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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CDA0018674CDAArabis suffrutescensG.D. Barbe37301982-6-15 PlumasRed Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
    ELH00112ELHArabis suffrutescensGary Schoolcraft1251979-7-05 LassenTop of Observation Peak
    ELH00113ELHArabis suffrutescensGary Schoolcraft5151981-7-08 LassenCoulthurst Flat
    HSC100148HSCArabis suffrutescensJ.O. Sawyer1639B1969-8-01 SiskiyouSE facing slope above Duck Lake Creek
    HSC229717HSCArabis suffrutescensWilliam J. Ferlatte6091967-7-06 SiskiyouDorleska summit.
    HSC229718HSCArabis suffrutescensM.A. Baker31481980-7-23 HumboldtNear Orleans Mtn.
    HSC229719HSCArabis suffrutescensG.M. Riegel11061980-8-25 ModocS Warner Mtns.
    HSC229720HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple21661977-8-04 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on the E face of Mt. Eddy
    HSC229721HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple23631978-7-20 SiskiyouE and S facing slopes draining into the N Fork of the Sacramento River
    HSC229722HSCArabis suffrutescensJohn S. Palmer2321974-7-16 TrinityBear Lakes Area, SW side of ridge SW of Big Bear Lake
    HSC229723HSCArabis suffrutescensFrederick W. Oettinger5401968-8-16 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, W side of Red Hill N of Hancock Lake
    HSC229724HSCArabis suffrutescensWilliam J. Ferlatte14001972-7-16 TrinitySummit of Black Mtn.
    HSC229725HSCArabis suffrutescensWilliam J. Ferlatte16431974-8-16 TrinityBelow W side of Summit Lake
    HSC229726HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple14121976-7-12 TrinityMt. Eddy, S facing slopes N of Deadfall Lake in the Deadfall drainage.
    HSC229727HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple19691977-7-19 TrinityMt. Eddy, Deadfall Creek drainage in the vicinity of Deadfall Lakes.
    HSC229728HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple20471977-7-22 SiskiyouDale Creek drainage on N face of Mt. Eddy.
    HSC229729HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple23751978-10-06 TrinityS facing slopes N of Deadfall Creek
    HSC229730HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple10201976-6-17 SiskiyouN face of Mount Eddy
    HSC229731HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple19501977-7-07 TrinityNear Deadfall Lake
    HSC229732HSCArabis suffrutescensJennifer Whipple20371977-7-22 SiskiyouMt. Eddy, Dobkins Lake drainage on E facing slopes above Dobkins Lake
    HSC229733HSCArabis suffrutescensD.E. Anderson54901971-7-28 TrinityNear E Weaver Lake, 1 mi. from Weaver Bally Lookout on FS Rd. 3 N38
    HSC229735HSCArabis suffrutescensJ.O. Sawyer39891980-7-22 SiskiyouLittle Horse Peak
    HSC229736HSCArabis suffrutescensJ.P. Smith71961973-7-27 TrinityTrail to Deadfall Lakes
    JEPS53189UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensHarley P. Chandler16781901-6-01 SiskiyouMarble Mountain North Coast Ranges
    JEPS580UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38861944-7-15 Monotrail up Sweetwater Canon Sweetwater Mountains, Sweetwater Canon
    POM272508RSAArabis suffrutescensF. W. Peirsons.n.1932-7-11 ShastaForest floor of the interlake region, Thousand Lake Basin.
    POM94631RSAArabis suffrutescensGeo. D. Butler1281908-8-03 SiskiyouLog Lake, Shackleford Creek.
    POM94633RSAArabis suffrutescensGeo. D. Butler6101909-4-25 SiskiyouQuartz Valley.
    PUA29578PUAArabis suffrutescensClifton & Ground1978-7-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: State Line. Canon Quad.
    PUA38522PUAArabis suffrutescensJames Jokerst1980-7-31 MendocinoLocal landmark: Uhl Peak. Mendocino Pass Quad.
