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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
NY247833NYAllium croceumC. C. Parrys.n.1850-01-01 UnknownOn the Mexican Boundary Survey. Mountain east of San Diego, near the summit.
NY114950NYBloomeria aureaW. G. W. Harford9861868-05-18 ?  San Diego
PASA494PASABloomeria aurea Los AngelesFlintridge
CAS-BOT389681CASBloomeria croceaWicksten, Marys.n.1969-06-25 San MateoHuddart Park
CAS-BOT478853CASBloomeria croceaSilverman, Dave; Martin, Colleen; Jarvis, Jeff79632010-05-06 San DiegoEast Otay Valley, lower Otay Ranch, where SE mesas end at river valley. N of river, W of lakes and ca. 800 m W of Salt Creek
CAS-BOT478854CASBloomeria croceaSanders, A. C.; Rose, K. C.; Moore, Y.219071998-06-03 VenturaMoonpark: hills S of Tierra Rejada Valley along Read Rd. ca. 0.5 mi. E of Moonpark Rd. just W of Hwy 23, ca.1 mi. NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, ca. 2 mi. NE of Thousand Oaks
CAS-BOT567591CASBloomeria croceaBenson, Lyman116981945-05-11 Los AngelesClaremont; Pacific Slope drainage area; San Gabriel Mts.: canyon below Johnson′s Pasture
CAS-BOT603816CASBloomeria croceaMoe, L. M.26942005-06-21 KernFt. Tejon State Park.
CAS-BOT619511CASBloomeria croceaJunak, Steven A.SCa-19672008-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Isthmus, along road to Wrigley Marine Science Center
CATA00244CATABloomeria croceaMark L. Hoefs2411973-05-04 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: By road, 1-4 mile west of Little Harbor, east exposure
CATA00472CATABloomeria croceaSara L. Crockett6141997-03-28 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1.1 miles S of Two Harbors on Cat Harbor Road; ca. 30 m upslope
CATA00529CATABloomeria croceaSara L. Crockett6811997-04-29 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: End of unnamed road, 0.4 mile beyond jct. with road leading to Bulrush Canon-Salta Verde
CATA00651CATABloomeria croceaMark L. Hoefs11251991-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: By road above Parson′s Landing
CATA01639CATABloomeria croceaMark L. Hoefs29221998-06-11 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, near horse trail
CDA0011646CDABloomeria croceaG.F. Hrusa123461995-06-19 San Luis ObispoSE end of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area. Santa Lucia Mountains.
CDA0014434CDABloomeria croceaG.D. Barbe15671973-06-02 Santa BarbaraSouth and east of UCCI Field Station, west of Stanton Ranch headquarters. Santa Cruz Island.
CDA0014959CDABloomeria croceaG.F. Hrusa145141998-06-06 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. Fort Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation. Los Bueyes Creek. South Coast Ranges.
CDA0030514CDABloomeria croceaG.F. Hrusa165822005-06-04 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero. Bottom (S) edge of potrero. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0039467CDABloomeria croceaR. Baker & R. Robersons.n.1969-05-27 San DiegoIn deep canyon south of dump near Carvajal School, Otay Mesa.
CDA0039468CDABloomeria croceaUnknowns.n. UnknownNo collection data given.
CDA0039469CDABloomeria croceaE.O. Essig791911-04-18 VenturaFoothills near Nordhoff [now Ojai].
CDA0049939CDABloomeria croceaChenxi Xiao42017-05-14 San Luis ObispoSouth Hill Open Space, 0.57 mi up Woodridge Trailhead. 35 N, -120 W, elev 165 m. Growing on flat open space of the serpentine grassland near the top.
CDA0053022CDABloomeria croceaSuzanne HarmonK060313302008-06-03 KernStand of Populus fremontii of all ages along banks and bottom of extremely deep, steep-walled creek. No evidence of grazing nor animal paths observed in steep canyon - too steep to safely descend. Associated taxa Populus fremontii. 3866130 N, 300438 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 34.918018, -119.184580). Elev 904 m.
CHSC2067CHSCBloomeria croceaS. Westerberg1938-04-01 OrangeDana Point.
CHSC21412CHSCBloomeria croceaRobert A. Schlising29861971-06-01 VenturaLake Eleanor, south of Thousand Oaks.
CHSC24193CHSCBloomeria croceaT. P. Spira571976-06-07 Los AngelesOn ne slope in Stokes Canon, 1 mi n of Mulholland Hwy. And 200 yd from Stokes Canon Rd. (e side).
CHSC3673CHSCBloomeria croceaMary Mac Arthur371966-06-04 Los AngelesChilao (upper).
CHSC41690CHSCBloomeria croceaC. Janeway1986-05-17 MercedCa. 1.0 mi from confluence of North and South Forks above the South Fork of Los Banos Creek. T11S R08E S29 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley
CHSC42289CHSCBloomeria croceaL. P. Janeway16781986-05-17 MercedCyn of S Fk Los Banos Cr ca 1 mi south of its conflluence with N Fk. T11S R08E S29 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley 1:24,000
CHSC4742CHSCBloomeria croceaM. MacArthur571967-06-24 Los Angeles0.7 mi from turn-off on Angeles Crest Hwy. To lower Chilao keeping always to right - - left side of rd. Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel.
CHSC53663CHSCBloomeria croceaC. A. Janeway1986-05-14 FresnoIn the cyn of Warthan Cr ca 6-8 mi west of Coalinga via hsy 198. T21S R14E S16 ,17,21,22 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain
CHSC55148CHSCBloomeria croceaL. P. Janeway26891988-05-22 San Luis ObispoCa 5 mi due E of Creston. T28S R14E S1 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Shedd Canon 1:24,000
CLARK-A1528-1516CLARKBloomeria croceaJohn C. Roos38671948-05-22 San BernardinoSan Timoteo Canon
CLARK-A1528-1517CLARKBloomeria croceaJohn C. Roos1965-06-29 San BernardinoLoma Linda
CLARK-A1528-1518CLARKBloomeria croceaJohn C. Roos1958-05-02 Los AngelesBrentwood
CLARK-A1528-1519CLARKBloomeria croceaJohn C. Roos36061947-05-11 Los AngelesPomona
CLARK-A1528-3075CLARKBloomeria croceaMichelle Loef250573-41973-05-25 OrangeBrea
CLARK-A1528-3076CLARKBloomeria croceaMark Wilson71980-05-30 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon
CSLA021157CSLABloomeria croceaSuzanne Goode231979-05-15 Venturaca 13 miles SE of Oxnard, in La Jolla Valley, Point Mugu State Park
CSLA021159CSLABloomeria croceaJames Henrickson99011973-05-17 San Diego6.5 (rd) miles SSE of Fallbrook, ca 3 miles E of Bonsal on chaparral covered slopes of Monaserate Hills, ca 1 1-2 miles W of Hwy 395
CSLA021160CSLABloomeria croceaDieter H. Wilken3601965-06-29 RiversideStrawberry Meadows, near Idyllwild, San Jacinto Mtns.
CSLA021161CSLABloomeria croceaSteven P. Lynch1391969-05-24 San Luis ObispoSummit of Perfumo Canon, 4 mi. s. west of San Luis Obispo.
CSLA021162CSLABloomeria croceaE. L. Peterson1081929-05-05 Los AngelesBeverly Blvd. just E. of Westwood
CSLA021164CSLABloomeria croceaTennie B. Rogers801967-05-30 Los AngelesPeninsular Mountains, La Puente Hills south of La Puente.
CSLA021165CSLABloomeria croceaE. Rorick10521954-05-18 Los AngelesElysian Park
CSLA021166CSLABloomeria croceaK. Anderson581969-05-23 RiversideE side on State HWY 71 near Temecula
CSLA021171CSLABloomeria croceaDieter H. Wilken3541965-06-29 RiversideEast of Fuller Mill Creek, south of Marion Ridge along County Route 1, San Jacinto Mtns.
CSLA021172CSLABloomeria croceaB. McIlwain141967-04-10 Los AngelesTopanga Canon, Santa Monica Mountains
CSLA021173CSLABloomeria croceaLouis C. Wheeler6721932-04-30 Los AngelesNear U. C. L. A. Campus W Los Angeles
CSLA021174CSLABloomeria croceaW. Griesel10521953-05-23 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills
CSUSB90813CSUSBBloomeria croceaEugene Cardiff1954-05-05 RiversideUniversity of California, Riverside (UCR) campus.
CSUSB90814CSUSBBloomeria croceaR. Thomasson1973-05-24 RiversideBox Springs Mountains; Box Springs Mountains. Big "C″ turnoff, 0.6 miles from Box Springs Mountain Road.
CSUSB90815CSUSBBloomeria croceaR.D. Keys1973-05-13 RiversideBox Springs Mountains; Pigeon Pass Road, 1 mile above Riverside dump, 100 feet south of road along spring, in the Box Springs Mountains.
CSUSB90816CSUSBBloomeria croceaJohn Milbauer1976-05-12 RiversidePigeon Pass Road.
CSUSB90817CSUSBBloomeria croceaBarry Glaser640421-61964-04-21 RiversideBox Springs Mountains; Box Springs Mountains. 0.3 miles beyond end of Blaine.
CSUSB90818CSUSBBloomeria croceaEric Tuckers.n.2004-05-01 San BernardinoCalifornia State University, San Bernardino. Northeast slope of Little Badger Hill.
CSUSB90819CSUSBBloomeria croceaVirginia M. Bolton1966-05-08 Santa BarbaraSomewhere between Santa Barbara County and Monterey County off Highway 101.
CSUSB90820CSUSBBloomeria croceaMark Eutenier730530-41973-05-30 RiversideBox Springs Road, side canyon running east-west from main canyon 50 yards north of tower and Big "C″, 50 yards east of main canyon 5 feet up north facing slope.
CSUSB90821CSUSBBloomeria croceaPat Halligan1968-04-13 Riverside1-4 mile southwest of water tank on Sugarloaf Mountain
CSUSB90822CSUSBBloomeria croceaD.L. Heald521966-05-16 RiversideOff the road behind Webber Hall at University of California, Riverside (UCR) in the city of Riverside.
CSUSB90823CSUSBBloomeria croceaDavid Balding1971-05-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; West side of Highway 18, 1-4 mile south of junction of lower Old Waterman Canon Road.
CSUSB91923CSUSBBloomeria croceaRandy Salstrom50866-731966-05-08 OrangeFullerton area, 100 yards north of the corner of Mariann Ave. and Harbor Blvd. on Harbor Blvd.
CSUSB94031CSUSBBloomeria croceaRichard L. Irwins.n.1973-04-29 San DiegoTorrey Pines State Reserve - hill facing ocean; 100 yards below NW Steel Navy tower by gold coarse.
DAV31125DAVBloomeria croceaKenneth A. Wilson11501961-04-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Soledad Canon. Small burnt over canyon adjacent to Bee Canon, north of River′s End Ranch.
DAV357690DAVBloomeria croceaKathy Tajbakhsh21996-04-13 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Catalina Island: Fisherman′s bay, outside the gates of the USC Marine Research Station.
DAV357691DAVBloomeria croceaEarl Browns.n.1993-05-02 OrangeOrange County: San Clemente State Beach, located about 200 W of main entrance.
DAV357692DAVBloomeria croceaR. Curtis31995-05-14 VenturaVentura County: 0.2 mile off Thomas St.
DAV357693DAVBloomeria croceaB. Pitzer28491996-05-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Palos Verdes Peninsula: Palos Verdes Hills, San Pedro Naval Fuel Depot, at San Pedro Hill.
DAV357694DAVBloomeria croceaElizabeth Bonciminos.n.1993-04-25 KernTehachapi Mountains, 1 mile N of Tehachapi Loop.
DAV357695DAVBloomeria croceaPatrick Byrne371994-05-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns., Topanga State Park, Topanga, near entrance at end of Waveview Dr. alongside a dirt fire road.
FSC0005040FSCBloomeria croceaFranklin Beylik681958-06-12 San BenitoGriswold Crk. Canon ca. 1 West Juniper Mine.
FSC0005041FSCBloomeria croceaBill Brothers1940-06-04 FresnoCollected along the Los Gatos Creek road about 12 miles west of highway 33. Found on Northern slope
FSC0005042FSCBloomeria croceaQuibell1940-06-04 Los AngelesWash east of Claremont.
HSC93118HSCBloomeria croceaJohn Wearsn1994-06-01 San BernardinoE Highlands, San Andreas Ranch at the mouth of City Creek Canon, N of Highland Ave., E of Hwy. 330, S and SE of San Bernardino National Forest
IRVC119048IRVCBloomeria croceaRebecca E. Crowe6212019-06-08 OrangeSanta Ana Mts. Cleveland NF. Upper Long Canon, east of Los Pinos Peak, west of Leach Canon, and south of upper McVicker Canon. Confluence of two seasonal stream. Around 100 meters north of North Main Divide Road.
IRVC16763IRVCBloomeria croceaD. W. Goodall841968-04-12 TulareKramer Valley, 6 W of M-296, Sequoia National Forest
IRVC17079IRVCBloomeria croceaD. W. Goodall651968-04-10 InyoWildrose entrance, Death Valley National Monument
IRVC18742IRVCBloomeria croceaA.B. McGees.n.1981-05-20 OrangeSan Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, on bluff, W side.
IRVC26227IRVCBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders266162003-05-13 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon
IRVC26521IRVCBloomeria croceaMark A. Elvin34492004-05-22 OrangeUCI Arboretum
IRVC27IRVCBloomeria croceaR.H. WhittakerSJ-571963-05-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet. Slope SE-18 degrees concave. Deep sandy loam soil, dissected, occ. granite boulders.
IRVC28IRVCBloomeria croceaR.H. WhittakerSJ-54,551963-05-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet. Slope SE-18 degrees concave. Deep sandy loam soil, dissected, occ. granite boulders.
IRVC30160IRVCBloomeria croceaMignonne Bivin281978-03-30 Tulareoutside of Sequoia National Park; Dry Creek Road, 6 mi from jct with Hwy 216 (to woodlake).
IRVC9062IRVCBloomeria croceaP. W. Rundel10831962-05-10 San BernardinoOne-half mile west of Arrow [Arrowhead] Springs. San Bernardino mountain range.
JEPS104775UCJEPSBloomeria croceaDean W. Taylor149301995-05-26 StanislausQuinto Canon, at the Bald Eagle Mine
JEPS14380UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRimo Bacigalupi, Gene Newcomb43941954-04-24 Venturaca. 1-2 mi. below (e. of) summit of East Casitas Pass (Casitas Pass Rd.)
JEPS5205UCJEPSBloomeria croceaWillis L. Jepson61071914-05-28 San BernardinoCanon Pass
JEPS5206UCJEPSBloomeria croceaOlive Thacher61915-05-24 VenturaOjai Valley
JEPS5207UCJEPSBloomeria croceaS. B. Parish1893-06-01 San BernardinoReche Canon
JEPS5208UCJEPSBloomeria croceaW. L. Jepson, H. M. Hall13341901-05-17 RiversideVan Deventer′s Ranch
JEPS5209UCJEPSBloomeria croceaE. L. Greene1886-07-01 Santa BarbaraIsl. of Santa Cruz
JEPS5210UCJEPSBloomeria croceaS. B. Parish1888-05-01 San Bernardinohills near Mentone
JEPS5211UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney37181952-05-21 San Benitoalong hogback at entrance to canyon just s. of Panoche Valley (entrance to Juniper Mine) (along rd. leading s. to New Idria Mine (Idria P.O.))
JEPS5213UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney37231952-05-22 San Benito4 mi. w. Lonoak junction (along rd. from King City to Lonoak, on San Benito Co. side of Lewis Creek, which forms boundary with Monterey Co.); Lewis Creek
JEPS52316UCJEPSBloomeria croceaWayne Roderick1967-05-27 San Benitoca. 12 mi. n. New Idria (12 mi. s. of Panoche, on rd. to New Idria)
JEPS5908UCJEPSBloomeria croceaFrank Peirson61918-06-28 Los Angelesfoothills e. of Rubio Canon; base s. of San Gabriel Mts.
JEPS5909UCJEPSBloomeria croceaWillis L. Jepson122411927-06-02 San BenitoUpper San Benito R. near Lorenzo Creek; Upper San Benito R.
JEPS5912UCJEPSBloomeria croceaWillis L. Jepson122481927-06-03 San Benitocanyon northerly from Bear Valley (Willow Creek Canon); Willow Creek Canon
JEPS5913UCJEPSBloomeria croceaWillis L. Jepson121501927-05-30 Santa Barbara2 mi. e. Pine Creek Bridge (Cuyama R.); n. Santa Barbara Co., Cuyama R.
JEPS61533UCJEPSBloomeria croceaSamuel B. Parish1888-05-25 San Bernardinofoothills San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS61534UCJEPSBloomeria croceaCarl V. Meyer4901928-07-04 San Diegosummit of Nigger Grade; Palomar Mt.
JEPS73534UCJEPSBloomeria croceaJames R. Griffin3231B1972-07-06 San BenitoSummit San Benito Mt; San Benito Mt. Natural Area (Bureau of Land Management)
JEPS78774UCJEPSBloomeria croceaL. R. Heckard, Michael Morris42561976-06-13 San Bernardinos. of Rte. 138 Canon Canon (Mormon Rocks);, Mormon Rocks
JEPS78775UCJEPSBloomeria croceaL. R. Heckard, Michael Morris42561976-06-13 San Bernardinos. of Rte. 138 Canon Canon (Mormon Rocks);, Mormon Rocks
JEPS97990UCJEPSBloomeria croceaP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL71994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 2), near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir, ca. 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir dam
JEPS97991UCJEPSBloomeria croceaP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. NeeseHL34791997-05-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; Training Area 11, 6.7 W of Basket Spg., 4.0 km ESE of Chalk Pk., near McKern Trail
LA105081LABloomeria croceaBarry A. Prigge82231988-07-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Calabasas; Calabasas, ca 0.5 mi. E of N-junction of Mulholland Hwy and Old Topanga Rd. on Mulholland Hwy and S of highway
LA200931LABloomeria croceaSharon Johnston341957-05-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mullholland Dr. 0.5 mi east of Alhama Dr
LA200932LABloomeria croceaJonathan Sauer45671969-06-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Saddle Peak
LA201273LABloomeria croceaArthur C. Gibson44152003-04-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA212150LABloomeria croceaFranciss.n.1955-05-21 VenturaBell Canon
LA213017LABloomeria croceaHarold Piries.n.1963-05-16 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Off Topanga Cyn Blvd. on Robinson Rd
LA21887LABloomeria croceaCarl Eplings.n.1926-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topango [Topanga] Canon
LA21889LABloomeria croceaLouis Wheeler6721932-04-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; West Los Angeles UCLA campus
LA21890LABloomeria croceaA. Handsheigels.n.1925-06-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Encino Country Club (historic site)
LA21894LABloomeria croceaJ.A. Ewan22501930-05-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cahuenga Hills; above Hollywood Lake
LA328258LABloomeria croceaC. Eplings.n.1932-06-21 San DiegoCold Spring
LA33467LABloomeria croceaPeter H. Raven141641959-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Hwy, 1 W of Las Virgenes Rd, Malibu Creek drainage
LA34187LABloomeria croceaPeter H. Raven142071959-05-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Conejo Mountain; NE slopes of mountain
LA82374LABloomeria croceaO.H. Kappler321940-05-26 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LOB107489LOBBloomeria croceaAlex White532017-04-15 OrangeAliso and Wood Canons Wilderness Park
LOB107490LOBBloomeria croceaR. Collins1431971-05-01 Riverside1.1 mile north of Lake Mathews Dam
LOB107817LOBBloomeria croceaBryana Olmeda422017-04-15 OrangeAliso and Wood Canons Wilderness Park
LOB107818LOBBloomeria croceaJ. S. Folsom3281970-05-13 OrangeS of Newport on Pacific Coast Hwy.
