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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT27013CASArabis breweriBrewer, William Henry10861862-05-14 Contra CostaSummit of Monte Diablo
CDA0016861CDAArabis breweriG.F. Hrusa158002001-04-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Coast Ridge Rd. betw. Burma & Burro Mtn. Rds. close to the former. Fort Hunter-Liggett.
CDA0019724CDAArabis breweriunknown1937-04-18 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. Northern California.
CDA0024644CDAArabis breweriWm. H. Brooks, III1972-03-07 MendocinoCovello.
CDA0024645CDAArabis breweriDon Shaw1978-03-01 SiskiyouShasta River Canon, Yreka.
CDA0024646CDAArabis breweriDon Shaw1977-04-19 SiskiyouOld Highway 9 North, Yreka.
CDA0037785CDAArabis breweriunknown1937-04-18 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. Northern California.
CSLA000451CSLAArabis breweriM. S. Taylor5421975-04-29 Butteon s side of Hwy 70, ca. 25 mi ne of Oroville
CSLA000453CSLAArabis breweriThomas Nelson3871971-04-24 TrinityGrowing on dry rocky soil along the New River Trail
HREC1010HRECArabis breweriA. H. M.HF 3001979-04-03 MendocinoJames III about 1 mile north of Coon Lake
HSC229209HSCArabis breweriThomas W. Nelson93172005-05-23 SiskiyouShoeinhorse Mountain, along Forest Service Road 11, at Deer Creek.
HSC229224HSCArabis breweriLincoln Constance29101942-05-13 SiskiyouScott River, 2 W of Scott Bar
IRVC100172IRVCArabis breweriJean Langenheim43371957-05-18 ShastaSweet-briar Creek.
IRVC100173IRVCArabis breweriLois Chambers1481933-03-31 Santa ClaraEast slope of Mt. Hamilton
KNFY-2887334-TEMPAIDKNFYArabis breweriJ. Sawyer-J.Cole36591980-07-19 SiskiyouN and W of Little Mt. Hoffman; Klamoth National Forest
MACF030167MACFArabis breweriAlan Romspert16141978-08-12 InyoBarcroft Lab Area, White Mts.
POM225856RSAArabis breweriM. S. Jussels.n.1931-03-31 LakeCobb Mt.
POM95063RSAArabis breweriC. C. Bruce19451897-02-01 ButteLittle Chico.
POM95067RSAArabis breweriGeo. D. Butler7261909-05-14 SiskiyouKlamath River
PUA21070PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: four Brothers. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA21071PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: four Brothers. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA21075PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin Butte. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA27424PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-06-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Doctor Rock. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA27425PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-06-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Broken Rib Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA27565PUAArabis breweriOverton And Butler1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Sims Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA27702PUAArabis breweriGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA27858PUAArabis breweriClifton And Griswold1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Red Canon Mt Quad.
PUA28613PUAArabis breweriGilbert Jerome Muth1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Red Hill. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA31313PUAArabis breweriBill Grummer1979-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
PUA33268PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA33473PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Brush Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA35250PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35324PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: North Kelsey Peak. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35382PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35593PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35597PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35671PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35962PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Sims Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA36052PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Devils Backbone. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA36225PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1980-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wounded Knee Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA36620PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Chimney Rock. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA36941PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA36951PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Swim Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37051PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37161PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA37337PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA37459PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-07-12 TrinityLocal landmark: Black Lassic. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA38162PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-08-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: Stevens Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA38260PUAArabis breweriMarc Baker1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Gasquet Quad.
PUA42372PUAArabis breweriJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
PUA43526PUAArabis breweriR.M. Sullivan1975-05-17 TrinityLocal landmark: New River. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA43532PUAArabis breweriHeywood & Norris1968-03-30 TrinityLocal landmark: Big Bar Creek. Hayfork Quad.
PUA44384PUAArabis breweriJoe Callizo1980-04-19 NapaLocal landmark: Bear Valley. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA45307PUAArabis breweriMaralyn Renner1980-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA45851PUAArabis breweriMaralyn Renner1980-07-03 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA45889PUAArabis breweriMaralyn Renner1980-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA46020PUAArabis breweriMaralyn Renner1980-08-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Preston Peak. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA46592PUAArabis breweriRay Larson1968-07-02 GlennLocal landmark: Black Butte. Plaskett Meadows Quad.
PUA48087PUAArabis breweriBill Grummer1980-06-01 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
PUA48276PUAArabis breweriG.L. Clifton1981-04-27 NapaLocal landmark: Hunting Creek. Knoxville Quad.
PUA50929PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1981-08-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
PUA50987PUAArabis breweriGail Newton1981-07-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA51487PUAArabis breweriDennis Kearns1981-07-21 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiteys Peak. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA56092PUAArabis breweriJimerson-imper1983-08-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Norse Butte. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA58443PUAArabis breweriG.L. Clifton1983-05-28 SonomaLocal landmark: Geyser Rock. The Geysers Quad.
PUA61381PUAArabis breweriG.L. Clifton1984-06-22 SonomaLocal landmark: Anderson Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA64716PUAArabis breweriD.V. Hemphill1972-05-12 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA64737PUAArabis breweriD.V. Hemphill1972-04-14 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA8148PUAArabis breweriF.W. Oettinger1968-08-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: English Peak. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
RSA0125502RSAArabis breweriE. W. Hicks1111917-03-24 Contra CostaMt. Diablo.
RSA0125526RSAArabis breweriP. A. Munz223501957-07-25 LakeLong Ridge Trail from Fir Root Spring to Snow Mountain.
RSA0125527RSAArabis breweriL. S. Rose351701935-05-16 Contra CostaMt. Diablo, Summit.
RSA0125735RSAArabis breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte5491967-06-28 TrinityE side of Packers Peak; Trinity Alps.
RSA0125736RSAArabis breweriMarcus E. Jones288791931-07-16 TrinityBurnt Ranch, near Trinity River.
RSA0125737RSAArabis breweriA. A. Hellers.n.1902-03-31 SonomaMt. Hood
RSA0125738RSAArabis breweriFrederick W. Oettinger10241969-07-15 SiskiyouBetween Diamond Lake and Upper English Lake. Salmon Mts.; High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0125739RSAArabis breweriFrederick W. Oettinger6021968-08-22 SiskiyouAbove English Lake to Diamond Lake trail on English Lake side of pass to Diamond Lake. Salmon Mts.; High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0125740RSAArabis breweriL. P. Janeway6501983-09-10 SiskiyouSouth ridge of Little Grayback Mtn.; Preston Peak
RSA0125741RSAArabis breweriFrederick W. Oettinger10261969-07-15 SiskiyouBetween Diamond Lake and Upper English Lake. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0125742RSAArabis breweriFrederick W. Oettinger8061968-09-09 SiskiyouRidge near Tobacco Lake. Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basin in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA0125743RSAArabis breweriLincoln Constance29101942-05-13 SiskiyouKlamath-Siskiyou Region: Scott River 2 miles northwest of Scott Bar.
RSA0125744RSAArabis breweriLincoln Constance29301942-05-14 SiskiyouShasta River 6 miles N of Yreka.
RSA0125745RSAArabis breweriGeo. D. Butler13791910-05-21 SiskiyouKlamath River.
RSA0125746RSAArabis breweriGeo. D. Butler11181910-03-06 SiskiyouShasta River
RSA0125747RSAArabis breweriL. R. Heckard23191969-06-25 SiskiyouOff Gilman Road, 15 miles from U.S. Hwy 99 on northern side of the McCloud River arm of Lake Shasta.
RSA0125749RSAArabis breweriD. H. Wilken161382003-06-10 MontereyNE side of Cone Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA0125750RSAArabis breweriP. A. Munz209141955-06-19 MontereyRocky trail down north ridge from Cone Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains
RSA109882RSAArabis breweriP. A. Munz222851956-07-24 LakeLong Ridge Trail to Snow Mt. from Fir-Root Spring.
RSA116067RSAArabis breweriP. A. Munz209071955-06-19 Monterey1 mile N of end of Cone Peak Road Forestry Camp, Santa Lucia Mts.
RSA121668RSAArabis breweriA. Simontacchi3211937-07-22 Lake1.3 miles NW of Pinnacle Rock Lookout. Mendocino National Forest.; Lakeport
RSA275324RSAArabis breweriJ. P. Smith93611977-07-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Top of Hull Mountain.
RSA296772RSAArabis breweriThomas W. Nelson19751975-06-20 TrinityAlong road 5E27 just north of junction with road 1S07.
RSA30393RSAArabis breweriLincoln Constance29301942-05-14 SiskiyouShasta River 6 miles N of Yreka.
RSA482739RSAArabis breweriMark Morris149141929-03-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo.
RSA592537RSAArabis breweriS. O. Mattoon271978-04-09 ShastaHirz Mountain Lookout; McCloud Arm of Lake Shasta.
RSA66219RSAArabis breweriAnnetta Carter2851933-03-31 Santa ClaraAbout 3 miles northeast of Mt. Hamilton on the Arroyo Mocho Road to Livermore.
RSA66408RSAArabis breweriP. A. Munz166381951-07-18 TrinityN slope of N Yolla Bolly Peak, North Yolla Bolly Mountains.
RSA88490RSAArabis breweriJ. T. Howell276651951-06-28 PlumasJamison Creek Canon
RSA90598RSAArabis breweriKeith Wagnon126411953-05-10 TehamaAbove logging road west of Paskenta, between 6 and 7 mile posts above road.
SFSU000175SFSUArabis breweriD. Showers3939b DS1976-07-20 ShastaLoomis Peak, Lassen Volcanic National Park
SFSU000176SFSUArabis breweriD. E. Desjardin11621982-03-27 UnknownEel River, ca 5 mi from Sunset Cmpg, Lake Pilsbury on Elk Mt Rd.
SFSU000177SFSUArabis breweriD. Toren2181971-06-23 LakeCliffs, Hell′s Peak, 6 miles NW of Upper Lake
SFSU000178SFSUArabis breweriD. Toren, B. Trowbridge34571974-06-09 LakeSummit area of Hull Mountain
SFSU000179SFSUArabis breweriD. Toren, B. Trowbridge36081974-06-09 LakeSummit area of Hull Mountain near Monkey Rock
SFSU000180SFSUArabis breweriA. S. Methven10581982-03-27 UnknownNorth Coast Ranges, S side of Elk Mt Rd, 29 N of jct w- HWy 20, Upper Lake
SFSU000181SFSUArabis breweriT. Kellogg521982-03-27 LakeMendocino Nat′l Forest, 8.0 km S of Sunset cmpgrnd on Elk Mtn Rd at Eel River
UC10112UCJEPSArabis breweriW. H. Brewer10861862-05-14 Contra CostaEast Peak, Mt. Diablo
UC10113UCJEPSArabis breweriWm. H. Brewer10861862-05-14 Contra Costarocky summit of Mt. Diablo on eastern peak
UC1479604UCJEPSArabis breweriBarbara Williams3591980-05-13 ShastaBollibokka Mtn. Quad. Shasta-Trinity National Forest
UCR0008875UCRArabis breweriM.S. Taylor29671980-06-25 TrinityW of Grizzly Peak and ridge, c. 5 mi due east of Lake McCloud
UCR0008877UCRArabis breweriM.S. Taylor28371980-06-11 TrinityN side of Hwy 299, c. 4 mi west of Del Loma
UCSC100000375UCSCArabis breweriCarl Meyer2831928-02-22 Contra CostaMount Diablo
ELH00091ELHArabis breweri var. austiniaeGary Schoolcraft5961981-07-06 LassenTop of Goodrich Mountain
HSC229175HSCArabis breweri var. austiniaeM. S. Taylor28371980-06-11 TrinityN side of Hwy. 299, 4 W of Del Loma
HSC229176HSCArabis breweri var. austiniaeM.A. Baker25791980-07-02 TrinityNear Swim Ridge.
