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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
BSCA2281BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaHendrickson, Larry36052009-3-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rockhouse Canon, a major tributary of Carrizo Wash in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. 2.7 miles S of intersection of County Road S-2 and Carrizo Wash jeep trail.
BSCA2282BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaChurchwell, Mary Jo1642009-3-12 San DiegoHellhole Canon; at mile marker #17 of Hwy S-22, 1.0 mi up Hellhole Canon trail, about 3.0 WSW of Christmas Circle.
BSCA2283BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaRebman, Jon P.211152011-4-12 San DiegoVicinity of Whale Peak; along Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, east of The Squeeze and north of the highest point of Whale Peak.
BSCA2284BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaHendrickson, Larry110712003-3-2 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, near the Monument, on slope east of the parking circle. 1 WNW of S-2 and Highway 78.
BSCA2285BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaJonsson, Erik953DC9531985-3-20 San DiegoSouth of Highway S-2.
BSCA2289BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaRebman, Jon P.90242003-5-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
BSCA2290BSCACamissoniopsis pallidaRebman, Jon78242002-4-6 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, northwest corner of Sentenac Cienaga/Canon acquisition area, along S-2, approx. 800 m north of Scissors Crossing at junction with Highway 78.
DAV311721DAVCamissoniopsis pallidaJ.W. Barrys.n.1980-5-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Hungry Valley SVRA. (Exact location unknown. This park is mostly in Los Angeles county, but also includes parts of Ventura and Kern counties. Coordinates estimated by the label maker.)
DAV311725DAVCamissoniopsis pallidaGordon J. Pilone1821962-4-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 3 miles from junction 395 and 6 on 395. Colorado River drainage area.
DAV311730DAVCamissoniopsis pallidaDaryl Koutnik2081978-4-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Sierra Pelona Valley, W side of Anthony Road and N of Sierra Highway.
DAV311732DAVCamissoniopsis pallidaKenneth A. Wilson1031a1961-3-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Point Dume, summit of Birdview and Cliffside Drive.
GMDRC7788GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallidaJ. M. Andre335492015-3-6 RiversideCoachella Valley: sandy flats along Snow Canon Rd, just south of Hwy 111
JOTR34475JOTRCamissoniopsis pallidaAndre, Jim209452012-4-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pleasant Valley; along Geology Tour Road at SW end of one-way loop at drainage below Pinyon Well. Approx. 7.5 mi south of Natl Park loop road (paved).
RSA0091358RSACamissoniopsis pallidaR. G. Swinney142952011-4-1 Los AngelesWSW of Littlerock, Cheseboro Canon, 0.4 mi. south of California Aqueduct, 20-200 m west of Cheseboro Rd.; Palmdale 7.5' Q.
RSA0091742RSACamissoniopsis pallidaR. G. Swinney148522011-5-26 Los Angeles0.3-0.5 miles south of Aliso Canon Road, 2 miles west of Angeles Forest Hwy., nameless cyn. to the east of Beartrap Cyn.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5' Quad.
RSA0139527RSACamissoniopsis pallidaR. G. Swinney148522011-5-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. 0.3-0.5 miles south of Aliso Canon Road, 2 miles west of Angeles Forest Hwy., nameless cyn. to the east of Beartrap Cyn.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5'
SBBG198226SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1929-4-26 Venturanear Camulos
SBBG198227SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1930-5-15 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
SBBG198228SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1930-5-16 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
SBBG198229SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaT. L. Secrest1951-5-19 Riversidefrom Idyllwild to Hemet Lake
SBBG198230SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaT. L. Secrest1948-4-07 Riversidenear Whitewater
SBBG198231SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaN. R. Zabriskie, W. Zabriskie1973-4-03 RiversidePoor-will Cyn, Palm Cyn drainage
SBBG198232SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaT. L. Secrest1948-4-10 Riversidenear Hemet
SBBG198233SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaT. L. Secrest1951-5-19 Riversidenear Idyllwild
SBBG198234SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1930-4-29 Los Angeles3 N of Saugus
SBBG198235SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1925-5-16 Los AngelesAntelope Valley
SBBG198236SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1925-4-19 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
SBBG198237SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1929-4-26 Los Angeles2 W of Ravenna, near Acton
SBBG198238SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1929-4-27 Los AngelesLittle Rock Dam
SBBG198239SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaR. Gustafson, C. Davidson201977-4-20 Los AngelesFt Tejon Rd, S of Littlerock ca. 1.5 mi E of jct with 82nd St
SBBG198240SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaL. R. Abrams32281903-4-06 RiversideCanon
SBBG198241SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaScott D. White108482005-3-29 Riversidealluvial fan and benches W of San Gorgonio river and S of Interstate-10 Freeway, W of existing gravel quarry, Canon
SBBG198242SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaRalph Hoffmann1930-6-07 VenturaPiru Crk
SBBG198244SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaR. Burgess56442003-4-5 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; N border of Sespe Condor Sanctuary, in vicinity of divide between Alder Crk Trail and Bucksnort Trail
SBBG206293SBBGCamissoniopsis pallidaR. G. Swinney71951999-5-22 Los Angeleseast fork of Puzzle Canon, south of old homesite at 2800 Deep Creek Cyn. Rd.
SD00036744SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders414392015-3-23 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass: San Gorgonio River wash, c. 3.7 miles east of Canon, c. 1.25 NNE of One Horse Spring, south of I-10 and east of water bottling plant, between wind farms.
SD00048675SDCamissoniopsis pallidaSusan T. Welker12701994-3-14 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, east side of S-2 at CA Riding & Hiking trail parking lot, north of Sissors Crossing. Grid J22.
SD00048693SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders163681995-4-05 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains/Sonoran (Colorado) Desert: Coachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62 (Desert Hot Springs 7.5'Q)
SD00048694SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders161601995-3-19 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains foothills/Sonoran (Colorado) Desert; Coachella Valley; alluvial fan of Chino Canon along the Palm Springs tram road, N of the road, 11 telephone poles above Hwy 111/Palm Canon Drive (Palm Springs 7.5'Q)
SD00048695SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders162521995-3-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Sonoran (Colorado) Desert; San Gorgonio Pass; alluvial fan at the mouth of Snow Creek, between Hwy 111 and Snow Creek Village (White Water 7.5'Q)
SD00048696SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders162891995-3-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains/Sonoran (Colorado) Desert; San Gorgonio Pass; alluvial fan at the mouth of Snow Creek, between Hwy 111 and Snow Creek Village (White Water 7.5'Q)
SD00048706SDCamissoniopsis pallidaEd LaRue92-471992-4-19 San BernardinoWestern Mojave Desert; Phelan; 1/8 mi s. of Hw 18 on west side of Phelan Rd.
SD00048707SDCamissoniopsis pallidaG. K. Helmkamp30641998-4-03 RiversideWhitewater River, bordering the N side of Hwy I-10; E side of the river.
SD00048711SDCamissoniopsis pallidaR.G. Swinney128322010-5-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains / Western Mojave Desert: Oracle Hill summit, abandoned Naval Analytics Station, at end of Pacific Tel. Access Rd., W of Angeles Natl. Forest boundary, 2.05 air miles E of Angeles Forest Hwy., 0.8 miles W of Mt. Emma Rd.
SD00048712SDCamissoniopsis pallidaR.G. Swinney142952011-4-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains/SW Mojave Desert: WSW of Littlerock, Cheseboro Canon , 0.4 mile south of Californa Aqueduct, 20-200 m west of Cheseboro Road. (Palmdale 7.5'Q)
SD00048713SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA. C. Sanders168511995-4-30 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Pioneertown Road, 1.9 miles north of Yucca Valley, 2.1 miles south of Pioneertown, Water Canon.
SD00048714SDCamissoniopsis pallidaA. C. Sanders122841992-5-09 San BernardinoMouth of Burns Canon, 0.5 mile west of end of pavement near Rimrock.
SD00057784SDCamissoniopsis pallidas.n.1993-3-21 ImperialPinto Canon
SDSU01169SDSUCamissoniopsis pallidaHowe, D. F.15621947-5-06 Los AngelesNorth face of San Gabriel Mts.
SDSU08613SDSUCamissoniopsis pallidaKennedy, Hall1938-4-01 San DiegoBorego
SDSU12846SDSUCamissoniopsis pallidaWard, Kristen121998-3-02 San DiegoAnza Borrego State Park; on road to Pinyon Mountain, ca. 1/2 mile from S-2
SFV109220SFVCamissoniopsis pallidaD. L. Koutnik2081978-4-01 Los AngelesSierra Pelona Valley. West side of Anthony Road and north of Sierra Highway.
SFV109221SFVCamissoniopsis pallidaP. G. Kilburn7241958-4-12 Los AngelesMojave Desert; Palmdale, N and 30th Street, 5 miles NW of downtown. 3 miles west of US #6 on north side of road. In sandy soil.