LOB107819LOBBloomeria croceaJ. S. Folsom3281970-05-13 OrangeS of Newport on Pacific Coast Hwy.
LOB107820LOBBloomeria croceaDeane A. Johnsons.n.1952-05-03 OrangeO′Neill Park
LOB107821LOBBloomeria croceaM. Hirrel991972-04-21 Orange0.5 miles east of junc. of Margueritte Pkwy. and Aliso Rd.
LOB107822LOBBloomeria croceaMelvin Kunkle1361972-05-18 Orange1 mile southwest of San Juan Station, off Ortega Highway.
LOB107823LOBBloomeria croceaJ. A. Thompson861973-05-12 OrangeAlong Ortega Hwy., 3 mi. SW of National Forest Entrance.
LOB107824LOBBloomeria croceaJ. Farrow1541974-05-13 Orange1.5 W of Jamboree Rd. on Back Bay Drive, Newport Back Bay.
MACF034662MACFBloomeria croceaRobert Lee Allen121362001-06-29 OrangeSanta Ana Range, San Juan Canon, 1.6 road miles E of San Juan Guard Station following Ortega Hwy SR74; edge of turnout at Roadside 111 N side of road; 33.593867 -117.488167
MACF034664MACFBloomeria croceaS. A. Weidert19-C1971-04-22 OrangeCanon Canon Road (State Hwy 142) at jct of co. dump rd 1 N Imperial Hwy.
MACF034665MACFBloomeria croceaL. J. Johnson491973-05-15 Orange7.5 miles from I-5 on State 74 thru the Santa Ana Mountains
MACF034666MACFBloomeria croceaT. W. NiilusN1811970-04-13 OrangeCollected 1-2 mile N of Imperial Hwy on Kraemer Ave.
MACF034667MACFBloomeria croceaGeorge J. LeyP951971-05-21 Los AngelesOn flat area just off road in Turnbull Canon, 5 miles from Painter Avenue
MACF034668MACFBloomeria croceaR. B. Lowe1969-05-24 OrangeSantiago Canon Rd. 3 miles west of Irvine Lake.
MACF034670MACFBloomeria croceaFulgham-Draper501973-05-23 OrangeTonner Canon off highway 57
MACF034671MACFBloomeria croceaJ. Ewan22501930-05-30 Los AngelesAbove Lake Hollywood, Santa Monica Mountains
MACF034672MACFBloomeria croceaFay A. MacFadden17191929-05-17 Los AngelesPico Canon
MACF034673MACFBloomeria croceaFay A. MacFadden13731935-06-25 UnknownCarmel
MACF034674MACFBloomeria croceaBarbara Gittins2441963-05-24 OrangeNewport Bay
OBI134875OBIBloomeria croceaMatt Hatchs.n.2011-05-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range. Irish Hills Nature Reserve.
OBI148080OBIBloomeria croceaCarina Casissa32019-04-28 San Luis ObispoCerro San Luis; a quarter mile from Lemon Grove Loop Trailhead, turning right at first fork; in small drainage
OBI148485OBIBloomeria croceaChristopher Hauser672018-05-16 San BenitoPanoche Valley Preserve. Found in foothills in northwest corner of Panoche Valley. T14S, R10E, SW 1-4 W 1-4 of Sec 33.
OBI179591OBIBloomeria croceaDavid J. Keil332512015-06-19 San Luis ObispoRural area north of Arroyo Grande between Corbett Canon Road and Highway 227, accessed via Dairy Lane and a private drive
OBI179607OBIBloomeria croceaDavid Keil330562015-04-10 MontereyCholame Valley. Jack Ranch. California Flats Botanical Survey. Turkey Flat Road nw of Powerline Road.
OBI179608OBIBloomeria croceaDavid Keil206791988-05-24 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills, San Luis Range. Froom Ranch on southwestern side of Los Osos Valley Road, just west of junction with Calle Joaquin and US 101.
OBI179609OBIBloomeria croceaDavid Keil228621992-05-02 San Luis ObispoLaguna Lake Park.
OBI179610OBIBloomeria croceaP. DouglasHL71994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2 Near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, ca 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir, ca 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir Dam.
OBI179611OBIBloomeria croceaDavid Keil251601995-05-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Base Recreation Area (ca. 1.4 N of San Antonio Rd and 0.7 mi E of Lompoc-Casmalia Rd)
OBI179612OBIBloomeria croceaGreg Frugoli0761997-05-09 San Luis Obispo0.3 mi. south of hwy. 58 on east side of Red Hill rd.; La Panza range, Los Padres N.F. (Hwy. 58 burn area)
OBI179613OBIBloomeria croceaDebora Guillot4.141993-07-08 San Luis ObispoSouthwest section of San Simeon State Park
OBI179614OBIBloomeria croceaAnne Marie Orcino201994-05-14 Los AngelesStunt High Trail, 1 mile E on Stunt Rd. from jct with Mulholland Hwy., Calabasas
OBI179615OBIBloomeria croceaDavid J. Keil208141988-06-25 San Luis ObispoHiguera Street, south of San Luis Obispo just east of bridge over SLO creek.
OBI179616OBIBloomeria croceaDavid J. Keil188931985-06-19 San Luis ObispoAlong dirt road west from Clark Valley Rd. ca. 300-400 m South of Blue Heron View Way.
OBI179617OBIBloomeria croceaKyle R. Weichert412015-04-28 MontereyTurkey Flats.
OBI79966OBIBloomeria croceaDavid J. Keil318112013-06-12 San Luis ObispoAdelaida Cellars Vineyard and Walnut Grove
OBI82444OBIBloomeria croceaDavid J. Keil332512015-06-19 San Luis ObispoRural area north of Arroyo Grande between Corbett Canon Road and Highway 227, accessed via Dairy Lane and a private drive
PGM1205PGMBloomeria croceaYadon, Vern1971-06-20 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Arroyo Seco Rd Los Padres N F, Nr tr head to Indian Valley
PGM1636PGMBloomeria croceaYadon, Vern1977-05-26 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, The Indians, Approx 3-4 mi fr tr head to Junipero Serra Pk
PGM2238PGMBloomeria croceaYadon, Vern1983-06-30 MontereyDiablo Range, Priest Valley Hwy 198, 1 mi E of Mustang summit
PGM5021PGMBloomeria croceaHowitt, Beatrice F00961956-06-16 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, Hastings Reservaton
PUA000423PUABloomeria croceaMark Parsons521977-05-14 FresnoLocal landmark: Lodge Road. Shaver Lake Quad.
PUA64207PUABloomeria croceaG.L. Clifton1986-06-07 KernLocal landmark: Bald Eagle Peak. Isabella Quad.
RSA0051626RSABloomeria croceaLee Hainess.n.1935-07-02 Los AngelesTanbark Reservoir - San Dimas, San Gabriel Mts.
RSA0051628RSABloomeria croceaDennis Fordhams.n.1951-05-20 Los AngelesTopanga, highway side near Kneen Place.
RSA0056375RSABloomeria croceaJames R. Shevock1641970-04-30 Los AngelesOff of Topanga Canon.
RSA0062522RSABloomeria croceaR. G. Swinney130692010-06-04 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon Natural Area (formerly Placerita Cyn. State Park), 0.3-0.9 miles east of Nature Center along Placerita Cyn. bottom.; Mint Canon 7.5′ Q.
RSA0088861RSABloomeria croceaB.C. Templetons.n.1938-05-21 Los AngelesTopanga Cyn
RSA0106332RSABloomeria croceaLyman Benson116981945-05-11 Los AngelesClaremont. Mt. Range San Gabriel.
RSA0117161RSABloomeria croceaSaul Pacheco022014-05-27 San Luis ObispoStenner Creek Road, Cal Poly-On the South side of the road adjacent to the iron fence and down the trail.
RSA0139388RSABloomeria croceaR. G. Swinney165792014-05-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, on ridge between west fork of Engelwild Cyn. and Glenco Heights Cyn., 0.2 miles WNW of Engelwild Debris Basin, 0.72 air miles SSE of Glendora Ridge Motorway.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0139455RSABloomeria croceaR. G. Swinney166082014-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, along ridgetop and north side of ridge due south of the west fork of Harrow Cyn., north of end of Glendora Ave., along historic (abandoned early 70 Whitcomb Trail.; Glendora 7.5
RSA0157529RSABloomeria croceaL. M. Moe26942005-06-21 KernFt. Tejon State Park.
RSA0167511RSABloomeria croceaDuncan S. Bell106572017-05-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; post-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; collecting in the meadow area of the Pinnacles approximately 0.5 air mile south of their summit.; Lake Arrowhead
RSA0168982RSABloomeria croceaSteven A. JunakSCa-19672008-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Canong rd to Wrigley Marine.
RSA0172035RSABloomeria croceaA. C. Sanders353292008-05-09 OrangeWeir Canon, 0.3 mi. west of Eastern Transportation Corridor (Hwy 241) and 1.45 mi. east of south end of Walnut Canon Reservoir.; Black Star Canon 7.5′ Q.
RSA0172038RSABloomeria croceaJ. T. Howell161927-06-02 OrangeRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA0172946RSABloomeria croceaH. Twinings.n.1906-05-01 Los AngelesElysian Park, Foothills.
RSA0173362RSABloomeria croceaScott D. White77192000-04-23 RiversidePerris-San Jacinto Basin: Winchester-Hemet area. Unnamed hills just S of Lakeview Mts. South of Hwy 74 and E of Hwy 7 Winchester
RSA0173469RSABloomeria croceaL. C. Wheelers.n.1975-06-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: ca.1 mile E of mouth of Little Tujunga Canon.
RSA0328429RSABloomeria croceaPaul H. Woods.n.1941-04-15 Los AngelesTurnbull Canon.
RSA0417335RSABloomeria croceaVanessa Ashworth1711995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA783275RSABloomeria croceaJ. D. Olmsted1471958-05-19 Los AngelesAlong Thompson Creek with SW drainage along Baseline, and Indian Hill, north of Claremont
SBBG108120SBBGBloomeria croceaClare B. Hardham59601960-06-01 San Luis ObispoBurnett Peak
SBBG108148SBBGBloomeria croceaS. L. Crockett, S. A. Junak, M. L. Hoefs, J. Takara6141997-03-28 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1.1 mi S of Two Harbors on Cat Harbor Rd
SBBG110012SBBGBloomeria croceaClare B. Hardham18096c1971-06-20 Kingshead of Garza Cyn, W of Avenales [Avenal]
SBBG110209SBBGBloomeria croceaClare B. Hardham8571956-06-03 San Luis ObispoNacimiento River crossing [Triguero Crossing]
SBBG110434SBBGBloomeria croceaSteven A. JunakSC 25301991-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: just E of mouth of Willows Cyn, just S of rd to ridgetop on E side of cyn
SBBG111149SBBGBloomeria croceaG. D. Barbe, A. Carter, B. Kasapligil15671973-06-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: S and E of UC Field Station, W of Stanton Ranch headquarters
SBBG111193SBBGBloomeria croceaE. Neese, E. PainterHL16101995-05-17 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Sulphur Spring Cyn, ca. 3 km E of Mission Crk, ca. 6.75 W of Jolon Crk; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113355SBBGBloomeria croceaP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. PainterHL71994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Del Venturi Rd, near ford on San Antonio River, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG113356SBBGBloomeria croceaP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. NeeseHL34791997-05-21 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: 6.7 W of Basket Spring, 4 km ESE of Chalk Pk, near McKern Trail; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG119436SBBGBloomeria croceaM. Wetherwax, E. Painter w- C. BrattSLO1102000-05-15 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; large serpentine outcrop W of Chorro Reservoir; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG122166SBBGBloomeria croceaD. Wilken w- R. Muller168052008-06-09 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; N Fk of San Guillermo Crk, just N of Piano Box Loop, ca. 2.4 NNE of Pine Spring
SBBG127542SBBGBloomeria croceaDavid Keil252521995-05-25 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; S end of Arguello Rd, just below summit of Soap Peak; Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG136846SBBGBloomeria croceaBonnie C. Templeton14651930-05-27 Los Angelesnear Mulholland Drive, Santa Monica Mtns.
SBBG137688SBBGBloomeria croceaR. C. Benkendorf5162017-05-04 San Benito[S of Arroyo Hondo, SE of Borreguera Spring]
SBBG138428SBBGBloomeria croceaSteven A. JunakSCa-19672008-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Canong rd to Wrigley Marine Science Center
SBBG141522SBBGBloomeria croceaSarah TermondtSET-1342018-07-10 Santa Barbararoad cut of Hildreth Peak Road west of intersection with Portrero Seco Road.
SBBG143391SBBGBloomeria croceaC. Matt Guilliams33002016-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Blackjack Campground.
SBBG163160SBBGBloomeria croceaBonnie C. Templeton1938-05-21 Los AngelesTopanga Cyn
SBBG163323SBBGBloomeria croceaBonnie C. Templeton14651930-05-27 Los AngelesMulholland Drive, Santa Monica Mtns
SBBG27979SBBGBloomeria croceaD. H. Wilken157091999-05-25 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: NE edge of Ammunition Supply Pt, ca. 1.8 km E of Murry Crk, ca. 2.9 N of Jolon Rd; Ft Hunter Liggett
SD00054378SDBloomeria croceaJohn W. Brown4001995-05-02 San Diegocut along River Road
SD00057932SDBloomeria croceaOnkar Singh52992015-04-03 San DiegoNaval Weapons Station Seal Beach Detachment Fallbrook, north magazine, study area S.
SD188628SDBloomeria croceaMichael G Simpson24962003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miner?s canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
SD193186SDBloomeria croceaA. C. Sanders299882005-05-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Coastal Foothills region: Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway along Green Valley Truck Trail, in canyon below turnoff to Lake Poway.
SD217172SDBloomeria croceaDarin L. Banks10711996-05-17 San DiegoNorthwest Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains, Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; at an open grassland on the west face of Agua Tibia Mountain at the break in the slope
SD230121SDBloomeria croceaLouis C. Wheeler98291967-06-15 Los AngelesLiebre Mountaina: North slope foothills between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch.
SD234016SDBloomeria croceaG.A. Voss15811971-11-01 San DiegoEncinitas, c. 1.25 miles S of junction Encinitas Blvd. & El Camino Real, top of low hill E of El Camino Real.
SD236124SDBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders352662008-05-06 OrangePeninsular Range; Santa Ana Mtns.: Lomas de Santiago, slope SE of road junction along ridge road, near head of Aqua Chinon Canon, 2.4 miles north of El Toro
SDSU09979SDSUBloomeria croceaSmith, Carrie71995-04-28 San DiegoJust north of Old Mission Dam, Mission Trails Regional Park.
SDSU11523SDSUBloomeria croceaWedberg, H.9371962-05-23 Riverside4.8 miles from Hwy 395 at Rainbow, on road to Santa Margarita river and Temecula Canon.
SDSU11529SDSUBloomeria croceaFox1926-05-08 San DiegoFields at Maryland
SDSU11535SDSUBloomeria croceaLantz, R.K.1969-07-09 San DiegoSunrise Hwy. 1 mi., N.W. of Camp Ole. At border of oaks and chaparral.
SDSU11547SDSUBloomeria croceaClose, D.1959-01-05 San DiegoBarrett Canon burn, 1 mile from highway 94, on banks of a wash.
SDSU11559SDSUBloomeria croceaHarvey21721938-07-01 San DiegoNear Pine Hills
SDSU11565SDSUBloomeria croceaHanshaw, Pat R.1965-04-28 San DiegoAdjacent to Montezuma Rd. and E. of Fallview Dr. at corner of lower parking lot on State College Campus.
SDSU11571SDSUBloomeria croceaBarkovic, J.E.1969-04-10 San Diego1-2 mi. east of Bonita and Acacia roads, south of Sunnyside.
SDSU11577SDSUBloomeria croceaPhleger, Charles F.23V621962-05-23 RiversideCollected on land owned by the Schloss Foundation about 25 miles north of Escondido.
SDSU11582SDSUBloomeria croceaBigelow, Ronald H.1962-05-23 RiversideSchloss Foundation, Just southeast from branch in road from HWY 395 to Santa Margarita River.
SDSU11583SDSUBloomeria croceaMatlier, Stan1938-05-13 RiversideLake Elsinore Grade
SDSU12704SDSUBloomeria croceaLove, Todd6IV97E1997-04-06 San DiegoSan Clemente Canon, Miramar NAS. Between I-15 on East end and Kearney Villa Rd on west. S of Miramar Way, across Canon to S, up to plateau about 200 yards S of Canon and 300 yards E of kearney Mesa Rd.
SDSU13367SDSUBloomeria croceaSagar, Tarja252000-05-05 San DiegoLos Penasquitos Canon Preserve. Westernmost end of Lopez Ridge.
SDSU13808SDSUBloomeria croceaSimpson, Michael G.20031999-07-10 San DiegoAbandoned trail, ca. 0.2 miles e.s.e. of junction with Milk Ranch Road and Azalea Springs Fire Rd., ca. 0.7 miles due south of Middle Peak.
SDSU17265SDSUBloomeria croceaSimpson, Michael G.24962003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miners canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
SFV116027SFVBloomeria croceaR. L. Armacosts. n.1934-04-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin; Santa Monica. Vacant hillside.
SFV116028SFVBloomeria croceaR. L. Armacost11591959-05-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin; Santa Monica. Santa Monica City College campus.
SFV116029SFVBloomeria croceaK. A. Wilson11501961-04-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Soledad Canon. Small, burnt over canyon adjacent to Bee Canon, north of Rivers End Ranch.
SFV116030SFVBloomeria croceaE. B. Carlton91962-06-24 OrangePeninsular Ranges; Laguna Beach. Private road from Hidden Valley Canon Road to Temple Hills Drive.
SFV116031SFVBloomeria croceaB. C. Templeton92181961-05-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley; Claremont. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
SFV116032SFVBloomeria croceaE. J. Spencer231992-05-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Hilltop on north side of Davenport Road at Tick Canon, at the ruins of the Sterling Borax deposit.
SFV116033SFVBloomeria croceaV. L. Soza12042001-05-09 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills; San Rafael Hills. South and western end of Scholl Canon. West end of Valle Vista fire road on ridgetop north of Highway 1 Northeast-facing upper slope of ridgetop.
