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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC107456DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBeecher Crampton6221950-07-28 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Richmond.
AHUC107457DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBeecher Crampton88581972-07-26 PlacerPlacer County: ca. 1 mile west of Cisco Grove on Interstate 80.
AHUC107458DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. A. Beetle26301940-09-09 AlamedaAlameda Co.: Near Berkeley Pier, shore of San Francisco Bay.
CAS-BOT21113CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusShevock, James R.34121974-04-28 OrangeSouth Coast Ranges. Upper Newport Bay, city of Newport Beach.
CAS-BOT21114CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusShevock, James R.22921972-09-27 OrangeSouth Coast Ranges. Upper Newport Bay, city of Newport Beach.
CAS-BOT280862CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMcClintock, Elizabeth; Reeberg, Pauls.n.1989-05-02 San MateoSan Bruno Mountains. PG&E Marsh
CAS-BOT290549CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRubtzoff, Peter52211963-08-17 SonomaSalt marsh near Petaluma River just east of Petaluma.
CAS-BOT290565CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRubtzoff, Peter45791960-10-29 SonomaBodega Harbor Marsh.
CAS-BOT290567CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRubtzoff, Peter63061970-08-18 Sonoma5 miles north of Sears Point.
CAS-BOT31355CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-10-06 VenturaNear mouth of Ventura River.
CAS-BOT31356CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPollard, Henry M.s.n.1957-09-21 Santa BarbaraSo Pac RR Sandyland near Carpinteria.
CAS-BOT31357CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusParish, Samuel B.110241916-09-14 Santa BarbaraSalt Marshes.
CAS-BOT31358CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusParish, Samuel B.114951969-07-19 San Luis ObispoSouth of Pismo Creek near Pismo Beach.
CAS-BOT31359CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHardham, Clare B.27421957-11-07 San Luis ObispoEdge of deep water in Cayucos Creek.
CAS-BOT479723CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusYork, Dana27782002-04-10 InyoDeath Valley National Park. Saline Valley, shore of Salt Lake
CAS-BOT646495CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRawlings, John; Cummings, Alice26462020-01-07 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve; NE border of Preserve at former Boething Tree Nursery site
CAS-BOT75492CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAhart, Lowell32261981-11-06 ButteGray Lodge, southwest of Gridley.
CAS-BOT75493CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja62211988-05-28 SolanoSuisun Marsh. Between Roadcut Hill and Goat Island. West of Grizzly Island Road across from Suisun Hill.
CAS-BOT75494CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja54261984-08-26 SonomaWillow Creek Road.
CAS-BOT75495CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWhite, Scott D.45361996-09-22 RiversidePerris. Nuevo Road near intersection with Wilson Avenue, west of the San Jacinto River crossing.
CAS-BOT75496CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve83331994-09-21 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. ″Cow Spring Pond″. Sag pond on the San Andreas Fault Zone at the north foot of Liebre Mountains. And on the south side of West Oakdale Canyon Road, ca. 100 m west of the Cow Spring Canyon drainage.
CAS-BOT75497CASBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWhite, Scott D.; Ogg, Steve25011994-10-17 RiversideTemecula Valley. City of Temecula, Murrieta Creek channel at confluence with Sta. Gertrudis Creek.
CATA00403CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark L. Hoefs5291974-09-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor, just behind sand dune
CATA00566CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark L. Hoefs8311975-08-07 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
CATA01204CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark L. Hoefs22561995-06-07 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
CATA01364CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark L. Hoefs24831995-07-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
CATA01641CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark L. Hoefs29241998-06-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: At Isthmus, across from Catalina Harbor
CATA01892CATABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDenise Knapp2006-08-23 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cherry Valley
CDA0029660CDABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.G. Kelch9.472009-06-25 MarinSan Rafael. In brackish ditch E of Davidson School.
CHSC102271CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLowell Ahart164602009-10-12 NapaBelow the high water line of Lake Berryessa, along Capell Creek south of Rest Area, 3-4 mile northeast of Highway 128 on Berryessa Knoxville Road, 3-4 mile southwest of Capell Cove Launch Ramp on Berryessa Knoxville Road, about 19 miles (air) west of Winters. T8N, R3W, east border of southwest 1-4 Section 30.
CHSC106188CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLowell Ahart171352010-08-31 ModocEdge of a pond, about 400 yards west of Elkins Lane and the bridge across Ash Creek, Ash Creek State Wildlife Area, 4215 feet north of Lassen County Line, about 4.3 miles (air) west of Adin, about 7.7 miles (air) northeast of Bieber, Big Valley. T3 N R08E S2 W1-4
CHSC107167CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway102452011-04-27 ColusaSacramento Valley. Extreme west edge of Sacramento Valley; 1.8 km southeast of Funks Reservoir and 0.2 km northeast of Tehama-Colusa Canal. Large +- alkaline vernal pool-marsh; mucky clay soil. In 6-10 cm of standing water where overgrown dirt roadbed passed through the marsh. T1 N R0 W S23 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sites 1:24,000
CHSC107176CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway102872011-05-19 ColusaSacramento Valley. Extreme west edge of Sacramento Valley; 1.8 km southeast of Funks Reservoir and 0.2 km northeast of Tehama-Colusa Canal. In 0-6 cm of standing water where overgrown dirt roadbed passed through the marsh. T1 N R0 W S23 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sites 1:24,000
CHSC24603CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusM. S. Taylor12441976-09-03 MontereyOn s bank of Salinas River under bridge, at junc of Chualar Rd and River Rd, ca. 15 mi se of Salinas.
CHSC26102CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. Stanley751969-05-17 San Diego1 mile S of Cardiff-by-the-Sea at San Elijo Lagoon.
CHSC30499CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDiane H. Ikeda2161980-04-02 OrangeUpper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve. At the intersection of Back Bay Drive and San Joaquin Rd.
CHSC34780CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. Ahart32261981-11-06 ButteSmall ditch, w of parking area, e of Graylodge Waterfowl Mgmt HQ, ca. 1-4 mi w of Pennington Rd, ca. 12 mi sw of Gridley.
CHSC41788CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway17911986-08-04 FresnoIn Oak Flat Cyn ca 1-2 mi north of Warthan Cr, ca 5 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198. T21S R14E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC41790CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway18921986-09-27 MercedEdge of an arm of Los Banos Detention Reservoir leading towards Salt Spring. T11S R09E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ortigalita Peak NW 1:24,000
CHSC43118CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusS. C. Morey1986-07-07 SolanoSuisun Marsh. Southeast side of Van Sickle Island adjacent to the Sacramento River. T0 N R01E S USGS Quadrangle: Antioch North 1:24,000
CHSC43823CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusS. C. Morey1986-05-02 SolanoSuisun Marsh. Southeast side of Van Sickle Island adjacent to the Sacramento River. T0 N R01E S USGS Quadrangle: Antioch North 1:24,000
CHSC43824CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusS. C. Morey1986-07-08 SolanoSuisun Marsh. West side of Van Sickle Island adjacent to Honker Bay. T0 N R01E S USGS Quadrangle: Antioch North 1:24,000
CHSC45119CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVernon Oswald16261984-07-20 GlennRd. 306, 3.0 mi n of the Glenn-Colusa Co. line. T1 N R0 W S09 SE1-4
CHSC46319CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVernon Oswald37981989-06-06 ButteButte Sink Wildlife Area (w portion of Schohr Ranch). Field on the n side of Cutte Creek, s of the road leading to ranch headquarters. T1 N R01E S20 NE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC57147CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway20921987-05-22 KernJust up-creek from Sulfur Spring, near the east end of (public) Annette Road. T26S R17E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Orchard Peak 1:24,000
CHSC57148CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway27371988-05-09 San Luis ObispoCholame Creek, 1-3 mi southeast of Cholame. T25S R16E S30 center of S1-2 USGS Quadrangle: Cholame 1:24,000
CHSC57206CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway25701987-08-20 KingsNortheast of Lenmore Naval Air Station and just off the southern end of Boggs Slough. T18S R19E S16 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Vanguard 1:24,000
CHSC57207CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway20911987-05-22 KernJust up-creek from Sulfur Spring, near the east end of (public) Annette Road. T26S R17E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Orchard Peak 1:24,000
CHSC61189CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVernon H. Oswald53391993-05-05 GlennSacramento River National Wildlife Refuge. Main unit of refuge located ca. 7 mi S of Willows, E side of Cell 4, Tract 21, south of Norman Rd. T1 N R0 W S22 NE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC69843CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLeonel Arguello1989-06-11 HumboldtAt the Lanphere-Christensen Dunes Preserve 3 miles west of Arcata. Along the edge of the salt marsh, approximately 50 ft. west of the Salt Marsh trail. T0 N R0 W S23
CHSC69953CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusC. A. Janeway1986-06-03 FresnoIn Oak Flat Canon within 1.5 miles north of Warthan Creek; 5.5 miles west of Coalinga via Hwy 198. T21S R14E S14, 15, 23 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC76305CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLowell Ahart82211999-09-13 LassenOn the edge of a flooded field, just south of the parking area, about 1 mile south of the sign in station, Honey Lake Wildlife Area, 5 1-2 miles (air) southeast of Standish. T2 N R14E S10 near the center
CHSC79610CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusG. F. Hrusa143951998-05-08 Contra CostaSacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. At E end of Dow Chemical property in Pittsburg. USGS Quadrangle: Antioch North 1:24000
CHSC83450CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBill Maslach142001-06-06 ColusaNorman Rd., Colusa-Glenn Co. line. In roadside ditch.
