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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC104120DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn C. Tothill651958-04-01 InyoInyo County: Death Valley.
BSCA4393BSCAAtrichoseris platyphyllaHendrickson, Larry31751921-04-16 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area. South side of the Colorado River, near Group Canon N-side of main access road.
CAS-BOT173144CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark; Fraga, Naomi28492003-05-04 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West slope at north end of Savahia Peak Elev. given as 2180ft.
CAS-BOT174061CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark14552003-03-17 San BernardinoColorado Desert; Northeastern Colorado Desert region: Whipple Mountains: Canyon of light colored granite just N of Gene Pumping Station along Black Meadow Landing-powerline road Elev. given as 881ft.
CAS-BOT174638CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Denslow, Michael20962003-03-20 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin Dunes OHV area, near Echo Point along Parker Dam road Elev. given as 377ft.
CAS-BOT174654CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Denslow, Michael20482003-03-20 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West side, wide wash along Needles-Parker road south of D&W mine Elev. given as 1428ft.
CAS-BOT175039CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Denslow, Michael18792003-03-19 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte Elev. given as 1467ft.
CAS-BOT175040CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark15502003-03-18 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Wash north of highway 62 and aqueduct. East of old Needles-Parker road Elev. given as 1080ft.
CAS-BOT175041CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark16322003-03-18 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Eastern side, Havasu Palms road just south of Chemehuevi Indian Reservation Boundary Elev. given as 550ft.
CAS-BOT176671CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Gatto, Angela; Stevenson, Chris; Baldwin, Constance23552003-04-19 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Canyon on NE side of mountains, off powerline road Elev. given as 940ft.
CAS-BOT182432CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Gatto, Angela24212003-04-20 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Bowman′s wash near Parker Dam road and Crossroads Elev. given as 380ft.
CAS-BOT182527CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDeGroot, Sarah J.; Gatto, Angela25822003-04-21 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Bowman′s Wash SE of Copper Basin near Colorado River Indian Reservation boundary Elev. given as 1162ft.
CAS-BOT182530CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark; Fraga, Naomi; Machen, Lauren26552003-05-03 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: SE side along aqueduct road, SW of Bowman′s wash Elev. given as 1340ft.
CAS-BOT401086CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Garbat, April68912013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Black Meadow Landing road in light-colored granite northwest of Gene Pumping Station, southwest side of road Elev. given as 930 ft
CAS-BOT565340CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Worlow, Linda77622016-03-31 InyoEast side of Dublin Hills, near limestone outcrop along Dublin Gulch road, west of Shoshone and Highway 127. Amargosa River drainage.
CAS-BOT98812CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaBoyd, Steve; Meury, S.; Noyes, R.; Arnseth, L.; Nordin, D.; Ross, T.21611988-03-10 RiversidePalen Pass at the N. end of the Palen Mtns.
CAS-BOT98813CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaRose, Lewis S.371771937-04-10 RiversideIndio-Blythe Road, 26 mi. E. of Indio
CAS-BOT98814CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaClemens, Mrs. Joss.n.1922-04-10 RiversideMecca
CAS-BOT98815CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaKelly, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1926-04-01 RiversidePainted Canyon near Indio
CAS-BOT98816CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-02-16 RiversideBox Canyon
CAS-BOT98818CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaBallou, F. O.s.n.1926-02-26 RiversidePainted Canyon [Canon]
CAS-BOT98819CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHall, H. M.58541905-04-01 RiversideColorado Desert - Canyon [Canon] Springs
CAS-BOT98820CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaBacigalupi, R.s.n.1928-02-01 RiversideColorado Desert - Painted Canyon
CAS-BOT98821CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaNelson, Aven; Nelson, Ruth A.33281939-03-29 RiversideHidden Springs Canyon, near Mecca
CAS-BOT98822CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaWiggins, Ira L.96811941-03-27 RiversideSouth end of Coxcomb Mountains 8 miles northeast of Desert Center
CAS-BOT98823CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHitchcock, C. L.243151966-03-20 RiversideDry rocky hillside, 5 miles n. of Milpitas Wash and 12 mi. n.w. of Blythe-Glamis Road
CAS-BOT98827CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaDe Groot, Sarah J.41002004-04-11 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: west of Copper Basin, off road into BLM Wilserness area from upper Bowman′s Wash. Tributary of Whipple Wash, just downstream from ″window,″ at intersection of 2 washes.
CAS-BOT98828CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaWolf, Carl B.31251932-04-29 San BernardinoEastern Colorado Desert. So. base of Whipple Mts., 3 mi. SW of Drennan (Parker Bridge)
CAS-BOT98829CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas78601940-03-30 San BernardinoIona
CAS-BOT98830CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHolmgren, Noel H.; Holmgren, Patricia K.65111973-03-25 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains, east of Old Palo Verde Road, 8.5 airline miles south-southwest of Palow Verde
CAS-BOT98831CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHitchcock, C. L.; Muhlick, C. V.232351964-03-21 ImperialOn rocky canyon walls, 10 miles s. of Palo Verde on road to Glamis
CAS-BOT98832CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHitchcock, C. L.36001940-04-16 San BernardinoCave Spring
CAS-BOT98833CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaParish, S. B.102021915-05-09 San BernardinoMojave Desert - Lone Willow Springs
CAS-BOT98834CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaBrandegees.n.1937-02-16 San BernardinoAmboy
CAS-BOT98835CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaWolf, Carl B.66051935-04-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Avawatz Mts., 1 mi. No. of Cave Springs
CAS-BOT98836CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.7541882-05-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Warm Springs
CAS-BOT98837CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.7541882-05-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Warm Springs
CAS-BOT98838CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHall, H. M.60331905-05-12 San BernardinoNear Virginia Dale, southern San Bernardino County. In the Lower Sonoran Zone of the Colorado Desert.
CAS-BOT98839CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaHall, H. M.61261905-05-01 San BernardinoNewberry, Mohave Desert
CAS-BOT98840CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaFerris, Roxana S.72471928-04-23 San BernardinoWash, 11 miles from Needles on Needles-Parker Road
CAS-BOT98841CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaTwisselmann, Ernest C.70791962-05-07 San BernardinoSalt Wells Canyon - Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT98842CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaTwisselmann, Ernest C.70791962-05-07 San BernardinoSalt Wells Canyon - Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT98843CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaTwisselmann, Ernest C.119171966-04-13 San BernardinoPlain west of Serles Lake (just north of West End) - Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT98844CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaMcMurphy, James I.s.n.1940-04-08 San BernardinoNorthwest of Baker
CAS-BOT98845CASAtrichoseris platyphyllaKusche, J. Aug.s.n.1922-03-11 San BernardinoNeedles
CDA0010363CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaT.C. Fuller102791963-04-23 RiversideBox Canon Wash, Mecca-Blythe Road (Highway 195), 11.8 miles northeast of Mecca.
CDA0010364CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. S. Wasbauer1960-03-27 RiversideShaver Summit.
CDA0010365CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaT.C. Fuller170201968-05-15 San BernardinoAfton Canon, Mojave Desert.
CDA0015621CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaG.F. Hrusa106711993-04-05 InyoBottom of Death Valley, ˜ 1 m. S of Badwater. Death Valley.
CDA0051286CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders429432017-03-23 RiversideSonoran (Colorado) Desert: northern end of Chocolate Mtns, in US Navy Aerial Gunnery Range, c 3 mi E of Iris Pass (Augustine Pass 7.5 Quad: 33 ° 27′4 N, 115 ° 21 W, 100m, 11S -652060E 3703788N). Alt 823m-2700ft. Rocky hills, white and purple volcanics (rhyolite?) with Ambrosia dumosa, Atriplex hymeletra, Lycium andersonii, Ephedra aspera.
CDA0051702CDAAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders430722017-03-26 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Chocolate Mtns, Rock Quarry in sec 8, north of Frink, along dirt road above Siphon 17 of the Coachella Canal (Frink NW 7.5 Quad: 33 ° 24.2 N, 115 ° 38.1 W, 1000m). Alt 113-122m-370-400ft. Disturbed bedrock hill and alluvial slopes and washes below with Encelia farinosa, Atriplex hymenelytra, Bebbia juncea, Hyptis emoryi, Larrea, Ambrosia salsola, Parkinsonia florida.
CHSC12758CHSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. S. Taylor1201974-04-04 InyoCa. 1 to 50 N of road leading to Salt Creek, ca. 15 mi N of Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Death Valley.
CHSC12911CHSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. Prather1973-04-28 InyoNear Ryan, on Dante′s View Rd, Death Valley National Monument.
CHSC13784CHSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaV. S. Jackson1973-04-18 Inyo2 W of Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley.
CHSC272CHSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaV. Holt1943-03-22 InyoDaylite road, Death Valley.
CLARK-A1528-160CLARKAtrichoseris platyphyllaCharlotte Stocks1963-05-05 Riverside
CLARK-A1528-1617CLARKAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn C. Roos1966-03-26 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains
CLARK-A1656-677CLARKAtrichoseris platyphyllaMilton Walker1978-03-23 RiversideMecca
DAV330525DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaEllen Dean23252005-03-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: SE of town of Ludlow, S of Hwy. 40, along National Trails Rd. (Route 66), 9.4 road miles E of intersection of Hwy 40 and Route 66 at Ludlow. Take dirt road S of Route 66 0.2 road miles.
DAV330526DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaEllen Dean23862005-03-26 San BernardinoSan Bernadino County: South of Mojave National Preserve. Along Kelbaker Road, just north of old Route 6 National Trails Hwy.), west side of the road, north of mining area with gated road.
DAV330527DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaP. C. Everett230281958-04-29 RiversideRiverside County: 10.8 miles northeast and north from Desert Center along road to Rice and Vidal Junction.
DAV330528DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. M. Giffords.n.1950-04-27 InyoInyo County: About 3 miles south of Trona.
DAV330529DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock243151966-03-20 RiversideRiverside County:5 miles north of Milpitas Wash and 12 miles northwest of Blythe-Glamis Road.
DAV330530DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. H. Lamoureux13121958-04-01 InyoInyo County: Death Valley National Monument. Near junction of road to Keane Wonder Mine with main road.
DAV330531DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. H. Lamoureux13121958-04-01 InyoInyo County: Death Valley National Monument. Near junction of road to Keane Wonder Mine with main road.
DAV330532DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames A. Neilson, Jr.30041974-04-08 InyoInyo County: Death Valley National Monument.
DAV330533DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. A. Toft3251980-04-26 InyoInyo County: Saratoga Springs Rd at 178. Death Valley National Monument.
DAV330534DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaKenneth A. Wilson894A1961-03-04 InyoInyo County: Death Valley National Monument; Mustard Canon Road.
DAV330535DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaKenneth A. Wilson10711961-03-28 InyoInyo County: Death Valley National Monument. 13 miles south of Grapevine Ranger Station on Scottie′s Canon Road. Grapvine Mountains.
DAV330536DAVAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. F. Wojciechowski2791993-03-24 RiversideRiverside County: Little Maria Mountains, near Midland.
GMDRC1098GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre40611997-03-29 San BernardinoBullion Mtns: American Mine area of 29 Palms Marine Base, growing in cobbley wash Near 34 ° 22.1 N 115 ° 45.8 W. Elev. 2000 ft.
