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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0053276CDABromus triniiKendra SikesKGS0611112008-06-11 FresnoSite is a flat open area with berms around edges and near roadways. 70 m S of ball field and 130 m E of paved road in Lost Lake Recreation Area. Near San Joaquin River. Diagnostic species for the plot is Lotus purshianus. Associated taxa Lotus purshianus. 4095697 N, 256861 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 36.975996, -119.731487). Elev 92 m.
CDA0053292CDABromus triniiStu RichardsonJ042915542008-04-29 TulareSite is bordered by a riparian zone to the south and a dike-levee to the north. Allenrolfea occidentalis is the dominant and characteristic species on plot. Associated taxa Allenrolfea occidentalis. 3976178 N, 284746 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.906242, -119.385287). Elev 62 m.
CLARK-A1528-4559CLARKBromus triniiJohn C. Roos1962-03-24 RiversideWhitewater Canon
CLARK-A1528-4560CLARKBromus triniiJohn C. Roos1969-05-10 KernRed Rock Canon
CLARK-A1528-4561CLARKBromus triniiJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos59091953-03-21 RiversideAndreas Canon
CLARK-A1528-4562CLARKBromus triniiJohn C. Roos11201942-05-02 RiversideLittle San Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-4563CLARKBromus triniiJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos57111952-05-24 RiversideMoreno Valley
CSLA022254CSLABromus triniiJames Henrickson172251978-05-15 San BernardinoCa 47 miles NE of Barstow on N side of Granite Mts above Drinkwater Springs in Ft. Irwin Milit Reserv., ca 15 miles NNE of Hqds.
CSLA022255CSLABromus triniiP. M. Peterson; C. R. Annable4081983-04-09 InyoDeath Valley National Monument; Funeral Mountains; near Indain Pass; UTM 518,440 m.E., 4,051,600 N.
CSLA022256CSLABromus triniiM. G. Schramm; D. R. Schramm5541977-03-19 Inyo3.5 miles west of Greenwater Valley road (on road to Willow Springs), Death Valley National Monument
CSLA022257CSLABromus triniiW. E. Niles; P. M. Peterson; C.R. Annable8191983-05-08 InyoKeane Spring; UTM 508,800 m.E., 4,066,440 N.
CSLA022281CSLABromus triniiJames Henrickson178411979-04-28 InyoCa 22 miles SSE of Olancha ca 1-2 miles S of Coso Hot Springs; T2 N, R39E, Sect 15
FSC0001571FSCBromus triniiCynthia Gillespie1970-04-25 FresnoThis plant was found at Draftwood Park at Pine Plat dam in the foothill woodland belt. Elevation 800 feet.
FSC0001572FSCBromus triniiMichael J. Maynard191974-03-03 FresnoHighway 180, 2 miles east of Cove Road.
FSC0001573FSCBromus triniiMichael J. Maynard1974-03-03 FresnoNext to Highway 180, 2 miles east of Cove Road on the south road shoulder in decomposed granite loam.
FSC0001574FSCBromus triniiDavid Burson770631977-03-16 FresnoAt the intersection of Trimmer Spring Road and Piedra Road. Ruderal situation. Elevation 600 feet.
FSC0001575FSCBromus triniiBill Clark771341977-04-12 FresnoAlong old Friant Road 0.8 miles south of Lost Lake Road in Valley Grassland area near cultivated fields. Elevation 600 feet.
FSC0001576FSCBromus triniiJack Springer2311933-04-07 FresnoGrowing up through dead brush among rocks at base of bluff - Big Table Mountain - Fresno County, California
FSC0001577FSCBromus triniiJack Springer2311933-04-07 FresnoGrowing up through dead brush among rocks at base of bluff - Big Table Mountain - Fresno County, California
FSC0001578FSCBromus triniiPeggy Smith147-741974-04-19 FresnoLocated in Lost Lake Park on the west side of the park road.
FSC0001579FSCBromus triniiJack Springer2311933-04-07 FresnoGrowing up through dead brush among rocks at base of bluff on Big Table mountain.
FSC0001580FSCBromus triniiJ. S.6061933-03-22 TulareRoadside, foothills 5 miles east of Woodlake - Tulare County, California.
FSC0001581FSCBromus triniiBruce Clayton70-01061970-04-06 FresnoCollected 3 miles north of Fresno on Friant Road.
