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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
RSA32844RSACalochortus coeruleusA. A. Heller151751938-6-17 NevadaWest of Bear Valley on State Highway #20
POM253059RSACalochortus coeruleusA. A. Heller15175a1938-6-17 NevadaWest of Emigrant Gap on Hwy 20.
UC175308UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusA. A. Heller108121913-6-07 Buttenear Stirling
UC725583UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusA. A. Heller15175a1938-6-17 Nevadaseveral mi w Emigrant Gap (along Highway 20)
UC843637UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusA. A. Heller15175a1938-6-17 Nevadaw of Emigrant Gap (on Highway 20)
RSA68949RSACalochortus coeruleusA. E. Culbertson91943-6-19 SiskiyouCastle Lake, in a north facing cirque with an abrupt 1000 backwall; 14 mi SW of Mt. Shasta on N side of a 6600 eastern spur of Trinity Mtns., 2000 above Sacramento R. within 10 air miles of its headwaters to the west.
FSC0004510FSCCalochortus coeruleusA. E. Culbertson91943-6-19 SiskiyouCastle Lake, 5434, in a north facing cirque with an abrupt 1000' backwall; 14 miles s.w. of Mt. Shasta on n. side of a 6600' eastern spur of Trinity Mts.; 2000' above Sacramento R. within 10 air miles of it headwaters to the west.
CAS-BOT487815CASCalochortus coeruleusAhart, Lowells.n.1973-5-28 ButteSouth and East of La Porte
CAS-BOT487816CASCalochortus coeruleusAhart, Lowells.n.1970-5-19 ButteAlong Doon Grade, near Paradise
POM147067RSACalochortus coeruleusAlice Eastwood144561927-6-11 PlumasForest Lodge, near Greenville.
CAS-BOT487811CASCalochortus coeruleusAlmeda, F.; Eisenhardt, R.74231995-5-29 ShastaWillow Creek Ranch about 6.8 miles south of the intersection of Calif. State Rd. #89 and Squaw Valley Rd. in McCloud
UC922507UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58231949-7-21 Siskiyounear Paradise Lake; Marble Mountains
NCC18412NCCCalochortus coeruleusBaker, Milo S.99851941-6-29 GlennForest camp, 3/4 mi SW of Plaskett Meadows ranger station
NCC18411NCCCalochortus coeruleusBaker, Milo S.2105b1927-5-01 LakeCobb Mtn, SE slope near Whispering Pines
NCC18413NCCCalochortus coeruleusBaker, Milo S. & H. K. Wagnon127681953-6-21 Tehamalogging road W of Paskenta, above 15-mile post
SBBG162594SBBGCalochortus coeruleusBarbara Ertter101111991-6-15 NevadaA couple of mi SW of Graniteville
CHSC120484CHSCCalochortus coeruleusBarbara Ertter101111991-6-15 NevadaA couple of miles SW of Graniteville, openings in mixed conifer forest. T1 N R11E S
UC2043060UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock101111991-6-15 NevadaA couple of miles SW of Graniteville.
RSA0148356RSACalochortus coeruleusBarbara J. Ertter101111991-6-15 NevadaA couple of miles SW of Graniteville.
PUA41534PUACalochortus coeruleus var. fimbriatusBarbara L. Williams1979-5-31 TrinityLocal landmark: Mud Springs. Dubakella Mt Quad.
NCC18416NCCCalochortus coeruleusBarbe, Douglas1151955-7-06 SiskiyouNE shore Taylor Lake, Salmon Mtns
CAS-BOT487810CASCalochortus coeruleusBartholomew, B.; Gilbert, M.; Skog, L.64181993-5-9 Shasta5.6 km SW of round Mountain on STate Hwy 299 on steep N facing slope along Cedar Creek
RSA91943RSACalochortus coeruleusBeecher Crampton11781953-4-30 ShastaRidge above Duncan Creek, 9 W of ONO.
AHUC102890DAVCalochortus coeruleusBeecher Crampton11931953-5-01 ShastaShasta County: 1 mile west of Ingot, at Oregon Oaks Irrigation Plot.
AHUC102892DAVCalochortus coeruleusBeecher Crampton11781953-4-30 ShastaShasta County: 9 miles west of Ono.
AHUC102891DAVCalochortus coeruleusBeecher Crampton91801975-5-02 ShastaShasta County: Shasta Lake; south base of Horse Mountain.
HSC75741HSCCalochortus coeruleusBill Copeland2781980-7-01 TrinityNear Fern Campground
PUA39937PUACalochortus coeruleus var. fimbriatusBill Copeland1980-7-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Fern Campground. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA39955PUACalochortus coeruleus var. fimbriatusBill Copeland1980-6-28 TrinityLocal landmark: Pickett Peak. Pickett Peak Quad.
CAS-BOT487828CASCalochortus coeruleusBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1923-4-29 LakeSiegler Springs
NCC18410NCCCalochortus coeruleusBlankinship, J. W.1893-6-03 LakeMt Hannah (Pine Ridge)
HSC43525HSCCalochortus coeruleusBrad Klipfel7041976-7-01 Del NorteBelow Chimney Rock
HSC48760HSCCalochortus coeruleusBrad Klipfel741973-6-00 HumboldtAlong ridge trail SE of N Trinity Mtn.
