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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC102166DAVCeanothus leucodermisJ. E. Streets.n.1950-4-20 MaderaMadera County: O'Neils ranch.
    AHUC102167DAVCeanothus leucodermisBeecher Crampton14721953-6-22 MaderaMadera County, 3 miles northwest of Oakhurst.
    AHUC102168DAVCeanothus leucodermisBeecher Crampton90211973-10-02 PlacerPlacer County, 1 mile east of Baxter.
    AHUC102424DAVCeanothus leucodermisR. Tofsruds.n.1951-4-25 RiversideRiverside County: Santa Ana Mts. Above Elsinore.
    AHUC102426DAVCeanothus leucodermisR. Tofsruds.n.1951-4-25 San DiegoSan Diego County: Hwy. 80, east of Nitus.
    AHUC102659DAVCeanothus leucodermisBeecher Crampton14721953-6-22 MaderaMadera County, 3 miles northwest of Oakhurst.
    BSCA2618BSCACeanothus leucodermisLauri, Robert2712002-6-28 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Approximatley 0.2 miles east of Palomar Mountain State Park, along south side of Nate Harrison Grade.
    BSCA2630BSCACeanothus leucodermisSpears, Linnea1092004-5-18 San DiegoWest Mesa.
    BSCA2631BSCACeanothus leucodermisSpears, Linnea1452004-5-18 San DiegoWest Mesa.
    BSCA2632BSCACeanothus leucodermisSpears, Linnea2432005-6-1 San DiegoEast Mesa. 0.4 W of Oakzanita Peak, S of East Mesa Fire Rd, approx.1 mi E of St Rt 79.
    BSCA2633BSCACeanothus leucodermisSpears, Linnea2442005-6-1 San DiegoEast Mesa. 0.4 W of Oakzanita Peak, S of East Mesa Fire Rd, approx.1 mi E of St Rt 79.
    CAS-BOT167242CASCeanothus leucodermisLaw, Wayne; Hu, Jun032000-4-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns.: Millard Canyon, campground 2 mi N of Altadena, up the stream immediately after Millard campground. First dirt road on left immediately after Millard campground Elev. given as 1700-2700 ft
    CAS-BOT257096CASCeanothus leucodermisPainter, E.; Neese, E.HL 24961996-4-9 MontereyLos Padres National Forest/Fort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 11) interface, ca. 4 air km SSW of Chalk Peak, ca. 5.3 air km NW of Basket Spring, ca. 2.3 road km (1.4 miles) SE of junction of Coast Ridge Road and McKern Trail
    CAS-BOT257112CASCeanothus leucodermisPainter, E.; Neese, E.; Metz, L.; Douglas, P.HL 25161996-4-11 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 28), shoulder of Crystal Knob, ca. 0.3 air km NNE of summit, ca. 2.5 air km SE of Gold Hill
    CAS-BOT376151CASCeanothus leucodermisNye, L.; Gust, G.462005-3-9 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Rt. 15533 ca. 2 miles W of Los Terrenitos, N of 18
    CAS-BOT421490CASCeanothus leucodermisNye, L.; Gust, G.462005-3-9 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Rt. 15533 ca. 2 miles W of Los Terrenitos, N of I8.
    CAS-BOT47996CASCeanothus leucodermisSmiley, F. J.501911-1-1 FresnoPeirce Mill, Peirce Valley, so. of General Grant Nat'l Park
    CAS-BOT50526CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-7-22 Los AngelesMt. Lowe, San gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT50527CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.36101902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
    CAS-BOT50528CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy13711901-4-6 Los AngelesBig Tehunga Wash
    CAS-BOT50529CASCeanothus leucodermisThomas, John H.64931957-3-7 Los AngelesSouth slope of San Gabriel Mts., near State Highway #2, angeles Crest Highway, about 3.5 miles north of La Canada.
    CAS-BOT50530CASCeanothus leucodermisThomas, J. H.6743A1957-5-8 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., about 10 miles NE of Pasadena
    CAS-BOT50531CASCeanothus leucodermisRockwell, Jack67-00621967-4-6 TulareSequoia National Park - Along Generals Highway at Mt. Stewart overlook.
    CAS-BOT50532CASCeanothus leucodermisRose, Lewis S.620481962-5-22 TulareRoads End, Kern River
    CAS-BOT50533CASCeanothus leucodermisPawek, Jean L.181956-5-15 TulareMineral King Road
    CAS-BOT50534CASCeanothus leucodermisRose, Lewis S.620481962-5-22 TulareRoads End, Kern River
    CAS-BOT50535CASCeanothus leucodermisLeskinen, Paul7421972-3-15 TulareSierra Nevada - North of Johnsondale
    CAS-BOT50536CASCeanothus leucodermisLuthey, Bob3851975-5-10 TulareSierra Nevada - Beside Sierra Way .25 mile south of 'Chico Flat', 2 mil north of Tulare-Kern County line.
    CAS-BOT50537CASCeanothus leucodermisLuthey, Bob3841975-5-10 TulareSierra Nevada - Near 'Excelsior Bluff' & Camp III, also 'Hospital Flat' 2 - 2.5 miles north of Tulare-Kern Co. line.
    CAS-BOT50538CASCeanothus leucodermisLuthey, Bob1081968-4-28 TulareSierra Nevada - 'Hospital Flat' campground 3 miles north of Kern-Tulare County line.
    CAS-BOT50539CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.444301968-5-14 TulareSierra Nevada - Kern Plateau: Cherry Hill road, Brush Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT50540CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas331691958-5-22 TulareSierra Nevada - Kern River Canyon near Roads End P.O.
    CAS-BOT50541CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas331901958-5-22 TulareSierra Nevada - Kern River Canyon 3 miles above Roads End P.O.
    CAS-BOT50551CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.; Banks, Darin75331994-4-13 Los AngelesLiebre Mts. - Lower Clearwater Canyon: ca 1400 m ESE of Plum Spring and ca 960 m W of San Francisquito Powerhouse No. 1 Green Valley 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50552CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve76951994-5-10 Los AngelesLiebre Mts. - Saddle divide between East Fork Fish Canyon and Warm Springs Canyon: vicinity, crossroads of Warm Springs - Fish Canyon Truck Trail (6N32) and Warm Springs Divide Truck Trail (7N132); ca 2920 m NNW of Warm Springs Mtn. summit. Warm Springs Mountain 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50553CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve76691994-5-4 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains - Northeast summit of Grass Mountain: north slopes draining toward Elizabeth Lake; south slopes toward Green Valley. Lake Hughes 7.5' USGS Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50554CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice89611919-5-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
    CAS-BOT50555CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice90201919-6-20 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50556CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1900-6-14 Los AngelesArroy Seco
    CAS-BOT50557CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter145a1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50558CASCeanothus leucodermisBaker, C. F.53461909-5-15 Los AngelesMts. near Claremont
    CAS-BOT50559CASCeanothus leucodermisRixford, G. P.s.n.1926-5-20 Los AngelesMonrovia
    CAS-BOT50560CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.36101902-6-1 Los AngelesActon, Mt. Gleason
    CAS-BOT50561CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.12491924-8-4 Los AngelesHuntington Drive near Pasadena
    CAS-BOT50562CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.3281908-6-19 Los AngelesOakgrove Canyon, Liebre Mountains
    CAS-BOT50563CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1903-3-1 Los AngelesMonrovia
    CAS-BOT50564CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas33351928-2-9 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts. - On trail between Santa Anita Canyon and Sierra Madre
    CAS-BOT50565CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-5-23 Los AngelesAlpine Tavern, Mt. Lowe
    CAS-BOT50566CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.73491993-6-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail between Chatry Flat and Hoegee Camp (on Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canyon. Mt. Wilson 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50567CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.73481993-6-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail between Chatry Flat and Hoegee Camp (on Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canyon. Mt. Wilson 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50568CASCeanothus leucodermisRoss, Timothy S.73481993-6-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail between Chatry Flat and Hoegee Camp (on Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canyon. Mt. Wilson 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    CAS-BOT50569CASCeanothus leucodermisKawahara, Saichi1381968-4-9 Los AngelesWilson Drive north of boservatory, 4 miles east of junction with Mt. Wilson Road
    CAS-BOT50570CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.53271959-6-2 Los AngelesSummit of Liebre Mountain
    CAS-BOT50571CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.53271959-6-2 Los AngelesSummit of Liebre Mountain
    CAS-BOT50572CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.15551925-8-6 Los AngelesSawpit Canyon, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT50573CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.s.n.1906-7-19 Los AngelesMount Wilson Trail
    CAS-BOT50574CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy26091902-7-1 Los AngelesMt. Wilson, near the summit
    CAS-BOT50575CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-12-1 Los AngelesSawpit Canyon near Monrovia
    CAS-BOT50591CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice89431919-5-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
    CAS-BOT50592CASCeanothus leucodermisPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1896-5-28 Los AngelesSierra Madre Mts.
    CAS-BOT50593CASCeanothus leucodermisCarlson, John I.s.n.1918-4-29 Los AngelesSierra Madre
    CAS-BOT50594CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, Geo. B.62301904-5-18 Los AngelesSummit Mt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT50595CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee111889-5-1 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT50596CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy14961901-4-13 Los AngelesSierra Madre Mts., Wilson's Trail
    CAS-BOT50597CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.43471896-6-7 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, King's Canyon
    CAS-BOT50598CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.15531925-8-6 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Sawpit Canyon
    CAS-BOT50599CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.11961921-7-1 Los AngelesBig Bear Region
    CAS-BOT50600CASCeanothus leucodermisGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter145a1904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT51162CASCeanothus leucodermisKing, M. Alices.n.1923-5-1 El DoradoPlacerville
    CAS-BOT51163CASCeanothus leucodermisRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. Ledyard; Tomich, R.; et al.91871956-5-5 San Benitojunction to Picacho Mine about 6 miles S. of Hernandez on road to Coalinga
    CAS-BOT51164CASCeanothus leucodermisRaven, Peter H.; Robbins, G. Thomas91201956-4-29 El Dorado0.3 miles from Youngs (Somerset) on road to Auburn
    CAS-BOT51165CASCeanothus leucodermisMcGregor, E. A.8951917-6-10 ImperialLive Oaks Springs
    CAS-BOT51166CASCeanothus leucodermisKeck, David D.24241933-5-31 NevadaJust South of city limits of Grass Valley
    CAS-BOT51167CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.111521941-8-15 OrangeSanta Ana Mts., W. slope Santiago Truck Trail 4.4 mi. belw main divide motorway
    CAS-BOT51168CASCeanothus leucodermisLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-5-16 San BenitoHernandez
    CAS-BOT51169CASCeanothus leucodermisSharsmith, H. K.31581935-5-19 Santa Claraeastern slopes of San Antonio Valley (western base of Red Mountains), Mount Hamilton Range
    CAS-BOT51170CASCeanothus leucodermisPringle, C. G.s.n.1916-6-10 Siskiyou
    CAS-BOT51171CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.217021971-7-28 Tuolumne1/2 mi. W. of Trout Creek, along Forest Service Road, Stanislaus Nat'l Forest
    CAS-BOT51172CASCeanothus leucodermisKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1941-5-11 Unknown
    CAS-BOT51173CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.8561923-3-3 Alamedaon Cedar Mountain Ridge and Cedar
    CAS-BOT51174CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.2231922-6-13 AlamedaBlackbird Valley, Livermore Mts.
    CAS-BOT51175CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.2331922-6-13 AlamedaBlackbird Valley, Livermore Mts.
    CAS-BOT51176CASCeanothus leucodermisLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-5-15 InyoSymmes Creek, Southwest of Independence
    CAS-BOT51177CASCeanothus leucodermisLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-5-15 InyoSymmes Creek, Southwest of Independence
    CAS-BOT51178CASCeanothus leucodermisM., F. A.146361936-5-17 KernHighway from Bodfish to Havilah
    CAS-BOT51179CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee121889-5-1 KernTehachapi
    CAS-BOT51180CASCeanothus leucodermisShevock, James R.121591992-5-16 KernCap Canyon, about 3 miles SE of Calif. highway 178. Northwest base of the scodie (Kiavah) Mountains
    CAS-BOT51181CASCeanothus leucodermisThorne, Robert F.316951963-5-16 Kernnearly 2.6 miles ENE of Caliente
    CAS-BOT51182CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.28321956-5-17 KernCaliente Canyon, 4.5 miles West of Twin Oaks
    CAS-BOT51183CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.28171956-5-17 KernPiute Mountain road, .4 mile East of Walker Basin road junction
    CAS-BOT51184CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.28321956-5-17 KernCaliente Canyon, 4.5 miles West of Twin Oaks
    CAS-BOT51185CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.28171956-5-17 KernPiute Mountain road, .4 mile East of Walker Basin road junction
    CAS-BOT51186CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.122531966-5-20 KernRidge at the head of Tweedy Creek (mountains East of Keene)
    CAS-BOT51187CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.122531966-5-20 KernRidge at the head of Tweedy Creek (mountains East of Keene)
    CAS-BOT51188CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.34371957-4-30 KernFrench Gulch at Lake Isabella
    CAS-BOT51189CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.122951966-5-20 KernWest slope of Kain Peak
    CAS-BOT51190CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas383701962-7-9 KernBlack Mt. south side, Greenhorn Mountains
    CAS-BOT51191CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.456091969-5-13 KernSpanish Needle Creek road to Lamont Meadow
    CAS-BOT51192CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.119731927-5-2 KernBetween Hobo Hot Springs and Democrat Hot Springs, Kern River Canyon
    CAS-BOT51193CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.53511915-7-29 KernKern River Road, between Bakersfield and Bodfish
    CAS-BOT51194CASCeanothus leucodermisMeng, Noraine3341966-6-11 KernGreenhorn Pass Road, ca. 4 miles west of Wofford
    CAS-BOT51195CASCeanothus leucodermisLeskinen, Paul12861972-8-18 KernRattlesnake Creek above Wofford. North Slope
    CAS-BOT51196CASCeanothus leucodermisLeskinen, Paul13361972-8-20 KernSouth of Lake Isabella (Yankee Canyon Road)
    CAS-BOT51197CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, Chesters.n.1937-6-1 MaderaWest of Coarse Gold
    CAS-BOT51198CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.48201933-5-19 MaderaW. slope Sierra Nevada. 3 1/2 mi. below Coarse Gold on road to Raymond
    CAS-BOT51199CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas412001965-4-26 Madera1.5 miles North of Oakhurst
    CAS-BOT51200CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53751938-5-4 MaderaCoarse Gold
    CAS-BOT51251CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas53751938-5-4 MaderaCoarse Gold
    CAS-BOT51252CASCeanothus leucodermisHesse, V. F.29631961-4-13 MariposaBootjack road; 20 miles West of Oakhurst
    CAS-BOT51253CASCeanothus leucodermisRaven, Peter H.67341954-4-24 Mariposa1 mi. N. of Mt. Bullion
    CAS-BOT51254CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas404911964-4-28 MariposaNear top of Briceburg Grade
    CAS-BOT51255CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.110371941-7-20 MariposaW. slope of Sierra Nevada. 1 mi. SE. of Bootjack
    CAS-BOT51256CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.110371941-7-20 MariposaW. slope of Sierra Nevada. 1 mi. S. E. of Bootjack
    CAS-BOT51257CASCeanothus leucodermisBacigalupi, Rimo14751926-5-10 Mariposaalong Wawona Road about 10 miles East of Mariposa
    CAS-BOT51258CASCeanothus leucodermisHead, Annas.n.1906-6-1 MariposaYosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT51259CASCeanothus leucodermisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1920-7-4 MariposaYosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT51260CASCeanothus leucodermisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1920-7-4 MariposaYosemite Valley
    CAS-BOT51261CASCeanothus leucodermisJussel, M. S.s.n.1931-10-11 MariposaMorman Bar Grade, Mariposa foothills
    CAS-BOT51262CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.34071957-4-26 MontereyParkfield Road, 0.5 mile East of Wayside Cross, Southern Monterey County
    CAS-BOT51263CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.34071957-4-26 MontereyParkfield Road, 0.5 mile East of Wayside Cross, Southern Monterey County
    CAS-BOT51264CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-4-3 MontereyBetween San Antonio Cr. and Bryson
    CAS-BOT51265CASCeanothus leucodermisKeck, David D.21091933-5-2 Monterey3/4 mile North of Bryson, foot of Hesperia Mountain Grade
    CAS-BOT51266CASCeanothus leucodermisKeck, David D.21091933-5-2 Monterey3/4 mile North of Bryson, foot of Hesperia Mountain Grade
    CAS-BOT51267CASCeanothus leucodermisHardham, Clare B.68451961-4-16 MontereyShale Hills West, the Indians, Headwaters Arroyo
    CAS-BOT51268CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas325601957-6-2 MontereySanta Lucia Memorial Camp
    CAS-BOT51269CASCeanothus leucodermisHowitt, Beatrice F.8901956-4-22 Montereyjeep road on way to the Indian Cave about 4 miles Northeast of San Antonio Mission in Hunter Liggett Des.
    CAS-BOT51270CASCeanothus leucodermisHowitt, Beatrice F.14441963-3-30 MontereyAlong a jeep trail leading to the pictograph Indian Caves on east side of Hunter Ligett Res.
    CAS-BOT51271CASCeanothus leucodermisFerris, Roxana S.84581933-5-2 Monterey3/4 mile from Bryson
    CAS-BOT51272CASCeanothus leucodermisFerris, Roxana S.84581933-5-2 Monterey3/4 mile from Bryson
    CAS-BOT51273CASCeanothus leucodermisAbbott, E. K.s.n.1941-7-20 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT51274CASCeanothus leucodermisHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.231091964-3-17 Riverside10 mi. N. of Pala, on road to Elsinore
    CAS-BOT51275CASCeanothus leucodermisFerris, Roxana S.; Rossbach, Ruth P.96611938-5-20 Riverside3 miles below junction of Idyllwild Road on State Highway #74
    CAS-BOT51276CASCeanothus leucodermisBenson, Lyman31861932-3-26 RiversideSummit Temecula Grade
    CAS-BOT51277CASCeanothus leucodermisLathrop, E. W.56421965-4-4 Riverside8 mi. W. of Murrieta
    CAS-BOT51278CASCeanothus leucodermisRaven, Peter H.142301959-5-17 RiversideLake Fulmor, San Jacinto Mountains
    CAS-BOT51279CASCeanothus leucodermisSpencer, Mary F.12051919-6-20 RiversideEdge of woods, Mt. San Jacinto
    CAS-BOT51280CASCeanothus leucodermisWoglum, R. S.3058A1941-6-12 RiversideIdyllwild
    CAS-BOT51281CASCeanothus leucodermisB., C. F.41441903-4-4 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT51282CASCeanothus leucodermisSanders, A. C.149611994-6-26 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains: S of Silverwood Lake, along Forest Service road (2N59?) ca. 2 miles E of Cottonwood Station W of FS road 2N43 from Cedarpines Park, under powerlines. [T2N, R4W, W/2 sec. 8.] Coll. 0.4 mi. W of 2N43.