SFV109222SFVCamissoniopsis pallidaS. N. Rallss. n.2010-3-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Off Highway 173 just south of Mojave River Forks Reservoir.
SJSU14627SJSUCamissoniopsis pallidaN.A. Hopkins16601991-4-01 San DiegoHenderson Canon, NW of Borrego Springs
SJSU14628SJSUCamissoniopsis pallidaN.A. Hopkins16761991-4-06 San DiegoGalleto Meadowa, Henderson Canon, NW of Borrego Springs
UC1561355UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallidaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock60121986-4-20 KernScodie Mts E of Isabelle Lake ca. 4 air miles NW of Walker Pass, canyon on N side Pinyon Peak rocky s-facing slope above campsite at end of dirt road .
UC1922490UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallidaScott D. White108482005-3-29 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass: Canon. Alluvial fan and benches west of San Gorgonio river and south of I-10 Freeway. West of existing gravel quarry, likely to be proposed for quarry expansion.
UCR0072211UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaJ.E. Dimitmans.n.1957-4-13 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, NW of Vallecitos
UCR0072223UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaD.E. Bramlet41872008-4-14 Los AngelesBouquet Canon, 762 m SE of Bouquet Canon Rd. & 549 m south of Hayfork Rd.
UCR0072233UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaSteve Boyd22421988-4-28 Los Angeleswest end of mtns, Angeles National Forest. Sand Canon, east of Saugus. In small side canyon
UCR0073661UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders64731986-4-30 RiversideSan Jacinto River Valley at the mouth of Bee Canon
UCR0073668UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaMitch ProvanceMOR--9931998-3-27 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Deep Canon, 2.5 miles NNE of Canon; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCR0073681UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders144941994-5-27 San Bernardinolower Furnace Canon on the north slope of the mountains above Lucerne Valley
UCR0073967UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaB.G. Pitzer05661987-5-23 RiversideWhitewater Canon, from N edge of Fish Hatchery to c. 0.5 mi north of it; c. 5.5 mi north of I-10 Whitewater Cyn Rd.
UCR0073968UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaStephen J. Myerss.n.1988-3-17 San Bernardino[Yucca Valley] along Hwy 247, c. 2.25 miles northwest of El Cortez Road
UCR0074245UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders204561997-4-13 KernSan Emigdio Ranch: Salt Creek Canon at confluence with Black Bob Canon and up Black Bob Canon
UCR0074254UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders414392015-3-23 RiversideSan Gorgonio River wash, c. 3.7 miles east of Canon, c. 1.25 NNE of One Horse Spring, south of I-10 and east of water bottling plant, between wind farms
UCR0074255UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders414142015-3-23 RiversideSan Gorgonio River wash, c. 3.7 miles east of Canon, c. 1.25 NNE of One Horse Spring, south of I-10 and east of water bottling plant, between wind farms
UCR0074257UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaJim Andre209452012-4-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park; along Geotour Road, at SW end of one-way loop in Pleasant Valley at foot drainage below Pinyon Well, c. 7.5 mi. south of paved National Park Loop Rd.
UCR0074261UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaScott D. White126092009-4-28 Riversidecity of Desert Hot Springs, proposed development north of Pierson Blvd and east of Verbena Dr.
UCR0074262UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaScott D. White90922003-4-25 RiversideWhitewater Canon, about midway between Bonnie Bell and Whitewater Trout Farm, west side of road
UCR0074263UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaJohn Wears.n.2004-4-1 RiversidePalm Springs, 2 acre parcel c. 320 ft. east of intersection of West Vista Chino and Via Norte on the north side of Vista Chino, 310 and 3 West Vista Chino Road
UCR0074265UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaScott D. White111022005-5-24 RiversideCanon: San Gorgonio River wash and adjacent alluvial flats and benches to W
UCR0074266UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaI.M. Johnston11101917-4-04 Riversidenear Palm Springs
UCR0074267UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaGeorge K. Helmkamp30641998-4-03 RiversideWhitewater River, bordering the north side of Hwy I-10; east side of the river; Colorado Desert
UCR0074268UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaKeith T. Ingrams.n.1976-5-01 RiversideMorongo Valley, 0.25 mile south of intersection of Route 62 and Mission Creek Road
UCR0074269UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaDavid C. Hawkss.n.1986-4-16 RiversideWhitewater Hill, c. 1.5 miles east of Whitewater
UCR0074270UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaBarbara A. Carlsons.n.1986-4-10 Riversidefloodplain of the Whitewater River at field of wind turbines among settling ponds west of Indian Avenue near Hugo Siding on S.P.R.R.
UCR0074271UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders196741997-2-08 RiversidePalm Springs, Indian Avenue at Las Vegas Road, below mouth of Chino Canon; Colorado Desert/San Jacinto Mtns
UCR0074272UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders196821997-2-08 RiversidePalm Springs area, Tahquitz Debris Basin at mouth of Tahquitz Canon; Colorado Desert/San Jacinto Mtns:
UCR0074273UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders004611976-4-20 Riverside9.5 miles SE of Anza in White Wash, a tributary of Coyote Canon
UCR0074274UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaNathan Moorhatchs.n.2003-4-2 RiversideCoachella Valley, Whitewater River channel at Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City
UCR0074275UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaBarry A. Vittors.n.1966-3-18 RiversideRancho Dos Palmas, 2 miles northeast of Salton Sea State Park
UCR0074276UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders461978-4-02 RiversideLiving Desert Reserve in Palm Desert
UCR0074277UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaB.G. Pitzer35391998-2-21 RiversideN-facing bajada on south side of Hayfield Lake, between lakebed and Hwy I-10.; Colorado Desert
UCR0074278UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaB.G. Pitzer36041998-3-08 RiversideN-facing bajada on south side of Hayfield Lake, between lakebed and Hwy I-10; Colorado Desert
UCR0074279UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders239442001-4-6 RiversideCoachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs, north of intersection of Pierson Blvd. and Atlantic, north of flood control ditch
UCR0074280UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders238392001-3-20 RiversideCoachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs, NW corner of intersection of Pierson Blvd. and Atlantic Blvd., between flood control ditch and Pierson, west of high school
UCR0074283UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaT.B. Salvato33902008-4-22 Los Angelesc. 0.5 mile west of Tentrock Canon, c. 6 miles west of Neenach, 0.1-0.6 mile south of Lancaster Road/Hwy 138
UCR0074285UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaR.G. Swinney163202014-5-1 Los Angeleseast of Valyermo, east end of Holcomb Ridge, 2.2 road miles east of jct. of Bob's Gap Rd. and Panorama Rd., from base of ridge at Panorama Rd. to high point at 4519 ft.
UCR0074288UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaR.G. Swinney148522011-5-26 Los Angeles0.3-0.5 miles south of Aliso Canon Road, 2 miles west of Angeles Forest Hwy., nameless cyn. to the east of Beartrap Cyn.
UCR0074290UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaR.G. Swinney142952011-4-1 Los AngelesWSW of Littlerock, Cheseboro Canon, 0.4 mi. south of California Aqueduct, 20-200 m west of Cheseboro Rd.
UCR0074292UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaTim Thomas62882014-5-4 Los AngelesAntelope Valley, 2.6 miles north of Neenach, just east of aqueduct just south of Ave A
UCR0074321UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaT.B. SalvatoMOR--9091998-4-23 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Potrero Canon about 1 mile above locked gate, east side of road near old corrals, tree stand P-03
UCR0074328UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaJim Andre212052011-5-1 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; Providence Mountains at Arrowweed Spring, c. 4 mile NE of Kelbaker Rd at Granite Pass
UCR0074358UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaDoris A. Hoover7431986-4-06 San BernardinoBig Morongo Preserve, south of Morongo Valley, west bank of main wash north of Desert Wash Trail
UCR0074368UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaJim Andre281672014-5-18 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains, end of Kickapoo Trail Rd., 2.4 miles south of Hwy 62 in Yucca Valley
UCR0074796UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaA.C. Sanders350632008-4-23 Los Angelesupper Cow Spring Canon
UCR0074814UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaBonnie C. Templeton50641932-6-01 Los AngelesBig Pines Park, Angeles National Forest
UCR0074815UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaBonnie C. Templeton44101930-4-02 Los AngelesMulholland Drive northwest of Hollywood
UCR0074840UCRCamissoniopsis pallidaMitch Provance412--132012-4-23 Riversidesouth of Banning, between the east end of Bobcat Rd. and the KOA campground on San Gorgonio Ave., in Montgomery Creek near its confluence with Smith Creek
CHSC20326CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiV. S. Jackson1973-4-01 InyoDeath Valley National Monument.
CHSC35468CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJames Henrickson85981973-3-18 Riverside16 (air) miles E of Temecula, 2.9 miles E of Guanga along Hwy 71.
GMDRC10845GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJ. M. Andre397612018-5-3 San Bernardinoeastern base of San Bernardino Mountains: along Burns Cyn Rd at mouth of canyon at Blackhawk Ranch, 5.5 road miles northwest of Pioneertown
GMDRC11674GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJ. M. Andre411202019-4-6 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains - northeastern Sonoran Desert: Big Morongo Canon, 3.1 miles west of Hwy 62
IRVC100395IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMark A. Elvin47392006-4-1 San BernardinoDry Morrongo Wash at County line btween Riverside and San Bernardino at bridge of Hwy 62.
IRVC100396IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMark A. Elvin47022006-4-1 San BernardinoDry Morrongo Wash at County line btween Riverside and San Bernardino at bridge of Hwy 62.
IRVC113687IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiGordon A. Marsh381982-6-03 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley; lower Railroad Canon.
IRVC113688IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiA.C. Sanders258812003-4-5 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley, between front gate and reserve headquarters at old Burns home. Flats and bouldery granitic hills, decomposed granite soil;
IRVC113691IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMark A. Elvin32882004-4-9 San BernardinoCa. 1.5 miles E of Pioneertown, UC Burn's Pinyon Ridge Reserve, SW portion, in North Railroad Canon.
IRVC113692IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMark A. Elvin3267h2004-4-9 San BernardinoCa. 1.5 miles E of Pioneertown, UC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, NW portion near camping area.
IRVC113693IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiGeorge Schakarschwili211983-4-15 San BernardinoUC Burns Pinyon Ridge Reserve, off Skyline Ranch Rd. ca. 2 miles (air) ESE of Pinoneertown, 1.5 mi. (air) NW of Yucca Valley; near parking/ campground.
IRVC19886IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiAnne E. Justices.n.1975-4-20 San BernardinoRailroad Canon 1 mile north-west of Yucca Valley.
IRVC29337IRVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMark A. Elvin46842006-4-1 San BernardinoDry Morrongo Wash at County line btween Riverside and San Bernardino at bridge of Hwy 62.
JEPS33742UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiMarjorie D. Clary15361932-3-20 Riverside10 mi nw Garnet; Colorado Desert, Mission Creek
JOTR34129JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiAndre, Jim210902011-5-4 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Long Canon, up side canyon approx. 400 m. west of main canyon drainage.
LA46663LACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiHarlan Lewis16821957-4-05 Riverside[San Bernadino]Morongo Canon
RSA0067632RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJim Andre276652014-5-2 San BernardinoUnknownLittle San Bernardino Mountains: along Pioneertown Rd, 3.6 W of Jct with Hwy 62 (Yucca Valley), about 0.5 mi. south of Pioneertown.; Yucca Valley North 7.5'
RSA0119828RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiDuncan S. Bell96182016-5-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestPipes Canon, at the bottom of the very steep grade near the head of the canyon, approximately 2.75 air miles southeast of Onyx Peak.; Onyx Peak
RSA757762RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiLeRoy Gross43992010-4-13 San BernardinoWhitewater Canon Bioblitz: East of the saddle near Wathier Landing, where old road comes down fron the saddle. Near 34.04 N, 116.69 W.; Catclaw Flat 7.5 Quad.Road crossing the Catclaw Flat wash, just below fault scarp that has Astragalus tricarinatus growing on it. Surveyed from this area back to camp at 34.02539N,116.68032. (Some collections might have been made in Riverside County).
SDSU03392SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiWedberg, H.2311958-4-04 RiversideAbout 8 miles up Morongo Canon from Hwy 60, 70, 99.
SDSU03393SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiWedberg, H.2321958-4-04 RiversideAbout 200 feet below San Bernardino County line in Morongo canyon wash.
UC1007220UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiPhilip A. Munz156601940-3-22 Riverside2 mi n Banning-Indio boulevard; Whitewater Canon
UC147159UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiH. M. Hall4461897-4-17 RiversideBanning Colorado Desert (edge of Colorado Desert)
UC668392UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg20721941-4-24 Riversidegorge of Dry Morongo Creek Mohave Desert, Morongo Valley
UC874017UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiL. Haines, L. Erickson1937-4-11 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
UC987818UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiReid Moran8441941-5-05 Riversidee Quail Spring; Joshua Tree National Monument
UCR0074258UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJim Andre210902011-5-4 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park, Long Canon, up side canyon approx. 400 m. west of main canyon drainage
UCR0074264UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJim Andre67532006-4-26 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park: c. 5 miles NNE of Rattlesnake Spring, on ridge just south of radio tower and NE corner of park boundary
UCR0074315UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiA.C. Sanders162521995-3-29 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass; alluvial fan at the mouth of Snow Creek, between Hwy 111 and Snow Creek Village
UCR0074316UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiA.C. Sanders165111995-4-13 RiversideDevil's Garden, east end of the mtns., 2.1 miles west of Hwy 62 on Pierson Avenue and dirt extension, 1.7 miles above Sierra Blvd.
UCR0074319UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiA.C. Sanders163681995-4-05 RiversideCoachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62
UCR0074369UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJim Andre276652014-5-2 San Bernardinoalong Pioneertown Road, 3.6 miles northwest of junction with Hwy 62 (Yucca Valley), c. 0.5 miles south of Pioneertown
UCR0074370UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJim Andre294012014-5-8 San BernardinoWater Canon, south of Pioneertown, 1.1 miles west of Pioneertown Road, 3.5 miles northwest of Yucca Valley at Hwy 62
UCSB006653UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiJohn R. Haller10191957-3-23 RiversideMouth of Morongo Canon, ca. 8 road, miles N. of US 99 and 1 air mile S. of Riverside-San Bernardino Co. line
UCSB006654UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiGunnerson, Robert1551953-3-22 RiversideMorongo Canon
UCSB006655UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiGerhart, Janet4891965-4-14 San Bernardino15 miles NE of Barstow, on Camp Irwin road
UCSB006656UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiDay, Fran521964-3-23 Riverside10.3 miles south of Canon on Highway 111, north side of road
UCSB007463UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. halliiFred M. Roberts, Jr.6141982-5-15 San BernardinoMid Hills, Upper Macedonia Canon, along Wild Horse Cyn. Road, 4.3km SSW Mid Hills Campground
CAS-BOT171479CASCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.456201969-5-13 KernSpanish Needle Creek Road to Lamont Meadow, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT401077CASCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Sevilla, Cheryl71242014-5-20 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains: Pipes Wash, off Pipes Canyon Road, northwest of Yucca Valley Elev. given as 3828 ft
CAS-BOT581983CASCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaShevock, James R.120991992-4-11 KernWestern Slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Cranebrake Wash along California highway 178 east of Lake Isabella.
CAS-BOT607571CASCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSwinney, R. G.160542014-4-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains/Mojave Desert: SW of Littlerock, north foot of mountains on desert slope, south side of CA Aquaduct/ 100-400 m east of Cheseboro Rd.
CHSC110678CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean Wm. Taylor185232003-5-6 Riverside1.15 miles NNE of Canon, along access roads paralleling powerlines. T03S R02E S0 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Canon 1:24,000
CHSC110740CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean Wm. Taylor185962003-5-29 Los AngelesMill Creek Summit, Angeles Forest Highwy, along Angeles National Forest Road 4N18 ca 0.8 road miles south from Tie Creek Station. T0 N R1 W S36 SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Pacifico Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC26018CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDieter H. Wilken3021965-6-29 RiversideAlong County Route 1, about 3 miles south of Banning, San Jacinto Mtns.
CHSC26019CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaS. Segawa391966-4-03 San BernardinoApple Valley, on vacant lot.
CHSC35420CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJames Henrickson96021973-5-12 Los Angeles6 (air) miles SE of Pearblossum, 4.6 (rd) miles S of Llano in lower portion of Bob's Gap along 165 St.
CHSC95473CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLeRoy Gross21442005-4-28 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Ridgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road. Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Than dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin. (Pacific Mtn. 7.5 Quad.: T4N R12W, 11w S1, 6, NE1/4 of 1, NW1/4 of 6) USGS Quadrangle: Pacifico Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC99631CHSCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNaomi Fraga4992003-4-8 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Lower sand dunes just north of Short Canon. Near road leading to old mining prospect. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
DAV311722DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaG. L. Webster76111973-3-19 San DiegoSan Diego County: Anza-Borrego State Park, San Felipe Creek, ca. 1 mile E of Yaqui Well Ranger Station.
DAV311723DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaR. L. Smiths.n.1948-3-24 RiversideRiverside County: Foot of Andreas Canon.
DAV311724DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaR. N. Raynors.n.1933--1 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Mojave Desert.
DAV311726DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaGordon Pilone1021961-3-01 RiversideRiverside County: White Water Canon, 1/2 mile below Fish Hatchery. San Bernardino Mt. Range. Salton Sea drainage area.