    PUA42539PUAArabis suffrutescensJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-21 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Haight Mountain. Bray Quad.
    PUA43098PUAArabis suffrutescensJ.O. Sawyer1980-7-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Horse Peak. Bray Quad.
    RSA0128130RSAArabis suffrutescensF. H. Hillmans.n.1894-4-15 El DoradoBijou, Lake Tahoe. [Bijou was identified on label as being in Nevada, but is actually located in California.]
    RSA0128814RSAArabis suffrutescensFrederick W. Oettinger5401968-8-16 SiskiyouWest side of Red Hill N of Hancock Lake. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA0128839RSAArabis suffrutescensGeo. D. Butler17051910-7-09 SiskiyouShackleford Creek.
    RSA0128869RSAArabis suffrutescensP. A. Munz21183a1955-7-24 MonoHead of Sweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mountains.
    RSA0128870RSAArabis suffrutescensMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-7-07 ShastaLassen's Peak.
    RSA0219887RSAArabis suffrutescensL.M. Moe5121970-8-03 NevadaAt the UC Sagehen Creek Field Station.
    RSA26884RSAArabis suffrutescensR. C. Rollins29931941-7-27 Tuolumne2 miles W of Sonora Pass.
    RSA66230RSAArabis suffrutescensF. W. Peirson101511932-7-11 ShastaForest floor of the interlake region. Thousand-lake Basin.
    RSA66406RSAArabis suffrutescensP. A. Munz166361951-7-18 TrinityNorth slope of North Yolla Bolly Peak, N. Yolla Bolly Mtns. Line of Tehama and Trinity county.
    RSA78833RSAArabis suffrutescensP. A. Munz179111952-7-02 SiskiyouRidge west of Baldy Mt. L. O., 6 mi. by air west of Happy Camp. Siskiyou Mts.
    UC10181UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensC. F. Sonne91892-6-01 NevadaTruckee Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UC165380UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensGeo. D. Butler17051910-7-09 SiskiyouShackleford Creek
    UC402536UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed11261907-7-24 El DoradoTallac Trail between Lake Gilmore and Camp Lake Tahoe Region
    UC501603UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensFrank W. Peirson101511932-7-11 Shastas of Burney; 1000-Lake Basin
    UC962135UCJEPSArabis suffrutescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg50541946-7-23 Modocne slope Emerson Peak; Warner Mountains
    UCR0009332UCRArabis suffrutescensJohn F. Emmel16612000-6-27 El Doradosouthwest Lake Tahoe region, along Mt. Tallac Trail, 0.7 air mile north of Glen Alpine Spring
    CAS-BOT248364CASBoechera suffrutescensBartholomew, B.; Sun, H.88472002-6-24 ModocE of Bald Mt., on the E side of the Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT25899CASBoechera suffrutescensStebbins, G. L.781491978-8-12 AlpineArmstrong Pass, 9 miles south of South Tahoe.
    CAS-BOT25900CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas125371934-7-10 LassenBetween Harvey Valley and Patterson Flats.
    CAS-BOT25901CASBoechera suffrutescensKramer, A. H.s.n.1933-1-1 UnknownLassen National Park.
    CAS-BOT25902CASBoechera suffrutescensKramer, A. H.271930-9-21 ShastaLassen National Park. Prospect Peak.
    CAS-BOT25903CASBoechera suffrutescensOwnbey, Marion; Meyer, Fred G.21471940-7-1 ModocWarner Mountains. Cedar Peak.
    CAS-BOT25904CASBoechera suffrutescensWright, W. G.s.n.1892-7-1 NevadaTruckee.
    CAS-BOT25905CASBoechera suffrutescensTrue, Gordon H.21421965-6-30 NevadaSierra Nevada. Just west of Truckee near Donner State Park.
