd, 7.0 NE of McCoy Peak, and 6.8 km north of I-10
    UCR0074910UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJon P. Rebman325092017-3-18 ImperialIndian Pass area to the north of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains, east of the Algodones Dunes, east of Ogilby Road (S34) and just north of Indian Pass Road
    UCR0074911UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaA.C. Sanders420092016-3-3 ImperialChocolate Mountains, Mammoth Wash area, along dirt road to Hayden Well from Ted Kipf Rd.
    UCR0074912UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaGeorge K. Helmkamp29401998-3-19 ImperialImperial Dam area, along Ferguson Rd, 1.5 miles north of Hwy S-24; Colorado Desert
    UCR0074913UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaFrank B. McMurry13301943 ImperialImperial National Wildlife Refuge [along Colorado River between c. Walker Lake and Sortan Wash]
    UCR0074914UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaA.C. Sanders427842017-3-10 ImperialChocolate Mountains, Mammoth Wash near Hayden Well
    UCR0074921UCRChylismia brevipes subsp. arizonicaJim Andre238512013-3-4 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains, along Hwy 78, east side of range at Three Slashes Road, c. 20 miles

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