    CAS-BOT51283CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.36561932-5-24 RiversideNo. base of San Jacinto Mts. Snow Creek Canyon. 1 mi. above Fish Hatchery
    CAS-BOT51284CASCeanothus leucodermisB., C. F.41441903-4-4 RiversideElsinore - S. Cal.
    CAS-BOT51285CASCeanothus leucodermisJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-6-20 Riverside20 miles North of Idyllwild
    CAS-BOT51286CASCeanothus leucodermisMason, Herbert L.31131926-4-30 RiversideTemecula Canyon, 1 mile South of Temecula, Southwestern Riverside Co.
    CAS-BOT51287CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.14981925-7-2 RiversideTahquitz trail - San Jacinto Range
    CAS-BOT51288CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.15231925-7-2 RiversideIdyllwild grade - San Jacinto Mt.
    CAS-BOT51289CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766B1926-7-21 San Bernardinoalong trail to Cow Canyon about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51290CASCeanothus leucodermisHill, Steven R.334122001-4-25 San BernardinoVicinity of Lost Lake, straddling the San Andreas Fault, Lost Lake Road, San Bernardino National Forest San Bernardino Mountains; west of Route I-15.
    CAS-BOT51291CASCeanothus leucodermisJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-5-7 San BernardinoWaterman Canyon
    CAS-BOT51292CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.107931916-4-29 San BernardinoCajon Pass. San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT51293CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, Samuel B.s.n.1964-5-7 San BernardinoFoothills, San Ber Mts.
    CAS-BOT51294CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.8281908-7-14 San BernardinoCold Creek, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT51295CASCeanothus leucodermisJones, Marcus E.33211882-4-27 San BernardinoColton
    CAS-BOT51296CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.80331936-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Clark Grade, 8/10 mi. above the base
    CAS-BOT51297CASCeanothus leucodermisJohnston, I. M.15771917-7-28 San BernardinoSan Antonio Canyon
    CAS-BOT51298CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766F1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51299CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.15291925-8-1 San BernardinoCajon Pass - Between Verdemont and Cajon
    CAS-BOT51300CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766G1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51301CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766H1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51302CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.7111908-7-6 San BernardinoCleghorn Canyon, San Bernardino Mountains
    CAS-BOT51303CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.17951926-7-22 San BernardinoTrail to San Antonio Peak
    CAS-BOT51304CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.50671901-6-20 San BernardinoMill Cr. Falls
    CAS-BOT51305CASCeanothus leucodermisCovel, Paul F.4091936-3-21 San BernardinoCajon pass (south slope)
    CAS-BOT51306CASCeanothus leucodermisKelly, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-9-1 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
    CAS-BOT51307CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766D1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51308CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766C1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon - about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51309CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766I1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon - about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51310CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.46941901-4-27 San BernardinoCanyon Diablo - Vicinity of San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT51311CASCeanothus leucodermisThorne, R. F.; Eichler, Hj.378091968-7-27 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest: SW-facing rocky slope just above turn-off to Icehouse Canyon
    CAS-BOT51312CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.111401941-8-8 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Mill Creek grade between Igos and Glen Martin
    CAS-BOT51313CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.109301941-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., lower end of Cajon Pass, 1 mi. above Devore
    CAS-BOT51314CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas25411927-6-12 San BernardinoCajon Pass highway, South of summit
    CAS-BOT51315CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas27691927-7-10 San BernardinoShort distance below 'Inspiration Point' on City Creek Road, San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT51316CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766A1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon - about 1/2 mi. or less from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51317CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1766E1926-7-21 San BernardinoAlong trail to Cow Canyon - about 1/2 mi. (or less) from Eleven Oak Camp
    CAS-BOT51318CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.117451918-5-20 San BernardinoWaterman Canyon, San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT51319CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.601881-4-1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT51320CASCeanothus leucodermisEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoBarrett
    CAS-BOT51321CASCeanothus leucodermisEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoBarrett
    CAS-BOT51322CASCeanothus leucodermisCovel, Paul F.8621937-4-21 San DiegoAlpine
    CAS-BOT51323CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, C. B.19091931-3-15 San Diego5 miles West of Campo
    CAS-BOT51324CASCeanothus leucodermisRowntree, Lesters.n.1931-4-2 San DiegoPala grade
    CAS-BOT51325CASCeanothus leucodermisSanford, Helens.n.1927-5-22 San DiegoLaguna Mt.
    CAS-BOT51326CASCeanothus leucodermisButtle, Alvina F.s.n.1913-7-1 San DiegoWarners Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51327CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice28541913-4-19 San DiegoPoway road
    CAS-BOT51328CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice28201913-4-18 San DiegoWarner's Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51329CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alices.n.1913-4-1 San DiegoWarners Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT51330CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee, T. S.101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    CAS-BOT51331CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee, T. S.101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    CAS-BOT51332CASCeanothus leucodermisChandler, Harley P.50251904-4-4 San DiegoWitch Creek Mt.
    CAS-BOT51333CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.17981926-8-11 San DiegoGrade between Temecula and Pala
    CAS-BOT51334CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.17971926-8-11 San DiegoGrade to Pala from Temecula
    CAS-BOT51335CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, Chester781931-5-1 San DiegoCuyamaca Mts.
    CAS-BOT51336CASCeanothus leucodermisSummers, R. W.21921-4-1 San Diego5 miles south of Ramona on Murray Grade
    CAS-BOT51337CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas48451930-5-11 San DiegoCanyon of the San Luis Rey River, 1 mile below Henshaw Dam
    CAS-BOT51338CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas48491930-5-11 San DiegoCanyon of the San Luis Rey River, 5 miles below Henshaw Dam
    CAS-BOT51339CASCeanothus leucodermisCovel, Paul F.15091939-5-20 San DiegoSummit Palomar, near Observatory
    CAS-BOT51340CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.7641882-6-1 San DiegoPala
    CAS-BOT51341CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.138871941-4-23 San DiegoCanyon 5 miles from Julian on road to Banner
    CAS-BOT51342CASCeanothus leucodermisKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja33471979-3-8 San Diego2.5 mi. N. of Pala on Hwy. S-16
    CAS-BOT51343CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, C. B.21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yds. from summit of Potrero Grade, on the road to Potrero
    CAS-BOT51344CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, C. B.19091931-3-15 San Diego5 miles west of Campo
    CAS-BOT51345CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yds. from summit of Potrero Grade on rd. to Potrero
    CAS-BOT51346CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, C. B.21591931-5-28 San Diego4 1/2 mi. East of Campo on the rd. to Jacumba
    CAS-BOT51347CASCeanothus leucodermisBrandegee101889-5-1 San DiegoNuevo
    CAS-BOT51348CASCeanothus leucodermisFerris, Roxana S.70451928-4-18 San Diegobetween Flinn Springs and Alpine
    CAS-BOT51349CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.24931927-5-6 San DiegoHillside 5 1/2 mi. So. of Ramona on road to Lakeside
    CAS-BOT51350CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.19491926-3-7 San Diegoon road to Barrett Dam 5-6 mi. from Jamul
    CAS-BOT51351CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.130761954-4-9 San Diego5 mi. NE of Lakeside on road to Barona Indian Reservation
    CAS-BOT51352CASCeanothus leucodermisBreedlove, D. E.18371962-3-10 San Diego3.6 miles West of road to Tecate on State 94
    CAS-BOT51353CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.14321925-6-27 San DiegoBetween Descanso and Jacumba
    CAS-BOT51354CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.12691924-7-4 San DiegoCampo
    CAS-BOT51355CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice91801919-6-26 San DiegoDescanso
    CAS-BOT51356CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice94301920-4-22 San DiegoCampo
    CAS-BOT51357CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.19101931-3-15 San Diego5 miles West of Campo
    CAS-BOT51358CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yds. from summit of Potrero Grade on road to Potrero
    CAS-BOT51359CASCeanothus leucodermisBoyd, Steve; Rojas, Lisa114052004-5-26 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains region: In-Ko-Pah Mountains, western flank of Thing Valley northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road
    CAS-BOT51360CASCeanothus leucodermisBoyd, Steve; Ross, Tim75871992-6-4 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canyon Wilderness Area Southeastern edge of wilderness in upper Devil Canyon drainage, northwest of Sky Ranch, T8S R5W SW1/4 SW 1/4 sec. 23
    CAS-BOT51361CASCeanothus leucodermisMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.371894-6-22 San DiegoCameron's Ranch, Laguna
    CAS-BOT51362CASCeanothus leucodermisRandall, Josyline D.s.n.1914-3-29 San DiegoPine Hills Inn, Julian
    CAS-BOT51363CASCeanothus leucodermisLeskinen, Paul7051972-3-15 TulareNorth of Kernville, roadside
    CAS-BOT51364CASCeanothus leucodermisLeskinen, Paul14601972-9-12 TulareAround meadow perimeter at Portuguese Meadow. Greenhorn Range
    CAS-BOT51365CASCeanothus leucodermisKelley, Juneas.n.1920-5-1 TulareTule Indian Reservation
    CAS-BOT51366CASCeanothus leucodermisGanley, Stephen R.7691971-7-2 TulareNear Woody's Pack Station at Lloyds Meadow
    CAS-BOT51367CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.165891970-5-7 TulareKern Canyon 0.5 mile North of Fairview
    CAS-BOT51368CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.143151968-6-1 TulareMineral King Road at the East Fork of the Kaweah River Bridge
    CAS-BOT51369CASCeanothus leucodermisTwisselmann, Ernest C.132001967-5-31 TulareCherry Hill Road 0.4 mile above the Kern Canyon Raod
    CAS-BOT51370CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.13041895-8-16 TulareTrail Marble Fork to Cedar Creek Trail, Farewell Gap to Mineral King Region
    CAS-BOT51371CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.26191897-8-12 TulareMineral King Road, middle Kaweah River to Three Rivers
    CAS-BOT51372CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17791897-7-12 TulareRidge South of Sequoia Basin, region of Sequoia National Forest: vicinity of Homer's Nose
    CAS-BOT51373CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1765A1926-6-24 Tulareabout 3 to 4 miles above Coffee Camp. [at base of Central to Nelsons.]
    CAS-BOT51374CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-3-23 VenturaCamino Cielo, Santa Ynez Mts.
    CAS-BOT51375CASCeanothus leucodermisThompson, Henry J.33731965-4-22 VenturaSplit Rock Camp, 1/2 mile north-west of Sandstone Peak
    CAS-BOT51376CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.69441935-5-22 VenturaSanta Ynez Mts., Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mt., upper Sespe Creek 3 mi. So. of summit of Pine Mt. Grade
    CAS-BOT51377CASCeanothus leucodermisMunz, Philip A.93811925-4-18 VenturaSespe Creek
    CAS-BOT51378CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1119a1923-6-18 VenturaRed Reef Canyon
    CAS-BOT51379CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1119e1923-6-18 VenturaHorn Canyon
    CAS-BOT51380CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1119c1923-6-18 VenturaTimber Canyon
    CAS-BOT51381CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.1571908-6-8 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT51382CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.631908-6-4 VenturaSison Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT51383CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.821908-6-4 VenturaHines Peak, Topatopa Mountains
    CAS-BOT51384CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-1-1 VenturaWhite Ledge Peak Rd.
    CAS-BOT51385CASCeanothus leucodermisEvermann, B. W.s.n.1914-9-1 VenturaSespe Canyon
    CAS-BOT51386CASCeanothus leucodermisClear, Blanches.n.1940-4-27 VenturaPine Mt and Ozena
    CAS-BOT51387CASCeanothus leucodermisFauntleroy, Sophies.n.1932-5-1 VenturaOjai
    CAS-BOT51388CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1119d1923-6-18 VenturaTimber Canyon
    CAS-BOT51389CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1119b1923-6-18 VenturaTopatopa Ridge
    CAS-BOT51390CASCeanothus leucodermisHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-4-7 VenturaMatilija Canyon
    CAS-BOT51391CASCeanothus leucodermisHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-4-17 VenturaMatilija Canyon, near 'Cliff Glen'
    CAS-BOT51392CASCeanothus leucodermisEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1916-4-14 VenturaOcean View Trail, Nordhoff
    CAS-BOT51393CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1964-4-20 Venturain Upper North Fork of Matilija Canyon, Ojai Forest District
    CAS-BOT51394CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-5-5 VenturaOcean View Trail
    CAS-BOT51395CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-4-3 VenturaWhite Ledge Peak Road
    CAS-BOT51396CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-3-23 VenturaCamino Cielo, Santa Ynez Mts.
    CAS-BOT51397CASCeanothus leucodermisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-5-5 VenturaOcean View Trail
    CAS-BOT51751CASCeanothus leucodermisBacigalupi, Rimo12901926-4-4 AlamedaRancho Repose, at base of Cedar Mountain, along Arroyo Mocho
    CAS-BOT51752CASCeanothus leucodermisBacigalupi, Rimo12901926-4-10 AlamedaRancho Repose along Arroyo Mocho at base of Cedar Mt.
    CAS-BOT51753CASCeanothus leucodermisBacigalupi, Rimo12901926-4-4 AlamedaRancho Repose, at base of Cedar Mountain, along Arroyo Mocho
    CAS-BOT51754CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.77931920-11-6 AlamedaCedar Mt.
    CAS-BOT51755CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas18201926-4-11 AlamedaRancho Repose, Arroyo Mocho
    CAS-BOT51756CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas18591926-4-11 AlamedaRancho Repose, Arroyo Mocho
    CAS-BOT51757CASCeanothus leucodermisElmer, A. D. E.44671903-5-1 Alameda15 miles from Livermore, Cedar (Cypress) Mountain
    CAS-BOT51758CASCeanothus leucodermisThorne, Robert F.; Blake, S. T.347771965-6-4 FresnoAbove King's River along Hwy. 180
    CAS-BOT51759CASCeanothus leucodermisKreyenhagen, Viola16741925-12-1 FresnoDiablo Range between Fresno and Monterey counties. Waltham Creek
    CAS-BOT51760CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.33701900-10-12 FresnoNoble P. O.
    CAS-BOT51761CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old river bridge above Pollasky
    CAS-BOT51762CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old river bridge above Pollasky
    CAS-BOT51763CASCeanothus leucodermisDuncan, W. B.s.n.1923-3-10 FresnoBase Camp - junction S. & S. Fork Kings River
    CAS-BOT51764CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.s.n.1912-7-1 FresnoFoothills between North Fork and Friant
    CAS-BOT51765CASCeanothus leucodermisHeller, A. A.81481906-4-11 Fresnoon the banks of the San Joaquin river at the old bridge above Pollasky
    CAS-BOT51766CASCeanothus leucodermisYork, Dana5651996-4-19 FresnoCa. 65 km E of Fresno (FSC), 11.4 km SE of Balch Camp, Sierra National Forest along Kings River National Recreational Trail. NW 1/4 of NW 1/4
    CAS-BOT51767CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas339971958-7-27 FresnoTehipite Valley, middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT51768CASCeanothus leucodermisHowell, John Thomas34053A1958-7-28 FresnoEast of Tehipite Valley, middle Fork of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT51769CASCeanothus leucodermisQuick, C. R.47-101947-4-28 FresnoGranite Falls just N of Fresno-Grant's Park highway, 6.4 miles above 2000 ft. marker
    CAS-BOT51770CASCeanothus leucodermisWilson, George48781951-4-23 FresnoAuberry road one and one half miles below circle. Opposite Backbone ridge
    CAS-BOT51771CASCeanothus leucodermisMcDonald, Julias.n.1915-7-1 FresnoBig Creek region
    CAS-BOT51772CASCeanothus leucodermisHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4951900-7-6 FresnoTehipite Valley
    CAS-BOT51773CASCeanothus leucodermisMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Johnston, Verna81967-5-29 FresnoAbout 4 miles North of Auberry on Auberry Mission Road
    CAS-BOT51774CASCeanothus leucodermisMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Johnston, Verna31967-5-29 FresnoAuberry Road between Auberry and Pine Ridge at hairpin turn
    CAS-BOT51775CASCeanothus leucodermisJones, Fred L.s.n.1953-5-3 InyoSymmes Creek, Southwest of Independence
    CAS-BOT523909CASCeanothus leucodermisSwinney, R. G.155212011-7-8 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Camp Colby (Colby Ranch), the middle elevation (& smallest) of three natural depressions at the N base of Strawberry Peak
    CAS-BOT541439CASCeanothus leucodermisWilken, D. H.; Painter, E.159942003-4-18 San DiegoMesa Grande Rd, 1.3 linear km W of mouth of Kumpohui Creek, 0.9 linear km SW of State Hwy 76
    CAS-BOT63526CASCeanothus leucodermisHitchcock, C. L.60241940-4-8 San Diego2 m. w. of Boulevard.
    CAS-BOT63527CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.18541926-2-21 San DiegoHillside near Descanso.
    CAS-BOT63528CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.19451926-3-7 San DiegoHillside 8 mi. from Jannul on Barret Dam Rd.
    CAS-BOT63529CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.19771926-3-19 San DiegoGrade between Jubia and Banner.
    CAS-BOT63530CASCeanothus leucodermisWiggins, Ira L.24011927-4-14 San DiegoNear Moreus Dam.
    CAS-BOT63531CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, LeRoy37311903-6-4 San DiegoCottonwood grade, between Cottonwood Valley and Patrero.
    CAS-BOT63532CASCeanothus leucodermisAbrams, L. R.49071912-7-11 San DiegoBetween Julien and Cuinaca.
    CAS-BOT63533CASCeanothus leucodermisParish, S. B.108111916-5-9 San DiegoCampo.
    CAS-BOT63534CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.11691923-6-21 San Luis ObispoN. to s. boundary of Atrascadero.
