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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AMES02051571AMESCephalanthera austiniaeC. C. Harris ; S. K. Harris33001936-06-12 HumboldtChalk Mountain near Bridgeville
AMES02051572AMESCephalanthera austiniaeA. A. Heller132621919-06-20 SiskiyouMetcalf′s ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy
AMES02051573AMESCephalanthera austiniaeJ. G. Lemmon1879-06-01 PlumasButterfly Valley
AMES02051574AMESCephalanthera austiniaeJ. Bidwell1884-07-04 Lake[no additional data]
AMES02051575AMESCephalanthera austiniaeW. H. Brewer14561962-09-19 Shastabelow the summit of [illgible] Bally
AMES02051576AMESCephalanthera austiniaeA. Eastwood1894-06-22 MendocinoNear Orr′s Springs
AMES02051577AMESCephalanthera austiniaeM. S. Clemens1920-06-22 UnknownQuincy
AMES02051580AMESCephalanthera austiniaeH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy116351947-06-27 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain
AMES02051581AMESCephalanthera austiniaeA. A. Heller132621919-06-20 SiskiyouMetcalf′s ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy
AMES02051582AMESCephalanthera austiniaeH. L. Mason57001930-07-01 CalaverasBlue Creek, a tributary of north fork of Mokelumne River, near Hermit Springs
AMES02051583AMESCephalanthera austiniaeH. L. Mason3041922-07-03 UnknownSierra Nevada Mountains, Tuolumne Big Tree Grove
AMES02051585AMESCephalanthera austiniaeA. Kellogg ; W. G. W. Harford9571869-06-15 Unknown[illegible]
AMES02051586AMESCephalanthera austiniaeA. A. Heller59361902-07-21 LakeFoothills south of Mt. Sanhedrin, midway between Potter Valley and Hullville
AMES02051592AMESCephalanthera austiniaeJ. G. Lemmon1879-07-01 UnknownNear Shasta
AMES02051606AMESCephalanthera austiniaeV. Rattan1878-06-01 Humboldt[no additional data]
ARF0561BLMARCephalanthera austiniaeJennifer Anthony-Wheeler5611996-07-09 Humboldt
BFRS102BFRSCephalanthera austiniaePeter Rubtzoff81431975-06-26 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Bacon Canon in headquarters area (Comp. 250R)
BLMRD0463BLMRDCephalanthera austiniaeJ. Molter2004-05-27 Butte15 E of Fork of Butte Rd.
BLMRD0464BLMRDCephalanthera austiniaeJ. Molter1996-07-11 TehamaW side of Gunsight Peak
CAS-BOT173712CASCephalanthera austiniaeRubtzoff, Peter76061974-06-19 El Doradolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT205663CASCephalanthera austiniaeShevock, James R.112961985-06-23 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT205679CASCephalanthera austiniaeShevock, James R.112451985-06-22 Tehamalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT344943CASCephalanthera austiniaeRubtzoff, Peter81431975-06-26 El Doradolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622033CASCephalanthera austiniaeSaunders, C. F.s.n.1906-07-01 Unknownlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622034CASCephalanthera austiniaeRattan, Volneys.n.1877-04-21 Unknownlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622035CASCephalanthera austiniaeHansen, Geo.12581895-04-01 Amadorlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622036CASCephalanthera austiniaeEastwood, Alice21611912-09-11 Del Nortelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622037CASCephalanthera austiniaeBeauchamp, R. M.s.n.1979-07-11 Fresnolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622038CASCephalanthera austiniaeSmith, Gladys L.77261982-07-11 Glennlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622039CASCephalanthera austiniaeHowell, John Thomas191361943-08-06 Glennlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622040CASCephalanthera austiniaeWheeler, Clare R.24751981-06-18 Glennlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622041CASCephalanthera austiniaeGillespie, Doris Kildale106121931-06-07 Humboldtlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622042CASCephalanthera austiniaeKildale, L. B.104921930-08-03 Humboldtlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622043CASCephalanthera austiniaeAckley, Mrs. Merrels.n.1965-06-01 Lakelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622044CASCephalanthera austiniaeReynolds, Mrs. L. R.s.n.1917-06-01 Lakelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622045CASCephalanthera austiniaeHeller, A. A.59361902-07-21 Lakelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622046CASCephalanthera austiniaeEastwood, Alice129751925-05-25 Lakelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622047CASCephalanthera austiniaeLenz, Lee W.243671961-06-23 Del Nortelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622048CASCephalanthera austiniaeWickes, Ethels.n.1938-07-06 Maderalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622049CASCephalanthera austiniaeWells, Mrs. C. E.s.n.1939-06-29 Maderalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622050CASCephalanthera austiniaeRaven, Peter H.651948-07-01 Maderalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622051CASCephalanthera austiniaePollard, H. M.s.n.1953-08-20 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622052CASCephalanthera austiniaeShevock, James R.241402003-06-22 Maderalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622053CASCephalanthera austiniaeCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-07-08 Mariposalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622054CASCephalanthera austiniaeCurran, M. K.s.n.1883-07-01 Mariposalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622055CASCephalanthera austiniaeSleznick, Jr., Jamess.n.1972-06-07 Mariposalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622056CASCephalanthera austiniaeSleznick, Jr., Jamess.n.1972-06-15 Mariposalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622057CASCephalanthera austiniaeTrue, Gordon H.; Campbell, Daniel78771975-07-13 Nevadalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622058CASCephalanthera austiniaeTrue, Gordon H.; Mott, Lillian12671963-06-10 Nevadalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622059CASCephalanthera austiniaeWilliams, Margarets.n.1970-06-23 Nevadalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622060CASCephalanthera austiniaeMcDonald, Julias.n.1914-06-01 Placerlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622061CASCephalanthera austiniaeJackson, Belle R.s.n.1927-06-01 Placerlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622063CASCephalanthera austiniaeAhart, Lowells.n.1976-07-07 Plumaslocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622064CASCephalanthera austiniaeRowntree, Lesters.n.1935-06-15 Nevadalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622065CASCephalanthera austiniaeWall, Mary E.s.n.1939-06-25 Plumaslocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622066CASCephalanthera austiniaeGiles, K. S.0661983-07-03 Plumaslocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622067CASCephalanthera austiniaeMcCracken, Miss. Isabels.n.1912-06-01 Santa Cruzlocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622068CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, Clarence R.66-311966-06-21 Shastalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622069CASCephalanthera austiniaeDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-23 Shastalocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622070CASCephalanthera austiniaeShevock, James R.106161983-07-30 Tularelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622071CASCephalanthera austiniaeShevock, James R.105741983-07-14 Tularelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622072CASCephalanthera austiniaeAhart, Lowell47091984-06-10 Buttelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622073CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, C. R.45-591945-07-19 Buttelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622074CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, Clarence R.64-731964-07-09 Buttelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622075CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, C. R.53-981953-08-11 Buttelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622076CASCephalanthera austiniaeCarruth, W. W.s.n.1902-06-01 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622077CASCephalanthera austiniaeEastwood, Alice113991922-06-27 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622078CASCephalanthera austiniaeKelly, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1925-06-01 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622079CASCephalanthera austiniaeBreedlove, D. E.29351962-06-06 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622080CASCephalanthera austiniaeAbrams, L. R.58951916-07-07 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622081CASCephalanthera austiniaeWheeler, Clare R.25951981-06-27 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622082CASCephalanthera austiniaeWheeler, Clare R.25981981-06-27 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622083CASCephalanthera austiniaeWheeler, Clare R.; Lempke, Betty35711983-07-14 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622084CASCephalanthera austiniaeWheeler, Clare R.; Sholars, Teresa37001984-07-10 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622085CASCephalanthera austiniaeSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.; BLM team69271981-07-08 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622086CASCephalanthera austiniaeSmith, Gladys L.; Smith, Charles H.80581983-06-26 Mendocinolocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622087CASCephalanthera austiniaeGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric4901982-06-24 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622088CASCephalanthera austiniaeElmer, A. D. E.32371901-06-01 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622089CASCephalanthera austiniaeEtienne, C.s.n.1970-07-04 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622090CASCephalanthera austiniaeHowitt, Beatrice F.11201960-06-05 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622091CASCephalanthera austiniaeHowitt, Beatrice F.5601955-05-30 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622092CASCephalanthera austiniaeHowitt, Beatrice F.5081955-05-29 Montereylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622093CASCephalanthera austiniaeWiggins, Ira L.135051955-07-24 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622094CASCephalanthera austiniaeWiggins, Ira L.135861955-07-29 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622095CASCephalanthera austiniaeMason, Mrs. W. B.s.n.1926-05-01 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622096CASCephalanthera austiniaeKildale, Doris K.53681928-07-02 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622097CASCephalanthera austiniaeButler, Geo. D.8821909-07-15 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622098CASCephalanthera austiniaeHeller, A. A.132621919-06-20 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622099CASCephalanthera austiniaeParker, Dorothy4761950-07-09 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622100CASCephalanthera austiniaeDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-20 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622101CASCephalanthera austiniaeSmith, L. E.4661913-07-12 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622102CASCephalanthera austiniaeHeller, A. A.132621919-06-20 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622103CASCephalanthera austiniaeEastwood, Alice108651921-07-26 Siskiyoulocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622104CASCephalanthera austiniaeCronemiller, F. P.; Smith, L. S.6971923-07-12 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622105CASCephalanthera austiniaeAlmeda, F.73381993-07-29 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622106CASCephalanthera austiniaeRattan, Volneys.n.1878-01-01 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622107CASCephalanthera austiniaeParks, Harold E.; Tracy, Joseph P.116351947-06-27 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622108CASCephalanthera austiniaeMunz, P. A.165781951-07-17 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622109CASCephalanthera austiniaeMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1956-06-14 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622110CASCephalanthera austiniaeCarter, Eugene2591971-06-30 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622111CASCephalanthera austiniaeCarter, Eugene6371973-07-24 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622112CASCephalanthera austiniaeVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-06-30 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622113CASCephalanthera austiniaeEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas49271937-06-25 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622114CASCephalanthera austiniaeParks, Harold E.; Tracy, Joseph P.116351947-06-27 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622115CASCephalanthera austiniaeHowell, John Thomas207081944-08-18 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622116CASCephalanthera austiniaeMunz, P. A.165781951-07-17 Trinitylocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622117CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, Clarence40-731940-06-23 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622118CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, Clarence R.13301934-06-24 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622119CASCephalanthera austiniaeAbrams, Le Roy48861911-07-15 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622120CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, C. R.47-661947-07-14 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CAS-BOT622121CASCephalanthera austiniaeQuick, C. R.50-381950-07-01 Tuolumnelocality redacted by CASC
CDA0013342CDACephalanthera austiniaeG.F. Hrusa131901996-07-09 ButteAbove spring on 2 N15, approx. 100 m to S of Hwy 162 across from entrance to Rogers Cow Camp. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0039521CDACephalanthera austiniaeF.D. Horns.n.1982-06-22 SiskiyouSouth of State Fish Hatchery, in Old Shasta Brown Ranch subdivision, southwest of Mount Shasta City.
CHSC101624CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeDavid W. Isle16351992-09-03 TehamaMendocino National Forest. Go W on M4 (Log Springs Rd 2 N69.2) to 5000 feet (T23N, R0 W, NW cor. Sec. 22) at 23N02.5 Jct. Continue NW up M4 about 1.45 mi. to 23N69L jct (0.2 mi E of Lightning Sp. Tr. jct). On 23N69L. MDB&M. T23N R09W S17 NE1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC11328CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart1970-07-05 SierraNear Marvin Ranch, La Porte.
