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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    SDSU10213SDSUCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusFrazier, Chris1989-2-26 San Diego
    HSC98207HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusSteven Lagos431974-5-04 Colusa
    CAS-BOT50523CASCeanothus oliganthusSummers, R. W.s.n.1884-3-3 San Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT50477CASCeanothus oliganthusParnay, P.301901-7-28 Unknown
    CSLA014485CSLACeanothus oliganthusHerbert Hyman48771953-5-01 Los Angeles
    UC297939UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusunknown1937-6-26 Unknown
    UC297934UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusunknown1928-6-8 Unknown
    UC18372UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthusDr. A. Davidson1895-1-01 Los Angeles
    UC18468UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusState Survey1800-1-01 Unknown
    UC50274UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusThomas Bridges, Esq.521909-6-17 Unknown
    UC297933UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusunknown1991-11-23 Unknown
    UC79843UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusC. C. Parry1889-1-01 Unknown
    OBI124251OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJoy Nishida4141982-5-29 San Luis Obispo.2 mi S of American Cyn campground
    JEPS110859UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJake Ruygt341976-4-29 Napa.6 mile SW of Napa-Solano Co. line on HWY 128
    SD00056407SDCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDarley F. Howes.n.1960-4-10 San Luis Obispo.6 mile on road west of Cuesta Pass, 6 miles north of San Luis Obispo
    UCSB016369UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusMazzia, Linda631960-5-11 Santa Barbara0.1 N of La Cumbre Peak. Lookout tower on Camino Cielo Rd., about 10 mi. N of Santa Barbara
    UC1070913UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. Simontacchi1271935-6-19 Ventura0.3 mi ne Sulphur Peak; Tejon quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    LOB110789LOBCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Spencer691975-4-15 Orange0.4 N of Irvine Park Lake.
    SBBG160097SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Burgess54922003-2-17 Ventura0.5 mi S of Wheeler Gorge Campground, MM 18.50, Los Padres National Forest.
    SBBG160096SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Burgess54932003-2-17 Ventura0.5 mi S of Wheeler Gorge Campground, MM 18.50, Los Padres National Forest.
    UC1071326UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusC. M. Belshaw16461936-3-19 San Luis Obispo0.5 mi ne Santa Manuela School; Nipomo quad.
    UC1071320UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusG. E. Sindel3921935-11-12 Santa Clara0.5 mi w Bald Mt.; New Almaden Quad.
    RSA16498RSACeanothus oliganthusPercy C. Everett72091935-6-18 Riverside0.5 mi. below (N) Main Divide motorway.
    RSA16499RSACeanothus oliganthusPercy C. Everett72081935-6-18 Riverside0.5 mi. below (N) Main Divide motorway.
    RSA175244RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusRobert F. Thorne315961963-4-20 San Luis Obispo0.5 miles NW of Cuesta Pass along Cuesta Ridge
    SDSU10429SDSUCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusHowe, D. F.28471960-4-10 San Luis Obispo0.6 mile on road W of Cuesta Pass, 6.0 miles N of San Luis Obispo.
    UCSB016388UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusHillman, Marianne1961952-10-14 Santa Barbara0.6 miles east of La Cumbre Peak Ranger Staion on Camino Cielo Rd.
    OBI158721OBICeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusMark Elliott2371979-5-11 Monterey1 .0 mi E. of Cone Peak Rd. along Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd.
    UC1602794UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusP. L. Johannsen2441934-1-27 Los Angeles1 1/2 mi w Oat Mountain; Santa Susana Quadrangle
    UC1071173UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusH. C. Lee4791936-3-11 San Luis Obispo1 1/2 miles S.E. of Sycamore Springs.
    UCSB016340UCSBCeanothus oliganthusGraney, Don2681954-5-16 Santa Barbara1 1/4 mile above Juncal Public Canon road to Romero Saddle.