    CAS-BOT63535CASCeanothus leucodermisBaker, Miss.s.n.1926-4-4 San Luis ObispoBetween Atrascadero and San Luis Obispo.
    CAS-BOT63536CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas41351937-4-29 San Luis ObispoPazo Mts.
    CAS-BOT63537CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, E. G.s.n.1908-4-25 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT63538CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-4-3 San Luis Obispounspecified.
    CAS-BOT63539CASCeanothus leucodermisHardham, Clare B.68731961-4-16 San Luis ObispoS. side of Nacimiento Dam.
    CAS-BOT63540CASCeanothus leucodermisRose, Lewis S.610461961-4-15 San Luis Obispo1 mi. se. of Nacimiento Dam.
    CAS-BOT63541CASCeanothus leucodermisHoover, R. F.83821957-4-22 San Luis ObispoSummit between Moreno Canyon and Calf Canyon.
    CAS-BOT63542CASCeanothus leucodermisHoover, R. F.83791957-4-15 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande. 5 mi. above County Park.
    CAS-BOT63543CASCeanothus leucodermisHoover, R. F.83821957-4-22 San Luis ObispoSummit between Moreno Canyon and Calf Canyon.
    CAS-BOT63544CASCeanothus leucodermisHoover, R. F.83791957-4-15 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande. 5 mi. above County Park.
    CAS-BOT63545CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas41471937-4-30 San Luis ObispoHuasna district.
    CAS-BOT63546CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.11691923-6-21 San Luis ObispoN. to s. boundary of Atascadero.
    CAS-BOT63547CASCeanothus leucodermisBreedlove, D. E.24471962-4-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Canyon, 6 mi. w. of U.S. Highway 399; Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CAS-BOT63548CASCeanothus leucodermisBreedlove, D. E.26931962-5-11 Santa BarbaraOn s. slope of Santa Ynez Peak, Santa Ynez Mountains.
    CAS-BOT63549CASCeanothus leucodermisBailey, Vernon O.s.n.1911-10-6 Santa BarbaraSisquoc Valley, San Rafaell Mts.
    CAS-BOT63550CASCeanothus leucodermisBlakley, E. R.60481963-6-28 Santa BarbaraMadulce Lookout Trail from the Big Pine Rd. Sierra Madre Mts.
    CAS-BOT63576CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice6651906-6-22 Santa BarbaraTrail to Mauzcena.
    CAS-BOT63577CASCeanothus leucodermisCarter, Annetta11601936-4-22 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto. Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range.
    CAS-BOT63578CASCeanothus leucodermisSharsmith, Helen K.37591936-5-24 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto. Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range.
    CAS-BOT63579CASCeanothus leucodermisSharsmith, Helen K.37591936-5-24 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto. Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range.
    CAS-BOT63580CASCeanothus leucodermisCarter, Annetta Mary11601936-4-22 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto. Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range.
    CAS-BOT63581CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.1765B1926-6-24 TulareAbout 3-4 mi. above Coffee Camp - at base of control.
    CAS-BOT63582CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17471897-7-9 TulareRegion of Sequoia National Forest; vicinity of Homer's Nose. By Salt Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT63583CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.33561900-8-18 TulareColony Rd. - Advance Brook.
    CAS-BOT63584CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.13631896-7-23 TulareBy Dry Creek. Kaweah River Valley.
    CAS-BOT63585CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.7371895-7-15 TulareBetween Second and Tbird Dry Meadow Creeks. Kern River: Second Dry Meadow Creek.
    CAS-BOT63586CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-6-15 TulareKaweah River.
    CAS-BOT63587CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1898-8-31 TulareNear the fork of Middle and East Tule River.
    CAS-BOT63588CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.17391896-8-24 TulareMineral King Rd., near Trawgers. Region of Mineral King.
    CAS-BOT63589CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-4-5 TulareNear Milo.
    CAS-BOT63590CASCeanothus leucodermisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-7-20 Tulare3 Rivers.
    CAS-BOT63608CASCeanothus leucodermisStein, Bruce A.4681981-4-4 San DiegoAlong Highway 76 and San Luis Rey River, 1 mi. w. of San Luis Rey day use park.
    CAS-BOT63609CASCeanothus leucodermisParsons, David J.101971-4-15 San DiegoEcho Valley, about 4.5 mi. n. of Descanso.
    CAS-BOT63610CASCeanothus leucodermisEpling, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoBarrett.
    CAS-BOT63611CASCeanothus leucodermisSpencer, Mary F.4541917-4-13 San DiegoAlpine.
    CAS-BOT63612CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.19111931-3-15 San Diego5 mi. w. of Campo.
    CAS-BOT63613CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.29331931-5-27 San Diego200 yds. from summit of potrero Grade opn road to Potrero.
    CAS-BOT63614CASCeanothus leucodermisBailey, Vernon O.; Merriam, C. Harts.n.1907-10-13 San DiegoPotrero Creek, between Dulzura and Campo.
    CAS-BOT63615CASCeanothus leucodermisMunz, Philip A.155961940-3-18 San DiegoBanner Grade, eastern San Diego Co.
    CAS-BOT63616CASCeanothus leucodermisWolf, Carl B.109211941-6-28 San Diego2 mi. w. of Boulevard at junction of U.S. Highway #80 and Calif. Highway #94.
    CAS-BOT63617CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice91421919-6-25 San DiegoCuernaca.
    CAS-BOT63618CASCeanothus leucodermisEastwood, Alice90961919-6-24 San DiegoDescanso.
    CAS-BOT63619CASCeanothus leucodermisAlderson, R. D.s.n.1894-4-1 San DiegoWitch Creek.
    CAS-BOT63620CASCeanothus leucodermisSpencer, Mary F.231916-4-15 San DiegoUnspecified.
    CAS-BOT63621CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.14291925-6-27 San Diego1 mi. e. of Alpine.
    CAS-BOT63622CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.18041926-8-11 San DiegoBetween lookout to Imperial Valley and Kentwood (Julian Rd.).
    CAS-BOT63623CASCeanothus leucodermisMcMinn, H. E.12861924-7-4 San Diego6.5 mi. w. of Potrero - Border Line Trail.
    CAS-BOT63624CASCeanothus leucodermisCampbell, Ethel H.631921-5-1 San DiegoBetween Buckgrass Springs and Jacumba.
    CAS-BOT63625CASCeanothus leucodermisThomas, J. H.3171949-4-20 San DiegoJust w. of Banner in Banner Canyon.
    CAS-BOT83788CASCeanothus leucodermisBurge, D. O.; Wilken, D.879b2007-4-23 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, Santa Ynez Mountains at roadside on West Camino Cielo Road (NJ 5N12), near beginning of access road for Santa Ynez Peak (VABM 4298), 12.5 km 139 deg. (True) SSE of Santa Ynez. GPS (WGS84).
    CAS-BOT83789CASCeanothus leucodermisBurge, D. O.; Wilken, D.862b2007-4-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest, Caltrans Depot on Hwy 33, W bank of Sespe River 4.8 road miles (7.3 km) N of intersection with Rose Valley Road (NF 6N31), near BM 3412, 13.2 km 352 deg. (True) NNW of Ojai. GPS (WGS84).
    CDA0014956CDACeanothus leucodermisG.F. Hrusa145111998-6-06 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Fort Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation. immediately above Los Bueyes Creek. South Coast Ranges.
    CDA0016529CDACeanothus leucodermisG.F. Hrusa150071999-4-19 Santa BarbaraLa Brea Canon Rd, below confluence to E jeep road towards Tepusquet Canon. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0016724CDACeanothus leucodermisG.F. Hrusa158322001-5-19 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Rd. +- 2 W of Bates Cyn Rd. intersection. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0020662CDACeanothus leucodermisG.F. Hrusa168812006-6-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, +/- 3 mi. downstream of Nira trailhead (Sunset Valley Rd.). At and W +/- 1 mi. of Coldwater Camp. San Rafael Wilderness.
    CDA0030299CDACeanothus leucodermisG.F. Hrusa176602008-6-6 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Rd. approx. 1/2 mi. E of Bates Canon Rd. intersection. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0034585CDACeanothus leucodermisM. Beyers4582010-5-18 Santa BarbaraHeadwaters of south fork of La Brea Creek to creekbed in north end of La Brea Canon. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0035580CDACeanothus leucodermisE.O. Essig391911-4-12 VenturaSanta Paula Canon, Santa Paula.
    CDA0035581CDACeanothus leucodermisT.C. Fuller81281962-4-04 San DiegoHighway 80, 5.2 miles west of Tecate Divide, 11.5 miles east of Pine Valley.
    CDA0035582CDACeanothus leucodermisD.G. Kelch94.0461994-3-11 San DiegoEast of Del Mar.
    CDA0037123CDACeanothus leucodermisMike LahtiPDR# 15903052012-3-28 RiversideTemecula; Calle Encantado near Rancho California Road.
    CHSC106488CHSCCeanothus leucodermisMichael Horner34102010-6-4 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: SBNF: Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. Along trail above FS Rd 1N04 approx. 0.25 W of Mile Creek, 1.5 N of Pinezanita 1.5 mi W of Seven Oaks Resort.
    CHSC13856CHSCCeanothus leucodermisR. C. Granstedt291973-4-16 San DiegoCa. .7 mi w of offramp of Interstate 8 for East Willows and a Frontage Road, within 10 yds s of the Frontage Rd.
    CHSC1515CHSCCeanothus leucodermisV. Holt1942-4-02 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
    CHSC25948CHSCCeanothus leucodermisJames Henrickson71821972-3-19 Los AngelesCa 7 air miles north of Sierra Madre along State Hwy 2 in San Gabriel Mts.
    CHSC26061CHSCCeanothus leucodermisEdwrina Williams641970-5-23 TulareCa. 20 miles NE of Springville, 1 mile SW of Canon at Meadow Creek in Sequoia Nat'l Forest in Sierra Nevada Mtns.
    CHSC8453CHSCCeanothus leucodermisEdward Laidlaw Smith3321958-2-24 San BernardinoCucamonga Canon. San Gabriel Mt. Range. Cucamonga Creek drainage area.
    CHSC95914CHSCCeanothus leucodermisLeRoy Gross9252003-5-23 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Southwest ridge that climbs to Mt. Markham (between Mt. Markham and the Mt. Lowe dirt road (2N50.1) UTM Zone; 3788 N 0398715E. T02N R1 W S26 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Wilson 1:24,000
    CLARK-A1528-3895CLARKCeanothus leucodermisJohn C. Roos55741952-4-23 RiversideHighgrove
    CLARK-A1528-798CLARKCeanothus leucodermisCharlotte Stocks3951952-4-23 San DiegoBonsall
    CSLA014448CSLACeanothus leucodermisE. Rorick48771954-5-24 Los AngelesCharleton Flats
    CSLA014449CSLACeanothus leucodermisWesley O. Griesel1961-5-16 Los AngelesState Highway #2 near Newcomb's Ranch, San Gabriel Mts.
    CSLA014450CSLACeanothus leucodermisCheryl Stites451970-5-23 Tulareca. 20 miles NE of Springville, 1/2 mile SW of Canon at Meadow Creek in Sequoia Nat'l Forest in Sierra Nevada Mtns.
    CSLA014451CSLACeanothus leucodermisWesley O. Griesel1959-4-09 Los AngelesMillard County, San Gabriel Mountains
    CSLA014452CSLACeanothus leucodermisW.O. Griesel1958-6-1 San BernardinoRim of the World Drive
    CSLA014453CSLACeanothus leucodermisKell Jensen181966-4-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns., Tapia Park, 2 W of Virgenes Rd.
    CSLA014454CSLACeanothus leucodermisJ. Miller4877 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains
    CSLA014455CSLACeanothus leucodermisCheryl A. Lawson4091971-6-26 Los AngelesLittly Tujunga Canon, San Gabriel Mts., Angels National Forest
    CSLA014456CSLACeanothus leucodermisD. Collins181966-4-04 Los Angeles5 W of Sunland; 3 mi. N of Glenoaks Dr on Sheldon Dr.
    CSLA014457CSLACeanothus leucodermisMelvin A. Hedine1956-6-25 Kernwest side Greenhorn Mtns., near Glenville
    CSLA014459CSLACeanothus leucodermisJames Henrickson71821972-3-19 Los AngelesCa 7 air miles north of Sierra Madre along State Hwy 2 in San Gabriel Mts.; 34.273333 -118.043333
    CSLA014460CSLACeanothus leucodermisJohn J. Ricards1958-6-17 Los AngelesLion's Camp
    CSUSB90070CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin760222-41976-2-22 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90077CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin760407-31976-4-07 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90089CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin750710-21975-7-10 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90198CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin761111-51976-11-11 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90345CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin750612-121975-6-12 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90467CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin760418-41976-4-18 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90484CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisRoy W. Martin760515-51976-5-15 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90713CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisMike Kelly131991-6-17 San BernardinoTransect 17: Mitigation Area off Institution Road
    CSUSB93142CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisPhil Lindeman1969-5-09 San BernardinoLone Pine Canon; Lone Pine Canon road 2 miles from U.S. 395
    CSUSB93143CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisR.C. Smith1973-5-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; San Bernardino Mountains. Forest Home.
    CSUSB93144CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisR.C. Smith1973-5-16 San BernardinoGreenspot - Highway 38, west of Forest Home
    CSUSB93147CSUSBCeanothus leucodermisR. Herring9111975-5-11 San BernardinoMormon Rocks, San Gabriel Mts.
    DAV319558DAVCeanothus leucodermisPamela Ephgrave691974-7-10 San DiegoSan Diego County: location unknown.
    DAV319559DAVCeanothus leucodermisDara Emerys.n.1969-6-01 MaderaMadera County: Highway 41 between Fresno and Yosemite.
    DAV319560DAVCeanothus leucodermisD.O. Burge22142016-12-17 San DiegoSan Diego County: Roadside on De Luz Road.
    DAV319561DAVCeanothus leucodermisCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3042008-7-2 MaderaMadera County; Near San Joaquin Experimental Range. Kathryn Purcell's property, west of Highway 41, SE of Road 207, just west of dirt road and of San Joaquin Experimental Range (USFS) boundary. West of gate.
    DAV319563DAVCeanothus leucodermisCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team182008-6-30 TulareTulare County; Outside Springville. Off Balch Park Rd.
    DAV319564DAVCeanothus leucodermisDylan O. Burge21182016-6-13 RiversideRiverside County: Santa Ana Mountains, roadside on California State Route 74, just W of Lake Elsinore.
    DAV319565DAVCeanothus leucodermisRodney Gale Myatt7081970-9-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. Above Hwy 38, east of Big Bear Lake.
    DAV319566DAVCeanothus leucodermisJ. I. Mallory3011968-7-10 TulareTulare County: 2.75 miles SW of Mountain Home State Forest Headquarters, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV319567DAVCeanothus leucodermisGeoffrey Levin7721976-5-06 TulareTulare County: Kern River Valley about 0.8 mi. south of Fairview.
    DAV319568DAVCeanothus leucodermisJamie Kneitel191995-4-09 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Angeles National Forest, 4.7 N of U.S.F.S. Ranger Station on Angeles Crest Hwy., 50 m. from road, San Gabriel Mtns.
    DAV319569DAVCeanothus leucodermisE. H. Hydes.n.1938-6-03 MariposaMariposa County: Yosemite Valley.
    DAV319570DAVCeanothus leucodermisG. K. Helmkamp116622007-3-22 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Bucks Bar Road, 4.4 miles south of Pleasant Valley Road at the junction of Sand Ridge road.
    DAV319571DAVCeanothus leucodermisRoman Gankin11971967-11-14 San DiegoSan Diego County: 2.4 road miles east of Potrero along State Route 94.
    DAV319572DAVCeanothus leucodermisTom Gordon3941974-7-11 VenturaVentura County: Pine Mt. 5 miles east of Hwy 33.
    DAV319573DAVCeanothus leucodermisK. M. Meyer2302007-9-22 MaderaMadera County: Sierra National Forest, 0.4 mi. on FS6572, at the corner with 65402, off route 10, Sky Ranch.
    DAV319574DAVCeanothus leucodermisP. B. Kennedys.n.1921-4-01 FresnoFresno County: Kings River Dam.
    DAV319576DAVCeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum31411941-7-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Green Valley section, Bear Valley area, San Bernardino Mountains.
    DAV319577DAVCeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum3058A1941-6-12 RiversideRiverside County: Idylwild.
    DAV319578DAVCeanothus leucodermisJ. M. Tucker39281966-4-08 MontereyMonterey County: 4.5 miles (by jeep 'road') east-southeast of Pinyon Peak Lookout (this lookout ca. 3 1/4 miles northeast of summit of Junipero Serra Peak), Santa Lucia Mountains.
    DAV319579DAVCeanothus leucodermisJames A. Neilson, Jr.35431972-10-14 SacramentoSacramento County. Rancho Murietta. South bank of Consumnes River. (Elevation estimated from Google Earth by label maker.)
    DAV319580DAVCeanothus leucodermisDylan O. Burge13972013-4-18 San DiegoSan Diego County: Laguna Mountains, Lake Cuyamaca watershed, roadside on Sunrise Highway (County Road S1), 21.7 road miles (34.7 km) from intersection with US Hwy 8, 11.4 km 147 deg. (True) SSE of Julian, 1466 m.
    DAV319581DAVCeanothus leucodermisGordon Pilone1461961-3-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Barett Canon one mile north of Ranger Station in San Antonio Canon.
    DAV319582DAVCeanothus leucodermisRay Prags.n.1972-3-26 San DiegoSan Diego County: Near Descanso.
    DAV319583DAVCeanothus leucodermisR. N. Raynors.n.1933-4-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Lower Canon Canon.
    DAV319584DAVCeanothus leucodermisD. Siegler22311970-3-23 San DiegoSan Diego County: 6 miles west of Ramona on State 67.
    DAV319585DAVCeanothus leucodermisLewis S. Rose620481962-5-22 TulareTulare County: Roads End, Kern River.
    DAV319586DAVCeanothus leucodermisMaureen H. Pendletons.n.1988-2-01 RiversideRiverside County: Ca. 2 1/2 mi. S of Temecula between I-215 and Rainbow Canon Road.
    DAV319587DAVCeanothus leucodermisD. O. Burge16932015-3-17 RiversideRiverside County: Rainbow area.
