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    You searched for: Astragalus nuttallii nuttallii

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    NY5389NYAstragalus crotalariae var. virgatusA. Kelloggs.n.1894-06-24 ?  San FranciscoNear San Francisco.
    NY5390NYAstragalus crotalariae var. virgatusT. C. Bridgess.n.1979-06-30 Unknown
    AHUC104906DAVAstragalus nuttalliiP. B. Kennedys.n.1928-05-25 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Ocean Bluffs, 5 miles from San Simeon.
    AHUC104907DAVAstragalus nuttalliiCollector unknowns.n.1924-04-25 MontereyMonterey County: Palace Hotel, Flower Show.
    AHUC104908DAVAstragalus nuttalliiBeecher Crampton86471970-08-15 MontereyMonterey County, Pacific Grove, Point Pinos.
    AHUC104909DAVAstragalus nuttalliiE. R. Blakley35071960-07-02 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Between the ocean and Oso Flaco Lake.
    AHUC104911DAVAstragalus nuttalliiBeecher Crampton19051954-05-15 MontereyMonterey County: North Moss Beach, Pacific Grove.
    ARF0203BLMARAstragalus nuttalliiJennifer Anthony-Wheeler2031996-07-26 Humboldtgrwng in open, coastal bluff 1 W. of windy pt
    CAS-BOT178034CASAstragalus nuttalliiHowell, John Thomas231591947-05-14 MarinMcClure Beach
    CAS-BOT389705CASAstragalus nuttalliiSigal, L.s.n.1969-08-11 San MateoPillar Point
    CDA0011601CDAAstragalus nuttalliiG.F. Hrusa124271995-06-21 San Luis ObispoApprox. 5 N of San Simeon. Santa Lucia Mountains.
    CDA0017670CDAAstragalus nuttalliiAustin Griffithss.n.1984-04-08 Santa BarbaraMidway on Brown Road (and rarely on lower Pt. Sal Road). Casmalia Hills.
    CDA0026713CDAAstragalus nuttalliiT.C. Fuller159601967-06-14 MontereyWest of Cabrillo Highway (Highway 1) on the slope of the first coastal bluff south of Yankee Point, Carmel Highlands.
    CDA0026715CDAAstragalus nuttalliiG.M. Cole1929-05-22 MontereyMonterey.
    CDA0036815CDAAstragalus nuttalliiD.B. Joley21976-05-10 San Luis ObispoHwy. 41.
    CDA0049984CDAAstragalus nuttalliiDanielle Bryan32017-02-05 San Luis ObispoLos Osos, 100 ft from first cliff and rope fence on Bluff Trail if starting from last parking lot on Pecho Valley Rd before hitting the Diablo Canon gate in Montana de Oro State Park. 35.26 N, -120.89 W, -21 m. Growing in coastal sagescrub 3-9% slope, W facing, exposed, fine loamy, mixed, thermic cumulic haploxerolls. Perennial vine, flowers white with fused petals. Associated Baccharis pilularis, Artemisia californica.
    CDA0051132CDAAstragalus nuttalliiBruce L. Clayton70-03291970-11-08 San Luis Obispo2.1 miles south of Point Piedros Blancos [Piedras Blancas] on Hwy 1. Elev 5 ft, soil sandy, on cliff facing sea.
    CHSC28523CHSCAstragalus nuttalliiM. S. Taylor12941977-01-03 San Luis ObispoAbundant on coastal bluff ca. 20 ft from ocean cliff, Montana de Oro Park, ca. 12 mi n of San Luis Obispo.
    CHSC829CHSCAstragalus nuttalliiV. Holt1940-07-27 MontereyPacific Grove.
    CSLA001011CSLAAstragalus nuttalliiGeorgia Childs1281958-04-01 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills
    CSLA001012CSLAAstragalus nuttalliiSteven P. Lynch1251969-05-12 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park on Los Osos Valley Rd.
    CSLA001013CSLAAstragalus nuttalliiRobert J. Rodin84331970-09-10 San Luis Obispoerect to somewhat decumbent herbaceous perennial; Hollow in sand dunes about 300 yards from the Pacific Ocean near a shell mound in Pismo Beach State Park.
    DAV335474DAVAstragalus nuttalliiMargot B. Fordes.n.1962-05-15 MontereyMonterey County: Point Pinos.
    DAV335475DAVAstragalus nuttalliiJ. M. Tucker36701963-04-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: 7 miles from Morro Bay, U.S. Highway 466.
    DAV335476DAVAstragalus nuttalliiErnest C. Twisselmann52001959-05-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Santa Lucia Range: Highway 1 at San Carpoforo Creek.
    DAV335477DAVAstragalus nuttalliiErnest C. Twisselmann52001959-05-06 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Santa Lucia Range: Highway 1 at San Carpoforo Creek.
    DAV335478DAVAstragalus nuttalliiG. F. Hrusa124271995-06-21 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Approx. 5 N of San Simeon, Santa Lucia Mountains.
    FSC0012518FSCAstragalus nuttalliiSusan Walker642721974-05-02 MontereyJust west of Pacific Grove golf course, 100 yards from Pacific Ocean
    FSC0012519FSCAstragalus nuttalliiLiz Honeysett37661970-11-08 San Luis Obispo
    FSC0012520FSCAstragalus nuttalliiDean William Taylor8201970-11-08 San Luis ObispoCollected on HIghway 1, about 1. mile South of Piedras Blancas LIghthouse, on clay bluffs facing the ocean at sea level.
    FSC0012521FSCAstragalus nuttalliiH.L. Buckalew1955-06-29 MendocinoRussian Gulch State Park.
    FSC0012522FSCAstragalus nuttalliiGail Walker76-0391976-03-13 San Luis ObispoLocated five miles south of the Y of Pecho Road and Woodland on Pecho near Morro Bay.
    FSC0012523FSCAstragalus nuttalliiAnthony RigoniSCR-13-821982-03-06 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park (at Marina).
    FSC0012524FSCAstragalus nuttalliiKay Woods1461984-04-15 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro Road .3 miles north of a cove on a sea bench
    FSC0012525FSCAstragalus nuttalliiChas. H. Quibell4871929-07-15 Montereyin front of the Hopkins Marine Sta., Pacific Grove on Monterey Bay.
    GH02049690GHAstragalus nuttalliiJ. T. Howell23591947-05-14 MarinMcClure Beach
    GH02049691GHAstragalus nuttalliiK. T. Hartweg17041914-08-11 Unknown[no additional data]
    GH02049692GHAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Crum20911939-05-28 San Luis ObispoMouth of San Simeon Creek, four miles north of Cambria
    GH02049693GHAstragalus nuttalliiL. Constance25231939-07-15 Marinsalt marsh on Drake′s Estero, 10 miles southwest of Inverness, Point Reyes Peninsula
    GH02049694GHAstragalus nuttalliiD. Demaree105161933-08-25 UnknownSky Line Drive
    GH02049695GHAstragalus nuttalliiD. Demaree92891932-08-25 San Luis ObispoOceano
    GH02049696GHAstragalus nuttalliiL. S. Rose401231940-03-15 Los AngelesPoint Fermin
    GH02049697GHAstragalus nuttalliiE. A. Purer55341933-09-02 Santa Barbarawest of Guadalupe
    GH02049698GHAstragalus nuttallii;lsqb;no data available;rsqb;1887-04-30 MontereyPacific Grove
    GH02049699GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Eastwood1011912-05-28 MontereyCypress Pt.
    GH02049700GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Eastwood1011912-05-28 MontereyCypress Pt.
