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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0018500CDAChamaesyce setilobaFrank B. McMurry13681943-01-01 ImperialImperial National Wildlife Refuge. Sonoran Desert.
CHSC101559CHSCChamaesyce setilobaLeRoy Gross11892003-10-21 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Northcentral Mojave Desert region: East side of the Soda Mountains; North of interstate 15, west of Baker. Along jeep trail to Blue Bell Mine. Exit Zzyzx Road. A short distance from the jeep trail intersection with another jeep trail, in an east direction, just north of the powerlines. (east, west running jeep trail that follows the powerlines)
CHSC114143CHSCChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell29982011-10-22 RiversideArica Mountains: west side of the mountain range, approximately 2.6 air miles west of Priests Well,and approximately 6.8 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
GMDRC1330GMDRCChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre42882004-03-12 San BernardinoSheephole Mtns: Sheephole Mtns: south facing canyon near pass of Amboy Rd. Elev. 2505 .
GMDRC2003GMDRCChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre66342005-08-29 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: GMDRC: Kissing Rock Wash, 1-4 mi. south of Bunny Club. - 3974 ft.
GMDRC2684GMDRCChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre93022002-08-19 San BernardinoCima Dome: Mojave National Preserve; along Kelbaker Rd approx 2 mi. SW. of Cima 35 ° 9.1 N 115 ° 31.4 W. Elev. 3533 ft.
GMDRC2789GMDRCChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre95452003-02-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Whipple Mountains: at Whipple wash crossing, along major transmission line road on E. end of range 34 ° 21.2 N 114 ° 517.0 W. Elev. 1500 ft.
GMDRC648GMDRCChamaesyce setilobaB. Pitzer38001998-11-14 San BernardinoMojave Desert: E Moj. Des., Kelbaker Rd, 8.2 mi. S of I-40, vic. of Windy Pt. 34d 37 N, 115d 39 W. 1600.
HSC80366HSCChamaesyce setilobaR.F. Thorne508831977-11-25 Imperial15 N of Yuma along Picacho Rd. (perhaps Senator Wash)
IRVC108552IRVCChamaesyce setilobaMark A. Elvin; A.C. Sanders, Tim Thomas57572007-10-05 San BernardinoOrd Mtns: Ericksen Dry Lake, W edge.
IRVC108554IRVCChamaesyce setilobaC. Begat1975-10-07 San BernardinoHwy 62, outside of Yucca Valley.
JEPS20750UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi132541958-03-19 RiversideHighway U.S. 95, 11.3 mi n Blythe; Big Maria Mts.
JEPS51903UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaS. B. Parish90341914-04-06 San DiegoMountains Springs, eastern part of county
JEPS89176UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard, P. C. Hutchison83301962-03-20 Imperial4.5 mi s ( < Pichaco > on Colorado River nw of Yuma) Pichaco; Box Canon
JOTR29167JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha12442005-08-22 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. top of Bell Mountain
JOTR29168JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha12452005-08-22 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. top of Bell Mountain
JOTR29241JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha15222004-10-05 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. 36 miles East of Twentynine Palms on Hwy 62
JOTR30084JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha19052006-10-03 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Basin: (Stop 1) east side of Hexie Mtns. at mouth of Pinkham Spring Canon
JOTR30297JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha1312007-09-06 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. On dirt road to Lost Horse Ranger Station, below Hemingway Buttress
JOTR32413JOTRChamaesyce setilobaHarding, Mitzi42011-08-11 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Valley west of Pinto Mountains along Rte 11; Belle Campground; Gravelly flats with granitic boulder outcrops
JOTR32616JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha10212011-10-13 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. eastern edge of Cottonwood Mountains, near mouth of Cottonwood Canon; east of Rte. 11, aprpox. 2.5 miles north of park boundary
JOTR33671JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha26612005-09-21 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; Wonderland of Rocks; Near Wall Street Mill parking area
JOTR34999JOTRChamaesyce setilobaLa Doux, Tasha31012007-10-25 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Basin, along Old Dale Road
MACF035692MACFChamaesyce setilobaRobert L. Dressler3681949-03-19 RiversideBox Canon, Orocopia Mts.
POM13619RSAChamaesyce setilobaE. C. Jaeger501921-03-12 RiversideColorado Desert: [Orocopia Mountains] Canon Spring Wash.
POM182331RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz121531932-04-06 Imperial20 miles NE of Ogilby.
POM187804RSAChamaesyce setilobaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-02-16 RiversideCorn Spring.
