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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    A00403006AAsclepias albicansP. A. Munz ; C. L. Hitchcock121051932-04-04 San Diegobelow Mountain Palm Spring, E. San Diego County
    BSCA2928BSCAAsclepias albicansSweet, Melvin M.11372011-05-07 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Fish Creek Jeep Road, 12 miles to the mouth of Sandstone Canon, SW from the inters. of Fish Creek Wash with the paved Split Mountain Road, S of Ocotillo Wells; then 1.25 miles up Sandstone; 6.25 W of Imperial Co. Line.
    BSCA3093BSCAAsclepias albicansJonsson, Eriks.n.1984-03-24 San DiegoWash near mouth of Torote Cyn.
    BSCA3094BSCAAsclepias albicansHendrickson, Larry35912009-03-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rockhouse Canon, a major tributary of Carrizo Wash in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. 2.7 miles S of intersection of County Road S-2 and Carrizo Wash jeep trail.
    BSCA3096BSCAAsclepias albicansMerkel, Dalton (Mike)s.n.1958-03-01 San DiegoNear Dos Cabezas, Anza-Borrego, San Diego Co.
    BSCA3627BSCAAsclepias albicansHendrickson, Larry32182005-04-16 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area, Bear Canon Wash, ˜ 1.5 miles SW of Colorado River.
    CAS-BOT167218CASAsclepias albicansDeGroot, Sarah J.; Gatto, Angela24652003-04-20 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Northwestern side of Monument Peak, south side of Copper Basin Elev. given as 2360 ft
    CAS-BOT174335CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark; Fraga, Naomi; Machen, Lauren26632003-05-03 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: SE side along aqueduct road, SW of Bowman′s wash. Up side wash Elev. given as 1340ft.
    CAS-BOT174655CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; De Groot, Krina; Lubinsky, Leland; Worlow, Linda Lee38232004-03-18 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Trail to Cupcake Butte, NW of Whipple Wash. Between powerline road and first bluff Elev. given as 1529ft.
    CAS-BOT174972CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.39382004-03-29 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin reservoir, ~NE side of lake. MWD property Elev. given as 992ft.
    CAS-BOT175012CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.30982003-08-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Havasu Palms road, before (S of) powerline road cutoff Elev. given as 1176ft.
    CAS-BOT175015CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.30972003-08-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Havasu Palms road, S-SE of Whipple Wash Elev. given as 1074ft.
    CAS-BOT222816CASAsclepias albicansMearns, Edgar A.29621894-05-07 UnknownEastern base of Coast Range boundary line
    CAS-BOT222817CASAsclepias albicansSanders, A. C.; Lawlor, E. J.121561992-04-04 RiversideColorado Desert. McCoy Mountains, within 1-2 mile of McCoy Spring
    CAS-BOT222818CASAsclepias albicansFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, Rimo132621958-03-19 RiversideU. S. gypsum mine property in Little Maria Mts., 2 miles above Midland Post Office
    CAS-BOT222819CASAsclepias albicansJohansen, D. A.; Ewan, J. A.70711932-04-12 RiversideDevils Canyon above Coachella Valley, Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT222820CASAsclepias albicansHall, H. M.60251905-05-01 RiversideColorado Desert. Pinto Mts.
    CAS-BOT222821CASAsclepias albicansMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.31071894-05-12 San DiegoMountain Spring
    CAS-BOT222822CASAsclepias albicansEggleston, W. W.198011924-04-15 San DiegoDos Cabezas
    CAS-BOT222823CASAsclepias albicansEmmel, J. F.2331970-03-24 ImperialCa. 1 mile above 1000 feet elevation marker on west-bound Interstate Highway 8, Devil′s Canyon
    CAS-BOT222824CASAsclepias albicansCovel, Paul F.19601941-04-09 ImperialBetw. Coyote Wells and base of Mt. Springs grade
    CAS-BOT222825CASAsclepias albicansHassis, F. W.6.581958-04-05 ImperialCargo Muchacho Mountains, near Tumco Mine three miles east of Gold Rock Ranch
    CAS-BOT222826CASAsclepias albicansWolf, C. B.18921931-03-14 ImperialAt base of Mountain Springs grade, west side of Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT222827CASAsclepias albicansHaasis, F. W.19.601960-02-17 Imperial3 miles northeast of Gold Rock Ranch
    CAS-BOT222828CASAsclepias albicansFerris, Roxana S.71541928-04-20 ImperialNear Picacho
    CAS-BOT222829CASAsclepias albicansMearns, Edgar A.29781894-05-08 ImperialMountain Springs Road
    CAS-BOT222830CASAsclepias albicansWiggins, Ira L.140791957-03-25 ImperialCanyon 1.7 mi. S. Hwy 98
    CAS-BOT222831CASAsclepias albicansWolf, C. B.21831931-05-29 ImperialBase of Mt. Springs Grade, west side of Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT222832CASAsclepias albicansJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1922-12-18 ImperialBeale′s Well
    CAS-BOT222833CASAsclepias albicansWolf, C. B.s.n.1931-03-14 ImperialAt base of Mountain Springs grade, west side of Colorado Desert
    CAS-BOT222834CASAsclepias albicansMunz, Philip A.165951941-03-30 ImperialBeale′s Well, Chocolate Mts.
    CAS-BOT222835CASAsclepias albicansHaasis, F. W.14.601960-02-14 Imperial3 miles northeast of Gold Rock Ranch
    CAS-BOT222836CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.35432004-03-01 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin reservoir, near intake to aqueduct Elev. given as 1020 ft.
    CAS-BOT222837CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; Porter, J. Mark32172003-09-28 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Near west end of Copper Basin, upper Bowman′s wash. Along old road into BLM Wilderness area Elev. given as 1475 ft.
    CAS-BOT222838CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.41212004-04-11 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West of Copper Basin, off road into BLM Wilderness area from upper Bowman′s Wash. Tributary of Whipple Wash, downstream from divide between Copper Basin and Whipple Wash drainages Elev. given as 1790 ft.
    CAS-BOT222839CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; Lubinsky, Leland45612004-10-17 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Upper north fork of Whipple Wash Elev. given as 2672 ft.
    CAS-BOT222840CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; Fraga, Naomi34052003-10-26 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West of Copper Basin, along road into BLM Wilderness area from Bowman′s Wash, past divide between Copper Basin and Whipple Wash drainages Elev. given as 2103 ft.
    CAS-BOT222841CASAsclepias albicansWolf, Carl B.31581932-04-30 San BernardinoEastern Colorado Desert. Whipple Mts. Copper Bsain, Copper Basin Mine
    CAS-BOT222842CASAsclepias albicansMunz, Philip A.165701940-04-07 San BernardinoPass between Bullion and Sheephole Mts., eastern San Bernardino County
    CAS-BOT401098CASAsclepias albicansDe Groot, Sarah J.; Garbat, April69062013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Havasu Palms road, along small drainage at the base of a steep hill Elev. given as 1135 ft
    CAS-BOT550316CASAsclepias albicansSanders, A. C.; Malusa, Jim; Baker, M.; Cloud-Hughes, M.420592016-03-04 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Hayden Well on Mammoth Wash, Chocolate Mountains
    CDA0039809CDAAsclepias albicansT.C. Fuller283-581958-03-13 ImperialCanon, 12 miles east of Jacumba, Highway 80.
    CDA0039810CDAAsclepias albicansT.C. Fuller283-581958-03-13 ImperialCanon, 12 miles east of Jacumba, Highway 80.
    CDA0039811CDAAsclepias albicansA.C. Brownes.n.1953-04-24 ImperialTen miles north of Coyote Wells.
    CHSC20140CHSCAsclepias albicansJ. H. Moyer151975-03-28 San DiegoEnd of Ella Wash ca. 25 km. ne of Borrego Springs near sandstone cliffs, ca. 25 km. n of the Borrego-Salton Seaway.
    CHSC96590CHSCAsclepias albicansSusan Bazell292007-01-03 San DiegoMountain Palm Springs area. Trail to Torote Bowl above Southwest Grove. T15S R07E S23 USGS Quadrangle: Carrizo Mountain 1:64,000
    CLARK-A1528-1460CLARKAsclepias albicansJohn C. Roos32531947-02-14 RiversideHayfield
    CLARK-A1528-1461CLARKAsclepias albicansJohn C. Roos31901946-12-21 RiversideColorado Desert
    CLARK-A1528-7777CLARKAsclepias albicansJohn C. Roos1965-07-23 RiversideEagle Mountains
    CLARK-A1656-632CLARKAsclepias albicansLois Ann Scott1978-04-18 RiversideMecca Hills
    DAV397015DAVAsclepias albicansR. S. Woglum25911940-04-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Between San Bernardino Co., Ca., and Yuma Co., Arizona. Parker Dam, Colorado river.
    GH00026912GHAsclepias albicansEdw. Palmer5881887-12-01 UnknownRocky ravines, Los Angeles Bay
    GH00403005GHAsclepias albicansS. D. McKelvey50451935-12-24 RiversideFoothills of mountains about La Quinta
    GH00403007GHAsclepias albicansP. A. Munz165701940-04-07 San Bernardinopass between Bullion and Sheephole Mts., eastern San Bernardino County
    GH00403008GHAsclepias albicansP. A. Munz78181924-02-23 Imperialat foot of Mountain Springs Grade
    GH00403009GHAsclepias albicansC. R. Orcutt1889-01-01 UnknownColorado Desert
    GH00403010GHAsclepias albicansW. W. Eggleston198011924-04-15 San DiegoDos Cabezas
    GH00403011GHAsclepias albicansW. W. Eggleston198011924-04-15 San DiegoDos Cabezas
    GH01046628GHAsclepias albicans;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1962-04-30 San Diego[data not captured]
    GMDRC10327GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. M. Andre388942017-03-25 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: in Whipple Wash, 0.2 mi. northeast of powerline road crossing
    GMDRC10342GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. M. Andre389262017-03-25 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: along powerline road, north end of range, 4.3 mi. north (road miles) from Whipple Wash crossing
    GMDRC4066GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. Andre119452010-03-18 San BernardinoSacramento Mountains: eastern end of Sacramento Mtns, along dirt road 4 mi. S. of I-40 at Hwy 95 Jct, approx. 1 mi. E. of Flattop Mtn, and 2 mi. S. of Eagle Pk.
    GMDRC4197GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. Andre127092010-03-15 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains: east side of Turtle Mtns at base of steep cliffs, just east of Negro Peak, approx. 2 mi. west of Hwy 95, 6 W of Vidal Jct.
    GMDRC5302GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. Andre194052011-11-03 San BernardinoColorado River Valley: above river shore near gas pipeline bridge, approx. 0.4 mi. south of I-40
    GMDRC5759GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. M. Andre238732013-03-04 RiversideRiverside Mountains: east side of range, along rocky dirt road to historic mine area, 0.8 mi west of Hwy 95, approx 12 mi. south of Vidal Jct
    GMDRC5802GMDRCAsclepias albicansJ. M. Andre242612013-03-05 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: east side of range, just south of Whipple Wash in side canyon, 3.2 N. of Jct with MWD Road, east of powerline Rd, and 9.6 mi. NNW of Jct Parker Dam Rd
    HNT5244HNTAsclepias albicansJ. Dice & J. Bauml2341982-02-13 ?  ImperialMyer Valley, SW Imperial Co.
    HSC25814HSCAsclepias albicansR.W. Spjut21891972-02-12 RiversideColorado Desert, N face of the Chuckawalla Mtns., ca. 3-4 mi. S of Desert Center.
    HSC25817HSCAsclepias albicansR.W. Spjut22871972-03-20 RiversideColorado Desert, N face of the Chuckawalla Mtns., ca. 3-4 mi. S of Desert Center.
    HSC30131HSCAsclepias albicansJ.D. Ackerman1641974-03-27 ImperialColorado Desert, Devils Canon, 2 mi. past 1000 ft. marker on W-bound Hwy. 8
    HSC3291HSCAsclepias albicansC.L. Hitchcock232361964-03-21 Imperial10 mi. S of Palo Verde on road to Glamis
    HSC66635HSCAsclepias albicansChristopher Davidson99571980-04-04 RiversideW end of Orocopia Mtns., canyon and wash S of Oro Peak
    HSC78508HSCAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders37561983-04-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns., Whipple Wash where it joins the road to Havasu Landing, 0.5 mi. below Willow Spring and 1.5 mi. above Lake Havasu
    HSC83075HSCAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders62501986-03-10 ImperialCoyote Mtns., 2.15 N of Hwy. S-2 on dirt road l.l mi. SE of San Diego Co. line
    IRVC102176IRVCAsclepias albicansC.B. Wolf18921931-03-14 ImperialBase of Mountain Springs Grade
    JEPS23068UCJEPSAsclepias albicansReino Alava, R. Bacigalupi, Dr., Mrs. Rolla Tryon18151958-03-03 Imperial24 mi s Palo Verde (6 1-2 mi n of Midway Well, along road from Palo Verde to Ogilby); Chocolate Mts
    JEPS24555UCJEPSAsclepias albicansT. S. Brandegee1896-04-11 San DiegoAgua Caliente Colorado Desert
    JEPS5094UCJEPSAsclepias albicansFrank W. Peirson115031935-04-18 San Bernardinon part of Range near the road going down into Copper Basin; Whipple Mts.
    JEPS5095UCJEPSAsclepias albicansWillis L. Jepson11780a1927-04-17 Imperialfoot of Mountain Springs Grade (Myers Creek bridge)
    JEPS5156UCJEPSAsclepias albicansWillis L. Jepson86331920-04-17 San DiegoVallecito
    JEPS5536UCJEPSAsclepias albicansMarjorie D. Clary1781932-04-12 Riverside8 mi sw Coachella; Colorado Desert, Santa Rosa Mts.
    JEPS89043UCJEPSAsclepias albicansRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard, P. C. Hutchison83221962-03-20 Imperial4.3 mi s Pichaco (nw of Yuma); Colorado River
    JOTR16549JOTRAsclepias albicansMoore, Sues.n.1968-06-19 ?  San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. TWENTYNINE PALMS ENTRANCE; NEAR HEADQUARTERS
    JOTR29449JOTRAsclepias albicansLa Doux, Tasha13472006-03-08 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Eagle Mountains, south of Hayfield Spring
    JOTR35054JOTRAsclepias albicansLa Doux, Tasha35062010-03-24 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Coxcomb Mountains: southwest corner of park, north of MWD Aqueduct Road. South-facing bajada with shallow Sonoran desert riparian corridors among desert pavement.
    JOTR36089JOTRAsclepias albicansLa Doux, Tasha33162007-10-25 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Pinto Mtn foothills, San Bernardino Wash, approx. 0.75 km south of Sunset Mine (STOP4).
    JOTR36452JOTRAsclepias albicansLa Doux, Tasha34222013-03-15 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. Southeast Coxcomb mountains; narrow north fork of large canyon w- cobbley wash and steep rocky walls (Stop 2)
    LA202853LAAsclepias albicansC.B. Adams18921931-03-14 ImperialSonoran Desert; W side of Colorado Desert at base of Mountains Springs grade
    LA202854LAAsclepias albicansF.R. Fosberg81991932-04-23 San BernardinoSheep Hole Mountains; W end of mountains
    LA210541LAAsclepias albicansF.R. Fosberg81991932-04-23 San BernardinoMojave Desert; W end of Sheep Hole Mountains
    NY3492796NYAsclepias albicansN. H. Holmgren75601974-03-29 ?  ImperialJacunba Mountains, along Interstate Highway 8, west-bound lane, 2 miles from the San Diego Co. line.
    NY3492799NYAsclepias albicansW. W. Eggleston198011924-04-15 ?  San DiegoDos Cabezas.
    NY3492801NYAsclepias albicansN. H. Holmgren65581973-03-29 ?  ImperialChocolate Mountains, Picacho Road, 6.7 miles south of Picacho, 15.5 airline miles north of Yuma.
    NY3492802NYAsclepias albicansL. C. Higgins63791973-03-26 ?  ImperialCa. 20 miles northwest of Winterhaven along Olgsby road.
    OBI165341OBIAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders62501986-03-10 RiversideCoyote Mtns, 2.15 N of Hwy S-2 on a dirt road 1.1 mi SE of the San Diego Co line.
    PASA1941PASAAsclepias albicans RiversideHidden Springs
    RSA0016110RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Andre242612013-03-05 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains; east side of range, just south of Whipple Wash in side canyon, 3.2 N of jct. with MWD Road, east of powerline rd., and 9.6 mi. NNW of Jct Parker Dam Rd.; Gene Wash 7.5 Quad
    RSA0023092RSAAsclepias albicansJohn F. Emmel13671995-04-21 RiversideLittle Maria Mts., northwest end; large canyon and wash 0.4 air mile southwest of peak 2479.; 1952 Midland 15′
    RSA0025283RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Andre238732013-03-04 RiversideRiverside Mountains; east side of range, along rocky dirt road to historic mine area, 0.8 miles west of Hwy 95, approx 12 miles south of Vidal Junction.; Parker SW 7.5′
    RSA0026078RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Andre213332012-03-19 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains; north end of range at Jaeger Nature Sanctuary, 1.5 miles south of junction Eagle Mountain Road and I-10 freeway.; Chuckwall Mountains 7.5′
    RSA0034596RSAAsclepias albicansScott D. White82342001-04-03 RiversideColorado Desert: Shavers Valley. Near the I-10 Freeway, ca. 15 miles east of Indio jtn I-10-SR 111.; Cottonwood Basin
    RSA0040026RSAAsclepias albicansDuncan S. Bell64882014-04-01 RiversideOrocopia Mountains; Orocopia Mountains Wilderness area; center of this range; approximately 4.75 air miles northwest of Gucci Spring; approx. 5 air miles north of the Bradshaw Trail.; Red Canon
    RSA0046649RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot69062013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Havasu Palms road, along small drainage at the base of a steep hill.
    RSA0075965RSAAsclepias albicansJohn F. Emmel9751985-09-18 San BernardinoE. end Whipple Mts.; along powerline road ca. 1.5 road iles NW of Black Metal Wash, near boundary.
    RSA0157101RSAAsclepias albicansEdward F. Anderson12691960-03-18 Riverside1 W of Hayward Pumping Station at base of Eagle Mts. About 1.5 N of Hwy 99 and 12 mi. W of Desert Center.
    RSA676277RSAAsclepias albicansScott D. White82342001-04-03 RiversideColorado Desert: Shavers Valley. Near the I-10 Freeway, ca. 15 miles east of Indio jtn I-10-SR 111.; Cottonwood Basin
    RSA70341RSAAsclepias albicansF. W. Peirson72131927-04-16 ImperialFoot of Mountain Springs Grade, Western Imperial County.
    RSA706279RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot30982003-08-27 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Along Havasu Palms road, before (S of) powerline road cutoff.
    RSA706307RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot24652003-04-20 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Northwestern side of Monument Peak, south side of Copper Basin.
    RSA706616RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot34052003-10-26 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West of Copper Basin, along road into BLM Wilderness area from Bowman′s Wash, past divide between Copper Basin and Whipple Wash drainages.
    RSA706848RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot35212003-12-12 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin: along road to reservoir, just outside gate by reservoir. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003).
    RSA707228RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot32172003-09-28 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Near west end of Copper Basin, upper Bowman′s wash. Along old road into BLM Wilderness area.
    RSA710533RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot35432004-03-01 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin reservoir, near intake to aqueduct. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003).
    RSA712173RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot45612004-10-17 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Upper north fork of Whipple Wash.
    RSA712434RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot26632003-05-03 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: SE side along aqueduct road, SW of Bowmans Wash. Up side wash.
    RSA713190RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot38232004-03-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Trail to Cupcake Butte, NW of Whipple Wash. Between powerline road and first bluff.
    RSA714895RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot39382004-03-29 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Copper Basin reservoir, ˜ NE side of lake. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003).
    RSA718348RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Mark Porter125712001-04-21 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: SW of Gene Wash Reservoir.
    RSA721875RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Mark Porter136042003-06-05 RiversideChocolate Mountains. Chocolate Mountain Bombing and Gunnery Range. Unnamed canyon, S of Salt Creek, accessed via Siphon 21 of the Coachella Canal; fork running east, above the pour-off.
    RSA721889RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Mark Porter136152003-06-05 RiversideChocolate Mountains. Chocolate Mountain Bombing and Gunnery Range. Unnamed canyon, S of Salt Creek, accessed via Siphon 21 of the Coachella Canal, fork running southeast.
    RSA733251RSAAsclepias albicansJeannie Gregory13592005-03-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; 8 miles W of Ocotillo at Eastern base of Jacumba Mtns; Mortrero Canon Rd; near Dos Cabezas Mine.
    RSA735708RSAAsclepias albicansLeRoy Gross31132008-04-01 San BernardinoBLMNorthwest end of the Sheep Hole Mountains; Along east side of Amboy Road, around Sheep Hole Pass. Parked at a tramission tower just off the road.Near 34.239 N, 115.720 W. General collecting along bajada to west side of mountains, up ridge to 34.23506N, 115.70664W. Then down south side of this ridge to dry canyon bottom at 34.23458N, 115.70953W. Then follow this canyon bottom back out of the mountains.
