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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00014664AArctostaphylos acutifoliaA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell97181941-07-09 TehamaLog Spring Ridge between Log Spring and Government Flat
A00343960AArctostaphylos acutifoliaJ. T. Howell192121943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge, 1.1 miles west of Ranger Station
A00362524AArctostaphylos acutifoliaH. F. CopelandA 41932-03-18 SonomaRincon Ridge, north of Santa Rosa
A00362557AArctostaphylos acutifoliaT. S. Brandegee111889-05-01 San DiegoNear San Diego
CAS-BOT27220CASArctostaphylos acutifoliaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas97181941-07-09 TehamaLog Spring Ridge between Log Spring and Government Flat
CAS-BOT27221CASArctostaphylos acutifoliaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas97181941-07-09 TehamaLog Spring Ridge between Log Spring and Government Flat
GH00362529GHArctostaphylos acutifoliaM. E. Jones1897-07-07 ShastaLassen′s Peak
GH00362535GHArctostaphylos acutifoliaJ. G. Lemmon14381878-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Pass, near Sta Barbara
GH00362559GHArctostaphylos acutifoliaT. S. Brandegee471891-07-06 CalaverasArthur
SD70031SDArctostaphylos acutifoliaDarley F. Howe45401968-05-28 Tehama1.3 miles north of Log Springs Guard Station.
UC708728UCJEPSArctostaphylos acutifoliaMilo S. Baker106381943-08-08 Tehama1.1 mi nw Log Spring Ranger Station
UC710583UCJEPSArctostaphylos acutifoliaJohn Thomas Howell192121943-08-08 Tehama1.1 mi w Ranger Station; Log Spring Ridge
UC727071UCJEPSArctostaphylos acutifoliaA. A. Heller1943-07-10 Tehama2 1-2 mi w Log Springs
UC728694UCJEPSArctostaphylos acutifoliaMilo S. Baker106381943-08-08 Tehama1.1 mi nw Log Spring Ranger Station
DAV322289DAVArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumA. E. Wieslander5691935-06-13 San BernardinoWest ridge of Fawnskin Valley.
DAV322290DAVArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumH.A. Jensen2681933-03-13 San BernardinoIcehouse Canon.
DAV322460DAVArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumJ. S. Hortons.n.1935-09-29 San BernardinoNear Valley of the Falls in Mills Creek.
RSA0067969RSAArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumunknown6805261951-07-31 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Hwy 38 below Onyx Pass.
RSA0088166RSAArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumBonnie C. Templeton104891965-06-13 San BernardinoMoonridge, Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA0157844RSAArctostaphylos parryana var. pinetorumDoris Bowers8871966-06-01 San BernardinoRock Camp, near Lake Arrowhead. Found N-o Lake Arrowhead.
A00350852AArctostaphylos patulaA. Rehder1904-08-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mtns
A00350853AArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee341888-01-01 PlacerBlue Canon
A00350857AArctostaphylos patulaS. D. McKelvey13891929-12-08 PlumasRear Portola
A00350867AArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson56451913-09-09 MariposaYosemite Park near Wawona
A00350892AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin8301936-04-15 SiskiyouN.E. slope of Mt Eddy, 3 miles above Metcalf ranch house and 6 miles N.W. of Mt. Shasta City
A00350893AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin7431932-09-14 TulareRoadside spring 3 miles west of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
A00350894AArctostaphylos patulaA. M. Carter14581939-08-20 Siskiyou5.5 miles north of Dunsmuir
A00350895AArctostaphylos patulaH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy114161937-07-21 Del NorteHead of Shelley Creek, one mile north of Monumental
A00350896AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell86191940-06-19 TuolumneConfidence
A00350897AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell82331940-06-14 ModocNear Hackamore
A00350906AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin5021931-07-01 Shasta4.5 miles southeast of Shasta City, beside highway to McCloud
A00350907AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin7431932-09-14 TulareRoadside spring 3 miles west of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
A00350908AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin5021931-07-01 Shasta4.5 miles s.e. of Shasta City, beside highway to McCloud
A00350909AArctostaphylos patulaH. C. Cantelow1940-05-10 PlumasAbout 3 miles east of Buck′s Lake
A00350919AArctostaphylos patulaGeorge Hansen11181895-06-15 El DoradoArmstrong′s Stat′n
A00350920AArctostaphylos patulaJ. G. Jack1904-08-28 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mts.
A00350921AArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson56531913-09-01 UnknownYosemite Park
A00350923AArctostaphylos patulaE. P. Hawver1909-06-01 UnknownAspengrove, Lake Tahoe Region
A00350924AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood67731918-04-06 SierraDownieville
A00350925AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood67971918-04-07 YubaCamptonville
A00350926AArctostaphylos patulaL. S. Smith1914-01-02 Plumasnear Johntown
A00350928AArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander1914-07-01 FresnoW. Patterson Mt. near Dinkey Creek. Sierra Nat. Forest
A00350929AArctostaphylos patulaA. A. Heller70361903-07-28 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
A00350930AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell18741934-04-22 Tehama1 mile west of Paynes Creek
A00350933AArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin4601931-06-21 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy above Dobkin′s Lake
A00350934AArctostaphylos patulaS. D. McKelvey14201929-12-19 UnknownBetween Truckee + Lake Tahoe
A00350935AArctostaphylos patulaS. D. McKelvey14181929-12-19 UnknownBetween Truckee + Lake Tahoe
A00350937AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood66831917-09-02 SiskiyouShasta Springs
A00350938AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood66821917-09-02 SiskiyouShasta Springs
A00350939AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood4921912-06-15 UnknownLake Tahoe Region, Deer Park
A00350940AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood8551912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
A00350941AArctostaphylos patulaP. A. Munz127451932-08-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains, Camp Tulakes, east of Jenks Lake
A00350942AArctostaphylos patulaR. C. Bacigalupi15511927-05-29 MendocinoSummit Mt. Sandhedrin
A00350943AArctostaphylos patulaW. M. Canby1895-08-15 MariposaYosemite Valley
A00350944AArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell134721937-07-25 SiskiyouCaribou Basin, Salmon-Trinity Alps
A00350945AArctostaphylos patulaA. A. Heller120351915-06-26 ButteSummit of the Sierra Nevada above Jonesville
A00350946AArctostaphylos patulaMrs. J. M. Hutchings1901-04-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
A00350952AArctostaphylos patulaD. E. Boufford109971973-07-24 TulareSequoia National Park, west side
A00350955AArctostaphylos patulaJ. L. Huber11171970-09-01 Monovicinity of Mammoth Lakes village, Sierra Nevada Mountains
A00350961AArctostaphylos patulaH. F. CopelandA 71932-06-29 ButteThe Summit, Jonesville
A00350963AArctostaphylos patulaH. M. Pollard1944-09-01 HumboldtNear Orleans
A00350964AArctostaphylos patulaMrs. E. C. Sutliffe1919-08-01 PlumasGold Lake
A00350966AArctostaphylos patulaS. D. McKelvey14301929-12-20 UnknownBet. Truckee + Lake Tahoe
A00350967AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell13521934-04-11 Del NorteSummit of road between Grants Pass and Crescent City
A00350968AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood1841907-04-30 Del NorteTelephone Hill
A00350969AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood110221921-07-31 SiskiyouShasta Springs
A00350970AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood108911921-07-28 SiskiyouLittle Mt. Hoffman
A00350971AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood145951927-06-15 PlumasUnited States Forest Reserve, On trail to Long Valley
A00350972AArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood119071923-05-23 Siskiyounear Cantara
A00350975AArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell189491943-08-03 GlennPlaskett Meadows
A00350979AArctostaphylos patulaF. G. Woodcock15671922-04-01 RiversideBase of San Jacinto Mt., Banning
A00350980AArctostaphylos patulaF. G. Woodcock15671922-04-01 RiversideBase of San Jacinto Mt., Banning
A00350981AArctostaphylos patulaC. L. Hitchcock62801940-05-01 InyoMt. Whitney, ca. 12 miles west of Lone Pine
A00350982AArctostaphylos patulaD. I. Axelrod101934-06-04 Plumassouthwest of La Porte
A00350983AArctostaphylos patulaG. E. Sindel801934-07-31 Sierra3.25 miles north of Meadow Lake
A00350984AArctostaphylos patulaMrs. S. E. Hirstel1937-05-01 MariposaYosemite
A00350985AArctostaphylos patulaL. C. Wheeler27811934-06-25 SiskiyouWest Fork Cottonwood Creek, Siskiyou Mts. S32, T48, R7W, Mt. Diablo Mer.
A00362005AArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson61631914-08-14 SiskiyouDunsmuir
AHUC100728DAVArctostaphylos patulaRay A. Evanss.n.1951-04-23 San BernardinoSnow Valley; north of Highway 18; San Bernardino Mt. Range.
AHUC100729DAVArctostaphylos patulaBeecher Crampton70801964-01-26 LassenCa. 35 miles NW of Susanville.
AHUC100791DAVArctostaphylos patulaBeecher Crampton97771981-05-09 El DoradoStateline of El Dorado Co.
AHUC100792DAVArctostaphylos patulaBeecher Crampton72111964-10-03 El DoradoTwin Bridges; U.S. Hwy 50.
BFRS156BFRSArctostaphylos patulaPeter Rubtzoff79921975-05-27 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Heliport clearing (Comp. 60U).
BFRS157BFRSArctostaphylos patulaPeter Rubtzoff82061975-07-22 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mainline Road Clearcut (exclusive of upper Gladdis Creek area) (Comp. 451E).
BLMRD0311BLMRDArctostaphylos patulaRay Bosch1977-05-31 Unknown
BLMRD0312BLMRDArctostaphylos patulaD. Bateman1978-06-23 Siskiyou
CAS-BOT164345CASArctostaphylos patulaRubtzoff, Peter82061975-07-22 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Mainline Road Clearcut (exclusive of upper Gaddis Creek area). (Comp. 451E)
CAS-BOT183223CASArctostaphylos patulaShevock, James R.108011984-03-21 KernScodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Along the summit ridge northwest of Pinyon Peak overlooking Cranebrake Flat
CAS-BOT248334CASArctostaphylos patulaBartholomew, B.; Sun, H.88142002-06-24 ModocRidge top just S of Manzanita Mt. and 15.3 straight line km NW of Aden
CAS-BOT262818CASArctostaphylos patulaRubtzoff, Peter79921975-05-27 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Heliport clearing (Comp. 60U).
CAS-BOT42086CASArctostaphylos patulaHeller, A. A.150991938-05-21 PlumasOn the ridge west of Chester
CAS-BOT42087CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja13171966-06-18 PlumasButterfly Valley
CAS-BOT42088CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.422021967-05-09 PlumasAt the conference of Butterfly & Spanish Creeks
CAS-BOT42091CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas520351976-07-20 PlumasAt south end of Lake Almanor
CAS-BOT42092CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas511321975-06-16 Plumas2 miles northwest of Spring Garden
CAS-BOT42093CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.421911967-05-08 PlumasNear the spring in the Butterfly Botanical Area
CAS-BOT42094CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.421921967-05-08 PlumasNear the spring in the Butterfly Botanical Area
CAS-BOT42095CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.421931967-05-08 PlumasNear the spring in the Butterfly Botanical Area
CAS-BOT42096CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja24141968-06-11 PlumasButterfly Botanical Area, Trestle Glen
CAS-BOT42097CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja17841967-05-07 PlumasTrestle Glen
CAS-BOT42098CASArctostaphylos patulaRose, Lewis S.630991963-06-03 PlumasButterfly Valley, 2 mi. sw of Keddie
CAS-BOT42099CASArctostaphylos patulaRose, Lewis S.670681967-05-07 PlumasButterfly Creek & Spanish Creek, south of Keddie
CAS-BOT42100CASArctostaphylos patulaWalker, Jay B.; Stadler, Jeff; Goldstein, Noah8681994-08-03 PlumasOn USFS rd 25N12, 2km west of USFS Quincy work center, 5km N of Quincy.
CAS-BOT42101CASArctostaphylos patulaBrandegee, T. S.341888-01-01 PlacerBlue Canyon
CAS-BOT42102CASArctostaphylos patulaBrandegee, T. S.341888-01-01 PlacerBlue Canyon
CAS-BOT42103CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-08-16 PlacerNear Clark′s Dutch Flat
CAS-BOT42104CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-29 PlacerTahoe City
CAS-BOT42105CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice4921912-06-15 PlacerLake Tahoe Region - Deer Park
CAS-BOT42106CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas519311976-07-18 PlacerJeffrey pine forest, Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT42107CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas518261976-07-14 PlumasAmerican Valley near Quincy on road to Quincy Junction
CAS-BOT42108CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas357791960-07-20 PlumasBetween Boiling Springs Lake and Terminal Geyser
CAS-BOT42109CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas513571975-07-22 PlumasIn the Transition Life Zone, 2 miles northwest of Spring Garden
CAS-BOT42110CASArctostaphylos patulaVale, James; Wagnon, Keith; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja41081981-05-20 PlumasThree miles north of Greenville, state hwy. #89
CAS-BOT42112CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1906-10-01 PlumasQuincy
CAS-BOT42113CASArctostaphylos patulaThorne, Robert F.; DeBuhr, L.; Tilforth, C. W.423541972-09-20 PlumasPlumas National Forest: Along Hwy. 70 two miles N of Quincy in Pinus ponderosa forest
CAS-BOT42114CASArctostaphylos patulaBreedlove, D. E.34721962-06-12 PlumasOn bank of Jackson Creek, in upper drainage of Middle Fork of Feather River, 1 mile southeast of Cromberg; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT42115CASArctostaphylos patulaKelley, Mrs. S. Earles.n.1920-07-01 PlumasGreenville
CAS-BOT42116CASArctostaphylos patulaHead, Annas.n.1921-06-23 PlumasLake Center Camp, Feather River Region
CAS-BOT42117CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Ella Dales37431940-05-10 PlumasE. of Buck′s Lake
CAS-BOT42118CASArctostaphylos patulaClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-08-16 PlumasGreenville
CAS-BOT42119CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice145951927-06-15 PlumasOn trail to Long Valley
CAS-BOT42120CASArctostaphylos patulaWagnon, Keiths.n.1987-09-18 PlumasLogging road near Buck′s Lake; Plumas National Forest
CAS-BOT42121CASArctostaphylos patulaWagnon, Keith; Vale, James T.18191988-10-04 Plumasca. 2 mi. e. of town of Buck′s Lake on old road - logging road 1-4 mi. north.
CAS-BOT42122CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1940-05-11 PlumasWest of Meadow Valley Inn
CAS-BOT42123CASArctostaphylos patulaClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-04-07 PlumasGreenville
CAS-BOT42124CASArctostaphylos patulaSwift, Lloyd W.681901932-05-23 PlumasLexington Hill, near La Porte
CAS-BOT42125CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, M. B.27631926-09-11 PlumasJuniper Lake, Lassen Natl. Park
CAS-BOT42126CASArctostaphylos patulaKerr, Marks.n.1940-04-05 InyoGray′s Meadows
CAS-BOT42127CASArctostaphylos patulaTrain, Percys.n.1937-05-17 InyoDeath Valley - Big Pine Creek, east slope Sierras
CAS-BOT42128CASArctostaphylos patulaFerris, Roxana S.89991934-07-25 InyoSierra Nevada - Trail to Big Pine Lakes along north fork of Big Pine Creek.
CAS-BOT42129CASArctostaphylos patulaFerris, Roxana S.37811923-06-24 Inyodivide between Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Creek
CAS-BOT42130CASArctostaphylos patulaHitchcock, C. L.62801940-05-01 InyoMt. Whitney, ca. 12 miles west of Lone Pine
CAS-BOT42131CASArctostaphylos patulaJones, Marcus E.s.n.1897-05-14 InyoLone Pine
CAS-BOT42132CASArctostaphylos patulaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise29721942-06-12 InyoWalker Creek, southwest of Olancha, east slope Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT42133CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.98971956-07-28 InyoSawmill Creek
CAS-BOT42134CASArctostaphylos patulaBaldwin, P.s.n.1934-05-24 InyoTr. to Mt. Whitney, Lone Pine Creek
CAS-BOT42135CASArctostaphylos patulaLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-06-16 InyoBig Pine Creek, southwest of Big Pine
CAS-BOT42136CASArctostaphylos patulaLarson, Enid A.s.n.1971-05-24 InyoSawmill Creek, northwest of Independence
CAS-BOT42137CASArctostaphylos patulaKeefe, Joseph M.159921974-07-30 InyoLodgepole pine forest west of Cottonwood Pack Station 21.3 miles southwest of Lone Pine.
CAS-BOT42138CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul15661973-08-17 InyoUn-named canyon between Portugese and Tunawee Canyons, above San Lewis Ranch Owens Valley
CAS-BOT42139CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.154991969-05-22 InyoWierra Nevada - Whitney Portal
CAS-BOT42140CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.154991969-05-22 InyoSierra Nevada - Whitney Portal
CAS-BOT42141CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.32441951-07-01 MaderaAgnew Meadows to Lake Olane
CAS-BOT42142CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51561984-09-11 Madera.8 mile south of junction of Chowchilla Mt. Rd. toward Fish Camp.
CAS-BOT42143CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51531984-09-11 Madera1.5 mile from junction of Chowchilla Mt. Rd. en route to Fish Camp.