POM198400RSAChamaesyce setilobaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-01-01 San DiegoYagui well.
POM214049RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz138471935-10-12 San Bernardino5.0 miles north of Goffs, eastern Mohave Desert.
POM247088RSAChamaesyce setilobaM. French Gilman31631938-06-18 InyoWarm Spring, Panamint Mountains.
POM253440RSAChamaesyce setilobaThos. Craigs.n.1939-11-01 RiversideAguanga.
POM254234RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz158971939-10-20 San Bernardino1 mile east of 29 Palm Springs.
POM259389RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz155931940-03-18 San DiegoNorthwest end of Borrego Valley
POM259673RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz157361940-03-22 San BernardinoCarlyle Mine, Pinto Mts. East of 29 Palms.
POM263148RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. C. Roos6261937-08-22 San BernardinoRice. Between San Bernardino & Riverside Cos.
POM296326RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. S. Rose463021946-12-23 RiversideCanon Wash.
POM6696RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz23231919-03-25 RiversidePalm Canon.
POM86258RSAChamaesyce setilobaMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-01 InyoShepherd′s Canon
PUA69002PUAChamaesyce setilobaG.L. Clifton1988-10-10 InyoLocal landmark: Grapevine Canon. Ubehebe Crater Quad.
RSA0013093RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell45502013-03-17 ImperialBLMThe Jacumba Mountains; collecting in Davies Canon, approximately 3.75 air miles south of the town of Ocotillo.; Coyote Wells
RSA0015599RSAChamaesyce setilobaErika Gardner4892013-09-26 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain Wilderness. Northeast of ridge and south of New Dixie Mine Rd. (Approximately 8.66 road miles from Old Woman Springs Rd. on New Dixie Mine Rd.)
RSA0015718RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell60862013-10-18 ImperialBLMJacumba Mountains; Skull Canon to the east of Davies Canon, about 0.75 air mile north of the U.S.-Mexico border.; Coyote Wells
RSA0020841RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre232702012-08-30 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains; southeast end of range, along dirt road 4.2 miles south of Interstate 40 (at junction Highway 95), approximately 10 miles west of Needles.; Flattop Mountain 7.5
RSA0021178RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre231422012-09-18 San BernardinoKingston Range: along Excelsior Mine Rd, approx. 18 N of Interstate 15, at SE end of range.; East of Kingston Peak 7.5
RSA0021180RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre229002012-09-05 San BernardinoKelso Mountains: 0.2 mi west of Kelbaker Rd., 1.8 mi north of Kelso Depot. Nearest ridge to Kelso.; Kelso 7.5
RSA0021739RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell56432013-08-15 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains; north of New Dixie Mine Road on the west side of Ruby Mountain about 0.25 air mile west of its summit.; Landers
RSA0027848RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell41222012-09-08 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; collecting in Water Canon, about 2 miles south of Pioneertown.; Rimrock
RSA0031423RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell44722013-02-24 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; south end of range, north of the Coachella Canal, approximately 3 air miles northeast of Dos Palmas Springs.; Orocopia Canon
RSA0034220RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot69612013-03-28 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along BLM road 056 (powerline road) north of Whipple Wash, at northern-most large wash with railing along road, south of Chemehuevi Wash.
RSA0034278RSAChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre251932012-11-09 San BernardinoAlong the CA-NV border, growing in low hills just west of Colorado River, just east of River Road (Needles Hwy) and west of the Avi Casino Resort (in NV).; Mount Manchester
RSA0036310RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell61822014-02-22 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; southeastern section of the range, collecting within the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area; about 1.5 air miles northwest of Kane Springs.; Camp Rock Mine
RSA0039850RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell65022014-04-02 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; southern section of range; approximately 1 air mile northwest of Canon Spring.
RSA0039960RSAChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre269792013-09-13 San BernardinoNPSMojave Natl. Preserve: 2 miles east of Kelbaker Rd, 4 mi. north of I-40, along north slopes of range.; Van Winkle Spring 7.5
RSA0041581RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot70352013-09-26 San BernardinoNortheast San Bernardino Mountains, Bighorn Mountain area: drainage southwest of hill 5641 along Bighorn Mountain ridge.
RSA0042377RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell62402014-03-13 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; southern section of range; approximately 3 air miles northwest of Clemens Well.; Red Canon
RSA0050087RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot72372014-08-12 San BernardinoBLMSoutheast Whipple Mountains: along Parker Dam Road near Cross Roads. Northeast of Parker, Arizona, and just northeast of Bowman′s Wash.; Crossroads 7.5
RSA0053814RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot71952014-07-28 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains: Along New Dixie Mine Road RC 2330 at first big wash. South-southeast foot of Ruby Mountain.