CHSC113390CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart195392014-07-02 ButteNorth edge of a small meadow, on the south side of the County Road, about one mile west of the intersection of County Road and Lumpkin Road, about 7 miles northeast of Feather Falls. T2 N R07E S04 N1-2
CHSC2342CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. Carter1181964-06-12 ButteAbout 3-4 W of Forbestown where dirt road turns off of Forbestown R.
CHSC2343CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeV. Holt1935-06-29 SiskiyouMt. Shasta City.
CHSC2413CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. Carter2481965-06-21 PlumasFound on E side of Oroville-Qincy Rd. 3.05 N of Buckeye Water Hole, ca. 10 from road.
CHSC30247CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. S. Taylor30871980-07-08 SiskiyouOn n side of Castle Lake Rd (3 N24), ca. 0.9 mi w of its jct with 40N26 at se side of Lake Siskiyou, w of Mt. Shasta City. T40N R0 W S32 C USGS Quadrangle: Weed
CHSC30317CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. S. Taylor31401980-06-15 TrinityBear Creek trail, e of Canon Creek trail, ca. 12.1 mi n of Junction City on Hwy 299.
CHSC35978CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. S. Taylor47461982-06-24 ButteRag Dump 5, ca. 2 mi n of Flea Mt, ca. 10 mi n of Jarbo Gap on Hwy 70. T2 N R04E S13 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga SW
CHSC4408CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. L. Smith61966-05-28 Butte3 mi nw of De Sabla.
CHSC46537CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart11681976-07-07 PlumasAbout 2 miles south-west of Cold Water Creek, about 6 miles south-west of Grizzly Mountain.
CHSC46538CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart4571974-05-29 YubaAbout 1 mile north of Challenge.
CHSC49677CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeVernon Oswald12571984-06-07 TehamaCalif. Hwy 32 at Chico Creek Ridge Bridge. T2 N R03E S35 middle
CHSC54540CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeVernon H. Oswald48071991-08-05 PlumasService road from the south park boundary into Terminal Geyser, ca. 2.5 miles (air) southeast of Drakesbad. Lassen Volcanic National Park. T3 N R05E S3 W1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC61523CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart69631993-06-16 ButteSouth-west of the intersection of Black Bart Road and Forbestown Road, about 3_ miles (air) south-west of Forbestown. T1 N R06E S18 SE1-4
CHSC66352CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeV. H. Oswald79401996-07-01 TrinityCorral Gulch Rd. (Forest Rd. 3 N02) 0.6 mi E of the bridge at Deer Lick Springs Campground, NW of Platina. T30N R0 W S07 NE1-4
CHSC68909CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart77471997-07-11 ButteSoutheast of Cold Creek, about 2 miles (air) southwest of Bald Mountain, about 9 miles by road from Stirling City, or about 2 miles (air) northeast of Stirling City. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4
CHSC8615CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeBurgon1968-07-02 ButteSoda Springs Camp Ground.
CHSC92899CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeC. Burgess13951999-06-01 GlennMendocino National Forest -- North Coast Ranges, Black Butte River Watershed. Proposed Gulch Timber Sale Unit. Vicinity of Atchison Campground.
CHSC94152CHSCCephalanthera austiniaeLowell Ahart128452006-06-21 SierraOn the east side of the road, about 3 1-2 miles (by road) northwest of Forest. T1 N R10E S2 W1-4
DAV335737DAVCephalanthera austiniaeHannah Kang5052020-05-16 NevadaNEVADA COUNTY: Empire Mine State Park. +- 0.78 air miles southwest of Union Hill. In the vicinity of Grass Valley. A few hundred few off trail from the Hard Rock Trail and Osborne Loop Crosscut intersection.
DAV350866DAVCephalanthera austiniaeJames A. Neilson, Jr.40371981-06-09 LakeLake County: Gifford Springs at Cobb Mt. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV350867DAVCephalanthera austiniaePeter Rubtzoff76061974-06-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: The Georgetown Divide, Sierra Nevada. U.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station, less than 0.1 miles north of Bacchi Meadow.
DAV350868DAVCephalanthera austiniaeBijan Dehgans.n.1969-05-31 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Rubicon Canon Rd., Lombardi Springs, 6 miles east of Blodgett, near Georgetown.
DAV350869DAVCephalanthera austiniaeKenneth D. Stewarts.n.1965-07-15 ButteButte County: State Highway 32, around 15 miles north of Forest Ranch.
DAV350870DAVCephalanthera austiniaeJ. M. Tucker36311962-07-29 TehamaTehama County: 3-4 mil of Ovenlid, South Yolla Bolly Mountain, around 3 miles east of the summit.
DAV350871DAVCephalanthera austiniaeJohn M. Tucker43331974-07-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: 1.25 mile south of Haypress Meadows, beside trail to Camp 4, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
DAV350872DAVCephalanthera austiniaeK. Esaus.n.1933-07-08 SonomaSonoma County: near Petrified Forest.
GH02051578GHCephalanthera austiniaeS. A. Cook1937-07-01 Sierra[no additional data]
GH02051579GHCephalanthera austiniaeE. B. Copeland1903-08-19 SiskiyouFoot of Mt. Eddy
HSC102344HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. R. Mesler13012012-07-13 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mtn, above FS rd 1 N08
HSC103128HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. Mesler8122009-07-31 HumboldtSouth Fork Mtn. FS 1, 11.8 miles north of intersection with 4N12, just north of mile marker 34.
HSC104291HSCCephalanthera austiniaeSamantha E. Andres232016-05-06 HumboldtAbout 4 W on Mattole Rd. from the South Fork-Honeydew exit, above Harper Creek
HSC16592HSCCephalanthera austiniaeD.K. Walkersn1960-07-21 HumboldtWest boundary of Simpson Redwood land, 1-2 N of 500 A Road.
HSC16593HSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. Spellenberg1621963-06-16 TrinityIronsides Mtn., Burnt Ranch. About 6 mi. S of lookout on road
HSC16594HSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. Spellenberg1951963-07-14 TrinityIronsides Mtn., Burnt Ranch
HSC16596HSCCephalanthera austiniaeR. Spellenberg10721965-06-09 ShastaNear Castle Crags State Park. NE side of Sacramento River
HSC19081HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer11751969-07-23 SiskiyouAlong road near Horse Range Creek.