CHSC84999CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. P. Janeway79332003-07-28 HumboldtNorth Coast. Edge of small inlet on east side of Big Lagoon 0.3 km south of the mouth of Tom Creek. T0 N R01E S1 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Rodgers Peak 1:24,000
CHSC88370CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJenny Marr1761993-07-01 SiskiyouButte Valley Wildlife Area, +-- 7 air miles NW of the town of MacDoel. Meadow NW of Meiss Lake. T4 N R0 W S06 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Panther Rock 1:24,000
CHSC96445CHSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig12681999-10-25 HumboldtState Highway 101, mile marker 61.40. UTM zone 10, 4 N, 406 E.
DAV152498DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVernal Pool Team 20011632001-05-01 GlennGlenn County: off of Hwy 5, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge site, pool # SAC001, UTMs: 10S0572282; 4365776.
DAV335877DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusChuck Hughes4352015-09-24 SolanoSolano County: Along Austin Creek, near where Creek exits culvert, near Sonoma Blvd.
DAV335887DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPerry S. Allen4121969-06-14 StanislausStanislaus County: just west of Grange Company Ranch #7, 2.5 miles southwest of La Grange.
DAV335888DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. A. Beetle26301940-09-09 AlamedaAlameda County: Near Berkeley Pier, shore of San Francisco Bay.
DAV335889DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusK. Esaus.n.1941-07-17 ColusaColusa County: near Williams.
DAV335890DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLowell Ahart32261981-11-06 ButteButte County: Gray Lodge, south-west of Gridley.
DAV335891DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusC. F. Dunshee241922-07-28 ColusaColusa County: Cortina.
DAV335892DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusG. K. Helmkamp68042001-06-03 SolanoSolano County: San Francisco Bay: Hammond Island SE of Fairfield. Grizly Road, 7.5 miles SE of entrance to wildlife preserve.
DAV335893DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusG. F. Hrusa143661998-05-08 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. On Dow Chemical property at Pittsburg.
DAV335894DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. M. Johnstons.n.1915-07-01 MercedMerced County: Los Banos.
DAV335895DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. M. Johnston6-J1915-07-01 MercedMerced County: Los Banos.
DAV335896DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusP. B. Kennedys.n.1922-05-30 ColusaColusa County: Near Cortina.
DAV335897DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusH. L. Mason127111945-09-18 SutterSutter County: Pennington Road between Live Oak and Pennington.
DAV335898DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusB. Pitzer33651997-11-08 OrangeOrange County: Crystal Cove State Park, along Moro Canon Trail, from beginning to a point ca. 1.75 miles up the canyon.
DAV335899DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig8511998-06-25 HumboldtHumboldt County: Route 101 milemarker 81.60. East side of highway.
DAV335900DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHerbert L. Mason135741948-05-31 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: 3 miles north of Ripon.
DAV335901DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid B. Marshall41954-07-07 GlennGlenn County: southern half of the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, around 5 miles west of Princeton. Glenn-Colusa County Line.
DAV335902DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusP. B. Kennedys.n.1922-06-07 MercedMerced County: Ingomar.
DAV335903DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusP. B. Kennedys.n.1914-07-06 MontereyMonterey County: Monterey.
DAV335904DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClifton F. Smith15461945-07-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: at Arroyo Burro (Hendry) Beach, Santa Barbara.
DAV335906DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEllen Dean93552017-04-29 SolanoSolano County: West of Hyde Road (Solano County Road) on the border of Yolo County. South of County Road 36 at terminus of Mace Blvd. (County Road 104). Private land belonging to Eugene Malitz of Calabassas, CA. Land has been in his family for generations.
DAV335907DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusH. B. Nidever331951-05-19 YoloYolo County: 2 miles north of Davis.
DAV335908DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig8511998-06-25 HumboldtHumboldt County: Route 101 milemarker 81.60. East side of highway. NIH Antitumor Project voucher.
DAV335909DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCraig Thomsen19591998-06-10 ColusaColusa County: Bear Valley. About 7 miles north of Hwy 20.
DAV335910DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSara Martin62016-04-09 ColusaColusa County: BLM Bear Creek Ranch (Previously Payne Ranch). Lands to the SW of jct of Hwys 16 and 20. Destinella Flat, just south Hwy 20.
DAV335911DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEllen Dean93552017-04-29 SolanoSolano County: West of Hyde Road (Solano County Road) on the border of Yolo County. South of County Road 36 at terminus of Mace Blvd. (County Road 104). Private land belonging to Eugene Malitz of Calabassas, CA. Land has been in his family for generations. Large playa pool and surrounding uplands.
DAV335912DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance1112--052012-11-03 RiversideRiverside County: San Timoteo Canon: West Beaumont, N side of Oak Valley Parkway (San Timoteo Canon Rd.), 1.5 miles W of I-10.
DAV335913DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.W. Taylors.n.1970-07-15 InyoInyo County: Owens Lake.
DAV335914DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann7491953-09-07 KernKern County: Temblor Range and Western San Joaquin Valley. Old Temblor Oilfield Creek: 8 miles northwest of McKittrick.
DAV335915DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann56161959-09-08 InyoInyo County: Mojave Desert. Owens Valley: shore of Owens Lake Bed at Keeler.
DAV335916DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann55881959-08-07 TulareTulare County: San Joaquin Valley. Alpaugh district: Virginia Avenue just west of the Corcoran Highway.
DAV335917DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLouis C. Wheeler13921932-03-17 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Los Angeles River at Los Feliz Blvd.
DAV335918DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. M. Johnston26-W1915-07-01 MercedMerced County: Los Banos.
DAV335919DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusM. Wiesendanger15291926-06-01 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Richmond.
DAV335920DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCollector Unknown17521925-05-16 SolanoSolano County: Cement, California.
DAV335921DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHannah Kang5252020-06-06 PlacerPLACER COUNTY: Northwest of Rocklin. +- 3.6 miles northwest from Rocklin. Southwest of intersection of Park Drive and Stanford Ranch Drive.
DAV335922DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusG. F. Hrusa143951998-05-08 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. East end of Dow Chemical property in Pittsburg.
DAV335923DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClifton F. Smith24591949-09-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Along shore of Laguna Blanca (Hope Ranch Lake), Santa Barbara.
DAV338790DAVBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCraig D. Thomsen27552008-05-23 ColusaColusa Co.: BLM Payne Ranch. Destanella Flat, just south of Hwy 20, 2.5 miles west of Hwy 16.
HSC7509HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPaul Shieldssn1955-09-15 Humboldt4 W of Arcata.
HSC83035HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.L. Eichersn1985-08-17 HumboldtCoastal salt marsh bordering Humboldt Bay, 0.3 mi. S of junction of Samoa Blvd. and Vance Ave.
HSC87533HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGladys L. Smith50171978-08-15 MendocinoNear mouth of Big River, Mendocino State Park, Mendocino City.
HSC87744HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGladys L. Smith50271978-08-15 MendocinoBig River lagoon near mouth of river, Mendocino State Park, Mendocino City
HSC93472HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig8511998-06-25 HumboldtHwy. 101 marker 81.60, brackish ditch on E side of Hwy.
HSC93955HSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig12681999-10-25 HumboldtHwy. 101, mile marker 61.40
IRVC1235IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPat Pembrook10611965-09-21 OrangeSan Joaquin Marsh: West side, c.a. 50 yds north from dike road.
IRVC16177IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon A. Marshs.n.1975-07-28 OrangeHuntington Beach; East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Flood Control Channel; just N of Warner Street Bridge crossing.
IRVC16284IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. B. Anderson5851966-04-16 OrangeCorona del Mar: Buck Gully, Little Corona Beach.
IRVC16695IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. B. Anderson5851966-04-16 OrangeCorona del Mar: Buck Gully, Little Corona Beach.
IRVC17819IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Marshs.n.1980-06-12 OrangeSan Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, South side. moist pond margin.
IRVC18013IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.B. McGees.n.1980-09-09 OrangeSan Diego Creek Channel, adjacent to San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh.
IRVC18025IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.B. McGees.n.1980-09-09 OrangeSan Diego Creek Channel, adjacent to San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh.
IRVC21709IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts13701984-08-06 OrangeUC Irvine, along Adobe Circle Road, 0.9km ENE campus center; 2.3 W French Hill,
IRVC22799IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts18331985-06-02 OrangeSan Clemente: El Camino Real, 0.2km by road WNW Ave. Pico.