    GH02049701GHAstragalus nuttalliiM. E. Jones1902-06-25 Monterey[no additional data]
    GH02049702GHAstragalus nuttalliiM. E. Jones1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park
    GH02049703GHAstragalus nuttalliiC. G. Michener ; F. T. Bioletti1891-07-01 Monterey[no additional data]
    GH02049704GHAstragalus nuttalliiMrs. A. E. Bush1888-01-01 MontereyMt. Pinos
    GH02049705GHAstragalus nuttalliiC. B. Wolf36071929-04-15 San Luis ObispoAlong the Coast. 3 mi. N. of Morro Bay
    GH02049706GHAstragalus nuttalliiW. M. Canby1895-08-19 Monterey[no additional data]
    GH02049707GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer35231902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    GH02049708GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Gray1885-02-01 Monterey[data not captured]
    GH02049709GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer40691902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
    GH02049710GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer35231902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    GH02049711GHAstragalus nuttalliiW. H. Brewer27581864-03-02 UnknownAngels Island (S. F. Bay)
    GH02049712GHAstragalus nuttalliiJ. W. Blankinship1892-07-17 San Francisco[no additional data]
    GH02049713GHAstragalus nuttalliiT. S. Brandegee1888-06-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Rosa
    GH02049714GHAstragalus nuttalliiR. C. Rollins ; T. S. Chambers27241938-08-20 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula
    GH02049715GHAstragalus nuttalliiP. A. Munz113851929-05-17 Santa BarbaraSurf
    GH02049716GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. A. Heller65751903-04-14 Montereyat Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    GH02049717GHAstragalus nuttalliiJ. W. Blankinship1892-05-30 MarinPoint Reyes
    GH02049718GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. A. Heller83851906-06-08 San MateoNear Ocean View, San Francisco, on the Lake Merced side of the Ocean Shore
    GH02049719GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. A. Heller56751902-06-10 San FranciscoPresidio
    GH02049720GHAstragalus nuttalliiR. C. Bacigalupi27311941-10-22 UnknownSandy hills 1-4 mi. back from the ocean strand,close to San Francisco-San Mateo County Line
    GH02049721GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Eastwood15751912-08-06 San FranciscoPt. Lobos
    GH02049722GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Kellogg ;lsqb;Tobler?;rsqb;1866-08-01 UnknownBolinas + Alameda
    GH02049723GHAstragalus nuttalliiG. R. Vasey1876-05-01 Unknown[no additional data]
    GH02049724GHAstragalus nuttalliiA. Kellogg1866-07-28 UnknownSun-Hill, near Mt. Lake
    GH02049725GHAstragalus nuttalliiJohn Torrey911865-01-01 San FranciscoNear San Francisco
    GH02049726GHAstragalus nuttalliiH. N. Bolander(437)1865-07-01 San Francisco[no additional data]
    GH02049727GHAstragalus nuttalliiH. A. Walker(no. 1777)1909-07-26 San FranciscoLands End
    GH02049728GHAstragalus nuttalliiEdw. Palmer1111876-07-25 San Luis ObispoS.[San] Simeon Bay
    GH02049729GHAstragalus nuttalliiJ. D. Hooker ; A. Gray1877-01-01 MontereyCypress Point
    GH02049730GHAstragalus nuttalliiMrs. T. C. Pease1901-07-01 MontereyCarmel
    GH02049731GHAstragalus nuttalliiC. B. Wolf57421934-06-27 San Francisco19th. Ave. at Estero Station
    IRVC109948IRVCAstragalus nuttalliiJ. Powerll12681976-07-07 MontereyMarina Dunes
    IRVC109949IRVCAstragalus nuttalliiPhil Rundel14451964-08-18 Montereysea bluff, 1 mile north of Point Lobos
    JEPS34369UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard88441963-04-21 San Luis Obispoca 6.5 mi nw Point San Luis (among rocks jutting out of coastal terrace at Lion Rock, between Crowbar Canon and Diablo Canon); btwn Crowbar Canon and Diablo Canon, Lion Rock
    JEPS54744UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiWillis L. Jepson97471922-07-20 MontereyPt. Joe, Pt. Joe (Monterey)
    JEPS54751UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiWillis L. Jepson137471896-08-08 MontereyPt. Pinos, Pt. Pinos (Monterey)
    JEPS54752UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiIvar Tidestrom1895-01-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    JEPS54753UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiWillis L. Jepson137481891-08-20 San FranciscoPoint Lobos, Point Lobos (San Francisco)
    JEPS54754UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiGladys Wann1923-09-13 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    JEPS54755UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiDr. L. M. Newlon991921-05-01 MontereyCarmel
    JEPS54756UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiWilliam S. Cooper2871919-06-13 MontereyDel Monte
    JEPS54770UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiKatharine Brandegee1896-04-22 MontereyPacific Grove
    JEPS54784UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiKatharine Brandegee1902-08-10 San MateoTobin
    JEPS79434UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiEdward Lee8161934-05-23 San Franciscoridge between n and s lakes San Francisco, Lake Merced (Lake Merced, San Francisco)
    JEPS88673UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiDean W. Taylor114181990-08-07 San Mateoalong Highway 1, 1.6 mi s Pomponoe State Beach (Santa Cruz Mountains);, s of Pomponoe State Beach
    LA205656LAAstragalus nuttalliiFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1913-10-01 MontereyCentral Coast; Cypress Point
    LA205657LAAstragalus nuttalliiR. Hoffmanns.n.1931-05-31 Santa BarbaraCentral Coast; Between Casmalia and Pt. Sal
    LA52964LAAstragalus nuttalliiJ. M. Tucker36701963-04-10 San Luis ObispoCentral Coast; On hill slope above highway; ca. 7 miles from Morro Bay, U.S. highway 466
    MACF036090MACFAstragalus nuttalliiLewis S. Rose355861935-08-30 ?  San FranciscoLake Merced
    MACF036091MACFAstragalus nuttalliiE. R. Blakley35071960-07-02 San Luis ObispoBetween the Ocean and Oso Flaco Lake
    MACF036093MACFAstragalus nuttalliiH. & M. Dearing23091938-09-04 San Luis ObispoCoast N of Cambria
    OBI122876OBIAstragalus nuttalliiDavid J. Keil214351990-09-28 Santa BarbaraSan Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara County line area west of Guadalupe. From west end of West Main Street eastward along channel of Santa Maria River.
    OBI122877OBIAstragalus nuttalliiDavid J. Keil320062013-09-03 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Canet Trail east of Live Oak Trail
    OBI122887OBIAstragalus nuttalliiMelissa C. Fierro42013-11-11 San Luis ObispoIn Montana de Oro State Park
    OBI171644OBIAstragalus nuttalliiMichael G. Simpson42182019-05-09 Santa BarbaraDangermond Preserve. Coastal bluff.
    PGM6054PGMAstragalus nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F00121955-03-06 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Yankee Point near, Carmel Riviera & Hwy 1
    PGM6055PGMAstragalus nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F01681955-04-07 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Bixby Creek, At parking places on hill
    POM127837RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRoxana S. Ferriss.n.1923-04-25 MontereyMouth of Garrapata Creek Coast Road
    POM128531RSAAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmers.n.1902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay.
    POM145517RSAAstragalus nuttalliiJ. B. Feudge18691927-06-30 San Luis ObispoCambria.
    POM148046RSAAstragalus nuttalliiAlice Eastwoods.n.1927-08-01 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Bay
    POM16077RSAAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmers.n.1903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove.
    POM16234RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. F. Baker17361902-10-01 San MateoPillar Point.
    POM16235RSAAstragalus nuttalliiA. A. Hellers.n.1903-04-14 MontereyNear Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    POM16308RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. F. Baker33581903-06-30 San MateoPillar Point
    POM16331RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. F. Baker33581903-06-30 San MateoPillar Point
    POM163390RSAAstragalus nuttalliiP. A. Munz113851929-05-17 Santa BarbaraSurf.
    POM171346RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRalph Hoffmanns.n.1930-04-15 Santa BarbaraSurf
    POM179771RSAAstragalus nuttalliiJ. T. Howell54271930-08-03 MontereyPacific Grove
    POM19317RSAAstragalus nuttalliiKatherine Brandegees.n.1966-04-24 MontereyParkfield
    POM20067RSAAstragalus nuttalliiS. B. Parish114551917-08-01 MontereyPoint Cabrillo
    POM202481RSAAstragalus nuttalliiMarcus E. Joness.n.1934-04-09 MontereyNear Soledad
    POM220622RSAAstragalus nuttalliiL. C. Wheeler40591935-10-22 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula.
    POM223666RSAAstragalus nuttalliiL. S. Roses.n.1935-09-02 MontereyIndian Harbor, 9 miles NE of Monterey
    POM225994RSAAstragalus nuttalliiChas. H. Quibell4871929-07-15 MontereyIn front of the Hopkins Marine Station at Pacific Grove
    POM257196RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. Crum20911939-05-28 San Luis ObispoMouth of San simeon Creek, 4 miles north of Cambria
    POM258827RSAAstragalus nuttalliiFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-07-03 MontereyNear Monterey.
    POM26480RSAAstragalus nuttalliiMarcus E. Joness.n.1885-08-01 MontereySeacoast
    POM26481RSAAstragalus nuttalliiHarriet Ann Walker17771909-07-26 San FranciscoLands End
    POM26482RSAAstragalus nuttalliiAlice Eastwoods.n.1893-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains: Pacific Valley
    POM275843RSAAstragalus nuttalliiLyman Benson84261937-07-04 MontereyAsilomar, Pacific Grove. Watershed: Pacific Ocean.
    POM275844RSAAstragalus nuttalliiLyman Benson65111935-04-27 MontereyCypress Point; Watershed: Pacific Ocean.
    POM275845RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. A. Purer50521933-07-20 San Luis Obispo5 miles northwest of Guadalupe
    POM307578RSAAstragalus nuttalliiHenry J. Ramsey23981938-04-09 Santa Barbara[No location data on label.]
    POM50311RSAAstragalus nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmers.n.1902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove.
    POM74161RSAAstragalus nuttalliiKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-05-01 Santa BarbaraSurf
    POM74164RSAAstragalus nuttalliiKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-05-08 MontereyJolon
    POM74236RSAAstragalus nuttalliiKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-06-12 MontereyNear Gorda.
    RSA0006832RSAAstragalus nuttalliiH. D. Ripley112741954-05-02 San Luis ObispoCambria.
    RSA10287RSAAstragalus nuttalliiH. A. Barker6581927-05-14 San MateoNorth of Half Moon Bay.