HSC27929HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGary S. Lester11973-06-07 TrinityOak Flat on the Stuart Fork trail entering the Trinity Alps Primitive Area
HSC30469HSCCephalanthera austiniaeFrederick W. Oettinger15491969-08-25 SiskiyouLittle N Fork Trail, Salmon Mountains
HSC31118HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer22631970-06-24 HumboldtS of Mill Creek Gap, FS Rd. 1 N02
HSC31692HSCCephalanthera austiniaeD.E. Anderson56901972-06-16 TrinityAlong ridge road on South Fork Mtn., 5 N of its jct. with Hwy. 36
HSC34450HSCCephalanthera austiniaeA. Montalvo4951975-06-22 Humboldt2 mi. E of Bridgeville along Hwy. 36
HSC36718HSCCephalanthera austiniaeBrent Whiteley681975-06-28 Siskiyou
HSC40125HSCCephalanthera austiniaeThomas W. Nelson30701976-07-28 HumboldtAlong small creek E of old road from Goat Mountain lookout to branch road of FS 2 N of Alder Springs.
HSC40823HSCCephalanthera austiniaeThomas W. Nelson28451976-06-22 TrinityRoad below Red Rock
HSC42465HSCCephalanthera austiniaeRobert M. Specht11401977-07-01 Trinity
HSC43039HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer28121976-07-02 SiskiyouRidges E of the Little N Fork Trail
HSC43491HSCCephalanthera austiniaeB. Reinhardt2471974-07-10 Del NorteForks of Blue Trail, 1-2 mi. from jeep road, near Flint Valley
HSC43492HSCCephalanthera austiniaeB. Reinhardt2361974-07-10 Del NorteEight Mile Creek Study Area, Forks of Blue Trail
HSC44701HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer29411977-06-19 SiskiyouClear Creek Trail between West Fork and Preston Creek
HSC45236HSCCephalanthera austiniaeThomas W. Nelson35571977-07-01 HumboldtN side of ridge between Bear Creek & Blanket Creek
HSC48979HSCCephalanthera austiniaeRudolf W. Beckingsn1979-07-15 HumboldtFish Lake
HSC53808HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGriswold62391979-07-10 HumboldtNear Board Camp Mountain, close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC54089HSCCephalanthera austiniaeOverton81581979-07-17 TrinityNear Horse Ridge, close to the town of Mad River.
HSC54146HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGilbert Muth83451979-07-18 TrinityNear Deep Hollow Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC54159HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGilbert Muth83781979-07-18 TrinityNear Deep Hollow Creek, close to the town of Mad River
HSC59895HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker9431979-06-28 HumboldtS of Mill Creek
HSC59977HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Ericksen3561979-06-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn.
HSC60687HSCCephalanthera austiniaeAl Hobartsn1958-07-01 Del NorteBear Basin
HSC63273HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker10391979-07-11 Del NorteNear summit of ridge along N bank of road to S Fork of Smith River. 3.5 km. S of junction w- FS 1 N04.
HSC63763HSCCephalanthera austiniaeLinda M. Barker11231975-07-05 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Road, at Monumental. 6.3 N of Patrick Creek junction.
HSC63841HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker9541979-06-29 Humboldt
HSC63884HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker9191979-06-27 Humboldt
HSC64236HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer31761978-06-09 TrinityTrail to Red Mtn.
HSC66262HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM. S. Taylor30871980-07-08 SiskiyouN side of Castle Lake Rd (3 N24)., 0.9 W of its jct. with FS 40N26, at SE side of Lake Siskiyou
HSC70729HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton15251980-07-14 HumboldtNear Deadman Ridge
HSC71521HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker26721980-07-02 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC72635HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.P. Smith92481977-07-03 HumboldtSix Rivers National Forest, along the road to Onion Lake, just above Blue Lake
HSC73744HSCCephalanthera austiniaeM.A. Baker29321980-07-15 HumboldtNear Whiting Ridge
HSC74021HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton18031980-07-27 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mountain.
HSC74259HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton10421980-07-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC74319HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton16001980-07-20 HumboldtNear Bell Swamps
HSC74322HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton16271980-07-20 HumboldtNear Bell Swamps
HSC74977HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJ.P. Smith101911979-06-24 TehamaShasta-Trinity Natl. Forest. Road to Stuart Gap, 1.5 mi. from Tedoc Gap
HSC78786HSCCephalanthera austiniaeJohn S. Palmer4991976-07-14 TrinityBear Lakes Area, basin between Bear Lakes
HSC84327HSCCephalanthera austiniaeGladys L. Smith69271981-07-08 Mendocino1-4 W of BLM access road to summit of Red Mountain N, Coombs Ranch.
HSC98060HSCCephalanthera austiniaeCara Witte4952007-07-11 HumboldtWaterhole off Forest Service Road 5N10. Approximately 2 miles east of intersection with National Forest 1.
HSC98133HSCCephalanthera austiniaeCara Witte3722007-06-27 HumboldtNear Grouse Mountain. Along Forest Service Road 4N3 Near intersection with 4N32B
HSC98319HSCCephalanthera austiniaeT. Jimerson5291979-06-12 HumboldtNear Hopkins Butte, close to the town of Orleans.
HSC98795HSCCephalanthera austiniaeCara Witte8282008-07-03 HumboldtIntersection of Friday Ridge Rd (6N08) and 5N39
HSC99499HSCCephalanthera austiniaeK. A. Wayman1592010-07-22 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, along Forest Service Rd 1 NO2, between two forks of Domingo Creek
HSC99829HSCCephalanthera austiniaeT. Jimerson7081979-07-31 HumboldtNear Whiting Ridge. Close to town of Hyampom
JEPS11969UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins46261954-06-26 Glennon rd. between Alder Springs Guard Station and Brownell Camp; Mendocino Nat′l Forest
JEPS125922UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeD. W. Taylor177962001-06-19 YubaCa 3 air miles SW of Union Hill, along Forest Road 2 N35 tributary to Brush Creek near Diamond Ravine.
