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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC19069DAVBassia hyssopifoliaP. B. Kennedys.n.1921-7-06 MercedMerced County: Ingomar, 100 yards N.W. of depot.
    AHUC19453DAVBassia hyssopifoliaCollector Unknowns.n.1952-6-01 KingsKings Co. Exact location unknown.
    AHUC21784DAVBassia hyssopifoliaBeecher Crampton31391955-8-25 YoloYolo County: Junction County Roads 24 and 102, 4 miles east of Woodland.
    AHUC27496DAVBassia hyssopifoliaBeecher Crampton57601960-8-09 StanislausStanislaus County: ca. 10 miles west of Modesto, along State Hwy. 132.
    AHUC28129DAVBassia hyssopifoliaBeecher Crampton59341961-7-20 ColusaColusa County: 4 miles SE of Grimes, along Knight's Landing Road.
    AHUC30164DAVBassia hyssopifoliaBeecher Crampton68681963-8-03 ColusaColusa County: 1/4 mile east of Cortena.
    BSCA0596BSCABassia hyssopifoliaHendrickson, Larry104891999-9-20 San DiegoSentenac acquisition, alkali sink north of corral on both sides of historical rd to homestead
    BSCA0597BSCABassia hyssopifoliaHendrickson, Larry105501999-10-04 San DiegoSentenac Cienega, 50 meters south of call box turnout, Hwy 78.
    CAS-BOT523781CASBassia hyssopifoliaHowald, Ann32952014-8-20 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns:town of Mammoth Lakes. W end of Meridian Blvd., base of Chair 15 ski lift
    CAS-BOT553037CASBassia hyssopifoliaHowald, Ann44112017-8-15 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada: Mono Basin, west shore of Mono Lake, c. 0.7 miles south-southeast of Cemetery Road
    CAS-BOT589422CASBassia hyssopifoliaJunak, Steven A.SCI-7091996-10-3 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island on disturbed flats behind beach at West Cove Beach
    CAS-BOT589430CASBassia hyssopifoliaJunak, Steven A.SCa-3051996-10-30 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, Pebbly Beach, just E of wastewater treatment facility at intersection of Mount Ada Road, along main road
    CAS-BOT95511CASBassia hyssopifoliaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett55511990-7-21 ModocW edge of Middle Alkali Lake, directly E of Cedarville, Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT95512CASBassia hyssopifoliaBartholomew, Bruce50821989-8-11 ModocSand Creek, Surprise Valley, 5 km W of Nevada border on State Hwy 299.
    CATA3170CATABassia hyssopifoliaAmy Catalano16-1512016-8-25 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Pebbly Beach Road, along concrete between road and ocean shoreline
    CATA3649CATABassia hyssopifoliaSteven A. JunakSca-3051996-10-30 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Pebbly Beach, just E of wastewater treatment facility at intersection of Mount Ada Rd, along main rd
    CDA0000396CDABassia hyssopifoliaL. Ahart105092003-8-15 ColusaOn the south side oof Highway 20, about 1 mile southwest of Williams.
    CDA0007836CDABassia hyssopifoliaJon P. Rebman139122007-9-12 San DiegoSweetwater Reservoir , east of National City and south of La Presa; along the north shore near Neal Cove; northeast side of the reservoir. Square: S12.
    CDA0007901CDABassia hyssopifoliaAdam OntiverosPDR# 15436722008-7-8 OrangeAnaheim, 1750 S. Douglass Rd.
    CDA0017462CDABassia hyssopifoliaG.F. Hrusa167862005-9-29 KernField on Hwy 43 south of Shafter. Western Mojave Desert.
    CDA0021555CDABassia hyssopifoliaD.G. Kelch8.2932008-9-10 Contra Costa20 W of Pacheco Slough, E of Martinez. Carquinez Strait.
    CDA002970CDABassia hyssopifoliaBall1938-8-12 FresnoKingsburg-Fowler.
    CDA002971CDABassia hyssopifoliaHenson1937-11-1 ImperialSouthern California.
    CDA002972CDABassia hyssopifoliaT.C. Fuller32801959-10-07 Imperial1 mile north of Winterhaven.
