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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    UCSB016278UCSBCeanothus leucodermisMuller, Cornelius; McPherson, J. Santa BarbaraWest Camino Cielo Road, 6.9 miles east of junction with Refugio Pass Road
    RSA0028405RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Chapman101933--1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. TR6.
    SD00056168SDCeanothus leucodermisLaurence M. Hueys.n. San DiegoHeadwaters of San Diego River, Road to Volcan Mountain
    RSA399922RSACeanothus leucodermisL. R. Cornman145801925--1 San DiegoMountains NE of San Diego
    RSA26045RSACeanothus leucodermisLester Rowntrees.n.1934--1 San DiegoCuyamaca.
    CSLA014454CSLACeanothus leucodermisJ. Miller4877 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains
    UC18312UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisH. N. Bolander48921866-6-01 Mariposanear Inspiration Rock, Yosemite National Park.
    UC338500UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisJ. G. Lemmon931876-4-01 UnknownSierra Valley, So. Cal.
    CAS-BOT51319CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.601881-4-1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT51295CASCeanothus leucodermisJones, Marcus E.33211882-4-27 San BernardinoColton
    SD00056230SDCeanothus leucodermisDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-5-01 RiversideTemecula
    SD00057294SDCeanothus leucodermisDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-5-01 RiversideTemecula
    SD00056228SDCeanothus leucodermisDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-5-03 RiversideTemecula
    SD00057295SDCeanothus leucodermisUnknowns.n.1882-5-11 San Diego[15 National City (mak 11/07)
    CAS-BOT51340CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.7641882-6-1 San DiegoPala
    JEPS42022UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B., W. F. Parish1886-4-01 San Bernardinofoothills San Bernardino Mts.
    UC338498UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisLemmon1887-5-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez
    UC50273UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisThomas Bridges, Esq.461888-1-1 Unknown
    UC18305UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B., W. F. Parish1888-4-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT50595CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee111889-5-1 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT51331CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee, T. S.101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    CAS-BOT51347CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    CAS-BOT51179CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee121889-5-1 KernTehachapi
    CAS-BOT51330CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee, T. S.101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    UC79964UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisKatharine Brandegee1889-5-01 KernTehachapi
    UC79808UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisKatharine Brandegee1889-5-01 San DiegoRamona
    UC79802UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisKatharine Brandegee1889-5-01 Los AngelesPasadena
    UC18310UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisMrs. Gregory1891-1-01 San Diego
    RSA399007RSACeanothus leucodermisAnstruther Davidsons.n.1891-4-05 Los AngelesRiver side [more specific information not given].
    UC338503UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisLemmon1891-7-25 San Bernardinonear San Bernardino Mill Creek
    UC18309UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisR. D. Alderson1893-1-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    POM2825RSACeanothus leucodermisO. Kenneys.n.1893-2-25 Los AngelesMountain, collected near Pasadena
    UC79956UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisJ. W. Congdon1893-5-12 MariposaMormon Bar
    UC18304UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisNorman C. Wilson1893-6-25 San BernardinoCanon Pass
    UC18303UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisNorman C. Wilson1893-6-25 San BernardinoCanon Pass
    CAS-BOT63619CASCeanothus leucodermisAlderson, R. D.s.n.1894-4-1 San DiegoWitch Creek.
    UC79960UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisR. D. Alderson15611894-4-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    UC79933UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisKatharine Brandegee1894-4-03 San DiegoRamona (Nuevo)
    CAS-BOT51390CASCeanothus leucodermisHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-4-7 VenturaMatilija Canyon
    CAS-BOT51391CASCeanothus leucodermisHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-4-17 VenturaMatilija Canyon, near 'Cliff Glen'
    JEPS42021UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B. Parish1894-5-01 San Bernardinonear San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT51361CASCeanothus leucodermisMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.371894-6-22 San DiegoCameron's Ranch, Laguna
    UC367108UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisLemmon1894-11-1 Unknown
    SBBG170351SBBGCeanothus leucodermisMabel M. Miles1895 San DiegoSan Diego
    RSA399311RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1895-4-22 TulareRoad side Yosemite Valley
    RSA0028384RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1895-4-25 UnknownYosemite Nat. Park [Tuolumne, Mariposa, or Madera Co.]