    RSA756544RSAAsclepias albicansMichael Honer19672004-04-16 San Bernardinometropolitan water districtWhipple Mountains: Copper Basin. Appx 1 W of Resevoir.
    RSA762519RSAAsclepias albicansM. E. Fishbein64622010-03-20 ImperialJacumba Mtns. Meyer Creek. In-Ko-Pah Gorge. Along I-8. About 5 air miles E of Ocotillo.
    RSA775460RSAAsclepias albicansDuncan S. Bell22182011-04-08 San BernardinoIron Mountains; south section of the mountain range, entering from the southwestern side, approximately 4.5 air miles northwest of Granite Pass.
    RSA778883RSAAsclepias albicansThomas Stoughton8092011-03-23 RiversideBLMChuckwalla Mountains, North side, Alligator ACEC off I-10, south of Desert Center, in hills above Granite Mine.; Desert Center Quad.
    RSA779290RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot65992011-03-19 San BernardinoBLMChemehuevi Mountains: Along Cave Wash at small cave.
    RSA779488RSAAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot67242011-05-06 San BernardinoBLMSHEEP HOLE MOUNTAINS, SW Mojave Desert: East side of saddle east of Sheep Hole Pass, wash on east side of saddle. NE side of main ridge of the mountains
    RSA779726RSAAsclepias albicansDuncan S. Bell942009-03-08 RiversideArica Mountains: center of mountain range in the vicinity of Priest Mine approximately 2 air miles west of Priest Well or approximately 7 air miles southwest of the ghost town of Rice.
    RSA785173RSAAsclepias albicansDuncan S. Bell33652012-04-15 San BernardinoThe Calumet Mountains; southern section of this range in the Sheephole Valley Wilderness. Approximately 6.75 air miles northeast of Clarks Pass.; Cadiz Valley SW
    RSA785852RSAAsclepias albicansJ. Andre194052011-11-03 San BernardinoColorado River Valley: above river shore near gas pipeline bridge, approx. 0.4 mi S of I-40.; Topock 7.5′
    RSA802156RSAAsclepias albicansDuncan S. Bell46472013-03-24 ImperialBLMThe Jacumba Mountains; in canyon draining to the north of Myer Valley; approximately 3.25 air miles northeast of Mountain Spring or 5 air miles southwest of the town of Ocotillo.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge
    SBBG54027SBBGAsclepias albicansRussell S. Woglum25911940-04-04 San BernardinoParker Dam, Colorado River
    SBBG5693SBBGAsclepias albicansKatherine K. Muller9231958-03-22 Riverside5.5 mi E of Desert Center
    SBBG87801SBBGAsclepias albicansA. C. Sanders, C. Pitzer, Kniffen,Wright62501986-03-10 Imperial2.15 N of Hwy S2 on a dirt rd 1.1 mi SE of the San Diego Co lineCoyote Mtns
    SD00007909SDAsclepias albicansDuffie Clemons16711987-04-12 ImperialOn north-facing slope in volcanic talus, Indian Pass ACEC, n00 feet east of Gavilan Wash. (IPB 10-07)
    SD00059012SDAsclepias albicansRoyce Riggan1012005-03-26 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park, just SW of Bow Willow Ranger Station, about 1.5 miles W of Highway S-2
    SD105421SDAsclepias albicansJames C. Dice2221979-06-22 ImperialMountain Springs
    SD113024SDAsclepias albicansDarley F. Howe21921952-04-28 RiversideChuckawalla Mountains.
    SD113025SDAsclepias albicansDarley F. Howe23481954-04-25 San DiegoFish Creek, 13 miles from Split Mountain Road
    SD115072SDAsclepias albicansWayne P. Armstrongs.n.1983-02-19 ImperialAbout 1.0 miles southwest of Ocotillo; rocky area south side of Myer Creek.
    SD119039SDAsclepias albicansDuffie Clemons12741986-02-16 San DiegoCalcite mine area Seventeen Palms quad One growing in crack of cliff face.
    SD119927SDAsclepias albicansSears9691978-03-20 San BernardinoWhipple Mountain.
    SD152287SDAsclepias albicansJon Rebman65542000-04-20 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains. NW side of Palo Verde Peak and SW of the town of Palo Verde along BLM Road M0661
    SD177963SDAsclepias albicansJon P. Rebman128922006-05-20 San DiegoVallecito Valley (BLM Wilderness area): S of Vallecito Stage Station County Park in Potrero Canon, approx. half-way up the west-facing slope of the Sawtooth Mountains
    SD178857SDAsclepias albicansMelvin M. Sweet2782006-03-17 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; E of Jacumba Mountains, well established sandy road just SE of Piedras Grandes, approx ? mi NW of Mortero Palms.
    SD180854SDAsclepias albicansStudent1 USD122006-03-25 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Tierra Blanca Mountains, Surprise Canon, west of Mountain Palm Springs; ravine at head of canyon, south of palm grove.
    SD181933SDAsclepias albicansJeannie Gregory13592005-03-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; 8 miles W of Ocotillo at Eastern base of Jacumba Mtns; Mortero Canon Rd; near Dos Cabezas Mine.
    SD189448SDAsclepias albicansThomas E. Barckley122007-04-07 San DiegoNorth East portion of Anza-Borrego State Park, 9 West North West of Salton City. 4.8 mls West of State Route 86 in Wonderstone wash.
    SD190592SDAsclepias albicansLarry Hendrickson32182005-04-16 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area, Bear Canon Wash, ˜ 1.5 W of Colorado River.
    SD19725SDAsclepias albicansFrank F. Gander46561937-10-27 ImperialIn Ko Pah Gorge
    SD20173SDAsclepias albicansFrank F. Gander48661937-12-14 San Diego0.5 mile southwest of mouth of Canon
    SD204042SDAsclepias albicansJon P. Rebman187572010-03-04 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: vicinity of Split Mountain; along the North Fork of Fish Creek Wash northwest of its junction with Mollusk Wash
    SD210645SDAsclepias albicansBill Sullivan5372008-08-03 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 5? mi SW of intersection County Road S2 (Imperial Highway) and Dos Cabezas Road (EC119 and EC158), 8.5 W of town of Ocotillo, 0.1 mile southeast of Mortero Palms in Palm Canon Wash
    SD211367SDAsclepias albicansJon Rebman188982010-04-03 ImperialSouthwest of Plaster City on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property in an area proposed for development of a solar facility: S of Hwy. S8 N of I-8, NE of Ocotillo & W of El Centro; just N of a powerline road
    SD211950SDAsclepias albicansLarry Hendrickson35912009-03-30 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Rockhouse Canon, a major tributary of Carrizo Wash in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. 2.7 miles S of intersection of County Road S-2 and Carrizo Wash jeep trail.
    SD215792SDAsclepias albicansNancy Nenow4412009-02-13 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, 2.5 W of Egg Mountain, 2 mi W of S-2 on Indian Gorge dirt road in Indian Valley just before the road splits into north and south fork.
    SD216542SDAsclepias albicansIan Cain15672011-03-17 ImperialAlong west bound I-8, 3.06km west of intersection with Highway 98
    SD218951SDAsclepias albicansS. J. De Groot65992011-03-19 San BernardinoChemehuevi Mountains, along Cave Wash at small cave.
    SD218952SDAsclepias albicansS. J. De Groot67242011-05-06 San BernardinoSheep Hole Mountains, SW Mojave Deseret, east side of saddle east of Sheep Hole Pass.
    SD219691SDAsclepias albicansLarry Hendrickson45802010-03-27 San DiegoTierra Blanca Mountains, west of Carrizo Valley. Agua Canonal Park, in Moonlight Canon. S of campground. 0.9 air mile S of intersection of County Road S-2 and access road to park.
    SD219692SDAsclepias albicansLarry Hendrickson45542010-03-27 San DiegoTierra Blanca Mountains, west of Carrizo Valley. Agua Canonal Park. 0.7 air mile SSE of intersection of County Road S-2 and access road to park. South of campground in narrow canyon 0.1 mile west of the mouth of Moonlight Canon.
    SD235791SDAsclepias albicansMelvin M. Sweet11372011-05-07 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Fish Creek Jeep Road, 12 miles to the mouth of Sandstone Canon, SW from the inters of Fish Creek Wash with the paved Split Mountain Road, S of Ocotillo Wells; then 1.25 miles up Sandstone; 6.25 W of Imperial Co line
    SD245238SDAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot69062013-03-27 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: Along Havasu Palms road, along small drainage at the base of a steep hill.
    SD24573SDAsclepias albicansFrank F. Gander71491939-04-02 San DiegoNear Vallecito Station
    SD247302SDAsclepias albicansAndy Sanders413862015-03-10 RiversideSonoran (Colorado) Desert: north end of Chocolate Mountains, eastern canyon at Tabaseca Tank, US Navy Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range.
    SD250418SDAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders418172015-09-08 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: c. 1.5 miles NE of the SE edge of Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range, along Dietz Rd, 1.6 miles W of Midway Well Rd., Milpitas Wash watershed (W of Palo Verde Peak 7.5′Q)
    SD250597SDAsclepias albicansJon Rebman287852014-09-25 ImperialPalo Verde Mountains: southwest of Palo Verde; on the upper slopes of a peak west of old Palo Verde Road; north of Milpitas Wash & west of Hwy 78
    SD254524SDAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders420592016-03-04 ImperialSonoran (Colorado) Desert: Hayden Well on Mammoth Wash, Chocolate Mountains (Tortuga 7.5′Q)
    SD258299SDAsclepias albicansJ. M. Andre238732013-03-04 RiversideRiverside Mountains; east side of range, along rocky dirt road to historic mine area, 0.8 mile west of Hwy 95, ca. 12 miles south of Vidal Jct.
    SD259960SDAsclepias albicansJ. Andre207882012-04-11 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park; NW Eagle Mtns, along dirt road to Black Eagle Mine, 0.7 mi. east of road to Cottonwood Spr (Sutah Trail), 34 mi. south of Hwy 62 at 29 Palms. At interface of steep rocky (granitic) hills and large wash.
    SD79831SDAsclepias albicansHelen V. Witham11801970-12-14 ImperialIn-Ko-Pah Gorge
    SD83464SDAsclepias albicansR. Mitchel Beauchamp19491971-03-26 San DiegoCoachwhip Canon, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
    SDSU02526SDSUAsclepias albicansGray, John W.191963-03-21 ImperialS 9, R 9E, T 17 S. 3 mi. S on U.S 80 from Imperial County Line. 1 N of U.S 80. Located on small hill in Desert Scrub.
    SDSU02527SDSUAsclepias albicansGarcia, Robyn M.1987-03-28 ImperialInterstate 8, ca. .25 mi. E of Myer Valley.
    SDSU02543SDSUAsclepias albicansSmith, Bob12561932-03-20 ImperialPainted Gorge, West Colorado Desert
    SDSU02544SDSUAsclepias albicansHarvey26541942-04-05 San DiegoFoot of Mt. Springs grade
    SDSU18093SDSUAsclepias albicansScheid, Gerry1982-03-14 San BernardinoWash east of road at Sheephole Pass, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA
    SFV101100SFVAsclepias albicansD. S. Veritys. n.1964-02-16 ImperialColorado Desert; About 34 miles west of El Centro, at west end of E bridge over Devil′s Canon. Very rocky, desert slope.
    SJSU11075SJSUAsclepias albicansR.C. McGehee1821970-04-14 RiversideE base of Coxcomb Mts, end of road 2.3 W of its junction with Desert Center-Rice Rd
    SJSU5188SJSUAsclepias albicansL.M. Stotelmyre491970-03-23 RiversideCoxcomb Mts, eastern Riverside County.
    UC1004928UCJEPSAsclepias albicansPhilip A. Munz165701940-04-07 San Bernardinopass between Bullion and Sheephole Mts.
    UC105379UCJEPSAsclepias albicansT. S. Brandegee1896-04-11 San DiegoAgua Caliente, Colorado Desert
    UC1088737UCJEPSAsclepias albicansFerdinand W. Haasis8.581958-04-05 Imperial3 mi e Gold Rock Ranch (vicinity of Tumco Mine); Cargo Muchacho Mountains
    UC494505UCJEPSAsclepias albicansPhilip A. Munz, C. L. Hitchcock121051932-04-04 San Diegobelow Mountain Palm Spring
    UC501437UCJEPSAsclepias albicansFrank W. Peirson72131927-04-16 Imperialfoot Mountain Springs Grade
    UC68777UCJEPSAsclepias albicansH. M. Hall60251905-05-01 RiversidePinto Mts. Colorado Desert
    UCR0016697UCRAsclepias albicansGeorge K. Helmkamp2962A1998-03-19 ImperialLittle Picacho Wash along Picacho Rd, 2.5 miles south of Picacho State Recreation Area; Colorado Desert
    UCR0016698UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders434632018-03-11 ImperialChocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, canyon at range boundary, 6.3 NE (48 ° ) of Sawtooth Mountain, 8.5 km north of Mount Barrow
    UCR0016699UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders434962018-03-23 ImperialChocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, 10.2 miles NNE (4 ° ) of Niland, old (c. 50 years?) target site
    UCR0016700UCRAsclepias albicansJon P. Rebman65542000-04-20 ImperialNW side of Palo Verde Peak and SW of the town of Palo Verde along BLM Rd M0661
    UCR0016701UCRAsclepias albicansLarry Hendrickson32182005-04-16 ImperialPicacho State Recreation Area, Bear Canon Wash, c. 1.5 mi southwest of the Colorado River
    UCR0016702UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders62501986-03-10 ImperialCoyote Mtns., 2.15 miles north of Hwy S-2 on dirt road 1.1 miles SE of San Diego Co. line
    UCR0016703UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders418172015-09-08 Imperialc. 1.5 miles NE of the SE edge of Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range, along Dietz Rd. 1.6 miles west of Midway Well Rd., Milpitas Wash watershed
    UCR0016704UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders413262015-03-07 ImperialChocolate Mountains, side canyon west of north fork of Salvation Wash, US Navy Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range
    UCR0016705UCRAsclepias albicansJon P. Rebman188982010-04-03 ImperialSouthwest of Plaster City on BLM property in an area proposed for development of solar facility, S of Co Hwy S80 N of I-8, NE of Ocotillo & W of El Centro, just north of powerline road
    UCR0016706UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders420592016-03-04 ImperialHayden Well on Mammoth Wash, Chocolate Mountains
    UCR0016707UCRAsclepias albicansThomas R. Stoughton8092011-03-23 RiversideChuckwalla Mountains, North side, Alligator ACEC off I-10, south of Desert Center, in hills above Granite Mine. Old mine access road
    UCR0016708UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders431252017-03-27 RiversideChocolate Mountains, canyon 12 NE (46 ° ) of Bombay Beach, on both sides of the Imperial County line
    UCR0016709UCRAsclepias albicansJohn Deans.n.1965-08-01 RiversideHwy 95, 20 miles north of Blythe, near Blythe [Palo Verde] intake dam
    UCR0016710UCRAsclepias albicansFrank C. Vasek600324--171960-03-24 RiversideDeep Canon, Palm Desert [Palm Springs Museums Deep Canon Sanctuary]
    UCR0016711UCRAsclepias albicansJ.M. Porter136152003-06-05 RiversideChocolate Mountains, Chocolate Mountains Bombing and Gunnery Range. Unnamed canyon, south of Salt Creek, accessed via Siphon 21 of the Coachella Canal, fork running southeast
    UCR0016712UCRAsclepias albicansJ.M. Porter136042003-06-05 RiversideChocolate Mountains. Chocolate Mountains Bombing and Gunnery Range. Unnamed canyon, south of Salt Creek, accessed via Siphon 21 of the Coachella Canal, fork running east, above the pour-off
    UCR0016713UCRAsclepias albicansJohn F. Greens.n.2005-10-26 RiversideBase of Orocopia Mtns, S side; east of Desert Beach; c. 1 N of Coachella Canal
    UCR0016714UCRAsclepias albicansB.G. Pitzer29241996-11-09 RiversideOrocopia Mtns: Bobs Cabin, c. 4.5 air miles south of the west end of Hayfield Lake & c. 4 road miles north of Salt Creek Road-SR211; Colorado Desert
    UCR0016715UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders121561992-04-04 RiversideMcCoy Mountains, within 0.5 mile of McCoy Spring; Sonoran Desert
    UCR0016716UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders60601986-03-02 RiversideGraham Pass, between Chuckwalla Mtns and Little Chuckwalla Mtns.
    UCR0016717UCRAsclepias albicansJim Andre213332012-03-19 Riversidenorth end of Chuckwalla Mountains at Jaeger Nature Sanctuary, 1.5 mi. south of junction Eagle Mt Rd and I-10 freeway; Chuckwalla Mountains
    UCR0016718UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders413862015-03-10 Riversidenorth end of Chocolate Mountains, eastern canyon at Tabaseca Tank, US Navy Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range
    UCR0016719UCRAsclepias albicansJohn C. Rooss.n.1965-06-23 RiversideEagle Mtns., Lost Palms Canon, north of Chiriaco Summit
    UCR0016720UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders423852016-03-18 RiversideChocolate Mountains, along gasline road 21.5 km due north of Slab City-Camp Dunlap
    UCR0016721UCRAsclepias albicansLeRoy Gross31132008-04-01 San BernardinoNW end of the Sheephole Mountains, along east side of Amboy Rd,, around Sheephole Pass, near transmission tower
    UCR0016722UCRAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot38232004-03-18 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns: Trail to Cupcake Butte, NW of Whipple Wash. Between powerline road and first bluff
    UCR0016723UCRAsclepias albicansM. Sears7281978-03-14 Imperial3.5 miles south of Picacho in Little Picacho Wash
    UCR0016724UCRAsclepias albicansJim Andre194052011-11-03 San BernardinoColorado River Valley; above river shore near gas pipeline bridge, c. 0.4 mi. south of I-40
    UCR0016725UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders242572001-05-11 San Bernardinonorthern end of Sheep Hole Mountains, large canyon east of microwave tower at summit of Sheep Hole Pass
    UCR0016726UCRAsclepias albicansSarah J. De Groot39382004-03-29 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns: Copper Basin reservoir, ˜ NE side of lake. MWD property (permit 28 Aug. 2003)
    UCR0016727UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders37561983-04-23 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns., Whipple Wash where it joins the road to Havasu Landing, c. 0.5 mile below Willow Spring and 1.5 miles above Lake Havasu; Sonoran Desert
    UCR0016728UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders6021978-04-07 San BernardinoWhipple Mtns, c. 5.0 - 5.5 W of Whipple Wash, on utility road that runs from E side of mtns to NW side, Copper Canon watershed; Sonoran Desert
    UCR0016729UCRAsclepias albicansJim Andre127092010-03-15 San Bernardinoeast side of Turtle Mountains, just east of Negro Peak, c. 2 miles west of Hwy 95, 6 W of Vidal Junction
    UCR0016730UCRAsclepias albicansJim Andre119452010-03-18 San BernardinoEastern end of Sacramento Mountains, along dirt road 4 miles south of I-40 at Hwy 95 junction, c. 1 mile east of Flattop Mtn. and 2 miles south of Eagle Peak
    UCR0091018UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders435282018-03-27 RiversideChocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range; canyon fork 4 miles (air) due west of Tabaseca Tank, 2.4 miles SE (129 ° ) of the mouth of Canon Spring Wash
    UCR0112250UCRAsclepias albicansA.C. Sanders440462020-03-16 ImperialChocolate Mtns. Aerial Gunnery Range, narrow canyon c. 2-3 km ENE of Beal Well
    UCSB022927UCSBAsclepias albicansDavid T. Bell1751966-04-05 San Diego200 yards W of Mount Palm Springs Campground Parking Area, 2 miles W of road S2, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
    UCSB022928UCSBAsclepias albicansJohn R. Haller12691958-03-22 RiversideNear U.S. highway 60-70, 7 miles east of Box Canon road junction (Calif. 195)
    CHSC35785CHSCAsclepias asperulaBarry Prigge2201972-07-06 San BernardinoClark Mountain, SE slope, 4.3 miles NNW of Mountain Pass.
    CLARK-A1528-5131CLARKAsclepias asperulaJohn C. Roos44901949-06-25 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range
    CLARK-A1528-5236CLARKAsclepias asperulaJohn C. Roos40421948-09-18 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range
    GH00967402GHAsclepias asperula1895-04-22 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967405GHAsclepias asperula1895-06-15 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    IRVC102177IRVCAsclepias asperulaA. C. Sanders; Mark Elvin245802001-08-03 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert: Clark Mtn., Fir Canon on the north side, 1-2.2km above Green′s Well Rd. (Clark Mtn. 7.5 Q.)
    LA00600483LAAsclepias asperulaCarl B. Wolf1935-05-27 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mt. 3-4 Mi. Above Pachalka Spring in 1st Canon to the East
    NCC001367NCCAsclepias asperulaWeatherby, Robert J.5911949-06-03 San BernardinoClark Mtn. Near Mtn. Pass
    POM183899RSAAsclepias asperulaP. A. Munz128881932-09-15 San BernardinoClark Mountains
    POM183900RSAAsclepias asperulaP. A. Munz128881932-09-15 San BernardinoClark Mountains
    POM305399RSAAsclepias asperulaHenry J. Ramsey7011940-05-25 San BernardinoClark Mountains.
