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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A01789548ACeanothus fresnensisL. Abrams49291912-07-15 UnknownNear Little Chiquito Creek, Sierra Nat. Forest
A01789549ACeanothus fresnensisC. R. Quick40-621940-05-18 MariposaChowchilla Mt., W. of Wawona, 1-2-1 mile north of Signal Peak Lookout
A01789550ACeanothus fresnensisL. Rowntree1933-05-26 TuolumneAbove Confidence, Sonora Pass road
A01789551ACeanothus fresnensisA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell86301913-10-01 TuolumneConfidence
A01789552ACeanothus fresnensisA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell86311940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence
A01789553ACeanothus fresnensisA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell74671939-07-19 Tuolumne4 miles from Long Barn on road to Sonora
A01789554ACeanothus fresnensisJ. T. Howell66851931-06-08 MariposaSummit of Chowchilla Mt.
CAS-BOT126817CASCeanothus fresnensisMason, Herbert L.119501938-07-13 MariposaWawona Road south of Chinquapin
CAS-BOT126853CASCeanothus fresnensisStebbins, G. L.C76941976-07-06 PlacerSummit of Bunk Hill
CAS-BOT250904CASCeanothus fresnensisWilken, D. H.178692008-09-20 MariposaWawona Road, ca. 2 km S of Chinquapin, NE of Elevenmile Meadow, ca. 0.7 km W of Rail Creek
CAS-BOT32731CASCeanothus fresnensisHall, Harvey Monroe; Chandler, Harley Pierce4071900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge. Stevenson Mts., Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT32732CASCeanothus fresnensisHall, Harvey Monroe; Chandler, Harley Pierce4071900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
CAS-BOT50851CASCeanothus fresnensisHowell, John Thomas510441975-06-06 MariposaSierra Nevada - Steep road banks near Chinquapin Flat
CAS-BOT50852CASCeanothus fresnensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-08-20 PlacerNear Doolittle Mine, Dutch Flat
CAS-BOT50853CASCeanothus fresnensisStebbins, G. L.69501969-07-20 PlacerOn rd. to Robertson Flat, 0.5 miles W. of its junction with road to French Meadows Sec ____.
CAS-BOT50854CASCeanothus fresnensisMichaels, Enids.n.1921-08-01 TuolumneNear Wawona
CAS-BOT50855CASCeanothus fresnensisGrant, Adele Lewis6531916-04-09 TuolumneYankee Hill
CAS-BOT50856CASCeanothus fresnensisGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-07-04 TuolumneYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT50857CASCeanothus fresnensisAbrams, Le Roy47271911-07-19 TuolumneConfidence
CAS-BOT50858CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86251940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence
CAS-BOT50859CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86261940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence
CAS-BOT50860CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86281940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence
CAS-BOT50881CASCeanothus fresnensisPainter, E.; Shevock, J.; Wetherwax, M.s.n.2003-06-21 MaderaSierra Nevada - N end of Grizzly Meadow, near Camino Crk, and near Big Trees trailhead.
CAS-BOT50882CASCeanothus fresnensisRobbins, G. Thomas20951945-08-05 El DoradoSlopes along Georgetown Road, 4-5 mi. e. of Wentworth Springs
CAS-BOT50883CASCeanothus fresnensisAbrams, L. R.49291912-07-15 MaderaNear Little Chiquito Creek, Sierra Nat′l Forest
CAS-BOT50884CASCeanothus fresnensisSmith, Malcolms.n.1940-05-01 CalaverasCollected in several places between Murphy′s and Big Trees
CAS-BOT50885CASCeanothus fresnensisBrandegee781891-07-01 CalaverasSheep Ranch
CAS-BOT50886CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86021940-06-19 CalaverasAvery
CAS-BOT50887CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas85961940-06-19 CalaverasNear Big Trees
CAS-BOT50888CASCeanothus fresnensisWolf, Carl B.36841929-05-05 FresnoW. slope of Sierra Nevada, along road from Shover Lake to Big Creek Power House
CAS-BOT50889CASCeanothus fresnensisWolf, Carl B.110461941-07-22 FresnoW. slope of Sierra Nevada, 3.2 mi. N. of Shaver Lake Dam, on road to Huntington Lake
CAS-BOT50890CASCeanothus fresnensisWolf, Carl B.110461941-07-22 FresnoW. slope of Sierra Nevada, 3.2 mi. N. of Shaver Lake Dam, on road to Huntington Lake
CAS-BOT50891CASCeanothus fresnensisQuibell, Chas. H.39021954-07-13 FresnoShake Camp, 5355′, 2 m. n. of Shaver L. on 168 to Big Crk., 1-2 m. down crk. from large mead. at 5550′ Music Mt., 6801′, 1 1-3 m. w-sw; Big Crk. 1 1-2 m. n. at 3400′
CAS-BOT50892CASCeanothus fresnensisVon Loh, J.60364A1978-07-27 FresnoAbove Dawn Road - Transimission Line
CAS-BOT50893CASCeanothus fresnensisBacigalupi, Rimo14711926-05-10 MariposaOn western slope of Chowchella Mt.