    DAV319588DAVCeanothus leucodermisPeter Rubtzoff71911973-7-19 El DoradoEl Dorado County: The Georgetown Divide, Sierra Nevada. UC Blodgett Forest Research Station, southern fork of Bacon Canon, near Bacchi Corral Road.
    DAV319589DAVCeanothus leucodermisJack Major774-a1962-4-16 RiversideRiverside County: Mt. San Jacinto, south side. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV319590DAVCeanothus leucodermisStacie Call151994-3-29 Los AngelesSunland, Big Tujunga Wash at the base of the San Gabriel Mtns.
    DAV394644DAVCeanothus leucodermisH. van Eldens.n.1929-4-15 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Atascadero.
    DAV394646DAVCeanothus leucodermisK. Esaus.n.1935-6-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Near Canon.
    FSC0015180FSCCeanothus leucodermis1953-7-1 Fresno
    FSC0015183FSCCeanothus leucodermis1954-9-6 Fresno
    GMDRC11579GMDRCCeanothus leucodermisJ. M. Andre409642019-3-29 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: 0.3 miles north of Hwy 94, 7.5 mi. west of Boulevard
    GMDRC11851GMDRCCeanothus leucodermisJ. M. Andre414272019-4-25 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: SW end of Bucksnort Mtns; Indian Flat Rd at Pacific Crest Trail, 5.7 miles north of Hwy 79, approx. 7 air miles NNW of Warner Springs, just southeast of campground
    GMDRC12015GMDRCCeanothus leucodermisJ. M. Andre416872019-5-16 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: just below Pacific Crest Trail on north side of Lytle Creek Ridge, south of Lone Pine Canon, approx. 7 miles west of Interstate 15
    GMDRC6557GMDRCCeanothus leucodermisJ. M. Andre305112012-6-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: along Hwy 243 at Mt Edna Rd, approx. 1 mi. north of McMullen Flat, 5.9 mi. south of Interstate 10 at Banning; SB Natl. Forest
    HSC101357HSCCeanothus leucodermisR.G. Swinney103512009-4-16 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns. Foothills: Duarte, lower Van Tassel Canon, 0.3 to 0.6 miles NW (upstream) of confluence with San Gabriel River
    HSC104624HSCCeanothus leucodermisDana York32422015-6-12 KernBLM managed land, ~8.2 air-km SE of town of Lake Isabella, near summit of Laura Peak in the Erskine Creek drainage
    HSC12328HSCCeanothus leucodermisWendell Wood421970-6-24 Los AngelesSwitzer's Canond intersection with Foothill Blvd.
    HSC18370HSCCeanothus leucodermisD. Connell281965-4-10 VenturaMatilija Canon Rd.
    HSC18371HSCCeanothus leucodermisL.S. Rose620481962-5-22 TulareRds. End, Kern River
    HSC24910HSCCeanothus leucodermisBill Scianni381970-5-23 Tulare18.5 mi (air) NE of Springville, 3.5 NE of Coffee Creek Campground in Sequoia National Forest
    HSC25155HSCCeanothus leucodermisRichard Spjut21991972-2-16 San Diegoca. 8 W of Jacumba near jct. of Hwy. 94 and Hwy. 80
    HSC25514HSCCeanothus leucodermisRichard Spjut22721972-3-14 RiversideAlong Rte. 1 from Hwy. 10 to Idyllwild, slopes of San Jacinto Mtns.
    HSC47408HSCCeanothus leucodermisRichard Spjut50211978-5-05 RiversideBetween Idyllwild and Banning along Hwy. 243 in the San Jacinto Mtns.
    HSC92607HSCCeanothus leucodermisMiles Fellowssn1981-4-23 San BernardinoAdjacent to City Creek Hwy. leading to Running Springs, 2 mi from canyon entrance
    HSC92817HSCCeanothus leucodermisGena Calcarone201995-3-20 San DiegoRamona, up slope from San Vicente Creek
    HSC94288HSCCeanothus leucodermisD. Atwood176801993-3-26 RiversideSanta Ana Mtns., 4.8 mi. S of Lake Elsinore along Hwy. 74
    HSC99956HSCCeanothus leucodermisJ.P. Smith13,2092011-6-9 RiversideMt. Etna Road, W of Hwy. 243.
    IRVC14455IRVCCeanothus leucodermisGail A. Baker141977-4-11 TulareAsh Mt., Sequoia Nat. Park. NW slope. Stand 16.
    IRVC14515IRVCCeanothus leucodermisGail A. Baker901977-5-31 TulareTULARE COUNTY: By stand 63, S end of Sequoia National Park.
    IRVC16144IRVCCeanothus leucodermisR. Meinzers.n.1971-4-25 OrangeSanta Ana Mts: Junction of trail to Upper Trabuco Canon with Horsetheif trail.
    IRVC26185IRVCCeanothus leucodermisA.C. Sanders269642003-6-18 Los Angelesprivate dirt road along crest of range, above Salt Canon
    IRVC3238IRVCCeanothus leucodermisR.H. Whittakers.n.1963-5-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: Hemet Hwy. NE-40 degrees lower part of ravine.
    IRVC3239IRVCCeanothus leucodermisBrad NewmanHS-1651965-4-24 RiversideBanning
    IRVC3241IRVCCeanothus leucodermisLuretta BurnsHS-1671965-3-30 RiversideOrtega Highway.
    IRVC3242IRVCCeanothus leucodermisRandy AcevedoHS-1661965-4-24 San BernardinoSierra Ave., Lytle Creek.
    JEPS103746UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisD. H. Wilken, E. Painter159942003-4-18 San DiegoMesa Grande Rd, 1.3 linear km W of mouth of Kumpohui Crk, 0.9 linear km SW of St Hwy 76
    JEPS118790UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisDana York5651996-4-19 FresnoCa. 65 km E of Fresno (FSC), 11.4 km SE of Balch Canonal Forest, along Kings River National Recreational Trail.
    JEPS14581UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisPeter H. Raven, G. Thomas Robbins91201956-4-29 El Dorado0.3 mi from Youngs (Somerset) (on rd to Aukum)
    JEPS22756UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64101958-7-20 Los Angelesclose to Angeles Crest Hwy (Charlton Flat (State Hwy 2)); San Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest
    JEPS2515UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson84941920-4-12 San DiegoPala Mission; ; Pala Mission, San Diego Co.
    JEPS2516UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson84941920-4-12 San DiegoPala Mission; ; Pala Mission, San Diego Co.
    JEPS26320UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisCharlotte N. Smith7091942-8-01 Kernca 1/4 mi from Kern/Tulare county line (ne side of Sunday Park); Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS26321UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisCharlotte N. Smith6941942-7-31 Kernca 2.5 mi ne Greenhorn Summit; Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS26329UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisCharlotte N. Smith4051941-5-27 Kernca 6 mi from Kernville (near rd to Greenhorn Summit Store); Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS33674UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisJohn Thomas Howell18201926-4-11 AlamedaRancho repose Arroyo Mocho
    JEPS39721UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisCharlotte N. Smith10391961-6-18 Kernca 5 mi sw Eugene grade; Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS42017UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson56001913-5-15 San BernardinoWaterman Canon , Waterman Canon (San Bernardino Mts.)
    JEPS42018UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson118341927-4-18 San DiegoLive Oak Springs
    JEPS42019UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson55681913-5-15 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon San Bernardino Mts.
    JEPS42020UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson22912001-3-16 RiversideStrawberry Valley San Jacinto Canon
    JEPS42021UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B. Parish1894-5-01 San Bernardinonear San Bernardino
    JEPS42022UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisS. B., W. F. Parish1886-4-01 San Bernardinofoothills San Bernardino Mts.
    JEPS42155UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson161431932-4-01 San BenitoOld Tully School Bitterwater Valley
    JEPS42217UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson48601912-6-26 TulareMiddle Tulare River
    JEPS42221UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson62131914-11-13 AlamedaCedar Mt.
    JEPS42223UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson71671917-5-26 KernBear Mt. Tehachapi Range
    JEPS42226UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson120351927-4-27 MontereyStone Canon
    JEPS42227UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson128361928-5-20 MaderaFresno Flats
    JEPS42233UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson154281930-5-06 San Benitos Hernandez Valley (upper San Benito River)
    JEPS42240UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson171321935-4-20 San DiegoBanner San Felipe Valley
    JEPS42273UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisA. E. Wieslander1927-6-06 El Dorados side Middle Fork Cosumnes River (near Bakers Ford)
    JEPS42274UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisP. B. Kennedy1919-8-01 MaderaKelty Sierra National Forest
    JEPS42275UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWalter Fry3931915-6-06 TulareClough Cave Sequoia National Park
    JEPS42315UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson12901901-5-19 RiversideSan Jacinto Canon
    JEPS42316UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson15291901-5-29 San DiegoAugustine's Ranch, Palomar Mountain
    JEPS42322UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson22631903-8-05 RiversideStrawberry Valley San Jacinto Mt.
    JEPS42331UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson85311920-4-14 San DiegoSan Felipe Pass Warner Ranch
    JEPS42337UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisFrank W. Peirson1121918-6-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Peak
    JEPS42349UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson27701907-5-18 Fresnobetween Dunlap and Millwood
    JEPS42351UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson26731907-5-11 MontereyPriest Valley San Carlos Range
    JEPS42358UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson5681900-6-19 TulareHalstead's Ranch, Sierra Nevada, N. Fork of Kaweah River
    JEPS42359UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson6031900-6-20 TulareCedar Creek Sierra Nevada, N. Fork Kaweah River
    JEPS42394UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisC. V. Meyer1361927-6-01 RiversideSaunder's Meadow San Jacinto Mts.
    JEPS42395UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisC. V. Meyer761927-4-10 San DiegoBanner Grade Cuyamaca Mts.
    JEPS42404UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisFrank W. Peirson22811920-9-14 Los AngelesColdwater Canon San Gabriel Mts. (San Antonio Mts)
    JEPS57248UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi17741968-5-02 Fresnoca 3 mi ne, by rd Toll House (along Hwy 168)
    JEPS57311UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisLawrence R. Heckard18681968-5-13 Venturaca 8 air mi n Ojai (above Tule Creek, just beyond bridge crossing Hwy 33)
    JEPS82372UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson192601939-4-22 Montereyw Parkfield (Chalome Hills)
    JEPS82374UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisWillis L. Jepson191941939-4-18 San Diegonear Witch Creek (towards Santa Ysabel)
    JEPS85804UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisRoy E. Buck13501989-6-23 Los Angelesca 0.1 air km nnw Icy Springs (lowermost ne facing slope of canyon of upper Big Bear Creek, 26 air km nn3 o fGlendora, just e of ruins of old house); San Gabriel Mts.
    JEPS99441UCJEPSCeanothus leucodermisClare B. Hardham68731961-4-16 San Luis Obispohills S of Nacimiento Dam
    LA00635263LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoBarrett Dam
    LA00635264LACeanothus leucodermisIra L. Wiggins19491926-3-07 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountain; on road to Barrett Dam, 5-6 mi from Jamul
    LA00635339LACeanothus leucodermisLee Hainess.n.1935-7-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Fern Canon
    LA00635340LACeanothus leucodermisWillis Wheelers.n.1930-4-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; San Antonio Canon
    LA00635341LACeanothus leucodermisMary V. Hood43-84k*1943-7-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; near Charlton Flats
    LA00635343LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1931-5-16 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains; Swartout Valley
    LA00635344LACeanothus leucodermisO. A. Plunketts.n.1926-3-06 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains; Santa Anita Canon
    LA00635345LACeanothus leucodermisMary V. Hood39-54k*1939-5-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Chilao Flats
    LA00635346LACeanothus leucodermisJ. Ewan20971929-5-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Haines Canon, Mount. Lukens Trail
    LA00635347LACeanothus leucodermisW. R. Ernsts.n.1947-4-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; San Gabriel Canon
    LA00635348LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1931-5-16 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains; Swartout Valley
    LA00635440LACeanothus leucodermisMary V. Hood43-55k*1943-5-30 Los AngelesChilao Flats
    LA00635445LACeanothus leucodermisH. L. Bauer10371942-7-02 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; General's Highway
    LA00635446LACeanothus leucodermisH. L. Bauer10321942-7-02 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; General's Highway
    LA00635448LACeanothus leucodermisAnnetta M. Carter11601936-4-22 StanislausMount Hamilton Range; Red Mountains; Adobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto
    LA00635449LACeanothus leucodermisWilliam Bridge Cooke111251939-6-24 ShastaCascade Ranges; Mount Shasta; Along the Wagon Camp road below Bear Springs
    LA00635450LACeanothus leucodermisWillis H. Wheelers.n.1930-4-05 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains; Lytle Creek Canon below Glenn Ranch
    LA00635453LACeanothus leucodermisBarry A. Prigge75541987-5-09 San BernardinoSanta Ana Wash; below Greenspot Road, 1.8 to 2.7 NNE of Mentone
    LA00635456LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Barrett Dam
    LA00635458LACeanothus leucodermisE. C. Parkes.n.1939-5-06 San DiegoPalomar Mountains
    LA00635460LACeanothus leucodermisA. K. Khudairis.n.1951-4-25 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Highway 78, 5 miles east of Escondido
    LA00635461LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1932-6-20 San DiegoDescanso
    LA00635462LACeanothus leucodermisHarlan Lewiss.n.1939-5-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Palomar Mt
    LA00635465LACeanothus leucodermisC. B. Wolf19091931-3-15 San Diego5 miles west of Campo
    LA00635479LACeanothus leucodermisW. E. Pequegnat461939-4-08 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains
    LA00635480LACeanothus leucodermisW. Pequegnats.n.1938-9-03 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains; Ortega Rd
    LA104651LACeanothus leucodermisBarry A. Prigge77251987-7-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Bear Creek; above where Santa Ana Truck Trail crosses creek
    LA30351LACeanothus leucodermisMary V. Hood41--67-k*1941-4-19 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Banner Grade
    LA30352LACeanothus leucodermisMary V. Hood42--29k*1942-5-24 VenturaSespe Canon
    LA32016LACeanothus leucodermisPeter H. Raven138261959-3-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park; Mt. Hollywood Dr, ca 0.8 mi S of Vista del Valle Dr
    LA42070LACeanothus leucodermisB. Lewiss.n.1939-4-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains-San Gabriel Mountains; Canon Pass
    LA42071LACeanothus leucodermisH. Lewiss.n.1937-6-04 RiversideSan Jacinto
    LA42072LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1932-4-02 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Banner
    LA42079LACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yds from summit of Potrero Grade, on road to Potrero
    LA42080LACeanothus leucodermisIra L. Wiggins19771926-3-19 San Diegograde between Julian and Banner
    LA42081LACeanothus leucodermisIra L. Wiggins24011927-4-14 San DiegoNear Moreno Dam, NE slope
    LA42084LACeanothus leucodermisL. Ellisons.n.1930-7-18 Madera2 mi. SW of Minerets
    LA42085LACeanothus leucodermisL. Ellisons.n.1930-7-18 Madera2 mi. SW of Minerets
    LA44855LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-15 PlumasChester
    LA44857LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1943-4-12 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek Camp, near Palmdale
    LA44859LACeanothus leucodermisW. Pequegnat451939-4-08 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains
    LA44861LACeanothus leucodermisW. Pequegnats.n.1938-4-16 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains; Indian Truck Trail
    LA44863LACeanothus leucodermisCarl Eplings.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Barrett
    LA44865LACeanothus leucodermisH. Lewiss.n.1939-5-06 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
    LA44868LACeanothus leucodermisHelen Sharsmith37591936-5-24 ?  UnknownMount Hamilton Range; Red Mountains; Adobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto
    LA44870LACeanothus leucodermisW. Pequegnat441939-4-08 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains
    LA85751LACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Thompson33731965-4-22 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Sandstone Peak; Split Rock Camp, 0.5 W of peak
    LOB100019LOBCeanothus leucodermisA.E. Fisher4112016-6-6 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, 2 air miles South of Big Bear Lake. Champion Lodgepole Trail via forest road 2N11.
    LOB110167LOBCeanothus leucodermisLauren Fah52009-4-26 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74) several miles past the Candy store
    LOB110168LOBCeanothus leucodermisWilliam F. Dodson1791970-5-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., 11.9 miles S of Wesley St., on Co. Rd. R-1
    LOB110169LOBCeanothus leucodermisCrystal Garcia52010-4-18 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74); near the San Juan Loop Trail head.
    LOB110170LOBCeanothus leucodermisW. Wesson11971-4-03 Riverside3 miles east of Hemet lake.
    LOB110171LOBCeanothus leucodermisF. DeVito381970-4-05 RiversideRt. 74, midway between Elsinore and El Carriso Camp.
    LOB110172LOBCeanothus leucodermisD. Shepard791972-4-29 Riverside8 miles E of the San Bernardino Nat'l Forest Boundary, on Hwy 74 Chaparral
    LOB110173LOBCeanothus leucodermisA.E. Fisher3952017-3-9 Riversidenear San Gorgonio Pass, W of Palm Springs, near small town of Snow Creek, UC Natural Reserve Oasis de los Osos.
    LOB110174LOBCeanothus leucodermisCasey Zebley22010-4-18 RiversideOff Ortega Highway (Hwy 74)
    LOB110175LOBCeanothus leucodermisA.E. Fisher4632018-4-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest, Vista Grande Rd 3S08 E of Hwy 243
    LOB110176LOBCeanothus leucodermisKaycee Villarreal632017-4-9 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest, Banning, Palms to Pines Highway 74.
    LOB110177LOBCeanothus leucodermisMiles Valencia682018-4-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest, Vista Grande Rd
    LOB110178LOBCeanothus leucodermisJessica Nguyen312017-4-8 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway
    LOB110179LOBCeanothus leucodermisAndrea Balogh102009-4-26 RiversideUpper San Juan, off Ortega Highway (Hwy 74).
    LOB110180LOBCeanothus leucodermisTerry Powerss.n.1974-5-04 Los AngelesDowd Canon Rd., 3.75 mi S of Greene Valley
    LOB110181LOBCeanothus leucodermisW. Nelson61970-4-09 San Bernardino15 miles north of San Bernardino on Hwy 18
    LOB110182LOBCeanothus leucodermisJ. A. Kincaid951972-3-31 San Diego2.5 miles north on S-6 from junct. of Calif 76, Cleveland Nat'l Forest.
