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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CSLA002759CSLACastanopsis chrysophyllaJames Henrickson43961970-08-01 Lassen4 miles S of Westwood along Hwy 147 Along Hamilton Branch of Rock Creek near Lake Alamador.
GH00421738GHCastanopsis chrysophyllaD. H. Goldman29992004-12-22 Mendocinoabout 100 ft W. of Mitchell Creek Road & about 1.15 mi S. of the intersection with Simpson Lane
MCCC5998MCCCCastanopsis chrysophyllaR. Woodward671982-03-05 MendocinoSide of Road 408, Jackson State Demonstration Forest
NY214659NYCastanopsis chrysophyllaK. T. Hartweg19671984-07-25 Unknown
SACT2850SACTCastanopsis chrysophyllaPyburn1884-09-01 NevadaCollected in Sierra Nevada.
SACT2851SACTCastanopsis chrysophyllaBaad1971-07-14 El DoradoCollected at trail head on Highway 89
SACT2861SACTCastanopsis chrysophyllaAnderson Santa CruzNo dates listed
FSC0005691FSCCastanopsis chrysophylla subsp. minorRichard Mallory771953-08-14 Santa CruzBig Basin Redwood State Park. Pine Mt. trail approx 2 mi. from beginning. Saddle between peak and Buzzards Roost.
A00395348ACastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorR. Nicholson1983-09-29 Del NorteSanger Lake, R5E, T17N, 5
FSC0005689FSCCastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorE. Robinson37a1934-12-15 Monterey1 mi. above Hoffman′s Camp, 3 mi. above coast highway, 10 mi. s. of Carmel.
FSC0005690FSCCastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorR. Dresser21961-08-19 MendocinoBarry Gulch. Sec. 9 N R1 W
FSC0005692FSCCastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorR. Dresser2a1961-08-19 MendocinoBarry Gulch. Sec. 9 N R1 W
IRVC110341IRVCCastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorE.K. Balls238581959-06-25 Los AngelesGrown in Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, from seedlings collected Oct. 17, 1953, by P.C. Everett and E.K. Balls, 6.3 mi. s. of Felton on road to Bonnie Doon, Santa Cruz Co
NY214660NYCastanopsis chrysophylla var. minorK. T. Hartweg19671991-06-20 Unknown
A00344065AChrysolepis chrysophyllaD. Demaree92401932-07-17 San MateoKings Mt.
A00344066AChrysolepis chrysophyllaS. B. Parish ; W. F. Parish4771881-07-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.
A00344067AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. G. Jack1907-07-26 Santa CruzFelton, Santa Cruz Mts.
A00344068AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. G. Jack1904-08-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mts.
A00344069AChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. S. Sargent1894-03-13 MarinMt. Tamalpais
A00344070AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. C. Phillips ; C. S. Sargent1878-09-01 UnknownSierra Nevada
A00344071AChrysolepis chrysophyllaG. F. Morell1908-05-03 San MateoRoad from Woodside to Kings Mt.
A00344072AChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. R. Dudley1898-11-25 MarinPine Ridge, Point Reyes
A00344073AChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. Rowntree1930-09-01 UnknownSanta Cruz Mts.
A00344074AChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy115411941-08-28 HumboldtBlake Lookout area, South Fork Mountain
A00344075AChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14681936-01-25 San MateoSouth Coast Range, 2.5 miles n.w. of Sierra Moreno Peak
A00344088AChrysolepis chrysophyllaGeorge Hansen18751896-07-28 El DoradoSopago
A00344089AChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. R. Dudley16321896-08-13 TulareFrom south side of Bear Gap Flat, Sequoia National Park
A00344090AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood1895-01-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais, near San Francisco
A00344091AChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy07651930-09-15 HumboldtRoad to Kneeland Bald Hills
A00344092AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. P. Tracy151171936-08-07 HumboldtTrinity Summit, 2 miles southeast of Devil′s Hole
A00344095AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell1947-01-12 MarinAbove Muir Woods, south side of Mt. Tamalpais
A00344096AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood15571912-08-03 MarinMt. Tamalpais
A00344097AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood1921-01-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
A00344098AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood68041918-04-07 Unknownon hills above north fork of Yuba River
A00344099AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood10691912-07-15 SiskiyouMt. Cloud
A00344100AChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. Eastwood120361923-08-05 Del NorteOregon boundary
A00344101AChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. P. Tracy167151940-08-25 HumboldtBald Mountain
A00344107AChrysolepis chrysophyllaG. R. Vasey1880-01-01 UnknownCalifornia
A00344112AChrysolepis chrysophyllaM. S. Baker85911941-08-04 SonomaSonoma County
A00344113AChrysolepis chrysophyllaT. S. Brandegee1885-09-01 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts.
A00344114AChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. N. Suksdorf5251913-07-14 MarinOn the top of Mt. Tamalpais
A00344115AChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. R. Dudley1896-09-21 Mendocino″Barrens″ between Mendocino City and Orr′s Springs
A00344118AChrysolepis chrysophyllaR. McVaugh61671941-07-29 Contra CostaMorage Ridge, 5 mi. e. of Berkeley
CAS-BOT30104CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWells, Mary P.; Rhyne, Mary; Madison, John6951985-11-04 SonomaForest 1-2 mile south of the Gualala River
CAS-BOT30105CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarruth, W. W.s.n.1902-01-01 AlamedaSummit of Oakland Hills
CAS-BOT30107CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaSwarth, Winifern W.s.n.1914-09-10 RiversideTahquitz Valley, San Jacinto Mts.
CAS-BOT30108CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaNoyes, G. M.1971913-06-01 SierraForest Tahoe
CAS-BOT30114CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice1761907-04-30 Del NortePatrick Creek
CAS-BOT30115CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice21561912-09-11 Del NorteTrail to Black Butte
CAS-BOT30116CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-07-03 Del NorteNear Crescent city
CAS-BOT30117CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMastrogiuseppe, R. J.; Mastrogiuseppe, J. D.s.n.1974-08-26 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest, near Upper Coon Mtn.
CAS-BOT30118CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaHowell, John Thomas499531973-07-19 El DoradoHeadquarters Blodgett Forest
CAS-BOT30119CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.465271970-05-27 El Doradonear Headquarters Blodgett Experimental Forest
CAS-BOT30120CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja20311965-11-14 El Doradoin area near Headquarters Blodgett Forest
CAS-BOT30121CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaHaddock, Philip G.s.n.1936-10-06 El DoradoBlodgett Forest, 14 mi. e. of Georgetown
CAS-BOT30123CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaTracy, Joseph P.129331933-08-06 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges. French Camp Ridge.
CAS-BOT30124CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaTracy, Joseph P.130361933-08-30 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges. Grouse Mountain
CAS-BOT36376CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-09-23 Santa CruzFire Trail, California Redwood Park, Big Basin
CAS-BOT36377CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.22221940-07-08 SiskiyouDry hillside along Indian Creek, 11 miles above Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT36378CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.22131940-07-07 SiskiyouCayenne Ridge, Marble Mountain
CAS-BOT36379CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.66261928-08-20 Siskiyouat lead of north Fork Salmon River, Finleys upper Camp
CAS-BOT36380CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-08-25 SiskiyouSalmon Mountains
CAS-BOT36381CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-08-27 SiskiyouSalmon Mountains
CAS-BOT36382CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-08-18 SiskiyouMoraine of Jacksons Lake
CAS-BOT36383CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaLee, Edward10621934-08-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road, watershed of West Branch of Indian Creek, Klamath National Forest
CAS-BOT36384CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaJones, Marcus E.288481931-07-07 MendocinoMendocino Pine barrens
CAS-BOT36385CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.86601929-07-20 SiskiyouTrail up South Fork of Indian Creek to Elk Lick
CAS-BOT36386CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaCooke, Wm. Bridge115881938-09-02 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail
CAS-BOT36387CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-08-20 SiskiyouAlong Salmon River above mouth of trail creek
CAS-BOT36388CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaBrown, H. E.5881897-07-15 SiskiyouSouth side of Mt. Shasta
CAS-BOT36389CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaThomas, H. A.; Thomas, J. H.44711957-07-23 SiskiyouSalmon - Trinity Mts. About 6 miles SE of Cecilville. Vicinity of Blind Horse Creek
CAS-BOT36390CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.22221940-07-08 SiskiyouDry hillside along Indian Creek, 11 miles above Happy Camp
CAS-BOT36391CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaRixford, G. P.s.n.1895-08-11 SiskiyouHilt
CAS-BOT36392CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMinn, H. E.3281922-08-05 TrinityBetween Mad River and S. Fork of Trinity River
CAS-BOT36393CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMinn, H. E.323C1922-08-05 TrinityWoods in Southern part of T. county
CAS-BOT36394CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaBaker, Milo S.140a1926-07-24 TrinityS. Fork Mt. near bog 2 mi from highway
CAS-BOT36395CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaAbrams, L. R.62101916-07-27 TrinityBetween Mad and Trinity Rivers on Eureka - Red Bluff Road.
CAS-BOT36396CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarter, Eugene3041971-07-19 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville). Hobo Gulch Trail Corral.