FSC0001582FSCBromus triniiNeal C. Evans331974-03-22 KingsNear the south bank of the Kings River due north of Excelsior and 15th Avenue. This grass was growing on the edge of a levee in farmland that was reverting to valley grassland.
FSC0001583FSCBromus triniiRobert D. Haines741871974-04-19 FresnoNorth of Cottonwood Grove Picnic area along the main road toward Lost Lake.
GMDRC1697GMDRCBromus triniiJ. Andre49072005-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mtns: Granite Mtns: growing among Ambrosia dumosa, below White Fang, lower Granite Cove of the UCR GMDRC. Elev. 4227 ft.
GMDRC2693GMDRCBromus triniiJ. Andre93102003-03-30 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Granite Mountains: growing in gravelly soils, just S. (up canyon) from Coyote Spring, E. side of Granite Mtn range 34 ° 50.9 N 115 ° 40.4 W. Elev. 3231 ft.
GMDRC282GMDRCBromus triniiS. F. Warrick701978-05-08 San BernardinoSweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center: Cottonwood Canon, 5000
GMDRC3564GMDRCBromus triniiJ. Andre35642005-05-16 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Granite Mountains: University of California Granite Mountains Desert Research Center. upper Granite Cove. USGS 7.5 min Quad: Bighorn Basin 34 ° 47.1 N 115 ° 39.5 W. Elev. 4315 ft.
GMDRC439GMDRCBromus triniiJ. Andre36571998-04-08 San BernardinoSweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center: Granite Cove near Allanson Center, ca. 4,200
GMDRC898GMDRCBromus triniiJ. Andre39532001-04-04 San BernardinoGranite Mtns.: Granite Mtns.: Willow Springs Basin. Near 34 ° 45.1 N 115 ° 41.4 W T8N R12E sec. 26. Elev. 3600 - 3700 ft.
HSC101584HSCBromus triniiSteve Boyd116312005-04-06 San BernardinoMojave Desert; East Mojave Desert region: Sheep Corral area, southern base of the Granite Mountains, west of Kelbaker Road, north of Interstate 40
IRVC337746IRVCBromus triniis.n.s.n. UnknownMountains of California
JEPS69226UCJEPSBromus triniiWillis L. Jepson58641917-05-03 San BernardinoMohave Desert, Ord Mountain Ord Mountain; Mohave Desert, Ord Mountain
JEPS72913UCJEPSBromus triniiWillis L. Jepson197281940-04-27 InyoPanamint Range, Johnson Canon, (main left-hand fork) Johnson Canon; Panamint Range, Johnson Canon
JEPS72950UCJEPSBromus triniiWillis L. Jepson204431941-04-29 San BernardinoMohave Desert, Old Dad Mountains, Willow Springs Canon Willow Springs Canon; Mohave Desert, Old Dad Mountains, Willow Springs Canon
JEPS72953UCJEPSBromus triniiWillis L. Jepson204091941-04-28 San Bernardinoat Willow Springs, Mohave Desert, Old Dad Mountains Willow Springs; Mohave Desert, Old Dad Mountains, Willow Springs
JEPS73974UCJEPSBromus triniiAllison Krames1935-04-15 KernRed Rock Canon
JOTR29315JOTRBromus triniiLa Doux, Tasha13932006-05-15 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Quail Springs
JOTR29368JOTRBromus triniiLa Doux, Tasha14452006-04-26 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Long Canon; Stop 2, in side canyon east of main wash.
JOTR30313JOTRBromus triniiLa Doux, Tasha17462008-03-10 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Stop # 3 Northwest end of Eagle Mountains, near road leading to Cottonwood Canon.
JOTR30670JOTRBromus triniiAndre, Jim88322008-03-21 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pinkham exit dirt road, at Cottonwood Visitor′s Ctr, just N. of Cottonwood Cyn
JOTR35281JOTRBromus triniiAndre, Jim209822012-04-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. along Cottonwood Spring Road, approx. 6 mi. south of the North Entrance at Twin Tanks parking area.
