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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
DAV235225DAVCaltha leptosepala subsp. bifloraGary R. Smith201976-05-22 El DoradoHighway 50, 30 miles east of Placerville.
THRI-SEKI21873THRICaltha leptosepala subsp. bifloraDoyle, G.NPS-SIEN-W-326D1.102662008-08-05 UnknownNPS-SIEN-W-326D1, Upper Clover Creek
CAS-BOT183299CASCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraShevock, James R.98291982-07-01 TulareTule River Drainage, Slate Mountain Botanical Area. In a small canyon off of the Summit Trail 31E14, headwaters of Tule River
CDA0024202CDACaltha leptosepala var. bifloraP.B. Kennedy1920-08-10 El DoradoEldorado National Forest.
CDA0024203CDACaltha leptosepala var. bifloraT.C. Fuller200211974-09-24 SiskiyouReeves Ranch Springs, east of White Mountain. ,Siskiyou Mountains.
FSC0008961FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraRay Ratliff41-0121974-08-16 FresnoShort Hair Meadow, Huntington Lake Quadrangle in eastern Fresno County, NW1-4 W1-4 Section 14, T. 10 S., R. 27 E. Elevation 8,715 feet; slope 2%; aspect N. 88 W.
FSC0008962FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraH. L. Buckalew1952-07-08 TulareCollected on Eagle Lake Trail in a grassy very wet flat, along banks of creek from Eagle Lake. Elevation 9800 feet. Nearly plants Dodecatheon jeffreyi, Viola blanda, Ribes montigenum.
FSC0008963FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraW. Armstrong41963-06-19 NevadaCollected 1-4 mile south of Sage Hen Field Station, very wet area but it in the bog, soil nearly saturated. In down wood in deep shade of Pinus Murrayana. Associate species: Ranunclus, Equisetu, grasses, Pinus Murrayana.
FSC0008964FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraChas. H. Quibell1951-06-29 FresnoHiway 168 across Kaiser Pass - beyond Kaiser Pass meadow - last small tree grown mead. on rt. before steep S. curve leading down to open granite area with junipers. Meadow floristically rich but this data alittle early for most things. Veratrum dug for medicinal research. Celtha past flowering and fewer fruiting stalks than would be expected, lots on s. edge meadow. Was flowering sun under sheet of running snow water in K. Pass Meadow at end of May.
FSC0008965FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraGlen Dorfmeier1940-07-11 FresnoHome Cuels Road Located in a Marshy place under some pine trees
FSC0008966FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraMr. Graves811930-07-12 FresnoOn trip totwin lake Altitude 8 or 9000 feet.
FSC0008967FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraA. L. Grant FresnoHuntington Lake Grows in marshes
FSC0008968FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraJohn Weiler591211959-06-15 NevadaGrowing in bog at Sage Hen Creek research station (Univ. of Calif.) 14 miles north of Truckee, California. Associates: Dodecatheon Jeffreyi, Penstemon confertus, Pedicularis groenlandica.
FSC0008970FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraChas. H Quibell23901953-06-27 FresnoJust n. of Kaiser Pass at edge of Kaiser Pass Mead. around shady campsite under lodgepoles, below and across extension of 168 from Edison Co. Snow Survey cabin. Open sunny Lodgepole For. up slope around cabin - Lodgepoles fringe mead., occasional Salix; mead. green but not much flg. yet; campsite drier - Carices, Renunculus alismaefolius flg. in it; Viola MacCloskeyi, Caltha flg. in places. Caltha occasional around campsite, an aspect of it in small upper mead. in the curve of rd.
FSC0008971FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraJohn Whitson161959-06-30 FresnoKaiser Pass Meadow. 9, 200 feet elevation. Wet meadow. Lodgepole Forest Community. In shade; near stream in meadow. Occasional.
FSC0008972FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraE. Robinsonb3241936-07-11 Fresno8600 boggy spot on s. shore of Upper Twin Lake, n. side of Kaiser Ridge, 1 m. w. of potter pass, n. e. of Huntington Lake.
FSC0008973FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraChas. H Quibell23451953-06-21 FresnoMead. on lft. fk. Rancheria Crk. tributary n.e. of Badger Flats- follow 1-4 m. up crk. from point where extension of 168 crosses it at upper end Badger Flats - small mead. on s. side of crk. before it forks. Caltha flg. here but not in mead. just above at fks., flg. at Kaiser Pass mead., etc.
FSC0008974FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraNorma Mastin59-541959-07-07 FresnoKaiser Pass Meadow; 1-8 mile below Edison cabin. Very moist, boggy area bordering stream Full sun. El. 9100 ft. Subalpine meadow community.
FSC0008975FSCCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraRimo Bacigalupi74531958-08-16 FresnoSouth Lake at 9300′ (500′ cirque cliff to s.) in Dinkey Crk. headwaters (ne. quarter of Huntington L. quad.), 1-2 m. n. of 10,400′ Three Sisters ridge & 1 1-2 m. w. of 10,411 Dogtooth Pk. whole area glaciated, many lakes, mostly granite. Lodgepole For with Pinus monticola ( on cliff crests) and Tsuga mertensiana (in ravines and at cliff bases facing north) & P. albicaulis on upper ridges. Arctostaphylos nevadensis & Castanopsis slopes to e. Caltha in outlet crk of South L. Seen elsewhere in general area but not abundant.
JEPS117414UCJEPSCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraLowell Ahart172662010-09-28 ButteOn the south edge of a 10 acre meadow, about 100 yards east of Big Kimshew Creek, about 1 1-2 miles (air) northeast of Jones Meadow, about 2 1-2 miles (air) southeast of Philbrook Reservoir
RSA0187423RSACaltha leptosepala var. bifloraW. Harnach4261990-06-30 SierraSierra Valley. Yuba Pass.
THRI-SEKI6556THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraRockwell, Jack A.69-06171969-08-10 UnknownRattlesnake Cr
THRI-SEKI6557THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraRockwell, Jack A.68-4461968-07-02 UnknownKennedy Cyn
THRI-SEKI6558THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraStocking, S.K.62-511962-06-26 UnknownMdw On Alta Tr
THRI-SEKI6559THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraStocking, S.K.62-501962-06-26 UnknownMdw On Alta Tr
THRI-SEKI6560THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraBuchanan, Hayle6111963-07-07 UnknownNear Astor Lk
THRI-SEKI748THRICaltha leptosepala var. bifloraPusateri, Samuel J.J373-11934-06-30 UnknownTwin Lake Tr
UCR0035331UCRCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraGeorge K. Helmkamp107492006-06-19 El Dorado8 miles east of Ice House Road on the road to Wrights Lake
UCR0035332UCRCaltha leptosepala var. bifloraWalter Wisura50651997-06-19 Fresnoeast side of Kaiser Pass, near summit. Kaiser Pass Meadow

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