    CAS-BOT25906CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.433481967-7-11 PlumasSierra Nevada. Summit ridge of Mount Hough.
    CAS-BOT25907CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas276281951-6-27 PlumasSierra Nevada. Jamison Creek.
    CAS-BOT25908CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas365461961-6-20 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Anklin Meadows.
    CAS-BOT25909CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.501171973-7-31 PlumasSierra Nevada. Diamond Range. Summit ridge of Thompson Peak.
    CAS-BOT25910CASBoechera suffrutescensAhart, Lowells.n.1979-7-18 PlumasCa. 1 mile west of Pilot Peak. Ca. 0.025 mile south of Onion Valley.
    CAS-BOT25911CASBoechera suffrutescensAhart, Lowells.n.1975-7-20 SierraSierra Nevada. Near Mount Etna, 4 miles east of Gibsonville. Sierra-Plumas county line.
    CAS-BOT25912CASBoechera suffrutescensMunz, P. A.166361951-7-18 TehamaNorth Yolla Bolly Mountains. North slope of North Yolla Bolly Peak, line of Tehama Trinity counties.
    CAS-BOT25913CASBoechera suffrutescensMunz, P. A.166361951-7-18 TehamaNorth Yolla Bolly Mountains. North slope of North Yolla Bolly Peak, line of Tehama Trinity counties.
    CAS-BOT25914CASBoechera suffrutescensRollins, Reed Clark29931941-7-27 Tuolumne2 miles west of Sonora Pass.
    CAS-BOT25915CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas133791937-7-24 SiskiyouSalmon Trinity Alps. Caribou Basin.
    CAS-BOT25916CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas136321937-7-29 SiskiyouSummit ridge of Scott Mountain between Siskiyou and Trinity counties.
    CAS-BOT25917CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas149411939-8-2 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mountains.
    CAS-BOT25918CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas151781939-8-1 SiskiyouMarble Mountains. Black Mountain.
    CAS-BOT25919CASBoechera suffrutescensHitchcock, C. L.; Martin, J. S.52241939-7-6 SiskiyouPeak above and north of Divide of Siskiyou Mountains. On Takilma-Happy Camp road.
    CAS-BOT25920CASBoechera suffrutescensHeller, A. A.134391920-7-9 SiskiyouUnspecified.
    CAS-BOT25921CASBoechera suffrutescensButler, George Dexter17051910-7-9 SiskiyouDryland Shackleford Creek.
    CAS-BOT25922CASBoechera suffrutescensApplegate, Elmer I.38431923-8-17 SiskiyouMedicine Lake.
    CAS-BOT25923CASBoechera suffrutescensKildale, Doris K.65971928-8-20 SiskiyouLily Pad Lake near Hancock Lookout trail to Marble Mountain.
    CAS-BOT25924CASBoechera suffrutescensEastwood, Alice108851921-7-28 SiskiyouMedicine Lake.
    CAS-BOT25925CASBoechera suffrutescensWenk, R. C.2062005-7-15 SiskiyouTrinity Alps, above S Fork of Salmon R, along Yellow Rose Mine trail, top of Pass between Yellow Rose and Dorleska mines
    CAS-BOT25926CASBoechera suffrutescensNelson, Thomas W.; Nelson, Jane P.60941980-7-17 SiskiyouAlong Forest Service road 17, 0.5 mile north of summit at county line.
    CAS-BOT25927CASBoechera suffrutescensAhart, Lowell53631986-7-8 PlumasSierra Nevada. South of where the road crosses Onion Valley Creek, ca. 1 mile northwest of Pilot Peak. Ca. 14 miles northeast of La Porte.
    CAS-BOT25928CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas277131951-6-28 PlumasEureka Peak.
    CAS-BOT25929CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas133791937-7-24 SiskiyouSalmon-Trinity Alps. Caribou Basin.
    CAS-BOT25930CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas132041937-7-21 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat.
