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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CSLA021236CSLABrodiaea coronaria var. kernensisJanet Donnelly801965-05-09 TulareSuccess Lake, 11 miles north of Porterville
LOB107797LOBBrodiaea coronaria var. kernensisC. L. Stocks3111974-04-13 MaderaRoad 145, 1 mi E of junction with Road 205.
NY114959NYBrodiaea coronaria var. kernensisR. F. Hoover40831939-05-05 ?  KernOld fields north of Poso Creek on Oildale-Woody road.
NY738577NYBrodiaea coronaria var. kernensisH. I. Stevens2942003-04-12 ?  Merced″Flying M Ranch, several miles north of the town of Planada off of Bonner Road. About 2 miles northeast and upstream along Bear Creek, at the ″″fern banks″″″
BSCA3321BSCABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisBostic, Dennis L.1964-07-28 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park; damp arroyo E of French Creek.
CAS-BOT484598CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEpling, C.; Darsie, M.; Knox, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-06-23 San DiegoNear Cuyamaca Lake
CAS-BOT484599CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEpling, C.; Darsie, M.; Knox, C.; Robison, Wm.s.n.1932-06-23 San DiegoNear Cuyamaca Lake
CAS-BOT484600CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEastwood, Alice91111919-06-25 San DiegoCuimiaca
CAS-BOT484601CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.3621880-06-01 San DiegoWarner′s Rnach
CAS-BOT484602CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-07-01 San DiegoCuiamaca
CAS-BOT484603CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAbrams, Le Roy38981903-06-25 San DiegoGrassy slopes. Cuyamaca lake
CAS-BOT484604CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisZaninovich, Jacks.n.1963-01-01 TularePixley Natural Area, about 5 miles east northeast of Pixley. Forty acres of vernal pools owned by The Nature Conservancy.
CAS-BOT484605CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisZaninovich, Jack25-681968-05-01 TulareN bank of White Rover, 13 miles NE of Delano
CAS-BOT484606CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowell, John Thomas173271942-07-27 TulareCliff Creek between Deer Creek and Pinto Lake
CAS-BOT484607CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.425111967-05-31 TulareVernal pool natural area in Valley Grassland, about 4 1-2 miles easy-northeast of Pixley
CAS-BOT484608CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.468461970-06-26 TulareMixed conifer forest at True Meadow. Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT484610CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.s.n.1967-05-20 TulareS.w. corner in grassland around a dry pool margin.
CAS-BOT486545CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisYork, Dana16851997-04-04 Fresno27 km NE of Fresno (FSC), 4.4 km NW of Marshall Station, on Big Table Mountain (State Property)
CAS-BOT486546CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisYork, Dana5811996-04-20 Fresno26 km N-NE of Fresno (FSC), 3.0 km W-NW of Marshall Station, top of McKenzie Table
CAS-BOT486547CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHall, H. M.20931901-06-01 RiversideMeadows in the vicinity of Strawberry Valley, San Jacinto Mountains
CAS-BOT486548CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRaven, Peter H.37991951-08-06 MaderaIron Creek, north of lower lake
CAS-BOT486549CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowell, John Thomas395721963-06-22 MontereyPriest Valley
CAS-BOT486550CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowell, John Thomas138041938-05-28 San BenitoNear Hollister
CAS-BOT492076CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSuttiffe, Mrs. S. G.s.n.1920-05-31 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
CAS-BOT492077CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.7241908-07-08 San BernardinoStrawberry Peak, San Bernardino Mountains
CAS-BOT492078CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAbrams, Le Roy19941901-07-01 San BernardinoStrawberry Peak, San Bernardino Mountains
CAS-BOT492079CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHoover, R. F.78651950-04-30 San Luis Obispo7 miles E of Creston on La Panza Road
CAS-BOT492080CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSanders, A. C.; MacKay, P.148911994-06-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Kinley Creek above the Hwy 173 bridge, toward the Pinnacles
CAS-BOT492081CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHoover, R. F.79581950-06-02 San Luis ObispoSummit between head of Salinas River and Stony Creek
CAS-BOT492082CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPollard, Henry M.s.n.1967-05-18 VenturaRoadside, Ventura Avenue between Hermosa and Maricopa Roads, Ojai Valley
CAS-BOT492083CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-07-05 TulareTrout Meadows
CAS-BOT492084CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisWeston, E. Roy1551926-05-20 KernGlenville
CAS-BOT492085CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.166171970-05-23 KernSlope above Lumbreau Creek at the Borton Place, The Greenhorn Range, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492086CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.68841962-04-09 KernKern River bluffs, just below the county dump (northeast of Bakersfield), Eastern San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492087CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.69981962-04-19 KernDelano Road, 12.4 miles west of Woody, Eastern San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492088CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.43961958-05-06 KernKeene Turnoff, Highway U.S. 466, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT492089CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.70101962-04-19 KernPoso Hills: ridge on the west side of the mouth of Adobe Canyon, Eastern San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492090CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.151401969-04-19 KernComanche Hills along Tejon Creek, 1 mile above its mouth, San Joaquin Valley,
CAS-BOT492091CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisZaninovich, Jack M.354-731965-05-08 KernSierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492092CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHowitt, Beatrice L.2021960-05-20 KernIn foothills going to General Grant Park, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492093CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.122051966-05-12 KernKern Hot Springs, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492094CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLuthey, Robt.; Luthey, Carol4991978-06-03 Kern1-4 mile SE of Kernville, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492095CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLuthey, Robert2551971-05-16 KernFoothill area 1-4 mile southeast of Kernville, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492096CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.111901965-07-27 KernGolf Meadow, Breckenridge Mountain, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT492097CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.151401969-04-19 KernComanche Hills along Tejon Creek, 1 mile above its mouth, San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492098CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.43961958-05-06 KernKeene Turnoff, Highway U.S. 466, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT492099CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEastwood, Alice32501913-05-13 KernTehachapi
CAS-BOT492100CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas40081937-04-27 KernNear Edison
CAS-BOT492101CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.69981962-04-19 KernDelano Road, 12.4 miles west of Woody, San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492102CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.68841962-04-09 KernKern River Bluffs, just below the county dump (northeast of Bakersfield), San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492103CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHoover, R. F.40831939-05-05 KernOil fields north of Poso Creek on Oildale Woody Road
CAS-BOT492104CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHeller, A. A.76371905-04-10 KernNear Oil City
CAS-BOT492105CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHeller, A. A.76371905-04-10 KernNear Oil City
CAS-BOT492106CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.44861958-05-21 KernWagy Flat Road, 8 miles east of the summit, Greenhorn Range, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492107CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.84761963-06-11 KernGranite Station Road, 8.3 miles west of Glennville, Greenhorn Range, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492108CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.109741965-06-04 KernWagy Flat Road, 0.9 mile west of Wagy Flat, Greenhorn Range, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT492109CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.31681935-04-11 KernSandy creek bed about 4 miles northwest of Tejon Ranch House, 8 miles south of Comanche Point, halfway between Al Paso Creek and Tejon Creek
CAS-BOT492110CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.31681935-04-11 KernSandy creek bed about 4 miles northwest of Tejon Ranch House, 8 miles south of Comanche Point, halfway between Al Paso Creek and Tejon Creek
CAS-BOT492111CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.70101962-04-19 KernPoso Hills: ridge on the west side of the mouth of Adobe Canyon, San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT492112CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.111901965-07-27 KernGolf Meadow, Breckenridge Mountain, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT65310CASBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisYork, Dana5041996-04-10 FresnoCa. 27 km NE of Fresno, 4.4 mi NW of Marshall Station, on Big Table Mtn (State Property).