DAV311727DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMerry Lepper411964-3-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: N of Mt. San Antonio, 5 miles W of Phelan and 1/2 mile from State Highway 138.
DAV311728DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDaryl Koutnik2921978-4-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: State Highway 18, 10 miles W of Highway 395.
DAV311729DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaC. L. Hitchcock242501966-3-18 San DiegoSan Diego County: Vallecito Wash, 10 miles SE of Agua Caliente Hot Springs.
DAV311731DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaCollector Unknown3001923-3-25 RiversideRiverside County: Whitewater.
DAV311733DAVCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEllen Dean22002005-3-5 San DiegoSan Diego County: East of Peninsular ranges, along Hwy. 78. 0.7 road miles E of intersection with Rd S2 N side of Hwy. 78.
GMDRC10193GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre386322017-4-26 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Summit Creek drainage at Sage Flat, 2.5 miles west of US Hwy 395, approximately 5 mi. SSW of Olancha, Inyo NF.
GMDRC10252GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre387572017-5-8 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: at Baxter Pass Trailhead, approx. 6 W of Independence
GMDRC11476GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre406582019-3-11 RiversideCoachella Valley: at foot of San Jacinto Mtns, 0.3 miles south of Hwy 111, two miles southeast of Windy Point and 2.5 miles north of Palm Springs Tramway
GMDRC6169GMDRCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre281692014-5-18 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: along Skyline Ranch Rd (dirt), 0.8 mi. ESE of Pioneertown, in Sawtooth Mtns
JEPS100362UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor176662001-5-22 KernOak Creek Road 1 mi E of jct with Willow Springs Road Transverse Ranges, Tehachapi Mountains
JEPS101374UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor164001998-5-13 San Diegohillslopes ca. 0.5 mile N of the Jacumba offramp on Interstate 8
JEPS126725UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor184802003-3-26 KernCa. 2.5 miles S of Oak Creek Road(ca. 10 air miles W of Mojave); Monolith 7.5' USGS quadrangle.
JEPS126809UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor185232003-5-6 Riverside1.15 miles NNE of Canon, along access road paralleling powerlines; Canon 7.5' USGS quadrangle.
JEPS126813UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor185152003-5-6 RiversideWash of the San Gorgonio River ca. 1 mile South of the intersection of Highway 111 with Interstate 1 White Water 7.5' USGS quadrangle.
JEPS31571UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWillis L. Jepson87171920-4-20 San DiegoMason Valley
JEPS31580UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank W. Peirson4781919-6-14 Los AngelesRock Creek San Gabriel Mountains
JEPS31585UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWillis L. Jepson60061914-5-18 Riversiden Indio; Colorado Desert, Pinon Well grade
JEPS31673UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWillis L. Jepson86101920-4-17 San DiegoVallecito
JEPS31743UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaS. B. Parish200221920-3-25 Riversideflats at Palm Springs village Colorado Desert
JEPS31744UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWillis L. Jepson85921920-4-16 San DiegoVallecito Colorado Desert
JEPS33732UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaC. N. Smith2991941-4-14 KernPoso Creek Greenhorn Mountains (slope on s side)
JEPS33736UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaM. D. Clary9571932-5-26 RiversidePleasant Valley Hexie Mt.
JEPS33743UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMarjorie D. Clary15311932-4-04 Riversidenw Indio; Colorado Desert, Deep Canon
JEPS8552UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRimo Bacigalupi, L. Constance, G. T. Robbins, G. W. Gillett, L. R. Heckard36851952-4-29 San BernardinoMitchells Caverns Mohave Desert, Providence Mountains (at s end and e side of mts.)
JEPS86259UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaC. N. Smith2991941-4-14 KernPoso Creek Greenhorn Mountains (slope on s side)
JOTR30914JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha25902008-4-29 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino mountains, north end of Quail Mountain; large active wash in Johnny Lang Canon (Stop 6)
JOTR32376JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha24872011-6-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Queen Mountains; Barker Dam loop trail; Pine-oak woodland among granitic boulder outcrops and narrow drainage system (Stop 3)
JOTR32533JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha16162011-5-26 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. northeast Quail Mountain area, open gravelly flats at base of foothills (Stop 1)
JOTR33730JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha27302011-3-31 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of Hexie Mountains; Sandy, braided ephemeral wash flowing northeast (Stop 2)
JOTR33954JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha28402010-6-2 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains, NW of Key's View and Inspiration Peak; sandy wash and gravelly benches with bouldery granitic outcrops
JOTR34069JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha29662010-5-27 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains, Lost Horse Mountain; narrow canyon on edge of 2009 burn area, north of Lost Horse Mine trail
JOTR34225JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha36352010-4-7 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southeast Little San Bernardino Mountains, north of Fan Hill; large, open southwest flowing fan below Key's View with cobble benches above wash
JOTR34272JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha32882010-5-12 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; Sandy, narrow canyon at base of Quail Mountain with bouldery/rocky slopes; North end of Juniper Flats (Stop 3)
JOTR37069JOTRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLa Doux, Tasha35552015-4-23 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains, just north of San Bernardino County line in first drainage west of California Riding and Hiking Trail. Narrow canyon with steep rocky slopes and outcrops among Pinyon-Oak woodland (Stop 3)
LA95798LACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHarlan Lewis14661978-4-15 San DiegoHighway S2, 14.5 mi S of junction with State Highway 78
LOB100511LOBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.E. Fisher3972017-3-9 RiversideNear San Gorgonio Pass, W of Palm Springs, near small town of Snow Creek, UC Natural Reserve Oasis de los Osos.
OBI104094OBICamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRobert F. Hoover112361969-4-14 RiversidePalm Springs, just outside of city limit
OBI178652OBICamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders217931998-5-12 San BernardinoBaldy Mesa, Lugo-Vincent Powerline (S Canon), c. 1 mi. west of I-15 and north of Canon Summit
RSA0011027RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLeRoy Gross61352013-5-23 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains Wilderness area. Upper reaches of Bighorn Canon. Started near 34.28 N, 116.60 W. Travel down canyon and ended near [coordinates given.]; Bighorn Canon 7.5 quad.
RSA0020864RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre252942013-3-30 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; 0.8 mi. north of Gate of UC reserve campground near mouth of Cottonwood Basin.; 7.5' Bighorn Basin
RSA0036372RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell69612014-5-15 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains; boulder pile area on the northeastern flanks of TipTop Mountain, approximately 0.7 air mile southwest of Viscera Spring.; Rattlesnake Canon
RSA0039598RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDeidre Conocchioli1412014-3-4 RiversideOff the Pacific Crest Trail in the San Bernardino Mountains. In Whitewater Canon 8.5 miles E of Hwy-62. Just S of Red Dome.
RSA0039764RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSarah J. De Groot71242014-5-20 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains: Pipes Wash, off Pipes Canon Road, northwest of Yucca Valley.
RSA0050107RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre298832014-4-23 InyoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada: mouth of Haiwee Creek Canon, 6 mi. west of US Hwy 395, due east of Haiwee Reservoir, about 10 mi. south of Olancha; Inyo Natl. Forest.; Haiwee Pass 7.5'
RSA0053743RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell67642014-4-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains region: Bighorn Mountains; southeastern drainage of Granite Peaks, about 1.25 air miles northwest of Viscera Spring.; Rattlesnake Canon Quad
RSA0053916RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell70502014-5-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains region: Bighorn Mountains; within the Bighorn Mountains Wilderness area; San Bernardino National Forest; on the western summit of Mineral Mountain, about 1.25 air mile southeast of Rose Mine.; Onyx Peak
RSA0054087RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell67212014-4-26 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains; central Ruby Canon, several miles up canyon from its mouth.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0061130RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLeRoy Gross68352015-3-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Arrastre Canon, south of Acton.; Acton 7.5 Quad.
RSA0069366RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDean W. Taylor184802003-3-26 KernCa. 2.5 miles S of Oak Creek Road (ca. 10 air miles W of Mojave).; Monolith
RSA0069663RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaCheryl Sevilla152015-2-18 RiversideBLMTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: San Gorgornio Wilderness Area; on the plain to the east of Mission Creek; 0.4 miles northwest of the Stone House.
RSA0077326RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNick Jensen8772014-4-5 KernTejon Ranch. Cottonwood Creek along Contour Road about 1 road km east of the power lines.
RSA0077327RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNick Jensen12412014-4-23 KernTejon Ranch. Both sides of Contour Rd about 1 road km west of Sacatara Canon.
RSA0077328RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNick Jensen11962014-4-23 KernTejon Ranch. SE facing slope just N of Contour road east of Canon de los Gatos Montes and west of Canon del Agua Escondida Rd.
RSA0077329RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNick Jensen11522014-4-17 KernTejon Ranch. Along Contour Rd, lower end of Canon de los Gatos Montes.