CAS-BOT487806CASCalochortus coeruleusBrandegee, T. S.s.n.1892-7-2 LassenSusanville, Calif
CAS-BOT487796CASCalochortus coeruleusBreedlove, D. E.36381962-6-14 AmadorAlong State Highway 88, 23 miles east of Pine Grove; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT487797CASCalochortus coeruleusBreedlove, D. E.36381962-6-14 AmadorAlong State Highway 88, 23 miles east of Pine Grove; Sierra Nevada
SDSU22362SDSUCalochortus coeruleusCain, Ian19312018-6-6 PlacerIn the vicinity of Wallace Peak approximately 3.5 km west of Hell Hole Reservoir along a transmission line.
CAS-BOT487831CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Ella Dales22031938-5-8 LakeS. of Lakeport
CAS-BOT487860CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Ella Dales39671939-6-8 TrinitySouth Fork Mount Blake Lookout Road, 6 1/2 miles from Junction Alton, Redbluff Highway
CAS-BOT487804CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Mrs. H. C.39471939-6-5 HumboldtDinsmore Meadow
CAS-BOT487830CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Mrs. H. C.39501940-4-20 MendocinoBooneville rd s.w. of Ukiah
CAS-BOT487767CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Mrs. H. C.39621939-5-20 Plumas5 1/2 miles west of Quincy near Rock Creek
CAS-BOT487859CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1939-6-8 TrinitySouth Fork Mount Blake Lookout Road, about 6 1/2 miles from Junction Alton, Redbluff Highway
CAS-BOT487861CASCalochortus coeruleusCantelow, Mrs. H. C.13351936-5-20 TrinityBetween Trinity Center and Scott Ranch
CAS-BOT487827CASCalochortus coeruleusChan, Arthur0371981-5-2 LakeMendocino Nat'l Forest along the Elk Mt. Rd of a conifer forest, 8.2 mi. north of Nice
DAV391059DAVCalochortus coeruleusCharles Goldmans.n.1959 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Canon a general measurement provided by Goldman for entire project; coordinates added by label maker]
DAV391060DAVCalochortus coeruleusCharlotte Glenn1241967 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake.
RSA369079RSACalochortus coeruleusChristopher Davidson21771973-5-28 ShastaOn dirt logging road off St Hwy 299, ca. 1 mi E of Buckhorn Summit.
RSA369081RSACalochortus coeruleusChristopher Davidson26791975-6-05 Siskiyou6 miles ESE of Canon Hwy 3 (= 4 miles SE of Scott River Bridge).
DAV351268DAVCalochortus coeruleusCollector unknown14601970 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Canon a general measurement provided by Dr. Charles Goldman for entire project; coordinates added by label maker]
CAS-BOT487851CASCalochortus coeruleusCooke, W. B.; Cooke, V. G.175251946-6-17 SiskiyouAlong road below Wagon Camp, Mt. Shasta
HSC65908HSCCalochortus coeruleusD. Boyd651980-5-03 ShastaHarrison Gulch along Hwy. 36 at rd. to Deer Lick Springs
UC672150UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusD. Tebbe1251930-4-05 Solanonear Dixon
HSC39701HSCCalochortus coeruleusD.E. Anderson11711971-6-22 Glenn10 mi. S of junction of F.H. 7 and 2 N02, 10 mi. S of Mendocino Pass, Mendocino National Forest
HSC26554HSCCalochortus coeruleusD.H. Norris195261971-6-23 SiskiyouSnowman's Hill Summit 3 W of McCloud on Hwy. 89
SD6514SDCalochortus coeruleusDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-7-01 ButteSutton House.
SD112779SDCalochortus coeruleusDarley F. Howe42801966-6-11 ?  Mendocino5 miles south of Government Flat, on ridge between Mendocino and Tehama Counties.
CHSC110849CHSCCalochortus coeruleusDavid Isle20321990-5-15 MendocinoUpper Main Eel River Watershed. 0.9 mi S of Millsap Cabin/Spruce Grove 1N02 N67 Jct; S of 1N02. T20N R1 W S27 NE1/4 top center USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mtn 1:24,000
CHSC106410CHSCCalochortus coeruleusDavid Isle18601993-6-30 MendocinoMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges, Upper Main Elk River watershed. 1 Mi. S of Millsap Canon N side 1N02. Dubakella soil in 1993 Ecological Unit Inventory Plot 12. T2 N R1 W S22 SE1/4 of SE 1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mtn.
OBI151257OBICalochortus coeruleusDavid J. Keil173091983-7-02 HumboldtCa. 4 mi SE of SR 299 along Titlow Hill Rd below Horse Mtn Summit Rd
DAV391063DAVCalochortus coeruleusDean Dubbe14--11974-5-18 PlumasPlumas County: Butterfly Valley region. 6 W of Qunicy off of Hwy 89.