JOTR35401JOTRBromus triniiStoughton, Thomas14972012-04-27 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Queen Mountain, Fortynine Palms Canon, near Fortynine Palms Oasis
MACF034144MACFBromus triniiA.P. Romspert2791974-04-10 InyoJohnson Canon, Panamint Mountains
PASA647PASABromus triniiSally Ellis1940-03-25 Los AngelesClaremont
PUA47840PUABromus triniiG.L. Clifton1981-04-27 NapaLocal landmark: Knoxville. Knoxville Quad.
SACT787SACTBromus triniiWarren1940-07-04 Tuolumne
THRI-SEKI19390THRIBromus triniiHaultain, Sylvia; Heise, Kerry191-1191988-04-21 UnknownNRI PLOT 191. < 1km SW of Fry′s Pt.
UC1007233UCJEPSBromus triniiP. A. Munz157061940-03-24 Riverside2 mi n of Cottonwood Springs (Eagle Mountains); Eagle Mountains
UC1023393UCJEPSBromus triniiJohn, Lucille Roos59091953-03-21 Riversides of Palm Springs (mouth of Andreas Canon); Andreas Canon
UC1024743UCJEPSBromus triniiLeo Whitney30281935-03-28 Kern20 mi w of Lancaster (Mohave Desert); Mohave Desert
UC1043018UCJEPSBromus triniiJohn, Lucille Roos57111952-05-24 Riversidehills n of Moreno
UC1103344UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. P. Tracy7831900-04-21 AlamedaHills near Berkeley; San Francisco Bay Region
UC1103346UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. P. Tracy6131900-05-24 Contra CostaSan Francisco Bay Region, Point Richmond Point Richmond; San Francisco Bay Region, Point Richmond
UC1103354UCJEPSBromus triniiJoseph P. Tracy5613 1-21921-05-18 CalaverasCopperopolis; Foothill Region, Copperopolis
UC1109344UCJEPSBromus triniiPeter H. Raven171851962-04-10 Los Angelesabove Wilson Cove (San Clemente Island); San Clemente Island
UC1117611UCJEPSBromus triniiJohn C. Roos63301955-05-13 Inyoe of Eureka Valley (w base of Last Chance Mountains); Last Chance Mountains
UC1131304UCJEPSBromus triniiN. H. French7931936-05-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara National Forest, Canonal Forest, Cachuma Peak
UC1131305UCJEPSBromus triniiH. S. Yates65181937-04-01 Kern5 mi n of Lockern
UC1131306UCJEPSBromus triniiH. C. Lee8411937-04-21 San Luis Obispo1 1-2 mi w of Paso Robles
UC1131307UCJEPSBromus triniiC. M. Belshaw16521936-03-19 San Luis Obispo.5 mi ne of Santa Manuela School (1 1-4 mi s of Plot 13)
UC1131309UCJEPSBromus triniiC. A. Graham3751938-04-25 Monterey2 mi se of Bradley
UC1131310UCJEPSBromus triniiP. L. Johannsen14271937-03-23 Kern4 1-2 mi w of Buttonwillow School
UC1131312UCJEPSBromus triniiH. S. Yates65091937-04-01 Kern1 mi sw of McKittrick
UC1136998UCJEPSBromus triniiAugust L. Hormay1934-04-11 San BenitoPanoche
UC1146329UCJEPSBromus triniiR. F. Hoover93611965-05-14 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range, East Fork Corral de Peidra Creek Corral de Peidra Creek; Santa Lucia Range, Corral de Peidra Creek
UC121278UCJEPSBromus triniiT. S. Brandegee1091894-03-28 San DiegoDel Mar
UC121280UCJEPSBromus triniiT. S. Brandegee1151894-04-17 San DiegoLa Jolla
UC121663UCJEPSBromus triniiT. S. Brandegee1888-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Coast of California, Santa Cruz Island
UC127316UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. H. Barber1899-04-23 San Luis Obispoat Paso Robles Paso Robles
UC149805UCJEPSBromus triniiH. M. Hall28601902-04-12 San Diegowestern borders of the Colorado Desert, Coyote Canon Coyote Canon; Colorado Desert, Coyote Canon
UC1535182UCJEPSBromus triniiJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty33511986-04-05 Inyo1.7 mi sw (60d) of summit of Black Mountain (White Mountains, Black Mountain, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Black Mountain
UC1545306UCJEPSBromus triniiJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty35911986-05-06 Inyo1.8 W (4d) of Wilkerson Springs (near sw base of Black Mountain, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Black Mountain
UC1595474UCJEPSBromus triniiTim Ross60891992-04-04 Los Angelessw Mojave Desert, Adobe Mountain Adobe Mountain; Mojave Desert, Adobe Mountain
UC162385UCJEPSBromus triniiA. A. Heller83021906-05-21 Inyos of Bishop
UC167148UCJEPSBromus triniiGeo. B. Grant1231905-04-15 Los AngelesPasadena; Southern California, Pasadena
UC1790237UCJEPSBromus triniiJon P. Rebman, Jeannie Gregory86932003-04-28 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near the pond
UC185564UCJEPSBromus triniiT. S. Brandegee1890-05-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
UC187096UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. P. Tracy5951900-03-17 AlamedaHills near Berkeley; San Francisco Bay Region
UC1922773UCJEPSBromus triniiScott D. White, David Charlton110242005-05-10 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert: North of the I-15 Freeway and south of Molycorp quarry. Proposed and approved for expanded quarry waste area. Mescal Range 7.5 Quad.