CDA0012343CDABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisG.F. Hrusa10424A1992-04-19 KernRight-of-way SR 99 between Bakersfield and Delano. San Joaquin Valley.
CLARK-A1528-11CLARKBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensis1967-06-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
DAV357336DAVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert E. Preston23442005-05-17 KernTehachapi Mountains, Bear Trap Canon
DAV357337DAVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-04-25 San DiegoSan Diego County: Canon. MASS-3 Area. North of the city of Oceanside.
DAV357338DAVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-04-21 San DiegoSan Diego County: Otay Mesa, vernal pool preserve southeast of the city of San Diego, ca. 2 km north of Hwy 905, and ca. 3 km east of Hwy 805 (UTM zone 11, E5066 N3606707; coordinates converted by label maker).
DAV357339DAVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-04-29 San DiegoSan Diego County: Otay Lake, southeast of city of San Diego, south of Proctor Valley. UTM Zone 11S E 507 N 3609585. (Coordinates converted from UTM data by label maker.)
DAV357340DAVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-04-29 San DiegoSan Diego County: Proctor Valley vernal pools. (UTM zone 11 E0507 N3615308. Coordinates converted by label maker).
GMDRC13852GMDRCBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJ. M. Andre442262021-06-04 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: upslope of Cuyamaca Lake to west of general store-resort
IRVC12858IRVCBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisBarbara T. Gittins12871966-05-01 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau.
IRVC28872IRVCBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvin44552005-06-29 San DiegoPalomar Mountains: N of Palomar Observatory.
JEPS109570UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDean W. Taylor118711991-06-07 San Benitowest end of Gloria Valley, in hills on border with Monterey County
JEPS27816UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCharlotte Nash Smith10471961-06-22 Kernca 0.75 to 1 mi sw head of Eugene Grade (at Pine Springs (now dry), at s end of the Greenhorn Range); Greenhorn Range, Pine Springs
JEPS5756UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson65371935-06-05 San BernardinoSquint′s Ranch
JEPS74722UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJulia A. Bettys1925-06-04 San Benitoca 8 air mi w Bitterwater (Betty′s place, Lorenzo (Vasquez) Canon along road to Hernandez Valley, Hay place (only place seen) on San Benito River); San Benito River
JEPS74723UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJulia A. Bettys1925-01-01 San Benitoca 8 air mi w Bitterwater (Betty′s place, Lorenzo (Vasquez) Canon along road to Hernandez Valley, Hay place (only place seen) on San Benito River); San Benito River
JEPS74737UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert D. Haines742011974-04-27 Fresnoabove Temperance Flat (nw corner of Table Mountain); Table Mountain
JEPS7700UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAlice King1908-06-01 OrangeSanta Ana Mts.
JEPS7702UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisWillis L. Jepson181361937-05-02 KernEdison
JEPS7703UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAllison Krames1935-04-21 Tularein foothills of Greenhorn Mts. Lower Kern R. Canon; Greenhorn Mts., Lower Kern R. Canon
JEPS7705UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAllison Krames1935-05-05 Kern12 mi e Bakersfield (in the Edison fields); Edison
JEPS7715UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisT. Brandegee1885-07-02 San DiegoLaguna Meadows
JEPS83663UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Raiche, Kurt Zadnik, Mark Walstrom702381987-05-30 Kern18.7 mi e Rancheria Rd. origin (at Rt 178); Greenhorn Mts.
LA201501LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisArthur C. Gibson48552003-04-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near the village of Topanga
LA201531LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisArthur C. Gibson48972001-04-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near the village of Topanga
LA201743LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisArthur C. Gibson48062001-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near the village of Topanga
LA35536LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. Eplings.n.1932-06-23 San DiegoNear Cuyamaca Lake
LA84008LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisO.H. Kappler2961941-06-11 VenturaSimi Hills; Silvernale Ranch [now Rocketdyne Santa Susana Laboratory], near Chatsworth
LA84009LABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisO.H. Kappler2871941-06-04 VenturaSimi Hills; Silvernale Ranch [now Rocketdyne Santa Susana Laboratory], near Chatsworth
LOB107814LOBBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAngel Raton Jr.1721981-05-01 Santa BarbaraOn Figuero Mtn. Rd. 0.5 miles S. of Ranger Park.
