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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT173617CASArnica dealbataRubtzoff, Peter76651974-06-27 El DoradoU.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station. New Gaddis Creek Road 0.3 mi. east of East Fork Gaddis Creek crossing
CAS-BOT295817CASArnica dealbataBolanders.n.1866-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT295818CASArnica dealbataEastwood, Alice7221907-09-03 UnknownYosemite National Park. Near Gin Flat
CAS-BOT295819CASArnica dealbataStebbins, G. L.68181968-07-20 El DoradoOn road from Peavine Ridge to Union Valley Dam at Bryants Spring
CAS-BOT295820CASArnica dealbataQuick, Clarence R.16861936-07-01 El DoradoBetween N. Fork of Silver Creek and Robb′s Peak, Eldorado Nat. Forest
CAS-BOT295821CASArnica dealbataWilliams, W. S.41924-09-01 LassenLassen National Forest. East of Brokeoff Mt.
CAS-BOT295822CASArnica dealbataKelloggs.n.1870-01-01 NevadaSummit Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT295823CASArnica dealbataSonne, C. F.s.n.1895-07-14 PlacerNear Pole Creek on Truckee River
CAS-BOT295824CASArnica dealbataBolander, H. N.; Kellock, M. D. & Co.s.n.1901-08-22 San BernardinoBear Valley
CAS-BOT295825CASArnica dealbataEastwood, Alice17541912-08-22 ShastaTrail from Morgans Springs to Sulphur Works, Lassen Butte Region
CAS-BOT295826CASArnica dealbataEastwood, Alice18891912-08-22 ShastaBetween Morgans and Battle Creek Meadow, Lassen Butte Region
CAS-BOT295827CASArnica dealbataJaneway, L. P.35361989-07-28 SierraBeckwourth Ranger District, Plumas National Forest. NE-facing flank of Haskell Pk overlooking hwy 89 and Sulphur Cr.
CAS-BOT295828CASArnica dealbataRose, Lewis S.343311934-07-07 SierraSW. of Gold Lake
CAS-BOT295829CASArnica dealbataSpellenberg, R.; Spellenberg, M.25101970-08-24 TrinityWeaver Bally, on a ridge top near the USFS lookout, 9 miles NW of Weaverville by road
CAS-BOT295830CASArnica dealbataWheatly, Margarets.n.1956-07-01 CalaverasCamp Sugar Pine, Murphys
CAS-BOT295831CASArnica dealbataAhart, Lowell53371986-07-02 ButteAbout 1-2 mile south-west of Bald Mountain, about 4 1-2 miles north-east of Stirling City
CAS-BOT295832CASArnica dealbataCopeland, E. B.s.n.1929-07-18 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT295833CASArnica dealbataCopeland, E. B.s.n.1929-07-18 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT295834CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.s.n.1914-08-07 ButteSummit east of Jonesville
CAS-BOT295835CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.108241913-06-07 ButteWest Branch of the North Fork of the Feather River near Stirling
CAS-BOT295836CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.146581928-06-28 ButteOn the ridge south Butte Creek, Butte Meadows
CAS-BOT295837CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.115051914-06-22 ButteAbout Chico Meadows
CAS-BOT295838CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.115051914-06-22 ButteAbout Chico Meadows
CAS-BOT295839CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.128611917-07-29 ButteSummit above Jonesville
CAS-BOT295840CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.128611917-07-29 ButteSummit above Jonesville
CAS-BOT295841CASArnica dealbataCopeland, H. F.2041920-08-02 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT295842CASArnica dealbataQuick, C. R.51-991951-06-09 ButteBig Bar Mt. ridge
CAS-BOT295843CASArnica dealbataQuick, Clarence R.66-461966-07-09 Butte50 yds. s. of campsite, Section Corner Meadow, Coyote Gap-Four Trees road, ca. 5 m. east of Pulga
CAS-BOT295844CASArnica dealbataMason, Herbert L.119511938-07-13 MariposaSierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park. Wawona Point, Mariposa Grove Big Trees
CAS-BOT295845CASArnica dealbataBotti, Steve1671982-08-07 MariposaYosemite National Park. Crane Flat, Yosemite
CAS-BOT295846CASArnica dealbataCongdon, J. W.s.n.1891-07-21 MariposaBig Trees
CAS-BOT295847CASArnica dealbataSharsmith, C. W.8191934-06-02 MariposaOn Wawona Point, headland overlooking Wawona Basin just north of Mariposa Grove of Big Trees, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT295848CASArnica dealbata41741901-07-04 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT295849CASArnica dealbataSmith, L. S.16641925-07-10 NevadaTahoe National Forest. French Meadows
CAS-BOT295850CASArnica dealbataSmith, L. S.16951925-08-12 NevadaTahoe National Forest. Millers Deafeat, Last Chance Range
CAS-BOT295851CASArnica dealbataTrue, Gordon H.37581967-08-01 NevadaDonner Ridge Road ca. 5 miles east of intersection with Trout Creek Road
CAS-BOT295852CASArnica dealbataTrue, Gordon H.10371962-08-30 NevadaCarr Lake road, 1 mile east of Bear Valley-Bowman road
CAS-BOT295853CASArnica dealbataTrue, Gordon H.15761964-07-22 NevadaFall Creek, about 5 mi. north of Emigrant Gap and just east of Lake Bowman Rd.