UC1922849UCJEPSBromus triniiScott D. White, Jennifer H. Jones, James Huelsman109342005-04-15 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Sidewinder Valley (N of Apple Valley). North of Black Mountain Quarry Rd on bajada below Black Mountain. Apple Valley N - Fairview Valley 7.5 Quad.
UC1927574UCJEPSBromus triniiNaomi Fraga, M. Patrick Griffith, Karen Walker5642003-04-26 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Short Canon.
UC1930179UCJEPSBromus triniiSteve Boyd, Amber Maurice, Pesach Lubinsky, Leland Lubinsky, T. S. Ross104552003-04-17 RiversidePeninsular Ranges, San Jacinto Mountains - Colorado Desert; East side of mouth of Chino Canon, at upper edge of bajada and lower rocky slope of mountains, along road to Palm Springs Tram Station.
UC1982092UCJEPSBromus triniiS. J. De Groot, Mary Motheral63042010-04-24 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Drainage below west side of cove NE of highest peak along summit ridge.
UC204739UCJEPSBromus triniiGeo. D. Butler11851910-04-16 SiskiyouKlamath Bluffs
UC40074UCJEPSBromus triniiunknown1923-06-04 InyoAvena
UC50579UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. Burtt Davy17491896-04-26 Kernnear Bakersfield (Head of San Joaquin Valley); San Joaquin Valley
UC50580UCJEPSBromus triniiJos. Burtt Davy31331897-04-01 TulareTulare
UC53322UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. Burtt Davy26391896-05-20 Los AngelesLeonis Valley
UC53324UCJEPSBromus triniiJos. Burtt Davy17491896-04-26 KernBakersfield
UC53682UCJEPSBromus triniiH. M. Hall28601902-04-12 San DiegoWestern borders of the Colorado Desert, Coyote Canon Coyote Canon; Colorado Desert, Coyote Canon
UC53714UCJEPSBromus triniiJ. H. Barber1900-04-15 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles Experiment Station
UC53715UCJEPSBromus triniiJos. Burtt Davy65391900-03-24 Contra CostaPoint Richmond
UC53743UCJEPSBromus triniiJoseph Burtt Davy73241901-05-11 Monterey[actual] Summit of Pico Blanco Pico Blanco
UC60187UCJEPSBromus triniiunknown1888-04-15 UnknownCalifornia
UC606723UCJEPSBromus triniiEdward Lee19701936-04-19 Contra CostaSan Francisco Bay, Red Rock Red Rock; San Francisco Bay, Red Rock
UC691132UCJEPSBromus triniiMary L. Bowerman1428c1932-05-06 Contra CostaMount Diablo, Mitchell Canon Mitchell Canon; Mount Diablo, Mitchell Canon
UC692338UCJEPSBromus triniiMary L. Bowerman2844c1935-04-17 Contra CostaNorth Road 2 mi from North Gate (immediately e of section line); Mount Diablo, North Road
UC692339UCJEPSBromus triniiMary L. Bowerman1874c1933-04-15 Contra CostaCanon s of Arroy del Cerro (Mount Diablo, 250 ft below spring); Mount Diablo
UC70686UCJEPSBromus triniiJos. Burtt Davy1899-04-16 Santa CruzCalifornia
UC71012UCJEPSBromus triniiG. B. Macleod1897-04-01 VenturaMatilija
UC766836UCJEPSBromus triniiR. F. Hoover18081937-04-10 Kernbetween Lost Hills and Semitropic
UC803914UCJEPSBromus triniiG. L. Stebbins, Jr.9167891949-06-03 InyoBishop
UC803928UCJEPSBromus triniiG. L. Stebbins, Jr.9441949-06-03 Montereyw of Kings City
UC816132UCJEPSBromus triniiI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton56861935-04-06 InyoDeath Valley, Mosaic Canon Mosaic Canon; Death Valley, Mosaic Canon
UC816450UCJEPSBromus triniiC. L. Hitchcock59241940-04-02 RiversideJoshua Tree National Monument, Cotttonwood Spring wash Joshua Tree National Monument;, Cotttonwood Spring wash
UCR110880UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders219901998-06-22 Los AngelesSoledad Pass area at the N foot of the mtns, c. 5 miles SW of Palmdale, along SCE Mesa-Vincent power line at pole 18-03, just south of Vincent Substation; San Gabriel Mtns.