JEPS14641UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeRimo Bacigalupi, Richard Hauke, Geo. Bacigalupi46841954-07-14 Glenn1 mi. w. Alder Springs (Mendocino Nat′l Forest); Mendocino Nat′l Forest
JEPS24248UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeHelen-Mar Beard1960-06-20 Plumasjust s. Caribou (w. of Cherry Hill, summit at head of Rich Gulch on way to Red Hill Lookoot, ridge between N. Fork Feather R. & E. Branch N. Fork, forest service rd.)
JEPS26585UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeDon Branscomb1961-06-22 Mendocinoca. 1 mi. s.e. Branscomb (along rd. w. of Laytonville leading to Westport, Admiral Standley State Park); Admiral Standley State Park
JEPS46151UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeDuncan Dunning1922-07-18 Butten. Pulga (Flea Valley); Flea Valley
JEPS64307UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeAdele Lewis Grant12241918-06-07 TuolumneColumbia, Yankee Hill
JEPS64308UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMilo S. Baker1101923-07-26 Humboldthead of S. Fork Yager Creek on Mt. West;, S. Fork Yager Creek
JEPS64309UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMiss M. A. Kelley1922-06-15 El DoradoGeorgetown
JEPS64310UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeWillis L. Jepson185271937-07-30 Del NorteDunn Creek, E. Fork Illinois R. Siskiyou Mts., E. Fork Illinois R., Dunn Creek
JEPS64311UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeLincoln Constance7951934-06-02 HumboldtBull Creek rd. to mouth of Bull Creek (and up Bull Creek); Bull Creek Region, S. Fork Eel R., Bull Creek
JEPS64312UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeWillis L. Jepson64671915-07-11 TuolumneStrawberry rd. sta. Strawberry
JEPS64313UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeWillis L. Jepson20271902-07-14 HumboldtMud Spring to Summit Trinity Summit
JEPS64314UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeWillis L. Jepson1689a1901-06-01 Montereyregion of the San Antonio Trail < Sans > Mill on Mill Creek Santa Lucia Mts., Mill Creek
JEPS64315UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeWillis L. Jepson2090a1902-07-22 Siskiyoutrail from Salmon Forks Salmon Summit; w. Siskiyou, Salmon Summit
JEPS64316UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeAdele Lewis Grant10691917-07-06 FresnoSnow Creek near Huntington Lake; Snow Creek
JEPS64317UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeChesnut, Drew1888-01-01 Humboldt
JEPS81366UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman59751982-07-07 Laken.w. side Snow Mt. (Middle Fork Stoney Creek); Middle Fork Stoney Creek
NCC18838NCCCephalanthera austiniaeBaker, Milo S.130571955-07-25 Tehamaalong county road beyond Whitlock Camp
NCC18839NCCCephalanthera austiniaeStocking, K.6451965-07-29 Glenn1000 ft below Plaskett (Meadows)
NCC18840NCCCephalanthera austiniaeStocking, K.5191964-08-01 MendocinoMendocino Woodlands, beyond footbridge to east
NCC18841NCCCephalanthera austiniaeBaker, Milo S.2253a1927-06-30 LakeWhispering Pines Resort
NCC18842NCCCephalanthera austiniaeParks, Harold E., and Joseph P. Tracy11,6351947-06-27 TrinitySouth Fork Mtn
NCC18843NCCCephalanthera austiniaeBaker, Milo S. & H. K. Wagnon127841953-06-21 Tehamalogging road W of Paskenta, ca 15-mile post
NCC18844NCCCephalanthera austiniaeArmstrong, Eleanor51929-06-06 SonomaCooper′s Grove
NCC18845NCCCephalanthera austiniaeWagnon, Keith & Douglas Barbe4471958-07-13 TrinityS of Stuart Gap, just beyond trail jct to Holtz′s Cabin
NCC18846NCCCephalanthera austiniaeBaird, V.B.1921-07-21 Placerthe Crags, nr Deer Park
NY4014054NYCephalanthera austiniaeA. A. Heller132621919-06-20 ?  SiskiyouMetcalf′s ranch, northeast base of Mt. Eddy
NY4014060NYCephalanthera austiniaeW. B. Cooke150801940-06-06 ?  SiskiyouAlong the Castle Lake road.
NY4014061NYCephalanthera austiniaeW. B. Cooke160271941-06-11 ?  SiskiyouIn conifer woods along the Castle Lake road.
NY4014062NYCephalanthera austiniaeH. E. Parks116351947-06-27 ?  TrinitySouth Fork Mountain.
NY4014065NYCephalanthera austiniaeI. L. Wiggins135861955-07-29 ?  SiskiyouConiferous forest on slope just E of Thompson Creek
OBI151872OBICephalanthera austiniaeMelissa Luckow4811980-07-14 MaderaSierra National Forest, Minerets Ranger District. Whiskey Sale
OBI151873OBICephalanthera austiniaeBernie Smith1681966-06-26 UnknownPinchard Creek Forest Service Camp. South branch drainage
PGM3971PGMCephalanthera austiniaeGriffin, James R.1973-05-27 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Pine Ridge Camp, Los Padres National Forest
PGM6370PGMCephalanthera austiniaeHowitt, Beatrice F11201960-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cone Peak Area, Redwood Springs trail along
PGM64PGMCephalanthera austiniaeYadon, Vern1960-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cone Pk Rd Redwood Springs, Redwood Springs
POM107566RSACephalanthera austiniaeC. C. Bruce641897-06-01 ButteSutton House
POM107576RSACephalanthera austiniaeGeo D. Butler8821909-07-15 SiskiyouRussian Creek.
POM181018RSACephalanthera austiniaeE. C. Van Dykes.n.1931-06-30 TrinityCarrville.