GMDRC11493GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre406932019-03-11 San BernardinoBullion Mountains: north base of range, 1.3 miles south of Amboy Rd, 9 air miles south of Amboy
GMDRC12741GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre426712020-04-17 San Bernardinocentral Mojave Desert: Calico Mountains; in unnamed drainage just SW of Sunrise Cyn, due north of Interstate 15 inspection station, about 2 air miles NE of Yermo
GMDRC13447GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre438052020-04-11 San BernardinoBristol Mountains: Mojave Trails NM: southern Bristol Mtns, approximately 8 miles south of Interstate 40, 1 mile WSW of Kelbaker Rd (at Windy Point). Dry rocky north-facing slopes, just north (500 ft below) radio tower on highest peak
GMDRC1688GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre48932005-03-13 San BernardinoBristol Mtns: growing on desert pavements, in S. Bristol Mtns, along west side of Kelbaker Rd, approx. 2 miles N. of Rt 66. Elev. 1179 ft.
GMDRC2143GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre75922006-03-30 San BernardinoDumont Dunes: sandy area at Dumont Dunes area along Hwy 127 at the Amargosa River crossing. Elev. 425 ft.
GMDRC2665GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre92822003-02-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Whipple Mountains: large wash along MWD rd, approx. 1 mi SW of Parker Dam 34 ° 17 N 114 ° 9.0 W. Elev. 577 ft.
GMDRC432GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre36501998-04-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Bristol Mtns, 5 N. of Rte 66, ca. 1,500
GMDRC4684GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaGlenn Rink92572010-05-08 San BernardinoCady Mountains: foothills, about 35 mi east of Barstow, north of Hwy I-40
GMDRC6509GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre303102014-03-18 InyoSW end of Tecopa Valley, 0.2 mi. east of Hwy 127, 0.4 mi. south of Old Spanish Trail Hwy
GMDRC6516GMDRCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre303972014-03-18 San BernardinoAlexander Hills, along Western Talc Mine Rd, 4.3 mi. south of Furnace Creek Rd-Excelsior Mine Rd, about 8 mi. ESE of Tecopa, west of Kingston Range
HNT3062HNTAtrichoseris platyphyllaK.A. Wilson10711961-03-28 ?  InyoDeath Valley National Monument. 13 mi. S of Grapevine Ranger Station on Scottie′s Canon Rd. Grapevine Mtns. Base of alluvial fan with rocky debris and clay.
HNT6595HNTAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. AdamsS.N.1978-05-08 ?  RiversideMecca, Box Canon. Desert wash.
HSC38451HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.E. Anderson1013-J1971-03-22 InyoBeveridge Canon.
HSC49557HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.L. Goforth119A1979-04-17 San BernardinoTrilobite Beds, 2 miles NE of Cadiz, Mojave Desert
HSC49558HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.L. Goforth119B1979-04-17 San BernardinoTrilobite Beds, 2 miles NE of Cadiz, Mojave Desert
HSC5101HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.E. Anderson20441962-04-16 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Hole-in-the-rock Springs.
HSC5102HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.E. Anderson20391962-04-16 InyoDeath Valley National Monument; 1 mile E of Hole-In-The-Rock Springs, Grapevine Mtns.
HSC5103HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaC.L. Hitchcock232351964-03-21 Imperial10 mi. S of Palo Verde on road to Glamis
HSC5104HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaC.L. Hitchcock243151966-03-20 Imperial5 miles N of Milpitas Wash and 12 miles NW of Blythe-Glamis Rd.
HSC78453HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders37651983-04-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns., Whipple Wash where it joins the road to Havasu Landing, 0.5 mi. below Willow Spring and 1.5 mi. above Lake Havasu
HSC87171HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd21611988-03-10 RiversidePalen Pass at the N end of the Palen Mtns.
HSC87272HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd20051987-04-12 InyoS end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 W of junction with Hwy. 178, 2 mi. W of Shoshone
HSC99766HSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre137642010-04-23 San BernardinoBristol Mtns., along powerline road N end of range, 10 W of Budweiser Wash and 21 mi. W of Kelbaker Rd., 7 N of Hwy. 40
INF00316INFAtrichoseris platyphyllaReveal, Jack & Arlene1964-04-11 InyoDeath Valley Basin; Furnace Cr. wash, ˜ 1 mi. east of monument boundary; Quad
IRVC102589IRVCAtrichoseris platyphyllaA. P. Romspert281 (2a)1976-04-25 InyoRoad to Ballarat, Panamint Valley.
IRVC102590IRVCAtrichoseris platyphyllaBrad Newmans.n.1965-04-13 InyoDeath Valley
IRVC102591IRVCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-14 San Bernardino20 Km SW of Trona on Ridgecrest Rd.
JEPS122491UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre312402015-03-16 InyoBlack Mountains; Death Valley National Park; along Highway 178, 18.2 miles west of Highway 127, 7.4 miles west of Salsberry Pass. Epaulet Peak 7.5 Q.
JEPS17054UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRimo Bacigalupi48311955-04-07 Inyoon the western approach Townes Pass (between Death Valley and Panamit Valley)
JEPS17059UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRimo Bacigalupi48241955-04-07 Inyoon the w approach, between Death Valley and Panamint Valley Townes Pass
JEPS22145UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison61641958-02-18 Imperial4.5 mi s of settlement Palo Verde (at ne base of the Palo Verde Mts, in arroyo running e); Palo Verde Mts., Laguna Palo Verde
JEPS22156UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison61511958-02-17 Imperialbelow the summit over Palo Verde Mts. Ogilby-Blythe road; Palo Verde Mts.
JEPS23007UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaReino Alava, R. Bacigalupi, Dr., Mrs. Rolla Tryon17221958-03-01 Inyoat n end Panamint Range (in Emigrant Wash, just belw w checking sta. of Death Valley Nat Mon); Death Valley National Monument
JEPS30499UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaDonald Kyhos58-141958-02-15 RiversideCold Springs Chuckawalla Mountains, Cold Springs
JEPS30562UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaPeter H. Raven119901958-03-29 Inyo2.7 miles southeast of junction, on State 190 Scotty′s Canonal Monument
JEPS31200UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaErnest C. Twisselmann70791962-05-07 San BernardinoSalt Wells Canon Mohave Desert, Salt Wells Canon
JEPS35950UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAllison Krames1935-04-08 San Bernardinonear Boro Salva; Mohave Desert
JEPS35951UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaWillis L. Jepson116601927-04-12 RiversidePainted Canon Mecca Hills, Painted Canon
JEPS35952UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaWillis L. Jepson69171917-05-02 InyoFurnace Creek Funeral Mts., Furnace Creek
JEPS35953UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaVirginia Bailey1940-03-23 Inyo20 miles south of Bad Water (at the south end of Death Valley); Death Valley
JEPS35954UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Grinnell1920-04-07 Inyonear Furnace Creek Ranch; Death Valley
JEPS35955UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaWillis L. Jepson195761940-04-19 InyoBeatty Jct., Death Valley floor Death Valley
JEPS35956UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarjorie D. Clary16721914-05-14 RiversideAqueduct Road, North Colorado Desert Little San Bernardino Mountains, Colorado Desert
JEPS35957UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaWillis L. Jepson196201940-04-21 InyoShadscale Spring, Johnson Canon Panamint Range.
JEPS52123UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaErnest C. Twisselmann119261966-04-13 InyoSlate Range, between Panamit Valley and Searles Valley Mojave Desert, Slate Range
JEPS8669UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRimo Bacigalupi, G. Thomas Robbins, Roi Partridge, Ruth D. Sanderson36331952-04-18 Inyojust south of Tecopa Hot Springs
JEPS87340UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg6891939-05-05 San Bernardinow Copper Basin Lake (Gene Wash Road); Whipple Mountains, w of Copper Basin Lake
JOTR16560JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaVanderspek & Youse645131964-04-19 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. WILSON CANYON
JOTR31971JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaLa Doux, Tasha22082011-04-14 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southwest Eagle Mountains; west of Lost Palms Canon; large wash at mouth of rocky, narrow canyon
JOTR31972JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaLa Doux, Tasha22082011-04-14 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southwest Eagle Mountains; west of Lost Palms Canon; large wash at mouth of rocky, narrow canyon
JOTR34391JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaAndre, Jim209182012-04-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Along Cottonwood Spr. Rd. 3.1 miles north of South Entrance, 4.1 miles north of I-10
JOTR35078JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaLa Doux, Tasha35292010-03-24 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southern end of Coxcomb Mountains with exposed metasedimentary rocks; narrow drainages surrounded by loose rocky slopes
JOTR36436JOTRAtrichoseris platyphyllaLa Doux, Tasha34072013-03-15 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southeast Coxcomb mountains; just west of bend in Hwy 177 near park boundary; desert pavements w- braided rivulets (Stop 1)
LA212388LAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim R. Shevocks.n.1972-05-02 InyoRose [Wildrose] Canon, N of Trona.
LA39310LAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJane TurnerC--5071961-03-25 InyoNext to roadside three miles east of Salisberry [Salsberry] Pass.
LOB113547LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Caveness811978-04-08 RiversideChiriaco Sumit, near Interstate 10.
LOB113548LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Ganley12341972-05-02 InyoWild Rose Canon
LOB113549LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaTim Gottwalds.n.1973-03-25 RiversideNorthern slope of Orocopia Mtns., 250 yards off Canon dirt trail. 3.5 mi. SW of Interstate 10.
LOB113550LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. Tisei961973-03-17 Riverside4 mi. S of junction of Calif. Hwy. 195 and U.S. Hwy. 10, 0.5 W of Calif. Hwy. 195.
LOB113551LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaW. Altland441973-03-24 RiversideApprox. 2 miles south of Hwy. 195 on dirt road approx. 5 miles from U.S. 60
LOB113552LOBAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Ganley12341972-05-02 InyoWild Rose Canon, near Death Valley National Monument.
NCC003228NCCAtrichoseris platyphyllaCooper, Norman C.32891949-04-08 RiversideShaver′s Summit east of Indio
NY02912985NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaR. E. McCoy150462015-03-11 ?  InyoAlong 4WD road 1 mile east of Baxter Mine.
NY1899014NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. H. Holmgren65111973-03-25 ?  ImperialPalo Verde Mountains, east of Old Palo Verde Road, 8.5 airline miles south-southwest of Palo Verde
NY1899020NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. R. Annable6121983-04-27 ?  InyoDeath Valley National Monument. Funeral Mountains.1 mile SE of Travertine Springs. UTM 516,760 M.E., 4,031,760 M. N.
NY1899023NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaL. C. Higgins63691973-03-26 ?  ImperialCa. 20 miles northwest of Winterhaven along Olgsby road.
NY1899025NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaP. M. Peterson4251982-03-13 ?  InyoDeath Valley National Monument. Cottonwood Mountains. mouth of Cottonwood Canyon; UTM 475,400 m E; 4,055,320 m N.
NY1899034NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. Dohertys.n.1978-04-02 ?  InyoDRI trailer, Grapevine Ranger Station.
NY1899060NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. E. Jones38301884-05-06 UnknownThe Needles
NY1899063NYAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. D. Morefield44581987-05-16 ?  InyoDarwin Plateau. Along California highway 190 at Father Crowley Point on south rim of Rainbow Canyon, 4.5 air miles WNW of Panamint Springs. Panamint Valley drainage.