UCR113021UCRBromus triniiLouis C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-21 Los Angelesfoothills of mountains, 2 NE of Vincent
UCR114675UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders221151998-07-02 VenturaMoorpark, hills south of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. c. 1-2 mile east of Moorpark Rd., just west of Hwy 23, c. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, c. 2 miles NE of Thousand Oaks; Moorpark
UCR114935UCRBromus triniiMary DeDecker54041983-05-07 InyoFuneral Mountains; Death Valley drainage; Mortonia Canon, 1.3 miles north of Death valley National Monument boundary; Mojave Desert
UCR115446UCRBromus triniiMary DeDecker45711978-04-22 InyoNopah Range; California Valley drainage; amphitheater-like canyon on east side; Mojave Desert
UCR116686UCRBromus triniiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1974-05-04 InyoPleasant Valley along the Owens River, 9 miles northwest of Bishop
UCR117280UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders202551997-04-05 San BernardinoAvawatz Mountains, Fort Irwin National Training Center, spring in canyon south of peak 4849 Northern Mojave Desert
UCR124898UCRBromus triniiI.W. Clokey56861935-04-06 Inyomouth of Mosaic Canon, Tucki Mountains, Death Valley
UCR126654UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders259972003-04-15 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, c. 1000 ft. south of Magic Mountain theme park
UCR128588UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders122861992-05-09 San Bernardinomouth of Burns Canon, 0.5 mile west of end of pavement near Rimrock
UCR132274UCRBromus triniiBeecher Crampton26421955-04-27 San Bernardino9.3 miles south [on Camp Rock Road?] of Daggett
UCR133013UCRBromus triniiJohn Wears.n.1998-05-08 San BernardinoHi-Grade Materials Quarry, Lucerne Valley, new pit on 120 acre site west of Meridian Road south of Agate, across Meridian from the old pit, c. 1 mile south of Hwy 18 on the lower Crystal Creek alluvial fan
UCR137458UCRBromus triniiLouis C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-21 Los Angeles2 miles NE of Vincent
UCR144461UCRBromus triniiJon P. Rebman86932003-04-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near the pond
UCR146702UCRBromus triniiBeecher CramptonT.O.-24831961-10-01 YoloUC Davis agronomy experimental area, plant introduction nursery, row 20
UCR157307UCRBromus triniiJune Lattings.n.1978-05-29 San Bernardinosummit of Excelsior Mine Road, north of the Kingston Range
UCR15789UCRBromus triniiFrank C. Vaseks.n.1978-04-21 San Bernardinonorth of Granite Mountains, rocky spur west of the end of Spinel St, at NW edge of Lucerne Valley. Site IIC
UCR159361UCRBromus triniiJim Andre49082005-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, below White Fang, lower Granite Cove of the UCR GMDRC
UCR164397UCRBromus triniiJim Andre49072005-04-02 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, below White Fang, lower Granite Cove of the UCR GMDRC
UCR168224UCRBromus triniiDavid Charltons.n.1992-04-17 Los AngelesPiute Ponds between Lancaster and Rosamond, Edwards AFB
UCR168225UCRBromus triniiMary F. Spencer15451920-04-05 RiversidePalm Springs
UCR169812UCRBromus triniiScott D. White110242005-05-10 San BernardinoMountain Pass. North of the I-15 Freeway and south of Molycorp quarry. Proposed and approved for expanded quarry waste area
UCR170071UCRBromus triniiScott D. White109342005-04-15 San BernardinoSidewinder Valley (north of Apple Valley), north of Black Mountain Quarry Road on bajada below Black Mountain
UCR171663UCRBromus triniiJon P. Rebman117192005-04-19 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, southwest of Loveland Reservoir; on the lower northeast side of Sycuan Peak, just northeast of the Sloan Ranch. San Diego Atlas Square R16
UCR17586UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders8771978-05-29 San Bernardinosummit of Excelsior Mine Road, north of the Kingston Range