JEPS105059UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusDean W. Taylor157761996-7-11 SiskiyouScott Mountains; West Park Lakes (about 15 air miles west of Weed); Shasta-Trinity National Forest
JEPS105390UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusDean W. Taylor145171994-7-15 Maderapond along Sky Ranch Rd, Sierra National Forest
UC1731479UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusDean W. Taylor136261993-6-15 Shastaridgetop 1 mi. w. Yellowjacket Mt. (at Point 4881); Canon (CaRH)
JEPS105145UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusDean W. Taylor138401993-7-09 ShastaEcho Lake; ca. 8 air miles WSW of Dunsmuir; Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Trinity Mountains
CAS-BOT487843CASCalochortus coeruleusDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-6-14 NevadaBy Ballie trrail
JEPS61642UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusDuncan Dunning1923-6-02 Plumas4 mi nw Quincy (above Snake Lake)
UC593511UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.19931936-6-13 Siskiyou1.5 mi w Mt Shasta City (spur of Rainbow Ridge above Sulloway Creek); Rainbow Ridge
RSA79278RSACalochortus coeruleusE. K. Balls171411952-5-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Little Fish Fork, Fish Fork Camp.
SBBG162595SBBGCalochortus coeruleusE. Stuhl1938-6-05 Del Nortecyn of the S Fork of the Smith River between Rock Crk and Big Flat
CAS-BOT487766CASCalochortus coeruleusEastwood, Alice144561927-6-11 PlumasForest Lodge, Greenville
CAS-BOT487853CASCalochortus coeruleusFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura117381948-6-12 SiskiyouFrench Creek logging road west of Callahan
UC625475UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusFrank W. Gould4561938-6-26 Plumas3 mi n Greenville
RSA121614RSACalochortus coeruleusG. D. Barbe1151955-7-06 SiskiyouDry areas above NE shore of Taylor lake, Salmon Mtns.
CHSC91745CHSCCalochortus coeruleusG. Douglas Barbe33221981-6-25 PlumasSierra Nevada. 2.8 miles north-northeast of Engle Mine townsite on Diamond Mountain Road, between the road and Lights Creek. T2 N R11E S05
CHSC91744CHSCCalochortus coeruleusG. Douglas Barbe32741981-6-24 PlumasSierra Nevada. 1.3 miles below Mt. Hough summit, returning to junction with China Grade. T2 N R10E S09
CHSC114708CHSCCalochortus coeruleusG. Douglas Barbe36951982-6-15 PlumasEast-facing slope, 0.8 mile west of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (U.S.F.S. Road #2 N22F); 3.3 miles east of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T25N R07E S02
DAV391064DAVCalochortus coeruleusG. F. Hrusa104511992-5-01 ShastaShasta County: approx. 2 m E. of Montgomery Creek.
UC747539UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusG. Thomas Robbins17271944-6-18 El Doradoalong Capps Crossing road Camp Creek Ridge
CDA0018688CDACalochortus coeruleusG.D. Barbe36951982-6-15 Plumas0.8 W of junction of road to Red Hill Lookout and road to Cherry Hill (USFS Rd 2 N22F); 3.3 miles E of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0018573CDACalochortus coeruleusG.D. Barbe33221981-6-25 Plumas2.8 miles north-northeast of Engle Mine townsite on Diamond Mountain Road, between the road and Lights Creek. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0018591CDACalochortus coeruleusG.D. Barbe32741981-6-24 Plumas1.3 miles below Mt. Hough summit, returning to junction with China Grade. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0039293CDACalochortus coeruleusG.D. Barbe26981980-5-20 Trinity2 km south of Preacher Meadow Campground, Highway 3 at Bowerman Ridge Road, south of Trinity Center.
PUA5446PUACalochortus coeruleusG.L. Clifton1971-6-28 PlumasLocal landmark: Peppered Flat. Quincy Quad.
POM109678RSACalochortus coeruleusGeo Hansen10711895-11-13 El DoradoArmstrongs Statn.
UC193223UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusGeo. Hansen10711895-6-13 El DoradoArmstrongs's Station Sequoia Gigantea Region
UCR197635UCRCalochortus coeruleusGeorge K. Helmkamp136252008-6-9 AmadorPanther Creek Road, 0.1 mile south of its junction with CA-88, jct. is 4.0 miles east of Cook's Station
UCR197594UCRCalochortus coeruleusGeorge K. Helmkamp136482008-6-9 El DoradoCat Creek Road, 0.1 mile north of its junction with CA-88, jct. is 4.2 miles east of Cook's Station
NCC19580NCCCalochortus coeruleusGuggolz, Jack5711977-6-28 UnknownSpruce Grove Camp, ca 1/2 mi E of spring
UC170966UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusH. M. Hall93951912-6-25 PlumasNelson Point Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC174050UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusH. M. Hall95581913-7-25 LakeMt. Hull, n Lake County Inner North Coast Ranges, Mt Hull
UC54189UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock40331903-6-01 SiskiyouDunsmuir Upper Sacramento Valley
UC119877UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusH. N. Bolander1892-3-30 Unknown
SBBG162597SBBGCalochortus coeruleusH. and M. Dearing37931939-7-01 SiskiyouSalmon Mtn summit
SBBG162598SBBGCalochortus coeruleusH. and M. Dearing33371939-5-12 LakeBartlett Mtn
SBBG162596SBBGCalochortus coeruleusH. and M. Dearing22571938-7-01 Plumasnear Lake Almanor
HSC15343HSCCalochortus coeruleusH.E. Parks113801936-6-13 Del NorteState line N of Monumental, head of Shelley Creek, California side
HSC15427HSCCalochortus coeruleusH.E. Parks92531928-6-1 LassenLake Almanor
CAS-BOT487839CASCalochortus coeruleusHanna, G. D.; Gester, G. C.s.n.1952-6-20 MendocinoLeech Lake Mountain, northeast of Covelo
CAS-BOT487798CASCalochortus coeruleusHanson, George10711895-5-1 AmadorHam's Station
NCC18414NCCCalochortus coeruleusHastings, Allison1940-4-28 LakeHopland Grade, W side
CSLA024424CSLACalochortus coeruleusHedine10781956-6-18 NevadaShirley Meadows, Greenhorn Mtns.