SFV116034SFVBloomeria croceaK. C. Molina61992-05-09 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; Northeast slope of Verdugo Mountains along Whiting Woods fire trail.
SFV116036SFVBloomeria croceaM. J. Teiman611979-06-07 Santa BarbaraCalifornia Channel Islands; Santa Cruz Island. On road between Ironwood grove and U. C. research station. 2 miles from station.
SFV116037SFVBloomeria croceaJ. A. Dooleys. n.2006-04-21 Santa BarbaraCalifornia Channel Islands; Santa Cruz Island. North shore, Pelican Bay Trail.
SFV116039SFVBloomeria croceaJ. N. Hogue381.102011-06-02 VenturaVentura Mountains; Little Sespe Creek at Squaw Flat Road.
UC1001767UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRoxana S. Ferris, Ge. Lindsay, Kenton L. Chambers127651954-05-30 KernHavilah to Bodfish (ca. 1 mi. below summit of ridge on s. side)
UC1073348UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGeorge B. Rossbach2241955-06-20 Kern7.2 mi. n.w. Tehachapi (near entrance to Loop Ranch, Rte. 466); Tehachapi Mts.
UC1090423UCJEPSBloomeria croceaMilo S. Baker133061958-05-20 OrangeNewport Bay
UC1133852UCJEPSBloomeria croceaA. D. Gifford1091934-04-11 VenturaHappy Canon Piru Quad., Happy Canon
UC1133853UCJEPSBloomeria croceaP. L. Johannsen11691937-05-26 San Luis Obispo1 mi. w.-s.w. Chimeneas Ranch (near Plot 274); McKittrick Quad.
UC1133854UCJEPSBloomeria croceaN. French3261934-04-30 Ventura2.7 mi. s. & 1 1-2 mi. e of Camarillo; Hueneme Quad.
UC1133855UCJEPSBloomeria croceaA. D. Gifford1591934-04-23 Los Angeles2 mi. n.e. Castro Peak; Triunfo Pass Quad.
UC1133856UCJEPSBloomeria croceaW. A. Peterson8401937-05-14 San Luis Obispo3.2 mi. s.-s.e. French Camp; La Panza Quad.
UC1133857UCJEPSBloomeria croceaD. Axelrod4941935-06-08 Santa Barbarahead of Santa Agueda Creek; Lompoc Quad., Santa Agueda Creek
UC1133858UCJEPSBloomeria croceaA. D. Gifford7101935-05-14 Los Angeles3 1-2 mi. w. Manzana; Tejon Quad.
UC1133859UCJEPSBloomeria croceaH. C. Lee5681936-04-20 San Luis Obispo2 mi. w. Slide Hill; Arroyo Grande Quad.
UC1133860UCJEPSBloomeria croceaH. C. Lee9491937-05-18 San Luis ObispoFreeman Canon Paso Robles Quad., Freeman Canon
UC1133861UCJEPSBloomeria croceaT. M. Hendrix2191937-05-25 San Luis Obispo1-4 mi. s. Cammatti ranch; Pozo Quad.
UC1133862UCJEPSBloomeria croceaG. T. Nordstrom12711937-05-21 San Luis Obispo1.9 mi. s.e. Josephine School; Adelaida Quad.
UC1178594UCJEPSBloomeria croceaPeter Kamb11701948-07-04 RiversideHall Canon San Jacinto Mts., Hall Canon
UC1181795UCJEPSBloomeria croceaV. F. Hesse27891960-06-03 San Benito24.7 mi. s.e. Hollister (Pinnacles road)
UC119929UCJEPSBloomeria croceaC. R. Orcutt1884-04-01 San DiegoSan Diego
UC1296354UCJEPSBloomeria croceaR. F. Hoover83701956-04-26 San Luis Obispow. base of Mt. Bishop near San Luis Obispo
UC1296356UCJEPSBloomeria croceaR. F. Hoover83591955-06-14 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
UC1296358UCJEPSBloomeria croceaR. F. Hoover83611955-06-30 San Luis Obispow. Pozo (Rinconada Mine. Also east through La Panza Range); Rinconada Mine
UC1375444UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGary D. Cromwell, David W. Wheat6311971-05-14 Los AngelesMystic Canon San Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest (se-facing slope w of canyon mouth, 2 mi ne of Glendora)
UC1392817UCJEPSBloomeria croceaR. F. Hoover113611969-06-03 San Luis ObispoUpper Cammatti Creek
UC1395450UCJEPSBloomeria croceaBrandegee33941903-05-20 San DiegoSan Diego
UC1537190UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGordon H. True, Jr.2901935-05-16 Los AngelesBouquet Canon; mouth, n slope
UC1546673UCJEPSBloomeria croceaBarry A. Prigge75891987-05-09 San Bernardino3.5 mi. e.-n.e. Mentone (on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon, s.w. slopes of Morton Peak); San Bernardino Mts., Morton Peak
UC1577310UCJEPSBloomeria croceaBaki Kasapligil45741973-06-01 Santa Barbaraalong the trail w. of U.C.S.B. Field Station; Santa Cruz Isl.
UC1586048UCJEPSBloomeria croceaBarbara Ertter85791989-06-10 San Luis Obispon-facing slope across from Navajo Campground (e side of mt., ca 20 air mi ene of San Luis Obispo); La Panza Range, Black Mt.
UC1586783UCJEPSBloomeria croceaSteven A. JunakSC-16471990-05-07 Santa BarbaraRam Canon Santa Cruz Island, Central Valley (e side, at n end of w fork of Canada Larga Rd.)
UC1595596UCJEPSBloomeria croceaSteve Boyd, Tim Ross46171990-05-11 RiversideVail Lake area Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Mtn. (base of mt., e of Dripping Springs campground, s of Hwy 79)
UC187714UCJEPSBloomeria croceaKatharine Brandegee1916-05-17 Los AngelesCatalina Island
UC188758UCJEPSBloomeria croceaEdward Lee Greene1885-01-01 San DiegoSan Diego
UC1929408UCJEPSBloomeria croceaScott D. White102402004-04-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain Foothills: Soboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed.
UC1929857UCJEPSBloomeria croceaMichael Honer, Dylan Hannon18392003-07-01 Los AngelesLIEBRE MTS: Tapia Canon area, ca. 2 - 3 air miles west of I-5 Freeway jtn. with Ridge Rt. Rd.
UC1929906UCJEPSBloomeria croceaScott D. White102402004-04-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain foothills: Soboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed. Lake Fulmore 7.5 Quad.
UC1971341UCJEPSBloomeria croceaLouis C. Wheeler1968-06-14 San BernardinoSAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS: End of Etiwanda Spur Rd. (ridgetop between east Etiwanda Canon and Henderson Canon).
UC200808UCJEPSBloomeria croceaKatharine Brandegee1944-07-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
UC201857UCJEPSBloomeria croceaMary F. Spencer171916-05-12 San DiegoVicinity of San Diego
UC2027143UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGreg Wilvert1762005-04-06 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of Caliente Range: Ridge between Horse Canon and Middle Canon, 2.7 km S of Wells Spring
UC2071304UCJEPSBloomeria croceaSteven A. JunakSCa-19672008-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Canong road to Wrigley Marine Science Center.
UC3229UCJEPSBloomeria croceaH. P. Chandler1897-05-24 Los AngelesFulkerson′s Ranch Claremont
UC3230UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGeo. F. Reinhardt1897-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
UC3231UCJEPSBloomeria croceaG. W. Dunn1891-05-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
UC3232UCJEPSBloomeria croceaH. M. Hall21011901-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; s side
UC3233UCJEPSBloomeria croceaW. H. Brewer7841861-07-23 San Benitoon Mt. San Carlos Mt. San Carlos
UC3234UCJEPSBloomeria croceaW. H. Brewer12911862-06-19 Mercednear Camp 77 Pacheco Pass
UC3235UCJEPSBloomeria croceaunknown1943-04-30 Unknown
UC337943UCJEPSBloomeria croceaJ. G. Lemmon1996-06-24 San BernardinoCrafton
UC337945UCJEPSBloomeria croceaunknown1888-06-28 San BernardinoMt. Home San Bernardino Mts.
UC423020UCJEPSBloomeria croceaKatharine Brandegee1906-06-15 San DiegoDescanso
UC450800UCJEPSBloomeria croceaFay A. Macfadden80E1931-04-28 Los AngelesTuna Canon Verdugo Hills
UC454414UCJEPSBloomeria croceaManton1934-09-07 San Luis ObispoCuesta grade
UC472746UCJEPSBloomeria croceaM. F. Spencer1915-03-25 San DiegoSan Diego
UC486457UCJEPSBloomeria croceaFidella G. Woodcock801932-07-01 San DiegoSan Diego and vicinity; foothills
UC489029UCJEPSBloomeria croceaC. V. Meyer7421929-06-05 San DiegoEscondido
UC507785UCJEPSBloomeria croceaOrcutt1551917-04-01 San DiegoMountain Springs Grade
UC535325UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra W. Clokey48791930-05-23 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay Santa Cruz Island
UC535496UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton45431929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains
UC54872UCJEPSBloomeria croceaR. W. Summers1882-06-23 San Luis Obispoopen hills
UC57507UCJEPSBloomeria croceaJ. H. Barber1899-05-22 San Luis Obisponear Morro
UC61696UCJEPSBloomeria croceaGeo. B. Grant51721904-04-24 Los AngelesCatalina Island; at Isthmus
UC638974UCJEPSBloomeria croceaB. E., H. J. Miossi2571940-04-20 San Luis Obispoone mi n San Luis Obispo (se-facing slope)
UC650578UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra L. Wiggins31581928-06-15 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake; hillside above Campground
UC675662UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRalph Hoffmann1932-05-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island Channel Islands (canyon slopes)
UC69165UCJEPSBloomeria croceaH. M. Hall64431905-06-01 VenturaLockwood Valley Mount Pinos
UC702827UCJEPSBloomeria croceaCharles B. Fiker35361946-06-04 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak trail
UC708706UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi103551941-05-28 Fresno7.5 mi. w. Coalinga (along Coalinga-San Lucas road); Alcalde Canon, Waltham Creek
UC712006UCJEPSBloomeria croceaRobert W. Storer2041944-08-11 San Benito1 mi. s.e. San Benito Peak
UC72251UCJEPSBloomeria croceaE. D. Palmer1903-04-01 Los AngelesClaremont
UC72254UCJEPSBloomeria croceaMiss E. D. Palmer1904-11-01 Los AngelesVicinity of Los Angeles
UC768432UCJEPSBloomeria croceaFrank F. Gander74761939-05-10 San DiegoBlack Canon Otay Ranch
UC768622UCJEPSBloomeria croceaFrank F. Gander83071940-04-23 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe; old field
UC905455UCJEPSBloomeria croceaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson68711935-05-09 Los Angeless Puddington Reservoir
UC905456UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton45431929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains (ridge)
UC905457UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra W. Clokey52471931-07-10 San Bernardinos Lake Arrowhead
UC905458UCJEPSBloomeria croceaIra W. Clokey48791930-05-23 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay Santa Cruz Island
UC905459UCJEPSBloomeria croceaF. R. FosbergS45541931-04-10 Los AngelesAvalon Canon Santa Catalina Island
UC905460UCJEPSBloomeria croceaC. E. Miller1918-05-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
UCR100440UCRBloomeria croceaB.G. Pitzer31991997-04-20 RiversidePulsar View Road, c. 1-2 mi. up from the base of the hills (at end of Warren St.) c. 1 mi. (air) north of Juniper Flats (Contour) Rd.; Lakeview Mtns
UCR100612UCRBloomeria croceaB.G. Pitzer28491996-05-05 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills, San Pedro Naval Fuel Depot, at San Pedro Hill [between Western Ave. & Gaffey St]; Palos Verdes Peninsula
UCR107753UCRBloomeria croceaD.L. Banks19991997-05-05 RiversideAgua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, east of San Gabriel Church along Pechanga Road, east of its intersection with Pechanga Creek. Along the S fork of Pechanga Creek
UCR112796UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders206231997-05-01 Riversidealong horse trail in southern part of Lake Skinner Park, west of Tucalota Hills and east of Warren Rd.; Lake Skinner area
UCR114554UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders221271998-07-02 VenturaMoorpark, hills south of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. c. 1-2 mile east of Moorpark Rd., just west of Hwy 23, c. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, c. 2 miles NE of Thousand Oaks; Moorpark
UCR115875UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance8111998-07-04 San BernardinoCity of Colton, 0.5 - 0.75 W of Little Highgrove Peak (1478); La Loma Hills
UCR116865UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders241242001-05-04 RiversideTemecula, Long Canon area west of Del Rey Rd., hills on both sides of gas pipeline route
UCR119547UCRBloomeria croceaLouis C. Wheelers.n.1968-06-14 San Bernardinoend of Etiwanda Spur Road, ridgetop between east Etiwanda Canon and Henderson Canon
UCR123722UCRBloomeria croceaSteven R. Hill335562001-04-30 San BernardinoRedlands, east side of Sand Canon Road, near Crafton Hills College
UCR127444UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders266162003-05-13 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon
UCR128598UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders123101992-05-22 San Bernardinoeast of Yucaipa, Birmingham Ranch in Water Canon, north of Wildwood Canon
UCR132184UCRBloomeria croceaJune Lattings.n.1978-04-15 San DiegoLower Otay Lake County Park
UCR140788UCRBloomeria croceaRobin G. Marushia0082004-05-04 OrangeCrystal Cove State Park, interior of El Moro Canon, east side of canyon, utility pole turnout above riparian area crossing
UCR147155UCRBloomeria croceaJon P. Rebman67122000-05-26 San DiegoMoody Canon area, just east of San Ysidro Jr. High School
UCR147304UCRBloomeria croceaJon P. Rebman66992000-05-17 San DiegoMission Hills, on a north facing slope in a canyon in Presidio Park
UCR147524UCRBloomeria croceaJon P. Rebman66822000-05-10 San DiegoMission Hills Canon, just west of Pioneer Park
UCR153980UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders297462005-04-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita, south of Plum Canon at end of Canon Crest Dr., NW of mouth of Mint Canon
UCR154093UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders299882005-05-06 San DiegoBlue Sky Ecological Reserve, east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway, along Green Valley Truck Trail, in canyon below turnoff to Lake Poway
UCR155145UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders29949.22005-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, west edge of Cruzan Mesa, north of Bench Mark Plum
UCR155146UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders299282005-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, hills at SW end of Cruzan Mesa at Bench Mark Plum
UCR155377UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders302692005-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, c. 0.5 W of community of Mint Canon
UCR157814UCRBloomeria croceaGeorge K. Helmkamp41691998-06-29 Kern2.2 miles east of the Keene turnoff from Canon Woodford to Tehachapi road
UCR158127UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders300962005-05-07 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
UCR158352UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders219071998-06-03 VenturaMoorpark, hills south of Tierra Rejada Valley, along Read Rd. c. 0.5 mile east of Moorpark Rd., just west of Hwy 23, c. 1 mile NW of Wood Ranch Reservoir, c. 2 miles NE of Thousand Oaks
UCR160128UCRBloomeria croceaGeorge K. Helmkamp95772005-06-09 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 7.8 miles northeast of Huasna Townsite Road
UCR160582UCRBloomeria croceaGeorge K. Helmkamp95932005-06-09 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 8.3 miles northeast of Huasna Townsite Road
UCR165606UCRBloomeria croceaT.B. Salvato7062004-05-27 Riversidehead of Banning (San Gorgonio River) Canon close to the San Bernardino Co. line, 0.5 mile southeast of Oak Glen Conservation Camp
UCR169484UCRBloomeria croceaKathleen Stockwell1212005-05-04 Los AngelesNorth Claremont, Palmer Canon N of Palmer Canon Road at Via Padova, just N of Padua Hills Theater
UCR172237UCRBloomeria croceaJohn F. Greens.n.2006-05-10 RiversideCity of Murrieta; south of the Hogbacks. north of Hunter Road to Ramage Lane, between Calle de Amor on the E and Springview-Kiwebre Road on the W
UCR172714UCRBloomeria croceaJun Hu192000-05-11 RiversideSE of city of Winchester, Hills N of Diamond Valley
UCR172793UCRBloomeria croceaWayne Law192000-05-16 RiversideEastern edge of Cleveland National Forest, above Temescal Valley in Indian Canon, 11.8 mi south of Corona
UCR178351UCRBloomeria croceaTracy TennantMOR--10591998-06-25 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, upper Corral Canon, tree stand C-01
UCR178932UCRBloomeria croceaR.G. Swinneys.n.1989-05-06 Los Angelesin and Near Glendora Wilderness Park, in Big Dalton Canon and its tributaries. Poopout Hill firebreak
UCR180110UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance98832003-04-26 Riversidenorthern extreme of the La Sierra Hills, on the N-facing slopes and ridges just south of Crestlawn Memorial Cemetery
UCR183002UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance44282003-05-05 RiversideNorco, NW side of the La Sierra Hills, east of the end of Rushmore Dr.
UCR185548UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders342452007-06-27 Kerndivide between heads of Dry Field and Oso canyons, c. 2 miles east of Castac Lake and 3.5 miles NE of Gorman, c. 1 mile north of the Los Angeles Co. line near the powerline route
UCR188748UCRBloomeria croceaMichael G. Simpson24962003-05-03 San DiegoMiners Canon, c. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road
UCR190981UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders349972008-04-22 OrangeLomas de Santiago, lower Hicks Canon haul road, just above Irvine Ranch gate and road to cement plant, c. 1 mile NE of Rattlesnake Reservoir
UCR191596UCRBloomeria croceaT.B. Salvato34082008-05-02 San Diegoc. 10 miles northeast of San Diego near Santee, west of Santee Lakes and north of Mast Boulevard, north of the electrical substation
UCR192066UCRBloomeria croceaT.B. Salvato35032008-05-05 San Diegoc. 10 NE of San Diego near Santee, west of Santee Lakes and north of Mast Boulevard, near and southwest of the electrical substation
UCR192225UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders352662008-05-06 OrangeLomas de Santiago, slope SE of road junction along ridge road, near head of Agua Chinon Canon, 2.4 miles north of El Toro
UCR192780UCRBloomeria croceaT.B. Salvato34882008-05-07 San Diegoeast of city of San Ysidro, < 1 mile from the border with Mexico, c. 2 mi SW of Brown Municipal Airport
UCR192923UCRBloomeria croceaDan S. Coopers.n.2008-05-04 Los AngelesGriffith Park, Western Canon Road beyond end of Green Oak Dr., Los Angeles
UCR192948UCRBloomeria croceaDan S. Coopers.n.2008-05-09 Los Angelesjust east of Illinois Dr, southwestern South Pasadena
UCR194556UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders353292008-05-09 OrangeWeir Canon, 0.3 mi. west of Eastern Transportation Corridor (Hwy 241) and 1.45 mi. east of south end of Walnut Canon Reservoir
UCR194861UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance100502005-04-14 Riversidenear the water tanks just E of Versity Hill, or what is known locally as Coyote Hill (pk 1386), a few hundred yards SSE of the UCR Campus
UCR197174UCRBloomeria croceaValerie Soza12042001-05-09 Los AngelesSouthern San Rafael Hills, south of mouth of Scholl Canon, west end of Valle Vista fire road, ridgetop north of Hwy 134
UCR199092UCRBloomeria croceaKai T. Palenscars.n.2008-04-18 San Bernardinocity of San Bernardino, Little Mountain, east of Hwy I-215 and north of Hwy I-210
UCR199596UCRBloomeria croceaScott D. White102402004-04-26 RiversideSoboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed
UCR200199UCRBloomeria croceaValerie Soza9012000-05-12 Los Angelesnorthwest side, northwestern end of Verdugo Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue, Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Fwy and west of fire road, south (above) water tank
UCR204591UCRBloomeria croceaOrlando Mistretta33192008-06-24 San BernardinoSanta Ana River drainage in the vicinity of Jenks Lake
UCR213464UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders383622010-05-17 Riversidesoutheastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, along dirt extension of Lake St., c. 1.0 mile NNE (04 ° ) of intersection of I-15 and Lake St.