CAS-BOT36397CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKessel, Bertas.n.1959-11-07 TrinityAlong road between Peanut and Forest Glen
CAS-BOT36401CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-05-27 San MateoRoad from Woodside to Kings Mt.
CAS-BOT36405CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaOberlander, George4111949-08-08 San MateoSouthern Cahill Ridge
CAS-BOT36406CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaBreedlove, D. E.362131974-05-13 San MateoBrushy slopes San Pedro Valley Park, Pacifica
CAS-BOT36409CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-03-11 Santa ClaraW. of Gilroy near Mt. Madonna
CAS-BOT36410CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-10-11 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Ridge
CAS-BOT36411CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-10-11 Santa ClaraNear Loma Prieta Peak
CAS-BOT36412CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaElmer, A. D. E.s.n.1903-08-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Peak
CAS-BOT36413CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaAbrams, LeRoy30321902-10-11 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Ridge
CAS-BOT36415CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaElmer, A. D. E.49891903-08-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Peak
CAS-BOT36416CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-10-19 Santa ClaraSummit Springs Road
CAS-BOT36418CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaAbrams, LeRoy30321902-10-11 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Ridge
CAS-BOT36419CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1896-08-20 Santa ClaraSchemmel′s Place, Loma Prieta
CAS-BOT36420CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaRick, W. H.s.n.1912-05-01 Santa CruzSwanton
CAS-BOT36425CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-03-30 Santa CruzIce Cream Grade, Ben Lomond Mountain
CAS-BOT36426CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMurphy, Jas.761903-08-01 MendocinoLittle River
CAS-BOT36427CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMurphy, James5221909-07-17 MendocinoPlains north of Allison River
CAS-BOT36428CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMurphy, James5221909-07-17 MendocinoPlains north of Allison River
CAS-BOT36430CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaHead, Annas.n.1921-05-25 MendocinoSand Barrens, Mendocino city
CAS-BOT36433CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaSmith, Gladys L.55761979-05-27 MendocinoSmall stand along BLM access road to NW side of Red Mt., ca 8 km E of 101
CAS-BOT36435CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWheeler, Clare R.6711978-08-30 MendocinoUsal Rd., Whale Gulch, 2.5 mi. SO of Humboldt County Line
CAS-BOT36436CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWheeler, Clare R.31977-10-01 MendocinoPage Ranch - Doe Hill Ridge - 6 miles W of Yorkville
CAS-BOT36437CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWolf, Carl B.13291927-09-01 Mendocino3 miles south Fort Bragg on the Willits Road
CAS-BOT36438CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-09-21 MendocinoBarrens between Mendocino City and Orrs Springs
CAS-BOT36439CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcMurphy, James6741909-08-03 MendocinoRed Mt. near Ukiah
CAS-BOT36441CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaOtte, Z. G.s.n.1920-10-01 MontereyCarmel
CAS-BOT36442CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcGregor, E. A.1261906-07-01 MontereyPacific Grove. Hills near reservoir
CAS-BOT36443CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-07-04 MontereyHuckleberry Hill near Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT36444CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-04-18 MontereyNear Carmel
CAS-BOT36445CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-03-31 Montereyon top of hill E of big Reservoir
CAS-BOT36446CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaElmer, A. D. E.35781902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT36447CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-04-05 San Luis ObispoPecho Mts.
CAS-BOT36449CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-04-05 San Luis ObispoPacho Mts. north side of dividing ridge
CAS-BOT36450CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-03-16 San MateoBy road to Kings Mountain
CAS-BOT36452CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaAbrams, L. R.122801928-05-04 NapaMt. St. Helena toll house
CAS-BOT36453CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, William R.s.n.1984-05-29 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
CAS-BOT36454CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, William R.s.n.1893-05-27 San MateoWoodside Road
CAS-BOT36455CASChrysolepis chrysophyllade Becker, Evas.n.1984-08-08 MarinS. side Mt. Tamalpais on Troup 80 trail, above its jct. with Sierra Trail
CAS-BOT36456CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaBioletti, F. T.s.n.1891-01-01 Marin
CAS-BOT36457CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1898-11-25 MarinPine ridge, Point Reyes
CAS-BOT36461CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMcCallum, Mrs. Alexanders.n.1900-07-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36462CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMeyers.n.1913-08-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36464CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaStillman, J. M.s.n.1897-08-20 MarinNorth of Bolinas Ridge, vecinity of Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36465CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1918-08-25 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36467CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1914-11-29 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36468CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice15571912-08-03 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36469CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1925-10-11 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36470CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1921-11-06 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36471CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1921-01-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36472CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1914-09-20 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36473CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alices.n.1894-06-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36474CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1918-08-04 MarinSan Geronimo Ridge. Lagunitas
CAS-BOT36475CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice188281932-10-04 Mendocino
CAS-BOT36478CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaGillespie, Doris Kildale105921931-06-07 HumboldtSouth Fork Mt. Blake lookout
CAS-BOT36479CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWolf, Carl B.17861930-10-30 HumboldtOld Coast Road at Thorn
CAS-BOT36480CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaCantelow, Ella Dales21801938-10-22 HumboldtNear Red Cap Creek, SW of Orleans
CAS-BOT36481CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.26281926-09-05 HumboldtTop of ridge at Goat Camp, Lassecks Peaks
CAS-BOT36482CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.25701926-08-20 HumboldtBald Hills, east end of prairie near Tomlinson′s
CAS-BOT36483CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.28671926-11-28 HumboldtPatricks Point. Coast Terrace
CAS-BOT36484CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.29781927-02-22 HumboldtKneeland Prairie junction of old road
CAS-BOT36485CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-08-28 HumboldtNear summit of orleans Mt.
CAS-BOT36486CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaTracy, Joseph P.167151940-08-25 HumboldtBald Mountain
CAS-BOT36487CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWolf, Carl B.17861930-10-30 HumboldtOld Coast Road - at Thorn
CAS-BOT36488CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, L. B.101061930-07-04 Del NorteHigh Divide
CAS-BOT36489CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.39761927-09-14 Del NorteSmith River, 7 miles east of Patricks Creek
CAS-BOT36490CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.58001928-07-24 Del NorteHazel View Summit on Crescent City Grants Pass road
CAS-BOT36491CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.62421928-08-02 Del NorteSmith River Canyon, 8 miles east of Smith River Corners
CAS-BOT36492CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.87951929-08-23 Del NorteBear Wallows, 2 mi. north of Sanger Peak
CAS-BOT36493CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaKildale, Doris K.; Gillespie, J. W.81111929-06-28 Del NorteHazel View Summit on Crescent City Grants Pass road
CAS-BOT36494CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-06-01 Del NorteMts. south of Crescent City
CAS-BOT36495CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice120361923-08-05 Del NorteOregon boundary
CAS-BOT36496CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaJussel, M. S.651931-03-31 LakeCobb Mt.
CAS-BOT36497CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaDudley, William R.s.n.1893-01-01 LakeCobb Mt.
CAS-BOT36498CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. F. L.s.n.1893-07-01 LakeCobb Mountain
CAS-BOT36499CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaEastwood, Alice46991915-06-06 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT36500CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaRichardson Jackson, Belles.n.1924-10-22 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT389694CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWicksten, Mary K.631970-08-14 San MateoArchery Trail, Huddart Prk.
CAS-BOT389727CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaWicksten, M. K.631971-07-12 San MateoHuddart Pk.
CAS-BOT421475CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaGosliner, T.; Whelan, S.; Leist, F.; Gosliner, H.; Wiedenmayer, T.142822014-09-13 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: San Geronimo Ridge, between Pine Mountain Road and Fairfax-Bolinas road
CAS-BOT492936CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaGosliner, T.; Whelan, S.; Schneider, R.; Munroe, M.; Yager, H.; Young, A.; Johnson, R.; Dompe, A.; Kurzweil, J.Gosliner 0042015-07-21 MarinMount Tamalpais: Marin Municipal Water District lands: Hog Back Road above Throckmorton Fire Station, just uphill from intersection with Matt Davis Trail
CAS-BOT567600CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaBenson, Lyman121641946-08-21 Mendocino3 miles E of Noyo, Seaward North Coast mt range, Pacific Slope drainage area
CAS-BOT639011CASChrysolepis chrysophyllaHorton, Diana G.; Forbes, Bob270821987-09-10 MendocinoApproximately 1 mile N of Laggett on U.S. Hwy 101
CDA0021797CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaF. L. Blanc1962-09-18 TrinitySouth of Cold Springs Lookout, South Fork Mountain.
CDA0028831CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaD.G. Kelch9.42009-06-09 San MateoChert outcrop and adjacent mixed evergreen forest along Skyline Blvd ˜ 1 W of Skegg′s Point. Santa Cruz Mts.
CDA0029153CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaD.G. Kelch9.3482009-06-03 AlamedaHuckleberry Regional Preserve. S of parking lot.
CDA0033656CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaD.G. Kelch11.0062011-01-20 MontereyNear Huckleberry Hill. Pacific Grove.
CDA0043526CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaD.G. Kelch13.012013-02-03 MarinBlithedale Peak, near Mt Tamalpais.
CDA0050693CDAChrysolepis chrysophyllaD.G. Kelch13.012013-02-03 MarinBlithedale Peak, near Mt Tamalpais.
