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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT70355CASCheilanthes viscidaJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1922-04-23 San Bernardinonear Hesperia Deep Creek Road, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT70356CASCheilanthes viscidaWolf, C. B.18971931-03-14 Imperialat base of Mountain Springs grade, west side of Colorado Desert
CAS-BOT70357CASCheilanthes viscidaBrandegees.n.1966-07-11 ImperialColorado Desert
CAS-BOT70358CASCheilanthes viscidaBrandegees.n.1882-04-01 ImperialCol. Desert
CAS-BOT70359CASCheilanthes viscidaKiefer, Larry4591963-03-17 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, c. 20 miles no hgwy 66 on Kelso Rd.
CAS-BOT70360CASCheilanthes viscidaShevock, James R.; Norris, Dan; Barahona, Edwardo130321996-02-25 KernJawbone Canyon in the vicinity of Blue Point, about 1 mile west of the LA Aqueduct
CAS-BOT70361CASCheilanthes viscidaShevock, James R.80491981-02-28 KernGoat Ranch Canyon, north base of the Piute Mts., southern Sierra Nevada MDB&M
CAS-BOT70362CASCheilanthes viscidaShevock, James R.80641981-03-07 KernBob Rabbit Canyon, Dry Meadows Creek Drainage, east base of the Piute Mountains, Sequoia National Forest MDB&M
CAS-BOT70363CASCheilanthes viscidaTwisselmann, Ernest C.119851966-04-20 KernMouth of Last Chance Canyon, El Paso Range
CAS-BOT70364CASCheilanthes viscidaTwisselmann, Ernest C.119851966-04-20 KernMouth of Last Chance Canyon, El Paso Range
CAS-BOT70365CASCheilanthes viscidaTwisselmann, Ernest C.119711966-04-12 KernMouth of Last Chance Canyon, El Paso Range
CAS-BOT70366CASCheilanthes viscidaDunn, G. H.s.n.1881-03-01 RiversideWhitewater
CAS-BOT70367CASCheilanthes viscidaWolf, C. B.18971931-03-14 Imperialat base of Mountain Springs grade, west side of Colorado Desert
CAS-BOT70368CASCheilanthes viscidaPrigge, Barry; Thorne, R. F.; Shmida, A.; et al.28671978-05-08 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Granite Mts: Coyote Springs Area
CAS-BOT70369CASCheilanthes viscidaCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug2241980-06-03 San Bernardinobottom of SW-draining cyn., 4.4 mi. ENE of Rabbit Hole Spring, 6.0 mi. NNE of Valjean benchmark, 3.5 mi. W of Kingston Peak, SW part of range
CAS-BOT70370CASCheilanthes viscidaBreedlove, D. E.173301970-03-30 InyoSurprise Canyon between Ballarat and Panamint City, Panamint Mountains
CAS-BOT70371CASCheilanthes viscidaCoville, Frederick V.; Funston, Frederick5941891-04-13 InyoSurprise Canyon, Panamint Mountains
CAS-BOT70372CASCheilanthes viscidaHowell, John Thomas39881928-06-16 InyoSurprise Canyon, Panamint Mts.
CAS-BOT70373CASCheilanthes viscidaFerris, Roxana S.79681930-06-12 InyoSurprise Canyon, Panamint Mts.
CAS-BOT70374CASCheilanthes viscidaTrain, Percys.n.1937-04-06 InyoGreat Falls Canyon, Argus Mts.
CAS-BOT70375CASCheilanthes viscidaThorne, K.; Ratcliff, B.23111983-04-05 InyoDeath Valley, Greenwater Spring SW of Gold Valley
CAS-BOT70376CASCheilanthes viscidaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise22141941-05-21 RiversideNorth slope of Eagle Mountains
CAS-BOT70377CASCheilanthes viscidaJohnston, Ivan10661917-04-04 RiversidePalm Canyon
CAS-BOT70378CASCheilanthes viscidaMunz, P. A.172371941-10-01 Riversideon Palms to Pines Highway, north base of Santa Rosa Mts.