    CAS-BOT25931CASBoechera suffrutescensAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise38861944-7-15 MonoSweetwater Mountains. Along trail in Sweetwater Canyon.
    CAS-BOT25932CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas361451960-8-19 TehamaLassen Volcanic National Park. Brokeoff Mountain Trail.
    CAS-BOT25933CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas359011960-7-22 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. Devil's Kitchen to Drakesbad.
    CAS-BOT25934CASBoechera suffrutescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.55221970-7-14 SierraAt Verdi Peak Lookout, Verdi Range.
    CAS-BOT25935CASBoechera suffrutescensClear, Blanches.n.1940-7-25 LassenVolcanic Park. Cinder Cone.
    CAS-BOT25936CASBoechera suffrutescensTaylor, M. S.4927A1982-8-5 PlumasMount Hough Summit, ca. 7 miles north northeast of Quincy.
    CAS-BOT25937CASBoechera suffrutescensWiggins, Ira L.135341955-7-27 SiskiyouSalmon-Trinity Alps Primitive Area. Caribou Lake.
    CAS-BOT438790CASBoechera suffrutescensYork, Dana; Stoughton, Tommy32162014-5-31 TrinityMount Eddy. Shasta-Trinity National Forest, ca. 1 km W of Mount Eddy summit, in scree just N of the largest upper Deadfall Lake Elev. given as 7900 ft.
    CAS-BOT539305CASBoechera suffrutescensStebbins, G. Ledyard70721970-7-24 PlumasS of Round Lake, in Lakes Basin, S of Gray Eagle [exact location unknown]
    CAS-BOT58569CASBoechera suffrutescensAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.50541946-7-23 ModocEmerson Peak, Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT644245CASBoechera suffrutescensYork, Dana; Shevock, Jim32782016-7-4 SiskiyouCastle Crags Wilderness: Shasta-Trinity National Forest, ca. 2 air km SSE of Castle Lake
    CDA0050269CDABoechera suffrutescensR.A. Prices.n.2012-6-30 AlpineAbove summit of Ebbetts Pass.
    CDA0050319CDABoechera suffrutescensR.A. Prices.n.2012-6-30 AlpineCa. 1 road mile west of Monitor Pass summit.
    CHSC112147CHSCBoechera suffrutescensDean Wm. Taylor213142012-9-19 TrinityDevils Lake, cirque on northwest face of Red Mountain, about 200 m ESEof the logging road end at the south end of the lake. T3 N R0 W S21 USGS Quadrangle: Whisky Bill Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC28770CHSCBoechera suffrutescensJ. D. Jokerst2961979-6-21 ButteSlope of Humboldt Peak, NE. corner of Butte Co.
    CHSC32182CHSCBoechera suffrutescensJames Jokerst10241980-7-31 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges. Near Uhl Peak. USGS Quadrangle: Mendocino Pass
    CHSC34289CHSCBoechera suffrutescensM. S. Taylor42371981-8-25 PlumasRed Hill Lookout, ca. 3 air mi ne of Belden. T2 N R07E S10 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Almanor SW
    CHSC34563CHSCBoechera suffrutescensR. E. Preston1021981-7-08 ButteOn n slope of Humboldt Peak. Butte/Plumas Co. boundary. T2 N R05E S32 mid section USGS Quadrangle: Jonesville 1:64,000
    CHSC38027CHSCBoechera suffrutescensR. E. Preston3261982-7-14 TehamaLassen Park, on trail to Brokeoff Mtn. T3 N R04E S28 USGS Quadrangle: Lassen Peak 1:64,000
    CHSC38976CHSCBoechera suffrutescensJ. D. Jokerst9841980-7-11 GlennSlopes immediately S of and below the summit of Black Butte at the crest of the North Coast Range.
