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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
DAV332647DAVCarex leporinaFrederica Bowcutt1782a1994-05-01 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles north of San Francisco. About 10 air miles east of Santa Rosa. About 2.5 air miles north of Kenwood. About 18 air miles northwest of Napa. Campground, south of Sonoma Creek about 150 yards, 1-4 miles NW of confluence with Rattlesnake Creek, toe of Sugarloaf Ridge.
DAV332648DAVCarex leporinaPeter Rubtzoff48451962-05-25 SonomaSonoma County: Atascadero Creek Marsh.
DAV332649DAVCarex leporinaCollector unknown19--101992-04-05 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Cosumnes River Preserve. Area 19: Tall Forest West. Bounded on N by fenceline, on W by levee, on S by Cosumnes River, and on E by road.
DAV332676DAVCarex leporinaDonie Bret-Harte16--601993-04-18 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Cosumnes River Preserve. Northern portion of Area 16: Tall Forest North. Bordered by active ag field on N, sloughs on W and S, and an ag field on E.
DAV332677DAVCarex leporinaPeter Rubtzoff36381958-05-10 SonomaSonoma County: Laguna de Santa Rosa east of Cunningham (near Llano Road).
JEPS79865UCJEPSCarex leporinaJoseph P. Tracy150141936-06-28 Humboldtnear Murphy Meadow (Bald Mountain); Bald Mountain
NCC16679NCCCarex leporinaHowell, John Thomas195671944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision, W of Inverness
UC562633UCJEPSCarex leporinaJoseph P. Tracy150141936-06-28 Humboldtnear Murphy Meadow (Bald Mountain); Bald Mountain
UCR0014571UCRCarex leporinaPeter Rubtzoff57581966-06-05 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa east of Graton, between Occidental and Guerneville roads
CAS-BOT119262CASCarex ovalisMunz, Philip Alexander177811952-06-25 Del NorteCamp 6, E slope of Gordon Mtn. Siskiyou Mts.
CAS-BOT119263CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince156171937-08-07 HumboldtMurphy Ridge on Bald Mt.
CAS-BOT119264CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince163151939-07-09 HumboldtBald Mt. Abundant in ditch 1 mi N of Murphy Meadows.
CAS-BOT119265CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince163151939-07-09 HumboldtBald Mt. Abundant in ditch 1 mi N of Murphy Meadows.
CAS-BOT119266CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince82791927-07-17 HumboldtThree Cabins; grassy slopes on lower western foothills of Chaparral Mountain.
CAS-BOT119267CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince148261936-05-29 HumboldtGans Prairie on ridge E or Orick.
CAS-BOT119268CASCarex ovalisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas47901937-06-23 HumboldtNear Dinsmore′s
CAS-BOT119269CASCarex ovalisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas48301937-06-23 HumboldtNear Yager
CAS-BOT119270CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince150141936-06-28 HumboldtBald Mt. Borders of ditch in woods near Murphy Meadow.
CAS-BOT119271CASCarex ovalisTracy, Joseph Prince156171937-08-07 HumboldtBald Mt. Murphy Ridge.
CAS-BOT119272CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas195671944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision west of Inverness.
CAS-BOT119273CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas219711946-06-02 MarinMt. Tamalpais, Potrero Meadow.
CAS-BOT119274CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas195671944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision west of Inverness.
CAS-BOT119275CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas220611946-06-13 MarinEstero School north of Dillons Beach.
CAS-BOT119276CASCarex ovalisLeschke, Hanss.n.1944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision plateau, Pt. Reyes peninsula.
CAS-BOT119277CASCarex ovalisWheeler, Louis C.s.n.1944-06-04 ModocDismal Swamp, Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT119278CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter2651951-06-17 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Eastern Branch of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT119279CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter8831952-03-23 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Eastern Branch of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT119280CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter3781951-07-07 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Eastern Branch of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT119281CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter10011952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Western Branch of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT119282CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter37021958-06-01 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa E of Cunningham near Llano Road.
CAS-BOT119283CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter48451962-05-25 SonomaAtascadero Creek Marsh.
CAS-BOT119284CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter18611955-05-21 SonomaForestville Marsh. N-facing slope bordering the marsh in the South.
CAS-BOT119285CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter36381958-05-10 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa E of Cunningham near Llano Road.
CAS-BOT119286CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas; Stacey, J. W.130381937-06-06 SonomaPitkin Marsh.
CAS-BOT119287CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas232401947-06-05 SonomaCunningham Marsh.
CAS-BOT119288CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas232371947-06-05 SonomaCunningham Marsh.
CAS-BOT119289CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas139651938-07-03 SonomaPitkin Marsh
CAS-BOT119290CASCarex ovalisHowell, John Thomas232401947-06-26 SonomaCunningham Marsh.
CAS-BOT312676CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter20251955-08-06 SonomaDuncans Mills Marsh.
CAS-BOT320582CASCarex ovalisRubtzoff, Peter57581966-06-05 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, east of Graton, between Occidental and Guerneville roads.
CAS-BOT329274CASCarex ovalisClark, RoniePR 83-0691983-10-05 MarinPoint Reyes National Seashore. Drainage ditch N of Sir Francis Drake and Ledum Swamp, E of jct. with Pierce Point Rd.
DAV333665DAVCarex ovalisIngrid HogleCRP-142003-08-07 SacramentoSACRAMENTO COUNTY: Cosumnes River Preserve Warbler Woods
HREC1179HRECCarex ovalisK. Heise21231998-05-08 MendocinoVassar Pasture (east end) next to road.