IRVC22875IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts18881985-06-12 OrangeIrvine: W.R. Mason Regional Pk., Culver, 0.2 km. S University Dr.; 1.7 NE UC Irvine.
IRVC23117IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts20111985-06-10 OrangeCapistrano Beach: San Juan Creek, 0.5km from ocean, 0.2 N Pacific Coast Highway, UTM 3703000m N, 436650m E, elev. 2 meters.
IRVC23270IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts20441985-07-17 OrangeSan Juan Capistrano: San Juan Creek at the Novia St. bridge, 1.5 NE from San Diego Fwy
IRVC24239IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts24991985-10-25 OrangeSanta Ana River: adjacent to Huntington Beach, 1.6 NNE Talbert Channel.
IRVC24785IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne R. Ferren19601960-05-29 Santa BarbaraAlong N margin of Carpinteria Salt Marsh, Carpinteria.
IRVC25016IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts30401986-06-27 OrangeMission Viejo: Cabot Rd. across from Nellie Gail Rd.,
IRVC25071IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFred M. Roberts30731986-08-21 OrangeMission Viejo; English Creek, creek at Los Alisos Blvd. bridge, 1.5km E El Toro Fire Station;
IRVC26297IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin28782003-05-21 Venturacentral part of Salt Canon watershed, Newhall Ranch
IRVC27902IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders296262005-04-22 San DiegoSouth Coast: Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, N side of lagoon, E of I-5 fwy, along trail past the nature center (Encinitas 7.5 Q).
IRVC28634IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.M. Johnson42681933-05-17 Los AngelesDitch along boulevard, Del Rey flats, Los Angeles, California.
IRVC29357IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAnuja Parikh; Nathan Gales.n.2003-05-07 VenturaNewhall Ranch, near the mouth of Salt Creek, survey area 71
IRVC29727IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin; Barry S. Nerhus52582006-11-04 OrangeHuntington Beach; 1.5 km SW of Wintersburg, SW of jct Slater and Goldenwest; Shipley Nature Center.
IRVC5333IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCesareo Perez341971-05-15 OrangeHuntington State Beach, Pacific Cst. Hwy. at Brookhurst, Huntington Beach, California.
IRVC5376IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Marshs.n.1970-05-22 OrangeSAN JOAQUIN MARSH: extreme NW corner near Canon.
IRVC9261IRVCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusB.T. Gittins41963-02-23 Imperial1 mi. S Ocotillo Wells on Split Mtn Road; near docking area; edge of Salton Sea at Desert Shores (Not far from Travertine Rock turn-off)
JEPS101806UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDean W. Taylor122901991-09-15 HumboldtBig Lagoon, along Highway 101 near the mouth of Tom Creek.
JEPS101807UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDean W. Taylor122671991-08-09 San MateoBean Hollow, on margin of pond between old highway and present Highway 1 alingment.
JEPS101858UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDean W. Taylor72601978-09-12 InyoOwens Valley, margin of Klondike Lake, 3 miles N Big Pine
JEPS111877UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. G. Murdock1702003-09-12 SolanoMare Island Below golf course and abandoned Victorian
JEPS121374UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJake Ruygt12471982-05-13 Napa.5 miles south of Imola Ave.; south end of Jefferson St,, Napa
JEPS2846UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. Burtt Davy40751897-09-04 Contra CostaStege;; Stege, Contra Costa Co.
JEPS88584UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart80951996-07-22 ButteUS Fish and Wildlife Service parcel between 7 Mile Lane and the Sacramento River Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge, Llano Seco Unit (NE corner of Tract 1.1, Sanctuary II)
JEPS95898UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLowell Ahart82211999-09-13 Lassenjust south of the parking area; about 1 mile south of the sign in station; Honey Lake Wildlife Area; 5 1-2 miles (air) southeast of Standish
JROH4420JROHBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn Hunter Thomas244941988-06-02 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Beach area
JROH4422JROHBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusToni Corelli2962009-08-12 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University. Edge of Searsville Lake, dry lake bed in mud.
LA34166LABolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter H. Raven146101959-10-04 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Point Mugu; just W of Point Mugu
NY02898201NYBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusN. Otting7082003-07-19 ?  LassenModoc Plateau, Biscar Reservoir, 19 air miles northeast of Susanville.
NY2803785NYBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusG. H. True Jr.8341937-08-01 ?  SolanoSuisun Game Refuge, 7 miles south of Suisun.
OBI144388OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Keil189021985-06-19 San Luis ObispoSouth margins of Warden Lake marsh north of Los Osos Valley Memorial park, just east of powerline corridor.
OBI144389OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJan Barber791993-08-14 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State park. Area near seasonal outlet to ocean of San Simeon Crk
OBI144390OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise5971981-06-15 San Luis Obispoturri rd, 1 mi E of So. Bay blvd
OBI144391OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLynne Dee Oyler11131990-05-10 San Luis ObispoNipomo Dunes. Horseback trip from Oso Flaco Lake S and W across dunes, E to Quercus agrifolia and W again to coast
OBI144392OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLarry Kelly2661988-10-01 San Luis ObispoPismo marsh between Pismo State Beach campground and Grand Ave
OBI144393OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert J. Rodin60661956-05-20 San Luis ObispoAt S end of Morro Bay
OBI144394OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise10531981-08-07 San Luis ObispoCholame Crk at Bitterwater RD
OBI144395OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise7741981-06-27 San Luis ObispoCuyama River, Pine Cyn Forest Serv Stn
OBI144396OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil180531983-11-19 San Luis ObispoAround Shark Inlet at S end of Morro Bay in lee of sand spit
OBI144401OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil180541983-11-19 San Luis ObispoAround Shark Inlet at S end of Morro Bay in lee of sand spit
OBI144402OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert F. Hoover114951969-07-19 San Luis ObispoS of Pismo Crk near Pismo Beach
OBI144403OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert F. Hoover91651964-07-11 San Luis ObispoEdna marsh
OBI144404OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert J. Rodin60661956-05-22 San Luis ObispoAt S end of Morro Bay State Park
OBI144405OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil171841983-06-29 Marin2-3 W of Point Reyes Station along SR 1 along E shore of Tomales Bay
OBI144406OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert F. Hoover65561946-11-17 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
OBI144407OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise15281982-06-24 San Luis ObispoWarden Lake. Willow bog of old lake [N of Los Osos Valley Rd] and new reservoir next to it
OBI144408OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJan Barber301993-07-03 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park. On N bank of San Simeon Crk just W of park rd bridge
OBI144412OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. E. Riefner, Jr4-4562004-10-30 InyoOwens Valley, N Owens Lake, general vicinity of Lubken Cyn Rd at Owens River delta. USGS Quad Dolomite
OBI144413OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert J. Rodin63841959-07-10 Santa BarbaraIn bed of Santa Ynez river at Buellton
OBI144414OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrederic Hrusa110931993-05-21 San Luis ObispoSalinas River approx 2 N of Monterey Rd. E side of river
OBI144415OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil280991998-09-04 San Luis ObispoGarden Farms area. Santa Margarita Creek N of Santa Margarita, W of El Camino Real bridge, just S of Santa Margarita Rd.
OBI144416OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil211971988-11-12 San Luis ObispoPhoenix Creek inlet of Lopez Lake.
OBI144417OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil251031995-05-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Along RR tracks W of 13th Street along New Mexico Ave
OBI144418OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSue Weis331993-06-17 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB, N bank of Santa Ynez. River at the end of 35th St
OBI144419OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMatt Falconers.n.1993-05-27 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB, W of 13th Street bridge over the Santa Ynez River
OBI144420OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil240251993-05-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. N side of El Rancho Rd just E of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd
OBI144424OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil287832000-05-29 San Luis ObispoCampus of Canonia Polytechnic State University. Drumm Reservoir and vicinity
OBI144425OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil255441995-07-07 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North Base. Vicinity of Lion′s Head, just S of Pt. Sal
OBI144427OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise15781982-06-25 San Luis ObispoPismo State Beach, Oceano Campground
OBI144428OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise11791981-09-17 San Luis ObispoPainted Rock-Soda lake
OBI144429OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise10531981-08-07 San Luis ObispoCholame Crk at Bitterwater Rd
OBI144430OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise1010-A1981-07-27 San Luis ObispoGreengate Ponds. Orcutt Rd
OBI144431OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise10031981-07-27 San Luis ObispoGreengate Ponds. Orcutt Rd
OBI144432OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise14791982-05-17 San Luis ObispoTwisselman Lake. Palo Prieto Cyn; 1-2 mi E of cyn
OBI144433OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise4951981-06-07 San Luis ObispoRancho Riconado, 23.1 W of New Cuyama
OBI144434OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise6021981-06-15 San Luis Obispoturri rd, 1 mi E of So. Bay blvd
OBI144435OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise4791981-06-07 San Luis ObispoRancho Riconado, 23.1 W of New Cuyama
OBI144436OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise11621981-09-17 San Luis ObispoSmall, private lake. 5.7 mi E of Park Hill Rd Turn rt. 100 m past Circle Inn. 2-3 km on rd beyond Hwy 58
OBI144437OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise14751982-05-17 San Luis ObispoCholame Crk at Bitterwater Rd
OBI144438OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise14501982-05-01 San Luis Obispoturri rd, 1 mi E of So. Bay blvd
OBI144439OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEric Wise5551981-06-11 San Luis ObispoLittle Morro Crk, Morro Bay. Freshwater stream from hwy 1 to ocean lagoon
OBI186535OBIBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Keil232971992-06-30 San Luis ObispoLaguna Lake Park.