POM301282RSACephalanthera austiniaeH. E. Parks116351947-06-27 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain
PUA10363PUACephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer1970-06-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mill Creek Gap. Hoopa Quad.
PUA10523PUACephalanthera austiniaeJ.M. Tucker1974-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Haypress Meadows. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA11616PUACephalanthera austiniaeJ.D. Ackerman1975-06-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bridgeville. Weott Quad.
PUA11617PUACephalanthera austiniaeDennis E. Anderson1975-06-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Buck Spring. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA12779PUACephalanthera austiniaeDennis Walker1960-07-21 UnknownLocal landmark: Grizzly Peak. Quad.
PUA1451PUACephalanthera austiniaeD.V. Hemphill1952-07-21 GlennLocal landmark: Keller Place. Hull Mt Quad.
PUA14762PUACephalanthera austiniaeBill And Diane Meyer1972-07-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: applegate River. Happy Camp Quad.
PUA14847PUACephalanthera austiniaeArt Callan1969-11-07 Del NorteLocal landmark: Happy Camp-o′brien Road. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA23106PUACephalanthera austiniaeGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA23239PUACephalanthera austiniaeGriswold & Butler1979-07-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Snow Camp Mountain. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
PUA23531PUACephalanthera austiniaeGriswold & Butler1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Lone Pine Ridge. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA23751PUACephalanthera austiniaeClifton & Butler1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA30914PUACephalanthera austiniaeJimerson And Pageau1979-07-31 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiting Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA31035PUACephalanthera austiniaeJimerson And Pageau1979-06-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Hopkins Butte. Hoopa Quad.
PUA35211PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-06-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
PUA35436PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-07-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35917PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-07-14 HumboldtLocal landmark: Deadman Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA35995PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-07-20 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bell Swamps. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA36021PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-07-20 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bell Swamps. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA36201PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1980-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wounded Knee Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA37079PUACephalanthera austiniaeMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37558PUACephalanthera austiniaeMarc Baker1980-07-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiting Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA4441PUACephalanthera austiniaeC.A. Ground1970-07-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA45092PUACephalanthera austiniaeJohn Palmer1980-08-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA46574PUACephalanthera austiniaeA. Ackley1978-06-15 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA48527PUACephalanthera austiniaeBill Grummer1981-06-17 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
PUA51103PUACephalanthera austiniaeGail Newton1981-07-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek Butte. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA5411PUACephalanthera austiniaeG.L. Clifton1971-06-30 PlumasLocal landmark: Thompson Creek. Quincy Quad.
PUA5558PUACephalanthera austiniaeG.L. Clifton1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA5559PUACephalanthera austiniaeGilbert Jerome Muth1975-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA55807PUACephalanthera austiniaeG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA6094PUACephalanthera austiniaeRay Larson1968-07-01 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Hull Mt Quad.
PUA67622PUACephalanthera austiniaeG.L. Clifton1984-07-02 ButteLocal landmark: Little West Fork Feather Rd. Paradise Quad.
PUA7886PUACephalanthera austiniaeJ.O. Sawyer1969-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Range Creek. Etna Quad.
PUA7927PUACephalanthera austiniaeF.W. Oettinger1969-08-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: salmon River. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
PUA9894PUACephalanthera austiniaeRichard Spellenburg1963-06-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Burnt Ranch. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA9896PUACephalanthera austiniaeGary S. Lester1973-06-07 TrinityLocal landmark: Oak Flat. Ironside Mt Quad.
RSA0099984RSACephalanthera austiniaeJessica Orozco2222013-06-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off road 21S94 service road, along miner′s creek. Near the border of reservation.
RSA0201795RSACephalanthera austiniaeSarah J. De Groot53262006-06-15 TehamaWhitlock Campground, Mendocino National Forest.
RSA105307RSACephalanthera austiniaeMilo S. Baker130571955-07-25 TehamaMendocino National Forest above Whitlock Canong County Road.
RSA150577RSACephalanthera austiniaeLee W. Lenz243671961-06-23 Del NorteSmith River Canon, 7 miles south of state line
RSA181620RSACephalanthera austiniaeDorothy Parker4761950-07-09 SiskiyouSalmon Mountain
RSA202127RSACephalanthera austiniaeTheodore F. Niehaus6001965-06-24 SierraNorthern edge of meadow at Halls Ranch Guard Station
RSA2157RSACephalanthera austiniaeH. O. Seaholms.n.1930-05-01 MendocinoWilderness Lodge, near Branscomb
RSA240102RSACephalanthera austiniaeFrederick W. Oettinger15491969-08-25 SiskiyouLittle North Fork Trail. The Salmon Mountains; the high lake basins in the vicinity of English Peak; Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
RSA320415RSACephalanthera austiniaeJames R. Shevock106161983-07-30 TulareAlong Deep Creek Trail, FS 32E06, Little Kern River drainage, Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest
RSA381924RSACephalanthera austiniaeGeorge Henry Grinnells.n.1929-07-11 MariposaUnspecified.
RSA381925RSACephalanthera austiniaeGeorge Henry Grinnells.n.1929-07-11 MariposaCrane Flats, Yosemite
RSA381926RSACephalanthera austiniaeChristopher Davidson59011977-06-18 MendocinoPiper Ranch, off Mountain View Rd. (N of Pt Arena), 11.7 mi. E of Hwy 1, near Birch Cr., several miles NW of ranch buildings.
RSA381927RSACephalanthera austiniaeGeorge Henry Grinnells.n.1992-06-12 UnknownHigh Sierras
RSA381928RSACephalanthera austiniaeM. B. Dunkle91401944-07-18 SiskiyouSterling Mountains, Siskiyou National Forest.