CAS-BOT42144CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas342851958-08-10 MaderaThe Niche, east fork of Granite Creek
CAS-BOT42145CASArctostaphylos patulaReifschneider, Olgas.n.1955-05-29 PlacerMartis Peak Road, Hirschdale, 9 miles east of Truckee
CAS-BOT42146CASArctostaphylos patulaKing, Miss M. Alices.n.1923-06-01 PlacerNear Summit
CAS-BOT42147CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1911-11-05 PlacerWest slope Sierra Nevada near Alta Station (CPRR)
CAS-BOT42148CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1911-11-05 PlacerWest slope Sierra Nevada near Alta Station (CPRR)
CAS-BOT42149CASArctostaphylos patulaWells, Mary P.s.n.1980-09-12 PlacerSierra Nevada - forest west of Pioneer Way, Tahoe City
CAS-BOT42150CASArctostaphylos patulaWells, Mary P.s.n.1980-09-12 PlacerSierra Nevada - forest west of Pioneer Way, Tahoe City
CAS-BOT42161CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1916-09-07 LakeSummit Sheetiron Mt.
CAS-BOT42162CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42841981-07-05 LakeUpper Boardmand Ridge, south slope of Hull Mt.
CAS-BOT42163CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42791981-07-05 LakeBoardman Ridge on south sloe of Hull Mountain below Timberline Camp.
CAS-BOT42168CASArctostaphylos patulaPierson, F. W.s.n.1920-05-29 Los AngelesIcehouse Canyon
CAS-BOT42169CASArctostaphylos patulaThorne, R. F.; DeBuhr, L.422441972-08-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest: just E. along trail from peak of Mt. Islip
CAS-BOT42170CASArctostaphylos patulaRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve77731994-05-11 Los AngelesLiebre Mtn.: central summit area, ca 1750 m WSW of Bear Gulch Camp
CAS-BOT42171CASArctostaphylos patulaEwan, Joseph Andorfer; Ewan, Nesta101141936-08-17 Los AngelesBig rock - Bear Creek divide, San Garbriel Mts.
CAS-BOT42172CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas234191947-07-18 Los AngelesBlue Ridge, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT42173CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas240641947-08-13 InyoBig Pine Lakes Trail
CAS-BOT42174CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas332491958-05-24 InyoWhitney Portal
CAS-BOT42175CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas266641950-07-12 InyoPinyon belt, Olancha Pass
CAS-BOT42176CASArctostaphylos patulaRubtzoff, Peter; Holeman, James R.87621976-07-22 FresnoHall Mountain - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT42177CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas156281940-07-28 FresnoBubbs Creek, near Sphinx Creek
CAS-BOT42178CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas339741958-07-27 FresnoSierra Nevada - Tehipite Valley, Middle Fork of the Kings River
CAS-BOT42179CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas248441948-07-22 Fresnobubbs Creek Canyon in vicinity of Vidette Meadows
CAS-BOT42180CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas339401958-07-25 FresnoSimson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
CAS-BOT42181CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas156801940-07-29 FresnoBetween Charlotte Creek and Junction Meadow, Bubbs Creek
CAS-BOT42182CASArctostaphylos patulaMallory, J. I.2071961-04-27 FresnoTwo and a half miles south of Shaver Lake Dam
CAS-BOT42183CASArctostaphylos patulaMallory, J. I.2071961-04-27 FresnoTwo and a half miles south of Shaver Lake Dam
CAS-BOT42184CASArctostaphylos patulaWagnon, H. K.s.n.1985-06-18 FresnoBy reservoir 5 miles west of Mono Hot Springs
CAS-BOT42185CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.61651953-08-13 FresnoLaurel Creek
CAS-BOT42187CASArctostaphylos patulaMunz, P. A.159461940-07-12 FresnoLewis Creek, south fork of King′s River
CAS-BOT42188CASArctostaphylos patulaAdams, J. E.7961934-03-17 FresnoDinky Cr. Rd., 6 mi. @ Huntington lake Rd.
CAS-BOT42189CASArctostaphylos patulaAllan, Lewiss.n.1920-08-01 FresnoSierra Nevada
CAS-BOT42190CASArctostaphylos patulaVon Loh, J.60364A1978-06-27 FresnoAbove Balsam Meadow - Penstock route
CAS-BOT42193CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.88621963-08-08 KernCanyon just south of Cottonwood Canyon, Mojave drainage.
CAS-BOT42213CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4051900-06-15 FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains - Pine Ridge
CAS-BOT42214CASArctostaphylos patulaMcDonald, Julias.n.1926-07-01 FresnoHuntington Lake
CAS-BOT42215CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4151900-06-25 FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains - region of Dinkey Creek, Bald Mt.
CAS-BOT42216CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.4151900-06-25 FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains - region of Dinkey Creek, Bald Mt.
CAS-BOT42217CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1904-08-25 FresnoNear Bearskin Meadow, Kin′s River Region
CAS-BOT42218CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.31711900-08-10 FresnoNear Horse Corral Meadow, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT42219CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.3381a1900-10-15 FresnoRidge between Converse Basin and Median Basin - south Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT42220CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.33961900-10-16 FresnoConverse Basin - R.R.
CAS-BOT42221CASArctostaphylos patulaEverett, P. C.; Johnson, E. R.74731935-07-19 FresnoSierra Nevada - Huntington Lake - Florence Lake Road, 3 mi. from high Sierra Ranger Station
CAS-BOT42222CASArctostaphylos patulaEverett, P. C.; Johnson, E. R.73141935-07-16 FresnoSierra Nevada - Mono Creek dam public camp grounds
CAS-BOT42223CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, Carl B.36931929-05-05 FresnoW. slope of Sierra Nevada, Shaver Lake
CAS-BOT42224CASArctostaphylos patulaHopping, Ralph21911-05-26 FresnoBoulder Creek on lower trail, east side Seq. Nat. Forest
CAS-BOT42225CASArctostaphylos patulaVon Loh, J.60364A1978-05-31 FresnoAbove Balsam Meadow - Penstock route
CAS-BOT44401CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas86191940-07-19 TuolumneConfidence
CAS-BOT44426CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.19301897-07-17 TulareSoda Springs in Soda Creek, S. Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44427CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.1808a1897-07-12 TulareTrail near top of Homer′s Peak, S. Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44428CASArctostaphylos patulaWahlert, G.; Connolly, M.872007-06-27 TuolumneHwy 108 at Spicer Meadow Road.
CAS-BOT44429CASArctostaphylos patulaWalker, Burt651930-09-04 TuolumneMather, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT44430CASArctostaphylos patulaWalker, Burt661930-09-04 TuolumneMather, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT44431CASArctostaphylos patulaMcMinn, H. E.925b1923-05-08 TuolumneSmith Meadow Trail
CAS-BOT44432CASArctostaphylos patulaMcMinn, H. E.925c1923-05-08 TuolumneSmith Meadow Trail
CAS-BOT44433CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.68621934-06-15 TuolumneCold Springs, 6.6 miles below Pine Crest
CAS-BOT44434CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.143181958-04-13 TuolumneOn southwesterly face of granite knoll just below the dam at Twain Harte.
CAS-BOT44435CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.190341964-05-29 TuolumneFoot of Sonora Grade, 1 mile N. of Kennedy Meadow
CAS-BOT44436CASArctostaphylos patulaConstant, Anne1441955-05-15 TuolumneOn highway 120 above Longbarn, Stanislaus National Forest
CAS-BOT44437CASArctostaphylos patulaClausen, J.19721945-09-02 TuolumneHog Ranch, slopes above Cabin
CAS-BOT44438CASArctostaphylos patulaClausen, J.19711945-09-02 TuolumneMather, Hog Ranch, from slopes above Hog Ranch cabin.
CAS-BOT44439CASArctostaphylos patulaMcMinn, H. E.925a1923-05-08 TuolumneSmith Meadow Trail
CAS-BOT44440CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.68531934-06-14 TuolumneWest side of Strawberry Lake in Pine Crest Recreation Area, Stanislaus National Forest
CAS-BOT44441CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.68631934-06-15 TuolumneCold Springs, (Jeness Hill) 6.6 miles west of Pine Crest
CAS-BOT44442CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.134231955-05-15 TuolumneVolcanic tufa 4 mi. E of Long Barn
CAS-BOT44443CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Wagnon, Keith; Vale, James42431981-07-18 TuolumneOn west side of Sonora Pass.
CAS-BOT44444CASArctostaphylos patulaQuick, C. R.51-011951-05-10 TuolumneCow Creek
CAS-BOT44445CASArctostaphylos patulaJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-06-27 TuolumneCamp Baxter, North Fork of the Stanislaus River
CAS-BOT44446CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, Le Roy47361911-07-20 TuolumneBetween Long Barn and Cold Spring
CAS-BOT44447CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, Le Roy47351911-07-20 TuolumneBetween Long Barn and Cold Spring
CAS-BOT44448CASArctostaphylos patulaThomas, J. H.87081960-05-14 TuolumneSierra Nevada, Pigeon Flat below sonora Pass
CAS-BOT44449CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomass.n.1955-06-03 TuolumneNear Long Barn
CAS-BOT44450CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74651939-07-19 Tuolumne4 miles from Long Barn on road to Sonora
CAS-BOT44451CASArctostaphylos patulaFarley, James628141929-07-10 TulareMineral King
CAS-BOT44452CASArctostaphylos patulaKeefe, Joseph146971973-10-20 TulareAlong road 0.2 mile north summit Bald Mountain, 7 miles west Kennedy Meadows, Sequioa National Forest
CAS-BOT44453CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.6831895-07-14 TulareOn trail from French Joe Meadows to Kern River
CAS-BOT44454CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.16281896-08-13 TulareAt Wells Mill
CAS-BOT44455CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.13161895-08-16 TulareWest of Marble Fork of Kaweah River
CAS-BOT44456CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-28 TulareCamp Agarse′s
CAS-BOT44457CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, Mrs. H. P.7431932-09-14 Tulareroadside spring 3 miles west of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
CAS-BOT44458CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.443001968-05-13 TulareCherry Hill Road, Poison Meadow Creek Canyon, Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT44459CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.470711970-07-29 Tulare1 mile from Long Meadow on road to Cannell Meadow
CAS-BOT44460CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.484041971-07-14 TulareNorth Fork of Manter Creek in Jeffrey, Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT44461CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.429941967-07-04 Tulare2 miles south of Troy Meadow, Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT44462CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas171291942-07-24 TulareMineral King
CAS-BOT44463CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas177131942-08-05 TulareBetween Big Arroyo and Chagoopa Plateau
CAS-BOT44464CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas272871950-07-24 TulareMonache Creek S. Fk.
CAS-BOT44465CASArctostaphylos patulaTownsend, Charless.n.1941-03-27 TulareAbout 8 miles from the Giants Forest on the road to Visalia
CAS-BOT44466CASArctostaphylos patulaTilforth, C. W.; Dourley, John11171975-09-25 TulareAlder Creek and Hiway 190, c. 5 air miles n.n.w. of Johnsondale
CAS-BOT44467CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.142961968-06-01 TulareMineral King, 2.2 miles above Silver City.
CAS-BOT44468CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.112821965-07-28 TulareRidge between Rattlesnake Meadow & Bartolas Creek.
CAS-BOT44469CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.157581969-07-30 TulareWest side of East Sirretta Pass
CAS-BOT44470CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nicoll, John148611968-08-13 TulareMonache jeep trail on Dead Doe Ridge, Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT44471CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Pauls.n.1972-08-03 TulareBelow Last Chance Meadow, near Nobe Young Creek, Southern Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44472CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul9391972-07-24 TulareBall Mtn, Southern Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44473CASArctostaphylos patulaWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-08-12 TulareMineral King
CAS-BOT44474CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, Mrs. H. P.7431932-09-14 TulareRoadside spring 3 miles west of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
CAS-BOT44475CASArctostaphylos patulaDerby, Mrs. Charless.n.1928-07-01 TulareSequoia National Park
CAS-BOT44476CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, M. B.27181926-09-11 TehamaPayne′s Creek
CAS-BOT44477CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas192121943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge, 1.1 miles west of Ranger Station
CAS-BOT44478CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas192121943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge, 1.1 miles west of Ranger Station
CAS-BOT44479CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas192121943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge, 1.1 miles west of Ranger Station
CAS-BOT44480CASArctostaphylos patulaRaiche, Roger501481985-03-18 TehamaLog Spring Road, west of Paskenta, 13.7 miles west of its origina at the Newville Road.
CAS-BOT44481CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, Mrs. H. P.5021931-07-01 Tehama4.5 miles southeast of Shasta City, beside highway to McCloud
CAS-BOT44482CASArctostaphylos patulaGillespie, Doris Kildale93121930-05-10 TehamaTurner Mountain near Mineral
CAS-BOT44483CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas360461960-08-18 TehamaBluff Falls, near Lassen Volcanic National Park
CAS-BOT44484CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas18741934-04-22 Tehama1 mile w. of Payne′s Creek
CAS-BOT44485CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas18781934-04-22 Tehama4 miles w. of Payne′s Creek
CAS-BOT44486CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas18741934-04-22 Tehama1 mile west of Payne′s Creek
CAS-BOT44487CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas128641936-08-28 Trinity7 miles from Minersville on road to Weaverville
CAS-BOT44488CASArctostaphylos patulaBalls, E. K.137921949-07-03 TrinityTrail to right above Bear Creek, on trail from Dedrick
CAS-BOT44489CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-08-16 TrinityOn Willow Creek Grade west of Gazelle
CAS-BOT44490CASArctostaphylos patulaCarter, Eugene3581972-03-29 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Along the North Fork Trail about 500 feet north of Keystone Flat.
CAS-BOT44491CASArctostaphylos patulaCarter, Eugene5511973-08-09 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Along the Grizzly Creek Trail below Lower Grizzly Meadows.
CAS-BOT44492CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1921-07-05 TrinityKaty Luckie′s Ranch, Hayfork
CAS-BOT44493CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1918-08-27 TrinityJunction
CAS-BOT44494CASArctostaphylos patulaKleeberger, H. G. R.s.n.1878-12-30 TrinityTrinity Co.
CAS-BOT44495CASArctostaphylos patulaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1956-06-14 TrinityTrail to Lion Lake, west of Coffee Creek.
CAS-BOT44496CASArctostaphylos patulaJunkans, A.s.n.1915-01-01 TrinityWeaverville
CAS-BOT44497CASArctostaphylos patulaHolman, R. M.s.n.1933-04-23 TrinityBetween Beegum and Wildwood on old road from Rerd Bluff to Fortuna
CAS-BOT44498CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul10691972-08-01 TulareAbove Bone Creek, Southern Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44499CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul11111972-08-03 TulareSand Hills area, Kern Canyon
CAS-BOT44500CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul8171972-07-06 TulareWest of Fish Creek Meadow, Kern Plateau, Southern Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT44838CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.88621963-08-08 KernCanyon just south of Cottonwood Canyon, Mojave drainage.
CAS-BOT46304CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.90601963-10-03 TulareThe Needles.
CAS-BOT46305CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.35771957-05-24 TulareKernville Rd., 0.5 mi. w. of Alta Sierra. Shandon.
CAS-BOT46306CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.36721957-06-21 TulareRidge just n. of Portugese Pass. Shandon.
CAS-BOT46307CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.157581969-07-30 TulareW. side of East Sirretta Pass.
CAS-BOT46308CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nicoll, John148611968-08-13 TulareMonache jeep trail on Dead Doe Ridge.
CAS-BOT46309CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.13161895-08-16 TulareW. of Marble fork of Kaweah River.
CAS-BOT46376CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.434081967-08-07 TulareAbout 2 mi. nw. of Beach Meadow. Kern Plateau.
CAS-BOT46377CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.485791971-07-15 TulareNE. of Taylor Meadow between Chruch Dome and Black Mt. Kern Plateau.
CAS-BOT46379CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.165841970-05-07 Tulare4.2 mi. above the Johnsondale Bridge.
CAS-BOT46380CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.114811965-08-19 TulareN. slope of the summit ridge of Bald Mountain.
CAS-BOT46381CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.139031967-09-21 TularePaloma Meadow Rd. on the ne. side of the head of Dark Canyon.
CAS-BOT46382CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.132641967-05-31 TulareCherry Hill Rd., 0.9 mi. below the Poison Meadow Creek bridge.
CAS-BOT46383CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.98141964-07-23 TulareTrail to Baker Point.
CAS-BOT46384CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.90601963-10-03 TulareThe Needles.
CAS-BOT46385CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.142961968-06-01 TulareMineral King, 2.2 mi. above Silver City.
CAS-BOT46386CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.121911966-05-11 TulareHorse Meadow.
CAS-BOT46387CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert183051971-08-31 TulareNine Mile Canyon.
CAS-BOT46388CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert183421971-08-29 TularePoint across the canyon from red Rock (Indian Head).
CAS-BOT46389CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.18281897-07-12 TulareCahoon Meadow. S. Sierra Nevada.
CAS-BOT46390CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.19111897-07-15 TulareHacket Trail S. Fork of Kaweah River.
CAS-BOT46391CASArctostaphylos patulaShevock, Jim491970-03-22 TulareForks of Kern River.
CAS-BOT46392CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul10481972-07-30 TulareNobe Young Meadow near Maple Pk.
CAS-BOT46393CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul11251972-08-03 TulareSand Hills Area, Kern canyon.
CAS-BOT46394CASArctostaphylos patulaFarley, James281929-07-10 TulareMineral King.
CAS-BOT46395CASArctostaphylos patulaHopping, Ralph21911-05-26 TulareSequoia Forest.
CAS-BOT46396CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.165841970-05-07 Tulare4.2 mi. above the Johnsondale Bridge.
CAS-BOT46397CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.114811965-08-19 TulareN. slope of the summit ridge of Bald Mountain.
CAS-BOT46401CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.535331980-05-20 TrinityScott Mt. summit on road from Carrville to Callahan.