HSC229177HSCArabis breweri var. austiniaeR. York2711979-05-12 TrinityAbove Deer Lick Springs Rd., along Readings Creek, 3 mi. from junction with Hwy. 3
HSC229178HSCArabis breweri var. austiniaeJ.P. Smith96071978-04-08 ShastaBeegum Gorge Rd., 2.5 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
JEPS47353UCJEPSArabis breweri var. austiniaeL. R. Heckard, Robert Ornduff15041966-04-29 Trinitynear Natural Bridge which is ca. 7 air miles n.w. Wildwood
RSA0125503RSAArabis breweri var. austiniaeAlice Eastwood17621934-04-20 SiskiyouNear Yreka along Shasta River.
CAS-BOT126738CASArabis breweri var. breweriDe Groot, Sarah J.; Bell, Duncan S.61012009-06-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Along tributary of Coon Creek, off FS road 1N02 Elev. given as 7580ft.
CDA0015491CDAArabis breweri var. breweriG.F. Hrusa146281998-06-19 LakeW side of Goat Mtn. summit. North Coast Ranges.
CSLA000449CSLAArabis breweri var. breweriJeffrey D. Prouty2041979-04-10 LakeBartlett Mountain. Se quarter Sec. 16, T1 N, R8W. Upslope of Road 15N01.2 0.1 mi n of where road crosses boundary of Sec. 21 and Sec. 16.
CSLA000460CSLAArabis breweri var. breweriFrederick W. Oettinger6021968-08-22 SiskiyouSoutheast slope above English Lake Trail on English Lake side of pass to Diamond Lake.
HSC229179HSCArabis breweri var. breweriStephen Plant2421978-05-13 ShastaBeegum Gorge Rd. (USFS Rd. 1S02)
HSC229180HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJohn Rehling1671976-03-26 Lake8.3 N on Barlett Springs Rd. from junction with Hwy. 20
HSC229181HSCArabis breweri var. breweriC. Wilson361992-03-17 HumboldtTitlow Hill Rd., 1.7 mi. S of intersection with Hwy. 299
HSC229182HSCArabis breweri var. breweriK. Irwin3861977-05-22 SiskiyouOn South Fork Salmon River Rd., 4 mi. E of Cecilville
HSC229183HSCArabis breweri var. breweriClark L. Miller5-1061979-04-21 TrinityGrays Falls Campground along path to suspension bridge to Trinity River
HSC229184HSCArabis breweri var. breweriMaralyn O′Meara2611973-07-04 TrinityNear crossing of Ditch Gulch by road to Blue Point, W of N Dubakella Mtn.
HSC229185HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJohn L. Heywood18021968-03-30 TrinityHwy. 299, 31 mi. E of Humboldt Co. line
HSC229186HSCArabis breweri var. breweriMaralyn A. Renner12771980-06-26 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, ridge along FS Rd. 1 N01, 1 mi. N of Flint Valley.
HSC229187HSCArabis breweri var. breweriRobert M. Specht8221977-04-28 LakeUkiah District
HSC229188HSCArabis breweri var. breweriRobert M. Specht11631977-07-19 TrinityS slope of Clarks Basin drainage
HSC229189HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker35221980-08-03 Del NorteNear Stevens Mtn.
HSC229190HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker20771980-06-18 Del NorteNear Chimney Rock
HSC229191HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker22441980-06-25 TrinityNear Castle Rock
HSC229192HSCArabis breweri var. breweriClare R. Wheeler36551983-10-16 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Rd. M1, 2.2 W of Hull Mt. Lookout, on W facing base of Monkey Rock
HSC229193HSCArabis breweri var. breweriClare R. Wheeler34661983-06-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, USFS Rd. 2 N02 at Tar Flat Forest Station; Bear Rock
HSC229194HSCArabis breweri var. breweriClare R. Wheeler31821982-07-10 GlennBlack Butte Summit, Mendocino National Forest
HSC229195HSCArabis breweri var. breweriL.P. Janeway3821983-07-04 SiskiyouS ridge of Little Grayback Mtn.
HSC229196HSCArabis breweri var. breweriL.P. Janeway6501983-09-10 SiskiyouS ridge of Little Grayback Mtn.
HSC229197HSCArabis breweri var. breweriD.E. Anderson55341972-06-13 TrinityBlack Lassic
HSC229198HSCArabis breweri var. breweriD.E. Anderson55951972-06-14 HumboldtMt. Lassic and two smaller peaks to immediate E
HSC229199HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer35591980-06-18 TehamaHumboldt Trail W of Long Ridge Trail
HSC229200HSCArabis breweri var. breweriD.E. Anderson2430a1963-05-12 TrinityNear area where New River joins the Trinity River, 8 mi. E of Salyer
HSC229201HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer2624B1974-06-27 TrinitySlopes on top of Siligo Peak.
HSC229202HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer32481978-06-19 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, trail between Timothy Gulch and Harry Hall Gulch
HSC229203HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer14661969-07-24 SiskiyouNW facing slope SW of Sugar lake.
HSC229204HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer29791977-06-21 SiskiyouNear Prescott Peak
HSC229205HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer23341970-07-22 TrinityNear Papoose Lake
HSC229206HSCArabis breweri var. breweriThomas W. Nelson9981973-05-30 TrinityRed Lassic area
HSC229207HSCArabis breweri var. breweriThomas W. Nelson26591976-05-31 ?  HumboldtCounty line, S of meadow along 5E27 just N of its junction with 1S07
HSC229208HSCArabis breweri var. breweriA. Thoele391995-07-13 HumboldtSix Rivers National Forest; Potato Hill, NE side of Pilot Creek. Take SR1 to jct. with 3N14, walk NW 1.4 mi., then SW 1-3 mi. down ridge
HSC229210HSCArabis breweri var. breweriB. Potter6481981-04-25 HumboldtHorse Mtn., 3.6 mi. S of Hwy. 299 on road to Titlow Ski Area
HSC229211HSCArabis breweri var. breweriRon Kaysn1977-02-17 LakeW side of Hells Peak
HSC229212HSCArabis breweri var. breweriD.K. Impersn1983-07-28 TrinityJust W of FS Rd. 2 N13 approx. 1 mi. N of Low Mtn. cutoff, Swim Ridge
HSC229213HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker26431980-07-02 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC229214HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker27251980-07-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
HSC229215HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker28451980-07-12 TrinityNear Black Lassic
HSC229216HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker15781980-05-25 TrinityNear Browns Canon
HSC229217HSCArabis breweri var. breweriG.L. Clifton107871979-07-25 HumboldtNear Red Cap Lake, close to the town of Forks of Salmon.
HSC229218HSCArabis breweri var. breweriDenis Kearns2931981-07-21 HumboldtNear Whiteys Peak
HSC229219HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte11481968-06-09 TrinityPackers Peak
HSC229220HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker25711980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs.
HSC229221HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Ericksen3411979-06-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn.
HSC229222HSCArabis breweri var. breweriThomas W. Nelson3871971-04-24 TrinityAlong New River Trail
HSC229223HSCArabis breweri var. breweriThomas W. Nelson19751975-06-20 TrinityNear S end of road out Swayback Ridge
HSC229225HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton50261979-06-18 Del NorteNear Four Brothers, No. 4, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC229226HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton51841979-06-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin Butte, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC229227HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton98751979-07-25 HumboldtNear Sims Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC229228HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton65191979-06-25 Del NorteNear Doctor Rock, close to the town of Klamath
HSC229229HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton50251979-06-18 Del NorteNear Four Brothers, No. 4, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC229230HSCArabis breweri var. breweriOverton68511979-06-29 Del NorteNear Broken Rib Mountain, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC229231HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte16331974-08-15 TrinitySummit of Siligo Peak
HSC229232HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte18821977-06-18 TrinityPackers Peak, W of Big Flat at head of Coffee Creek
HSC229233HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte15441974-07-15 SiskiyouGrouse Ridge along Trinity Co. line, 100 yds. N of Dorleska Summit
HSC229234HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte1341966-06-23 SiskiyouYellow Rose Mine
HSC229235HSCArabis breweri var. breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte5491967-06-28 TrinityE side of Packers Peak
HSC229236HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton12151980-07-10 TrinitySenteney Rock on South Fork Mountain Schist
HSC229237HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer2512A1970-04-18 TrinitySlopes above New River at its junction with the Trinity River.
HSC229238HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.O. Sawyer2553A1970-05-00 TrinityAbove New River
HSC229239HSCArabis breweri var. breweriM.A. Baker10011979-07-04 Trinity
HSC229240HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton1401980-06-07 HumboldtNear Brush Mtn.
HSC229241HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton15681980-07-15 HumboldtNear Sims Mtn.
HSC229242HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton12941980-07-10 TrinitySwayback Ridge, N face of Senteney Rock
HSC229243HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton10181980-07-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC229244HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton12191980-07-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
HSC229245HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton8471980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs
HSC229246HSCArabis breweri var. breweriGail Newton9611980-07-02 TrinityNear N Kelsey Peak
HSC229247HSCArabis breweri var. breweriThomas W. Nelson28291976-06-22 TrinityBelow Senteney Rock.
HSC229248HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith50591972-02-12 GlennStoney Pt. Campground, near St. John Mtn.
HSC229249HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith58621973-03-11 TrinityTrail along the Trinity River and New River beginning at Grays Falls.
HSC229250HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith97831978-04-29 LakeComplexion Canon on Bartlett Springs Rd.
HSC229251HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith94641977-07-15 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, 0.5 mi. E of Hells Half Acre on FS 2 N02
HSC229252HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith86691976-05-04 SiskiyouSR 263 near junction with SR 96, above Shasta River
HSC229253HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith93611977-07-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, top of Hull Mtn.