CAS-BOT70379CASCheilanthes viscidaHowell, John Thomas34211928-03-11 Riversidewall of Morongo Canyon, n. Colorado Desert From region of type locality
CAS-BOT70380CASCheilanthes viscidaRateaver691944-02-21 RiversideTahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs
CAS-BOT70381CASCheilanthes viscidaLemmon, J. G.281880-04-01 RiversideWhitewater, Colorado Desert
CAS-BOT70382CASCheilanthes viscidaLemmon, J. G.41966-04-20 RiversideDownieville Buttes and bluffs of White Water River on the Colorado Desert
CAS-BOT70383CASCheilanthes viscidaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise22141941-05-21 RiversideNorth slope of Eagle Mountains
CAS-BOT70384CASCheilanthes viscidaParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.5061881-03-01 RiversideWhitewater, desert side of San Ber. Mt.
CAS-BOT70385CASCheilanthes viscidaParish, S. B.90291914-04-06 San DiegoMountain Springs
CAS-BOT70386CASCheilanthes viscidaParish, S. B.90291914-04-06 San DiegoMountain Springs
CAS-BOT70387CASCheilanthes viscidaWiggins, I. L.22811927-04-12 San Diegoalong highway, 1 mi. W. of Mountain Spring
CAS-BOT70388CASCheilanthes viscidaWiggins, I. L.22811927-04-12 San Diego1 mi. W. of Mountain Spring on highway
GMDRC1017GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaG. L. Clifton263312001-04-04 San BernardinoGranite Mtns: Granite Mtns: Cottonwood Basin, ne. side, at about 4100 ft, growing in openings among shrubs under boulders Near 34 ° 49.1 N 115 ° 38.8 W. Elev. 4100 ft.
GMDRC2209GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaJ. Andre77912006-04-01 InyoPanamint Mountains: Panamint Mountains: in canyon along Butte Valley Rd, just west of DVNP boundary. Elev. 2538 ft.
GMDRC3GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaS. F. Warrick261978-04-20 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Coyote Spring Basin, 3300
GMDRC330GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaJ. Andre21191996-03-30 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Devils Playground Wash, c. 3280
GMDRC5000GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaJ. Andre166752011-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Mojave National Preserve; Playground Wash, along old mining road (now in wilderness)
GMDRC922GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaJ. Andre39762001-04-08 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Bunny Club Springs: Granite Mountains, Bunny Club Springs: 200 meters south of Bunny Club T8N R1 W sec. 17. Elev. 4000 ft.
GMDRC9470GMDRCCheilanthes viscidaJ. M. Andre374372017-03-27 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center; eastern end of range at Snake Springs, 1.5 mi west of Kelbaker Rd at Granite Pass
HSC1014HSCCheilanthes viscidaH.E. Parks10851932-01-20 ImperialEntrance to Carriso Gorge
HSC1015HSCCheilanthes viscidaW.R. Supernaugh, Jr.231964-12-23 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument, 49 Palms Oasis
IRVC19170IRVCCheilanthes viscidaGordon A. Marshs.n.1982-04-29 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley; lower Railroad Canon wash.
JEPS357UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaS. B. Parish90291914-04-06 San DiegoMountain Springs
JEPS358UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaW. L. Jepson86321920-04-17 San DiegoUpper Vallecito Valley
JEPS60034UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaT. S. Brandegee1938-07-31 San DiegoColorado Desert, e slopes of Guyamaca Mts
JEPS60035UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaW. L. Jepson117681927-04-17 Imperialfoot of Mountain Springs grade (Myer′s Creek Bridge)
JEPS60036UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaMary Beal8441941-03-24 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Ord Mts., Ord Mt.
JOTR16827JOTRCheilanthes viscidaSupernaugh, William JR.541967-02-24 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. RATTLESNAKE CANYON
JOTR29096JOTRCheilanthes viscidaLa Doux, Tasha12662005-04-28 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Rattlesnake Canon
NY03484629NYCheilanthes viscidaM. D. Windham29402004-03-30 ?  ImperialSW of Ocotillo in the Jacumba Mountains near Interstate 8 ca. 1.35 km ENE of Mountain Spring.