CAS-BOT46402CASArctostaphylos patulaHay Fork School,s.n.1924-04-24 TrinityHay Fork.
CAS-BOT46403CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.7291900-07-01 TulareS. Fork of San Joaquin River.
CAS-BOT46404CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.7291900-07-01 TulareSo. Fork, San Joaquin River.
CAS-BOT46405CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.19721897-07-18 TulareHockett Trail above trout Meadow. Region of Little Kern River and Kern Lakes.
CAS-BOT46406CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.6831895-07-14 TulareDescent toward creek crossing. Kern River: second Dry Meadow Creek.
CAS-BOT46407CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.26521898-08-31 TulareNelson′s Fork. Tule River.
CAS-BOT46408CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.26791898-09-07 TulareNear Dome Rock, s. Sierra Nevada.
CAS-BOT46410CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.23171897-07-28 TulareTrail to the Big Arroyo s. Sierra Nevada.
CAS-BOT46411CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.19881897-07-18 TulareLower Kern Lake, s. Sierra Nevada.
CAS-BOT46412CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.132641967-05-31 TulareCherry Hill Road, 0.9 mi. below the Poison Meadow Creek Bridge.
CAS-BOT46413CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.98141964-07-23 TulareTrail to Baker Point.
CAS-BOT46414CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.112821965-07-28 TulareRidge between Rattlesnake Meadow & Bartolas Creek.
CAS-BOT46415CASArctostaphylos patulaGrant, G. B.s.n.1902-07-15 TulareRound Meadow Camp. Giant Forest.
CAS-BOT46416CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.139031967-09-21 TularePaloma Meadow Rd, on ne. side of the head of Dark Canyon.
CAS-BOT46417CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.98141964-07-23 TulareTrail to Baker Point.
CAS-BOT46418CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.132641967-05-31 TulareCherry Hill Rd., 0.9 mi. below the Poison Meadow Creek Bridge.
CAS-BOT46419CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.36721957-06-21 TulareRidge just n. of Portugese Pass. Shandon.
CAS-BOT46420CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert183421971-08-29 TularePoint across the canyon from Red Rock (Indian Head).
CAS-BOT46421CASArctostaphylos patulaTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert183051971-08-31 TulareNine Mile Canyon.
CAS-BOT46422CASArctostaphylos patulaPittman, Edward1531965-09-22 TulareChimney Peak, southeastern Tulare Co.
CAS-BOT46423CASArctostaphylos patulaRockwell, Jack69-05461969-06-07 TulareNear Clover Creek along Generals Hwy.
CAS-BOT46424CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul10171972-07-29 TulareSouthern end of Slate Mtn.
CAS-BOT46425CASArctostaphylos patulaLeskinen, Paul8741972-07-15 TulareSummit of Bald Mtn. Kern Plateau.
CAS-BOT46426CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-21 SiskiyouWillow Creek Rd. - Gazelle to Callahan′s.
CAS-BOT46427CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice108911921-07-28 SiskiyouLittle Mt. Hoffman.
CAS-BOT46428CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.7483a1929-04-27 SiskiyouUpper South Fork of Salmon River.
CAS-BOT46429CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.74831929-04-27 SiskiyouUpper South Fork of Salmon River.
CAS-BOT46430CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.; Gillespie, J. W.80341929-06-22 SiskiyouBase of Black Butte near Mt. Shasta.
CAS-BOT46431CASArctostaphylos patulaSeneres, Albert; Edwards, Stephen; Harold, Nigels.n.1982-10-02 SiskiyouSW. of Deadwood Peak Lookout.
CAS-BOT46432CASArctostaphylos patulaHarris, T. H.s.n.1951-06-01 SiskiyouHappy Camp.
CAS-BOT46433CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas283331952-06-14 SiskiyouJust n. of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT46434CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas283321952-06-14 SiskiyouJust n. of Black Butte.
CAS-BOT46435CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, H. P.4601931-06-21 SiskiyouN. side of Mt. Eddy. Above Dobkin′s Lake.
CAS-BOT46436CASArctostaphylos patulaDudleys.n.1922-04-01 SiskiyouEtna Mills.
CAS-BOT46437CASArctostaphylos patulaC., W. B.110161938-06-17 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail.
CAS-BOT46438CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1910-10-04 SiskiyouKlamath River, 5 mi. below Hancock.
CAS-BOT46439CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1910-10-02 SiskiyouKlamath River Loop, 3 or 4 mi. e. of Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT46440CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1907-09-26 SiskiyouKlamath Canyon. Between Keno and Shovel Cr. Calif - Oregon boundary.
CAS-BOT46441CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.43451928-04-09 TrinityTrinity Center
CAS-BOT46442CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.45481929-04-09 TrinityIsland Mountain.
CAS-BOT46443CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.42311927-11-29 TrinityTrinity Center, upper Trinity River.
CAS-BOT46444CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.105151930-08-26 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain.
CAS-BOT46445CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.103771930-09-14 TrinityTrinity River at Big French Creek.
CAS-BOT46446CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.104161930-09-01 TrinityTrinity River at Douglas City.
CAS-BOT46447CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, L. R.62561916-07-24 TrinityWildwood.
CAS-BOT46448CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1939-06-08 Trinity1 mi. w. of junction, Red Bluff. Hayfork Road.
CAS-BOT46449CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.26511939-06-08 TrinityHayfork Road, 1 mi. n. of jct. Red Bluff Way.
CAS-BOT46450CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1918-08-27 TrinityJunction Trinity Co.
CAS-BOT46451CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Ella Dales37441940-06-02 SiskiyouW. of Indian Nells Ranger Station.
CAS-BOT46452CASArctostaphylos patulaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura117711948-06-12 SiskiyouAbout 6 mi. from Etna on forks of Salmon Rd.
CAS-BOT46453CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1919-10-18 SiskiyouBaird Fish Hatchery, McCloud River.
CAS-BOT46454CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1919-09-23 SiskiyouWeed.
CAS-BOT46455CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, H. P.4251931-06-19 SiskiyouN. side of Mt. Eddy. Above Metcalf ranch house, N. of Shasta City about 8 mi.
CAS-BOT46456CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, H. P.8301936-04-15 SiskiyouNE. slope of Mt. Eddy. 3 mi. above Metcalf ranch house, 6 mi. nw. of Mt. Shasta City.
CAS-BOT46457CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas150211939-08-03 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mts.
CAS-BOT46458CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas134721937-07-25 SiskiyouCaribou Basin, Salmon-Trinity Alps.
CAS-BOT46459CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.104711956-09-05 SiskiyouN. Fork of Sacramento River.
CAS-BOT46460CASArctostaphylos patulaHanna, G. D.; Hanna, M. M.10001956-06-06 SiskiyouGlass Mt.
CAS-BOT46461CASArctostaphylos patulaWheeler, Louis C.34131935-03-31 SiskiyouS. of Wintoon Butte., w. of Mt. Shasta.
CAS-BOT46462CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1936-05-21 SiskiyouN. slope of Scott Mt.
CAS-BOT46463CASArctostaphylos patulaCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1936-05-21 SiskiyouN. slope of Scott Mts.
CAS-BOT46464CASArctostaphylos patulaBreedlove, D. E.33641962-06-11 SiskiyouAlong State Hwy. 89, 8.0 mi. e. of McCloud; Cascade Range.
CAS-BOT46465CASArctostaphylos patulaMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Roderick, Marthas.n.1967-07-29 SiskiyouW. side of Gumboot Lake, Trinity Mts.
CAS-BOT46466CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, L. E.691913-04-10 SiskiyouNear Sisson.
CAS-BOT46467CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alices.n.1912-09-01 SiskiyouSisson.
CAS-BOT46468CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1918-09-20 SiskiyouHappy Camp, Klamath Canyon.
CAS-BOT46469CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice66831917-09-02 SiskiyouShasta Springs.
CAS-BOT46470CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice110221921-07-31 SiskiyouShasta Springs.
CAS-BOT46471CASArctostaphylos patulaHerrin, Wm. F.s.n.1918-05-15 SiskiyouShasta Springs.
CAS-BOT46472CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-08-18 SiskiyouJackson′s Lake, Salmon Mts.
CAS-BOT46473CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-22 SiskiyouToward foot of Craggy Mt.
CAS-BOT46474CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-22 SiskiyouTop of Craggy Mt.
CAS-BOT46475CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-09 SiskiyouNear Black Butte.
CAS-BOT46476CASArctostaphylos patulaLamoureux, Charles H.; Srivastava, Lalit; Gankin, Roman2601957-11-04 SiskiyouUS Highway 199, e. side of hwy, approximately 2 mi. n. of Weed.
CAS-BOT46477CASArctostaphylos patulas.n.1911-06-15 SiskiyouJackson Lake.
CAS-BOT46478CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, L. R.99171922-08-07 Siskiyou1 mi. s. of Weed.
CAS-BOT46479CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.65661928-08-19 SiskiyouHancock Lake, on trail to Marble Mt.
CAS-BOT46480CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.53401928-07-02 SiskiyouSalmon Summit, on the Horn Creek Trail.
CAS-BOT46481CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.55221928-07-04 SiskiyouSummit of divide between Salmon River & Scott Valley.
CAS-BOT46482CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-23 SiskiyouW. of town of Gazelle near Gazelle summit.
CAS-BOT46483CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-23 SiskiyouW. of town of Gazelle near Gazelle summit.
CAS-BOT46484CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-23 SiskiyouCook & Green Pass.
CAS-BOT46485CASArctostaphylos patulaChandler, Harley Pierce16001901-06-01 SiskiyouNear Marble Mt.
CAS-BOT46486CASArctostaphylos patulaConstance, Lincoln; Rollins, Reed29211942-05-14 SiskiyouRoad to Walker Post Office, 3 mi. w. of Yreka.
CAS-BOT46487CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.134591955-07-22 SiskiyouRidge w. of China Creek, s. side of s. fork of Salmon River.
CAS-BOT46488CASArctostaphylos patulaC., W. B.138031939-08-04 SiskiyouAlong the Sisson Southern Trail.
CAS-BOT46489CASArctostaphylos patulaBracelin, Mrs. H. P.4601931-06-21 SiskiyouN. side of Mt. Eddy above Dobkin′s Lake.
CAS-BOT46490CASArctostaphylos patulaRollins, Reed; Chambers, T. S.27221938-08-15 Siskiyou3 mi. s. of Weed.
CAS-BOT46491CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, C. B.23941931-09-02 Siskiyou3 mi. above junction with Pacific Highway on the McCloud Road.
CAS-BOT46492CASArctostaphylos patulaBenson, Lyman10681929-03-26 SiskiyouShoulder of Mt. Shasta.
CAS-BOT46493CASArctostaphylos patulaC., W. B.110161938-06-16 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail.
CAS-BOT46494CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas133701937-07-23 SiskiyouSouth Fork of the Salmon River near Big Flat.
CAS-BOT46495CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-22 SiskiyouAt Little Grayback between O′Brien and Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT46496CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-23 SiskiyouCedar Lake.
CAS-BOT46497CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-23 SiskiyouCedar Lake.
CAS-BOT46498CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alices.n.1912-07-19 SiskiyouMount Shasta.
CAS-BOT46499CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice119071923-05-23 SiskiyouNear Cantara.
CAS-BOT46500CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice66821917-09-02 SiskiyouShasta Springs.
CAS-BOT46501CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice67701918-04-06 SierraDownieville.
CAS-BOT46502CASArctostaphylos patulaJones, Vincents.n.1920-05-25 SierraCedar Glen.
CAS-BOT46503CASArctostaphylos patulaJackson, Belle R.s.n.1932-06-01 SierraYuba Pass.
CAS-BOT46504CASArctostaphylos patulaApplegate, Elmer I.33861921-09-07 SierraGold lake, northern Sierra Co.
CAS-BOT46505CASArctostaphylos patulaBarker, Albert H1201926-07-11 SierraGold Lake to Blairsdeu Grade.
CAS-BOT46506CASArctostaphylos patulaSuttiffe, Mrs. S. G.s.n.1919-08-01 SierraGold Lake.
CAS-BOT46507CASArctostaphylos patulaAhart, Lowells.n.1975-06-28 Sierra2 mi. e. of Gibsonville.
CAS-BOT46508CASArctostaphylos patulaBreedlove, D. E.33641962-06-11 SiskiyouAlong State Highway 89, 8.0 mi. e. of McCloud; Cascade Range.
CAS-BOT46509CASArctostaphylos patulaBreedlove, D. E.32901962-06-10 SiskiyouOn sw. slope of Little Greyback Mountain along Indian Creek Road from O′Brien to Happy Camp, 20.7 mi. nw. of Happy Camp. Siskiyou Mountains.
CAS-BOT46510CASArctostaphylos patulaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura118251948-06-12 Siskiyou1 mi. below summit of Gazelle Mt. grade (w. side), Gazelle-Callahan Rd.
CAS-BOT46511CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, Carl B.11071927-08-26 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River, 8 mi. above Happy Camp.
CAS-BOT46512CASArctostaphylos patulaHollister, N.911942-05-14 SiskiyouPrestons Peak.
CAS-BOT46513CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1929-09-15 SiskiyouSawyers Bar, Salmon River.
CAS-BOT46514CASArctostaphylos patulaHeller, A. A.135861921-07-23 SiskiyouVery common near the ice cave near the Pilgrim Creek forestry nursery.
CAS-BOT46515CASArctostaphylos patulaGrant, G. B.s.n.1902-09-11 SiskiyouSisson.
CAS-BOT46516CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.88371929-08-24 SiskiyouPreston Peak.
CAS-BOT46517CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.65851928-08-20 SiskiyouLily Pad Lake, near Hancock Lookout on trail to Marble Mt.
CAS-BOT46518CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.64291928-08-19 SiskiyouN. lake of Salmon River at Finley Camp.
CAS-BOT46519CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.86121929-07-20 SiskiyouSE. of Preston Peak.
CAS-BOT46520CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.87181929-07-20 SiskiyouRaspberry Lake, upper Indian Creek.
CAS-BOT46521CASArctostaphylos patulaRaiche, Roger; Zadnik, Kurt208201982-10-12 SiskiyouOn road to Mt. Eddy.
CAS-BOT46522CASArctostaphylos patulaRaiche, Roger; Zadnik, Kurt207791982-10-12 SiskiyouHumbug Rd. near Yreka.
CAS-BOT46523CASArctostaphylos patulaRoderick, Wayne; Sigg, Jacobs.n.1981-08-22 SiskiyouBetween Horsetail and Cook & Green Pass.
CAS-BOT46524CASArctostaphylos patulaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura117711948-06-12 SiskiyouAbout 6 mi. from Etna on forks of Salmon Road.
CAS-BOT46525CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.98611930-06-01 SiskiyouSalmon River 5 mi. n. of Forks of Salmon.
CAS-BOT46526CASArctostaphylos patulaWheeler, Louis C.11611932-08-20 San Bernardino1 mi. ESE Jenks lake, Santa Ana River drainage, san Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46527CASArctostaphylos patulaMcMinn, H. E.13471921-07-01 San BernardinoVicinity Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46528CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja48911983-09-15 ShastaBridge Campground in Lassen National Forest on Hat Creek.
CAS-BOT46529CASArctostaphylos patulaHalse, Richard R.35511988-02-21 ShastaAlong Interstate hwy. 5, near the Flume Creek Road Exit, 4.1 mi. s. of Castella.
CAS-BOT46530CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-18 ShastaToward Shasta P.O.
CAS-BOT46531CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.; Wiggins, Dorothy B.165421961-06-16 ShastaAlong Calif. Highway 44, 2 mi. w. of Lassen Nat′l Park.
CAS-BOT46532CASArctostaphylos patulaKidder, Mrs. Annas.n.1924-02-01 ShastaBurney.
CAS-BOT46533CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alices.n.1912-07-25 ShastaPitt to Baird.
CAS-BOT46535CASArctostaphylos patulaCampbell, Marion L.s.n.1921-07-26 ShastaGrelaud′s Place, Sacramento R.
CAS-BOT46536CASArctostaphylos patulaAnderson, Mrs. Erics.n.1923-04-19 ShastaShasta Springs.
CAS-BOT46537CASArctostaphylos patulaApplegate, Elmer I.57651929-06-20 ShastaMount Lassen trail above Drakesbad.
CAS-BOT46538CASArctostaphylos patulaRose, Lewis S.451901945-09-01 ShastaManzanita Lake.
CAS-BOT46539CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice8551912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley.
CAS-BOT46540CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1907-09-05 ShastaLittle Cow Creek. Near Round Mt.
CAS-BOT46541CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1925-10-05 ShastaWestern slope between Montgomery Creek and Burney.
CAS-BOT46542CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, L. S.s.n.1913-03-12 ShastaMc. Cloud River.
CAS-BOT46543CASArctostaphylos patulaDrew, E.R.s.n.1916-06-01 ShastaSquaw Creek Ranger Station.
CAS-BOT46544CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-01-01 ShastaMontgomery Creek.
CAS-BOT46545CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-01-01 ShastaMontgomery Creek.
CAS-BOT46546CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas363451960-08-22 ShastaManzanita Lake.
CAS-BOT46547CASArctostaphylos patulaGankin, Romans.n.1988-10-19 SierraNear Sardine Lake.
CAS-BOT46549CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.14251964-05-20 SierraChalk Bluff Rd. on C Bridge about 2 mi. s. of Nevada City - Yuba Gap Hiway.
CAS-BOT46550CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.14121964-05-20 SierraChalk Bluff Rd. on Chalk Bluff Ridge about 2 mi. s. of Nevada City - Yuba Gap Hiway.