CSLA024426CSLACalochortus coeruleusHedine1956-7-11 MendocinoWells Cabin Camp, Mendocino Natn'l FOrest
CAS-BOT487814CASCalochortus coeruleusHeller, A. A.s.n.1928-6-20 ButteIn the yellow forest at Butte Meadows
CAS-BOT487841CASCalochortus coeruleusHeller, A. A.15175a1938-6-17 NevadaOn Highway #20 not far from Emigrant Gap
UC1076028UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusHerbert L. Mason147651947-5-17 Siskiyou5 mi s Canon Scott Mountain Road)
UC672153UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusHerbert L. Mason33341926-5-30 Alpinebelow Cook Station (w side of grade)
JEPS61643UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusHilda W. Grinnell91903-4-1 HumboldtMcKay Camp South Fork Mountain
CAS-BOT487809CASCalochortus coeruleusHoppaugh, K.2121929-5-11 San MateoLa Honda grade
CAS-BOT487802CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas385081962-7-10 KernShirley Meadows. Greenhorn Mountains
CAS-BOT487803CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas197301944-7-13 GlennPlaskett Meadows
CAS-BOT487771CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.542851981-6-24 PlumasAbout 1.3 miles southeast of Mt. Hough on the road to Quincy, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT487772CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.543251981-6-25 Plumas1.4 miles north-northeast of Englemine on Diamond Mt. Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT487856CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.534711980-5-19 TrinityRattlesnake Road 0.73 to 1.5 miles southwest of Peanut
CAS-BOT487857CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.534841980-5-20 TrinityAbout 6 miles southwest of Trinity Center on road to Weaverville
CAS-BOT487774CASCalochortus coeruleusHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.433581967-7-11 PlumasSoutheast slope of Mt. Hough, Sierra Nevada
RSA60629RSACalochortus coeruleusI. L. Wiggins123831950-5-28 SiskiyouSerpentine ridge just above Grouse lake (headwaters of Grouse Creek).
UC909346UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusIra L. Wiggins123831950-5-28 Siskiyoujust above Grouse Lake (headwaters of Grouse Creek); Grouse Creek
SFV114833SFVCalochortus coeruleusJ. D. Dilley3761998-7-18 TehamaSierra Nevada; East slope of Hampton Butte on USFS Road 3 N17, 3 miles north of the town of Mineral.
CHSC38982CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJ. D. Jokerst9771980-7-11 GlennCa _ mi NE of the summit of Black Butte. T2 N R0 W S27 SW1/4
CHSC41223CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJ. D. Jokerst18311983-7-06 SiskiyouCa. 200 meters east of the meadow at Tom Young Flat, ca. 100 meters north of USFS rd. 24. Ca 2 miles north of Pondosa and Hwy 89. T3 N R02E S12 W1/4 center
CHSC67406CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJ. D. Jokerst20511984-6-13 PlumasTraversed by USFS road 2 N08, north of Cottonwood Cr. T26N R06E S2 W1/4
CHSC26439CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJ. Detzer171977-4-11 ShastaE side of Interstate 5, 100 m e on Fall Creek, s facing slope 20 yds. N of creek, 2 mi ne of Castella. T3 N R0 W S14 USGS Quadrangle: Dunsmuir 1:64,000
CHSC9501CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJ. F. Goodwin1471971-7-03 SiskiyouSoutheast of Castle Lake, 0.1 mi south on Lookout Trail on east side of trail; 9.2 mi. sw of Mt. Shasta City.
RSA261429RSACalochortus coeruleusJ. M. Tucker40661967-7-06 MendocinoIn vicinity of northernmost campground, Spruce Grove, 4 mile (airline) north of Hull Mountain Lookout, Hull Mountain.
DAV391067DAVCalochortus coeruleusJ. M. Tucker40661967-7-06 MendocinoMendocino County: Spruce Grove, 4 miles (airline) north of Hull Mountain Lookout, Hull Mountain.
HSC24155HSCCalochortus coeruleusJ.O. Sawyer2621A1970-5-08 Trinity5 mi. SW of Primitive Area, E Fork of New River
HSC86380HSCCalochortus coeruleusJ.O. Sawyer42301983-7-07 SiskiyouTop of Medicine Mtn.