    RSA112581RSAAstragalus nuttalliiF. J. Hermann119111955-07-24 San Luis ObispoN of Canong Hwy 1
    RSA115014RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Balls214211955-08-20 San Luis ObispoIn seed, grown at Botanic Garden, Claremont, Calif; Prop. No. 8679, seed collected June 30, 1954, by E. K. Balls, 1.8 mi. s. of Piedras Blancas Coast Guard Stn., off St. Hwy. 1.
    RSA115388RSAAstragalus nuttalliiG. R. Campbell205061954-11-05 Los AngelesGrown in Botanic Garden [Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont].
    RSA131147RSAAstragalus nuttalliiJohn H. Thomas52891955-07-17 Monterey1.6 miles south of Dolan Creek
    RSA14421RSAAstragalus nuttalliiAlice Eastwoods.n.1935-01-27 MontereySouth of Canon road to Big Sur
    RSA14776RSAAstragalus nuttalliiL. S. Rose355971935-09-02 MontereyIndian Harbor, 9 miles NE of Monterey
    RSA15741RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. B. Wolf34901929-04-14 Santa BarbaraCoastal sand dunes, 4 mi. south of the Surf.
    RSA166797RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. R. Blakley35071960-07-02 San Luis ObispoBetween the beach and Oso Flaco Lake
    RSA167174RSAAstragalus nuttalliiJ. M. Tucker36701963-04-10 San Luis Obispo7 miles form Morro Bay, Hwy 466
    RSA167507RSAAstragalus nuttalliiR. F. Thorne314391962-10-04 MontereyHurricane Point near Little Sur, along Hwy 1
    RSA18446RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. B. Wolfs.n.1927-06-29 San MateoAlong coast south of Pebble Beach near Pescadero.
    RSA232066RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. W. Tilforth6561972-08-24 MontereyBixby Creek, just upstream form shore-line, 3 miles N of Point Sur
    RSA233032RSAAstragalus nuttalliiChristopher Davidson81965-04-02 Monterey17 Mile Drive, 3 miles SW of Pacific Grove at Point Joe
    RSA25654RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. B. Wolf109851941-07-11 San Luis Obispo1 mile N of Cambria.
    RSA303492RSAAstragalus nuttalliiJ. R. Shevock14961972-03-29 MontereyAbove Little Sur River
    RSA318987RSAAstragalus nuttalliiT. S. Elias85701984-07-25 San Luis ObispoN of Guadalupe and W of Hwy 1; Oso Flaco Lake and dune area
    RSA415415RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. A. Purer180751932-08-28 Santa BarbaraGuadalupe.
    RSA415827RSAAstragalus nuttalliiM. S. Jussels.n.1933-04-12 MontereyPacific Grove
    RSA415828RSAAstragalus nuttalliiM. B. Dunkle51931937-08-07 Monterey17 mile Drive
    RSA415829RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. Crow4031929-08-05 MontereyNear Carmel.
    RSA415830RSAAstragalus nuttalliiDana Krempels37-DK1981-04-13 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Arcres, off Hwy 1, overlooking south shore of Pico Creek, 20 meters from high tide mark, at sea level
    RSA415831RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRalph Hoffmanns.n.1931-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
    RSA424765RSAAstragalus nuttalliiAaron Liston652-11987-04-22 MontereyMonterey Peninsula: Asilomar State Beach
    RSA43226RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover62331946-07-21 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Creek Beach
    RSA43248RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover66601947-03-08 San Luis ObispoNear Piedras Blancas Point
    RSA498285RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. A. Purer55341933-09-02 Santa BarbaraWest of Guadalupe
    RSA498286RSAAstragalus nuttalliiHoward de Forests.n.1924-07-15 MontereyN of Asilomar. Monterey Peninsula.
    RSA498287RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. A. Purer38141932-07-15 MontereyDel Monte.
    RSA498288RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-04-10 MontereyAsilomar.
    RSA517092RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. F. Smith38061952-09-09 Santa BarbaraSurf
    RSA517093RSAAstragalus nuttalliiC. F. Smith30001951-04-15 Los AngelesSanta Canon, below Salta Verde turnoff.
    RSA522603RSAAstragalus nuttalliiR. J. Rodin86441972-04-05 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal State Beach
    RSA612044RSAAstragalus nuttalliiSherwin Woods.n.1931-04-03 VenturaOjai Creek
    RSA612317RSAAstragalus nuttalliiL. C. Wheeler40591935-10-22 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula.
    RSA63025RSAAstragalus nuttalliiL. S. Roses.n.1950-05-14 MontereyNorth of Big Sur
    RSA6346RSAAstragalus nuttalliiPattersons.n.1907-06-26 MontereyNear Monterey
    RSA67449RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Balls163831951-04-26 Santa Barbara4 mi. s. of Surf on road to Canonda.
    RSA720303RSAAstragalus nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp87682004-07-14 Santa BarbaraSouthern Central Coast, NW of Lompoc
    RSA773021RSAAstragalus nuttalliiRobert F. Thorne316361963-04-21 San Luis ObispoSouth end of Morro Bay between bay and ocean
    RSA79223RSAAstragalus nuttalliiG. R. Campbell174901952-08-02 MontereyOn Point Joe, 17 mile Drive.
    RSA90715RSAAstragalus nuttalliiF. W. Peirson5971912-06-27 MontereyMonterey.
    RSA90716RSAAstragalus nuttalliiF. W. Peirson64241925-09-13 San MateoRockaway Beach
    RSA90717RSAAstragalus nuttalliiF. W. Peirson83031929-04-20 Santa BarbaraSurf.
    RSA90718RSAAstragalus nuttalliiF. W. Peirson39671923-06-27 MontereySouthward from Pacific Grove
    RSA92009RSAAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Balls101371954-06-30 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi. S. of Piedras Blancas Coast Guard Stn. along State Hwy. #1.
    SD115065SDAstragalus nuttalliiWayne P. Armstrong11321983-06-02 San Luis ObispoHollow among dunes, north side of Oso Flaco Lake.
    SD244696SDAstragalus nuttalliiDavid Keil226301991-10-26 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. North Base: dunes just south of mouth of San Antonio Creek and west of railroad trestle.
    SD37524SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer47771932-08-27 Santa Barbara14 miles north of Barnsdall Oil Properties.
    SD40157SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer48381932-08-28 San Luis ObispoOceano
    SD40158SDAstragalus nuttalliiDelzie Demaree37381932-07-16 MontereyMonterey sand dunes.
    SD40159SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer55341933-09-02 Santa BarbaraSand dunes, west of Guadalupe.
    SD40160SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer68081935-08-09 Santa BarbaraSand dunes.
    SD40161SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer48251932-08-28 Santa BarbaraWest of Guadalupe.
    SD40162SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer55351933-09-02 Santa BarbaraSand dunes west of Guadalupe.
    SD40163SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer50521933-07-20 San Luis Obispo5.0 miles northwest of Guadalupe.
    SD40164SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer38141932-07-15 MontereyDel Monte
    SD40234SDAstragalus nuttalliiEdith A. Purer79881940-08-02 San Luis ObispoSand dunes,Oso Flaco Lake.
    SD43599SDAstragalus nuttalliiDarley F. Howe18091948-05-17 San Luis ObispoCoast.
    SD53119SDAstragalus nuttalliiDarley F. Howe33421962-07-22 San Luis ObispoSand dunes near Oso Flaco Lake.
    SD88296SDAstragalus nuttalliiDarley F. Howes.n.1972-05-09 Monterey5.0 miles north of Lucia.
    SD88442SDAstragalus nuttalliiDarley F. Howes.n.1972-06-22 Santa BarbaraOcean Park, west of Lompoc.
    SDSU07598SDSUAstragalus nuttalliiHowe, D.F.33481962-06-22 San Luis ObispoSand dunes at Lake Opo Flaco.
    SDSU07651SDSUAstragalus nuttalliiHowe, D.F.18091946-05-17 San Luis ObispoCoast of San Luis Obispo Co.
    SDSU07657SDSUAstragalus nuttalliiHarvey, D.R.20331938-04-09 Santa BarbaraSurf.
    SDSU07663SDSUAstragalus nuttalliiGallup, A.H.2101948-09-04 MontereyMonterey Pen. near the coast.
    SDSU22464SDSUAstragalus nuttalliiMichael G. Simpson42182019-05-09 Santa BarbaraDangermond Preserve. Coastal bluff.
    SFV106256SFVAstragalus nuttalliiB. C. Templeton101891964-05-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Valley; Claremont. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    SFV106257SFVAstragalus nuttalliiV. E. Rudd37111985-10-28 MontereyCarmel by the Sea. Beach above high tide.
    SFV106258SFVAstragalus nuttalliiJ. M. Tucker36701963-04-10 San Luis ObispoAbout 7 miles from Morro Bay on U. S. Highway 466.
    SFV106259SFVAstragalus nuttalliiM. A. Piehl63911963-04-21 San Luis ObispoAmong granite on open ocean shore near Lion Rock, south of Los Osos.