CAS-BOT46551CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, Carl B.39881932-08-05 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts. Along trail from Tahquitz Valley to San Jacinto Peak.
CAS-BOT46552CASArctostaphylos patulaHall, H. M.24191901-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts. Tauquitz Valley.
CAS-BOT46553CASArctostaphylos patulaMunz, P. A.64151922-08-07 RiversideN. fork of Tahquitz Creek.
CAS-BOT46554CASArctostaphylos patulaGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1908-07-01 RiversideTahquitz Valley.
CAS-BOT46555CASArctostaphylos patulaJohnston, I. M.15761917-07-29 San BernardinoSan Antonio Creek, Middle fork by the creek.
CAS-BOT46556CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, LeRoy27031902-07-12 San BernardinoMt. San Antonio.
CAS-BOT46557CASArctostaphylos patulaBalls, E. K.193741954-05-19 San BernardinoFish Creek, se. from Santa Ana River, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46558CASArctostaphylos patulaSigg, Jacob; McClintock, Elizabeth; Knight, Walter; Knight, Irja41771981-02-25 San BernardinoOriginally from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, their #8796, with no other data.
CAS-BOT465583CASArctostaphylos patulaNelson, Julie Kierstead; Lindstrand III, Len2015-0242015-04-22 ShastaSummit of Minnesota Mountain, eastern Klamath Range, E of I-5; north side of Shasta Lake between McCloud and Squaw Creek arms
CAS-BOT46559CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas236471947-07-25 San BernardinoWhitewater region, Mt. San Gorgonio. San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46561CASArctostaphylos patulaParish, S. B.192911919-05-17 San BernardinoSanta Ana Canyon. San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46562CASArctostaphylos patulaParish, S. B.192881918-05-17 San BernardinoDivide between Bear Valley & Santa Ana Canyon. San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46563CASArctostaphylos patulaBailey, Vernon12641907-09-03 San BernardinoE. base San Antonio Peak. San Gabriel Mtns.
CAS-BOT46564CASArctostaphylos patulaRoss, Timothy S.; Fritsch, Peter W.34291990-06-15 San BernardinoDevil′s Backbone Trail: between Wright Mtn. and Pine Mtn; Mount San Antonio 7.5 USGS topo sheet.
CAS-BOT46565CASArctostaphylos patulaPrather, L. Alan; Hempel, Alice13851993-05-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, along highway 138 at Onyz Summit, e. side of the road near the trails. Ca 8.0 km se. of the town of Sugarloaf.
CAS-BOT46566CASArctostaphylos patulaJohnston, I. M.15801917-07-30 San BernardinoCucamanga Pk.
CAS-BOT46567CASArctostaphylos patulaJohnston, I. M.15401917-07-31 San BernardinoTelegraph Pk. San Antonio Mountains.
CAS-BOT46568CASArctostaphylos patulaMunz, P. A.56751922-06-11 San BernardinoBear Valley.
CAS-BOT46569CASArctostaphylos patulaMunz, P. A.171371942-06-18 San BernardinoFish Creek, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT46570CASArctostaphylos patulaParish, S. B.s.n.1886-06-01 San BernardinoBear Valley.
CAS-BOT46571CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.8041908-07-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts. Between Hathaway Flat and Dollar Lake.
CAS-BOT46572CASArctostaphylos patulaWieslander, A. E.8191938-10-22 San BernardinoHead of San Antonio Canyon. Quadrangle: San Anontio.
CAS-BOT46573CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, LeRoy20191901-07-28 San BernardinoStrawberry Peak.
CAS-BOT46574CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, LeRoy20191901-07-28 San BernardinoStrawberry Peak.
CAS-BOT46575CASArctostaphylos patulaBalls, E. K.202011954-09-27 San BernardinoSan bernardino Mts. on road from Moonridge to Sugarloaf Mt.
CAS-BOT46577CASArctostaphylos patulaReveal, James L.; Selin, Arthur; Ready, Kenneth3331962-06-12 MonoMammoth Memorial.
CAS-BOT46578CASArctostaphylos patulaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-07-20 MonoNear Bottomless Pit.
CAS-BOT46579CASArctostaphylos patulaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-07-17 MonoMammoth Mt. Trail above Twin Lakes.
CAS-BOT46580CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42441981-07-17 MonoOn road between hwy. 395 and Virginia Lakes.
CAS-BOT46581CASArctostaphylos patulaHuber, Jeannette L.11171970-01-09 MonoVicinity of Mammoth Lakes Village, Sierra Nevada Mountains.
CAS-BOT46582CASArctostaphylos patulaKirby, Frank J.6841955-05-01 MonoMammoth Lake Area.
CAS-BOT46583CASArctostaphylos patulaRose, Lewis S.354191935-07-20 MonoTwin Lakes.
CAS-BOT46584CASArctostaphylos patulaHeller, A. A.70361903-07-28 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake.
CAS-BOT46585CASArctostaphylos patulaHeller, A. A.70361903-07-28 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake.
CAS-BOT46586CASArctostaphylos patulaHeller, A. A.70361903-07-28 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake.
CAS-BOT46587CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.80411954-08-29 NevadaW. of Greenhorn Creek.
CAS-BOT46589CASArctostaphylos patulaRaven, Peter H.99711956-08-04 NevadaFall Creek.
CAS-BOT46590CASArctostaphylos patulajorgensen, Betty J.4521944-06-06 NevadaOn bank above highway near A.S.U.C. lodge. Near Norden.
CAS-BOT46591CASArctostaphylos patulaSonne, C. F.s.n.1884-05-10 NevadaTruckee.
CAS-BOT46592CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-07 NevadaHill s. of Donner Lake.
CAS-BOT46593CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-01 NevadaShores of Donner Lake.
CAS-BOT46594CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.78621975-05-15 NevadaOn highway 20 at Omega Rd. ca. 17 miles e. of Nevada City.
CAS-BOT46595CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.25821965-08-24 NevadaWashington Jct. on highway 20, 12 mi. e. of Nevada City.
CAS-BOT46596CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas54631970-07-13 NevadaEagle Lakes Rd. at Fordyce Creek Trail ca. 2 miles n. of Indian Springs Campground.
CAS-BOT46597CASArctostaphylos patulaTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas25831965-08-25 NevadaJct. of Excelsior Rd. and Highway 20, 2 mi. w. of Bear Valley.
CAS-BOT46599CASArctostaphylos patulaMcPherson, Emily75-2-11975-05-12 NevadaCanyon 22 just w. of Sierra County Line, 500′ above highway 80.
CAS-BOT46600CASArctostaphylos patulaBalls, E. K.134831949-05-04 Riverside2 mi. w. of Fuller Creek Camp Ground, San Jacinto Mts.
CAS-BOT46601CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja52191984-09-11 Mariposa0.8 mi. s. of Fish Camp on highway 41.
CAS-BOT46602CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51571984-09-11 Mariposa1.8 miles from Wawona on Chwochilla Mt. road.
CAS-BOT46603CASArctostaphylos patulaMichaels, Enids.n.1921-03-01 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT46604CASArctostaphylos patulaLawaeta, Bent191959-05-16 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT46605CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-06-11 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT46606CASArctostaphylos patulaReeves, Marcel961954-05-15 MariposaYosemite National Park.
CAS-BOT46607CASArctostaphylos patulaPawek, Jean L.441956-05-19 MariposaHighway between Yosemite Valley and Crane Flat - Oak Flat Road, just s. of Crane Flat R.S.
CAS-BOT46608CASArctostaphylos patulaAbrams, Le Roy44961911-06-23 MariposaYosemite Valley.
CAS-BOT46609CASArctostaphylos patulaParish43191901-07-04 MariposaYosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada Mts.
CAS-BOT46610CASArctostaphylos patulaZeile, E. M.s.n.1921-05-31 MariposaYosemite (top of G. Falls).
CAS-BOT46611CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.9540A1940-11-02 MariposaHillside 1-4 mi. above Chinquapin Ranger Station, Yosemite National Park.
CAS-BOT46612CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas66871931-06-08 MariposaSummit of Chowchilla Mt.
CAS-BOT46613CASArctostaphylos patulaBacigalupi, R.15511927-05-29 MendocinoSummit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46614CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice153411928-06-08 MendocinoForest Reserve.
CAS-BOT46615CASArctostaphylos patulaClausen, J.2160b1949-06-23 Mendocino40 mi. s. of Garberville (14 mi. n. of Laytonville). Along roadside.
CAS-BOT46616CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice152351928-06-06 MendocinoForest Reserve.
CAS-BOT46617CASArctostaphylos patulaRaiche, Roger506811985-07-28 MendocinoIron Peak Lookout n. of Laytonville on Spy Rock Rd.
CAS-BOT46618CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42901981-07-06 MendocinoOn road between Towhead Flat and summit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46619CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42921981-07-06 MendocinoOn road between Towhead Flat and summit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46620CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42891981-07-06 MendocinoOn road above Towhead Flat. enroute to summit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46621CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42881981-07-07 Mendocino7.6 mi. up road from Towhead Flat to summit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46622CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, Gladys L.80851983-07-13 Mendocino1 mi. s. of Monkey Rock, USFS 1NO2.
CAS-BOT46623CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, Gladys L.67641981-06-23 MendocinoAlong trail to Impassable Rock nw. of L.O. Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46624CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, Gladys L.67731981-06-23 MendocinoJeep road to trail head to Impassable Rock, nw. of L.O., Mt. Sanhedrin.
CAS-BOT46625CASArctostaphylos patulaWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.25411981-06-23 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, Mt. Sanhedrin. At the top of the pass below Impassable Rock.
CAS-BOT46626CASArctostaphylos patulaGillespie, Doris Kildale105941931-06-07 HumboldtSouth Fork Mt. Blake Lookout.
CAS-BOT46627CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.105331930-08-10 HumboldtSnow Camp. Head of Redood Creek.
CAS-BOT46628CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.103561930-08-03 HumboldtChaparral Mt. at Bug Creek.
CAS-BOT46629CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, L. B.104861930-08-03 HumboldtChaparral Mt. at Bug Creek.
CAS-BOT46630CASArctostaphylos patulaTracy, Joseph P.164191939-08-16 HumboldtGrouse Mountain.
CAS-BOT46631CASArctostaphylos patulaTracy, Joseph P.140631935-07-14 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
CAS-BOT46632CASArctostaphylos patulaTracy, Joseph P.81361927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
CAS-BOT46633CASArctostaphylos patulaTracy, Joseph P.81351927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
CAS-BOT46634CASArctostaphylos patulaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1946-08-28 HumboldtOrleans Mt., near summit.
CAS-BOT46635CASArctostaphylos patulaPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-09-08 HumboldtOrleans Mt.
CAS-BOT46636CASArctostaphylos patulaThomas, J. H.9201949-06-13 HumboldtAlong trail between Le Perron Flat and Whiteys Peak. Six Rivers National Forest. (E. of town of Orleans).
CAS-BOT46637CASArctostaphylos patulaThomas, J. H.9201949-06-13 HumboldtAlong trail between Le Perron Flat and Whiteys Peak. Six Rivers National Forest. (E. of town of Orleans).
CAS-BOT46638CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1919-08-10 HumboldtWetchpek, Klamath Canyon.
CAS-BOT46639CASArctostaphylos patulaHesse, V. F.29601961-04-13 MariposaFish Camp; 14 mi. n. of Oakhurst.
CAS-BOT46640CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice7171907-09-01 MariposaYosemite national Park. Gentrys Mill.
CAS-BOT46641CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas3241924-05-16 MariposaWawona Valley near Wawona.
CAS-BOT46642CASArctostaphylos patulaQuick, Clarence Roy52-441952-06-18 MariposaAlong old road to look-out, Chwochilla Mt.
CAS-BOT46643CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas81431931-10-11 MariposaWawona Valley.
CAS-BOT46644CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas4381924-06-22 MariposaMariposa Grove.
CAS-BOT46645CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas5691924-07-28 MariposaNear top of Chilnualna Falls, Yosemite Park.
CAS-BOT46646CASArctostaphylos patulaRose, Lewis S.470681947-03-26 MariposaYosemite National Park.
CAS-BOT46647CASArctostaphylos patulaQuick, C. R.49-051949-07-09 MariposaAlong USFS dirt road just SE of Signal Peak Lookout, Sierra National Forest.
CAS-BOT46648CASArctostaphylos patulaQuick, Clarence Roy62-141962-06-06 MariposaAbout 1.5 mi. nw. of Summit Camp at Roundhouse Turn, Chowchilla Mountain, e. of Mariposa on old RR grade road to Signal Peak Lookout.
CAS-BOT46649CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1920-07-04 MariposaYosemite valley.
CAS-BOT46650CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. Harts.n.1910-10-14 MariposaYosemite valley.
CAS-BOT46651CASArctostaphylos patulaGankin, Roman4201965-03-24 El DoradoMosquito Road, 13.7 mi. ne. of junction with Washington Street in Placerville.
CAS-BOT46652CASArctostaphylos patulaMuller, K. K.10871960-07-18 El DoradoAt edge of Jeffrey Pine Forest. 5 mi. s. of Meyer on road to Luther Pass.
CAS-BOT46653CASArctostaphylos patulaRock, J. F.s.n.1917-06-01 El DoradoLake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46654CASArctostaphylos patulaGriffin, Evas.n.1935-05-01 El DoradoLake Tahoe region.
CAS-BOT46655CASArctostaphylos patulaRodda, Mrs. A. F.s.n.1925-06-01 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake.
CAS-BOT46656CASArctostaphylos patulaHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1909-06-01 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region.
CAS-BOT46657CASArctostaphylos patulaDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-09 El DoradoMt. Tallac Trail.
CAS-BOT46658CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, Carl B.17141930-10-09 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake.
CAS-BOT46659CASArctostaphylos patulaWolf, Carl B.17141930-10-09 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake.
CAS-BOT46660CASArctostaphylos patulaKeck, David D.15521932-06-30 El DoradoBetween Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46661CASArctostaphylos patulaKeck, David D.55271946-04-25 El DoradoBetween Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46662CASArctostaphylos patulaMcMinn, H. E.17471926-05-30 El DoradoEmerald Bay - Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46663CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira L.50791930-10-12 El DoradoNear Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46664CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas11121925-05-29 El DoradoEmerald Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46665CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.465411970-05-27 El DoradoN. Leonardi Spring.
CAS-BOT46666CASArctostaphylos patulaPawek, Jean L.901956-05-26 El DoradoHighway 89, on ridge above Emerald Bay.
CAS-BOT46667CASArctostaphylos patulaPrice, Francess.n.1919-06-01 El DoradoFallen Lean Lake.
CAS-BOT46668CASArctostaphylos patulaMcGregor, E. A.311909-08-19 El DoradoGlen Alpine.
CAS-BOT46669CASArctostaphylos patulaLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1949-06-17 El DoradoGranite Lake Trail, Emerald Bay.
CAS-BOT46670CASArctostaphylos patulaBaker, Milo S.102111942-07-03 GlennNear Alder Springs.
CAS-BOT46671CASArctostaphylos patulaMerriam, C. H.s.n.1916-09-07 GlennNear Black Butte.
CAS-BOT46672CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas189491943-08-03 GlennPlaskett Meadows.
CAS-BOT46673CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas99091941-07-10 GlennNear Copper City.
CAS-BOT46674CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas99211941-07-10 GlennNear Alder Springs.
CAS-BOT46675CASArctostaphylos patulaGillespie, Doris Kildale106171931-06-07 HumboldtSouth Fork Mt. Blake Lookout.
CAS-BOT46676CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas524251977-08-01 CalaverasDorrington.
CAS-BOT46677CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas524261977-08-01 CalaverasDorrington.
CAS-BOT46678CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas524271977-08-01 CalaverasDorrington.
CAS-BOT46680CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta530171978-06-26 CalaverasNear Dorrington.
CAS-BOT46681CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.57971928-07-24 Del NorteHazel View Summit on Crescent City - Grant′s Pass Road.
CAS-BOT46682CASArctostaphylos patulaParks, Harold Ernest114161937-07-21 Del NorteHead of Shelley Creek, 1 mi. n. of Monumental.
CAS-BOT46683CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice21341912-09-11 Del NorteTrail to Black Butte.
CAS-BOT46684CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice1841907-04-30 Del NorteTelephone Hill.
CAS-BOT46685CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice120221923-08-05 Del NorteOregon Boundary.
CAS-BOT46686CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice120471923-08-05 Del NorteOregon Boundary.
CAS-BOT46688CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas13521934-04-11 Del NorteSummit of road between Crescent City & Grants Pass.
CAS-BOT46689CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas10951925-05-27 El DoradoEmerald Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46690CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas11121925-05-29 El DoradoEmerald Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe.
CAS-BOT46691CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alices.n.1906-07-21 El DoradoGlen Alpine Region.
CAS-BOT46692CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51081984-09-08 El DoradoBig Hill near lookout.
CAS-BOT46693CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51061984-09-08 El DoradoBig Hill near lookout.
CAS-BOT46694CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja51071984-09-08 El DoradoBig Hill lookout. Downhill about 50′ from road between heliport & lookout.
CAS-BOT46695CASArctostaphylos patulaLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1938-06-11 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake.
CAS-BOT46697CASArctostaphylos patulaRobbins, G. Thomas11371943-06-07 El DoradoAbove Silver Fork American River near Sacramento Box Sawmill (″China Flat″), ca. 4 mi. s. of Kyburz.
CAS-BOT46698CASArctostaphylos patulaMcClintock, Elizabeths.n.1969-06-01 El DoradoLeonardi Springs & immediate vicinity, betw. Blodgett Forest and canyon of the Rubicon River.