    CDA002973CDABassia hyssopifoliaT.C. Fuller141701965-9-02 Los AngelesWest side of Highway 6 to Mojave, 3 miles north of Lancaster. ,Mojave Desert.
    CDA002974CDABassia hyssopifoliaMargaret Bellue1932-10-1 ColusaNear Williams.
    CDA002975CDABassia hyssopifoliaA.C. Sanders237122000-10-1 San BernardinoVictorville, Upper Narrows of the Mojave River just above Hwy 18 bridge,Southern Mojave Desert.
    CDA002976CDABassia hyssopifoliaWells1937-9-01 FresnoNear Fresno.
    CDA002977CDABassia hyssopifoliaD.G. Kelch3.0942003-8-13 Contra CostaMartinez Marsh,Canon.
    CDA0031117CDABassia hyssopifoliaD.G. Kelch9.6512009-10-8 KingsWest of Lemoore, east of Lemoore NAS (Naval Air Station). Jackson Avenue, 1 kilometer east of Avenal Cutoff Road, south of Highway 198.
    CDA003141CDABassia hyssopifoliaJ. D. MorefieldJDM-2441981-8-18 InyoWhite Mountains. Wyman Canon just above mouth.
    CDA0036736CDABassia hyssopifoliaRichard R. Halse80882010-8-25 LassenAlong State Hwy 139 ca 26.2 miles north of Susanville on the northeast shore of Eagle Lake.
    CDA0037182CDABassia hyssopifoliaB. Villegas1999-7-21 InyoHighway 6, 6 miles north of Bishop.
    CDA0043114CDABassia hyssopifoliaDavid J. Keil209211988-8-20 InyoWhite Mountains. Inyo National Forest. Silver Canon.
    CDA0043478CDABassia hyssopifoliaDavid J. Keil314132012-7-18 San Luis ObispoGrover Beach. Highway 1, ca. 0.3 miles north of Grand Ave. Roadside zone in area with mobile home park to west and railroad tracks to east.
    CDA0044155CDABassia hyssopifoliaG. Butterworth9322014-9-23 San Luis ObispoE of Simmler, S of Hwy 58, Sec 5, .
    CDA0053033CDABassia hyssopifoliaKate HuxsterR08271706-B2008-8-27 KernSuaeda stand runs between Hwy 178 and riparian area with patches of Anemopsis, Distichlis, and Sporobolis interrupting it, and patches of alkali sand. Associated taxa . 3942152 N, 365308 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.613974, -118.487190). Elev 714 m.
    CDA0053929CDABassia hyssopifoliaAnn Howald50622019-7-18 MonoSweetwater Mountains, east base, spring-fed swale c. 0.1 mile northwest of the mouth of Murphy Canon.
    CHSC100116CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaL. P. Janeway95472008-8-16 ModocModoc Plateau. Surprise Valley; east side of Middle Alkali Lake, south side of Hwy 299 10.5 km east of Cedarville. T4 N R17E S32 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Leonard Hot Springs 1:24,000
    CHSC26008CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaJames Henrickson49531970-7-24 Orange1 1/2 miles NW of Huntington Beach, along border of Bolsa Chico Salt Marsh at SW end of Huntington Beach Mesa.
    CHSC31754CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaE. Wolgemuth1976-8-28 LassenState Correctional Facility, 8 mi e of Susanville.
    CHSC34114CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaL. Ahart31481981-9-10 ButteAlong the edge of a ditch near the entrance to the Graylodge Waterfowl Mgmt HQ, w of Pennington Rd, ca. 12 mi sw of Gridley.
    CHSC34774CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaL. Ahart32221981-11-06 ButteOn banks of deep ditch, n side of rd near entrance to Graylodge Waterfowl Mgmt HQ, just w of Pennington Rd, ca. 12 mi sw of Gridley.
    CHSC46870CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon Oswald39791989-9-06 ButteButte Sink Wildlife Area (w portion of Schohr Ranch). Soil piled in a waste area along the main north-south ranch road ca. 0.5 mi n of Gridley-Colusa Hwy. T1 N R01E S3 W1/4 of NE1/4
    CHSC46871CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon Oswald40021989-9-12 GlennRd 306 0.4 mi n of Salt Creek, 3.2 mi n of the Glenn- Colusa county line n of Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S09 SW1/4
    CHSC48288CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon Oswald7801983-6-28 ButteGraylodge Waterfowl Management Area near Parking Lot 16.