    SHTC234SHTCAstragalus nuttalliiBetsargis, Eilbret7E2016-03-29 MontereyAsilomar State Beach; Beach trail - Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA 93950; Coastal strand community
    SJSU609SJSUAstragalus nuttalliiG. Witherspoon22141940-07-01 MontereyAsilomar, Monterey Peninsula
    UC1043512UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Balls187181954-01-08 San Luis Obispo
    UC1043513UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiE. K. Balls187201954-01-08 San Luis Obispo
    UC909509UCJEPSAstragalus nuttalliiRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine123551950-08-14 San Luis ObispoOcean Bluffs at San Simeon Creek (State Highway 1); Ocean Bluffs at San Simeon Creek
    UCR11608UCRAstragalus nuttalliiO.H. Kappler21531951-01-06 MontereyNorth side, Monterey peninsula
    UCR119944UCRAstragalus nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp48261999-05-20 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills; Corralitos Canon, southeast of Guadalupe, 3.8 miles southeast of CA Hwy 1 on Brown Road; Casmalia Hills
    UCR14829UCRAstragalus nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1975-07-27 San Luis ObispoFour miles north of San Simeon
    UCR15567UCRAstragalus nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1978-04-23 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park
    UCR158439UCRAstragalus nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp86422004-06-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Oso Flaco Lake and the Pacific Ocean, c. 0.3 WNW of the lake
    UCR231137UCRAstragalus nuttalliiR.F. Thorne316361963-04-21 San Luis Obisposouth end of Morro Bay between bay and ocean
    UCR24721UCRAstragalus nuttalliiKen Nagys.n.1968-04-27 Santa BarbaraCoast Road, 1.5 mi. north of Point Arguello lighthouse, Vandenberg Air Force Base
    UCR27235UCRAstragalus nuttalliiFrank C. Vasek820824--051982-08-24 San Luis Obisponorth end of San Simeon State Park, [near San Simeon Creek]
    UCR28942UCRAstragalus nuttalliiDavid J. Keil147801981-05-25 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon in vicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz. Near Hwy 1.
    UCR67936UCRAstragalus nuttalliiRobert J. Rodin86441972-04-05 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal State Beach
    UCSB037231UCSBAstragalus nuttalliiFerren, Wayne; Rindlaub, Kathy31985-06-12 San Luis ObispoSanta Maria River mouth (LeRoy property). NE corner of study site.
    UCSC100001364UCSCAstragalus nuttalliiD. J. Norman531966-04-19 Montereygrowing in Coastal Strand, near Point Joe - Del Monte Forest, Point Joe
    CAS-BOT177976CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJenkins, Olafs.n.1907-07-15 MontereyNear the beach, Pacific Grove.
    CAS-BOT177977CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiElmer, A. D.E.40691902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
    CAS-BOT177978CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiElmer, A. D.E.43751903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT177979CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric1021982-04-07 MontereyFound along Highway 1, north of Gamboa Point - Landels-Hill, Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT177980CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric4461982-06-03 MontereyJust south of the mouth of Vicente Creek, Sec 1, along Highway 1 - Landels-Hill, Big Creek Reserve, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT177981CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobertson, Robert1471954-05-08 MontereyDunes E of Carmel Cove, Point Lobos
    CAS-BOT177982CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-07-11 MontereyCypress Grove at Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT177983CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-07-10 MontereyCypress Grove at Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT177984CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRattan, Volneys.n.1882-07-08 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT177985CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-06-24 MontereyNorth of Del Monte - Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT177986CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-07-07 MontereyPoint Pinos near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT177987CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-12-01 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT177988CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-08-03 MontereyHot Springs on Coast Trail, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT177989CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-04-04 San Luis ObispoNear ocean shore above Cambria.
    CAS-BOT177990CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAbrams, Le Roy42641909-08-18 MontereyCarmel
    CAS-BOT177991CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHiesey, Wm. M.3891937-08-12 MontereyLimekiln Creek, on Big Sur-San Simeon Highway, about 3 mi. S of Lucia
    CAS-BOT177992CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiThomas, John H.52891955-07-17 MontereyAlong the coast, 1.6 miles south of Dolan Creek
    CAS-BOT178001CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiSmith, Charles Piper14501908-06-02 MontereyPacific Grove, Point Pinos
    CAS-BOT178002CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJones, M. E.s.n.1902-06-25 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT178003CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJones, M. E.s.n.1902-06-25 MontereySalinas Valley
    CAS-BOT178004CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiElmer, A. D.E.35231902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT178005CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiElmer, A. D.E.43751903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT178006CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRose, Lewis S.355971935-09-02 MontereyIndian Harbor, 9 mi. NE of Monterey
    CAS-BOT178007CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F.5921955-06-02 MontereyPart way down to the trail to beach from John Little Park along Big Sur Road - Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT178008CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F.9101956-05-06 MontereyGrassy bluff over the ocean near Limekiln Creek, Highway #1 - Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT178009CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F.1681955-04-07 MontereyAbove old road above Bixby Creek - Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT178010CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F.2871955-05-05 MontereyPacific Grove - Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT178011CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowitt, Beatrice F.121955-03-06 MontereyYankee Point - Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT178012CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, R. S.37061923-04-22 MontereyMouth of Garrapata Creek
    CAS-BOT178013CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowell, John Thomas54271930-08-03 MontereySeventeen Mile Drive, Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT178014CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice19261935-01-28 MontereyPoint Pinos
    CAS-BOT178015CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice19031935-01-27 MontereySouth of Carmel on road to Big Sur
    CAS-BOT178016CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice24921913-03-05 MontereyCypress Pt.
    CAS-BOT178017CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice24201912-11-09 MontereyCypress Pt.
    CAS-BOT178018CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice1011912-05-28 MontereyCypress Pt.
    CAS-BOT178019CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDemaree, Delzie180651938-08-20 MontereyP.O. Seaside
    CAS-BOT178020CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRandall, Josephine D.s.n.1911-03-27 MontereyBetween Pacific Grove & lighthouse, along cliffs - Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT178021CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRandall, Alice D.1051910-03-03 MontereyCarmel-By-the-Sea, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT178022CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRandall, Alice D.3201910-04-19 MontereyCarmel-By-the-Sea, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT178023CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRandall, Alice D.1071910-03-27 MontereyCarmel-By-the-Sea, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT178024CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-06-15 MontereyNear Pacific Grove.
    CAS-BOT178025CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-06-26 MontereyWoods near Monterey
    CAS-BOT178035CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMacCallum, Mrs. Alexander1351912-11-09 Lake
    CAS-BOT178036CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiWiggins, Ira L.35371929-04-14 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178037CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, Roxana S.75701929-04-14 Santa BarbaraSand dunes 5 miles south of Surf
    CAS-BOT178038CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPurer, Edith A.55341933-09-02 Santa BarbaraSand dunes west of Guadalupe
    CAS-BOT178039CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, Roxana S.76001929-04-14 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178040CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiParish, S. B.107371910-04-19 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178041CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPurer, Edith A.68081935-08-09 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178042CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice137421926-05-01 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178043CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-05-29 Santa BarbaraSouthern Pacific R.R. near Jalama Beach
    CAS-BOT178044CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice137491926-05-01 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178045CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBalls, E. K.; Balls, B. K.163831951-04-26 Santa Barbara4 mi. S of Surf on road to Canada Honda
    CAS-BOT178046CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1952-09-09 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178047CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1954-07-22 Santa BarbaraSurf
    CAS-BOT178048CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCovel, Paul F.6191937-08-29 Monterey17 Mile Drive
    CAS-BOT178049CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAbbott, E. K.s.n.1941-05-14 MontereyCypress Pt.