    SBBG168329SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid Keil, V. Holland, L. Kelly205931988-5-06 Monterey1 W of jct with Arroyo Seco Rd along Carmel Valley Rd
    OBI124262OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil205931988-5-06 Monterey1 W of jctn with Arroyo Seco Rd along Carmel Valley rd
    SBBG169211SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusCarl B. Wolf43941941-7-31 San Mateo1 mi E of summit of La Honda Grade, Santa Cruz Mtns
    UC569846UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee3631935-5-14 Santa Barbara1 mi e Zaca Peak; Lompoc Quadrangle
    UC774510UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusCarl B. Wolf111131941-7-31 San Mateo1 mi e summit La Honda Grade; Santa Cruz Mts., summit of La Honda Grade
    UC1071315UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusT. M. Hendrix7681938-4-21 Santa Clara1 mi n Gilroy Hot Springs; Gilroy Hot Springs quad.
    UC1071152UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. E. Wieslander4321934-3-21 Ventura1 mi ne Oat Mt.; Piru quad., Santa Barbara National Forest
    UC1071150UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. E. Wieslander4331934-3-21 Ventura1 mi ne Oat Mt.; Piru quad., Santa Barbara National Forest
    UC1071335UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusB. Bolt6411936-3-22 San Luis Obispo1 mi sw Cuesta Pass; San Luis Obispo quad.
    RSA122356RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee3631935-5-14 Santa Barbara1 mile E of Zaca Peak.
    RSA655941RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJames Henrickson20707B2000-4-15 Los Angeles1 mile SE of Newhall in W part of Whitney Canon just NE of junction of San Fernando Road and State Hwy 14, within 200ft of Hwy 14.
    RSA127441RSACeanothus oliganthusH. J. Thompson18681959-3-22 Los Angeles1 mile W of Triunfo Canon, 3 miles W of Malibu Lake, Lobo Canon.
    UC1071330UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusD. Axelrod6221936-8-05 Monterey1.25 mi se Sugarloaf Peak; San Juan Bautista quad.
    UC1071343UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusT. M. Hendrix871937-4-23 San Luis Obispo1.4 mi nw Hi Mt.; Pozo quad.
    UC1071156UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. D. Gifford401934-4-02 Ventura1.5 mi n Hutton Peak; Piru quad.
    UC1071169UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJ. E. Sowder2191934-3-12 Ventura1.5 mi n Sulphur Springs (on Gridley Creek.); Ventura quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    RSA122357RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. S. Yates53981936-3-27 San Luis Obispo1.5 miles NE of La Panza.
    UC1071151UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusF. W. Embree2901935-2-13 Santa Barbara1.5 sw Blue Canon Pass; Santa Barbara quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC1070910UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusG. T. Nordstrom5781935-5-11 Ventura1.6 mi s Blue Point; Tejon quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC718442UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusP. C. Everett72021935-6-18 Riverside1.7 mi n Los Pinos Potrero (Main Divide Motorway.); Santa Ana Mts.
    RSA122436RSACeanothus oliganthusA. Simontacchi631935-6-04 Ventura1.75 N.E. of the Pothole.; Tenjon
    UC567232UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. Simontacchi631935-6-04 Ventura1.75 mi ne The Pothole; Tejon quad.
    OBI124277OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusRobert J. Rodin61341957-4-09 San Luis Obispo1/2 W of Cuesta Summit on hwy 101
    UC1071146UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJ. E. Sowder2031934-3-06 Ventura1/2 mi n Long Valley; Ventura quad., Santa Barbara
    UC1071170UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJ. E. Sowder2021934-6-03 Ventura1/2 mi n Long Valley; Ventura quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC1070902UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. D. Gifford1661934-4-25 Los Angeles1/2 mi ne Castro Pk.; Triunfo Pass quad.
    UC569876UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. S. Yates53981936-3-27 San Luis Obispo1/2 mi ne La Panza; La Panza quad.
    UC1178412UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. J. Rodin61431957-4-09 San Luis Obispo1/2 mi w Cuesta Summit; Hwy 101
    UCSB016378UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusLloyd, Robert601959-3-14 Los Angeles1/2 mile south of dam in San Dimas Canon. Stream bed west of San Dimas Canon Road.