SBBG105080SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusTim Ross68241993-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: NE side of Little Harbor near outlet of Little Springs Cyn drainage, emptying to the harbor
SBBG105758SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSC 34971992-10-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Christi beach at mouth of Canada Christi
SBBG107501SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusS. A. JunakSR 8021998-08-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: main branch of San Augustin Cyn
SBBG108159SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusM. L. Hoefs, R. F. Thorne, J. Takara24831995-07-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
SBBG109417SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClare B. Hardham27421957-11-07 San Luis ObispoCayucos Crk
SBBG11818SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClare B. Hardham39781958-10-03 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles (fairgrounds)
SBBG121068SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess, P. Munro, T. Austin47052001-06-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Ellis Apiary campsite at Piru Crk N of Lake Piru
SBBG122191SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD. Wilken w- R. Muller, S. Junak178252008-08-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Vandenberg Air Force Base; E of Rancho Oeste Rd, 0.8 N of BM Alamos, 1.8 km NW of Marshallia Ranch; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG122893SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusK. Merk2008-06-04 Santa Barbaraeast of trail originating at Mockingbird Lane; More Mesa
SBBG126643SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. Junak60631995-07-20 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: N fork of Willow Cyn, ca. 0.75 mi inland from mouth
SBBG127275SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. J. Rodin63841959-07-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River at Buellton
SBBG127930SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess92082012-08-03 VenturaOrmond Beach, salt marsh just W of Ormond Beach Generating Station, Oxnard
SBBG128343SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD. Knapp2006-08-23 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Cherry Valley
SBBG132741SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess94112013-08-02 Venturasaline wetland in vacant field S of Cochran St, N of Easy St; Simi Valley
SBBG133894SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess, C. Wishner68632005-05-02 Venturavacant parcel E of W terminus of Alice Drive, Newbury Park; Thousand Oaks
SBBG135210SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusN. Fraga, P. DeVries, N. Jensen, O. Gasser50492015-03-18 VenturaStrathmore property (Nature Conservancy) along the Santa Clara River near River Ridge Golf Club and Buenventura Golf Course between the Ventura Freeway (101) and Victoria Ave
SBBG141661SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess74412006-10-27 VenturaWildwood Park, wide spot in Wildwood Creek just before large campground, Thousand Oaks
SBBG158875SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusNaomi Fraga54802015-05-27 VenturaTotolcam l owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River, Oxnard.
SBBG159067SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. G. Swinney83582005-08-03 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: Glendora, Big Dalton Cyn Debris Basin
SBBG15929SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusM. A. Piehl625511962-12-01 Santa Barbaraeast side of Los Positas Rd near jct with Veronica Spgs Rd, Santa Barbara
SBBG175709SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess112082019-05-07 VenturaNaval Base Ventura County in water impoundment at NW corner of 16th St and L Avenue
SBBG18610SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1963-05-08 Venturasouth of and near Pierpont Inn; Ventura
SBBG198572SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess61612003-11-07 Venturasalt marsh just NW of campground; McGrath State Beach, Oxnard
SBBG21560SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. Patman11471963-08-22 Santa BarbaraSandyland slough, W of Carpinteria
SBBG21699SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann97391964-07-17 Kernsouth side of Castaic Lake
SBBG230487SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLeRoy Gross76181958-05-10 VenturaPlants of the Santa Clara River; Hanson-Villanueva Properties. Nature Conservancy lands. South, southeast of Highway 126 and Briggs Road. Between Santa Paula and Saticoy. Santa Paula 7.5 Quad.
SBBG231508SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess24171997-06-29 VenturaVentura, Kalorama Drain, San Buenaventura State Beach.
SBBG30147SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusM. L. Long1968-06-16 Santa Barbara2 W of Arroyo Burro Beach [Hendry Beach]
SBBG35068SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusT. L. Secrest1948-04-08 ImperialImperial Valley
SBBG36SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-09-15 Santa BarbaraLos Alamos
SBBG37080SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusN. L. Britton San Diegosouthern California: San Diego?
SBBG37081SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosus[unknown]1893-08-01 Los AngelesRedondo Beach
SBBG37082SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusN. L. Britton1514 unknownCalifornia
SBBG38488SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann163281969-11-04 San Luis ObispoTwisselmann Lake, San Andreas Fault at summit of Palo Prieto Cyn
SBBG40019SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1962-11-03 Santa BarbaraLas Positas Rd near Veronica Springs Rd intersection, Santa Barbara
SBBG40020SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1970-06-09 VenturaStewart Cyn Crk at first bridge crossing S of Ojai
SBBG40202SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1966-09-22 Venturaditch along Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way N of and near Devils Gulch; Oak View
SBBG43292SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. W. Edge1971-10-07 San Luis ObispoIslay Crk, Montana de Oro State Park
SBBG44802SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1931-05-31 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills:between Casmalia and Pt Sal
SBBG45020SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusI. L. Wiggins1935-08-10 Marincreek at head of Tomales Bay; 38.0819 -122.8254
SBBG45192SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. W. Edge2391972-06-24 Santa BarbaraN shore of Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara
SBBG45408SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1972-06-02 Venturaconfluence of San Antonio Crk and Ventura River W of Rancho Arnaz; Oak View
SBBG47667SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. R. Blakley71771973-08-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Drake Beach, mouth of Santa Anita Cyn, Hollister Ranch
SBBG47769SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusP. A. MeyersDM-10871973-09-03 Venturaca. 1 W of Port Hueneme Naval Base and 0.25 to 0.5 mi inland from beach
SBBG48080SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusL. S. MatlovskyDM-5931-271974-01-01 Santa Barbaramouth of Bell Cyn, between Southern Pacific Railroad and ocean, just W of Sandpiper Golf Course, near Ellwood
SBBG52339SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Zembal1977-05-25 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: just N of Beach Rd, 50 ft E of South G Avenue
SBBG59226SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark Kerr1935-10-28 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Saline Valley
SBBG59227SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-08-30 Los AngelesSanta Clara River near Castaic
SBBG59228SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1928-10-21 ImperialEl Centro
SBBG59229SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1929-04-27 San BernardinoHelendale, Mojave River
SBBG59230SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-08-31 Los Angelesnear lake, Palmdale
SBBG59231SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-09-20 Santa BarbaraVeronica Springs, Santa Barbara
SBBG59232SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1931-05-31 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills:between Casmalia and Pt Sal
SBBG59233SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-09-15 Santa BarbaraLos Alamos
SBBG59234SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusP. Bartholomew1939-11-08 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Agua Caliente
SBBG59235SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph Hoffmann1927-09-20 Santa BarbaraVeronica Springs, Santa Barbara
SBBG59255SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1945-10-06 Venturanear mouth of Ventura River
SBBG59256SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHenry M. Pollard1944-11-11 VenturaOjai, railroad trestle near end of line
SBBG784SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClifton F. Smith15741945-08-03 Santa BarbaraWest Beach, Santa Barbara
SBBG785SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClifton F. Smith245911949-09-15 Santa BarbaraLaguna Blanca (Hope Ranch Lake), Santa Barbara
SBBG786SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusErnest C. Twisselmann80471963-04-12 KernAdobe Rd at Westminster Gun Club; Arvin region
SBBG787SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusClifton F. Smith15461945-07-20 Santa BarbaraArroyo Burro Beach [Hendry Beach]
SBBG80775SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Keil180531983-11-19 San Luis ObispoShark Inlet at S end of Morro Bay in lee of sand spit
SBBG81984SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Keil180541983-11-19 San Luis Obispoaround Shark Inlet at S end of Morro Bay in lee of sand spit
SBBG82061SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusO. F. Clarke1985-05-13 RiversideSan Jacinto River Valley, gun club ponds E of Davis Rd, a short distance N of Lakeview, E of the Bernasconi Hills
SBBG85827SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusT. L. Secrest1948-12-07 Santa BarbaraW of West Beach, Santa Barbara
SBBG94944SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. Newman, T. Murphey1981-08-22 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center
SBBG94945SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJ. Vanderwier1983-06-07 VenturaPacific Missile Test Center: near the corner of Laguna and Beach Rds
SBBG97725SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSC 29171991-10-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: just inland from mouth of Canada de los Sauces
SBBG98702SBBGBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. R. Blakley74541991-10-12 VenturaSespe River Cyn, upstream from Green Cabins area and mouth of W fork of Sespe River, N of Fillmore
SD00007808SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman37191996-10-25 ImperialSouth of Seeley, at Fig Lagoon. (IPB 10-07)
SD00018295SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJoe Barth18882011-10-25 San DiegoN side of Lake Murray; NW side of the main finger of the lake that points to Jackson Dr.