    CAS-BOT178050CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAbbott, E. K.s.n.1980-04-12 Monterey
    CAS-BOT186496CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.117411965-11-02 MontereyBluff just north of Big Creek
    CAS-BOT186497CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.129961967-04-27 MontereyPoint Sur
    CAS-BOT186498CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBreedlove, D. E.6231961-07-01 Monterey5.4 mi N of Lucia on State Highway 1
    CAS-BOT186499CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.129961967-04-27 MontereyPoint Sur
    CAS-BOT186500CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPawek, Jean L.6241964-09-04 MontereyAsilomar Point
    CAS-BOT186501CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJones, Marcus E.s.n.1902-06-25 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT186502CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1906-06-24 MontereyWoods toward Pebble Beach, Carmel Bay
    CAS-BOT186503CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG., L. A.6131902-07-01 MontereyMonterey
    CAS-BOT186504CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiB., S. H.s.n.1894-08-15 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186505CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJussel, M. S.s.n.1933-04-12 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186506CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiLee, Edward; Mason, Herbert93731934-10-01 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    CAS-BOT186507CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRollins, Reed C.27241938-08-20 MontereyPoint Joe, Monterey Peninsula
    CAS-BOT186508CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas19031935-01-27 MontereySouth of Carmel on road to Big Sur
    CAS-BOT186509CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHeller, A. A.65751903-04-14 MontereyAt Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186510CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHeller, A. A.65751903-04-14 MontereyAt Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186511CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-06-13 MontereyCliffs near Pacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186512CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAbrams, L. R.31011903-01-05 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186513CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiElmer, A. D. E.35231902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    CAS-BOT186514CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.117411965-11-02 MontereyBluff just north of Big Creek
    CAS-BOT186515CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-12-01 San Luis ObispoHills back of Port Harford
    CAS-BOT186516CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiThomas, J. H.34191953-07-06 San Luis ObispoNear San Simeon Creek Beach State Park
    CAS-BOT186517CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKeck, David D.21811933-05-04 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT186518CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKeck, David D.21811933-05-04 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT186519CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPurer, Edith A.50521933-07-20 San Luis ObispoFive miles northwest of Guadalupe
    CAS-BOT186520CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCrum, Ethel20911939-05-28 San Luis ObispoMouth of San Simeon Creek, four miles north of Cambria
    CAS-BOT186521CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiWolf, Carl B.36071929-04-15 San Luis ObispoAlong the coast. 3 mi. N. of Morro Bay
    CAS-BOT186522CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R.111151946-04-14 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT186523CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.62711946-08-04 San Luis ObispoNorth end of Morro Bay
    CAS-BOT186524CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.62331946-07-21 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Creek Beach
    CAS-BOT186525CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKeck, David D.21811933-05-04 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CAS-BOT186526CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.129031967-04-27 San Luis ObispoMesa just north of San Simeon Beach State Park
    CAS-BOT186527CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPollard, H. M.s.n.1968-06-07 San Luis ObispoDunes near Jack Lake, w. of Union Oil Refinery on Southern Pacific R.R., s. of Oceano
    CAS-BOT186528CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.75591948-11-13 San Luis ObispoWest of Oceano
    CAS-BOT186529CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHardham, Clare B.27521957-11-19 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas
    CAS-BOT186530CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura123551950-08-14 San Luis ObispoAt San Simeon Creek, State Highway #1
    CAS-BOT186531CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice8101906-06-13 Santa BarbaraCasmailia [Casmalia]
    CAS-BOT186532CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTucker, J. M.; Gankin, Roman36701963-04-10 San Luis ObispoCa. 7 miles from Morro Bay, U.S. Highway 466
    CAS-BOT186533CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBreedlove, D. E.40901962-08-07 San Luis Obispo3 miles north of Guadalupe. Near Oso Flaco Lake
    CAS-BOT186534CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.92781964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    CAS-BOT186535CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.92511964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    CAS-BOT186536CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.75251948-05-14 San Luis ObispoSouth of mouth of Islay Creek
    CAS-BOT186537CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.75591948-11-13 San Luis ObispoWest of Oceano
    CAS-BOT186538CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBalls, E. K.101371954-06-30 San Luis Obispo1.8 mi. S. of Piedras Blancas Coastguard Stn. along State Hwy. #1
    CAS-BOT186539CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.52001959-05-06 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range: Highway 1 at San Carpoforo Creek
    CAS-BOT186540CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.129031967-04-27 San Luis ObispoMesa just north of San Simeon Beach State Park
    CAS-BOT186541CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura123551950-08-14 San Luis ObispoAt San Simeon Creek, State Highway 1
    CAS-BOT186542CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBlakley, E. R.35071960-07-02 San Luis ObispoBetween the ocean and Oso Flaco Lake
    CAS-BOT186543CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiTwisselmann, Ernest C.52001959-05-06 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range: Highway 1 at San Carpoforo Creek
    CAS-BOT186544CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas59741938-06-15 San Luis ObispoBetween Cambria and San Simeon
    CAS-BOT186545CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice8511906-06-13 San Luis Obispo
    CAS-BOT186546CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice150381927-08-01 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Bay
    CAS-BOT186547CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-06-17 San Luis ObispoRoosevelt Highway n. of San Simeon
    CAS-BOT186548CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiIngalls, Mary Pages.n.1912-07-01 San Luis ObispoHaynes ranch
    CAS-BOT186549CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHowell, John Thomas44871929-10-13 San Luis Obispo2 1-2 miles n. of Cambria
    CAS-BOT186550CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice142461927-04-07 San Luis ObispoMorro
    CAS-BOT186551CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.66601947-03-08 San Luis ObispoNear Piedras Blancas Point
    CAS-BOT186552CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.62331946-07-21 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Creek Beach
    CAS-BOT186553CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.62711946-08-04 San Luis ObispoNorth end of Morro Bay
    CAS-BOT186554CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.92781964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    CAS-BOT186555CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.75251948-05-14 San Luis ObispoSouth of mouth of Islay Creek
    CAS-BOT186556CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHoover, R. F.92511964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    CAS-BOT186557CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiBarneby, R. C.112741954-05-02 San Luis ObispoCambria Beach
    CAS-BOT186558CASAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEastwood, Alice136691926-04-29 San Luis ObispoCambria
    CDA0026714CDAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiT.C. Fuller193721970-04-08 Santa BarbaraSurf.
    IRVC109947IRVCAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG.K. Helmkamp; E.A. Helmkamp88012004-09-21 Santa BarbaraVandenburg Air Force Base. Lompoc-Casmalia Rd, 0.2 N of jct with San Antonio Rd, generally S of Casmalia
    JEPS100246UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDean W. Taylor, Alison Colwell184482002-09-26 San Luis ObispoOso Flaco Lake, dunes just north from the beach access boardwalk, Pismo Dunes State Park
    JEPS48783UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAllan M. Carpenter1940-04-29 Montereys Carmel (Malposo Creek); Malposo Creek
    JEPS97679UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAnnetta M. Carter, Betty Wood9311935-07-21 Santa BarbaraMouth of Santa Maria River, 9 W of Santa Maria.
    JEPS99242UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClare B. Hardham27521957-11-19 San Luis ObispoPiedra Blancas
    LA00647865LAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAnthony Baniaga10482021-11-06 MontereyBig Sur Coast. Las Rocas Property, adjacent to Torre Canon. Tidally connected sea mounts.
    LA212382LAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiSherwin Woods.n.1931-04-03 VenturaOjai Creek
    NY01266985NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. A. Heller65751903-04-04 ?  MontereySand hills at Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    NY01266987NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. A. Walker17771909-07-26 UnknownLands End, San Francisco
    NY01266990NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. E. Joness.n.1902-06-25 UnknownMonterey
    NY01266992NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. Miless.n.1886-10-01 ?  San Luis Obispo
    NY01266993NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Isely95781965-05-26 ?  San Luis ObispoCa. 2 miles north of Cambria
    NY01266994NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHartweg17041945-07-18 UnknownMonterey
    NY01266995NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiW. R. Dudleys.n.1893-07-07 UnknownPoint Pinos, Monterey
    NY01266996NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. C. Fergusons.n.1909-07-28 UnknownMonterey
    NY01266997NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. A. Walker18171909-08-08 UnknownPacific Grove
    NY01267001NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Demaree92171932-07-16 ?  MontereyMonterey
    NY01267002NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Demaree72781929-10-13 ?  MontereyMonterey sand dunes
    NY01267003NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Demaree90731932-04-30 ?  MontereyMonterey sand dunes
    NY01267006NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. I. Liston652-11987-04-22 ?  MontereyMonterey Peninsula; Asilomar State Beach
    NY01267008NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. Eastwood19261935-01-28 ?  MontereyPoint Pinos
    NY01267011NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer35231902-04-01 ?  MontereyPacific Grove
    NY01267012NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer43751903-06-01 ?  MontereyPacific Grove
    NY01267013NYAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. A. Heller65751903-04-14 ?  MontereySand hills at Point Pinos near Pacific Grove
    OBI122856OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil194061986-05-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Point just N of Pt. Arguello
    OBI122857OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHelen Jones631981-05-05 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas Point. Range from Monterey Bay to Point Conception
    OBI122858OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil147801981-05-25 San Luis ObispoNorth of San Simeon in vicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz. Near Hwy 1 in windswept coastal areas
    OBI122859OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHelen Jones651993-09-21 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas Point. Range from Monterey Bay to Point Conception
    OBI122860OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil302292003-05-23 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes C-8 oilfield restoration site.
    OBI122861OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil226301991-10-26 Santa BarbaraNorth base. dunes just south of mouth of san antonio creek and west of railroad trestle.
    OBI122862OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover92781964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    OBI122863OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover62331946-07-21 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Creek Beach
    OBI122864OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover75591948-11-13 San Luis ObispoWest of Oceano
    OBI122865OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover62711946-08-04 San Luis ObispoNorth end of Morro Bay
    OBI122866OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover92511964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    OBI122867OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJay N. Holliday, Jrs.n.1960-05-09 MontereyRight House (Pines Pt. ) point, Pacific Grove
    OBI122868OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Hoover75251948-05-14 San Luis ObispoSouth of mouth of Islay Creek
    OBI122870OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil181081984-03-14 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Area around jctn of Pleyto Rd and Surf rd
    OBI122871OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil251201995-05-11 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. South Base. Point Arguello.
    OBI122872OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil261001997-03-24 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base. Near southern end of South Base along dirt extension of Coast Road.