    UC774551UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusCarl B. Wolf109781941-7-11 San Luis Obispo1/4 mi nw of summit Cuesta Grade; Santa Lucia Range, nw of summit of Cuesta Grade
    UC1071162UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusP. L. Johannsen3071934-2-26 Los Angeles1/4 mi s San Fernando Pass; Santa Susana quad.
    UCSB016392UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusGraney, Don2201954-5-02 Santa Barbara1/4 mile from Camino Cielo on road to Gibraltar Dam.
    HSC18364HSCCeanothus oliganthusC.L. Hitchcock231091964-3-17 Riverside10 N of Pala, along road to Elsinore.
    CSLA014481CSLACeanothus oliganthusBrian C. Miller1271962-4-24 Los Angeles10 N. of Castaic Hwy. 99
    UC310667UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusPhilip A. Munz102181926-4-09 San Luis Obispo10 mi sw Paso Robles (Willow Creek Rd)
    UC1583677UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid Keil, V. L. Holland, Larry Kelly205931988-5-06 Monterey11 mi nw of junction with Arroyo Seco Rd along Carmel Valley Rd.
    UC1071329UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusA. E. Wieslander1891931-3-12 Mendocino14 mi n Willets; Willets quad.
    UC1071310UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusA. E. Wieslander1901931-3-12 Mendocino14 mi n Willets; Willets quad.
    OBI124268OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil186931985-4-27 San Luis Obispo16.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Crk rd, near Rocky Butte lookout at Wheelbarrow Gulch
    CHSC24694CHSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusG. Strang151976-4-17 Contra Costa2 .7 mi w of Canon school on Pinehurst Rd. on se facing bank.
    UC1071342UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. S. Yates53681936-3-23 Monterey2 1/2 mi nnw Cosia Knob; King City Quad.
    UC1071321UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusG. E. Sindel3451935-8-29 San Mateo2 1/2 mi nw Black Mt.; Santa Clara Quad.
    UCSB016332UCSBCeanothus oliganthusGraney, Don2401954-3-28 Santa Barbara2 1/2 miles down road from Camino Gielo to Gibraltar Dam.
    LOB110797LOBCeanothus oliganthusS. Wellss.n.1973-4-07 Ventura2 W of junction of Hwys. 150 and 33, on Hwy. 33, Wheeler Gorge
    HSC18380HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusP.J. Zinke1661950-10-04 Humboldt2 mi E of Honeydew
    UC750688UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusLewis S. Rose420121942-4-19 Santa Clara2 mi e Skyline Blvd. (Saratoga Rd.)
    UC1070907UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. D. Gifford4481935-3-15 Los Angeles2 mi ene Whitaker Peak; Tejon quad., Angeles National Forest
    JEPS7482UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusRimo Bacigalupi, J. F. MacBride, Ruth D. Sanderson35961952-4-01 San Diego2 mi n Escondido (along US Hwy 395)
    UC1071168UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJ. E. Sowder2101934-3-07 Ventura2 mi ne Matilija; Ventura quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC1071331UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusB. Bolt6601936-4-10 San Luis Obispo2 mi ne Mouth of Smith Creek; Cayucos quad.
    UC1070908UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. D. Gifford6761935-5-08 Los Angeles2 mi ne Whitaker Peak; Tejon quad., Angeles National Forest
    UC1071339UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusC. R. Clar401929-8-01 Santa Cruz2 mi s Loma Prieta; New Almaden Quad., s of Loma Prieta
    UC1193287UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusP. Zinke1671950-10-04 Humboldt2 mi se Honeydew; Quad. 28D1
    UC1071334UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusE. Armstrong10871934-4-01 San Luis Obispo2 mi w Pozo; Pozo quad.
    UCSB016336UCSBCeanothus oliganthusGraney, Don2571954-5-16 Santa Barbara2 mi. above Juncal Public Canon road down from Romero Saddle.