OBI101606OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert F. Hoover83721956-04-28 TulareTerra Bella persisting in uncultivated strip along railway
OBI179660OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisD.R. Miller694.3981994-06-01 San Luis ObispoThese plants are from South slope of Pine Mountain, grassy field near Caves, Pico Creek drainage.
OBI179662OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid Keil308662010-06-07 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Mountains. Highway 58.
OBI179663OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid Keil307262010-04-27 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain Southwest of Carissa Plains Elementary School, south of Highway 58.
OBI179664OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover76901949-05-15 San Luis Obispo18 mi E of Creston on La Panza Rd
OBI179665OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover78651950-04-30 San Luis Obispo17 mi E of Creston on La Panza Rd
OBI179666OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover76171949-04-21 San Luis Obispo18 mi E of Creston on La Panza Rd
OBI179667OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid J. Keil258191996-04-05 San Luis ObispoCa. 200 m from hwy 58 Navajo Rd. T29S R26E S17
OBI179668OBIBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover79581950-06-02 San Luis ObispoSummit between head of Salinas River and Stoney Circle
POM158144RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLe Roy Abrams38981903-06-25 San DiegoBorders of Cuymaca Lake.
POM188228RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCarl Eplings.n.1932-06-23 San DiegoHarper Ranch-near Cuyamaca Lake.
POM19179RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPhilip A. Munz72231923-06-27 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
POM192384RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMarcus E. Jones247641929-08-04 San BernardinoArrowhead Lake, San Bernardino Mountains.
POM250488RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisI. W. Clokey65371935-06-05 San BernardinoSquints Ranch,
POM266634RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJ. C. Roos22411937-06-14 San Diegonear Descanso Junction
POM277018RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLyman Benson4305a1933-04-08 KernTehachapi Mtn. Range, Kern Lake watershed, Tejon Ranch in Arvin
POM308101RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHenry J. Ramsey29491938-05-04 VenturaCasitas Pass
POM47061RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPhilip A. Munz83791924-06-25 San DiegoLaguna Lake, Laguna Mountains
POM48305RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPhilip A. Munz83231924-06-23 San DiegoDoane Valley, Palomar Mtns.
POM49893RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisI. M. Johnstons.n.1924-07-06 San Bernardino1 N of Little Bear Lake
POM78717RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisI. M. Johnston53271925-07-10 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains, Lower San Sevaine Flats.
POM97070RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPhilip A. Munz101141926-04-07 Kern10 miles southeast of Bakersfield.
RSA0068086RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMichael C. Long9222015-04-13 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns., Agoura, sloping hill east of Kanan Rd. just S of Agoura Rd., (S of 101 Fwy.), Agoura Town Center project site.
RSA0117124RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitchell Provance10680C2009-04-29 KernFoothills of the Southern San Joaquin Valley: White Wolf Conservation Unit, 7.5 miles ENE of Arvin, 2.5 miles WSW of the Bakersfield National Cemetery.; Bear Mountain 7.5 Quad
RSA0127606RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFred M. Roberts80362016-04-14 OrangeUniversity of California, Irvine campus: western edge of School of Medicine Complex, about 0.9 W center of campus.; Tustin 7.5
RSA0152710RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMarc A. Baker185652016-04-27 Riverside1.5 km SW of central Beaumont, 2 NNE of Mount Davis, 36 km SE of central San Bernardino.; Beaumont 7.5
RSA0167728RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDuncan S. Bell111232017-06-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; post-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; the Pinnacles area, approximately 0.6 air mile southeast of their summit.; Lake Arrowhead
RSA0170454RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Thomas33722004-05-14 KernSouthern San Joaquin Valley: San Emigdio Ranch, NE Pleito Hills.; Pleito Hills 7.5
RSA125605RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. K. Balls226221957-06-06 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont.
RSA1774RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCarl B. Wolf22191931-05-30 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA180311RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. W. Lathrop48571960-06-07 Riverside14 miles W of Murrieta
RSA180345RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. W. Lathrop49281960-06-08 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta.
RSA191989RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. W. Lathrop4538b1959-05-17 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta. Tenaja Plateau
RSA23727RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. S. Woglum18481938-06-24 San DiegoPalomar Mountain, Palomar Range
RSA343861RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert F. Thorne606431985-05-18 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: Mesa de Colorado
RSA34581RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisN. C. Cooper14801944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
RSA356724RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert F. Thorne455521975-05-25 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: Rancho California, Mesa de Burro
RSA376760RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. S. Woglum18401938-06-24 San DiegoPalomar Mountain, Palomar Range
RSA376786RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert Gustafson27271983-06-23 RiversideMesa de Burro, Santa Rosa region, Santa Ana Mountains.
RSA376787RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-04-27 Los AngelesSunnyside L.A.
RSA376788RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisM. Campbell12292013-07-13 Los AngelesHillsides, Los Angeles
RSA376789RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAnstruther Davidsons.n.1892-03-01 Los AngelesSunnyside Los Angeles
RSA376790RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisBruce M. Crawford152001932-03-21 KernEl Tejon Ranch, Mojave Desert.
RSA376791RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFay A. MacFadden26131931-04-03 KernNear Edison
RSA376792RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1915-06-15 KernOriginally from Tehachapi Valley, CA.; grown in A. J. Ps garden
RSA376793RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrances Holzwarts.n.1929-05-05 VenturaOjai
RSA376795RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisN. C. Cooper14801944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
RSA376796RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. S. Spaldings.n.1925-06-12 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA376797RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMargaret Muchmores.n.1930-06-15 San BernardinoNear Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA376798RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisF. R. FosbergS52931931-06-06 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument.
RSA378053RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAnonymouss.n.1941-00-01 MendocinoBetween Santa Rosa & Ukiah on highway 101. [Mendocino or Sonoma Co.]
RSA378059RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFay A. MacFadden26131931-04-03 KernNear Edison
RSA378060RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisErnest Braunton12261901-05-01 UnknownSouthern Ca.