CAS-BOT46699CASArctostaphylos patulaKelly, Juneas.n.1921-07-01 El DoradoNear Placerville.
CAS-BOT46700CASArctostaphylos patulaBaker, Milo S.53421931-05-31 El DoradoHighway 40 above Colfax.
CAS-BOT46704CASArctostaphylos patulaBeeson, Russell W.520711925-05-21 InyoHead of Wyman Creek. Stanislaus Forest.
CAS-BOT46705CASArctostaphylos patulaVansell, G. H.s.n.1933-04-28 InyoInyo Co.
CAS-BOT46706CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell13781889-04-13 SiskiyouNear the Klamath River.
CAS-BOT46707CASArctostaphylos patulaThorne, Robert F.; Everett, P.337821964-04-17 Alpine0.6 mi. N of junction of Hwys 4 & 89, ca 4.5 miles se. of Markleeville.
CAS-BOT46708CASArctostaphylos patulaThorne, Robert F.; Everett, P.337821964-04-17 Alpine0.6 mi. N of junction of Hwys 4 & 89, ca 4.5 miles se. of Markleeville.
CAS-BOT46709CASArctostaphylos patulaHansen, Geo.11181895-05-01 AmadorAmador Co.
CAS-BOT46710CASArctostaphylos patulaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja41101981-05-25 ModocOn White House Road enroute to Egg Lake from Lookout.
CAS-BOT46711CASArctostaphylos patulaBoyd, Steve; Fraga, Naomi109082004-04-27 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Anza Beach region: Warner Springs area, flats east of gliderport, near the Pacific Crest Trail, south of Highway 79.
CAS-BOT46712CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice67971918-04-07 YubaCamptonville.
CAS-BOT46713CASArctostaphylos patulaCopeland, H. F.A71932-06-29 ButteThe Summit, Jonesville.
CAS-BOT46714CASArctostaphylos patulaCopeland, H. F.2231928-05-06 ButteJonesville.
CAS-BOT46717CASArctostaphylos patulaKawahara, Saichi3981968-05-05 ButteBull Road, 3 mi. s. of Humboldt Rd.
CAS-BOT46718CASArctostaphylos patulaBassett, F. N.s.n.1923-06-16 ButteJonesville.
CAS-BOT46719CASArctostaphylos patulaHowell, John Thomas528481978-04-18 ButteMagalia.
CAS-BOT46720CASArctostaphylos patulaTaylor, M. S.711974-03-03 ButteCa. 5 mi. e. of Chico on the n. side of the Skyway to Paradise.
CAS-BOT46721CASArctostaphylos patulaTaylor, M. S.10741976-08-24 ButteScattered on Big Bald Rock, ca. 1-4 mi. w. of Bald Rock rd., ca. 3 mi. e. of Lake madrone, ca. 13 mi. ne. of Oroville.
CAS-BOT46722CASArctostaphylos patulaTaylor, M. S.34411981-03-24 ButteS. side of Hwy 70 just e. of Heinz Creek, ca. 1 mi. e. of Pulga.
CAS-BOT46723CASArctostaphylos patulaSeale, Mr. A.; Seale, Mrs. A.s.n.1934-03-17 CalaverasBetween Calaveras Big Trees and Covington.
CAS-BOT46724CASArctostaphylos patulaCopeland, Herbert F.s.n.1934-03-11 CalaverasBetween Murphy′s and Calaveras Big Trees.
CAS-BOT475161CASArctostaphylos patulaGardner, Erika M.; Fraga, Naomi S.2042013-05-18 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Scodie Mountains, Sequoia National Forest. About 1.75 (air)miles NW (NWW) of Pinyon Peak
CAS-BOT482425CASArctostaphylos patulaSchweich, Tom10432013-10-03 MonoMono Lake Basin: Horseshoe Canyon, on a low bench of Reversed Peak, above the canyon and the Forest Svc. Silver Lake Tract
CAS-BOT556942CASArctostaphylos patulaGriffith, Gerald3171937-06-18 KernKern Co. Park, Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
CAS-BOT556950CASArctostaphylos patulaGriffith, Gerald4161937-07-02 KernKern Co. Park., Greenhorn Mt. Range, Shirley Creek watershed
CAS-BOT556969CASArctostaphylos patulaGriffith, Gerald5501937-09-25 KernSunday Peak, Greenhorn Mt. Range
CAS-BOT64980CASArctostaphylos patulaWhite, Scott D.; Caringella, Marissa132992009-07-17 San BernardinoSanta Ana River, an unnamed canyon and ridgeline immediately E of Wildhorse Canyon, N of Hwy 38. San Bernardino Mtns.
CAS-BOT95650CASArctostaphylos patulaSmith, Leland S.15031925-07-01 ModocHappy Camp Mt.
CAS-BOT95651CASArctostaphylos patulaBartholomew, Bruce; Bourell, Mona52041990-04-28 Modoc8 km from Rush Creek on road up Hunters Ridge.
CAS-BOT95652CASArctostaphylos patulaWheeler, Louis Cutter39871935-09-16 ModocEverly Reservoir, Devil′s Garden.
CAS-BOT95653CASArctostaphylos patulaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett40931988-05-12 Modoc4 km NW of White Horse.
CAS-BOT95654CASArctostaphylos patulaBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett46131989-04-27 Modoc2.1 km SSE of Day on road to State Highway 299.
CAS-BOT95655CASArctostaphylos patulaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas82331940-06-14 ModocNear Hackamore.
CAS-BOT95656CASArctostaphylos patulaWheeler, Louis Cutter39871935-09-16 ModocEverly Reservoir, Devil′s Garden.
CAS-BOT95657CASArctostaphylos patulaKildale, Doris K.27741926-09-11 ModocBetween Alturas and the Oregon line.
CAS-BOT95658CASArctostaphylos patulaWiggins, Ira Loren; Wiggins, Dorothy B.164941961-06-15 ModocSE flank of Glass Mt., near Modoc-Siskiyou Co. line.
CAS-BOT95659CASArctostaphylos patulaHanna, G. D.; Hanna, M. M.01956-06-06 ModocGlass Mountain
CAS-BOT95660CASArctostaphylos patulaBartholomew, Bruce50211989-07-15 ModocManzanita Lookout, top of Manzanita Mountain.
CAS-BOT95661CASArctostaphylos patulaBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)711894-05-01 ModocWillow Ranch.
CDA0009330CDAArctostaphylos patulaD.G. Kelch6.2922006-06-21 PlumasPlumas Eureka State Park. S Johnsville.
CDA0012153CDAArctostaphylos patulaG.F. Hrusa59031989-04-01 ShastaHwy 36 very near Tehama-Shasta County line. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0012911CDAArctostaphylos patulaG.F. Hrusa128541996-05-02 ShastaManzanita Chute-Approx. 1-3 m. E of Hwy 44 on USFS Rd. 3 NS17, and about 100 meters N of road. Lassen National Forest.
CDA0012939CDAArctostaphylos patulaG.F. Hrusa128811996-05-02 ShastaApprox. 1-2 mile S of Old Station Trailer Park on Hwy 44-89. Lassen National Forest.
CDA0015497CDAArctostaphylos patulaG.F. Hrusa146341998-06-19 ColusaGoat Mtn. around summit region. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0034473CDAArctostaphylos patulaD.G. Kelch11.5092011-05-17 Nevada˜ 6 N of Floristan. N of Hwy I-80.
CDA0035505CDAArctostaphylos patulaJ.R. Keck, Jr.PDR# 2377721978-03-01 ShastaBear Creek Falls; south of Whitmore.
CDA0038688CDAArctostaphylos patulaG.D. Barbe27471980-05-20 TrinityScott Mountain Summit campground, Scott Mountains, Trinity National Forest; summit of Highway 3 between Callahan (Siskiyou County) and Trinity Center.
CDA0038689CDAArctostaphylos patulaT.C. Fuller87331962-05-17 SiskiyouEast of Hwy. 99, 3 miles south of Mt. Shasta City.
CDA0038690CDAArctostaphylos patulaT.C. Fuller89911962-06-13 SiskiyouRoad to Medicine Lake, 3.2 miles north of Bartle.
CDA0038691CDAArctostaphylos patulaT.C. Fuller89911962-06-13 SiskiyouRoad to Medicine Lake, 3.2 miles north of Bartle.
CDA0050383CDAArctostaphylos patulaBruce L. Claytons.n.1970-01-01 Fresno.
CDA0052428CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic812016-07-06 PlacerPlacer County, California. Tahoe National Forest; Blue Canon Rd. north of Hwy 80 39 ° 1 N, 120 ° 42 W, Elev 5260 ft. Montane chaparral and black oak woodland with white fir influence.
CDA0052429CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1052017-02-24 PlacerPlacer County, California. Tahoe National Forest, Blue Canon Rd. 39 ° 17 N, 120 ° 42 W, Elev 5300 ft. Material collected for DNA extraction and use in study of Arctostaphylos mewukka; OTU 1.pp.ii.
CDA0052435CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1242017-03-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County, California. Peavine Ridge Rd. N side of Rd. Eldorado National Forest 38 ° 48 N, 120 ° 26 W, Elev 5120 ft. Material collected for DNA extraction and use in study of Arctostaphylos mewukka; OTU 3.pp.i.
CDA0052438CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1272017-03-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County, California. Peavine Ridge Rd. Eldorado National Forest 38 ° 48 N, 120 ° 27 W, Elev 4970 ft.
CDA0052445CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1422017-04-30 TulareTulare County, California. along Mineral King Rd. 36 ° 27 N, 118 ° 41 W, Elev 6160 ft. Material collected for DNA extraction and use in study of Arctostaphylos mewukka; OTU 5.pp.i.
CDA0052446CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1432017-04-30 TulareTulare County, California. along Mineral King Rd. 36 ° 27 N, 118 ° 41 W, Elev 6070 ft. Material collected for DNA extraction and use in study of Arctostaphylos mewukka; 5.pp.ii.
CDA0052467CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1642017-05-05 TuolumneTuolumne County, California. Sierra Villiage; Bottini Apple Ranch Rd. Stanislaus National Forest 38 ° 04 N, 120 ° 09 W, Elev 4900 ft. Material collected for DNA extraction and use in study of Arctostaphylos mewukka; OTU 4.pp.i. Arctostaphylos viscida subsp. mariposa, Calocedrus, Chamaebatia.
CDA0052469CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1672017-05-05 TuolumneTuolumne County, California. along westbound Hwy 108, Stanislaus National Forest 38 ° 08 N, 120 ° 05 W, Elev 5420 ft.
CDA0053983CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1042017-02-24 PlacerBlue Canon Rd.
CDA0053984CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1062017-02-24 PlacerDrum Forebay Rd.
CDA0053985CDAArctostaphylos patulaSteven Serkanic1072017-02-24 PlacerDrum Forebay Rd.
CHSC102773CHSCArctostaphylos patulaDavid Isle17111993-06-24 LakeMendocino National Forest. North Coast Ranges. Upper Main Eel River Watershed.0.5+ mile NE of Lake Pillsbury; N of Squaw Valley Creek; adjacent 1 N46, MDBM. T18N R1 W S01 S1-2 of NE1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC105949CHSCArctostaphylos patulaLowell Ahart168782010-07-17 TehamaAbout 50 yards east of the gate, about 90 yards east of the barn, Soap Creek Ranch, about 4.8 miles (air) southeast of Manton, about 2 miles (air) north of Highway 36. T2 N R01E S12 NE1-4
CHSC10916CHSCArctostaphylos patulaWendy Lowgren701972-07-10 LassenOn road to Dean′s Meadow ca. 1-2 mile from it.
CHSC10992CHSCArctostaphylos patulaNick Santamaria1701971-07-16 LassenAlong the road to Antelope Lookout on the east side of Antelope mountain.
CHSC117794CHSCArctostaphylos patulaB. Castro21562016-08-01 TrinityKlamath Ranges. Tamarack Lake, Trinity Mountains. T3 N R0 W S32 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chicken Hawk Hill 1:24,000
CHSC120729CHSCArctostaphylos patulaJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-0022018-04-09 ShastaChalk Mountain, north side of Pit River, 7 miles west of Lake Britton; Road 3 N04, off County Road 37; Nelson Creek. UTM NAD 83 Zone 10, 4543571N, 0600053E.
CHSC21281CHSCArctostaphylos patulaM. S. Taylor711974-03-03 Butte13 mi E of Chico, on N side of the Skyway.
CHSC22676CHSCArctostaphylos patulaRobert A. Schlising20341962-01-31 ColusaCoast Ranges. On Goat Mountain. T1 N R0 W S
CHSC34804CHSCArctostaphylos patulaM. S. Taylor26021980-05-08 ButteCa. 3 N of Forest Ranch, ca. 1 mi E of Hwy 32. T24N R06E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Paradise
CHSC39164CHSCArctostaphylos patulaCynthia L. Craig381984-05-25 Lassen150 yds. NE of Antelope Lookout.
CHSC42154CHSCArctostaphylos patulaC. E. Laver1986-03-31 ShastaCa. 1 mi E of Little Hatchet Creek and 4 W of Hatchet Mountain.
CHSC54714CHSCArctostaphylos patulaShelly Kirn301991-06-05 LassenEast slope of Gallatin Peak on open granitic soil.
CHSC54795CHSCArctostaphylos patulaJason Wakeman421991-06-05 LassenEast slope of Gallatin Mountain.
CHSC55688CHSCArctostaphylos patulaBen Cunningham1991-04-20 PlumasCa. 20 W of Highway 70 at Twain, 18 mi S of Greenville.
CHSC586CHSCArctostaphylos patulaL. Stone1930-03-16 ButteNear West Branch on Humboldt road.
CHSC67936CHSCArctostaphylos patulaJames D. Jokerst23191985-05-13 MaderaSmall hydro survey: Lewis Fork 7.0 N of Oakhurst, E side of highway. T06N R22E S1 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Bass Lake NW 1:24000
CHSC7348CHSCArctostaphylos patulaBruce K. Briggs1871969-09-08 LassenRd. to 5 corners, approx. 1 1-2 mile from ELBS (Eagle Lake Biological Station).
CHSC7396CHSCArctostaphylos patulaCarol Weld161969-06-20 LassenForest Service number 576.2.
CHSC7967CHSCArctostaphylos patulaLynn R. Thomas1701969-07-10 LassenOn a brushy hillslope, basalt area, near Antelope Mountain.
CHSC7968CHSCArctostaphylos patulaLynn R. Thomas1701969-07-10 LassenBrushy hillslope, basalt area, near top of Antelope Mt.
CHSC90057CHSCArctostaphylos patulaD. G. Miller III1998-06-01 El DoradoBlodgett Forest.
CHSC90120CHSCArctostaphylos patulaL. P. Janeway80482004-05-02 KernSouthern High Sierra Nevada. East slope of Piute Mountains; 150 m north of Piute Mountain Road, 2.3 road km east of Forest Service boundary. T28S R35E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pinyon Mt. 1:24,000
CHSC90867CHSCArctostaphylos patulaD. Isle2692004-04-08 LakeMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Upper Main Eel River Watershed. E of Lake Pillsbury & Sunset Campground, just S of knoll at conifer-chaparral interface just N of 4x4 Rd. 1 N46. T18N R1 W S01 SW1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC9293CHSCArctostaphylos patulaG. Strausbaugh141970-03-22 ShastaCa. 25 yds. W of Whiskeytown Hwy. where Whiskey Creek inlets to lake and ca. 10 ft. above water on W bank of Whiskey Creek.
CHSC93110CHSCArctostaphylos patulaD. Isle14211993-08-04 MendocinoMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Upper Main Eel River Watershed. Graves Cabin. T2 N R0 W S20 NW1-4
CLARK-A1528-2677CLARKArctostaphylos patulaJohn C. Roos1968-09-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
DAV239014DAVArctostaphylos patulaJulie Kierstead Nelson2015-0242015-04-22 ShastaSummit of Minnesota Mountain, eastern Klamath Range, east of I-5; north side of Shasta Lake between McCloud and Squaw Creek arms.
DAV239296DAVArctostaphylos patulaJulie Kierstead Nelson2015-0242015-04-22 ShastaSummit of Minnesota Mountain, eastern Klamath Range, east of I-5; north side of Shasta Lake between McCloud and Squaw Creek arms.
DAV311057DAVArctostaphylos patulaH. F. CopelandA71932-06-29 ButteThe Summit, Jonesville.
DAV322261DAVArctostaphylos patulaJames I. Mallory3431968-11-21 Calaveras3 1-2 miles northeast of Blue Mountain; Stanislaus National Forest.
DAV322262DAVArctostaphylos patulaJoseph P. Tracy164191939-08-16 HumboldtGrouse Mountain.
DAV322263DAVArctostaphylos patulaJ.A. Rutter2751935-07-07 TuolumneOne half mile east of Eleanor Dam; Yosemite National Park.
DAV322264DAVArctostaphylos patulaJ. P. Smith83421975-06-23 Trinity9.5 miles south of State Route 299 at Buckhorn Summit on road to Bully Choop; north slopes of Paradise Peak.
DAV322265DAVArctostaphylos patulaVan M. Mar151989-07-13 El DoradoEl Dorado County: northernmost part of Saddle Rd.
DAV322266DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean19062003-08-29 NevadaTahoe National Forest, north of Hwy 80. Along Bowman Lake Road, about 7 road miles north of intersection with Hwy 20, at Fall Creek.
DAV322267DAVArctostaphylos patulaLorraine Prunier251982-05-22 SierraCalifornia, Sierra Co.; 9.8 W of Sierra City on Hwy 49;
DAV322268DAVArctostaphylos patulaHarriet P. Kelleys.n.1914-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir.