CHSC23196CHSCChrysolepis chrysophyllaRobert F. Thorne35134b1965-08-05 HumboldtMt. Chamisal: below summit.
DAV238319DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaJake Ruygt68512020-06-20 NapaFoote Botanical Preserve at Mt. George; Quad Mt. George.
DAV319937DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. T. Leisers.n.1967-01-16 SonomaSonoma County: Sea Ranch. 300′-4 N. end of ridge.
DAV319938DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. T. Leisers.n.1967-01-16 SonomaSonoma County: Sea Ranch. 300′-4 N. end of ridge.
DAV319939DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaGilbert Muths.n.1972-10-15 MendocinoMendocino County: On the Ridge Road, ca. 1 mile east of State Highway 1, Albion.
DAV319940DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaR. H. Neuns801949-08-03 MendocinoMendocino County: 2 miles north of Branscomb.
DAV319941DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1997-09-19 Del NorteDel Norte County: Klamath National Forest. Happy Camp-O′Brien. Indian Creek Road. Jefferson State Scenic Byway.
DAV319942DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaR. Tofsrud17741948-08-03 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: 6.7 miles (by road) below summit of Happy Camp-Waldo (Oregon) road.
DAV319943DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. T. Leisers.n.1967-01-16 SonomaSonoma County: Sea Ranch. 300′-4 N. end of ridge.
DAV319944DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. T. Leisers.n.1967-01-16 SonomaSonoma County: Sea Ranch. 300′-4 N. end of ridge.
DAV319945DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. T. Leisers.n.1967-01-16 SonomaSonoma County: Sea Ranch. 300′-4 N. end of ridge.
DAV319946DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaG. F. Hrusa54731987-08-14 Del NorteDel Norte County: Near summit of Wimer Rd. at gap between N. Fk. Smith River and Whiskey Creek headwaters. Very close to CA-OR border.
DAV319947DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell499531973-07-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Blodgett Forest.
DAV319948DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaFrederica Bowcutt9551987-05-27 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. About 1.5 miles SE of Four Corners. Along Usal Road (County Road 431) just N of Indian Creek Road turnoff about 1-8 mile.
DAV319949DAVChrysolepis chrysophyllaJack Major7421962-04-03 San MateoSan Mateo County: Near Ano Nuevo Point. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
GH00311681GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaD. H. Goldman29992004-12-22 MendocinoAbout 100ft W. of MItchell Creek Road & about 1.15 mi S. of the intersection with Simpson Lane
GH00344076GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaF. W. Gould8631940-01-26 Marinthree-fourths mile northwest of Mill Valley
GH00344077GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. S. Rose700731970-07-15 San MateoKings Mountain
GH00344078GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. L. Jepson29921908-03-05 MontereyMonterey
GH00344084GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14621936-01-25 San MateoKings Mountain road, 4.5 miles west of Woodside, South Coast Range
GH00344085GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaChas. P. Smith5601905-01-02 San MateoWoodside - King′s Mt. road. Cahil Ridge
GH00344086GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaR. F. Hoover38451938-09-18 MarinTomales Point
GH00344087GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaD. Demaree369651955-06-12 SonomaHigh creek banks. Westminister Woods
GH00344093GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaF. M. Ownbey ; F. G. Meyer22221940-07-08 SiskiyouDry hillside along Indian Creek, 11 miles above Happy Camp
GH00344094GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaF. M. Ownbey ; F. G. Meyer22131940-07-07 SiskiyouCayenne Ridge, Marble Mountain
GH00344102GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell233271947-07-06 MarinEldridge Grade above Phoenix Lake, Mt. Tamalpais
GH00344103GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. B. Cooke115881938-09-02 SiskiyouMount Shasta, Sisson Southern Trail
GH00344104GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. L. Jepson21951903-06-03 UnknownSherwood Valley
GH00344105GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. G. Michener ; F. T. Bioletti361891-08-01 MarinTamalpais
GH00344106GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. F. Ward1895-10-19 San MateoCoast Range near Summit, west of Palo Alto
GH00344108GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. G. Jack1904-08-28 UnknownSiskiyou Mts.
GH00344109GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. Sulivan ; A. Gray1872-01-01 UnknownCalifornia
GH00344110GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaChas. P. Smith10751905-08-06 MontereyPacific Grove
GH00344111GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. P. Lee10621934-08-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road, watershed of West Branch of Indian Creek, Klamath National Forest
GH00344116GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14681936-01-25 San MateoSouth Coast Range, 2 1-2 miles northwest of Sierra Moreno Peak
GH00344117GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. S. Rose413641941-08-09 San MateoKings Mountain, Rocky ridges
GH00344119GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. N. Bolander1882-07-04 MendocinoMendocino City
GH00344120GHChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. N. Bolander1865-07-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
JEPS128879UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaJake Ruygt63712017-07-15 NapaMt. Veeder, The Cove. Sonoma 7.5 Quad.
JEPS22977UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaPhilip G. Haddock1936-10-06 El Dorado14 mi e Georgetown; Blodgett Forest
JEPS24747UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaPhilip G. Haddock1936-10-06 El Dorado14 mi e Georgetown; Blodgett Forest
JEPS37852UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaGeo. D. Butler4911908-08-26 Siskiyouw side Salmon Mountain (along grade)
JEPS37862UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson25001905-05-26 MendocinoWillits
JEPS37867UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson20641902-07-17 SiskiyouDevil′s Backbone; w Siskiyou County
JEPS37926UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaAlice Griffin1924-09-01 SonomaStewart′s Point
JEPS38063UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaPhilip G. Haddock1936-10-06 El Dorado14 mi e Georgetown (Blodgett Forest, behind headquarters building); Sierra Nevada, Blodgett Forest
JEPS38064UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. L. Jepson, W. W. Mott21951903-06-03 MendocinoSherwood Valley
JEPS38072UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson18281902-06-10 Mendocinonear Willits (Hawley School); Hawley School
JEPS38073UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. Fritz1937-05-30 El Dorado13 mi e Georgetown; Blodgett Forest, Bacon Creek
JEPS38074UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. Fritz1937-05-30 El Dorado13 mi e Georgetown (30 mi e of Placerville); Blodgett Forest, Bacon Creek
JEPS38075UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. Fritz1937-05-30 El Dorado13 mi e Georgetown; Blodgett Forest, Bacon Creek
JEPS38077UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaMilo S. Baker1920-09-01 Sonomanear Gualala River mouth; Gualala River
JEPS46614UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaRimo Bacigalupi1935-10-01 HumboldtMad River; C.C.C. Camp
JEPS46615UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson29921908-03-05 MontereyMonterey
JEPS46619UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson24101903-11-02 MendocinoHawley School
JEPS49021UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaHilda W. Grinnell51932-07-09 Humboldtabove Kerlin Creek (South Fork Mt.); South Fork Mt.
JEPS58677UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson24121903-11-02 Mendocinonear Willits
JEPS58680UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson24101903-11-02 MendocinoHawley School
JEPS58682UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. C. Mathews1914-01-01 MendocinoFt. Bragg
JEPS60226UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaLawrence R. Heckard22731969-06-01 El Dorado9 air mi e Georgetown (near Blodgett Forest headquarters, near the two old trees over 50 feet high); Blodgett Forest
JEPS78655UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaEdward Lee17271936-01-26 San Mateo4.5 mi out Woodside (Kings Mountain Road, e side of Cahill Ridge); Cahill Ridge
MCCC254MCCCChrysolepis chrysophyllaPatrick Wall1982-03-10 Mendocino3 1-2 mi. E. Hwy. 1, Simpson Lane
MCCC5719MCCCChrysolepis chrysophyllaV.A. Barnes1962-11-08 MendocinoRussian Gulch State Park, in flat on left of north trail
MCCC925MCCCChrysolepis chrysophyllaLani Dahlman1982-11-12 MendocinoNear edge of pygmy, E. Caspar
MCCC937MCCCChrysolepis chrysophyllaLani Dahlman1982-11-12 MendocinoOff old road E. of Caspar
NY1459559NYChrysolepis chrysophyllaPeckinpahs.n.1890-01-01 ?  Fresno
NY1459571NYChrysolepis chrysophyllaM. S. Baker85911941-08-04 ?  Sonoma
OBI112002OBIChrysolepis chrysophyllaDavid J. Keil313752012-06-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range (Irish Hills). Ruda Road
OBI112008OBIChrysolepis chrysophyllaDavid J. Keil313292012-05-15 San Luis ObispoWestern end of San Luis Range. Field Ranch, Pacific Gas and Electric Company property, north of Diablo Canon Nuclear Power Plant, and south of Montana de Oro State Park
POM106434RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-08-10 MontereyMonterey.
POM166553RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaP. A. Munz64431922-08-05 MarinMt. Tamalpais.
POM166606RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. D. E. Elmer49891903-08-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Peak.
POM188374RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarcus E. Jones288481931-07-07 MendocinoMendocino pine barrens.
POM192779RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. R. Dudleys.n.1902-10-11 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Peak
POM207242RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarion Ownbey22131940-07-07 SiskiyouCayenne Ridge, Marble Mountain.
POM222012RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. E. Menills.n.1894-08-01 AlamedaPiedmont Hills
POM222889RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaS. S. Berrys.n.1909-03-13 San MateoKing′s Mt. Road.