CAS-BOT295854CASArnica dealbataWagner, W. W.2991919-06-29 PlumasGrizzly Ridge
CAS-BOT295855CASArnica dealbataBrown, H. E.6721897-08-15 PlumasNear Lassen Buttes
CAS-BOT295856CASArnica dealbataClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-06-28 PlumasQuincy
CAS-BOT295857CASArnica dealbataCantelow, Ella Dales35141941-07-20 Plumas10 mi. s. of Quincy on rd. to La Porte
CAS-BOT295858CASArnica dealbataSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1919-08-01 PlumasGold Lake Region
CAS-BOT295859CASArnica dealbataEastwood, Alice145851927-06-01 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve. On trail to Long Valley
CAS-BOT295860CASArnica dealbataKearney, Thomas H.s.n.1945-08-16 PlumasNear Chester
CAS-BOT295861CASArnica dealbataSwift, L. W.871934-07-05 PlumasPlumas National Forest. N La Porte
CAS-BOT295862CASArnica dealbataQuick, C. R.47-721947-08-03 PlumasHighway #89, 1.7 miles SW of Quincy-Mt. Lassen Chester junction
CAS-BOT295863CASArnica dealbataLeschke, Hanss.n.1957-07-12 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Above Cold Boiling Lake
CAS-BOT295864CASArnica dealbataErnst, W. R.1971957-08-09 ShastaTrailside about 1 mile south of Eiler Lake, Thousand Lakes Valley Wild Area
CAS-BOT295865CASArnica dealbataErnst, W. R.1971957-08-09 ShastaTrailside about 1 mile south of Eiler Lake, Thousand Lakes Valley Wild Area
CAS-BOT295866CASArnica dealbataHuff, C.26551931-08-15 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park
CAS-BOT295867CASArnica dealbataBassett, F. N.s.n.1923-07-23 ButteJonesville via Butte Meadows
CAS-BOT295868CASArnica dealbataHowell, John Thomas363091960-08-21 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Sulphur Works
CAS-BOT295869CASArnica dealbataCovel, Paul F.10431937-07-17 ShastaMt Lassen nat. Park, Manzanita Lake
CAS-BOT295870CASArnica dealbataPeirson, Frank W.68331926-06-23 ShastaTrail from Drakesbad to Lassen Peak, Lassen National Park
CAS-BOT295871CASArnica dealbataTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.22141965-07-14 NevadaNear Willow Spring on Celina Ridge, about 2 mi. SE of Graniteville
CAS-BOT295872CASArnica dealbataEastwood, Alice109001921-07-28 SiskiyouMedicine Lake
CAS-BOT295873CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.136921922-07-15 Siskiyou
CAS-BOT295874CASArnica dealbataSawyer, J. O.; Cole, R. J.38231980-07-21 Siskiyou.2 miles east of Medicine Lake Ranger Station; west end of Medicine Lake
CAS-BOT295875CASArnica dealbataCopeland, H. F.831920-07-17 TehamaOn Butt Mt
CAS-BOT295876CASArnica dealbataWolf, Carl B.110571941-07-23 TehamaW. Lake Almanor on rd. to Red Bluff (Calif. Highway #36) at jnct. with rd. to Chico (Calif Highway #32)
CAS-BOT295877CASArnica dealbataHeller, A. A.15291a1938-07-28 TehamaAbout the ″Sulphur Works,″ Lassen Volcanic National Park
CAS-BOT295878CASArnica dealbataQuick, Clarence R.52-1941952-07-22 TuolumneDodge Ridge near Pinecrest
CAS-BOT295879CASArnica dealbataQuick, Clarence R.63-851963-08-08 TuolumneJawbone Creek, south of Jawbone Falls, NNW of Woods Ridge
CAS-BOT295880CASArnica dealbataQuick, C. R.47-231947-06-03 TuolumneDodge Ridge Tract just SE of Pinecrest; RR grade USFS road
CAS-BOT295881CASArnica dealbataQuick, Clarence R.17521936-09-11 TuolumneCow Creek
CAS-BOT295882CASArnica dealbataQuick, C. R.44-691944-07-24 TuolumneCrocker Ridge n. of Hazel Green
CDA0008979CDAArnica dealbataL.P. Janeway72712001-07-03 PlumasRidge top between head of Third Water Creek and Grizzly Creek-Middle Fork Feather River; along Road 2 N28 0.6 km from Road 23N16. Northern High Sierra Nevada .
CDA0012165CDAArnica dealbataG.F. Hrusa112471993-06-29 PlacerS side of French Meadows Reservoir immediately below dam. Sierra Nevada.
CHSC104751CHSCArnica dealbataL. P. Janeway101742010-08-29 TehamaHigh Cascade Range. 1.8 air km north-northeast of Colby Mountain; along Road 1 N12 0.6 km north of Road 27N06. T27N R04E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Onion Butte 1:24,000
CHSC10667CHSCArnica dealbataLowell Ahart1970-07-01 PlumasNear Little Grass Valley.