OBI135143OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaDavid J. Keil205101988-04-23 Inyo3.7 mi S of junction with CA 178 on CA 127, 1.4 mi n of tiurnoff to Teco[a Hot Springs
OBI135144OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaWalter Wisura51211998-04-19 San Bernardino3.6 W of the chemical plant at edge of Trona
OBI135145OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaElinor Lehto121791968-04-13 InyoDeath Valley, 2.4 W of Wildrose campground
OBI135146OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaElinor Lehto121791968-04-13 InyoDeath Valley, 2.4 W of Wildrose campground
OBI135147OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaMelissa Luckow11051983-03-20 San Bernardinohwy 178, 4.5 NE of Trona Mt Rd. Salt Wells cyn
OBI135148OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders & B. Pitzer37651983-04-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mts, Whipple wash where it joins the rd to Havasu Landing, about 1-2 mi below Willow Spring & 1-1-4 mi above Lake Havasu. T3N R2 NE 1-2 of SW 1-4 sec 5
OBI135149OBIAtrichoseris platyphyllaNeil Havlik4361969-05-10 InyoAlong the rd to Wildrose campground, about 1 mi outside the boundary of Death Valley Natl Monument
PASA916PASAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMargaret Stason1929-04-01 InyoNear Bradbury Wells - Death Valley
PASA917PASAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMargaret Stason1929-04-28 RiversideHidden Springs
PASA918PASAAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrank W. Peirson1928-04-02 InyoNear Bradbury Wells, Death Valley Region
PASA919PASAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMargaret Stason1928-04-01 InyoNear bradbury Wells, Death Valley
POM126265RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMartha Hilends.n.1927-04-02 RiversideBox Canon near Shaver′s Well, Colorado Desert.
POM13995RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz48881922-04-09 RiversideVicinity of Corn Springs, Chuckwalla Mountains. Colorado Desert.
POM145962RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz109731928-04-03 Inyo4 miles S of Bradbury Well.
POM182289RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock123471932-04-17 Inyo10 mi. S.W. of Shoshone.
POM184858RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz121771932-04-06 ImperialChocolate Mountains, Colorado Desert. Above 4S Ranch, NE of Ogilby
POM250462RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaI. W. Clokey57471935-04-04 InyoPanamint Valley
POM254744RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz156961940-03-24 Riverside3 miles south of Cottonwood Springs, Eagle Mts
POM289558RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLyman Benson81901937-04-23 InyoPanamint Valley. W. of Towne Pass.
POM293697RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLyman Benson148471952-04-08 RiversideColorado Desert. 2 miles west of Shaver Summit, east of Indio, US 66. Colorado Desert Drainage Area
POM306937RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaHenry J. Ramsey18501940-02-23 InyoDeath Valley, east of Checking Station.
POM308575RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaHenry J. Ramsey32421937-04-17 San BernardinoTrona.
POM311101RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. K. Sharsmith40511952-04-08 RiversidePinto Mts near Meek Mine and 2.5 miles beyond Mission Well
POM33477RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarcus E. Joness.n.1907-04-08 InyoDeath Valley, Funeral Mountains
POM33534RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Halls.n.1905-05-12 San BernardinoNear Virginia Dale
POM35793RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-03 InyoPanamint Canon.
POM35794RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarcus E. Jones38301884-05-06 San BernardinoNeedles.
POM418197RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. C. Cooper38081949-05-18 InyoDeath Valley National Monument. Scotty′s Canon
POM41985RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarcus E. Joness.n.1924-03-09 San BernardinoSaratoga Spring
POM47816RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz79201924-04-09 San BernardinoEdge of Red Pass
POM6155RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Halls.n.1906-05-01 San BernardinoOrd Mountains, Kane Spring,
POM6157RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. E. Schellengers.n.1905-04-01 San BernardinoSanta Maria Mts
POM7941RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz36411920-04-01 San BernardinoNeedles
PUA003059PUAAtrichoseris platyphyllaG.L. Clifton1982-04-21 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Whipple Mountain. Parker Quad.
RSA0020587RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre248222013-03-27 RiversideRiverside Mountains; east side of Riverside Mountains, along Hwy 95, 13.2 mi. south of Vidal Jct.; Parker SW 7.5
RSA0040184RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot68912013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Black Meadow Landing road in light-colored granite northwest of Gene Pumping Station, southwest side of road.
RSA0043031RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell65732014-04-08 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; southern-central section of range; approximately 2.25 air miles north of Clemens Well and Bradshaw Trail.; Red Canon
RSA0045108RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre269992014-03-20 San BernardinoNPSIbex Hills; northwest end of Saddle Peak Hills, along Ibex Spring Rd, 7.3 NNE of Saratoga Spring.; Ibex Pass 7.5 Quad.
RSA0048562RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaA. Lee Hainess.n.1974-04-08 RiversideNorth side of Orocopia Mts.
RSA0048600RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaA. Lee Hainess.n.1973-03-25 RiversideOrocopia Mtns.
RSA0049567RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre286972014-03-27 InyoUnknownAlong China Ranch Rd, 1.0 mi. south of Jct with Furnace Creek Rd, 3.5 mi. SE of Tecopa.; Tecopa 7.5 Quad.
RSA0054020RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell62042014-03-07 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; northeast section of mountain range; collecting within the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area; about 4 air miles north of Kane Springs.; Newberry Springs
RSA0056164RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre250452013-03-28 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; southeast side of range, 0.6 mi. west of Parker Dam Rd, 1.5 W of Parker (bridge).; 7.5 Quad: Parker
RSA0062326RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre303972014-03-18 San BernardinoUnknownAlexander Hills, along Western Talc Mine Rd, 4.3 mi. south of Furnace Creek Rd-Excelsior Mine Rd, about 8 mi. ESE of Tecopa, west of Kingston Range.; Tecopa
RSA0066384RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre303102014-03-18 InyoBLMSW end of Tecopa Valley, 0.2 mi. east of Hwy 127, 0.4 mi. south of Old Spanish Trail Hwy.; Ibex Pass
RSA0070360RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre261852013-03-20 San BernardinoUnknownColorado River Valley: about one-half mile NW of town of Needles, along Needles Hwy just N. of Interstate 40, near KOA Campground.; Needles SW 7.5 Quad.
RSA0072303RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre247432013-03-27 San BernardinoBLMShip Mountains: east end of Cadiz Basin, at foot of Ship Mtns, just east of Cadiz Dunes, 11.1 mi. south of Hwy 66 at Chambliss.; Cadiz Lake NW 7.5
RSA0081757RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre274662014-03-10 San BernardinoBLMCalico Mountains: SE end of range, approx 2 W of junction Mineola Rd at I-15 freeway.; Yermo 7.5
RSA0085322RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre270322014-03-20 San BernardinoNPSAlong road to Saratoga Springs, 0.4 mi. north of Saratoga Springs Rd, 6.0 mi. west of Hwy 127.; Old Ibex Pass 7.5 Quad.
RSA0086456RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre311962015-03-16 InyoNPSGreenwater Valley; Death Valley National Park; along Furnace Creek Wash Rd, 3.5 mi. north of Hwy 178, west of Greenwater Range, approx. 1 W of Shoshone.; Salsberry Peak 7.5
RSA0087597RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre340922016-03-19 InyoNPSGrapevine Mountains: Death Valley National Park; 0.2 mi. south of Hwy 374 along service road to borrow pit just north of Hells Gate, 19.0 mi. SW of Beatty NV,.; Chloride Cliff 7.5
RSA0093511RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre272072014-03-13 San BernardinoBLMSoda Mountains; low southern base of hills marking the far NE end of Soda Mtns, 2.9 W of Baker.; Baker 7.5
RSA0113041RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaR. F. Thorne324371963-03-29 RiversideEagle Mountains, Pumping Station, S side of Eagle Mountains; ca. 12 miles W of Desert Center
RSA0117913RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot78802016-04-28 InyoBLMEagle Mountain: northwest side, just west of Amargosa River, near playa. South-southeast of Death Valley Junction, east of Highway 127 and powerline. Amargosa River drainage.; West of Eagle Mountain 7.5
RSA0118110RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot77622016-03-31 InyoBLMEast side of Dublin Hills, near limestone outcrop along Dublin Gulch road, west of Shoshone and Highway 127. Amargosa River drainage.; Shoshone 7.5
RSA0118645RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot78322016-04-28 InyoBLMEagle Mountain: northeast side, south of playa. South-southeast of Death Valley Junction, east of Highway 127 and powerline. Amargosa River drainage.; Eagle Mountain 7.5
RSA0121008RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell88252016-03-08 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; southern section of the range; approximately 1.75 air miles north of the Bradshaw Trail.; Red Canon
RSA0135783RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre348992016-04-20 InyoNPSGreenwater Valley: Death Valley Natl. Park; north end of valley along Furnace Creek Rd, 1.1 mi. south of junction w-Dantes View Rd, at western base of Greenwater Range.
RSA0144392RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre360192016-04-07 InyoNPSFuneral Mountains: north end of range in upper Monarch Cyn watershed, NNW of Chloride City, 2.2 mi. SE of Hwy 374, west of Keane Spring.; Chloride City 7.5
RSA0145262RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre359282016-03-09 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains: Mojave Trails Natl. Monument; south side of Marble Mtns, base of s-facing canyon, 3.5 N. of Chambliss (Hwy 66).; Cadiz 7.5
RSA0145869RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre350262016-05-13 InyoNPSLast Chance Range: Death Valley National Park; far northern base of range along Willow Creek Rd, just east of junction with Eureka Valley Rd (to Fish Lake Valley).; Soldier Pass 7.5
RSA0146336RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre355802016-04-06 InyoBLMAmargosa Valley: alluvial fan on east side of Funeral Mountains, 2.0 mi west of Hwy 127 (at Clay Rd exit), just south of NV-CA border and just west of Amargosa River bed.; Franklin Well 7.5
RSA0146572RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaHester L. Bell6372014-04-01 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park.
RSA0146643RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaTasha La Doux7282016-02-16 InyoNPSGreenwater Range: Death Valley Natl Park; dirt road 4.3 NE of Deadman Pass, 8.8 mi. E. of Furnace Cr Rd, approx 10 mi. SW of Death Valley Junction.; West of Eagle Mountain 7.5
RSA0146718RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaHester L. Bell7152014-04-19 InyoNorthern Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park. Mouth of Dedeckera Canon.
RSA0156099RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot87382017-04-07 InyoBLMResting Spring Range Wilderness: east side of Resting Spring Range, west of Stewart Valley, ca. 2.3 air mile northeast of Highway 178. Ca. 22 road miles northeast of Shoshone along Highway 178, ca. 9.5 road miles west-southwest of Pahrump, NV.; Stewart Valley 7.5 Q. San Bernardino meridianCa. 2.4 road miles west of CA-NV state line.