CAS-BOT50894CASCeanothus fresnensisAbrams, L. R.54051915-08-11 MariposaChinquopin - Yosemite (not park)
CAS-BOT50895CASCeanothus fresnensisSanders, A.s.n.1906-06-01 MariposaW. Crane Flat
CAS-BOT50896CASCeanothus fresnensisMason, Herbert L.119501938-07-13 MariposaSierra Nevada - Yosemite National Park - Wawona Road south of Chinquapin
CAS-BOT50897CASCeanothus fresnensisBacigalupi, R.14671926-05-10 MariposaSierra Nevada - Yosemite National Park - Wawona Road, about 10 mi. south of Inspiration Point
CAS-BOT50898CASCeanothus fresnensisBacigalupi, R.14671926-05-10 MariposaSierra Nevada - Yosemite National Park - Wawona Road, about 10 mi. south of Inspiration Point
CAS-BOT50899CASCeanothus fresnensisQuick, Clarence R.62-131962-06-06 MariposaAt Roundhous Turn about 1.5 mi. nw of Summit, Chowchilla Mountain, east of Mariposa on old RR grade road to Signal Peak Lookout
CAS-BOT50900CASCeanothus fresnensisHowell, John Thomas66851931-06-08 MariposaSummit of Chowchilla Mt.
CAS-BOT64356CASCeanothus fresnensisBacigalupi, Rimo; Constance, Lincoln38471952-07-04 TuolumneOn Sonora Pass Rd., between Longbard and Twain Harte (much closer to former).
CAS-BOT64357CASCeanothus fresnensisRose, Lewis S.600071960-05-01 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64358CASCeanothus fresnensisBaker, Milo S.57591932-06-27 TuolumneNear Wawona.
CAS-BOT64359CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86311940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64360CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74681939-07-19 Tuolumne4 mi. from Long Barn on road to Sonora.
CAS-BOT64361CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74671939-07-19 Tuolumne4 mi. from Long Barn on road to Sonora.
CAS-BOT64362CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86291940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64363CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86271940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64364CASCeanothus fresnensisHowell, John Thomas352251960-05-01 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64365CASCeanothus fresnensisHowell, John Thomas299411954-06-06 TuolumneTwain Harte.
CAS-BOT64366CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86301940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64367CASCeanothus fresnensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86241940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence.
CAS-BOT64368CASCeanothus fresnensisWiggins, Ira L.213211971-05-27 TuolumneOn e. side of road toward Lyon′s reservoir, 0.4 mi. n. of highway 108.
CAS-BOT64369CASCeanothus fresnensisWiggins, Ira L.211601971-05-23 TuolumneNear end of Kit carson Drive, upper end of Joaquin Gulley, Twain Harte.
CAS-BOT64370CASCeanothus fresnensisHoover, R. F.25161937-06-24 TuolumneRidge between Long Barn and Cold Spring.
CAS-BOT64970CASCeanothus fresnensisYork, Dana; Norris, Dan; Shevock, James R.6581996-05-03 FresnoCa 80 km E of Fresno, 1 km E of Lockwood Grove, Sequoia National Forest, adjacent to forest rd 13S05. Kings River Basin.