RSA561855RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSteve Boyd76041992-06-09 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Upper northern flank of Miller Mountain, at and to the western side of pass between highest portions of the mountain.
RSA606852RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid D. Keck31681935-04-11 KernCa. 8 miles south of Comanche Point, halfway between El Paso Creek and Tejon Creek
RSA640008RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-07-11 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: San Sevain Cow Camp.
RSA642608RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDarin L. Banks22211998-06-08 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation. An area of native grassland along the Magee Truck Trail at the southern extremity of the Reservation just before the Riverside - San Diego County line border.
RSA656494RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJames Henrickson100181973-05-20 San Diego2 miles SW of Alpine, at entrance to Palos Verdes Ranch Development along South Grade Road.
RSA679169RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFred M. Roberts58832003-06-01 RiversideElsinore Mtns., Elsinore peak, 0.2km SW summit.
RSA679215RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFred M. Roberts59122003-06-17 OrangeJust NE of Falcon roup Camp, 2.1km ESWE Los Pinos Peak just west of main road.
RSA70130RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisF. W. Peirson48111924-06-23 San DiegoHead of Doane Valley, Palomar Mountains.
RSA70131RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisF. W. Peirson48341924-06-25 San Diegonear old Rangers Canon, Laguna Mtns.
RSA703212RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLeRoy Gross13832004-07-15 San BernardinoMaloney Canon just north of the junction between Squints Ranch road and the Willow Creek Road (3N34) off Ash Meadows Road.; Lake Arrowhead Quad. 7.5
RSA711015RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisVirginia Morans.n.2003-06-17 San DiegoSanta Ysabel Preserve. East Parcel; Warners Ranch
RSA740234RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White123912008-07-08 RiversideJohnson Meadow.; Idyllwild
RSA740623RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White123772008-07-08 RiversideHurkey Creek Watershed- Bonita Vista Rd, ca 1-2 miles E and W of Hurkey Creek crossing.; Idyllwild
RSA748304RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSarah J. De Groot44012004-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Bernardino Mountains: Squint′s Ranch area, near Lake Arrowhead. Along Willow Creek Jeep Trail (3N34?) just N of intersection with Squint′s Ranch Road (3N38?) and water tank. Maloney Canon drainage.
RSA752784RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White128482009-05-21 RiversideMcMullen Flat area, 0 N on Valley Hi Dr, from intersection w- Twin Pines Rd.; Canon
RSA757461RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert F. Thorne552031982-05-01 RiversideSW of Murrieta. Santa Rosa Plateau, Mesa de la Punta near S. edge of plateau, approached from De Luz road
RSA763728RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJustin M. Wood7362009-05-16 KernFay Creek, tributary of the South Fork of the Kern River, via Fay Ranch Rd, 4.5 air miles north of Weldon (Hwy 178 Weldon
RSA770183RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid J. Keil307262010-04-27 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain southwest of Carissa Plains Elementary School, south of Highway 58
RSA771882RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSteve Boyd122842010-05-28 RiversideElsinore Peak, just south of trail along old Main Divide Road at easternmost clay knoll east of main peak; Wildomar 7.5′ Q.
RSA78192RSABrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRobert C. Framptons.n.1953-06-29 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
SBBG104105SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White15741993-06-20 San Bernardinonear USFS Rock Canon, ca. 2 air mi NNW of Lake Arrowhead North Bay T2N, R3W, S5
SBBG116147SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess15751995-05-10 VenturaSW side of Broome Ranch Thousand Oaks
SBBG122775SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAnuja Parikh1751990-05-17 RiversideW part of Mesa de Colorado, 0.3 N of Avocado Mesa Rd, 0.1 km E of Via Volcano
SBBG127888SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess78932008-04-27 VenturaOjai Valley, Villanova Preparatory School, undeveloped hillsides and grasslands on S side of campus
SBBG12948SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisClare B. Hardham35051958-06-09 KernTillie Crk, E side of Greenhorn Mtn
SBBG129592SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAnuja Parikh, N. Gale36282013-04-12 Kern2.5 km E of I-5, 0.4 km S of Edmonston Pumping Plant Rd
SBBG133062SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid Keil, J. Dart, M. Perry307262010-04-27 San Luis ObispoSW of Carissa Plains Elementary School, S of Hwy 58 Carrizo Plain
SBBG134004SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess68762005-05-23 Venturaupper meadow, Los Robles Open Space, Conejo Hills Thousand Oaks
SBBG134854SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess, B. Meiners99222015-04-25 VenturaKrotona Hill on E side of Loma Drive, Ojai Valley
SBBG15349SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisErnest C. Twisselmann69981962-04-19 KernDelano Rd, 12.4 W of Woody
SBBG162891SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. C. Benkendorf6782017-05-24 San BenitoN of San Benito River, NW of Williams Hollow
SBBG19437SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisErnest C. Twisselmann84761963-06-11 KernGranite Station Rd, 8.3 W of Glennville
SBBG217944SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess58652003-05-25 VenturaOjai Meadows Preserve; vacant field SW of Hwy 33 and El Roblar Drive, Meiners Oaks
SBBG226687SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess59292003-06-20 VenturaRose Valley, dry vernal meadow W of Middle Rose Lake; Los Padres National Forest
SBBG23420SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDonald Myrick11131965-06-23 Kernnear Smith Ranch, Rancheria Rd
SBBG895SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisClare B. Hardham38021958-07-11 VenturaRose Lake, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG897SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisClare B. Hardham36051958-06-09 KernGreenhorn Mtn, near Wofford
SBBG95970SBBGBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Burgess102712016-06-03 VenturaLos Padres National Forest Rose Valley, vernal meadows W of rd to Rose Valley Falls
SD00000914SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDarley F. Howe20121950-07-08 San DiegoWest slope of Cuyamaca Middle Peak
SD00016034SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFred Sproul50292005-06-01 San DiegoRamona; Ramona Grasslands; 200 feet NW of intersection Highland Valley Road and Rangeland Road.