NY3484647NYCheilanthes viscidaC. R. Orcutts.n.1987-06-02 ?  San Bernardino
NY3484650NYCheilanthes viscidaW. G. Wrights.n.1995-03-25 ?  San Bernardino
POM11149RSACheilanthes viscidaF. W. Peirsons.n.1922-04-13 ImperialMountain Springs, western edge of Colorado Desert
POM118349RSACheilanthes viscidaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-02-29 San DiegoEscondido Grade. [probably along Hwy 78 east of Julian]
POM120427RSACheilanthes viscidaW. G. Wrights.n.1990-07-19 RiversideWhitewater Canon
POM120428RSACheilanthes viscidaMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-04 InyoPanamint Canon
POM120429RSACheilanthes viscidaW. G. Wrights.n.1882-04-01 San DiegoMts bordering the Colorado Desert, Agua Caliente.
POM12527RSACheilanthes viscidaPhilip A. Munz47061922-03-12 RiversideAndreas Canon, Palm Springs. [Santa Rosa Mtns., W margin Colorado Des -SW]
POM159786RSACheilanthes viscidaE. C. Jaegers.n.1935-04-27 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, east of Victorville
POM172792RSACheilanthes viscidaP. A. Munz113431929-05-04 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borego Valley.
POM179189RSACheilanthes viscidaPhilip A. Munz172371941-10-01 RiversideOn Palms to Pines HIghway, north base of Santa Rosa Mts.
POM180444RSACheilanthes viscidaI. L. Wiggins22811927-04-12 San Diego1 mile W of Mountain Spring
POM209397RSACheilanthes viscidaFlorence J. Youngberg831935-04-11 San DiegoSentenac Canon.
POM212553RSACheilanthes viscidaA. Lefebures.n.1942-04-01 San BernardinoIndian Cove, near 29 Palms.
POM212574RSACheilanthes viscidaA. Lefebures.n.1942-04-01 InyoIndian Garden, near Darwin
POM253821RSACheilanthes viscidaA. M. Alexander20831941-04-24 Riversidecliff side of canyon; gorge of Dry Morongo Creek.
POM281108RSACheilanthes viscidaLyman Benson120311946-04-15 RiversideCanon on Twenty-nine Palms Road from Whitewater. San Bernardino Mountains, Colorado Desert drainage area.
POM299277RSACheilanthes viscidaA. M. Alexander22141941-05-21 RiversideColorado Desert: bed of canyon near its mouth, north slope of Eagle Mountains.
POM47737RSACheilanthes viscidaPhilip A. Munz78211924-02-23 ImperialColorado Desert: foot of Mountain Springs Grade.
POM65838RSACheilanthes viscidaH. H. Tracy8161922-04-09 San DiegoN an W slope of Mt. Sping Grade
POM925RSACheilanthes viscidaH. M. Hall69261906-05-10 InyoPleasant Canon, Panamint Mountains
POM926RSACheilanthes viscidaI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-04-04 RiversidePalm Canon, Little Palm Canon fork
POM9932RSACheilanthes viscidaF. W. Peirson23711921-03-22 RiversideMurray Canon, south side in canyon
RSA0015693RSACheilanthes viscidaLeRoy Gross61852013-09-10 San BernardinoBLMBigHorn Mountains Wilderness. North of New Dixie Mine Road.; Bighorn Canon 7.5 quad.Near 34.27 N 116.53 W, to west spur of mountain, near 34.28352N 116.53726W. Climb to top of peak near 34.28374N 116.53450W. Then down southeast side to a spring just north of the road.
RSA0123693RSACheilanthes viscidaDuncan S. Bell91592016-03-30 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; in a side canyon off of Martinez Canon, approximately 7.5 air miles southeast of the summit of Martinez Mountain.; Clark Lake NE
RSA0155091RSACheilanthes viscidaSarah J. DeGroots.n.2017-10-04 San BernardinoAvawatz Mountains Wilderness Study Area: ca. 0.84 air mile west-southwest of Old Mormon Spring, west of Silurian Lake and valley.; Red Pass Lake NE 7.5
RSA0167737RSACheilanthes viscidaDuncan S. Bell103172017-03-21 San BernardinoBLMSand to Snow National Monument; Big Morongo Canon Preserve; in a side canyon off of Big Morongo Canon approximately 1.75 air miles southeast of Covington Park.; Morongo Valley
RSA0200438RSACheilanthes viscidaSarah J. De Groot98312018-05-02 InyoBLMGreat Falls Basin-Canon, southeast Argus Mountains. 1.6 road miles on P28 west of Trona Road, then another 1.6 road miles on P27 to road end. Drainage on southwest side of valley, ca. 315 air m south-southeast of Austin Spring.; Trona West 7.5 quad. Mt. Diablo meridianNorthwest of Valley Wells, north of Trona. Great Falls Basin Wilderness Study Area- ACEC.