CAS-BOT83834CASCeanothus fresnensisBurge, Dylan O.1144b2009-05-07 TuolumneSoldier Creek watershed, S slope of South Fork Tuolumne River canyon NW portion of Crocker Ridge, roadside on paved road (probably FR 20), 3.2 road miles (5.1 km) W of intersection with SR 120 via Harden Flat Road and (apparent) FR 20, 2.5 km 263 ° (True) WSW of Yosemite National Park Big Oak Flat Entrance Station. GPS (WGS84).
CHSC118345CHSCCeanothus fresnensisDean Wm. Taylor216582016-05-17 TuolumneRidgetop forming watershed divide Beaver Creek and North Fork Griswold Creek headwaters (8 air miles E of Calaveras Big Trees State Park). T0 N R17E S08 USGS Quadrangle: Liberty Hill 1:24,000
CHSC1504CHSCCeanothus fresnensisH. Holder1949-05-08 TuolumneConfidence.
DAV319285DAVCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Renseelaers.n.1938-04-29 MariposaWawona Road, Yosemite National Park.
DAV319286DAVCeanothus fresnensisDylan O. Burge15102014-03-16 TuolumneTuolumne County: Big Hill Road, immediately E of intersection with North Bald Mountain Road.
DAV319287DAVCeanothus fresnensisG. Ledyard Stebbins69501969-07-20 El DoradoPlacer County: On road to Robertson [Robinsons] Flat. 0.5 miles west of the junction road to French meadows. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV319288DAVCeanothus fresnensisBeth Lowe Corbin2151982-08-04 Placer1-4 mile NW of Onion Creek Campground. SW facing slope, 20% inclination. Full sun. Locally common. In opening in montane chaparral, inrocky, fine, sandy, granitic soil. Low, compact, rigidly branched shrub. Light dry bark, reddish twigs and fruit. Less than 1 ft tall, 3 ft across.
DAV319289DAVCeanothus fresnensisRex PalmerN-41979-05-26 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV319290DAVCeanothus fresnensisRex PalmerN-191979-05-26 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV319291DAVCeanothus fresnensisRex PalmerN-821979-05-27 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV319292DAVCeanothus fresnensisRex PalmerN-1101979-05-27 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV319293DAVCeanothus fresnensisRex PalmerN-1431979-06-09 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
GH01789545GHCeanothus fresnensisR. F. Hoover25161937-06-24 TuolumneRidge betw. Long Barn and Cold Spring
GH01789546GHCeanothus fresnensisR. F. Hoover25411937-06-26 TuolumneConfidence
GH01789547GHCeanothus fresnensisL. S. Rose600071960-05-01 TuolumneConfidence
JEPS105085UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisDean W. Taylor156031996-04-28 TuolumnePilot Ridge; watershed South Fork Tuolumne River, ca. 10 air miles E of Groveland, Stanislaus National Forest
JEPS118877UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisDana York, Dan Norris, Jim Shevock6581996-05-03 FresnoCa. 80 km E of Fresno (FSC), 1 km E of Lockwood Grove, Sequoia National Forest, adjacent to Forest Road. 13S05.
JEPS126658UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisDean W. Taylor216582016-05-17 TuolumneRidgetop forming watershed divide Beaver Creek and North Fork Griswold Creek headwaters (8 air miles E of Calaveras Big Trees State Park); Liberty Hill, CA 7.5 USGS quadrangle.
JEPS13967UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance38471952-07-04 TuolumneSonora Pass rd, between Longbarn and Twain Harte (much closer to former)
JEPS24843UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison69521952-09-09 Maderajust e Arnold Meadow (betweenChiquito and Nehouse creeks)
JEPS26852UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisWillis L. Jepson159871931-08-07 MaderaFresno Big Trees
JEPS26853UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisL. S. Smith26311931-08-27 Placernear French Meadow (on divide betw Middle Fork American River and Long Canon)
JEPS26854UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisL. S. Smith26321931-08-28 PlacerOnion Creek, North Fork American River
JEPS26855UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisRalph Hopping1918-05-16 FresnoBig Creek, a tributary of the Kings River (NE of Trimmer Springs)
JEPS26856UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4071900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge
JEPS30271UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisLinda Warren1959-05-23 Fresnoon Big Creek road, 4 1-2 mi off Hwy 168
JEPS33089UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard, G. L. Stebbins86021962-08-04 Tuolumneon N Fk Stanislaus River about 2 mi sw Camp Wolfebord (at base of hill to the s of Big Prather Meadow); North Fork Stanislaus River, s of Big Prather Meadow
JEPS42260UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisAdele Lewis Grant6531916-04-09 TuolumneYankee Hill above Columbia Sierra Nevada
MACF032713MACFCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer1938-04-29 MariposaWawona Road, Yosemite National Park
MACF032714MACFCeanothus fresnensisLewis S. Rose406671940-06-19 TuolumneConfidance.