    POM76084RSAAsclepias asperulaMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-02 San BernardinoKelso
    POM8281RSAAsclepias asperulaP. A. Munz41171920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East slope of Providence Mountains
    RSA0065399RSAAsclepias asperulaR. S. Woglum431935-10-02 San BernardinoClark Mountains.
    RSA13128RSAAsclepias asperulaC. B. Wolf70481935-05-27 San BernardinoClark Mountains: 3-4 mile above Pachalka spring in first canyon to the east
    RSA16257RSAAsclepias asperulaC. B. Wolf70251935-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mountains, 1.5 miles above Pachalka Spring in 2nd canyon to the east.
    RSA23251RSAAsclepias asperulaC. B. Wolf97291940-07-31 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Keystone Canon, 1-2 mile below Keystone Spring
    RSA23498RSAAsclepias asperulaC. B. Wolf96451940-05-27 San BernardinoNew York Mts: Keystone Canon, 1-8 mile above Keystone Spring
    RSA247896RSAAsclepias asperulaR. F. Thorne440321973-06-20 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains: Mitchell Canon N & W of park headquarters.
    RSA251047RSAAsclepias asperulaR. F. Thorne437001973-05-31 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, New York Mts.: Canon, upper end near Hard Cash Mine
    RSA252128RSAAsclepias asperulaR. F. Thorne441471973-06-21 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Narrow canyon above Sagamore Mine.
    RSA269347RSAAsclepias asperulaB. A. Prigge15251974-06-09 San BernardinoClark Mountains: Big Pachalka Canon, 5.5 miles NWW of Mt. Pass
    RSA269348RSAAsclepias asperulaB. A. Prigge11771973-06-23 San BernardinoClark Mountains: Fir Canon, 6 1-4 miles NW of Mt. Pass
    RSA269349RSAAsclepias asperulaB. A. Prigge11881973-07-06 San BernardinoClark Mountains: at picnic ground 4 miles NW of Mt. Pass
    RSA269350RSAAsclepias asperulaB. A. Prigge11501973-06-15 San BernardinoClark Mountains: Little Pachalka Canon, first canyon E of Pachalka Springs, 5 1-4 miles NW of Mt. Pass
    RSA275416RSAAsclepias asperulaR. F. Thorne494541977-06-24 San BernardinoClark Mountains: mouth of Forsellesia Canon, 1 mile SW of Frank Curtis Mine (Juniper Claims)
    RSA401120RSAAsclepias asperulaR. S. Woglum27861940-05-31 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Keystone Canon.
    RSA550209RSAAsclepias asperulaW. Wisura47991992-06-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert: New York Mts., Canon.
    RSA667309RSAAsclepias asperulaA. C. Sanders245802001-08-03 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert: Clark Mountains., Fir Canon on north side, 1-2.2 km above Greens Well Rd.; Clark Mtn. 7.5 Q.
    SBBG104650SBBGAsclepias asperulaD. Goodward92-21992-06-03 San BernardinoClark Mtn, Fir Cyn just below the fir grove
    SBBG12198SBBGAsclepias asperulaE. R. Blakley32381960-04-23 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns
    SD128697SDAsclepias asperulaDarley F. Howes.n.1980-05-26 San Bernardino7.1 miles east of Cima Bridge
    SFV101101SFVAsclepias asperulaT. R. Gordon15811976-06-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Eastern Mojave Desert. New York Mountains. Keystone Canon.
    UC1951126UCJEPSAsclepias asperulaScott D. White, Justin Wood128942009-05-22 RiversideSAN JACINTO MOUNTAINS: Quinn Flat Meadow. USGS Idyllwild 7.5 Quad.
    UCR0016740UCRAsclepias asperulaJune Lattings.n.1979-05-13 San BernardinoNew York Mountains. Canon
    UCR0016741UCRAsclepias asperulaA.C. Sanders245802001-08-03 San BernardinoClark Mountain, Fir Canon on north side, 1-2.2 km above Greens Well Rd.
    UCR0016742UCRAsclepias asperulaA.C. Sanders6031976-06-12 San BernardinoNorth side of Clark Mountain, lower part of canyon below fir grove; Eastern Mojave Desert
    UCR0016743UCRAsclepias asperulaJohn C. Roos44901949-06-25 San Bernardinonear Coloseum Mine, north side Clark Mountain; Eastern Mojave Desert
    UCSB022929UCSBAsclepias asperulaJohn R. Haller16131960-04-23 San BernardinoAt campground, Mitchell Caverns State Park, Providence Mtns., 23 miles (by road) N.W. of U.S. 66 at Essex
    BSCA1001BSCAAsclepias californicaSpears, Linnea1222004-05-18 San DiegoRancho Cuyamaca State Park, West Mesa.
    BSCA1004BSCAAsclepias californicaLauri, Robert2342002-06-14 San DiegoAbove Lower Doane Valley approximately 750m north of Doane Pond along fire truck trail.
    BSCA1006BSCAAsclepias californicaJonsson, Erik11101985-05-19 San DiegoJeep trail to Lost Valley from Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, along road cut.
    CAS-BOT182825CASAsclepias californicaShevock, James R.95431982-05-22 KernPiute Mountains, Kern River Basin. Along California highway 178, 0.3 mile east of Paradise Cove paralleling Lake Isabella Reservoir
    CAS-BOT183362CASAsclepias californicaShevock, James R.105461983-07-06 KernPiute Mountains. Along county road 501 at base of Harris Grade between Landers Meadow and Sageland
    CAS-BOT205286CASAsclepias californicaShevock, James R.; Norris, Larry L.; McNeal, Dale116231986-06-09 TulareWestern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Kern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Along the western slope of Sawtooth Peak along upper saddle east of Lamont Meadow
    CAS-BOT673911CASAsclepias californicaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.423091967-05-29 InyoSierra Nevada. 1-3 mile east of head of Nine Mile Canyon
    CAS-BOT673912CASAsclepias californicaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1883-04-01 MariposaBenton Mills
    CAS-BOT673913CASAsclepias californicaPlowman, Timothy79241979-08-20 MontereyCachagua Valley, along the Carmel River
    CAS-BOT673914CASAsclepias californicaBacigalupi, Rimo; Sweeney, J. R.37211952-05-21 San BenitoCanyon of Clear Creek, headwaters of the San Benito River, west slopes of San Carlos Mountain
    CDA0014366CDAAsclepias californicaG.D. Barbe28441980-07-15 TulareCherry Hill Road to Pine Flat, 1.1 miles south of Alder Creek (Burton Camp), 0.1 mile north of Brush Creek bridge. Plants of Kern Plateau.
    CDA0039804CDAAsclepias californicaT.C. Fuller37101958-05-07 Los AngelesMint Canon, Highway 6, 2 miles north of The Oaks.
    CDA0039805CDAAsclepias californicaT.C. Fuller133531965-04-20 TulareEast side of Highway 69 Woodlake, 0.2 mile south of junction with Highway 63, 3.3 miles south of Auckland.
    CDA0039806CDAAsclepias californicaT.C. Fuller133531965-04-20 TulareEast side of Highway 69 Woodlake, 0.2 mile south of junction with Highway 63, 3.3 miles south of Auckland.
    CDA0039807CDAAsclepias californicaT.C. Fuller40061959-06-10 Santa BarbaraRoad summit, Big Pine Mountain. San Rafael Mountains.
    CHSC108384CHSCAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga8232003-06-09 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Unnamed Canon between Buena Vista and Manuel Canon, in the drainage of Morris Peak, draining into Indian Wells Canon. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC124436CHSCAsclepias californicaR29231969-04-19 RiversideAlong Highway 71, 5.9 miles E of US Highway 395; in area burned in 1968.
    CHSC21883CHSCAsclepias californicaRobert A. Schlising30391972-06-01 Los AngelesWest of Palmdale along Bouquet Canon Road and 3.7 mi E of jct with Spunkey Canon Road and Bouquet Reservoir.
    CHSC24455CHSCAsclepias californicaG. R. Pintler151976-04-17 Santa BarbaraCa. 1.8 mi n up Lost Valley Canon from Manzana Creek, ca. 3 mi se of Bald Mountain in San Rafael Wilderness Area.
    CHSC36135CHSCAsclepias californicaK. Bridwell1501978-06-18 Los AngelesCharleton Flat campground, ca. 1-4 mi n of Hwy 2, ca. 30 mi ne of Glendale, Angeles National Forest.
    CHSC89965CHSCAsclepias californicaL. P. Janeway80172004-05-01 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Foothills. Along small cold side channel along the east edge of Kern River, 2.6 km north of the county line. In old floodplain. T24S R33E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Kernville 1:24,000
    CLARK-A1528-1074CLARKAsclepias californicaMichelle Loef260573-231973-05-26 Tulare
    CLARK-A1528-1462CLARKAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos23901937-06-18 San DiegoLake Henshaw
    CLARK-A1528-7778CLARKAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos1965-07-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-7779CLARKAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos1965-07-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-7780CLARKAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos1965-07-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CLARK-A1528-7781CLARKAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos1965-07-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    CSUSB90379CSUSBAsclepias californicaRoy W. Martin780525-171978-05-25 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB91536CSUSBAsclepias californicaLinda HineS. N.1967-03-27 FresnoJunction of Trimmer Springs Rd. and Watts Creek Rd. Approximately 1350 feet elevation.
    CSUSB91537CSUSBAsclepias californicaR.C. Smiths.n.1973-05-16 San BernardinoGreenspot near Highway 38, above Mentone.
    DAV397022DAVAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney90622008-06-18 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains, Juniper Hills at Cruthers Creek bottom, Burkhart Trail.
    DAV397023DAVAsclepias californicaNick Jensen15902014-06-07 KernKern County: Tejon Ranch. Ridge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    DAV397024DAVAsclepias californicaNick Jensen22192014-06-07 KernKern County: Tejon Ranch. Ridge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    DAV397025DAVAsclepias californicaCameron BlakeSK and F-9891962-06-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: House Ranch, ca. 2 NE of North Shore Public Camp near Lake Arrowhead.
    DAV397026DAVAsclepias californicaD. C. Finfrock481950-04-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: One mile west of Ranger Station at junction of Mill Creek and Yuciapa roads.
    DAV397027DAVAsclepias californicaJim Goodwin301962-04-21 FresnoFresno County: Sandcreek Road, 5.2 miles east of Orange Cove.
    DAV397028DAVAsclepias californicaDr. C. M. Harings.n.1940-05-23 AlamedaAlameda County: Hills near Livermore.
    DAV397029DAVAsclepias californicaJames W. Katberg, Jr.311966-04-09 StanislausStanislaus County: Del Puerto Canon, north side of road, ca. 12 miles west of West Side Freeway.
    DAV397030DAVAsclepias californicaWayne Law312000-05-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: San Bernardino Mts.: west of Silverwood Lake along Pacific Crest Trail, Horsethief Canon.
    DAV397031DAVAsclepias californicaGeoffrey Levin1371974-05-10 TulareTulare County: 2 miles north of Kern Co.-Tulare Co. line at Chico Flat Camp. Sierra Nevada Mt. Range. Kern River drainage area.
    DAV397032DAVAsclepias californicaKatherine Pinney891975-04-27 StanislausStanislaus County: 15 miles west of Interstate 5 on Del Puerto Canon Road.
    DAV397033DAVAsclepias californicaR. Robichaux1001975-05-10 FresnoFresno Co.: 8.7 mi E of Piedra on Trimmer Springs Rd.
    DAV397034DAVAsclepias californicaGerald W. Sodomka271963-04-12 San DiegoSan Diego County: Along old highway between Ramona and Witch Creek, 6 miles east of Ramona.
    DAV397035DAVAsclepias californicaG. L. Stebbins, Jr.50681952-05-04 San BenitoSan Benito County: Along Clear Creek, 5 miles northeast of Hernandez.
    DAV397036DAVAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann51201959-04-25 KernKern County: Ridge just west of Grizzly Gulch on the Woody Ranch Road.
    DAV397037DAVAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann84341963-06-11 KernKern County: Erskine Canon, Piute Mountains.
    DAV397038DAVAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann92281964-04-25 KernKern County: Howling Gulch, about 3.5 miles southeast of Woody.
    DAV397039DAVAsclepias californicaLouis C. Wheeler62441946-08-24 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains: Wawona Lodge (site) adjacent to Crystal Lake.
    DAV397040DAVAsclepias californicaR. S. Woglum19251938-07-04 VenturaVentura County: Extreme north-central part of county, Mt. Pinos.
    FSC0008387FSCAsclepias californicaJ.S.1932-03-28 FresnoPiedra Fresno Co., Calif.
    FSC0008388FSCAsclepias californicaC. H Quibell1928-03-18 FresnoAuberry Rd. Elevat. about 1000 ft.
    FSC0008389FSCAsclepias californicaRichard M. Mallory1351954-03-28 FresnoOne third way up basalt talus on south facing slope of Big Table Mountain, northeast section at northwest corner of Auberry Valley. 1 N. of Ford Ranch soil depth shallow held in place by rock Talus at angle of repose.
    FSC0008390FSCAsclepias californicaLouis Soleno3541969-04-22 TulareCollected on top of a hill adjacent to State Highway 384 about 1-2 mile east of Friant-Kern canal.
    FSC0008391FSCAsclepias californicaConrad Bitters691681969-04-09 FresnoLocated on Table Top Mountain. Plant is scattered on slopes, mainly the south, west and east slopes in fairly well developed soil.
    FSC0008393FSCAsclepias californicaRoss Van Vlack0401980-04-19 San BenitoCollected 5.5 miles northeast of Los Gatos Creek on Clear Creek Rd. south facing slope, serpentine soil, across from heavily used O.R.V. Trails. Small population. Found near base of slope. elevation 3,300 feet. Associated species Bromus spp., Erysium capitatum.
    GH00967548GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1891-04-10 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH00967549GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1875-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967550GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1857-01-01 San Benito[data not captured]
    GH00967551GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1912-06-20 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967552GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-06-08 Riverside[data not captured]
    GH00967553GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1920-07-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH00967554GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-10-23 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH00967555GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-01-01 Ventura[data not captured]
    GH00967556GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Santa Clara[data not captured]
    GH00967557GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-04-01 San Diego[data not captured]
    GH00967558GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1958-05-23 Ventura[data not captured]
    GH00967559GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2005-05-11 San Bernardino[data not captured]
    GH00967560GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-06-04 Tulare[data not captured]
    GH00967561GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1891-07-05 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967562GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-03-24 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967563GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1963-05-13 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967564GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1908-07-12 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967565GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1881-04-01 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967566GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1908-07-03 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967567GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-05-01 San Diego[data not captured]
    GH00967568GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-06-11 Kern[data not captured]
    GH00967569GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1908-10-08 Santa Clara[data not captured]
    GH00967570GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-05-29 San Diego[data not captured]
    GH00967571GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-05-11 Unknown[data not captured]
    GH00967572GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1895-05-31 Monterey[data not captured]
    GH00967573GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-04-16 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH00967574GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1910-09-03 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH00967575GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1875-01-01 Los Angeles[data not captured]
    GH00967576GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1876-07-31 Kern[data not captured]
    GH00967577GHAsclepias californica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-05-16 Merced[data not captured]
    GMDRC12067GMDRCAsclepias californicaJ. M. Andre417592019-05-23 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Sand Canon, just west of Sand Canon Rd, 2.9 miles north of Hwy 58, approx. 10 miles east of Tehachapi town center
    GMDRC13023GMDRCAsclepias californicaJ. M. Andre430862020-05-14 KernSierra Nevada: just south of Hwy 178, 4.3 miles west of Walker Pass
    GMDRC13567GMDRCAsclepias californicaJ. M. Andre439332021-04-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: just south of Hwy 138 and on northwest slopes of Sawpit Canon, approx 0.4 air miles south of Silverwood Lake
    HNT5692HNTAsclepias californicaR. Woglum5311937-05-22 ?  RiversideTemecula
    HSC3292HSCAsclepias californicaDavid Bradford6700731967-04-07 Fresno150 yds. W of main intersection in Piedro
    HSC34771HSCAsclepias californicaR.E. Cooksey2491974-05-10 TulareFirst ridge and valley E of Chico Flat Campground, Hwy. 178, 2 N of Kernville on Kern River
    HSC80391HSCAsclepias californicaR.F. Thorne542631980-06-02 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns., near Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia Rds.
    HSC82773HSCAsclepias californicaChristopher Davidson78681979-05-09 San BernardinoHwy. 18, up Cushenbury Canon, ca. 1.7 mi. inside San Bernardino National Forest, Dirt Rd. NE
    IRVC102123IRVCAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders260462003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, west of the end of Magic Mountain Parkway, south of Magic Mtn. theme park
    IRVC102127IRVCAsclepias californicaR.L. Allens.n.1977-07-01 OrangeSANTA ANA MTS: Hwy 74, roadside III, upper canyon area.
    IRVC102179IRVCAsclepias californicaD. W. Goodalls.n.1967-06-25 San DiegoDescanso
    IRVC102180IRVCAsclepias californicaP. Reisentzs.n.1975-05-27 Los Angeles1 mile north of Mulholland Hwy on Valley Circle Road.
    IRVC102181IRVCAsclepias californicaMary V. Hoods.n.1944-04-04 RiversideCottonwood Creek, Near Aguanga
    IRVC102182IRVCAsclepias californicaR. H. Whittaker; W. A. NieringSJ-221963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Below Idyllwild toward Mt. Center.
    IRVC102184IRVCAsclepias californicaMignonne Bivin; Gail Baker791978-05-22 Tularejust S of Ash Mnt, Sequoia National Park; road up to Flume, Fore bay, Bureau of Land Management land.
    JEPS116427UCJEPSAsclepias californicaP. Douglas, E. PainterHL 2851994-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 14, 17)-Los Padres National Forest interface (boundary approximate), W to N and NE of head of Basket Spring Drainage, ca. 3.0 air km NNE of Alder Peak, ca. 2.5 air km W of Round Spring
    JEPS119016UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDana York18131997-05-02 FresnoCa. 58 km E-NE of Fresno (FSC), Sierra National Forest, Patterson Bluffs.
    JEPS119081UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDana York16961997-04-06 FresnoCa. 32 NE of Fresno, 6.6 km S-SW of Tollhouse, headwaters of Dry Creek, middle slope of Red Mountain (serpentine soil)
    JEPS27210UCJEPSAsclepias californicaE. R. Blakley27221959-03-31 Santa Barbaraw Davy Brown Public Camp (n slope of Figueroa Mountain); San Rafael Mtns.
    JEPS46411UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall, W. L. Jepson1891-01-22 San DiegoSmith Mt. (Palomar)
    JEPS47798UCJEPSAsclepias californicaFrank W. Peirson4961919-06-15 Los AngelesRock Creek; San Gabriel Mts.
    JEPS47799UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson154361930-05-07 Kernnear Caliente; Tehachapi foothills
    JEPS47800UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson124261928-04-19 Riverside5 mi or more n Elsinore
    JEPS47801UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson122061927-06-01 San BenitoTreat ranch Upper San Benito River
    JEPS47802UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson121901927-06-01 Fresnohead Los Gatos Creek
    JEPS47803UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson61091914-05-28 San BernardinoCanon Pass
    JEPS47804UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson55831913-05-15 San Bernardinoe end San Bernardino Valley
    JEPS47805UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson48931912-06-29 TulareLloyd Meadows Kern River
    JEPS47806UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson16611901-06-17 MontereySan Antonio Trail to coast Santa Lucia Mts.
    JEPS47807UCJEPSAsclepias californicaElizabeth V. Ferguson71917-05-26 San Diegonear Inspipration Point; Mesa Grande
    JEPS47808UCJEPSAsclepias californicaHarriet P. Kelley1919-04-14 Tularee Orosi (Badger Road)
    JEPS47809UCJEPSAsclepias californicaS. B., W. F. Parish1885-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    JEPS47810UCJEPSAsclepias californicaFrank A. Leach1918-12-01 Contra Costahill 1 1-2 mi sw Upper Pine Canon; Mt. Diablo
    JEPS5090UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson206831942-05-22 FresnoCantua Creek
    JEPS5091UCJEPSAsclepias californicaMary L. Bowerman29441935-05-01 Contra Costa4.4 mi from entrance (West road); Mount Diablo
    JEPS5092UCJEPSAsclepias californicaRimo Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney37211952-05-21 San BenitoCanon of Clear Creek, headwaters of San Benito River, w slopes of mountain San Carlos Mountain, San Benito River
    JEPS5093UCJEPSAsclepias californicaFrank W. Peirson35411923-05-26 Los AngelesRock Creek Divide
    JEPS5169UCJEPSAsclepias californicaRimo Bacigalupi, G. Thomas Robbins, L. R. Heckard37091952-05-03 Kernnear Shead Ranch (on the grade n of Walker Basin)
    JEPS5170UCJEPSAsclepias californicaWillis L. Jepson192141939-04-19 Riversidew Aguanga; Dripping Spring
    JEPS5531UCJEPSAsclepias californicaAllison Krames1935-04-28 KernGreenhorn Range
    JEPS73540UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJames R. Griffin35341973-06-02 San BenitoHead of Canada Azule; San Benito Mountain Natural Area
    JEPS89508UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDean W. Taylor13621972-03-26 Mariposaca. 5 mi. s. Coulterville (along Hwy. 49 in Merced R. Canon); Merced R. Canon
    JEPS89509UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDean Wm. Taylor, Rexford E. Palmer, Glenn L. Clifton89481987-05-14 San Benitoca. 1 mi. s.e. San Carlos Peak (San Benito Mt. Natural Area); Inner S. Coast Ranges, San Benito Mt. Natural Area
    JEPS89512UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDean W. Taylor144261994-06-22 Maderasubdivision ca. 0.3 mi. w. of Hwy. 49 at Ahwahnee; Sierra Nevada, Ahwahnee 7 1-2 Quad. 1990 ed.