HSC229254HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith85631976-04-13 LakeBartlett Springs Rd., 8.2 mi. from its jct. with Hwy. 20
HSC229255HSCArabis breweri var. breweriJ.P. Smith59971973-04-07 TrinityNew River trail from Grays Falls Campground on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River
JEPS2731UCJEPSArabis breweri var. breweriC. A. Purpus1898-04-01 MendocinoPotter Valley;; Potter Valley, Mendocino Co.
JEPS85651UCJEPSArabis breweri var. breweriVirginia Bailey1938-04-16 Tehama5 mi w. Paskenta (on Paskenta-Covelo road)
RSA0125734RSAArabis breweri var. breweriClare B. Hardham10332-B1962-06-16 VenturaRose Lake. Upper Sespe drainage.
UCR0008876UCRArabis breweri var. breweriLawrence P. Janeway3821983-07-04 SiskiyouSouth ridge of Little Grayback Mtn.
CAS-BOT16062CASBoechera breweriTracy, Joseph Prince145291935-08-04 TrinityDevil′s Canyon Mountains. Ridge north of Cabin Creek Peak.
CAS-BOT16063CASBoechera breweriShevock, James R.; Norris, Larry L.116661986-06-10 KernSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Along the northwest face of Spanish Needle Peak in rocky granitic areas.
CAS-BOT16064CASBoechera breweriEastwood, Alice129301925-05-23 LakeMount Sanhedrin. Dashiell′s.
CAS-BOT16065CASBoechera breweriRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.68311945-06-16 MendocinoMountain top north of Bell Springs.
CAS-BOT16066CASBoechera breweriStebbins, Jr., G. L.50981952-06-22 PlacerSoutheast bank of American River, 0.5 mile northeast of bridge on Colfax-Iowa Hill road.
CAS-BOT16067CASBoechera breweriHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.422051967-05-09 PlumasSierra Nevada. ″Lewisia Rock″, 3.5 miles southwest of Belden, Feather River Canyon.
CAS-BOT16068CASBoechera breweriMunz, P. A.166381951-07-18 TrinityLine of Tehama-Trinity County. North Yolla Bolly Mountains. North slope of North Yolla Bolly Peak.
CAS-BOT16069CASBoechera breweriHowell, John Thomas135071937-07-25 TrinityStuarts Fork of Trinity River.
CAS-BOT16070CASBoechera breweriAhart, Lowell37141982-07-28 SierraAbout 5 miles east of La Porte. About 0.125 mile north of the Pacific Mine.
CAS-BOT16071CASBoechera breweriAhart, Lowell36961982-07-28 SierraAbout 5 miles east of La Porte. About 0.25 mile north of the Pacific Mine.
CAS-BOT16072CASBoechera breweriAhart, Lowell28691981-06-23 SierraSouth of Stafford Mountains, 12 miles northeast of La Porte.
CHSC11070CHSCBoechera breweriLowell Ahart1964-07-03 PlacerOn trail to Placer Queen Mine.
CHSC114580CHSCBoechera breweriBarbara Williams1981-07-01 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forests, Hayfork Ranger District; along Post Creek ca. 10 mi. S of Hayfork.
CHSC20267CHSCBoechera breweriWes Dempsey1975-05-25 TehamaCub Creek, 1 mi s of Alder Campground.
CHSC28391CHSCBoechera breweriJ. D. Jokerst2951979-06-21 ButteN.W. slope of Humboldt Peak.
CHSC28445CHSCBoechera breweriJ. D. Jokerst3471979-07-05 GlennRidgetop, Plaskett Ridge, S. of bend in road. T2 N R1 W S33 SW corner
CHSC30061CHSCBoechera breweriHarritta Gaussoin61980-03-26 SiskiyouCa. .25 miles NE of rest stop of jct. of Interstate % N and Highway 96 E.
CHSC30971CHSCBoechera breweriB. Williams3541980-04-08 TrinityBig Flat, Shasta-Trinity NF-Big Bar RD, on Hwy 299.
CHSC31146CHSCBoechera breweriM. S. Taylor29671980-06-25 ShastaGrizzly Peak and western ridge, ca. 5 mi due e of Lake McCloud. T3 N R0 W S21 NE1-4 to S20 N1-2 USGS Quadrangle: Big Bend
CHSC31147CHSCBoechera breweriM. S. Taylor28371980-06-11 TrinityN side of Hwy 299, ca. 4 mi w of Del Loma. T0 N R07E S USGS Quadrangle: Ironside Mt.
CHSC31148CHSCBoechera breweriM. S. Taylor31451980-07-16 TrinityOn e side of Canon Creek Rd, ca. 5 mi n of Junction City on Hwy 299.
CHSC31952CHSCBoechera breweriJ. D. Jokerst10451980-08-02 ButteTop of Humboldt Peak, ca. 400 meters NE of summit along hogback ridge.
CHSC33023CHSCBoechera breweriRobert Banchero121979-04-11 ShastaCa. 4.5 mi sw of town of Round Mountain on Hwy 299, 0.5 mi n of Bear Gulch. T3 N R0 W S29 NW corner USGS Quadrangle: Bollibokka Mountain 1:64,000
CHSC34562CHSCBoechera breweriR. E. Preston931981-06-17 TehamaE side of ridge; ca. 2 km ne of Jonesville, Butte Co. T2 N R05E S07 N USGS Quadrangle: Jonesville 1:64,000
CHSC35650CHSCBoechera breweriR. E. Preston2351982-04-07 ButteCape Horn, ca. 4 mi sw of Paradise. On cliff. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee 1:24,000
CHSC36131CHSCBoechera breweriK. Bridwell951978-04-15 SiskiyouIrongate Reservoir at Jenny Creek, ca. 20 mi ne of Hornbrook. T4 N R0 W S35 NW1-4
CHSC36676CHSCBoechera breweriR. E. Preston2701982-04-29 PlumasAt roadside; ca. 0.3 mi s of Hwy 70 bridge at Rock Creek. T2 N R06E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga 1:64,000
CHSC38021CHSCBoechera breweriR. E. Preston871981-06-13 ButteS side of canyon, middle fork of Feather River at Milsap Bar, ca. 20.5 NE of Oroville. T22N R06E S35 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Brush Creek 1:24,000
CHSC38943CHSCBoechera breweriJ. D. Jokerst9591980-07-10 LakeNorth Coast Ranges. Top of Hull Mt ca 100 meters NE of the summit on ridgeline.
CHSC42747CHSCBoechera breweriLowell Ahart12581977-04-05 SutterOn the west side of the South Butte, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC43454CHSCBoechera breweriLowell Ahart19611979-07-15 SierraNorth of the road, the road goes from La Porte to Johnsville, about 1 mile east of Mount Etna, south-east of Stafford Mountain, about 12 miles north-east of La Porte.
CHSC46631CHSCBoechera breweriLowell Ahart63411989-07-02 PlumasOn cliffs, on the north-west side and near the summit of Pilot Peak, about 10 miles north-east of La Porte.
CHSC79479CHSCBoechera breweriG. F. Hrusa146281998-06-19 LakeNorthern California. North Coast Ranges. W side of Goat Mtn. summit. USGS Quadrangle: Fouts Spring 1:24,000
DAV300911DAVBoechera breweriJames Neilson39781979-06-26 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains, Big Sulphur Creek drainage, Cadd Fire trail about 2.3 miles NW Contact Mine. (Notebook says Mt Baby Rocks on crest of main ridge 2 mi n.w. Socrates Mine between Big and Little Sulphur Creek drainages. Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV300912DAVBoechera breweriJames A. Neilson, Jr.40071981-04-05 LakeLake County: 1-4 mi. S from base of Cobb Mt. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV300913DAVBoechera breweriRoman Gankin9401967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: On or about Windy Gap, 1.0 road mile north of junction Hull Mountain Summit access road on USFS Rd. 1NO2.
DAV300914DAVBoechera breweriRoman Gankin9551967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: Near summit of Monkey Rock; 1.9 miles north of junction with Hull Mountain summit access road on USFS road 1 NO 2.
DAV300915DAVBoechera breweriJake Ruygt50052006-04-29 NapaNapa Co.: Near Palisades Trail, S of Table Rock. Detert Reservoir.
DAV300916DAVBoechera breweriDean W. Taylor60501976-07-07 TehamaTehama County: Headwaters of Cub Cr.
DAV300917DAVBoechera breweriG. L. Stebbins50981952-06-22 PlacerPlacer County: Southeast bank of American River, 1-2 mile northeast of bridge on Colfax-Iowa Hill road.
DAV300918DAVBoechera breweriRex PalmerN-3881979-06-21 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
DAV300919DAVBoechera breweriR. E. Preston2771982-05-01 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: 0.6 W of where Canongate Reservoir.
DAV300920DAVBoechera breweriRobert E. Preston5351986-04-25 TehamaTehama County: ca. 10 km sw of Paskenta, on Round Valley Rd, ca. 1 km e of Bennett Cr.
DAV300921DAVBoechera breweriRobert E. Preston5581987-06-13 NapaNapa County: S side of Hwy 128 at Monticello Dam, Lake Berryessa.
DAV300922DAVBoechera breweriR. E. Preston871981-06-13 ButteButte County: S side of canyon of Middle Fork of Feather River, near Milsap Bar; ca. 20.5 NE of Oroville.
DAV300923DAVBoechera breweriR. E. Preston2731982-04-29 PlumasPlumas County: ca. 30 yds e of Chips Creek, between Forest and Riparian zone, ca. 100 yds n of Hwy 70.
DAV300926DAVBoechera breweriGeorge F. Hrusa76161990-04-04 SutterSutter County: Below summit on E side, North Butte.
DAV300928DAVBoechera breweriRobert E. Preston5701987-06-20 NapaNapa County: E side of Putah Creek ca. 3500 ft s of its confluence with Hunting Creek.
DAV300929DAVBoechera breweriGeri Hulse-Stephens5702001-04-29 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. Addington Camp.
DAV335809DAVBoechera breweriHannah Kang4802020-05-02 PlacerPLACER COUNTY: ca. 2.0 miles northwest of Dutch Flat. Drum Powerhouse Road. Bear River Canon.
GH01181542GHBoechera breweriL. Constance ; R. C. Rollins29101942-05-13 SiskiyouScott River 2 miles northwest of Scott Bar
GH01181543GHBoechera breweriA. A. Heller86171907-05-31 Santa Claranear the summit of Mt. Hamilton
GH01181544GHBoechera breweriW. B. Cooke151771940-06-20 Siskiyoualong the Pacific Highway (US99) below Hornbrook along the Klamath River Gorge
GH01181545GHBoechera breweriL. Constance ; R. C. Rollins29301942-05-14 SiskiyouShasta River 6 miles north of Yreka
GH01181546GHBoechera breweriL. Constance ; J. L. Morrison21921938-04-05 Contra Costanear Mitchell Canyon on W. slope of Mount Diable
GH01181547GHBoechera breweriV. Rattan21884-06-01 ColusaOn the rocky summit of Black Butte. Coast Mts. North of San Francisco Bay
GH01181548GHBoechera breweriV. Rattan31884-06-01 Mendocinoon divide between Forks of Eel Riv. Coast Mts. North of San Francisco Bay
GH01181549GHBoechera breweriA. A. Heller ; H. E. Brown51901902-03-31 SonomaMt. Hood
GH01181550GHBoechera breweriH. L. Mason27061926-03-07 Contra CostaSummit of Mt. Diablo
GH01181551GHBoechera breweriJ. T. Howell129551937-05-19 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
GH01181552GHBoechera breweriJ. Burtt Davy4491894-04-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
GH01181553GHBoechera breweriL. Constance ; M. S. Baker30081942-08-20 GlennSoutheast slope of Black Butte
GH01181554GHBoechera breweriR. F. Hoover35651938-06-09 LakeBartlett Mountain
GH01181555GHBoechera breweriC. W. Sharsmith ; H. K. Sharsmith30621935-05-05 Santa ClaraArroyo Bayo, Mount Hamilton Range
GH01181556GHBoechera breweriJ. W. CongdonC.111894-08-16 Mono[data illegible]
GH01181557GHBoechera breweriL. D. Christenson1151935-04-14 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
GH01181558GHBoechera breweriG. S. Lyon14161940-05-05 MercedInner South Coast Ranges. Twin Peaks, San Carlos Range, Sect. 36, T11S, R7E
GH01181559GHBoechera breweriJ. W. Blankinship1893-04-29 SutterMarysville Buttes
GH01181560GHBoechera breweriH. L. Mason55241930-03-30 San BenitoPinnacles
GH01181561GHBoechera breweriJ. P. Tracy145291935-08-04 TrinityDevil′s Canyon Mts. Dry rocky ridge north of Cabin Creek Peak
GH01181562GHBoechera breweriJ. T. Howell132651937-07-22 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
GH01181563GHBoechera breweriS. K. Harris218201960-07-30 Mendocinoledge near Jumpoff Creek. T. 23 N., R. 10 W.
GH01181564GHBoechera breweriJ. T. Howell135681937-07-26 SiskiyouBetween Big Flat and Caribou Gulch, Salmon River Canyon
GH01181565GHBoechera breweriMrs. R. M. Austin1877-01-01 Plumas[no additional data]
GH01181566GHBoechera breweriE. W. Hicks1111917-03-24 Contra CostaMr.[Mt.] Diablo
GH01181567GHBoechera breweriS. K. Harris214001960-06-16 SiskiyouS. bank of Klamath River, 3 1-2 miles E. of Seiad Valley, T. 17 N., R. 11 W.
GH01181568GHBoechera breweriE. L. Greene2381874-06-19 Lakemountains in Lake Co.
GH01181569GHBoechera breweriE. L. Greene2381876-06-30 Siskiyou″Humbug Hills″ near Yreka
GH01181570GHBoechera breweriA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell17621934-04-20 SiskiyouNear Yreka along Shasta River
GH01181571GHBoechera breweriH. N. Bolander65611867-01-01 MendocinoRocks near Elk Ridge
GH01181572GHBoechera breweriG. L. Smith bis12631959-06-20 UnknownGold Lake to Feather River highway at Plumas-Sierra County line
GH01181573GHBoechera breweriH. D. Ripley ; R. C. Barneby68311945-06-16 Mendocinomountain top N. of Bell Springs
GH01181574GHBoechera breweriA. Simontacchi3211937-07-22 Lake1.3 miles northwest of Pinnacle Rock L. O., Bartlett Mountain, northeast of Lucerne, Mendocino National Forest. Sec 8, T15N, R8W
GH01181575GHBoechera breweriG. H. True; J. T. Howell ; L. Mott65731971-05-24 NevadaSouth Fork of Yuba River ca. 1 mi. below Washington
GH01181576GHBoechera breweriJ. T. Howell276651951-06-28 PlumasJamison Creek
JEPS13704UCJEPSBoechera breweriRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins52581955-06-07 Lakesummit of Hull Mountain Hull Mountain (Lake-Mendocino County boundary)
JEPS48643UCJEPSBoechera breweriElsa Kraeger1926-03-07 Contra Costae of Mt. Diablo summit; Mt. Diablo
JEPS53006UCJEPSBoechera breweriWillis L. Jepson133731897-07-23 MendocinoCastle Peak Middle Eel River
JEPS53008UCJEPSBoechera breweriJoseph Andorfer Ewan, Nesta Ewan96481936-05-10 SutterSouth Butte summit South Butte
JEPS53009UCJEPSBoechera breweriJoseph P. Tracy102091932-06-17 TrinityThree Forks of Mad River North Coast Ranges, Mad River
JEPS53177UCJEPSBoechera breweriJohn Thomas Howell23111927-04-07 Shastaabove McCloud River (on Potter Creek, w slope of Horse Mt.); Horse Mt., Potter Creek
JEPS77447UCJEPSBoechera breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte18821977-06-18 Trinityw of Big Flat (at head of Coffee Creek); Trinity Alps, Packers Peak, Coffee Creek
JEPS77448UCJEPSBoechera breweriWilliam J. Ferlatte16331974-08-15 TrinitySummit of Siligo Peak Trinity Alps, Siligo Peak
JEPS77451UCJEPSBoechera breweriW. J. Ferlatte15861974-07-25 Siskiyou100 yds n Dorleska Summit (Grouse Ridge on Trinity Co. line); Trinity Alps, Grouse Ridge
JEPS81099UCJEPSBoechera breweriJ. P. Smith, J. O. Sawyer, T. W. Nelson96071978-04-08 Shasta2.5 mi from junction Beegun Gorge Road with State Route 36 (Beegun Gorge Road)
JEPS82691UCJEPSBoechera breweriSteve Edwards1984-06-07 SiskiyouSouth China Mtn.
JEPS97614UCJEPSBoechera breweriR. D. Stone3511981-03-28 Monterey1 mi w of Trail Spring Canone Peak, Santa Lucia Mtns, South Fork Devil Creek drainage
LA00604652LABoechera breweriE.W. Hicks1111917-03-24 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
MCCC2911MCCCBoechera breweriClare R. Wheeler34661983-06-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, rd 2 N02 at Tar Flat Forest Station; Bear Rock
PGM1247PGMBoechera breweriYadon, Vern1974-04-17 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Arroyo Seco Rd, Nr Jackhammr Springs (Steep bank)
PGM1380PGMBoechera breweriYadon, Vern1975-06-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Ventana Double Cone, Nr summit
PGM599PGMBoechera breweriYadon, Vern1960-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cone Pk, Ridge Tr to Gamboa Tr
RSA0154096RSABoechera breweriD. E. Anderson55951972-06-14 HumboldtMount Lassic and 2 smaller peaks to immediate east.
RSA32711RSABoechera breweriA. A. Heller133591920-03-28 ButteTen Mile House.
RSA43264RSABoechera breweriH. M. Pollards.n.1947-11-07 VenturaRose Valley Falls, Sespe Valley.
SBBG156731SBBGBoechera breweriRyan O′Dell2018-06-14 Siskiyou[NNE of] Cecilville
SBBG216710SBBGBoechera breweriR. C. Benkendorf5572017-05-16 Fresno[near ridge, ca. 3 W of Condon Peak]
SFV104197SFVBoechera breweriR. C. F. Bacigalupi31061950-04-16 ColusaNorth Coast Ranges; Ridge above Red Bridge Canonfluence of the North and Middle forks of Stony Creek. Near Colusa-Glenn County line.
SFV104198SFVBoechera breweriJ. P. Smith90581977-04-30 TrinityBlue Point on Blue Point Ridge on Dubakella Mountain.
SFV104199SFVBoechera breweriT. W. Nelsons. n.1975-06-20 TrinityAlong road 5E27 just north of junction with 1S07.
SJSU8304SJSUBoechera breweriJ.A. Merriman511965-02-13 Contra Costanear summit of Mt Diablo; (Type locality)
STNF-4646597-TEMPAIDSTNFBoechera breweriJulie K. Nelson1991-05-02 TrinityE. Fork Trinity River B.B.R.D.
STNF-4646598-TEMPAIDSTNFBoechera breweriS. Erwin2004-06-29 Trinityna
UC1299661UCJEPSBoechera breweriFreed W. Hoffman5921946-08-14 SonomaRocky Mountain North Coast Ranges
UC1409482UCJEPSBoechera breweriFrederick W. Oettinger10261969-07-15 Siskiyoubetween Diamond Lake and Upper English Lake (w Siskiyou County); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
UC1446116UCJEPSBoechera breweriLowell Ahart1979-07-15 Sierraca 1 mi e Mt. Etna (se of Stafford Mtn, growing above the road from La Porte to Johnsville, to the s is a small hill shaped like a triangle)
UC1446118UCJEPSBoechera breweriSusan Horner5191979-05-16 Trinity0.8 mi from Post Creek Road and Hwy. 36 junction (Post Creek Road, extending along road ca 1.7 mi); Picket Creek Quad.
UC165320UCJEPSBoechera breweriGeo. D. Butler13791910-05-21 SiskiyouKlamath River
UC166051UCJEPSBoechera breweriGeo. D. Butler7261909-05-14 SiskiyouKlamath River
UC166052UCJEPSBoechera breweriGeo. D. Butler8921909-07-15 SiskiyouHighland Mine
UC1949369UCJEPSBoechera breweriBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson101931991-07-03 Tehamaalong stream; Toomes Camp Rd (Mendocino FR 2 N01) 7.0 W of Paskenta, ca 23 airmiles W of Corning
UC198717UCJEPSBoechera breweriAnnie M. Alexander, L. Kellogg2001911-06-28 SiskiyouWildcat Pk.
UC2027901UCJEPSBoechera breweriBarbara Ertter, Patricia L. Packard, Robert Moseley89031990-03-30 LakeSummit of Bartlett Springs road NE of Clear Lake, S-facing outcrop above streamlet
UC375280UCJEPSBoechera breweriGeo. D. Butler11181910-03-05 SiskiyouShasta Rim
UC562623UCJEPSBoechera breweriJoseph P. Tracy145731935-08-05 Trinityhead of Whites Creek Devils Canon Mts., Whites Creek
UC673145UCJEPSBoechera breweriLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins29021942-05-13 Siskiyou8 mi s Happy Camp (near Clear Creek); Klamath-Siskiyou Region, Klamath River
UC673146UCJEPSBoechera breweriLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins29101942-05-13 Siskiyou2 mi nw Scott Bar; Klamath-Siskiyou Region, Scott River
UC726311UCJEPSBoechera breweriA. A. Heller164531942-05-08 Plumas3 mi w Belden (along Hwy 24)
UC796657UCJEPSBoechera breweriIra L. Wiggins122061949-07-16 Fresno2 mi e Kaiser Pass
UCSB031812UCSBBoechera breweriJohn R. Haller36001984-02-11 MontereyTrail between Goat Camp and Trail Spring Camp; north slope of Twin Peak; south fork of Devil′s Canon watershed; Santa Lucia Range; T21S, R4E, S34
UCSB031813UCSBBoechera breweriKamb, Peter; Chisaki, Francia16401950-03-18 Contra CostaSaddle between North and South Peaks of Mount Diablo
UCSB031814UCSBBoechera breweriDennis E. Breedlove22941962-04-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains; in cliff on steep, north slope of Junipero Serra Peak
UCSB031815UCSBBoechera breweriGlenn Keator1959-07-01 Contra CostaGrowing 1-4 miles above Laurel camp on Mt. Diablo
CAS-BOT136738CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDudley, Chesters.n.1938-01-01 MontereyPriest Valley
CAS-BOT15939CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas364601960-08-23 TehamaLassen Volcanic National Park. Lassen Loop south of Diamond Peak.
CAS-BOT15940CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas129551937-05-19 San BenitoThe Pinnacles.
CAS-BOT15941CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas129551937-05-19 San BenitoThe Pinnacles.
CAS-BOT15942CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriRattan, Volneys.n.1884-01-01 UnknownTrail to Snow Mountains.
CAS-BOT15943CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAhart, Lowell25201980-08-02 ButteHumboldt Peak.
CAS-BOT15944CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriRaven, Peter H.29461951-06-10 NapaNear Calistoga Palisades.
CAS-BOT15945CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKeck, David D.23601933-05-29 NapaPope Creek Bridge south of Walters Springs.
CAS-BOT15946CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriTrue, Gordon H.74411973-04-17 NevadaSierra Nevada. South Yuba River ca. 0.25 mile below Washington.
CAS-BOT15947CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriTrue, Gordon H.74431973-04-18 NevadaSierra Nevada. South Yuba River at Canyon Creek, ca. 3 miles east of Washington.
CAS-BOT15948CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMott, Lillian S.LM9681968-04-28 NevadaDevil′s Gate near Laing′s [Lang] Crossing.
CAS-BOT15949CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKelloggs.n.1870-06-17 PlacerSierra Nevada Mountains. Cisco.
CAS-BOT15950CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-06-02 San BenitoTrail to Hepsedam Peak, from Hernandez Valley.
CAS-BOT15951CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLeschke, Hans18301961-08-18 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Summit area of Diamond Peak.
CAS-BOT15952CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHeller, A. A.; Brown, H. E.51901902-03-31 SonomaMount Hood.
CAS-BOT15953CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFerris, Roxana S.16651919-04-11 TuolumneAbove the Stanislaus River at Iron Canyon.
CAS-BOT15954CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriPollard, Henry M.s.n.1947-03-07 VenturaSespe River Basin. Sespe Valley. Rose Valley Falls.
CAS-BOT15955CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriEastwood, Alice45131915-05-30 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15956CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriEastwood, Alice45131915-05-30 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15957CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMcMinn, H. E.8801923-03-06 Contra CostaNear summit of Mount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15958CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMcMinn, H. E.831922-06-02 Contra CostaAt summit of Mount Diablo - a little north of summit.
CAS-BOT15959CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHicks, E. W.1111917-03-24 Contra CostaMount Diablo. On the western slope of the mountain.
CAS-BOT15960CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHicks, E. W.1111917-03-24 Contra CostaMount Diablo. Western slope of the mountain.
CAS-BOT15961CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriConstance, L.; Morrison, J. L.21921938-04-05 Contra CostaNear Mitchell Canyon on west slope of Mount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15963CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.411868-04-28 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15964CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriCongdon, J. W.s.n.1896-05-08 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15965CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHall, H. M.17571901-04-05 Contra CostaRegion of San Francisco. Mount Diablo. Summit.
CAS-BOT15966CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriElmer, A. D. E.50961903-06-01 Contra CostaMount Diablo.
CAS-BOT15967CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBowerman, Mary L.11421932-03-27 Contra CostaMount Diablo. On Mitchell Rock.
CAS-BOT15968CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriCarruth, W. W.s.n.1901-03-01 Contra CostaMount Diablo near summit.
CAS-BOT15969CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas191231943-08-06 GlennBlack Butte.
CAS-BOT15970CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.31821982-07-10 GlennMendocino National Forest. Black Butte Summit.
CAS-BOT15971CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.31871982-07-10 GlennMendocino National Forest. Summit of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15972CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriRattan, Volneys.n.1881-06-01 GlennCoast Mountains north of San Francisco. Flower above Eel River W of Round Valley. The Fruit from summit of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15973CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAbrams, L. R.s.n.1929-01-01 GlennProbably from Black Butte, see sheets #12944, 14054.
CAS-BOT15974CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriRattan, Volneys.n.1884-06-01 GlennCoast Mountains north of San Francisco. Flower above Eel River W of Round Valley. The Fruit from summit of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15975CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriConstance, Lincoln; Baker, Milo S.30081942-08-20 GlennNorth Coast Ranges. Southeast slope of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15976CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriConstance, Lincoln; Baker, Milo S.30081942-08-20 GlennNorth Coast Ranges. Southeast slope of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15977CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBaker, Milo S.102991942-07-12 GlennSoutheast slope of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15978CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBaker, Milo S.102991942-07-12 GlennSoutheast slope of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT15979CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMunz, Philip Alexander223501957-07-25 LakeLong Ridge Trail from Fir Root Spring to Snow Mountain.
CAS-BOT15980CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas211091945-06-20 LakeBartlett Mountain. Pinnacle Rock.
CAS-BOT15981CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJussel, M. S.721931-03-31 LakeCobb Mountain.
CAS-BOT15982CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHamann, Mr. Hugo; Hamann, Mrs. Hugos.n.1968-03-23 LakeSouth Lake County. Above Norman Springs Creek (a tributary of Soda and Putah Creeks).
CAS-BOT15983CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDearing, Eddie; hamann, Skee [Juanita]s.n.1917-04-20 LakeSkyline Pass, near Cobb Mountain. The Mayacamas.
CAS-BOT15984CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja27521969-07-04 LakeSummit of Sheetiron Mountain.
CAS-BOT15985CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMunz, Philip Alexander223501957-07-25 LakeLong Ridge Trail from Fir Root Spring to Snow Mountain.
CAS-BOT15986CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriEastwood, Alice129301925-05-23 LakeTrail to Mount Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT15987CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas211091945-06-20 LakeBartlett Mountain. Pinnacle Rock.
CAS-BOT15988CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.37561985-06-27 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, about 1 mile southeast and below Mount Sanhedrin Lookout, just south of Lily Pad Lake.
CAS-BOT15989CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.34661983-06-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Road 20N02 at Tar Flat Forest Station. On Bear Rock.
CAS-BOT15990CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.; Lembke, Betty35791983-07-15 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Road M1, 1.3 mile north of intersection with Road 20N02.
CAS-BOT15991CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.; Madison, John36601983-10-16 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Road M1, 2.25 mile northwest of Hull Mountain Lookout, top of Monkey Rock.
CAS-BOT15992CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.; Madison, John36551983-10-16 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Road M1, 2.25 mile northwest of Hull Mountain Lookout, on west facing base of Monkey Rock.
CAS-BOT15993CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMcMurphy, James5881909-07-28 Mendocino1 mile above Blue Rock.
CAS-BOT15994CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWheeler, Clare R.29701982-05-06 MendocinoEel River, 9 miles north of Dos Rios, about 100 feet above river, across from Nashmead railroad tunnel. North edge of beach.
CAS-BOT15995CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriCarpenter, Jeanette1071983-04-09 MontereyThe Cone Peak-South Fork Devil′s Canyon. Santa Lucia Mountains. Peak 3987 between north and middle forks of Devil′s Crk.
CAS-BOT15996CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriCarpenter, Jeanette2111983-05-21 MontereySouth Fork Devil′s Canyon. Santa Lucia Mountains. On Gamboa Trail east of saddle between Peak 3850 and Twin Peak.
CAS-BOT15997CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F.11311960-06-05 MontereySouth Fork Devil′s Canyon. Santa Lucia Mountains. By side of Gamboa Trail not far from Cone Peak.
CAS-BOT15998CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-06-11 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Tassajara.
CAS-BOT15999CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBreedlove, D. E.22941962-04-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. On steep north slope of Junipero Serra Peak.
CAS-BOT16000CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMunz, Philip Alexander209071955-06-19 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. 1 mile north of end of Cone Peak road Forestry Camp.
CAS-BOT16001CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric4821982-06-20 MontereyLandells-Hill Big Creek Reserve. Santa Lucia Mountains. The steep Flaccej Cliffs of south Lion Peak.
CAS-BOT16002CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F.14191963-03-03 MontereyBy side of old dirt road up Chualar Canyon,e ast side of Salinas Valley. About 3 miles from the houses.
CAS-BOT16003CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHardham, Clare B.35421958-06-04 MontereyThe Santa Lucia Mountains. Cone Peak.
CAS-BOT16004CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFerris, Roxana S.68571927-03-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Summit Los Burros Trail.
CAS-BOT16005CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F.5531955-05-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Along Ridge Road below Cone Peak Lookout.
CAS-BOT16006CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriCarpenter, Jeanette1621983-04-25 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. On west-facing slope of Cone Peak.
CAS-BOT16007CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKelly, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1917-06-01 MontereyTassajara Springs.
CAS-BOT16008CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-06-11 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Tassajara.
CAS-BOT16009CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBacigalupi, Rimos.n.1923-03-28 MontereySanta Lucia Range. Near summit of Cone Peak, on south slope.
CAS-BOT16010CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHardham, Clare B.171771969-05-30 MontereyTributary of Arroyo Seco, south of Hanging Valley.
CAS-BOT16011CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDavis, Hester R.1121920-05-09 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Mount Ununhum.
CAS-BOT16012CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDudley, W. R.41691895-06-01 Santa ClaraBlue Ridge Gap.
CAS-BOT16013CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHeller, A. A.86171907-05-31 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton.
CAS-BOT16014CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriSharsmith, C. W.; Sharsmith, H. K.30621935-05-05 Santa ClaraArroyo Bayo, Mount Hamilton Range.
CAS-BOT16015CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriApplegate, Elmer I.281895-03-29 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton Range. San Antonio Creek.
CAS-BOT16016CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBarneby, R. C.115051954-05-16 SiskiyouKlamath River Canyon 9 miles upstream from Klamath River Post Office.
CAS-BOT16017CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas151811939-08-08 SiskiyouMarble Mountain. Black mountain.
CAS-BOT16018CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKleeberger, G. R.s.n.1880-07-02 TrinityWeaverville.
CAS-BOT16019CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKildale, Doris K.78101929-05-12 SiskiyouSawyers Bar. North Fork of Salmon River.