RSA0078684RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim M. Andre313632015-3-2 San BernardinoMorongo Valley; along north side of Highway 6 NE of rifle range, 0.8 mi. SW from summit, approx. 3 mi. from Yucca Valley town center.; Morongo Valley 7.5'
RSA0081285RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim M. Andre311372015-3-31 San BernardinoNPSJoshua Tree National Park; just south of park boundary off Elata Ave, north end of Section 24, about 0.5 W of Warren Peak, approx 4 mi. due south of Hwy 62.; Yucca Valley South 7.5'
RSA0093832RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA. C. Sanders217931998-5-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Baldy Mesa, Lugo-Vincent Powerline (S Canon), c. 1 mi. west of I-15 and north of Canon Summit.; Canon 7.5' Q.
RSA0094866RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell79492015-4-2 San BernardinoBLMThe east side of Black Lava Butte, to the northwest of Flat Top Mesa, at the southeastern end of the Bighorn Mountains.; Yucca Valley North
RSA0096816RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell80592015-4-14 San BernardinoBLMCollecting in the valley between Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa, approximately 4.75 air miles north of Pioneertown.; Yucca Valley North
RSA0103964RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell77692015-3-10 RiversideBLMSan Gorgonio Wilderness area; Mission Creek; just below (south of) the San Bernardino/Riverside county border.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0117746RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim M. Andre346882016-2-22 San DiegoUnknownBorrego Desert: NW corner of Henderson Canon Rd, just west of 90 deg turn, about 3 mi. north of Borrego Springs (Xmas Circle).; Borrego Palm Canon 7.5'
RSA0120230RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell92882016-4-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; near the head of Deep Creek and near the trailhead of the Cactus Spring Trail, at an old mining area above this trail.; Toro Peak
RSA0120308RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell93192016-4-16 RiversideBLMWhitewater Watershed; Whitewater Canon; collecting in Rainbow Canon, approximately 2.5 air miles east northeast of Kitching Peak.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0123365RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell90392016-3-23 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; collecting in Agua Alta Canon, approximately 3.5 air miles southeast of the summit of Martinez Mountain.; Martinez Mountain
RSA0124265RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell97032016-6-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestOn a ridge between the North Fork and South Fork of Mission Creek, approximately 2 air miles east southeast of Mission Springs.; Catclaw Flat
RSA0124293RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell93392016-4-17 San BernardinoThe Wildlands ConservancyThe Sawtooth Mountains on the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve; central section of the range, approximately 2 air miles east of Chaparrosa Peak.; Rimrock
RSA0144369RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHester L. Bell6622014-4-1 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. South Eureka Valley Road, 1.9 N of dry campground at NW corner of main Eureka Dune.
RSA0146569RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHester L. Bell6692014-4-1 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. Between main Eureka Dune and Last Chance Range, 2.7 mi S of dry campground at NW corner of main dune.
RSA0146678RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHester L. Bell6392014-4-1 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. Junction of Big Pine to Death Valley Road with South Eureka Valley Road.
RSA0146699RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHester L. Bell6772014-4-18 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. West side of main Eureka Dune.
RSA0150391RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. M. Andre347672016-3-4 San DiegoBorrego Desert; along Hwy S-2 at low pass north end of Blair Valley, about 5 mi. SE of Scissors Crossing (jct. Hwy 78).; Earthquake Valley 7.5 Quad.
RSA0157075RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdward F. Anderson10161958-3-08 RiversidePalms-to-Pines Hwy.
RSA0184497RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim M. Andre387572017-5-8 InyoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada. At baxter pass trailhead, approx. 6 mi. nw of independence.; Kearsarge Peak 7.5'
RSA0195699RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJoanna D. Foster1712018-5-12 KernGrapevine Canon: Mouth of NW branch of S fork along road near water tank .
RSA0195986RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaKatherine S. Ferguson1112018-4-30 KernGrapevine Canon: below cement water tank near W end of Zucco road.
RSA465933RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrances L. Cramers.n.1941-5-03 RiversideJoshua Tree National Monument
RSA757755RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLeRoy Gross43142010-4-12 RiversideWhitewater Canon Bioblitz: From camp near 34.02 N, 116.68 W, east of the Paw, near the mouth of Canon. Dropped down the Whitewater River to the first wide alluvial canyon to the east, near 34.02133N, 116.67779W.; Canon to near 34.02483N, 116.66819W. Then surveyed back to camp by climbing to saddle of ridge to the north, near 34.02655N, 116.67484, and small draw at south end of Canon.
RSA783077RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPam De Vries77672011-5-4 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range, southwest portion of the Liebre Mountains; about 1 air mile WNW of the intersection of Avenida Rancho Tesoro and Tesoro del Valley Dr. (Santa Clarita).; Newhall 7.5'
RSA786963RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNaomi S. Fraga32952010-4-13 San BernardinoWhitewater Canon Bioblitz. Ridge NE of Wathier Landing.; Catclaw Flat
RSA788005RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNaomi S. Fraga32732010-4-13 San BernardinoWhitewater Canon Bioblitz. Wathier Landing.; Catclaw Flat
RSA791834RSACamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre210682011-5-2 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains; Goldstone Spring, 0.6 miles southwest of Foshay Pass (summit).; Fountain Peak 7.5'
SBBG198243SBBGCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnuja Parikh, N. Gale32032010-5-21 Kern4.8 W of Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd, 0.3 km SE of Los Angeles Aqueduct, just N of General Petroleum Rd
SD00008266SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman72192001-4-13 ImperialIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, Jacumba Natural Area, along road ascending to Valley of the Moon. (IPB 10/07)
SD00023920SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell12512017-2-20 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, foothills below Coyote Mountain, above Coyote Wash, 4.83 miles NE of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, and 1.58 miles NE of intersection of Borrego Valley Rd. and Henderson Canon Rd.
SD00025530SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell13252017-4-3 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Glorietta Canon at the foothills below Pinyon Ridge, 5.79 air miles S of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, and 2.75 air miles S of intersection of County Hwy. S-3 (Borrego Springs Rd) and Glorietta Canon Primitive Rd.
SD00048611SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRuth R. Ehly402009-3-15 San DiegoBorrego Springs, 2 miles NNW of Christmas Circle, SE of intersection of Yaqui Road and Pointing Rock Drive
SD00048612SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPaul Larson82008-5-10 San DiegoRanchita, 3/4 mi E of boundary Anza-Borrego Desert State Park immediately north of County Hwy. S-22, 1/2 mi E of intersection with Rancho Chiminey Rock Road.
SD00048613SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMelvin M. Sweet2592006-2-9 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Sheep Canon, S of Coyote Canon, near Sheep Canon Primitive Camp (9.5 W of Borrego Springs).
SD00048614SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJeannie Gregory12922005-3-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park; 8 miles W of Ocotillo at base of Jacumba Mtns; Mortero Canon Rd; by the railroad tracks just SW of Dos Cabezas Mine.
SD00048615SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaUnknowns.n.1939-12-14 San DiegoMason Valley (mak 11/07)
SD00048616SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson9031997-3-24 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Approx. 12.5 miles SE of intersection of State Hwy 79 and County Hwy S-2. In road shoulder of Hwy S-2 near cattle guard.
SD00048617SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMargaret R. Mulligan14382006-5-4 San DiegoBetween Warner Springs and Ranchita on Vista Irrigation District land. South of S-2 (San Felipe Road), approx. 2 mi SE of its junction with SR-79.
SD00048618SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNancy Nenow1542005-3-20 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert, Canon W of highway S2 at the 44 mile marker, Lois Neyenesch Folly (private property) at south end of Canong the track from cabin to the water meter.
SD00048619SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMike D. Angel1402005-3-6 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park. Go 1 mile north of Agua Canon S2. On right/north side of road is marked trail called Bismaga Wash. Park, follow trail up wash.
SD00048620SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMike D. Angel522005-1-16 San DiegoBadlands. Started just North of mile marker 40 on S2. Headed east into badlands.
SD00048621SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJeannie Gregory12822005-3-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park; 8 miles W of Ocotillo at base of Jacumba Mtns; Mortero Canon Rd; by the railroad tracks just SW of Dos Cabezas Mine.
SD00048622SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson7541997-2-21 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley, approx 5.0 air miles NW of intersection of State Hwy 78 and County Hwy S-2 within the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Eastside of Hwy S-2.
SD00048623SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson8021997-4-01 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Approx. 11 miles SE of intersection of State Hwy 79 and County Hwy S-2. At end of eastern access road, in wash, NW of road.
SD00048624SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson8061997-3-26 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Approx. 12.5 miles SE of intersection of State Hwy 79 and County Hwy S-2, ca. 200 ft. East of Hwy S-2 at the cattle guard in wash.