UCR214593UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders381202010-04-30 Los AngelesMadrona Marsh, Torrance
UCR218064UCRBloomeria croceaSteve Boyd122912010-06-09 San DiegoRidgeline south of Devil Canon along Margarita Peak Road (8S01) west of Sky Ranch
UCR223211UCRBloomeria croceaR.G. Swinney108932009-05-27 Los AngelesSulphur Springs Campground, streamside from campground to 300 m downstream
UCR224987UCRBloomeria croceaDave Silverman79522010-05-06 San DiegoEast Otay Valley, lower SE Otay Ranch, N of Otay River, 1.3 km E of Hwy 125, 57 W of mouth of Salt Creek Canon
UCR228783UCRBloomeria croceaDick Newell1562011-05-10 Orangeon Lakeview Rd. above Irvine Lake dam
UCR232024UCRBloomeria croceaJohn F. Green11--022008-04-24 RiversideSW of Perris along Hwy 74, vicinity of Kimes Ln.
UCR235324UCRBloomeria croceaA.C. Sanders403572012-07-06 San BernardinoCrestline, on ridge overlooking Lake Gregory, between Lakeview Dr. and Crest Forest Dr., 3.8 acre parcel proposed for construction of municipal water tank, just W of existing tanks
UCR251884UCRBloomeria croceaVictoria M. Woods502014-05-26 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, Mount Baldy area, Potato Mountain Trail from Baldy Mtn. Rd turnoff
UCR254239UCRBloomeria croceaJon P. Rebman264662013-05-16 San DiegoDel Mar Mesa Preserve, between I-5 & I-15, south of Hwy 56 and just north of Los Penasquitos Canon, west of Black Mountain Road, along the Del Mar Mesa Trail southwest of the end of Park Village Rd. Square: N9
UCR256158UCRBloomeria croceaR.G. Swinney130692010-06-04 Los AngelesPlacerita Canon Natural Area (formerly Placerita Canon State Park), 0.3-0.9 miles east of Nature Center along bottom of Placerita Canon
UCR271519UCRBloomeria croceaT.B. Salvato83612016-04-26 Riversideunnamed west-east trending canyon south of Mabey Canon and north of Tin Mine Canon, c. 0.6 mi west of the end of West Foothill Parkway
UCR278564UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance607--102007-06-28 KernVicinity of Bear Trap Canon Rd., +- 1.7 miles ENE of Castac Lake
UCR282010UCRBloomeria croceaR.G. Swinney165792014-05-19 Los AngelesGlendora, on ridge between west fork of Engelwild Cyn. and Glenco Heights Cyn., 0.2 miles WNW of Engelwild Debris Basin, 0.72 air-miles SSE of Glendora Ridge Motorway
UCR282207UCRBloomeria croceaGary Hanss.n.2010-05-09 Los AngelesForest Lawn, near Griffith Park
UCR288860UCRBloomeria croceaL. Maynard Moe26942005-06-21 KernFt. Tejon State Park
UCR291138UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance174092012-05-22 RiversideBanning, foothills and alluvial fan near border with Beaumont, NE of the intersection of Highland Springs Avenue and Wilson St.
UCR293040UCRBloomeria croceaMitch Provance419--1002019-04-29 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, hills NE of Potrero Canon, about 1 mile (air) NE of Pico Canon Rd. along powerline ROW, at site of proposed substation (location A)
UCR4502UCRBloomeria croceaJohn Deans.n.1965-05-26 Riverside1.5 mi SE of Long Valley at Vail Ranch Headquarters
UCSB019212UCSBBloomeria croceaParikh, Anuja; Hendrickson, Beth1988-05-21 Santa BarbaraDrainage on E. side of Santa Cruz Bay, Lake Cachuma
UCSB019213UCSBBloomeria croceaMignonne Bivin281978-03-30 TulareSequoia National Park; 9 mi S of entrance station, on Hwy 198, above Lake Kaweah
UCSB019214UCSBBloomeria croceaRick A. Burgess4341985-05-03 VenturaMcCrea Wldlf. Preserve, E. side of Norwegian Grade, Thousand Oaks
UCSB019215UCSBBloomeria croceaMagney, David; Wellonen, CherSCE-16-991999-05-17 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges, Ventura Hills, Saticoy Quad., Ex Mission San Buenaventura; vicinity of survey tower #1-3, Harmon Canon, N of Saticoy
UCSB019216UCSBBloomeria croceaSilva, J.1831967-05-26 Tulare0.1 mile west of Pierpont Spring, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Nevada
UCSB019217UCSBBloomeria croceaKathleen A. Brownell1101979-04-15 FresnoElwood Road, 5 miles south of Wonder Valley; Western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
UCSB019218UCSBBloomeria croceaClare B. Hardham108281979-04-15 San Luis ObispoCambria
UCSB019219UCSBBloomeria croceaWhistler, Art1967-06-06 Santa BarbaraPurissima Hills locality is 0.7 miles (via a dirt road) from State Hwy 1, 0.6 miles south of the Hwy′s intersection with the Los Alamos-Casmalia road
UCSB019220UCSBBloomeria croceaFred M. Roberts, Jr.6371982-05-22 OrangeDana Point: jct. of Stone Hill Dr. & Selva Rd., 1.0km ESE Dana Hills High School; 1.7km SW Marco Forster Junior High School
UCSB019221UCSBBloomeria croceaDieter H. Wilken79021969-07-01 San Diego1-2 mile south of Garnet Peak, Laguna Mtns.
UCSB019222UCSBBloomeria croceaWhittington, M.651962-04-20 OrangeSantiago Road about 1 mile west of Irvine Lake
UCSB019223UCSBBloomeria croceaJim Blattau1621962-04-19 Ventura3.2 miles east of East Canon California Highway 150
UCSB019224UCSBBloomeria croceaR. Patterson10631976-05-21 Los AngelesEnd of San Martinez Canon Road, near Ventura County Line
UCSB019225UCSBBloomeria croceaWedberg, Lee10521954-05-17 Los AngelesGriffith Park
UCSB019226UCSBBloomeria croceaFrederick E. Clements2761914-05-21 San DiegoLa Jolla
UCSB035406UCSBBloomeria croceaRick A. Burgess6461988-06-05 VenturaCircle X Ranch. Grassland just north of Mt. Allen.
UCSB038792UCSBBloomeria croceaSankey, JeanAH482005-04-17 Santa BarbaraArroyo Hondo Preserve, 100 yards north of West Ridge Trail top
UCSB041208UCSBBloomeria croceaHeather Liu342009-04-27 Santa BarbaraSouth Parcel Open Space, UC Santa Barbara. Between Ocean Meadows Golf Course to the north and Devereux Slough and Coal Oil Point Reserve to the South.; 34.425055 -119.890722
UCSB042136UCSBBloomeria croceaRick Burgess4341985-05-03 VenturaMcCrea Wildlife Preserve. East side of Norwegian Grade, Thousand Oaks, West-facing slope, full sun, growing amongst grasses on gentle slope.; 34.237844 -118.860369
UCSB048918UCSBBloomeria croceaDavid L. Magney106-831983-07-05 VenturaCedar Creek. Along trail before Cedar Creek campground.
UCSB051059UCSBBloomeria croceaC. I. Motta772018-05-25 Santa BarbaraUCSB, South Parcel Restoration Site.
UCSB055839UCSBBloomeria croceaDavid Magney225-192019-06-06 Los AngelesSW Region, Western Transverse Ranges, Liebre Mountains, Sierra Pelona, Rush Canon, along dirt road to Rowher ORV Area, Angeles NF, Waypoint 400; Green Valley, Calif. topo quad.; NE1 W1-4 S19, T5N R14W San Bernadino Base Meridian; 34.50882 -119.38967
UCSC100011321UCSCBloomeria croceaD. J. Norman2341968-06-23 Montereygrowing on steep roadcut in Chaparral at junct. with Horsebridge road - Arroyo Seco-Escondido Rd.
CAS-BOT478855CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaDudley, Chesters.n.1905-04-20 UnknownRabbit valley, north head of Loho [Toho] Creek
CAS-BOT478856CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaBrewer, W. H.12911862-06-29 Contra CostaPacheco Pass near Camp 77
CAS-BOT478857CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaCarlson, John I.s.n.1914-04-25 Los AngelesAvalon, Catalina Island
CAS-BOT478858CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaHall, H. M.21011901-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.
CAS-BOT478859CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaEastwood, Alice3851906-06-15 Santa BarbaraSuey Creek, adjacent to Santa Maria
CAS-BOT478860CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaPettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1895-05-15 VenturaThe Ojai Valley and vicinity
CAS-BOT478861CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaTwisselmann, Ernest C.133131967-06-12 FresnoLos Gatos Canyon, western Fresno Co.
CAS-BOT478862CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, Rimo103551941-05-28 FresnoAlong Coalinga-San Lucas Rd, in Alcalde Canyon (Weltham Creek), 7.5 miles W of Coalinga
CAS-BOT478863CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaTwisselmann, Ernest C.133131967-06-12 FresnoLos Gatos Canyon, western Fresno Co.
CAS-BOT482126CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaWiggins, Ira L.37451929-05-24 San Luis ObispoRoadside 2 miles east of Paso Robles
CAS-BOT482127CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaEastwood, Alice138951926-05-05 San Luis ObispoCholame
CAS-BOT482128CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaEastwood, Alice151201928-05-17 San Luis ObispoAlong Chollo Creek on hills
CAS-BOT482129CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaSummers, Mrs. R. W.s.n.1882-05-23 San Luis ObispoOpen hills
CAS-BOT482130CASBloomeria crocea var. aureaFerris, Roxana S.97511939-05-19 San Luis ObispoThree miles east of Templeton near Templeton--Creston Road
CATA03640CATABloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSca-12522000-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1.6 W of ranch at Little Harbor cmpgrd, NE facing slope along rd
HSC2997HSCBloomeria crocea var. aureaW.S. Pierce181963-06-15 San Luis ObispoE of Portola Rd. (N end), Atascadero
IRVC29IRVCBloomeria crocea var. aureaLance McCabes.n.1965-04-25 Los AngelesPasedena
JEPS5910UCJEPSBloomeria crocea var. aureaWillis L. Jepson159141930-06-01 MontereyCholame Creek, upper end
LA212118LABloomeria crocea var. aureaJack Peppers.n.1950-05-28 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mts.
OBI158448OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaReed Kenny720B2019-05-25 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
OBI179558OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaRimo Bacigalupi37181952-05-21 San Benitoalong hogback at entrance to canyon just s. of Panoche Valley (entrance to Juniper Mine) (along rd. leading s. to New Idria Mine (Idria P.O.))
OBI179559OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaDavid Keil283661999-06-09 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts. In area with approximate 100 m radius of intersection of F1 Road and D34 Road
OBI179560OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaR.F. Hoover83591955-06-14 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
OBI179561OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaR.F. Hoover83611955-06-30 San Luis ObispoRinconada Mine, west of Pozo
OBI179562OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaR.F. Hoover83611955-06-30 San Luis ObispoRinconada Mine, west of Pozo
OBI179563OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaR.F. Hoover113611969-06-03 San Luis ObispoUpper Cammatti Creek
OBI179564OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaMark E. Schneider1974-06-01 San Luis Obispoin middle of pasture; on N.E. base of Mount San Luis Obispo
OBI179565OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaDavid Keil278901998-06-30 San Luis ObispoCaliente Range, Selby Rd., 4.6 road miles S from junction with Soda Lake Rd. 1.2 miles S of turnoff to Selby Camp
OBI179576OBIBloomeria crocea var. aureaEben McMillan1251952-05-20 San Luis ObispoChoice Valley 1 mi S 8 mi E Shandon
PGM2608PGMBloomeria crocea var. aureaYadon, Vern1984-06-02 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Ft Hunter Liggett Los Bueyes Cr, Nr confluence with Los Burros Cr
PGM3040PGMBloomeria crocea var. aureaYadon, Vern1981-05-25 San BenitoGloria Valley near Pinnacles, Short way from Shirt tail Canon
PGM5022PGMBloomeria crocea var. aureaHowitt, Beatrice F16931963-07-12 MontereyGabilan Range, Priest Valley, Lewis Creek Rd along
PGM5023PGMBloomeria crocea var. aureaHowitt, Beatrice F1962-05-29 MontereyGabilan Range, Johnson Canon, Twisselmann Ranch E side of Salinas Valley
RSA0048624RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaJack Peppers.n.1950-05-28 Los AngelesSanta Susana.
RSA0165781RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSC-25561991-05-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. On ridgetop, plant stop.
RSA0169250RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSCa-12522000-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. 1.6 W of ranch at Little Harbor cmpgrd.
RSA0172676RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaF. R. FosbergS51231931-06-14 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument.
RSA0172693RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaWalter Wisura43491989-05-16 San Luis ObispoSan Bernardo Creek Ranch, E of Morro Bay.
RSA0172694RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaRobert F. Thorne321781963-06-08 San Luis Obispo6 miles NW of Bradley on road to Jolon.
RSA0172695RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaF. L. JohnsonROB04961993-05-23 San Luis ObispoBoyscout Road by Nacimiento River.
RSA0172696RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaRimo C. Bacigalupi37231952-05-22 San BenitoAlong road from King City to Lonoak, on the San Benito County side of Lewis Creek which forms boundary here with Monterey County, 4 miles west of Lonoak junction.
RSA0172697RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaAlbert M. Vollmers.n.1950-06-06 MontereyNear Jolon, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA0172698RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaMinnie Reeds.n.1897-05-02 San DiegoSan Diego.
RSA0172699RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaKatherine Brandegees.n.1903-05-20 San DiegoSan Diego.
RSA0173510RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaIan Thompson631997-04-28 Los AngelesCal Poly Pomona Ecological Reserve, Northwest-facing slope South of E-Line.
RSA0173511RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaMichelle Shaughnessy191992-05-23 Los AngelesGarden Gulch Canon, Liebre Mountain, Saugus District of Angeles National Forest. Located off of Oakdale canyon road.
RSA0173512RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaMary F. Spencer171920-06-20 San DiegoLaguna Mountains.
RSA0173513RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaAnstruther Davidson2243 San BernardinoSeven Oaks.
RSA0173514RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaPam DeVries74792009-05-26 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mtns. Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 0.9 air miles E of the junction of Cerro Noroeste and Klipstein Cyn Rd., near NW boundary of the Refuge.; Ballinger Canon 7.5′
RSA0173515RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaL. M. Moe21062001-06-21 KernFt. Tejon State Park.
RSA0173516RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaR. S. Woglum19281938-07-04 VenturaLos Padres National ForestMt Pinos.
RSA0173517RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaScott D. White128192009-05-19 KernPrivateTehachapi Mtns. Oak Creek Canon, 1.8 miles SW of intersection of Oak Creek Rd and Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd.; Tehachapi South Quad.
RSA0173518RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaSteve Boyd88541996-06-12 VenturaTopa Topa Mountains, southern flank of Tar Creek, ca 1 air mile SE of confluence with Sespe Canon, along an old dirt road leading down to Sespe Canon off of Squaw Flat Road.About the base of hill 2782 at the boundary of Sespe Condor Sanctuary.
RSA0173519RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaSteve Boyd114622004-06-08 VenturaLos Padres National ForestMount Pinos region: Topa Topa Mountains, Tar Creek, east of its confluence with Sespe Canon near point where stream is crossed by Tar Creek Road trail.
RSA133020RSABloomeria crocea var. aureaFranklin Beylik681958-06-12 San BenitoGriswold Crk. Canon ca. 1 West Juniper Mine.
SBBG104905SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB4961993-05-23 San Luis ObispoBoy Scout Rd by Nacimiento River; Camp Roberts
SBBG138668SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSCa-12522000-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1.6 W of ranch at Little Harbor Campground.
SBBG18966SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaErnest C. Twisselmann83871963-06-09 San Luis Obisposummit of Palo Prieto Cyn
SBBG25077SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaDonald Myrick14011966-06-08 San Luis Obisponear Paso Robles
SBBG28590SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaErnest C. Twisselmann133091967-06-11 San Luis Obispojust E of the Dorothy Twisselmann Ranch
SBBG30117SBBGBloomeria crocea var. aureaE. R. Chandler37781968-06-12 Santa BarbaraRefugio Pass Rd on the valley side; Santa Ynez Mtns
SD00027832SDBloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSca-12522000-05-05 Los AngelesUTM in Suplement. Santa Catalina Island. 1.6 W of ranch at Little Harbor cmpgrd, NE facing slope along road.
SD00027833SDBloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSC-25561991-05-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. On ridgetop, plant stop.
UCR285861UCRBloomeria crocea var. aureaSteven A. JunakSCa--12522000-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. 1.6 miles north-northwest of Little Harbor Campground
UCR91827UCRBloomeria crocea var. aureaGeorge K. Helmkamp10101996-05-24 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park-Los Osos State Park, north of Turri Road and 1.5 miles east of South Bay Blvd
UCSB057747UCSBBloomeria crocea var. aureaAnn M. Howald1531971-04-15 Santa BarbaraRefugio Canon, 18.5 miles north of Santa Barbara
BSCA3324BSCABloomeria crocea var. croceaGetty,1781960-06-24 San DiegoBehind Naturalist Shack. Also common on trail from Boucher Hill Lookout to Boucher Cabin.
BSCA3325BSCABloomeria crocea var. croceaNull,s.n.1967-06-30 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Old apple orchard near trail from Cedar Grove to Boucher Hill.
BSCA3326BSCABloomeria crocea var. croceaKarnes, H.K.1612004-05-19 San DiegoWest Mesa.
BSCA3327BSCABloomeria crocea var. croceaHendrickson, Larry107072000-06-16 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. First drainage 1 W of boundary with Los Coyotes Reservation, W side of road.