    OBI122873OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil247231995-04-06 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. Gate to South Base at jctn of Ocean Ave and Coast rd
    OBI122874OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil248271995-04-13 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. South base. ca. 7.5 mi S of Honda Ridge Rd
    OBI122875OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatherine K. Muller13961965-07-27 San Luis ObispoMouth of Oso Flaco Lake
    OBI122878OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMichael Walgren1812010-08-13 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park
    OBI122880OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiSharon Jochums351974-03-09 San Luis ObispoW of Hwy 1 S of Arroyo de la Cruz
    OBI122881OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMelissa Luckow7051981-06-25 San Luis ObispoCoastal area just N of San Simeon beach
    OBI122882OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiHelen Jones641982-08-07 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas Point. Range from Monterey Bay to Point Conception
    OBI122883OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMartin A. Piehl63-172005-05-16 Santa BarbaraPoint Conception
    OBI122884OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCliff Dimon371982-04-25 Monterey8 N of Lucia Common; Coastal strand Monterey Bay S to Pt. Conception
    OBI122885OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. Liston652-11987-04-22 MontereyMonterey Peninsula; Asilomar State Beach.
    OBI122886OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid J. Keil252351995-05-25 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North base. Vicinity of traingle formed by jctn of San Antonio Rd West with Lompoc-Casmalia rd.
    OBI122888OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert J. Rodin84331970-09-10 San Luis ObispoPismo Beach State Park
    OBI122889OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDonald Myrick12901966-03-23 San Luis ObispoN of Cambria
    OBI122890OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCarl B. Wolf109851941-07-11 San Luis ObispoAlong coast about 1 N of Cambria
    OBI180609OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJan Barber821993-08-19 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park
    PGM1759PGMAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiLind, Helen1978-05-15 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest 17 Mile Dr, Ocean frontage
    PGM3110PGMAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiYadon, Vern1989-10-12 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Grimes Pt Hwy 1, 5 mi S Grimes Point
    POM262061RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiI. L. Wiggins35371929-04-14 Santa BarbaraSurf.
    RSA0161781RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Thorne377711968-06-07 San Luis ObispoJack Lake: ca. 3 miles S of Oceano.
    RSA605930RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. S. Woglum5971937-05-24 MontereyCentral Coast: South of Carmel.
    RSA606073RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. S. Woglum14301938-04-09 Santa BarbaraSurf. Outer Coast Ranges.
    RSA680321RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiScott D. White85092001-05-24 Santa BarbaraUSAFCoast. Vandenberg Air Force Base. Southern Pacific RR Right of Way between San Antonio Creek and Santa Ynez River (ca. 10 mi).; Casmalia, Surf
    SBBG11031SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDennis E. Breedlove6231961-07-01 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; State Hwy 1, 0.4 N of Lucia
    SBBG112534SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid Keil, C. Pergler, D. Elias, A. Griffiths194061986-05-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; point just N of Pt Arguello; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG124786SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAnuja Parikh, N. Gale8032010-07-28 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: former Guadalupe Oil Field, near N edge of Santa Maria River estuary, 0.7 km E of Pacific Ocean, 0.2 NE of county line
    SBBG125888SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid Keil252351995-05-25 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; vicinity of triangle formed by jct of San Antonio Rd W with Lompoc-Casmalia Rd; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG127393SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid Keil w- L. D. Oyler214351990-09-28 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: W of Guadalupe, from W end of W Main St eastward along channel of Santa Maria River
    SBBG128001SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. A. Elvin, N. LaGrille2005-08-08 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Oso Flaco Lake, Boy Scout Camp W side of lake ca. 1 N of causeway
    SBBG13956SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiE. R. Blakley51641962-05-31 Santa BarbaraGuadalupe Dunes: S bank at the mouth of Santa Maria River
    SBBG14965SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiE. R. Blakley35071960-07-02 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: between the ocean and Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG15530SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. A. Piehl63911963-04-21 San Luis Obisponear Lion Rock, S of Los Osos
    SBBG21332SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJ. Patman1963-05-30 San Luis Obisporoad between Hwy 101 and Grover City
    SBBG21826SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDonald Myrick10051964-07-28 MendocinoHeritage House Pt, Little River
    SBBG24983SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDonald Myrick12901966-03-23 San Luis Obispojust N of Cambria
    SBBG29961SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiE. Crum20911939-05-28 San Luis Obispomouth of San Simeon Crk, 4 N of Cambria
    SBBG3227SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. and M. Dearing8441936-05-30 Montereycoast
    SBBG3228SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. and M. Dearing8431937-08-17 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Casmalia Beach
    SBBG3229SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClare B. Hardham27521957-11-19 San Luis ObispoPiedras Blancas
    SBBG3230SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. and M. Dearing23091938-09-04 San Luis Obispocoast N of Cambria
    SBBG44043SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatherine K. Muller13961965-07-27 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: mouth of Oso Flaco
    SBBG44062SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatherine K. Muller9571959-03-18 Santa BarbaraCanon N side of Pt Sal Ridge
    SBBG4445SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCarol Bornstein, D. Kershaw1998-08-04 San Luis ObispoHwy 1, Vista Pt just N of San Simeon
    SBBG47675SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiE. R. Blakley71961973-09-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: 0.3 N of lighthouse, Pt Conception
    SBBG50218SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiM. A. Piehl63-171963-04-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Point Conception
    SBBG50975SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiC. Borstein, E. Collins2006-09-22 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Acres, S of jct Vista del Mar and Balboa Sts
    SBBG53057SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMichael R. Benedict1978-05-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns:N of Government Point, Pt Conception
    SBBG55566SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid Keil147801981-05-25 San Luis Obispovicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz, near Hwy 1
    SBBG68237SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRalph Hoffmann1930-04-18 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande
    SBBG68298SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiS. W. Hutchinson5711927-04-01 MontereyCarmel
    SBBG68299SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRalph Hoffmann1929-03-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: Surf
    SBBG68300SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRalph Hoffmann1928-09-10 Santa BarbaraPoint Conception
    SBBG68301SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRalph Hoffmann1931-01-28 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    SBBG90392SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith66811962-04-10 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: gate in Corralitos Cyn before ascending hill to Point Sal
    SBBG90399SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith67461962-04-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Jalama Beach, N of Pt Conception
    SBBG90400SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith53581957-05-20 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: N slope of Pt Sal
    SBBG90401SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith40211955-03-31 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Burton Mesa, N of Lompoc
    SBBG90402SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiT. L. Secrest1949-03-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Jalama Beach County Park, N of Pt Conception
    SBBG90403SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith30001951-04-15 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: bluffs above beach at Pt Sal
    SBBG90404SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiW. Abbott1951-04-01 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: around Pt Sal
    SBBG90405SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith38061952-09-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: cliff above dunes at Surf
    SBBG90406SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith67561962-04-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: mesa near dunes at Pt Conception
    SBBG90407SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith65021961-09-15 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: above W end of Big Twin Lake, S of Oceano
    SBBG90408SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith56441957-10-16 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Dune Lakes, S of Oceano
    SBBG90409SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiClifton F. Smith50881957-04-04 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: old military barracks on Burton Mesa, N of Lompoc
    SBBG95748SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. J. Rodin86441972-04-05 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills: Point Sal State Beach
    SD00020924SDAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRobert F. Thorne377711968-06-07 San Luis ObispoJack 3 miles S of Oceano
    SD233825SDAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG. Helmkamp10601996-05-25 San Luis ObispoDried vernal pools between CA-1 and the ocean 1.5 miles north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse near the northern border of the county
    UC1073303UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge B. Rossbach3301954-10-03 Montereysand-dunes behind high sea-cliff n Big Sur; n of Big Sur
    UC1073391UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge B. Rossbach3291955-05-01 Santa Barbaralarge coastal dunes 1 1-2 mi s Surf; s of Surf
    UC1128881UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG. E. Sindel1571935-03-07 Santa BarbaraPt. Sal Landing Guadalupe Quad., Pt. Sal Landing
    UC1128882UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG. T. Nordstrom13111937-06-05 San Luis Obispo3.2 mi sw Asuncion School; Adelaida Quad., sw of Asuncion School
    UC1128883UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiG. E. Sindel3001935-07-26 San Mateo2 1-2 mi nnw Pescadero; Santa Cruz Quad., nnw of Pescadero
    UC1176929UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiPeter H. Raven25941950-07-13 MontereyCarmel
    UC1199094UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJoseph P. Tracy165861940-06-22 Montereynear Cypress Point (near ocean, Monterey Peninsula); Monterey Peninsula, near Cypress Point
    UC1252078UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJohn H. Thomas52891955-07-17 Monterey1.6 mi s Dolan Creek (along the coast)
    UC1285217UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover62331946-07-21 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon Creek Beach
    UC1285218UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover66601947-03-08 San Luis Obisponear Piedras Blancas Point (on sand dunes); near Piedras Blancas Point
    UC1285219UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover92511964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    UC1285220UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover75251948-05-14 San Luis Obispoon ocean bluff s of mouth Islay Creek; s of mouth of Islay Creek
    UC1285221UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover92781964-08-14 San Luis ObispoJack Lake
    UC1285225UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover75591948-11-13 San Luis Obispow Oceano; w of Oceano
    UC131093UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatharine Brandegee1909-06-12 Montereynear Gorda; near Gorda
    UC13412UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAlbert Kellogg1866-07-04 Alameda
    UC13413UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiIvar Tidestrom1893-06-06 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC13414UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiF. T. Bioletti1891-07-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC13416UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMcLean1871-08-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC1488849UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatherine K. Muller13961965-07-27 San Luis Obispoflat plain behind dunes at mouth Oso Flaco; mouth of Oso Flaco
    UC1584865UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiJ. Powell14881985-10-05 Montereyca 17 mi s Big Sur (Mouth of Big Creek (UC NLWR), near beach); s of Big Sur, Mouth of Big Creek
    UC168538UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatharine Brandegee1971-09-15 MontereyPacific Grove, Pacific Grove (Monterey)
    UC168539UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiKatharine Brandegee2001-04-17 MontereyPacific Grove, Pacific Grove (Monterey)
    UC1745838UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAnnetta M. Carter, Betty Wood9311935-07-21 Santa BarbaraMouth of Santa Maria River, 9 W of Santa Maria.