    MACF032808MACFCeanothus oliganthusTed L. Hanes1979-11-09 San Diego2 miles north of Alpine
    UCSB016366UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusMcMillan, Ann481962-3-27 Santa Barbara2 miles north of entrance to Los Padres National Forest on Gibraltar Rd.
    UCSB016382UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusZinke, P.1681950-10-04 Humboldt2 miles southeast of Honeydew
    UCSB016373UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusDavid L. Magney30-821982-3-19 Ventura2 miles west of Hwy 33 on Matilija Cyn Rd
    UCSB016375UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusKrasner, Larry71975-3-01 Santa Barbara2.2 N. on Old San Marcos Rd.; after Jct. with Cathedral Oaks and ca. 1/4 mile W. into Maria Ygnacio Canon.
    UCSB016374UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusStone, M.121977-5-29 Los Angeles2.5 miles up Chantry Flats Road, San Gabriel Mtns.
    UC1071323UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusG. T. Nordstrom10931937-4-19 San Luis Obispo2.6 mi ese Lincoln School; Adelaida Quad.
    RSA398828RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusAnstruther Davidson17431896-4-1 Los Angeles2/3 way up Wilson Trail; Wilson's Peak.
    UCSB016395UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusGraney, Don2511954-3-28 Santa Barbara3 1/2 mile from Camino Cielo rd. on road to Gibraltar Dam.
    RSA399726RSACeanothus oliganthusD. A. YoungP-3821969-3-15 Los Angeles3 W of Chatsworth, CA S. of Hiway 118 on Santa Susana Rd. Southern Oak Wd.
    UC1071158UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusF. W. Embree2741935-1-08 Santa Barbara3 mi e and 1/2 mi s of La Cumbre Pk.; Santa Barbara quad, Santa Barbara National Forest
    CAS-BOT50431CASCeanothus oliganthusMcMillan, Ebens.n.1972-3-17 Ventura3 mi. W of top of Sulphur Mt., Ojai
    CAS-BOT50430CASCeanothus oliganthusMcMillan, Ebens.n.1972-3-17 Ventura3 mi. W of top of Sulphur Mt., Ojai
    CAS-BOT63507CASCeanothus oliganthusRose, Lewis S.401121940-3-12 San Diego3 mi. e. of Julian.
    UCSB016393UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusGraney, Don2481954-3-28 Santa Barbara3 mi. from Camino Cielo on road to Gibraltar Dam.
    RSA22077RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusL. S. Rose390671939-4-16 Napa3 miles NE of Napa.
    LOB110791LOBCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiJ. A. Kincaid21972-3-18 San Diego3 miles west on Lone Pine Point Rd. from summit of Palomar Mt.
    UC165826UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJoseph P. Tracy16271902-5-22 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin's (at head of Moore's Creek.); Howell Mt., Northern Coast Ranges
    CHSC26368CHSCCeanothus oliganthusP. D. Ricards111977-4-04 Ventura3.5 mi n of Santa Paula, .5 mi e on Kolenstein Rd.
    UC573528UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee8471937-4-28 San Luis Obispo3.5 mi ne Bethel School; Paso Robles quad.
    RSA122360RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee8471937-4-22 San Luis Obispo3.5 miles NW of Bethel School, Paso Robles.
    HSC97280HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJ.R. McFarlandsn1997-4-10 Humboldt3.7 N on King Range Rd. from Shelter Cove Rd. near peak
    POM215787RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusD. D. Keck20421933-5-01 San Benito3.8 miles W of Hernandez (Laguna) on San Lorenzo Creek
    UCSB016335UCSBCeanothus oliganthusGraney, Don2781954-5-23 Santa Barbara3/4 mi. from Depression Drive on Camino Cielo rd.
    RSA0028415RSACeanothus oliganthusM. Sidells171996-4-27 Solano300m south of Route 128, 6 miles west of Winters.
    UC1071313UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusD. Axelrod1651935-4-05 Santa Barbara4 mi e Refugio Pass; Lompoc quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC1071325UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusW. A. Peterson7541937-4-27 San Luis Obispo4 mi ese McChesney Mtn.; La Panza Quad.
