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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    UCR0104125UCRCeanothus foliosus subsp. vineatusLouis C. Wheeler68901952-9-03 LakeWhite Rock Mtn: near Blue Lakes
    CAS-BOT64417CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusHowell, John Thomas57801931-3-14 SonomaVine Hill District, 19 mi. w. of Santa Rosa.
    CAS-BOT64418CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusHowell, John Thomas209121945-5-30 SonomaVine Hill School. Topotype.
    CAS-BOT64419CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusHowell, John Thomas161731941-4-5 SonomaRaven Ridge.
    CAS-BOT64420CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja4151963-11-21 SonomaVine Hill School Rd.
    CAS-BOT64421CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusBaker, Milo S.113551946-4-29 SonomaVine Hill region along College Ave. hwy.
    CAS-BOT64422CASCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusHildreth, W. R.10711967-10-3 SonomaVine Hill School rd., ca. 1/2 mi. e. of Vine Hill Road.
    DAV304737DAVCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusRoman Gankin10711967-10-03 SonomaSonoma County: Vine Hill School Road, 1/2 mile east of Vine Hill Road.
    DAV304747DAVCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusL. Whitneys.n.1932-4-01 SonomaSonoma County: Vine Hill, Santa Rosa.
    DAV304748DAVCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusRay Prags.n.1970-6-09 SonomaSonoma County: Vine Hill School Road, 3/4 mile east of Vine Hill Road.
    HSC37592HSCCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusR. Sutherland0A.17.5.751975-5-17 HumboldtEdge of Horse Mtn.
    JEPS42334UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusWillis L. Jepson92421921-5-31 MendocinoForty Dollar Mountain
    JEPS49157UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusRobert Anderson1967-4-09 Sonomae Forestville (Vine Hill district); Vine Hill district
    OBI124078OBICeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH.E. McMinn53201941-4-26 SonomaNine mi S of Guerneville
    POM136496RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusL. R. Abramss.n.1916-7-07 MendocinoWolf Creek.
    RSA0005484RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH. E. McMinn44061936-4-05 SonomaWest of Vine Hill School, ca. 10 miles west of Santa Rosa.
    RSA10662RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusCarl B. Wolfs.n.1928-5-03 NapaSummit of Mount St. Helena Grade, N of Calistoga
    RSA107848RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusL. S. Roses.n.1955-6-02 SonomaJunction of Vine Hill and School Roads, 10 miles west of Santa Rosa.
    RSA1131RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusB. D. Stark5881929-7-23 MendocinoRedwood Hwy, south fork of Eel River, 1 mile from road to Rockport
    RSA122536RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusC. M. Belshaw15691936-3-07 SonomaVine Hill.; Sebastopol
    RSA122537RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusA. E. Wieslander7211938-4-14 Sonoma1 mile S of Trenton.; Sebastopol
    RSA164633RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusPercy C. Everett245631963-11-21 SonomaVine Hill School Rd., west of Vine Hill School. N of Sebastopol.
    RSA177943RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusRobert F. Thorne343181965-4-19 SonomaVine Hill School Road 1/2 mile from Vine Hill Road.
    RSA178021RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusRobert F. Thorne343111965-4-19 SonomaGuerneville Hwy, 1 mile E of Laguna Road; 4 miles W of Santa Rosa.
    RSA25831RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusCarl B. Wolf110231941-7-17 Sonoma100 yards west of the Vine Hill School, Vine Hills Dist. north of Sebastapol.
    RSA300966RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusD. C. Michener41181982-7-26 SonomaVine Hill School road, 100' west of Vine Hill school, lot west of residence 6096; north road bank between vineyard and road
    RSA602260RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusLouis C. Wheeler68901952-9-03 LakeWhite Rock Mountain: near Blue Lakes.
    RSA95852RSACeanothus foliosus var. vineatusE. K. Balls189861954-4-06 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden [Claremont]
    SBBG167891SBBGCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH. E. McMinn44061936-4-05 Sonomaimmediately W of Vine Hill School, ca. 10 W of Santa Rosa
    SBBG167892SBBGCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusM. Van Rensselaer10261939-4-30 SonomaVine Hills region W of Santa Rosa
    SBBG167893SBBGCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH. E. McMinn53201941-4-26 Sonoma9 mi S of Guerneville
    SFV112146SFVCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusR. Gankin10711967-10-03 SonomaSebastopal. Along Vine Hill School Road about 0.5 miles east of Vine Hill Road.
    UC1084442UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusG. Thomas Robbins3021940-3-22 Sonomaca. 8.5 mi. w. Santa Rosa (along Guerneville rd., Vine Hill region); Vine Hill region
    UC1084483UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusG. Thomas Robbins2571938-4-15 Sonomaalong road to Occidental W q Green Valley.
    UC1280760UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH. E. McMinn53201941-4-26 Sonoma9 mi s. Gurniville
    UC657899UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusH. E. McMinn44061936-4-05 Sonomaabout 10 mi w Santa Rosa (immediately w of Vine Hill School); ; approx. 10 mi. west of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co.
    UC727740UCJEPSCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusMilo S. Baker113551946-4-29 Sonomaalong College Ave. Hwy. Vine Hill Region

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