RSA125851RSACheilanthes viscidaE. K. Balls227981957-11-13 RiversideSnow Creek, about old Fish Hatchery
RSA1586RSACheilanthes viscidaC. B. Wolf18971931-03-14 ImperialBase of Mountains Springs grade in sand west side of Colorado desert.
RSA217254RSACheilanthes viscidaD. E. Breedlove173301970-03-30 InyoSurprise Canon between Ballarat and Panamint City. Panamint Mountains.
RSA254355RSACheilanthes viscidaC. W. Tilforth9951975-05-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Coyote Springs area, Granite Mountains, east.
RSA254357RSACheilanthes viscidaC. W. Tilforth10101975-05-18 San BernardinoSnake Spring area, Granite Mtns
RSA275528RSACheilanthes viscidaR. F. Thorne512821978-05-09 San BernardinoCoyote Springs (NE corner of range).
RSA281111RSACheilanthes viscidaS. F. Warrick261978-04-20 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Eastern Mojave Desert, between boulders, Coyote Spring Basin
RSA296565RSACheilanthes viscidaS. Castagnoli2241980-06-03 San Bernardinobottom of SW-draining cyn. 4.4 mi. ENE of Rabbit Hole Spring, 6.0 NNE of Valjean benchmark, 3.5 W of Kingston Peak, SW part of range.
RSA301976RSACheilanthes viscidaJ. R. Shevock6041971-01-16 San DiegoIndian Cyn; Anza Borrego
RSA334552RSACheilanthes viscidaR. F. Thorne516411978-05-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: along stream in Bull Canon.
RSA597245RSACheilanthes viscidaA. C. Sanders158991995-01-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains-Colorado Desert: Chino Canon near Palm Springs, 1.8 miles above Palm Canon Road (Hwy 111) on the road to the tram station, vicinity of the upper end of the flood control dike.
RSA598052RSACheilanthes viscidaS. B. Parish23101957-05-11 RiversideWhitewater (Desert side of San Bernardino Mts.)
RSA598056RSACheilanthes viscidaS. B. Parish5061881-03-01 RiversideWhitewater, desert side of San Bernardino Mts.
RSA605349RSACheilanthes viscidaL. C. Wheeler79831962-03-18 San BernardinoNW end of Coxcomb Mountains
RSA616261RSACheilanthes viscidaMary DeDecker18421968-04-13 InyoGold Valley: Black Mountains, Death Valley National Monument.
RSA619711RSACheilanthes viscidaMary DeDecker50101980-04-12 InyoArgus Range: Panamint Valley drainage; above upper Darwin Falls.
RSA620781RSACheilanthes viscidaMary DeDecker44481978-03-25 InyoBlack Mountains: Death Valley National Monument; Willow Springs Canon.
RSA621173RSACheilanthes viscidaMary DeDecker45021978-04-11 InyoPanamint Mountains: Toward south end; Goler wash.
RSA670408RSACheilanthes viscidaB. C. Templeton16471930-03-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borego Valley. Colorado Desert.
RSA685776RSACheilanthes viscidaT. R. Pray18231961-02-13 ImperialMountain Springs
RSA685777RSACheilanthes viscidaT. R. Pray32651970-12-30 San BernardinoMorongo Canon, south of upper bridge
RSA685828RSACheilanthes viscidaPercy Train194031937-04-06 InyoGreat Falls Canon, Argus Mts.
RSA685829RSACheilanthes viscidaI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-04-04 RiversidePalm Canon, Little Palm Canon fork
RSA685830RSACheilanthes viscidaL. C. Wheeler4171931-12-26 San Bernardino1-2 N Dead Man Point, Granite Mts., Mohave Desert
RSA685831RSACheilanthes viscidaMartha Hilends.n.1993-03-11 San BernardinoMorongo Pass, Colorado Desert
RSA685833RSACheilanthes viscidaF. M. Cota1881931-12-01 San DiegoPalm Canon
RSA685834RSACheilanthes viscidaB. C. Templeton16471930-03-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borrego Valley, Colorado Desert
RSA685835RSACheilanthes viscidaB. C. Templeton16471930-03-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borrego Valley, Colorado Desert
RSA685836RSACheilanthes viscidaB. C. Templeton16471930-03-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borrego Valley, Colorado Desert
RSA685837RSACheilanthes viscidaRalph Hoffmann431930-05-18 San Bernardino10 miles west of Fenner.