    LOB110183LOBCeanothus leucodermisA.E. Fisher4302017-8-20 TulareSequoia National Forest, 22S12 Cherry Rd, 1 mile N of Horse Meadow Campground.
    MACF032765MACFCeanothus leucodermisE. R. Blakley21261956-4-30 San DiegoOne mile south of Descanso
    MACF032766MACFCeanothus leucodermisE. R. Blakley21211957-4-30 San DiegoWhere Highway U.S. 80 crosses Viejas Creek.
    MACF032767MACFCeanothus leucodermisArthur Kneisel711967-4-26 Los AngelesChaparral Whitethorn, Mt. Baldy Rd., San Gabriel Mts.
    MACF032768MACFCeanothus leucodermisGB Smith261967-10-21 Riverside2 miles west of Black Cap Mountain River on Hwy. 74.
    MACF032769MACFCeanothus leucodermisRobert Hall731970-3-21 San DiegoAbt. .5 miles from junction of Hwy. 395 and State Road 6 on East side of Hwy. 395.
    MACF032770MACFCeanothus leucodermisPeter G. RowlandsT-641970-4-06 San DiegoHwy 78, approx. 4 mi. E. of Julian Calif.
    MACF032771MACFCeanothus leucodermisT. W. Niilus1781970-4-06 San Diego3 mi E. of Julian, in Banner Can.
    MACF032772MACFCeanothus leucodermisR. Murphey2331970-4-06 San Diego1 mi west of Glamis on Hwy 78.
    MACF032773MACFCeanothus leucodermisAl Muth241971-3-29 OrangeHarding Road, 10 mi. E. Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary.
    MACF032774MACFCeanothus leucodermisTrudy R. Ericson10141979-5-28 Riverside1.6 mi. from intersection of F. S. Rd. opposite Toledo Springs Campground and Thomas Mts. Loop Road on F. S. Rd., Santa Rosa Mtns., San Bernardino National Forest.
    MACF032775MACFCeanothus leucodermisTrudy R. Ericson10131979-5-28 Riverside1.6 mi. from intersection of F. S. Rd. opposite Toledo Springs Campground and Thomas Mts. Loop Road on F. S. Rd., Santa Rosa Mtns., San Bernardino National Forest.
    OBI124159OBICeanothus leucodermisD.E. Breedlove26941962-5-11 Santa Barbaraon south slope of Santa Ynez Peak, Santa Ynez Mountains
    OBI124160OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109951941-7-12 MontereySanta Lucia Mts, 2/10 mi below (SE of) the Indians Forest Svc guard Sta on headwaters of Arroyo Seco
    OBI124161OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111401941-8-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts, Mill Crk grade between Igos & Glen Martin
    OBI124162OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111431941-8-12 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts 1.6 mi S Idylwild on Rd to Tauquitz Lodge
    OBI124163OBICeanothus leucodermisElinor Lehto172181971-4-09 San Diego59 mi E of San Diego along hwy I-8
    OBI124164OBICeanothus leucodermisH.K. Sharsmith31581935-5-19 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Valley (western base of Red Mts), Mount Hamilton range
    OBI124165OBICeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd114052004-5-26 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Cuyamaca-Laguna Mts region: In-Ko-Pah Mts, western flank of Thing Valley, NE of transite station Posta, Cleveland Natl Forest along forest svc road
    OBI124166OBICeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheeler20231933-7-19 San BernardinoClark Grade, Santa Ana River Valley, San Bernardino Mts
    OBI124167OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111431941-8-12 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts 1-6/10 mi S of Idylwild on road to Tauquitz Lodge
    OBI124168OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111401941-8-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts, Mill Creek grade between Igos & Glen Martin
    OBI124169OBICeanothus leucodermisAart C. De Vos731963-4-23 San Luis Obispo4 N of Santa Margarita
    OBI124170OBICeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Hoover83821957-4-22 San Luis ObispoSummit between Moreno Cyn and Calf Cyn
    OBI124171OBICeanothus leucodermisH.K. Sharsmith37591936-5-24 StanislausAdobe Crk, a tributary to Arroyo del
    OBI124173OBICeanothus leucodermisDavid J. Keil196501986-6-09 San Luis ObispoOak Shores development on northern shore of Nacimiento Lake
    OBI124174OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yds From summit of Potrero Grade, on the road to Portrero
    OBI124175OBICeanothus leucodermisJill M. Bushakra1192001-6-2 Los AngelesPine Canon, Pine Canon and Schaffer Roads.
    OBI124176OBICeanothus leucodermisP. DouglasHL 2961994-5-19 MontereyLos Padres National Forest/Fort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 14, 17) interface, W of to N and NE of head of Basket Spring Drainage, ca. 3.0 air km NNE of Alder Peak, ca. 2.5 air km W of Round Spring.
    OBI124177OBICeanothus leucodermisE. PainterHL 25161996-4-11 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 28), shoulder of Crystal Knob, ca. 0.3 air km NNE of summit, ca. 2.5 air km SE of Gold Hill.
    OBI124178OBICeanothus leucodermisTheo Fitanides752010-3-26 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn BLM ACEC
    OBI124179OBICeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109791941-7-11 San Luis ObispoS Coast Ranges, 11 mi SE of Santa Margarita on rd to Pozo (Calif Hwy 178)
    OBI124180OBICeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Hoover83791957-4-15 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande, 5 mi above County park
    OBI124181OBICeanothus leucodermisJohn M. Tucker3261941-7-05 Santa BarbaraJust below summit on N side of Montecito Peak
    OBI124182OBICeanothus leucodermisLewis S. Rose620481962-5-22 TulareRoads End, Kern River
    OBI124183OBICeanothus leucodermisDavid J. Keil233991992-7-3 El DoradoCirca 11 km due south of Placerville near intersection of Sand Ridge Rd and Dawn Rose Ln.
    OBI148117OBICeanothus leucodermisG.R. Johnstones.n.1951-6-25 FresnoLogging Rd. NW Lake Hume.
    OBI179722OBICeanothus leucodermisMitch Provance0510-552010-5-12 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range/W Mojave Desert: south side of Hwy 138, c. 1.3 miles east of intersection with Ridge Route (N2) and 7 miles west of Neenach (La Liebre Ranch 7.5' Q)
    OBI33189OBICeanothus leucodermisDavid J. Keil170281983-5-19 TulareHospital Flat campground N of Kernville
    PGM1239PGMCeanothus leucodermisYadon, Vern1974-4-17 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, The Indians, Milpitas Rd
    PGM1243PGMCeanothus leucodermisYadon, Vern1974-4-17 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Arroyo Seco Rd, Nr Escondido Camp
    PGM1534PGMCeanothus leucodermisGriffin, James R.1973-4-24 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, The Indians, Tr Junipero Serra Pk 1st cr crossing
    PGM6726PGMCeanothus leucodermisHowitt, Beatrice F08901956-4-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Ft Hunter Liggett rd to Indian Caves, 4 miles from San Antonio Mission
    PGM6727PGMCeanothus leucodermisHowitt, Beatrice F14441963-3-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Ft Hunter Liggett rd to Indian Canong jeep rd to the Indian Caves
    POM11188RSACeanothus leucodermisI. M. Johnston15771917-7-28 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains, San Antonio Canon
    POM122419RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-5-07 San BernardinoWaterman Canon.
    POM136464RSACeanothus leucodermisStewart H. Burnhams.n.1895-4-26 Santa ClaraFoot of Black Mt.
    POM145930RSACeanothus leucodermisL. R. Abrams119731927-5-02 KernBetween Hobo and Democrat Hot Springs. Kern River Canon.
    POM156327RSACeanothus leucodermisL. R. Abrams26091902-7-01 Los AngelesNear summit of Mt. Wilson
    POM161626RSACeanothus leucodermisR. C. Bacigalupi14751926-5-10 MariposaAlong Wawona Road about 10 miles E of Mariposa.
    POM163407RSACeanothus leucodermisR. C. Bacigalupi12901926-4-10 AlamedaRancho Repose along Arroyo Mocho base of Cedar Mt.
    POM173251RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz113731929-5-05 San DiegoBanner Grade, below Julian
    POM177345RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins19451926-3-07 San DiegoHillside 8 mi. from Jamal on road to Barret Dam.
    POM177346RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins18541926-2-21 San DiegoHillside near Descanso.
    POM177347RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins19771926-3-19 San Diegobetween Julian and Banner
    POM177348RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins19491926-3-07 San DiegoAlong road to Barrett Dam.5-6 mi east of Jamul.
    POM177349RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins24931927-5-06 San DiegoRoadside 5.5 mi. S of Ramona toward Lakeside.
    POM17814RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz70901923-6-14 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains: Glen Ivy Trail to Santiago Peak.
    POM183698RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz119541931-3-15 San DiegoChaparral. 5 mi. west of Campo.
    POM184166RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz120271932-3-24 RiversideBase of mts. south of Elsinore Lake.
    POM202277RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz132011934-5-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek, north of Wheeler Hot Springs.
    POM216177RSACeanothus leucodermisD. D. Keck21091933-5-02 Monterey3/4 mile north of Bryson, foot of Hesperia Moutain Grade, Santa Lucia Mountains.
    POM225987RSACeanothus leucodermisChas. H. Quibell15491930-4-22 FresnoAbove table Mt. on the Aubery road.
    POM226164RSACeanothus leucodermisAdele Lewis Grant13771918-6-27 MaderaBelow Arnold's Meadow
    POM230660RSACeanothus leucodermisI. W. Clokey67391935-5-02 VenturaNorth fork Ventura River.
    POM230661RSACeanothus leucodermisI. W. Clokey53371931-7-10 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead.
    POM247251RSACeanothus leucodermisH. K. Sharsmith37591936-5-24 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mtns, Mt. Hamilton Range.
    POM247252RSACeanothus leucodermisAnnetta Carter116001936-4-22 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mtns, Mt. Hamilton Range.
    POM250329RSACeanothus leucodermisI. W. Clokey53401931-3-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, San Gabriel Canon
    POM250392RSACeanothus leucodermisI. W. Clokey67371935-8-21 RiversideFuller's Creek, San Jacinto Mountains
    POM254870RSACeanothus leucodermisW. Pequegnats.n.1940-4-13 OrangeSW face, Modjeska Peak.
    POM259613RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz155961940-3-18 San DiegoBanner Grade, eastern San Diego
    POM265807RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. C. Roos17831937-4-17 San DiegoRamona.
    POM2772RSACeanothus leucodermisB. P. Flinns.n.1912-6-12 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM281158RSACeanothus leucodermisEthel Rush1611951-5-06 San DiegoVallecito Mountains, 2 miles E of Scissors Crossing, Highway 79, Borego Desert.
    POM2823RSACeanothus leucodermisW. R. Dudley43471896-6-08 Los AngelesKings Canon, Liebre Mts.
    POM2824RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz22321918-5-09 San BernardinoWaterman Canon
    POM2825RSACeanothus leucodermisO. Kenneys.n.1893-2-25 Los AngelesMountain, collected near Pasadena
    POM282966RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson42721933-4-01 San DiegoUS 80, above Sweetwater River. Cuyamaca Mountains. Pacific Ocean Watershed.
    POM282968RSACeanothus leucodermisE. W. Lathrop60721966-3-20 RiversideSummit Temecula.
    POM282969RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson42651933-4-01 San DiegoU.S. 80, 65miles east of San Diego. Near Liveoak Springs about 10 miles northeast of Campo.
    POM282992RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson76011936-5-03 KernDemocrat Springs, Kern Canon, Greenhorn Mountains. Kern River Watershed.
    POM282994RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson2737a1931-4-18 Madera5 miles W of Coarsegold; Mt. Range: Sierra Nevada; Watershed: Fresno River.
    POM282996RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson58891934-4-15 VenturaSierra Madre Mountains; Ventura-Maricopa vicinity.
    POM2837RSACeanothus leucodermisC. A. Purpus90191898-5-1 San DiegoRamona.
    POM2843RSACeanothus leucodermisMarjorie Shaws.n.1916-12-1 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
    POM2844RSACeanothus leucodermisC. F. Baker89931903-4-04 RiversideElsinore.
    POM285200RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson76991936-6-18 Madera5 miles N of San Joaquin River; Auberry to Bass Lake.
    POM2899RSACeanothus leucodermisC. F. Baker53461909-5-15 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, Claremont.
    POM292937RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson125911947-6-20 San DiegoMidway between Crestline and the observatory, Pacific Slope Drainage Area, Palomar Mountains.
    POM293091RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson120091946-4-10 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM293115RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson55001946-5-07 San BernardinoWest end Rim of the World Drive. Mt. Range. San Bernardino.
    POM293128RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson124701947-5-20 San BernardinoRoad to Rim of World Drive above San Bernardino. Alt. 3600 ft.
    POM293131RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson125001947-5-31 KernTiger Flat, Greenhorn Mountains. Kern River Drainage Area.
    POM293236RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson128601948-4-20 San BernardinoCanon Canon 2 mi. south of Canon. South slope.
    POM293291RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson117401945-5-29 San BernardinoLytle Canon; Pacific Slope Drainage area
    POM293342RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson117621945-6-05 Los AngelesCold Spring, 2.5 miles southwest of Canon the Glendora Road. San Gabriel Mountains. Pacific Slope Drainage
    POM294300RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson117611945-6-05 Los AngelesCold Spring, 2.5 miles southwest of Canon the Glendora Road. San Gabriel Mountains. Pacific Slope Drainage
    POM296821RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramseys.n.1938-8-05 TulareMineral King, Tulare County
    POM296996RSACeanothus leucodermisLyman Benson158471959-5-02 Tulare3 miles E of The beginning of the Mineral King road, Sierra Nevada, San Joaquin Valley.
    POM305035RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey3871939-4-23 San DiegoLakeside, Ramona Rd.
    POM305036RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey3861939-4-23 San DiegoLakeside, Ramona Rd.
    POM305157RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey4201939-4-23 San DiegoCampo, Barret Rd.
    POM305170RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey4071939-4-23 San DiegoBarrett, Dalzura Road.
    POM305200RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey6071937-4-16 San DiegoSan Diego.
    POM305201RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey6081937-4-16 San DiegoSan Diego.
    POM305202RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey6091937-4-16 San DiegoSan Diego.
    POM305368RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey6501938-3-26 RiversideTemecula.
    POM305369RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey6491938-3-26 RiversideTemecula.
    POM305701RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey10381939-4-22 RiversideHemet-Anza, Bautista Creek Road.
    POM305749RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey9441937-6-27 Los AngelesPine Canon, north of Pacoima Reservoir, Angeles National Forest.
    POM307030RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey18921940-5-19 TulareKing's River Canon National Park.
    POM308315RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey30681937-7-18 Los AngelesSoldier's Creek, San Gabriel Mountains
    POM311232RSACeanothus leucodermisKeith C. Hughes811960-4-03 San DiegoOff roadside; 0.1 mi. above Banner store, lower Banner Grade, St. Hwy. 78.
    POM48313RSACeanothus leucodermisE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-3-01 RiversideSnow Canon, San Jacinto Mts.
    POM48485RSACeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer12051919-6-20 RiversideIdyllwild. San Jacinto Mountians.
    POM48743RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz84111924-6-26 San Diegonear Springy Place, Vallecito Canon, Laguna Mountains
    POM48899RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz88561924-7-29 Riverside7 mi SE of Poppet Flat, San Jacinto Mts.
    POM48967RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz79791924-5-10 San DiegoLions [Lyons] Valley.
    POM49159RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz81441924-5-18 Riverside18 miles south of Banning on Idyllwild Road.
    POM7076RSACeanothus leucodermisL. T. Street27651919-5-14 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon.
    POM82684RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz93811925-4-18 VenturaSespe Creek
    POM84974RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-4-16 San DiegoRamona.
    POM85689RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Jonesa.n.1900-7-19 San BernardinoClark's
    POM85923RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Joness.n.1982-4-27 San BernardinoColton
    POM85945RSACeanothus leucodermisMarcus E. Jones31111982-3-25 San DiegoFall Brook.
    POM9556RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz33301920-3-10 Los Angeles1.5 mi. east of Claremont.
    POM96016RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz100001926-4-04 Los AngelesBouquet Canon.
    POM97017RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz104151926-5-01 San DiegoPalomar Peak.
    POM97499RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz97101925-5-17 San DiegoDry shaded slope, Vallecito Camp.
    POM98484RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz97361925-5-17 San DiegoVallecito Canon, Laguna Mountains.
    PUA55287PUACeanothus leucodermisG.L. Clifton1982-4-20 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Canon Junction. Canon Quad.
    PUA66339PUACeanothus leucodermisG.L. Clifton1986-6-09 Los AngelesLocal landmark: Ruby Canon. Warms Springs Mtn. Quad.
    RSA0013652RSACeanothus leucodermisJoan Stewart4171995-5-13 TulareAlong road to Doyle Springs trailhead
    RSA0013653RSACeanothus leucodermisJoan Stewart4441996-4-03 TulareStaphylea Road, from green gate to flume crossing.
    RSA0014724RSACeanothus leucodermisLaura Moore231999-4-25 Los AngelesPitzer College, Claremont; Northwest section, approximately 10 yards from western boundary of Harvey Mudd Soccer Field.
    RSA0016938RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. D. Olmsted5601959-5-06 Los AngelesAlong Glendora Mtn road 1/4 mile above Canonio Creek
    RSA0018366RSACeanothus leucodermisDuncan S. Bell49592013-5-19 San DiegoBLMMcCain Valley; about 1 mile northeast of McCain Valley Campground.; Sombrero Peak
    RSA0018960RSACeanothus leucodermisN. C. Cooper14441944-6-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns. Pine Cove.
    RSA0019585RSACeanothus leucodermisToppenbergs.n.1961-5-12 RiversideHwy to Idyllwild, Beaumont side.
    RSA0019586RSACeanothus leucodermisG. Fosters.n.1961-5-12 RiversideHighway to Idyllwild, Beaumont side.
    RSA0019596RSACeanothus leucodermisP. A. Munz54011922-5-19 RiversideMountain side, at mouth of Strawberry Canon.
    RSA0019597RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey10371939-4-22 RiversideHemet-Anza, Bautista Creek Road.
    RSA0019598RSACeanothus leucodermisHenry J. Ramsey3391937-5-30 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway.