DAV322269DAVArctostaphylos patulaMorris Halperin7271932-08-19 MariposaMariposa Grove; Yosemite National Park.
DAV322270DAVArctostaphylos patulaCharlotte Glenn115 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake. [Coordinates and elevation estimated by label maker]
DAV322271DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean67222010-07-18 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of Markleeville. North side of Hot Springs Creek near road bridge in central part of campground. Just S of main campground and E of bridge.
DAV322272DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean66332010-07-17 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. W side of park, NW of hot springs, S of Hot Springs Creek.
DAV322273DAVArctostaphylos patulaK. M. Meyer2432007-09-22 MaderaMadera County: Sierra National Forest, 1.5 mi. on Forest Service Rd. 6S10X.
DAV322274DAVArctostaphylos patulaJohn M. Tucker17301948-07-24 PlumasCa. 1-2 mile northeast of Camel Peak.
DAV322275DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt5341970-08-20 MendocinoFrench Ridge. Ridge northeast of Clear Lake, and east of Elk Mountain Road. North of Redwood Valley community, which is 10 mi. north of Ukiah.
DAV322276DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt8681971-07-10 NevadaSouth of Hwy 80, near Cisco. Along trial from Hwy 80 south to Loch Levin.
DAV322277DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt8381971-07-03 SierraHillside above Hwy 49, just to the north of Yuba River. Near Oregon Creek, Alleghany Road, and Sierra County line.
DAV322278DAVArctostaphylos patulaF. W. Peirson1431918-06-17 Los AngelesSummit of North Baldy; San Gabriel Mountains.
DAV322279DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander5631935-06-13 San BernardinoButler Peak; San Bernardino Mountains; ca. 3 miles west of Big Bear Lake.
DAV322291DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander5681935-06-13 San BernardinoButter Peak.
DAV322293DAVArctostaphylos patulaJoseph M. DiTomaso521975-06-24 TrinityTrinity County: On flat area at junction of Swift Creek and Bear Basin Creek.
DAV322294DAVArctostaphylos patulaDean W. Taylor32031974-04-07 AlpineAlpine County: Near Woodfords along the West Fork; Canon River at the junction of the Highway 88 and 89.
DAV322295DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoy Y. BergRYB-81451964-06-20 El DoradoTamarack Trail (south of Lily Lake).
DAV322296DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin9971967-07-07 MendocinoDevil′s Rock Garden and vicinity; ca. 6 road miles north of Hull Mountain and 1-2 mile west of USFS Road 1 N02.
DAV322297DAVArctostaphylos patulaG. H. Vansells.n.1933-04-28 El DoradoPino Grande.
DAV322298DAVArctostaphylos patulaTracy I. Storer21271930-07-02 Tuolumne1 mile southeast Cow Creek Ranger Station.
DAV322299DAVArctostaphylos patulaW. E. Bullard1341935-07-08 Fresno1-2 mile NE of Ockenden.
DAV322300DAVArctostaphylos patulaGeoffrey Levin1511974-05-11 KernTiger Flat Camp; Greenhorn Mts.; Kern River.
DAV322301DAVArctostaphylos patulaLloyd P. Teviss.n.1902-07-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tallac. Lake Tahoe. (elevation estimated by label-maker)
DAV322302DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin2601957-11-04 SiskiyouU.S. Hwy 199; east side of hwy; approximately 2 miles north of Weed.
DAV322303DAVArctostaphylos patulaG. F. Hrusa128811996-05-02 ShastaShasta County: Lassen National Forest. 1-2 mile S of Old Station Trailer Park along Hwy 44-89.
DAV322304DAVArctostaphylos patulaG. F. Hrusa128541996-05-02 ShastaApprox. 1-3 mile east of Hwy 44 on USFS Rd. 3 NS17, and about 100 meters north of road.
DAV322305DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean88512016-05-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. D.L. Bliss State Park. Along Rubicon Trail on east side of park.
DAV322306DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean85232014-08-02 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Southwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Washoe Meadows State Park. Northern end of park near Lake Tahoe Blvd.
DAV322307DAVArctostaphylos patulaW. Robert Powell30621984-09-28 El DoradoAlong Ice House Road; 1.3 road miles from Highway 50.
DAV322308DAVArctostaphylos patulaE.W. Jamesons.n.1949-04-25 PlumasExpt. Station, Quincy.
DAV322309DAVArctostaphylos patulaP. B. Schultz81967-06-27 Sierra1 1-4 miles northeast of station; U.C. Sagehen Creek Station.
DAV322310DAVArctostaphylos patulaW. R. Howden1281935-08-14 Calaveras2 miles south of Onion Valley.
DAV322312DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. T. LeiserD-25041973-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir.
DAV322313DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. T. LeiserD-25041973-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir.
DAV322314DAVArctostaphylos patulaD. Charlton33651989-06-23 InyoSierra Nevada Mts.; campground on northeast side of Horseshoe Meadow; Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead Road; Inyo National Forest; west of Owens Dry Lake.
DAV322315DAVArctostaphylos patulaW. Robert Powell30501984-09-18 El DoradoAlong lower edge of extended spillway of Union Valley Dam; same area and conditions as #3049 (A. Patula).
DAV322316DAVArctostaphylos patulaW. Robert Powell30491984-09-18 El DoradoAlong lower edge of extended spillway of Union Valley Dam; 7 air miles north of Riverton (Highway 50).
DAV322317DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin11431967-10-23 ShastaCa. 100 yds. north of state route 299 on dirt road 3.2 miles east of Buckhorn summit.
DAV322318DAVArctostaphylos patulaD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-05-27 AlpineToiyabe National Forest; Grover Hot Springs State Park.
DAV322319DAVArctostaphylos patulaJames I. Mallory3691970-01-01 TrinityHayfork Valley. Just east of Big Creek Road about 1 mile north of Hayfork Highway.
DAV322320DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoger RaicheRR-506811985-07-28 MendocinoIron Peak lookout north of Laytonville on Spy Rock Road.
DAV322323DAVArctostaphylos patulaBryan Drews.n.2003-10-04 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. Along road N of cabin.
DAV322324DAVArctostaphylos patulaP. B. Kennedy1581920-08-19 El DoradoGrade from American River; Chimney Road; El Dorado National Forest.
DAV322325DAVArctostaphylos patulaRobert E. Preston15642001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest; north slope of Rainbow Mtn. at Hemlock Lake.
DAV322326DAVArctostaphylos patulaP. L. Johannsen5261934-10-22 El Dorado1-2 mile NW of Jackson Springs.
DAV322327DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin4201965-03-24 El DoradoMosquito Road; 13.7 miles northeast of junction with Washington Street in Placerville.
DAV322328DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin6961966-03-14 ShastaJunction of Tom Green Road and road to Summit Mine; ca. 3 miles west-northwest of French Gulch.
DAV322329DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. D. Gifford3181934-08-11 El Dorado1-2 mile up Alder Creek from Morrison′s.
DAV322330DAVArctostaphylos patulaP. L. Johannsen1511932-06-28 Shasta3 1-2 miles SE of Gregory; near Salt Creek.
DAV322331DAVArctostaphylos patulaDean W. Taylor35031974-05-19 AlpineAlpine County: West Fork Canon River Canon.
DAV322332DAVArctostaphylos patulaE. Nourse21934-07-31 PlumasPlumas National Forest.
DAV322333DAVArctostaphylos patulaJohn Thomas Howell470711970-07-29 Tulare1 mile from Long Meadow on road to Cannell Meadow; Kern Plateau.
DAV322334DAVArctostaphylos patulaJohn Thomas Howell443001968-05-13 TulareCherry Hill Road; Poison Meadow Creek Canon; Kern Plateau.
DAV322335DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin6011965-08-10 Del NorteOn Patrick Creek Road (Shelley Creek); 11 miles north of U.S. Highway 199; northeast of Gasquet.
DAV322336DAVArctostaphylos patulaFred Howard271952-05-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 25 miles W of Lake Tahoe; Highway 50.
DAV322337DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean95832018-06-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along Rubicon Trail west of Boat Camp.
DAV322338DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean95762018-06-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Above Boat Canong trail.
DAV322339DAVArctostaphylos patulaAlbert Grigarick2072010-06-06 NevadaNevada County: Sagehen Creek Trail. East of Hwy 89 creek crossing. Approx. 100 yds down the trail.
DAV322340DAVArctostaphylos patulaRex PalmerN641979-05-27 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV322341DAVArctostaphylos patulaRex PalmerN11979-05-26 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
DAV322342DAVArctostaphylos patulaBeth Lowe Corbin3681982-08-18 PlacerOne mile SW of The Cedars.
DAV322343DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt16121972-06-01 El DoradoJordan Creek. North of Hwy 80, west of Soda Springs.
DAV322344DAVArctostaphylos patulaJoseph M. DiTomaso5431976-06-30 TrinityTrinity Co.: Trinity Alps, Caribou Ridge Trail on Stuarts Fork side.
DAV322345DAVArctostaphylos patulaLisa Montany191985-05-18 PlacerMosquito Ridge Rd, 21.8 miles west of Forest Hill Rd.
DAV322346DAVArctostaphylos patulaF.W. Embree1991934-09-12 Alpine3-4 mile SE of Junction Silver King and Snodgrass Crs.
DAV322347DAVArctostaphylos patulaC.H. Lamoureux10841956-05-19 El DoradoHeavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe.
DAV322348DAVArctostaphylos patulaMorris Halperin8731932-08-14 El DoradoStrawberry.
DAV322349DAVArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander1991931-05-19 HumboldtNear Orleans.
DAV322350DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin6021965-08-10 Del NorteOn Patrick Creek Road (Shelley Creek); 11.3 miles north of U.S. Highway 199; northeast of Gasquet.
DAV322352DAVArctostaphylos patulaC.H. Lamoureux10841956-05-19 El DoradoHeavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe.
DAV322358DAVArctostaphylos patulaJ.I. Mallory3761970-08-20 Butte3-4 mile north of Ramsey Bar; ca. 10 miles northeast of Stirling City.
DAV322359DAVArctostaphylos patulaJames I. Mallory2751967-08-15 PlumasGibsonville Ridge.
DAV322360DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin11441967-10-23 ShastaCa. 100 yds. north of state route 299 on dirt road; 3.2 road miles east of Buckhorn summit.
DAV322361DAVArctostaphylos patulaRoman Gankin3491962-03-16 Shasta1-2 mile east of Buckhorn Summit; boundary of Shasta and Trinity Counties; of Hwy. 299.
DAV322362DAVArctostaphylos patulaPeter Rubtzoff82061975-07-22 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Georgetown Divide, Sierra Nevada. Blodgett Forest: Mainline Road Clearcut (exclusive of upper Gaddis Creek area). (Comp. 451E).
DAV322363DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean, T. and M. Starbuck71482011-08-08 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Lake Tahoe Basin. Sugar Pine Point State Park on W side of Hwy. 89. Meadow known as Olympic Meadow′ on S side of South Fire Road, just E of bridge known as ′Second Bridge. Southeast corner of meadow.
DAV322364DAVArctostaphylos patulaJohn Thomas Howell515791976-04-02 PlumasSpring Garden.
DAV322365DAVArctostaphylos patulaJohn Thomas Howell515801976-04-02 PlumasSpring Garden.
DAV322366DAVArctostaphylos patulaCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNNR-0330a2005-06-21 TehamaTehama County: USFS Lassen National Forest, at the top of Mill Creek ridge.
DAV322367DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt7211971-06-13 Butte1 mi. north of Inskip. Skyway Road, north of Paradise. Road between Butte Meadows and Magala.
DAV322368DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt7271971-06-13 Butte1 mi. north of Inskip. Skyway Road, north of Paradise. Road between Butte Meadows and Magala.
DAV322369DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt15781972-06-01 SierraWild Plum Road, off of Hwy 49 and east of Sierra City.
DAV322370DAVArctostaphylos patulaRodney Gale Myatt220-A1972-06-01 NevadaAlong Hwy 20, west of Hwy 80 and about 10 mi. east of Nevada City.
DAV322371DAVArctostaphylos patulaRudolf Schmid311964-06-21 NevadaNorth of road; ca. 1 mile west of station area; University of California Sagehen Creek Station; Sagehen Creek basin; off State Highway 89; ca. 12 miles north of Truckee.
DAV322373DAVArctostaphylos patulaDean W. Taylor23641973-06-03 AmadorAmador County: On ridgetop west of Silver Lake--Highway 88 and east of Shealor Lakes in headwaters of North Tragedy Creek.
DAV322374DAVArctostaphylos patulaF.E. Todds.n.1935-05-16 TehamaNear Mineral.
DAV322375DAVArctostaphylos patulaGordon Pilone361961-05-07 KernKern County: Tigar Flats camp grounds, Greenhorn Mountains, Kern River.
DAV322376DAVArctostaphylos patulaEnid A. LarsonI-31970-11-08 El DoradoFalls Creek; southwest of Olancha.
DAV32970DAVArctostaphylos patulaIra L. Wiggins134231955-05-15 Tuolumne4 miles east of Long Barn.
DAV394683DAVArctostaphylos patulaEllen Dean100502019-05-31 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Antone Meadow. Northwest end of meadow.
ELH00119ELHArctostaphylos patulaGregg Riegel2261976-07-28 Lassen8 miles north of highway 299, on Widow Peak Rd
GH00350851GHArctostaphylos patulaB. Bartholomew; B. Anderson; H. W. Li ; T. S. Ying23431985-06-06 Siskiyou8 km E of McCloud
GH00350854GHArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee341888-01-01 PlacerBlue Canon
GH00350855GHArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood1894-05-01 FresnoSequoia Mills
GH00350856GHArctostaphylos patulaL. Abrams44961911-06-23 MariposaNear Le Conte Memorial
GH00350858GHArctostaphylos patulaR. C. Rollins ; T. S. Chambers27221938-08-15 Siskiyou3 miles south of Weed
GH00350862GHArctostaphylos patulaR. F. Thorne ; P. C. Everett337831964-04-17 Alpine0.6 miles N of junction of Hwys 4 and 89, ca 4.5 miles SE of Markleeville
GH00350863GHArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee1887-07-01 SiskiyouEdgewood near Mt. Shasta
GH00350864GHArctostaphylos patulaS. B. Parish37081895-06-21 San BernardinoBluff Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
GH00350865GHArctostaphylos patulaC. F. Batchelder1888-05-01 SiskiyouSisson′s
GH00350866GHArctostaphylos patulaS. B. Parish192911919-05-17 San BernardinoSanta Ana Canon, San Bernardino Mts.
GH00350868GHArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell517221976-05-18 KernAbout 2 mi. from Alta Sierra, along old road from Alta Sierra to Wofford Heights. Greenhorn Mountains
GH00350874GHArctostaphylos patulaG. H. True ; J. T. Howell25831965-08-25 NevadaJct. of Excelsior Road and Highway 20, 2 miles west of Bear Valley
GH00350875GHArctostaphylos patulaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson46131989-04-27 Modoc2.1 km SSE of Day on road to State Highway 299. T39N R5E S26
GH00350876GHArctostaphylos patulaB. Bartholomew ; M. Bourell52041990-04-28 Modoc8 km from Rush Creek on road up Hunters Ridge. T40N R9E S19
GH00350877GHArctostaphylos patulaF. W. Hunnewell80101921-07-13 PlacerLake Tahoe
GH00350878GHArctostaphylos patulaW. B. Cooke138031939-08-04 SiskiyouMount Shasta, along the Sisson Southern Trail
GH00350879GHArctostaphylos patulaF. J. Smiley55671914-07-19 MaderaShuteye Mountain
GH00350880GHArctostaphylos patulaF. J. Smiley2131913-07-18 UnknownBetween Fallen Leaf Lake and Glen Alpine, Tahoe
GH00350881GHArctostaphylos patulaM. E. Mathias8891931-06-10 Unknownalong the brook between Bluff Lake and The Eyrie,
GH00350882GHArctostaphylos patulaC. E. Cummings1896-05-08 MariposaYosemite Valley, Nevada and Vernal Falls
GH00350883GHArctostaphylos patulaA. A. Heller120351915-06-26 ButteSummit of the Sierra Nevada above Jonesville
GH00350884GHArctostaphylos patulaL. Constance ; R. C. Rollins29211942-05-14 SiskiyouRoad to Walker Post Office, 3 miles west of Yreka
GH00350885GHArctostaphylos patulaP. A. Munz171371942-06-18 UnknownFish Creek
GH00350886GHArctostaphylos patulaH. E. Parks ; J. P. Tracy114161937-07-21 Del NorteHead of Shelley Creek, One mile north of Monumental
GH00350887GHArctostaphylos patulaI. L. Wiggins68631934-06-15 TuolumneCold Springs, (Jeness Hill) 6.6 miles west of Pine Crest
GH00350888GHArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee1891-07-03 CalaverasCalaveras Big Trees
GH00350889GHArctostaphylos patulaW. B. Cooke110161938-06-17 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail
GH00350890GHArctostaphylos patulaA. Eastwood67701918-04-06 SierraDownieville
GH00350891GHArctostaphylos patulaL. Abrams27031902-07-12 San BernardinoMt. San Antonio
GH00350898GHArctostaphylos patulaG. D. Wallace; R. F. Thorne; L. E. DeBuhr ; A. Tatsuno14201975-04-13 PlacerSierra Nevada, Baxter exit off Hwy. 80 between Alta and Blue Can.; T16N, R11E, Sec. 31
GH00350910GHArctostaphylos patulaL. S. Smith1914-01-02 El DoradoJohntown, Plumas Co.