POM267300RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarion Ownbey22221940-07-08 SiskiyouDry hillside along Indian Creek, 11 miles above Happy Camp.
POM270417RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLyman Benson28001931-05-10 San MateoAbove Woodside, Kings Mountain; Santa Cruz mt. range.
POM270418RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLyman Benson61951934-09-04 MendocinoE. of White Plains; seaward N. Coast Mt. Range; Pacific Ocean watershed.
POM270419RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy129331933-08-06 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge.
POM270420RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLyman Benson39531932-07-25 San MateoKings Mt. above Woodside; San Francisquito Cr. watershed.
PUA19026PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Murphy Glades. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA20290PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: French Hill. Gasquet Quad.
PUA21712PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaClifton And Griswold1979-06-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Beans Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA22681PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Summit Valley Trail. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA22798PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaG.L. Clifton1979-07-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
PUA23324PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGriswold & Butler1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Groves Prairie. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA23516PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGriswold & Butler1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Lone Pine Ridge. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA23568PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarvin Butler1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Panther Rock Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA23636PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaG.L. Clifton1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Pickett Peak. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA30916PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJimerson And Pageau1979-06-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bark Shanty Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA30927PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJimerson And Pageau1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: bluff Creek. Orleans Quad.
PUA30950PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJimerson And Pageau1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bee Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA30974PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJimerson And Pageau1979-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA31227PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla1979-05-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA32463PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-05-17 HumboldtLocal landmark: Le Perron Peak. Hoopa Quad.
PUA32572PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaRichard York1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
PUA33181PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
PUA33424PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Brush Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA34621PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-17 HumboldtLocal landmark: Onion Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA34663PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Barren Butte. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA34837PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA34921PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA36166PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Somes Mountain. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA36456PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-08-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Blake Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA36513PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Nickowitz Creek. Tectah Creek Quad.
PUA36669PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA36686PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA38238PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarc Baker1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Gasquet Quad.
PUA38333PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGail Newton1980-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA42072PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJeff Lund1980-07-17 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Beans Camp. Orleans Quad.
PUA42689PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-07-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA42874PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: seiad Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA45123PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn Palmer1980-08-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA45414PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-07-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Clear Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA45445PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMaralyn Renner1980-07-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Trout Canon Peak Quad.
PUA48656PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn Demarinis1981-07-21 HumboldtLocal landmark: Table Bluff. Fortuna Quad.
PUA49996PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaValerie Gizinski1981-08-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Goat Hill. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA51184PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaDennis Kearns1981-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiteys Peak. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA51231PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaDennis Kearns1981-07-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mosquito Lake. Fish Lake Quad.
PUA51352PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaTeresa Prendusi1981-07-09 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Camp. Fish Lake Quad.
PUA7483PUAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Tom Gray Gulch. Preston Peak Quad.
RSA0106340RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLyman Benson121641946-08-21 Mendocino3 miles east of Noyo. Mt. Range: Seaward North Coast.
RSA0125558RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLouis C. Wheeler44241936-08-31 MontereyW side of Huckleberry Hill, Monterey Peninsula.
RSA118978RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn H. Thomas35081953-07-25 Santa CruzAbout 1.5 mile north of Chalks Lookout, between Henry and Whitehouse Creeks.
RSA118979RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaOliver W. Norvell13201931-02-22 San MateoKings Mt. Road.
RSA121897RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14621936-01-25 San MateoKings Mountain road, 4.5 miles west of Woodside; South Coast Range.
RSA138110RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaRichard Mallory771953-08-14 Santa CruzPine Mt. Trail approx. 2 m. from beginning. Saddle between peak and Buzzard′s Roost.
RSA141592RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. K. Clay243161960-11-11 HumboldtEureka.
RSA147RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell6731927-08-22 MarinSouth side of Mt. Tamalpais.
RSA15541RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf13291927-09-01 Mendocino3 mi from Fort Bragg on road to Willits.
RSA164637RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaPercy C. Everett245591963-11-20 MarinBolinas Ridge.
RSA170988RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaRobert F. Thorne341841964-10-19 Mendocino0.5 miles N of Hwy 20 on Summer Lane, ca. 2 miles SE of Ft. Bragg.
RSA178559RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy192391950-07-31 HumboldtGrouse Mountain, top of mountain.
RSA178588RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy193391950-08-28 MendocinoMendocino Airport, three miles east of Albion.
RSA181446RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJames I. McMurphy5221909-07-17 MendocinoPlains north of Allison River
RSA181896RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. L. Jepson68101916-07-09 MarinMt. Tamalpais
RSA182008RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy155831937-07-29 HumboldtSouth Fork Mountain; along summit near Blake Lookout.
RSA18289RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf4281927-06-21 San MateoEast slope of Kings Mt.
RSA1834RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf17861930-10-30 HumboldtOld coast road at Thorn.
RSA187519RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. A. Thomas44711954-07-23 SiskiyouSalmon - Trinity Mts. About 6 miles SE of Cecilville. Vicinity of Blind Horse Creek.
RSA20963RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf93381937-09-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Range, summit of Grouse Mt.
RSA21152RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf91801937-08-12 TrinityNorth Coast range, south fork mt., 3 miles S of Cold Spring Lookout.
RSA212149RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. S. Rose700731970-07-15 San MateoKings Mountain.
RSA237872RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaFrederick W. Oettinger10971969-07-29 SiskiyouAbove Uncle Lake near inlet stream. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA23924RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. K. Balls186871953-10-17 Santa CruzRoad to Bonnie Doon, 6.3 mi. s. of Felton.
RSA246878RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaRobert F. Thorne35134b1965-08-05 HumboldtMt. Chamisal: below summit.
RSA246881RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaRobert F. Thorne351161965-08-04 MendocinoNear junction of Branscomb to Wilderness Lodge Road, 3 mi. from Branscomb.
RSA252237RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaGary D. Wallace13651974-12-26 MarinMt. Tamalpais St. Pk. off Panoramic Hwy. SE of West Point between Spike Buck Ck. and Laguna Ck.
RSA263852RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell499531973-07-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest.
RSA264182RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaC. W. Tilforth14511977-08-14 MarinSlopes of West Tamalpais Peak.
RSA3093RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf23351931-08-21 San Mateo1-2 way up the east side of Kings Mt.
RSA46774RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaDoris Kildale Gillespie153661937-08-26 HumboldtChristmas Prairie.
RSA46797RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaDoris K. Kildale29781927-02-22 HumboldtKneeland Prarie.
RSA476613RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1931-07-08 UnknownHenderson Spring′s.
RSA476614RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCora S. Lifes.n.1923-07-01 AlamedaBerkeley; Botanical Gardens.
RSA476615RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCharlotte M. Hoaks.n. MendocinoMendocino Barrens.
RSA476616RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-03-26 MontereyHuckleberry Hill, Monterey.
RSA476617RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. A. Purer40011932-07-18 San MateoKing′s Mountain.
RSA476618RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaL. H. Joness.n.1909-03-13 San MateoOn King′s Mountain Road, Stanford University.
RSA508622RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaMrs. R. M. Austins.n.1879-07-01 PlumasHills.
RSA573401RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaH. E. McMinn18121928-10-13 AlamedaOakland Hills.
RSA604378RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLouis C. Wheeler75971959-07-25 SiskiyouMarble Mountains: Camp Three, Rogers Creek.
RSA623999RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaCharlotte M. Hoak38801931-07-01 MendocinoAlong irrigation ditches & roadsides [no additional locality info. on specimen label]
RSA64874RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaElroy Robinson37a1934-12-15 Monterey1 m. above Hoffman′s Camp, 3 m. above Hiway, 10 m. s. of Carmel.
RSA6574RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaPattersons.n.1907-07-04 MontereyHuckleberry Hill near Pacific Grove.
RSA697616RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLeo Millers.n. SiskiyouSiskiyou Mtns.
RSA697617RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaLeo Millers.n. SiskiyouSiskiyou Mtns.
RSA749089RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaP. C. Pendses.n.1979-10-07 SonomaSalt Point State Park. Next to ranger station. Among bishop pines, coast redwood, and tan oaks.
RSA759174RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaDoug Goldman29992004-12-22 MendocinoAbout 100 feet west of Mitchell Creek Road and about 1.15 miles south of the intersection with Simpson Lane.
RSA82847RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaR Tofsrud17741948-08-03 Siskiyou6.7 miles (by road) below summit of Happy Camp - Waldo (Oregon) road.
RSA82848RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. M. Tucker21431951-06-26 SonomaNear Top of the World Ranch, ca. 5 miles due east of Glen Ellen.
RSA86952RSAChrysolepis chrysophyllaF. W. Peirson64501925-10-03 MarinSummit of Mt. Tamalpais.
SBBG204979SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaMrs. Rowntree1930-12-24 MontereyMonterey County
SBBG204980SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaJ. T. Howell499531973-07-19 El DoradoBlodgett Forest
SBBG204981SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaLewis S. Rose1970-07-15 San MateoKings Mountain
SBBG204982SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaG. Muth1972-10-15 MendocinoRidge Rd ca. 1 mi E of St Hwy 1, Albion
SBBG204983SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaE. R. Blakley24431958-09-11 Marinnear the top of Mt Tamalpais around the E peak
SBBG204984SBBGChrysolepis chrysophyllaD. Wilken w- E. Painter158532000-08-10 Siskiyoujust S of Del Norte and Josephine (OR) county lines, NNE of Little Grayback, near head of Indian Crk, O′Brien-Happy Camp Rd
SDSU19189SDSUChrysolepis chrysophyllaSimpson, Michael G.30212008-05-29 Del NorteOregon Mtn. Rd., west of Hwy 199.