    RSA0028382RSACeanothus leucodermisN. Cooper14441944-6-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts. Pine Cove.
    RSA0028384RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1895-4-25 UnknownYosemite Nat. Park [Tuolumne, Mariposa, or Madera Co.]
    RSA0028403RSACeanothus leucodermisM. Glenn191992-5-03 San BernardinoNorth Shore Campground at Lake Arrowhead, around camp site 26.
    RSA0028405RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Chapman101933--1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. TR6.
    RSA0028406RSACeanothus leucodermisunknowns.n.1947-4-05 San DiegoPala Indian Reservation.
    RSA0028407RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. R. Bruff2181928-4-06 San DiegoBuchman Springs.
    RSA0028408RSACeanothus leucodermisK. M. Kosaks.n.1961-5-19 San DiegoHwy. 76, 1/2 mile N. of Henshaw Res.
    RSA0028409RSACeanothus leucodermisSarah J. De Groot6732002-5-10 San DiegoAlong S2 (or 78?)
    RSA0028418RSACeanothus leucodermisDuncan S. Bell38632012-7-18 TulareSequoia National Forest; along a ridgeline to the east of the Kern River and to the west of the Rincon Trail, approximately 2 air miles north of Brush Creek.
    RSA0028429RSACeanothus leucodermisGeorge B. Grant25601904-5-17 Los AngelesMt. Wilson.
    RSA0028433RSACeanothus leucodermisPeter Rubtzoff71911973-7-19 El DoradoUC Blodgett Forest Research Station, southern fork of Bacon Canon, near Bacchi Corral Road.
    RSA0028434RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. D. Olmsted3331959-4-03 Los AngelesFoot of San Gabriel Mts: San Antonio wash. East of Claremont where Arrow Hwy crosses county line.
    RSA0028795RSACeanothus leucodermisN. Cooper14441944-6-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts. Pine Cove.
    RSA0034927RSACeanothus leucodermisAnonymous361977-4-23 Los AngelesPyramid Res. Piru Canon.
    RSA0034995RSACeanothus leucodermisA. Lee Hainess.n.1962-4-18 San Diego3 mi. E. of junction of U.S. Hgw. 80 and Calif. Hgw. 679.
    RSA0036811RSACeanothus leucodermisBob Rogers311984-5-05 RiversideAlong a trail bordering the West side of Fuller Mill Creek heading upstream. Starting point was on the North side of Hwy 243, 11.6 miles from Hwy 74/Hwy 243 jctn.
    RSA0037071RSACeanothus leucodermisJay W. Rohrbach0081983-5-16 San BernardinoMouth of Day Canon, 50 m north of the intersection of the fire road and the stream. 1.2 miles northwest of the end of Etiwanda Ave.
    RSA0043004RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney132552010-6-21 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon Natural Area, 0.2 - 1.5 miles south of Placerita Canon, in Los Pinetos Canon, along Los Pinetos Trail.; San Fernando 7.5 Q.
    RSA0045487RSACeanothus leucodermisPaul M. Inman50883-21983-5-08 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon in the Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, about 1 mile north of Arcadia, on the upper Winter Creek trail to Hoegee's Camp.
    RSA0050337RSACeanothus leucodermisTracy TennantSBV-1261998-3-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley: Rancho Cucamonga along Etiwands [Etiwanda] Creek at Highland Ave., between East Ave. and Cherry Ave.; Cucamonga Peak 7.5' Quad
    RSA0051254RSACeanothus leucodermisPaul McLaughlin05217651976-5-21 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon, one-half mile west of the town of Lytle Creek, and 20 yds. north of the Lytle Creek Road.
    RSA0060580RSACeanothus leucodermisBob Rogers211984-4-28 RiversideCollected on North-facing slope adjacent to and on the South side of Highway 74, 3.6 miles from Strawberry Creek going towards Mountain Center.
    RSA0060582RSACeanothus leucodermisBob Rogers311984-5-05 RiversideCollected along a trail bordering the West side of Fuller Mill Creek heading upstream. Starting point was on the North side of hwy 243, 11.6 miles from hwy 74/hwy243 jctn.
    RSA0060776RSACeanothus leucodermisLeRoy Gross68142015-3-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Arrastre Canon, south of Acton.; Acton 7.5 Quad.
    RSA0069201RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney137782010-9-9 Los AngelesBig Cienaga, north of Crystal Lake Campground, 0.6 miles east of Deer Flats Campground, along FS Rd 3N07 North Crystal Lake Rd.; Crystal Lake 7.5′ Q.
    RSA0083015RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney119672010-3-18 Los AngelesLake View Terrace, SE end of Orcas Park in Hansen Dam Basin, within 10 meters of Salix riparian forest corridor in Big Tujunga Wash; Sunland 7.5' Q.
    RSA0086917RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney134652010-8-9 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon, 0.3 miles ENE of Camp Sturtevant at heliport.; Mt. Wilson 7.5' Q.
    RSA0091709RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney143642011-4-9 Los AngelesNE of the city of Monrovia, Woodrat Flats, between Sycamore and Twin Springs canyons, on the restored Ben Overturff Trail, N of Sawpit Cyn.; Azusa 7.5' Quad.
    RSA0091740RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney146872011-5-12 Los Angeleseast side of Canon, c. 200 m north of canyon mouth, west of Aliso Canon Road, 0.5 mi west of Angeles Forest Hwy.; Pacifico Mountain 7.5' Quad.
    RSA0094924RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney152282011-6-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Crystal Lake Recreation Area, c. 0.15 air-miles south of Crystal Lake along Islip Ridge Trail; Crystal Lake 7.5' Q.
    RSA0098437RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1955-5-19 Los AngelesBetween Mt. Wilson and Charlton Flats.
    RSA0098438RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templetons.n.2002-4-7 Los AngelesGlendale.
    RSA0098610RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney151072011-6-14 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Vetter Mt. Lookout tower, 1.3 air-miles west of Charlton Flat entrance at Angeles Crest Hwy; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA0099283RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1957-6-17 Tulare[Sequoia National Forest] Canon.
    RSA0099286RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1957 Tulare[Sequoia National Forest] Between Rutherford's and Quaking Aspen [campgrounds].
    RSA0103912RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney154842011-7-8 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains:′Strawberry Potrero′, uppermost of 3 natural depressions at N base of Strawberry Peak, Camp Colby Property; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA0105964RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney154752011-7-8 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Camp Colby (Colby Ranch), lowest of 3 natural depressions at the N base of Strawberry Peak.; Chilao Flat 7.5'
    RSA0106115RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney140712011-3-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Arcadia Wilderness Park, north area of park, 2240 Highland Oaks Dr., lower Santa Anita Cyn.; Mt. Wilson 7.5'
    RSA0106169RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Hanek211932-5-04 KernTejon Canon.
    RSA0110249RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Johnstones.n.1951-6-25 FresnoLogging Rd. NW Lake Hume.
    RSA0113691RSACeanothus leucodermisLeRoy Gross74892016-4-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
    RSA0116175RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney15177B2011-6-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Chilao Flat, Manzanita Campground area, c. 0.7 road mile NW of Angeles Crest Hwy.; Chilao Flat 7.5'
    RSA0116758RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney135762010-8-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Mt. Zion summit, between Hoegee Campground and Canon the Mt. Zion Trail.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad.
    RSA0121327RSACeanothus leucodermisDuncan S. Bell94632016-4-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCollecting in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, in the South Fork of the Whitewater River, approximately 3.25 air miles west southwest of Wathiers Landing.; San Gorgonio Mountain
    RSA0150086RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman223692012-1-4 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Hotel, along a fire break on the hills just north of the Santa Margarita River; northwest of Fallbrook. Square C7.
    RSA0150196RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman223672012-1-4 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Hotel, along a fire break on the hills just north of the Santa Margarita River; northwest of Fallbrook.
    RSA0152048RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum13511936-3-1 San DiegoBuckman Springs
    RSA0168377RSACeanothus leucodermisDuncan S. Bell107502017-5-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; post-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; along the Pilot Rock Truck Trail on the south side of the Pinnacles, approx. 1.8 air mile south southeast of their summit.; Lake Arrowhead
    RSA0179801RSACeanothus leucodermisJoy D. England20612018-5-9 Los AngelesTejon Pass region, Angeles National Forest, Whitaker Peak (ca. 5.5 air miles SSE of Pyramid Lake). At the summit near communications facility.
    RSA0208695RSACeanothus leucodermisCheryl Birker1062016-7-14 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest; Shortcut Canon; Off Upper Big Tujunga Canon Road 1 road mile north of the Angeles Crest Highway.
    RSA0279311RSACeanothus leucodermisD. Stenger81-1021981-5-01 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground on Santa Margarita Rd. about 7 miles west of Hwy #58.
    RSA1031RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. T. Howell3971928-7-08 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains above Glen Ivy.
    RSA1032RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. T. Howell3911927-7-10 San BernardinoCity Creek Road, San Bernardino Mountians.
    RSA1134RSACeanothus leucodermisB. D. Stark13971929-7-29 MontereyRoad to Indians, 5 miles out
    RSA1146RSACeanothus leucodermisB. D. Stark13671929-7-16 San Luis Obispo2 miles S of Atascadero.
    RSA1147RSACeanothus leucodermisB. D. Stark14001929-7-29 MontereyCamp Lucia.
    RSA114923RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Campbell208111955-5-25 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    RSA11574RSACeanothus leucodermisC. Eplings.n.1932-3-31 San DiegoBarrett.
    RSA119068RSACeanothus leucodermisL. S. Rose580491958-5-22 Tularemiles SE of Johnsodale, Kern River Canon
    RSA119351RSACeanothus leucodermisS. S. Tillett4951956-6-18 TulareJust above entrance to Stoney Creek Campground, betw Sequoia and King's Canon National Parks.
    RSA122430RSACeanothus leucodermisB. Bolt157421936-5-29 San Luis Obispo1/2 mile NNE of Santa Margarita.
    RSA122431RSACeanothus leucodermisD. Axelrod4811935-6-05 Santa Barbara0.8 mile SW of mouth of Smith Canon.; Lompoc
    RSA122432RSACeanothus leucodermisH. C. Lee9651937-5-20 San Luis Obispo2 miles NW of Atascadero, Paso Robles.
    RSA122437RSACeanothus leucodermisA. D. Gifford8231937-6-03 San Luis Obispo3.1 miles N of Pozo.
    RSA122546RSACeanothus leucodermisA. Simontacchi611935-6-03 Ventura5.5 miles SE of Cobblestone Mountain.; Tejon
    RSA122547RSACeanothus leucodermisA. D. Gifford6721935-5-08 Los Angeles1 N.E. of Whitaker Pk.; Tejon
    RSA131764RSACeanothus leucodermisGeorge Wilsons.n.1951-4-23 FresnoAuberry road one and one half miles below circle,
    RSA146243RSACeanothus leucodermisR. C. Moran481954-4-14 FresnoKings River, old river road, S side 4 miles W of bridge at head of Pine Flat Reservoir.
    RSA1512RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Johnson12941929-4-17 San Diego2 miles above Barrett Dam
    RSA155558RSACeanothus leucodermisL. S. Rose620481962-5-22 TulareRoads End, Kern River.
    RSA159989RSACeanothus leucodermisClare B. Hardham68731961-4-16 San Luis ObispoS side of Nacimiento Dam
    RSA160010RSACeanothus leucodermisClare B. Hardham68451961-4-16 MontereyW of the Indians Hendwakers Arroyo Seco.
    RSA16107RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf69441935-5-22 VenturaOjai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mountain, Upper Sespe Creek, 3 miles south of summit of Pine Mountain grade.
    RSA161276RSACeanothus leucodermisPeter H. Raven142301959-5-17 RiversideLake Fulmor, San Jacinto Mtns.
    RSA1621RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf21591931-5-28 San Diego4.5 miles E of Campo on the road to Jacumba.
    RSA164796RSACeanothus leucodermisWesley O. Griesel7831963-5-09 Los AngelesLittle Rock Canon about 5 mi. above dam, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA165546RSACeanothus leucodermisClare B. Hardham107341963-6-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Bryson.
    RSA166082RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Blakley60481963-6-28 Santa BarbaraMadulce Lookout Trail from the Big Pine Rd.
    RSA172182RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne318681963-5-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Nat'l Forest; along E fork of Mt. Home Creek where crossed by Hwy 38, ca. 5 miles NW of Forest Home
    RSA172198RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne316951963-5-16 KernNearly 2.6 miles ENE of Caliente.
    RSA172199RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne317451963-5-16 Kern5 miles E of Alta Sierra.
    RSA172200RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne189631957-8-30 MaderaIn foothills a few miles S of Coars Gold.
    RSA17327RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf80331936-6-30 San BernardinoClark Grade. 8/10 mi. above the Base
    RSA180282RSACeanothus leucodermisE. W. Lathrop56421965-4-04 Riverside8 miles west of Murrieta-Tenaja Range.
    RSA1838RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf21401931-5-27 San Diego200 yards below summit of Potrero
    RSA191303RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne369491967-6-07 TulareSequoia National Forest, on bank of small stream N Fork of Middle Fork of Tule River in chaparral 1.4 miles up Canon Road from power plant.
    RSA191317RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne370271967-6-08 Tulare6 miles NE of Milo on Balch Park road.
    RSA191525RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne361741966-4-23 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts, San Bernardino National Forest: Canon Canon about 1 mile w of Canon Jct.
    RSA19206RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum13511936-3-1 San DiegoBuckman Springs
    RSA19216RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum19191938-7-04 VenturaLos Padres National ForestMt Pinos.
    RSA192351RSACeanothus leucodermisE. W. Lathrop60721966-3-20 Riverside10 miles west of Murrieta on the Tenaja Truck Trail between DeLuz and Tenaja Guard Station, Trabuco District.
    RSA1927RSACeanothus leucodermisB. D. Stark16271930-6-14 San DiegoLakeside.
    RSA201548RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Hoover83791957-4-15 San Luis ObispoUpper Arroyo Grande. Five miles above County Park
    RSA21234RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Johnson85051937-4-06 OrangeRancho Santa Ana, Santa Ana Canon south of Ranch Buildings.
    RSA2126RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf19111931-3-15 San Diego5 miles west of Campo.
    RSA2127RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf19101931-3-15 San Diego5 miles west of Campo.
    RSA2128RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf19091931-3-15 San Diego5 miles west of Campo.
    RSA2159RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Johnsons.n.1929-4-17 San Diego2 miles above Barrett Dam
    RSA2166RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Johnsons.n.1929-4-17 San DiegoBarrett Creek Reservoir.
    RSA216642RSACeanothus leucodermisE. C. Twisselmann165891970-5-07 TulareKern Canon 0.5 mile N of Fairview
    RSA221528RSACeanothus leucodermisArthur C. Gibson18001971-4-02 San BernardinoStoddard Canon, Angeles National Forest.
    RSA22503RSACeanothus leucodermisH. K. Sharsmith37591936-5-24 StanislausAdobe Creek, a tributary to Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mtns, Mt. Hamilton Range.
    RSA225853RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne408761971-7-07 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: Lower flats of San Sevaine Cow Camp.
    RSA226533RSACeanothus leucodermisC. W. Tilforth2241969-7-26 San DiegoSutherland Reservoir, N.E. of Ramona.
    RSA23592RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum22751939-4-23 San DiegoBetween Ramona and Lakeside.
    RSA23670RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum1511-C1938-4-16 San Diego3 No. o . Jamul
    RSA240629RSACeanothus leucodermisC. W. Tilforth8931973-7-13 Los AngelesW. side of San Antonio Canon, n. of Claremont
    RSA249544RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne347771965-6-04 FresnoSequoia National Forest: Above King's River along Hwy 180.
    RSA249853RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. P. Simon381251969-6-24 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest. Above and in James Reserve.
    RSA250431RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne416151967-3-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest: San Gabriel Canon near Coldbrook.
    RSA25618RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109211941-6-28 San Diego2 W of boulevard at junction of U.S. Highway 80 and CA. highway 94.
    RSA25687RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109791941-7-11 San Luis ObispoS Coast Ranges, 11 miles S of Santa Margarita on road to Pozo (Hwy 178).
    RSA25692RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109951942-7-12 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., 2/10 mi below (SE of ) the Indians Forest Service Gaurd Sta. on headwaters of Arroyo Seco.
    RSA25757RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111431941-8-12 Riverside1 6/10 mi.So.of Idylwild on road to Tahquitz Lodge
    RSA25760RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111401941-8-08 San BernardinoMill Creek Grade between Igos and Glen Martin.
    RSA25776RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109301941-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Lower end of Canon Pass, 1 mi above Devore.
    RSA25820RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf109491941-7-01 VenturaNorth Base of Pine Mt., 1 mi. S. of Ozena to Lockwood Valley Rd., on the Cuyama Valley to Ojai Rd.
    RSA25843RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf111521941-8-15 OrangeW. slope of Santiago Truck Trail. 4.4 mi. below mai divide motorway.
    RSA25858RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf110371941-7-20 MariposaW slope of Sierra Nevada, 1 miles SE of Bootjack.
    RSA25868RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf110431941-7-21 FresnoW slope of Sierra Nevada Auberry Garde, 2 milef from Auberry.
    RSA26045RSACeanothus leucodermisLester Rowntrees.n.1934--1 San DiegoCuyamaca.
    RSA26051RSACeanothus leucodermisLester Rowntrees.n.1931-4-14 San DiegoType region. Cuyamaca Mt.
    RSA262092RSACeanothus leucodermisE. W. Lathrop69301968-5-22 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak. Cleveland National Forest
    RSA262096RSACeanothus leucodermisE. W. Lathrop70291969-5-09 RiversideMain Divide Truck. Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak, Cleveland Nat'l Forest.
    RSA264224RSACeanothus leucodermisC. W. Tilforth14601977-8-15 MaderaAlong no. 601 road, 3 miles from jct with Hwy 4 W of Oakhurst.
    RSA27047RSACeanothus leucodermisC. L. Hitchcock60241940-4-08 San Diego2 mi. west of Boulevard.
    RSA279055RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne414631971-4-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: Chantry Flats, along trail to Santa Anita Canon.
    RSA280122RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne388311969-7-22 InyoOwens Valley: N of Symmes Creek.