RSA0053826RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot73402014-10-08 ImperialBLM. Along Milpitas Wash Road EC 704 at junction with Palo Verde Road, about 1 road mile west of Highway 78, east of power line; south end of Palo Verde Mountains, about 3.3 miles south-southwest of Palo Verde Peak.; Palo Verde Peak 7.5′Just north of Milpitas Wash. About 10.9 miles south-southwest of the town of Palo Verde.
RSA0054157RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell75382014-08-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Bighorn Mountains; collecting in the southeastern drainage of the Granite Peaks area, about 1-2 a mile northwest of Viscera Spring.
RSA0062771RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell76492014-10-21 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; northwestern section of the range; in the vicinity of Hotel California; about 3 air miles northwest of the summit of the Orocopia Mountains.; Orocopia Canon
RSA0062785RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell76552014-10-22 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; southwestern section of range; collecting in an unnamed canyon to the southeast of Orocopia Canon; about 3.6 air miles north northeast of Dos Palmas.; Orocoipa Canon
RSA0070242RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. M. Andre299612014-09-24 San BernardinoNPSCastle Peaks; Mojave National Preserve; east end of Castle Pks near Malpais Spring, at wilderness boundary 1.4 mi. north of Walking Box Ranch Rd.; Hart Peak 7.5
RSA0073442RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre209882011-09-29 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; SE end of Kessler Peak near Billy Boy Mine, Ivanpah Mtns, 0.9 N. of Morningstar Mine Rd, 4.9 mi N. of town of Cima.; Joshua 7.5
RSA0078085RSAChamaesyce setilobaJim M. Andre269672013-09-13 San BernardinoNPSMojave Natl. Preserve: along Kelbaker Rd, 6 miles north of Granite Pass, just south of pipeline pump station, several miles southwest of Kelso Dunes.; Kelso Dunes 7.5
RSA0078229RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot75902015-09-29 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; along BLM road 7530 toward Azucar Mine, at intersection with road 7532, east of Camp Rock Road. East-southeast of Barstow.; Minneola 7.5
RSA0078453RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. M. Andre296112013-10-11 San BernardinoBLMBristol Mountains: dirt road to base of range, 4.4 mi. north of Hwy 6 Natl Trails Hwy), 0.5 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd.; Amboy 7.5
RSA0084791RSAChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre269502013-09-11 San BernardinoNPSMojave Natl. Preserve: along Essex Rd, 5.1 mi. north of jct with Interstate 4 West of Blind Hills 7.5
RSA0085363RSAChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre148212010-09-29 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley; 0.2 mi. south of Interstate 15 at Yates Well exit.; Ivanpah Lake 7.5
RSA0087832RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot75962015-10-21 San DiegoBLMMaCain Valley, In-Ko-Pah Mountains, ca. 8.4 air miles north of Interstate 8 on McCain Valley Road (MV 050), near end of road.; Sombrero Peak 7.5
RSA0099598RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell76992014-10-29 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; collecting in Agua Alta Canon, to the north of Martinez Canon, about 6 air miles southeast of the summit of Martinez Mountain.; Martinez Mountain
RSA0103576RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell86522015-09-30 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; collecting in the summit area of Asbestos Mountain.; Rancho Mirage
RSA0104441RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell76632014-10-28 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; at the foot of the mountains between Toro Canon and Martinez Canon.; Valerie
RSA0104640RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell77292014-11-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; in the Santa Rosa Wilderness area; west side of Martinez Mountain; collecting at Cactus Spring.; Toro Peak
RSA0117219RSAChamaesyce setilobaRachel Darney-Lane42016-09-13 San BernardinoBLMMopah Wash, Mopah Range, eastern Turtle Mountains, north-northeast of Mopah Peak. About 3 miles up wash from road 629 (Heritage Trail), starting about 4.5 miles west of Highway 9 Northwest of Vidal Junction.
RSA0118092RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot80172016-09-15 San BernardinoBLMChemehuevi Mountains wilderness, south of Needles and I-40, east of US Highway 95 and the Sawtooth Range. Ca. 1.4 air mile northwest of Chemehuevi Peak.; Chemehuevi Peak 7.5, San Bernardino Meridian
RSA0154599RSAChamaesyce setilobaRobert F. Thornes.n.1984-08-01 Kern[Kern, Inyo, or San Bernardino County] China Lake Naval Air Base.