CHSC108714CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro14552003-09-07 PlumasHigh Cascade Range. Caribou Wilderness Area, ca 0.6 W of Hay Meadow and 0.4 mi NW of Indian Meadow, along E side of trail off S end of large unnamed wet meadow. Large plts scattered in one patch between trail and creek feeding Indian Meadow. T30N R07E S21 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Red Cinder 1:24,000
CHSC110956CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro16672007-07-29 SiskiyouHigh Cascade Range. Medicine Lake Highlands; about 0.5 W of Medicine Lake, 0.3 mi W on USFS Rd4 N48 from its jcn with Rd 43N47 (which is the road to Schonchin Spring). T43N R03E S10 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Medicine Lake 1:24,000
CHSC11836CHSCArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville.
CHSC21696CHSCArnica dealbataF. T. Griggs2001975-07-16 PlumasN. shore of Lower Buck′s Lake. T2 N R07E S29
CHSC26658CHSCArnica dealbataM. S. Taylor15011977-08-17 ButteOn n side of the Skyway, in Inskip.
CHSC27166CHSCArnica dealbataJ. D. Prouty311978-07-27 Lassen2.4 mi w of jct with road A-1 on n side of Merrill Flat Rd, s of Eagle Lake. T3 N R10E S27
CHSC27167CHSCArnica dealbataJ. D. Prouty301978-07-27 Lassen3.9 mi w of jct with road A-1 on n side of Merrill Flat Rd just e of Roney Corral, s of Eagle Lake. T3 N R10E S28
CHSC34920CHSCArnica dealbataM. S. Taylor40931981-07-21 PlumasBetween 2 N18A and Squirrel Creek, ca. 1-2 mi se of Taylor Rock, ca. 7 air mi n of Spring Garden. T25N R11E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Spring Garden
CHSC36393CHSCArnica dealbataKirsten Tarp681981-08-04 ButteScotts John Creek, ca. 29 mi ne of Chico. T2 N R05E S04
CHSC40672CHSCArnica dealbataJ. D. Jokerst16681982-09-10 SierraAlong the trail to the summit of the Sierra Buttes (from Packer Lake). T2 N R12E S1 W1-4 center
CHSC41410CHSCArnica dealbataLowell Ahart53371986-07-02 ButteIn a clear cut, north of the dirt road, about 1-2 mile south-west of Bald Mountain, about 4 1-2 miles north-east of Stirling City.
CHSC43188CHSCArnica dealbataRobert Banchero6411981-08-04 ButteCa 1.7 mi n of Scotts-John Rd and Jonesville Rd jct. Meadow. T2 N R05E S0 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Jonesville 1:64,000
CHSC45778CHSCArnica dealbataVernon Oswald13321984-07-02 ButteIntersection of Skyway (Bull Hill Rd.) & Humbug Rd. T2 N R04E S09 SEcorner
CHSC46233CHSCArnica dealbataPauleen Broyles1071A1987-07-05 ButteCa 7 km n of Inskip and .4 km s of Bull Hill Road where it crosses Coon Creek. On n side of Coon Creek. T2 N R04E S09
CHSC5221CHSCArnica dealbata1944-07-26 LassenJuniper Lake.
CHSC52799CHSCArnica dealbataL. P. Janeway9841984-08-11 SierraNorthwest of Sierra Buttes. T2 N R12E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City SW
CHSC52928CHSCArnica dealbataL. P. Janeway35361989-07-28 SierraPlumas National Forest. Flank of Haskell Pk overlooking hwy 89 and Sulphur Cr. T2 N R13E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City NE
CHSC60328CHSCArnica dealbataMary Ann Showers26681992-06-28 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Slow below Mt. Diller. T3 N R04E S16 NE1-4
CHSC62533CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro460A1992-09-23 PlumasCa 3.5 air mi SE of Bucks Lake, on the Pacific Crest Trail and just off S side of USFS Rd 2 N19, ca 0.3 mi S of its jcn with USFS Rd 23N74Y. On N aspect of saddle on NW-SE trending ridge. T23N R08E S18 SE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Haskins Valley
CHSC64418CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro5221994-07-05 PlumasOn the north end of Mooreville Ridge, ca. 0.75 mi SW of Devil′s Gap, on W side of USFS Rd 2 N16. Near the western edge of the ridge. T21N R08E S1 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: American House
CHSC66788CHSCArnica dealbataVernon H. Oswald82151996-08-19 SierraNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Yuba Pass-Weber Lake Rd. (Forest Rt. 12) just N of the road to Haypress Valley. T1 N R13E S12 NE1-4
CHSC70786CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro5841995-07-14 PlumasCa 8 air mi SW of Bucks Lake, ca 0.3 W of Kellogg Ravine, along edges of USFS Rd 2 N29. T22N R07E S18 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Haskins Valley
CHSC73411CHSCArnica dealbataB. Castro6181995-09-14 SierraCa 0.7 air mi SW of the top of Mt. Fillmore, and ca 0.3 mi SE of jeep trail 10E11, which traverses the headwaters of Pearson Ravine. At W edge of midslope terrace of mtn, at top of cliff. T2 N R10E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Fillmore
CHSC7597CHSCArnica dealbataNick Santamaria2761969-07-10 LassenA shaded area near a dried up streambed along the Merrill Flat Road approx. 4.5 from munction of county road A-1, southwest of Eagle Lake.