SFV107104SFVChrysolepis chrysophyllaG. J. Muths. n.1972-10-15 MendocinoRidge Road, about 1 mile east of CA-Highway 1, Albion.
SJSU971SJSUChrysolepis chrysophyllaA.W. Jacobs1947-05-30 Trinitynear Weaverville
UC1076085UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaHerbert L. Mason7801923-10-01 MarinMount Tamalpais
UC1193063UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaW. P. Hoffman41949-05-19 Mendocino1 mi se Sherwood
UC1409350UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaFrederick W. Oettinger10971969-07-29 Siskiyouridge just s Uncles Lake (near inlet stream, vicinity of English Peak); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
UC1585408UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaR. Raiche, K. Zadnik, H. ForbesUCBG311989-10-02 HumboldtW of Hoopa, just E of Pine Ridge Summit Bair Rd.; U.C. Botanical Garden
UC1614603UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaCharles M. Belshaw2661934-10-28 Mendocino1 mi. s. Fort Bragg (Mendocino coast pine barren area 1 mi. inland from ocean); Mendocino coast pine barren area
UC1618075UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaDonald G. Nelson5841938-03-31 AlamedaBerkeley, Strawberry Canon
UC162706UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy34481911-07-08 Humboldtnear Willow Creek (hill slopes at w side of Trinity River); Northern Coast Ranges
UC306771UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaA. D. E. Elmer49891903-08-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Peak
UC478895UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarcus E. Jones288481931-07-07 MendocinoMendocino pine barrens; Mendocino
UC484077UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf1930-10-30 HumboldtOld Coast Road at Thorn; Thorn
UC527532UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaCarl B. Wolf1931-08-21 San Mateo0.5 way up e side Kings Mt.
UC589586UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaBeryl O. Schreiber6921932-07-27 MarinHearts Desire Beach Tomales Bay (Tomales Bay)
UC705917UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaMarion Ownbey, Fred G. Meyer22131940-07-07 SiskiyouCayenne Ridge; Marble Mountain
UC915733UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson251903-06-06 MendocinoSherwood
UCR0067035UCRChrysolepis chrysophyllaWm. Horn Jr.630826--21963-08-26 Santa Cruz12 miles north of Santa Cruz on Empire Grade Road
UCR0067036UCRChrysolepis chrysophyllaFrank C. Vasek660714--031966-07-14 MendocinoSouth of Shelter Cove Road on King Range Road [=Kings Peak Rd., =Chemise Mtn. Rd. south of Shelter Cove Rd.], near county line
UCSB001401UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn R. Haller21971967-10-07 Santa CruzFelton Empire Road, about 3 miles west of Felton and 1 mile east of Empire Grade Road, Santa Cruz Mountains
UCSB001402UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaCornelius H. Muller1951-01-28 San MateoSouth of Pescadero
UCSB001403UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaCornelius H. Muller96461954-06-21 Trinity8 mi. ESE of Mad River on road to Forest Glen.
UCSB001404UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaNeil A. Havlik3781969-05-02 San Luis Obispoupper Coon Creek Canon
UCSB001406UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaNeil A. Havlik5001969-07-18 Contra Costaon the ridgetop of Moraga Ridge, east of Oakland
UCSB001407UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaJoseph M. Keefe7451963-09-09 Mendocinoon Summer′s Road, 2 miles north of California Highway 20, 3 miles southeast of Fort Bragg
UCSB001408UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaPhillips, B.; Roberts, Fred1981-04-03 MontereyDel Monte Forest near 17-Mile Drive, 5 WSW of Monterey
UCSB001409UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn R. Haller21761967-06-16 Del Nortealong U.S. Highway 199, 2 miles south of Canon border
UCSB001410UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaNeil A. Havlik5021969-07-18 Contra CostaAbout one-half mile from Skyline Blvd. on the Huckleberry Trail, Oakland Hills
UCSB001411UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaRodriguez, Luis; Sarr, Dan51995-09-07 MendocinoAlong Fish Rock, 13.73 mi E. of U.S. Hwy 1
UCSB062423UCSBChrysolepis chrysophyllaJohn R. Haller21761967-06-16 Del NorteU.S. Highway 199; 2 miles south of Canon border.
UCSC100001528UCSCChrysolepis chrysophyllaBeth Sheekey, Kathy Merzario, Ross White101974-10-17 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Powder Mill trail.
UCSC100001529UCSCChrysolepis chrysophyllaBeth Sheekey, Kathy Merzario, Ross White101974-10-17 Santa CruzHenry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Powder Mill trail.
CAS-BOT531660CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGreenberger, D.; Kurzweil, J.; Gunnison, E.159752015-07-25 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Willow Meadow, off Kent Trail
CDA0015533CDAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaG.F. Hrusa147011998-07-05 SiskiyouCedar Camp Rd. +- 5 mi. E of Weitchpec on Hwy 9 N side of Hwy. Mile 8.8. Siskiyou Mountains.
HSC200534HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaM. R. Mesler13122012-07-13 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mtn, above FS rd 1 N08
HSC200535HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaCara Witte6492007-09-14 HumboldtGrouse Mountain Lookout. Forest Service Road 4N70.
HSC200536HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGail Newton2141980-06-17 HumboldtNear Onion Mtn.
HSC200537HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaOverton67501979-06-26 Del NorteNear Summit Valley Trail, close to the town of Klamath
HSC200538HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaG.L. Clifton75811979-07-10 Del NorteNear Myrtle Creek
HSC200539HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.O. Sawyer14541969-07-23 SiskiyouNear N Horse Range Creek, along C.C.C. road.
HSC200540HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.O. Sawyer4611968-07-10 SiskiyouFloodplain of Sugar Creek near Sugar Lake.
HSC200541HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.O. Sawyer6301968-09-01 TrinityAlong Limestone Ridge from Pony Mtn. to Marble Springs
HSC200542HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.O. Sawyer30471977-10-22 Del NorteAlong Hwy. 199 S of Panther Flat Campground, 3 mi. E of Gasquet
HSC200543HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaDoris K. Kildale26281926-09-05 HumboldtTop of ridge at Goat Camp, Lassics Peaks
HSC200544HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaK. A. Wayman1492010-07-14 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.9 mi east of Hoopa on Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Box Canonal Forest.
HSC200545HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaCara Witte9412008-07-25 HumboldtForest Service Road 5N10. Approximately 1.5 miles north of intersection with Forest Service Road 5N10C.
HSC200547HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaCarl W. Mize901972-06-22 SiskiyouIn a draw past cut block #48
HSC200548HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaTom Duebendorfer41977-04-22 Mendocino0.25 N of Four Corners along Jackass Ridge
HSC200549HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.P. Smith83311975-06-23 Trinity7 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on Rd. to Bully Choop.
HSC200550HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaH.E. Parks7651930-09-15 HumboldtRoad to Kneeland Bald Hills
HSC200551HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaSusan H. Bicknellsn1987-08-29 HumboldtPatricks Point State Park, near Penn Creek
HSC200552HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaM.A. Baker35971980-08-04 Del NorteNear Smith River, S Siskiyou Fork
HSC200553HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. York5971980-05-18 HumboldtNear Black Mtn.
HSC200554HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaTimothy B. Devine3191974-05-04 HumboldtJunction of Hwy. 299 and Titlow Hill Rd., E facing slope
HSC200555HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGary S. Lester7891975-09-28 MendocinoZieger homesite, above the Misery Creek fork of Elder Creek
HSC200556HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaHilda W. Grinnell51932-07-09 HumboldtAbove Kerlin Creek, S. Fork Mtn.
HSC200557HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMaralyn A. Renner14491980-07-04 SiskiyouClear Creek Trail, N of Trout Camp
HSC200558HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMaralyn A. Renner21331980-07-24 SiskiyouPacific Crest Trail, 0.25 mi. SW of Cook and Green Pass.
HSC200559HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGary S. Lester9141976-02-28 MendocinoSkunk Creek, near the mouth
HSC200560HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaTim Baroni1831971-10-10 MendocinoMendocino, ca. 5 mi. E of Hwy. 1 off of Little Lake Rd.
HSC200561HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaM.A. Baker17911980-06-07 HumboldtNear Brush Mtn.
HSC200562HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaBrent Whiteley911975-06-28 Siskiyou
HSC200563HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ.O. Sawyer1881968-06-18 SiskiyouAbove S Russian Creek on W side.
HSC200564HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaDoris K. Kildale25701926-08-22 HumboldtBald Hills, beyond E end of cabin at Tomlinsons
HSC200565HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaBrad Klipfel4701974-07-23 HumboldtHorse Mountain
HSC200566HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaBrad Klipfel5461974-09-02 HumboldtHorse Mountain
HSC200567HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaE. Cope501977-04-22 Mendocino1-4 N of Four Corners along Jackass Ridge
HSC200568HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGail Newton3831980-06-19 Del NorteNear Forks of Blue Horiz. Control S.