SD00048625SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson8321997-4-19 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Dept. of Fish & Game. Approx. 11 miles SE of intersection of State Hwy 79 and County Hwy S-2. ca. 75 m east of S-2 at edge of old ranch road.
SD00048626SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson4202005-3-26 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. South end of San Felipe Valley (Earthquake Valley) just north of Blair Valley, 0.1 mile east of intersection of northern access road to Little Blair Valley and Hwy S-2.
SD00048627SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuffie Clemons22881990-3-21 San Diegoin open areas above stream in Oriflamme Canon (mak 2/06)
SD00048628SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuffie Clemons19571988-2-21 San DiegoJacumba Mountains, Anza-Borrego Desert
SD00048629SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMelvin M. Sweet332005-1-21 San DiegoLower end of Coyote Canon on sandy flat along trail about 3/4 mile N of Witaker Horse Camp
SD00048630SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaChar Glacy382005-2-27 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park - On road between S2 and Palm Springs. About 50 yards in from the North of S2.
SD00048631SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAstrid Webb12004-3-31 San DiegoEarthquake Valley, E. of Overland Stage Route, N. of Foot & Walker Pass, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
SD00048632SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJoe Barth3152005-2-20 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: Carrizo Valley at Bow Willow Creek and adjacent north facing bank; 2.5 miles (by road) east of Hwy S2.
SD00048633SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman113282005-3-19 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: west of Ocotillo; eastern base of Jacumba Mountains; vicinity of Mortero Palms northwest of Dos Cabezas Spring, in a sandy wash
SD00048634SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNancy Nenow582004-2-6 San DiegoLois Neyenesch's Folly, SE section of Canon off highway S2, on fence line of Anza Borrego State Park
SD00048635SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDeborah Sperberg162004-4-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, Earthquake Valley, east of Over Land Stage Route, north of Foot and Walker Pass.
SD00048636SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell1642009-3-12 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Hellhole Canon; at mile marker #17 of Hwy S-22, 1.0 mi up Hellhole Canon trail, about 3.0 WSW of Christmas Circle.
SD00048637SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson56942012-3-25 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Blair Valley, County Road S-2 road shoulder, 0.4 mile SSW of intersection of S-2 W access road to Blair Valley primitive camping area.
SD00048638SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaCharles Wolfinger2052016-4-3 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; 1 mile southbound on the Pacific Crest Trail from Chihuahua Valley Road (11 miles from State 79 South); 7 air miles NNE of Warner Springs
SD00048639SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMac McNair432013-3-20 San DiegoBorrego Springs; N side Tilting T Road (S-3), road shoulder opposite 611 Tilting T; near junction with Wagon Road
SD00048640SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell10012015-2-10 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Glorietta Canon; 5.03 air miles S of Borrego Springs and 2.34 air miles SW of intersection of Borrego Springs Road and Glorietta Canon (primitive) Road.
SD00048641SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell10142015-2-14 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; foothills of Coyote Mountain in Coyote Canon; 5.83 air miles N of Borrego Springs and 1.12 air miles NE of end of pavement on DiGiorgio Road.
SD00048642SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell8592014-3-7 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Cottonwood Spring, 6.25 air miles SW of Borrego Springs and .75 air mile W of intersection of Old Culp Valley Road and County Hwy. S-22.
SD00048643SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDarley F. Howe8101939-5-09 San DiegoMontezuma Valley
SD00048644SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDarley F. Howe8111939-5-23 San DiegoKitchen Creek, Laguna Mountains
SD00048645SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJoe Barth14302011-4-15 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. East base of Jacumba Mts, SW of the Volcanic Hills. NW of Piedras Grandes Mt. By RR trax and adjacent slopes and flats. 3 miles due W of Imperial County line. 4.7 miles due S of Hiway S2, 8.2 miles due N of Interstate 8.
SD00048646SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaKim Marsden1792003-2-5 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, about 1.5 mile along road to Oriflamme Canon off S-2, at the northernmost end of Mason Valley in Vallecito Wash
SD00048647SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson38402009-5-1 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley. Cigarette Hills. San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, California Department of Fish & Game property. 2.3 miles WSW of Scissors Crossing (SW intersection of State hwy. 78 and County Road S-2), and 0.3 mile N of hwy. 78.
SD00048648SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuffie Clemons22861990-3-21 San DiegoEarthquake Valley quad, at mouth of Oriflamme Canon
SD00048649SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSuzanne Bell2441997-3-25 San DiegoEast side of San Felipe Wildlife Area
SD00048650SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman90242003-5-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
SD00048651SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman78242002-4-6 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: San Felipe Valley; northwest corner of Sentenac Cienega/Canon acquisition area, along S-2 approx. 1 mile north of Scissors Crossing at junction with Hwy. 78
SD00048652SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSuzanne Bell3221998-4-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Little Blair Valley
SD00048653SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdith A. Purer49831933-3-25 San DiegoBorego Canon (mak 12/06)
SD00048654SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMelvin M. Sweet672005-2-26 San DiegoCoyote Canon, Anza-Borrego State Park, below the 2rd crossing
SD00048655SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaR. Mitchel Beauchamp20461971-3-27 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, N end of Yucca Valley
SD00048656SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDennis E. Breedlove122871962-3-11 San DiegoPalm Canon Campground, Borrego Desert State Park
SD00048657SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander134-101935-3-06 San Diegoalong Coyote Creek, about 3 miles southeast of Lone Palm, north end of Borrego Valley
SD00048658SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPercy Allens.n.1931-4-11 San DiegoMason Valley near Julian
SD00048659SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander173-41935-4-17 San Diego2 miles east of Banner
SD00048660SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMelvin M. Sweet5652008-3-23 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Coyote Canon; along the Octotillo Flats trail which starts above the First Crossing and ends above the Second Crossing; about 7.5 miles NW of the Christmas Circle in the town of Borrego Springs.
SD00048661SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson36052009-3-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rockhouse Canon, a major tributary of Carrizo Wash in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. 2.7 miles S of intersection of County Road S-2 and Carrizo Wash jeep trail.
SD00048662SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMelvin M. Sweet5942008-4-5 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 4 mi E of Ranchita, S of Culp Valley Rd., 1/3 mile SW of Montezuma Valley Road (S22), 6 miles SW of town of Borrego Springs
SD00048663SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander53141938-4-15 San Diegowest end of Sentenac Canon
SD00048664SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander71131939-4-01 San Diegoabout 2 miles southwest of Carrizo Station
SD00048665SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander174-161935-4-17 San Diegonear junction of Kane Springs Road & Mason Valley Road
SD00048666SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRalph W. Sumners.n.1979-5-6 San DiegoMountain Springs, west side Colorado Desert
SD00048667SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdith A. Purer49391933-3-25 San DiegoBorrego Valley, west side of Colorado Desert
SD00048668SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRalph W. Sumners.n.1920-6-01 San DiegoBanner Grade, west side Colorado Desert
SD00048669SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdith A. Purer62961935-4-19 San Diegojunction of Mason Valley and Kane Springs Road
SD00048670SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDarley F. Howe4581937-4-10 San DiegoSentenac Canon (mak 11/07)
SD00048671SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdith A. Purer63971935-4-19 San Diegoeast of Banner Grade, western edge of Colorado desert
SD00048672SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPeter H. Raven169041962-3-03 San Diegoin Vallecito Valley just outside Anza Borrego State Park boundary
SD00048673SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaR. Mitchel Beauchamp19821971-3-26 San DiegoButler Canon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
SD00048674SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJames Henrickson86471973-3-18 San Diego10 miles northwest of Borrego Springs at trail end near Salvidore Canon
SD00048676SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJoni Ward552008-3-12 San DiegoIN-KO-PAH County Park, 5 mi ENE of Jacumba, W of Interstate 8, 0.13 mile W of Imperial County line heading west from road about 100 yards into sandy, dry wash
SD00048677SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRoyce Riggan602005-3-12 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Bow Willow Wash at S-2 crossing, south side of highway, NE of Egg Mtn
SD00048678SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman211152011-4-12 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: vicinity of Whale Peak; along Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, east of The Squeeze and north of the highest point of Whale Peak
SD00048679SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaKim Marsden4742008-4-26 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Ranchita, Wilson Trail on Pinyon Ridge, 1 mi SE Wilson Rd and Montezuma Valley Rd (S-22), trailhead is 2« miles from S-22 on Old Culp Valley Road
SD00048680SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson19692007-3-29 San DiegoGranite Mountain Wilderness Area, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rodriguez Canon, on south-west slope of Granite Mountain, 1.8 air miles SSW of summit, and 0.2 air mile NE of Chariot Mountain peak, on north side of main wash and road.
SD00048681SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson27192008-3-13 San DiegoGrapevine Canon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 2.0 miles NNE of Grapevine Mountain summit, 1.9 miles NW of intersection of State hwy. 78 and Grapevine Canon Road, north of Bitter Creek Canon.