SD00018296SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPhillip Roullard3282010-11-12 San DiegoBorder Field State Park; Monument Mesa, W end; 250 yards E of Pacific Ocean and 250 yards N of the border; parking lot adjacent to Monument Mesa on the north side
SD00018297SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJerry Green3322014-08-06 San DiegoCanon of Hwy 56 Bike Path and Carmel Country Rd.
SD00018298SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn LaGrange8182011-05-06 San DiegoCity of San Diego; South of Highway 94; South side of Federal Blvd; just west of 60th street
SD00018299SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAndy Mauro772009-05-25 San DiegoEncinitas; San Elijo Lagoon Reserve along west side of Escondido Creek; 0.1 mile NNW of intersection S Rancho Santa Fe Road & La Bajada (S-9)
SD00018322SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusKeir A. Morse382014-06-11 San DiegoLos Penasquitos Canon Preserve; along Los Penasquitos Canon Trail; near 0.72 mile NE of intersection Mercy Road and Black Mountain Road.
SD00021728SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon Rebman344942018-08-14 San DiegoCanon: southwest portion of Base; Training Area White Beach: west of Interstate 5 in a salt marsh-wetland just north of the LCAC facility and south of Aliso Canon; salt marsh and edge of dried lagoon
SD00023241SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusNancy Nenow29792017-05-14 San DiegoBlack Mountain Ranch area; W side of Camino Del Sur; 0.18 mile S of junction with Paseo Del Sur; near small parking lot near pump station and small steam.
SD00030121SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Burgess74412006-10-27 VenturaWildwood Park, wide spot in Wildwood Creek just before large campground
SD00033396SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAnna Arft1592016-09-27 San DiegoVista; Abeja Loop Trail, approximately 0.42 km northeast of the end of North Las Posas Road; near a small, permanent pond.
SD00033397SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAnna Arft1952017-01-01 San DiegoLakeside; Lakeside River Park Conservancy, 0.4 km northwest of the intersection of Highway 67 Winter Gardens Boulevard, along the western edge of East Lake.
SD00034241SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman266412013-05-21 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base; Training Area SMR2; northeast of the intersection of Vandegrift Blvd. and Basilone Road; along the southeast side of the Santa Margarita River
SD00036186SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon Rebman361302019-09-09 San DiegoCanon: southeast portion of Base; Training Area Lima; along Pilgrim Creek just south of the Pilgrim Creek Lake dam; to the west of the San Luis Rey entrance gate
SD00040384SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJerry Green3532018-05-17 San DiegoFairbanks Ranch; N side of Ted Williams Freeway (SR 56); 0.14 miles WNW of Sunshine Path & Camino Liliana in bottom of canyon.
SD00040385SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJerry Green3862019-03-31 San DiegoNorth of Carmel Valley; S of Ted Williams Freeway; McGonigle Canon; 0.31 miles W of Torrey Santa Fe Rd. & Via Canon Dr.
SD00048297SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJerry Green5892019-06-16 San DiegoSouth of Fairbanks Ranch; Torrey Santa Fe; canyon; 0.32 miles southwest of junction Santa Fe Canon Rd. & Via Canon Dr.
SD107860SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert F. Thorne451031974-09-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: in black muck of shallow streamway in salina behind Little Harbor beach and lagoon where Nuttall in 1920.
SD112250SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDarley F. Howe8861940-05-19 San DiegoSpring Valley gorge at entrance to Sweetwater Valley
SD121287SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDennis M. Kubly17A1984-05-15 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Harper Dry Lake, southeast marsh. Northwest of Barstow.
SD12137SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander241-51935-08-19 San DiegoLindo Lake, Lakeside
SD123465SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert F. Thorne445741974-05-29 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert: Tecopa along Armagosa River Valley on very alkaline flat in alkali sink scrub.
SD125055SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven P. McLaughlin30181985-05-31 ImperialSilty flats along Colorado River. Quechan Indian Reservation.
SD127868SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRichard MarinM71-801971-05-11 OrangeCorner of MacArthur Blvd. and University Drive, Irvine
SD134060SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWalter Knight31611978-08-14 Contra CostaBrowns Island.
SD134061SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJoseph Keefe13-9541973-07-22 VenturaAlong Santa Paula Creek, south edge of Steckel Park, 5 miles north Santa Paula.
SD13408SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSusan G. Stokess.n.1893-08-10 San DiegoSweetwater
SD13444SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSusan G. Stovers.n.1895-06-01 San DiegoSweetwater
SD152691SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDave Silverman4391999-11-13 San DiegoLower Sweetwater River, Dept. of Public Works mitigation site adjacent to Bonita Rd., 60 acre area west of Willow St., in slow-flowing portion of stream channel
SD155359SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman74952001-10-03 San DiegoMission Valley Preserve: along the San Diego River from Sefton Park to the Interstate 5 bridge
SD159600SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Lawhead42004-04-13 San DiegoAgua Hedionda Lagoon - east end, Southeast of the City of Carlsbad
SD15995SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander25641936-05-31 San Diego1.5 NorthWest of Sweetwater Dam
SD16032SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander25991936-06-16 San DiegoPonds in Sweetwater Valley 0.5 mi. above High School
SD164890SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. C. Sanders276972004-04-30 San DiegoSouth Coast: Canonda Ecological Reserve, along Park St near Laguna Riviera Park, San Luis Rey 7.5? quad in moist areas, along channels and in lower part of marsh (IPB 12-06)
SD167355SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA. C. Sanders317852005-10-07 San DiegoSouth Coast: Buena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve, Oceanside, northwest side of lagoon near Audubon Nature Center at Hill St.-Carlsbad Blvd., San Luis Rey 7.5? quad in Typha marsh (IPB 12-06)
SD171265SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPhillip Roullard312005-04-15 San DiegoBorder Field State Park, S of city of Imperial Beach. On road (East-West) paralleling US-Mexico border fence in between South Mesa and Lichty mesa.
SD171266SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDick Schwenkmeyer1082005-04-08 San DiegoShepard Canon, just north of Santo Road, Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA
SD171267SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusIan Cain262005-06-27 San DiegoCity of San Diego, Point Loma. Famosa Slough, just E of intersection of Mentone St and Camulos.
SD182835SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman139342007-09-12 San DiegoSweetwater Reservoir: east of National City and south of La Presa; vicinity of wet marsh and meadow areas just northeast and upstream from the east end of the reservoir
SD182836SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman138992007-09-12 San DiegoSweetwater Reservoir: east of National City and south of La Presa; along the north shore near Neal Cove; northeast side of the reservoir
SD186397SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman156082008-06-19 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: along North River Road, east of Stuart Mesa Road; along the northern edge of the Santa Margarita River in the southwestern portion of the base
SD188605SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman156942008-06-19 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: near North River Road, east of Stuart Mesa Road in the southwestern portion of the base; in the Santa Margarita River bed along the water pipe that crosses the river
SD190370SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman157202008-06-25 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: south of Stagecoach Road and north of the airstrip along Vandegrift Blvd.; in the Santa Margarita River bed
SD190713SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJudy Carlstrom1242006-05-21 San DiegoPoway. Poway Creek S of shopping mall, South of Poway Rd. and just west of Midland Road.
SD193377SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMargaret R. Mulligan19952007-05-29 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Uniform Training Area, along dirt road directly parallel to I-5, 0.4 W of Las Pulgas Gate exit.
SD196010SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMike D. Angel4292006-05-14 San DiegoCity of San Diego in Urban Canon just N of Mission Valley. Approx 1.5 NE of junction of I-8 and SR-163, North of the Mission Center Road and Sevan Court junction along road.
SD196011SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJudy Carlstrom3582007-05-22 San DiegoEscondido, Jesmond Dene Park, situated W of North Broadway, S of Jesmond Dene Road, West side of North Broadway, North of North Broadway School, along the dry creek bed
SD196012SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusIan Cain5252007-06-18 San DiegoCity of Solana Beach. San Elijo Ecological Reserve, E of Interstate 5, SE of Manchester Ave, N of El Camino Real, SE section. 300 meters east along trail from trail intersection north of Santa Helena entrance
SD198053SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCRES Native Seed Gene Bank3002007-04-03 San DiegoCity of San Diego, W edge of Famosa Slough, E end of Mentone St, 0.2 mi S of junction of W Point Loma Blvd and Famosa Blvd
SD201173SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMargaret R. Mulligan28372009-04-09 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Lima Training Area, Windmill Canon, NW edge of Windmill Lake.
SD203930SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRichard L. Breisch4652008-05-04 San DiegoCity of San Diego, Tecolote Canon Natural Park, south of Balboa Avenue, in Tecolote Creek.