HREC1180HRECCarex ovalisA. H. M.HF 2051967-05-31 MendocinoRiley Ridge Pasture
HSC26212HSCCarex ovalisJ.P. Smith53341972-05-27 Trinity0.5 N of Eagle Creek Campground
HSC37420HSCCarex ovalisJ.O. Sawyer13741969-07-18 SiskiyouE of Waterdog Lake
HSC47007HSCCarex ovalisDiane Reed1121978-05-13 ShastaBasin Gulch Campground, Trinity National Forest
HSC48138HSCCarex ovalisD.H. Norris196011971-07-17 HumboldtAlong Redwood House Rd., about 3 W of intersection with Kneeland-Bridgeville Rd.
HSC63507HSCCarex ovalisLinda M. Barker8641975-06-17 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 6.3 N of Patrick Creek junction at Monumental
HSC65948HSCCarex ovalisM.A. Baker29911980-07-19 HumboldtNear Bret Hole.
HSC69875HSCCarex ovalisThomas W. Nelson41001978-05-28 HumboldtMcKeown Ranch, N of Dinsmore
HSC70166HSCCarex ovalisThomas W. Nelson44181978-06-10 HumboldtBehind the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on F St., Eureka
HSC7192HSCCarex ovalisH.E. Parks111711935-06-01 Del NorteAbout 2 mi. E of Gasquet, vicinity of Darlingtonia Canon Smith River
HSC74142HSCCarex ovalisM.A. Baker16181980-05-25 TrinityNear Browns Canon.
JEPS80014UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy76311926-06-20 HumboldtHorse Mountain Northern Coast Ranges, Horse Mountain
JEPS97800UCJEPSCarex ovalisDianne Lake2000-07-17 Alamedasep across from maggie′s Half Acre; Ohlone Regional Wilderness
POM160309RSACarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy76311926-06-20 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
POM303643RSACarex ovalisJ. T. Howell195671944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision west of Inverness
RSA0022356RSACarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff57581966-06-05 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, east of Graton, between Occidental and Guerneville Roads.
RSA107439RSACarex ovalisL. S. Rose550601955-06-02 SonomaPitkin Marsh, w. of Vine Hil Road, 10 mi. w. of Santa Rosa.
RSA201424RSACarex ovalisJ. T. Howell232401947-06-05 SonomaCunningham Marsh
RSA35304RSACarex ovalisJ. T. Howell195671944-06-04 MarinMt. Vision west of Inverness
RSA364776RSACarex ovalisD. H. Norris196011971-07-17 HumboldtAlong Redwood House Road about 3 miles west of junction with Kneeland-Bridgeville Road.
RSA51979RSACarex ovalisJ. T. Howell219711946-06-02 MarinPotrero Meadow, Mt. Tamalpais.
RSA51980RSACarex ovalisJ. T. Howell232411947-06-05 SonomaCunningham Marsh
RSA758133RSACarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff36381958-05-10 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa east of Cunningham (near Llano Road)
RSA88853RSACarex ovalisAlice Eastwood47901937-06-23 HumboldtNear Dinsmores .
RSA94273RSACarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff3781951-07-07 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Eastern branch of the upper marsh.
RSA94274RSACarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff10901952-05-31 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville. Eastern branch of the upper marsh.
UC1042356UCJEPSCarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff2321951-06-16 Sonomanear Forestville (lower part of the Upper Marsh); Pitkin Marsh
UC1115802UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy163151939-07-09 Humboldt1 mi n Murphy Meadows (a mile or so from type locality); Bald Mt.
UC1133473UCJEPSCarex ovalisH. S. Yates55801936-05-16 Sonoma1 mi ne Graton; Sebastopol Quadrangle
UC194815UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy45471914-07-04 HumboldtHigh Prairie Northern Coast Ranges, Bald Mountain; High Prairie on Bald Mt., Humboldt Co.
UC562550UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy134131934-07-18 HumboldtHorse Mountain Northern Coast Ranges
UC562552UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy82791927-07-17 Humboldtlower w foothills of Chaparral Mountain; North Coast Ranges, Three Cabins
UC562553UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy150121936-06-28 Humboldtnear Murphy Meadow; Bald Mt.
UC585634UCJEPSCarex ovalisJoseph P. Tracy156171937-08-07 HumboldtMurphy Ridge Bald Mt.
UC710414UCJEPSCarex ovalisJohn Thomas Howell195671944-06-04 Marinw Inverness; Mount Vision
UCR0014592UCRCarex ovalisPeter Rubtzoff36381958-05-10 SonomaLaguna de Santa Rosa, east of Cunningham, near Llano Road
NY2307356NYCarex tracyiL. S. Rose550601955-06-02 ?  SonomaPitkin Marsh, w. of Vine Hill Road 10 mi. w. of Santa Rosa
PUA15401PUACarex tracyiClifton & Ground1978-07-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
PUA33306PUACarex tracyiMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA37662PUACarex tracyiMarc Baker1980-07-19 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bret Hole. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA37692PUACarex tracyiMarc Baker1980-07-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA37929PUACarex tracyiMarc Baker1980-07-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Grogan Hole. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA46470PUACarex tracyiG.L. Clifton1980-04-19 NapaLocal landmark: Knoxville-lakeport Road. Jericho Valley Quad.
PUA47698PUACarex tracyiG.L. Clifton1981-04-27 NapaLocal landmark: Devilhead Road. Knoxville Quad.
PUA57980PUACarex tracyiG.L. Clifton1983-06-08 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.

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