SD00016035SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisThomas A. Oberbauer1082014-05-12 San DiegoCanon; Stuart Mesa; 0.4 mi E of I-5; vicinity of 460 yards WSW of intersection El Camino Real Road and Stuart Mesa Road
SD00016036SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory37442017-04-21 San DiegoAlpine area; just N of east end of Galloway Valley and W of South Grade Road; Sky Mesa (old La Force Ranch) in open space after development
SD00017429SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMargaret R. Mulligan35722017-05-10 San DiegoSan Marcos Vernal Pools, undeveloped block of vernal pool habitat in the heart of the city, 0.1 mi west of the intersection of S La Posa Road and La Mirada Dr.
SD00054487SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFred Sproul50282005-05-31 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station. East of building #366. 1.3 W of South Mission Rd. On Harm Rd South of Ammunition Rd 1 mile West of Main Gate.
SD102754SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisWayne P. Armstrongs.n.1979-05-05 San DiegoField northeast of San Marcos City Park--between Linda Vista & La Mirada Drives. (IPB 6-06)
SD105649SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass1271979-05-01 San DiegoEdge of vernal pool J13-E, Otay Mesa.
SD105663SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass1261979-05-01 San DiegoAdjacent to vernal pool J13-B, Otay Mesa. (IPB 6-06)
SD105676SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass1131979-05-06 San DiegoVernal pool, BFBR series, Otay Mesa.
SD105689SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass1111979-05-06 San DiegoVernal pool J30-B, north Otay Mesa.
SD105698SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass1151979-05-06 San DiegoNext to vernal pool, Otay Series, Otay Mesa.
SD106463SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHenk van der Werff40151980-07-03 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch.
SD112440SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDarley F. Howe5181937-05-08 San DiegoOtay Mesa.
SD112441SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDarley F. Howe2141935-05-05 San DiegoTelegraph Canon, Chula Vista.
SD114890SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEarl W. Lathrops.n.1979-05-16 RiversideMesa de Colorado, 6 miles west, Murrieta. About vernal pools, border of pools in the grassland. (IPB 2-08)
SD11846SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFlorence Youngbergs.n.1935-07-04 San DiegoCuyamaca. (IPB 1-07)
SD123433SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSuzanne Bell81988-06-13 San DiegoFairly abundant in dry grassy meadow near water tank on the Barber Mountain truck trail (IPB 1-07)
SD132932SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Cass2011979-06-01 RiversideMesa de Colorado, Pool A. (IPB 2-08)
SD132937SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass911979-05-05 San DiegoNortheast of Lower Otay Reservoir, Vernal Pool Jmtn-A. (IPB 1-07)
SD132938SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy Cass741979-05-03 San DiegoVernal Pool Sweetwater-1. Swale between vernal pools. (IPB 1-07)
SD132939SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Cass2021979-06-01 RiversideMesa de Colorado, Pool A. (IPB 2-08)
SD143298SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSuzanne Bell3511998-06-25 San DiegoBetween Laguna campground and Al Bahr Shrine Camp. (IPB 1-07)
SD15217SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander16801936-05-01 San DiegoMesa, northeast of Murray Dam.
SD15350SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander16231936-04-27 San DiegoCorner 50th & Adams Street, East San Diego.
SD155740SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisAndrew R. Pigniolo13012003-06-02 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 9 - Slope on east side of small drainage.
SD161036SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisWayne P. Armstrong13432004-06-13 San DiegoBurned forest clearing, east side of Highway S-1, in the Laguna Mountains.
SD161037SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisVirginia Morans.n.2003-06-24 San DiegoSanta Ysabel Preserve, East Parcel. Growing on moist draw on Kanaka Flats.
SD161038SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisVirginia Morans.n.2003-06-17 San DiegoSanta Ysabel Preserve, East Parcel. Growing at base of 3-awn mixed meadow at bottom of slope and along drainage.
SD163194SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman92382003-06-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): Southeast of Otay Lake; approx. 1 mile south of Otay Lakes Road; south end of reserve near Olive grove
SD173287SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJuergen Schrenk282005-06-25 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park, Middle Peak Fire Road, burn area. In clearing. (IPB 4-07)
SD174839SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman119522005-05-17 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): Southeast of Lower Otay Lake, just south of Otay Lakes Road near a pond SE of the reserve entrance
SD176111SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory1202003-05-10 San DiegoWright′s Field - Mesa Del Arroz Preserve, Alpine, CA
SD176112SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory18202005-07-17 San DiegoDouble S Ranch, N of Angel Mountain Road, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, 2 mi W of Lake Henshaw, 4 mi E of Pine Mountain summit
SD176113SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory15932005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, S end of Laguna Meadow, N of Sunrise Hwy, 1 mile NE of Crouch Valley
SD177445SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory4852003-06-17 San DiegoAlpine, South end of Mesa Del Arroz Preserve on the old Findel Ranch
SD178022SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman128322006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; western side of the large central meadow around a small dried pond
SD18127SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCatharine Woods.n.1937-06-28 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
SD187546SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLarry Hendrickson10582005-06-16 San DiegoLos Caballos equestrian campground, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. 0.8 air mile north of Stonewall Peak. 0.3 mi east of State Hwy 79, a short distance up access road to campground., .
SD188629SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisL. Louise Jee802006-06-10 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park, north (354.14 ° TN, 0.97 miles) of Little Stonewall Peak, 0.15 miles east from the intersection of (Los Vaqueros Camp Rd) Soapstone Grade road & Stonewall Mine road in the trace of an old NW-SE running ranch road cut.
SD194701SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMargaret R. Mulligan19522007-05-09 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, just west of Roblar Rd, at its intersection with Basilone Rd, in the India Training Area.