SD204977SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusKaren Rich2872006-05-21 San DiegoDel Mar, in front of San Diego Polo Club, on El Camino Real, about 1-8 mile south of Via de la Valle
SD210545SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusIan Cain8642008-05-26 San DiegoCity of San Diego. Tecolote Canon Natural Park. 450 meters north north west of west end of Mount Ashmun Drive
SD212401SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAndrew C. Sanders296262005-04-22 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, north side of lagoon, east of the I-5 Fwy, along the trail past the nature center Quad: Encinitas 7.5? Q.
SD21509SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander57521938-05-21 ImperialWister
SD216600SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman212202011-04-22 San DiegoCanon: Victor Training Area; south of Las Pulgas Road, west of I-5, on beach in a wet marshy area; northwest of the rest stop on I-5 southbound
SD216601SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman216452011-05-11 San DiegoCanon: Blue-Cockleburr Beach; north of the mouth of the Santa Margarita River and west of I-5; north of the tern nesting area along the beach in the dunes and marshy areas
SD21935SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander61391938-07-13 San DiegoPoway Junction
SD220087SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusIan Cain8712008-05-27 San DiegoCity of Rancho Santa Fe. Lusardi Creek, 2 km west of Camino del Sur. 1 km south south west of intersection of Rio Vista and Artesian Road
SD22036SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander61751938-07-25 San DiegoChula Vista, Slough north of Salt Works
SD230322SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman247372012-06-07 San DiegoBarrett Lake: on Pig Point along the west side of Barrett Lake and just east of Barrett Lake Road
SD23591SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander68711938-11-04 San DiegoLos Penasquitos Slough
SD23621SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander69011938-11-04 San DiegoSlough South Of Carlsbad
SD237919SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman265292013-05-16 San DiegoLos Penasquitos Canon Preserve: between I-5 & I-15, south of Hwy. 56 and west of Black Mountain Road; north of the waterfall; along the creek just north of a small pond
SD237920SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman249492012-06-19 San DiegoDaley Ranch: northeast of Escondido; west of Co. Hwy. S6 and north of Dixon Lake; east of La Honda Drive, along the trail that goes around Middle Pond
SD239487SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin41662005-04-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: Otay Mtn; SW side along tributary to Oray River, NE of O′Neal Cyn (Otay Mesa 7.5′Q)
SD248284SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance513-12013-05-31 San BernardinoChino, east side of Fairfield Ranch Road, c. 1.1 W of intersection with Pine Ave., near Big League Dreams Baseball Field (Prado Dam 7.5′Q)
SD255029SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLouis C. Wheeler72431956-12-27 ImperialMouth of Alamo River.
SD255030SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDuncan S. Bell85942015-08-12 RiversideColorado Deesrt; Chocolate-Chuckwalla Mountains region: Orocopia Mountains; southwestern section of the range; collecting at a spring in the southern section of the Dos Palmas area. Temperature at around 120 degrees.
SD257963SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank Landis2012112762013-02-16 San DiegoCity of San Diego; Del Mar Mesa; eastern end near Highway 56; vicinity 80 yards S of intersection Torrey Santa Fe Road and Camino Del Sur. Bank of Deer Creek
SD25828SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander77461939-09-21 San DiegoPadre′s Dam, near Santee
SD262762SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSusan T Welkers.n.1991-05-19 San DiegoSan Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; Along trail from El Camino Real to Santa Helena, Solana Beach. East end and between Eucalyptus patches, east of I-5, south side of Reserve.
SD262763SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSusan T Welkers.n.1991-05-06 San DiegoSan Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; Along trail from El Camino Real to Santa Helena, Solana Beach. East of I-5, south side of Reserve.
SD29128SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFrank F. Gander95651941-06-19 San DiegoSan Marcos
SD37486SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEdith A. Purer28281932-04-18 San DiegoOceanside, Wet places in sand dunes
SD39564SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEdith A. Purer78971938-12-01 San DiegoSalt marsh, Buena Vista Creek
SD39565SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusEdith A. Purer79251939-05-06 San DiegoSaline area, Buena Vista Lagoon
SD440SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph W. Sumners.n. San Diego(Salt marshes) National City
SD445SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusFidella G. Woodcocks.n. San DiegoVic. San Diego
SD450SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRalph W. Sumners.n. San DiegoSalt Marsh National City
SD451SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusB. Goessmans.n. San DiegoOceanside
SD54868SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusE. Norlands.n.1963-07-29 San DiegoIn ditch at corner of Kenora Drive and Campo Highway, Spring Valley.
SD83504SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Mitchel Beauchamp13411970-09-26 San DiegoSouth side of San Dieguito Lagoon, Del Mar
SD83641SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR. Mitchel Beauchamp13661970-09-26 San DiegoAt water′s edge, Batiquitos Lagoon, Leucadia.
SD86559SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.W. Taylors.n.1970-07-15 InyoOwen Lake.
SD87778SDBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusF.W. Peirson57491925-04-12 OrangeLaguna Canon.
SDSU11698SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGibson, Douglas R.10V94B1994-05-10 San DiegoSan Elijo State Park, Cardiff.
SDSU11704SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusVarner, Vonnie1962-05-08 San Diego1.5 miles east of Hwy 101 off Sorrento Road.
SDSU11710SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWedberg, H.9691962-07-18 San DiegoAbout 1.5 miles from Hwy 101 on road through Sorrento Valley.
SDSU11716SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarber, C.C.331962-07-18 San Diego3 miles east of Torrey Pines State Park Beach, in the Salt Marsh
SDSU11722SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHarvin, R.201962-07-18 San DiegoCoastal salt marsh 1 mile inland form highway 101 on road through Sorrento valley.
SDSU12167SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBurch, Jeanne12V96A1996-05-12 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park. Riparian habitat surrounded by chaparral.
SDSU12674SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSimpson, Michael G.24VI97F1997-06-24 San DiegoEastern margin of pond at northeast end of Sheperd Canon. Mission Trails Regional Park.
SDSU13290SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBrehme, Cheryl S.62000-04-02 San DiegoNorth tip of Navajo Canon, San Diego, in SW running stream bed.
SDSU13640SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMiller, W.1972-08-24 Riverside
SDSU15120SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusReiser, Craig H.22-VI-901990-06-22 San DiegoCamp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: Oscar I.
SDSU18748SDSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGuilliams, C. Matt6422008-04-30 San DiegoMarine Corps Base Canon. Santa Margarita River Estuary, south of main channel, ca. 200m east of Interstate 5.
SJSU15760SJSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusToni Corelli4302009-09-22 San MateoPomponio State Beach west of Hwy. 1
SJSU15761SJSUBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusToni Corelli4312009-09-22 San MateoPomponio State Beach west of Hwy. 1
UC1100915UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHerbert L. Mason135741948-05-31 San Joaquinthree mi n Ripon; n of Ripon
UC1542875UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusHarold E. Parks1933-08-05 Del NorteEighteen Mile Creek Smith River, Eighteen Mile Creek
UC1737050UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusKay H. Beach2481940-03-23 InyoFurnace Creek ranch; Death Valley
UC1871064UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusT. S. Ross68241993-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; NE side of Little Harbor near the outlet of Little Springs Canon drainage.
UC1950190UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarbara Ertter, Elizabeth Neese96661990-10-16 Alamedasouth end of Aquatic Park in west Berkeley, end of Bay Street (between interstate and railroad)
UC1950424UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarbara Ertter96401990-09-10 Contra CostaBriones Regional Park, Briones Hills S of Martinez, at margin of main Sindicich Lagoon
UC1982205UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLeRoy Gross44242010-04-27 KernCoast Ranges; Temblor Mountains region Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains. Down the Bitter Creek stream from 34.95 N 119.34 W to fence line near 34.97261N 119.34573W. Unit # 2 within refuge. Collection site near 34.95954 0′N, 119.34890 0′W. Santiago Creek 7.5 Quad.
UC2027450UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRobert J. Rodin63841959-07-10 Santa BarbaraIn bed of Santa Ynez River at Buellton.
UC2029013UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarbara Ertter, Dan Norris16854a1999-11-14 Contra CostaBlack Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, Sand Creek on east side Stewartville Trail.
UC2029178UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarbara Ertter, Alan Prather181982003-06-07 Contra CostaMorgan Territory Regional Preserve east of Mount Diablo, fenced pond in bend of east Highland Ridge Trail, 1-4 miles E of junction Stone Corral Trail.
UC2046019UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusNick Otting, Carex Working Group7082003-07-19 LassenModoc Plateau, Biscar Reservoir, 19 air miles northeast of Susanville.
UC2049473UCJEPSBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLeRoy Gross, Sarah J. De Groot76182016-08-25 VenturaCostal Plains & Basins; Ventura Costal Basin region: Plants of the Santa Clara River; Hanson-Villanueva Properties. Nature Conservancy lands. South, southeast of Highway 126 and Briggs Road. Between Santa Paula and Saticoy. Santa Paula 7.5 Quad.