    POM136464RSACeanothus leucodermisStewart H. Burnhams.n.1895-4-26 Santa ClaraFoot of Black Mt.
    UC942517UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisR. S. Beal, Jr.1895-5-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    CAS-BOT63585CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.7371895-7-15 TulareBetween Second and Tbird Dry Meadow Creeks. Kern River: Second Dry Meadow Creek.
    CAS-BOT51370CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.13041895-8-16 TulareTrail Marble Fork to Cedar Creek Trail, Farewell Gap to Mineral King Region
    UC18301UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisJ. W. Congdon1896-3-1 Mariposa
    UC18428UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B. Parish41011896-3-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino vicinity
    UC79801UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisFrank W. Hubby1896-4-03 VenturaOjai Valley
    CAS-BOT50592CASCeanothus leucodermisPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1896-5-28 Los AngelesSierra Madre Mts.
    CAS-BOT50597CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.43471896-6-7 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, King's Canyon
    POM2823RSACeanothus leucodermisW. R. Dudley43471896-6-08 Los AngelesKings Canon, Liebre Mts.
    CAS-BOT63584CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.13631896-7-23 TulareBy Dry Creek. Kaweah River Valley.
    CAS-BOT63588CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17391896-8-24 TulareMineral King Rd., near Trawgers. Region of Mineral King.
    UC423116UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisC. A. Purpus50681897-4-01 TulareMiddle Tule River
    CAS-BOT63582CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17471897-7-9 TulareRegion of Sequoia National Forest; vicinity of Homer's Nose. By Salt Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT51372CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17791897-7-12 TulareRidge South of Sequoia Basin, region of Sequoia National Forest: vicinity of Homer's Nose
    CAS-BOT51371CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.26191897-8-12 TulareMineral King Road, middle Kaweah River to Three Rivers
    UC18308UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisA. D. Alderson1898-1-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    SD00056058SDCeanothus leucodermisCharles A. Purpuss.n.1898-5-1 San DiegoRamona
    POM2837RSACeanothus leucodermisC. A. Purpus90191898-5-1 San DiegoRamona.
    CAS-BOT63587CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1898-8-31 TulareNear the fork of Middle and East Tule River.
    CAS-BOT50526CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-7-22 Los AngelesMt. Lowe, San gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT63589CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-4-5 TulareNear Milo.
    UC64018UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisH. M. Hall14241900-5-31 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon
    CAS-BOT50556CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1900-6-14 Los AngelesArroy Seco
    JEPS42358UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson5681900-6-19 TulareHalstead's Ranch, Sierra Nevada, N. Fork of Kaweah River
    JEPS42359UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson6031900-6-20 TulareCedar Creek Sierra Nevada, N. Fork Kaweah River
    CAS-BOT51772CASCeanothus leucodermisHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4951900-7-6 FresnoTehipite Valley
    UC18302UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4951900-7-06 FresnoTehipite Valley Sierra Nevada Mountains
    POM85689RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Jonesa.n.1900-7-19 San BernardinoClark's
    CAS-BOT63590CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-7-20 Tulare3 Rivers.
    CAS-BOT63583CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.33561900-8-18 TulareColony Rd. - Advance Brook.
    CAS-BOT51760CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.33701900-10-12 FresnoNoble P. O.
    CAS-BOT51264CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-4-3 MontereyBetween San Antonio Cr. and Bryson
    CAS-BOT50528CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy13711901-4-6 Los AngelesBig Tehunga Wash
    CAS-BOT50596CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy14961901-4-13 Los AngelesSierra Madre Mts., Wilson's Trail
    CAS-BOT51310CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.46941901-4-27 San BernardinoCanyon Diablo - Vicinity of San Bernardino
    JEPS42315UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson12901901-5-19 RiversideSan Jacinto Canon
    CAS-BOT50565CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-5-23 Los AngelesAlpine Tavern, Mt. Lowe
    JEPS42316UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson15291901-5-29 San DiegoAugustine's Ranch, Palomar Mountain
    UC18306UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisH. M. Hall22231901-6-01 RiversideOntatt's Valley San Jacinto Mts.
    CAS-BOT51304CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.50671901-6-20 San BernardinoMill Cr. Falls
    UC73354UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisE. D. Palmer1902-5-01 Los AngelesClaremont
    CAS-BOT50527CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.36101902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
    CAS-BOT50560CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.36101902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
    UC224228UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisA. D. E. Elmer36101902-6-01 Los AngelesActon
    CAS-BOT63586CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-15 TulareKaweah River.