SD00048682SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLarry Hendrickson26352008-3-4 San DiegoBorrego Valley at base of San Ysidro Mountains, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 2.3 miles NE of Borrego Springs (Christmas Circle) and 1.8 miles SE of Indianhead summit.
SD00048683SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman176312009-5-13 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park: vicinity of Whale Peak; just north of Pinyon Mountain Valley Road and northwest of the highest point of Whale Peak
SD00048684SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaL. Louise Jee142006-5-27 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, highway S-2, just west of Campbell grade hairpin turn, north side of S-2, on old ranch road in field.
SD00048685SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDarley F. Howe6051938-4-15 San DiegoBorrego Valley
SD00048686SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaR. Mitchel Beauchamp21901971-4-17 San DiegoEarthquake Valley
SD00048687SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander90921941-4-29 San DiegoMontezuma View Point
SD00048688SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander182-91935-4-24 San DiegoBoulevarde
SD00048689SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaunknowns.n.1948-3-21 San DiegoMason Valley
SD00048690SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank F. Gander80721940-4-04 San Diegoextreme southeast corner of San Diego Co.
SD00048691SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders217931998-5-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Baldy Mesa, Lugo-Vincent Poweline (S Canon), c. 1 mile W of I-15 and north of Canon Summit (Canon 7.5'Q)
SD00048692SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSarah De Groot71242014-5-20 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains: Pipes Wash, off Pipes Canon Road, northwest of Yucca Valley.
SD00048697SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaBarbara Ertter60121986-4-20 KernScodie Mountains E of Isabelle Lake, ca 4 airmiles NW of Walker Pass, canyon on N side Pinyon Peak; dry rocky S-facing slope above camp-site at end of dirt road, with mixed shrubs.
SD00048708SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman71262001-3-14 ImperialJacumba Natural Area, In-ko-pah Mountains.
SD00048709SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman72312001-4-13 ImperialIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, Jacumba Natural Area, at top of grade along road to Valley of the Moon, just E of the microwave towers.
SD00052875SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdith A. Purer64841935-4-21 RiversideSandy area near Palm Springs.
SD00052876SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaD.F. Howe15621947-5-06 Los AngelesNorth face of San Gabriel Mountains.
SD00052925SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRobert F. Thorne429991973-4-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Mojave Desert Slope: 1 mile north of Bob's Gap, 3.2 miles south of Llano, north slope of Holcomb Ridge.
SD00053859SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMary Jo Churchwell14362019-3-5 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Lower Coyote Wash, below Coyote Mountain, 5.42 air miles N of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, and 1.22 air miles NE of pavement end on DiGiorgio Rd., where Coyote Canon Primite Road begins.
SD118142SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuffie Clemons10151985-4-11 San DiegoBase of Hill 3055 (BM Shake) on south-facing slope
SD46059SDCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaE.G. Linsleys.n.1956-5-15 Los AngelesOne mile west of Little Rock.
SDSU03387SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2161958-4-01 San DiegoThree miles from Banner on road to Borrego Valley.
SDSU03388SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2191958-4-01 San DiegoOn Hwy 78, 2.2 miles west of junction at Yaqui Well.
SDSU03389SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2211958-4-01 San Diego2.5 miles inside Borrego State Park on road from Scissors Crossing.
SDSU03390SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2221958-4-01 Los AngelesAt northwest end of Vallecito Valley, about 13.4 miles south of Hwy 78.
SDSU03391SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2301958-4-04 RiversideNear Whitewater. About 0.4 mile up Whitewater Canon from Hwy 60-70-99.
SDSU03394SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2351958-4-11 Los AngelesOn power line road about 1 mile north of Pearblossom Road and 0.8 mile east of Llano Road.
SDSU03395SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.2501958-4-11 Los AngelesAt Epling's Linanthus locality, north of Pearblossom.
SDSU03396SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.3951958-4-01 San DiegoIn Borrego Valley, about 2.4 miles north from Ray Anderson Chevron Station.
SDSU03397SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaWedberg, H.58041957-3-23 RiversideBottom of grade on Palms [to Pines Rd.]
SDSU03398SDSUCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRaven, Peter H.119611958-3-23 Los Angeles4.3 miles south of Pearblossom, San Gabriel Mts.
UC107681UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaT. S. Brandegee1894-4-27 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek
UC1122146UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaD. Axelrod2731935-4-27 San Bernardino3 1/2 mi n Lake Arrowhead; San Bernardino National Forest, Deep Creek Quadrangle
UC1122271UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA. D. Gifford6371935-4-26 Kern7 mi n Manzana; Tejon Quadrangle
UC1122272UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. S. Yates64011937-3-23 Riverside2 mi n Palm Springs; San Jacinto Quadrangle
UC1122273UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. S. Yates54291936-4-07 Riversidenear Whitewater; San Jacinto Quadrangle
UC1122274UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA. D. Gifford6441935-5-03 Kern10 mi n Manzana; Tejon Quadrangle
UC1186517UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaE. G. Linsley, J. W. MacSwain60-11960-3-01 RiversideTamarisk Avenue Palm Springs
UC1186567UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaE. G. Linsley, J. W. MacSwain59-691959-4-05 Los AngelesLittle Rock
UC128955UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler73001906-6-03 Inyomesas w Independence
UC1329994UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJames E. Cole9141941-6-15 San BernardinoBlack Spring Wash Joshua Tree National Monument
UC1549454UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaBarbara Ertter, James Shevock, Teresa Sholars70181987-5-26 KernPacific Crest Trail between Lamont Meadows and Owens Peak (w side of Spanish Needle, ca 20 mi wnw of Ridgecrest)
UC1602313UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaP. A. Munz, R. D. Harwood34421920-3-30 San Bernardinonear Bonanza; Providence Mts.
UC172909UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaE. E. Schellenger1911-4-25 RiversidePoint of Rocks Colorado Desert, Whitewater Wash
UC1787746UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJon P. Rebman, D. Silverman, B. Lauri, O. Solis72312001-4-13 ImperialIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, Jacumba Natural Area, at top of grade along road to Valley of the Moon, just E of the microwave towers.
UC1871238UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaT. S. Ross, S. D. Boyd, L. Arnseth49481991-4-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region; Soledad Canon Wash: about half mile E of Acton; T5N R1 W1/2 SE1/4 SE1/4 section 36; elevation 2720 feet.
UC1922539UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMichael Honer, L. Hulse20282005-3-7 RiversideColorado Desert; Little San Bernardino Mountains region: Blind Canon; appx. 1/2 N of Desert Hot Springs.
UC1927448UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNaomi Fraga, Genie Fraga5382003-4-12 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Short Canon, near dry fall.
UC1949044UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock60491986-4-22 Tulareca 1 N of Kern Co. line in Kern River Canon N of Kernville; E side of road
UC1951263UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaRobert F. Thorne630491995-4-25 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: East of hwy. I-15 and Canon pass, via hwy. 138, Elliott's Ranch area.
UC2028830UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNeal Kramer20892013-4-14 KernOld Haul Road Tejon Ranch.
UC2045010UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNick Jensen, J. Mark Porter12412014-4-23 KernTejon Ranch. Both sides of Contour Road about 1 road km west of Sacatara Canon.
UC20645UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. Burtt Davy20231896-4-26 KernSan Emigdio Canon Head of the San Joaquin Valley
UC20646UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. Burtt Davy20231896-4-26 KernSan Emigdio Canon Head of the San Joaquin Valley
UC20647UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. Burtt Davy25061896-5-09 Los AngelesManzana Antelope Valley
UC20648UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJ. Burtt Davy23751896-4-26 KernFort Tejon San Joaquin Valley
UC219221UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston52231922-5-06 RiversideSmith Water Canon Little San Bernardino Mts.
UC279689UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdmund C. Jaeger1925-12-19 Riversidenear Palm Springs; Eagle Canon
UC310533UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz96381925-5-15 San Diego4 mi se Buckmans Springs
UC311254UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz100131926-4-04 Los Angelestwo mi n Saugus
UC354442UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaEdmund C. Jaeger1925-12-18 RiversidePalm Springs
UC398682UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaL. R. Abrams1926-3-27 Riversidenear the type station Canon
UC404774UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMrs. H. P. Bracelin51930-4-10 San Diego5 mi e Laguna Sta.
UC494678UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz120031932-3-14 Riversideedge of wash Coachella Valley, Deep Canon
UC495149UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock120881932-4-03 San DiegoVallecito Valley
UC520253UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaC. Epling, Wm. Robison1932-4-05 San Diegonear Borrego; Hell Hole Canon
UC55928UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. M. Hall27911902-4-11 San DiegoCoyote Canon western border of the Colorado Desert
UC56473UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. M. Hall30521902-4-01 Los AngelesAntelope Valley
UC572272UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaD. Axelrod2731935-4-27 San Bernardino3 1/2 mi n Lake Arrowhead; Deep Creek Quadrangle
UC597615UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz149381937-3-15 Riverside3 mi n highway to Banning; Whitewater Creek
UC597634UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaPhilip A. Munz151071937-5-30 RiversideDos Palmos Spring north end Santa Rosa Mts.