RSA0158577RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot88972017-04-19 San BernardinoBLMEast side of Calumet Mountains, west edge of Cadiz Valley, 0.45 miles southwest of NS 458, ca. 6.3 road miles north of Highway 62, ca. 14 road miles west of Highway 62-177 junction, ca. 48 miles east of Twentynine Palms.; Cadiz Valley NW 7.5. San Bernardino meridian
RSA0159249RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot84782017-03-29 San BernardinoBLMEast side of Iron Mountains, southwest of Danby Lake, west side of Ward Valley. Ca. 1.9 miles west of powerline and Water Road (054).; Iron Mountains 7.5 Q. San Bernardino meridian
RSA0181363RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre372052017-03-04 ImperialBLMPalo Verde Mountains. Eastern base of range 8.2 mi. south of town of palo verde, 0.2 miles west of hwy 78.; Cibola 7.5
RSA0187048RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre380672017-03-10 RiversideNPSCoxcomb Mountains. North of hwy 177 at jtnp boundary, 10.1 mi. ne of desert center (i-10).; East of Victory Pass 7.5
RSA0187175RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre382562017-04-03 San BernardinoBLMBullion Mountains. Along bagdad chase rd, 3.8 mi. south of ludlow (i-40), gravelly hills just north of historic ragtown mining area.; Ludlow 7.5
RSA0187924RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim M. Andre385442017-04-25 InyoBLMSearles Valley. Lower salt wells valley in poison canyon, along hwy 178 (trona rd) approx. 11 mi. east of ridgecrest and 6 mi. sw of trona .; Westend 7.5
RSA0190841RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaTasha La Doux7542017-03-19 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains. 2.1 mi. east of kelbaker rd, approx. 3 air miles south of interstate 40.; Brown Buttes 7.5
RSA0385952RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMaria Jesus7382019-06-21 InyoInyo Mountains, near Kreuger Mine.
RSA0385953RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMaria Jesus7382019-06-21 InyoInyo Mountains, near Kreuger Mine.
RSA0387838RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMaria Jesus7382019-06-21 InyoInyo Mountains, near Kreuger Mine.
RSA124261RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. K. Balls229351958-03-20 ImperialBarren Mts, 1 mile N of Midway Wells on [Hwy 78] road to Blythe.
RSA124444RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPercy C. Everett230281958-04-29 Riverside10.5 miles W of New Cyama. 10.8 miles NE and N from Desert Center along road to Rice and Vidal jct
RSA15805RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf66051935-04-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Avawatz Mts. 1 mi. no. of Cave Springs.
RSA15915RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf66291935-04-30 InyoDeath Valley, West side of Funeral Range, 17 No. of Furnace Creek Ranch on Beatty Road [Hwy 190]
RSA21332RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf85641937-05-05 San Bernardino3.5 miles N of Kane Spring on Newberry Road
RSA21394RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf85391937-05-04 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Valley between the Bristol & Old Dad Mts
RSA21798RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf87611937-05-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Avawatz Mts, 1 mile below Cave Spring
RSA23225RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaErnest Braunton20171940-04-03 RiversideBerdoo Canon, 10 mi. E. of Indio
RSA239865RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaR. F. Thorne425021973-03-08 InyoDeath Valley National Monument: c. 0.25 N of Beatty Jct.
RSA241942RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLarry E. DeBuhr8551973-03-17 InyoDeath Valley National Monument; near mouth of Titus Canon.
RSA250463RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaI. W. Clokey57351935-04-04 InyoNorth of Trona.
RSA25285RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock60771940-04-16 San BernardinoCave Spring
RSA25310RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock61281940-04-16 San BernardinoCave Spring
RSA272743RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames Henrickson171821978-05-15 San Bernardinoca. 60 miles NE of Barstow, 4 miles NW of Avawatz Pass, ca 1-2 mile S of Arrastre Spring in Avawatz Mountains
RSA272744RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames Henrickson167741978-04-30 San BernardinoMojave Desert c. 28 air mi. SE of Barstow, Box Canon south of Troy Dry Lake in Rodman Mtns.; Silver Bell Mine 7.5
RSA275506RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaR. F. Thorne511481978-05-08 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Granite Mountains: lower end of Bull Canon, NNW side of Granite Mts, S of Kelso Dunes.
RSA279164RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaB. A. Prigge26071978-04-22 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, Budweiser Valley: 12.7 W of Kelbaker Rd on powerline road.
RSA301941RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. R. Shevock16411972-05-02 InyoRose Canon; near Death Valley National. Mon.
RSA301942RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. R. Shevock20611972-04-25 InyoHwy 190, Death Valley
RSA352645RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaCarol R. Annable211982-05-01 InyoEncho Canon
RSA38240RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz116641947-03-16 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Afton Canon.
RSA418185RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. B. Dunkle30351933-03-04 RiversidePainted Canon, Colorado Desert.
RSA418186RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. B. Dunkle45301935-04-16 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; Near Parker Dam.
RSA418187RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. C. Cooper32891949-04-08 RiversideShaver′s Summit east of Indio
RSA418188RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnstruther Davidson34831922-03-01 RiversideMecca
RSA418189RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaChristopher Davidson76971979-04-04 RiversideOrocopia Mts, lower end of Box Canon on Box Canon road, 4.4 miles E of Mecca.
RSA418190RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaL. H. Joness.n.1910-03-18 RiversideRiverside Mountain, near the Colorado River
RSA418191RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeo Cantwells.n.1935-04-08 RiversideMcCoy Springs, McCoy Mnts. [NW of Blythe]
RSA418192RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. Eplings.n.1935-04-20 InyoDeath Valley, Grotto Canon.
RSA418193RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaRobert Gustafson25261983-04-25 InyoDeath Valley Natl. Monument; Jubilee Pass
RSA418194RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. B. Dunkle31411933-03-28 InyoBad Water, Death Valley
RSA418195RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPercy Train196271937-03-20 InyoWingate Pass, S end of Panamint Range
RSA418196RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaChristopher Davidson40121976-05-22 InyoEureka Valley. Near junction of South Eureka Rd with main Eureka Valley road to Death Valley
RSA418198RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. C. Cooper37441949-05-17 InyoPanamint Valley.
RSA418199RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaN. C. Cooper34571949-04-17 San BernardinoBagdad.
RSA418200RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaG. Gugisberg391957-04-21 San BernardinoMojave Desert, in dry wash W of Earp.
RSA43560RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMark Kerrs.n.1937-05-02 InyoPanamint Valley
RSA437254RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames D. Morefield4458a1987-05-16 InyoDarwin Plateu: Along California Hwy 190 near Father Crowley Point on S rim of Rainbow Canon, 4.5 air miles WNW of Panamint Springs
RSA444558RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaWalter Wisura42031988-03-13 RiversideBox Canon
RSA450769RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. C. Rooss.n.1966-03-26 Riverside2 mi S.E. of Desert Center.
RSA480071RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd21611988-03-10 RiversidePalen Pass at the north end of the Palen Mountains
RSA480072RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd21611988-03-10 RiversidePalen Pass at the north end of the Palen Mountains
RSA485399RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd20051987-04-12 InyoSouth end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 mile NW of jtn w- Hwy 178, 2 miles W of Shoshone.
RSA489175RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaB. Pitzer6481988-03-10 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains. W side of mountains, on gas line road ca. 1.5 mi north of intersection with Red Cloud Mine Road (& wash); ca. 2 miles (airline) S of Highway I-10. (Red Cloud Road. 10 km cell; PH-2N, 3E)
RSA489198RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaKaren Kirtlands.n.1986-04-14 InyoSearless Valley, on the flats just E of Valley Wells.
RSA49380RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz130311949-04-12 RiversideNorth base of Eagle Mts., Mojave Desert
RSA5078RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. B. Wolf31251932-04-29 San Bernardino3 mi. SW of Drennan (Parker Ferry) 50 base Whipple Mts, Eastern Colorado Desert.
RSA516912RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd14541986-03-13 RiversideWest side Palen Mts.: NE of Desert Center.
RSA550010RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaWalter Wisura46871992-04-13 RiversideLower Desert: Wileys Well Road, 10.5 miles S of prison
RSA550052RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaWalter Wisura46551992-03-25 ImperialLow desert: Milpitas Wash Rd 31 mi. S of Prison on Wileys Well Rd. twoard Hwy 78.
RSA562225RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaAlan Romspert2811977-02-21 InyoPanamint Range, Death Valley National Monument. Road from Warm Spring Canon to salt tank wells
RSA569191RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaB. C. Templeton57351935-04-04 InyoNorth of Trona
RSA614061RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMary DeDecker5861957-04-14 InyoPanamint Valley: Highway opposite Surprise Canon.; Ballarat
RSA617864RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaWalter Wisura51211998-04-19 San Bernardino3.6 miles W of the chemical plant at edge of Trona.
RSA620177RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Mark Porter117771998-04-25 InyoPanamint Valley: Wood Canon Wash at its crossing of the Trona Wildrose Rd.
RSA623693RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMary DeDecker16971967-04-14 InyoSaline Valley: North of Willow Creek
RSA626389RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White64021998-05-04 San BernardinoWard Valley; Bajada below NE slope of Iron Mountains.; Iron Mountain
RSA649277RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMelissa Luckow11051983-03-20 San BernardinoHwy 178, 4.5 NE of Trona Mt. Road. Salt Wells Canon
RSA670585RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaI. W. Clokey57471935-04-04 InyoPanamint Valley
RSA676062RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White82232001-04-03 RiversideColorado Desert: Shavers Valley. Near the I-10 Freeway, ca. 15 miles east of Indio jtn I-10 - SR 111.; Cottonwood Basin
RSA676284RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White82232001-04-03 RiversideColorado Desert: Shavers Valley. Near the I-10 Freeway, ca. 15 miles east of Indio jtn I-10 - SR 111.; Cottonwood Basin
RSA695436RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White92902003-05-14 RiversideBLMBajada at foothills of Little Maria Mtns, ca. 20 air miles NW of Blythe, near Standard (Superior) Gypsum Mine.; Inca
RSA702029RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd106342004-03-23 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert. Lavic Mountain, southern end of the Cady Mountains northwest of Ludlow (north of Interstate 40) along powerline-pipeline access road.
RSA703818RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross16062005-03-03 RiversidePalen Mountains, south side. Near end of old prospect road.; Sidewinder Well 15 minute
RSA704552RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot24212003-04-20 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Bowman′s wash near Parker Dam road and Crossroads.
RSA705151RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot23192003-04-06 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Canon heading west off Parker Dam road about 3 mi. S of Parker Dam.
RSA705297RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot9232003-01-08 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Whipple Wash, upstream from powerline road
RSA705347RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot12962003-03-02 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Side wash heading NW off Whipple Wash, SW of powerline road. Near
RSA705348RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot14552003-03-17 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Canon of light colored granite just N of Gene Punping Station along Black Meadow Landing-powerline road.
RSA705349RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot16322003-03-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Eastern side, Havasu Palms road just south of Chemehuevi Indian Reservation Boundary.
RSA705350RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot15502003-03-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Wash north of highway 62 and aqueduct. East of old Needles-Parker road.
RSA705351RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot18792003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte.
RSA705352RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot19012003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte.
RSA705353RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot19682003-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mts: West side of range, American Eagle Mine.
RSA705606RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot23552003-04-19 San BernardinoWhipple Mts: Canon on NE side of mountains, off powerline road.
RSA705774RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross17612005-03-17 San BernardinoSoutheast end of the Bristol Mountains; West off Kelbaker Road, followed a dirt road going to an antenna station on top of the mountain, stopped at base of mountain where the road was gated.Area near a place called Windy point General collecting in canyon bottom and slope to the west of gate. [From] Near 34.61 N, 115.68 W to 34.60943N, 115.68508W.
RSA705883RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot20482003-03-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mts: West side, wide wash along old Needles-Parker road south of D&W mine.