RSA134876RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. S. Rose590111959-01-12 RiversideCathedral City
RSA134891RSAChamaesyce setilobaPercy C. Everett238861959-08-19 San BernardinoSE. base Ivanpah Mts., 1.5 miles SW. from Jct. of roads to Ivanpah and Cima (along road to Cima).
RSA196039RSAChamaesyce setilobaMary DeDecker13331961-03-25 InyoGreenwater Valley near Dublin Hills.
RSA232933RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. S. Roses.n.1967-12-19 RiversideLa Quinta.
RSA239924RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne425781973-03-08 InyoDeath Valley National Monument: Rhodes Wash below junction with Bradbury Wash.
RSA239961RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne426231973-03-10 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Ibex Pass, on Inyo-San Bernardino County Line, rocky floriferous ridge.
RSA274202RSAChamaesyce setilobaRichard L. ZembelCHSA-2341978-05-07 Inyo1-2 N of Coso Hot Springs., near Tamarisk tree.; Haiwee Reservoir
RSA275230RSAChamaesyce setilobaB. A. Prigge22861977-10-15 San BernardinoOld Dad Mtns. 10 air mi NW of Kelso.
RSA284201RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne506621977-10-29 San BernardinoEast Mojave Desert: Granite Mountains; Willow Springs Canon.
RSA284206RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne506301977-10-28 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Budweiser Canon.
RSA284216RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne505981977-10-28 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert: bajada S of Granites and E of Old Dad Mountains on dirt road to Budweiser Spring.
RSA284447RSAChamaesyce setilobaC. W. Tilforth486111976-10-29 San BernardinoCottonwood Canon.
RSA288822RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne507431977-10-29 San BernardinoE Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains: Bonanza King Mine area.
RSA296933RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. D. Stone0091980-04-10 San BernardinoMouth of Porcupine Tank cyn., W flank of range
RSA302491RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne508831977-11-25 Imperial15 miles N of Yuma along Picacho Rd. (perhaps Senator wash).15 miles N of Yuma along Picacho Rd. (perhaps Senator wash).
RSA339050RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne535581979-08-22 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument: Indian Cove
RSA38695RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz115791946-10-20 RiversidePalms to Pines Hwy at N base of Snata Rosa Mts.
RSA387411RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd12441986-02-06 ImperialCargo Muchacho Mountains, large canyon at SE end of mountains, 5.4 miles NE of I-8 off Sidewinder Rd and Power-line Rd.
RSA41801RSAChamaesyce setilobaF. F. Gander48341937-12-15 San DiegoMt. Palm Springs
RSA444791RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. C. Rooss.n.1958-09-28 RiversidePinyon Flats, Santa Rosa Mtns.
RSA480015RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd21401988-03-10 RiversideNorth end Palen Mountains, 2 mi west of Palen Pass.
RSA499027RSAChamaesyce setilobaP. A. Munz138471935-10-12 San Bernardino5.0 miles north of Goffs, eastern Mohave Desert.
RSA505047RSAChamaesyce setilobaA. C. Sanders90021989-01-12 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps base, Lead Mountain Range in the northeastern part of the base.[UTM: 1 NJ - 97E, 15N]. On gravel bar at edge of wash in canyon 1 Km NNW of the summit of Lead Mountain, Bullion Mountains.
RSA516758RSAChamaesyce setilobaA. C. Sanders87151988-10-15 San BernardinoS edge of Fort Irwin Military Training Center, NE of Barstow; on E slope of Paradise Range; Lane Mtn.
RSA517955RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd51841990-10-04 San BernardinoPaiute Valley. Goffs Rd. 2 miles W of jtn w-Hwy 95.
RSA518169RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd51411990-10-03 San BernardinoSoutheast base of the Granite Mountains W of Kelbaker Road.
RSA518186RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd51641990-09-03 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns., road over Foshay pass, W side of rabge, 11.2 mi E of Kelbaker Rd .
RSA518277RSAChamaesyce setilobaA. C. Sanders95091989-09-19 RiversideChocolate Mtns Aerial Gunnery Range, 1.75 km S of Tabaseca Tank, along the wash above Tabaseca Target.
RSA518770RSAChamaesyce setilobaMaureen Haless.n.1977-12-22 Imperial8 mi SW of Ocotillo & 2 mi S of Hwy 98. Many small sandy washes cutting through a gently sloping bajada, covered with desert pavement.; Coyote Wells
RSA569536RSAChamaesyce setilobaE. S. Spaldings.n.1926-02-13 RiversideColorado Desert. Box Canon on Blythe Road.