HSC15344HSCCalochortus coeruleusJ.P. Tracy127611933-7-16 TrinityS Fork Mtn. at head of 8-Mile Ridge
DAV391062DAVCalochortus coeruleusJames A. Neilson, Jr.34661975-5-14 LakeLake County: Mayacmas Mountains, Francisco Property. High Valley Creek. (Coordinates, location, and elevation estimated by label maker.)
CHSC68039CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJames D. Jokerst27951987-4-17 MendocinoCa. 30 W of NE corner of Twin Rocks Research Natural Area. T2 N R10W S06 NW1/4 of SE1/4 N of center
PUA65055PUACalochortus coeruleusJames Jokerst1985-4-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Trinity Alps Resort. Trinity Dam Quad.
CAS-BOT487770CASCalochortus coeruleusJaneway, L. P.37121990-6-12 PlumasRattlesnake Creek, just N of Long Valley; along road 508, 1.1 miles N of Hwy 70/89
JEPS61639UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJohn W. Duffield1937-5-26 Plumasroad to Quincy
FSC0004512FSCCalochortus coeruleusJohn Weiler59691959-5-09 LakeOn serpentine soil near the Napa-Lake County Line in Lake county. Just south of the bridge crossing St. Helena Creek. Mt. St. Helena.
CAS-BOT487854CASCalochortus coeruleusJokerst, James22521985-4-18 TrinityTrinity Alps Resort
UC1601652UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph Burtt Davy5744 1/21899-6-21 HumboldtTrinity Trinity Summit
DAV391068DAVCalochortus coeruleusJoseph M. DiTomaso221975-6-17 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps. Morris Meadow.
DAV391069DAVCalochortus coeruleusJoseph M. DiTomaso2171975-7-30 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps; Big Marshy Lake.
UC667130UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy127611933-7-16 Trinitynear head of 8-mile Ridge; Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
UC667127UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy99311932-5-10 HumboldtBear River Ridge
UC1197682UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy105821932-7-15 Humboldte of Corral Prairie; Trinity Summit
JEPS17832UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy127611933-7-16 Trinitynear Eight Mile Ridge head; Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
UC667131UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy104831932-7-12 HumboldtHead of Brett Hole Trinity Summit
UC1103462UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy90271930-7-17 Humboldtnear McKay Camp; South Fork Mountain
UC667129UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy145241935-8-04 Siskiyou5 mi e Mary Blaine Mt. (Snow Prairie at summit of ridge, extreme head of Plummer Creek); Plummer Creek
JEPS17831UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusJoseph P. Tracy145241935-4-04 Siskiyou5 mi e Mary Blaine Mt. (Snow Prairie at summit of ridge, extreme head of Plummer Creek); Snow Prairie, Plummer Creek
CHSC118633CHSCCalochortus coeruleusJulie Kierstead Nelson2016-0202016-6-9 SiskiyouLower Parks Creek watershed, E Klamath Range, above Forest Service Road 4 N19, 3 miles northwest of Stewart Springs; UTM NAD 83 Zone 10, 539249m E, 4586866m N.
DAV391065DAVCalochortus coeruleusK. Esaus.n.1934-5-08 HumboldtHumboldt County: above Blocksburg.
DAV391066DAVCalochortus coeruleusK. Lui241998-5-24 ButteButte County: Lassen National Forest, Pulga, unpaved road 1.5 km south of Poe Dam where State Route 70 crosses North Fork Feather River.
UCR62189UCRCalochortus coeruleus var. westoniiKathy Harpers.n.1989-5-21 KernSequoia National Forest, Greenhorn Mountains, dirt loop east off of Rancheria Road, around Shirley Meadows Campground
UCR61897UCRCalochortus coeruleus var. westoniiKathy Harpers.n.1989-5-28 TulareSequoia National Forest. Greenhorn Mountains, M-109 [Old Stage Rd] at Tyler Meadow
UCR90844UCRCalochortus coeruleusKathy Harpers.n.1994-6-18 PlacerN side of Calif. Hwy 20 less than 10 mi west of I-80.
UCR93344UCRCalochortus coeruleusKathy Harpers.n.1994-6-15 SiskiyouState Hwy 89 about 5 mi west of Bartle
CAS-BOT487807CASCalochortus coeruleusKawahara, Saichi8801969-5-24 PlacerMineshaft, east of old cabin, Mel Henderson Ranch, Indian Creek
CAS-BOT487813CASCalochortus coeruleusKawahara, Saichi3671968-5-4 ButteJames ripley's property, Graham Road, Paradise
PUA1592PUACalochortus coeruleusKent L. Phillips1966-7-14 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Hull Mt Quad.
CAS-BOT487805CASCalochortus coeruleusKirkwood, W. Maynard2671941-6-14 KernNear Shirley Meadow, Greenhorn Mts.