CHSC78501CHSCArnica dealbataLowell Ahart86532000-08-10 NevadaMountain slope near dirt road and dry flat southeast of the cement dam across Fall Creek, about 1-4 mile east of where Fall Creek crosses Forest Highway 18, or Bowman Lake Road, about 5 miles (air) or 8 miles by road north of Highway 20 and Bear Valley. T1 N R12E S0 W1-4
CHSC82525CHSCArnica dealbataL. P. Janeway72712001-07-03 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Ridge top between head of Third Water Creek and Grizzly Creek-Middle Fork Feather River; along Road 2 N28 0.6 km from Road 23N16. T23N R09E S18 NE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dogwood Peak 1:24,000
CHSC84423CHSCArnica dealbataLowell Ahart105502003-09-02 NevadaOn the north side of Grouse Ridge Road (Road 14) and south of Lookout, about 6 miles northeast of Bowman Lake Road (Road 18), about 4 miles (air) south of Bowman Lake. T1 N R12E S34 NE1-4
CHSC94185CHSCArnica dealbataLowell Ahart129062006-07-03 PlumasOn Lumpkin Ridge, about 4 miles (air) northeast of Camp 18, near the west edge of a dry open basalt flat with scattered trees. T2 N R08E S1 W1-4
CHSC95150CHSCArnica dealbataR. D. Fischer8522004-08-07 PlumasNorthern Sierra, Butt Valley Reservoir, ca. 2.5 miles south of Lake Almanor off Hwy 89.
DAV330117DAVArnica dealbataPeter Rubtzoff76651974-06-27 El DoradoEl Dorado County: U.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station. New Gaddis Creek Road 0.3 mi. east of East Fork Gaddis Creek crossing.
DAV330118DAVArnica dealbataG. Ledyard Stebbins68181968-07-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: This collection number has two sets of notes made by Stebbins. His handwritten notes say: On road from Peavine Ridge to Union Valley Dam at Bryants Spring, 20 July 1968. His typed notes say: 0.4 mile north of Bryant′s Spring on road to Union Valley Reservoir, 23 Jul 1968. Stebbins′s notes on the specimen newspaper says Bryants Spring, 20 July 1968.
DAV330119DAVArnica dealbataBeth Lowe Corbin3801982-08-19 PlacerPlacer County: 1 1-2 miles south of The Cedars.
DAV330120DAVArnica dealbataH. B. Curriers.n.1952-08-07 El DoradoUpriver 0.5 mile, South Fork Camp, El Dorado National Forest.
DAV330121DAVArnica dealbataAlbert A. Grigarick33A2008-07-29 NevadaNevada County: in vicinity of Donner-Tahoe ski area along Donner Rim Trail, Glacier Road picnic area.
DAV330122DAVArnica dealbataG. F. Hrusa130391996-06-11 ShastaShasta County: Lassen National Forest: USFS S16 aproximately 3.5 miles northwest of intersection with Highway 89-44, at intersection with USFS 3 N16.
DAV330123DAVArnica dealbataS. Rivass.n.1997-09-03 PlacerPlacer County: Soda Springs. Soda Springs Road. Tahoe National Forest.
DAV330124DAVArnica dealbataW. R. Powell15891968-07-02 PlumasPlumas County: 1.25 miles northeast of La Porte.
DAV330125DAVArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteButte County: Jonesville.
HSC70000HSCArnica dealbataJ.O. Sawyer41001980-09-17 TrinityAlong South Fork Mtn. SE of Pickett Peak
HSC75631HSCArnica dealbataJ.O. Sawyer38231980-07-21 Siskiyou0.2 mile east of Medicine Lake Ranger Station; west end of Medicine Lake
JEPS102943UCJEPSArnica dealbataL. P. Janeway72712001-07-03 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Ridge top between head of Third Water Creek and Grizzly Creek-Middle Fork Feather River; along Road 2 N28 0.6 km from Road 23N16
JEPS108729UCJEPSArnica dealbataLowell Ahart129062006-07-03 PlumasOn Lumpkin Ridge, about 4 miles (air) northeast pf Camp 18, near the west edge of a dry open basalt flat with scattered trees
JEPS111004UCJEPSArnica dealbataBruce G. Baldwin, Susan J. Bainbridge, Michael J. Sanderson9201996-07-20 TehamaCanong Mineral-Viola Road, 6.2 miles north of California State Highway 36, ca. 30 feet west of road, opposite Cry Lake.
JEPS123674UCJEPSArnica dealbataWilliam Harnach12922012-08-13 SierraRoad 2 N27 at the intersection with Road 21N27B, approx. 2.0 miles from Chapman Saddle, Plumas National Forest.
JEPS125744UCJEPSArnica dealbataWilliam Harnach12552012-07-30 SierraApproximately 1 mile South of Forest Road 09, on Road 0913. 1.5 air miles SE of Haskell Peak, Tahoe National Forest.