RSA592456RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler89831966-10-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains. By Black Hill, by Pines to Palms Highway.
RSA598698RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler66031947-08-27 San BernardinoBig Morongo Canon. 1-4 mi. west of Morongo Valley Inn.
RSA599303RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler70961954-09-25 RiversideSouth end of Mule Mountains, near Ripley.
RSA599366RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler72841958-04-01 San BernardinoMohave Desert. Chemehuevi Wash, near West Well.
RSA600252RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler71191954-11-27 Imperial6 mi. south of Palo Verde, 2 miles north of John′s Boat Landing.
RSA600799RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler71071954-11-25 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains: Corn Springs Wash.
RSA608166RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd100521997-10-13 RiversideSonoran (Colorado) Desert Chuckwalla Mtns, NW base of the range, south of Eagle Mine Rd exit on Hwy I-10.; Salton Sea
RSA608855RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheeler84071963-10-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert: NW side Soda Lake, near Baker.
RSA612299RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-10-20 San DiegoClap Valley, Primitive Camp.
RSA613272RSAChamaesyce setilobaL. C. Wheelers.n.1976-03-30 RiversideMorongo Wash, 5 miles northwest of Desert Hot Springs.
RSA616794RSAChamaesyce setilobaMary DeDecker13331961-03-25 InyoGreenwater Valley near Dublin Hills.
RSA642352RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne538901979-10-20 San BernardinoKingston Range: Crystal Springs area north of road from Beck Spring to Tecopa.
RSA645644RSAChamaesyce setilobaScott D. White72721999-04-20 RiversideBlythe Area: Southern foothills of the Big Maria Mts., northwest of Calif. Hwy. 95, ca. 7 road miles north of Interstate 10 - Intake Blvd. jtn. in Blythe.; Blythe NE 7.5
RSA682202RSAChamaesyce setilobaLeRoy Gross11892003-10-21 San BernardinoEast side of the Soda Mountains; North of interstate 15, west of Baker. Along jeep trail to Blue Bell Mine. Exit Zzyzx Road.
RSA696407RSAChamaesyce setilobaLeRoy Gross13092004-05-13 ImperialChocolate Moutains (Chocolate Moutain Aerial Gunnery Range). North of Lion Head Mountain, near Beal Well. Surrounding desert off of Beal Road.
RSA70392RSAChamaesyce setilobaF. W. Peirson79101928-04-24 RiversideBelow Cottonwood Springs, Eagle Mountains. Northern Colorado Desert.
RSA70393RSAChamaesyce setilobaE. C. Jaeger54501921-03-13 ImperialDos Palms, Salton Wash, Colorado Desert
RSA70394RSAChamaesyce setilobaF. W. Peirson87051930-04-14 San BernardinoAbout 3 miles north of Cave Spring.
RSA718540RSAChamaesyce setilobaMichael Honer18662003-10-13 San BernardinoRocky canyon appx. 4 W of Flamingo Heights. Accessible via a labyrinthine series of vague dirt roads traveling W from Hondo St. and Hwy 247.; Rimrock 7.5
RSA718545RSAChamaesyce setilobaMichael Honer18502003-10-13 San BernardinoRocky canyon appx. 4 W of Flamingo Heights. Accessible via labyrinthine series of vague dirt roads running W from Hondo St. and Hwy 247.; Rimrock 7.5
RSA719242RSAChamaesyce setilobaMichael Honer19102004-04-03 RiversideMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaRockhouse Canon, appx. 1-2 N of intersection with Fargo Canon. Peninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: W side of Otay Mtn; 1.5 km SSE of Savage Dam (Otay Lake); N of County Prison; near tributary to Otay River, N of O′Neal Canon.
RSA731017RSAChamaesyce setilobaMichael Wall4552008-04-26 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains; Corn Springs wash at Corn Springs Rd. crossing ca. 8.0 miles SW of Chuckwalla Rd.
RSA731877RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre85662007-10-02 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range: along powerline road on N side of Clark Mtn, approx. 4.3 mi. E of Excelsior Mine Road.
RSA732625RSAChamaesyce setilobaLeRoy Gross28592008-03-12 San BernardinoBLMSleeping Beauty Area of the Southern Cady Mountains: Northwest from Ludlow, follow road north from Ludlow toward Broadwell Lake, then west along a trasmission line to 34.74 N, 116.23 W.; Broadwell LakeCollected along wide canyon in a northwest direction from here, to 34.76817N, 116.25781. Area between Lavic Mountain Mine to the east and Paymaster Mine to the west.