BSCA3328BSCABloomeria crocea var. croceaPigniolo, Andrew R.13722003-06-02 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 1 North side of creek on slope and toe of slope northwest of Fages Plaque.
CAS-BOT478124CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, L. R.64911917-06-09 MontereySan Antonio Valley between Jolon and San Antonio Mission
CAS-BOT478125CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaDouglas, P.; Metz, L.; Painter, E.; Popolizio, C.HL 71994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2) near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, 1.7 km W of Milpitas Reservoir, 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir dam
CAS-BOT478894CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaDurham, Floyds.n.1942-06-14 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg
CAS-BOT478895CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaZeile, Elsies.n.1907-05-01 MontereyCarmel
CAS-BOT478896CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHowitt, Beatrice F.4421955-05-28 MontereyAlong trail from Escondidi Camp to Arroyo Secco River, about 1-2 mile down
CAS-BOT478897CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaVollmer, Albert M.s.n.1950-06-06 MontereyNear Jolon, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT478898CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbbott, E. K.s.n.1967-06-12 MontereyMonterey
CAS-BOT478899CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas58071938-06-12 MontereyMustang grade
CAS-BOT478900CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHowell, John Thomas394871963-06-21 MontereyMustang Grade east of San Lorenzo Creek
CAS-BOT478901CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1884-06-01 MontereySoldad
CAS-BOT478902CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHowitt, Beatrice F.16931963-07-12 MontereyIn Priest Valley along road by Servis Creek
CAS-BOT478903CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaThomas, J. H.; Ferris, R. S.; Ernst, W.60711956-07-14 San BenitoClear Creek, about 3.3 miles SW of Idria
CAS-BOT478904CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaThomas, J. H.; Ferris, R. S.; Ernst, W.60711956-07-14 San BenitoClear Creek, about 3.3 miles SW of Idria
CAS-BOT478905CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-06-07 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT478906CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaRodda, A. F.s.n.1926-05-16 San BenitoPinnacles
CAS-BOT478907CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1920-05-31 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
CAS-BOT478908CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-05-27 San Benito12 miles n. of Idria
CAS-BOT478909CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaBrandegee33941903-05-20 San DiegoSan Diego, Cal.
CAS-BOT478910CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaBrandegee33941903-05-20 San DiegoSan Diego, Cal.
CAS-BOT478911CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHeller29381900-03-29 San DiegoAvalon Cal
CAS-BOT478912CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaChandler, Harley P.53011904-05-14 San DiegoLemon Grove Road
CAS-BOT478913CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaOrcutt, C. R.s.n.1904-06-01 San Diego
CAS-BOT478914CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.83871963-06-09 San Luis ObispoHills at the summit of Palo Prieta Canyon
CAS-BOT478915CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.133091967-06-11 San Luis ObispoBig hill just east of the Dorothy Twisselmann Ranch
CAS-BOT478916CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.133091967-06-11 San Luis ObispoBig hill just east of the Dorothy Twisselmann Ranch
CAS-BOT478917CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.83871963-06-09 San Luis ObispoHills at the summit of Palo Prieta Canyon
CAS-BOT478918CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHardham, Clare B.108281963-06-18 San Luis ObispoPinus radiata woods, Cambria
CAS-BOT478919CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHardham, Clare B.8571956-06-03 San Luis ObispoTriguero crossing, Nacimiento River
CAS-BOT478920CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHardham, Clare B.20781957-05-30 San Luis ObispoKlau Mine
CAS-BOT478921CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHardham, Clare B.22361957-06-15 San Luis ObispoVilla Creek
CAS-BOT478922CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHardham, Clare B.59601960-06-01 San Luis ObispoBurnett Peak
CAS-BOT478923CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaDudley, Chesters.n.1927-06-01 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
CAS-BOT478924CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHoover, R. F.83591955-06-14 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
CAS-BOT478925CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHoover, R. F.83701956-04-26 San Luis ObispoWest base of Mt. Bishop near San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT478926CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHoover, R. F.83611955-06-30 San Luis ObispoRinconoda Mine west of Pozo. Same variation also observed east through La Panza Range
CAS-BOT478927CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHoover, R. F.11,3611969-06-03 San Luis ObispoUpper Cammatti Creek
CAS-BOT478928CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaKeck, David D.22081933-05-05 San Luis Obispo3 miles north of San Luis Obispo on U.S. 101
CAS-BOT478929CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaKeck, David D.28061934-04-26 San Luis Obispo8 mi. W. of Simmler, western edge of Carrizo Plains, on road to La Panza
CAS-BOT478930CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaKeck, David D.28061934-04-26 San Luis Obispo8 mi. W. of Simmler, western edge of Carrizo Plains, on road to La Panza
CAS-BOT478931CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMcMillan, Eben1251952-05-20 San Luis ObispoChice Valley 1 mi. s. 8 mi. E. of Shandon
CAS-BOT478932CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaStockwell, Palmer12181935-05-12 Orange7 mi. E. of Mission San Juan, on Elsinore Rd.
CAS-BOT478933CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaKeck, David D.22081933-05-05 San Luis Obispo3 miles north of San Luis Obispo on U.S. 101
CAS-BOT478934CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-06-10 MontereyGrade south of Ranch, Tassajara Road, Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT478935CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaStreet, L.27961919-05-15 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canyon
CAS-BOT478936CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1928-07-22 RiversideIdyllwild
CAS-BOT478937CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaBoyd, Steve17621986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canyon, terrace escarpment W side of Indian Wash, S of I-15
CAS-BOT478938CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaBacigalupi, R.12441925-07-02 RiversideOn trail to Tahquitz Peak, San Jacinto Mountains
CAS-BOT478939CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMcGregor, E. A.271941-06-12 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountain
CAS-BOT478940CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.3731960-06-01 San BernardinoFoothills, San Bernardino Mountains
CAS-BOT478941CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1928-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CAS-BOT478942CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1906-05-21 San BernardinoArrowhead Hot Springs, San Bernardino Mountains
CAS-BOT478943CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaParish, S. B.s.n.1888-07-01 San BernardinoWaterman Canyon
CAS-BOT478944CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMiller, C. E.s.n.1918-05-24 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT478945CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.851930-04-26 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT478946CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaJones, Marcus E. A Ms.n.1926-04-28 Santa BarbaraGaviota Canon
CAS-BOT478947CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMeiere, Mrs. Ernests.n.1919-06-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
CAS-BOT478948CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaCarlson, John I.s.n.1918-05-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
CAS-BOT478949CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaGrant53811903-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
CAS-BOT478950CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaBreedlove, D E27851962-05-15 Santa BarbaraIn Central Valley near Stanton Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT479773CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.12291954-05-13 KernDrake Ridge: 1 mile northwest of the Temblor Ranch; east slope; Temblor Range and Western San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT479774CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.12291954-05-13 KernDrake Ridge: 1 mile northwest of the Temblor Ranch; east slope; Temblor Range and Western San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT479775CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaTwisselmann, Ernest C.1181952-05-17 KernDrake Ridge, at the first Cattle dam above the mouth; Temblor Range and Western San Joaquin Valley
CAS-BOT482051CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1952-06-26 KernRoadside meadow approaching Mt. Abel
CAS-BOT482052CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, Le Roy2521899-04-01 Los AngelesInglewood
CAS-BOT482053CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, Le Roy1453-G1901-04-10 Los AngelesInglewood
CAS-BOT482054CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1916-05-15 Los AngelesNewhall
CAS-BOT482055CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaRoss, Timothy S.64121992-05-24 Los AngelesBrown′s Gulch: (draining to San Gabriel Canyon at the base of San Gabriel Dam); Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, San Gabriel Mountains
CAS-BOT482056CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaWheeler, Louis C.6721932-04-30 Los AngelesNear UCLA Campus W Los Angeles
CAS-BOT482057CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHart, Cecils.n.1930-05-20 Los AngelesMontebello
CAS-BOT482058CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaWolf, Carl B.34641932-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island; Junctiion of Skyline Drive & Pebbly Beach Road; Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
CAS-BOT482059CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMiller, Mrs. C. E.S.N.1915-06-11 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
CAS-BOT482060CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaEastwood, Alice291906-05-27 Los AngelesGarvanza
CAS-BOT482061CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaGrant, George B.; Wheeler, Walter51721904-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, Pacific Ocean; off southern California
CAS-BOT482062CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaKaune, S. M.3881962-06-13 Los AngelesCa. 15-20 mi. S of Tejon Pass; on route toward Castaic; off of Hwy 99, Just S of and above Oso Canon; SW end of the Tehat-Chapt Mtns; Angeles National Forest.
CAS-BOT482063CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaThomas, John H.67611957-05-17 Los AngelesOccidental College Campus; Near Moore Laboratory
CAS-BOT482064CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaRaven, Peter H.141641959-05-09 Los AngelesMulholland Hwy. 1 mile W of Las Virgenes Road, Malibu Creek drainage; Santa Monica Mountains
CAS-BOT482065CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, LeRoy34981903-05-15 San DiegoGrassy hills at Tijuana
CAS-BOT482066CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, LeRoy38271903-06-23 San DiegoGrassy hills near Cuyamaca Lake;
CAS-BOT482067CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaHoover, Doris Hardmans.n.1966-05-14 San DiegoJ.R. Hoover Ranch +- 4 miles SE of Fallbrook
CAS-BOT482068CASBloomeria crocea var. croceavan der Werff, H.39681980-06-21 San DiegoCorte Madera Ranch; Pine Valley
CAS-BOT482069CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMearns, Edgar A.; Schoemfeldt, J.35461894-06-14 San DiegoLaguna
CAS-BOT482070CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1949-05-21 VenturaStewart Canyon wash; Ventura River Basin
CAS-BOT482071CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1971-05-27 VenturaRoad at south end of Mirror Lake, Ventura Avenue near Woodland Avenue intersection, Ojai Valley
CAS-BOT482072CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1949-05-21 VenturaStewart Canyon wash; Ventura River Basin
CAS-BOT482073CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaEastwood, Alice50591916-04-17 VenturaSaticoy
CAS-BOT482074CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-05-15 VenturaTrail, School to Ojai; Ventura River Basin
CAS-BOT482075CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.271908-06-01 VenturaSulphur Mountain Spring, Sulphur Mountains; Southern California
CAS-BOT482076CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaWoglum, Russell S.27411940-05-12 VenturaSanta Paula; South Coast
CAS-BOT482077CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaMcMillan, EbenSM271970-06-05 VenturaTaft Ranch at the top of Sulphur Mountain, 4 miles southeast of Ojai.
CAS-BOT482194CASBloomeria crocea var. croceaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1956-04-20 Santa BarbaraMeadow above Falls of San Pedro Canyon, Santa Ynez Mountains, north of Goleta
CSLA021156CSLABloomeria crocea var. croceaHenrickson172401978-03-19 Los AngelesIn City of Rancho Palos Verdes in open Coastal Sage Scrub- weedy grassland along S end of Crenshaw Blvd. just south of Crest Road, north of Narcissa Drive.
CSLA021169CSLABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Fellows231970-05-07 OrangeCa. 8 W. of Corona, 1 mi. n. of Prado Dam & 1-2 mi. W. of Hwy. 71 in Santa Ana Mtns.
CSLA021170CSLABloomeria crocea var. croceaRoger Shelby61970-07-11 San Bernardino2 W. of Running Springs in San Bernardino Mtns.
CSUSB90209CSUSBBloomeria crocea var. croceaRoy W. Martin760614-21976-06-14 San BernardinoLytle Creek
DAV357678DAVBloomeria crocea var. croceaGeoffrey Levin7551976-05-02 San DiegoSan Diego County: San Pasqual Grade about 2 miles east of San Pasqual on Highway 78. San Pasqual Creek drainage area on Pacific Slope
DAV357679DAVBloomeria crocea var. croceaRoman Gankin7681966-06-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: 7.5 miles east of Prisoner′s Harbor (past U.S. Navy installation), Santa Cruz Island.
DAV357680DAVBloomeria crocea var. croceaDaryl Koutnik4871978-05-12 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Decker Road, north of Mulholland Highway.
DAV357681DAVBloomeria crocea var. croceaClifton F. Smith7751944-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Tunnel service Road in Botanic Garden, Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
GMDRC13271GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre435972020-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: north slopes south of Silverwood Lake, just south of Hwy 138 in Sawpit Cyn drainage, on Edison service road
GMDRC13724GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre440942021-05-20 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Laguna Mountains; on road-cut along Sunrise Hwy, about 1 mile north of Kwaaymii overlook area
GMDRC13771GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre441432021-05-21 San Diegojust east of Lyons Valley Rd, 0.8 air miles north of Wilson Creek, 2 miles west of Barrett Lake, 1.5 miles SE of Lawson Peak
GMDRC13818GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre441912021-06-03 RiversidePeninsular Ranges: Thomas Mountain; along Thomas Mtn Rd, 1.3 miles south of Hwy 74
GMDRC13836GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre442102021-06-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Palomar Mountain; along East Grade Rd (S-7), approximately 5 miles N of Henshaw Lake dam
GMDRC13859GMDRCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. M. Andre442332021-06-04 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: upslope of Cuyamaca Lake to west of general store-resort
HSC2996HSCBloomeria crocea var. croceaD. Connell431965-04-17 VenturaVentura hills above Hall Canon
HSC2998HSCBloomeria crocea var. croceaC.S. Appersonsn1967-06-08 Los Angeles2 W of Elizabeth Lake Canon Rd. on Maxwell Truck Trail
HSC2999HSCBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Portersn1965-05-14 Los AngelesAlong Mulholland Hwy., 1 W of Canon Rd.
IRVC12861IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaB.T. Gittins2441963-05-24 OrangeNewport Beach; Newport Bay, beside road near salt ponds.
IRVC19348IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaR.L. Allens.n.1977-05-15 OrangeSanta Ana Mts: Lower San Juan Cmpgd(entrance), W facing slope.
IRVC20458IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts10711983-05-19 OrangeLaguna Beach: Sycamore Hills, Laguna Canon, 1.4 NNE jct. El Toro and Laguna Canon Rds.; 5.2 km ESE Signal Peak.
IRVC20465IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts10621983-05-13 OrangeDana Point Headlands: south of Pacific Coast Highway, 0.5 W Dana Point Harbor; 0.4 km SSW Richard Henry Dana School.
IRVC21680IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts75-671975-05-07 OrangeDana Point, 0.9 NE Dana Hills High School.
IRVC24731IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts28301986-05-14 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns: Lower Santiago Cyn; Santiago Cyn Rd, ca. 1.6km by road SE Silverado Cyn Rd
IRVC24776IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts28001986-04-24 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Canon east of Trampas Canon, S of Hwy 74, 2.5km E Viejo Survey Mark.
IRVC24945IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts29521986-06-06 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: ridge south of Mabey Canon, just N of Skyline Dr. near Orange County line; 2.7km SE Sierra Peak.
IRVC31IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Schrams.n.1965-05-01 Orange5 miles from San Juan Capistrano on Highway 74.
IRVC32IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaC. Thompsons.n.1965-05-09 OrangeCorona highlands, Corona Del Mar.
IRVC33IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaLinda Stilgenbauers.n.1965-04-20 OrangeLittle Corona Beach.
IRVC34IRVCBloomeria crocea var. croceaE.P. Cowpers.n.1965-05-10 OrangeNewport Beach: Newporter Inn
JEPS5911UCJEPSBloomeria crocea var. croceaWillis L. Jepson121551927-05-28 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
LOB107825LOBBloomeria crocea var. croceaH. Hollis421986-04-19 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Middle Ranch, 5 W of the bunkhouse
LOB9685LOBBloomeria crocea var. croceaRonald Osborn53c1970-05-24 OrangeLion Canon, 2.25 miles E of San Juan Guard Station on Hwy. 74
MACF034663MACFBloomeria crocea var. croceaS. DeSimone7681986-04-20 OrangeStarr Ranch Sanctuary in coastal sage scrub.
OBI161677OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil358712019-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Jalama Ranch side. Jalachichi Gate south of Jalama Rd, intersection of NE boundary of Santa Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve and Jalama Rd. 5.25 miles west from intersection of Jalama Rd. and Hwy 1.
OBI179566OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil340712016-04-27 San Luis ObispoNortheast of Cayucos along Old Creek Road above Whale Rock Reservoir.
OBI179567OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaChristine Koetters211970-05-18 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon, Cal Poly campus.
OBI179568OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil1981-05-31 San Luis ObispoCounty Educational Facility at Rancho el Chorro
OBI179569OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil131371979-07-01 San Luis ObispoRidge between Prefumo and See Cyns. About 5 mi from jctn of Los Osos Valley red and Prefumo Canon Rd
OBI179570OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil252521995-05-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base; S end of Arguello Rd, just below summit of Soap Peak; Vandenberg Air Force Base
OBI179571OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaEben McMillan1251952-05-20 San Luis ObispoChice Valley 1 mi. s. 8 mi. E. of Shandon
OBI179572OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaRimo Bacigalupi43941954-04-24 VenturaCa. 0.5 mile below (east of) summit of East Casitas Pass, Casitas Pass Road.