UC635401UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. L. Mason42341928-3-10 Riversidenear Indio
UC635402UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. L. Mason42441928-3-11 Riversidenear Indio
UC668352UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg20591941-4-22 Riversidetop of Morongo Pass Mohave Desert, Morongo Valley Gorge
UC696112UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg10321940-4-12 KernWalker Pass Rd e summit; Sierra Nevada
UC697280UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg27681942-5-05 Inyo2.5 mi e Coso Hot Springs (wash in lava canyon); Coso Range
UC708741UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaH. K. Wagnon3781944-4-02 Riversidealong fence w cold storage plant; Palm Springs, Torney General Hospital
UC874016UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLewis S. Rose370921937-4-09 RiversideCanon
UC874052UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaP. A. Munz, D. Keck49761922-4-14 Riversidee Whitewater Ranch; Colorado Desert
UC874079UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaL. Haines, L. Erickson1937-4-11 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
UC917866UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaFrank W. Gould22681944-4-06 San Diego11 mi e Banner
UC922684UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg9261940-3-23 San Bernardinonine mi w Twenty Nine Palms; Mohave Desert
UC922783UCJEPSCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg8841940-3-21 Riversideat end of road Mohave Desert, Barker Dam (20 mi s of Twenty Nine Palms)
UCR0074242UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMitch Provance105752009-4-22 KernAbout 7 miles N of Hwy. 138 Neenach, at the mouth of Canon del Gato Montes and E of 270th St.
UCR0074243UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaMitch Provance110382009-6-23 KernTejon Ranch, c. 4 miles NNW of Neenach, 0.25 miles north of the corner of 270th St. West and Holiday Ave.
UCR0074244UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders380162010-4-26 Kernmouth of Canon de la Lecheria, north of the end of 290th St. West
UCR0074246UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaNaomi Fraga4992003-4-8 KernOwens Peak Eastern Watershed. Lower sand dunes just north of Short Canon, near road leading to old mining prospect
UCR0074247UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaAnuja Parikh32032010-5-21 Kernnear western edge of the Mojave Desert, 4.8 mi west of Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 0.3 km southeast of Los Angels Aqueduct, just north of General Petroleum Road
UCR0074249UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaCheryl Sevilla0152015-2-18 RiversideSan Gorgonio Wilderness Area, the plain to the east of Mission Creek, 0.4 miles northwest of the Stone House
UCR0074312UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre313562015-3-2 Riversidealong Kolbe Road, northwest end of Coachella Valley at foot of Little San Bernardino Mountains, 0.2 mi west of intersection between Hwy 62 and Indian Avenue, road to Desert Hot Springs, 2.3 mi south of San Bernardino Co. line
UCR0074313UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders161371995-3-15 Riversidemouth of San Gorgonio Pass, along Whitewater River wash between Windy Point and Hwy I-10, Coachella Valley
UCR0074314UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders165781995-4-20 RiversideCoachella Valley, near Fan Hill, NE of Dillon Road on an abandoned road, below Little San Bernardino Mtns. NE of 1000 Palms
UCR0074317UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders161601995-3-19 RiversideCoachella Valley; alluvial fan of Chino Canon along the Palm Springs tram road, north of the road, 14 telephone poles above Hwy 111/Palm Canon Dr.
UCR0074318UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders162321995-3-22 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass: on and near a rocky spur at the N foot of the mountains, SW of Verbenia Ave, west of Snow Creek, east of Canon
UCR0074320UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders162061995-3-22 Riversidemouth of San Gorgonio Pass, alluvial fan just east of the mouth of Whitewater Canon between Windy Point & Hwy I-10, Coachella Valley
UCR0074322UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders163631995-4-05 RiversideCoachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62
UCR0074323UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders163901995-4-05 RiversideCoachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62
UCR0074324UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders162891995-3-29 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass; alluvial fan at the mouth of Snow Creek, between Hwy 111 and Snow Creek Village
UCR0074325UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders162821995-3-29 RiversideSan Gorgonio Pass; alluvial fan at the mouth of Snow Creek, between Hwy 111 and Snow Creek Village
UCR0074326UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell79492015-4-2 San Bernardinoeast side of Black Lava Butte, to the northwest of Flat Top Mesa, at the southeastern end of the Bighorn Mountains
UCR0074364UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell67642014-4-30 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains, southeastern drainage of Granite Peaks, c. 1.25 air miles northwest of Viscera Spring
UCR0074365UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell69612014-5-15 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains, Tip Top Mountain, c. 0.7 air mile southwest of Viscera Spring
UCR0074366UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDuncan S. Bell77692015-3-10 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio Wilderness Area, Mission Creek just south of the San Bernardino/Riverside County border
UCR0074367UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre281692014-5-18 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains, along Skyline Ranch Rd (dirt), 0.8 mi. ESE of Pioneertown, in Sawtooth Mountains
UCR0074371UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders168871995-4-30 San BernardinoBurns Canon, 2.1 mi above Rimrock Rd, just below Burns Spring
UCR0074372UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre294562014-5-8 San Bernardinoalong Burns Canon Road, 9.9 miles northwest of Pioneertown, just south of Antelope Creek
UCR0074373UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders137181993-4-11 San BernardinoHwy 138 in the Canon Pass area, 3.2 miles east of I-15 at Canon Junction, 0.9 mile west of Summit, in upper Crowder Canon
UCR0074374UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders166721995-4-23 San Bernardinonorth foot of the mountains, southeast of Lucerne Valley, just below the mouth of Rattlesnake Canon
UCR0074375UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders170291995-5-21 San BernardinoGrapevine Canon Road, south of Apple Valley, 4.2 mi. above Santa Fe RR crossing, 0.6 mi. above microwave tower
UCR0074376UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders171791995-5-28 San BernardinoOrd Mtns area, old marble mine just south of powerlines crossing road, c. 2 miles due west of Bowen Ranch
UCR0074377UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders217931998-5-12 San BernardinoBaldy Mesa, Lugo-Vincent Powerline (S Canon), c. 1 mile west of I-15 and north of Canon Summit; Mojave Desert
UCR0074384UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJim Andre346592016-2-23 San Diegoalong Route S-2 in San Felipe Valley, San Felipe Hills, 6.3 mi northwest of Scissors Crossing, junction with Hwy 78
UCR0074385UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders161091995-3-14 San DiegoBorrego Valley; along the Borrego Salton Seaway (S-22), just south of its 90 ° bend to the south just west of Clark Lake area
UCR0074386UCRCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaA.C. Sanders161111995-3-14 San DiegoBorrego Valley, Borrego Springs, vacant field between the hardware store and mall on the south side of Palm Canon Drive
UCSB006657UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLloyd, Robert3491960-3-23 RiversideOne mile from U.S. HiWay 99 on road (St. 111) to Palm Springs, San Jacinto Mt. Range
UCSB006658UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJohn R. Haller10671957-4-13 Los AngelesPalmdale Ave, 0.7 miles E. of junc with Calif. 138, and ca. 9 miles E. of center of Palmdale
UCSB006659UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaJohn R. Haller10091957-3-23 RiversideMorongo Wash, ca, 4.5 road miles N. of US 99, & 3 air miles S. of Riverside-San Bernardino co line
UCSB006660UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHugh Dearing4794 RiversideColorado Desert near Cathedral City, east of Palm Springs
UCSB006661UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaHugh Dearing12011936-12-25 RiversideLong Canon near Los Angeles Aqueduct
UCSB006662UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaDennis E. Breedlove18611962-3-11 San DiegoPalm Canon Campground, Borrego Desert State Park
UCSB006663UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaKamb, Peter8641948-4-11 RiversideLower Sonoran Zone, Aqueduct Road 5 mi east of Garnet, Coachella Valley
UCSB006664UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaLong, Frances1939-12-31 RiversideIndio
UCSB006665UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaKoran, John761958-4-15 Riverside4.5 miles W. of HWY 111 on HWY 74, Just west of Palm Desert
UCSB006666UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSauls, Mary1191978-4-11 San DiegoSlope south of road, 5 miles east of junction Highway S2 and S22
UCSB006667UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaSauls, Mary1181978-4-15 San Diego1 mile west of junction of S22 and S2
UCSB006668UCSBCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaGunnerson, Robert1451953-3-22 RiversideDevil's Garden
VVC2932VVCCamissoniopsis pallida subsp. pallidaTim Thomas62882014-5-4 Los AngelesAntelope Valley 2.6 miles north of Neenach, just east of aqueduct just south of Ave A.

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