SD198846SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman181582009-06-16 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park: south of Middle Peak; along the creek and in the valley southeast of the junction of Azalea Spring Fire Road and Milk Ranch Road
SD200586SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMargaret R. Mulligan25832008-05-22 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Oscar Two Training Area, along south side of Stuart Mesa Rd, 0.25 W of intersection Stuart Mesa Rd and Flores Ct., ca. 1-3 mi SE of Las Flores Creek.
SD200587SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMargaret R. Mulligan25342008-05-05 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base. Wire Mountain 1 Housing Area, along E side Wire Mountain Road, approx. 1 1-3 NE of its intersection with Vandegrift Blvd.
SD209868SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman199282010-07-08 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Cutca Valley on the lower northern slope of Palomar Mountain; along Cutca Valley Truck Trail
SD21059SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander54821938-05-04 San Diego0.5 mile west of Linda Vista, Kearney Mesa.
SD21528SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander57711938-05-23 San DiegoCorner Federal Blvd. & Euclid.
SD21529SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander57721938-05-23 San DiegoProctor Valley.
SD21541SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander57841938-05-25 San DiegoRainbow Valley.
SD216537SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisW. P. Armstrong13492009-05-30 Santa BarbaraRidge south of Gaviota Pass on the Overlook Trail (Fire Road). Fire road accessible via freeway access road on south side of Gaviota Pass.
SD216538SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisW. P. Armstrong13502009-05-30 Santa BarbaraWest side of Gaviota Pass (Hwy 101) along Overlook Fire Road. On grassy ridge top approx.1.6 miles from locked gate. In dry, cracked clay soil along road.
SD216634SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon P. Rebman211532011-04-20 San DiegoCanon: Victor Training Area; south of Las Pulgas Road, west of I-5, on a coastal mesa above the beach; just west of an airstrip
SD217431SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGena Calcarone1832005-04-25 San DiegoRamona Grassland Preserve, about 0.5 W of Sawday Rd. and Daley St., 120 yds W of Ramona Airport Rd.
SD217432SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJeannie Gregory24882007-05-15 San DiegoRamona, The Nature Conservancy, Ramona Grasslands Preserve, 2 W of Ramona Airport, 0 NW of intersection of Highland Valley Road and Rangeland Road, just S of Santa Maria Creek
SD217433SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisVictoria Marshall8662008-05-08 San DiegoSouth Poway Trail. Collection area ca 1.2 mi E of the intersection of Pomerado and Metate Rds., and 0.3 NE of intersection of Community Rd. and Stowe Dr.
SD217434SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMelanie S. Johnson122005-05-12 San DiegoOtay, Lower Otay Lake, just N of Buschalaugh Cove, South of Otay Lakes Road, mesa located immediately South of Lower Otay Lake - MSCP Dudleya variegata, Bloomeria clevelandii, Vernal Pools monitoring site
SD217436SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLayla Aerne Hains1812009-06-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Palomar Mountain. About 2.75 WNW of Palomar Mountain Observatory and 0.5 mi E of Gordon Point (air miles). Along the south side of Palomar Divide Road.
SD217437SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJan E. Maxted5832008-05-31 San DiegoBratton Valley, land surrounding 18569 Deerhorn Valley Rd, 9 mi E of Jamul, SE of Lyons Peak, 0.35 mi SE of intersection of Honey Springs Rd & Deerhorn Valley Rd.
SD21770SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander59941938-06-05 San DiegoPine Hills.
SD222126SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvin44552005-06-29 San DiegoPalomar Mountains: S side of Palomar Mountain near top; S of Iron Springs Creek; near mile marker 49 W side of Canfield Road (S6). Lower portions of the meadow.
SD239506SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvin26892003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: SE side of Otay Mtn., Marron Valley, along Cottonwood Creek ca. 1 N of the Mexican border.
SD252701SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJerilyn Hirshberg23102011-06-12 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; NW of Cuyamaca Mtns, 0.5 mile south of gate to McGee Flat on Eagle Peak Road, vicinity of 1.6 miles SSW of intersection of Eagle Peak Road with Boulder Creek Road
SD261401SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJon Rebman332802017-05-12 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Barber Mountain: west of Barrett Lake and southeast of the junction of Honey Springs Road and Lyons Valley Road; along Forest Rte. 17S10-Barber Mountain Road, open meadow a surrounding chaparral
SD264370SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSusan T. Welker14331994-06-14 San DiegoSouthwest of Julian, west of Pine Hills, north of Eagle Peak Road, southeast of San Diego River, south of Iron Springs Canon. Stock watering pond. Grid L18.
SD26974SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander83091940-04-23 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe.
SD27681SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank F. Gander87751940-06-11 San DiegoMeadow on road to Observatory, Palomar.
SD39084SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrances McCulloch10301931-05-17 VenturaOjai Valley, sandy, near roadside.
SD39094SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisEdith A. Purer69651936-05-05 San DiegoVernal pool, dry, Camp Kearney Mesa.
SD633SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1922-05-20 San DiegoAdobe fields, East San Diego.
SD636SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMary S. Snyders.n.1897-04-28 San DiegoUniversity Heights, San Diego.
SD6368SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisUnknowns.n.1874-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
SD637SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisUnknowns.n.1920-06-20 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains. (IPB 6-06)
SD6370SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisUnknowns.n.1875-05-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
SD6371SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisUnknowns.n.1884-07-13 San DiegoJulian.
SD6373SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDaniel Clevelands.n.1888-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
SD6375SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDaniel Clevelands.n.1885-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
SD6378SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDaniel Clevelands.n.1880-05-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino.
SD6393SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDaniel Clevelands.n.1885-04-13 San DiegoSan Diego.
SD70955SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Mitchel Beauchamp5341967-05-14 San DiegoIn field south of Siempre Viva Road, Loma Alta, Otay Mesa.
SD85837SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. Mitchel Beauchamp24091971-05-13 San DiegoGrassy area, vernal pool, intersection of Airway Road & La Media Road, Otay Mesa.
SD99533SDBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisWayne P. Armstrongs.n.1978-05-18 San DiegoVacant field southeast of intersection between La Mirada Drive & Pacific Street, city of San Marcos.