OBI179573OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaNeil Havlik631967-05-22 San Luis Obispo1 mi S of U.S. 101, in Reservoir Canon
OBI179574OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJan Barber1781994-05-14 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park; on grassy slope between maintenance buildings and upper San Simeon Campground overflow
OBI179575OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrench H. Morgan31972-05-23 San Luis Obispo1 mile off of U.S. 101 in Reservoir Canon
OBI179577OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaRon Recoff1961-05-01 Los Angelesstunt road near fire rd. Between mulholland dr. and Saddle pk
OBI179578OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaLouis C. Wheeler6721932-04-30 Los Angelesnear UCLA Campus; West Los Angeles
OBI179579OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaWalter F. Chesbro2441978-05-19 Mariposain forest off of Hwy. 140, 3.6 miles N of Mariposa
OBI179580OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaViola C. Call791967-05-18 San Luis Obispo2 miles up Toro Creek Rd. from Highway 1 out of Morro Bay
OBI179581OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaR. F. Hoover83701956-04-26 San Luis ObispoWest base of Mt. Bishop near San Luis Obispo
OBI179582OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaSmeltzer1021982-05-07 San Luis Obispohillside on the NE side of Laguna Lake Park
OBI179583OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaAustin P. Griffithss.n.1986-04-24 Santa Barbaraat end of sand road in stabilized back dunes, ca midway between Schuman and San Antonio Creeks, Vandenberg Air Force Base
OBI179584OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil169841983-05-14 San Luis ObispoAlong ridge system between Arroyo de la Cruz and Arroyo del Oso
OBI179585OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaK.A. Nadeau191983-04-30 San Luis ObispoAbout 3 mi E of San Luis Obispo on ridge above intersection of Broad St and Rockview Rd
OBI179586OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaRick Frelinger761982-05-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Creek in Reservoir Canon, San Luis Obispo
OBI179587OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJoy Nishida4021982-05-29 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn. 0.3 mi S of American Cyn campground
OBI179588OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaThomas Burrows331980-05-03 San Luis ObispoReservoir Canon
OBI179589OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaAllison Berry1601984-05-04 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Shooting Facility 6.5 N of San Luis Obispo on hwy 1. North and West slopes of Hill 4 in NE most corner of Shooting Facility
OBI179590OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaRebecca Cicoria671982-05-08 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula: grassy field adjacent to Peacock Flats, Rancho Palos Verdes
OBI179592OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaMelissa Luckow291980-04-24 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon, rocky meadow about 30 ft. above road, near arch to canyon
OBI179593OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert Jones131971-05-10 San Luis Obisposix feet above rocky embankment in Poly Canon 1 1-2 miles northeast of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
OBI179594OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaR.D. Brister891966-06-05 San Luis Obispoapprox. 2 N of SLO in Reservoir Can
OBI179595OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid Keil140181980-05-18 San Luis ObispoCNPS photography committee field trip to Arroyo de la Cruz. Ca. 1 mi E of Canon Hearst Ranch
OBI179596OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaD.R. Miller694.4441994-06-15 San Luis Obispofrom near the Ocean View Mine buildings; Tobacco creek drainage
OBI179597OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid J. Keil318112013-06-12 San Luis ObispoAdelaida Cellars Vineyard and Walnut Grove
OBI179598OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Young411967-05-30 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon, west-side hill slope
OBI179599OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaPeter Matsumoto21972-05-28 San Luis Obispoin Reservoir Canon
OBI179600OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJoy Nishida4611982-06-16 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campground. On north facing slope of a hill at north end of campground
OBI179601OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaR.F. Hoover113751969-06-09 San Luis ObispoOld Creek Road above Cayucos
OBI179602OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaLynne Dee Althouse681977-05-03 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s Horse Ranch near San Luis High School, San Luis Obispo
OBI179603OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaChristian Smith1974-05-10 San Luis Obispoin Reservoir Canon
OBI179604OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJulie M. Vanderwier501978-05-28 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI179605OBIBloomeria crocea var. croceaJulie M. Vaderwier501978-05-28 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
RSA0012750RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts75752012-05-10 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: Buck Gully, south tributary, north slope Pelican Hill, just north of Pelican Hills Drive, 0.7 N Pelican Hill summit.; Laguna Beach 7.5′
RSA0041545RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman285052014-05-13 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Kilo Two: central portion of Base; in a canyon and northeast-facing slope just west of the Santa Margarita River & west of the hospital on Santa Margarita Road.
RSA0047638RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. E. Riefner, Jr.14-1202014-05-13 OrangeCity of San Clemente, Rancho San Clemente Trail, east c. 0.15 mi. from Ave. Salvador and south c. 0.1 mi. off Utility Access Rd.; San Clemente 7.5′ Q.
RSA0100034RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBonnie C. Templetons.n.1945-06-26 San BernardinoCrestline.
RSA0112782RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman315412016-04-11 San DiegoCanon: south-central portion of Base; Oscar One Training Area: Between Stuart Mesa Rd. and the Santa Margarita River; just west of Macs Road.
RSA0119597RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaLyman Benson125681947-06-20 San DiegoMt. Palomar, 1-4 mile below the observatory. Mt. Range: Palomar. Drainage area: Pacific Slope.
RSA0130448RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. G. Swinney165052014-05-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Glendora, west fork of Hook Cyn., c. 0.4 meters north of Sierra Madre Ave, 100-300 m. west of entrance rd. to Church of the Open Door, in Colby Fire burn area of Jan. 20, 2014.; Azusa
RSA0147493RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman298792015-04-17 San DiegoPacific Highlands Ranch: between I-5 & I-15 and just south of Hwy. 56; north-facing slope just below Three Canons Point Road. Atlas Square: M9.
RSA0159309RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaEdward F. Anderson2240 San DiegoFallbrooks (near Clark′s).
RSA0172021RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. C. Sanders206231997-05-01 RiversideLake Skinner area: Along horse trail in southern part of Lake Skinner Park, west of Tucalota Hills and east of Warren Rd.; Bachelor Mtn. 7.5′ Q.
RSA0172022RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks19991997-05-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, east of San Gabriel Church along Pechanga Road, east of its intersection with Pechanga Creek, along the south fork of Pechanga Creek.
RSA0172023RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRalph Walkers.n.1968-05-08 OrangeLocal hills
RSA0172024RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBernard JaroslowB251989-05-29 OrangeSantiago Canon: Along the Morrow Trail out of Live Oak Canon, below truck trail.
RSA0172025RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper13431944-06-04 OrangeSan Juan Canon.
RSA0172026RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper13431944-06-04 OrangeSan Juan Canon.
RSA0172027RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts39321988-04-25 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: East flank Pelican Hill, 0.9 kilometer SE summit.
RSA0172028RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Teh221994-05-20 OrangeModjeska Grade rd. 0.5 mile on trail above fire road.
RSA0172029RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts43731989-05-18 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Upper Gypsum canyon, above ridge road, ca. 6.4 WSW Sierra Peak.
RSA0172030RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaD. L. Crawfords.n.1916-05-05 OrangeLaguna Beach.
RSA0172031RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz133941949-05-26 OrangeHead of Sierra [Freemont] Canon, Santa Ana Mountains.
RSA0172032RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts46031990-05-07 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Ridge south of Blind Canon and east of Christianitos Canon, TRW Lease Holding, 5.0 NE Clemente Survey Marker.
RSA0172033RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts43461989-05-11 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Upper Blind canyon, east fork, along power line maintenance road, 3.9km SE Walnut Reservoir.
RSA0172034RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts39231988-04-12 OrangeLomas de Santiago: Loma Ridge, 3.3 W Bolero Lookout.
RSA0172036RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. C. Sanders352662008-05-06 OrangeLomas de Santiago, slope SE of road junction along ridge road, near head of Agua Chinon Canon, 2.4 miles north of El Toro.; El Toro 7.5′ Q.
RSA0172037RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts52231999-05-14 OrangeLomas de Santiago: Loma Ridge, Upper Limestone Canon, 0.7 W Bolero Spring and 2.6 km SW Silverado School.; El toro Quad.
RSA0172039RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts58322003-05-08 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Donna O′Neill Land Conservancy, Cristianitos Cyn., 0.9 W Gato Gate and 0.4km W of Cristianitos Rd.; San Clemente Quad.
RSA0172040RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts56782003-05-01 OrangeRancho Mission Viejo: Donna O′Neill Land Conservancy, Cristianitos Cyn., 0.5km SSW Gato Gate and 0.1km west of Cristianitos Rd.; San Clemente Quad.
RSA0172041RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton10961930-06-17 Los AngelesFrank′s Canon, north of Beverly Hills.
RSA0172042RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaGeo L. Moxley3201915-05-09 Los AngelesEast of Occidental College.
RSA0172043RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFordyce Grinnell, Jr.s.n.1910-04-01 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills, Pasadena.
RSA0172044RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper27551948-05-13 Los AngelesPomona.
RSA0172045RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaCarl B. Wolf34641932-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Canon of Skyline Drive and Pebbly Beach Road.
RSA0172047RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSharon La Bonde621963-04-19 Los Angeles1 mile north of Little Fishermans Cove on Catalina Island.
RSA0172048RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. R. FosbergS45541931-04-10 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon.
RSA0172049RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper15421944-07-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mt. above Pine Cove.
RSA0172050RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaE. W. Lathrop4901b1960-06-07 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta.
RSA0172051RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd17621986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canon. Terrace escarpment W side of Indian Wash, S of I -15.
RSA0172052RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaEd LaRues.n.1989-05-08 RiversideMockingbird Canon area, S of Van Buren Blvd and ca 1-2 mi (airline) E of Mockingbird Canon Road.; Riverside West 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0172053RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaE. W. Lathrop57861965-05-30 Riverside6 miles W of Murrieta.
RSA0172054RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. D. Olmsted36161962-05-10 RiversideL. Matthews Road ca. 1-2 W of dam.
RSA0172055RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd115412004-06-22 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestWestern flank of the range in Hall Canon, at the south end of Lake Fulmor, just north of Hwy 243.
RSA0172056RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. C. Sanders145971994-05-30 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains: NNE of Beaumont at Highland Springs. Hills N of the end of Bellflower Ave. at Dutton St.
RSA0172057RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd46171990-05-11 RiversideVail Lake area, base of Agua Tibia Mtn, E. of Dripping Springs campground of Cleveland National Forest, S. of Hwy 79.
RSA0172058RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks3821995-05-09 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; N face of Agua Tibia Mountain, Dorland Mountain area, W of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, W of Woodchuck Campground.; Pechanga
RSA0172687RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSlocum42491949-06-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest.
RSA0172688RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaP. DouglasHL71994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2 Near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, ca 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir, ca 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir Dam.
RSA0172689RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaE. K. Balls79881948-06-16 FresnoCoalinga Pass, between Coalinga and San Lucas.
RSA0172690RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Halls.n.1934-04-01 OrangePanorama Heights.
RSA0172691RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMinor Warnes.n. OrangePanorama Heights.
RSA0172692RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannette B. Edges.n.1934-04-18 RiversideNear Highgrove.
RSA0172919RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaKaren Hosterman9941957-04-09 Los AngelesCatalina [Island]; Isthmus; south hills.
RSA0172920RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton14651920-05-27 Los AngelesMulholland Drive.
RSA0172921RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMarcus E. Joness.n.1927-05-29 Los AngelesIsthmus, Catalina Island.
RSA0172922RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz22711918-05-19 Los AngelesPomona. South Hills.
RSA0172923RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Wheeler6721932-04-30 Los AngelesNear UCLA campus, W. Los Angeles.
RSA0172924RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaTimothy S. Ross68521993-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: SW part of the island in the vicinity of Cactus Peak(1560′); slope and small ridges N of Cactus peak summit.; Santa Catalina South 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0172925RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJoseph A. Ewan34961929-05-25 Los AngelesRidge above Providencio Rancho.
RSA0172926RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaTisdales.n.1929-05-01 Los AngelesMulholland Drive.
RSA0172927RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHarry Bayers.n.1931-06-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica foothills.
RSA0172928RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton14651920-05-27 Los AngelesMulholland Drive.
RSA0172929RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. R. FosbergS46681931-04-22 Los AngelesSanta Canon, Eagle′s Nest. Top of south wall.
RSA0172930RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks9811996-05-03 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Foothills S of Hwy. 79; E of the Dripping Spring Campground; Along a mesic E-facing slope, approximately 300 m SE of the Helipad at the upper camp sites; Vail Lake
RSA0172931RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaScott D. White102402004-04-26 RiversideSoboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed.; Lake Fulmore
RSA0172932RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMichael Wall1641996-06-27 RiversideCherry Valley N of Beaumont, Oak Glen Rd, 2.6 N of Cherry Valley Blvd on steep E slope bordering Little San Gorgonio Cyn.
RSA0172933RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaScott D. White128432009-05-21 RiversideMcMullen Flat area, 0 N on Valley Hi Dr, from intersection w- Twin Pines Rd.; Canon Quad.
RSA0172934RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz58091922-06-24 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains. Pipe Creek, Hemet Valley.
RSA0172935RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaH. M. Hall21011901-06-01 RiversideSouth side of San Jacinto Mountains.
RSA0172936RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper15421944-07-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., above Pine Cove.
RSA0172937RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper43271949-06-29 RiversideIdlewild, San Jacinto Mountains.
RSA0172938RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper15421944-07-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., Pine Cove.
RSA0172939RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaI. M. Johnston11571917-05-30 San BernardinoHills south of Ontario.
RSA0172941RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne534131979-07-12 San BernardinoGrass Valley, about 1 mile west of Lake Arrowhead, north end of lake and below dam on stream.
RSA0172942RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaEdwin Klines.n.1925-07-15 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead.
RSA0172944RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank Sparkss.n.1948-04-19 Los AngelesCollected on side of foothills north of the San Fernando Valley.
RSA0172945RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBrian McColgan141988-05-14 Los Angeles1 mile N of Padua on Mt. Blady Rd.
RSA0172947RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. J. Smiths.n.1934-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island.
RSA0172948RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne368931967-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Lower Middle Ranch Canon below Eagle′s Nest.
RSA0172949RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne348971965-06-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Upper end of Avalon Canon along road.
RSA0172950RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne344671965-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: N slope of Black Jack Mountain.
RSA0172951RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaAnstruther Davidson31021908-07-07 Los AngelesTopanga.
RSA0172952RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaC. W. Tilforth1881969-05-09 Los AngelesNW side of Colima Ave., 0.25 N of Punta del Este St. intersection between Whittier & West Covina.
RSA0172953RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDoris Bowers5821957-05-22 Los AngelesSlope north of San Dimas.
RSA0172954RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaD. A. YoungP4891969-05-25 Los Angeles100 ft. off the right side of Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar.
RSA0172955RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. M. Johnson43971934-04-07 Los AngelesBotany Garden[Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden], UCLA Campus, Los Angeles.
RSA0172956RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaH. L. Bauer168101932-06-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Near Saddle Peak.
RSA0172957RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton14651930-05-27 Los AngelesNear Mulholland Drive. Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA0172958RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaK. M. Kosaks.n.1961-05-17 Los AngelesSan Dimas: hillside near Puddingstone Dam.
RSA0172959RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRichard Schlichtingsn1948-05-22 Los AngelesCovina: Lyman Avenue about 3 miles east of Covina.
RSA0172960RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollards.n.1971-05-27 VenturaBank of dirt road at south end of Mirror Lake, Ventura Avenue near Woodland Avenue intersection, Ojai Valley.
RSA0172961RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry J. Ramsey29441938-06-16 VenturaConejo Grade.
RSA0172962RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz131951934-05-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek, north of Wheelers Hot Springs.
RSA0172963RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaWalter Wisura47861992-05-22 VenturaMt. Pinos: Highway 33, 4.1 miles N of junction with Lockwood Valley Road.
RSA0172964RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRimo C. Bacigalupi43941954-04-24 VenturaCa. 0.5 mile below (east of) summit of East Casitas Pass, Casitas Pass Road.
RSA0172965RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. S. Woglum27411940-05-12 VenturaSouth Coast: Santa Paula.
RSA0172966RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFrances Holzwarts.n.1929-05-04 VenturaOjai Valley near Matilija Springs.
RSA0172967RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. M. Straw6751954-06-17 VenturaLockwood Valley, Los Padres National Forest.
RSA0172968RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. Aug. Kusche95471922-05-01 San BernardinoMohave Desert.
RSA0172969RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry J. Ramsey5041938-07-04 KernMt. Pinos, up road. Frazier Mountain Park, Temblor Mountain Range, San Joaquin Valley.
RSA0172970RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPricilla Osborns.n.1930-06-01 KernBakersfield.
RSA0172971RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDucelia Cobbs.n.1937-04-01 UnknownCentral California en route to Arizona.
RSA0173363RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaElbert Benjamine1841929-05-29 Los AngelesSan Dimas canyon. San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA0173364RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaKay H. Beach6261942-05-29 Los AngelesNear water tank above the San Dimas SRE. San Dimas Experimental Forest, U.S. Forest Dept.
RSA0173365RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1916-05-03 Los AngelesLower end of Mt. Wilson Trail.
RSA0173366RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Wheeler98451967-06-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Sunset Ridge by Millard Canon; north side NE of Coulter Reservoir.
RSA0173367RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRichard Noyes5371988-04-30 Los AngelesClaremont. Burbank Canon. Northwest of Thompson Creek Dam.
RSA0173368RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-05-18 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon.
RSA0173369RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaTimothy S. Ross64121992-05-24 Los AngelesBrowns Gulch: Draining to San Gabriel Canon at base of San Gabriel Dam.
RSA0173370RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaGary D. Cromwell6641971-05-14 Los AngelesOn southeast-facing slope to west of canyon mouth, about 1350 feet. Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mtns., 2 miles NE of Glendora, CA.
RSA0173371RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaWalter Wisura51702003-06-30 Los AngelesEvey Canon.
RSA0173372RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSarah J. De Groot60652009-06-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Bernardino Mountains: Along Middle Control Road, E of Cold Creek and switchbacks.; Big Bear Lake
RSA0173373RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJustin M. Wood22672010-07-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Upper Santa Ana River Watershed: 0.15 miles east of intersection of Hwy 38 and Jenks Lake Road west.; Big Bear Lake Quad.
RSA0173374RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaOrlando Mistretta33192008-06-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Drainage in the vicinity of Jenks Lake.; Big Bear Lake Quad.
RSA0173375RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaTimothy S. Ross35561990-06-18 San BernardinoEpipactis Canon. Un-named canyon draining ENE to Lone Pine Canon, originating near E end of Upper Lytle Creek Ridge. (Sheep Creek Truck Road, 2N56, drops NEward through the lower half of this canyon.); Canon 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0173376RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaI. M. Johnstons.n.1925-07-10 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains, Lower San Sevaine Flats.
RSA0173377RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. G. Swinney29451994-06-20 San BernardinoSouth fork of Lytle Creek, approx. 0.5 W of the stream.; Cucamonga Pk. Quad.
RSA0173378RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne409361971-07-07 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest: near San Sevaine Cow Camp.
RSA0173379RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPaula Dinius1261987-05-06 San BernardinoSan Antonio Canon. Along Mountain Ave. Intersection of Mountain Ave. and Euclid Ave.
RSA0173380RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. G. Swinney24661993-07-16 San BernardinoSan Sevaine Flats, ca. 20 W of junction Forest Service Roads 1N34D and 1N34.; Cucamonga Peak 7.5′ Q.
RSA0173381RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDoris Bowers601968-06-05 San BernardinoCedar Glen.
RSA0173382RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. Sauer54961973-05-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Central valley.
RSA0173383RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-04-28 Santa BarbaraGaviota Canon.
RSA0173384RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-13791989-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Orizaba Flats, W of Olsens Cave.
RSA0173385RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Hoffmans.n.1931-04-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Valley Anchorage. Back side of ocean cliff.
RSA0173386RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Adams85-B1965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Hwy 154, 5 mi. below San Marcos Pass.
RSA0173387RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-16471990-05-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Central Valley, on E side of Ram Canon at N end of W fork of Canada Larga Road.
RSA0173388RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-37471993-06-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Along Horqueta Road, in upper E fork of Horqeta Canon.
RSA0173389RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
RSA0173390RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-17481990-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Central Valley, along road to Lagunitas Secas, ca. 0.2 miles N of Valley Road.
RSA0173391RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-06-15 Santa BarbaraInterior of Santa Cruz Island.
RSA0173392RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-19351990-05-31 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Central Valley, along Valley Road 0.8 miles E of Stanton Ranch.
RSA0173393RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaI. W. Clokey48791930-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
RSA0173394RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC-33531992-05-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Along Nav Road, just W of Navy Base.
RSA0173395RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaM. A. Piehl621141962-05-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Stanton ranch hdqrs. [Headquarters].
RSA0173396RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSR-6761994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Cherry Canon. At first major fork in canyon.