MACF032715MACFCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer16961941-06-28 MariposaAlong Wawona Rd. between tunnel and Chinquapin Ranger Station, Yosemite Nat′l Park.
NY406530NYCeanothus fresnensisH. M. Hall4071900-06-15 ?  FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains, Pine Ridge
OBI124039OBICeanothus fresnensisH.E. McMinn53582005-04-24 El DoradoAbout 1-8 to 1-4 mi S of summit of Robb′s Peak
OBI124040OBICeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer16901941-06-25 TuolumneSonora Pass rd, a few mi E of Twain Harte
POM260845RSACeanothus fresnensisAlice Eastwood86021940-06-19 CalaverasAvery.
POM260846RSACeanothus fresnensisAlice Eastwoods.n.1940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence [a small village NE of Twain Harte]
PUA61230PUACeanothus fresnensisG.L. Clifton1984-09-28 MaderaLocal landmark: West Fork C. Shuteye Peak Quad.
RSA0013648RSACeanothus fresnensisJoan Stewart21892003-06-21 MaderaSierra National Forest
RSA0089786RSACeanothus fresnensisDean Wm. Taylor216582016-05-25 TuolumneRidgetop forming watershed divide Beaver Creek and North Fork Griswold Creek headwaters (8 air miles E of Calaveras Big Trees State Park).; Liberty Hill
RSA122538RSACeanothus fresnensisW. R. Howden1881935-09-23 Tuolumne1 mile nnorthwest of Fennessey.
RSA133501RSACeanothus fresnensisChas. H. Quibell39021954-07-13 FresnoShake Camp, 2 miles north of Shaver Lake on Hwy 168 to Big Creek, 0.5 mile down creek from large meadow at 5550 Music Mountain, 6801, 1.3 miles WSW; Big Creek 1.5 mile N at 3400
RSA155637RSACeanothus fresnensisL. S. Rose600071960-05-01 TuolumneConfidence
RSA18068RSACeanothus fresnensisCarl B. Wolfs.n.1929-05-05 FresnoAlong road from Shaver Lake to Big Creek Power House, W slope of Sierra Nevada.
RSA25856RSACeanothus fresnensisCarl B. Wolf110321941-07-19 TuolumneWest slope of Sierra Nevada, Sonora Pass Road, 1.3 miles above Twain Harte.
RSA25862RSACeanothus fresnensisCarl B. Wolf110461941-07-22 FresnoW slope of Sierra Nevada, 3.2 miles N of Shaver Lake Dam on road to Huntington Lake
RSA300952RSACeanothus fresnensisD. C. Michener4160-a1982-07-30 Fresno0.4 mile north of jct with Hwy 168 on road to Big Creek
RSA300960RSACeanothus fresnensisD. C. Michener41601982-07-30 Fresno3 miles above Shaver Lake Dam on road to Big Creek
SBBG170680SBBGCeanothus fresnensisD. H. Wilken178692008-09-20 MariposaWawona Rd, ca. 2 km S of Chinquapin, NE of Elevenmile Meadow, ca. 0.7 W of Rail Crk
SBBG170681SBBGCeanothus fresnensisL. Rowntree1929-09-18 Tuolumneroad to Sonora Pass
SBBG170682SBBGCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer16961941-06-28 MariposaWawona Rd between tunnel and Chinquapin Ranger Station; Yosemite National Park
SBBG170683SBBGCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer5781938-05-29 Fresnoroad between Big Crk and Shaver Lake
SBBG170684SBBGCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer13071939-09-07 MariposaWawona Rd, about 1 N of Chinquapin Ranger Station, Yosemite National Park
SBBG170685SBBGCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer1941-06-25 TuolumneSonora Pass Rd, a few mi E of Twain Harte
SBBG170686SBBGCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer1938-04-29 MariposaYosemite National Park; Wawona Rd
SFV112147SFVCeanothus fresnensisH. L. Mason119501938-07-13 MariposaSierra Nevada; Wawona Road south of Chinquapin.