RSA381929RSACephalanthera austiniaeLouis C. Wheeler26381934-06-04 SiskiyouHamburg Gulch off Horse Creek, Siskiyou Mountains; Mt. Diablo Meridian
RSA381930RSACephalanthera austiniaeM. B. Dunkle90691944-07-03 SiskiyouBeaver Creek, Siskiyou National Forest. Sierra Nevada
RSA381931RSACephalanthera austiniaeGeorge Henry Grinnells.n.1923-07-11 Tuolumne[no additional locality information]
RSA436984RSACephalanthera austiniaeGary D. Wallace12501973-07-11 HumboldtEastern part of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
RSA46684RSACephalanthera austiniaeDoris K. Kildale151391937-07-18 HumboldtHorse Mt.
RSA49802RSACephalanthera austiniaeE. K. Balls137781949-07-01 TrinityTrail to lakes, above Ripstein Canon Creek.
RSA66906RSACephalanthera austiniaePhilip A. Munz165781951-07-17 TrinityGrasshopper Public Camp, 2.5 W of Stuart Gap, North Yolla Bolly Mtns.
RSA70040RSACephalanthera austiniaeG. B. Peirson16951914-07-01 MariposaAbove Little Yosemite, Sierra Nevada
RSA70041RSACephalanthera austiniaeFrank W. Peirson36981923-07-13 Del Norteabout 2 miles south of Oregon line on road from Crescent City to Grants Pass
RSA777898RSACephalanthera austiniaeC. Eplings.n1935-07-10 MariposaGentry R.S., Yosemite Park
RSA790134RSACephalanthera austiniaeJames R. Shevock112961985-06-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Along forest road M-1 less than 1 mi north of Coyote Rock.
SBBG1146SBBGCephalanthera austiniaeH. and M. Dearing35031939-05-08 Yubanear Canonville
SBBG1147SBBGCephalanthera austiniaeH. and M. Dearing37101939-06-25 Trinityroad to Blake Lookout
SBBG129335SBBGCephalanthera austiniaeS. Timbrook2015-05-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: S side of Kinevan Rd, ca. 0.2 W of jct with W Camino Cielo Rd (which is 0.3-0.4 km WNW of jct with St Hwy 154), Santa Ynez Mtns
SBBG30183SBBGCephalanthera austiniaeDonald Myrick20611968-06-29 SiskiyouMountain Meadow Ranch, Big Flat, near Trinity Center; Trinity Alps
SD00034355SDCephalanthera austiniaeGeoffrey A. Levin22201992-07-17 San DiegoHot Springs Mountain, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, along main road to summit, ca. 0.1 mi. S of Rough Road (alternate summit road) Duff under oaks.
SD58374SDCephalanthera austiniaeHelen-Mar Beards.n.1960-06-20 PlumasForest Service road-summit at head of Rich Gulch, on way to Red Hill Lookout, on ridge between the north fork of the Feather river and the east branch of the north fork, just south of Caribou and west of Cherry Hill among pines.
SJSU13194SJSUCephalanthera austiniaeC.W. Sharsmith4165.51940-06-16 Mariposajust W of Crane Flat, Yosemite National Park
SJSU2588SJSUCephalanthera austiniaeH.L. Buckalew1962-07-09 Siskiyounear Poker Flat c. 2 W of junction of Indian Creek with W Branch Indian Creek, Siskiyou Mts
SJSU6517SJSUCephalanthera austiniaeR.W. Trivelpiece1441972-07-11 Siskiyounear Elk Creek Divide NW of Boulder Peak c. 10 W of Happy Camp
THRI-SEKI6124THRICephalanthera austiniaeRockwell, Jack A.69-05721969-07-28 UnknownCedar Grove, Copper Cr Tr
UC1045260UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeW. Bridge Cooke152261940-07-05 Siskiyounear Bear Springs Mt. Shasta
UC1045277UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeW. Bridge Cooke150801940-06-06 Siskiyoualong Castle Lake rd.
UC1096405UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeOrnduff50011958-06-29 SierraBrandy City Graveyard
UC1134727UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. L. Person1932-05-30 MendocinoMarble Gulch Willits Quad., Marble Gulch
UC1134728UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. S. Yates53391935-07-02 Tuolumnenear Cow Creek R.S.; Stanislaus Nat′l Forest, Big Trees Quad.
UC1190153UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeIra L. Wiggins135861955-07-29 Siskiyouslope just e. Thompson Creek
UC1196465UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy45771914-07-05 Humboldtbetween High Prairie and Snow Camp (Bald Mt.); Northern Coast Ranges, Bald Mt.
UC1196466UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy35231911-07-12 Humboldtmt. slopes along rd. near Three Creeks; Northern Coast Ranges
UC1196467UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy181491948-08-15 Humboldton ridge 2 mi. e. Grove′s Prairie (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
UC1196468UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy75811926-06-06 Humboldtnear summit on rd. w. from Hoopa to Bair′s (Hoopa Mt.); Northern Coast Ranges, Hoopa Mt.
UC1196469UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeStuart Harris33001936-06-12 HumboldtChalk Mt.
UC1196470UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy107341932-07-20 HumboldtTrinity Summit near Corral Prairie; Trinity Summit
UC127379UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock40791903-06-01 Siskiyounear Upton (Mt.Shasta); Sierra Nevada Mts., Mt. Shasta
UC1299375UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeFreed W. Hoffman25251948-06-27 Colusa8.6 mi. s.w. Fouts Springs (Upper Letts Valley); w. Colusa Co., Upper Letts Valley
UC130661UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. M. Hall86871909-07-01 Trinityon Hardscrabble Creek near Coffee Creek; Salmon Mts., Hardscrabble Creek
UC1326242UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeTheodore F. Niehaus6001965-06-24 Sierran. edge of meadow at Hall′s Ranch Guard Station
UC13533UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeChesnut, Drew1888-07-09 HumboldtKneeland
UC143598UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMrs. R. M. Austin71896-07-01 ButteButte Creek
UC143601UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMrs. R. M. Austin1611877-07-01 Plumasnear Quincy; Mill Creek
UC14949UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale58171899-06-21 Trinity1-2 way up Trinity Summit trail
UC14950UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeP. E. Goddard1221901-07-30 HumboldtBox Camp, Trinity Summit Trail
UC14951UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph Burtt Davy56251899-06-18 HumboldtBald Mt.