RSA705884RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot20962003-03-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin Dunes OHV area, near Echo Point along Parker Dam road.
RSA706090RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot25502003-04-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Washes and rolling hills of upland bajada around bluff northwest of Monument Peak, south side of Copper Basin
RSA706369RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot26872003-05-03 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: S-SE side along aqueduct road, SW of Bowman′s wash.
RSA706608RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot30012003-05-21 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West side of range, along old Needles-Parker road. Dark volcanic bluff east of road and coarse sandy wash.
RSA707001RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot37932004-03-17 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Whipple Wash, upstream from powerline road.
RSA707318RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross1493a2005-02-23 San BernardinoNorthwest side of the Avawatz Mountains, off road that leads to Cave Spring and Avawatz Pass. Just north of Fort Irwin indefinite boundary. Southeast of Denning Spring; Avawatz Pass
RSA707319RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross1493b2005-02-23 San BernardinoNorthwest side of the Avawatz Mountains, off road that leads to Cave Spring and Avawatz Pass. Just north of Fort Irwin indefinite boundary. Southeast of Denning Spring; Avawatz Pass
RSA707566RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot41002004-04-11 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West of Copper Basin, off road into BLM Wilderness area from upper Bowman′s Wash. Tributary of Whipple Wash, just downstream from window, at intersection of 2 washes.
RSA707924RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot39592004-03-29 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin, just outside gate to reservoir. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003).
RSA712704RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot42392004-04-27 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Southern bajada, along powerline road heading ˜ SW from Highway 62 just west of Big River.
RSA714259RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot43612004-05-18 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Between War Eagle mine and summit ridge. Hills just north of summit.
RSA718491RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Mark Porter125512001-04-21 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: NW slope of Pyramid Butte
RSA718517RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot28492003-05-04 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: West slope at north end of Savahia Peak.
RSA720860RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Mark Porter126092001-04-21 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Wash along western boundary of BLM Wilderness area, S of D&W mine
RSA726266RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaNaomi Fraga14532005-02-23 San BernardinoBLMNorth of Dumont Dunes, off of Dumont Dunes Road, east of Hwy 127.; Dumont Dunes 7.5 Quad
RSA726275RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaNaomi Fraga15022005-02-23 InyoBLMOn Ibex Spring Road just east of border with Death Valley National Park.; Ibex Pass USGS 7.5 Quadrangle
RSA727006RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaNaomi Fraga14052005-02-10 RiversideBLMJust north of Palen Pass Road, ca. 10 miles east of Hwy 177.; Palen Pass 7.5 Quadrangle
RSA731064RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd118862008-04-11 InyoBLMSouthwestern base of Dublin Hills at eastern edge of lower Greenwater Valley, west of Shoshone, bajada east of Furnace Creek Wash Road, north and east to lowest rocky slopes and outlying hills.
RSA735223RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd112452004-05-14 RiversideDepartment of Defense, U. S. NavyWestern base of the Chocolate Mountains, small canyon, ca.1.25 miles due north of Imperial County line and ca. 3.75 miles due west of aqueduct, accessed by dirt road off of main aqueduct road at siphon station.Within boundaries of U.S. Navy′s Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range.
RSA737752RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross31782008-04-10 InyoNorthwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain.; Eagle Mountain 15 minute Quad. 1951.Parked jeep near 36.23 N, 116.37 W southeast to 36.22727N, 116.36935.
RSA737959RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross32242008-04-10 InyoNorth northwest side of the Dublin Hills. West of Shoshone, and Highway 127. South of Highway 178 where the road makes a southwest curve, a few miles west of the intersection with Highway 127.; Shoshone 15 minute Quad. 19 Near 35.99185N, 116.32 W. to low rounded hill east of the highway 35.98702N, 116.33034. Ended at 35.98025N, 116.32538W near base of the hills, few steep knolls of dark gray limestone outcrops.
RSA747488RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaG. Gust4822005-03-04 ImperialOff of Hwy 78 on Black Mountain Rd. ca. 3 miles from Hwy 78 intersection at dry wash approaching Black Mountains.
RSA757352RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaMichael Honer31042008-05-05 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert; Southcentral Mojave Desert region: SW slope of Cady Mountains: near Logan Mine Approx. 4.2 N of Interstate 40, 5 mi. E of Hector Road line.
RSA760149RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaGregory Pongetti5-242005-04-09 RiversideBox Canon Wash, 7.5 miles on Box Canon Road south of I-10.
RSA765628RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre137642010-04-23 San BernardinoBristol Mountains; along powerline road north end of range approx 10 mi. west of Budweiser Wash and 21 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd, approx 7 mi. north of Interstate 40.; 7.5 East of Broadwell Drylake
RSA770981RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre109532008-01-19 San BernardinoBristol Mts.: Lava Hills, approx. 2 miles north of Bagdad, approx. 2 miles north of National Trails Hwy., west of town of Amboy on southwest end of Bristol Mts.; Bagdad SW 7.5
RSA771993RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd122432010-04-18 InyoBLMNorthwest base of Dublin Hills, south of Hwy 178, northwest of Shoshone.; Shoshone 7.5 Q.
RSA774923RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell21692011-04-07 RiversideOn the east side of the Arica mountains; approximately 2 miles northwest of Priests Well, or approximately 5.2 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
RSA776685RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell7982010-04-10 RiversideRiverside Mountains; southern section of the mountain range; approximately 1 air mile southwest of Riverside Mountain Peak.
RSA776819RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaThomas Stoughton10922011-04-28 RiversideBLMChuckwalla Mountains, Corn Springs Road; Road crossing of main wash that drains Chuckwallas to the east toward the Chuckwalla Bench; Pilot Mountain 7.5 USGS
RSA777775RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaThomas Stoughton7612011-03-17 RiversideBLMMecca Hills, Shaver′s Well, Adjacent to Box Canon Road, Shaver′s Wash just west of Mecca Copia Trail; Mortmar
RSA778111RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaThomas Stoughton9252011-03-30 RiversideBLMMcCoy Wash, east side of McCoy Mountains, pavement plain, approximately 7 miles north of I-10.; McCoy Peak
RSA779583RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell152009-03-07 RiversideArica Mountains: collecting on the ridgeline of the mountain range just north of the summit along the border of the Palen-McCoy Wilderness area.
RSA779699RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell7252010-04-02 RiversideArica Mountains: east side of mountain range, approximately 2.4 air miles northwest of Priests Well, or approximately 5.7 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
RSA779727RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuncan S. Bell952009-03-08 RiversideArica Mountains: center of mountain range in the vicinity of Priest Mine approximately 2 air miles west of Priest Well or approximately 7 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
RSA780928RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. Andre177412011-03-12 San BernardinoDead Mountains; south end of range, on north side of RR tracks.; Needles NW 7.5
RSA784832RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. D. Olmsted5751959-05-09 InyoOn North side of Highway 190 2-3 miles above turnoff into Darwin Falls; west of Panamint Valley.
RSA785343RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaDoris Bowers25601978-03-24 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Atwater Mtns.
RSA788386RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaR. W. Spjut162302008-03-20 San BernardinoMojave Desert. BLM: Mining road southwest off Kelbaker Rd in the Bristol Mts.
RSA79183RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz162621952-05-02 San BernardinoDale District, Pinto Mts.
RSA793386RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaJustin M. Wood35032011-04-06 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Poison Canon, just east of Fish Head Rocks, where Highway 178 (Trona Road) crosses a large sandy wash.; Westend
RSA94639RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaF. W. Peirson71581927-04-12 RiversidePainted Canon, near Mecca
RSA95184RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaF. W. Peirson64821926-01-31 RiversideDos Palmas Spring, NE of Mecca
RSA95185RSAAtrichoseris platyphyllaF. W. Peirson77761928-04-02 InyoAbout 1 mile east of Bradbury Well; Death Valley Region.
SBBG104071SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaA. C. Sanders, E. J. Lawlor121051992-04-04 Riversidewithin 0.5 mi of McCoy Spring, on alluvial slopes below and to the S, and on cyn bottom above the spring
SBBG104632SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaT. Glenn91-191991-05-02 RiversideMcCoy Mtns, NW of Blythe; T4S, R20E, S32
SBBG119330SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaL. Gross w- B. Tutt, S. Vanderplank14932005-02-23 San Bernardinooff rd that leads to Cave Spring and Avawatz Pass, just N of Fort Irwin indefinite boundary, SE of Denning Spring; NW side of the Avawatz Mtns
SBBG15833SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. Graney1311953-03-23 Riversideca. 11 mi E of Indio
SBBG162385SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. Wilken w- E. Painter154281998-04-10 Inyonear Trona-Wildhorse Rd, W of Valley Wells, ca. 6 NE of Trona, Searles Valley
SBBG17343SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaK. A. Wilson, C. J. George894a1961-03-04 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Mustard Cyn Rd
SBBG19806SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. R. Haller15271960-04-02 Riversidelower slopes of Orocopia Mtns, ca. 1.5 mi S of jct of US Hwy 60-70 and the entrance rd to Joshua Tree Nat Monument
SBBG20037SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaDonald Myrick7491964-03-24 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Furnace Crk
SBBG26201SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaErnest C. Twisselmann119261966-04-13 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Slate Range, divide between Panamint and Searles Valleys
SBBG46705SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeota Davidson2241966-04-05 Riversideeast of intersection at Wiley Well, Chuckwalla Mtns
SBBG67907SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaMark Kerr1935-05-08 InyoDeath Valley National Parknear upper Warm Springs, Saline Valley
SBBG69661SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaRalph Hoffmann1928-02-11 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Furnace Crk Inn
SBBG69662SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaRalph Hoffmann1930-04-25 San BernardinoCave Springs Wash
SBBG69663SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. N. Ackley1631928-03-31 RiversideHidden Spring Cyn
SBBG7714SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. and M. Dearing24271937-04-03 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Furnace Crk Inn
SBBG7715SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. and M. Dearing28741935-04-21 Inyoca. 12 W of Trona
SBBG7716SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaKatherine K. Muller5581952-04-05 Riversideca. 2 N of Dos Palmas on rd from Mecca-Blythe Hwy to Hot Mineral
SBBG81204SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteven A. Junak13381982-05-31 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Hunter Cyn, W side of Saline Valley
SBBG81932SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. C. Fischer14171973-03-03 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Mud Cyn
SBBG87410SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteven A. Junak12901982-05-30 InyoDeath Valley-Eureka Valley Rd, 7.3 mi E of rd to Eureka Dunes, Last Chance Range
SBBG87890SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaK. Kirtland1986-04-14 InyoSearles Valley, on flats just E of Valley Wells
SBBG99287SBBGAtrichoseris platyphyllaW. L. Halvorson77-171977-05-02 Riversidenear jct of Interstate 10 and rd to Joshua Tree Nat Monument
SD00007927SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuffie Clemons4851983-04-21 ImperialIn gravelly sandy soil of desert flat, 6.6 miles east of Glamis, north of Highway 78. (IPB 10-07)
SD00016879SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah De Groot87382017-04-07 InyoResting Spring Range Wilderness: east side of Resting Spring Range, west of Stewart Valley, ca. 2.3 air mile northeast of Highway 178. Ca. 22 road miles northeast of Shoshone along Highway 178, ca. 9.5 road miles west-southwest of Pahrump, NV.Ca. .. .