    CHSC41412CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart53631986-7-08 PlumasSouth of where the road crosses Onion Valley Creek, about 1 mile north-west of Pilot Peak, about 14 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC42023CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart53651986-7-15 PlumasAlong a water ditch, south of the South Fork of the Feather River, about 1 mile south-west of Pilot Peak, about 1 1/4 mile north-east of the Independent Mine, about 10 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC42024CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart53561986-7-08 PlumasNear cliffs, about 1 mile north-west of Pilot Peak, about 14 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC43435CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart8201975-6-28 SierraAbout 2 miles east of Gibsonville, about 10 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC43440CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart14681977-7-15 SierraOn the north side of Mount Fillmore, about 12 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC43810CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart19691979-7-15 SierraOn a ridge on the north side of Mount Fillmore, about 12 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC53195CHSCBoechera suffrutescensL. P. Janeway32971989-6-12 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Forest along south side of Red Clover Valley. T2 N R14E S17 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Crocker Mtn. 1:24,000
    CHSC62344CHSCBoechera suffrutescensB. Castro4021989-8-17 PlumasCa 13 air mi E of Greenville, ca. 2.5 N of Kettle Rock, in the Mud Lake Research Natural Area within Plumas National Forest. T27N R11E S2 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Kettle Rock 1:24,000
    CHSC63123CHSCBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart74091994-6-29 PlumasNorth of a poor logging road, about 1/2 mile south of Bucks Lake. T2 N R07E S10 near center
    CHSC67645CHSCBoechera suffrutescensJames D. Jokerst24171985-6-02 MendocinoAnthony Peak, ridgeline ca. 4 W of summit. T23N R10W S16 center E1/2
    CHSC88895CHSCBoechera suffrutescensL. Hanson3271988-7-26 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Red Hill Lookout. T2 N R07E S10 USGS Quadrangle: Caribou
    CHSC88964CHSCBoechera suffrutescensL. Hanson3281988-7-26 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Red Hill Lookout. T2 N R07E S10 USGS Quadrangle: Caribou
    CHSC89025CHSCBoechera suffrutescensL. Hanson4071999-7-26 PlumasPlumas National Forest. So. Fork Feather River crossing of La Porte-Quincy road. T2 N R09E S13 USGS Quadrangle: Onion Valley
    CHSC89285CHSCBoechera suffrutescensG. Douglas Barbe37301982-6-15 PlumasSierra Nevada. Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T2 N R07E S10
    CHSC89310CHSCBoechera suffrutescensG. Douglas Barbe37301982-6-15 PlumasSierra Nevada. Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T2 N R07E S10
    DAV310481DAVBoechera suffrutescensR. E. Preston9411996-7-14 NevadaNevada County: ca. 0.5 mi w of Sage Hen Field Station.
    DAV310482DAVBoechera suffrutescensRobert E. Preston4931984-7-25 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Arnica Sink.
    DAV310483DAVBoechera suffrutescensRobert E. Preston5551986-8-26 AlpineAlpine County: NE of Caples Lake.
    DAV310484DAVBoechera suffrutescensTamara Kans.n.1992-7-25 PlacerPlacer County: East slope of Silver Peak.
    DAV310485DAVBoechera suffrutescensG. Ledyard Stebbins76931976-7-06 PlacerPlacer County: Bunker Hill. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV310486DAVBoechera suffrutescensG. L. Stebbins70721970-7-24 PlumasPlumas County: South of Round Lake, in Lakes Basin. South of Gray Eagle. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV310487DAVBoechera suffrutescensG. F. Hrusa130101996-6-11 ShastaShasta County: E side of Hwy 89 approx. 1/2 N of Old Station Trailer, and between USFS N99 and N91.
    HSC229716HSCBoechera suffrutescensDana York32152014-5-31 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, ~1 W of Mount Eddy summit, just N of the largest upper Deadfall Lake.
