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    You searched for: Arctostaphylos nevadensis nevadensis

      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    LA34916LAArctostaphylos nevadensisMary V. Hood45--92k*1945-07-17 TulareSequoia National Park; Alta Peak Trail
    LA42202LAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. Everett74751935-07-19 FresnoSierra Nevada; Huntington Lake; Florence Lake Road, 5.7 mi. from W High Sierra Ranger Station
    LA42210LAArctostaphylos nevadensisE.B. Copeland672a1931-06-22 ButteJonesville, on ridge E of the Summit
    LA204838LAArctostaphylos nevadensisMary V. Hoods.n.1945-07-17 TulareSequoia National Park; Alta Peak trail
    SD3565SDArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copelands.n.1930-07-06 ButteAbove Jonesville
    SD3576SDArctostaphylos nevadensisBrandegees.n.1899-05-01 UnknownSouthern California
    SD3596SDArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copelands.n.1931-06-22 ButteJonesville, on ridge E of the Summit.
    SD3597SDArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copelands.n.1931-06-22 ButteJonesville, on ridge east of the Summit.
    SD7735SDArctostaphylos nevadensisMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasMt. Dyer
    SD42498SDArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl B. Wolfs.n.1937-08-10 Del NorteSiskiyou Mtns. High Divide
    SD42676SDArctostaphylos nevadensisDarley F. Howe16151947-05-31 KernGreenhorn Mtns.
    SD46619SDArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Weatherby15261950-08-11 PlumasLakes Basin area, Mt. Elwell
    SD49834SDArctostaphylos nevadensisR. Roseberry131934-11-07 PlumasDownieville quadrangle, 2 N of Penman Pk.
    SD49835SDArctostaphylos nevadensisT. M. Hendrix4871937-08-04 MonoBridgeport quadrangle, 1 mi. ENE of West Lake
    SD53139SDArctostaphylos nevadensisDarley F. Howe34391962-08-15 FresnoSierra National Forest, 8 mi. E of Shaver Lake, south face of Bald Mtn.
    SD71019SDArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Thomas Howells.n.1959-09-23 PlumasRoad to Chester, 3 mi. S of Lassen Park boundary
    SD81289SDArctostaphylos nevadensisDarley F. Howes.n.1969-05-31 Del NorteRowdy Creek Road
    SD81301SDArctostaphylos nevadensisDarley F. Howes.n.1970-05-31 Del NorteRowdy Creek Road
    SD88530SDArctostaphylos nevadensisDarley F. Howes.n.1972-07-02 Del NorteSiskiyou National Forest, off Sanger Peak road, 6.5 mi. S of north entrance
    CHSC587CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisV. Holt1932-06-26 SiskiyouMt. Eddy.
    JEPS787UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38871944-07-15 Monotrail up Sweetwater Canon Sweetwater Mountains
    MCCC957MCCCArctostaphylos nevadensisTeresa Sholars1841982-07-10 GlennAlong trail up to Black Butte
    PUA3915PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisC.A. Ground1970-07-09 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Preston Peak. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA3916PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1966-07-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Marble Valley. Scott Bar Quad.
    PUA3918PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1969-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Boulder Peak. Scott Bar Quad.
    PUA3920PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisL.E. Eighme1950-06-22 ColusaLocal landmark: Snow Mountain (West). Crockett Peak Quad.
    PUA3926PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisW.D. Sumner1972-07-05 El DoradoLocal landmark: Ralston Trail. Echo Lake Quad.
    PUA7206PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7207PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1975-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA7208PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1975-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Sutcliffe Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA7209PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7210PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lily Pad Lake. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7211PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA7356PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Poker Flat. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA7357PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisD.V. Hemphill1976-07-27 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Twin Valley. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA7358PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Poker Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA8825PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1971-06-26 PlumasLocal landmark: Washington Hill. Quincy Quad.
    RSA4476RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland672a1931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    SD147957SDArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Weatherby15381955-06-22 PlumasSpanish Peak
    SD230218SDArctostaphylos nevadensisLouis C. Wheeler83661963-09-07 Del NorteDiamond Creek, Copper Prospect.
    SD36922SDArctostaphylos nevadensisC. I. Jerabeks.n.1945-07-01 KernSequoia National Park, Tiger Flat
    SD37004SDArctostaphylos nevadensisC. I. Jerabeks.n.1945-07-01 KernSierra Nevada Mtns., Tiger Flat, Sequoia National Park
    SJSU2524SJSUArctostaphylos nevadensisH.L. Buckalew1962-06-20 Del NorteSanger L near head of Middle Fork Smith R near Sanger Peak, Siskiyou Mts
    SJSU3953SJSUArctostaphylos nevadensisC.W. Sharsmith73121964-06-20 El DoradoFallen Leaf L (c. 0.25 mi S of upper end)
    UC21847UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Burtt Davy57991899-06-23 TrinityTrinity Summit North Coast Ranges
    UC21848UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Burtt Davy31811897-06-25 Nevadanear summit; Truckee River Basin, Bierstadt Peak
    UC21851UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. M. