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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC104899DAVAstragalus nuttallianusAlan A. Beetles.n.1944 ?  UnknownCounty and location unknown.
    BSCA0763BSCAAstragalus nuttallianusBarth, Joe14312011-4-15 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. East base of Jacumba Mts, SW of the Volcanic Hills. NW of Piedras Grandes Mt. By RR trax and adjacent slopes and flats. 3 miles due W of Imperial County line. 4.7 miles due S of Hiway S2, 8.2 miles due N of Interstate 8.
    BSCA3835BSCAAstragalus nuttallianusHendrickson, Larry107511992-3-23 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Canon Sin Nombre, 0.6 mile east of intersection of access road and County Road S2 (Sweeney Pass Road).
    CAS-BOT178026CASAstragalus nuttallianusParish, S. B.96561915-3-22 San BernardinoGoffs, Mojave Desert
    CAS-BOT178027CASAstragalus nuttallianusJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1940-5-12 San BernardinoMid-Hills
    CAS-BOT178028CASAstragalus nuttallianusAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise13061940-5-4 San Bernardino4th of July Canyon, New York Mountains
    CAS-BOT178029CASAstragalus nuttallianusEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas89081941-5-7 San BernardinoMountain Pass
    CAS-BOT178030CASAstragalus nuttallianusWolf, Carl B.105321941-5-14 San Bernardino1/10 mi. E of summit of grade between Horse Thief & Beck Springs, Mojave Desert Kingston Mts.
    CAS-BOT178031CASAstragalus nuttallianusWolf, Carl B.70421935-5-27 San BernardinoClark Mt., Pachalka Spring, Mojave Desert
    CAS-BOT178032CASAstragalus nuttallianusCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug0251980-4-12 San BernardinoNear Smith Mine, Kingston Range
    CAS-BOT178033CASAstragalus nuttallianusDeGroot, Sarah J.; Denslow, Michael18412003-3-19 San BernardinoNorth slope of Pyramid Butte, Whipple Mountains
    CAS-BOT178060CASAstragalus nuttallianusParish, S. B.s.n.1896-4-1 RiversidePalm Springs, Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT178061CASAstragalus nuttallianusCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug1081980-4-29 Riverside6 1/2 road miles NNW of Horse Thief Springs - Kingston Range
    CAS-BOT178062CASAstragalus nuttallianusHowell, John Thomass.n.1928-3-24 Imperial35 miles south of Indio and 5 miles west of highway.
    CAS-BOT178063CASAstragalus nuttallianusHolmgren, Noel H.; Holmgren, Patricia K.; Kern, Ruth E.64201973-3-20 RiversideBig Maria Mountains, 12 airline miles north of downtown Blythe
    CAS-BOT178064CASAstragalus nuttallianusCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug1721980-5-18 InyoValley N of Landing Strip, 1.7 miles N of Horse Theif Springs - Kingston Range
    CAS-BOT178065CASAstragalus nuttallianusRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.37711941-6-6 InyoDarwin Mesa
    CAS-BOT178066CASAstragalus nuttallianusEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas78001940-3-28 InyoTitus Canyon
    CAS-BOT178067CASAstragalus nuttallianusCoville, Frederick V.; Funston, Frederick5131891-3-31 InyoPanamint Mountains, Death Valley
    CAS-BOT178068CASAstragalus nuttallianusKeck, David D.; Ferris, Roxana S.58181947-3-26 InyoTitus Canyon, Grapevine Mts., east of Death Valley, Death Valley National Monument
    CAS-BOT178069CASAstragalus nuttallianusRaven, Peter H.128971958-5-5 RiversideWest of Split Rock Tank, Joshua Tree National Monument
    CAS-BOT178070CASAstragalus nuttallianusSanders, A. C.; Malueg, D.; Jones, K. D.219681998-6-4 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert, Kelso Mtns. along the SCE powerline route, near Old Dad Mtn. UTM 10km cell: 11S PJ-0E, 8N. Old Dad Mtn.
    CAS-BOT178071CASAstragalus nuttallianusRoos, J. C.s.n.1958-3-15 Riverside3 miles S.E. of Desert Center, in the Chuckwalla Mtns.
    CAS-BOT178072CASAstragalus nuttallianusHitchcock, C. L.59351940-4-3 Riverside1 1/2 mi. northeast of Cottonwood Spring along 29 Palms Road, Joshua Tree Nat. Monument.
    CAS-BOT178073CASAstragalus nuttallianusAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise9171940-3-22 San BernardinoNear summit of ridge on trail looking down on 49 Palms, 7 miles to southwest of Twenty Nine Palms, Mojave Desert
    CAS-BOT178074CASAstragalus nuttallianusBoyd, Steve; Morgan, Tammy107402004-3-30 San BernardinoPisgah lava beds just south of old Route 66 and I-40, west of Ludlow and 7.8 miles east of Fort Cady Road, Central Mojave Desert region, Mojave Desert
    CAS-BOT178075CASAstragalus nuttallianusAbrams, L. R.140631941-5-12 San BernardinoRocky limestone hill 8 miles north of Valley Well air beacon on Excelsior Mine Road, Kingston Mountains, Mojave Desert
    CAS-BOT250942CASAstragalus nuttallianusSanders, A. C.391482011-4-14 InyoNE Mojave Desert: west side of Pahrump Valley along Old Spanish Trail Hwy, 3.73 mi. west of Calvada Springs (Rose Ave.), c. 6 miles west of NV state line Elev. given as 2614 ft
    CAS-BOT250943CASAstragalus nuttallianusSanders, A. C.; Howald, Ann; Singh, O.; Elliot, B.; Laeger, E.; Scott, C.; Clark, B.391692011-4-19 InyoNE Mojave Desert: Pahrump Valley, Old Spanish Trail Hwy at Calvada Springs, west of Rose Ave. Elev. given as 2603 ft
    CLARK-A1528-2753CLARKAstragalus nuttallianusJohn C. Roos1958-3-15 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains
    JEPS54761UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusWillis L. Jepson70651917-5-15 InyoHanaupah Canon , Hanaupah Canon (Panamint Mts.)
    JEPS54762UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusF. W. Peirson5841922-4-09 Riversidefoot of Murray Canon e base Mt. San Jacinto, Palm Sprs, Murray Canon (Palm Sprs., e base Mt. San Jacinto)
    JEPS54763UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusL. M. Newlon4571922-4-04 RiversidePalm Canon , Palm Canon (Mt. San Jacinto)
    JEPS54765UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusL. M. Newlon5401922-4-11 San Bernardino1 mi e Goffs (Mohave Desert); , e of Goffs
    JEPS54767UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusM. French Gilman41411940-4-25 InyoJohnson Canon Death Valley, Panamint Range, Johnson Canon (Panamint Range, Death Valley)
    JEPS54768UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusM. French Gilman41421940-4-25 InyoJohnson Canon Death Valley, Panamint Range, Johnson Canon (Panamint Range, Death Valley)
    PUA69222PUAAstragalus nuttallianusG.L. Clifton1988-5-05 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Clark Mtn. Clark Mtn. Quad.
    RSA0035762RSAAstragalus nuttallianusPamela Earle211983-5-15 San BernardinoProvidence Mts. west of and adjacent to Hole-In-The-Wall Campground near the base of the west-facing bluffs.
    RSA662070RSAAstragalus nuttallianusJ. C. Rooss.n.1958-3-15 Riverside3 miles SE of Desert Center, Chuckwalla Mtns.
    RSA701549RSAAstragalus nuttallianusSteve Boyd107402004-3-30 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert. Pisgah lava beds just south of old Route 66 and I-40, west of Ludlow and 7.8 miles east of Fort Cady Road.
    RSA731991RSAAstragalus nuttallianusA. C. Sanders347082008-4-4 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley, 5.5 mi. SW of Primm, NV and 1.8 mi. west of golf course on NW side of I-15, between Yates Well Rd and isolated hill to the north. Alluvial fan cut by washes; creosote bush scrub.; Ivanpah Lake 7.5'
    RSA756453RSAAstragalus nuttallianusMichael Honer20792005-3-14 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water DistrictWhipple Mountains; steep hills appx. 1 air mi. NE of Bandit Pass.
    RSA792999RSAAstragalus nuttallianusA. C. Sanders391482011-4-14 Inyowest side of Pahrump Valley along Old Spanish Trail Hwy, 3.73 mi. west of Calvada Springs (Rose Ave.), c. 6 miles west of NV state line; Calvada Springs 7.5' Q.
    RSA794013RSAAstragalus nuttallianusA. C. Sanders391692011-4-19 InyoPahrump Valley, Old Spanish Trail Hwy at Calvada Springs, west of Rose Ave.; Calvada Spring 7.5' Q.
    RSA799643RSAAstragalus nuttallianusJustin M. Wood3443-B2011-4-6 KernMojave Desert: Ridgecrest, SW of the intersection of Downs St. and Ridgecrest Blvd., just W of the SCE Downs Substation.; Ridgecrest South
    SBBG119033SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusSteve Boyd w/ T. Morgan107402004-3-30 San BernardinoPisgah lava beds just S of old Rte 66 and I-4 W of Ludlow and 7.8 mi E of Fort Cady Rd
    SBBG44487SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmann1930-4-25 San BernardinoGranite Mtns
    SBBG44490SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmann1930-4-27 Inyomouth of Mountain Spring Cyn
    SBBG68285SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusS. W. Hutchinson5721927-5-1 San BernardinoAdelanto
    SBBG68287SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmann1930-5-15 San BernardinoFenner-Bonanza King Mine
    SBBG68288SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmann1930-5-17 San Bernardino7 mi S of Fenner
    SBBG68289SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmann1930-5-15 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
    SBBG81171SBBGAstragalus nuttallianusSteven A. Junak11861982-5-15 San BernardinoCedar Cyn Rd, 5.2 mi E of Cima Rd, 0.9 W of Black Cyn Rd, Mid Hills
    SD146277SDAstragalus nuttallianusB. Pitzer35331998-2-21 RiversideHayfield Dry Lake, on the lakebed, 0.50 to 0.75 mile southeast of the pumping station.
    SHTC960SHTCAstragalus nuttallianusGoodfellow, S. & Moll Lee, K.342016-4-19 StanislausLocated near the pathway on the left side of the bridge about 2/3 mile down. Found near bushes and top of rocks
    UC13442UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusNorman C. Wilson1893-6-05 San BernardinoPiute Creek
    UC2025797UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianusT. R. Huggins13-1152013-4-6 San BernardinoNew York Mountains. Below Keystone Canon, ca. 0.5 miles west of Ivanpah Road
    UCR109453UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders121651992-4-05 RiversideChuckwalla Valley, Ford Dry Lake, north of Interstate Hwy 10 at Ford Dry Lake Road, near site of Hopkins Well
    UCR109472UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders163711995-4-05 RiversideCoachella Valley; south of Mission Creek and west of Hwy 62
    UCR112468UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders219681998-6-04 San BernardinoKelso Mtns. along the SCE powerline route, near Old Dad Mtn.; Eastern Mojave Desert
    UCR112975UCRAstragalus nuttallianusB.G. Pitzer35331998-2-21 RiversideHayfield Dry Lake, on the lakebed, 1/2 to 3/4 mile SE of the pumping station; Colorado Desert
    UCR115422UCRAstragalus nuttallianusJeri Hirshberg4521997-4-29 InyoDeath Valley region, old house site 1/2 mile north of World Beater Mine, Pleasant Canon, Panamint Mtns.; Death Valley Region
    UCR147806UCRAstragalus nuttallianusSteve Boyd107402004-3-30 San BernardinoPisgah lava beds just south of old Route 66 and I-40, west of Ludlow and 7.8 mi east of Fort Cady Road
    UCR163295UCRAstragalus nuttallianusB.G. Pitzer40952000-4-16 San BernardinoNorth end of Marble Mtns, c. 0.7 mi. (airline) south of Hwy I-40 and c. 0.15 mi. east of Kelbaker Road on dirt road leading NE, up the wash
    UCR163421UCRAstragalus nuttallianusB.G. Pitzer3921A1999-5-25 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, UC Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Reserve Center, west end of Granite Cove; Eastern Mojave Desert
    UCR18239UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders003241978-4-06 San BernardinoClipper Valley at the NE foot of the Clipper Mtns., c. 12 miles west of Fenner on Interstate Hwy 40, vicinity of Goldhammer Mine
    UCR18251UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders003231978-4-07 San Bernardinoalong Hwy 95 at the west foot of the Chemehuevi Mountains, north of Havasu Lake Road
    UCR182627UCRAstragalus nuttallianusMitch Provance48522001-5-5 San BernardinoClark Mountain, Keany Pass, narrow 4 mile long E to W oriented belt walked on the mesa and lower slopes south of the electric transmission lines
    UCR191368UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders347082008-4-4 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley, 5.5 miles SW of Primm, NV and 1.8 mi. west of golf course on NW side of I-15, between Yates Well Rd. and isolated hill to the north
    UCR20591UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders3211978-5-06 San Bernardinoeast end Kingston Range, 11.7 miles northwest of Kingston Road (= Winters Pass Road) on Excelsior Mine Road
    UCR209176UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders344502008-3-19 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley near foot of Clark Mtn., just north of Antimony Gulch Wash and c. 2.2 mi. SE of Ivanpah Springs
    UCR215009UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders382932010-5-5 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley, south of limestone hill emerging from alluvium below Clark Mountain, 10.5 km SW (245 ° ) of Primm, NV, 5.8 WNW (104 ° ) of Primm Valley Golf Club, 7.8 km W of I-15
    UCR225297UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders391482011-4-14 Inyowest side of Pahrump Valley along Old Spanish Trail Hwy, 3.73 mi. west of Calvada Springs (Rose Ave.), c. 6 miles west of NV state line
    UCR225491UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders391692011-4-19 InyoPahrump Valley, Old Spanish Trail Hwy at Calvada Springs, west of Rose Ave.
    UCR23854UCRAstragalus nuttallianusJohn C. Rooss.n.1958-3-15 Riverside3 miles SE of Desert Center, Chuckwalla Mtns.
    UCR25955UCRAstragalus nuttallianusJohn C. Roos61141954-5-09 InyoDeath Valley region, Panamint Mountains, Wildrose Canon
    UCR33091UCRAstragalus nuttallianusJames Henrickson171491978-5-14 San Bernardino60 air miles NE of Barstow, c. 4 NE of Avawatz Pass, between Arrastre Spring and crest of Avawatz Mountains
    UCR42330UCRAstragalus nuttallianusB.G. Pitzer01131986-4-20 San Bernardinobajada west of Mescal Range, c. 6.7 miles SE of Hwy I-15 along Cima Road, c. 1 mile north of Cima Road on unnamed dirt road
    UCR47328UCRAstragalus nuttallianusA.C. Sanders70091987-4-04 San BernardinoHart Mine, SW end of Castle Mountains
    UCSB037229UCSBAstragalus nuttallianusDressler, Robert546 dup.1949-4-02 San Diego24 mi. north west of Carrizo
    UCSB037230UCSBAstragalus nuttallianusJohn C. Roos1958-3-15 Riverside3 miles SE of Desert Center, in the Chuckwalla Mtns.
    UCSC100001365UCSCAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmans.n.1932-4-09 ?  MontereySeven miles east of Copper City
    UCSC371UCSCAstragalus nuttallianusRalph Hoffmanns.n.1932-4-09 San BernardinoRocky slope, 7 miles west of Copper City
    AHUC104898DAVAstragalus nuttallianus var. austrinusC. C. Crampton471941-4-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: On 71 L Ranch about 20 miles n. of Essex.
    RSA0121512RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. austrinusMarcus E. Joness.n1906-4-25 ImperialWest of Yuma.
    RSA0208661RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. austrinusCheryl Birker1212016-11-2 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert; Between the Castle Mountains and the New York Mountains 0.3 air miles SE of Stagecoach Well.
    RSA776840RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. austrinusAmber Swanson2252011-3-18 RiversideBLMAbout 3 airmiles SE of Desert Center, N of Chuckwalla Mtns.
    CSLA001022CSLAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisE. L. Peterson1958-4-25 San BernardinoNear Lanfair
    JEPS54760UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisWillis L. Jepson124581928-4-20 San DiegoSentenac Canon
    JOTR1060JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisCole, James E.6511941-4-25 ?  San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. SOUTHWEST QUARTER
    LA205563LAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisPhilip A. Munz48461922-4-09 RiversideSonoran Desert; Chuckwalla Mountains; vicinity of Corn Springs
    LA214380LAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisC. Eplings.n.1932-4-1 San DiegoHell Hole Canon, near Borego
    POM47635RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisF. W. Peirson5841922-4-09 RiversideMurray Canon. North bank, 1/2 mile above mouth.
    RSA0126279RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisDuncan S. Bell88092016-3-4 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; northwestern section of the range, small canyon approximately 4 air miles north northwest of the summit of the Orocopia Mountains.; Orocopia Canon
    RSA253699RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisNoel Holmgren64201973-3-20 RiversideBig Maria Mts., 12 airline miles N of downtown Blythe.
    RSA336199RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisR. F. Thorne520131978-4-23 RiversideChino Canon.
    RSA630229RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisR. S. Woglum29201941-4-10 ImperialOgilby.
    RSA776289RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisDuncan S. Bell8352010-4-10 RiversideRiverside Mountains; in the vicinity of Mountaineer Mine and Canona Mine; approximately 3.8 air miles west of the Colorado River; approximately 2 air miles northeast of Riverside Mountain Peak.
    RSA801908RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisDuncan S. Bell45302013-3-17 ImperialBLMCoyote Mountains; approximately 4.75 air miles north of the town of Ocotillo in Painted Gorge.; Painted Gorge
    RSA90703RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisF. W. Peirson5841922-4-09 RiversideMurray Canon, near Palm Springs
    SD00008171SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisJon Rebman163522009-3-11 ImperialFreeman Properties (Truckhaven): West of the Salton Sea, NW of Salton City, W of Hwy. 86; Section 5 (SP5), Verbena Wash, in rocky arroyo and surrounding rocky mesas
    SD115062SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisWayne P. Armstrongs.n.1983-4-11 San DiegoIsolated knoll about « mi. NorthWest of Vallectio County Park (Anza-Borrego) Scattered on gravelly slope.
    SD133335SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisErik Jonsson23541992-3-26 San DiegoCarrizo Mountain quad
    SD140567SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisCraig Reiser271997-3-14 San DiegoEastern Chula Vista, Horseshoe Bend
    SD144593SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisSuzanne Bell3141998-3-24 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, above Stag Cove
    SD155457SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisCraig Reisers.n.2001-4-8 San DiegoJade Peak, northeast of Jacumba, ca. 100 yards south of Old Highway 80.
    SD16675SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisFrank F. Gander31301937-4-06 San Diegoextreme northeast corner of San Diego County
    SD171497SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisJon P. Rebman118082005-4-22 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: Henderson Canon, approx. 2 miles north of Borrego Springs; on southwest side of canyon
    SD176217SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisJoe Barth3932005-3-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: Just north of the Volcanic Hills, adjacent to East Fork Jojoba Wash (near unmapped road), about .3 mile from west edge of square (in WNW part of square).
    SD200405SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisJon Rebman166542009-3-24 ImperialFreeman Properties (Truckhaven): West of the Salton Sea, NW of Salton City, W of Hwy. 86; Section 8 (SL8), near north fork of Big Wash, Site TRICAL on mesas and surrounding hillsides
    SD228500SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisJoe Barth14312011-4-15 San DiegoAnza Borrego Desert State Park. East base of Jacumba Mts, SW of the Volcanic Hills. NW of Piedras Grandes Mt. By RR trax and adjacent slopes and flats. 3 miles due W of Imperial County line. 4.7 miles due S of Hiway S2, 8.2 miles due N of Interstate 8.
    SD228501SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisMike Bigelow3722011-4-5 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; mouth of Corral Canon, near Visitor's Center
    SD24578SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisFrank F. Gander71541939-4-02 San Diegorocky slopes near Vallecito Station
    SD252620SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisMary Jo Churchwell4842011-3-10 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Henderson Canon; 2.3 miles NW of junction Henderson Canon Road and Borrego Springs Road
    UC183433UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisS. B. Parish96561915-3-22 San BernardinoGoffs , Goffs (Mojave Desert)
    UC667327UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg21261941-5-06 Riverside13 mi sw 29 Palms (Joshua Tree National Monument); Joshua Tree National Monument
    UCR232513UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisDave Silverman79002010-3-31 RiversidePalo Verde Mesa, E of southern McCoy Mtns, 1.5 W of Black Creek Rd, 5.4 N of I-10, and 6.8 km ENE of McCoy Peak
    UCR237631UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisDuncan S. Bell8352010-4-10 Riversidein the vicinity of Mountaineer Mine and Canona Mine, c. 3.8 air mi west of the Colorado River, c. 2 air mi northeast of Riverside Mountain Peak
    UCR33612UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. cedrosensisM. Sears12591978-4-14 San Bernardino9 miles NW of Essex, 1 mile north of Interstate Hwy 40 between Blind Hills and Clipper Mountains
    CDA0026711CDAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusS. Dobbins1973-4-30 InyoNortheastern Mojave Desert near Shoshone.
    CLARK-A1045-813CLARKAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-5-14 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains Clark Mt. 15'Q
    CSLA001021CSLAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJames Henrickson92921973-4-27 San Bernardinoca 37 (air) miles SE of Baker, in Providence Mts. in canyon 1/2 mile above Bonanza King Mine, 3 miles N of Providence Mts. State Reer. Area
    DAV335481DAVAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusRobert E. Preston27982010-5-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Clark Mountain Range, 1.7 mi ENE of Mountain Pass.
    DAV335482DAVAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusEllen Dean23932005-3-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: South of Granite Mountains and Mojave National Reserve. Along Kelbaker Road, just south of intersection with Hwy. 40. East side of road.
    GMDRC1014GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusG. L. Clifton247762001-4-1 San BernardinoMarble Mtns: Marble Mtns: Kelbaker Rd, s of I-40 at about 3065 ft, growing in rocky slope among sparse shrubs Near 34 ° 43.0 N 115 ° 39.7 W. Elev. 3065 ft.
    GMDRC123GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusS. F. Warrick631978-5-13 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: On moist sand near spring, Junk Car Wash near Coyote Spring, 3200'
    GMDRC1481GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. Andre46772004-5-1 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns: Providence Mtns: along Wildhorse Cyn Rd, 2.5 mi. west of Black Cyn Rd. Elev. 4371 ft.
    GMDRC2828GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. Andre96262008-4-6 San BernardinoMid Hills: Mid Hills: along Wildhorse Cyn Rd, approx 1.5 mi. SW of Mid Hills Cmpgd exit, Mojave National Preserve 35 ° .7 N 115 ° 26.6 W. Elev. 5475 ft.
    GMDRC6508GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. M. Andre303052014-5-1 San BernardinoCastle Peaks: Mojave Natl. Preserve; far western end of Castle Pks, 0.5 mi. east of Ivanpah Rd, 3.5 mi. north of Barnwell and just east of New York Mtns
    GMDRC8786GMDRCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. M. Andre360472016-4-7 InyoFuneral Mountains: along dirt road about 1 air mile NE of Chloride City, 6.5 road miles south of Hwy 374, about 14 miles SW of Beatty NV.
    HSC99705HSCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre134422010-5-3 San BernardinoClark Mtn. Range, along service road to N paralleling Interstate 15, 3 mi. ENE of Valley Wells
    IRVC109950IRVCAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusA.P. Romspert288(1)1975-5-24 InyoJohnson Cyn., Panamint Mts.
    JEPS122539UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusT. La Doux, J. Andre, H. Bartosh, R. Preston4502010-3-20 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; N end of Turtle Mountains 2 miles southwest of Los Arch Mine Area, approximate 0.5 mile south of Mohawk Spring, approximate 12 miles west of Highway 95. Mohawk Spring 7.5' Q.
    JEPS123718UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. Andre, T. La Doux, H. Bartosh, R. Preston, JEPS Herbarium Workshop119042010-3-18 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains; eastern end of Sacramento Mountains, along dirt road 1.7 mi S of I-40 at Highway 95 junction, approx. 1 mi E of Flattop Mountain and 4 mi S of Eagle Peak. 7.5' Quad: Flattop Mountain.
    JEPS54757UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusWillis L. Jepson196951940-4-25 InyoPanamint Range Johnson Canon; , Johnson Canon
    JEPS54758UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusWillis L. Jepson196881940-4-24 InyoJohnson Canon , Johnson Canon (Panamint Range)
    JEPS54759UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMary Beal7881940-4-23 San BernardinoMitchell's Caverns Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains, Mitchell's Canone hill at Mitchell's, Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert)
    JEPS68896UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg3121939-4-15 San BernardinoYucca Grove
    JEPS7479UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusG. Thomas Robbins, Rimo Bacigalupi34731952-4-28 San Bernardinorocky slopes near Mitchell's Caverns (Providence Mountains, Mohave Desert); Mohave Desert, Providence Mountains, nr Mitchell's Caverns
    JOTR28803JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLa Doux, Tasha10712004-5-6 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; restricted area northeast of Key's Ranch
    JOTR30255JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLeary, C. and Leary, Pat30271979-5-06 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. ca. 1.0 airmiles S.E. of Quail Mtn, Joshua Tree N.M., T2S R7E sec 14
    JOTR33073JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLa Doux, Tasha27742010-4-29 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; rocky outcrops at the base of the south side of Queen Mountain
    JOTR33112JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLa Doux, Tasha16032005-4-22 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; Wonderland of Rocks; Below Cow Camp Dam
    JOTR33732JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLa Doux, Tasha27322011-3-31 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of Hexie Mountains; Exposed aplite vein forming a prominent rib line with loose, cobble slope surrounding it (Stop 3)
    JOTR33736JOTRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLa Doux, Tasha27322011-3-31 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Northern edge of Hexie Mountains; Exposed aplite vein forming a prominent rib line with loose, cobble slope surrounding it (Stop 3)
    LA104149LAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusBarry A. Prigge37881980-5-20 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Kingston Range; SE part of range
    LA210495LAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusT.R. Huggins13--902013-4-6 San BernardinoMid Hills; Cedar Canon Road ca. 0.5 miles W of Black Canon Road, and 5.7 mi E of Kelso Cima Road
    LA214381LAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusRalph Hoffmanns.n.1931-3-21 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Granite Pass
    MACF036077MACFAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusA. P. Romspert2881975-5-24 InyoJohnson Canon, Panamint Mountains
    POM13929RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz48461922-4-09 RiversideVicinity of Corn Springs, Chuckwalla Mtns.
    POM184539RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz125661932-5-07 InyoPanamint Mountains. North fork of Hanaupah Canon.
    POM213152RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz136951935-5-03 San BernardinoVontrigger Spring, Eastern Mohave Desert.
    POM254613RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusE. C. Jaegers.n1940-3-28 San BernardinoOld Woman Mtns.
    POM259357RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusM. French Gilman39821939-10-04 InyoPinyon Mesa, Panamint Mts.
    POM299204RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusA. M. Alexander13061940-5-04 San BernardinoFourth of July Canon, New York Mountains.
    POM45242RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. M. Hall69391906-5-10 InyoPanamint Canon.
    POM45290RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMarcus E. Joness.n1903-4-20 San BernardinoGoff's.
    POM45901RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusT. S. Brandegees.n1938-8-3 San BernardinoCima
    POM8625RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz35611920-3-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. Near Bonanza, Providence Mountains
    POM8626RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz42311920-5-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert.
    POM98993RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusE. C. Jaegers.n1926-3-24 RiversideEagle Mountains.
    RSA0006829RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. D. Ripley32991941-5-03 San Bernardino7 miles S of Valley Wells.
    RSA0006830RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusG. Thomas Robbins34731952-4-28 San BernardinoRocky slopes near Mitchell's Caverns, Providence Mtns.
    RSA0009678RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMarcus E. Joness.n1906-5-02 San BernardinoKelso.
    RSA0009679RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMarcus E. Jones254251930-6-13 San BernardinoOld Dad Mountains, Mojave Desert.
    RSA0009680RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMarcus E. Joness.n1926-5-14 San BernardinoCove Spring, Old Dad Mt., Granite Mountains.
    RSA0015905RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuncan S. Bell48692013-5-4 San BernardinoBLMThe southern ridge of Squaw Mountain, approximately 6 air miles northeast of Halloran Spring or about 2.25 air miles southwest of Francis Spring.; Solomons Knob Quad.
    RSA0019478RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre243782013-3-21 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; east side of range, growing on north-facing slopes (hills) just south of Mopah Spring trailhead parking area, approx. 5 mi. west of Highway 95.; Savahia Peak SW 7.5'
    RSA0022275RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre252442013-3-29 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve: remote ridge 1.1 mi south of Barnwell, approx. 4 mi east of mouth to Keystone Cyn (New York Mtns).; 7.5' Castle Peaks
    RSA0030011RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre222972012-2-20 San BernardinoColorado River Valley: east side of Dead Mountains, along the Needles Hwy, 7.2 miles south of the NV/CA border, approx 8 miles north of Needles.; 7 Needles NW
    RSA0030824RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAlan Romspert2881977-4-08 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Panamint Mountains. Anvil Canon, Butte Valley, Mojave Desert Scrub.
    RSA0073162RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre290862014-5-15 San BernardinoBLMSoutheast end of Mescal Range above Iron Horse Mine.; Mescal Range 7.5'
    RSA0088759RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre315722015-3-29 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains; north end of range, margin of wash along road to ridgetop utility tower, 0.5 mi. east of Kelbaker Rd, 0.8 mi. south of Interstate 40.; Brown Buttes 7.5'
    RSA0092367RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre303052014-5-1 San BernardinoNPSCastle Peaks; Mojave Natl. Preserve; far western end of Castle Pks, 0.5 mi. east of Ivanpah Rd, 3.5 mi. north of Barnwell and just east of New York Mtns.; Ivanpah 7.5'
    RSA0093385RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre323842015-4-10 San BernardinoNPSMojave National Preserve; along Kelbaker Rd at pass (major transmission lines) 11.9 W of Kelso.; Kelso 7.5'
    RSA0093916RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre311902015-3-16 InyoNPSGreenwater Valley; Death Valley National Park; along Furnace Creek Wash Rd, 3.5 mi. north of Hwy 178, west of Greenwater Range, approx. 1 W of Shoshone.; Salsberry Peak 7.5'
    RSA0103393RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuncan S. Bell81242015-4-29 San BernardinoBLMThe Mescal Range; collecting along the steep rugged limestone ridge and summit area of this range.; Mescal Range
    RSA0121208RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuncan S. Bell95192016-5-4 San BernardinoBLMMescal Range; east side of the range; approximately 1.75 air miles east northeast of Blue Buzzard Mine.; Mescal Range
    RSA0124744RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuncan S. Bell88412016-3-9 RiversideBLMOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; central section of range, approximately 1.75 air miles north of Gucci Spring.; Red Canon
    RSA0142458RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre357312016-3-14 San BernardinoBLMOld Woman Mountains: northeast side of range, along Sunflower Springs Rd 2.0 mi. north of Sunflower Wash, approx. 15 mi. SSE of Essex.; Painted Rock Wash 7.5'
    RSA0142466RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre357532016-3-14 San BernardinoBLMMarble Mountains: northeast end of range, just south of gas pipeline corridor, approx 2 mi. south of Interstate 40, 3.6 mi east of Kelbaker Rd, approx. 80 mi. east of Barstow.; Van Winkle Wash 7.5'
    RSA0144628RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre346182016-4-21 San BernardinoBLMKingston Range: along Excelsior Mine Rd, about 0.5 mi. east of Tecopa Pass.
    RSA0145648RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre358562016-5-5 InyoNPSPanamint Mountains: along Emigrant Cyn Rd at Wood Cyn, south end of Harrisburg Flats, 0.3 NE of Emigrant Pass.; Emigrant Pass 7.5'
    RSA0146016RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre354392016-4-23 San BernardinoBLMIvanpah Mountains: NE Mescal Range (part of Ivanpah Mtns) about 6 mi. south of I-15 at Mtn Pass, 0.6 mi. west of Zinc Mine Rd.
    RSA0146276RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre358082016-5-5 InyoNPSPanamint Mountains: Wildrose Cyn, 3.2 mi. east (upslope) of ranger station, northern base of limestone monolith.; Jail Canon 7.5'
    RSA0156993RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot85302017-4-5 InyoBLMNopah Range Wilderness, east side of Nopah Range. Ca. 1.8 air miles west of Mesquite Valley Road.; North of Tecopa Pass 7.5' Q. San Bernardino meridian
    RSA0157944RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot83012017-3-22 InyoBLMNopah Range Wilderness: East side of Nopah Range, ca. 1.75 air miles west of Mesquite Valley Road, south of Pahrump, NV, northwest of Old Spanish Trail Highway, west side of Pahrump Valley.; North of Tecopa Pass 7.5', San Bernardino meridian
    RSA0167714RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuncan S. Bell103752017-3-29 RiversideBLMSanta Rosa Mountains; remote area to the north of Rockhouse Canon, approximately 7 air miles northwest of Rabbit Peak.; Clark Lake NE
    RSA0184427RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre395492017-5-4 San BernardinoBLMMescal Range. Just west of zinc mine-white eagle rd, approx. 4 mi. south of interstate 15 (at bailey rd), at crest of overlook.; Mescal Range 7.5'
    RSA0202069RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot97162018-4-5 InyoBLMEast slope of Resting Spring Range, ca. 1 air km east of Baxter Mine. North-northeast of Shoshone, west of Highway 178. Along Baxter Mine Road ca. 2.3-2.4 road miles from road paralleling Highway 178.; Twelvemile Spring 7.5' quad. San Bernardino meridian
    RSA107305RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. D. Ripley37711941-6-06 Inyo[Darwin] Mesa.
    RSA16308RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. B. Wolf70421935-5-27 San BernardinoClark Mountain, Pachalka Spring.
    RSA24566RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. B. Wolf105321941-5-14 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Kingston Mountains, 1/10 mile east of summit of grade, between Horse (thief) and Beck Springs.
    RSA24983RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. B. Wolf101301941-4-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert. S. Sides of Old Dad-Granite Mt. Range. Lower end of Willow Spring Canon.
    RSA25044RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. B. Wolf104001941-5-12 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Kingston Mountains, 4 miles S of Excelsior Talc Mine on new road to Valley Wells.
    RSA252327RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne437811973-6-01 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert, Kingston Mountains. c. 2 miles ENE of Horsethief Springs by road near Blackwater Mine.
    RSA252350RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne438111973-6-01 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, Kingston Mts.: c. 1/2 mi E of Horsethief Springs
    RSA26225RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAlice Eastwood78001940-3-28 InyoTitus Canon.
    RSA27002RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. L. Hitchcock61401940-4-20 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert. 0.5 miles below Horse [Thief] Springs, Desert Canon.
    RSA271095RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJames Henrickson96521973-5-16 San Bernardino14 (air) miles ENE of Cima, 8.6 (rd) miles S of Ivanpah crossing on Ivanpah Rd., near Hart Mine Road.
    RSA271096RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJames Henrickson21973-4-27 San Bernardinoca 37 (air) miles SE of Baker, in Providence Mts., 1 mile northwest of Bonanza King Mine, 3 miles N of Providence Mts. State Recr. Area.
    RSA271097RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJames Henrickson31973-4-28 San Bernardinoca 35 (air) miles SE of Baker, 6.5 miles SE of Kelso
    RSA27415RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. L. Hitchcock59351940-4-03 Riverside1 1/2 mi. northeast of Cottonwood Spring along 29 Palms Road, Joshua Tree Nat. Monument.
    RSA278228RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne493511977-5-14 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert: New York Mtns.: mouth of Keystone Canon.
    RSA278690RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusB. A. Prigge30991978-5-27 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, Clark Mtn Range: 1.2 mi. E of Greens Well.
    RSA278724RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne515511978-5-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, Cottonwood Basin.
    RSA280892RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusS. F. Warrick631978-5-13 San BernardinoOn moist sand near spring, Junk Car Wash near Coyote Spring.
    RSA295955RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusB. G. Baldwin2151980-5-20 San Bernardino6.75 miles N, 4.5 miles W of Kelso.
    RSA296942RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. D. Stone1721980-5-18 InyoValley N of Landing Strip, 1.7 miles N of Horse Theif Springs.
    RSA296943RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusS. Castagnoli251980-4-12 San BernardinoKingston Range: Near Smith Mine.
    RSA302795RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusGreg de Nevers2611980-5-21 San Bernardino1 mile SE of Smith Mine.
    RSA311255RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne432941973-4-29 San BernardinoMid Hills: 5.8 miles E of Cima-Kelso Road in Cedar Canon.
    RSA311256RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne432011973-4-28 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, canyon below Cornfield Springs, 10.9 road miles SE of Kelso.
    RSA311311RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne431671973-4-28 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, Providence Mts.: 4.5 mi. SE of Kelso near mouth of Cornfield Spring Canon.
    RSA334952RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne516961978-5-25 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains: Lower Gilroy Canon
    RSA339265RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne513311978-5-09 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: NNW side of range, ESE from Brant (UPRR siding), up main wash to base of mountains
    RSA339845RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne514281978-5-11 San BernardinoN. Clark Mountains: Shire Gypsum Deposit, E. Mojave Desert.
    RSA351894RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. R. Annable5701983-4-23 InyoSouth facing slope above Keane Spring.
    RSA415620RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. M. Hall4341897-4-10 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts., San Jacinto Lake
    RSA415622RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusM. B. Dunkle44981935-4-16 San BernardinoNW of Essex.
    RSA415623RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusRalph Hoffmanns.n1930-5-16 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains
    RSA415625RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusM. B. Dunkle44451935-3-31 RiversideCottonwood Springs. Colorado Desert.
    RSA415626RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusM. B. Dunkle44451935-3-31 RiversideCottonwood Springs. Colorado Desert.
    RSA450107RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. C. Rooss.n1958-3-15 Riverside3 miles SE of Desert Center, in the Chuckwalla Mtns.
    RSA49388RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz129951949-4-11 RiversideNorth base of Eagle Mtns.
    RSA498293RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusRobert L. Dressler5461949-4-02 San Diego24 miles NW of Carrizo.
    RSA5043RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. B. Wolfs.n1932-5-02 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; 2/3 mile from Barnwell on road to Ivanpah.
    RSA550340RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusWalter Wisura46481992-3-25 RiversideLow Desert: Ford Dry Lake N of I-10 at Hopkins Well.
    RSA562218RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAlan Romspert2881977-4-08 InyoGreat Basin Scrub. Anvil Canon. Panamint Mountains, Death Valley National Monument.
    RSA583978RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusR. F. Thorne513511978-5-10 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, near junction of Ivanpah and keystone canyon roads
    RSA620796RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMary DeDecker44821978-4-10 InyoPanamint Mtns. East side; road to Butte Valley from Warm Springs.
    RSA631065RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusL. C. Wheeler70391953-3-31 RiversideNear Mountaineer Mine.
    RSA653121RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusB. Pitzer35331998-2-21 RiversideHayfield Dry Lake, on the lakebed, 1/2 to 3/4 mi. SE of the pumping station.; Hayfield Spring
    RSA653167RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusA. C. Sanders163711995-4-05 RiversideSan Bernardino Mtns. / Coachella Valley: alluvial slopes and foothills S of Mission Creek and E of Hwy 62.
    RSA659668RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ. C. Roos61141954-5-09 InyoWild Rose Canon, Panamint Mtns.
    RSA704792RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot19352003-3-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West side, along East Mojave Heritage Trail, east of Pyramid Butte.
    RSA704793RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot18412003-3-19 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: North slope of Pyramid Butte.
    RSA705824RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLeRoy Gross18912005-4-12 San BernardinoMarble Mountains; north of gas line road (mile 69), south of Highway 40, east of Kelbaker Road.; Browns ButteStarted near 34.70 N, 115.65 W, to 34.71096N, 115.65477W.
    RSA705936RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusLeRoy Gross16982005-3-17 San BernardinoMarble Mountains; Just east of Kelbaker Road, short distance south from Highway 40.[From] Near 34.70 N, 115.67 W, to 34.71046N, 115.67184W.
    RSA711358RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot12882003-3-2 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Side wash heading NW off Whipple Wash, SW of powerline road.
    RSA743879RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot49412005-4-27 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along US Hwy 95, wash just N of BLM road to East Mojave Heritage Trail, W of Pyramid Butte.
    RSA749721RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre97152008-2-27 San BernardinoBristol Mountains: along gas pipeline road, approx 2 miles E of Kelbaker Rd., approx 1 mile S of I-40.
    RSA754417RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre104252009-4-29 San BernardinoKingston Range: near mine on N side of Excelsior Mine Road 1 mile E of Horse Thief Spring at Tecopa Pass.; Tecopa Pass 7.5'
    RSA765605RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre123762010-4-7 San BernardinoPiute Range; Mojave National Preserve, along transmission line road, 3 N. of Old Govt. Rd, 7 W. of Hwy 95 and 2 mi. NNE. of Piute Spring.; 7.5' West of Juniper Mine
    RSA767302RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre135032010-5-13 San BernardinoCastle Peaks; Mojave National Preserve; south side of Castle Peaks approx. 2 miles north of old RR grade to Barnwell; Castle Peaks 7.5'
    RSA768771RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre124222010-4-7 San BernardinoPiute Range; Mojave National Preserve, NE end of Piute Range at foot of mountains along Old Homestead Rd (historic), approx. 6 W. of Hwy 95, 0.9 mi. W. of Nevada border.; 7.5' West of Juniper Mine
    RSA769418RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre130492010-4-18 San BernardinoBobcat Hills; Mojave National Preserve; along dirt road from Von Trigger Hills to Mojave Road/Piute Range, approx. 2 miles east of Lanfair Road on east side of Bobcat Hills.; Signal Hill
    RSA777331RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusThomas Stoughton8282011-3-23 RiversideBLMChuckwalla Mountains, North side, Alligator ACEC off I-10, south of Desert Center, in hills above 'Granite Mine.' Old mine access road; Desert Center
    RSA778804RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre129942010-5-7 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains; approx. 1 mile east of Vulcan Mine site, approx. 0.5 miles northwest of Foshay Pass.; Fountain Peak 7.5'
    RSA779516RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusSarah J. De Groot64812011-3-18 San BernardinoBLMChemehuevi Mountains: Parrish Spring area.
    RSA785100RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre176302011-4-17 InyoOwens Valley: N end of Alabama Hills, along Moffiat Ranch Road, 1.9 W of Hwy 395, approx 6 N of Lone Pine.; Manzanar 7.5'
    RSA790218RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre214982012-5-1 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve. Along dirt road 2.4 mi SSE of Cima.; 7.5' Mid Hills
    RSA796677RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre210592011-5-2 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, 0.2 miles west of Foshay Pass (summit).; Fountain Peak 7.5'
    RSA800551RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre234012012-4-23 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; along Ivanpah Road, east of Keystone Canon, 5.1 miles north of junction with New York Mountains Road.; Castle Peaks 7.5'
    RSA90705RSAAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusF. W. Peirson99171932-5-07 InyoNorth fork of Hanaupah Canon, Panamint Mountains, Alt. 7000 ft.
    SBBG135242SBBGAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim M. Andre, R. Kelley358082016-5-5 InyoWildrose Cyn, 3.2 mi E (upslope) of ranger station, northern base of limestone monolith; Panamint Mtns
    SD113707SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDarley F. Howe26091958-4-12 San BernardinoWest base of Marble Mountains, Mojave Desert.
    SD115588SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusDuffie Clemons4611983-4-13 San Diegoca. 5 plants in rocky gravel of E-facing slope Sweeney Pass,
    SD133336SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusErik Jonsson23531992-3-25 San Diegoon summit of Red Hill, Sweeney Pass quad
    SD177154SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusChar Glacy142005-2-26 San DiegoAnza Borrego State Park, Mountain Palm Springs Canon Area - Pigmy Grove
    SD193784SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusCRES Native Seed Gene Bank782005-3-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 0.3 mi E of junction of Hwy 78 and San Felipe Rd at Hwy 78, E of Scissors Crossing
    SD24505SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFrank F. Gander70811939-4-01 San Diegoabout 2 miles southwest of Carrizo Station
    SD87621SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFrank W. Peirson5841922-4-09 RiversideMurray Canon, near Palm Springs.
    SD87781SDAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFrank W. Peirson114941935-4-18 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; north part of range near the road going down into Copper Basin.
    UC127517UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler69391906-5-10 InyoPanamint Canon
    UC1329927UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJames E. Cole6511941-4-25 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument
    UC13440UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. M. Hall4341968-7-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Lake
    UC1442732UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMary DeDecker44821978-4-10 Inyoroad to Butte Valley from Warm Springs (e side Panamint Mountains); , rd to Butte Valley fr Warm Spring
    UC149932UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusKatharine Brandegee1911-5-15 San BernardinoBarnwell , Barnwell (New York Mts.)
    UC1595797UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusW. Wisura, J. Dolan, M. Wall46481992-3-25 RiversideFord Dry Lake n of I-10 at Hopkins Well; Ford Dry Lake n of Hopkins Well
    UC165658UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusKatharine Brandegee1911-5-15 San BernardinoBarnwell
    UC218004UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz, D. Keck48461922-4-09 Riversidevicinity Corn Springs (Chuckwalla Mountains, Colorado Desert); Colorado Desert, Chuckwalla Mountains, vic Corn Springs
    UC501583UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFrank W. Peirson99171932-5-07 InyoNorth Fork Hanaupah Canon , North Fork Hanaupah Canon (Panamint Mts.)
    UC568982UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusP. A. Munz136951935-5-03 San Bernardinoopen flat above Vontrigger Spring (eastern Mohave Desert); , above Vontrigger Spring
    UC570605UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFrank W. Peirson114941935-4-18 San Bernardinon part of Whipple Mountains near the road going down into Copper Basin; Whipple Mountains, n part of range, < nr > Copper Basin
    UC666250UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg13061940-5-04 San Bernardino4th of July Canon; New York Mts.; (actually Canon, fide Tom Schweich)
    UC68649UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusH. M. Hall58831905-4-01 RiversideChuckawalla Bench , Chuckawalla Bench (Colorado Desert)
    UC862962UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusC. L. Hitchcock59351940-4-03 Riversidealong 29 Palms Road 1 1/2 mi ne Cottonwood Spring (Joshua Tree National Monument); , ne of Cottonwood Spring
    UC922756UCJEPSAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg9171940-3-22 San Bernardinosummit of ridge on trail looking down on 49 Palms (7 mi w to sw of 29 Palms); trail looking down on 49 Palms, sw of 29 Palms
    UCR118308UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusGeorge K. Helmkamp33221998-4-18 San Bernardino18 miles ESE of Baker on Kelbaker Rd.
    UCR130981UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusGeorge K. Helmkamp35251998-5-03 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains, 3 miles west of the Nevada border at Sandy Valley; Eastern Mojave Desert
    UCR175358UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre74092006-4-20 San BernardinoMid Hills: lower slopes of the far north end of Wildhorse Mesa, c. 1.5 miles west of Wildhorse Canon Rd
    UCR175420UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre74482006-4-28 San BernardinoMid Hills: Macedonia Canon, c. 2 mi SW of Columbia Mtn
    UCR18322UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusA.C. Sanders003221978-4-07 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns, c. 5.0 - 5.5 W of Whipple Wash, on utility road that runs from E side of mtns to NW side, Copper Canon watershed
    UCR183284UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre75671998-3-22 San BernardinoMarble Mtns: c. 1 mile SSE of I-40 and Kelbaker Rd over pass
    UCR195943UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre87232007-10-24 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, small canyon just north of homestead site, c. 0.5 mile west of Colosseum Mine, north side of Clark Mountain
    UCR196269UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusEllen Dean23932005-3-26 San Bernardinosouth of Granite Mountains and Mojave National Reserve, along Kelbaker Road just south of intersection with Hwy 40, east side of road
    UCR203362UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre96652008-3-28 San BernardinoMarble Mountains, along road to micro-wave tower (at gate), c. 0.25 mi south of Hwy I-40, 0.5 mi east of Kelbaker Road
    UCR208928UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusMeryl B. Dunkle44451935-3-31 RiversideCottonwood Mtns., Cottonwood Springs [Canon] '2300 ft.'
    UCR211507UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre104252009-4-29 San BernardinoKinston Range, near mine on north side of Excelsior Mine Road, 1 mile west of Horse Thief Springs at Tecopa Pass
    UCR215760UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre95522008-5-5 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, lower Canon, Mojave National Preserve
    UCR215861UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre119982010-4-13 San BernardinoCima Cinder Cones, Mojave National Preserve, on dirt road to Five Tank Corral, just north of Willow Wash crossing, c. 1.5 mi. north of Kelbaker Rd.
    UCR217061UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre123252010-4-15 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, along electrical powerlines 1.5 miles east of Kelbaker Rd., along access to Foshay Pass, Winton Wash
    UCR217978UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre127022010-3-15 San Bernardinoeast side of Turtle Mountains, just east of Negro Peak, c. 2 miles west of Hwy 95, 6 W of Vidal Junction
    UCR218531UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre124222010-4-7 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve, northeast end of Piute Range at foot of mountains along Old Homestead Road (historic), c. 6 mi west of Hwy 95 and 0.9 mi west of the Nevada border
    UCR218542UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre130382010-4-18 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve, on southeast end of Hackberry Mountains 1.3 mi west of Lanfair Road, 10.5 miles north of Goffs
    UCR218724UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre123762010-4-7 San BernardinoPiute Range, Mojave National Preserve, along transmission line road, 3 mi north of Old Government Road, c. 7 mi west of Hwy 95, and 2.0 mi north northeast of Piute Spring
    UCR221335UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre140402010-5-17 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve. Castle Peaks; at base of highest peaks (Canontact between granite and volcanic substrates; Castle Peaks
    UCR221941UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre143122010-6-12 Inyonorth end of Kingston Range along Mesquite Valley Rd, 1.7 miles north of Excelsior Mine Rd; Kingston Range
    UCR225863UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre170562011-4-22 San Bernardinonortheast end of New York Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, canyon 3.9 mi north of 'Ivanpah' RR crossing and 1.5 mi northwest of Slaughterhouse Spring
    UCR234731UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre173722011-4-27 San Bernardinoeast side of Rodman Mountains, along BLM road #NR 8460, 1.6 mi. SE of junction with 'Canon Rte' road and Lava Mountain
    UCR235532UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre175902008-3-19 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, east slopes of Clark Mountain, southeast of Colosseum Mine area
    UCR243596UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre210592011-5-2 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, 0.2 mi. west of Foshay Pass (summit) on south-facing rocky limestone slope; Providence Mountains
    UCR245331UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre214982012-5-1 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; along dirt road 2.4 mi. SSE of Cima
    UCR268228UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre290862014-5-15 San BernardinoIvanpah Mountains; Mojave National Preserve, SE end of Mescal Range above Iron Horse Mine
    UCR269070UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre311902015-3-16 InyoGreenwater Valley, Death valley National Park, along Furnace Creek Wash Road, 3.5 mi north of Hwy 178 west of Greenwater Range, c. 10 mi northwest of Shoshone
    UCR276594UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre336082015-3-13 San BernardinoVan Winkle Mountains; Mojave National Preserve, eastern end of range 3.3 miles east of Kelbaker Rd., about 3 miles north of Hwy I-40
    UCR278257UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJim Andre357532016-3-14 San Bernardinonortheast end of range, just south of gas pipeline corridor, c. 2 miles south of Interstate 40, 3.6 miles east of Kelbaker Rd., c. 80 miles east of Barstow
    UCR280230UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusOnkar Singh33662013-4-18 San Bernardinoeastern part of Clark Mtn Range, c. 6.5 miles NW of Primm, 0.25 mile west of CA/NV border, eastern boundary of State Line Wilderness Area
    UCR284158UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusFred M. Roberts81692017-3-26 RiversideLittle Maria Mountains: northern foothills, 3.6 W Midland and c. 1.8 km by dirt road W Rice-Midland Road
    UCR32942UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusBarry A. Prigge30991978-5-27 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, 1.2 mi east of Greens Well
    UCR32949UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusBarry A. Prigge29161978-5-08 San BernardinoNew York Mtns, c. 2.2 miles east-southeast of Brant, on north side of range
    UCR94124UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusJ.S. Holland17851978-4-04 InyoDeath Valley region, Goldhill Mining Claim, head of Galena Canon, Panamint Range. (Unsurveyed)
    UCR96315UCRAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectusB.G. Pitzer2294B1995-4-18 San BernardinoE/NE slope of Clark Mountain Range, wash on north side of Nipton Road, Ivanpah 15′ Q.; East Mojave Desert
    MACF036088MACFAstragalus nuttallianus var. trichocarpusRobert L. Dressler5461949-4-02 San Diego24 miles northwest of Carrizo
    MACF036089MACFAstragalus nuttallianus var. trichocarpusR. L. Dressler5461949-4-02 San Diego24 miles northwest of Carrizo.

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