JEPS125793UCJEPSArnica dealbataWilliam Harnach9452000-07-09 SierraChapman Saddle road 0.25 mile East of intersection of Lunch Creek Road.
JEPS125847UCJEPSArnica dealbataDean W. Taylor157491996-07-07 SiskiyouAntelope Mountain, about 8 air miles S of Yreka
JEPS126731UCJEPSArnica dealbataDean W. Taylor182412002-07-11 TuolumneForest road 6N08 0.5 miles East of Canong Beaver Creek (ca. 4 air miles SE of Dorrington); Boards Crossing 7.5 USGS quadrangle
JEPS16265UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller1529a1938-07-28 Tehamanear Sulphur Works; Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS20872UCJEPSArnica dealbataJos. Grinnell1928-06-30 Tehamanear Sugar Pine Flat (Viola Road)
JEPS20873UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. F. Sonne4731888-08-12 PlacerTruckee River Sierra Nevada Mountains
JEPS20874UCJEPSArnica dealbataR. F. Hoover37891938-08-19 Mariposaabove Mariposa Big Tree Grove; Wawona Point
JEPS20875UCJEPSArnica dealbataLeland S. Smith16641925-01-01 Placernear Middle Fork of the American River; Tahoe National Forest, French Meadows
JEPS20975UCJEPSArnica dealbataJoseph Grinnell1925-07-27 TehamaBrokeoff Mountain
JEPS21728UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller128611917-07-29 Buttesummit above Jonesville
JEPS21729UCJEPSArnica dealbataFranklin P. Nutting1930-04-21 Lassenmts s Eagle Lake Eagle Lake
JEPS23156UCJEPSArnica dealbataRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64941958-07-23 TulareWilsonia Sequoia National Park, General Grant Grove Section
JEPS3292UCJEPSArnica dealbataGeorge Gillett1641952-08-10 Shasta1.5 mi below Emerald Lake (just above the main park highway); Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS81704UCJEPSArnica dealbataRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64941958-07-23 TulareWilsonia Sequoia National Park, General Grant Grove Section
JEPS88368UCJEPSArnica dealbataVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart82151996-08-19 SierraYuba Pass-Weber Lake Rd.(Forest Rt. 12) just n road to Haypress Valley; northern High Sierra Nevada
JEPS98343UCJEPSArnica dealbataLowell Ahart86532000-08-10 Nevadanear dirt road and dry flat SE of cement dam on Fall Creek, 1-4 mi E of Forest Hwy 18 (Bowman Road), 5 air miles (8 road miles) N of Bear Valley and Hwy 20
LAVO1944LVNPArnica dealbataGillett, George1641952-08-10 ShastaBrokeoff andesite rocks 1.5 miles below Emerald Lake on Park Road. Lassen Peak Highway. Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
LAVO1945LVNPArnica dealbataunkown5331928-06-01 PlumasDrakesbad, Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
LAVO1946LVNPArnica dealbataBurgess, J.E.5351952-08-10 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
LAVO1947LVNPArnica dealbataBurgess, J.E.671952-08-10 Unknownpine woods, Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO)
LAVO1948LVNPArnica dealbataBurgess, J.E.5341937-08-20 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
OBI130081OBIArnica dealbataAnthony Baniaga4892011-08-04 LassenLassen Natl Forest. About 1-2 WNW of Griffith Hill along 3 N21. Swain Mtn quad. T30N R8E sec 5 SW of SW
OBI130082OBIArnica dealbataDavid J. Keil236061992-07-25 PlumasLassen Natl forest along hwy 89-36, 5.4 mi E of hwy 32 W of Chester
POM183157RSAArnica dealbataH. F. Copeland13201930-07-26 ButteJonesville, on ridge above hotel.
POM195761RSAArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville
POM204025RSAArnica dealbataL. S. Rose343311934-07-07 SierraSW of Gold Lake.
POM25186RSAArnica dealbataA. A. Heller15291a1938-07-28 TehamaAlong the Mineral-Mt Lassen Hwy near the jct with the old road.
POM51369RSAArnica dealbataC. F. Sonnes.n.1895-07-14 PlacerNear Pole Creek on Truckee River.
POM53360RSAArnica dealbataC. F. Sonnes.n.1895-07-14 PlacerOn road to Lake Tahoe.
RSA0011088RSAArnica dealbataH. M. Ritters.n.1986-02-06 FresnoSierra National Forest.
RSA0181771RSAArnica dealbataWilliam Harnach12052004-09-05 Sierra0.25 miles west of Howard Creek on the Chapman Saddle Road.
RSA0181805RSAArnica dealbataW. Harnach9452000-07-09 SierraChapman Saddle road 1-4 mile east of intersection of Lunch Creek Road.
RSA0187388RSAArnica dealbataWilliam Harnach12552012-07-30 SierraApprox. 1 mile south of Forest Road 09, on Road 0913. 1.5 air miles SE of Haskell Peak, Tahoe National Forest.
RSA114974RSAArnica dealbataE. K. Balls218081956-06-18 Shasta1.8 mi SE from Siskiyou-Shasta Co line, State Hwy 89.