    POM156327RSACeanothus leucodermisL. R. Abrams26091902-7-01 Los AngelesNear summit of Mt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50574CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy26091902-7-1 Los AngelesMt. Wilson, near the summit
    CAS-BOT50563CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1903-3-1 Los AngelesMonrovia
    CAS-BOT63538CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-4-3 San Luis Obispounspecified.
    POM2844RSACeanothus leucodermisC. F. Baker89931903-4-04 RiversideElsinore.
    CAS-BOT51281CASCeanothus leucodermisB., C. F.41441903-4-4 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT51284CASCeanothus leucodermisB., C. F.41441903-4-4 RiversideElsinore - S. Cal.
    UC79962UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisC.F.B.41441903-4-04 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT51757CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.44671903-5-1 Alameda15 miles from Livermore, Cedar (Cypress) Mountain
    UC311386UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisA. D. E. Elmer44671903-5-01 Alameda15 mi from Livermore; Cedar Cypress Mtn.
    CAS-BOT51168CASCeanothus leucodermisLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-5-16 San BenitoHernandez
    CAS-BOT63531CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, LeRoy37311903-6-4 San DiegoCottonwood grade, between Cottonwood Valley and Patrero.
    JEPS42322UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson22631903-8-05 RiversideStrawberry Valley San Jacinto Mt.
    UC66726UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisN. K. Berg1904-4-01 San BernardinoHighlands Asyl. S. Canon
    CAS-BOT51332CASCeanothus leucodermisChandler, Harley P.50251904-4-4 San DiegoWitch Creek Mt.
    UC66066UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisHarley P. Chandler50251904-4-04 San DiegoWitch Creek Mt.
    RSA0028429RSACeanothus leucodermisGeorge B. Grant25601904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson.
    CAS-BOT50557CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter145a1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50600CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter145a1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    UC168361UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisGeorge B. Grant, Walter Wheeler145a1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50594CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.62301904-5-18 Los AngelesSummit Mt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT51761CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old river bridge above Pollasky
    CAS-BOT51762CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old river bridge above Pollasky
    CAS-BOT51765CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old bridge above Pollasky
    POM84974RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-16 San DiegoRamona.
    RSA399006RSACeanothus leucodermisH. E. Hasse15031906-6-01 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek.
    CAS-BOT51258CASCeanothus leucodermisHead, Annas.n.1906-6-1 MariposaYosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT63576CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice6651906-6-22 Santa BarbaraTrail to Mauzcena.
    CAS-BOT50573CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.s.n.1906-7-19 Los AngelesMount Wilson Trail
    UC455339UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisE. P. Unangst1907-4-09 San Luis ObispoLarson's Ranch Templeton
    JEPS42351UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson26731907-5-11 MontereyPriest Valley San Carlos Range
    JEPS42349UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson27701907-5-18 Fresnobetween Dunlap and Millwood
    CAS-BOT63614CASCeanothus leucodermisBailey, Vernon O.; Merriam, C. Harts.n.1907-10-13 San DiegoPotrero Creek, between Dulzura and Campo.
    CAS-BOT50575CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-12-1 Los AngelesSawpit Canyon near Monrovia
    UC168787UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B. Parish69241908-4-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
    CAS-BOT63537CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, E. G.s.n.1908-4-25 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT51382CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.631908-6-4 VenturaSison Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT51383CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.821908-6-4 VenturaHines Peak, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT51381CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.1571908-6-8 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT50562CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.3281908-6-19 Los AngelesOakgrove Canyon, Liebre Mountains
    CAS-BOT51302CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.7111908-7-6 San BernardinoCleghorn Canyon, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT51294CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.8281908-7-14 San BernardinoCold Creek, San Bernardino Mountains
    POM2899RSACeanothus leucodermisC. F. Baker53461909-5-15 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, Claremont.
    CAS-BOT50558CASCeanothus leucodermisBaker, C. F.53461909-5-15 Los AngelesMts. near Claremont
    UC147953UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisC. F. Baker53461909-5-15 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon
    RSA399008RSACeanothus leucodermisFordyce Grinnell Jr.19311910-6-1 Los AngelesLong Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    CAS-BOT47996CASCeanothus leucodermisSmiley, F. J.501911-1-1 FresnoPeirce Mill, Peirce Valley, so. of General Grant Nat'l Park
    CDA0035580CDACeanothus leucodermisE.O. Essig391911-4-12 VenturaSanta Paula Canon, Santa Paula.