    LA00600522LAAsclepias californicaMonte Lloyd1950-07-12 Los AngelesJust east of Fox Hills Golf Course and north of Slauson Ave.
    LA00600530LAAsclepias californicaW.R. Ernst1947-05-01 Los AngelesEntrance C. Lake Park
    LA00636993LAAsclepias californicaPeter H. Raven148611960-04-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Lake Enchanto; 0.2 miles east of Lake Enchanto
    LA30252LAAsclepias californicaMary V. Hood3943*1939-05-07 RiversideBarry′s Ranch
    LOB111444LOBAsclepias californicaRobert Wangenstein951979-04-12 San DiegoDripping Springs Campground.
    LOB111445LOBAsclepias californicaPaul Sheehan241970-05-01 San Bernardino10 miles SE of Phelan
    LOB111446LOBAsclepias californicaJ. V. Olmstead61971-04-07 Santa BarbaraAt NW end of upper Oso Campground at end of Paradise Rd., Los Padres National Forest
    LOB111447LOBAsclepias californicaJ. Olmstead561971-04-07 Santa BarbaraOn gravely hillside, on E. side of Rd., 0.75 N. of Paradise Td., on Upper Ose Camp Rd. Los Padres Nat′l Forest.
    LOB111448LOBAsclepias californicaJ.A. Kincaid381972-03-31 San Diego3 miles south of S-16 and California Route 76 on Route 76.
    LOB111449LOBAsclepias californicaJ. C. Merkt601971-05-01 San BernardinoOn State Hwy. 138 approximately 8 miles out of Crestline heading north-west.
    LOB111450LOBAsclepias californicaDeane Johnsons.n.1952-05-22 InyoEastern approach to Big Pines
    LOB111451LOBAsclepias californicaP.C. Baker72921973-05-30 TulareLloyd Meadows, near Pyles Camp.
    LOB111452LOBAsclepias californicaR. Gecks.n.1973-04-05 San BernardinoCalifornia Highway 138 at headwaters of Mojave River
    LOB111453LOBAsclepias californicaJames R. Shevock29351973-07-13 TulareSierra Nevada; Lloyd Meadows Basin; Sequoia National Forest; approx. 1-2 mile east of Pyles Camp.
    NCC001368NCCAsclepias californicaMunz, Philip A..194681954-05-21 InyoNine-Mile Canon
    NCC019898NCCAsclepias californicaQuibell, C.F. & C.H.241956-04-06 Fresnoca. 2 mi. below Pine Flat Reservoir -- at first point at which the river is visible
    NY42908NYAsclepias californicaJ. B. Walker13231995-04-06 ?  San DiegoCleveland National Forest, Black Canyon Rd, 7km N of Ramona
    OBI154449OBIAsclepias californicaD. R. Miller915.01991-05-31 San Luis ObispoOn E slope of Pine Mtn
    OBI165378OBIAsclepias californicaD. R. Miller594.3901994-05-27 San Luis ObispoPine Mtn Region. E slope Pine mt; Tobacco crk drainage
    OBI165379OBIAsclepias californicaKatherine K. Muller10211960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero near Salisbury Potrero, Sierra Madre Mts
    OBI165380OBIAsclepias californicaWesley O. Griesels.n.1959-04-16 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts, Seminole Hot Springs
    OBI165381OBIAsclepias californicaRobert F. Hoover78941950-05-07 San Luis ObispoBetween Rocky Butte & Pine Mt, Santa Lucia Range
    OBI165382OBIAsclepias californicaDavid J. Keil170331983-05-19 TulareHospital Flat campground N of Kernville
    OBI165383OBIAsclepias californicaRobert F. Hoover78941950-05-07 San Luis ObispoBetween Rocky Butte & Pine Mt, Santa Lucia Range
    OBI165384OBIAsclepias californicaRobert F. Hoover90581964-06-12 San Luis ObispoNear Rocky Butte fire lookout
    OBI165385OBIAsclepias californicaRobert F. Hoover76791949-05-14 San Luis ObispoRocky Butte district, above San Simeon
    OBI165386OBIAsclepias californicaJane Beckman421976-05-08 San Luis ObispoOn the road that leads from Mt Abel to hwy 33 about 3 mi from hwy 33
    OBI165387OBIAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders & B. Pitzer64881986-04-30 RiversideSan Jacinto mts, head of Bee Cyn along Bee Cyn Rd, 1.7 mi above the mouth of the cyn at the San Jacinto river valley
    POM12025RSAAsclepias californicaMary F. Spencer11801924-05-24 San DiegoEdge of woods. Meta Grande.
    POM122956RSAAsclepias californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-09-02 Los AngelesSAN GABRIEL MTNS: Swartout Valley.
    POM12649RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz46411921-06-18 Los AngelesHead of Swartout Valley.
    POM12705RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz59631922-07-03 RiversideS slopes of Santa Rosa Mts.
    POM127918RSAAsclepias californicaR. L. Pendleton8331907-05-30 Santa ClaraHills east of Halls Valley
    POM128791RSAAsclepias californicaCraig3451927-07-01 San Bernardinobelow Mill Creek Power Station at Yucaipa road.
    POM130023RSAAsclepias californicaHorace Brown110761897-07-01 San DiegoSmith Mt.
    POM130027RSAAsclepias californicaL. R. Abrams37761903-06-19 San DiegoBetween Ramona and Ballena.
    POM13814RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz50601922-04-28 RiversideLeach Canon, Santa Ana Mts.
    POM145714RSAAsclepias californicaL. R. Abrams117121927-04-30 Los AngelesAntelope Valley between Fairmont and Neenach.
    POM156115RSAAsclepias californicaL. R. Abrams37761903-06-19 San DiegoBetween Ramona and Ballena.
    POM156504RSAAsclepias californicaL. R. Abrams26701902-07-11 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns: Mt. San Antonio.
    POM157968RSAAsclepias californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1927-08-01 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Swartout Valley.
    POM163404RSAAsclepias californicaR. C. Bacigalupis.n.1926-04-17 Santa ClaraOn grade out of Hall Valley toward Smith Creek, Mt. Hamilton Road
    POM17433RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz71801923-06-27 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
    POM175350RSAAsclepias californicaE. Crows.n.1930-06-29 Los AngelesTrail between Pine Flats and Crystal Lake
    POM175440RSAAsclepias californicaJoseph A. Ewan26411930-06-24 Los AngelesCrystal Lake, N. Fork San Gabriel R.
    POM17973RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz70021923-06-10 VenturaSeymour Creek, Mt. Pinos.
    POM18074RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz68521923-05-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Hunt Canon 3 mi E of Vincent
    POM184037RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz128021932-06-09 San BernardinoCrystal Creek, north face of San Bernardino Mountains.
    POM230823RSAAsclepias californicaI. W. Clokey67951935-05-22 San BernardinoHorsethief Canon. Brushy hillside.
    POM264903RSAAsclepias californicaLincoln Constance25921940-05-04 MercedPiedra Azul Canon 0.75 miles southwest of Piedra Azul Spring.
    POM305962RSAAsclepias californicaHenry J. Ramsey11861941-05-10 San DiegoSan Felipe Valley.
    POM320292RSAAsclepias californicaWm. Ciora251966-04-30 Tulare2 miles out on Mineral King Rd; near Kaweah River
    POM3353RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz21511918-04-27 RiversideTemescal Canon
    POM3371RSAAsclepias californicaI. M. Johnston12661917-07-20 Los AngelesBaldy lookout of USFS
    POM346578RSAAsclepias californicaBarry Burnell3571971-04-30 TulareChico Flat Camp, 6 miles above Kernville.
    POM3580RSAAsclepias californicaRobinsons.n.1916-03-28 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains:
    POM3649RSAAsclepias californicaI. M. Johnstons.n.1918-05-30 RiversideTemescal Canon
    POM46980RSAAsclepias californicaMary F. Spencer11801919-05-24 San DiegoMesa Grande.
    POM48426RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz83221924-06-23 San Diegodry slope, Doane Valley.
    POM50597RSAAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall22101901-06-01 RiversideWooded slopes and benches of the south side.
    POM50599RSAAsclepias californicaS. B. Parish50761901-06-21 San BernardinoMill Creek.
    POM76148RSAAsclepias californicaS. B. Parishs.n.1892-07-05 San BernardinoMill Creek.
    PUA55087PUAAsclepias californicaDavid Imper1982-05-20 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA55098PUAAsclepias californicaDavid Imper1982-05-20 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA62748PUAAsclepias californicaG.L. Clifton1981-04-23 KernLocal landmark: Arrastre Creek. White River Quad.
    PUA68651PUAAsclepias californicaG.L. Clifton1988-08-14 Los AngelesLocal landmark: Blue Ridge. Mescal Creek Quad.
    RSA0011643RSAAsclepias californicaJoan Stewart3871995-04-08 FresnoTable Mountain, East of Fresno.
    RSA0027938RSAAsclepias californicaJohn F. Emmel12231992-05-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Along north shore of Lake Hemet, 1.5 air mi due west of Lake Hemet Store.
    RSA0040205RSAAsclepias californicaOrlando Mistretta41992-05-16 Los AngelesVicinity of Big Pines; head of Swarthout Valley; Mountain High Ski area
    RSA0045204RSAAsclepias californicaNick Jensen15902014-05-10 KernRidge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    RSA0045205RSAAsclepias californicaNick Jensen22192014-06-07 KernRidge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    RSA0046830RSAAsclepias californicaPaul Shirokawa271998-05-15 RiversideCleveland National Forest: Trabuco Ranger District, 0.3 miles from Ortega Highway (State Highway 74) on North Main Divide Road.
    RSA0065272RSAAsclepias californicaErika M. Gardner4252013-06-29 KernCanon bottom of Sage Canon.; Horse Canon 7.5
    RSA0080214RSAAsclepias californicaMichael J. Moore31782015-06-02 KernTejon Ranch: Tehachapi Mtns, near crest.
    RSA0103614RSAAsclepias californicaNick Jensen32632015-03-20 KernTejon Ranch. Tehachapi Mountains, about 0.4 road km north of Contour Road on the road to the Meeke Hogan Mine.
    RSA0103615RSAAsclepias californicaNick Jensen32752015-03-21 KernTejon Ranch. Tejon Hills, high point between Chanac and Comanche Creeks.
    RSA0104751RSAAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga7532003-05-19 KernBLMSouthern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Grapevine Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
    RSA0110210RSAAsclepias californicaRichard G. Swinney147432011-05-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Camp Colby (Colby Ranch), 1.18 mi at 73 degrees SE of Colby Ranch Rd. and FS Rd. 3N19 (along Big Tujunga Cyn.), c. 45 NE of lodge in center of camp.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Quad
    RSA0112741RSAAsclepias californicaRobert F. Thorne318291963-05-23 San Diego4.5 miles SE of junction of connecting road from Hwy 78 with Hwy 79; ca. 5 miles SSE of Warner Springs.
    RSA0154693RSAAsclepias californicaJoy D. England18462017-06-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: eastern San Gabriel Mountains, near Mormon Rocks Forest Service Station S of Highway 138. SSE of the station along old road running parallel to Lone Pine Cyn. Rd.
    RSA0193417RSAAsclepias californicaKatherine S. Ferguson1232018-04-30 KernGrapevine Canon: Near top of drainage, SW branch of S fork.
    RSA0277128RSAAsclepias californica2018-09-07 Unknown
    RSA0431422RSAAsclepias californicaChristina Varnava7302020-05-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande trail. ˜ 1 mile from the trailhead.
    RSA11401RSAAsclepias californicaC. Eplings.n.1932-05-28 San DiegoBanner
    RSA116091RSAAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz209261955-06-19 MontereyDry rocky ridge south of Cone Peak
    RSA121921RSAAsclepias californicaA. E. Wieslander4751934-04-29 VenturaE. end of Mt. Pinos.
    RSA15164RSAAsclepias californicaC. B. Wolf411926-05-20 San Bernardino3-4 miles from the summit of Canon Pass - toward Victorville.
    RSA16403RSAAsclepias californicaP. C. Everett71131935-06-11 VenturaCamp Seymour public camp grounds, on road to Mt. Pinos.
    RSA166192RSAAsclepias californicaM. A. Piehl631181963-05-01 VenturaSteep bank of loose, fine shale on n side of Matilija Lake. Noted at this site only. N. of Ojai.
    RSA17060RSAAsclepias californicaC. B. Wolf78581936-05-27 Los AngelesAliso Canon to Buckhorn Flats Road, 3.6 mi. above Tie Camp Summit (1st summit)
    RSA201893RSAAsclepias californicaW. L. Jepson61091914-05-28 San BernardinoCanon Pass
    RSA216622RSAAsclepias californicaE. C. Twisselmann165961970-05-07 KernHospital Flat, Kern Canon.
    RSA225762RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne410901971-07-31 San BernardinoSAN GABRIEL MTS., SAN BERNARDINO NATIONAL FOREST: above Stockton Flat, at foot of steep talus slope.
    RSA229719RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne381941969-06-26 San BernardinoDivide between Lone Pine and Swarthout Valleys
    RSA230382RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne383761969-07-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: North of Jackson Lake.
    RSA230667RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne384481969-07-10 Los AngelesSlope from wet Seepage just E of Big Pines Ranger Station
    RSA27135RSAAsclepias californicaRoxana S. Ferriss.n.1941-05-28 MontereyJust south of the summit of the Parkfield-Coalinga road.
    RSA282758RSAAsclepias californicaC. W. Tilforth19701980-05-23 San Bernardino5.2 miles north-east of jct. of hwy 138 & road to Hesperia, north of Silvewood Lake.
    RSA289626RSAAsclepias californicaD. A. YoungP4841969-05-25 San BernardinoAt the end of Haven Avenue N. of Chaffey College.
    RSA30073RSAAsclepias californicaE. K. Balls193541954-05-19 San Bernardino5.1 miles NE of Mill Creek Ranger Station, along Mill Creek Road.
    RSA302179RSAAsclepias californicaJim Shevock9091971-04-07 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton range.
    RSA304782RSAAsclepias californicaE. C. Twisselmann177041971-06-20 KernForks of the Kern. Kern Plateau.
    RSA307126RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne528531979-05-10 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
    RSA333731RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne542631980-06-02 San BernardinoNear Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads.
    RSA360143RSAAsclepias californicaH. van der Werff42671981-05-19 San DiegoPine Valley.
    RSA407720RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd17561986-04-22 RiversideTemescal Canon; Stable alluvial benches of Indian wash just S of I-15.
    RSA43399RSAAsclepias californicaH. M. Pollards.n.1947-04-12 VenturaMatilija Canon.
    RSA492702RSAAsclepias californicaW. Wisura43261989-05-09 San DiegoViejas Grade, 4.6mi from The Willows, N of I 8 W of Descano.
    RSA496466RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30821989-03-31 RiversideVail Lake area, S of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, W of Woodchuck Rd.
    RSA496467RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30831989-03-31 RiversideVail Lake area, S of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, W of Woodchuck Rd.
    RSA496471RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30861989-03-31 RiversideVail Lake area, S of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, W of Woodchuck Rd.
    RSA496474RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30931989-03-31 RiversideVail Lake area, S of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, W of Woodchuck Rd.
    RSA496476RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30951989-03-31 RiversideVail Lake area, S of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, W of Woodchuck Rd.
    RSA496678RSAAsclepias californicaA. C. Sanders77551988-04-03 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
    RSA500546RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd36171989-06-04 RiversideVail Lake area, sandy benches of Kolb Creek drainage, S of Hwy 79.
    RSA503452RSAAsclepias californicaL. C. Wheeler92101967-04-30 Los AngelesNW end foothills between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch
    RSA515191RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd18621986-06-09 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Chimney Creek Canon, side canyon South Peak 7155 south of Chimney Creek Meadow.
    RSA516748RSAAsclepias californicaEd LaRues.n.1989-04-25 Riverside2 mi (airline) NW of Lake Elsinore, adjacent to Cleveland National Forest; at mouths of Rice and McVicker Canons.; Alberhill 7.5 Quad.
    RSA518462RSAAsclepias californicaGary D. Wallace5021966-04-24 Los AngelesNW of Big Pines along FS road 4N09 near Mile High; Pacifico Mountain
    RSA529169RSAAsclepias californicaT. S. Ross56401991-07-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Granite Mountain: NNE slope; Pacifico Mountain 7.5′
    RSA549504RSAAsclepias californicaT. S. Ross34821990-06-18 Los AngelesCamp Verdugo Pines and vicinity; northerly draw draining to Jackson Lake.; Mescal Creek USGS 7.5′
    RSA549704RSAAsclepias californicaTerry J. O′Brien12041992-05-23 OrangeCleveland National Forest, trail S of Blue Jay Campgrounds.
    RSA550193RSAAsclepias californicaW. Wisura47801992-05-22 VenturaLockwood Valley Rd. 13.7 miles SW of Lake of the Woods
    RSA552402RSAAsclepias californicaD. Charlton54291991-06-22 San Bernardino1 mile W of Hwy 15 and 138
    RSA563857RSAAsclepias californicaA. C. Sanders140851993-05-20 San BernardinoYucaipa, alluvail fan at the SW foot of Yucaipa Ridge, NE corner of the intersection of Carter and Spring Streets, 2 mile E of Bryant St. on Carter.
    RSA574513RSAAsclepias californicaR. G. Swinney26261993-08-31 Los AngelesEastern San Gabriel Mountains: Horse Canon, 1.8 mi E of Hwy 2 at FS Road 3N12; Telegraph Pk.
    RSA577263RSAAsclepias californicaOrlando Mistretta14451994-07-20 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek. South Fork Campground.; Valyermo 7.5
    RSA584364RSAAsclepias californicaR. G. Swinney23231993-06-22 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains. 6.9 miles south of Lone Pine Canon Rd. at Forest Service Rd. 3N31 about 200-400 yards west in steep canyon.; Telegraph Peak
    RSA586809RSAAsclepias californicaD. L. Banks2461995-05-03 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., E of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, along the lower alluvial benches of Arroyo Seco.
    RSA586818RSAAsclepias californicaOrlando Mistretta13861994-06-21 Los AngelesSAN GABRIEL MTNS: Santiago Canon, drainage northwest of Pacifico Mountain.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5′
    RSA587104RSAAsclepias californicaOrlando Mistretta1655A1995-04-28 Los AngelesKitter Canon, slopes W of main canyon.; Pacifico Mountain
    RSA588922RSAAsclepias californicaT. S. Ross29291990-06-08 Los AngelesUpper Big Tujunga Canon: ridge and slopes descending +--ENE from THORN (Triangulation Point 5499-ft) toward Big Tujunga Creek (about 0.6-1.6 air miles ENE of Barley Flats).; Chilao Flat 7.5′
    RSA589064RSAAsclepias californicaOrlando Mistretta13271994-06-06 Los AngelesSAN GABRIEL MTNS: Little Rock Creek. Slopes on E side of canyon S of jct. of Forest Service roads 4N15 and 5N04.3.; Juniper Hills
    RSA592138RSAAsclepias californicaL. C. Wheeler92101967-04-30 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. Northwest end of foothills (of San Gabriel Mountains) between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch.
    RSA612606RSAAsclepias californicaD. L. Banks14911997-03-13 RiversideAgua Tibia Mountains: Vail Lake area, north and just S of Hwy. 79. The hills east of the Dripping Springs alcove and west of Vail Lake Marina Road, that were burned in the Vail fire of May 1996.; Vail Lake
    RSA617196RSAAsclepias californicaL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-07-11 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: San Sevaine Cow Camp.
    RSA617465RSAAsclepias californicaScott D. White66421998-06-04 Los AngelesCastaic Lake area: Grasshopper Canon watershed, between I-5 Freeway-Old Ridge Route and lake. Proposed North Lake Planned Community; Whitaker Pk.-Warm Spr. Mtn. 7.5 Quads.
    RSA628202RSAAsclepias californicaA. C. Sanders146381994-06-03 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
    RSA632427RSAAsclepias californicaValerie L. Soza6131999-07-07 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: West side of Horse Canon, above shooting area.; ValyermoNear 34*21′2 N 117*35′2 W
    RSA644203RSAAsclepias californicaV. W. Steinmann11991997-03-13 RiversideAgua Tibia Mountains, north of Hwy. 79 on the low hills just east of Dripping Springs alcove and west of Lake Marina Road.
    RSA660808RSAAsclepias californicaGerald Braden11988-05-04 Los AngelesStrawberry Peak, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA6790RSAAsclepias californicaC. B. Wolfs.n.1933-05-15 TulareSummit of grade on rd. 3 mi E of Exeter.
    RSA695507RSAAsclepias californicaValerie Soza16912003-06-18 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestUpper Cooper Canon, along Forest Service Road 2000.5, northeast of Cloudburst Summit, approximatly 0.6 miles above Cooper Canon trail Canon east slopes of Winston Peak.; Waterman Mountain 7.5 Quad
    RSA695984RSAAsclepias californicaKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1936-05-03 OrangeHoly Jim Canon.
    RSA696506RSAAsclepias californicaJ. R. Bruffs.n.1927-06-12 San BernardinoFawnshin-Bear Valley
    RSA699312RSAAsclepias californicaPomeroys.n.1929-05-11 RiversideBetween Lake Elsinore and Glenn Ivy.
    RSA703259RSAAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd111122004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
    RSA70334RSAAsclepias californicaF. W. Peirson42551922-04-29 RiversideLeach Canon. ( base of Santa Ana Mts., near Elsinore)
    RSA70335RSAAsclepias californicaF. W. Peirson4961992-03-29 Los Angelessummit of Mt. Wilson
    RSA70336RSAAsclepias californicaF. W. Peirson84491929-07-01 Los AngelesMt. Pacifico.
    RSA70338RSAAsclepias californicaF. W. Peirson35411923-05-26 Los AngelesRock Creek Divide
    RSA70339RSAAsclepias californicaF. W. Peirson26771921-05-30 San BernardinoMojave River, Victorville.
    RSA706431RSAAsclepias californicaLeRoy Gross23732005-06-23 Los AngelesRoad survey for Angeles National Forest; From Alder Saddle 4 miles down road 5N04 along South Fork Little Rock Creek.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Quad.
    RSA714008RSAAsclepias californicaElbert Benjamine2211929-05-18 RiversideMt. San Jacinto.
    RSA729076RSAAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga8232003-06-09 KernNational Park ServiceThe Owens Peak Watershed. Unamed Canon between Buene Vista and Manuel Canon, in the drainage of Morris Peak, draining into Indian Wells Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 Quad.
    RSA729477RSAAsclepias californicaR. G. Swinney73911999-06-21 Los AngelesBoulder Canon, upper end near Hwy 2. Canon bottom in montane coniferous forest, with weak riparian development.; Mescal Creek 7.5′
    RSA730165RSAAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga11482004-05-01 KernBLMTHE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. On trail to Owens Peak.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
    RSA750826RSAAsclepias californicaScott D. White127462009-05-19 KernPrivateTehachapi Mountains: Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles S of Hwy 58, just NW of Oak Creek Pass.; Tehachapi South Quad.
    RSA757012RSAAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne629661995-04-25 San BernardinoEast of Hwy. I-15 and Canon Pass, via Hwy. 138, Elliott′s Ranch area
    RSA773105RSAAsclepias californicaDuncan S. Bell12972010-06-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest: Garner Valley, approximately 3 air miles southeast of junction of forest service road 6S04 and forest service road 6S13. Field surveys for potential habitat for the endangered Quino Checkerspot butterfly.; Idyllwild
    RSA779747RSAAsclepias californicaDuncan S. Bell27482011-07-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: west of Holcomb Valley, at a pullout where forest service road 3N14 crosses Holcomb Creek, approximately 1.8 air miles southwest of Hitchcock Spring.; Fawnskin
    RSA787881RSAAsclepias californicaJ. R. Shevock116231986-06-09 TulareKern Plateau, BLM- Owens Peak Wilderness. Along the western slope of Sawtooth Peak along upper saddle east of Lamont Meadow.
    RSA789398RSAAsclepias californicaJ. R. Shevock116231986-06-09 TulareKern Plateau, BLM- Owens Peak Wilderness. Along the western slope of Sawtooth Peak along upper saddle east of Lamont Meadow.
    RSA789571RSAAsclepias californicaJ. R. Shevock105461983-07-06 KernPiute Mountains. Along county road 501 at base of Harris Grade between Landers Meadow and Sageland.
    RSA97687RSAAsclepias californicaR. M. Straw6471954-06-17 Ventura5 W of Stauffer Junction, base of Mount Pinos,Los Padres national Forest.
    SBBG107838SBBGAsclepias californicaClare B. Hardham35061958-06-04 Montereyrock slides, Cone Pk
    SBBG108574SBBGAsclepias californicaNoraine Meng1964-06-12 Kern1 W of Glennville
    SBBG109990SBBGAsclepias californicaClare B. Hardham181901971-06-26 Fresnoca. 1 mi E of Mustang Pk
    SBBG111793SBBGAsclepias californicaP. Douglas, E. PainterHL2851994-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: W of to N and NE of head of Basket Spring Drainage, ca. 3 NNE of Alder Pk, ca. 2.5 W of Round Spring; USFS-Ft Hunter Liggett interface
    SBBG116050SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess38142000-05-14 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Agua Blanca Trail (USFS 1 W10), between Log Cabin Campground and Hollister Site, N side of Agua Blanca Crk
    SBBG116057SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess33571999-05-29 VenturaN side of White Mtn, trail on SE side of upper Cobblestone Mtn trail
    SBBG116060SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess32441999-04-17 Los AngelesCanon Cyn, NE of Lake Piru, N side of Canon Crk, above first narrows
    SBBG116153SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess20071996-06-08 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Potrero Seco Rd, W of Potrero Seco Cmpgrd
    SBBG116705SBBGAsclepias californicaD. Wilken w- E. Painter161402003-06-10 MontereyNE side of Cone Pk
    SBBG124443SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess23041997-05-02 Venturaunnamed crk W of Munson Crk, E of Burro Crk, N side Hwy 33, mile marker 34.5
    SBBG127655SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess80922008-06-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Fishbowl Trail along Piru Crk
    SBBG134964SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess83722009-05-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; mountainous terrain between Cuyama & Lockwood Valleys, off Lockwood Valley Rd; upper Cuyama Valley
    SBBG137194SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess102982016-07-01 VenturaS side of Lockwood Valley Rd, in mtns ascending to Cuyama Valley
    SBBG137558SBBGAsclepias californicaR. C. Benkendorf4802017-04-26 San Benito[between Byles and Clear Creek cyns]
    SBBG139816SBBGAsclepias californicaStephanie M. Calloway18-2382018-05-08 Santa BarbaraLoma Pelona Victor Fire Rte. Large Potrero at Ridge top. Redondo Potrero
    SBBG142628SBBGAsclepias californicaStephanie M. Calloway18-1422018-03-30 Santa BarbaraManzana Trail.
    SBBG15760SBBGAsclepias californicaM. A. Piehl631181963-05-01 VenturaN side of Matilija Lake
    SBBG163094SBBGAsclepias californicaHeather Schneider5842018-06-29 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest. Santa Barbara Canon Trail to Cox Flat.
    SBBG16504SBBGAsclepias californicaK. K. Muller, E. R. Blakley10211960-05-19 Santa Barbaraslopes above Pine Corral Potrero, near Salisbury Potrero
    SBBG16876SBBGAsclepias californicaE. R. Blakley60091963-06-09 VenturaSandstone Camp
    SBBG17265SBBGAsclepias californicaK. A. Wilson12801962-05-12 Los Angelescyn with public cmpgrds leading to Devils Punch Bowl trail
    SBBG177141SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess112812019-06-07 VenturaGrade Valley Rd, roadbank W of Halfmoon Campground, Los Padres National Forest
    SBBG19423SBBGAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann84341963-06-11 KernErskine Cyn, Piute Mtns
    SBBG201438SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess63402004-04-17 VenturaBuck Creek Trail, 0.75 mi S of Piru Creek, Los Padres National Forest
    SBBG226473SBBGAsclepias californicaR. Burgess116082020-07-27 VenturaLos Padres National Forest: Thorne Meadows Area, Cedar Creek Trail
    SBBG23026SBBGAsclepias californicaE. R. Chandler23481965-06-03 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33 between Sandstone Public Camp and Pine Mtn Summit
    SBBG230637SBBGAsclepias californicaRyan O′Dell2018-06-07 San Benito0.56 airline miles N of Hepsedam Peak
    SBBG230809SBBGAsclepias californicaRyan O′Dell2017-06-01 San Benito2.21 airline miles W-NW of Laguna Mountain peak.
    SBBG25585SBBGAsclepias californicaL. E. Allen1966-03-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Matilija Cyn just W of Matilija Dam
    SBBG26147SBBGAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann121201966-05-10 KernW end of King Solomon′s Ridge; Piute Mtns
    SBBG27304SBBGAsclepias californicaLincoln Constance, J. L. Morrison, G. Lyon, H. L. Mason25921940-05-04 MercedPiedra Azul Cyn, 0.75 mi SW of Piedra Azul Spring
    SBBG28593SBBGAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann133211967-06-12 San Benitocyn of Clear Crk
    SBBG315SBBGAsclepias californicaDennis E. Breedlove2621961-04-01 Santa BarbaraAdobe Road, 1 mi SW of Camuesa Road
    SBBG39980SBBGAsclepias californicaE. Neese, B. Baldwin, H. Forbes, E. Painter, M. WetherwaxHL32821997-04-26 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near Coast Ridge Rd, ca. 0.5 W of Lion Pk, ca. 5 km WSW of Burro Mtn; USFS-Ft Hunter Liggett interface
    SBBG40261SBBGAsclepias californicaHenry M. Pollard1963-05-01 Venturaroad above Matilija Lake, Matilija Cyn
    SBBG41895SBBGAsclepias californicaHenry M. Pollard1970-05-06 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; E bank of Matilija Lake, Matilija Cyn
    SBBG43334SBBGAsclepias californicaKatherine K. Muller10211960-05-19 Santa BarbaraS of corral, Pine Corral Potrero, near Salisbury Potrero
    SBBG43494SBBGAsclepias californicaE. R. Chandler35361967-06-17 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 33 about 0.5 mi below Pine Mtn summit
    SBBG44992SBBGAsclepias californicaIra W. Clokey67951935-05-22 San BernardinoHorsethief Cyn
    SBBG47154SBBGAsclepias californicaKatherine K. Muller30751972-05-02 Los AngelesRed Rover Mine turnoff from St Hwy 14 between Los Angeles and Palmdale
    SBBG50860SBBGAsclepias californicaRussell S. Woglum5311937-05-22 RiversideTemecula
    SBBG50996SBBGAsclepias californicaRussell S. Woglum18201938-05-30 San DiegoBanner, below Julian on rd to San Felipe
    SBBG50997SBBGAsclepias californicaRussell S. Woglum19251938-07-04 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
    SBBG54552SBBGAsclepias californicaF. Farris1081974-05-10 TulareChico Flats, about 2 N of Kern-Tulare County line
    SBBG5696SBBGAsclepias californicaH. and M. Dearing13371934-04-14 San DiegoNate Harrison Cyn, Palomar Mtn
    SBBG5697SBBGAsclepias californicaH. and M. Dearing13381936-05-17 KernWalker Basin
    SBBG5698SBBGAsclepias californicaE. R. Blakley27221959-03-31 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; N slope of Figueroa Mtn W of Davy Brown Public Camp
    SBBG5699SBBGAsclepias californicaH. and M. Dearing13251937-05-28 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero
    SBBG5700SBBGAsclepias californicaH. and M. Dearing13361935-06-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley
    SBBG58659SBBGAsclepias californicaRalph Hoffmann1931-05-03 Los AngelesSan Francisquito Cyn
    SBBG58661SBBGAsclepias californicaL. G. Yates1893-06-01 Los AngelesNewhall
    SBBG58662SBBGAsclepias californicaRalph Hoffmann1930-06-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley
    SBBG58663SBBGAsclepias californicaRalph Hoffmann1929-06-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Dutch Flat
    SBBG58664SBBGAsclepias californicaM. N. Ackley141928-05-20 San DiegoSan Felipe Lodge
    SBBG58665SBBGAsclepias californicaRalph Hoffmann1927-07-19 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
    SBBG58666SBBGAsclepias californicaRalph Hoffmann1927-06-04 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; upper Matilija
    SBBG58667SBBGAsclepias californicaP. Bartholomew1937-11-11 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mono Guard Station
    SBBG58668SBBGAsclepias californicaHenry M. Pollard1946-05-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Matilija Cyn
    SBBG82337SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith54481957-05-23 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero
    SBBG82805SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith83731963-06-26 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest summit of Big Pine Mtn
    SBBG82810SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith55421957-06-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Agua Caliente Cyn
    SBBG82811SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith58881958-10-13 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Hwy 399 grade, approaching Pine Mtn summit from Sespe watershed
    SBBG82812SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith48771956-06-17 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Big Pine Mtn, summit of rd from Bluff Camp
    SBBG82813SBBGAsclepias californicaC. Eriksen1952-05-24 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; upper Oso Cyn
    SBBG82814SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith41461955-05-18 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Agua Caliente Cyn
    SBBG82815SBBGAsclepias californicaClifton F. Smith68611962-05-23 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Agua Caliente Cyn near the hot springs
    SBBG87638SBBGAsclepias californicaA. C. Sanders, B. Pitzer64881986-04-30 Riversidehead of Bee Cyn along Bee Cyn Rd, 1.7 mi above the mouth of the cyn at the San Jacinto River valley
    SD00051658SDAsclepias californicaSusan T. Welker1428b1994-06-14 San DiegoSouthwest of Julian, west of Pine Hills. North of Eagle Peak Road, southeast of San Diego River, south of Iron Springs Canon. Grid K19.
    SD00059013SDAsclepias californicaSuzanne Bell4022000-05-25 San DiegoJapatul Road, on roadside
    SD106839SDAsclepias californicaHenk van der Werff39011980-06-08 San DiegoCorte Madera Ranch, Pine Valley.
    SD113026SDAsclepias californicaDarley F. Howe8521939-06-12 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
    SD121980SDAsclepias californicaLeota Davidson4001967-05-28 VenturaFive miles east of Wagon Road Canon Ozena-Frazier Road.
    SD124526SDAsclepias californicaHenk van der Werff42671981-05-19 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch On open, dry slope.
    SD135164SDAsclepias californicaPhilip Unitts.n.1993-05-05 San DiegoPine Valley, east side of Pine Valley Creek, 1.95 miles ESE of Oakzanita Peak. Cuyamaca Peak USGS topo map
    SD135645SDAsclepias californicaErnest C. Twisselmann109171965-06-03 KernHead of Spanish Needle Creek
    SD137920SDAsclepias californicaDarin L. Banks2461995-05-03 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, north slope of Agua Tibia Mountain, east of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area.
    SD15315SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander18961936-05-12 San DiegoOne mile west of Buckman Springs.
    SD15611SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander21881936-05-21 San DiegoFeatherstone Canon
    SD156140SDAsclepias californicaJeannie Gregory9552004-05-21 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, Sunrise Highway, Kitchen Creek Truck Trail.
    SD161599SDAsclepias californicaMarguerite English702003-06-01 San DiegoSherilton Valley. Turn left at gates to private road. Near drainage cut
    SD161600SDAsclepias californicaJerilyn Hirshberg10352005-04-29 San Diego1 mile southwest of entrance to Inaja picnic area on Highway 78-79 between Santa Isabel and Wynola
    SD162333SDAsclepias californicaRobert Lauri2342002-06-15 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Above Lower Doane Valley approximately 750m north of Doane Pond along fire truck trail.
    SD163559SDAsclepias californicaLinnea Spears1222004-05-18 San DiegoRancho Cuyamaca State Park, West Mesa.
    SD165318SDAsclepias californicaDaniel Williford1112005-05-24 San Diego15 NE of Santa Ysabel, Hwy. 76, 3.5 W of Lake Henshaw, Fox Outdoor School, SE trail of Native Village
    SD165802SDAsclepias californicaJeannie Gregory18232005-07-17 San DiegoDouble S Ranch, N of Angel Mountain Road, 1 W of Santa Ysabel, 2 mi W of Lake Henshaw, 4 mi E of Pine Mountain summit
    SD167909SDAsclepias californicaJerilyn Hirshberg11512005-07-03 San Diego.5 mile SE of entrance to Inaja picnic area on Highway 78-79 between Santa Isabel and Wynola, on south side of san diego river, 300 meters east of ridgeline
    SD17111SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander34471937-05-06 San DiegoAnahuac School.
    SD180504SDAsclepias californicaBarbara Booth152006-05-21 San DiegoOak Grove. 25249 Oak Grove Truck Trail, 1 mile S of its intersection with Highway 79, oak woodland west of Temecula Creek.
    SD18210SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander43401937-07-01 San DiegoBetween Harcuemara [Hormiguero] and McGee Ranches near Pala
    SD184589SDAsclepias californicaPatrick McConnell1322005-05-27 San DiegoMiddle Eastern flank of Volcan Mountains, San Felipe Wildlife Area, approx. 3 miles WNW of ranch house, approx. 1-3 mi E of Ferguson Flat.
    SD185434SDAsclepias californicaDoug Hitchingham32006-06-02 San DiegoSW of Volcan Mountains, NW of Julian. Sidehill south of Santa Ysabel Creek. 1.1 NE of the intersection of highway 78-79 and Durbin Rd, NW of Julian. 3625 W of Julian airport. Near bench mark 4136 feet.
    SD186058SDAsclepias californicaA. C. Sanders260462003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, west of the end of Magic Mountain Parkway.
    SD192207SDAsclepias californicaEnrique Medina1182007-05-20 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, NE of Pine Valley, Noble Canon Trail, 1.4 mile SE of Deer Park Road, 2.8 miles NE of junction with Hwy 80
    SD193559SDAsclepias californicaJeannie Gregory24812007-05-15 San DiegoRamona, The Nature Conservancy, Ramona Grasslands Preserve, 2 W of Ramona Airport, 0 NW of intersection of Highland Valley Road and Rangeland Road, just S of Santa Maria Creek
    SD196196SDAsclepias californicaLarry Hendrickson22642007-05-17 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park. Cuyamaca Mountains, northeast of Lake Cuyamaca. 1.2 air miles east of intersection of State hwy. 79 and County hwy. S-1 Near intersection of Mason Valley Truck Trail and California Riding and Hiking Trail.
    SD198152SDAsclepias californicaJohn Groth972007-07-01 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, 3 W of Middle Peak, 5 N of the Boulder Creek Road, N of Anahuac Spring
    SD198941SDAsclepias californicaJohn LaGrange1352007-05-05 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, NW of Black Mountain, W side of Lusardi Canon Truck Trail, E of intersect with Paradise Mountain Road, where the road crosses Middle Ridge between Canon and Temescal Valley, near Benchmark 2413
    SD214705SDAsclepias californicaJerilyn Hirshberg20632009-05-02 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, W of Cuyamaca Mts., at Kessler Flat, edge of Eagle Peak Road, 3.5 mi SW of intersection with Boulder Creek Road, near pond
    SD215380SDAsclepias californicaLouis C. Wheeler62441946-08-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Wawona Lodge (site) adjacent to Crystal Lake
    SD215793SDAsclepias californicaNancy Nenow6282009-05-12 San DiegoWarner Springs Ranch, 1-3 NE of intersection Hwy 79 and Lost Creek Road, 250 yds north of highway 79 and east of Lost Creek Road on dirt sideroad .
    SD21599SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander58291938-05-27 San DiegoHarper Ranch, Rattlesnake Valley
    SD216751SDAsclepias californicaJon P. Rebman218242011-05-24 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: E of Eagle Peak and west of Boulder Creek Road; along the trail from Boulder Creek Road to the Three Sisters Waterfall in Boulder Creek; approximately 0.3 miles west of the parking area
    SD217201SDAsclepias californicaDarin L. Banks10921996-05-17 San DiegoApproximately 200 meters southwest of the grassland on the west face of Agua Tibia Mountain (just inside the Wilderness Boundary) along the old remnants of the Magee Pack Trail that originates at the private inholding
    SD220147SDAsclepias californicaNancy Nenow12902010-05-31 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Puerta La Cruz Road; 1.4 miles SE Mitchell Camp Road and Chihuahua Valley Road
    SD222152SDAsclepias californicaJay B. Walker13231995-04-06 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Black Canon Rd. 7 N of Ramona
    SD231006SDAsclepias californicaJames R. Shevock116231986-06-09 TulareWestern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Kern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Along the western slope of Sawtooth Peak along upper saddle east of Lamont Meadow
    SD232167SDAsclepias californicaScott D. White127462009-05-19 KernTehachapi Mountains: Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles S of Hwy 58, just NW of Oak Creek Pass.
    SD235792SDAsclepias californicaChar Glacy1562009-04-22 San DiegoWarner Springs; along Camino San Ignacio, 2.16 miles SE junction with Highway 79
    SD244304SDAsclepias californicaJon P. Rebman268302013-05-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: northwest of Lake Sutherland: northeast of Ramona; along Forest Service Road #12505 approximately 0.6 miles west of the junction of Lake Sutherland Dam Road and Black Canon Road
    SD247755SDAsclepias californicaJohn LaGrange5512010-04-16 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, west side of Mesa Grande Road, North slope of the ridge above the Patton lode mine along the fence line of private property east of National Forest land.
    SD255630SDAsclepias californicaMitch Provance106132009-04-24 KernTehachapi Mountains: Tejon Ranch, Sycamore Canon, just west of the mine at Cow Peak, ca. 1.6 miles north of Los Angeles Co. line.
    SD266724SDAsclepias californicaLarry Hendrickson68012016-05-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Aguanga Ridge, south side of Palomar Divide Road adjacent to wildlife guzzler, 8.1 surface miles NW of intersection with State Route 79.
    SD27312SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander85271940-05-16 San DiegoRidge above Doane Valley, Palomar.
    SD27503SDAsclepias californicaFrank F. Gander86021940-05-22 San DiegoNear Eagles Nest, Hot Springs Mountain.
    SD3765SDAsclepias californicaJohn P., Jr. Dexters.n.1931-05-01 San DiegoFoothills near Ramona.
    SD3772SDAsclepias californicaRuth B. Randall1271914-04-01 San DiegoBanner Grade.
    SD40437SDAsclepias californicaJames O. Brodieurs.n.1946-06-01 San DiegoSan Felipe
    SD40800SDAsclepias californicaCarl B. Wolf47131933-05-15 TulareWestern slope Sierra Nevada; 3 miles east of Exeter, summit of grade on road.
    SD41306SDAsclepias californicaEdith A. Purer65821935-05-11 Los AngelesHillside, Malibou Road, Santa Monica Mountains.
    SD41307SDAsclepias californicaEdith A. Purers.n.1931-04-01 Los AngelesValley Blvd. west of Pomona.
    SD46630SDAsclepias californicaP. C. Everett216271956-05-10 Kern12.7 miles south of Bodfish along road to Caliente.
    SD47976SDAsclepias californicaHerbert L. Mason62631935-04-30 KernHobo Hot Springs, Kern River Canon.
    SD76110SDAsclepias californicaHelen V. Witham7741970-04-18 San DiegoNate Harrison Grade, Palomar.
    SD7718SDAsclepias californicaDaniel Clevelands.n.1877-06-23 San DiegoViejas
    SD7719SDAsclepias californicaDaniel Clevelands.n.1880-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino.
    SD7720SDAsclepias californicaDaniel Clevelands.n.1877-05-18 San DiegoBear Valley.
    SD82923SDAsclepias californicaR. F. Thorne383761969-07-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Angeles National Forest, north of Jackson Lake.
    SD85989SDAsclepias californicaR. Mitchel Beauchamp26621971-05-31 San DiegoWest of road, Japatul Valley; 0.5 miles north of Dehesa.
    SD98846SDAsclepias californicaDarley Howes.n.1976-05-19 VenturaNorth of Ojai on Highway 33, 21.3 miles beyond entrance to Los Padres National Forest. (see note)
    SDSU02524SDSUAsclepias californicaGodsil, J.2311952-06-01 TulareFive miles above Springville.
    SDSU02525SDSUAsclepias californicaBastlin, Julia R.12611927-05-21 San DiegoRoadside near Japatul
    SDSU02537SDSUAsclepias californicaBeauchamp, R. M.4791967-05-13 San DiegoBeside road up Poser Mt.
    SDSU02538SDSUAsclepias californicaBowler, Mariou27711938-04-24 San Diegoroad Julian to Banner
    SDSU16862SDSUAsclepias californicaLauri, Robert2342002-06-15 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Above Lower Doane Valley approximatley 500 yards north of Doan Pond along fire truck trail.
    SFV101102SFVAsclepias californicaM. L. Vincent3181963-04-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Triunfo Canon. Mulholland Highway, 1.5 miles west of Cornell Road. Roadside on dry embankment.
    SFV101103SFVAsclepias californicaK. A. Wilson12801962-05-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Canon with public campgrounds leading to Devil′s Punch Bowl Trail. North slope of San Gabriel Mountains.
    SFV101104SFVAsclepias californicaJ. Turners. n.1962-06-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Rouse Ranch. About 2 miles northeast of North Shore (Lake Arrowhead) Public Camp.
    SFV101105SFVAsclepias californicaT. R. Gordon10691975-06-05 TulareSierra Nevada; Along Little Kern River near Forks of Kern.
    SFV101106SFVAsclepias californicaM. A. Piehl631181963-05-01 VenturaSteep bank of loose, fine shale on north side of Matilija Lake. North of Ojai.
    SFV101107SFVAsclepias californicaM. L. Vincent1441962-03-03 VenturaVentura Mountains; 3 miles north of Moorpark on the road to Filmore. Off main road at the first junction north of Moorpark on a country road.
    SHTC5260SHTCAsclepias californicaSmith, M.A.431994-04-03 MercedMerced River Recreation Area Park. Highway 140 along access road
    SHTC5261SHTCAsclepias californicaBorman & Cantwell2441994-08-08 TuolumneYosemite National Park, Hwy. 140 East
    SHTC5262SHTCAsclepias californicaKollar, C.1181994-04-30 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, approximately one mile east of junction
    SHTC5263SHTCAsclepias californicaKollar, Cynthia1181994-04-30 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, 1 mile East of Junction
    SHTC5264SHTCAsclepias californicaHall, Renee621995-05-02 MariposaLake McClure, 5 miles from entrance
    SHTC5265SHTCAsclepias californicaAdams, J.E.IV391995-05-02 Mariposa3 miles into Lake McClure Park
    SHTC5266SHTCAsclepias californicaGrunder, Christian501995-05-02 MariposaLake McClure R.A. 5 miles past Ranger Station
    SHTC5267SHTCAsclepias californicaNielsen, A.D.531995-05-02 MariposaLake McClure Recreation Area, 5 miles inside entrance gate
    SHTC5268SHTCAsclepias californicaKnoernschild, R.511995-05-02 TuolumneLake McClure, 5 miles past ranger entrance booth
    SHTC5269SHTCAsclepias californicaGretchen, M.181966-04-15 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, 25 miles W. Patterson
    SJSU15336SJSUAsclepias californicaJulie Smith601985-04-12 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton Rd (Rt 130), Mile Post 13.1,
    SJSU1790SJSUAsclepias californicaR.L. Hassur1661956-05-20 Santa ClaraMt Hamilton Rd, W slope Mt Hamilton, Mt Hamilton Range
    SJSU2512SJSUAsclepias californicaN.D. Addy1261962-05-25 Santa ClaraMt Hamilton Rd, W slope Mt Hamilton, Mt Hamilton Range
    SJSU808SJSUAsclepias californicaM.B. Mirassou1501943-05-15 Santa ClaraMt Hamilton Rd, W slope Mt Hamilton, Mt Hamilton Range
    UC1008304UCJEPSAsclepias californicaRimo Bacigalupi, G. Thomas Robbins, L. R. Heckard37091952-05-03 Kernnear Shead Ranch (on the grade n of Walker Basin, on road to Havilah)
    UC1039628UCJEPSAsclepias californicaHerbert L. Mason62631935-04-30 KernHobo Hot Springs Kern River Canon
    UC1041049UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJ. W. Congdon1883-06-01 MariposaL. F. Jones Yard Mariposa
    UC105286UCJEPSAsclepias californicaT. S. Brandegee1894-06-14 San DiegoJulian
    UC1078813UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJob Kuijt13091957-05-11 San Benito21 miles S of Bitterwater junction on road to New Idria.
    UC111252UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall1897-04-01 RiversideTemecula Ck. Nigger Jim Canon
    UC111253UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall14791900-06-01 San BernardinoCanon Pass San Antonio Mountains
    UC111254UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall14771900-06-01 San BernardinoCanon Pass San Antonio Mountains
    UC1123497UCJEPSAsclepias californicaG. T. Nordstrom5691935-05-10 Ventura1 1-4 mi nw Blue Point; Santa Barbara National Forest, Tejon Quadrangle
    UC1123498UCJEPSAsclepias californicaW. E. Bullard311935-06-06 Fresnosummit Black Mtn.; Sierra National Forest, Kaiser Quadrangle
    UC1123499UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. M. Belshaw21311936-05-15 Contra Costa1-2 mi wsw Stewartsville; Mt. Diablo Quadrangle
    UC1123500UCJEPSAsclepias californicaA. D. Gifford7081935-08-11 Los Angeles2 1-2 mi s Neenach; Tejon Quadrangle
    UC1191136UCJEPSAsclepias californicaHerbert L. Mason147431957-05-11 San BenitoHeadwaters of Clear Creek
    UC1250178UCJEPSAsclepias californicaR. J. Rodin49201949-05-07 Stanislaussw Mt. Oso (on fire road)
    UC127209UCJEPSAsclepias californicaW. C. Blasdale1908-01-01 San BernardinoMohave Desert
    UC1371048UCJEPSAsclepias californicaTheodore F. Niehaus7521967-05-29 TulareThree Rivers
    UC141710UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. A. Purpus51061897-05-01 TulareErskine Creek Piute Mts.
    UC141711UCJEPSAsclepias californicaT. S. Brandegee1901-04-01 San DiegoRamona
    UC141712UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. F. Baker28711903-04-28 Contra CostaMarsh Creek Mt. Diablo
    UC153593UCJEPSAsclepias californicaLeRoy Abrams26701902-07-11 San BernardinoColdwater Canon; San Antonio Mts.
    UC1540216UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDean Wm. Taylor, Rexford E. Palmer, Glenn L. Clifton89481987-05-14 San Benitoabout 1 mi se San Carlos Peak; Inner South Coast Ranges, San Benito Mountain Natural Area
    UC1543026UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDonald G. Nelson5201937-04-24 Contra Costabetween Byron and Clayton (on March Creek Road)
    UC1561394UCJEPSAsclepias californicaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock59201986-04-18 Tulareca. 1-2 mi se White River (se of Porterville on County Rd. M-107, s side of Bald Mt.); Bald Mt.
    UC1584912UCJEPSAsclepias californicaTim Ross, Steve Boyd56401991-07-24 Los Angelesnne slope Grantite Mountain; Granite Mountain, Pacifico Mountain USGS 7.5 quadrangle
    UC1595679UCJEPSAsclepias californicaW. Wisura47801992-05-22 Ventura13.7 mi sw Lake of the Woods (Lockwood Valley Rd.); Mt. Pinos
    UC186091UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall99421915-05-27 San Benitonear head San Benito River (50-60 mi from Pacific Ocean); South Coast Ranges, San Benito River
    UC1922193UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga, Sarah J. De Groot8232003-06-09 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; Owens Peak eastern watershed. Unamed Canon between Buene Vista and Manuel Canon, in the drainage of Morris Peak, draining into Indian Wells Canon.
    UC1922997UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga, M. Patrick Griffith11482004-05-01 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: the Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. On trail to Owens Peak.
    UC192734UCJEPSAsclepias californicaS. B., W. F. Parish6161885-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
    UC1928690UCJEPSAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd, Valentin Arvizu119422008-05-01 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; Piute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley.
    UC1929331UCJEPSAsclepias californicaValerie Soza, Sarah J. De Groot16912003-06-18 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region; Upper Cooper Canon, along Forest Service Road 2000.5, northeast of Cloudburst Summit, approximatly 0.6 miles above Cooper Canon trail Canon east slopes of Winston Peak.
    UC1951138UCJEPSAsclepias californicaScott D. White, Justin Wood127462009-05-19 KernTEHACHAPI MOUNTAINS: Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles S of Highway 58, just NW of Oak Creek Pass. USGS Tehachapi South 7.5 Quad
    UC1971457UCJEPSAsclepias californicaLouis C. Wheeler62441946-08-24 Los AngelesSAN GABRIEL MOUNTAINS: Wawona Lodge (site) adjacent to Crystal Lake.
    UC2013269UCJEPSAsclepias californicaD. R. Miller915-U1991-05-31 San Luis ObispoO east slope of Pine Mountain.
    UC2027815UCJEPSAsclepias californicaBarbara Ertter, Holly Forbes155531997-04-20 Contra CostaNorth base of Mount Diablo, trail to Back Creek from Mitchell Canon trailhead.
    UC2028979UCJEPSAsclepias californicaBarbara Ertter170192000-05-14 Contra CostaDonner Basin on north side of Mount Diablo, upper end of Falls Trail near junction of Cardinet Oaks Road.
    UC2031418UCJEPSAsclepias californicaBarbara Ertter, Laura Fujii, Robert Wilkinson100901991-06-09 AlamedaDry Creek-Pioneer Regional Park NW of Fremont, NW part of Tolman Peak area
    UC2042030UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNick Jensen, Chris Winchell22192014-06-07 KernTejon Ranch. Ridge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    UC2042031UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNick Jensen, Chris Winchell15902014-05-10 KernTejon Ranch. Ridge east of Canon de la Lecheria about 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes.
    UC2045295UCJEPSAsclepias californicaMary L. Bowerman15961932-09-24 Contra CostaRidge running west from Twin Peaks.
    UC2047706UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNick Jensen, J. Mark Porter, Sarah DeGroot, Hester Bell35562015-05-09 KernTejon Ranch. Tehachapi Mountains, head of Sacatara Canon north and west of the end of the road.
    UC2049255UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNick Jensen, Sandy Namoff32632015-03-20 KernTejon Ranch. Tehachapi Mountains, about 0.4 road km north of Contour Road on the road to the Meeke Hogan Mine.
    UC2049256UCJEPSAsclepias californicaNick Jensen, Chris Winchell, Colin Wilkinson32752015-03-21 KernTejon Ranch. Tejon Hills, high point between Chanac and Comanche Creeks.
    UC212182UCJEPSAsclepias californicaI. M. Johnston12661917-06-20 Los AngelesBaldy Lookout of U.S.F.S. San Antonio Mountains
    UC219267UCJEPSAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz46411921-06-18 Los Angeleshead Swartout Valley; San Antonio Mts.
    UC219339UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall118041922-05-07 Contra CostaMarsh Creek; Mt. Diablo
    UC22950UCJEPSAsclepias californicaR. D. Alderson1651893-01-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    UC22951UCJEPSAsclepias californicaState Survey11231890-01-01 Contra Costaregion Mt. Diablo
    UC22952UCJEPSAsclepias californicaS. B., W. F. Parish1888-05-05 San Bernardinofoothills San Bernardino Mts. (Crafton)
    UC22953UCJEPSAsclepias californicaR. D. Alderson1894-04-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    UC22954UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall1899-06-01 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon San Antonio Mountains
    UC22955UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall14501900-06-01 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon San Antonio Mountains
    UC22956UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJ. Burtt Davy25651896-05-09 Los AngelesWest Palmdale Antelope Valley
    UC22957UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJ. H. Barber2461897-07-06 Los AngelesMt. Gleason San Gabriel Range
    UC22958UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall1901-05-17 RiversideTemecula Peak
    UC22959UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall21591901-06-01 RiversideVandeventer Flat San Jacinto Mountains
    UC22960UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall22101901-06-01 Riversides side San Jacinto Mountains
    UC22961UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall11881899-05-01 San DiegoOak Grove Smith′s Mountains
    UC22962UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall14501900-06-01 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon San Antonio Mountains
    UC277071UCJEPSAsclepias californicaI. Johnston12661917-06-20 Los AngelesBaldy Lookout of USFS San Antonio Mts.
    UC284821UCJEPSAsclepias californicaP. A. Munz68521923-05-26 Los AngelesVincent Gulch San Gabriel Mts.
    UC338265UCJEPSAsclepias californicaLemmon1933-07-06 San BernardinoCrafton
    UC35247UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDr. W. S. George1901-04-13 Contra CostaAntioch
    UC420777UCJEPSAsclepias californicaMiss Martha Hanson1930-05-01 San Diego
    UC449990UCJEPSAsclepias californicaKatharine Brandegee1937-05-01 Unknown
    UC449994UCJEPSAsclepias californicaDC1880-05-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
    UC450839UCJEPSAsclepias californicaFay A. MacFadden26501931-04-22 Los AngelesSan Franscito Canon
    UC455922UCJEPSAsclepias californicaI. J. Condit1910-06-22 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.
    UC457223UCJEPSAsclepias californicaCarl Epling, Nesta Dunn, Alice Goen1931-05-16 Los AngelesSwartout Valley San Gabriel Mts.
    UC488986UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. V. Meyer2021927-06-01 RiversideSaunders Meadow San Jacinto Mts.
    UC519762UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. Epling1932-05-28 San DiegoBanner
    UC520115UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. Epling, M. Darsie, C. Knox, Wm. Robison1932-06-20 San DiegoDescanso
    UC566164UCJEPSAsclepias californicaA. E. Wieslander4751934-04-29 Venturae end Mount Pinos; Mt. Pinos Quadrangle
    UC566262UCJEPSAsclepias californicaB. Bolt421934-06-04 Mariposa2 mi ne Hills Mine; Indian Gulch Quadrangle
    UC571960UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. K. Sharsmith37391936-05-23 Santa ClaraSeeboy Ridge; Mount Hamilton Range
    UC571961UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. W., H. K. Sharsmith6571934-03-29 Santa Claraw side Mt. Hamilton (Kincaid road); Mt. Hamilton Range, Mt. Hamilton
    UC571962UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. W., H. K. Sharsmith17801935-04-21 Stanislaus8.5 mi above mouth Arroyo del Puerto; Mt. Hamilton Range
    UC571963UCJEPSAsclepias californicaC. W., H. K. Sharsmith10971934-05-20 Santa Clarae slope Mt. Hamilton (halfway down San Antonio Road); Mt. Hamilton Range
    UC586907UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJoseph A. Ewan84301934-08-03 Los AngelesTable Mt. trail to Swartout Valley floor; San Gabriel Mts., Table Mt.
    UC659486UCJEPSAsclepias californicaLincoln Constance, John L. Morrison, Gregory Lyon, H. L. Mason25921940-05-04 Merced0.75 mi sw Piedra Azul Spring (w Merced County); Inner Coast Ranges, Piedra Azul Canon
    UC66057UCJEPSAsclepias californicaJoseph Burtt Davy77501901-05-01 Montereynear The Ventura; Big Sur
    UC69089UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall63981905-06-01 Kernne side Mt. Pinos
    UC69158UCJEPSAsclepias californicaH. M. Hall63051905-06-16 Kernvicinity Old Fort Tejon (Type locality)
    UC691842UCJEPSAsclepias californicaMary L. Bowerman8771931-05-21 Contra CostaCurry Canon at Cave Point junction Mount Diablo
    UC691843UCJEPSAsclepias californicaMary L. Bowerman29441935-05-01 Contra Costa4.4 mi from entrance (West road = North Rd.); Mount Diablo
    UC694516UCJEPSAsclepias californicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg29271942-06-07 Inyosw Olancha (on trail to waterfall); Sierra Nevada, Falls Creek
    UC763186UCJEPSAsclepias californicaR. F. Hoover48651941-04-19 Stanislausmiddle part Del Puerto Canon
    UC878940UCJEPSAsclepias californicaCarl B. Wolf47131933-05-15 Tulare3 mi e Exeter (summit of grade on road); Sierra Nevada
    UC878941UCJEPSAsclepias californicaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson67971935-05-02 VenturaSespe Creek above gorge Sespe Creek
    UC878942UCJEPSAsclepias californicaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson67951935-05-22 San BernardinoHorsethief Canon
    UC878943UCJEPSAsclepias californicaAlice Eastwood43801915-04-21 MariposaBlochman′s ranch
    UC917134UCJEPSAsclepias californicaD. C. Finfrock481950-04-26 San Bernardino1 mi w Rnager Station (at junction of Mill Creek and Yucaipa roads)
    UC967381UCJEPSAsclepias californicaPeter Kamb, Francia Chisaki22151952-04-27 Ventura0.4 mi s Agua Blanca Creek (narrow ridge on w side of valley); Piru Creek valley
    UC984861UCJEPSAsclepias californicaL. Beane, Lois E. James21121949-05-18 AlamedaArroyo Mocho Mt. Hamilton Range
    UCR0014670UCRAsclepias californicaRohan Boone372016-05-25 RiversideCleveland National Forest above Lake Elsinore at San Juan Loop Trail, near 34950 Ortega Hwy-Hwy 74
    UCR0014671UCRAsclepias californicaMike Misenhelters.n.2005-06-08 RiversideIdyllwild, south edge of town, 37 acre Lane property south of the intersection of Hwy 243 and Marian View Dr., west edge of Hwy 243 and off Robin Dr., West Ridge Rd., and Chickadee Way
    UCR0014672UCRAsclepias californicaScott D. White128942009-05-22 RiversideQuinn Flat Meadow
    UCR0014673UCRAsclepias californicaMitch ProvanceMOR--3931998-06-16 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, 0.5 mi. north of junction of East Branch and Millard Canon
    UCR0014674UCRAsclepias californicaJennifer H. Jones3902006-06-06 RiversideCleveland National Forest along Calif. Hwy 74; San Juan Loop Trail head
    UCR0014675UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders300982005-05-07 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
    UCR0014676UCRAsclepias californicaD.L. Banks13081997-02-23 RiversidePechanga Indian Reservation, north of Pechanga Rd. and south of Anza Rd., just NNW of San Gabriel Church in the area burned by the 1996 Temecula Fire
    UCR0014677UCRAsclepias californicaD.L. Banks14911997-03-13 RiversideVail Lake area, N and just south of Hwy 79; hills (burned in the Vail fire of May 1996) east of the Dripping Springs alcove and west of Vail Lake Marina Rd
    UCR0014678UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders17451981-07-22 RiversideAlvin Meadows, 2 miles (airline) WSW of Idyllwild; San Jacinto Mtns
    UCR0014679UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders181221996-05-01 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, vicinity of natural pond and bog at SE edge of Burro Flats; San Bernardino Mtns
    UCR0014680UCRAsclepias californicaD.L. Banks02461995-05-03 RiversideCleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., east of Dripping Springs Alcove, along lower alluvial benches of Arroyo Seco
    UCR0014681UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd17561986-04-22 Riversidestable alluvial benches of Indian Wash just south of Hwy I-15; Temescal Canon
    UCR0014682UCRAsclepias californicaV.W. Steinmann11991997-03-13 RiversideN of Hwy 79 on the low hills just east of Dripping Springs alcove and west of Lake Marina Road.
    UCR0014683UCRAsclepias californicaLouis B. Ziegler1841967-06-27 RiversideHemet Valley
    UCR0014684UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders64881986-04-30 Riversidehead of Bee Canon along Bee Canon Road, 1.7 miles above mouth of canyon at the San Jacinto River Valley; San Jacinto Mtns
    UCR0014685UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd30861989-03-31 RiversideSouth of Hwy 79, Kolb Creek drainage, west of Woodchuck Rd.
    UCR0014686UCRAsclepias californicaKen Stoltes.n.1978-05-28 RiversideAlong Hwy 79, at entrance to Dripping Springs Canon
    UCR0014687UCRAsclepias californicaWayne Law312000-05-20 San Bernardinowest of Silverwood Lake along Pacific Crest Trail, Horsethief Canon
    UCR0014688UCRAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney38491995-06-10 San BernardinoBaldy Mesa Ridge, 1.2 NE of Hwy 138 on road 3N24, ridgetop 0.8 mi. west of point where road crosses ridge, near Nuss Ranch
    UCR0014689UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders228421999-06-23 San BernardinoYucaipa, Wilson Creek north of Oak Glen Rd. & south of Fir Ave., between Fremont and Jefferson; San Bernardino Mtns. foothills
    UCR0014690UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders140851993-05-20 San BernardinoYucaipa, alluvial fan at SW foot of Yucaipa Ridge, NE corner of intersection of Carter and Spring streets, 2 miles east of Bryant St. on Carter St.; San Bernardino Valley
    UCR0014691UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders140911993-05-20 San BernardinoE side of Water Canon, a tributary of Wildwood Canon from the north, SW foot of Pisgah Peak. Porter Ranch, near the road to the old Huber House; San Bernardino Mtns.
    UCR0014692UCRAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney23231993-06-22 San BernardinoUpper Lytle Creek Divide, 1.9 mi south of Lone Pine Canon Rd on FS Road 3N31 in a steep canyon west of the road; Eastern San Gabriel Mtns.
    UCR0014693UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders146381994-06-03 San BernardinoUpper Furnace Canon on the N slope of the mtns above Lucerne Valley, W edge of a large limestone mining pit; San Bernardino Mtns.
    UCR0014694UCRAsclepias californicaDennis Vander Vens.n.1968-05-04 San BernardinoWildwood Cyn, near Yucaipa, east end of canyon, directly NE of Camp Wiwoca′s water tank [Girl Scout camp, Hidden Meadows community, between Yucaipa and Cherry Valley]; San Bernardino Mtns.
    UCR0014695UCRAsclepias californicaWarren Mouw640516--021964-05-16 San BernardinoHwy 38, 0.4 mi below Ranger Station above Mentone. [label reads 2800 ft. ]; San Bernardino Mtns.
    UCR0014696UCRAsclepias californicaSteven R. Hill335622001-04-30 San BernardinoRedlands, east side of Sand Canon Road, near Crafton Hills College
    UCR0014697UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd111122004-05-04 San Diegohills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05
    UCR0014698UCRAsclepias californicaFrank C. Vasek580426--181958-04-26 San DiegoDodge Valley. CA Hwy 79, 2.3 miles east of Oak Grove Campground; Palomar Mtn. Region
    UCR0014699UCRAsclepias californicaJohn A. Adams7691966-04-30 Tulare8 miles from Hwy 198, along Mineral King Road [c. 1 mile above Oak Grove]; Sierra Nevada Mtns,
    UCR0014700UCRAsclepias californicaO.F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains. Chorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the north off Pine Mountain, north of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry
    UCR0016744UCRAsclepias californicaTim Thomas23171999-05-30 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, Los Lobos Creek at transverse road
    UCR0016745UCRAsclepias californicaTim Thomas32302004-05-04 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, Muddy Creek springs north of transverse road
    UCR0016746UCRAsclepias californicaMitch Provance415--202015-04-28 KernCummings Valley, N side of W Valley Blvd. (Route 202), 0.5 NE of intersection with Cummings Valley Rd.
    UCR0016747UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders416172015-05-04 KernBrite Valley c. 10 km (airline) west of Tehachapi, near 90 ° bend in Hwy 202 above Cummings Valley Rd., NE of Cummings Valley
    UCR0016748UCRAsclepias californicaNick Jensen22192014-06-07 KernTejon Ranch, ridge east of Canon de la Lecheria, c. 1 mile NE of the abandoned radio tower site; north of the jeep road that connects to Canon de los Gatos Montes
    UCR0016749UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders336872007-05-04 Kerngentle slopes NE of upper Oso Canon, c. 3 miles ESE of Castac Lake, 0.5 mi. south of peak 4908, 0.5 mi. north of the Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0016750UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders342272007-06-27 Kerndivide between heads of Dry Field and Oso canyons, c. 2 miles east of Castac Lake and 3.5 miles NE of Gorman, c. 1 mile north of the Los Angeles Co. line near the powerline route
    UCR0016751UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders340662007-06-01 Kernupper Johnson Canon, a tributary of Bear Trap Canon, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec, south of the Calif. Aqueduct tunnel
    UCR0016752UCRAsclepias californicaJustin M. Wood7432009-05-16 KernFay Creek, tributary of the South Fork of the Kern River, via Fay Ranch Road, 3.75 air mi north of Weldon, Hwy 178
    UCR0016754UCRAsclepias californicaScott D. White127462009-05-19 KernTehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles south of Hwy 58, just northwest of Oak Creek Pass
    UCR0016756UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd119422008-05-01 KernPiute Mountains, lower Esperanza Canon at eastern base of Sorrell Peak and western edge of Kelso Valley
    UCR0016757UCRAsclepias californicaNaomi Fraga8232003-06-09 KernOwens Peak Eastern Watershed, unnamed canyon between Buena Vista and Manuel Canon, in the drainage of Morris Peak, draining into Indian Wells Canon
    UCR0016758UCRAsclepias californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp41451998-06-29 Kern2.2 miles east of the Keene turnoff from Canon Woodford to Tehachapi road
    UCR0016759UCRAsclepias californicaDavid Charlton59111994-06-04 KernTomo-Kahni (Creation Cave) State [Historical] Park, northeast of Monolith and Tehachapi, near intersection of Sand Canon and Tranquility roads
    UCR0016760UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Boyd95801997-04-20 KernPleito Hills, San Emigdio Ranch, ridge on W side of Pleito Canon, c. 4.5 air miles due north of Antimony Peak; San Emigdio Range
    UCR0016761UCRAsclepias californicaSteve Morgans.n.1991-06-16 KernLos Padres National Forest, 1.2 miles NNE of Mill Potrero Road on Forest Service road 9N09
    UCR0016762UCRAsclepias californicaT.B. Salvato13442006-04-24 Los Angelesc. 4 mi east of Quail Lake and 0.5 mi north of Hwy 138
    UCR0016763UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders334122007-04-19 Los Angeleshills north of Oso Canon and southwest of the National Cement Plant
    UCR0016764UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders323402006-05-16 Los Angelesalong the road to the National Cement Plant, c. 1-4 mile north of Hwy 138, south of the California Aqueduct
    UCR0016765UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders322192006-04-28 Los Angeleshills immediately NW of Quail Lake, vicinity of Benchmark 3562-Quail
    UCR0016766UCRAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney147432011-05-16 Los AngelesCamp Colby (Colby Ranch), 1.18 mi. at 73 ° SE of Colby Ranch Rd. & FS Rd. 3N19 in Big Tujunga Cyn., c. 450 NE of lodge in center of camp
    UCR0016767UCRAsclepias californicaMitch Provance106132009-04-24 KernTejon Ranch, Sycamore Canon, just west of the mine at Cow Peak, about 1.6 miles north of Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0016768UCRAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney90622008-06-18 Los AngelesJuniper Hills at Cruthers Creek bottom, Burkhart Trail
    UCR0016769UCRAsclepias californicaValerie Soza16912003-06-18 Los AngelesUpper Cooper Canon, along Forest Service Road 2000.5, northeast of Cloudburst Summit, c. 0.6 mi above Cooper Canon trail Canon east slopes of Winston Peak
    UCR0016770UCRAsclepias californicaScott D. White66421998-06-04 Los AngelesCastaic Lake area: Grasshopper Canon watershed, between the I-5 Fwy-Old Ridge Route and the lake. Proposed North Lake Planned Community
    UCR0016771UCRAsclepias californicaValerie Soza6131999-07-07 Los AngelesWest side of Horse Canon, above shooting area
    UCR0016772UCRAsclepias californicaR.G. Swinney73911999-06-21 Los AngelesBoulder Canon, upper end near Hwy 2
    UCR0016773UCRAsclepias californicaScott D. White104022004-05-18 Los AngelesEastern Santa Susana Mtns. West of the I-5 Fwy, c. 4 miles north of the I-5 - SH-14 jtn. and 6 miles south of Canon. Lyon Canon and surrounding slopes, canyons, and ridges
    UCR0016774UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders261732003-04-29 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of Charlie Canon and east Lake Hughes Rd.
    UCR0016775UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders260462003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, west of the end of Magic Mountain Parkway, south of Magic Mtn. theme park
    UCR0016776UCRAsclepias californicaBonnie C. Templeton49201932-06-19 Los AngelesBig Pines Park, Angeles National Forest
    UCR0016777UCRAsclepias californicaDavid Charlton2631986-06-15 Los AngelesLightening [=Blue?] Ridge at the intersection of Forest Rd 3N06 and Angeles Crest Hwy, c. 4 miles NW of the San Bernardino Co. line and 5 miles NW of Wrightwood; San Gabriel Mtns.
    UCR0016778UCRAsclepias californicaA.C. Sanders77551988-04-03 Los Angelessouthwest end of the Tehachapi Mountains, l mile northwest of Gorman on a gasline rd, 0.4 mile above old highway; Tehachapi Mtns
    UCR0016779UCRAsclepias californicaJohn C. Roos7421937-05-31 Los Angelesnear Littlerock
    UCR0016780UCRAsclepias californicaTimothy S. Ross56401991-07-24 Los AngelesGranite Mountain, NNE slope
    UCR0113913UCRAsclepias californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp20671997-06-21 San Luis ObispoQuesta Ridge north of San Luis Obispo and 0.4 mile west of radio towers
    UCSB022930UCSBAsclepias californicaMary Ann Rajala641980-05-25 Ventura13.0 mi. east of Hwy. 33 on Lockwood Valley Road; (1300 Lockwood Valley Road) road marker.
    UCSB022931UCSBAsclepias californicaOlin Bausback1982-03-25 Santa BarbaraOn east side of Paradise Road, 0.2 miles south of Los Osos campground, Los Padres National Forest
    UCSB022932UCSBAsclepias californicaPaul Reisentz1975-05-27 Los Angeles1 mile north of Mulholland Hwy. on Valley Circle Road
    UCSB022933UCSBAsclepias californicaCostley, M.461985-05-19 InyoHighway 178 past Johnsondale follow signs to Forks of Kern on ridge 1-2 mile down trl.
    UCSB022934UCSBAsclepias californicaBridget Recht351980-05-11 VenturaOn north side of wash, 13.2 miles from Canon Wagon Wheel Canon Road-west of Lockwood Valley
    UCSB022935UCSBAsclepias californicaDennis E. Breedlove2621967-04-01 Santa Barbara1 mile southwest of Canon Road on Adobe Road; upper Santa Ynez Valley.
    UCSB022936UCSBAsclepias californicaCoz, Susan291977-04-30 Santa Barbara8 miles north of Happy Canon Road from Cachuma Saddle to Canon Manzana Creek on north side
    UCSB022937UCSBAsclepias californicaFred M. Roberts, Jr.1511980-06-29 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.; Viejo Canon, 0.4 N Canon
    UCSB022938UCSBAsclepias californicaLavinger, S.0201975-10-26 Los AngelesAt Charlton Flats Camp Grounds, near camp site #21; San Gabriel Mountains
    UCSB022939UCSBAsclepias californicaMagney, David; Breslin, Nancy6-002000-04-09 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Wheeler Springs Quad; SW1 NE1-4 S21 T5N R2 W San Bernardino Base Meridian; on Wheeler Springs Trail; Nordhoff Ridge
    UCSB022940UCSBAsclepias californicaAmbrose, S.30471966-04-05 Santa Barbara1.5 miles from Paradise Road on Camueso Rd., Upper Rancho Oso, Santa Ynez Mountains
    UCSB022941UCSBAsclepias californicaEriksen, C.2101954-05-07 Santa BarbaraGibralter Rd. off the N. side of Camino Cielo, 3 mi. down the road
    UCSB022942UCSBAsclepias californicaMcCarthy, Sharon1541965-05-02 Santa BarbaraApprox. 1 mile east on road from Davy Brown Canon, San Rafael Mts.
    UCSB022943UCSBAsclepias californicaLong, Frances1940-04-14 TulareCoffee camp, Springville, California; Porterville trip
    UCSB022944UCSBAsclepias californicaJean Anthony971965-04-25 Tulare4 miles south of Fairview near the Kern River
    UCSB022945UCSBAsclepias californicaJoseph F. Copp1961-04-13 Santa BarbaraCa. 25 yd. E. of Adove (=upper Santa Barbara Reservoir road) road, 1.0 road mi. S. of Pendola Guard Station-Mono Public Camp road, upper Santa Ynez River valley
    UCSB022946UCSBAsclepias californicaMori, Dianna951964-05-03 Los AngelesOld Ridge Road, 3 miles from State Highway 138
    UCSB022947UCSBAsclepias californicaDennis E. Breedlove27311962-05-12 Ventura1 mile south of Lockwood Valley Road on road to Thorn Meadows; San Emigdio Range [San Guillermo Mtn.]
    UCSB022948UCSBAsclepias californicaJohn R. Haller10511957-04-13 Los AngelesUpper Mint Canon, ca. 5 road miles E. of road to Acton and 10 road miles E. of Angeles forest Highway junc.
    UCSB022949UCSBAsclepias californicaJoseph M. Keefe9491965-06-04 VenturaPine Mountain summit, 200 yards west of California Highway 33, north of Ojai
    UCSB022950UCSBAsclepias californicaRobert H. Gill4321960-09-02 San Diego1-4 mile from Mt. Palomar Observatory; Palomar Mt. Range; Pacific Slope Drainage Area
    UCSB035411UCSBAsclepias californicaRick A. Burgess2131983-05-13 VenturaVentura. East side of Hwy 33, mile marker 37.32, Sespe drainage.
    UCSC11685UCSCAsclepias californicaT. Miller182015-03-14 San BenitoStrathearn Ranch
    VVC3065VVCAsclepias californicaTim Thomas66152015-05-10 Los AngelesJackson LakeSan Gabriel Mtns
    VVC31VVCAsclepias californicaScott D. White32911995-06-14 San BernardinoSpecialty Minerals limestone mining area, disused Furnace Cyn. quarrySan Bernardino Mtns.
    VVC4584VVCAsclepias californicaTim Thomas67512015-07-03 Los AngelesSouth slope Blue Ridge descending into Prairie Fork, FS3N39.; Mount San AntonioSan Gabriel Mountains
    AHUC041235DAVAsclepias cordifoliaCollector unknowns.n.2007-07-27 County unknownCounty and location unknown.
    AHUC103143DAVAsclepias cordifoliaBeecher Crampton1941941-06-11 TuolumneTuolumne County: About 2 miles west of Twain Harte along State Highway 108.
    AHUC103144DAVAsclepias cordifoliaAl Franklin87--71987-05-01 PlacerPlacer County: 1.3 miles east of I-80 on Foresthill Road, just outside Auburn, east side of N. Fork American River Canon.
    AHUC103145DAVAsclepias cordifoliaR. Tofsruds.n.1951-07-01 TuolumneTuolumne County: ca. 20 mi. E. of Sonora Hwy. 108.
    BFRS312BFRSAsclepias cordifoliaPeter Rubtzoff81711975-07-10 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Chinquapin Flat Road about 1.6 miles south of Gaddis Creek Road (Comp. 600R)
    BFRS313BFRSAsclepias cordifoliaPeter Rubtzoff81721975-07-10 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Chinquapin Flat Road about 1.6 miles south of Gaddis Creek Road (Comp. 600R)
    CAS-BOT15651CASAsclepias cordifoliaSmith, Leland S.11211919-06-04 ModocDeep Creek near Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT15652CASAsclepias cordifoliaSmith, Leland S.13981934-06-11 ModocModoc County.
    CAS-BOT15653CASAsclepias cordifoliaThorne, Robert Folger; Tilforth, C. W.391521969-09-05 ModocNear Pine Creek Falls.
    CAS-BOT15654CASAsclepias cordifoliaWiggins, Ira Loren; Wiggins, Dorothy B.164411961-06-12 Modoc4 mi. E of Cedar Pass summit.
    CAS-BOT15655CASAsclepias cordifoliaWillits, E. S.3301940-06-09 ModocFandango Pass.
    CAS-BOT15656CASAsclepias cordifoliaPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert1491989-06-21 ModocVicinity of Granger Creek, E side of the Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT15657CASAsclepias cordifoliaBartholomew, Bruce52181990-06-15 ModocSW side of of Hunters Ridge, 6.3 km SSE of Hwy 299 on road from Rush Creek.
    CAS-BOT15658CASAsclepias cordifoliaBartholomew, Bruce69231995-06-01 Modoc1.3 km E of Day between Day and Lookout on County Road 94.
    CAS-BOT15698CASAsclepias cordifoliaApplegate, Elmer Ivan8501897-05-31 Modoc15 mi. SE of Dry Lake on road to Alturas.
    CAS-BOT15699CASAsclepias cordifoliaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett44631988-07-21 ModocVicinity of Patterson Campground, southern end of the Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT15700CASAsclepias cordifoliaRipley, Harry Dwight Dillon; Barneby, Rupert Charles60321944-06-01 ModocAbove Cedarville.
    CAS-BOT294769CASAsclepias cordifoliaBourell, Mona65111997-07-02 LakeMendocino National Forest. Crockett Trailhead, N. boundary of Snow Mountain Wilderness
    CAS-BOT294773CASAsclepias cordifoliaBourell, Mona65251997-07-02 LakeMendocino National Forest. Along Rice Creek Road. FS Road M 3
    CAS-BOT294774CASAsclepias cordifoliaBourell, Mona65281997-07-02 LakeMendocino National Forest. Along Rice Creek Road. FS Road M 3
    CAS-BOT344947CASAsclepias cordifoliaRubtzoff, Peter81711975-07-10 El DoradoU.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station: Chinquapin Flat Road, ca 1.6 miles south of Old Gaddis Creek Road (double gates).
    CAS-BOT344948CASAsclepias cordifoliaRubtzoff, Peter81721975-07-10 El DoradoU.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station: Chinquapin Flat Road, ca 1.6 miles south of Old Gaddis Creek Road (double gates).
    CAS-BOT589630CASAsclepias cordifoliaWarner, Peter3132015-04-22 SonomaPole Mountain, ~345 m N360 degrees from summit, ~165 m NNE from main access road at trace road, 15 m S of property boundary
    CAS-BOT654226CASAsclepias cordifoliaBrack, Regina Chong421966-05-08 TuolumneSide of Sonora Pass Highway near Tall Timbers Camp
    CAS-BOT654227CASAsclepias cordifoliaBlankinship, Tom331970-04-19 Yolo1-2 mile S of Lake Berryessa
    CAS-BOT673910CASAsclepias cordifoliaCovel, Paul F.4451936-07-03 TuolumneSierra Nevada. Near Longbarn.
    CAS-BOT676105CASAsclepias cordifoliaBacigalupi, Rimo14411926-05-08 TuolumneCanyon of the Tuolumne River Jep just below Hetch-Hetchy Dam
    CAS-BOT676106CASAsclepias cordifoliaAugsbury, Mrs. J Cs.n.1925-05-20 MariposaEl Portal
    CAS-BOT676107CASAsclepias cordifoliaZeile, E. M.s.n.1921-06-02 San BenitoYosemite (near Indian Canon [Canyon])
    CAS-BOT676108CASAsclepias cordifoliaGeorges, Mrs. Martins.n.1953-07-02 NevadaLake Vera, North Fork, Yuba River
    CAS-BOT676109CASAsclepias cordifoliaunspecifieds.n.1877-06-23 SierraRandolph
    CAS-BOT676110CASAsclepias cordifoliaWilkes, Maxines.n.1930-04-01 Placernear Auburn
    CAS-BOT676111CASAsclepias cordifoliaJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-07-02 StanislausCamp Baxter, North Fork of the Stanislaus River
    CAS-BOT676113CASAsclepias cordifoliaFerris, Roxana S.5821917-04-01 Colusa7 mi west of Arbuckle, Arbuckle - Rumsey Road
    CAS-BOT676114CASAsclepias cordifoliaunspecified179091966-05-20 Contra CostaAt Mt. Diabol [Diablo]
    CAS-BOT676115CASAsclepias cordifoliaBacigalupi, Rimo; Robbins, G. Thomas56421956-05-11 Contra CostaSouth-facing canon [canyon] side, Franklin Canon [Canyon], 1-4 mile above (and nw. of) Glen Frazier Station on the Santa Fe Railway
    CAS-BOT676116CASAsclepias cordifoliaHowell, John Thomas197951944-07-15 GlennCanyon of Snow Basin Creek
    CAS-BOT676117CASAsclepias cordifoliaHeller, A. A.128061917-07-05 GlennNear Slap Jack camp west of Alder Springs
    CAS-BOT676118CASAsclepias cordifoliaBass, Louella361973-05-12 LassenSierra Nevada. Elysian Valley. North of house.
    CAS-BOT676119CASAsclepias cordifoliaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomass.n.1940-06-11 LassenNubieber
    CAS-BOT676120CASAsclepias cordifoliaBrannans.n.1870-05-02 NapaOakville
    CAS-BOT676121CASAsclepias cordifoliaRaven, Peter H.29371951-06-10 NapaCrater Region e. of Palisades
    CAS-BOT676122CASAsclepias cordifoliaHowell, John Thomas511471975-06-16 PlumasSierra Nevada. 2 miles northwest of Spring Garden
    CAS-BOT676123CASAsclepias cordifoliaunspecifieds.n.1880-06-01 San JoaquinLive Oaks
    CAS-BOT676124CASAsclepias cordifoliaHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.2161989-07-01 SierraSierra Valley. Sattley Hill.
    CAS-BOT676125CASAsclepias cordifoliaSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1920-06-22 Sierra[unspecified]
    CAS-BOT676126CASAsclepias cordifoliaCovel, Paul F.14881938-05-19 SolanoGreen Valley Falls
    CAS-BOT676127CASAsclepias cordifoliaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.4821934-04-29 SonomaNr. Dry Creek
    CAS-BOT676128CASAsclepias cordifoliaAhart, Lowell33821982-04-24 SutterMyers Ranch, Sutter Buttes
    CAS-BOT676129CASAsclepias cordifoliaHeller, A. A.s.n.1914-04-08 SutterMarysville Buttes
    CAS-BOT676130CASAsclepias cordifoliaJotter, E. V.1631911-08-14 TrinityTrinity Forest
    CAS-BOT676131CASAsclepias cordifoliaYates, Harry S.193541914-05-20 TrinityTrinity Forest. East Weaver Creek. Along road.
    CAS-BOT676132CASAsclepias cordifoliaThorne, Robert F.; Everett, P.369601967-06-07 TulareSequoia National Forest: just above Coffee Creek Campground along Middle Fork of Tule River
    CAS-BOT676133CASAsclepias cordifoliaEastwood, Alice105441921-05-22 YubaLos Vergils
    CAS-BOT94947CASAsclepias cordifoliaWenk, R. C.2652005-07-18 TrinityTrinity Alps, Coffee Creek, 4 mi. down road from Big Flat Meadow
    CDA0012005CDAAsclepias cordifoliaG.F. Hrusa121861995-05-20 PlacerApprox. 1 km. on Mosquito Ridge Rd. past Gorman Ranch Rd. intersection. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0016405CDAAsclepias cordifoliaG.F. Hrusa156362000-07-01 NevadaSummit Village, Truckee. Along Donner Creek adjacent to Hwy 89. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0028791CDAAsclepias cordifoliaD.G. Kelch9.3022009-05-24 Contra CostaCarquinez Loop Trail S of Ozol, S-SW of Martinez, nr Wolcott Ln. Carquinez Strait.
    CDA0030760CDAAsclepias cordifoliaM. Beyers3622010-04-23 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. Along Pleasants Ridge Trail.
    CDA0039801CDAAsclepias cordifoliaF.D. Horns.n.1977-05-22 SiskiyouNorth shore, Copco Lake, east of Hornbrook.
    CDA0039802CDAAsclepias cordifoliaT.C. Fuller69621961-05-17 El Dorado1.7 miles north of Greenwood.
    CDA0039803CDAAsclepias cordifoliaT.C. Fuller27941959-07-06 PlumasHighway 40 Alt. 0.2 miles north of Elephant Butte.
    CHSC101158CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart156722009-05-15 ButteAbout 80 yards west of the dirt road which isTen Mile House Road, Upper Bidwell Park, about 2-3 mile (air) west of Highway 32, about 10 miles northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S3 W1-4
    CHSC101790CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart158512009-06-14 PlumasCut bank of Forest Road 2 N01Y, about 1.3 miles (air) west of Lake Almanor Dam. T27N R08E S2 W 1-4
    CHSC10732CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart1969-05-14 ButteHoncut.
    CHSC11030CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLynn Fuller7581971-06-29 Lassen1-4 mile off US 395 on the south side of the highway 1 mile west of Patway Village between Milford and Susanville.
    CHSC11078CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart1968-04-20 ButteTwo miles N.E. of Honcut.
    CHSC115447CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaM. Sutton462013-05-05 ButteDeer Creek.
    CHSC117CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaM. Harless1930-05-18 ButteParadise.
    CHSC118398CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaTim Kask2632016-04-15 TehamaSouth facing slope above Judd Creek
    CHSC12058CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaK. J. Hislop1211970-03-26 SutterOpen slope ca. 20 yds. W of Moore Creek, ca. 1000 yds from Cole House, Moore Canon, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC120886CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL.P. Janeway125702018-05-20 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; along south-southeast edge of Mooreville Ridge 4.5 air-km southwest of Devils Gap. T2 N R08E S28 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: American House 1:24,000
    CHSC19724CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaJ. Grove1011973-06-08 ModocGooch Mill Site, Dayla.
    CHSC20544CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaM. S. Taylor8251975-06-30 ButteScattered on s side of Cohasset Rd, ca. 10 ft. s of Greenwood Store, Cohasset, ca. 18 mi ne of Chico.
    CHSC21117CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaF. T. Griggs271975-07-02 PlumasEast of Road. Buck′s Lake Forest. T2 N R06E S36
    CHSC21429CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaRobert A. Schlising25321963-04-27 CalaverasSierra Nevada. Table Mt, NW of bridge over Stanislaus River on O′Byrne′s Ferry Road to Copperopolis.
    CHSC25032CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaBob Garamendi681974-05-10 TehamaMill-Deer Creek Study Area. 100 yds w of Payne Place on Antelope creek.
    CHSC2520CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaW. Fitzwater1958-04-19 ButteChico Canon, Chico area.
    CHSC26163CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaJ. D. Detzer361977-06-10 LassenCa. 0.5 km s of Hwy 395, 4 km w of Milford. T2 N R13E S16 USGS Quadrangle: Milford 1:64,000
    CHSC30392CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaB. Williams2131979-06-06 ShastaShasta-Trinity NF-Yolla Bolla RD. Old rd above the creek at N. Fork Beegum Cr Cmpgr. T2 N R1 W S32 N1-2 USGS Quadrangle: Dubakella Mt.
    CHSC3146CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaGary Dutton2541966-04-23 ButteFound 9 miles from Chico on Hwy. 32.
    CHSC3204CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaGerry Carrauthers1221966-04-23 ButteCa. 9.5 mi. E. of city of Chico on Highway 32.
    CHSC3347CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaRobert L. Smith751966-04-04 ButteSalmon Hole, 6 miles NE of Chico. Little Chico Creek.
    CHSC36247CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. Ahart33821982-04-24 SutterNear s fence line, ca. 3-4 mi sw of Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC37272CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. Ahart35801982-06-15 ButteCa. 1.5 mi e of Camp 18, ca. 8 mi e of Feather Falls.
    CHSC39421CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaJ. D. Jokerst20301984-05-24 ButteNorth Table Mountain. Edge of Beatson Hollow ca 250 meters north of Cherokee Rd. along the wooded west edge of the canyon. T2 N R04E S20 NE1-4 of NW1-4 ECen portn.
    CHSC40363CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart50631985-06-17 Butte100 yards south of the dirt road, Lumpkin Ridge, 1 1-2 miles east of Camp 18, about 8 miles north-east of Feather Falls.
    CHSC44082CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. P. Janeway23351987-06-27 ButteRidge overlooking Little Kimshew Cr to the east; 0.6 N of Ramsey Bar along Concow Rd. T24N R05E S20 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Kimshew Point 1:24,000
    CHSC44084CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. P. Janeway24641987-07-05 ButteAlong the road to High Lakes, 5.3 mi from the Skyway (Philbrook Rd). T2 N R05E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Jonesville 1:64,000
    CHSC4695CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaR. Carter3701966-04-26 ButteFound ca. 7 mi. E of Oroville at intersection of Olive Hwy. and Wyandotte-LaPorte Rd.
    CHSC47376CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart11061976-05-06 NevadaEdge of Mooney Flat road, about 1 mile west of Lake Wildwood.
    CHSC47972CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaVernon Oswald12041984-05-23 ButteBeside the dirt road leading to the falls on Bear Ranch Creek s-e of Calif. Hwy 70 at the Cresta Rest Area. T2 N R05E S1 W1-4
    CHSC51848CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. P. Janeway27941988-06-16 ButteSlope above W Br. Butte Cr, 0.6 mi S of Lomo along rd through Cedar Cr. T2 N R03E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64,000
    CHSC54314CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaVernon H. Oswald46821991-06-18 PlumasForest Rd 2 N38, 3.4 miles east-northeast of its junction with County Rd 201 (Old Haun Rd), ca. 4 miles (air) north of Greenville. T27N R09E S15 SE1-4
    CHSC55656CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaSteven Triano751988-04-17 TehamaCa 20 ft e of Hwy. 32 and 14.7 mi n of Forest Ranch. T2 N R03E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Butte Meadows 1:64,000
    CHSC62090CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaB. Castro1191987-05-21 ButteCa 9 mi E of Chico via Hwy 32 and ca 2 mi E on Altatina Drive. T2 N R02E S36 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise W. 1:24,000
    CHSC63374CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaVernon H. Oswald63941994-07-11 TrinityForest Rd. 26 (to Mt.Shasta), 7.8 N of Castle Creek Rd. (Forest Rd. 25), between Mumbo Creek and Gumboot Trailhead on the Pacific Crest Trail, W of Dunsmuir. T39N R0 W S35
    CHSC64938CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaVernon H. Oswald70141995-07-12 TehamaW of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 45 (Tedoc Mtn. Rd.), 4.9 mi S of Hwy 36. T2 N R0 W S04 SE1-4
    CHSC82543CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart98722002-07-18 PlumasMeadow, about 100 yards south of the road to Tamarack Flat, on the north side of a small branch of Fall River, about 1-8 mile southwest of the intersection of Lumpkin Ridge Road and road to Tamarack Flat, about 1 1-4 mile (air) northwest of Little Grass Valley Reservoir dam, about 4 1-4 miles (air) northwest of La Porte. T2 N R08E S25 NE1-4
    CHSC8511CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaEdward Laidlaw Smith5481958-06-28 MariposaOn Oak Flat Rd. about 15 mi. s. Crane Flat. Yosemite National Park.
    CHSC93176CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaL. P. Janeway46571994-06-06 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. East end of Watson Ridge; along Road 2 N25 about 0.5 mi north of Fall River and about 1.7 mi west of Kenebeck Ridge. Ridge top and road cutbank. T21N R07E S19 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cascade 1:24,000
    CHSC94114CHSCAsclepias cordifoliaLowell Ahart128252006-06-21 SierraOn the north side of the road, about 2 miles (by road) west of Forest. T1 N R10E S2 W1-4
    DAV100653DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJames N. Seibers.n.1984-07-21 NapaNapa County: Lake Berryessa, near Monticello Dam.
    DAV153436DAVAsclepias cordifoliaP. J. Plummers.n.1995-06-05 NapaNapa County W of city of Winters, off hwy 128.
    DAV153496DAVAsclepias cordifoliaK. O′Keefes.n.1995-06-04 PlacerPlacer County, East edge of Old Forest Hill Rd., two mi from Forest Hill Rd. Western Sierra foothills, northeast of Auburn.
    DAV239680DAVAsclepias cordifoliaShane HanofeeHAN-2252022-04-24 NevadaPuddingstone Ridge lava caps. 1 mi SW of intersection of Backbone Rd. and Cruzon Grade Rd.
    DAV34759DAVAsclepias cordifoliaCarol Young401964-05-17 SacramentoSacramento County: Baldwin Dam Road, Folsom.
    DAV397041DAVAsclepias cordifoliaAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2008-04-01 NapaNapa County: north side of Pope Canon Road ca 2 km west of intersection with Berryessa-Knoxville Road.
    DAV397042DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJames A. Neilson, Jr.32931975-03-27 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains, Caldwell Pines, ca. 3 miles west of Glenbrook and Bottle Rock Road. (Elevation and coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV397043DAVAsclepias cordifoliaChuck Hughes4192015-04-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Near Clarksville.
    DAV397044DAVAsclepias cordifoliaCollector Unknown2151974-05-15 Yuba0.9 mi S of Canonville on Hwy. 49.
    DAV397045DAVAsclepias cordifoliaPerry S. Allen3131969-05-13 StanislausStanislaus County: Above old ditch in Tuolumne River canyon, one the west wall of Twin Gulch; just east of the Stanislaus-Tuolumne county line.
    DAV397046DAVAsclepias cordifoliaRodney Gale Myatt3871972-06-01 El DoradoAlong Hwy 193, north of Placerville towards Georgetown, and about 2 mi. north of Placerville.
    DAV397047DAVAsclepias cordifoliaL. Ahart33821982-04-24 SutterSutter County: ca. 3-4 mi sw of Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    DAV397048DAVAsclepias cordifoliaL. Ahart13091977-04-16 ButteButte County: Near Honcut.
    DAV397049DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJohn F. Addicott831965-05-15 PlacerPlacer County: 2 miles from Colfax on road to Owl Hill.
    DAV397050DAVAsclepias cordifoliaLiz Sharpe51982-05-15 El Dorado1.5 miles north of Green Valley Road along Ulenkamp Road.
    DAV397051DAVAsclepias cordifoliaCatherine E. Koehlers.n.2006-05-07 NapaNapa County: McLaughlin Reserve. Blue Ridge, Knoxville Wildlife Area.
    DAV397052DAVAsclepias cordifoliaKevin Fort211983-03-05 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Across road from Lake Berryessa Dam (Monticello Dam).
    DAV397053DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJake Ruygt33591994-04-26 NapaNapa County: ridge in Pope Valley (Juliana Vineyard); north of Barnett Rd.
    DAV397054DAVAsclepias cordifoliaVerna Jigour61976-05-09 SierraSierra County: Southeast slope; road marker #13.38. State Highway 49.
    DAV397055DAVAsclepias cordifoliaP. B. Kennedy30191913-07-05 MariposaMariposa County: Near foot of Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Valley.
    DAV397056DAVAsclepias cordifoliaDan Kurtak501969-05-03 NapaNapa County: Near Chiles Creek on Pope Valley Road 2 miles south of junction with Lower Chiles Valley Road.
    DAV397057DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJessica Le201989-06-03 NevadaNevada County: You Bet Rd.
    DAV397058DAVAsclepias cordifoliaElizabeth Majewskis.n.1996-06-01 MariposaMariposa County: Yosemite National Park; Wawona campground. South Fork of Merced River.
    DAV397059DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJack Majors.n.1966-06-06 ColusaColusa County: At junction of Frenzel Creek with Stony Creek.
    DAV397060DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJune McCaskill5951959-05-07 AmadorAmador County: ca. 5 miles west of Pine Grove on road to Sutter Creek.
    DAV397061DAVAsclepias cordifoliaLaura Tanata161982-05-23 El DoradoEl Dorado County: North bank of the North Fork of Cosumnes River, 1-2 miles west of bridge on Bucks Bar Road.
    DAV397062DAVAsclepias cordifoliaN. W. Stices.n.1947-05-15 LakeLake County: Anderson Brothers Ranch, 3 miles east of Lower Lake.
    DAV397063DAVAsclepias cordifoliaM. Sidells231996-05-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 7 miles southeast of Placerville, path south of Bucks Bar Road, path leading into canyon housing Cosumnes River.
    DAV397064DAVAsclepias cordifoliaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-07 El DoradoStanislaus National Forest. Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
    DAV397065DAVAsclepias cordifoliaRobert E. Preston18792002-06-21 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, Rainbow Mountain, S slope.
    DAV397066DAVAsclepias cordifoliaH. B. Nidever371951-05-26 YoloYolo County: Canon, 2 miles above Rumsey.
    DAV397067DAVAsclepias cordifoliaDean W. Taylor50771975-06-22 AlpineAlpine County: Mouth of Stuard Canon, ca. 2 miles N of Woodfords along Sierran escarpment.
    DAV397068DAVAsclepias cordifoliaM. S. Taylor27751980-05-31 ButteButte County: E of Coutelenc Rd at its jct with the Skyway. Magalia.
    DAV397069DAVAsclepias cordifoliaT. Tomich261949-05-08 SacramentoSacramento County: Two miles northeast of Orangevale.
    DAV397070DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJ. M. Tucker16911948-06-18 TuolumneTuolumne County: ca. 5 miles east of Sonora.
    DAV397071DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJ. M. Tucker33981958-06-01 AmadorAmador County: North side of Highway 88, 1.2 miles east of Pioneer (ca. 17 miles, by road, east of Jackson).
    DAV397072DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJ. M. Tucker34021958-06-08 SolanoSolano County: State Highway 128, Putah Canon, 0.4 mile west of Recreation Beach, south side of Putah Creek.
    DAV397073DAVAsclepias cordifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann60581961-05-04 KernKern County: Woody Road, 4.4 miles west of Glennville.
    DAV397074DAVAsclepias cordifoliaM. Vincent4051963-06-08 ButteButte County: Honey Run Road.
    DAV397075DAVAsclepias cordifoliaM. Wiesendanger6911927-05-04 NapaNapa County: Monticello-Napa Rd.
    DAV397076DAVAsclepias cordifoliaM. Winthrop11989-06-03 NevadaNevada Co.; Sontag road off 174.
    DAV397077DAVAsclepias cordifoliaBarbara Yungert1241974-05-06 YubaYuba County: South side of road, SC-13 project area, Sierra Foothill Field Station.
    DAV397078DAVAsclepias cordifoliaJoseph M. DiTomaso351975-06-19 TrinityTrinity County: On switchbacks on Deer Creek Trail 0.5 mile northeast of Stuarts Fork.
    DAV397079DAVAsclepias cordifoliaKristy S. Howard1701989-06-03 NevadaNevada Co. You bet road.
    DAV397080DAVAsclepias cordifoliaG. K. Helmkamp123662007-06-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: along Mormon Emigrant Trail, 13.2 miles ESE of its junction with Sly Park Road at Jenkinson Lake.
    DAV397081DAVAsclepias cordifoliaG. F. Hrusa108151993-04-25 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. On west side of Creek, partway up trail to summit of Blue Ridge.
    DAV397082DAVAsclepias cordifoliaEmily Howard42015-04-12 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch. North side of Hwy 128, west of Winters. Southeast corner of ranch, west and uphill of ranch house headquarters.
    DAV397083DAVAsclepias cordifoliaNellie Coffeys.n.1931-03-31 SolanoSolano County: Green Valley.
    DAV397084DAVAsclepias cordifoliaDr. Isabel McCrackens.n.1935-06-02 PlacerPlacer County: Near Auburn.
    DAV397085DAVAsclepias cordifoliaEmily Howard42015-04-12 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch. North side of Hwy 128, west of Winters. Southeast corner of ranch, west and uphill of ranch house headquarters.
    DAV397086DAVAsclepias cordifoliaEllen Dean70102011-05-08 YoloYolo County. Audubon Bobcat Ranch. Lands to the north of Hwy 128, just E of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon. About two thirds of the way up the canyon in uplands on east side of creek. Along ridge between two side canyons.
    DAV397087DAVAsclepias cordifoliaEllen Dean70122011-05-08 YoloYolo County. Audubon Bobcat Ranch. Lands to the north of Hwy 128, just E of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon. About two thirds of the way up the canyon in uplands on east side of creek. Along ridge between two side canyons.
    DAV397088DAVAsclepias cordifoliaEllen Dean35762007-04-06 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range, northwest of the City of Winters, between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SE portion of ranch.