UCR0013069UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders375642010-03-24 ImperialImperial Valley, Red Hill area near the SE end of the Salton Sea, south side of Pound Rd. 0.35 mi. east of Davis Rd., c. 3 mi. SW of Niland
UCR0013070UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders375762010-03-24 ImperialImperial Valley, Red Hill area near the SE end of the Salton Sea, west end of McDonald Rd. at edge of sea, c. 4.5 mi. SW of Niland
UCR0013071UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven P. McLaughlin30181985-05-31 ImperialQuechan Indian Reservation, 2 miles east of Winterhaven
UCR0013072UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman37191996-10-25 ImperialSouth of Seeley, at Fig Lagoon
UCR0013073UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLouis C. Wheeler72431956-12-27 ImperialMouth of Alamo River.
UCR0013074UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSCa--13862000-07-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, just inland from mouth of creek at Shark Harbor
UCR0013075UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSCa--7181998-06-12 Los Angelessmall pond on west side of Catalina Harbor, on west side of road, just west of head of Cat Harbor
UCR0013076UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.E. Bramlet35142003-09-25 Los AngelesSullivan Detention Basin, in Sullivan Canon above Brentwood
UCR0013077UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDan S. Cooper713--372013-07-29 Los AngelesTorrance; vacant lot just SW of Crenshaw Blvd. and East 208th St. intersection
UCR0013078UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders372212009-11-06 Los AngelesMadrona Marsh, Torrance
UCR0013079UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR.G. Swinney83582005-08-03 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Debris Basin
UCR0013080UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR.G. Swinney86992008-04-30 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Debris Basin
UCR0013081UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders369632009-05-27 Los Angelesconfluence of San Gabriel River and Walnut Creek, between El Monte and Baldwin Park, S of I-10 Fwy and north of Valley Blvd, W of I-605 Fwy, under SCE powerlines
UCR0013082UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR.G. Swinney19191992-09-17 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Debris Basin
UCR0013083UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusTimothy S. Ross68241993-04-20 Los AngelesNE side of Little Harbor near the outlet of Little Springs Canon drainage.
UCR0013084UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders50821984-06-06 Los AngelesSW end of Rosamond Lake (dry) near E end of Ave. C
UCR0013085UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders139911993-05-06 Los AngelesSW edge of Rosamond Dry Lake, near east end of Ave C just west of Piute Ponds and east of Sierra Hwy, at edge of Edwards AFB; Western Mojave Desert
UCR0013086UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin30042003-08-14 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, mouth of Castaic Creek, south of SR 126
UCR0013087UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White40411996-05-15 Los AngelesMarina Del Rey Area; Ballona Creek floodplain west of Lincoln Blvd. & south of Jefferson Blvd.
UCR0013088UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Charlton56011991-09-19 Los AngelesPiute Ponds, SW side of Rosamond Dry Lake, Edwards Air Force Base
UCR0013089UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders252442002-06-20 Los AngelesSanta Clara River bottom at confluence with Castaic Creek, near and above bench mark 926, at foot of bluffs on south side of river
UCR0013090UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusR.G. Swinney31431994-08-01 Los AngelesGlendora, Big Dalton Canon Debris Basin, on north side of water margin, wet ground; San Gabriel Mtns.
UCR0013091UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.E. Bramlet44182009-11-20 OrangeSan Diego Creek between Irvine and Newport Back Bay
UCR0013092UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJeanne Paxtons.n.1934-04-10 Orangemarshes back of Santa Ana Country Club
UCR0013093UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAdrian Wolf2671998-05-15 OrangeLambert Reservoir, north of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station
UCR0013094UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAdrian Wolf3221998-05-27 OrangeNewport Slough, south of oil fields, between Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, just south of the channelized mouth of the Santa Ana River
UCR0013095UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn S. Davis720506--101972-05-06 OrangeNewport Beach, between corner of San Joaquin Hills Road & Back Bay Road, & salt marsh flats
UCR0013096UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusChristopher Davidson15541971-06-15 OrangeCanon Canon, 1 mile SW of Canon Canon mineral spring
UCR0013097UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusB.G. Pitzer31371997-04-15 OrangeCrystal Cove State Park, north of the N end of the City of Laguna Beach. Along El Moro Canon Trail, from beginning to a point c. 1.75 miles up the canyon; San Joaquin Hills
UCR0013098UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusB.G. Pitzer27721996-04-30 OrangeUpper Newport Bay, CA Dept. Fish & Game Ecological Reserve, west of Jamboree Road; Upper Newport Bay
UCR0013099UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusRichard A. Marin71--801971-05-11 OrangeIrvine, corner of MacArthur Blvd. & University Drive
UCR0013100UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White48141997-05-26 OrangeUniversity of California, Irvine campus. Site of proposed student recreation center, east of main campus. Existing Farm School & adjacent grasslands (horse pasture) between California Ave. & Culver Dr.
UCR0013101UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White12891993-04-28 OrangeTustin Marine Corps Air Station, NW of Peters Canon Channel, between Moffett Dr. & Warner Ave.
UCR0013102UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White25011994-10-17 RiversideMurrieta Creek channel at confluence with Santa Gertrudis Creek
UCR0013103UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders14731980-05-19 Riversideupper edge of Lake San Jacinto near Quail Lake Golf Course. Gilman Springs Road c. 1.5 miles northwest of Jackrabbit Trail.
UCR0013104UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusTed W. Fishers.n.1964-07-21 RiversideTemecula area, Arroyo Seco Creek at Vail Lake; Temecula Area
UCR0013105UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance20692000-06-24 RiversideSanta Ana River Wash, between the Market Street bridge and the 60 Fwy; Riverside
UCR0013106UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White24831994-10-17 RiversideTemecula, Murrieta Creek channel, 1000 ft. north of bridge at Rancho California Ave.
UCR0013107UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White45361996-09-22 RiversidePerris: Nuevo Road near intersection with Wilson Ave., west of the San Jacinto River crossing.
UCR0013108UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusO.F. Clarkes.n.1970-09-24 RiversideRiverside, Santa Ana River bottom just east of the old Salt Lake RR Bridge
UCR0013109UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn Minnich640321--71964-03-21 RiversideCoachella Valley, 1 mi west of the junction of Hwy 60-70 with Dillon Road, c. 1 mi east of Indio
UCR0013110UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance170112011-06-06 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon, El Casco area, north of San Timoteo Canon Rd. and east of Woodhouse Rd
UCR0013111UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusO.F. Clarkes.n.2004-05-07 RiversideSan Jacinto Wildlife Area
UCR0013112UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.E. Bramlet47472010-08-09 RiversideDiamond Valley Lake, proposed East Lake Recreation Site
UCR0013113UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.E. Bramlet3265A2002-05-14 OrangeLaguna Lake #1, Laguna Canon, c. 512 ft. west of Laguna Canon Rd., 1.5 mile north of Hwy 73
UCR0013114UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance517--1222017-05-30 RiversideLake Elsinore, E side Baker St., about 0.5 miles SE of Pierce St.
UCR0013115UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance1112--052012-11-03 RiversideWest Beaumont, N side of Oak Valley Parkway (San Timoteo Canon Rd.), 1.5 miles W of I-10.
UCR0013116UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusT.B. Salvato605--132005-06-13 Riversidec. 1.5 miles north of Lake Elsinore at Nichols Road, between the intersection of Pierce and Baker Streets and Alberhill Creek, S of Hwy I-15
UCR0013117UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance171802011-07-04 RiversideNorthwestern base of the Jurupa Mountains, adjacent to S side of Fontana (technically in an unincorporated part Riverside Co.), retention basin on S side of Philadelphia St., just E of Country Village Rd.
UCR0013118UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn F. Green13--082008-04-24 RiversideSW of Perris along Hwy 74, between Lazy Lizard Dr. and Wasson Canon Rd.
UCR0013119UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn F. Green02--032008-04-21 Riversidesouth edge of Perris, drainage way between housing tracts, west of Goetz Rd. and east of Alabaster Loop
UCR0013120UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance6599A2005-05-17 RiversideTerra Cotta, Nichols Rd. Wetland at Alberhill Creek, c. 100 yards SE of the Durant RR siding, the site bordered along the NW by Pierce St. and on the N by Alberhill Creek, with Baker St. more or less bisecting the collection site
UCR0013121UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteve Boyd2611980-05-13 RiversideHarford Springs County Park, at NW corner of the Gavilan Plateau
UCR0013122UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon M. Stewart7891991-05-15 RiversideCoachella Valley, Dos Palmas Oasis [Rancho Dos Palmas, Nature Conservancy preserve headquarters], North Shore
UCR0013123UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusScott D. White2466.21994-10-17 RiversideMurrieta Creek channel, downstream from confluence with Santa Gertrudis Creek, south of bridge at Winchester, north of Long Valley Road.
UCR0013124UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders111481991-07-19 RiversideMurrieta Hot Springs, large vernal pool on the south side of Murrieta Hot Springs Road, east of Via Princesa & north of Calle del Lago
UCR0013125UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn F. Greens.n.2003-06-25 RiversideFrench Valley, Greenway site along Tucalota Creek c. 1 mile east of Murrieta Hot Springs
UCR0013126UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusCarl Eplings.n.1933-06-01 RiversideSouth shore of Lake Elsinore
UCR0013127UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJoseph A. Ewan76091933-05-12 RiversideSouth shore of Lake Elsinore
UCR0013128UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.L. Banks11431996-08-29 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. Along Arroyo Seco, north of Wildhorse Peak, before the drainage bends to the south.