    UC452651UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisW. P. Taylor1911-6-22 Kernw of Havilah (e of Kern River.); Mt. Breckenridge
    UC175769UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisH. M. Hall89661911-6-25 Mariposaalong n wall Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park
    UC449693UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisW. P. Taylor1911-6-29 Kern8 mi w Isabella; Greenhorn Mts.
    RSA399759RSACeanothus leucodermisThekla Mohr25451911-7-1 San Bernardino[Unspecified]
    UC452650UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisMus. Vert. Zool.1911-7-14 Kern6 mi n Weldon (Fay Creek)
    CAS-BOT63549CASCeanothus leucodermisBailey, Vernon O.s.n.1911-10-6 Santa BarbaraSisquoc Valley, San Rafaell Mts.
    UC1211121UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisHuron H. Smith48731912-4-30 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    POM2772RSACeanothus leucodermisB. P. Flinns.n.1912-6-12 Los AngelesClaremont.
    JEPS42217UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson48601912-6-26 TulareMiddle Tulare River
    CAS-BOT51764CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.s.n.1912-7-1 FresnoFoothills between North Fork and Friant
    UC175768UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisE. B. Babcock11181912-7-03 Mariposanear foot Lower Yosemite Fall
    CAS-BOT63532CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.49071912-7-11 San DiegoBetween Julien and Cuinaca.
    CAS-BOT51329CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alices.n.1913-4-1 San DiegoWarners Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51328CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice28201913-4-18 San DiegoWarner's Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51327CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice28541913-4-19 San DiegoPoway road
    JEPS42019UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson55681913-5-15 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon San Bernardino Mts.
    JEPS42017UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson56001913-5-15 San BernardinoWaterman Canon , Waterman Canon (San Bernardino Mts.)
    CAS-BOT51326CASCeanothus leucodermisButtle, Alvina F.s.n.1913-7-1 San DiegoWarners Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51362CASCeanothus leucodermisRandall, Josyline D.s.n.1914-3-29 San DiegoPine Hills Inn, Julian
    RSA77158RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson7301914-4-1 RiversideWhitewater at head of Coachella Valley.
    CAS-BOT51385CASCeanothus leucodermisEvermann, B. W.s.n.1914-9-1 VenturaSespe Canyon
    JEPS42221UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson62131914-11-13 AlamedaCedar Mt.
    JEPS42275UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWalter Fry3931915-6-06 TulareClough Cave Sequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT51771CASCeanothus leucodermisMcDonald, Julias.n.1915-7-1 FresnoBig Creek region
    CAS-BOT51193CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.53511915-7-29 KernKern River Road, between Bakersfield and Bodfish
    UC201838UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer251916-4-08 San DiegoGranite San Diego vicinity
    CAS-BOT51392CASCeanothus leucodermisEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1916-4-14 VenturaOcean View Trail, Nordhoff
    CAS-BOT63620CASCeanothus leucodermisSpencer, Mary F.231916-4-15 San DiegoUnspecified.
    UC199681UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer231916-4-15 San DiegoSan Diego
    CAS-BOT51292CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.107931916-4-29 San BernardinoCajon Pass. San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT63533CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.108111916-5-9 San DiegoCampo.
    CAS-BOT51170CASCeanothus leucodermisPringle, C. G.s.n.1916-6-10 Siskiyou
    POM2843RSACeanothus leucodermisMarjorie Shaws.n.1916-12-1 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
    SD00056137SDCeanothus leucodermisCharles R. Orcutt3181917-4-01 ?  San DiegoMountain Springs Grade
    UC507832UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisOrcutt2051917-4-01 San DiegoMountain Spring Grade
    RSA47522RSACeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer4541917-4-13 San DiegoIn chaparral, Alpine.
    CAS-BOT63611CASCeanothus leucodermisSpencer, Mary F.4541917-4-13 San DiegoAlpine.
    UC472810UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer1917-4-13 San DiegoAlpine
    JEPS42223UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson71671917-5-26 KernBear Mt. Tehachapi Range