HSC200569HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGail Newton20021980-08-10 HumboldtNear Blake Mtn.
HSC200570HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR.J. Mastrogiuseppesn1974-08-26 Del NorteNear Upper Coon Mtn.
HSC200571HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGilbert Muth83541979-07-18 TrinityNear Deep Hollow Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC201460HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaFrederick W. Oettinger10971969-07-29 SiskiyouHigh Lake Basins near English Peak: Marble Mtn. Wilderness Area; On ridge just S above Uncles Lake near inlet stream
JEPS37866UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson21501902-06-10 Humboldtnear McKee′s
JEPS58688UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaWillis L. Jepson21501902-06-10 Humboldtnear McKee′s (sw corner Humboldt County)
NY42208NYChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJ. B. Walker9051994-08-14 ?  Santa CruzN of Santa Cruz, mile 5 on Empire grade
OBI112001OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaDavid J. Keil234981992-07-20 SiskiyouKlamath Natl Forest, SW of Fort Jones. Along forest Road 4 N45, 8.1 mi S of Scott River Rd, 2.7 mi S of turnoff to Lover′s CAmp
OBI126999OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaDavid J. Keil234981992-07-20 SiskiyouKlamath Natl Forest, SW of Fort Jones. Along forest Road 4 N45, 8.1 mi S of Scott River Rd, 2.7 mi S of turnoff to Lover′s CAmp
OBI127000OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaDavid J. Keil234981992-07-20 SiskiyouKlamath Natl Forest, SW of Fort Jones. Along forest Road 4 N45, 8.1 mi S of Scott River Rd, 2.7 mi S of turnoff to Lover′s CAmp
RSA593938RSAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaLouis C. Wheeler83551963-09-06 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains. Diamond Creek, Logan Claim.
STNF-4646679-TEMPAIDSTNFChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaAmy Miller1994-08-03 TrinitySalt Watershed, Dinner Gulch
STNF-4646680-TEMPAIDSTNFChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMarilyn McEvoy2013-03-13 TrinitySouth Fork Trinity River Trl
UC1011105UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMilo S. Baker85911941-08-04 Sonoma2 mi n Stewart′s Point - Healdsburg Highway (Richardson′s Ranch, at a point 5 mi from the coast)
UC1135205UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw23481936-06-13 El Dorado1 mi e Sand Mt. (on Gaddis Creek); El Dorado National Forest, Placerville Quad.
UC1135206UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw23471936-06-13 El Dorado1 mi e Sand Mt. (on Gaddis Creek); El Dorado National Forest, Placerville Quad.
UC1135207UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaN. French271932-10-04 TrinityHead of Conner Creek; Trinity Forest, Big Bar Quad.
UC1135209UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14611935-01-25 San Mateo4.5 mi w Woodside (on Kings Mt road); Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1187352UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. G. Skolmen111960-10-27 Humboldt3 mi ese Big Hill, Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation
UC1193062UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. H. Neuns1321950-07-13 Humboldt3 mi s Alder Point
UC1193064UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. E. Nelson781948-10-19 MendocinoEureka Hill Road
UC1193065UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. H. Neuns801949-08-03 Mendocino2 mi n Branscomb
UC1193066UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaP. Zinke861948-09-25 Mendocino3 mi s Four Corners
UC1193067UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaM. Swenson591948-07-29 Mendocino0.5 mi s Highland Ranch
UC1193068UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. E. Nelson1301949-12-14 Mendocino1.5 mi e Iverson Point
UC1196373UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy143481935-07-29 Humboldtgap at head of Red Canonnecting to Devil′s Backbone (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
UC1196374UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy43571913-07-13 HumboldtPatrick′s Point; Northern Coast Ranges
UC124620UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMiss Harriet A. Walker2771906-06-23 Mendocinonear Comptche
UC1281147UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaH. E. McMinn3231922-08-05 Trinitys part Trinity County
UC164392UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGeo. D. Butler10741908-07-12 Siskiyouhill w of Yreka
UC164452UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaGeo. D. Butler4911908-08-26 SiskiyouHead of Russian Creek
UC185480UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMrs. M. E. P. McCowen1895-10-01 Mendocinonear Ukiah
UC419030UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaH. E. Parks, J. P. Tracy7651930-09-15 Humboldtroad to Kneeland Bald Hills
UC519306UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy130361933-08-30 HumboldtGrouse Mountain; North Coast Ranges
UC519307UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy129331933-08-06 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge; Northern Coast Ranges
UC519308UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy129331933-08-06 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge; Northern Coast Ranges
UC5445UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale10591899-05-01 MendocinoSherwood Valley
UC54928UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaP. E. Goddard1281901-07-30 TrinityTrinity Summit
UC637075UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaEdward Lee10621934-08-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road Klamath National Forest, West Branch of Indian Creek (watershed of West Branch of Indian Creek)
UC672860UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy167151940-08-25 HumboldtBald Mountain
UC705920UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaMarion Ownbey, Fred G. Meyer22221940-07-08 Siskiyou11 mi above Happy Canong Indian Creek); Indian Creek
UC762734UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. F. Hoover38451938-09-18 MarinTomales Point
UC847772UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR. K. Vickery1915-10-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
UC902027UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaJoseph P. Tracy184341949-08-07 Humboldte side Hoopa Valley (near the Big Hill lookout station)
UCR0067034UCRChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaLouis C. Wheeler83551963-09-06 Del NorteDiamond Creek, Logan Claim.
UCSC100000550UCSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR.C. Benkendorf2017-10-05 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
UCSC100000551UCSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaR.C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-10-05 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
UCSC100003224UCSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophyllaC. M. Belshaw14621935-01-25 San Mateo4.5 miles W. of Woodside
AHUC102277DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBeecher Crampton46521957-11-20 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Alameda County line. Between Round and Redwood Regional Parks, Berkeley Hills.
AHUC102278DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBeecher Crampton85761970-05-06 MendocinoMendocino County: 3 miles n.e. Albion.
CAS-BOT30106CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorZeile, E. M.s.n.1921-08-06 AlamedaRedwood Peak
CAS-BOT30109CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowell, John Thomas14421925-09-19 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge, Oakland Hills
CAS-BOT30110CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMc. Minn, H. E.s.n.1925-01-01 Contra CostaHead of San Leandro Creek
CAS-BOT30111CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMc. Minn, H. E.311922-05-30 Contra CostaMoraga ridge
CAS-BOT30112CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorKeeper, C.s.n.1924-09-25 Contra CostaMoraga ridge
CAS-BOT30113CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorStephens, W. B.s.n.1919-11-22 Contra CostaMoraga ridge
CAS-BOT30122CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWolf, Carl B.93381937-09-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Range, Summit of Grouse Mt.
CAS-BOT30125CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorTracy, Joseph P.136411934-08-29 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges. South Fork Mountain, along summit near Blake lookout
CAS-BOT36398CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWolf, Carl B.91801937-08-12 TrinityNorth Coast Range, South Fork Mt. 3 mi. SO of Cold Spring Lookout
CAS-BOT36399CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWolf, Carl B.91801937-08-12 TrinityNorth Coast Range, South Fork Mt. 3 mi. SO of Cold Spring Lookout
CAS-BOT36402CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorKeck, David D.29261934-07-07 San MateoKings Mountain, just east of summit
CAS-BOT36403CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNorvell, Oliver W.13201931-02-22 San MateoKings Mt. Road
CAS-BOT36404CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorKnight, Walter8301964-09-14 San MateoForest of scores of sub trees ca. 4 m. [hi] and shorter on NW side of Peak Mt. summit - Montara Range
CAS-BOT36407CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Roof, James B.; Whipple, Gregory; Senenes, Al27931969-09-22 San MateoMontara Mountain. North facing slope along dirt road to summit
CAS-BOT36408CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWolf, C. B.23351931-08-21 San MateoUpper Sonoran. 1-2 way up the east side of Kings Mt.
CAS-BOT36414CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHrehborn, P. R.s.n.1920-05-09 Santa ClaraBetween Loma Prieta Mt. Umunhum
CAS-BOT36417CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-04-24 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
CAS-BOT36421CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorThomas, J. H.37241954-02-22 Santa CruzPine Mountain, Big Basin Rewoods State Park
CAS-BOT36422CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorThomas, J. H.35081953-07-25 Santa CruzAbout 1.5 mile north of Chalks Lookout, between Henry and Whitehouse Creeks
CAS-BOT36423CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorThomas, J. H.25541951-02-18 Santa CruzSummit of Santa Cruz Mountains. Vivinity of Loma Prieta
CAS-BOT36424CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCollett, Rays.n.1966-07-01 Santa CruzUniversity of California Campus
CAS-BOT36429CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHazelle, A.; Thomas, John H.6871955-06-26 MendocinoPine Barrens about 3 miles southeast of town of Fort Bragg.
CAS-BOT36431CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCovel, Paul F.14401938-07-13 MendocinoWoods east Mendocino City
CAS-BOT36432CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.27121981-07-30 MendocinoSphagnum bog off Summers Lane. 2 mi E of Hwy. 1, off Hwy. 20 S. of Ft Bragg
CAS-BOT36434CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWheeler, Clare R.29281982-04-26 MendocinoCameron Road ca. 1-2 mi NW of Greenwood Rd. ca. 2 mi NE of Elk.