CAS-BOT487768CASCalochortus coeruleusKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Howell, John Thomas; True, Gordon19351967-6-12 PlumasBetween valley and Darlingtonia bog
CHSC52884CHSCCalochortus coeruleusL. P. Janeway37121990-6-12 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Rattlesnake Creek, just N of Long Valley; along road 508 ca 1.1 N of Hwy 70/89. T23N R11E S03 N1/2 middle USGS Quadrangle: Mt Ingalls 1:24,000
CHSC123106CHSCCalochortus coeruleusL. P. Janeway133102020-5-24 MendocinoHigh North Coast Ranges. Ridgeline between Wells Cabin Campground (and Anthony Peak) and Mendocino Pass; along Road M4 0.5 road-km south of the turn to Wells Cabin Campground (and Anthony Peak). T2 N, R1 W, SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of sec. 26. Mendocino Pass 7.5' quad.
UC477576UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusL. S. Smith1931-5-01 YubaCanonville Dist. Tahoe National Forest
DAV391061DAVCalochortus coeruleusLaura Bond301983-5-31 TrinityTrinity County: 4.4 mi on Forest Service Rd. Running along Swift Creek, Shasta-Trinity National Forest; E of Hwy 3. Right along Road.
PUA3501PUACalochortus coeruleusLavern C. Wolcott1951-6-17 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
FSC0004511FSCCalochortus coeruleusLee Clark451940-4-23 MarinOne-hald mile north of Dillon's Beach, Calif. ca. 1/2 m. from ocean. Ca. 100'. Found in rocky, loam, dry soil on an open hillside.
RSA360080RSACalochortus coeruleusLouis C. Wheeler26551934-6-07 SiskiyouNorth Hungry Creek.; Mt. Diablo Mer.
UC1001293UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusLouise Kellogg71952-7-09 Tehamadirectly s Yolla Bolly Mountain (near Squaw Camp and Pole Corral on Boswell Ridge); North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest, Boswell Ridge
CHSC43357CHSCCalochortus coeruleusLowell Ahart2451973-5-28 SierraAt the Port Wine Cemetery, west of the Port Wine Ridge Road, about 4 miles south-east of La Porte.
CHSC43362CHSCCalochortus coeruleusLowell Ahart11211976-5-22 NevadaAlong Graniteville Road, about 5 miles west of Graniteville.
CHSC87834CHSCCalochortus coeruleusLowell Ahart110032004-6-6 PlumasOn the west side of a small drainage, on the north side of the logging road, about 1 1/2 miles (air) south of Lower Taylor Rock, about 7 1/2 miles (air) northeast of Quincy. T2 N R10E S12 SE1/4
JEPS105976UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino110032004-6-6 PlumasOn the west side of a small drainage, on the north side of the logging road, about 1 1/2 miles (air) south of Lower Taylor Rock, about 7 1/2 miles (air) northeast of Quincy
HSC102081HSCCalochortus coeruleusM. R. Mesler9832011-8-2 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ~.25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
HSC102535HSCCalochortus coeruleusM. R. Mesler15212013-6-28 HumboldtBret Hole. 1.1 km SW of Trinity Summit
CHSC30091CHSCCalochortus coeruleusM. S. Taylor31091980-7-08 SiskiyouOn trail, e side of Castle Lake to Little Castle Lake. T3 N R0 W S19 NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Dunsmuir
HSC59983HSCCalochortus coeruleusM.A. Ericksen3161979-6-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn.
PASA529PASACalochortus coeruleus var. maweanusMargaret Stason441932-6-22 PlumasLake Almanor
SD39099SDCalochortus coeruleusMarie Cummings1141933-5-23 San MateoLa Honda.
POM258684RSACalochortus coeruleusMarion Ownbey17241938-7-12 GlennPlaskett Meadows, 8 miles southeast of Mendocino Pass
UC648364UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMarion Ownbey, Ruth P. Ownbey17431938-7-15 Tehama3 mi n Mineral (summit of mountain between Mineral and Viola)
UC648357UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMarion Ownbey, Ruth P. Ownbey17241938-7-12 Glenn8 mi se Mendocino Pass; Plaskett Meadows
UC422991UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMilo S. Baker971896-6-10 SiskiyouSisson
UC980568UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMilo S. Baker, H. K. Wagnon128601953-7-12 Tehama5.1 mi along County road from Whitlock Camp
UC147615UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMiss Harriet A. Walker12421908-6-23 PlacerBlue Canon
CAS-BOT487840CASCalochortus coeruleusMott, Lillian S.20641985-7-30 NevadaAlpha diggins road, 0.25 mile off Highway
UC15000UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMrs. M. H. Manning81901-7-01 TrinityTrinity Summit
UC1103464UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMrs. Mabel Dopplmaier1949-6-18 Plumasnear Johnsville
SD6513SDCalochortus coeruleusMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasBig Meadows.
UC119880UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusMrs. R. M. Austin741896-7-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT487858CASCalochortus coeruleusMunz, Philip A.132071949-5-15 TrinityRipstein Public Campground, Canyon Creek, Dedrick
CAS-BOT32350CASCalochortus coeruleusOwnbey, Marion; Ownbey, Mrs. Ruth Peck17241938-7-12 GlennPlaskett Meadows, 8 miles SE of Mendocino Pass
JEPS26691UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusP. C. Hutchison21301961-6-09 Plumas0.4 mi e Round Valley Reservoir Dam and store (along road); Round Valley Reservoir
RSA48596RSACalochortus coeruleusPhilip A. Munz133251949-5-19 Glenn0.5 N of Alder Springs.