RSA685838RSACheilanthes viscidaH. H. T8161922-04-09 San DiegoN and W slope of Mt Spring Grade.
RSA685839RSACheilanthes viscidaJoseph A. Ewan411929-03-23 RiversideWhitewater Canon
RSA759699RSACheilanthes viscidaJ. R. Shevock130321996-02-25 KernJawbone Canon in the vicinity of Blue Point, about 1 mile west of the LA Aqueduct
RSA760583RSACheilanthes viscidaJim Andre97872008-09-10 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: growing in canyon just southwest of Coyote Spring.
RSA776454RSACheilanthes viscidaAmber Swanson1802011-02-26 ImperialBLMJacumba Mtns, Off Hwy I-8 in Devils Cyn on W side of rd.
RSA779944RSACheilanthes viscidaDuncan S. Bell23932011-05-12 San BernardinoBig Morongo Preserve; collecting in a small side canyon off of Big Morongo Canon, approximately 1.7 air miles southeast of Covington Park.; Morongo Valley
RSA85538RSACheilanthes viscidaF. W. Peirson42951922-12-27 RiversideOn rough mountain slope between two forks of Andreas Canon, near Palm Springs
RSA85545RSACheilanthes viscidaF. W. Peirson23711921-03-22 RiversideMurray Canon, south side in canyon
SFV100222SFVCheilanthes viscidaE. R. Blakley32201960-04-23 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Northeast point of Granite Mountains near the Amboy to Kelso Road.
SFV100342SFVCheilanthes viscidaT. R. Gordon13121976-05-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert; South Mojave Desert. Near main sandy wash in northeast portion of Coxcomb Mountains.
SJSU6732SJSUCheilanthes viscidaC.W. Sharsmith80171974-04-05 KernLast Chance Canon, El Paso Mts, c. 25 NE of Mojave
UC1036103UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg26511942-04-14 InyoSurprise Canon; Panamint Mts
UC1036104UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg26631942-04-16 InyoSurprise Canon; Panamint Mts
UC132414UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler69261906-05-10 InyoPleasant Canon; Panamint Mts
UC1478528UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaRobert F. Thorne, C. W. Tilforth, Avi Shmida512821978-05-09 San BernardinoCoyote Springs; E. Mojave Desert, ne corner Granite Mts
UC1481559UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaMary DeDecker50101980-04-12 Inyoabove upper Darwin Falls; Argus Range, Panamint Valley drainage
UC185179UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaT. S. Brandegee1901-04-01 San DiegoSan Felipe Canon; Colorado Desert
UC185180UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaT. S. Brandegee1901-03-23 San DiegoMason′s; Colorado Desert
UC185252UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaT. S. Brandegee1932-09-21 San DiegoColorado Desert, E slopes of Cuyamaca Mts
UC199910UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaJ. G. Lemmon, wife1938-07-08 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass
UC218646UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaIvan Johnston1917-04-04 RiversidePalm Canon
UC218683UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaP. A. Munz47061922-03-12 RiversideAndreas Canon, Palm Springs
UC337871UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaJ. G. Lemmon, wife1888-05-01 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass; San Jacinto Mts
UC366532UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaJ. G. Lemmon1824-01-01 RiversideWhite Water River; Colorado Desert
UC366588UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaunknown1876-05-01 RiversideWhite River Canon San Gorgonio Pass
UC371137UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaL. Jared1935-02-01 San Diego
UC413145UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaRoxana S. Ferris79681930-06-12 InyoSurprise Canon; Panamint Mts
UC42427UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaS.B. Parish, W.F. Parish1880-01-01 Riversiden of Palm Springs (Whitewater Canon)
UC484094UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaC. B. Wolf1931-03-14 Imperialbase of Mountain Springs Grade
UC667373UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg22141941-05-21 Riversiden slope Eagle Mts (bed of canyon near its mouth); Colorado Desert, Eagle Mts