UCR183250UCRBromus triniiJim Andre76212006-04-01 InyoPanamint Mtns: South end of the Panamint Mtns along Butte Valley Rd, about 3 miles east of Panamint Valley
UCR185102UCRBromus triniiNaomi Fraga5642003-04-26 KernThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Short Canon
UCR18522UCRBromus triniiFrank C. Vaseks.n.1966-04-04 RiversideHwy 74 at Royal Carrizo Road, Deep Canon drainage
UCR187100UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders323152006-05-16 Los Angeles1-2 mile west of La Liebre Ranch on the south side of Hwy 138, west of the mouth of Tentrock Canon
UCR187437UCRBromus triniiMichael Honer21042005-04-20 San Bernardinoc. 3.75 mi west of Flamingo Heights, accessible by series of vague dirt roads running west from Hondo Street and Hwy 247
UCR192158UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders349742008-04-18 Los AngelesCow Spring Canon, at lowest wash-crossing of road in canyon
UCR195275UCRBromus triniiNaomi Fraga10282004-03-19 KernOwens Peak Eastern Watershed, old jeep trail to Gold Canon, south of Indian Wells Canon
UCR198131UCRBromus triniiDaisie Huang60422072006-04-22 San BernardinoHwy 138 near Phelan, 2 mi past junction with Hwy 2
UCR20531UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Roos59091953-03-21 RiversideMouth of Andreas Canon south of Palm Springs
UCR214014UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders377942010-04-07 Riversidesoutheastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, west of dirt extension of Lake St., 1.0 W (341 ° ) of intersection of I-15 and Lake St.
UCR214117UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders377472010-04-02 RiversideAlberhill, south foot of the Gavilan Hills at Temescal Canon, north of I-15 and Concordia Ranch Rd., 1.65 mi. ESE of Corona (Lee) Lake, 0.5 NE (25 ° ) of Temescal Canon Rd. where it goes under I-15
UCR214119UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders377492010-04-02 RiversideAlberhill, south foot of the Gavilan Hills at Temescal Canon, north of I-15 and Concordia Ranch Rd., 1.65 mi. ESE of Corona (Lee) Lake, 0.5 NE (25 ° ) of Temescal Canon Rd. where it goes under I-15
UCR214137UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders377172010-04-02 RiversideAlberhill, south foot of the Gavilan Hills at Temescal Canon, 0.45 NNE (14 ° ) of intersection of Temescal Canon Rd. and Concordia Ranch Rd.
UCR214145UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders377092010-04-02 RiversideAlberhill, south foot of the Gavilan Hills at Temescal Canon, 0.3 NNE (14 ° ) of intersection of Temescal Canon Rd. and Concordia Ranch Rd.
UCR214683UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders376682010-03-31 RiversideTemescal Canon at Alberhill, c. 1-2 mi. west of Lake St. on N side of I-1 N of Temescal Canon Rd. and NW of Concordia Ranch Rd., NW of horse racing track
UCR216649UCRBromus triniiJim Andre133542010-04-20 San Bernardinoeastern end of Granite Mountains, UC Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, upper Granite Cove in Granite Cove Spring area
UCR216669UCRBromus triniiJim Andre116532008-05-17 InyoBig Pine Canon, along Glacier Lodge Road just above major switchback (ridge on north side of drainage), c. 5 miles west of town of Big Pine
UCR218302UCRBromus triniiSteve Boyd122272010-04-18 InyoNorthwest base of Dublin Hills, south of Hwy 178, northwest of Shoshone
UCR224783UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders392562011-04-20 InyoChicago Valley along Hwy 178 between Shoshone and Pahrump, west foot of Nopah Range
UCR225168UCRBromus triniiSteve Boyd116312005-04-06 San BernardinoSheep Corral area, southern base of the Granite Mountains, west of Kelbaker Road, north of I-40
UCR225249UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders392942011-04-22 Inyosouthern Pahrump Valley, 100 m north of Moon Path Ln., SE of Calvada Springs, 2.25 km west of the NV state line, 3.25 km east of Rose Av.