    UC184306UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer40691902-09-01 MontereyCarmel Bay
    UC184486UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer35231902-04-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC311110UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiA. D. E. Elmer43751903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC334604UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiunknown1985-05-09 UnknownU. S. Pacific Slope U. S. Pacific Slope (Western, mostly Californian)
    UC397249UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiS. B. Parish114561917-08-01 MontereyPoint Cabrillo Monterey Peninsula, Point Cabrillo
    UC454089UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiI. J. Condit1909-09-06 San Luis ObispoOceano Oceano (among sand hills)
    UC483352UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiW. R. Dudley1895-12-29 MontereyMonterey
    UC518968UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDavid D. Keck21811933-05-04 San Luis ObispoCambria
    UC536843UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMarcus E. Jones1934-04-09 Montereynear Soledad; near Soledad
    UC536849UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiMarcus E. Jones1934-04-09 Montereynear Soledad; near Soledad
    UC570458UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiWilliam S. Cooper33-1351933-08-23 San Luis Obispomouth Santa Maria River
    UC577097UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiLewis S. Rose355971935-09-02 Monterey9 mi ne Monterey (Indian Habor); ne of Monterey, Indian Harbor
    UC596746UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiRensselaer J. Smith1906-10-01 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC599232UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiFrank W. Peirson1938-04-13 Santa BarbaraSurf
    UC610514UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEdward Lee, Herbert Mason93731934-10-01 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    UC610686UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEdward Lee, Herbert Mason93741935-02-09 MontereyPoint Lobos State Park
    UC624250UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiL. Constance25231939-07-15 Marin10 mi sw Inverness (salt marsh on Drake′s Estero, Point Reyes Peninsula); Point Reyes Peninsula, Drake′s Estero, sw of Inverness
    UC629732UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEthel Crum20911939-05-28 San Luis Obispofour mi n Cambria (mouth of San Simeon Creek);, n of Cambria
    UC635310UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiH. L. Mason50331929-03-02 Montereytwenty mi s Carmel (Big Sur Road); s of Carmel
    UC65734UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiN. K. Berg1904-04-03 MontereyPacific Grove
    UC764096UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiR. F. Hoover37331938-08-07 Montereycoastal cliffs betw. Big Sur River and Little Sur River; betw Big Sur and Little Sur Rivers
    UC774481UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCarl B. Wolf109851941-07-11 San Luis Obispoalong coast about 1 mi n Cambria (w coastal bluffs); n of Cambria
    UC81344UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiF. T. Bioletti1891-08-01 San FranciscoOcean View San Francisco, Ocean View
    UC82683UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiunknown1885-08-01 Montereycoast of Monterey Co.
    UC82735UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAlice Eastwood1900-04-16 MontereyMonterey
    UC83184UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiT. Brandegee1888-06-01 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon
    UC862908UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiEdith A. Purer79881940-08-02 San Luis Obisponw Guadalupe (Oso Flaco Lake, Santa Maria); Oso Flaco Lake, nw of Guadalupe, Santa Maria
    UC862909UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiLouis C. Wheeler40591935-10-22 MontereyPoint Joe Point Joe (just behind seaward bluff)
    UC862911UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiAlice Eastwood1011912-05-28 MontereyCypress Pt
    UC942921UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiLewis S. Rose501321950-05-14 Montereyn Big Sur; n of Big Sur, coastal bluffs
    UCR146826UCRAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp88012004-09-21 Santa BarbaraVandenburg Air Force Base. Lompoc-Casmalia Rd, 0.2 N of jct with San Antonio Rd, generally south of Casmalia
    UCR158593UCRAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp86862004-06-20 Santa BarbaraSurf. Southern Pacific RR parking lot NW of Lompoc
    UCR159318UCRAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp87682004-07-14 Santa BarbaraSurf, NW of Lompoc
    UCR6706UCRAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiSaul Frommers.n.1967-02-05 San Luis ObispoCambria, behind Sunset View Motel
    UCR91836UCRAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGeorge K. Helmkamp10601996-05-25 San Luis Obispobetween CA Hwy 1 and the ocean, 1.5 miles north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse near the northern border of the county
    UCSB037232UCSBAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiCleveland, Joan521979-05-12 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro
    UCSB037233UCSBAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDennis E. Breedlove6231961-07-01 MontereyAlong roadside; 5.4 N of Lucia on State Highway 1.
    UCSB037234UCSBAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiParikh, Anuja; Gale, NathanVAFBSAT 0231994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSlopes of created wetland site Wildflower Wetland, Vandenberg Air Force Base
    UCSB037235UCSBAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiGlenn Keator1959-04-12 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Beach Park, 3.4 miles N of Canong Hwy. 1
    UCSB037236UCSBAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiNewby, Ron401959-04-11 San Luis Obispo2.6 miles N of Canon Highway 1; 300 yds. S of San Simeon Beach State Park
    UCSC100001362UCSCAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Styer, P. Smith3902011-12-13 MontereyBeach Ranges, Fort Ord National Monument (Region B5)
    UCSC100001363UCSCAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiD. Styer, P. Smith7852014-07-23 MontereyFt. Ord Dunes State Park (Region B5, south end)
    UCSC100002914UCSCAstragalus nuttallii var. nuttalliiDylan M. Neubauer14092019-05-09 Santa Barbara(SCo) Dangermond Preserve, Coho Ranch side, Point Conception, dunes east of Coast Guard Reservation
    AHUC104900DAVAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusBeecher Crampton64951962-06-11 San MateoSan Mateo County: Pacifica, north city limits, along State Hwy. 1 just southwest of its junction with Skyline Blvd.
    CAS-BOT177951CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCarruth, W. W.s.n.1900-07-01 San FranciscoPresidio, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177952CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCannon, Miss. E.s.n.1892-07-28 San FranciscoLake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177953CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRubtzoff, Peter27821956-08-25 San FranciscoBorder of marsh on the bottom of gully south of Stanley Drive, east of Lake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177954CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusPettibone, Noras.n.1894-07-15 San FranciscoPresidio, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177955CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHowitt, B.; Vandevere, J.1511966-08-04 San FranciscoNE side of Whaler′s Knoll in Pt. Lobos Reserve, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177956CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHerrin, Wm. F.s.n.1918-08-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    CAS-BOT177957CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusZeile, E. M.581921-08-30 San FranciscoSt. Francis Wood, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177958CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJones, Marcus E.s.n.1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177959CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJones, Marcus E.s.n.1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177960CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G.W.1911868-07-10 San FranciscoLone Mt., San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177961CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusEastwood, Alices.n.1913-08-06 San FranciscoLake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177962CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusEastwood, Alice15751912-08-06 San FranciscoPt. Lobos, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177963CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHowell, John Thomas6951924-10-19 San FranciscoLake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177964CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHowell, John Thomas318561956-09-09 San FranciscoSE end of Lake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177965CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice60631938-06-26 San MateoArroyo de los Frijoles
    CAS-BOT177966CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHesse, V. F.13421954-07-30 San MateoNear Pebble Beach
    CAS-BOT177967CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHesse, V. F.701921-07-30 San MateoSalada
    CAS-BOT177968CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-10-04 San MateoHills above Mussel Rock - Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
    CAS-BOT177969CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-04-17 San MateoPasture near Pebble Beach, Pescadero - Santa Cruz Peninsula
    CAS-BOT177970CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHeller, A. A.83851906-06-08 San MateoNear Ocean View, San Francisco, on the Lake Merced side of the Ocean Shore tracks in soil.
    CAS-BOT177971CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHeller, A. A.83851906-06-08 San MateoNear Ocean View, San Francisco, on the Lake Merced side of the Ocean Shore tracks in soil.
    CAS-BOT177972CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHeller, A. A.83851906-06-08 San MateoNear Ocean View, San Francisco, on the Lake Merced side of the Ocean Shore tracks in soil.
    CAS-BOT177973CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusLeitholdt, C. F.s.n.1894-07-29 San MateoPescadero Hills - Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula
    CAS-BOT177974CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusLeitholdt, C. F.s.n.1894-07-01 San MateoPescadero
    CAS-BOT177975CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusFerris, R. S.21851921-05-29 San MateoPescadero, Pebble Beach
    CAS-BOT177993CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRubtzoff, Peter34091957-07-07 San FranciscoBordering the marsh on the bottom of gully south of Stanley Drive, east of Lake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177994CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRaven, Peter H.113041957-09-01 San FranciscoSouth end of Lake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177995CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusWalker, Miss. H. A.17771909-07-26 San FranciscoLands End, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177996CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusWalker, Miss. H. A.17771909-07-26 San FranciscoLands End, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177997CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusBacigalupi, R.27311941-10-22 San FranciscoSandy hills 1-4 mi. back from the ocean strand, close to San Francisco-San Mateo County line.