RSA78681RSACalochortus coeruleusPhilip A. Munz178741952-7-02 SiskiyouBaldy Mt. Road, NW of Happy Camp, Siskiyou Mts.
RSA78716RSACalochortus coeruleusPhilip A. Munz176981952-7-23 Del NorteGrade N of Van on road to Gordon Mt., Siskiyou Mtns.
RSA49694RSACalochortus coeruleusPhilip A. Munz132071949-5-15 TrinityRipstein Public Campground, Canon Creek, Dedrick.
RSA78274RSACalochortus coeruleusPhilip A. Munz177251952-6-24 Del NorteGordon Mt. on road to Big Flat, western Siskiyou Mtns.
CAS-BOT487808CASCalochortus coeruleusPrice, W.s.n.1892-7-1 PlacerRed Point
CAS-BOT487775CASCalochortus coeruleusQuick, C. R.50-021950-6-21 SiskiyouUpper Hungry Creek drainage, west of Hilt and east of Beaver Creek
CAS-BOT487773CASCalochortus coeruleusQuick, Clarence R.52-721952-6-29 PlumasSummit of road between Belden and Humbug Valley, Sierra Nevada
CHSC37403CHSCCalochortus coeruleusR. A. Schlising37231980-6-16 ButteS of Butte Meadows along Humboldt Road, 1.9 NE of jct with Hwy 32 at Lomo. T25N R03E S01
UC1368469UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusR. K. Gierisch35301969-7-01 HumboldtGrouse Mtn. Six Rivers Forest/Expt. Area
CHSC2231CHSCCalochortus coeruleusR. M. Staley1953-7-17 ButteCanon Creek.
CAS-BOT487799CASCalochortus coeruleusRaven, Peter H.; Fink, Mrs. R. E.7511949-5-28 CalaverasRailroad Flat
OBI151258OBICalochortus coeruleusRhonda Riggins16271989-4-27 ButteEdge of woods along Detlow rd, 0.4 mi S US 70, 2.6 mi SW Jarbo Canon, 8.0 mi SW Pulga
CSLA024420CSLACalochortus coeruleus var. westoniiRichard M. Straw21411962-6-19 KernShirley Meadows campground, Greenhorn Mts.
JEPS13290UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins52651955-6-07 LakeTimberline Canon of Boardman Ridge and Hull Mountain Hull Mountain, Boardman Ridge
CAS-BOT487800CASCalochortus coeruleusRobbins, G. Thomas17271944-6-18 El DoradoAlong Capps Crossing Road on Camp Creek Ridge
NCC18415NCCCalochortus coeruleusRobbins, G. Thomas17271944-6-18 El DoradoCamps Crossing Rd, Camp Creek Ridge
CHSC22963CHSCCalochortus coeruleusRobert A. Schlising25931963-6-04 Del Norte15.4 mi in (NE) on Patricks Creek Road, from Jct with Hwy 199.
RSA305016RSACalochortus coeruleusRobert C. Framptons.n.1983-5-13 ShastaMcCloud Arm, Lake Shasta near Camloop Camp
JEPS77357UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusRobert M. Lloyd25831963-5-04 Lake5 mi. n. Middletown (State Hwy. 29 at Socrates Mine Rd.)
CHSC27766CHSCCalochortus coeruleusRobin Ondricek161978-4-22 ShastaCa. 32.2 mi ne of Redding, n side of Hwy 299, Montgomery Falls, Montgomery Creek.
CAS-BOT487829CASCalochortus coeruleusRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-5-20 LakeWestern Mines Road, n. side of Mt. Ste. Helena
CAS-BOT487838CASCalochortus coeruleusRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-7-15 MendocinoSpruce Tree Camp
CAS-BOT487769CASCalochortus coeruleusRose, Lewis S.631041963-6-3 PlumasButterfly Valley, 2 miles SW of Keddie
RSA47796RSACalochortus coeruleusRoxana S. Ferris117381948-6-12 SiskiyouFrench Creek logging road west of Callahan.
RSA120214RSACalochortus coeruleusS. S. Tillett7031956-7-11 SiskiyouJust N of campground, Scott Mtn. divide, ca. 8 mi. SE of Callahan.