    RSA293490RSACeanothus leucodermisC. W. Tilforth18851979-7-24 MariposaHwy 49, 1.6 miles W of Usona turnoff, E of Mariposa
    RSA296125RSACeanothus leucodermisBarry A. Prigge39021980-8-11 RiversideSan Bernardino Mts, White Canon: 3.2 miles upstream from trout farm.
    RSA3025RSACeanothus leucodermisE. R. Johnson26411931-12-31 OrangeRacho Santa Ana, river bottom south of Ranch houses, ear the boudary benre.
    RSA30303RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf112541941-8-15 OrangeW. slope of Santiago Truck Trail. 4.4 mi. below mai divide motorway.
    RSA30311RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf112461941-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Lower end of Canon Pass, 1 mi above Devore.
    RSA304774RSACeanothus leucodermisJames R. Shevock7871971-3-15 Los AngelesAngeles Crest Hwy, Los Angeles
    RSA307142RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne528171979-5-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; on road to Silverwood Lake above stream in Horsethief Canon S of junction with road to Hesperia.
    RSA30781RSACeanothus leucodermisR. S. Woglum27211940-5-11 TulareKern River Canon, near Fairview.
    RSA311067RSACeanothus leucodermisSamuel Pusateris.n.1946-6-1 FresnoHospital Rock
    RSA313418RSACeanothus leucodermisT. S. Elias83351984-4-29 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest; Glendora Ridge near Baldy Canong forest service road above Ridge road.
    RSA336316RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne522891978-6-21 San BernardinoControversy Springs, ca. 4 miles ENE of Wrightwood (by air)
    RSA336440RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne519171978-5-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: along City Creek Road.
    RSA343875RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne606651985-5-18 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: at edge of Cleveland National Forest.
    RSA34562RSACeanothus leucodermisN. Cooper13801944-6-17 RiversideAbove Banning.
    RSA357166RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne396671971-5-25 Fresno5.8 miles E of Auberry.
    RSA398578RSACeanothus leucodermisN. C. Cooper41451949-6-03 San DiegoCuyamaca State Park
    RSA399006RSACeanothus leucodermisH. E. Hasse15031906-6-01 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek.
    RSA399007RSACeanothus leucodermisAnstruther Davidsons.n.1891-4-05 Los AngelesRiver side [more specific information not given].
    RSA399008RSACeanothus leucodermisFordyce Grinnell Jr.19311910-6-1 Los AngelesLong Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA399009RSACeanothus leucodermisJulian P. Donahue2831971-5-23 Los AngelesCloudburst Canon
    RSA399010RSACeanothus leucodermisMartha Hilend471928-2-09 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon.
    RSA399011RSACeanothus leucodermisTisdales.n.1929-4-15 Los AngelesTopanga Canon.
    RSA399012RSACeanothus leucodermisM. B. Dunkle36351933-6-18 San BernardinoSan Antonio Creek, above Ice-House Camp.
    RSA399307RSACeanothus leucodermisYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1933-5-12 FresnoTaken on the road to Shaver lake above Toll House.
    RSA399308RSACeanothus leucodermisH. L. Bauers.n.1928-5-26 KernTehachapi - Mt. Breckenridge
    RSA399309RSACeanothus leucodermisJulian P. Donahues.n.1973-6-03 KernPiute Mountains, Rancheria Creek.
    RSA399310RSACeanothus leucodermisMaurice Zigmond7601952-4-5 KernPiute Mts.
    RSA399311RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1895-4-22 TulareRoad side Yosemite Valley
    RSA399314RSACeanothus leucodermisI. W. Clokey67391935-5-02 VenturaNorth fork Ventura River.
    RSA399315RSACeanothus leucodermisN. C. Cooper43421949-6-29 RiversidePine Cove, San Jacinto Mountains.
    RSA399316RSACeanothus leucodermisGale Sphons.n.1955-5-21 Riverside5 mi. S of Lake Fulmore.
    RSA399317RSACeanothus leucodermisE. Crow3401929-4-21 RiversideHills west of Lake elsinore
    RSA399748RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheeler6371932-4-16 Los AngelesW side Santa Anita Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA399749RSACeanothus leucodermisC. Eplings.n.1931-5-16 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, Swartout [Swarthout] Valley.
    RSA399750RSACeanothus leucodermisJoseph A. EwanS54951931-8-11 Los AngelesLower Pine Flats, First Camp, N. fork San Gabriel Canon, San Gabriel Mts. Sonoran Zone.
    RSA399751RSACeanothus leucodermisDonald R. Bissing951973-5-18 Los AngelesEvey Canon, San Gabriel Mountains: At mouth of canyon just below road embankment on north side of Mt. Baldy Road in Evey Canon.
    RSA399752RSACeanothus leucodermisF. R. FosbergS-42291931-3-01 Los AngelesTopanga Canon, Wildwood, Santa Monica Mountains.
    RSA399753RSACeanothus leucodermisL. E. Hoffmans.n.1932-3-14 Los AngelesMillard's Canon, Angeles National Forest [San Gabriel Mountains].
    RSA399754RSACeanothus leucodermisL. E. Hoffmans.n.1932-3-24 Los AngelesTrail Canon
    RSA399755RSACeanothus leucodermisL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-11-05 Los AngelesMillard's Canon, Angeles National Forest
    RSA399757RSACeanothus leucodermisJames B. McNairs.n.1934-4-01 San BernardinoLytle Creek.
    RSA399758RSACeanothus leucodermisE. A. Purers.n.1931-3-05 San BernardinoFoothills.
    RSA399759RSACeanothus leucodermisThekla Mohr25451911-7-1 San Bernardino[Unspecified]
    RSA399760RSACeanothus leucodermisE. Crow2641928-4-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley near Canon Pass.
    RSA399761RSACeanothus leucodermisD. A. YoungP-4131969-5-10 San BernardinoApprox. 6 NE of Cal State San Bernardino, on Hiway 66 in Canon Pass.
    RSA399762RSACeanothus leucodermisUra J. Jensen431949-5-29 San Bernardino2 N of Crestline. Open So.exposure at edge of pine forest.
    RSA399763RSACeanothus leucodermisFreda Detmerss.n.1929-6-17 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead.
    RSA399764RSACeanothus leucodermisFreda Detmerss.n.1931-4-10 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon
    RSA399765RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1918-8-25 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio; Barton Flats.
    RSA399766RSACeanothus leucodermisE. S. Spaldings.n.1926-4-02 San BernardinoArrowhead Hot Spring. Top of Cold Water Canon.
    RSA399767RSACeanothus leucodermisClare186961934-4-28 San BernardinoMt. slope near Camp Radford.
    RSA399768RSACeanothus leucodermisHoward de Forests.n.1934-4-14 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass.
    RSA399769RSACeanothus leucodermisT. H. Holmess.n.1933-4-10 San DiegoBanner Grade Borego Valley
    RSA399770RSACeanothus leucodermisGary D. Wallaces.n.1964-5-23 San Diego[Anza Borrego Desert State Park]
    RSA399910RSACeanothus leucodermisJo Ann Olsons.n.1965-4-10 NevadaSide of hill near Nevada City.
    RSA399918RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1953-7-25 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
    RSA399920RSACeanothus leucodermisE. A. Purer57001934-3-26 San DiegoCottonwood Creek Canon near Barrett Lake
    RSA399921RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Johnstones.n.1929-3-17 San DiegoMt. Helix.
    RSA399922RSACeanothus leucodermisL. R. Cornman145801925--1 San DiegoMountains NE of San Diego
    RSA399923RSACeanothus leucodermisHoward de Forest175681933-4-14 San DiegoBetween lower Henshaw and Palomar Mountains.
    RSA399924RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Johnstone185631934-3-28 San DiegoKentwood in the Pines
    RSA399925RSACeanothus leucodermisN. C. Cooper22671947-4-13 San DiegoJulian.
    RSA400259RSACeanothus leucodermisOra M. Clark16281929-3-02 San DiegoNear Escondido
    RSA400260RSACeanothus leucodermisHutchinsons.n.1926-3-01 San DiegoMountain Springs, Colorado Desert
    RSA4386RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf321932-3-20 RiversideRichman Ranch, 2.5 miles north of De Luz.
    RSA462400RSACeanothus leucodermisHoward de Forests.n.1931-4-02 RiversideColorado Desert.
    RSA462401RSACeanothus leucodermisM. B. Dunkle30121933-2-19 Santa CruzSan Vicente Creek, Southern Coastal.
    RSA462403RSACeanothus leucodermisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1920-5-30 RiversideCobby Trails
    RSA462404RSACeanothus leucodermisAlva Watrys.n.1931-5-10 San BernardinoSheep Canon. Mountain Side.
    RSA462405RSACeanothus leucodermisM. B. Dunkle1691933-5-07 San DiegoSentenac Canon.
    RSA465RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. T. Howell1421927-6-12 San BernardinoSouth side of Canon Pass.
    RSA47522RSACeanothus leucodermisMary F. Spencer4541917-4-13 San DiegoIn chaparral, Alpine.
    RSA483595RSACeanothus leucodermisD. Charlton19771988-6-06 InyoShepards Pass Trailhead road on Symmes Creek, W of Independence. East slope of the Southern Sierras.
    RSA487171RSACeanothus leucodermisH. V. D. Werff44701982-4-16 San DiegoPine Valley.
    RSA487172RSACeanothus leucodermisH. V. D. Werff44711982-4-16 San DiegoPine Valley.
    RSA48753RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Campbell134591949-6-06 San Bernardino3 miles W of Jct of Hwy 18 and E entrance to Lake Arrowhead
    RSA48755RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Campbell134581949-6-06 San Bernardino3 miles W of Jct of Hwy 18 and E entrance to Lake Arrowhead
    RSA505684RSACeanothus leucodermisTrue Jr.8811938-6-19 San DiegoBarona Valley. In mixed stand of Chaparral.
    RSA512837RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. T. Howell404911964-4-28 MariposaNear top of Briceburg Grade.
    RSA517195RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. T. Howell456091969-5-13 KernOpen brushy slope, Spanish Needle Creek rd. to Lamont Meadow.
    RSA517199RSACeanothus leucodermisE. C. Twisselmann143151968-6-01 TulareMineral King road at the E Fork of the Kaweah River Bridge.
    RSA522330RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross40331990-7-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: NE of Tie Summit Station and E of Angeles Forest Highway, Tujunga Ranger District. Westerly drainage that meets Tie Canon.
    RSA522535RSACeanothus leucodermisDavid J. Keil196501986-6-09 San Luis ObispoOak Shores development on northern shore of Nacimiento Lake. Foothill woodland dominated.
    RSA528112RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Myers91-281991-4-16 RiversideCity of Bann ing, W of Fields Rd, N of Interstate 10 and S of the Morongo Indian Reservation.; Canon
    RSA550441RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross66401992-7-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Big Tujunga Canon, 310m E of where Coldwater Canon meets Big Tujunga Creek. Disturbed chaparral just S of creek, E side of the road to Colby Ranch.
    RSA560309RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd75871992-6-04 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness area. Southeastern edge of wilderness in upper Devil Canon drainage, northwest of Sky Ranch.
    RSA562545RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd80011993-4-22 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains, north of Sylmar and south of Santa Clarita, within the Tujunga Ranger District of the Angeles National Forest. Vicinity of Los Pinetos Spring, head of Los Pinetos Canon
    RSA570739RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd79471993-4-08 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area of the Cleveland National Forest, upper Devil Canon, vicinity of Mud Spring.
    RSA575143RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney27331994-4-05 San BernardinoEastern San Gabriel Mountains: 1.5 W of Glen Helen Road at FS Road 3N31 (Apple White Rd).; Devore
    RSA575144RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney27321994-4-05 San BernardinoEastern San Gabriel Mountains: 1.5 W of Glen Helen Road at FS Road 3N31 (Apple White Rd).; Devore
    RSA575501RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney25151993-7-16 San BernardinoEastern San Gabriel Mountains. Grapevine Cyn, 3.2 mi SE San Sevaine Flats well on Big Tree Truck Rd.; Devore Q.
    RSA583614RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd84091995-3-30 RiversideAgua Tibia Wilderness Area, northern flank of Agua Tibia Mountain at the western edge of the Dripping Springs Alcove in tributary of Kolb Creek just east of the old Woodchuck Truck Trail road grade, just south of the Wilderness boundary.
    RSA583836RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney20411993-3-15 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains. 4.8 miles west of Lytle Creek Rd. (Nealey's Corner) about 0.4 miles north of Front Line Motorway. 0.6 miles west of junction of Duncan Canon Rd. and Lytle Creek Rd. North of Edison Co. Service Rd.; Devore
    RSA584160RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney25161993-7-21 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains. 8.2 miles north-west of Lytle Creek Rd. at San Sevaine Flats, west end approximately 300 yds. west of San Sevaine well.; Cucamonga Peak
    RSA584843RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross73491993-6-01 Los AngelesUpper Winter Creek Trail between Chantry Flat and Hoegee Canon Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canon.; Mt. Wilson 7.5'
    RSA584844RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross43471993-6-01 Los AngelesUpper Winter Creek Trail between Chantry Flat and Hoegee Canon Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canon.; Mt. Wilson 7.5'
    RSA584845RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross73481993-6-01 Los AngelesUpper Winter Creek Trail between Chantry Flat and Hoegee Canon Winter Creek), on the W side of Santa Anita Canon.; Mt. Wilson 7.5'
    RSA584952RSACeanothus leucodermisTim S. Ross46071991-4-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: lower Graveyard Canon (which joins the lower E Fk of the San Gabriel River at ca 1540 ft. elev.).; Glendora
    RSA586046RSACeanothus leucodermisD. L. Banks981995-3-16 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., E of the Dripping Springs Alcove, Arroyo Seco drainage.; Vail Lake
    RSA587816RSACeanothus leucodermisOrlando Mistretta11361994-4-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Santiago Canon; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5'
    RSA59193RSACeanothus leucodermisFrank W. Gould21391943-4-18 RiversideOn rocky slopes in Ponderosa Pine Forest, east of Idyllwild.
    RSA595838RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney40711996-7-09 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: Circle Mtn. Peak, SE of Wrightwood.; Telegraph Peak 7.5'
    RSA596517RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney46711996-4-20 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mts, Stoddard Peak, SW of Stoddard Flat and W of Stoddard-Barrett Mtwy.; Mt. Baldy 1954
    RSA596564RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney45961996-4-15 San BernardinoFrankish Peak, E of San Antonio Canon.[UTM 10 km cell: MH-4E, 8N. Cucamonga Canon]
    RSA600588RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd95921997-4-30 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: About the confluence of Bear Canon and Pine Canon, between the southern flank of Liebre Mountain and northern flank of Red Rock Mountain, southwest of Gillette Mine.; Liebre Mtn
    RSA600773RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheeler81611962-6-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Pacoima Canon at Bad Canon.
    RSA603965RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheeler73001958-7-14 KernGreenhorn Mountains: Silver Strand Mine, Cow Creek.
    RSA607918RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheeler78701961-6-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pacoima Canon at Bad Canon
    RSA608492RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-5-09 San BernardinoWildhorse Canon
    RSA609102RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-8-07 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Divide between West Fork Bear Creek and Devils Canon.
    RSA609270RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-5-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Mesa on west side of Bear Creek off West Fork San Gabriel River.
    RSA6107RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf36561932-5-24 RiversideSnow Creek, north base San Jacinto Mountains. 1 mile above the Fish Hatchery.
    RSA613560RSACeanothus leucodermisMary DeDecker1311953-5-1 InyoSierra Nevada: Mouth of Symmes Creek Canon; Mt. Whitney
    RSA618155RSACeanothus leucodermisD. L. Banks19031997-4-13 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Cleveland National Forest, along the Cutca Road, in Cutca Valley. Approximately 0.4 miles outside the Wilderness boundary.; Vail LakeAt the junction of where Cutca Road crosses the drainages from the eastern face of Eagle Crag.
    RSA621255RSACeanothus leucodermisLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-4-26 Los AngelesSAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS: Head of Rattlesnake Canon at Santa Clara Divide Road.
    RSA627393RSACeanothus leucodermisGeorge K. Helmkamp46781999-4-17 San DiegoBarrett-Smith Rd between Barrett Junction and Barrett School Rd. NE of CA-94.; Tecate 7.5' Q
    RSA635040RSACeanothus leucodermisValerie L. Soza5621999-6-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Upper Winter Creek Trail, above San Olene Canon.; Mt. Wilson
    RSA649585RSACeanothus leucodermisH. Tuma1151982-4-25 San BernardinoOld Canon Pass Road, 5.7 miles south of old Interstate Hwy 15.
    RSA649923RSACeanothus leucodermisDavid Grauer1271991-4-09 San Bernardino12.4 miles N. of 10 Frwy. on Mountain Ave.
    RSA650030RSACeanothus leucodermisMarion P. Harthill1151971-3-28 San BernardinoCleghom [Cleghorn?] Area.
    RSA650462RSACeanothus leucodermisD. Bartholomews.n.1961-5-20 San Bernardinooff Mt. Baldy Rd., N. of Upland.
    RSA650463RSACeanothus leucodermisEdward Kais.n.1970-5-21 RiversideIdyllwild - off Hwy 74 San Bern. Nat. Forest. below 6000'
    RSA650464RSACeanothus leucodermisJerry Wilks.n.1969-5-01 San Bernardinonear Mt. Baldy Village.
    RSA650465RSACeanothus leucodermisT. Strids.n.1972-3-25 Los AngelesRincon Ranger Station, San Gabriel Cyn.
    RSA650467RSACeanothus leucodermisG. Fosters.n.1961-5-12 RiversideIdyllwild.
    RSA650509RSACeanothus leucodermisT. C. Thomass.n.1974-7-05 San BernardinoHwy 138, 3900'
    RSA651702RSACeanothus leucodermisDiane M. Ramirez181983-5-15 RiversidePoppet Flat Divide Truck Trail, 1 1/2 mi S of junction with CA hwy 243, S of Banning.
    RSA651856RSACeanothus leucodermisMary D'Arche81-151981-5-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: 5 miles N of San Gabriel Mountain Road and East Fork Junction.
    RSA651857RSACeanothus leucodermisDolores Perez351981-5-03 Los AngelesCanon Area. Roadside of lake bank.
    RSA651871RSACeanothus leucodermisMichael Krawczyk31981-4-26 Los Angeles200 yards down canyon on north side of Highway 39, 2 miles south of Rincon forest station in the San Gabriel Mtns.