RSA736392RSAChamaesyce setilobaT. La Doux1672008-01-12 San BernardinoSheephole Mountains: NW corner of Sheephole Mtns, along dirt road just NE of Amboy Rd at Sheephole Pass
RSA757879RSAChamaesyce setilobaMichael Honer31992008-09-05 San BernardinoBLMIvanpah Valley: along pipeline service road about 0.5 mi. E of Interstate 15; 2.6 N of Nipton Road.
RSA760082RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre98782009-02-26 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains: along major power line corridor (Palo Verde Road) that runs north-south through mountains. About 1 mile south of pass.
RSA770639RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne417791966-10-15 RiversideDead Indian Canon: Near Palm Desert at foot of Palms to Pines Highway. Near mouth of canyon.
RSA774640RSAChamaesyce setilobaT. La Doux3742009-09-22 San BernardinoCanong old RR grade, approx. 2 miles E of Ivanpah Road and 1 mile NE of historic Boomerang Mine area, just NE of the NY Mountains; Castle Peaks 7.5
RSA776083RSAChamaesyce setilobaAmber Swanson614b2011-08-12 San BernardinoBLMIvanpah Valley near Solar site at the end of Yates Well Rd (dirt rd).
RSA776456RSAChamaesyce setilobaAmber Swanson1772011-02-26 Imperialoff BLM Rd 318.
RSA777161RSAChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd118122007-11-01 San BernardinoBLMOrange Blossom wash area in alluvial basin between central portion of Bristol Mountains on west and northern end of Marble Mountains on east along gas pipeline road, west of Kelbaker Road, south of Interstate 40.
RSA778222RSAChamaesyce setilobaThomas Stoughton7752011-03-17 RiversideBLMMecca Hills, Shaver′s Well, Adjacent to Box Canon Road, Shaver′s Wash just west of Mecca Copia Trail.; Mortmar
RSA778526RSAChamaesyce setilobaAmber Swanson6302011-10-08 RiversideBLMJct of Blythe Rice Rd and Hwy 62.
RSA781266RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre149862010-10-09 San BernardinoWest side of upper Homer Wash, along transmission line road, in valley between Sacramento and Piute Mtns, 0.5 mi north of I-40. Occasional; flowering.
RSA781398RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell30062011-11-03 San BernardinoBLMBlack Lava Butte: collecting at the northern section of butte, approximately 2.3 air miles southwest of the junction of Hondo street and Old Woman Springs road, and approximately 0.3 air mile south of Hondo Wash.; Yucca Valley North
RSA781418RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell29982011-10-22 RiversideArica Mountains: west side of the mountain range, approximately 2.6 air miles west of Priests Well, and approximately 6.8 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
RSA781856RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell29482011-10-07 San BernardinoBLMBlack Lava Butte: towards north end of butte, approximately 2.4 air miles north of the junction of Roadrunner Rut road and Pipes road, and approximately 0.75 air mile south of Hondo Wash.; Yucca Valley North
RSA784774RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell31782012-03-18 RiversideMecca Hills; southeastern section of hills; up a side canyon of the east fork of Hidden Springs Canon, approximately 1.5 air mile southwest of Hidden Spring.; Mortmar
RSA785262RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell3334B2012-04-15 San BernardinoThe Calumet Mountains; southern section of this range in the Sheephole Valley Wilderness. Approximately 6.75 air miles northeast of Clarks Pass.; Cadiz Valley SW
RSA785851RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre194092011-11-03 San BernardinoColorado River Valley: above river shore near gas pipeline bridge, approx. 0.4 mi S of I-40.; Topock 7.5
RSA787649RSAChamaesyce setilobaR. F. Thorne486741976-10-30 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert: Along Cottonwood Wash less than 1 air mile east of Coyote Springs
RSA792448RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell44052012-11-17 ImperialJacumba Mountains; within the Jacumba Mountain Wilderness, approximately 3.25 air miles northeast of Mountain Spring or approximately 1.25 air miles north of Myer Valley.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge
RSA792465RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell4157A2012-09-11 San BernardinoThe Old Woman Mountains; north side of the range within the Old Woman Wilderness area, collecting in Willow Spring Canon in the vicinity of Willow Spring.; Old Woman Statue
RSA792887RSAChamaesyce setilobaNaomi Fraga39062011-11-03 San BernardinoBLMOff Hondo Road at base of Black Lava Butte.; Yucca valley North
RSA793004RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell4295B2012-09-23 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains: collecting in rugged limestone canyons in the north section of the range, approximately 2 air miles northeast of Winters Pass.; Mesquite Mountain
RSA793033RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell42252012-09-21 San BernardinoCastle Mountains: north section of range, approximately 0.5 air mile northeast of Hart Peak and approximately 0.4 air mile west of California-Nevada border.; Hart Peak
RSA793434RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre205252011-12-01 San BernardinoColorado River Valley; along Highway 95 1.1 miles south of Needles.; Needles 7.5
RSA793443RSAChamaesyce setilobaNaomi Fraga41532012-11-13 San BernardinoBLMMouth of Bighorn Canon.; Bighorn Canon 7.5.