    UC1071157UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusD. Axelrod1601935-4-04 Santa Barbara4 mi ne Refugio Pass; Lompoc quad.
    RSA221012RSACeanothus oliganthusE. W. Lathrop62211966-4-28 Riverside4 mi. west of Corona between Tin mine Canon and Santiago Peak, Skyline Drive.
    UCSB016390UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusGraney, Don2851954-4-25 Santa Barbara4 miles from Romero saddle On Camino Cielo rd.
    UC567216UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusD. Axelrod1601935-4-04 Santa Barbara4 miles northeast of Refugio Peak
    UC1070914UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusH. C. Lee6321936-5-26 San Luis Obispo5 1/4 miles S. E. of Pozo; Pozo quadrangle, Santa Barbara National Forest
    UC1009292UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusIra L. Wiggins130751954-4-09 San Diego5 NE of Lakeside on road to Barona Indian Reservation.
    SBBG169212SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. and M. Dearing9801933-5-22 Lake5 W of Saratoga Springs
    HSC98206HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJames Henrickson71751972-3-19 Los Angeles5 mi along Angeles Crest Hwy. 2 NE of La Canada
    RSA15409RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusCarl B. Wolf3081927-4-14 Santa Clara5 miles from Los Gatos, Skyline Drive, Santa Cruz Mts
    CHSC26359CHSCCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJames Henrickson71751972-3-19 Los Angeles5 road miles along Angeles Crest Hwy 2 NE of La Canada.
    CSLA014480CSLACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusJames Henrickson71751972-3-19 Los Angeles5 road miles along Angeles Crest Hwy 2 NE of La Canada.
    UC1071316UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee6431936-5-26 San Luis Obispo5.25 mi se Pozo; Pozo quad., Santa Barbara Nat. For.
    UC1071336UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee6331936-5-26 San Luis Obispo5.25 mi se Pozo; Pozo quad., Santa Barbara National Forest
    UC1071338UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. C. Lee6311936-5-26 San Luis Obispo5.25 mi se Pozo; Santa Barbara National Forest, Pozo Quad.
    UC369006UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusB. E., H. J. Miossi2281940-3-19 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi n San Luis Obispo (e facing slope of Cuesta Canon, along old Cuesta Grade.)
    UC573190UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusA. D. Gifford8311937-6-09 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi ne Pozo; Pozo quad.
    RSA122359RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusA. D. Gifford8311937-6-09 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles NE of Pozo.
    OBI158722OBICeanothus oliganthusKaren Morikawa151979-5-10 San Luis Obispo5.5 miles North on Highway 101 from Cal Poly Canong hillside on road to Cerra Alto lookout. Shrub along road.
    UCSB016404UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusValentine, D.821963-4-30 Santa Barbara5.7 miles from Sheffield Reservoir on North slope of Gibraltar Road.
    CSLA014490CSLACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusA. Brenholt1071967-4-08 San Diego50 feet off Highway 395, 7 miles west of Valley Center
    SBBG169215SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. D. Deragisch61969-4-20 Yolo5St, Hwy 16, 5.3 mi S of Colusa County line
    UC1193286UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusP. Zinke2111951-4-25 Lake6 mi se Lower Lake; Quad. 60A1
    HSC18365HSCCeanothus oliganthusC.L. Hitchcock231261964-3-18 San Diego6.2 mi. E of Julian along Hwy. 78
    RSA240606RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusC. W. Tilforth9421973-7-20 Monterey6.8 miles northeast of junction of Highway 1 Nacimiento-Ferguson Road, between Lucia and Jolon.