RSA123054RSAArnica dealbataW. B. Augustine1591935-06-21 Mariposa1.5 miles W of Crane Flat. Yosemite.
RSA123055RSAArnica dealbataB. Bolt1711934-08-14 PlacerRed Star Ridge, between Mount Mildred and Middle Fork of the American River, Tahoe National Forest.
RSA123056RSAArnica dealbataP. L. Johannsen9281936-07-16 ButteBolt Creek.; Paynes Creek
RSA123057RSAArnica dealbataN. H. French5401934-09-13 Nevada2.5 miles S of Washington.; Colfax
RSA125820RSAArnica dealbataArthur R. Kruckeberg36861954-08-02 SierraJust 0.5 mi. w of Sierra Buttes lookout. Tahoe National Forest
RSA150708RSAArnica dealbataPeter H. Raven179051962-05-30 ShastaState Hwy 89, 1.8 miles SE of Siskiyou County line.
RSA25707RSAArnica dealbataC. B. Wolf110571941-07-23 TehamaW of Lake Almanor on road to Red Bluff (CA Hwy 36) at jct with road to Chico (CA 32).
RSA26477RSAArnica dealbataClarence R. Quick20311938-08-28 El DoradoRobbs Peak Trail.
RSA272555RSAArnica dealbataPorter P. Lowry II8581977-07-06 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Sulphur Works on Park road.
RSA302673RSAArnica dealbataJ. R. Shevock21101972-07-21 MariposaCrane Flats, Yosemite.
RSA31740RSAArnica dealbataA. A. Heller159321937-07-21 TehamaAt Sulphur Works, Lassen Volcanic National Park.
RSA32335RSAArnica dealbataClarence R. Quick45-571945-07-17 ButteBig Bar Mt Plumas n.7.
RSA32345RSAArnica dealbataThomas H. Kearneys.n.1945-08-16 PlumasNear Chester
RSA4245RSAArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville
RSA507023RSAArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville
RSA718391RSAArnica dealbataL. Ahart129062006-07-03 PlumasAbout 0.25 mile N of Lumpkin Ridge road, on Lumpkin Ridge, 4 miles (air) NE of Camp 18
RSA94622RSAArnica dealbataF. W. Peirson102361932-07-14 ShastaThousand-Lake Basin.
SBBG128842SBBGArnica dealbataG. K. Helmkamp167782010-08-14 PlacerAmerican Hill Rd, (Forest Route 13), 4.7 mi S of its jct with Foresthill Rd and just S of a crk crossing
SBBG21766SBBGArnica dealbataDonald Myrick9181964-07-23 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Parknear Paradise Meadow, above Hat Crk
SBBG65700SBBGArnica dealbataMrs. Westcott4531939-07-01 El DoradoLake Tahoe region
SJSU12193SJSUArnica dealbataN.A. Hopkins11781983-09-01 Sierraalong Pacific Crest Trail between Packer Saddle & Deer Lake
SJSU13903SJSUArnica dealbataN.A. Hopkins13741986-08-23 Sierra1 mi S of Packer Saddle
SJSU4005SJSUArnica dealbataC.W. Sharsmith73511964-07-05 Mariposa1 mi SW of Crane Flat, Yosemite National Park
SJSU542SJSUArnica dealbataG. Witherspoon21251940-06-27 ShastaLassen Highway about 2.5 miles NE of Manzanita Lake Lodge, Lassen Volcanic National Park
SPIF02107SPIFArnica dealbataMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-08-16 TehamaMineral 7.5 USGS quad. Forest slope near creek.
STNF-4646555-TEMPAIDSTNFArnica dealbata1991-07-08 TrinityTrinity Alps Rush Creek Quad
STNF-4646556-TEMPAIDSTNFArnica dealbata1994-08-02 TrinityEast Weaver Lake Trailhead
UC1039990UCJEPSArnica dealbataHerbert L. Mason119511938-07-13 MariposaWawona Point, Mariposa Grove Big Tree Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC1070445UCJEPSArnica dealbataB. Bolt1711934-08-14 Placere slope Red Star Ridge; Tahoe National Forest, Truckee Quad.
UC1070446UCJEPSArnica dealbataN. French5401934-09-13 Nevada2.5 mi s Washington; Tahoe National Forest, Colfax Quad.
UC1070447UCJEPSArnica dealbataD. Axelrod291934-06-09 Plumas3 mi w Lexington Hill; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quad.
UC1070448UCJEPSArnica dealbataG. T. Nordstrom1981934-07-09 Plumas0.75 mi sse Mt. Ararat; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quad.
UC1070449UCJEPSArnica dealbataW. B. Augustine1591935-06-21 Mariposa1.5 mi w Crane Flat; Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Quad.
UC1070450UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. M. Belshaw63A1935-08-19 Tuolumne0.25 mi sw Park Lookout (near Cherry Creek); Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite Quad.
UC1070451UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. Lewis5201934-07-25 PlumasLa Porte Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quad.
UC1070452UCJEPSArnica dealbataF. W. Embree1301934-07-11 El Dorado1.5 mi s Iron Mts.; El Dorado National Forest, Pyramid Pk.