UC668386UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg20831941-04-24 Riversidegorge of Dry Morongo Creek; Morongo Valley
UC668413UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg20601941-04-22 RiversideWhitewater Canon; Colorado Desert
UC696043UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg10691940-04-15 Inyo7 mi n of Trona (Great Falls Canon); Mohave Desert
UC71221UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaW. G. Wright1880-04-01 RiversideWhite Water Canon
UC811618UCJEPSCheilanthes viscidaIvan Johnston1900-05-21 RiversidePalm Canon; Colorado Desert
UCR163384UCRCheilanthes viscidaB.G. Pitzer40551999-09-23 San BernardinoSheep Corral a maze of interconnecting washes separated by exposed granite outcrops, at S end of Granite Mountains, c. 1.5-2 mi. north of Hwy I-40
UCR164201UCRCheilanthes viscidaJim Andre21201996-03-25 San BernardinoCoyote Springs
UCR164202UCRCheilanthes viscidaJim Andre39522001-04-04 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, Willow Springs Basin
UCR203326UCRCheilanthes viscidaJim Andre97872008-09-10 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, canyon just southwest of Coyote Spring
UCR208978UCRCheilanthes viscidaBonnie C. Templeton16471930-03-22 San DiegoPalm Canon, Borrego Valley
UCR218466UCRCheilanthes viscidaJim Andre127452010-03-01 San DiegoBorrego Desert, lower eastern slopes of Peninsular Range, just south of US Hwy I-8 at Mountain Springs, just east of Stage Station Historic Marker, Myer Creek watershed
UCR22197UCRCheilanthes viscidaMary Ann Henrys.n.1980-03-22 Inyoeast side of the Slate Range
UCR226242UCRCheilanthes viscidaJim Andre166752011-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, UC Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, Playground Wash, along old mining road, now in wilderness
UCR254401UCRCheilanthes viscidaJon P. Rebman215052011-05-03 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, vicinity of Whale Peak, along Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, east of The Squeeze and northeast of the highest point of Whale Peak
UCR32299UCRCheilanthes viscidaBarry A. Prigge28391978-05-08 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Bull Canon; Mojave Desert
UCR33017UCRCheilanthes viscidaBarry A. Prigge28671978-05-08 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; Coyote Springs area; Mojave Desert
UCR50800UCRCheilanthes viscidaJeri Hirshbergs.n.1988-05-03 San Bernardinoc. 5 miles NW of Pioneertown near Rimrock, 1.5 -2 miles NW of Pipes Canon Rd between Gamma Gulch Rd & Roadrunner Rut; Mojave Desert
UCR86665UCRCheilanthes viscidaA.C. Sanders167641995-04-30 San BernardinoMorongo Valley, Little Morongo Canon, stream crossing 1.75 miles north of Hwy 62; Eastern San Bernardino Mtns.-Mojave Desert
UCR91552UCRCheilanthes viscidaA.C. Sanders159041995-01-29 RiversideChino Canon near Palm Springs, along the loop rd just below the lower tram station; San Jacinto Mtns-Colorado Desert
UCR91559UCRCheilanthes viscidaA.C. Sanders159101995-02-05 RiversideWhitewater Canon, between Bonnie Bell & the fish hatchery; San Bernardino Mtns
UCR91883UCRCheilanthes viscidaA.C. Sanders158991995-01-29 RiversideChino Canon near Palm Springs, 1.8 mi above Palm Canon Rd (Hwy111) on the rd to the tram station, vicinity of the upper end of the flood control dike; San Jacinto Mtns-Colorado Desert
UCSB020821UCSBCheilanthes viscidaSmith, Dale891a1968-04-07 ImperialMountain Springs Rd., 7 W of Jacumba
UCSB020822UCSBCheilanthes viscidaM. H. Phelps881972-02-10 San Diego15 mi S of Borrego Springs.
UCSB020823UCSBCheilanthes viscidaAlan P. Romspert196(1)1974-04-07 InyoSurprise Canon, Panamint Mtns.
UCSB020824UCSBCheilanthes viscidaBurns, Pat431967-02-25 San DiegoOne mile up Hell Hole Canon, Borrego Valley
UCSC100010928UCSCCheilanthes viscidaSteve Castagnoli, Greg de Nevers, R. Doug Stone1091980-05-02 San BernardinoIn canyon 2 Miles SE of mouth of Porcupine canyon. Porcupine Canon, Kingston Range

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