CAS-BOT16020CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKildale, Doris K.55021928-07-04 SiskiyouSummit of divide between Salmon River and Scott Valley.
CAS-BOT16021CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriButler, George Dexter7261909-05-14 SiskiyouKlamath River.
CAS-BOT16022CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDouthitt, F. D.525931926-03-16 SiskiyouKlamath Forest. Klamath River near Horse Creek.
CAS-BOT16023CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBenson, Lyman10731929-03-27 SiskiyouSlopes above Klamath River.
CAS-BOT16024CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriConstance, Lincoln; Rollins, Reed Clark29011942-05-13 SiskiyouKlamath-Siskiyou Region. Scott River 2 miles northwest of Scott Bar.
CAS-BOT16025CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas427351967-06-23 PlumasSierra Nevada. ″Lewisia Rock″ 3.5 miles southwest of Belden, Feather River Canyon.
CAS-BOT16026CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas135401937-07-26 SiskiyouCaribou Mountain.
CAS-BOT16027CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowell, John Thomas135681937-07-26 SiskiyouSalmon River Canyon. Between Big Flat and Caribou gulch.
CAS-BOT16028CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriSmith, L. E.3311913-06-02 SiskiyouKlamath River.
CAS-BOT16029CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAhart, Lowells.n.1977-04-05 SutterSutter Buttes Region. West side of the South Butte in the Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT16030CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAhart, Lowell46341984-05-21 SutterSutter Buttes. East of where the road forks to go to each radio tower, near the lower radio tower on the South Butte.
CAS-BOT16031CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriEwan, Joseph Andorfer; Ewan, Nesta96481936-05-10 SutterAbout summit South Butte.
CAS-BOT16032CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGillespie, D. K.; Gillespie, J. W.92391930-04-25 SutterSummit South Butte, Marysville Buttes.
CAS-BOT16033CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFerris, Roxana S.63441926-04-22 SutterWest Buttes Marysville Buttes.
CAS-BOT367998CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLoarie, Donalds.n.2014-04-20 SonomaOn a tributary just upstream of the confluence with Sausal Creek but before reaching Pine Flat Road culvert and nearby pumping station
CAS-BOT589623CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWarner, Peter3052015-03-17 SonomaSugarloaf Ridge State Park, McCormick Addition, on large rock outcrop ~400 m S of power lines
CAS-BOT65013CASBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWilken, Dieter H.; Painter, E.; Neese, E.; Metz, L.HL24461996-04-05 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett. Near COast Ridge Road (Traing Area 17)- Los Padres National Forest interface. Ca 0.2 air km W of Basket Spring, ca 2.2 air km WSW of Round Spring, ca 2.7 air km NNE of Alder Peak, ca 0.5 road km (0.3 mile) SSW of junction Coast Ridge and Burma Roads.
CHSC100248CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. Isle14741990-05-18 MendocinoMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges. Upper Main Eel River Watershed. NE of Monkey Rock & SW of Red Rock. T2 N R1 W S27 NE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC106399CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDavid Isle18691993-07-21 MendocinoMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges Upper Main Eel River Watershed. On Little Bear Rock < 0.1 W of 2 N02 Jct & S of Rd to Tar Flat Stn. Site. 1993 EUI Plot 13. T20N R09W S17 S1-2 ˜ Ctr.
CHSC107441CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMatt Simenc132011-07-03 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. 250ft SW of peak of Little Volcano Limestone Point, 0.2 miles (air) SW of end of 2 N90A road, 2.4 miles (air) West (266 degrees) of where La Porte Quincy Rd crosses the Middle Fork Feather River. Growing in a cool 4ft deep cavern on a SW facing slope. T23N R10E S1 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Onion Valley 1:24,000
CHSC110833CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDavid Isle20301990-05-15 MendocinoMendocino Natl. Forest-North Coast Ranges-Upper Main Eel River Watershed. 0.9 mi S of Millsap Cabin-Spruce Grove 1N02 N67 Jct; 165′ S of 1N02; (66 S ofLEST#10 site).(0.2 mi NE of Dusty 5,720). T20N R1 W S27 Top Cntr NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mtn.
CHSC120673CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart217632018-06-07 ShastaAlong Baker Road, about 1,100 feet from Fox Creek, about 1.1 miles (air) from Pit-4 Powerhouse, 4.7 miles (air) from town of Big Bend, 39.5 miles (air) northeast of Redding. T3 N R01E S
CHSC20332CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJ. Pitts1973-04-25 ButteCoal Canon.
CHSC43809CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart14391977-06-21 PlumasOn the floor of the hydraulic mine at Turkeytown, about 15 miles north-east of La Porte.
CHSC473CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriG. Spurlock1935-02-24 ButteSalmon Hole.
CHSC54316CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon H. Oswald46771991-06-18 PlumasForest Rd 2 N38, 1.7 miles northeast of its junction with County Rd 201 (Old Haun Rd), ca. 4 miles (air) north-northwest of Greenville. T27N R09E S16 SE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC58163CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon H. Oswald49891992-06-18 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. Warner Valley; S side of Hot Spring Creek ca. 0.5 mi upstream from the boundary of the park. On cliffs bordering the creek. T3 N R05E S25 NE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC61087CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon H. Oswald57161993-07-27 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. E side of the drainages above (south of) the lower lake in Blue Lake Canon. T3 N R04E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC65396CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon Oswald11491984-04-11 TehamaRound Valley Rd. (also M4 or 2 N02), 8.0 mi w of Newville Rd. (5.3 mi w of Mendocino Nat. Forest boundary). On a road cut.
CHSC71027CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon Oswald90631998-05-14 TrinityWildwood Rd. 6.6 mi north of Hwy. 36, 1.3 mi north of Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area. On slope between the road and Hayfork Creek. T3 N R1 W S24 NW1-4
CHSC77755CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriB. Castro9961999-06-24 TehamaAbout 22 air miles W of Red Bluff, vicinity of S. Fork Cottonwood Creek and Long Gulch. About 6 feet up from stream. T2 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Cold Fork 1:24,000
CHSC77815CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart83222000-03-19 SutterRock outcrops, on the west side of the North Butte, about 1-4 mile northwest of the Dean Place, Sutter Buttes. T1 N R02E S1 W1-4
CHSC87359CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart107792004-04-29 TehamaAbout 20 yards north of the Nomalaki Trail, about 50 yards north of Bowers Creek, about 3-4 mile northwest of Forest Road 2 N69 (Mud Flat Road), about 6 1-2 miles (air) southwest of Paskenta. T23N R0 W S21 NW1-4
CHSC87574CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. D. Fischer1302004-04-18 TehamaSierra Nevada along Hwy 32 between Potato Patch and Elam campgrounds. North of Deer Creek Falls, on a roadcut, west side of rd., facing creek. UTM: 10628990E 4452 N. USGS Quadrangle: Humboldt Peak 1:24,000
CHSC92850CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. Isle12061994-06-08 MendocinoMendocino National Forest -- North Coast Ranges Upper Middle Fork Eel River Watershed. N side of Leech Lake Mountain on slope to the summit. T2 N R1 W S21 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Leech Lake Mountain
CHSC92912CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. Isle14621990-06-05 GlennMendocino National Forest -- North Coast Ranges, Upper Main Eel River Watershed. SE of Summit Springs on ridgeline of Summit Springs Hill. (Ridgeline borders Upper Main Eel R on SE and Briscoe Creek 5th Field Watershed on east. Kop Timber Sale S-6 Summit Springs Unit. T2 N R0 W S02 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Felkner Hill
CHSC97026CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriSusan Bazell512007-06-09 PlumasAlong Caribou Fisherman′s Trail which begins at far side of power plant in old town of Caribou at end of Caribou Rd, off Hwy 70. T2 N R07E S24 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Caribou 1:24,000
DAV300924DAVBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJake Ruygt38931998-03-28 NapaNapa County: The Beehive, Rattlesnake Ridge.
DAV300925DAVBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHyosig Won139522016-04-12 NapaNapa County: McLaughlin UC Reserve. Near old town of Knoxville.
DAV300927DAVBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGeorge F. Hrusa76601990-04-04 SutterSutter County: Below summit on E side.
FSC0006880FSCBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean William Taylor01551969-04-27 Contra CostaIn a rock outcroping on Mount Diablo at 3500 feet elevation on the trail to North Peak in Mount Diablo State Park.
JEPS100304UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor89951987-06-05 Shastasummit of Grizzly Peak
JEPS100728UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor98331988-06-21 ShastaPit River Canon 0.3 W of Blackberry Creek, along road 3 N60Y.2
JEPS105132UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor156401996-05-29 Siskiyouupper Noyes Valley; along Noyes Valley Creek (ca. 20 air miles SW of Yreka)
JEPS106149UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart107792004-04-29 TehamaAbout 20 yards north of the Nomalaki Trail, about 50 yards north of Bowers Creek, about 3-4 mile northwest of Forest Road 2 N69 (Mud Flat Road), about 6 1-2 miles (air) southwest of Paskenta
JEPS106771UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJake Ruygt9691981-04-04 NapaThree Peaks
JEPS106772UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJake Ruygt21551988-04-17 NapaMt. St. Helena below SW peak; upper portion of canyon
JEPS124481UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDaniel Slakey, CNPS Volunteers1532015-07-11 LakeSnow Mountain, slope above (southeast of) Bear Creek.
JEPS129219UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino217632018-06-06 ShastaAlong Baker Road, about 1,100 feet from Fox Creek, about 1.1 miles (air) from Pit-4 Powerhouse, 4.7 miles (air) from town of Big Bend, 39.5 miles (air) northeast of Redding.
JEPS47382UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriL. R. Heckard, Robert Ornduff14821966-04-28 Shastaabout 3 mi w Ingot (just n of Hwy 299, or 8 mi e of Bella Vista)
JEPS52999UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson16621901-06-17 MontereySan Antonio Trail to coast Santa Lucia Mountains
JEPS53000UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJ. Burtt Davy4491894-04-01 Santa Clarae slope Loma Prieta
JEPS53001UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriF. P. Cronemiller6101923-06-28 MendocinoRed Rock Mendocino National Forest (California National Forest)
JEPS53002UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriK. Brandegee1894-06-01 Napae of Calistoga (Pope Valley grade summit, n Napa Range); Napa Range
JEPS53003UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriE. L. Greene1894-05-13 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
JEPS53004UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. M. Hall95701913-07-01 LakeMt. Hull, n Lake County Inner North Coast Ranges
JEPS53005UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. L. Pendleton8881907-05-31 Santa Clararidge nw Mt. Hamilton Observatory; Mt. Hamilton
JEPS53007UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson133741897-07-23 MendocinoCastle Peak to Middle Eel River
JEPS53040UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson122881927-06-22 Shastaridge n Hot Springs Valley (near Lassen Peak)
JEPS53049UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJoseph P. Tracy145731935-08-05 Trinityhead of Whites Creek Devils Canon Mts., Whites Creek
JEPS53050UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGeo. D. Butler7261909-05-14 SiskiyouKlamath River
JEPS53051UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGeo. D. Butler8921909-07-15 SiskiyouHighland Mine
JEPS53196UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriWillis L. Jepson189191938-06-09 LakeBartlett Mt., n Lake County Bartlett Mt.