CAS-BOT36440CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowitt, Beatrice F.6731955-06-16 MontereyAlong a trail in Del Monte Forest
CAS-BOT36448CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHoover, R. F.85571963-05-04 San Luis ObispoUpper Coon Creck, San Luis Range
CAS-BOT36451CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMc. Minn, H. E.531922-03-27 NapaMt. St. Helena
CAS-BOT36458CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMcMinn, H. E.2391922-06-20 MarinMt. Tamalpais. Rocky Ridge trail near West Peak
CAS-BOT36459CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMcMinn, H. E.291955-06-16 Marin
CAS-BOT36460CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMcMinn, H. E.15851925-12-20 MarinBolinas Ridge
CAS-BOT36463CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorGould, Frank Walton8631940-01-26 MarinThree-fourths mile northwest of Mill Valley
CAS-BOT36466CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowell, John Thomas233271947-07-06 MarinEldridge Grade above Phoenix Lake, Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT36476CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorTracy, Joseph P.136411934-08-29 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges. South Fork Mountain, along summit near Blake lookout
CAS-BOT36477CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorTracy, Joseph P.155891937-07-29 HumboldtNorthern Coast Ranges. South Fork Mountain, west slope near top, at Hyampom Trail
CAS-BOT571385CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLammers, Thomas G.; Lammers, Diane L.; Lammers, Michael T.151892015-07-24 Del NorteAlong US Hwy 199, 3.1 miles E of jct with County Hwy D2, 6 miles (air) NE of Crescent City
CAS-BOT571388CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorRawlings, John; Hickman, Ken22992017-10-04 San MateoAlong ridge-top fire road (west end of Butano Ridge Fire Road west of Ocean View Trail intersection), Pescadero Creek County Park
CAS-BOT650470CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBlackman, Diane201976-11-23 AlamedaOakland hills
CAS-BOT650471CASChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMarks, Kenneth241976-10-10 TuolumneHighway 108
CHSC24745CHSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorG. Strang161976-04-17 Alameda1-2 mi ne of Manzanita Dr., along both sides of Huckleberry Trail.
DAV324018DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. M. Tucker21431951-06-26 SonomaSonoma County: Near Top of the World Ranch, ca. 5 miles due east of Glen Ellen.
DAV324019DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. M. Tucker4081941-09-26 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Summit of Moraga Ridge.
DAV324020DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy151171936-08-07 HumboldtHumboldt County: Trinity Summit. 2 miles southeast of Devil′s Hole.
DAV324021DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy136411934-08-29 HumboldtHumboldt County: South Fork Mountain: barren rocky places along summit near Blake lookout.
DAV324022DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorC. W. Tilforth14511977-08-14 MarinMarin County: Slopes of West Tamalpais Peak.
DAV324023DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorAlbert Seneress.n.1992-06-30 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Santa Cruz Mts., south side of Summit road, east of mile marker 4.
DAV324024DAVChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorM. Wiesendanger14861923-09-01 MarinMarin County: Mt. Tamalpais.
GH00344121GHChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorL. C. Wheeler69461952-09-17 SiskiyouOn mine dump, on openly wooded southwest slope
HREC637HRECChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorA. H. M.HB 641976-09-15 MendocinoPyramid Ridge N. of Orchard raingage on BLM land - Hopland Field Station
HSC200519HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton47281979-06-15 Del NorteNear Gordon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
HSC200520HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton95401979-07-23 HumboldtNear Titlow Hill, close to the town of Willow Creek.
HSC200521HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorG.L. Clifton118451979-07-31 HumboldtNear Tish Tang A Tang Creek, close to the town of Hoopa.
HSC200522HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton96991979-07-24 HumboldtNear Friday Camp, close to the town of Willow Creek.
HSC200523HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorG.L. Clifton26061979-05-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge Lookout, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC200524HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorSusan H. Bicknellsn1989-08-08 San Luis ObispoMontano de Oro
HSC200525HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLinda M. Barker10761975-07-02 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd.; 6.5 to 7.5 N of Patrick Creek junction
HSC200526HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ.P. Smith13,4202011-09-05 SiskiyouAlong Klamath National Forest Service Road 4 N28, 0.2 W of junction with Yreka-Walker Road.
HSC200527HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLinda M. Barker13031975-09-08 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.3 N of Patrick Creek Junction
HSC200528HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCara Witte7862008-07-01 HumboldtNear Grouse Mountain. Along Forest Service Road 4N32. Approximately .5 mile south of intersection with 5N04 and 4N32E.
HSC200529HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCara Witte6392007-09-03 HumboldtHorse Mountain Botanical Area. Road 6N38. 1 mile east of Horse Mountain Mine.
HSC200530HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLinda M. Barker5951975-05-25 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at Monumental, 6.3 N of Patrick Creek junction
HSC200531HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBrad Klipfel8061976-08-25 Del Norte
HSC200532HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorClare R. Wheeler27121981-07-30 MendocinoOff Summers Lane 2 mi. E of Hwy. 1, off Hwy. 20, S of Ft. Bragg
HSC200533HSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorC.B. Wolf13291927-09-01 Mendocino3 mi. S. of Fort Bragg on the Willits Road
JEPS130526UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJake Ruygt65522018-08-07 NapaMt. George, Foote Botanical Preserve. Mt. George Quad.
JEPS37791UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson275351944-07-23 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS37863UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson24271904-03-01 AlamedaRedwood Canon road at summit Redwood Canon road
JEPS37864UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson24641904-11-20 Marinnear Inverness (Mt. Vision); Mt. Vision
JEPS37865UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson21641902-06-10 MendocinoMendocino Pine Barrens
JEPS38061UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson29631907-08-11 MendocinoMendocino Pine Barrens
JEPS38065UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson29921908-03-05 MontereyMonterey
JEPS38066UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson34951909-10-01 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS38070UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson68101916-07-09 MarinMt. Tamalpais
JEPS38071UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMiss Rowena Beans1912-09-05 UnknownHilltop Redwood Farm; Redwood
JEPS38084UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson275001943-10-13 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS38085UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. M. Wheeler275001943-08-15 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS46309UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWilfred T. Frost4661932-09-18 MarinEldridge Grade; Mt. Tamalpais
JEPS46616UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDr. H. M. Wheeler1943-08-15 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS46617UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson82101919-01-25 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS48936UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorElsa Kraeger1926-01-23 AlamedaSan Leandro Canon
JEPS48971UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. M. Wheeler275121944-01-16 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge; Oakland Hills
JEPS58681UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson26231893-01-01 Marinbeyond Inverness (Point Reyes road)
JEPS58683UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson1920-01-01 MarinMt. Tamalpais
JEPS77018UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorRobert M. Lloyd1963-03-17 Contra Costaon Skyline across from 7090 Skyline Drive (0.5 mi e of intersection of Grizzly Peak Road and Skyline Drive); Skyline Drive, Huckleberry Trail
JEPS78658UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorEdward Lee17421936-01-26 San Mateobetween Purisima Creek and Tunitas Creek (near summit)
JEPS97617UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. D. Stone2651980-07-13 Contra CostaNE of intersection of Skyline Blvd. and Snake Rd. Huckleberry Trail; Oakland Hills, near Alameda-Contra Costa county line
OBI112003OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCarl B. Wolf93381937-09-13 HumboldtNorth Coast range, summit of Grouse Mt
OBI112004OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik3051969-03-25 Contra CostaBelow Villanova Rd, Oakland HIlls
OBI112005OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik5181969-09-01 Contra CostaAlong the Huckleberry Trail about 1-2 mi from Skyline Blvd, Oakland Hills
OBI112006OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik5191969-09-03 San Luis ObispoIslay Creek Cyn, about 3 mi from Pecho rd, Montana de Oro State Park
OBI112007OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil334422016-02-06 San Luis ObispoUpper See Canon
OBI112009OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWalter F. Chesbro250F1978-05-26 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park
OBI112010OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorP.C. Pendses.n.1979-10-07 SonomaSalt Point State Park
OBI112011OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik1491968-04-07 San Luis ObispoBald Knob, San Luis Range
OBI112012OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil187821985-06-08 San Luis ObispoVicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz, N of San Simeon
OBI112013OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH.E. McMinn52921940-06-14 Del NorteNorth fork, Smith River; Above Gasquet, near summit, to Oregon line
OBI112014OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik5011969-07-18 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge, east of Oakland
OBI112015OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorRobert F. Hoover85571963-05-04 San Luis ObispoUpper Coon Creek, San Luis Range
OBI112016OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWilliam Lester2261969-05-25 San Luis ObispoAbout 5 mi in from the mouth of Coon Crk
OBI112017OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorKaren Symonds351982-08-07 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State park, above Coon Creek Trail
OBI112018OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil157351982-03-20 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range in Irish Hills along dirt road leading from See Canon Rd to HIbberd Preserve
OBI112019OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil170041983-05-14 San Luis ObispoRidge system and coastal terraces between Arroyo de la Cruz and Arroyo de los Chinos
OBI112020OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil264581998-03-27 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park. Slopes west of Valencia Peak burned over in summer 1997
OBI148978OBIChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorNeil Havlik1491968-04-07 San Luis ObispoBald Knob, San Luis Range
PGM1695PGMChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorGriffin, James R.1973-07-29 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, SFB Morse Botanical Reserve
PGM3115PGMChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorYadon, Vern1989-11-30 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest SFB Morse Bot Res, 1-4 mi S from old sand mine
PGM5782PGMChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowitt, Beatrice F06731955-06-16 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, In forest near Hwy 68
PGM7128PGMChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorYadon, Vern2002-10-21 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Elkhorn Slough Area, 14681Tumbleweed Rd summit of prop
PGM788PGMChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorAllison & Lind1970-08-10 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Gowen Cypress Area
PUA10720PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBill Grummer1978-01-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10732PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBill Grummer1978-01-23 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA12155PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMarvin Butler1971-08-11 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cyclone Gap. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA12459PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCliff Clue1972-10-08 TrinityLocal landmark: Kerlin Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA17276PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBill Grummer1978-07-30 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA18038PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorClifton And Overton1979-05-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge Lookout. Gasquet Quad.