UC112836UCJEPSArnica dealbataKatharine Brandegee1908-07-01 Placernear junction of Blue Canon and Emigrant Roads
UC1540129UCJEPSArnica dealbataDean W. Taylor90711987-06-26 Siskiyou2 mi w Medicine Lake (on the sw side of Little Mount Hoffman near summit); Little Mount Hoffman
UC1558234UCJEPSArnica dealbataHarold, Virginia Bailey30601948-08-28 Tehamanear Sulphur Creek Campground; Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC171426UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller108241913-06-07 Buttenear Stirling (West Branch of the North Fork of the Feather River); North Fork of the Feather River
UC177602UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. M. Hall98141914-07-01 Buttenear Jonesville (n Butte County); Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC1949710UCJEPSArnica dealbataAlison Colwell, Dena Grossenbacher, Suzanne Thomas, Lauren Dennis07-1092007-07-11 TuolumneAt intersection of Big Oak Flat Road and old logging road to NPS firing range, opposite entrance to Crane Flat Lookout access road. Next to road.
UC196338UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. F. Sonne1888-08-12 Nevadanear Truckee River
UC197366UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. F. Sonne1895-07-14 Placerhillside near Pole Creek; Sierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee River
UC2027205UCJEPSArnica dealbataAnthony Baniaga4892011-08-04 LassenLassen National Forest. About 1-2 mile WNW of Griffith Hill, ca 30 N of 30N21. Swain Mountain quadrangle
UC335905UCJEPSArnica dealbataJ. G. Lemmon1949-05-11 SierraMt. Lyell to Lassen Peak; Downieville Buttes
UC338655UCJEPSArnica dealbataJ. G. Lemmon2008-06-16 SierraMt. Lyell to Lassen Peak
UC34494UCJEPSArnica dealbataChesnut, Drew1889-06-30 TuolumneCherry River
UC36751UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. M. Carpenter1893-08-01 Nevada
UC36752UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. M. Carpenter1892-09-01 NevadaSierra Nevda Mts.; County = Placer on label, Bowman Lakes region, Nevada Co fide Jepson fieldbooks 28_158
UC36753UCJEPSArnica dealbataM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-07-28 Lassenmts s Eagle Lake
UC36754UCJEPSArnica dealbataW. H. Brewer16271863-06-16 MariposaYosemite Trail
UC398949UCJEPSArnica dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville
UC485597UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. M. Hall93631912-07-20 PlumasMiddle Fork Feather River Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC485811UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. E., S. T. Parks2361928-06-01 LassenDrakesbad Lassen National Park
UC501446UCJEPSArnica dealbataFrank W. Peirson102361932-07-14 Shastas of Burney; 1000 Lake Basin
UC573399UCJEPSArnica dealbataP. L. Johannsen9281936-07-16 ButteBolt Creek Lassen National Forest, Paynes Creek Quad.
UC584243UCJEPSArnica dealbataG. L. Stebbins, Jr., J. A. Jenkins24141937-07-17 Shasta5 mi s Red Mt.
UC600518UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. F. Copeland132061930-07-26 ButteJonesville, on ridge above hotel Jonesville
UC600519UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. F. Copeland1931-06-10 Buttebetween Willow and Colby Creek; Jonesville
UC612925UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. W. Sharsmith8191934-06-02 Mariposajust n Mariposa Grove of Big Trees (on Wawona Point, headland overlooking Wawona Basin); Sierra Nevada, Wawona Point
UC625242UCJEPSArnica dealbataPaul S. Bartholomew1934-07-18 MariposaMariposa Grove Yosemite National Park
UC688919UCJEPSArnica dealbataWinifred M. Smith1938-07-23 Tuolumnetrail from Beehive to Vernon Lake; Yosemite National Park
UC726999UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller159321937-07-21 TehamaSulphur Works Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC75971UCJEPSArnica dealbataG. G. Grant41741901-07-01 MariposaAhwahnee Road to Yosemite Valley
UC832873UCJEPSArnica dealbataE. G. Anderson1935-09-02 Shastalower part Brokeoff Trail; Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC832874UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller115051914-06-22 Butteedge of the forest about Chico Meadows Chico Meadows
UC832875UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller128611917-07-29 Buttesummit above Jonesville
UC832876UCJEPSArnica dealbataAlice Eastwood18891912-08-22 Tehamabetween Morgan and Battle Creek; Lassen Butte Region
UC84122UCJEPSArnica dealbataR. M. Austin7901896-07-01 ButteColby
UC84123UCJEPSArnica dealbataR. M. Austin1896-07-01 PlumasLassen Peak
UC84124UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. M. Carpenter1893-08-01 Nevada
UC84125UCJEPSArnica dealbataC. F. Sonne1895-07-01 Placerroad to Lake Tahoe
UC84126UCJEPSArnica dealbataT. S. Brandegee1892-07-22 FresnoSequoia Mills
UC84127UCJEPSArnica dealbataT. S. Brandegee1892-07-04 PlumasPrattville
UC892186UCJEPSArnica dealbataA. A. Heller15291a1938-07-28 Tehamaalong Mineral to Mt. Lassen Highway (near the junction with the old road)
UC991123UCJEPSArnica dealbataH. B. Currier1952-08-07 El Doradoupriver 0.5 mi South Fork Camp; El Dorado National Forest
UCR0019518UCRArnica dealbataGeorge K. Helmkamp167782010-08-14 PlacerAmerican Hill Road (Forest Route 13), 4.7 miles south of its junction with Foresthill Road and just south of a creek crossing
UCR0019519UCRArnica dealbataGeorge K. Helmkamp166742010-07-28 PlacerRobinson Flat campground near the junction of Forest Hill Road and Soda Springs Road, 27 miles northwest of the city of Foresthill
UCR0019520UCRArnica dealbataLewis S. Rose343311934-07-07 SierraSW of Gold Lake
UCR0019521UCRArnica dealbataW.B. Augustine1591935-06-21 TuolumneYosemite National Park, west 1-3 mile from [Crane Flat] Lookout on road [Big Oak Flat Rd.- Hwy 120]
UCSB023639UCSBArnica dealbataHaines, A.1937-07-29 MariposaWawona Point
UCSB023640UCSBArnica dealbataW. B. Augustine1591935-06-21 MariposaW. 1-3 mi. from Lookout on road; Sec. 13 T. 2S. R. 18E.