    JEPS109849UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensDean W. Taylor194082005-7-15 PlacerMartis Peak, western flank near headwaters Monte Carlo Creek, Truckee River watershed
    JEPS111479UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensB. A. Roy, J. W. Kirchner7171998-7-16 NevadaSage Hen Creek Field Station, about 200 m up stream that crosses road near Leopold Cabin.
    JEPS111481UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensB. A. Roy, J. W. Kirchner7191998-6-20 NevadaSage Hen Creek Field Station, upper road, near T above campground.
    JEPS111484UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensB. A. Roy, J. W. Kirchner7181998-7-16 NevadaSage Hen Creek Field Station, Sagehen road, where first close to creek, about 0.1 W of stone abutment.
    JEPS72012UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensGladys L. Smith, Alasdair H. Neilson24971970-7-27 El Doradosummit area Echo Peak
    JEPS90268UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensDean Wm. Taylor, Glenn L. Clifton104361989-8-05 ModocWarner Mountains, e face of Emerson Peak, Emerson Creek drainage Emerson Peak; Warner Mountains, Emerson Peak
    JEPS90269UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensDean W. Taylor, Ingrid Olmsted54301975-8-24 Shastavicinity of Magee Peak (Summit of Crater Peak, Lassen National Forest, Thousand Lakes Wilderness); Lassen National Forest, Thousand Lakes Wilderness
    JEPS95600UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart74091994-6-29 Plumasabout 1/2 mi S of Bucks Lake (N of a poor logging road)
    RSA0025593RSABoechera suffrutescensThomas Stoughton16392012-7-16 TrinityShasta-Trinity National ForestTrinity Alps, Trinity Alps Wilderness, snow chute below 'Billy Be Damn' Lake.; Covington Mill 7.5' USGS
    RSA0025610RSABoechera suffrutescensThomas Stoughton16412012-7-16 TrinityShasta-Trinity National ForestTrinity Alps, Trinity Alps Wilderness, snow chute below 'Billy Be Damn' Lake.; Siligo Peak 7.5' USGS
    RSA0129349RSABoechera suffrutescensWilliam J. Ferlatte1851966-7-06 SiskiyouCaribou Mtn.
    SD00020781SDBoechera suffrutescensLowell Ahart53651986-7-15 PlumasSouth Fork of the Feather River, ca. 1.0 mile southwest of Pilot Peak, ca. 1.25 mile northeast of the Independent Mine, ca. 10 miles southwest of La Porte.
    UC1409353UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensFrederick W. Oettinger5401968-8-16 Siskiyoun of Hancock Lake (w side of Red Hill, vicinity of English Peak); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
    UC2087922UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensDean W. Taylor212822012-7-19 TrinityTrinity Mountains. Red Mountain, Grouse Lake, cirque wall southwest of and above the south end of the lake. Whisky Bill Peak Ca. 7.5' USGS quadrangle
    UC506904UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensGeorge A. Fischer, Irwin H. JohnsonF-2731933-7-14 LassenLassen Forest
    UC562684UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensJoseph P. Tracy144411935-8-03 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    UC676746UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensReed C. Rollins29931941-7-27 Tuolumne2 mi w Sonora Pass
    UC703347UCJEPSBoechera suffrutescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38861944-7-15 MonoSweetwater Canon trail Sweetwater Mountains
    UCR0009777UCRBoechera suffrutescensJohn F. Emmel17622002-6-28 El Doradosouthwest Lake Tahoe area, along Mt. Tallac Trail, 0.6-0.7 air mile north and 0.0-0.1 air mile west of Glen Alpine Spring
    UCR0110945UCRBoechera suffrutescensJohn F. Emmel17262001-6-28 El Doradosouthwest Lake Tahoe area, along mid - Mt. Tallac Trail, 0.7 air mile north of Glen Alpine Spring
    UCSB032356UCSBBoechera suffrutescensJokerst, James24171985-6-02 MendocinoAnthony Peak; ridgeline ca. 40 W of summit: T23N R10W center E1/2 Sect. 16

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