JEPS54276UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVirginia Bailey1938-04-16 Tehama5 mi w. Paskenta (on Paskenta-Covelo road)
JEPS54484UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMrs. H. Hamann, Eddie Dearing1968-05-16 Lakejust s Cobb Mt. (boundary ridge-top along Skyline Fire Access Road, where it reaches the ridge-top at a gap near head of Anderson Creek, Lake-Sonoma County line); Mayacamas Range, Skyline Pass
JEPS73482UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLawrence R. Heckard30931972-07-09 Colusase slope East Peak; Snow Mt.
JEPS73511UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLawrence R. Heckard31291972-07-10 Colusa3 mi nw Fouts Springs (se corner of Snow Mt.); Snow Mt.
JEPS73560UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJames R. Griffin34271972-04-22 Montereytrail up w side Cone Peak; Los Padres National Forest
JEPS80738UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman56981981-07-28 Lake0.5 mi e Timber Lake (w side of Snow Mt. (toward Bear Creek)); Snow Mt.
JEPS86635UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriL. R. Heckard, P. C. Silva, R. L., M. Moe66871988-06-18 Colusasw flank Snow Mtn. (Summit, East Peak);, East Peak
JEPS87017UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor118551991-06-04 San Benito2.3 river mi below Heranadez Reservoir ((Hernandez Reservoir 7.5 quadrangle, 1969 edition)); South Coast Ranges, San Benito River
JEPS90203UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor128131992-06-16 GlennSt. John Mountain, along the jeep road 0.4 mi below the summit St. John Mountain; Inner North Coast Ranges, St. John Mountain
JEPS90204UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor127141992-06-11 Trinityabove Ziegler Spring (Ironside Mountain, Trinity River watershed); Klamath Mountain Region, Ironside Mountain
JEPS90205UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor127961992-07-17 ShastaShasta Lake Region, Little Shoeinhorse Mountain, Squaw Creek watershed Little Shoeinhorse Mountain; Shasta Lake Region, Little Shoeinhorse Mountain
JEPS90206UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor118551991-06-04 San Benito2.3 river mi below Hernandez Reservoir (San Benito River); South Coast Ranges, San Benito River
JEPS94223UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart90631998-05-14 Trinity1.3 mi n of Gemmill Gulch Picnic Area (Wildwood Road 6.6 mi n of Highway 36, between the road and Hayfork Creek); Wildwood Road
JEPS96794UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriDean W. Taylor159711997-04-30 LakeHells Peak (ca. 5 air mile NW of Upper Lake)
LAVO6264LVNPBoechera breweri subsp. breweriOswald, Vernon H.57161993-07-27 ShastaE side of the drainages above (south of) the lower lake in Blue Lake Canon.
OBI100177OBIBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. R. Miller313.10362013-03-07 San Luis ObispoRocky Butte-Pine Mt Region. Egeberg property. At top of La Costa rd on ridge line at Blue Rock, [San Simeon] crk drainage
OBI100178OBIBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. E. McMinn831922-06-02 Contra CostaSummit of Mt Diablo, a little N of summit
PGM2309PGMBoechera breweri subsp. breweriYadon, Vern1983-04-21 MontereyDiablo Range, Priest Valley LeNeve Prop, 3.5 N fr Hwy 198 along North Fork Rd
PGM5586PGMBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F05531955-05-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cone Peak Area, Ridge Rd east side along
PGM5587PGMBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F11311960-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cone Peak 3500-4000 ft el, Gamboa Trail near peak
PGM5589PGMBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHowitt, Beatrice F18361964-03-08 MontereyGabilan Range, Chualar Canon, About 4 miles up canyon
SBBG155306SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. Burgess83322009-05-02 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek Valley, Potrero John Trail ca. 0.5 mi from Hwy 33, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG160440SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. Burgess83322009-05-02 VenturaPotrero John Trail ca. 0.5 mi from Hwy 33, Los Padres National Forest; 34.5924 -119.2671
SBBG175520SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. Burgess112412019-05-20 VenturaPotrero John Trail, sandstone cliffs on S side of cyn, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG216711SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. Burgess104842017-05-11 VenturaPotrero John Trail, rocky cliffs on S side of cyn
SBBG216712SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriClare B. Hardham61101960-06-14 VenturaRose Lake
SBBG216713SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriClare B. Hardham45441959-05-15 Montereysouth end of Hanging Valley
SBBG216714SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. Wilken, E. Painter, E. Neese, L. MetzHL24461996-04-05 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 0.2 W of Basket Spring, ca. 2.2 km WSW of Round Spring, ca. 2.7 km NNE of Alder Pk; USFS-Ft Hunter Liggett interface
SBBG216715SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. and M. Dearing41251940-03-20 Contra Costanear summit of Mt Diablo
SBBG216716SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriL. E. Allen1966-03-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Rose Valley Falls
SBBG216717SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriD. H. Wilken w- E. Painter161382003-06-10 MontereyNE side of Cone Pk
SBBG216718SBBGBoechera breweri subsp. breweriRyan O′Dell2018-06-11 Mendocino1.62 airline mi E of Bald Mtn peak
SJSU15498SJSUBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman13382015-03-11 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Santa Clara Co. east flank of Mt. Umunhum′s steep northeast ridge
SJSU15532SJSUBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman13852015-03-20 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Santa Clara Co.; Mt. Umunhum′s northeast ridge
UC1010354UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKeith Wagnon126411953-05-10 Tehamabetween 6 to 7 mi past Paskenta
UC10106UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriW. H. Brewer10861862-05-14 Contra CostaSummit of Mount Diablo Mount Diablo
UC10107UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriunknown1890-01-01 Unknown
UC10108UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriF. T. Bioletti1894-05-13 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC10109UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJ. Burtt Davy4491894-04-01 Santa Clarae slope Loma Prieta
UC10110UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJ. Burtt Davy4491894-04-03 Santa ClaraMt. Umhumum
UC10111UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. P. Chandler, H. M. Hall1901-04-05 Contra CostaMt. Diablo summit Mt. Diablo
UC10183UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. N. Bolander65611867-01-01 Mendocinonear Elk Ridge
UC1051685UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHelen K. Sharsmith43521953-06-24 TehamaOvenlid summit Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
UC1081570UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHerbert L. Mason110921936-04-26 Lakee side Bartlett Mountain
UC1126564UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriA. Simontacchi3211937-07-22 Lake1.3 mi nw Pinnacle Rock Lookout; Mendocino National Forest, Lakeport Quad., Bartlett Mountai
UC118054UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriT. S. Brandegee1891-06-20 LakeSnow Mt.
UC118055UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriT. S. Brandegee1891-06-23 LakeSnow Mt.
UC118056UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriG. W. Dunn1892-03-12 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC1280910UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriH. E. McMinn38231935-03-21 SutterNorth Butte Marysville Buttes
UC1299660UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFreed W. Hoffman16261947-06-20 Lakeroad from Thistle Glade to Upper Nye (e Lake County)
UC1299662UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFreed W. Hoffman31131949-07-10 Glenn1.7 mi w Telephone Camp (Covelo-Plaskett Meadow road, nw Glenn County)
UC136175UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriKatharine Brandegee1892-08-01 LakeSnow Mt.
UC1409498UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFrederick W. Oettinger4651968-08-10 Siskiyoue side Hancock Lake; Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
UC1745608UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAnnetta M. Carter, Galen Smith, Mary Barnas30241951-04-01 SutterCa. 200 ft. below summit. Sutter Buttes.
UC1745613UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAnnetta M. Carter, Galen Smith, Mary Barnas30271951-04-01 SutterSummit of South Butte. Sutter Buttes.
UC1751211UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBarbara Ertter114621993-03-07 ShastaE of Redding (Hwy 299, 25 mi E of I-5, along Cedar Creek (opposite Neviusia cliftonii type locality))
UC186865UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJ. W. Congdon1896-05-08 Contra CostaSummit of Mount Diablo Mount Diablo
UC2028066UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriBarbara Ertter, Tony Morosco160081998-04-11 Contra CostaMount Olympia on north side of Mount Diablo, below false summit on East Trail.
UC311620UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriE. W. Hicks1111917-03-24 Contra Costaw slope Mt. Diablo
UC424825UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMilo S. Baker3542a1929-07-01 Lakew slope Snow Mt. (Barker Camp Trail)
UC479211UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMarcus E. Jones288791931-07-16 Trinitynear Trinity river (Bu < ??? > Ranch)
UC562683UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJoseph P. Tracy145291935-08-04 Trinityn of Canon Mts.
UC565475UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHerbert L. Mason55241930-03-30 San BenitoPinnacles
UC565476UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriHerbert L. Mason27961926-03-07 Contra CostaSummit of Mt. Diablo Mt. Diablo
UC571796UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriC. W., H. K. Sharsmith19261935-05-02 Santa Clarae slope Mt. Hamilton
UC571798UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriC. W., H. K. Sharsmith33571935-06-15 Santa ClaraMt. Day Mt. Hamilton Range
UC571802UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriC. W., H. K. Sharsmith1935-05-05 Santa ClaraArroyo Bayo Mt. Hamilton Range
UC614620UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriL. Constance, J. L. Morrison21921938-04-05 Contra Costanear Mitchell Canon (on w slope of Mount Diablo); Mount Diablo
UC625444UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriFrank W. Gould2571938-04-15 San Benitow end Pinnacles National Monument
UC64771UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriJoseph Burtt Davy73301901-05-01 MontereyPico Blanco summit Pico Blanco
UC673247UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriLincoln Constance, Milo S. Baker30081942-08-20 Glennse slope Black Butte; North Coast Ranges
UC691069UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMary L. Bowerman13441932-04-16 Contra CostaEagle Point Mount Diablo
UC691071UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMary L. Bowerman19291933-04-26 Contra Costabetween the ridge to the s and North Peak main e ridge (Perkins Canon branch); Mount Diablo, Perkins Canon
UC691072UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMary L. Bowerman5471931-03-07 Contra CostaMeridian Peak summit Mount Diablo
UC691073UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMary L. Bowerman11421932-03-27 Contra CostaMitchell Rock Mount Diablo
UC765015UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriR. F. Hoover35651938-06-09 LakeBartlett Mountain
UC855336UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriAlice Eastwood45131915-05-30 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC855337UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriMrs. S. G. Suttiffe1920-05-30 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC971955UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. breweriGregory S. Lyon14161940-05-05 MercedTwin Peaks Inner South Coast Ranges, San Carlos Range
CAS-BOT16034CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisHeller, A. A.133591920-03-28 ButteCanyon of Chico Creek below the Ten Mile house.