SD00016880SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah De Groot88972017-04-19 San BernardinoEast side of Calumet Mountains, west edge of Cadiz Valley, 0.45 miles southwest of NS 458, ca. 6.3 road miles north of Highway 62, ca. 14 road miles west of Highway 62-177 junction, ca. 48 miles east of Twentynine Palms.. .. .
SD00030437SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJon Rebman351282019-03-05 ImperialNortheastern Imperial County on BLM lands: northeast of Black Mountain; east of Hwy. 78, west of the Colorado River, in Turanaround Wash to the south of Vinagre Wash
SD100101SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames Henrickson171821978-05-15 San Bernardino60 miles northeast of Barstow, 4 miles northwest of Avawatz Pass, ca. 0.5miles south of Arrastre Spring in Avawatz Mountains.
SD103973SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. L. S. Simpsons.n.1964-03-22 RiversideNear the Colorado River beyond Blythe
SD107791SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall60331905-05-12 San BernardinoNear Virginia Dale
SD113013SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaDarley F. Howe29011960-04-27 InyoDry flat east of Shoshone.
SD120981SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaDuffie Clemons16761987-04-12 ImperialIndian Pass, Chocolate Mountains, east of Gavilan Wash.
SD144917SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJon Rebman49471998-03-23 ImperialWest of Picacho State Recreation Area; along Indian Pass Road ca. 6.1 mile E of Ogilby Road
SD190596SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaLarry Hendrickson31742005-04-16 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area. South side of the Colorado River, near Group Canon N-side of main access road.
SD232597SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders167341995-04-27 RiversideCoachella Valley: foot of the Little San Bernardino Mtns., canyon E of Fan Hill, just outside Joshua Tree Nat. Park.
SD240839SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders391362011-04-14 InyoNE Mojave Desert: southern Nopah Range at the crest of Emigrant Pass, along north edge of Old Spanish Trail Hwy (North of Tecopa Pass 7.5′Q)
SD243808SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaGary Diridonis.n.1998-01-21 ImperialIndian Pass & Gavilan Wash
SD245248SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot68912013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Black Meadow Landing road in light-colored granite northwest of Gene Pumping Station, southwest side of road.
SD248734SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre303972014-03-18 San BernardinoNAD83; Alexander Hills, along Western Talc Mine Rd., 4.3 miles south of Furnace Creek Rd-Excelsior Mine Rd, ca. 8.0 miles ESE of Tecopa, west of Kingston Range.
SD258308SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. M. Andre248222013-03-27 RiversideParker SW; Riverside Mountains; east side of riverside Mountains, along Hwy 95, 13.2 mi south of Vidal Jct.
SD258854SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot78802016-04-28 InyoEagle Mountain; NW side, just W of Amargosa River, near playa; S-SXE of Death Valley Junction, E of Highway 127 and powerline; Amargosa River drainage
SD258855SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot77622016-03-31 InyoE side of Dublin Hills, near limestone outcrop along Dublin Gulch road, W of Shoshone and Highway 127; Amargosa River drainage
SD26359SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrank F. Ganders.n.1939-03-22 InyoFloor of Death Valley, opposite Warm Spring Canon.
SD26400SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaAllan KellerL-211939-03-25 Inyo3 miles north of Slate Range Crossing, Argus Mountains.
SD26476SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaAllan Keller2021939-04-16 InyoMcNabola Mine; first canyon west of Slate Range Crossing, Argus Mountains.
SD265898SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJon Rebman325782017-03-18 ImperialIndian Pass area between Picacho and Black Mountain: east of the Algodones Dunes; east of Ogilby Rd. (S34) & just north of Indian Pass Road; along a canyon and its adjacent slopes
SD265899SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaJon Rebman326612017-03-18 ImperialNorthwest side of Palo Verde Mountains: southwest of the town of Palo Verde and west of the Colorado River and Hwy 78; near BLM Road #544 along a sandy arroyo and on the adjacent volcanic mesa
SD27996SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaCarl B. Wolf31251932-04-29 San BernardinoSouthern base of Whiple Mountains, 3 miles southwest of Drennan.
SD28883SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrank F. Gander95071941-06-07 InyoPanamint Mountains on the west side, Death Valley Road.
SD40550SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaMay Canfields.n.1922-04-13 San BernardinoSalt Creek, Mojave Desert.
SD40578SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaMay Canfields.n.1923-05-01 InyoFurnace Creek, near Ryan.
SD40579SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaMay Canfields.n.1922-05-01 InyoFurnace Creek, near Ryan.
SD43753SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaDarley F. Howe19441949-03-21 Riverside10 miles est of Mecca.
SD45170SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaHelen K. Sharsmith40511952-04-08 RiversidePinto Mountains near Meek Mine and ca. 2.5 miles beyond Mission Well.
SD48477SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. K. Balls229351958-03-20 Imperial1 mile north of Midway Wells on road to Blythe.
SD49377SDAtrichoseris platyphyllaThomas W. Whitakers.n.1958-04-30 RiversideBox Canon, midway between Mecca and Shaver Well.
SDSU06299SDSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaHowe, Darley19441949-03-21 Riverside10 miles east of Mecca.
SDSU06305SDSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaDodero, Mark1V92A1992-05-01 RiversideBox Canon road, ca. 6.7 miles northeast of Hwy. 111
SDSU18102SDSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaChesnut, John1982-04-21 San BernardinoEmerson Wash, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA
SFV101514SFVAtrichoseris platyphyllaM. H. Grayums. n.1975-04-30 InyoDeath Valley; Death Valley. Along Highway 190, about 2 miles north of Park Village turnoff.
SFV101515SFVAtrichoseris platyphyllaK. A. Wilson10711961-03-28 InyoDeath Valley; Grapevine Mountains. 13 miles south of Grapevine Ranger Station on Scotty′s Canon Road. Base of alluvial fan with rocky debris and clay.
SFV101516SFVAtrichoseris platyphyllaK. A. Wilsons. n.1961-03-04 InyoDeath Valley; Mustard Canon Road. Rocky, sandy wash.
SFV101517SFVAtrichoseris platyphyllaP. G. Kilburn6891958-04-03 InyoPanamint Valley; 26 miles north of Trona on road to Death Valley.
SFV101518SFVAtrichoseris platyphyllaT. R. Gordon12851976-04-30 RiversideColorado Desert; Along Parker Dam Highway about 8 miles northeast of Desert Center.
SHTC5730SHTCAtrichoseris platyphyllaNielsen, A.D.401995-04-21 InyoDeath Valley, Intersection of Salt Creek Rd. and Hwy 190.
SHTC5731SHTCAtrichoseris platyphyllaShuttera, T.L.631995-04-21 InyoDeath Valley, Salt Creek Rd., off Hwy 190
SJSU10577SJSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaClare Wolfsen1958-03-16 Inyoby road to Pahrump, 5 NE of Shoshone
SJSU1323SJSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaC.W. Sharsmith60361953-03-18 InyoFurnace Creek Wash, Death Valley drainage
SJSU1327SJSUAtrichoseris platyphyllaC.W. Sharsmith60121953-03-14 InyoCopper Canon, W slope Funeral Mts, Death Valley drainage
UC1039640UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaHerbert L. Mason82901935-04-30 San BernardinoPoison Canon
UC1039641UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaHerbert L. Mason82901935-04-30 San BernardinoPoison Canon
UC1078151UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaReino Alava17221958-03-01 Inyoalong Highway 190 Emigrant Pass; Death Valley, Emigrant Pass
UC1080284UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. K. Balls, P. C. Everett229351958-03-29 Imperial1 mile north of Midway Wells (on the road to Blythe); Barren Mts.
UC111173UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler68141906-05-01 San BernardinoKane Springs, Ord Mts. Mohave Desert
UC126885UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall60331905-05-12 San Bernardinonear, southern San Bernardino County Virginia Dale; Colorado Desert
UC1287097UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock243151966-03-20 Riverside5 miles north of Milpitas Wash (and 12 miles NW of Blythe-Glamis Road)
UC1292315UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock, C. V. Muhlick232351964-03-21 Imperial10 miles south of Palo Verde (on the road to Glamis)
UC1329825UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames E. Cole5651941-04-13 Riversidetop of Pinto Pass; Joshua Tree National Monument
UC1417534UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ. L. Strother11551973-03-23 Riversideroute 195 east of Mecca
UC1478545UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaBarry A. Prigge, R. F. Thorne, Avi Shmida28261978-05-07 San Bernardinomouth of Bull Canon (near coordinates); Mojave Desert, Granite Mountains
UC1478797UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaRobert F. Thorne, C. W. Tilforth, A. Shmida, B. Prigge511481978-05-08 San Bernardinolower end of Bull Canon (NNW side of Granite Mts.; S of Kelso Dunes; ca 2500 ft); Mojave Desert, Granite Mts.
UC1545424UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames D. Morefield, Aaron Liston, Sara Meury44581987-05-16 InyoDarwin Plateau: Along California highway 190 at Father Crowley Point on south rim of Rainbow Canon, 4.5 air miles WNW of Panamint Springs.
UC1546694UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaBarry A. Prigge78421988-02-21 Riverside2 miles west of, Orocopia Mountains Clemens Well; Colorado Desert, Orocopia Mountains
UC1595685UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaW. Wisura, J. Dolan, C. Demme46871992-04-13 Riverside10.5 mi s of prison (Wileys Well Rd.)
UC1595715UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaW. Wisura, J. Dolan, M. Wall46551992-03-25 Imperial31 mi s of prison (on Wileys Well Rd. toward Hwy 78, Milpitas Wash Rd.)
UC1733864UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaKay H. Beach, Frank Gould2351940-03-23 Inyotwenty miles south of Badwater, Death Valley.
UC1745501UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnetta M. Carter, Ethel Crum, Elsie Osgood13061937-05-08 San BernardinoPoison Canon, W end of Searles Lake, 11 Mi. S of Trona.
UC1930172UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross, Steve Boyd32242008-04-10 Inyo[Mojave Desert; North Mojave Desert region]; North northwest side of the Dublin Hills. West of Shoshone, and Highway 127. South of Highway 178 where the road makes a southwest curve, a few miles west of the intersection with Highway 1 Near 35.99185N, 116.32 W. to low rounded hill east of the hi
UC1953314UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. J. Pinkava, Velasco, Lewis, Keil, Batchelder, Lehto121791968-04-13 InyoDeath Valley, 2.4 W of Wildrose Campground
UC196585UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaJoseph Grinnell1910-03-18 RiversideRiverside Mountains, Colorado River
UC2026926UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaDavid Keil, Lawrence M. Kelly205101988-04-23 Inyo3.7 m S of junction with CA 178 on CA 127, 1.4 N of turnoff to Tecopa Hot Springs
UC30343UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaunknown1950-08-21 Unknown
UC494594UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaunknown1950-04-28 Unknown
UC494736UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock121771932-04-06 Imperialabove, northeast of Ogilby 4 S Ranch; Ogilby
UC504880UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaBonar, Holman1933-03-31 Inyonorth of, floor of Death Valley Furnace Creek; Death Valley, Furnace Creek
UC504883UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaBonar, Holman1933-03-31 Inyonorth of Furnace Creek (on the floor of Death Valley); Death Valley, Furnace Creek
UC566697UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaMargaret Stason1927-03-12 RiversidePainted Canon Colorado Desert
UC575064UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. Epling, Wm. Robison, A. L. Haines1935-04-20 InyoGrotto Canon Death Valley, Grotto Canon
UC625707UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnie M. Alexander6891939-05-05 San Bernardinoeast side Copper Basin; Whipple Mountains, Copper Basin
UC652671UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaL. R. Abrams137891939-03-31 Inyonear park headquarters Death Valley
UC665903UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaIra L. Wiggins96811941-03-27 Riverside8 miles northeast of Desert Center (south end of Coxcomb Mountains); Coxcomb Mountains
UC667423UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg12801940-04-30 San Bernardinonorth Whipple Mts. Whipple Mts.