RSA0173397RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDavid J. Keil246741995-03-30 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. West of intersection of Azalea Road and California Route 1 (Lompoc-Vandenberg Road), 1.7 miles NW of Santa Lucia Canon Rd exit from highway 1.
RSA0173398RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne356071965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Along Highway 154 SE from San Marcos Pass at high voltage power line.
RSA0173402RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaG. Pitto491980-06-08 Los AngelesAt base of trail, south end of Hinderberg Park [Crescenta Valley Park] bottom of Dunsmore Ave. La Crescenta.
RSA0173403RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaValerie L. Soza9012000-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, northwest side: Northwestern end of Verdugo Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue, Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Fwy and west of fire road, south (above) water tank.
RSA0173404RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaValerie L. Soza12042001-05-09 Los AngelesSouthern San Rafael Hills: South of western end of Scholl Canon, west end of Valle Vista fire road, ridgetop north of Hwy 134.
RSA0173451RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry J. Ramsey14441939-07-01 San BernardinoBetween Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake.
RSA0173452RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaLarry E. DeBuhr6581972-07-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; on Hwy. 30 about 3 miles west of Running Springs.
RSA0173453RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert F. Thorne542771980-06-02 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Near Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads.
RSA0173454RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton16681930-07-12 San BernardinoCrestline.
RSA0173456RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper27601948-05-13 San BernardinoCalimesa.
RSA0173457RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. C. Templeton16681930-07-12 San BernardinoCrestline, San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA0173458RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaS. Campbell371980-06-04 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Eastern slope of Verdugo Mountains on hill between Wabasso Way and Opechee Way. On top of the hill.
RSA0173459RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaGus Glueckerts.n.1937-05-03 Los AngelesCulver City.
RSA0173460RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBob Cochranesn1948-05-11 Los AngelesFound in Claremont on the Mt. Baldy Road.
RSA0173461RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaC. B. Liters.n.1928-04-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. NW of Avalon.
RSA0173462RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. R. FosbergS43721931-03-25 Los AngelesHamilton Canon, near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0173463RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-06-08 Los AngelesArroyo Seco Canon.
RSA0173464RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJack Rempels.n.1934-04-19 Los AngelesSlough, Centinela Blvd. SW of Los Angeles.
RSA0173465RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. Menkes.n.1955-04-21 Los AngelesFaculty Hill, UCLA campus, Los Angeles.
RSA0173466RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaI. W. Clokey45431929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA0173467RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. W. Peirson30911922-06-03 Los AngelesOn north sloping hills just above the open desert; foot of Oakgrove Grade, Mojave Desert.
RSA0173468RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaM. Bisbee611917-05-15 Los AngelesEast end of Eagle Rock Valley
RSA0173470RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. Bogdanoff-Lord131989-05-12 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest; 3.9 miles NNE of the intersection of Base Line & Mills, Claremont, on west side of Mt. Baldy Road.
RSA0173520RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. W. Peirson61920-06-24 San DiegoEast foot of Morgan Hill, Palomar Mountains.
RSA0173521RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-05-30 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA0173522RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz82221924-06-22 San DiegoSouth of Doane Valley; Palomar Mountains.
RSA0173523RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper40461949-06-02 San DiegoPotrero.
RSA0173524RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaLe Roy Abrams38271903-06-23 San DiegoNear Cuyamaca Lake.
RSA0173525RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd73011992-05-06 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mts., San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Southern flank of Miller Mt. about upper portions of Miller′s Canon. The major drainage on the southern flank of the Mt.
RSA0173526RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhilip A. Munz71971923-06-27 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA0173527RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper14771944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn.
RSA0173528RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaN. C. Cooper14771944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn.
RSA0173529RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDaniel C. Clevelands.n.1884-05-07 San DiegoSweetwater Valley.
RSA0173531RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaKeith E. Hoffmaster501928-05-29 San DiegoSan Onofre. CP5.
RSA0173532RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. W. Peirson47981924-06-22 San DiegoAt Country Club, Palomar Mts.
RSA0173533RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert Gustafson8831978-04-27 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe Road near junction of La Costa Avenue, in the La Costa site.
RSA0173534RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaWalter Wisura43271989-05-09 San DiegoViejas Grade, 4.6mi from The Willows, N of I 8 W of Descano.
RSA0173535RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Wheeler98291967-06-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: North slope foothills between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch.
RSA0173536RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaScott D. White96082003-06-25 Los AngelesprivateTapia Canon area, ca. 2 - 3 air miles west of I-5 jtn. w- Ridge Rt. Rd.; Newhall Quad.
RSA0173537RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMonica Acosta261998-05-26 Los AngelesParking lot J at California State Polytechnic University(Cal Poly Pomona).
RSA0173538RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDiane Elliott261985-05-10 Los AngelesCanon, 0.5? mi S of intersection of Eastvale Rd. and Palos Verdes Drive North.
RSA0173539RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaI. W. Clokey45431929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA0173540RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. F. Streets.n.1919-05-15 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon.
RSA0173541RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaM. B. Dunkle17601928-03-17 Los AngelesIsthmus, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA0173542RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaHoward Mullinss.n.1931-04-27 Los AngelesGriffith Park.
RSA0173543RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaE. K. Balls238651959-06-29 Los Angeles1 NE of entrance to Stokes Canon, Santa Monica Mts.
RSA0173544RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaAnstruther Davidson19061950-07-14 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
RSA0173545RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBonnie C. Templeton14651930-05-27 Los AngelesMulholland Drive.
RSA0173546RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaGeorge R. Johnstone140591931-05-03 Los AngelesPico Canon, Santa Susana Mountains.
RSA0173547RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFrances M. Moreys.n.1922-05-22 Los AngelesCulver City.
RSA0173548RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-28 UnknownArroyo Seco Road, CA.
RSA0173549RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaK. DobryD6541991-05-22 Los AngelesSoka University NE section. Santa Monica Mts. 1 mi East of Las Virgenes Rd off Muholland Hwy.
RSA0173550RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. C. Sanders349972008-04-22 OrangeLomas de Santiago, lower Hicks Canon haul road, just above Irvine Ranch gate and road to cement plant, c. 1 mile NE of Rattlesnake Reservoir.; El Toro 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0173551RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDiane T. Liggett31981-05-16 OrangeRiverside Freeway (91) east to Imperial Hwy, south to Nohl Ranch Road, east to Serrano Ave., south on Hidden Cyn. Road, 0.5 km into Weir Cyn.
RSA0173552RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaShlomo Gat381959-05-12 OrangeOrange county hills.
RSA0173553RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaBob Edwardss.n.1948-05-02 OrangeOpen field 4.5 miles east of Orange near a Catholic cemetery.
RSA0173554RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaF. E. Durkee147671906-05-30 Los AngelesHollywood Canon.
RSA0173555RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRoxanne Smith251991-05-12 Los AngelesHills about 0.6 mile south-east of Golden Springs and Diamond Bar Blvd.
RSA0173556RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMatt Brooks361988-05-07 Los AngelesWhittier, Dark Canon 1.7 miles east of its confluence with Sycamore Canon.
RSA0173557RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPhillip Robinson3681991-05-19 Los AngelesSycamore Canon 0.25 miles south of intersection of Beverly Blvd and Workman Mill Road. 1.75 miles east of Workman Mill Rd on trail into canyon. [City of Industry, SW of Rio Hondo College, east of 605 Fwy]
RSA0173558RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJim Reutzel681994-05-29 Los AngelesOn northeast facing slope of ridge which is north and east of the reservoir, which is north of the cow stables. Hills behind the Cal Poly Pomona University Health Center.
RSA0173559RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaR. S. Woglum24391930-04-28 Los AngelesGlendora. Hills South toward San Dimas.
RSA0173560RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaB. Daniel Stickney331981-05-23 Los AngelesSan Jose Hills N of Cal Poly, Pomona.
RSA0173561RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Wheelers.n.1931-04-10 Los AngelesPomona: Ganesha Hills.
RSA0173562RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaL. C. Wheelers.n.1969-05-17 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. 0.3 mile south southeast Isthmus Bench Mark.
RSA0173563RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd97721997-05-06 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Fish Canon just upstream from the confluence with Castaic Creek.
RSA0173564RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert Gustafson936a1978-05-21 Los AngelesAgua Dulce Cyn, Road, about 0.5 mi from the junction with Sierra Hwy.
RSA0173565RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaFrances Runyan671973-05-24 Los AngelesAgua Dulce Canon Rd., near jct. of Lancaster-Palmdale Hwy.
RSA0173566RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSara L. Crockett6141997-03-28 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. 1.1 mi S of Two Harbors on Cat Harbor Road; ca. 30m upslope.
RSA0173567RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaScott D. White64941998-05-15 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Soledad Canon Area: proposed quarry N of Soledad Canon Road, S of I-14 freeway, E of Bee Canon and W of Agua Dulce Canon.; Agua Dulce 7.5 Quad.
RSA0173568RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPercy Allens.n.1931-05-01 Los AngelesGriffith Park.
RSA0173569RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Ingram1041950-05-06 Los AngelesPuente hills near Westmont tract, Pomona.
RSA0173570RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaKathy Harpers.n.1987-05-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Mulholland Hwy between Las Virgenes Valley overlook and Yerba Buena Rd.
RSA0173571RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaTimothy S. Ross55501991-06-03 Los AngelesSan Jose Hills: undeveloped slopes west of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.; San Dimas 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0173572RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-05-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
RSA0173573RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaA. C. Sanders299282005-05-05 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel - Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, hills at SW end of Cruzan Mesa at Bench Mark Plum .; Mint Canon 7.5 Quad.
RSA0173574RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks10711996-05-17 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. The grassland occurs at the break in slope.; Pechanga
RSA0173575RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks18721997-04-08 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Wilderness Gardens Preserve. Approximately 3.4 miles east of Pala south of Hwy. 76 along the San Luis Rey River. Areas along the main trail network from the parking area along the primary driveway within theriver bottom to areas of native grasslands on the higher slopes.
RSA0173576RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaVirginia Morans.n.2002-05-31 San DiegoSanta Ysabel Preserve, east parcel.
RSA0173577RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman66822000-05-10 San DiegoMission Hills Canon; just west of Pioneer Park.
RSA0203160RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaSarah J. De Groot52922006-06-04 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Road heading south from Highway 166 (Cuyama Highway), Sierra Madre Mountains.
RSA113874RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaE. K. Balls216391956-05-17 OrangeMadrone Canon, from plants native to area. grown from seed collection, June 19, 1949. Prop. No. 6309, Botanic Garden
RSA127844RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaPeter H. Raven141641959-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains. Mulholland Hwy 1 mile W of Las Virgenes Road. Malibu Creek drainage,
RSA780442RSABloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman218302011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: E of Eagle Peak and west of Boulder Creek Road; along the trail from Boulder Creek Road to the Three Sisters Waterfall in Boulder Creek; approx. 0.3 miles west of the parking area.
SBBG104681SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaM. A. Patten92-91992-05-05 RiversideGavilan Hills area, ca. 2 W of Lake Mathews, and ca. 0.5 N of Cajalca Rd
SBBG106533SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaS. A. JunakSR 6761994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Cherry Cyn, at first major fork in cyn
SBBG126233SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaS. A. JunakSR 4041991-05-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: gully just N of East Pt, on W side of road
SBBG127525SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaM. L. Hoefs, S. A. Junak, L. Stratton29221998-06-11 Los AngelesSanta Canon Cyn, near horse trail
SBBG130941SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaS. A. JunakSR 711978-05-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: SE of mouth of Old Ranch Cyn
SBBG134533SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Burgess, B. Meiners99232015-04-25 VenturaKrotona Hill on E side of Loma Drive, Ojai Valley
SBBG136353SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. JunakSC 25561991-05-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: on ridgetop
SBBG153768SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaDenise Knapp2018-4272018-06-19 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Road.
SBBG15528SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaDennis E. Breedlove4951961-06-01 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Alamo Pintado Crk from 7-8 N of Los Olivos, base of Figueroa Mtn, Birabent Cyn
SBBG16729SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollard1968-06-12 Santa BarbaraN of Fox Cyn, Los Positas Rd
SBBG172062SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman358102019-05-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: W of Fallbrook, N Magazine, N of Ammunition Rd, N-central part of station, N of water tank, along rd down to the Santa Margarita River
SBBG18501SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaE. B. Carlton91962-06-24 Orangeroad from Hidden Valley Rd to Temple Hills Rd, Laguna Beach
SBBG18842SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaClare B. Hardham108281963-06-18 San Luis ObispoCambria
SBBG203763SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman356892019-04-05 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; eastern foothills of the San Onofre Mountains; Training Area Papa Two; rolling hills northwest of Pulgas Lake
SBBG27577SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaM. L. Long1967-04-30 Santa Barbarabetween State and Anacapa Streets, NE side of Constance Ave, Santa Barbara
SBBG29967SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaIra W. Clokey45431929-05-01 Los AngelesMandeville Cyn
SBBG37011SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaL. G. Yates Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County
SBBG39695SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaL. E. Allen1966-05-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Miguelito Cyn
SBBG39696SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaL. E. Allen1965-05-26 Santa BarbaraSt Hwy 154 [146] ca. 1 W of Drum Cyn Rd
SBBG41064SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollard1964-05-27 Venturabluff above Camp Comfort
SBBG41987SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollard1971-05-27 Venturadirt road at S end of Mirror LakeVentura Ave, near Woodland Ave intersection
SBBG44906SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaL. W. Edge1781972-05-10 San Luis Obispounder pasture fence, Turri Rd, S of Morro Bay
SBBG46858SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaL. W. Edge3801973-05-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: near Lauro Reservoir
SBBG46872SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaP. Orrill1947-04-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Riviera Campus, Santa Barbara State College
SBBG57550SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Hartwell771938-07-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Edwards property on Mountain Drive, on the way to Sheffield Reservoir
SBBG57551SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaW. Stimson2601939-05-17 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria, back of the Santa Barbara Boys School
SBBG57552SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Hartwell2541939-04-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Foothill Rd above Rutherford Tract
SBBG57553SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaH. S. Russell1941-05-29 Santa BarbaraFourth Form Trail, Santa Barbara Boy′s SchoolCarpinteria
SBBG57554SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaW. B. Holt2551939-04-30 VenturaFoster Park
SBBG57555SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaR. Hartwell771938-07-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Mountain Drive, Edwards property, on the way to Sheffield Reservoir
SBBG57556SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollard VenturaOjai Valley
SBBG57557SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaRalph Hoffmann1925-05-04 Santa BarbaraCarpinteria
SBBG64534SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaD. Cleveland1884-05-07 San DiegoSweetwater Valley
SBBG85521SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaClifton F. Smith13351945-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: W of Botanic Garden, W of crest of ridge above Tunnel Rd, Mission Cyn
SBBG877SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaClifton F. Smith7751944-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden Tunnel service rd in Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn parking lot in Botanic Garden, Mission Cyn [natural; not planted]
SBBG878SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaJ. Kittredge1963-05-17 Santa BarbaraW end of Oak Park, Santa Barbara
SBBG879SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaClifton F. Smith8621944-06-12 Santa BarbaraTunnel Rd, Mission Cyn
SBBG880SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaH. and M. Dearing43531940-06-08 RiversideW of Ribbonwood, Palms to Pine Hwy
SBBG93652SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaT. J. Ayers w- S. A. Junak7471989-06-22 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; just W of western Botanic Area boundary sign on W Cuesta Ridge Rd
SBBG93733SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaSteven A. Junak43801990-06-17 San Luis Obispoeast side of Cuesta Ridge Botanic Area, along E side of access rd to KSBY TV towers2.7 W of Hwy 101
SBBG95841SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaClifton F. Smith9621944-06-12 Santa BarbaraTunnel Rd, Mission Cyn
SBBG95855SBBGBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenry M. Pollard1958-05-03 Santa BarbaraConstance Ave, near State Street, Santa Barbara
SD00000909SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaHelen V. Witham1431969-06-19 San DiegoIn light shade or in meadows. West slope of Middle Peak, Cuyamaca.
SD00016029SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaTyler Suttle42015-05-13 San DiegoPoway; Rattlesnake Canon; 1.61 miles NE of junction Espola Road and Poway Road;south fork. 10ft S of streambed, about 100 W of int. of Poway Rd & Mina de Oro Rd.
SD00017424SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaIan Cain16412011-05-27 San DiegoFallbrook; Santa Margarita County Park; 100 meters SE of intersection of De Luz Road and Sandia Creek Drive; S of Margarita River.
SD00017425SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMargaret R. Mulligan35672017-05-10 San DiegoSan Marcos Vernal Pools, undeveloped block of vernal pool habitat in the heart of the city, 0.1 mi west of the intersection of S La Posa Road and La Mirada Dr.
SD00021336SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman343162018-05-10 San DiegoCanon: southern portion of Base; Training Area November: just north of the Base boundary and south of golf course; lower hillside on the west side of Windmill Lake just above the dirt road
SD00023265SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNancy Nenow29732017-05-14 San DiegoBlack Mountain Ranch area; W side of Camino Del Sur; 0.18 mile S of junction with Paseo Del Sur; near small parking lot near pump station and small steam.
SD00024723SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNancy Nenow30372017-06-17 San DiegoLa Jolla; near Torrey Pines Gliderport west side of Torrey Pines Scenic Drive; just south of dirt parking lot and just west of paved parking lot for Salk Institute.
SD00024733SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNancy Nenow30282017-05-19 San DiegoLa Jolla; Mt Soledad Natural Park; at the west end of Encelia Drive near the water tank.
SD00032593SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman358102019-05-20 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: west of Fallbrook; North Magazine: north of Ammunition Road; north-central part of station; north of the water tank; along the road down to the Santa Margarita River
SD00032594SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman358722019-05-21 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; south of San Onofre Peak in Las Pulgas Canon; Training Area Oscar Two; along dirt road above the riparian area just south of Las Pulgas Canon Road
SD00032595SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman356892019-05-09 San DiegoCanon: west-central portion of Base; eastern foothills of the San Onofre Mountains; Training Area Papa Two; rolling hills northwest of Pulgas Lake
SD00034014SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJerry Green5212019-06-01 San DiegoFairbanks Ranch area; S of Ted Williams Parkway; 0.26 miles west of Santa Fe Canon Pl. & Via Canon Dr.
SD00048307SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJerry Green5962019-06-16 San DiegoSouth of Fairbanks Ranch; Torrey Santa Fe; canyon; 0.32 miles southwest of junction Santa Fe Canon Rd. & Via Canon Dr.
SD00053717SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaOnkar Singh52992015-04-03 San DiegoNaval Weapons Station Seal Beach Detachment Fallbrook, north magazine, study area S
SD00055208SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon Rebman365512020-04-28 San DiegoCanon: north-central portion of Base; Training Area Finch; east of the San Onofre Mountains and north of Basilone Road; on a hillside to south of San Juan Road and just south of the riparian wash area
SD106481SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaHenk van der Werff39681980-06-21 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch. Open, grassy spots.