CAS-BOT16035CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJokerst, J. D.01761979-03-18 ButteUpper rimrock south of Big Chico Creek.
CAS-BOT16036CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJokerst, J. D.02591979-05-21 Butte100 meters southeast of Little Chico Creek.
CAS-BOT16037CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisTrue, Gordon H.4531962-04-25 NevadaSierra Nevada. Mouth of Canyon Creek on South Yuba River, about 3 miles east of Washington.
CAS-BOT16038CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisTrue, Gordon H.75091973-05-19 NevadaSierra Nevada. South Yuba River up to 1 mile below Washington.
CAS-BOT16039CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisTrue, Gordon H.74421973-04-17 NevadaSierra Nevada. South Yuba River ca. 1 mile below Washington.
CAS-BOT16040CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas; Mott, Lillian65731971-05-24 NevadaSouth Fork of Yuba River ca. 1 mile belwo Washington.
CAS-BOT16041CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisHowell, John Thomas276391951-06-27 PlumasSierra Nevada. Jamison Creek.
CAS-BOT16042CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisHowell, John Thomas276651951-06-28 PlumasSierra Nevada. Jamison Creek.
CAS-BOT16043CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-05-18 Plumas1.5 miles west of Johnsville, on road to Gibsonville.
CAS-BOT16044CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisPreston, Robert E.5341986-04-25 TehamaCa. 10.9 km southwest of Paskenta, on Round Valley Road, ca. 0.4 km east of Bennett Creek, at roadside.
CAS-BOT16045CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisThomas, J. H.41751954-05-14 SiskiyouSalmon Mountains, Klamath National Forest. Near South Fork of Salmon River, 5 to 9 miles southeast of Cecilville. Along north side of river.
CAS-BOT16046CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisThomas, J. H.41751954-05-14 SiskiyouSalmon Mountains, Klamath National Forest. Near South Fork of Salmon River, 5 to 9 miles southeast of Cecilville. Along north side of river.
CAS-BOT16047CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisHowell, John Thomas132651937-07-22 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat.
CAS-BOT16048CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisHowell, John Thomas135681937-07-26 SiskiyouBetween Big Flat and Caribou Gulch, Salmon River Canyon.
CAS-BOT16049CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas17621934-04-20 SiskiyouNear Yreka along Shasta River.
CAS-BOT16050CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisConstance, Lincoln; Rollins, Reed Clark29301942-05-14 SiskiyouKlamath-Siskiyou Region. Shasta River 6 miles north of Yreka.
CAS-BOT16051CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisConstance, Lincoln; Rollins, Reed Clark29021942-05-13 SiskiyouKlamath-Siskiyou Region. Klamath River near Clear Creek, 8 miles south of Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT16052CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisButler, George Dexter13791910-05-21 SiskiyouKlamath River.
CAS-BOT16053CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisButler, George Dexter13791910-05-21 SiskiyouKlamath River.
CAS-BOT16054CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene3531972-03-28 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). 0.5 mile southeast of the start of the Hobo Gulch Road. Behind Log Schoolhouse.
CAS-BOT16055CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene353.011972-04-26 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). 0.5 mile southeast of the start of the Hobo Gulch Road. Behind Log Schoolhouse.
CAS-BOT16056CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene3701972-03-31 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). South of Backbone Lookout.
CAS-BOT16057CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene370.011972-04-25 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). South of Backbone Lookout garage.
CAS-BOT16058CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene3771972-04-25 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). Along the East Fork Trail, 1.5 mile southeast of Hobo Gulch.
CAS-BOT16059CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene3821972-04-25 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). Along the East Fork Trail, 1.5 mile southeast of Hobo Gulch.
CAS-BOT16060CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCarter, Eugene5381973-05-27 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 miles northwest of Weaverville). Along the North Fork Trail at Upper Morrison Bluff.
CAS-BOT16061CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisMunz, P. A.166381951-07-18 TrinityLine of Tehama - Trinity County. North Yolla Bolly Mountains. North slope of North Yolla Bolly peak.
CAS-BOT516182CASBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisYork, Dana31072012-05-19 ShastaShasta-Trinity National Forest, W slope of North Gray Rocks adjacent to the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake
CHSC10614CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart1968-03-17 ButteBidwell Park, Chico.
CHSC109135CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart177442012-02-22 ButteOn the north side of a very large basalt outcrop, about 400 yards east of Big Chico Creek, about 100 yards west of South Rim Trail, about 5-8 mile west of Highway 32, about 8 3-4 miles (air) northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S0 W1-4
CHSC113241CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart193882014-04-20 ButteNear the top of rim cliffs, about 30 yards west of the small drainage, about 80 yards southwest of a small falls, about 3-4 mile northwest of parking area on the west side of Cherokee Road, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4
CHSC118810CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisChelsea Morgan2016-0042016-06-16 PlumasPlumas National Forest. North facing ridge 1.25 mi. northeast of Mount Jura, north and downslope of Forest Road 2 N42.
CHSC28766CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJ. D. Jokerst2481979-05-21 ButteOn cliffs composing the S.E. bank of Little Chico Cr. T2 N R02E S11 SE1-4
CHSC28767CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJ. D. Jokerst2491979-05-21 ButteOn N. sides of lava boulders S. (within 100 yds.) of Little Chico Cr. T2 N R02E S01 center
CHSC28769CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJ. D. Jokerst4031979-03-20 ButteOn the sides of cliffs on the edge of Table Mountain, adjacent to the waterfalls of the S. fork of Coal Cr. Canon. T2 N R04E S08 middle of the W edge
CHSC29740CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJ. D. Jokerst5881980-04-17 ButteTop of North Table Mt, cliffs at the northern edge. T2 N R04E S32 NE1-4 center
CHSC35651CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisR. E. Preston235B1982-04-07 ButteCape Horn, ca. 4 mi sw of Paradise. On cliff. T2 N R04E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cherokee 1:24,000
CHSC38408CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisVernon Oswald1591983-03-13 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, 20 ft s of Upper Park Rd. e of Devil′s Kitchen (2.2 mi e of the power lines). On outcrops overlooking Chico Creek canyon.
CHSC41902CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart21961-02-26 ButteAt the Salmon Hole, Upper Bidwell Park, Chico.
CHSC474CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisV. Holt1937-03-01 ButteSalmon Hole.
CHSC70829CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisVernon Oswald89071998-04-13 ShastaGilman Rd. bordering the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake, ca. 11 mi east of I-5, 2.9 mi east of Hirz Bay Recreation Area, 4.5 mi west of McCloud Bridge. On the edge of the road. T3 N R0 W S17
CHSC78067CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisCaleb E. Casey1999-03-04 ButteUpper Bidwell park, bluffs on south side over Bear Hole. T2 N R02E S10
CHSC83912CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart100632003-04-10 ButteOn basalt cliffs, on the east rim of South Table Mountain, about 2 1-2 miles (air) north of Oroville. T2 N R04E S32 near the center
CHSC87413CHSCBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisR. D. Fischer1202004-02-28 ButteSierra Nevada range, between Chico and Forest Ranch, west side of Hwy 32. Located within Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve. Access at gated and paved roadway, which is approx. 1 mile south of main entrance (14 Mile House Road). On outcropping overlooking canyon. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
DAV300930DAVBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2002-04-24 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Mount Diablo State Park. Devils Elbow-Devils Pulpit.
DAV300931DAVBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2002-04-24 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Mount Diablo State Park. Devils Elbow-Devils Pulpit.
DAV300932DAVBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisRobert E. Preston5401986-04-29 ButteButte County: ca. 6.5 km n of Oroville, on North Table Mtn.
DAV300933DAVBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisR. E. Preston235B1982-04-07 ButteButte County: S facing cliffs of Cape Horn; ca. 4.5 mi SE of Paradise.
DAV300934DAVBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisRobert E. Preston5341986-04-25 TehamaTehama County: ca. 10.9 km sw of Paskenta, on Round Valley Rd, ca. 0.4 km e of Bennett Cr., at roadside.
JEPS104354UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart100632003-04-10 ButteOn basalt cliffs, on the e rim of South Table Mountain, ca 2 1-2 mi (air) n of Oroville.
JEPS117231UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart166122010-05-06 ButteBelow rim, north side of disk golf area, on a ridge about 250 yards west of Highway 32, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico
JEPS122214UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLowell Ahart193882014-04-19 ButteAbout 30 yards west of a small drainage, about 80 yards southwest of a small falls, about 3-4 mile northwest of the parking area on the west side of Cherokee Road, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville.
JEPS15272UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisRimo Bacigalupi [G. L. Stebbins, Peter Kamb]31061950-04-16 Colusaridge n Red Bridge Camp (between and above the confluence of the N and Middle Forks of Stony Creek, nw Colusa Co., very close to Glenn Co. line); Inner North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest
JEPS25551UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. F. Ehrendorfer, G. L. Stebbins71761959-06-30 ShastaLow Pass Creek canyon, drainage of Squaw Creek which flows into the Pit River arm os Shasta Lake Low Pass Creek
JEPS60252UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisL. R. Heckard, L. Constance, R. Ornduff23191969-06-25 Siskiyou15 mi from U.S. Highway 99 (off the Gilman Road, on n side of McCloud River arm of Lake Shasta)
JEPS90266UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisDean W. Taylor133051992-03-17 Shasta1 mi s of McCloud River Bridge (along road between Ellery Creek and Pine Point Campground, McCloud Arm Shasta Lake); Shasta Lake Region, McCloud Arm Shasta Lake
SJSU12080SJSUBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisN.A. Hopkins5311973-06-11 SierraRobinsons Cow Camp c. 0.5 W of Packer L
SJSU13990SJSUBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisN.A. Hopkins14671988-07-26 SierraRobinsons Cow Camp c. 0.5 W of Packer L
STNF-4646599-TEMPAIDSTNFBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisBarbara Williams1990-04-08 TrinityBig Flat B.B.R.D.
UC1049540UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisRimo Bacigalupi31061950-04-16 Glennridge above Red Bridge Canonfluence of the North and Middle Forks of Stony Creek, vicinity of Colusa-Glenn County line); Inner North Coast Ranges
UC1608346UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisJulie Kierstead90-271990-04-20 Shasta4.4 mi ne Hirz Bay turnoff (FS Rd7H009); Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Shasta Lake Ranger District
UC583301UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell17621934-04-20 Siskiyounear Yreka (along Shasta River); Shasta Rvier
UC673144UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisLincoln Constance, Reed C. Rollins29301942-05-14 Siskiyou6 mi n Yreka; Klamath-Siskiyou Region, Shasta River
UC725633UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisA. A. Heller165001942-06-05 Plumas3 mi w Belden (on #24)
UC726942UCJEPSBoechera breweri subsp. shastaensisA. A. Heller133591920-03-28 ButteTen Mile House

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