    OBI124265OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil187021985-4-27 San Luis Obispo7 mi from Canong San Simeon Crk rd, near Rocky butte lookout at Circle 3 Ranch gate
    UCR0040847UCRCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil187021985-4-27 San Luis Obispo7 miles from Canong San Simeon Creek Road, near Rocky Butte lookout at Circle 3 Ranch Gate
    UCR0040852UCRCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusGrady L. Webster77851993-5-16 Shasta7.3 road mi. SW of McCloud Bridge
    CAS-BOT51481CASCeanothus oliganthusBreedlove, D. E.22951962-4-16 San Luis Obispo9.3 miles Southwest of Arroyo Seco Guard Station on road to Jolon; Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT51482CASCeanothus oliganthusBreedlove, D. E.22951962-4-16 San Luis Obispo9.3 miles Southwest of Arroyo Seco Guard Station on road to Jolon; Santa Lucia Mountains
    UCSB016402UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusDennis E. Breedlove22951962-4-16 Monterey9.3 miles southwest of Arroyo Seco Guard Station on road to Jolon; Santa Lucia Mountains
    SD00056411SDCeanothus oliganthusSusan T Welkers.n.1993-3-15 San DiegoAdjacent to De Luz Rd., north of De Luz, N.W. of Fallbrook.
    SD00056357SDCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiDarin L. Banks20591997-5-11 San DiegoAgua Tibia Mountains, south of Cleveland National Forest, approximately 3.3 miles east of the intersection of Gomez Truck Trail and Adams Drive, on the south side of Gomez Truck Trail, approximately 4.0 miles East-southeast of Pala.
    AHUC102223DAVCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusBeecher Crampton49021958-6-04 AlamedaAlameda County, Berkeley Hills, Skyline Boulevard, between Round Top and Redwood Regional Parks.
    AHUC102239DAVCeanothus oliganthusB. Crampton381941-3-14 AlamedaAlameda County: Berkeley Hills, behind the hotel Claremont.
    DAV319672DAVCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusAdeline Fredericks.n.1925-2-25 AlamedaAlameda County: Claremont Canon, Berkeley. Above Garber Pk.
    DAV319669DAVCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusMorris Halperins.n.1931-9-10 AlamedaAlameda County: Strawberry Canon, Berkeley.
    DAV319658DAVCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusBob Rodin551943-3-05 AlamedaAlameda County: West of Botanical Garden, Strawberry Canon, University of California Campus, Berkeley.
    RSA399724RSACeanothus oliganthusGeo. L. Moxley18261917-4-02 Los AngelesAliso Canon, near Chatsworth.
    UC79823UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusKatharine Brandegee2014-6-13 Santa ClaraAlma Santa Cruz Mountains
    RSA298949RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusEdward Lee18281936-3-22 Santa ClaraAlmaden Canon, about 3 miles southwest of new Almaden.
    SBBG169207SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusC. Matt Guilliams47152018-6-15 Santa BarbaraAlong Buckhorn Road (Forest Rte 9N11), ca. 100 m South of Santa Cruz Jeepway (Forest 6N14).
    RSA285646RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusD. C. Michener40621982-7-21 VenturaAlong CA 33. 1.1 miles north of Wheeler Springs.
    RSA95353RSACeanothus oliganthusF. W. Peirson93801931-5-30 RiversideAlong Glen Ivy Trail to Santiago Peak, Santa Ana Mts.
    OBI124244OBICeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusClifton F. Smith10671944-7-31 Santa BarbaraAlong Jesusita Trl, near summit in MIssion Cyn watershed, Santa Ynez Mts, Santa Barbara
    SBBG167209SBBGCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusC. Matt Guilliams49812018-8-1 Santa BarbaraAlong Mission Creek, ca. 200 m downstream from Tunnel Trail/Spyglass Ridge Road.
    DAV319651DAVCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusEsteban Bortiri020117-052002-1-17 SolanoAlong Mix Canon Road, ca. 1 mi. west of Pleasant Valley Road.
    HSC37873HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusThomas W. Nelson23181976-4-12 LakeAlong Morgan Valley Rd., 7.8 mi. from Lower Lake
    HSC44021HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusRobert M. Specht6811977-4-18 NapaAlong N side of Develhead Rd.
    RSA398923RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusRobert M Specht6811977-4-18 NapaAlong N side of Develhead road in basin betw small hillocks.