UCSB023641UCSBArnica dealbataClare B. Hardham68281961-05-17 San Luis ObispoOcean View Mine, north of Cambria, Santa Lucia Mountains
UCSB023642UCSBArnica dealbataDennis E. Breedlove5851961-06-13 Santa Barbara200 yds. down north face of La Cumbre Peak from La Cumbre Peak Lookout; Santa Ynez Mts.
YM-YOSE216942YMArnica dealbataColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Thomas, Suzanne - -Dennis, Lauren07-1092007-07-11 TuolumneAt intersection of Big Oak Flat Road and old logging road to NPS firing range, opposite entrance to Crane Flat Lookout access road. Next to road. Datum: NAD83.
YM-YOSE216943YMArnica dealbataColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Thomas, Suzanne - -Dennis, Lauren07-1092007-07-11 TuolumneAt intersection of Big Oak Flat Road and old logging road to NPS firing range, opposite entrance to Crane Flat Lookout access road. Next to road. Datum: NAD83.
BFRS499BFRSWhitneya dealbataPeter Rubtzoff76651974-06-27 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mutton Creek Road ca. 0.3 mi. east of East Fork Gaddis Creek crossing (Comp. 460E).
CDA0013104CDAWhitneya dealbataG.F. Hrusa130391996-06-11 ShastaUSFS S16 approx. 3.5 miles NW of intersection with Hwy 89-44, at intersection with USFS 3 N1 West side of Bunchgrass Valley. Lassen National Forest.
GH00014086GHWhitneya dealbataW. H. Brewer16271863-01-01 UnknownYosemite Trail
LOB118383LOBWhitneya dealbataSteve Ganley16561972-07-21 MariposaCrane Flat, Yosemite Park.
NY00199262NYWhitneya dealbataL. Ahart105502003-09-02 ?  NevadaT18N, R12E, northeast 1-4 Section 34. On the north side of Grouse Ridge Road (Road 14) and south of the Lookout, about 6 miles northeast of Bowman Lake Road (Road 18), about 4 miles (air) south of Bowman lake
PUA2245PUAWhitneya dealbataG.L. Clifton1974-08-04 PlumasLocal landmark: Eureka Ridge. Quincy Quad.
PUA28738PUAWhitneya dealbataTerry Griswold1979-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Medicine Lake. Medicine Lake Quad.
RSA795366RSAWhitneya dealbataGeorge K. Helmkamp167782010-08-14 PlacerAmerican Hill Road (Forest Route 13), 4.7 miles south of its junction with Foresthill Road and just south of a creek crossing; Duncan Peak 7.5 Q.
RSA94623RSAWhitneya dealbataF. W. Peirson68331926-06-23 ShastaTrail to summit of Lassen Peak, Lassen National Park
SD243105SDWhitneya dealbataGeorge K. Helmkamp167782010-08-14 PlacerNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: American Hill Road (Forest Route 13), 4.7 miles south of its junction with Foresthill Road and just south of a creek crossing (Duncan Peak 7.5′Q)
SD46774SDWhitneya dealbataE. K. Balls218081956-06-18 Shasta1.8 miles southeast from Siskiyou-Shasta Co. Line, State Highway 89
SD5788SDWhitneya dealbataE. B. Copeland3991929-07-18 ButteJonesville
SD8836SDWhitneya dealbataMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasBig Meadows
THRI-SEKI2307THRIWhitneya dealbataStocking, S.K.1966-07-24 UnknownLower Tent Mdw
YM-YOSE60247YMWhitneya dealbataHOOD, MARY V.NONE GIVEN1965-07-10 ?  TuolumneCRANE FLAT CAMPGROUND
YM-YOSE64778YMWhitneya dealbataAUGUSTINE, W.1591935-06-21 Unknown1-3 MILE WEST OF LOOKOUT, FOUND ON ROADSIDE
YM-YOSE64779YMWhitneya dealbataHAINES, A.L.1938-07-29 ?  MariposaWAWONA POINT

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