    CHSC61040CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon H. Oswald56991993-7-26 ColusaColusa National Wildlife Refuge. SE corner of Tract 21 on the S side of the refuge near Ohm Rd., ca. 1 N of Ware Rd., ca. 6 mi S of Colusa. T15N R0 W S26 NE1/4
    CHSC61472CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon H. Oswald54101993-5-24 GlennSacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Refuge located ca. 7 mi S of Willows, E side of Logan Creek in Cell 3 of Tract AB. T1 N R0 W S01 NE1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC63703CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaVernon H. Oswald64691994-9-06 LassenWillow Creek Wildlife Area on Hwy. 139, ca. 10 mi (air) N of Susanville. Common in the parking lot and along the levee road on the N side of the creek. T3 N R12E S0 W1/4
    CHSC69476CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaJames D. Jokerst30411988-8-23 ColusaColusa National Wildlife Refuge S of Willows, in Pond 3, E and adjacent to Ohm Rd. in southern-most cell E of the road.
    CHSC76094CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaLowell Ahart82061999-9-13 LassenOn the east side of the dirt road and 1/2 mile south of the sign in station, Honey Lake Wildlife Area, 4 1/2 miles (air) southeast of Standish. T2 N R14E S0 W1/4
    CHSC99983CHSCBassia hyssopifoliaL. P. Janeway95252008-8-2 LassenModoc Plateau. Honey Lake Valley, 4.9 air km southeast of Standish, along Mapes Road 0.3 km east of Lambert Lane. T2 N R14E S3 W1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Standish 1:24,000
    CLARK-A1528-1198CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaJohn C. Roos46711949-10-01 San DiegoCarlsbad
    CLARK-A1528-2550CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaJohn C. Roos1965-7-03 San BernardinoLoma Linda
    CLARK-A1528-2551CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaJohn C. Roos30601946-9-21 San BernardinoLucerne Valley
    CLARK-A1528-403CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaJohn C. Roos52061951-9-15 San BernardinoLoma Linda
    CLARK-A1528-5652CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaJohn C. Roos1937-6-29 Los AngelesMalibu Beach
    CLARK-A1528-966CLARKBassia hyssopifoliaPatricia A. Andrews59091975-6-26 OrangeCapistrano Bay Beach
    CSLA011253CSLABassia hyssopifoliaJames Henrickson17736a1977-10-21 InyoCa. 25 miles S of Olancha in pasture around lower pond at Little Lake.
    CSLA011255CSLABassia hyssopifoliaJames Henrickson50791970-7-25 Orange3.5 miles NW of Huntington Beach growing along graded inner slope of East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Flood Control Channel near Bolsa Chica Salt Marsh.
    CSLA011256CSLABassia hyssopifoliaJames Henrickson49991970-7-24 Orange2 miles NW of Huntington Beach in Bolsa Chica Salt Marsh
    CSLA011258CSLABassia hyssopifoliaR.M. Straw25431965-5-07 KernBetween Buttonwillow and Tupman, dry canal west of West Side Canal
    DAV00843DAVBassia hyssopifoliaP. B. Kennedys.n.1921-9-27 MercedMerced County: One mile N.W. of Los Banos, on State Highway.
    DAV118085DAVBassia hyssopifoliaM. S. Taylor51451982-10-11 ButteButte County: Graylodge Wildlife Refuge, near checking station, sw jct of Pennington and Rutherford Rds, ca. 12 mi sw of Gridley.
    DAV132043DAVBassia hyssopifoliaJ. E. Sandoval951995-10-30 MercedMerced Co.: Great Valley Grasslands State Park (encompasses the former Fremont Ford State Recreation Area). South of the town of Stevinson, 1 mi. south of Hwy 140 on Hwy 165.
    DAV139290DAVBassia hyssopifoliaA.M. Shapiros.n.1997-9-19 SolanoSuisun City. Confined to a landfill filled with dredged material from an adjacent slough. Abundant. Not seen previously in area for past 26 years.