SJSU13342SJSUCeanothus fresnensisC.W. Sharsmith45631943-08-11 MariposaChinquapin on Wawona-Glacier Pt Rd, Yosemite National Park
SJSU14528SJSUCeanothus fresnensisC.W. Sharsmith91501990-06-24 Tuolumneby Rockefeller Sugar-pine Grove c. 3 NE Crane Flat, Yosemite National Park
UC1070638UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisP. L. Johannsen5081934-10-06 El Dorado1-4 mi e Stone Cellar; Pyramid Pk. quad., El Dorado National Forest
UC1070639UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisE. Nourse41934-08-01 Plumas3 mi n and 1 mi w Silver Creek; Bidwell Bar quad., Plumas National Forest
UC1070640UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisW. R. Howden1151935-08-06 Tuolumne5 mi ssw Highland Reservoir; Dardanelles Quad., Stanislaus National Forest
UC1070641UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisD. Dunning1935-11-07 Nevadaw Big Bend (South Fork Yreka River along Auburn-Truckee Hwy.); Colfax quad.
UC1070642UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisW. D. Thomas5551935-10-24 Mariposa3 miles S. of Gin Flat Yosemite Quad.
UC1070643UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisC. M. Belshaw531935-08-13 Tuolumne1 mi e Carl Inn; Yosemite quad., Stanislaus National Forest
UC1070644UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisC. M. Belshaw631935-08-19 TuolumneCrocker Ridge, 1 mi SE Crane Falt Ranger Station.
UC1070645UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisA. E. Wieslander831929-05-01 TuolumneStanislaus Branch Calif. For. Exp. Station
UC1070646UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisA. E. Wieslander911929-05-01 TuolumneSonora, Strawberry Road
UC1070647UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisW. R. Howden1881935-09-23 Tuolumne1 mi wnw Fennessey; Big Trees quad., Stanislaus National Forest
UC1070648UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisB. Bolt4751935-09-23 Tuolumne1 mile E of Mt. Lewis
UC1070649UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisN. French5011934-07-07 Nevada1 1-2 miles N of Tamarack
UC1070650UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisB. Bolt1181934-07-16 Placer1 1-2 miles SE of Health Springs
UC1070651UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisR. D. Roseberry2361935-06-21 Tuolumne4 1-2 miles N E of Grohl.
UC1070652UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisW. A. Peterson531935-09-09 Mariposa2 mi se Devil′s Peak; Yosemite quad., Sierra National Park
UC1070653UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisE. Sawyer5391935-10-18 Mariposa1 1-4 miles NNE of Alder Creek Ranger Station.
UC1093677UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisHerbert L. Mason119501938-07-13 MariposaWawona Road south of Chinquapin
UC1094489UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisJ. R. Fisher571956-07-24 Fresnoabout 2 miles west of Black Point. Sierra National Forest.
UC1280749UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. E. McMinn53571960-03-02 El DoradoEast slope of Robb′s Peak near summit.
UC1280750UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisLois Strother1938-05-01 TuolumneLong Barn
UC1280751UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. E. McMinn53311937-08-19 TuolumneOn Sugar Pine Ridge e of Twain Harte Sonora Pass Rd.
UC1281428UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. E. McMinn53341941-01-01 TuolumneSugar Pine Ridge Sonora Pass Rd
UC1281429UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. E. McMinn53581941-01-01 El Doradoca 1-8 - 1-4 mi s. Summit of Robb′s Peak
UC1294106UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisChas. H. Quibell39021954-07-13 FresnoShake Camp, 5355′, 2 N of Shaver L. on 168 to Big Creek, 1-2 m down crl. from large mead at 5550 Music Mt. 6801, 1 1-3 m w.-sw; Big Crk. 1 1-2 m. n. at 3400
UC14301UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock34071902-07-01 TuolumneSummit between Sequoia (Crockers) and Hazel Greene.