SDSU09593SDSUBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDunn, P.1951-08-05 San DiegoMontezuma Rd and College Ave
SDSU12814SDSUBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJohnson, Janelle M.151998-05-07 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park: norheast of historic dam along Father Juipero Serra trail ( appox. 50 m northwest of trail sign)
SDSU15143SDSUBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLawson, Dawn311986-05-05 San DiegoCanon T105, R5W, SW 1-4 W 1-4.
SDSU17565SDSUBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSimpson, Michael G.21682000-06-07 San DiegoRock outcrop, adjacent to south side of Highway 79 (old Hwy. 80), ca. 1-4 mile north of Descanso Junction.
SDSU18942SDSUBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGuilliams, C. Matt312002-05-29 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park, ca. 2km west of fire road.
SFV116044SFVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisP. M. Schiffmans. n.2005-05-08 San Luis ObispoCarrizo Plain; Road along Pipeline Road, 1.3 miles from its intersection with Soda Lake Road. Within sight of two ephemeral ponds.
SFV116045SFVBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisP. Saadat251999-05-16 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Big Tujunga Wash. West of Westcott Ave. and south of Grove St.
UC1134003UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisG. T. Nordstrom5151935-05-04 Kern4 3-4 mi se Treves; Caliente Quadrangle
UC1134005UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. M. Belshaw2136A1936-05-19 Monterey1-2 mi e Watsonville Junc.; San Juan Bautista Quadrangle
UC1134006UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. M. Belshaw21841936-05-21 San Benito2 1-2 mi ne San Juan Bautista (Plot 17); San Juan Bautista Quadrangle
UC1134007UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. M. Belshaw21521936-05-19 Monterey2 mi sw Aromas (Plot 3); San Juan Bautista Quadrangle
UC1134008UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisT. M. Hendrix2461937-06-03 San Luis Obispo2 3-4 mi nw El Dorado School; Pozo Quadrangle
UC1296352UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover78651950-04-30 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Road 17 mi e Creston (sunny slope)
UC1299329UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFreed W. Hoffman14051947-05-12 San Benitoe Panoche Pass
UC1375344UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGary D. Cromwell, David Wheat6901971-05-23 Los Angeles2 mi ne Glendora (ne slope above lower canyon); Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mts., Mystic Canon
UC143023UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisT. S. Brandegee1894-06-13 San DiegoJulian
UC143032UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisT. S. Brandegee1904-06-20 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
UC1442859UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus7471967-05-01 Tulareroad to Calif. Hot Springs 4.35 mi e Ducor (fence row on n side of road)
UC1442860UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus7461967-05-01 Tulareon California Hot Springs Road 0.85 mi e Fountain Springs (e road bank)
UC1442861UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus7431967-04-14 Kernin field opposite (north) Bakersfield Dump (on Hart Memorial hwy)
UC1442877UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus6621966-05-02 San DiegoNW of junction of Airway road and La Media Road Otay Mesa
UC1442878UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus6591966-05-01 Tulareimmediately n Avenue 96 and Old Highway 96 (n edge of Terra Bella, in ditch between road and railroad tracks); Terra Bella
UC1442885UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTheodore F. Niehaus6321966-04-11 KernGarces highway w Woody; Garces Monument
UC144622UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisA. A. Heller76371905-04-10 Kernnear Oil City
UC188690UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSamuel B. Parish19311887-04-01 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
UC188701UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSamuel B. Parish16601884-08-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
UC310688UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisPhilip A. Munz101141926-04-07 Kern10 mi se Bakersfield
UC3258UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisHarley P. Chandler1897-07-21 San Bernardinopasture San Bernardino Mts.
UC3324UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGeo. F. Reinhardt1897-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
UC3325UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMrs. Gregory1891-01-01 San Diego
UC3326UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisH. M. Hall20931901-06-01 Riversidemeadows in vicinity Strawberry Valley; San Jacinto Mountains
UC3348UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisW. G. Wright18141878-06-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
UC450924UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFay A. Macfadden26131931-03-03 Kernroadside near Edison
UC501617UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank W. Peirson48111924-06-23 San Diegomeadows at head Doane Valley; Palomar Mt.
UC505571UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. W. Voegelin1951933-05-16 Kern1 1-2 mi ne Kernville; Hot Springs
UC520133UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. Epling, M. Darsie, C. Knox, Wm. Robison1932-06-23 San Diegonear Cuyamaca Lake
UC575296UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDavid D. Keck, J. Clausen31681935-04-11 Kernsandy creek bed about 4 mi nw Tejon Ranch House (ca 8 mi s of Comanche Point, halfway between El Paso Creek and Tejon Creek)
UC618193UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover40831939-05-05 Kernoil field n Poso Creek (on road from Oildale to woody);; field N of Poso Creek on road from Oildale to Woody, Kern Co.
UC635227UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank W. Peirson48341924-06-25 San Diegonear Little Lake; Laguna Mts.
UC650520UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisIra L. Wiggins31731928-06-15 San Diegodry hillside above Cuyamaca Lake
UC702848UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCharles B. Fiker35681946-06-05 San DiegoCuyamaca Reservoir
UC768707UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover34861938-05-28 San BenitoHollister Airport
UC768708UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR. F. Hoover40831939-05-05 Kernoilfields n Poso Creek (on Oildale-Woody road)
UC843558UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson65371935-06-05 San BernardinoSquint′s Marsh
UC843599UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisC. Epling, M. Darsie, C. Knox, Wm. Robison1932-06-23 San Diegonear Cuyamaca Lake
UC843604UCJEPSBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisE. G. Anderson1935-05-20 KernTehachepi Mts.
UCR104641UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisD.E. Bramlet23361993-05-04 RiversideMonument Peak Valley. 7 W of Monument Peak and 76 m north of the E-W tending dirt road that is between Black Rocks and Monument Peak. 1.2 km SW of the bend (Sec.17) area of Cajalco Rd.