    OBI124257OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil123781977-5-14 MontereyAlong Nacimiento-Ferguson rd 7 mi E of jctn with Calif rte 1
    OBI124256OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil123781977-5-14 MontereyAlong Nacimiento-Ferguson rd 7 mi E of jctn with Calif rte 1
    UCR0040856UCRCeanothus oliganthusCarl B. Wolf020161931-5-13 VenturaAlong Piru Creek, 0.25 mile above the ranger station, or about 8 miles above Piru
    CAS-BOT63552CASCeanothus oliganthusWolf, C. B.20161931-5-13 VenturaAlong Piru Creek, 1/4 mi. above Ranger Station, or about 8 mi. above Piru.
    HSC101655HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJ.P. Smith131152011-4-23 HumboldtAlong Salmon Creek Rd., 2.5 miles from its Junction with U.S. 101
    HSC101656HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusJ.P. Smith131162011-4-23 HumboldtAlong Salmon Creek Rd., 3.4 miles from its junction with U.S. 101.
    OBI124275OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusP.A. Holden1121968-3-20 San Luis ObispoAlong TV tower road 2 W of Cuesta Pass on summit of Santa Lucia ranges
    SDSU10428SDSUCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusFrazier, Chris1371989-4-01 MontereyAlong Tassajara Road, ca. 5.0 miles North of China Camp.
    OBI124252OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusDavid J. Keil138671980-4-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town crk near Lime Mtn Mine, W of Paso Robles
    HSC36672HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland2.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC36674HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland3.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC37604HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland6.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC37605HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland9.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC37606HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland7.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC37607HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland10.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    HSC37608HSCCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusR. Sutherland4.11.7.751975-7-11 HumboldtAlong county rd.
    RSA0028387RSACeanothus oliganthusJ. D. Olmsted51401962-6-21 MontereyAlong dirt road to Cone Pk. ca. 1 N of jct. with road from Hwy. 1 to Jolon, 45 miles SE of Big Sur.
    SD00056354SDCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiR. Mitchel Beauchamp26481971-5-31 San DiegoAlong dirt road, Cuyamaca Peak.
    UCSB016401UCSBCeanothus oliganthus subsp. sorediatusDennis E. Breedlove8891961-7-30 Santa BarbaraAlong the Alamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birabent Canon, San Rafael Range
    SD00056380SDCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiVictoria Marshall3542006-7-3 San DiegoAlong the Fry-Keogle Trail on Woodson Mountain, 4.5 mi west of Ramona on Hwy 67; trail accessed at the west end of South Woodson Drive.
    RSA25861RSACeanothus oliganthusCarl B. Wolf111581941-8-15 OrangeAlong the Main Divide Motorway, just N. of head of Trabuco Truck Trail.
    RSA25850RSACeanothus oliganthusCarl B. Wolf111571941-8-15 OrangeAlong the Main Divide Motorway, just N. of head of Trabuco Truck Trail.
    RSA25826RSACeanothus oliganthusCarl B. Wolf109551941-7-02 VenturaAlong the North Fork of the Ventura River. 1 mi. above Wheeler Hot Spg.
    CAS-BOT63551CASCeanothus oliganthusWolf, Carl B.109551941-7-2 VenturaAlong the n. fork of the Ventura River. 1 mi. above the Wheeler Hot Springs.
    CAS-BOT51479CASCeanothus oliganthusHowitt, Beatrice F.5431955-5-30 San Luis ObispoAlong the trail to Cone Peak Lookout
    RSA95349RSACeanothus oliganthusF. W. Peirson67111926-5-01 San DiegoAlong trail from Oak Grove to Palomar Mt.
    SDSU10212SDSUCeanothus oliganthusFrazier, Chris1251989-5-26 San DiegoAlong truck trail (Marron Rd.) past South Bay Gun Club. (ca. 700 m.)
    POM250802RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusD. D. Keck43521936-4-08 Santa ClaraAlpine Creek Road, 5 miles W of Los Altos, E side Santa Cruz Mt.