SD112292SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDarley F. Howe3411936-05-03 San DiegoChula Vista.
SD112293SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDarley F. Howe2151935-05-05 San DiegoTelegraph Canon.
SD11458SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander208-41935-05-24 San DiegoMahogany Canon, East San Diego.
SD114903SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred T. Sproul1431977-07-10 San DiegoBulb down in hard soil beneath thick pine needle duff, Laguna Mountains.
SD11979SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander227-331935-07-10 San DiegoSoutheast slope of Palomar Mountain.
SD122474SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaGeoffrey A. Levin17181986-06-07 San DiegoNelson Camp, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.
SD135368SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaGeoffrey A. Levin22491993-07-03 San DiegoVolcan Mountain, Rutherford Ranch, near AT&T transmission station. (IPB 1-07)
SD135369SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaGeoffrey A. Levin22831993-07-03 San DiegoVolcan Mountain, Rutherford Ranch, near AT&T transmission station. (IPB 1-07)
SD137978SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDarin L. Banks3821995-05-09 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, north face of Agua Tibia Mountain, the Dorland Mountain area, west of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, west of Woodchuck Campground.mIn mesic chaparral.
SD143284SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred T. Sprouls.n.1998-11-11 San DiegoSan Marcos, in dry creek bed. Among rocks and on clay soils nearby. (IPB 1-07)
SD143285SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFred M. Roberts49931997-04-11 San DiegoUpper Encinitas Creek watershed east of Rancho Santa Fe Road, Fieldstone Southeast, ca. 5.7 km southwest Double Peak. Fairly common on gentle east-facing slope in open mosaic of coastal sage scrub and native grassland that had burned in 1996.
SD148277SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaA.C. Sanders241242001-05-04 RiversidePerris-Aguanga Basin region, Temecula, Long Canon area west of Del Rey Road, hills on both sides of gas pipeline routh; Bachelor Mountain 7.5 quad. Between shrubs in coastal sage.
SD15028SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander16131936-04-26 San DiegoOn hills at mouth of Mission Gorge.
SD15045SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander16341936-04-28 San DiegoSweetwater Valley, near Glen Abbey.
SD15051SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander16411936-04-28 San DiegoOtay.
SD15212SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander17071936-05-03 San DiegoBranch of Mahogany Canon, East San Diego.
SD152312SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman66822000-05-10 San DiegoMission Hills Canon; just west of Pioneer Park. (IPB 1-07)
SD152313SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman66992000-05-17 San DiegoMission Hills, a north facing slope in a canyon in Presidio Park. (IPB 1-07)
SD153005SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaSteve Boyd73011992-05-06 San DiegoSouthern Santa ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. Southern flank of Miller Mountain about upper portions of Miller Canon, the major drainage on the southern flank of the mountain.
SD153547SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory4422003-06-13 San DiegoAlpine, South end of Mesa Del Arroz Preserve on the old Findel Ranch
SD154648SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman67122000-05-26 San DiegoMoody Canon area, just east of San Ysidro Jr. High School. (IPB 1-07)
SD15474SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander20521936-05-19 San Diego4.5 miles south of Vista, U.S. 395.
SD15477SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander20561936-05-19 San DiegoNear Lone Palm Spring, on road to DeLuz.
SD155741SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaAndrew R. Pigniolo13722003-06-02 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 1 North side of creek on slope and toe of slope northwest of Fages Plaque.
SD156542SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman91372003-05-29 San DiegoViejas Mountain: North of Alpine, approx. 0.5 miles north of the water tanks on Anderson Truck Trail; west of the road
SD156543SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman80222002-05-08 San DiegoViejas Mountain: North of Alpine, approx. 0.5 miles north of the water tanks on Anderson Truck Trail; west of the road
SD15724SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander22911936-05-21 San DiegoNear southeast base of El Canon Mountain.
SD158863SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory8272004-05-01 San DiegoAlpine, Viejas Mountain, Anderson Truck Trail, north of Anderson Road.
SD158864SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory9382004-05-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, Sunrise Highway, Kitchen Creek Truck Trail.
SD158865SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJerilyn Hirshberg6992004-06-06 San Diego1 mile southeast of USFS Inaja picnic area.
SD15960SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander24161936-05-30 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, near Garnet Peak.
SD159605SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaLarry Hendrickson1762004-06-09 San DiegoEast Mesa, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Approx. 0.25 mile south of East Mesa Fire Rd. near boundary with Cleveland National Forest.
SD159606SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaPaula Knoll212004-05-21 San DiegoPioneer Mail area of Laguna Recreation Area, Cleveland National Forest, ca. 10 miles north of I-8 on Sunrise Hwy (S1) on the west side of S1, south of Garnet Mountain
SD159607SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMarguerite English672003-05-17 San DiegoViejas grade; south facing bank north of road
SD15961SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaGeorge Stenbergs.n.1936-06-11 San DiegoLaguna.
SD161018SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaRod Dosseys.n.2000-05-09 San DiegoMCAS Miramar, west of R19. (IPB 2-08)
SD162276SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaRobert Lauri1732002-05-31 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Along lookout trail approximately 0.1 miles north east of Harrison Grade.
SD163603SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaLinnea Spears1612004-05-19 San DiegoRancho Cuyamaca State Park, West Mesa.
SD166397SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman102082004-05-11 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, south of Loveland Reservoir on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak; Sweetwater River watershed in Sloane Canon
SD166574SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman105172004-06-01 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): Southeast of Otay Lake; south of Otay Lakes Road, at the stream convergence near an old fire road
SD166987SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman101202004-05-06 San DiegoCrestridge Ecological Reserve: west of La Cresta between Alpine and El Canon; along southwest facing slope, north of Rios Canon
SD174571SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMike D. Angel2112005-04-23 San DiegoCity of San Diego (Carmel Valley). Los Penasquitos Canon Preserve. E of I-5, S of SR-56, approx 0.5 mi E of the intersection of Carmel Creek Rd and Carmel Mountain Rd, on North Rim of Canon
SD174572SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaLarry Hendrickson10752005-06-26 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park. Los Caballos equestrian campground. Approx. 0.8 air mile north of Stonewall Peak and 0.3 mile east of intersection of State Hwy 79 and Stonewall Mine Rd. on southside of Stonewall Mine Rd. in clearing within campground.
SD174573SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaCraig Stevenson282005-04-10 San DiegoTierrasanta Open Space, canyon east of Rueda Dr.,south of Canong side of the power line road from where the road crosses the seasonal creek bed and starts to rise along the eastern side of the canyon′s slope, within one to two hundred yards.
SD174574SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory17132005-06-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Laguna Mountains; intersection of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) and Foster Point Trail, 1.0 mile W of Monument Peak, 1.0 mile E of El Prado Meadow
SD174575SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory15652005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, S end of Laguna Meadow, N of Sunrise Hwy, 1 mile NE of Crouch Valley
SD174840SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman122002005-06-29 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; S of Garnet Peak, along Sunrise Highway north of the Penny Pines parking area
SD175201SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman119922005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; N of Sunrise Highway, between Noble Canon Trail and Sunrise Trail, N of Crouch Meadow
SD17741SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander39611937-06-10 San DiegoSouth fork, Featherstone Creek, Barona Valley.
SD178023SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman128302006-05-18 San DiegoMonte Vista Ranch (owned by The Nature Conservancy): S of Ramona, NW of San Vicente Reservoir; S of San Vicente Road along Chuckwagon Road onto the Ranch; SW of the large central meadow and just east of the electric lines
SD17964SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaFrank F. Gander41861937-06-17 San DiegoCanon, north slope of Jamul Mountain.
SD180548SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaKerry W. Key1212005-04-24 San DiegoSan Diego, Del Mar Mesa. 0.5 km south of Highway 56. Ridge just south of man-made pond in Deer Canon.
SD180549SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaKerry W. Key1052005-04-16 San DiegoSan Diego, Carmel Valley. Sandy hilltop in Carmel Mountain preserve, 300 m west of Carmel Country Rd and Shaw valley.
SD180550SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMillie Basden-Thomas412005-05-29 San DiegoJulian, 0.5 mile S of Hwy 78-79, 1 mile E of Pine Hills Road, on Van Duesen Road
SD18086SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaCatharine M. Woods.n.1937-06-28 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
SD185386SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaCRES Native Seed Gene Bank1412005-06-13 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Laguna Mountains Recreation Area, (Nobel Canon) 0.3 mi SW of junction of Sunrise Hwy (S1) and Filaree Flat Rd, S of Lucas Creek.
SD186432SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman152502008-05-23 San DiegoDel Dios Highlands County Preserve: SW of Escondido, NW of Lake Hodges and NE of Olivehain Reservoir; northeastern part of the preserve
SD187541SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNuri Pierce2032005-05-25 San DiegoLakeside, El Capitan Reservoir (south). Hillside west of Chocolate Canon. West of the road and creek. 2.1 mile Southeast on trail from the dam wall, hillside facing east.
SD187542SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDoug Hitchingham72006-06-05 San DiegoFloodplain of Santa Ysabel Creek, SW edge of Volcan Mountains. 1.6 W of where Creek intersects with Farmer Rd, 4540 m ENE of highway 78-79; 2115 m NW of Julian airport.
SD187543SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaVictoria Marshall2172006-05-21 San DiegoPoway. South Poway Trail, ca 0.75 miles due south of the intersection of Poway Road and Community Road.
SD187544SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaVictoria Marshall3362006-06-23 San DiegoWoodson Mountain, approx 4.5 mi west of Ramona and 5.5 mi east of Poway on paved road to the summit; road accessed on foot at junction of Highway 67 and Ramona Guard Station.
SD190384SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman154862008-06-04 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Echo Training Area in the north-northeast portion of base; along the border with Cleveland National Forest, at the gate near the fire station
SD190719SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJudy Carlstrom1552006-05-30 San DiegoEscondido. Riparian area west of Northwest Parking Lot in Jesmond Dene Park located on North Broadway.
SD192110SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJim Rocks4602007-05-17 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, NW section of Charlie Training Area, ca. 5 miles NE of Camp Talega (64 Area), ca. 0.5 mi S of county line and ca. ? mi NW of White Oak Springs.
SD193387SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Groth712007-05-26 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Mountains, 1 W of North Peak, S of Cosmit Indian Reservation, E of Engineers Road, near Grandview Road
SD193388SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaCharles Wolfinger292007-05-23 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Warner Springs, northbound along Pacific Crest Trail, 5.4 miles from Lost Valley Road trailhead (trailhead is 4.5 miles N of Hwy 79)
SD193389SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaAnna Trunnell602007-05-19 San DiegoRamona, ca 3.5 W of, NE of San Pasqual Valley Road, on Boden Canon Rd, where it crosses Clevenger Canon.
SD193390SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDenise McKay842006-06-04 San DiegoDescanso, Guatay, Farley Flat, 2.5 N of Interstate 8, along Old Hwy 80, N side of Guatay Mountain
SD193391SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJerilyn Hirshberg15542007-06-09 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mtns, ca. 5 miles south of intersection of Hwy 78 and Hwy 79, .5 mile north of intersection of Eagle Peak Road and road to Deadman Flat
SD194699SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJeannie Gregory23322007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake, near western shore, 12 mi E of Jamul on Barrett Lake Road, 3 mi SE of junction with Lyons Valley Road, 5.8 mi ESE of Lyons Peak
SD194700SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMike D. Angel4092006-05-14 San DiegoCity of San Diego in Urban Canon just N of Mission Valley. Approx 1.5 NE of junction of I-8 and SR-163, west of the Mission Center Road and Sevan Court junction. Trail begins at end of Sevan court cul-de-sac.
SD197014SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman174842009-05-06 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Bravo Three Training Area in the northwestern portion of base; southwest of San Mateo Road in the San Mateo riverbed
SD197015SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman177872009-05-21 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: Southeast of El Canon Mountain; west of the El Capitan Reservoir, just off of El Canon Mountain Truck Trail
SD198844SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman180642009-06-11 San DiegoPalomar Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; on top of Mountain between Lower Doane Valley and Upper French Valley, east of Doane Valley Road
SD200588SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMargaret R. Mulligan25882008-05-29 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Yankee Training Area, along road that parallels San Mateo Creek to the south, ca. 3 NE of the Holf, ? mi WSW of Talega Road
SD201199SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJim Rocks6162008-04-30 San DiegoMarine Corps Base Canon, Echo Training Area, on southern edge of 409 Impact Area, along road to Artillery Firing Area 36; road accessed via Roblar Road, ca. 2 N of the intersection of Roblar Rd and Basilone Rd.
SD201200SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMargaret R. Mulligan31142009-05-12 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Hotel Training Area, east of De Luz Creek, along Camp De Luz Road just S of intersection with De Luz Road.
SD203073SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMargaret R. Mulligan28172009-04-09 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base, Lima Training Area, Windmill Canon, east of southern tip of Memorial Golf Course (18 Area).
SD205004SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDick Schwenkmeyer3652008-01-01 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, northwestern edge, approx. 1-2 NE of the terminus of Corte Playa Catalina in Tierrasanta and 3-4 mi S of Hwy 52
SD205005SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaVictoria Marshall8852008-05-11 San DiegoBeeler Canon, Poway; near The Pond; collection area ca 0.5 mi SW of the intersection of Poway Rd and Pomerado Rd., and 0.4 W of intersection of Pomerado Rd. and Stowe Dr.
SD205006SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaVictoria Marshall8582008-05-08 San DiegoSouth Poway Trail. Collection area ca 1.2 mi E of the intersection of Pomerado and Metate Rds., and 0.3 NE of intersection of Community Rd. and Stowe Dr.
SD206382SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman192022010-05-20 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; vicinity of Black Mountain; N of Ramona and E of Pamo Road; canyon area along Black Mountain Truck Trail
SD211729SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn LaGrange2532008-05-06 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, northwest of Black Mountain, along Lusardi Canon Truck Trail where the West fork of Temescal Creek crosses the road, about 3 0.5 miles NNE by road from the intersection of Lusardi Canon Truck Trail and Pamo Rd.
SD211730SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaIan Cain8912008-05-28 San DiegoCity of Rancho Santa Fe. Lusardi Creek. West of Camino del Sur. 1.24 km south south west of intersection of Rio Vista and Artesian Road
SD21403SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNorman E. Bilderbacks.n.1938-03-16 Los AngelesAvalon, Catalina Island.
SD214637SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJohn Groth1752008-05-31 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Mountains, 3.75 W of Middle Pk., 2.5 mi E of Eagle Pk., 100 yds SW of Anahuac Spring, along Boulder Creek Road
SD21562SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaNorman E. Bilderbacks.n.1938-04-23 Los AngelesCatalina Harbor, Catalina.
SD216630SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman212332011-04-27 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: southeast of Sweetwater Reservoir; west side of Mother Miguel Mountain; in a small canyon and on the grassland slopes around it
SD216631SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman216902011-05-19 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: East of Rancho San Diego; on the lower west side of McGinty Mountain
SD216632SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman211602011-04-20 San DiegoCanon: Victor Training Area; south of Las Pulgas Road, west of I-5, on coastal mesas and bluffs above the beach; just north of an airstrip
SD216633SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman218302011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: E of Eagle Peak and west of Boulder Creek Road; along the trail from Boulder Creek Road to the Three Sisters Waterfall in Boulder Creek; approximately 0.3 miles west of the parking area
SD217425SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaRichard L. Breisch6032009-05-18 San DiegoCity of San Diego, Tecolote Canon Natural Park, 250 NE Mt Putman Court, north-facing slope of canyon east of Tecolote Creek, below Holmes Elementary School.
SD217426SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaIan Cain12222009-06-28 San DiegoNorth of Julian. Volcan Mountain Open Space Preserve. 820 meters east north east of the intersection of Farmer and Wynola Road
SD217427SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaDick Schwenkmeyer4962009-06-18 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park, Fry Creek campground, 2.7 mi. north of the summit of the south Palomar grade, E of Canfield Road
SD217428SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaCarolyn Martus2032006-06-06 San DiegoCanon, ? mi SE of intersection Basilone Rd and Las Pulgas Road, 2 miles north of the Santa Margarita River.
SD220094SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJerilyn Hirshberg21092009-06-27 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W side of Cuyamaca Mtns, Cedar Creek Road, 0.65 miles NW of intersection with Boulder Creek Road, 1.25 miles east of Eagle Peak, on bank of holding pond on Kelly Creek
SD221816SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaMichael G. Simpson34872011-05-13 San DiegoMcGinty Mountain hiking trail. Canong switchback trail north of trailhead parking lot, then 0.3 miles west then north on old dirt road, along ridge. Ca. 1.2 miles south of McGinty peak.
SD223239SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman231742012-04-18 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Oscar I; east of Stuart Mesa Road and north of Vandergrift Blvd., along a dirt road near end on mesa above the Santa Margarita River on its northwest side
SD225926SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman238172012-05-10 San DiegoOtay Mesa area: East of I-805 and south of Hwy 905; southwest of Brown Field Airport; on City of San Diego open space preserve property, on a north-facing slope of a canyon southwest of Heritage Road
SD230082SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman240982012-05-22 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Romeo I; east of San Onofre Peak; east of El Camino Real and I-5; on hills just off of Horno Canon Road
SD235160SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman263192013-05-07 San DiegoCanon: northeast portion of Base; Training Area Hotel; northwest of Fallbrook, southwest of De Luz Road on a north-facing slope along the south side of the Santa Margarita River
SD237938SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman264662013-05-16 San DiegoDel Mar Mesa Preserve: between I-5 & I-15, south of Hwy. 56 and just north of Los Penasquitos Canon, west of Black Mountain Road, along the Del Mar Mesa Trail southwest of the end of Park Village Road
SD237939SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman261082013-04-24 San DiegoCanon: central portion of Base; Training Area Kilo One; off of a dirt road west of Basilone Road, on a northwest-facing slope above the bottom of a canyon north of a small pond
SD237940SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman264192013-05-13 San DiegoCanon: southwest portion of Base; Training Area White Beach; in Cocklebur Canon north of the Santa Margarita River; in a salt marsh wetland just off of the beach and west of Interstate 5
SD238438SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman281652014-04-30 San DiegoCanon: State Park Lease area: northwestern portion of Base; west of the intersection of Cristianitos Road & Talega Road; on bluff just above Cristianitos Creek
SD238439SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman280392014-04-22 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Bravo Three: northwestern portion of Base; on hills above and south of San Mateo Creek, east of Guacamole Road & southeast of the convergence of San Mateo & Cristianitos creeks
SD240499SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman283742014-05-08 San DiegoCanon: Training Area India: eastern portion of Base; along the Santa Margarita River just southwest of the De Luz Road crossing; on a WNW-facing slope that burned last year
SD246240SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman268412013-05-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: northwest of Lake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona; along Forest Service Road #12505 in the vicinity of the bridge at the junction of Lake Sutherland Dam Road and Black Canon Road
SD246241SDBloomeria crocea var. croceaJon P. Rebman28505