RSA793552RSAChamaesyce setilobaNaomi Fraga41072012-09-13 San BernardinoBLMAt the mouth of Rattlesnake Canon. Bighorn Mountain Wilderness.; Rattlesnake Canon 7.5
RSA793612RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell42012012-09-13 RiversideThe Mecca Hills; along what was left of Box Canon Road after having been buried by a flash flood from a large summer storm, approximately 5 air miles northeast of the junction of Box Canon Road and the Coachella Canal; Mortmaror approximately 1.25 air miles southwest of Shavers Well.
RSA796891RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre234812012-08-30 San BernardinoClipper Valley; Mojave National Preserve; along Essex Road, 2.3 miles north of Interstate 40, on margin of wash.; Blind Hills 7.5
RSA797181RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre214432011-10-12 San BernardinoGranite Mtns: Mojave National Preserve. Lower Willow Springs Basin at base of eastern fork.; Bighorn Basin 7.5
RSA797895RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre223372011-08-18 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; along dirt road-transmission line 1.0 miles west of Ivanpah Road, 3.4 miles south of Morningstar Road, approximately 10 miles south of I-15, just north of New York Mountains.; Joshua 7.5
RSA798105RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre229872012-09-05 San BernardinoCastle Peaks: Mojave National Preserve. 0.4 mi east of Ivanpah Rd, adjacent the Boomerang Mine site, just east of New York Mtns.; Ivanpah 7.5
RSA798150RSAChamaesyce setilobaMarc Baker176042012-09-04 San BernardinoFenner Valley, 6 km northwest of Goffs.; Goffs 7.5
RSA798177RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre202662011-09-09 San BernardinoIvanpah Mtns: Mojave National Preserve. 1.5 mi south of Striped Mtn, approx. 2 mi east of Cima Rd.; Mescal Range 7.5
RSA798788RSAChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell43192012-09-28 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain area; collecting along Rattlesnake Canon, approximately 0.75 air mile east of Viscera Spring.; Rattlesnake Canon
RSA799205RSAChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot67772011-09-02 San BernardinoBLMSouthern foot of Chemehuevi Mountains: Low rolling hills of mixed alluvium north of Havasu Lake Road and powerine.
RSA799291RSAChamaesyce setilobaThomas Stoughton6772010-10-22 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain Wilderness near Ruby Mountain, New Dixie Mine road approximately .4 miles west of highway 247.; Landers
RSA799310RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre223722012-08-08 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center, lower Granite Cove, just east of staff residence.; Bighorn Basin 7.5
RSA799576RSAChamaesyce setilobaJ. Andre232502012-08-30 San BernardinoAlong US 6 National Trails Highway) 6.0 miles east of Essex at foot of Piute Mountains.; Fenner 7.5
SBBG137237SBBGChamaesyce setilobaJim M. Andre209882011-09-29 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve, SE end of Kessler Peak near Billy Boy Mine, Ivanpah Mtns, 0.9 N of Morningstar Mine Rd, 4.9 mi N of town of Cima
SD245042SDChamaesyce setilobaJon P. Rebman270232013-09-20 San DiegoTable Mountain: northeast of Jacumba, north of I-8, west of the Desert View Tower in Inkopah & the Mountain Springs Grade, BLM land, on the top & north side of Table Mountain
SFV105929SFVChamaesyce setilobaM. H. Grayum9341977-12-18 ImperialColorado Desert; Along east side of Highway 86 about 1 mile south of Desert Shores turnoff. West side of Salton Sea.