UC14952UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeChesnut, Drew1888-01-01 Humboldt
UC14953UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMrs. M. H. Manning161901-07-01 TrinityTrinity Summit
UC160246UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMiss Donna Silvey1911-06-01 ShastaCastella
UC161891UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeW. Vortriede1892-05-01 MontereySanta Lucia Mts.
UC164420UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeGeo. D. Butler8821909-07-15 SiskiyouHighland Mine
UC164506UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. M. Hall90451911-07-05 MariposaLittle Yosemite Valley Yosemite Nat′l Park, Little Yosemite Valley
UC172840UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. M. Hall94891913-07-16 Lakenear old Frazier Mill Mt. Sanhedrin; Inner Coast Ranges, n. Lake Co., Mt. Sanhedrin
UC198764UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeAnnie M. Alexander, L. Kellogg2601911-07-19 Trinityhead Grizzly Creek
UC199562UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeChesnut, Drew1885-07-09 HumboldtCampbell′s
UC336580UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeunknown1996-07-01 PlumasButterfly Valley
UC353845UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeunknown2253b1927-06-30 LakeWhispering Pines Resort
UC402839UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeR. M. Holman1921-07-16 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin
UC429101UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeP. E. Goddard6931906-06-01 HumboldtBlocksburg
UC429102UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeP. E. Goddard6821906-06-01 Unknownridge rd. near < Lassick > Peak
UC455187UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeI. J. Condit1911-07-15 Shastaalong Auto Toll Rd. McCloud
UC51011UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeR. A. Gibbs1898-07-01 TuolumneThompson′s
UC538039UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMiss E. E. Morse1934-04-02 PlacerTowle, Baxter′s Camp
UC565392UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeMrs. E. F. Lane1937-06-08 El Doradocanyon near creek Georgetown
UC666978UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeJoseph P. Tracy155261937-07-24 Humboldt2 mi. s.e. Devil′s Hole (Trinity Summit); Trinity Summit
UC673562UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. L. Mason3041922-07-03 MariposaTuolumne Big Trees Grove, Yosemite Nat′l Park Sierra Nevada Mts., Yosemite Nat′l Park, Tuolumne Big Trees
UC673563UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeH. L. Mason57001930-07-01 Calaverasnear Hermit Springs (Blue Creek (tributary of N. Fork Mokelumne R.)); Blue Creek (tributary of N. Fork Mokelumne R.)
UC717838UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeRene D′Urbal13141928-06-07 Tuolumne3 mi. s. Strawberry; Stanislaus Nat′l Forest, S. Fork Stanislaus R.
UC746955UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeG. Thomas Robbins11421943-06-08 El Doradoca. 3 mi. e. Camino (N. Fork Webber Creek); N. Fork Webber Creek
UC746962UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeG. Thomas Robbins17461944-06-29 El Doradoca. 3 mi. e. Camino (along bank N. Fork Webber Creek); N. Fork Webber Creek
UC767545UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeR. F. Hoover59091942-06-29 LakeSalmina′s Resort
UC767613UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeR. F. Hoover24901937-06-23 TuolumneLong Barn
UC906672UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy116351947-06-27 TrinityS. Fork Mt.
UC922361UCJEPSCephalanthera austiniaeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg56991949-06-26 TrinityWhite Rock Ranger Station n. of Yolla Bolley Middle Eel Primitive Area; White Rock Ranger Station
UCSB007506UCSBCephalanthera austiniaeHugh Dearing37101939-06-25 TrinityRoad to Blake Lookout
UCSB007507UCSBCephalanthera austiniaeR. Patterson12831978-05-14 MontereyNacimiento-Ferguson Road; ca. 0.8 mi E of junction with Cone Peah Road
UCSC159UCSCCephalanthera austiniaeMiss Kate Congers.n. ButteBrush Creek -
YM-YOSE66064YMCephalanthera austiniaePILLSBURY, Mr.4271936-08-01 ?  MariposaDAVIS CUT-OFF
YM-YOSE66065YMCephalanthera austiniaeHOOD, MARY V.1938-07-10 ?  MariposaMARIPOSA GROVE OF BIG TREES
YM-YOSE66066YMCephalanthera austiniaeWILLIAMS, H.1936-07-08 ?  MariposaDAVIS CUT-OFF
BFRS103BFRSEburophyton austiniaePeter Rubtzoff83381975-08-20 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Bacchi Meadow area (Comp. 290R)
BFRS104BFRSEburophyton austiniaePeter Rubtzoff70121972-10-11 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Bacon Canon in headquarters area (Comp. 250R)
CLARK-A1528-3376CLARKEburophyton austiniaeJohn C. Roos6131934-05-15 San BernardinoCrestline
FSC0005450FSCEburophyton austiniaeH. L. Buckalew1956-06-12 ShastaCollected in Castle Crags State Park, 50 feet above River Trail.
MACF033024MACFEburophyton austiniaeF.A. MacFadden109411933-07-13 NevadaGreenhorn Creek, net. Oro. Mining District
MCCC1469MCCCEburophyton austiniaeTeresa Sholars4151984-07-10 MendocinoLeech Lake, Mt. Trail ca. 1-2 way up, Mendocino National Forest
MCCC461MCCCEburophyton austiniaeRon Griffith51982-05-30 MendocinoC-R River Ranch, end of county Road 501, north fork of the Gualala River
UCR26305UCREburophyton austiniaeJohn C. Roos5611934-06-01 San BernardinoCrestline
UCR3557UCREburophyton austiniaeWm. Horn Jr.630714--81963-07-14 PlumasMeadow Valley, 120-130 yards south of Bucks Lake Road, 1 mi west of Meadow Valley Store at edge of clearing
YM-YOSE60275YMEburophyton austiniaeBOTTI, STEPHEN J.491980-07-16 ?  TuolumnePATE VALLEY

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