    DAV14895DAVBassia hyssopifoliaE. K. Balls181371952-10-10 LassenLassen County: 0.7 mi. e. of Standish, Hwy. 395, between Susanville and Alturas.
    DAV154125DAVBassia hyssopifoliaA. M. Shapiros.n.2002-8-7 GlennGlenn County. 5 North of Stonyford (Colusa Co.) Salt Creek in Salt Spring Valley.
    DAV162792DAVBassia hyssopifoliaR. Tofsruds.n.1950-6-17 GlennGlenn County: 8 miles S of Willows, Hwy 9 W.
    DAV16344DAVBassia hyssopifoliaClifton F. Smith16051945-9-15 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Barbara, on flat at West Beach.
    DAV177083DAVBassia hyssopifoliaR.D. Goedens.n.1965-7-07 OrangeOrange Co.: Tustin township, near Peters Canon Channel, E of Santa Ana Marine Corps Air Station.
    DAV180017DAVBassia hyssopifoliaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2005-9-6 GlennGlenn County: Sacramento Wildlife Refuge, about 10 mi. south of Willows, on the east side of Hwy 5.
    DAV18013DAVBassia hyssopifoliaM. S. Jussel771948-9-23 MercedMerced Co.: Bird Reserve, Los Banos.
    DAV19376DAVBassia hyssopifoliaPeter H. Raven62541953-8-30 InyoInyo Co.: Deep Springs Lake.
    DAV200092DAVBassia hyssopifoliaRichard R. Halse80882010-8-25 LassenLassen County: along State Highway 139 around 26.2 miles north of Susanville on the northeast shore of Eagle Lake.
    DAV208270DAVBassia hyssopifoliaT.S and H.M.s.n.1967-9-24 MercedMerced County: Los Banos Wildlife Area.
    DAV208812DAVBassia hyssopifoliaJames H. Richardss.n.1993-8-21 MonoMono County: exact location unknown.
    DAV235046DAVBassia hyssopifoliaJake Ruygt67412019-8-10 NapaNapa Marsh, CDFW Huichica Creek unit. Cuttings Wharf quad.
    DAV26336DAVBassia hyssopifoliaAllan G. O'Berg, Jr.s.n.1955-10-07 ?  UnknownCounty unknown: 0.9 mi. ne. of Tranquility, 50 yds. In from n. side of Jameson Rd.
    DAV26468DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann49191958-11-01 KernKern County: Mohave-Randsburg Region. Shandon. Irrigated farmlands southeast of Cantil.
    DAV28125DAVBassia hyssopifoliaJ. H. Thomas72791958-6-26 San FranciscoSan Francisco County: Vacant lot at intersection of Davidson Ave. and 3rd St.
    DAV29780DAVBassia hyssopifoliaMalcolm A. Nobs16171949-8-27 San MateoSan Mateo County: E of Redwood City.
    DAV29781DAVBassia hyssopifoliaHerbert L. Mason129581946-8-06 ColusaColusa County: On Colusa-Marysville Highway, four miles south of Colusa, west side of Sacramento River.
    DAV31476DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann66501961-10-30 KernKern County: Mohave-Randsburg Region. Fremont Valley; dry wash in the farmlands 2.5 miles south of Cantil.
    DAV31525DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann66241961-10-05 KernKern County: Eastern San Joaquin Valley. Hart Memorial Park; south end of the boat lake.
    DAV31685DAVBassia hyssopifoliaG. Thomas Robbins36481954-9-03 StanislausStanislaus County: Along Vernalis-Modesto Road (Maze Road), 5.4 miles east of Vernalis and 1.8 miles east of bridge crossing the San Joaquin River.
    DAV32743DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann79811962-11-14 KernEast Kern County: San Joaquin Valley. Taft Highway, 4.1 miles west of Old River.
    DAV32858DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann78691962-9-19 InyoInyo County: Mohave Desert. Little Lake.
    DAV35722DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann103101964-10-20 San BernardinoSan Bernadino County: Mojave Desert. Searles Lake at Trona.
    DAV35730DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann102741964-9-29 KernKern County: The Kern National Wildlife Refuge. San Joaquin Valley.
    DAV35734DAVBassia hyssopifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann100701964-8-20 KernKern County: Tehachapi-Kernville Region. Isabella alkali flats.