    RSA652913RSACeanothus leucodermisBeth Nelson21991-4-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest. North of Fontana, 15 freeway NE, exit Sierra Ave. left, (Sierra Av. turns into Lytle Creek Rd.) continue 1.6 mi. Turn left on San Savaine Rd. SE side of road.
    RSA652914RSACeanothus leucodermisBeth Nelson91991-4-20 San BernardinoNorth of Rancho Cucamonga. 10 fry. E. Exit Haven Av. left, to Highland Av. left. to Etiwanda Av. Take dirt road .8 miles N.
    RSA653925RSACeanothus leucodermisValerie L. Soza10342000-6-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Firebreak above Upper Winter Creek Trail, ca. 2 miles northwest of Chantry Flat along FS Road 2N41.2, north of San Olene Canon.; Mt. Wilson
    RSA654167RSACeanothus leucodermisMarilyn Porter131991-5-05 Los AngelesUpland at San Bernardino County line north from parking area at Shinn Road and Mount Baldy Road, followed abandoned road in flood plain. Start: (1/2) ? mile in. Stopped: (2)? miles.
    RSA654209RSACeanothus leucodermisFred Brooks291988-5-07 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, 1.5 mi. above second tunnel at Mountain Rd. turnoff.
    RSA656573RSACeanothus leucodermisJames Henrickson199091985-5-01 San Bernardino12 air miles NW of San Bernardino in lower Lytle Creek Wash about 2-4 miles N of Interstate 15.
    RSA656920RSACeanothus leucodermisIan Thompson571997-4-18 San Bernardino0.75 miles West of junction of Sycamore and Meadow lane in the town of Lytle Creek, Happy Jack subdivision.
    RSA659379RSACeanothus leucodermisMarianne Marshall221981-5-29 Los AngelesCa. Hwy 39, 4.7 N of junction w/ Sierra Madre Ave. N of Azusa.
    RSA659543RSACeanothus leucodermisP. Shirokawa191998-5-07 OrangeCleveland National Forest- Trabuco Ranger District, 2.3 miles from Ortega Highway (State Highway 74) on North Main Divide Road
    RSA660629RSACeanothus leucodermisMatt Bogdanoff401981-5-27 Los AngelesCa Hwy 39, 12.1 N of junction with Sierra Madre Ave., N of Azusa.
    RSA670579RSACeanothus leucodermisBonnie C. Templeton16761930-7-12 San BernardinoCrestline, San Bernardino Mountains.
    RSA6736RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf48201933-5-19 Madera3.5 miles below Coarse gold and rod to Raymond.
    RSA679288RSACeanothus leucodermisMark A. Elvin3021996-8-01 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns. Angeles National Forest. Glendora Ridge Road. 4.2 mi from gate. Both sides of road.
    RSA679916RSACeanothus leucodermisLeRoy Gross9252003-5-23 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSouthwest ridge that climbs to Mt. Markham (between Mt. Markham and the Mt. Lowe dirt road (2N50.1); Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad.
    RSA6814RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf47371933-5-16 Fresno1 mile below Miramonte on road to Dunlap.
    RSA681968RSACeanothus leucodermisMichael Denslow11392003-5-10 San BenitoBLMCongdon Peak Access Area; off Los Gatos Road east of Coalinga.; San Benito Mtn. Quad
    RSA683035RSACeanothus leucodermisTim Thibault482003-5-8 San BernardinoRancho Los Flores
    RSA68332RSACeanothus leucodermisG. R. Campbell161501951-5-30 RiversidePine Meadow Ranch, SE of Kenworthy
    RSA6853RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf47741933-5-18 FresnoWest of Burrough Valley on road to Huntington Lake Hwy.
    RSA689679RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman72812001-4-20 San DiegoHauser Mountain: West of Campo and just North of highway 94.
    RSA699797RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman78692002-4-19 San DiegoKelley/Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine. Square O17.
    RSA701402RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd109132004-4-27 San DiegoWarner Springs area, flats east of gliderport, near the Pacific Crest Trail, south of Highway 79.
    RSA701751RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd115532004-6-22 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestWestern flank of the range, vicinity of Alvin Meadows and Chimney Flats, west of Idyllwild along forest service road 5N13 near 5N06.
    RSA701793RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd107802004-4-5 San DiegoCleveland National ForestFoothills area near Mesa Grande about Wash Tub Falls in Black Canon, east of Black Mountain, ca. 6 miles south of junction of Mesa Grande Rd. along Black Canon Rd.
    RSA702223RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd114052004-5-26 San DiegoIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, western flank of Thing Valley, northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road.
    RSA702753RSACeanothus leucodermisTim Thibault2162004-4-21 San DiegoCleveland National ForestGuatay Mountain.
    RSA7031RSACeanothus leucodermisCarl B. Wolf46031933-5-12 Tulare1.4 miles above the power house on road to Canon, Upper Tule River.
    RSA703317RSACeanothus leucodermisSteve Boyd111332004-5-4 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
    RSA713784RSACeanothus leucodermisA. C. Sanders292632005-3-23 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau, east slope of Squaw Mtn., Av. Escala just above Av. Caleta, N of Tenaja Rd.; Wildomar
    RSA717932RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney40071996-7-08 San BernardinoRalston Peak, W of Hwy I-215 in Canon Wash, S of Hwy 138, E of Lone Pine Canon Road, near junction with Hwy 138.; Canon 7.5'
    RSA717935RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney4063.11996-7-09 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: Circle Mtn. Peak, SE of Wrightwood.; Telegraph Peak 7.5'
    RSA719386RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney54911997-4-19 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns.; Chalk Peak (6089 ft), Lytle Creek area between Middle and North Forks
    RSA723468RSACeanothus leucodermisTim Thibault5152007-5-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forestbluff on top of Waterman Canon off Hwy 18
    RSA724510RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Dobryd-10221991-4-05 San BernardinoRancho Cucamonga at Rancho Etiwanda, W. of I-15.
    RSA724568RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Dobry4621991-4-22 Los AngelesWest San Gabriel Mts. along Sand Cyn to Whitney Cyn
    RSA724570RSACeanothus leucodermisK. Dobry4611991-4-22 Los AngelesWest San Gabriel Mts. along Sand Cyn to Whitney Cyn
    RSA726040RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney51781996-7-19 San BernardinoEastern San Gabriel Mountains: Chalk Peak (=Peak '6089' on topo).; Telegraph Peak 7.5' Q.
    RSA732882RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman134232007-5-8 San DiegoBarrett Lake: just south of the dam, along the bottom of the dam and on the canyon floor just east of Barrett Lake Rd. and flume on the west side of the canyon.
    RSA732990RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman148142008-4-22 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; NW of Morena Reservoir, along road (Morena Stokes VAlley Road) to Corral Canon OHV area just S of Morena Creek.
    RSA733410RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman123802006-4-21 San DiegoLoveland Reservoir (land owned by the Sweetwater River Valley Authority): S of Alpine, S of Japatul Valley Road and E of its junction with Dehesa Rd.; extreme NE end of lake, S-side of the valley on N-facing slope and along the south shore of the lake.
    RSA733474RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman130252007-3-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Pine Creek Wilderness; north of Barrett Lake, southeast of Alpine; north of the Horsethief Canon trailhead on on Lyons Valley Road, along the trail down.
    RSA734072RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman126752006-5-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western portion of Ranch, N of Daney Canon.
    RSA736543RSACeanothus leucodermisScott D. White105902004-7-2 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain foothills: Soboba Indian Reservation, Poppet Creek Canon.; Sann Jacinto
    RSA737092RSACeanothus leucodermisJustin M. Wood2232008-11-6 San BernardinoSan Bernardino CountySanta Ana River- immdeiately upstream of Orange St, N side of the active channel.; Redlands
    RSA741156RSACeanothus leucodermisScott D. White11,9922008-5-15 RiversideUSFSSan Jacinto Mountains: Johnson Meadow.; Idyllwild
    RSA741231RSACeanothus leucodermisOrlando Mistretta35212008-7-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. Along main drainage about 1 mile upstream from confluence with Staircase Canon.; Big Bear Lake
    RSA747221RSACeanothus leucodermisK. M. Meyer2302007-9-22 MaderaSierra National Forest, 0.4 mi. on FS6572, at the corner with 65402, off route 10, Sky Ranch.
    RSA747460RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney86002008-4-1 Los Angelesridge north of and adjacent to Sharps Canon, c. 2 miles due N of Glendora.; Glendora 7.5' Q.
    RSA748428RSACeanothus leucodermisJeannie Gregory27552008-6-22 San DiegoBoulevard, Mc Cain Valley Road, 11.3 W of Interstate 8 underpass, 0.5 mi from the N end of the road.
    RSA749331RSACeanothus leucodermisJustin M. Wood6102009-5-3 San DiegoPrivate propertyPalomar Mountains: Rattlesnake Canon, SW of Oak Grove.; Palomar Observatory
    RSA749854RSACeanothus leucodermisA. C. Sanders262542003-4-30 Los AngelesCastaic Valley at west foot of Castaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch; Newhall 7.5' Q.
    RSA754007RSACeanothus leucodermisDoug Tolbert700508-011970-5-08 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: 1 miles W of junction of State Route 2 and Los Angeles Co. Route N2.
    RSA754113RSACeanothus leucodermisEllen MackeyNFWF-18162006-10-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River above Morris Dam
    RSA754321RSACeanothus leucodermisOrlando Mistretta40352009-7-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. Slopes S of Barton Flats Campground; 0.21 miles S of Hwy 38, 0.33 miles E of Jenks lake Picnic Area.
    RSA755007RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne629811995-4-25 San BernardinoEast of hwy. I-15 and Canon Pass, via hwy. 138, Elliott's Ranch area.
    RSA755116RSACeanothus leucodermisIan Cain11342009-5-26 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: 13 N of Campo. North side of I-8 off Kitchen Creek Road, 400 meters NE of Canon Fire Facility.
    RSA755245RSACeanothus leucodermisNaomi Fraga27582009-5-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestWest of Seven Oaks along the Santa Ana River.; Big Bear Lake 7.5' quad.
    RSA759691RSACeanothus leucodermisJames R. Shevock121591992-5-16 KernCanon, about 3 miles SE of Calif. highway 1 Northwest base of the Scodie (Kiavah) Mountains.
    RSA760817RSACeanothus leucodermisJosh KoepkeST22007-3-19 San BernardinoStodard fire Rd. east of Mt. baldy Rd. in the Angeles National Forest.
    RSA761036RSACeanothus leucodermisMichael Honer34102010-6-4 San BernardinoSBNF: Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. Along fire trail above FS Rd. 1N04, appx. 0.25 W of Mile Creek, 1.5 N of Pinezanita, 1.5 mi. WNW of Seven Oaks Resort.
    RSA761314RSACeanothus leucodermisBarbara Booth1222009-4-26 San DiegoOak Grove. 25249 Oak Grove Truck Trail, east edge of dirt road under power poles.
    RSA764285RSACeanothus leucodermisJustin M. Wood17742010-5-14 San DiegoBucksnort Mountain: Johnson Canon, from Lost Valley Road up to steep rock falls +/- 0.25 miles, 1.4 miles W/SW of Combs Peak.; Beauty Mountain
    RSA766521RSACeanothus leucodermisThomas Stoughton2952010-6-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Watershed, Radford Road (FS road 2n06).; Big Bear Lake 7.5' USGS
    RSA766783RSACeanothus leucodermisJon P. Rebman197572010-6-30 San DiegoSouthwest of Campo: South of Highway 94; on Bureau of Land Management lands along canyon east of dirt road and approximately 0.4 miles north of the USA/Mexico border.
    RSA77155RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson21071920-4-18 Los AngelesNew York St., La Canada.
    RSA77156RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson44461921-7-18 San BernardinoLytle Creek, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA77157RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson82811929-3-31 San DiegoFoster Grade, east of Julian.
    RSA77158RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson7301914-4-1 RiversideWhitewater at head of Coachella Valley.
    RSA77159RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson23191920-6-24 San DiegoWest slpoe.
    RSA77160RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson67121926-5-01 San DiegoAlong trail from Oak Grove to Palomar Mt.
    RSA77161RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson86731921-5-20 Los AngelesBetween the forks, Little Rock Creek, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA77162RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirsons.n.1925-4-19 VenturaSespe Creek, Topatopa Mts.
    RSA77163RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson1121918-5-19 Los AngelesDawn Station along the trolley to Mt. Lowe, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA77164RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson22811920-9-14 San BernardinoColdwater Canon, San Gabriel Mts.
    RSA77165RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson120881937-7-19 Montereyalong trail up the Big Sur River
    RSA77166RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson59501925-5-17 San DiegoLower part of Vallecito Canon.
    RSA771841RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney109392009-5-28 Los AngelesSulphur Springs Campground, South Fork of Little Rock Creek.; Waterman Mtn. 7.5' Q.
    RSA773605RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney112642009-6-24 Los Angelessummit of Roundtop Mountain, south end of USFS Rd. 3N90, 2.3 rd. miles south of Pacifico Mtn. Rd.; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA773993RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney101182009-3-16 Los AngelesAzusa, mouth of San Gabriel River Canon, 40 NE of River Bike Path parking lot at Hwy 39; Azusa 7.5' Q.
    RSA774174RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney113242009-7-22 Los Angelessummit of Mt. Hillyer, north of Horse Flats.; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA774283RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney110852009-6-8 Los AngelesHorse Flats, 1 air mile NNW of Newcomb's Ranch at Hwy 2/Angeles Crest Hwy.; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA774469RSACeanothus leucodermisMargaret R. Mulligan30782009-5-12 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Hotel Training Area, east of De Luz Creek, along Camp De Luz Road just S of intersection with De Luz Road
    RSA774617RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney114252009-7-29 Los AngelesPacifico Mountain summit.; Pacifico Mountain 7.5' Q.
    RSA77699RSACeanothus leucodermisF. W. Peirson83591929-5-04 San DiegoOak Grove
    RSA779991RSACeanothus leucodermisR. G. Swinney112282009-6-24 Los Angelessummit of Granite Mountain; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA785757RSACeanothus leucodermisDoris Bowers6291957-5-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon
    RSA786993RSACeanothus leucodermisNaomi Fraga32562010-4-13 San BernardinoThe Wildlands ConservancyWathier Landing.; Catclaw Flat
    RSA79524RSACeanothus leucodermisMary DeDecker1311953-5-15 InyoSymes Creek, base of Sierra Nevada.
    RSA795901RSACeanothus leucodermisForrest Freund1412013-3-24 Los AngelesCity of Claremont Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Bed S2
    RSA798602RSACeanothus leucodermisRobert F. Thorne497411977-5-18 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: summit of Santiago Peak.
    RSA82948RSACeanothus leucodermisR. M. Straw4501953-6-05 RiversideFuller Mill Creek camp, Idyllwild-Banning Rd.
    RSA85506RSACeanothus leucodermisJ. C. Roos55741952-4-23 Riverside1/2 mi. southwest of Highgrove.
    RSA8591RSACeanothus leucodermisRoxana S. Ferris84581933-5-02 Monterey3/4 miles E of Bryson
    RSA89650RSACeanothus leucodermisChas. H. Quibell48771953-5-08 FresnoHwy 168 at first switch back curve below pt where stock trail joins Hwy near top of Tollhouse Grade.
    RSA96092RSACeanothus leucodermisPercy C. Everett202311954-10-06 FresnoKings Canon, s Fork Kings River, 6 miles W of Boyden Cave.
    RSA96386RSACeanothus leucodermisE. K. Balls189441954-3-16 Los Angeles[Rancho Santa Ana] Botanic Garden, Claremont.
    RSA97756RSACeanothus leucodermisI. L. Wiggins130761954-4-09 San Diego5 NE of Lakeside on road to Barona Indian Reservation.
    SACT2948SACTCeanothus leucodermisCarter1936-4-22 StanislausA tributary to Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mountains, Mount Hamilton Range. Shrub 5-8 feet tall, branches spiny, flowers pale. blue. In serpentine on lower canyon slope.
    SBBG11068SBBGCeanothus leucodermisClare B. Hardham68451961-4-16 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; W of The Indians, headwaters of Arroyo Seco
    SBBG150837SBBGCeanothus leucodermisHeather Schneider4742018-6-27 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Mission Pine Trail to Big Pine Campground.
    SBBG158597SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRyan O'Dell2018-4-15 FresnoJoaquin Ridge [1.75 mi SE of Joaquin Rocks]
    SBBG158602SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRyan O'Dell2018-4-14 San BenitoCoalinga Rd [ca. 2.5 mi SE of Lewis Flat]
    SBBG161347SBBGCeanothus leucodermisHeather Schneider4472018-6-25 Santa BarbaraJudell Trail to Mansfield Camp from Santa Barbara Potrero. Heath Camp at Sisquoc River.
    SBBG161398SBBGCeanothus leucodermisDenise Knapp2018-3412018-6-19 Santa BarbaraCamuesa Road heading back from Alamar Camp.
    SBBG167231SBBGCeanothus leucodermisR. Burgess, B. Meiners99382015-5-16 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Pine Mtn Ridge, along oil exploration rd SW of Reyes Pk
    SBBG167232SBBGCeanothus leucodermisM. N. Ackley1929-4-1 Los AngelesLa Crescenta
    SBBG167233SBBGCeanothus leucodermisC. J. Kraebel1928-5-04 San BernardinoSawpit Cyn
    SBBG167234SBBGCeanothus leucodermisIra W. Clokey1931-7-10 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead
    SBBG167235SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRalph Hoffmann1928-7-09 Los AngelesPine Cyn
    SBBG167236SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRalph Hoffmann1929-4-26 Los AngelesSoledad Cyn
    SBBG167237SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRalph Hoffmann1931-5-03 Los AngelesSan Francisquito Cyn
    SBBG167238SBBGCeanothus leucodermisA. Lefebure1940-6-02 VenturaSespe Canon
    SBBG167239SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRalph Hoffmann1927-6-04 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Matilija Cyn
    SBBG167240SBBGCeanothus leucodermisRalph Hoffmann1932-4-14 VenturaVentura River below Meiners Oaks
    SBBG167241SBBGCeanothus leucodermisM. Van Rensselaer1937-5-30 Venturaupper Sespe region