UCR127122UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGeorge K. Helmkamp38671998-05-19 MontereySan Antonio Rd 0.7 mile north of G-14 (Interlake Rd between San Antonio and Nacimiento reservoirs)
UCR14996UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisKirk Taylor760523--161976-05-23 RiversideMesa de Colorado, 9 miles west of Murrieta on Tenaja Rd.
UCR16041UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLoretta Batess.n.1978-05-27 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: Mesa de Burro south of Tenaja Road, 4 mi west of Murrieta
UCR16042UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSheila Riddell730517--011973-05-17 Riverside8 mi west of Perris on Hwy 74
UCR161564UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvin44552005-06-29 San Diegosouth side of Palomar Mtn near top; south of Iron Springs Creek; near mile marker 49 on west side of Canfield Road (S6)
UCR17054UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisCharlotte M. Bringle670708--421967-07-08 San BernardinoState Hwy past Lake Arrowhead, to end of the pavement at the rifle range, San Bernardino National Forest
UCR182519UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitch Provance65662005-05-17 RiversideTerra Cotta, Nichols Rd. Wetland at Alberhill Creek, c. 100 yards SE of the Durant RR siding, the site bordered along the NW by Pierce St. and on the N by Alberhill Creek, with Baker St. more or less bisecting the collection site
UCR191615UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisT.B. Salvato34042008-05-02 San Diegoc. 10 miles northeast of San Diego near Santee, west of Santee Lakes and north of Mast Boulevard, north of the electrical substation
UCR202578UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White123912008-07-08 RiversideJohnson Meadows
UCR213833UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisScott D. White128482009-05-21 RiversideMcMullen Flat area, 0.35 north on Valley Hi Drive, from intersection with Twin Pines Road
UCR216376UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisDan S. Cooper510--48A2010-05-10 Los AngelesForest Lawn Cemetery, Burbank, lower Royce Canon, near Griffith Park
UCR218065UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisSteve Boyd122842010-05-28 RiversideElsinore Peak, just south of trail along old Main Divide Road at easternmost clay knoll east of main peak
UCR224302UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJustin M. Wood7362009-05-16 KernFay Creek, tributary of the South Fork of the Kern River, via Fay Ranch Road, 4.5 air mi north of Weldon, Hwy 178
UCR23233UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMelody Lardner1951981-05-31 RiversideTenaja Rd., 2.5 mi from the corner of Calle Collina Rd. and Tenaja Rd., 0.5 mi east of Squaw Mtn
UCR237893UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvins.n.2004-06-08 San BernardinoRock Camp
UCR238068UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMark A. Elvin35522004-06-29 San Bernardinowest of Crab Flats along creek at FS Rd. 3N34 crossing
UCR25753UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJohn C. Roos23491937-07-31 San BernardinoTwin Peaks Post Office
UCR27063UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTimothy P. Krantzs.n.1978-04-14 San Bernardinoimmediately north of Lake Arrowhead, crossed by road 3N20
UCR271448UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitch Provance516--1152016-05-09 KernAbout 17 air miles E of McFarland, along transmission road between Rag Gulch and Willow Spring.
UCR271630UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitch Provance516--1362016-05-03 KernBrite Valley, S of Tehachapi, knoll at the intersection of Banducci Rd. and Highline Rd.
UCR277459UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitch Provance172352010-05-28 San DiegoSoutheast of San Ysidro High School, vicinity of Finger Canon and the adjacent portion of Dillon Canon
UCR280724UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMitch Provance417--242017-04-27 RiversideBaker St., 0.05-0.15 miles SE of Pierce St.
UCR282213UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisGary Hanss.n.2010-05-09 Los AngelesForest Lawn, near Griffith Park
UCR283996UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Thomas33722004-05-14 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, NE Pleito Hills
UCR285005UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Thomas22211998-06-07 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, top of steep road out of upper Pleitito Cyn.
UCR30554UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJohn C. Roos22411937-06-14 San DiegoNear Descanso Junction
UCR35294UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisLouis B. Ziegler3861969-07-01 RiversideMeadows of May Valley, Upper Hurkey Creek
UCR3891UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJohn Minnich640620--61964-06-20 San Diegonear De Luz
UCR43786UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisR.F. Thorne606431985-05-18 RiversideSanta Rosa Plateau: Mesa de Colorado
UCR4519UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisFrank C. Vasek600505--041960-05-05 KernRancheria Rd., 9 miles NE of its junction with State Hwy 1 NE of Bakersfield
UCR62090UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisJack Eastons.n.1990-05-07 RiversideFrench Valley near the airport, c. 0.25 NE of the intersection of Winchester Rd. and Borell Rd
UCR62192UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisKathy Harpers.n.1989-05-20 KernCaliente-Bodfish Rd. [Co. Rd. 483], between Walker Basin Rd. and Breckenridge Mountain Rd.
UCR83645UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisA.C. Sanders148911994-06-19 San BernardinoKinley Creek above the Hwy 173 bridge, toward the Pinnacles
UCR83750UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisA.C. Sanders148721994-06-19 San Bernardinoupper Miller Canon, east fork of west fork of Mojave River, above the confluence with Houston Creek, along FSR 2N37
UCR88500UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisA.C. Sanders173491995-06-18 San BernardinoBacon Flats, along a small stream crossing the Deep Creek road (3N34)
UCR90873UCRBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisKathy Harpers.n.1989-05-06 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument, Shirttail Canon Rd. (out of park)
UCSB039242UCSBBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisMichael E. Theroux1531982-04-21 KernBreckenridge Rd. adjacent to Guimarra Vineyards, 2-3 mi east of Commanche Dr.
UCSB70399UCSBBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisRick A. Burgess2331983-05-28 VenturaSulphur Mtn. Near east end of East Sulphur Mtn. Rd (Old County Rd. unmaintained).
VVC4710VVCBrodiaea terrestris subsp. kernensisTim Thomas12581988-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Stunt Ranch meadows below homestead site.; MalibuTransverse Ranges

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