    SD00056350SDCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiFidella G. Woodcocks.n. San DiegoAmong rocks on N.E. slope, Poway Grade
    CSLA014483CSLACeanothus oliganthusJan L. Owens141966-3-19 Los AngelesAng. Nat. For.; along Angeles Crest Hwy
    LOB110794LOBCeanothus oliganthusM. Hetz251974-3-23 Los AngelesAngeles Crest Hwy., 0.5 N of Slide Canon Bridge of San Gabriel Mountains.
    SD00056397SDCeanothus oliganthus var. orcuttiiDarley F. Howes.n.1948-5-02 Los AngelesAngeles Crest Road to Mt. Wilson
    CSLA014487CSLACeanothus oliganthusW. O. Griesel48771953-3-21 Los AngelesAngeles Forest Highway, San Gabriel Mts.
    UCR0040828UCRCeanothus oliganthusTimothy S. Ross24691990-5-14 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, Yerba Buena Ridge, Tujunga Ranger District
    RSA399739RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusH. Wells101968-3-17 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest. 3.7 miles north northeast junction of State Hwy. 118 and State Hwy. 2, on Angeles Crest Hwy.
    UCR0040811UCRCeanothus oliganthusR.F. Thorne414621971-4-23 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest; Chantry Flats, above Santa Anita Canon
    RSA702181RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusScott D. White106242004-7-27 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSan Gabriel Mtns. Clear Creek area. Roadside and hiking trail S side of Angeles Forest Hwy, ca. 0.2 W of jtn with Angeles Crest Hwy.; Condor Peak
    UCR0040818UCRCeanothus oliganthus subsp. oliganthusR.G. Swinney146382011-5-10 Los AngelesAngeles Natl. Forest, 'Manzanita Mt.', at junction of Firebreak Ridge and Manzanita Mt. Trail, 0.8 mile south of Placerita Cyn. Nature Center
    LA00635488LACeanothus oliganthusZaitlins.n.1951-3-17 Los AngelesAngelus Crest Hwy, south side
    UC54829UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusMrs. R. W. Summers1886-1-01 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    UC50448UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusH. M. Hall37431903-4-01 Los AngelesArroyo Seco
    UCSB016331UCSBCeanothus oliganthusDecker, Helen1291946-4-14 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canon, San Gabriel Mountains
    SDSU10310SDSUCeanothus oliganthusCook, Lorenzo1932-4-01 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canon.
    CAS-BOT50457CASCeanothus oliganthusGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1904-5-5 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canyon, S. Cal
    RSA399723RSACeanothus oliganthusLouis Greatas.n.1901-4-1 Los AngelesArroyo Seco, near Pasadena
    POM89885RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusF. W. Peirson65131926-3-20 Los AngelesArroyo Seco.
    RSA95346RSACeanothus oliganthus var. oliganthusF. W. Peirson65131926-3-20 Los AngelesArroyo Seco.
    OBI124264OBICeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusAustin P. Griffithss.n.1985-3-17 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz
    CDA0017683CDACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusAustin Griffithss.n.1985-3-17 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz, ca. halfway on N side.
    UC723147UCJEPSCeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusH. K. Sharsmith18131935-4-21 StanislausArroyo del Puerto Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains, Arroyo del Puerto
    RSA120489RSACeanothus oliganthus var. sorediatusChas. H. Quibell9691952-4-19 MontereyAt foot of long steep 800ft, ENE facing slope along Poloma Creek, 4 miles above Arroyo Seco which drains ENE into Salinas Valley 10 miles S of Soledad on Hwy 101 Sierra De Salinas crests at 3000-4000ft.4.5 miles NE nearest ridges in Santa Lucia Crest at 3000-4500ft, 3-4 miles W ENE facing slope carries very striking foothill woodland dense
    LOB110793LOBCeanothus oliganthusJ. Woodward141970-4-18 Los AngelesAt the junct. of Hwy. 39 and East Fork
    BSCA2619BSCACeanothus oliganthusLauri, Robert