    CAS-BOT177998CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRattan, Volneys.n.1885-04-01 San FranciscoOcean View, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT177999CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJones, Marcus E.s.n.1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT178000CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCovel, Paul F.5671936-07-12 San FranciscoLake Merced, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT186559CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRattan, Volneys.n.1880-08-21 AlamedaStreets of Alameda
    CAS-BOT186561CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRattan, Volneys.n.1881-01-01 AlamedaOakland
    CAS-BOT186562CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusUtech, F. H.86-3851986-05-23 HumboldtKing Mountain Range: 0.5 mi NNW on Kings Peak Road (Humboldt Co. hwy C4A) from junction with Shelter Cove Road
    CAS-BOT186563CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusSherfey, Ken; Leary, Annes.n.1989-11-01 MarinBluff at Pt. Reyes Lighthouse
    CAS-BOT186564CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusRubtzoff, Peter7781951-09-23 MarinPoint Reyes
    CAS-BOT186565CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1920-05-01 MarinAngel Island
    CAS-BOT186566CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHowell, John Thomas218681946-05-16 MarinAngel Island, se. side
    CAS-BOT186567CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusThomas, Hazelle A.; Thomas, John H.6461955-06-25 MendocinoNear mouth of Russian Gulch, 1.6 miles north of town of Mendocino
    CAS-BOT186568CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMcMurphy, Jas.1311903-07-01 MendocinoMendocino
    CAS-BOT186569CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusB., C. F.33581903-06-30 San MateoPillar Point
    CAS-BOT194426CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDemaree, Delzie103761933-06-12 San MateoBaden Station, South San Francisco
    CAS-BOT194427CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCohen, Daniel981953-05-09 San MateoBeach at Pescadero
    CAS-BOT194428CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusSokol, Otto M.80-B1953-05-09 San MateoPebble Beach
    CAS-BOT194429CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCopeland32991905-06-03 San MateoMontara Pt.
    CAS-BOT194430CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCopeland32991905-06-03 San MateoMontara Pt.
    CAS-BOT194431CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusWheeler, Phillip C.s.n.1965-08-16 San MateoThe great Meadow adjacent to Radio Road, San Bruno Mountain
    CAS-BOT194432CASAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusWheeler, Phillip C.s.n.1965-06-20 San MateoGreat Meadow adjacent to Radio Road, San Bruno Mountain
    CHSC20357CHSCAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusZ. Parkevich1975-06-21 MendocinoOn coastal bluff, ca. 200 yds from the entrance to Russian Gulch State Park.
    CHSC40740CHSCAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDelzie Demaree103761933-06-12 San MateoBaden Station, South San Francisco.
    DAV335480DAVAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusNorma Jensens.n.1959-07-18 MendocinoMendocino County: Buff overlooking the ocean, Mendocino.
    JEPS104738UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJohn L. Morrison18871992-05-24 San FranciscoLake Merced, near the SW corner
    JEPS46218UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusR. Verl Gardner1916-09-17 San Franciscos Coast Guard Station (San Francisco); San Francisco
    LA205681LAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJ.A. Ewan101521936-09-13 San FranciscoCentral Coast; SW corner of Lake Merced
    LA205682LAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJ.A. Ewan101301936-09-13 San FranciscoCentral Coast; Fort Funston
    LA37855LAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusNorma Jensens.n.1959-07-18 MendocinoNorth Coast; Mendocino
    MCCC2025MCCCAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusV.A. Barnes1962-11-08 MendocinoHeadlands at Russian Gulch State Park (also found at headlands at Van Damme)
    NY01267018NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusA. Eastwood15751912-08-06 UnknownPt. Lobos. San Francisco
    NY01267019NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJ. T. Howell218681946-05-16 ?  MarinAngel Island
    NY01267021NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusA. A. Heller83851906-06-08 ?  San MateoNear Ocean View, San Francisco, on the Lake Merced side of the Ocean Shore tracks.
    NY01267022NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusA. A. Heller56731902-06-09 UnknownBeach near the Cliff House, San Francisco
    NY01267023NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusA. A. Heller56751902-06-10 UnknownPresidio, San Francisco
    NY01267025NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusM. E. Joness.n.1897-07-17 UnknownGolden Gate Park
    NY01267030NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJ. I. W. McMurphy1311903-07-01 ?  MendocinoMendocino
    NY01267031NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusH. E. Brown8531898-06-01 ?  MendocinoCollected near Mendocino
    NY01267041NYAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusN. Jensens.n.1959-07-18 ?  MendocinoMendocino
    OBI122869OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDavid Keil322832014-04-24 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park, along Coon Creek Trail.
    OBI122879OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMatt Willis2016-03-14 San Luis ObispoDiablo Canon Power Plant North Ranch
    OBI123086OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDavid Keil321562014-04-05 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park; along Pecho Valley Road in vicinity of Spooner′s Cove; beach near parking lot
    OBI186303OBIAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusDavid Keil323452014-06-11 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Park Ridge Trail a short distance north of intersection with Canet Trail.
    POM16314RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCopeland32991905-06-03 San MateoMontara Point.
    POM26047RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park.
    PUA1584PUAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusT. Unsell1969-07-21 MendocinoLocal landmark: Mendocino. Fort Bragg Quad.
    PUA3860PUAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusLavern C. Wolcott1951-07-14 MendocinoLocal landmark: Russian Gulch. Fort Bragg Quad.
    RSA0006831RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusL. S. Roses.n.1945-07-19 Unknown[No location data on label]
    RSA12200RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCarl B. Wolf57421934-06-27 San Francisco19th Ave at Estero Station, San Francisco
    RSA138316RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusVolney Rattans.n.1880-08-21 AlamedaAlameda
    RSA141310RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusNorma Jensens.n.1959-07-18 MendocinoMendocino
    RSA40254RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusL. S. Rose471421947-07-12 San FranciscoLake Merced.
    RSA498283RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusE. A. Purer55141933-08-25 San MateoSkyline Drive.
    RSA498284RSAAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusE. A. Purer54051933-08-13 San MateoSanta Clara Valley near Baden Station.
    SBBG34010SBBGAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusLewis S. Rose691121969-09-20 San MateoThornton Beach
    SD12561SDAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusEdith A. Purer55141933-08-25 San MateoSkyline Drive.
    SD27752SDAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusCarl B. Wolf5621927-06-29 San MateoAlong the coast south of Pescadero at Pebble Beach.
    SD37525SDAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusEdith A. Purer54051933-08-13 San MateoSmall bottom, Santa Clara Valley, near Baden Station.
    SD40165SDAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusEdith A. Purer53561933-07-27 San MateoHigh stabilized sand dunes, Pigeon Point.
    SD8531SDAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMicheners.n.1892-08-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    SFV106260SFVAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusW. R. Russells. n.1966-08-17 San MateoOn side of hill at north end of Princeton Beach, about 2 miles south of Moss Beach.
    SJSU1390SJSUAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusC.W. Sharsmith60911953-06-18 Mendocinoby Russian Gulch near Mendocino City
    UC1177210UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJohn Thomas Howell218681946-05-16 MarinAngel Island
    UC1177235UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJohn Thomas Howell231591947-05-14 MarinMcClure Beach
    UC13415UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusF. T. Bioletti1891-08-01 San FranciscoOcean View
    UC13417UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusF. T. Bioletti1892-09-01 San FranciscoCliff
    UC14751UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusW. H. Brewer27581864-03-02 MarinAngel Island
    UC1537101UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusGordon H. True, Jr.5111936-06-14 San Mateofairly open hillside on Salada Beach Road 1 mi from Skyline Blvd.; on Salada Beach Road
    UC163943UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMiss H. A. Walker17771909-07-26 San FranciscoLands End, Lands End (San Francisco)
    UC220252UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusKatharine Brandegee1907-07-01 San FranciscoLake Merced
    UC373091UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMarcus E. Jones1897-07-17 San FranciscoGolden Gate Park
    UC635307UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusHerbert L. Mason11161924-10-19 San FranciscoMerced Lake Merced Lake (sand dunes)
    UC723799UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusJoseph A. Ewan101301936-09-13 San FranciscoFort Funston
    UC73261UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusN. L. Gardner1905-08-14 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC81343UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusT. S. Brandegee1901-09-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
    UC81345UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusMichener, Bioletti1892-08-09 San FranciscoCliff House
    UC862731UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusAlice Eastwood15751912-08-06 San FranciscoPt. Lobos, Pt. Lobos (San Francisco)
    UC862910UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallii var. virgatusLewis S. Rose325931932-08-20 San FranciscoLake Merced Lake Merced (sand hills)
    NY5907NYPhaca nuttalliiT. Nuttalls.n.2003-04-21 Unknown[Santa Barbara]

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