UC677502UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrederick V. Coville, Frederick Funston9751891-06-01 InyoBoundary Canon Grapevine Mountains
UC68975UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall61261905-05-01 San BernardinoNewberry (Camp Cady) Mohave Desert, Newberry
UC68976UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall60841905-05-01 San Bernardinonear Bagdad
UC68977UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall58341905-04-01 Riversidenear Mecca; Colorado Desert
UC68978UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall58541905-04-01 RiversideCanon Springs, Colorado Desert Colorado Desert
UC69005UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaH. M. Hall62461905-05-01 RiversideCottonwood Pass Colorado Desert, Cottonwood Pass
UC696066UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg10391940-04-13 San Bernardinosouthwest of Trona (Poison Canon, Salt Wells); Poison (Salt Wells) Canon
UC70077UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaE. E. Schellenger1905-04-01 RiversideSanta Maria Mts Colorado Desert, Santa Maria Mts.
UC718051UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaCarl B. Wolf66291935-04-30 Inyo17 miles north of, on Beatty Road, west side of Funeral Range Furnace Creek Ranch; Death Valley, Funeral Range
UC724310UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAven Nelson, Ruth A. Nelson33281939-03-29 Riversidenear Mecca; Hidden Springs Canon
UC726961UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaA. A. Heller160191941-04-10 Inyoabout half way to Scotty′s Castle (from the junction with the east west highway across valley); Death Valley
UC754316UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaIra L. Wiggins115271947-03-25 Inyoopposite, road to Scotty′s, north end of Death Valley Tin Mountain; Death Valley National Monument
UC893630UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton57351935-04-04 San BernardinoTrona
UC893631UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton57471935-04-04 InyoPanamint Valley
UC893632UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock61281940-04-16 San BernardinoCave Spring
UC893633UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaC. L. Hitchcock60771940-04-16 San BernardinoCave Spring
UC893636UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaPercy Train1937-03-20 Inyosouth end of, Wingate Pass Panamint Range;, Wingate Pass
UC933480UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg56411949-05-24 InyoEureka Valley, on floor of valley Eureka Valley
UC939157UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaPercy Train5071937-03-20 InyoWingate Pass, south end of Panamint Range Panamint Range
UC963818UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaHelen K. Sharsmith40511952-04-08 Riversidenear, and ca. 2.5 miles beyond Mission Well Meek Mine; Mojave Desert, Pinto Mountains
UC963819UCJEPSAtrichoseris platyphyllaHelen K. Sharsmith40511952-04-08 Riversidenear, and ca. 2.5 miles beyond Mission Well Meek Mine; Mojave Desert, Pinto Mountains
UCR101084UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeorge K. Helmkamp29601998-03-19 ImperialLittle Picacho Wash along Picacho Rd, 2.5 miles south of Picacho State Recreation Area; Colorado Desert
UCR101566UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaBern Schwenns.n.1998-04-02 Riversidesouth slope of Eagle Mtns, Hayfield Cove, a wide cyn mouth c. 2.5 miles (airline) ENE of Hayfield Pumping Station and 0.75 mile SE of Hayfield Spring; S slope of Eagle Mtns
UCR102459UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaB.G. Pitzer20581992-04-16 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, East Artillery Range, c. 1 air mile north of southern boundary of base & c. 1 air mile NW of Valley Mountain; Mojave Desert
UCR111990UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders233712000-04-27 Riversideeast side of Coachella Canal near the foot of the Mecca Hills, vicinity of the east end of Ave 60; Coachella Valley
UCR112093UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders233672000-04-25 Riversideeast side of the Coachella Canal between I-10 and Ave. 56 (Airport Rd.), 3 miles east of Thermal; Coachella Valley
UCR1164UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrank C. Vasek580401--031958-04-01 Inyo3 miles west of Stove Pipe Wells on State Hwy 190, Death Valley
UCR119338UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaB.G. Pitzer41302000-05-07 Riversideextreme north end of Orocopia Mountains, Shavers Valley, at base of hills c. 0.5 mi. SE of Box Canon Road.
UCR119645UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJeri Hirshberg3941997-04-03 InyoPanamint Mountains. Pleasant Canon; Death Valley Region
UCR120100UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJon P. Rebman49471998-03-23 ImperialW of Picacho State Recreation Area; along Indian Pass Road c. 6.1 mi east of Ogilby Road
UCR122787UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeorge K. Helmkamp63582001-03-31 San Bernardinonortheast side of junction of US Hwy 95 and Hwy I-40
UCR122935UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeorge K. Helmkamp64172001-03-30 San BernardinoUS-95, 8.5 miles south of I-40
UCR124858UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaI.W. Clokey57351935-04-04 InyoTrona
UCR130124UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White82232001-04-03 RiversideShavers Valley, near the I-10 Freeway, c. 15 miles east of Indio junction of I-10 and Calif. SR 111, adjacent to powerline access roads at unnamed freeway exit accessing pump station
UCR135933UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders275882004-04-21 San Bernardinoproposed 160 acre gravel quarry on Kane Wash, c. 0.5 mi. west of Fort Cady Road at a point 2 miles south of I-40, c. 5 miles (air) SE of Newberry Springs, between Troy Lake and the Rodman Mountains, east of the Newberry Mountains
UCR148298UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn F. Greens.n.2005-01-19 Riversidenear south base of Orocopia Mountains. Salton Basin, 1.1 mile transect along Coachella Canal right-of-way, between siphons 24 and 2 NE of Hunters Spring
UCR148508UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd106342004-03-23 San BernardinoLavic Mountain, southern end of the Cady Mountains northwest of Ludlow (north of Hwy I- 40) along powerline-pipeline access road
UCR148861UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaStephen J. Myerss.n.2005-01-31 RiversideSalton Basin, c. 10 miles ESE of North Shore along Coachella Canal right-of-way, north of Rancho Dos Palmas
UCR153351UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaMarit K. Haug062005-04-27 InyoDeath Valley National Park. Badwater Basin off West Side Road between Hanaupah Canon and Johnson Canon
UCR166549UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White108852005-04-14 RiversideEastern Coachella Valley, bajada beneath Mecca Hills, just east of Coachella Canal
UCR166847UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaChet McGaughs.n.2005-01-27 Riversideeast of Salton Sea, along Coachella Canons 26-27 northeast of Dos Palmas Spring
UCR167264UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn F. Greens.n.2005-03-14 RiversideE of north shore of Salton Sea, NNE of Rancho Dos Palmas, between Coachella Canons 28 and 29
UCR169299UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSarah J. De Groot26552003-05-03 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; SE side along Colorado River aqueduct road. Upper end of wash intersecting road.
UCR18008UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders6081975-04-19 San Bernardinosouth of Trona at the Trona Pinnacles, south end of Searles Valley, c. 15 miles east of Ridgecrest; Mojave Desert
UCR180227UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White112542006-03-14 Riversideeastern Coachella Valley, a few miles east of Indio, at proposed I-10 Freeway- McNaughton Parkway interchange, north of the I-10 Freeway
UCR183122UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre75922006-03-30 San Bernardinowest side of Dumont Dunes area along Hwy 127 at the Amargosa River crossing
UCR183256UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre75922006-03-30 San Bernardinowest side of Dumont Dunes area along Hwy 127 at the Amargosa River crossing
UCR183321UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre75832006-03-31 InyoDeath Valley National Park, south end of Black Mountains, along dirt road to Virgin Spring Canon, 0.2 mile north of Hwy 178, just west of Jubilee Pass
UCR18344UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders6091978-04-07 San BernardinoChemehuevi Valley, 5 miles SW of Havasu Lake, along Chemehuevi Wash near West Well; Eastern Colorado Desert
UCR196268UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaEllen Dean23862005-03-26 San Bernardinosouth of Mojave National Preserve, along Kelbaker Road, just north of old Route 6 National Trails Hwy), west side of the road, north of mining area with gated road
UCR196358UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaNaomi Fraga1405A2005-02-10 Riversidejust north of Palen Pass Road, c. 10 mi east of Hwy 177
UCR196420UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaNaomi Fraga15022005-02-23 San BernardinoIbex Spring Road just east of border with Death Valley National Park
UCR210926UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders367692009-04-04 San BernardinoCady Mountains, along powerline route, c. 2 mi. (air) NW of Old Dominion Mine
UCR211002UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders366282009-03-26 San BernardinoCady Mountains, along powerline road NW of Sleeping Beauty Mtn., c. 3 mile section of road NE of summit of pass from Pisgah area
UCR211399UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre101252009-04-10 San Bernardinosouthwest end of the Clipper Mountains. Along dirt road to Bonanza Mine, 2.2 miles north of Hwy 66 at Danby
UCR214288UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders374852010-03-16 RiversideSE side of McCoy Mountains, upper part of wash c. 4.5 miles NW of Blythe Airport, c. 3.5 miles ENE of McCoy Peak
UCR215159UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaLeRoy Gross32242008-04-10 Inyonorth-northwest side of Dublin Hills, west of Shoshone and a few miles west of Hwy 127, south of Hwy 178 where the road makes a southwest curve
UCR218293UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd122432010-04-18 InyoNorthwest base of Dublin Hills, south of Hwy 178, northwest of Shoshone
UCR225571UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders391362011-04-14 Inyosouthern Nopah Range at the crest of Emigrant Pass, along north edge of Old Spanish Trail Hwy
UCR226700UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre163412011-04-09 San Bernardinosoutheast end of Marble Mountains, 3.5 mi north northeast of Chambliss at US Hwy 66, in rugged canyon at end of 4WD dirt road at historic mine site
UCR227301UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre160522011-03-17 San Bernardinoalong dirt road 13 mi north of Needles, 0.5 mi east of Needles Hwy, 1.6 mi west of Avi Casino Resort at river
UCR232144UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre187152011-04-06 San BernardinoSilver Lake, northeast end of playa, along Hwy 127, 8.1 mi north of Baker
UCR233481UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre177412011-03-12 San BernardinoDead Mountains, south end of range on north side of RR Tracks
UCR234938UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre173072011-04-27 San Bernardinoalong Troy Road (BLM #NR 8435), 3.3 mi south of Newberry Springs (Route 66), west of Kane Wash and east of Newberry Mountain
UCR235854UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre182142011-05-10 Inyoalong Furnace Creek Road, 0.8 mi east of Hwy 127, c. 2 miles northwest of Tecopa Hot Springs
UCR235887UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre181862011-05-10 Inyoeast end of town of Tecopa, at junction of Old Spanish Trails Hwy and Downey Street
UCR243485UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre207482011-04-18 San BernardinoCady Mountains, south side of Sleeping Beauty Mtn, c. 5 air miles WNW of Ludlow, 2.0 mi. north of I-40; Cady Mountains
UCR243635UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre189952011-03-27 San BernardinoClipper Mountains, along gas pipeline road on far southwest end of range, 12.0 mi. east of Kelbaker Rd, c. 4 mi. south of I-40; Clipper Mountains