GH00350911GHArctostaphylos patulaL. Abrams47361911-07-20 TuolumneBetween Long Basin and Cold Spring
GH00350912GHArctostaphylos patulaL. S. Smith1914-01-02 El Doradonear Johntown, Plumas Co.
GH00350913GHArctostaphylos patulaL. C. Wheeler39871935-09-16 Modoc1 mi. S Everly Reservoir, Devil′s Garden. S34, T47N, R12E
GH00350914GHArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee1892-08-25 UnknownSnow Mountain
GH00350915GHArctostaphylos patulaC. V. Piper63961904-05-30 ShastaCastella
GH00350916GHArctostaphylos patulaM. C. DeDecker18801968-05-03 InyoSierra Nevada: Independence Creek Canyon
GH00350917GHArctostaphylos patulaH. P. Kelley1914-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir
GH00350918GHArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson57431914-08-09 SiskiyouMcCloud
GH00350922GHArctostaphylos patulaL. C. Wheeler34131935-03-31 SiskiyouWintoon Butte, south base, near (W of) Mt Shasta
GH00350927GHArctostaphylos patulaR. F. Thorne412761971-08-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest: Below summit of Mt. Hawkins
GH00350931GHArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson56531913-09-09 MariposaYosemite Park, above Wawona
GH00350932GHArctostaphylos patulaW. L. Jepson56451913-09-09 MariposaYosemite Park, above Wawona
GH00350936GHArctostaphylos patulaB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson40931988-05-12 Modoc4 km NW of White Horse
GH00350949GHArctostaphylos patula1967-03-27 UnknownUmpqua to Sacramento
GH00350950GHArctostaphylos patulaJ. Xantus de Vesey571857-01-01 KernFort Tejon, and vicinity, near lat. 35 ° , and long. 119 °
GH00350953GHArctostaphylos patulaT. J. Howell1884-06-01 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mts.
GH00350956GHArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin5021931-07-01 Shasta4.5 miles southeast of Shasta City, beside highway to McCloud
GH00350957GHArctostaphylos patulaN. F. Bracelin7431932-09-14 TulareRoadside spring 3 miles west of Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
GH00350958GHArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell515791976-04-02 Plumasnear Spring Garden
GH00350959GHArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell515801976-04-02 Plumasnear Spring Garden
GH00350960GHArctostaphylos patulaJ. T. Howell515791976-04-02 Plumasnear Spring Garden
GH00350962GHArctostaphylos patulaP. C. Everett ; E. R. Johnson73141935-07-16 FresnoSierra Nevada. Mono Creek Dam, Public Camp Grounds
GH00350965GHArctostaphylos patulaP. A. Munz ; I. M. Johnston86481924-07-16 San Bernardinodry slopes above Big Meadows of the Santa Ana, San Bdno. Mts.
GH00350973GHArctostaphylos patulaH. P. Chandler16001901-06-01 SiskiyouRidges and meadows near Marble Mountain
GH00350974GHArctostaphylos patulaMrs. E. Anderson1923-04-19 SiskiyouShasta Springs
GH00350976GHArctostaphylos patulaT. S. Brandegee1892-07-20 UnknownSequoia Mills
GH00350977GHArctostaphylos patulaA. A. Heller70361903-07-28 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
GH00350978GHArctostaphylos patulaA. A. Heller ; H. E. Brown54951902-05-08 ButteBerry Canyon (Near Clear Creek)
GH01117559GHArctostaphylos patula;lsqb;no data available;rsqb;801882-03-01 UnknownFall Brook
GH01117560GHArctostaphylos patulaH. N. Bolander171918-06-15 Napa[no additional data]
GMDRC12160GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre419052019-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Caribou Creek adjacent Van Duzen Canon Rd (3N09), 0.3 miles south of Holcomb Valley Rd (3N16), 2.5 miles north of eastern end of Big Bear Lake
GMDRC12271GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre420762019-07-02 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: along Pacific Crest Trail on ridgeline south of Coon Creek, north of N. Fork of Mission Creek, approx 1 mile west of Jumpoff
GMDRC13061GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre431412020-05-15 KernSierra Nevada: Piute Mountains, south side of range along Jawbone Canon Rd at Grouse Mdw Rd junction, 3.3 miles south of Claraville
GMDRC13310GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre436482020-07-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: west side of Hwy 38 approx. 1 mile north of Onyx Summit
GMDRC13321GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre436632020-07-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: southern base of Sugarloaf Mtn, northwest of Heart Bar Campgrd, 0.2 miles north of Hwy 38
GMDRC2260GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaT. La Doux1162005-10-03 InyoBig Pine Canon: Big Pine Cyn NF (Baker Lake Ridge): Big Pine Canon, North Fork Big Pine Creek, along trail to Baker Lake. - 8977 ft.
GMDRC3315GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Andre106172007-07-04 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Eastern Sierra Nevada: N. Fork of Big Pine Canon along trail to Baker Creek, just below Logging Flat area, under rocky ridge. Coyote Flat 7.5 min. Quad.. Elev. 8728 ft.
GMDRC5335GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Andre197562011-07-12 Inyoeastern Sierra Nevada;: along Onion Valley Road, 10.4 mi. west of 395 (at Independence); at switchback nearest creek.
GMDRC5688GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Andre233162012-06-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: just north of Holcomb Valley Rd, south of Union Flat, approx 3 W of N. shore of Baldwin Lake, just west of Jacoby Canon
GMDRC8512GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre353232015-07-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Just south of Holcomb Valley, along Poligue Cyn Rd, 5.0 mi. north of jct Hwy 3 N Big Bear Lake)
GMDRC9025GMDRCArctostaphylos patulaJ. M. Andre364772016-06-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: upper Arrastre Creek, 1.5 N of Onyx Summit along Pacific Crest Trail, 0.4 mi. E of Hwy 38, about 7 mi. SSE of Baldwin Lake
HSC204340HSCArctostaphylos patulaDavid Wheeler221979-04-07 Siskiyou
HSC204341HSCArctostaphylos patulaD.M. Thomson1901965-08-14 SiskiyouLava Beds National Monument, Tickner Rd., 2 mi. SW of Mammoth Crater
HSC204342HSCArctostaphylos patulaUnknownsn1967-08-16 SiskiyouLava Beds N.M. Island Butte on Black Lava Flow
HSC204344HSCArctostaphylos patulaGail Newton15771980-07-15 HumboldtNear Sims Mtn.
HSC204345HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker20851980-06-18 Del NorteNear Chimney Rock
HSC204346HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker19651980-06-17 Del NorteNear Blue Creek Mountain.
HSC204347HSCArctostaphylos patulaOverton52841979-06-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin
HSC204348HSCArctostaphylos patulaLinda M. Barker3641975-05-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.5 N of Patrick Creek junction, at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek
HSC204351HSCArctostaphylos patulaCara Witte8172008-07-02 HumboldtBoard Camp Mountain. Road to Tri Board Camp. Forest Service Road 4N38.
HSC204352HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn A. Renner12921980-06-26 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, ridge along FS Rd. 1 N01, 1 mi. N of Flint Valley.
HSC204353HSCArctostaphylos patulaHelen Constantine-Shull3831995-06-28 MonoLower SE slope of White Wing
HSC204354HSCArctostaphylos patulaG. Fred Hrusa59031989-04-01 ShastaAlong Hwy. 36 very near Tehama-Shasta County line
HSC204355HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker14841980-05-24 TrinityNear Long Ridge
HSC204356HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith83421975-06-23 Trinity9.5 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on rd. to Bully Choop, N slopes of Paradise Peak
HSC204357HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.T. Milligan361964-05-09 Modoc10 N of Hwy. 139 on FS Rd. 44N15
HSC204358HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith13,3942011-07-23 ShastaAlong East County Line Road.
HSC204359HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith63441973-04-21 TrinityEagle Creek Campground, along the Trinity River.
HSC204360HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith75701974-05-26 SiskiyouAlong Forest Service Rd. 4 N03
HSC204361HSCArctostaphylos patulaGail Newton5301980-06-20 SiskiyouNear Bald Mtn.
HSC204362HSCArctostaphylos patulaGail Newton3651980-06-19 Del NorteNear Forks of Blue Horiz. Control S.
HSC204363HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker12691980-05-17 HumboldtNear Le Perron Peak
HSC204364HSCArctostaphylos patulaD.E. Anderson55141972-06-13 TrinityBlack Lassic
HSC204365HSCArctostaphylos patulaLon Hall3621975-05-17 TrinityN of confluence of Ditch Gulch and Salt Creek on Hwy. 3 near Peanut
HSC204366HSCArctostaphylos patulaMuth48771979-06-15 Del NorteNear Sanger Peak, close to the town of O′Brien.
HSC204367HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith12,9422010-06-13 TrinityAlong road to summit of Hayfork Bally.
HSC204368HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith12,9392010-06-13 TrinityAlong road to summit of Hayfork Bally.
HSC204369HSCArctostaphylos patulaCara Witte8652008-07-10 HumboldtForest Service Road 4N06A. Cow Creek Ridge. 1 mile east of National Forest 1. Under powerlines.
HSC204370HSCArctostaphylos patulaGladys L. Smith80851983-07-13 MendocinoFS 1N02, 1 mi. S of Monkey Rock,
HSC204371HSCArctostaphylos patulaClare R. Wheeler25411981-06-23 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin, at the top of the pass below Impassable Rock
HSC204372HSCArctostaphylos patulaClare R. Wheeler5951978-07-26 MendocinoHull Mtn. Rd. Monkey Rock
HSC204373HSCArctostaphylos patulaGladys L. Smith67641981-06-23 MendocinoMt. Sanhedrin, along trail to Impassable Rock, NW of lookout
HSC204374HSCArctostaphylos patulaL.H. Myers391963-04-14 LassenJanesville grade road, ca. 3 mi. S of Janesville
HSC204375HSCArctostaphylos patulaR.F. Thorne499441977-07-21 San BernardinoSan Bernadino Mtns., San Gorgonio Wilderness: along San Bernardino Peak Divide Trail W of San Bernardino Peak
HSC204376HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Pursell11121964-11-01 Humboldt3 mi. S of Hoopa on Hwy. 96
HSC204377HSCArctostaphylos patulaH. P. Chandler16001901-06-01 SiskiyouNear Marble Mountain
HSC204378HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.O. Sawyer38641980-07-21 SiskiyouN of FS Rd. 4 N01 near intersection with road to Lava Camp.
HSC204380HSCArctostaphylos patulaDave Read401975-05-26 Siskiyou1 mi. S of Box Canon Dam on Castle Lake Rd.
HSC204381HSCArctostaphylos patulaJohn S. Palmer3891975-06-23 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along trail to Big Bear Lake.
HSC204382HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith62711973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
HSC204383HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith62701973-04-21 TrinityAlong Coffee Creek Rd. leading to Coffee Creek Ranch.
HSC204384HSCArctostaphylos patulaBrad Klipfel321973-05-27 HumboldtGrogans Hole near N Trinity Mtn.
HSC204385HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith52381972-05-06 LassenLassen National Forest, Boundary Campground on Hwy. 89 S of Burney
HSC204386HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.O. Sawyer6541968-09-09 SiskiyouRidges S of Cyclone Gap
HSC204387HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith53411972-05-27 Trinity1 mi. S of Dan Rice Creek along Scott Mtn. Creek, Hwy. 3
HSC204388HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith83161975-06-23 ShastaBuckhorn Bally, 3.5 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on road to Bully Choop
HSC204389HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith95801978-04-08 TrinityHwy. 36, 1 mi. from Hayfork Creek
HSC204390HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.O. Sawyer4091968-07-09 SiskiyouRidge between Sugar Creek and Duck Lake Creek drainages
HSC204391HSCArctostaphylos patulaCara Witte10192008-08-06 HumboldtAlong National Forest 1, on Kinsey Ridge. North of White Oak Opening.
HSC204393HSCArctostaphylos patulaM. R. Mesler12022012-07-12 Del NorteRidge between Broken Rib Mtn and Wounded Knee Mtn
HSC204394HSCArctostaphylos patulaG.L. Clifton61511979-06-28 SiskiyouNear Upper Devils Peak, close to the town of Seiad Valley
HSC204395HSCArctostaphylos patulaGilbert Muth118961979-08-01 HumboldtNear Horse Trail Ridge, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC204396HSCArctostaphylos patulaGriswold72581979-07-12 HumboldtNear Cedar Creek, close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC204397HSCArctostaphylos patulaGilbert Muth103491979-07-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC204398HSCArctostaphylos patulaOverton51761979-06-19 Del NorteNear Blue Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC204399HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Wendell Howe12381933-06-13 ShastaLassen Park Boundary-Viola
HSC204401HSCArctostaphylos patulaJennifer Whipple12751976-07-02 SiskiyouDale Creek drainage on the N face of Mount Eddy
HSC204402HSCArctostaphylos patulaHelen Constantine-Shull1401994-08-03 MonoEnd of FS Rd. 2S50, left spur.
HSC204403HSCArctostaphylos patulaWilliam J. Ferlatte4921967-06-05 SiskiyouBig Flat, near public camp
HSC204404HSCArctostaphylos patulaWendell Wood2681970-08-18 MonoMammoth, Hwy. 203, Shady Rest Campground
HSC204406HSCArctostaphylos patulaSteve Selva; Roger Jensen91974-08-16 SiskiyouT4 N, R9W, Sec. 19. Dry South-facing Chaparral slopes above Sugar Lake.
HSC204407HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker12701980-05-17 HumboldtNear Le Perron Peak
HSC204408HSCArctostaphylos patulaGail Newton2611980-06-17 Del NorteNear Barren Butte
HSC204409HSCArctostaphylos patulaGail Newton15881980-07-15 HumboldtNear Sims Mtn.
HSC204410HSCArctostaphylos patulaFrederick W. Oettinger11001969-07-29 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area: High Lake Basins, due E of Uncles Lake
HSC204411HSCArctostaphylos patulaFrederick W. Oettinger5271968-08-15 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area: High Lake Basins, N end of Hancock Lake
HSC204412HSCArctostaphylos patulaWilliam J. Ferlatte5791967-06-29 SiskiyouDorleska Summit
HSC204413HSCArctostaphylos patulaJennifer Whipple12231976-07-01 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on E face of Mount Eddy
HSC204414HSCArctostaphylos patulaJennifer Whipple17691976-09-03 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on the E face of Mount Eddy
HSC204415HSCArctostaphylos patulaG.L. Clifton78301979-07-16 TrinityNear Pickett Peak, close to the town of Mad River
HSC204416HSCArctostaphylos patulaA. Thoele671995-07-27 Del NorteTake 1 N02 from 199 north to 16N39 (Doe Flat Rd.) east to 16N71 to end. Walk to Bear Basin Summit.
HSC204417HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson13611974-06-17 PlacerBeside Hwy. 80 at its intersection with Blue Canon Rd., 9 W of the Placer-Nevada County line
HSC204419HSCArctostaphylos patulaRich White2551978-07-06 SiskiyouPond above Elk Hole
HSC204421HSCArctostaphylos patulaDale R. Gradek881974-05-27 Siskiyou4 mi. SW of Chandler Glade on FS Rd. 4 N03
HSC204422HSCArctostaphylos patulaLinda M. Barker8361975-06-17 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.3 N of Patrick Creek junction
HSC204423HSCArctostaphylos patulaLinda M. Barker3631975-05-12 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.5 N of Patrick Creek junction, at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek
HSC204424HSCArctostaphylos patulaK. Stillman5091977-05-01 SiskiyouAlong Happy Camp-O′Brien Rd. above Louse Creek
HSC204425HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Baker10101979-06-06 Humboldt.6 W of FS Rd. 1 N01 on FS Rd. 12N16, towards Bald Mtn.
HSC204426HSCArctostaphylos patulaRuby Van Deventersn1960-07-14 Del NorteChimney Rock
HSC204427HSCArctostaphylos patulaRuby Van Deventersn1960-07-07 SiskiyouBell Echo Camp in Youngs Valley
HSC204428HSCArctostaphylos patulaGilbert Muth121731979-08-01 HumboldtNear Horse Trail Ridge, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC204429HSCArctostaphylos patulaJohn S. Palmer1781973-09-07 TrinityBear Lakes Area, along shore of Wee Bear Lake
HSC204430HSCArctostaphylos patulaM. R. Mesler15602013-06-29 HumboldtBret Hole. 1.1 km SW of Trinity Summit
HSC204431HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Pursell101711964-10-17 HumboldtHoopa in Hoopa Valley
HSC204432HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith7436A1974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 4.7 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
HSC204433HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith53411972-05-27 Trinity1 mi. S of Dan Rice Creek along Scott Mtn. Creek, Hwy. 3
HSC204434HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith70111973-07-03 TrinityHill south and west of South Dubakella Mtn.
HSC204435HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson25241976-05-23 HumboldtSW facing slopes
HSC204436HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson29901976-07-09 HumboldtRidge S of the E peak of the Lassic Peak (Signal peak) group.
HSC204437HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson10051973-05-30 TrinityRed Lassic area
HSC204438HSCArctostaphylos patulaJennifer Whipple9671976-06-11 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on the E face of Mount Eddy
HSC204439HSCArctostaphylos patulaA. ThoeleSRNF0671995-07-27 Del NorteTake 1 N02 from 199 north to 16N39 (Doe Flat Rd.) east to 16N71 to end. Walk to Bear Basin Summit.