UCR0013129UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders256842003-02-09 RiversideCoachella Valley, 84th Ave. east of Johnson St., near west edge of Salton Sea
UCR0013130UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJulie A. Greene12711993-04-30 RiversideSan Jacinto Wildlife Area. south of visitor center road and north of the old San Jacinto River drainage
UCR0013131UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders158861994-12-04 RiversideSalton Sink: Dos Palmas oasis area, managed ponds near the Nature Conservancy preserve headquarters (Rancho Dos Palmas)
UCR0013132UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance17911999-11-02 San BernardinoColton, Slover Mt., SW side of the mountain c. 1-8 mile west of the kilns; San Bernardino Valley
UCR0013133UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD.M. Kubly0151984-05-15 San BernardinoHarper Dry Lake, NW of Barstow. SE marsh
UCR0013134UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMitch Provance513--012013-05-31 San BernardinoChino, east side of Fairfield Ranch Rd., c. 1.1 W of intersection with Pine Ave., near Big League Dreams Baseball Field
UCR0013135UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusIan Cain8642008-05-26 San DiegoCity of San Diego. Tecolote Canon Natural Park, 45 W of west end of Mt. Ashmun Drive. Atlas Square: Q8.
UCR0013136UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders317852005-10-07 San DiegoBuena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve, Oceanside, NW side of lagoon near Audubon Nature Center at Hill St.-Carlsbad Blvd.
UCR0013137UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin41662005-04-06 San DiegoSW side along tributary to Otay River, NE of O′Neal Canon
UCR0013138UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusTed W. Fishers.n.1964-06-23 San DiegoBuena Vista Lagoon; Carlsbad
UCR0013139UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders276972004-04-30 San DiegoCanonda Ecological Reserve, along Park St near Laguna Riviera Park
UCR0013140UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders296262005-04-22 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, north side of lagoon, east of the I-5 Fwy, along the trail past the nature center
UCR0013141UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJon P. Rebman74952001-10-03 San DiegoMission Valley Preserve: along the San Diego River from Sefton Park to the Interstate 5 bridge. Square: R8
UCR0013142UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDave Silverman4391999-11-13 San DiegoSW part of county, lower Sweetwater River, Dept. of Public Works mitigation site, adjacent to Bonita Road, 60 acre area west of Willow St.
UCR0013143UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil180531983-11-19 San Luis ObispoFringes of salt marsh around Shark Inlet at southern end of Morro Bay in lee of sand spit
UCR0013144UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid J. Keil189021985-06-19 San Luis Obisposouth margins of Warden Lake marsh north of Los Osos Valley Memorial Park, just east of powerline corridor
UCR0013145UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGeorge K. Helmkamp11981996-09-22 San Luis Obispoalong San Simeon Creek, c. 0.2 mile east of CA Hwy 1
UCR0013146UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGeorge K. Helmkamp10391996-05-24 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park-Los Osos State Park, north of Turri Road and 1.5 miles east of South Bay Blvd
UCR0013147UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDan S. Cooper417--152017-04-13 VenturaSimi Valley, flood control basin SE of Madera Rd. and Irvine Rd.
UCR0013148UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusNaomi Fraga50492015-03-18 VenturaStrathmore property owned by the Nature Conservancy along the Santa Clara River near River Ridge Golf Club and Buenaventura Golf Course between the Ventura Fwy (101) and Victoria Avenue
UCR0013149UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDan S. Cooper713--092013-07-26 VenturaSimi Valley, vacant lot east of Madera Rd., south of Cochran St.; bordered on north by railroad track and on other sides by industrial-warehouses
UCR0013150UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJoseph Cahill31382009-04-11 VenturaSan Buenaventura State Beach
UCR0013151UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusMark A. Elvin28782003-05-21 Venturacentral part of Salt Canon watershed, Newhall Ranch
UCR0013152UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusAnuja Parikhs.n.2003-05-07 VenturaNewhall Ranch, near the mouth of Salt Creek, survey area 71
UCR0013153UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGordon Leppig12681999-10-25 HumboldtState Hwy 101, mile marker 61.40
UCR0013154UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJim Andre203442011-08-07 Inyo3.9 mi. north of Big Pine on NNE side of Klondike Lake
UCR0013155UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJune Lattings.n.1979-04-28 InyoTecopa Hot Springs
UCR0013156UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPam DeVries74932009-05-26 KernBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; c. 1.1 air miles west of the junction of Cerro Noroeste and Klipstein Canon Road, just west of USFWS offices
UCR0013157UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusLouis C. Wheeler58741943-10-31 MontereySalinas: Drainage Canal at East Market Street
UCR0013158UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSR--8021998-08-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island, main branch of San Augustin Canon
UCR0013159UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff68591972-08-26 SonomaLaguna [Lake], Chileno Valley
UCR0013160UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff20831955-08-20 SonomaBodega Harbor Marsh
UCR0013161UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGeorge K. Helmkamp68042001-06-03 SolanoSan Francisco Bay Area, Hammond Island southeast of Fairfield. Grizzly Rd., 7.5 miles southeast of entrance to wildlife preserve
UCR0021194UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusO.F. Clarke670128--21967-01-28 ImperialSalton Basin, c. 5 W of Niland and 1 mi east of Hwy 111
UCR0021195UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusJohn C. Roos60771954-05-07 Inyo3 miles NE of Death Valley Junction, on Ash Meadows Road
UCR0021197UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSandra Leatherman481998-09-03 OrangeDana Point: Monarch Beach, northeast of the intersection of State Highway 1 and Crown Valley Parkway, and west of Salt Creek
UCR0021198UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusGeorge K. Helmkamp85872004-05-23 Santa BarbaraCasmalia, 0.3 NE of the village, near Lompoc-Casmalia Rd.
UCR0021199UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusBarry A. Prigge64311985-06-14 VenturaOxnard Plain, Calleguas Creek. Lewis Road, 0.2 mi north of West Potrero Road.
UCR0021210UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff15571954-07-26 SonomaLower Salmon Creek Marsh
UCR0021211UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff47501961-09-20 SonomaBodega Harbor Marsh
UCR0021212UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff20211954-08-06 SonomaBodega Harbor Marsh
UCR0021213UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff45791960-10-29 SonomaBodega Harbor Marsh
UCR0021214UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusPeter Rubtzoff78731974-09-07 SonomaHinebaugh Creek in Rohnert Park, creek bed west of Commerce Blvd. crossing
UCR0021215UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusA.C. Sanders402082012-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto River north of Canon Lake, between Hwy 74 and Goetz Rd.
UCR0113664UCRBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusSteven A. JunakSN--17232001-10-30 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. Along north side of southeast sewage pond, Living Compound
UCSB038777UCSBBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne R. FerrenUO-91984-10-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River Estuary. Along west bank of Santa Ynez River. 2 km from mouth, just west of washed out bridge.
UCSB039566UCSBBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne R. Ferren; Fred RobertsEPA - 1611993-08-07 San DiegoSanta Margarita River estuary. N Shore, ca. 0.2 W of Rt 5 bridge.
UCSB039567UCSBBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne R. Ferren; Fred RobertsEPA - 1631993-08-07 San DiegoSanta Margarita River estuary. N Shore, ca. 0.2 W of Rt 5 bridge.
UCSB039568UCSBBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne R. Ferren; R. LeidyEPA - 1391993-08-05 San DiegoBuena Vista lagoon, Oceanside. S bank of estuary adjacent to fill; shallowly flooded.
UCSB050595UCSBBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusWayne Chapman152015-07-28 Santa BarbaraNorth Parcel Restoration site at UCSB.
UCSC100006563UCSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusD. Styer, V. Yadon3962007-09-07 MontereySalinas River (Fort Ord Region N6)
UCSC100012140UCSCBolboschoenus maritimus subsp. paludosusDavid Styer9692006-12-03 MontereyFort Ord region N6, Salinas River
SD00016381SDBolboschoenus maritimus var. paludosusJon Rebman346492018-08-23 San DiegoCanon: northeast portion of Base; Training Area Hotel: northwest of Fallbrook; along the Santa Margarita River just south of De Luz Road
SHTC3298SHTCScirpus campestrisMilam, David1971-05-11 MercedVolta Lake on the west shore, Volta
CDA0039127CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusD.G. Kelch4.232004-06-06 Contra CostaMartinez -- Train Station: In large fill area north of Frontage Road, east of Martinez and I-680. Canon.
CDA0039128CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusA.G. Murdock1702003-09-12 SolanoMare Island. Below golf course and abandoned Victorian. Canon.
CDA0039152CDAScirpus maritimus var. paludosusT.C. Fuller128561964-11-10 ImperialNorth side of Hwy 99 to Indio, 1.5 miles west of Westmoreland.
UCSC121UCSCScirpus paludosusH. L. Persons.n.1932-05-11 Humboldtnear Arcata - Eureka

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