UCR225410UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders394422011-05-05 InyoPahrump Valley, along dirt road at north edge of Pahrump Dry Lake, SW of Pahrump
UCR225487UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders392092011-04-20 InyoPahrump Valley, 0.8 mi. south of Old Spanish Trail Hwy off dirt road along NV state line, at first major wash
UCR2257UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed41701920-03-24 RiversideMurray Canon, a tributary of Palm Canon near Palm Springs
UCR2258UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed92671935-04-13 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, granite ridge at first stop north of Amboy Ridge, c. 20 miles north of Amboy
UCR2259UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed14711907-06-16 RiversideRiverside, upper south fork of Arroyo Tequesquite
UCR2260UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed9171906-03-17 RiversideRiverside: mouth of South fork of Arroyo Tequesquite
UCR226085UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders387682011-03-22 Riversidepowerline corridor through hills 6.4 km SW of Perris, east of Hwy 74 and south of Ethanac Rd.
UCR2261UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed9231906-03-17 RiversideRiverside: mouth of South fork of Arroyo Tequesquite
UCR2262UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed42361920-03-24 RiversideMurray Canon, a tributary of Palm Canon near Palm Springs
UCR2263UCRBromus triniiF.M. Reed12741907-04-07 RiversideStreambed at foot of Box Springs Mountain
UCR227286UCRBromus triniiJim Andre160822011-03-17 San Bernardinoalong dirt road 13 mi north of Needles, 0.5 mi east of Needles Hwy, 1.6 mi west of Avi Casino Resort at river
UCR228497UCRBromus triniiSarah J. De Groot62842010-04-24 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains, hill on west side of drainage below cove, northeast of highest peak
UCR228513UCRBromus triniiSarah J. De Groot63042010-04-24 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains, drainage below west side of cove, northeast of highest peak
UCR23257UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Roos63141955-04-08 InyoLast Chance Mountains, east of Eureka Valley sand dunes
UCR232945UCRBromus triniiJim Andre177302011-04-15 Inyoc. 4 mi east of Big Pine, along dirt road just south of Hwy 168, low hills at foot of White-Inyo Range
UCR234477UCRBromus triniiJim Andre172602011-04-15 KernEl Paso Mountains, Mormon Gulch north of Goler Heights, 0.7 mile north of Garlock Road, 4.1 miles west of US Hwy 395
UCR236202UCRBromus triniiJim Andre182712011-05-27 Inyonorth side, up small side canyon, of Hwy 168, 6.5 mi mi west of Westgard Pass
UCR23968UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Roos11201942-05-02 RiversideLive Oak Tank
UCR23969UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Roos63301955-05-13 Inyowest base of Last Chance Mtns, east of Eureka Valley sand dunes
UCR23981UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Rooss.n.1969-05-10 KernRed Rock Canon
UCR23982UCRBromus triniiJohn C. Rooss.n.1962-03-24 RiversideWhitewater Canon
UCR264748UCRBromus triniiSteve Boyd123082011-04-14 Los AngelesActon Wash c. 3 km east of junction of Soledad Canon Road and Crown Valley Road
UCR33130UCRBromus triniiJames Henrickson172251978-05-15 San BernardinoN side of Granite Mountains, c. 47 miles NE of Barstow, above Drinkwater Spring on Ft. Irwin Military Reservation, c. 15 miles NNE of Headquarters
UCR42311UCRBromus triniiN. Miles Fellows1711986-04-08 RiversideOasis de Los Osos Preserve, off Snow Creek Canon at the north foot of the San Jacinto Mountains, 1 mile west of Snow Creek Village
UCR48238UCRBromus triniiJames D. Morefield33511986-04-05 InyoOwens Valley drainage. Main canyon on west face of Black Mtn, 1.7 mi S 60 ° west of its summit.