UCR24409UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn C. Rooss.n.1966-03-26 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains area, 2 miles southeast of Desert Center
UCR244423UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre209182012-04-16 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park; along Cottonwood Springs Rd, 3.1 miles north of south entrance, 4.1 miles north of Hwy I-10; Joshua Tree National Park;
UCR251648UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaThomas R. Stoughton7612011-03-17 RiversideMecca Hills, Shavers Well, adjacent to Box Canon Road, Shavers Wash just west of Mecca Copia Trail
UCR25776UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn C. Roos7931937-04-27 San Bernardino4 miles west of Needles; Sonoran Desert
UCR265857UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaMitch Provance100832008-03-15 ImperialE side of Hwy 78, about 7 miles NNE of intersection with Ogilby Rd., 2 miles N of Buzzards Peak, c. 2.5 miles NNE of the border checkpoint
UCR268161UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre274962014-04-03 InyoTecopa Basin; 0.3 miles east of Hwy 127, c. 2 miles south of Shoshone
UCR268450UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre274662014-03-10 San BernardinoCalico Mountains, southeast end of range, c. 2 mi northwest of junction of Mineola Road at Hwy I-15
UCR269095UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre311702015-03-16 San Bernardinoalong east side of Hwy 127, 38.5 mi north of Baker, c. 3 mi south of Inyo Co. line at Ibex Pass
UCR269672UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders423012016-03-17 ImperialChocolate Mountains, old Niland-Blythe Rd. between Beal Well and Surveyors Pass, c. 1 mile SW of Surveyors Pass
UCR269804UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaT.B. Salvato83202016-03-13 Inyoeastern base of the Dublin Hills, c. 0.8 mile west of Hwy 127 at Shoshone; west-east trending wash draining into Dublin Gulch
UCR269848UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders423742016-03-18 RiversideChocolate Mountains, along gasline road 21.5 km due north of Slab City-Camp Dunlap
UCR275624UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre348992016-04-20 InyoDeath Valley National Park, north end of valley along Furnace Creek Road, 1.1 mi south of junction with Dantes View Road, at western base of Greenwater Range
UCR275800UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre343572016-03-18 InyoGrapevine Mountains, Death Valley National Park; along Titus Canon Rd, just west of Klare Spring
UCR275962UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJim Andre339522016-02-17 Inyosouth end of the valley in Death Valley National Park along Badwater Road, 29 miles south of Furnace Creek, c. 10 miles south of Badwater, western base of Black Mountains
UCR279345UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders429432017-03-23 Riversidenorthern end of Chocolate Mountains, in U.S. Navy Aerial Gunnery Range, c. 3 miles east of Iris Pass
UCR279449UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders430722017-03-26 ImperialChocolate Mountains, Rock Quarry in sec. 8, north of Frink, along dirt road above Siphon 17 of the Coachella Canal
UCR279501UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders430962017-03-27 ImperialChocolate Mountains, canyon mouth 12 NE (53 ° ) of Bombay Beach, overlooking Frink and the Salton Sea
UCR279510UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders431152017-03-27 RiversideChocolate Mountains, canyon 12 NE (46 ° ) of Bombay Beach, on both sides of the Imperial County line
UCR279555UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders431872017-03-29 Riversidenorthern Chocolate Mountains, large canyon 2.8 km south of the confluence of Red Canon and Salt Creek
UCR282756UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders430422017-03-25 ImperialChocolate Mountains, on Niland-Blythe Rd. near top of Surveyors Pass
UCR284133UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaFred M. Roberts81822017-03-26 RiversideLittle Maria Mountains: northern foothills, c. 3.1 W Midland and 1.7 km W Rice-Midland Road
UCR291422UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGinny Short0392019-04-03 RiversideCoachella Valley Valley Preserve, Indio Hills SE of Thousand Palms Canon
UCR294409UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaMaria Jesus7382019-06-21 InyoSouthern Inyo Mountains. Near Kreuger Mine
UCR30074UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeorge K. Helmkamp483--421983-04-05 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains, large wash below Chuckwalla Spring, 9 miles southwest of Graham Pass Road
UCR31123UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders37651983-04-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns., Whipple Wash where it joins the road to Havasu Landing, c. 0.5 mile below Willow Spring and 1.5 miles above Lake Havasu; Sonoran Desert
UCR32114UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaMelissa Luckow11251983-03-20 InyoHwy 17 Wildrose-Trona Rd.)10 mi south of entrance Death Valley Nat. Monument
UCR32316UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaBarry A. Prigge28261978-05-07 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, mouth of Bull Canon; Eastern Mojave Desert
UCR33168UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames Henrickson167741978-04-30 San Bernardinoc. 28 air miles southeast of Barstow, Box Canon south of Troy Dry Lake in Rodman Mtns; Central Mojave Desert
UCR3319UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott Fowler640324--251964-03-24 ImperialChocolate-Chuckwalla Mountains Region; upper Purgatory Wash, 7 miles northeast of Glamis [via Hwy 78]
UCR33196UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJames Henrickson170911978-05-13 San Bernardinoc. 55 miles NE of Barstow in Fort Irwin Military Reservation, c. 35 miles NE of Headquarters on Silver Lake Road, 12 air miles north of Red Pass Dry Lake; Central Mojave Desert
UCR33561UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaD.P. Faulkner3891978-03-30 San Bernardino5 miles NE of Vidal Junction, Savahia Peak Road; Sonoran Desert
UCR41750UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders60471986-03-01 RiversideChuckwalla Bench, west side of the Chuckwalla Mtns., 6 miles south of Hwy I-10 on gasline road; 1-2 mile NW of Model Mine
UCR41876UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteven A. Junak12901982-05-30 Inyoeast slope of Last Chance Range, Death Valley -- Eureka Valley Road, 7.3 mi east of road to Eureka Dunes
UCR51785UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeo. Cantwells.n.1935-04-08 RiversideMcCoy Spring, McCoy Mountains
UCR51853UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd20051987-04-12 Inyosouth end of Greenwater Valley, 0.3 mile NW of junction with Hwy 178, 2 miles west of Shoshone; Northeastern Mojave Desert
UCR52232UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaSteve Boyd21611988-03-10 RiversidePalen Pass at the north end of the Palen Mountains; Colorado Desert
UCR60765UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaOrlando Mistretta14541986-03-13 RiversideNE of Desert Center, west side Palen Mtns.
UCR714UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaFrank C. Vaseks.n.1957-03-31 Inyo1 mi west of Ballarat, Panamint Valley
UCR75050UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders121051992-04-04 RiversideMcCoy Mountains, within 0.5 mile of McCoy Spring; Sonoran Desert
UCR77170UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaJ.C. Fisher Jr.14171973-03-03 InyoDeath Valley National Monument [Park], Boundary Canon
UCR80861UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaG. Fred Hrusa106611993-04-05 San BernardinoCinder Cone Lava Beds, 15 mi. SE of Baker; Mojave Desert
UCR85419UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaEd LaRues.n.1995-04-19 San BernardinoAvawatz Mountains, Denning Spring; Mojave Desert
UCR86295UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaB.G. Pitzer15641991-05-19 San Bernardino29 Palms Marine Corps Base: Emerson Lake Artillery Range, west side of Hidalgo Mountain, c. 4.5 air km east of south end of Emerson Dry Lake; Mojave Desert
UCR86320UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaScott D. White28611995-04-13 San BernardinoIronage Rd. c. 2 mi. north of State Rte. 62, east of 29 Palms, near Dale Dry Lake; Mojave Desert
UCR86421UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaB.G. Pitzer16891991-05-27 San BernardinoTwentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, Cleghorn Pass Artillery Range, Bullion Mountains, at boundary of base, c. 5.5 km south of Cleghorn Pass and 8 km north of Valley Mountain; Central Mojave Desert
UCR86854UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaA.C. Sanders167341995-04-27 RiversideCoachella Valley, foot of the Little San Bernardino Mtns., canyon east of Fan Hill, just outside Joshua Tree National Park
UCR89972UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaEd LaRues.n.1995-04-18 San BernardinoSilver Dry Lake, 3-32 km north of Baker; Mojave Desert
UCR92484UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1995-03-16 Riversidebelow Coxcomb Mountains, west of Rice Rd., 10.3 miles northeast of Desert Center
UCR96165UCRAtrichoseris platyphyllaB.G. Pitzer18981992-04-09 San Bernardino29 Palms Marine Corps Base, Bullion Artillery Range, northern Bullion Mtns, 10 km airline north of boundary of base; c. 10 km (airline) NE of Cleghorn Pass; Mojave Desert
UCSB023783UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaLong, Frances1937-04-03 InyoFurnace Creek Inn - Stove Pipe
UCSB023784UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaYokoyama, Howard1341953-03-21 Riverside9 miles east of Indio
UCSB023785UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaKeller, Paul191977-02-27 RiversideCalifornia 195, 1 mile S of Interstate 10
UCSB023786UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaDanenhower, T.371983-04-21 InyoOn south side of Highway 178, 1.4 miles from its junction with Highway 127, Kingston Range
UCSB023787UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn R. Haller12581958-03-22 RiversideImmediately S. of Hwys 60-70, 5.8 miles E. of Desert Center
UCSB023788UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaKrogen, Roger149 Riverside4 mi. S of jct. of Hwys 195 and 60-70, at N edge of Orocopia Mts.
UCSB023789UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn C. Roos1966-03-26 Riverside2 miles S.E. of Desert Center
UCSB023790UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaFoley, Marie1953-04-23 Riverside11 miles east of Indio
UCSB023791UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaK. D. Marvel1581966-04-06 San BernardinoState Highway 95, 11.5 miles south of its junction with Parker Dam, Whipple Mtns.
UCSB023792UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaNeil A. Havlik4351969-05-10 InyoOn the road to Wildrose Campground, about 1 mile outside the boundary of Death Valley National Monument
UCSB023793UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaAlan P. Romspert281(5)1977-04-07 InyoWarm Springs Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB023794UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaAlan P. Romspert281(1)1975-05-22 InyoChris Wicht Camp, Surprise Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB023795UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn R. Haller15271960-04-02 RiversideLower slopes of Orocopia Mtns., 1.5 mi. S of the junc. of U.S. highway 60-70 and the S entrance road to Joshua Tree Natl. Mon.
UCSB023796UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaOberholtzer, M.661980-05-02 InyoSaline Valley; 20 miles down west side of the valley from the north entrance, west on road to old mine claim; 0.5 miles to abandoned dwellings, 200 up the canyon from the claim
UCSB023797UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaLloyd, Robert4121961-03-26 Inyo5.5 miles north of Eagles Borax Works on road from State Highway 127
UCSB023798UCSBAtrichoseris platyphyllaJohn R. Haller13121958-04-12 San BernardinoOn Amboy - Kelso road, 4.2 miles N. of U.S. 66
UCSC100005651UCSCAtrichoseris platyphyllaD. J. Norman3581969-03-24 Inyonear Badwater (growing in dry rocky soil in fan in Creosote Bush Scrub, 4.9 mi. S. of Badwater) - Death Valley Nat′l Mon.

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