UC1493390UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisLeslie Zander4011981-07-14 MaderaSierra Nevada. Shuteye Peak NE Quad. Along Minarets Hwy. (Rd.4S81) near the road sign for ARch Rock.
UC170921UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. M. Hall92801912-06-28 PlumasSpanish Creek Sierra Nevada Mts.
UC1736119UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisDean W. Taylor11111971-07-22 Placertrail from Soda Springs to the Snow Mountain area, ca. 3 miles N of Snow Mtn,
UC1755414UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisDean W. Taylor203622008-08-20 TuolumneYosemite National Park, along the Big Oak Flat road 2.2 road miles west of the junction of the Tioga Road, base of the largely barren roadcut this site; Ackerson Mountain 7.5 USGS quadrangle .
UC18332UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4071900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mountains; Pine Ridge, Sierra Nevada Mts., Fresno Co.
UC18469UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisState Survey1923-07-30 Unknown
UC567150UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisW. E. Bullard1571935-07-12 Madera1 mi se Sage Mill; Kaiser quad.
UC596576UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisR. F. Hoover25161937-06-24 TuolumneRidge between Lond Barn and Cold Springs.
UC657892UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisClarence R. Quick20271938-08-28 El Doradoabout 0.25 mi s Robbs Peak Lookout (along Robbs Peak Trail); El Dorado National Forest, Robbs Peak; El Dorado National Forest, El Dorado Co.
UC659062UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisM. Van Rensselaer16911941-06-26 Tuolumne7 mi w Pinecrest (along Hwy 108.); Sierra Nevada
UC729674UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisCarl B. Wolf36841929-05-05 FresnoW slope of Sierra Nevada along road between Shaver Lake and Big Creek Power House
UC746922UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisG. Thomas Robbins20951945-08-05 El DoradoAlong Georgetown Road, 4-5 mi E of Wentworth Springs
UC765879UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisR. F. Hoover25411937-06-26 TuolumneConfidence
UC765880UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisR. F. Hoover25161937-06-24 TuolumneRidge between Long Barn and Cold Springs.
UC870559UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisLewis S. Rose406671940-06-19 TuolumneConfidance
UC907782UCJEPSCeanothus fresnensisG. Thomas Robbins18431945-04-22 El Dorado2-3 mi nw. Shingle Springs
UCR0104108UCRCeanothus fresnensisKathy Harpers.n.1989-05-28 TulareSequoia National Forest. Greenhorn Mountains, M-109 [Old Stage Rd] at Tyler Meadow
UCR0104109UCRCeanothus fresnensisCarl B. Wolf110461941-07-22 Fresno3.2 miles north of Shaver Lake Dam on road to Huntington Lake
UCR0104110UCRCeanothus fresnensisL.L. Williamss.n.1971-05-12 Mariposa1.4 miles south of turnout for Glacier Point on Hwy 41
UCSB016187UCSBCeanothus fresnensisMcMinn, H.4122 TuolumneSonora Pass road 1 mile east of Confidence
YM-YOSE231742YMCeanothus fresnensisTaylor, Dean203622008-08-20 TuolumneYosemite National Park, along the Big Oak Flat road 2.2 road miles west of the junction of the Tioga Road, base of the large largely barren roadcut this site. USGS Quadrangle: base of largely unvegetated roadcut in mixed conifer forest
YM-YOSE59801YMCeanothus fresnensisSAWYER & RUTTER, J.A.5391935-10-18 ?  Mariposa1 1-4 MILE NNE OF ALDER CREEK RANGER STATION.
YM-YOSE59802YMCeanothus fresnensisHAWBECKER, A.10341936-06-05 ?  Mariposa1 MILE S OF CHINQUAPIN. 1-2 MILE BELOW WAWONA ROAD.
YM-YOSE63506YMCeanothus fresnensisSHARSMITH, CARL W.47481944-07-02 ?  Mariposa2 MILE S CHINQUAPIN ON WAWONA ROAD.
YM-YOSE63507YMCeanothus fresnensisSHARSMITH, CARL W.45631943-08-11 ?  MariposaCHINQUAPIN. ON WAWONA-GLACIER PT. ROAD.

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