HSC204440HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson9171973-05-20 TrinityN of Black Lassic
HSC204441HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson12421974-05-08 HumboldtHorse Mtn. Area, SW of the microwave tower
HSC204442HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson31491976-08-01 ShastaAlong Hwy. 44, 2 mi. E of Shingletown
HSC204443HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson25421976-05-23 TrinityBlack Lassic, E side
HSC204444HSCArctostaphylos patulaM.A. Ericksen3421979-06-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn., SE slope
HSC204445HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Pursell111121964-11-01 HumboldtNear Orleans, intersection of Hwy. 96 and Eyesee Rd.
HSC204446HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn A. Renner10761980-06-24 Siskiyou1-2 mi. E of Cook and Green Pass
HSC204447HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn A. Renner12111980-06-26 SiskiyouN edge of Flint Valley
HSC204448HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn A. Renner12571980-06-26 SiskiyouSE edge of Flint Valley.
HSC204449HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn A. Renner23941980-08-07 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, NW flank of Preston Peak, near summit
HSC204450HSCArctostaphylos patulaRobert M. Specht11351977-06-30 Trinity
HSC204451HSCArctostaphylos patulaMaralyn O′Meara4651974-05-26 SiskiyouChandler Glade along USFS Rd. 4 N03
HSC204452HSCArctostaphylos patulaB. Reinhardt6111974-09-12 Del Norte
HSC204453HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson20971975-07-30 HumboldtHead of Pilot Creek, Last Chance Ridge
HSC204454HSCArctostaphylos patulaThomas W. Nelson32681976-10-25 TrinityFS 1S07 at Summit SW of Black Lassic
HSC204455HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.O. Sawyer2493B1973-04-21 TrinityAlong Bear Lake Trail
HSC204456HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith53421972-05-27 Trinity1 mi. S of Dan Rice Creek along Scott Mtn. Creek, Hwy. 3
HSC204457HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith63441973-04-21 TrinityEagle Creek Campground, along the Trinity River.
HSC204458HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith74811974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 4.7 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
HSC204459HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.P. Smith52381972-05-06 ShastaLassen National Forest, Boundary Campground on Hwy. 89, S of Burney.
HSC204460HSCArctostaphylos patulaJ.O. Sawyer2211968-06-18 SiskiyouHeadwaters of Blakes Fork of S Russian Creek
HSC204462HSCArctostaphylos patulaWilliam E. Averysn1989-03-11 TrinityHwy. 299 at Vista Point overlooking the Trinity River
HSC31806HSCArctostaphylos patulaSteve Selva91974-08-16 SiskiyouSouth-facing slopes above Sugar Lake
IRVC100038IRVCArctostaphylos patulaJerry A. Powell11601974-06-14 SiskiyouMc Bride Springs
IRVC100039IRVCArctostaphylos patulaJerry A. Powell11611974-06-14 SiskiyouMcBride Springs, Siskiyou County
IRVC100040IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Baker31a1977-04-21 TulareStand 39: 7-mile hill trail off High Sierra Trail, S end of Sequoia Nat. Park.
IRVC100041IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Baker31a1977-04-19 TulareBelow Milk Ranch lookout, south end of Sequoia Nat. Park; Stand 3 W slope
IRVC100042IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Baker31A1977-04-17 TulareAsh Mountain, Sequoia National Park
IRVC100044IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Baker311977-04-17 TulareCanon, near Ash Mt., Sequoia Nat. Park.
IRVC100045IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. BakerSTAND 401977-04-22 TulareStand 40. Above Buck Creek Canon High Sierra Trail, Sequoia Nat. Park.
IRVC100046IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Bakers.n.1977-04-22 TulareAbove Buck Creek Canon High Sierra Trail, Sequoia Nat. Park; stand 40
IRVC100047IRVCArctostaphylos patulaSusanne M. James1381980-04-24 Calaveras6.0 mi E Canonnell, Hwy 4, at 6000 ft sign
IRVC100048IRVCArctostaphylos patulaJ. Schram (HS)s.n.1965-07-03 El DoradoRichardson′s Camp.
IRVC111247IRVCArctostaphylos patulaGail A. Baker; Mavis M. Hasey31a1977-04-19 TulareBelow Milk Ranch Lookout, South end of Sequoia National Park
JEPS101962UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaDean W. Taylor172291999-06-09 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mountains, ca. 5 air miles WSW Hilt, very headwaters of South Fork Hungry Creek
JEPS101963UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaDean W. Taylor172501999-06-10 SiskiyouMarble Mountains, Mill Creek, ca. 4 miles W from Mugginsville in Quartz Valley, northerly facing slopes near watershed divide with Kidder Creek
JEPS106495UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaL. P. Janeway80482004-05-02 KernSouthern High Sierra Nevada. East slope of Piute Mountains; 150 m north of Piute Mountain Road, 2.3 road km east of Forest Service boundary
JEPS111191UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaSteve Matson13212005-06-26 NevadaMartis Valley, southeast of Truckee, Martis Creek Lake Recreation Area, 300 meters southeast of dam above east shore of reservoir.39.3 N, 120.1 W; elevation 5,840 ft.
JEPS117432UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaLowell Ahart, John Dittes168782010-07-17 TehamaAbout 50 yards east of the gate, about 90 yards east of the barn, Soap Creek Ranch, about 4.8 miles (air) southeast of Manton, about 2 miles (air) north of Highway 36
JEPS120540UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaDavid Isle, Arnold James19621993-07-22 Mendocino˜ 1 mile SE of Cherry Hill & 7- 8 mile NE of Spruce Grove Canon E aspect bank of 2 N36, 0.6 mile NW of 20N05 - 20N36 Jct.; MDBM.
JEPS123153UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaD. Burge, J. Nelson, Jepson Herbarium workshop participantsJHWS-1282015-06-27 TrinityScorpion Lake
JEPS128434UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJulie Kierstead Nelson, Len Lindstrand III2015-0242015-04-21 ShastaSummit of Minnesota Mountain, eastern Klamath Range, east of I-5; north side of Shasta Lake between McCloud and Squaw Creek arms.
JEPS13285UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins52691955-06-07 Lakeat junction of Boardman Ridge and Hull Mountain; Timberline Camp
JEPS20041UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGeorge D. Butler5861909-03-28 Siskiyouhill w Yreka
JEPS2745UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaHarriet P. Kelley1914-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir Mt. Shasta Region; Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta region
JEPS38800UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson147191894-07-24 Siskiyounear Sisson; Region of the Upper Sacramento, Upton
JEPS38801UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson11001900-08-08 Tularegorge of Whitney (Crabtree) Creek
JEPS38802UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaElizabeth V. Ferguson3811920-07-01 FresnoHuntington Lake
JEPS38804UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson46641911-08-13 TulareGarfield Forest Big Trees Sequoia Park
JEPS38805UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson48911912-06-29 Tularenear Lloyd Meadows; Kern River
JEPS38806UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson27781907-05-21 Fresnonear Millwood; Gen. Grant Nat′l Park
JEPS38807UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson104861924-05-28 MariposaSnow Creek Yosemite
JEPS38808UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson105121924-05-30 Mariposa2 mi e Crane Flat; Gin Flat
JEPS38809UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56771913-09-01 MariposaGlacier Pt to Nevada Fall
JEPS38810UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56591913-09-01 MariposaWawona to Glacier Point; Yosemite Park
JEPS38811UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56451913-09-09 Mariposaabove Wawona (near Mariposa Grove); Yosemite Park,, above Wawona
JEPS38812UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56531913-09-09 Mariposanear Mariposa Grove (above Wawona); Yosemite Park
JEPS38813UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56602010-07-20 MariposaInspiration Point Yosemite
JEPS38814UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson56641913-09-01 Mariposanear Inspiration Point; Yosemite
JEPS38815UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaAdele Lewis Grant6671916-04-22 Tuolumnenear Sonora; Sierra Nevada, Bald Mt.
JEPS38816UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaAdele Lewis Grant221915-07-11 TuolumneStrawberry
JEPS38822UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson80171923-06-30 PlumasTaylorsville
JEPS38823UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson122851927-06-22 ShastaHot Springs Valley Lassen Peak
JEPS38824UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson168521934-08-04 Sierra2 mi e Bassett sta.; North Fork Yuba River, Pioneer Road sta.
JEPS38825UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJos. Grinnell1929-05-12 Tehamaabove Mineral
JEPS38827UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaR. H. Platt1891-01-22 Plumasnear Prattville
JEPS38828UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaL. S. Smith1914-01-02 Plumasnear Johntown
JEPS38829UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaF. B. Herbert1948-08-29 El Doradoabove Placerville; American River, Kyburz
JEPS38830UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson81321918-08-25 El DoradoMt. Tallac Lake Tahoe
JEPS38831UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaP. B. Kennedy1581920-08-19 El Doradograde from American River Eldorado National Forest
JEPS38832UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaF. B. Herbert1918-06-10 El DoradoMeyers sta.
JEPS38833UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaL. S. Smith15031925-08-01 ModocHappy Camp Mt. Modoc National Forest (sw Modoc Co.)
JEPS38834UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGeo. D. Butler7561909-04-11 SiskiyouWeed
JEPS38835UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson57431914-08-09 SiskiyouMcCloud
JEPS38836UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGeo. D. Butler5861909-05-30 SiskiyouYreka Hills
JEPS38837UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaHarriet P. Kelley1914-03-22 SiskiyouDunsmuir
JEPS38838UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson20621902-07-16 Humboldttrail to Devil′s Backbone Trinity Summit
JEPS38839UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJ. W. Kisling1910-04-20 SiskiyouEdgewood
JEPS38840UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson61631914-08-14 SiskiyouDunsmuir
JEPS38841UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson147221894-07-01 Siskiyounear Mt. Shasta; Sisson
JEPS38842UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson147221897-07-25 TrinitySouth Yallo Balley Inner North Coast Range; [=modern Solomon Peak, see FB 1_107]
JEPS38843UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson147201894-07-01 Siskiyounear Sisson; Mt. Shasta
JEPS38844UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson57701914-08-11 Shastane Shasta Co. Upper Fall River Valley
JEPS38845UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson57871914-08-13 SiskiyouSisson
JEPS38846UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson57751914-08-11 Shastane Shasta Co. Upper Fall River Valley
JEPS38866UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson200511940-06-27 Siskiyounear Emigrant Road (e side of mt.); Mt. Shasta
JEPS38910UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy114161937-07-21 Del Norte1 mi n Monumental (head of creek); Shelley Creek
JEPS38932UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJoseph P. Tracy81361927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain
JEPS38935UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJoseph P. Tracy140631935-07-14 HumboldtHorse Mountain
JEPS38941UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJoseph P. Tracy81351927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain
JEPS42610UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson55891913-05-15 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS42611UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaS. B. Parish192881919-05-17 San Bernardinodivide between Bear Valley and Santa Ana Canon; San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS42612UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaFrank W. Peirson1431918-06-17 Los Angelessummit North Baldy; San Gabriel Mts.
JEPS42620UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJ. S. Horton1935-09-30 San Bernardinotop Camp Baldy (Lytle Creek Road)
JEPS42622UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander4731934-04-29 Venturan Seymour Creek; Mt. Pinos Quad.
JEPS42623UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaA. E. Wieslander5631935-06-13 San Bernardinoca 3 mi w Big Bear Lake; San B. Quad., San Bernardino Mts., Butler Peak
JEPS42625UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGeo. D. Butler6401909-04-11 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
JEPS46194UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaDuncan Dunning1921-07-29 MendocinoStirling City Lassen < National > Forest
JEPS46195UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaDuncan Dunning1921-08-01 Buttenear West Branch; Lassen < National > Forest, Big Chico Creek
JEPS49481UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaB. Wise Neilsen1936-10-18 Siskiyou2 mi nw Etna Mt.; Salmon Mt.
JEPS58790UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWillis L. Jepson190711938-11-27 Fresnonear Sequoia Lake (near Grant Park, se Fresno Co.)
JEPS72454UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGladys L. Smith20491964-07-04 El DoradoSayle Canon trail betw. US 50 and Benwood Meadow
JEPS72508UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaGladys L. Smith31031971-09-25 El Doradoon hillside just at the bottom of the trail where it reaches Lake Autrain Echo Summit area
JEPS80409UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman56421981-06-23 Laken slope North Ridge (on Crockett Camp trail, n side of mt.); Snow Mt.
JEPS81421UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman6028A1982-07-09 Lakenear summit of Lookout (Colusa-Lake Co. boundary); Goat Mt.
JEPS83892UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaWayne Roderick1976-07-01 Siskiyouareas near Cook and Green Pass (along trail to Lily Pad Lake); Siskiyou Mountains
JEPS98807UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJames B. Roof1964-07-06 Tulare9 mi above Canon (1 mi below Quaking Aspen)
JEPS98871UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJames Roof1962-04-19 Tehama0.9 W of Log Springs Ranger Station (Log Springs Ridge)
JEPS98872UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaJames Roof1962-04-19 Tehama0.3 mi [ ] of Log Springs Ranger Station (Log Springs Ridge)
JEPS99665UCJEPSArctostaphylos patulaMelanie Arnett80912001-06-22 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; S-facing 10% slope with volcanic rock outcrops and standing dead trees in the Buttresses. Loose pumice over sand.
LA00607323LAArctostaphylos patulaJane TurnerC-201958-10-11 San Bernardino2.2 mi above Mt. Baldy P.O. along road to ski lifts
LA00607325LAArctostaphylos patulaJ.A. Ewan98521936-06-27 Los AngelesN end of Table Mt, Swarthout Valley, San Gabriel Mountains
LA00607326LAArctostaphylos patulaElizabeth McClintocks.n.1937-07-10 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Trail to Hidden Lake
LA00607327LAArctostaphylos patulaRobert F. Thorne396931971-05-25 FresnoShaver Lake Campground
LA00607328LAArctostaphylos patulaCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-06 FresnoSierra Nevada; General Grant National Park
LA00607331LAArctostaphylos patulaCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-17 ShastaLassen Park, near Lava Tube
LA00607332LAArctostaphylos patulaHarlan Lewis10111939-10-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Idyllwild
LA00607378LAArctostaphylos patulaJ. Sauer50271972-03-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; near summit of Keller Peak
LA00607379LAArctostaphylos patulaJ. Sauer54671973-05-12 KernGreenhorn Mountains; above Shirley Creek
LA00607380LAArctostaphylos patulaH.P. Bracelin4251931-06-19 SiskiyouUp the N side of Mt. Eddy from Metcalf′s ranch house
LA00607381LAArctostaphylos patulaWilliam Bridge Cookes.n.1939-08-04 SiskiyouCascade Ranges; Mount Shasta; along the Sisson Southern Trail
LA00607382LAArctostaphylos patulaH.P. Bracelin7431932-09-14 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; roadside spring 3 W of Mineral King
LA00607383LAArctostaphylos patulaP. Everett73141935-07-16 FresnoSierra Nevada; Mono Creek Dam, public camp grounds
LA00607384LAArctostaphylos patulaP. C. Everett74731935-07-19 FresnoSierra Nevada; Huntington Lake; Florence Lake Road, 3 mi. from High Sierra Ranger Station
LA212325LAArctostaphylos patulaLee Hainess.n.1973-05-05 TulareLloyd Meadow Basin
LA34910LAArctostaphylos patulaMary V. Hood44--93k*1944-06-27 ModocSequoia National Park; Little Baldy
LA42219LAArctostaphylos patulaH.F. CopelandA-71932-06-29 ButteJonesville, the Summit
LA42228LAArctostaphylos patulaMrs. H.P. Bracelin5021931-07-01 Tehama4.5 mi SE of Shasta City, beside hihgway to McCloud
LAVO1862LVNPArctostaphylos patulaUnknown.1141939-08-18 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
LAVO1863LVNPArctostaphylos patulaBurgess, J.E.491939-08-18 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
LAVO1864LVNPArctostaphylos patulaPatterson, W.D.2041951-08-28 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
LAVO1865LVNPArctostaphylos patulaBurgess, J.E.49a1951-08-28 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
MACF035217MACFArctostaphylos patulaK. K. Muller10871960-12-06 El DoradoAt edge of Jefferey Pine Forest. 5 Miles S. of Meyer on Road to Luther Pass
MACF035218MACFArctostaphylos patulaFay A. MacFadden109001933-07-10 NevadaNear summit, Damer Lake Highway
MACF035219MACFArctostaphylos patulaFay A. MacFadden109011933-07-13 NevadaMount Oro mining District
MACF035220MACFArctostaphylos patulaE. R. Blakley37951960-08-30 PlacerCarnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe; 39.23 -120.083
MACF035221MACFArctostaphylos patulaE. R. Blakley37941960-08-20 PlacerCarnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
MCCC1283MCCCArctostaphylos patulaAlison Gardner1983-06-10 PlacerCa. 2 W. of Big Tree Grove, off Mosquito Ridge Road, on ridge between Little Mosquito Creek and Big Mosquito Creek, Tahoe National Forest
MCCC1284MCCCArctostaphylos patulaAlison Gardner1983-06-10 PlacerCa. 2 W. of Big Tree Grove, off Mosquito Ridge Road, on ridge between Little Mosquito Creek and Big Mosquito Creek, Tahoe National Forest
MCCC1397MCCCArctostaphylos patulaTeresa Sholars3201983-06-11 PlacerNorth side of Mosquito Ridge Road, ca. 2 mi. east of Big Tree Grove, Taho National Forest
MCCC3191MCCCArctostaphylos patulaGladys L. Smith80851983-07-13 MendocinoNear snow fields, 1 mi. S. of Monkey Rock, USFS 1N02
NY02611020NYArctostaphylos patulaCollector unspecifieds.n.1931-07-01 ?  Tehama
NY2517103NYArctostaphylos patulaL. C. Wheeler39871935-09-16 ?  Modoc