PUA19789PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton And Butler1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gordon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
PUA20357PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMuth And Griswold1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sanger Lake. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA20513PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorClifton And Griswold1979-06-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA23889PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton And Butler1979-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Friday Camp. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA24546PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton And Butler1979-08-02 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bret Hole. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA24698PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorClifton And Griswold1979-08-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA24774PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorOverton And Butler1979-08-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA24938PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMuth & Overton1979-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bolivar Horiz. Control Sta. Etna Quad.
PUA24954PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorMuth & Overton1979-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mill Creek. Etna Quad.
PUA25089PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorClifton And Griswold1979-08-12 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sniktaw Creek. Scott Bar Quad.
PUA33958PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoe Callizo1979-06-24 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. Veeder. Rutherford Quad.
PUA41167PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLinda M. Barker1975-05-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monumental. Gasquet Quad.
PUA44097PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoe Callizo1980-03-23 NapaLocal landmark: Bismark Knob. Sonoma Quad.
PUA44381PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoe Callizo1980-04-19 NapaLocal landmark: Mount Saint Helena. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA44859PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJohn Palmer1980-08-12 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bearground Spring. Condrey Mt Quad.
PUA5012PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorGilbert Jerome Muth1975-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA5013PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-29 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA58114PUAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Lee Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
RSA639216RSAChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorGary D. Wallace28001988-04-10 MendocinoUniversity of California Pygmy Forest Reserve, 3.2 km SE of Mendocino.
SD244716SDChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid J. Keil313752012-06-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range (Irish Hills); Ruda Road
SD264843SDChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorDavid Keil334422016-02-06 San Luis ObispoUpper See Canon.
SDSU06705SDSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowe, D.F.36621963-08-03 Del Norte.2 mile south of California-Oregon state line on Sanger Peak road, Siskiyou National Forest.
SDSU06706SDSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHowe, D.F.39491964-08-08 Del Norte5 miles from #199 on French Hill road.
SJSU114SJSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorC.D. Duncan1929-09-27 San MateoKings Mt
SJSU278SJSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH.W. Marion291936-02-22 Santa CruzEmpire Grade, 6.5 W Santa Cruz
SJSU352SJSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorA.W. Jacobs1937-08-28 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
SJSU354SJSUChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorA.W. Jacobs1937-10-15 Alamedaupper part of Redwood Canon, Oakland Hills
UC1005625UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorFrank W. Gould8631940-01-26 Marin0.75 mi nw Mill Valley
UC1076087UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHerbert L. Mason22401925-10-04 Marinn side Mt. Tamalpais
UC1093904UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHerbert L. Mason71541932-08-26 MendocinoPine Barrens Pine Barrens at Mendocino City; Mendocino City
UC1135198UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorP. L. Johannsen1921933-07-24 Del Norte2 mi e Upper Coon Mountain; Preston Peak Quad.
UC1135210UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorP. L. Johannsen1701932-09-09 Del Norte0.75 mi ne Monumental; Siskiyou Forest, Preston Pk. Quad.
UC1135211UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. W. Lundh1981933-01-30 Alameda0.5 mi s Round Top; Concord Quad.
UC1135212UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. C. Lee3801936-01-31 San Luis Obisposaddle s Davis Canon; Port San Luis Quad.
UC1135213UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. A. Jensen681930-09-25 San Luis ObispoMouth of Coon Creek; Cayucos Quad.
UC1135214UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. C. Lee4631936-03-06 San Luis Obispo2 mi nnw Camp Hill; Arroyo Grande Quad.
UC1135215UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. S. Yates50471935-04-02 Marin1 mi n Muir Woods; Tamalpais Quad.
UC1135216UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorC. M. Belshaw14681935-01-25 San Mateo2.5 mi nw Sierra Moreno Peak; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1135217UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorC. M. Belshaw14691935-01-25 San Mateo2.5 mi nw Sierra Moreno Peak; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1135218UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. S. Yates51761935-05-08 Santa Cruz2.5 mi w Felton; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1135219UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. W. Lundh2081933-03-02 Contra Costa0.5 mi n Pinehurst; Concord Quad.
UC1135220UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorD. Axelrod5801936-07-14 Monterey1.25 mi w Vega; San Juan Bautista Quad.
UC1135221UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorN. French7071936-01-31 San Luis ObispoHead of Davis Canon; Port San Luis Quad.
UC1177326UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJohn Thomas Howell233271947-07-06 Marinabove Phoenix Lake (Eldridge Grade, above Mt. Tamalpais); Mt. Tamalpais
UC1193055UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorP. Zinke6A1948-10-05 Mendocinoon high plateau n. of Alder Creek 5 mi. n.e. Manchester; Quad. 45D4
UC1193056UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. H. Neuns1151950-05-23 Lake2 mi w Cobb (on Cobb Mountain); Cobb Mountain
UC1193057UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. H. Neuns1141950-05-23 Sonoma2 mi w Cobb (on Cobb Mountain, on Sonoma-Lake County line); Cobb Mountain
UC1193058UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorP. Zinke2381951-06-07 Lake0.5 mi e summit of Mt. St. Helena
UC1193059UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorK. Cuff661948-10-08 Mendocino5 mi se Point Arena
UC1193060UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorG. W. Tourtillott341950-10-11 Humboldt1 mi w Queens Peak
UC1193061UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorR. E. Nelson1291949-12-14 Mendocino1.5 mi e Iverson Point
UC1196375UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy31061909-10-04 Del Nortemountainsides at Gasquet′s; Northern Coast Ranges
UC1222286UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy192391950-07-31 HumboldtGrouse Mountain; top of mountain
UC1222287UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy193391950-08-28 Mendocino3 mi e Albion; Mendocino Airport
UC1281146UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorH. E. McMinn19391927-01-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
UC196973UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorV. King Chesnut1887-07-12 MarinMt. Tamalpais
UC526690UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy136411934-08-29 Humboldtsummit near Blake Lookout (South Fork Mountain); Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
UC526737UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy136161934-08-29 Trinitynear 8-mile Ridge (South Fork Mountain); Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
UC5436UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. Burtt Davy2191893-07-24 MarinMt. Tamalpais
UC5437UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBioletti1891-08-01 Marin
UC5438UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorHarley P. Chandler4271899-06-01 MontereyPajaro Hills
UC5439UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorunknown1900-06-18 Monterey
UC5440UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. Burtt Davy2191893-07-24 MarinMill Valley
UC5443UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorWillis L. Jepson1892-09-09 Marinn slopes half-way to summit Mt. Tamalpais
UC5444UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. Burtt Davy11271893-06-21 San MateoPilarcitos Lake and Pilarcitos Canon; Pilarcitos Lake, Pilarcitos Canon
UC565402UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorCharles M. Belshaw14681935-01-25 San Mateo2.5 mi nw Sierra Moreno Peak; South Coast Range
UC615297UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorBeryl O. Schreiber3491932-06-14 MarinMount Vision Trail; Inverness
UC665684UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJ. P. Tracy, H. E. Parks115411941-08-28 HumboldtBlake Lookout area; South Fork Mountain
UC667995UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy155891937-07-29 Humboldtw slope near top South Fork Mountain (at Hyampom Trail); Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
UC667996UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJoseph P. Tracy151171936-08-07 Humboldt2 mi se Devil′s Hole; Trinity Summit
UC671928UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorEvelyn Hart Nelson1531940-07-02 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Santa Cruz Mountains (fire trail on Loma, at side of Iron House)
UCR0067037UCRChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorLouis C. Wheeler44241936-08-31 MontereyHuckleberry Hill, Monterey Peninsula
UCSB062420UCSBChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorJohn R. Haller21971967-10-07 Santa CruzFelton Empire Road, about 3 miles west of Felton and 1 mile east of Empire Grade Road; Santa Cruz Mountains.
UCSC100001530UCSCChrysolepis chrysophylla var. minorPeter Kamb1450 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains -
JEPS123159UCJEPSChrysolepis chrysophylla var. sempervirensD. Burge, J. Nelson, Jepson Herbarium workshop participantsJHWS-1332015-06-27 TrinityBonanza King

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