UCR53741UCRBromus triniiMark O. Bagley19501987-04-14 San BernardinoKramer Junction, about 0.1 mile south of SEGS [Solar Energy Generating Station] III, just NE of the water tank on hill 2486
UCR60050UCRBromus triniiJames D. Morefield35911986-05-06 InyoNear the SW base of Black Mtn, 1.8 N, 4 ° W of Wilkerson Springs. Owens Valley drainage
UCR65294UCRBromus triniiSteve Boyd35141989-04-30 RiversideGavilan Hills, Harford Springs County Park, N edge of the Gavilan Plateau, east of Gavilan Creek
UCR77559UCRBromus triniiTimothy S. Ross60891992-04-04 Los AngelesAdobe Mtn. Between SW base and summit
UCR85320UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders161681995-03-19 RiversideCoachella Valley: N-facing rocky slope in Chino Canon along the Palm Springs tram road, 2 mi above Hwy 111 (Palm Canon Dr.)
UCR86588UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders169021995-05-07 San BernardinoBlackhawk Slide, south side of Old Woman Springs Rd (Hwy 247), c. 3 miles west of the turnoff to Partin Bros. Mine (Terrace Sprs.)
UCR86678UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders168041995-04-30 San BernardinoRimrock, 4.1 miles north of Pioneertown, dirt track west from Rimrock Road, south of Burns Canon
UCR86780UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders168361995-04-30 San BernardinoPioneertown Road, 1.9 miles north of Yucca Valley (at Yucca Trail), 2.1 miles south of Pioneertown, Water Canon
UCR86919UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders169361995-05-07 San BernardinoNE foot of the mtns, SE slope of Round Mtn, c. 0.5 mile below the Partin Brothers Mine (Terrace Springs)
UCR87143UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders171391995-05-28 San BernardinoOrd Mtns area on north slope, 0.5 mile NW of Bowen Ranch, south of Juniper Flats
UCR88266UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders164551995-04-09 San BernardinoStoddard Ridge at pipeline crossing near Traer Agua Canon, c. 18 miles SSE of Barstow
UCR88438UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders163531995-04-05 RiversideCoachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62
UCR88740UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders165091995-04-13 RiversideDevils Garden, east end of the mtns., 2.1 miles west of Hwy 62 on Pierson Avenue and dirt extension, 1.7 miles above Sierra Blvd.
UCR92506UCRBromus triniiSheila Kees.n.1995-05-15 Los AngelesBee Canon just above Santa Clara River, east of Canon Country, between the Antelope Valley Fwy and Soledad Canon Road, 0.5 NE of Lang sideing
UCR93329UCRBromus triniiDavid Charlton49971991-04-28 KernLost Hills Road c. 1 mile north of junction with Hwy I-5, east of Nature Conservancy preserve
UCR94666UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders139581993-05-06 Los Angeles13 miles north of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave F; Western Mojave Desert
UCR94698UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders139511993-05-06 Los Angeles12 miles north of Palmdale, Sierra Hwy at Ave G, to 0.1 mile northwest of intersection; Western Mojave Desert
UCR94737UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders138991993-05-05 San BernardinoRabbit Springs, north side of Rabbit Springs Road; Southern Mojave Desert
UCR97650UCRBromus triniiA.C. Sanders196711997-02-07 Los AngelesMojave Desert: Antelope Valley, Little Rock, W side of Little Rock Wash just north of the RR and among gravel pits.
UCSC51UCSCBromus triniiH. S. Yates65081937-04-01 Kern1 mile S.W. of McKittrick
VVC555VVCBromus triniiA.C. Sanders169021995-05-07 San BernardinoBlackhawk Slide, S side of Old Woman Springs Rd. (Hwy 247), ca. 3 W of the turnoff to Partin Bros. Mine (Terrace Sprs.); Cougar Buttes 7.5′ Q.Mojave Desert- N foot of San Bernardino Mtns.
VVC556VVCBromus triniiA.C. Sanders168041995-04-30 San BernardinoRimrock, 4.1 N of Pioneertown, dirt track W from Rimrock Road, S of Burns Canon; Rimrock 7.5′ Q.San Bernardino Mtns

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