SJSU4455SJSUChamaesyce setilobaE.V. Boro781963-12-26 Riverside5 mi E of Desert Hot Springs
UC1004717UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaPhilip A. Munz158971939-10-20 San Bernardino1 mi e 29 Palms
UC1174854UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaE. K. Balls, P. C. Everett238861959-08-19 San Bernardino1.5 mi sw junction of rds to Ivanpah and Cima (along rd to Cima); southest base of Ivanpah Mtns
UC1192286UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5061948-09-03 Imperial25 mi w Coachella (w of Salton Sea)
UC1434010UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaJ. L. Strother12641976-10-21 San Bernardino5 mi s Barstow (0.3 mi w of Route 247 (Barstow to Lucerne Valley) on unpved rd to Stoddard Well)
UC1584098UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd51641990-10-03 San Bernardino11.2 mi e Kelbaker Rd (rd over Foshay Pass); Eastern Mojave Desert, Providence Mtns
UC1928602UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaLeRoy Gross, S. D. Boyd, Michael Denslow, Lisa Rojas11892003-10-21 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Northcentral Mojave Desert region; East side of the Soda Mountains; North of interstate 15, west of Baker. Along jeep trail to Blue Bell Mine. Exit Zzyzx Road.
UC196601UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaJoseph Grinnell1910-03-17 RiversideRiverside Mtn, Colorado River
UC2026401UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaSteve Boyd, Valerie Soza, Tasha LaDoux100521997-10-12 RiversideCOLORADO DESERT, CHUCKWALLA MOUNTAINS: Northwest base of the range, south of Eagle Mine Road exit on Interstate 10.
UC495161UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock121531932-04-06 Imperial20 mi ne Ogilby
UC750618UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaLewis S. Rose463021946-12-23 RiversideCanon Wash
UC869128UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaLewis S. Rose383461938-12-24 Riverside19 mi e Indio (Indio-Blythe Rd)
UC869129UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaLewis S. Rose368061936-12-22 Riverside17 mi sw Indio (Palms to Pines Hwy); San Jacinto Mtns
UC869131UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaAlice Eastwood29781913-04-30 RiversidePalm Springs
UC922732UCJEPSChamaesyce setilobaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg9531940-03-01 San Bernardino1 mi s 29 Palms Inn; 29 Palms
UCR222203UCRChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre148942010-09-18 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; along transmission line road 2.4 mi. southwest of Nipton, in southeastern Ivanpah Valley; Ivanpah Valley
UCR225203UCRChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre149632010-10-09 San BernardinoColorado River Valley, along west side of Needles Hwy, 9.5 mi north of Needles
UCR246388UCRChamaesyce setilobaDuncan S. Bell42012012-09-13 RiversideMecca Hills; along what was left of Box Canon Road after having been buried by a flash flood from a large summer storm, c. 5 air mi northeast of the junction of Box Canon Road and the Coachella Canal or c. 1.25 air mi southwest of Shavers Well; Sonoran (Colorado) Desert
UCR253329UCRChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre223532011-08-18 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; along Kelbaker Road, 3.5 mi. north of Granite Pass, 11.4 miles north of I-40, c. 11 miles south of Kelso
UCR253396UCRChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre231422012-09-18 San BernardinoKingston Range, along Excelsior Mine Road, c. 18 mi north of Hwy I-15, at southeast end of range; Kingston Range
UCR262845UCRChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot72372014-08-12 San BernardinoSoutheast Whipple Mountains, along Parker Dam Road near Cross Roads. Northeast of Parker, Arizona, and just northeast of Bowmans Wash
UCR262920UCRChamaesyce setilobaSarah J. De Groot73402014-10-08 Imperialalong Milpitas Wash Road EC 704 at junction with Palo Verde Road, c. 1 road mile west of Hwy 78, east of power line, south end of Palo Verde Mountains, c. 3.3 mi south-southwest of Palo Verde Peak, just north of Milpitas Wash. About 10.9 mi south-southwest of the town of Palo Verde
UCSB036556UCSBChamaesyce setilobaJohn C. Roos1958-09-28 RiversidePinyon Flats, Santa Rosa Mtns.
UCSB036557UCSBChamaesyce setilobaJohn R. Haller35971983-03-26 RiversideWest side of Cottonwood Spring Road at southern boundary of Joshua Tree National Monument, 1 mile north of Interstate 10
UCSB036558UCSBChamaesyce setilobaSchroeder, Gail731976-03-18 San Diego0.25 W on Henderson Canon Rd. from intersection with Borrego Spring Rd. and several hundred meters south
UCSB050606UCSBChamaesyce setilobaM.A. Elvin61382008-09-09 San BernardinoNewbery Mountains, Camp Rock Rd.
VVC1726VVCChamaesyce setilobaJim Andre113282009-10-24 San BernardinoHackberry Mountains; bajada on NE end of Hackberry Mtn along dirt road to Hackberry Spring, approx 0.3 W of Ivanpah-Lanfair Rd; Hackberry MountainMojave Desert

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