FSC0004509FSCCalochortus coeruleusS. Slocking; R. Slocking1331960-4-13 ShastaOak Run
FSC0004508FSCCalochortus coeruleusS. Slocking; R. Slocking1960-4-13 ShastaShasta Co
CAS-BOT205675CASCalochortus coeruleusShevock, James R.; Isle, David112621985-6-22 MendocinoNorthern Coast Ranges. Mendocino National Forest. Slopes about the north and west summit of Anthony Peak
CAS-BOT487801CASCalochortus coeruleusSmith, Gladys L.76881982-7-10 GlennAt end of road, Black Butte 1.0 mi. east of Mendocino Co. line
CAS-BOT487836CASCalochortus coeruleusSmith, Gladys L.6033A1980-6-19 MendocinoSouth of Wells Cabin Campgr. along USFS road
CAS-BOT487837CASCalochortus coeruleusSmith, Gladys L.60331980-6-19 MendocinoSouth of Wells Cabin Campgr. along USFS road & Anthony Peak
CAS-BOT487835CASCalochortus coeruleusSmith, Gladys L.; Smith, C. H.80061983-6-23 MendocinoEtsel Ridge, USFS 1N02-M-1, 1.6 km. N/Grizzly Flat Ranger Sta
CAS-BOT487812CASCalochortus coeruleusSmith, L. S.s.n.1931-5-1 YubaNear Camptonville, Rebel Ridge
CDA0052529CDACalochortus coeruleusSteven Serkanic2342018-6-18 El DoradoEl Dorado County, California. Eldorado National Forest, Gerle Creek Campground 38 ° 58 N, 120 ° 23 W, Elev 5310 ft. mixed coniferous forest.
SFV114834SFVCalochortus coeruleusT. R. Gordon2471974-6-06 TulareSierra Nevada; Cedar Slope. Banks of South Fork of the Middle Fork of the Tule River.
SD686SDCalochortus coeruleusT. S. Brandegees.n.2015-4-2 UnknownSouthern California.
MCCC1126MCCCCalochortus coeruleusTeresa Sholars3151983-6-11 PlacerForest View Trail, Big Tree Grove, Tahoe National Forest
HSC33037HSCCalochortus coeruleusThomas W. Nelson13101974-5-27 MendocinoMendocino National Forest near Mendocino Pass
HSC33454HSCCalochortus coeruleusThomas W. Nelson13551974-6-17 PlacerAlong Hwy. 80 at its junction with Blue Canon Rd., 9 W of Placer-Nevada County line
CAS-BOT487855CASCalochortus coeruleusTracy, Joseph P.127611933-7-16 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain, near head of 8-mile ridge, Northern Coast Ranges
CAS-BOT487842CASCalochortus coeruleusTrue, Gordon H.15551964-6-18 NevadaOmega Mine Rd. just no. of Hiway 20, nr. Sardine Spring, 14 miles east of Nevada City
CHSC61191CHSCCalochortus coeruleusVernon H. Oswald53961993-5-12 ShastaRoad to Grace Lake, 0.6 mi E of Shingletown-Manton Rd., S of Shingletown. T3 N R06E S0 W1/4 of NE1/4
UC1609189UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart53961993-5-12 Shasta0.6 mi e Shingletown-Manton Rd. (s of Shingletown, road to Grace Lake)
CHSC49643CHSCCalochortus coeruleusVernon Oswald7451983-6-22 ButteNear Humboldt Rd. (to Butte Meadows) 2.1 mi n-e of Calif. Hwy 32. T2 N R03E S0 W1/4 corner
CHSC49644CHSCCalochortus coeruleusVernon Oswald12321984-5-30 GlennMendocino Nat. Forest, Masterson Campground at Plaskett Guard Station. T2 N R0 W S26 center
CHSC50436CHSCCalochortus coeruleusVernon Oswald42931990-6-14 ButteLogging road (T-line) just southwest of High Rock Ravine, ca. 1.5 miles west of Bald Mtn Lookout. T2 N R04E S
CAS-BOT487765CASCalochortus coeruleusWagner, W. W.2611919-5-25 PlumasMassack Creek
CAS-BOT487833CASCalochortus coeruleusWheeler, Clare R.24221981-6-17 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, on jeep road N. of Anthony Peak, on way down to Wells Cabin Campground
CAS-BOT487832CASCalochortus coeruleusWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.18231980-6-19 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, 1 mi S of Wells Cabin Campground, enroute to Mendocino Pass on Road M4.
CAS-BOT487834CASCalochortus coeruleusWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.; Lembke, Betty35561983-6-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Cushman Lake, about 1.5 mi N and downgrade from Hells Half Acre on Road 21N17, N side of basin
CAS-BOT487852CASCalochortus coeruleusWiggins, Ira L.123831950-5-28 SiskiyouSerpentine ridge just above Grouse Lake (headwaters of Grouse Creek)
HSC46802HSCCalochortus coeruleusWilliam J. Ferlatte17711976-5-19 TrinityCanon of Coffee Creek at E Fork of Coffee Creek, N side of rd., E side of E Fork
JEPS77449UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusWilliam J. Ferlatte17711976-5-19 Trinitye side East Fork of Coffee Creek (Canon of Coffee Creek at East Fork of Coffee Creek, n side of road, NE1/4 of Coffee Creek 15' Quad); Trinity Alps, Coffee Creek 15' Quad.
JEPS17771UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusWillis L. Jepson20351902-7-16 HumboldtTrinity Summit
UCR11239UCRCalochortus coeruleusWm. Horn Jr.670605--011967-6-05 Trinity3 miles west of White Rock Guard Station
UC618672UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusunknown111541938-7-01 Siskiyouabove Bear Spring; Mount Shasta
UC337929UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusunknown1884-1-01 Plumas
UC337930UCJEPSCalochortus coeruleusunknown1874-8-01 Plumas

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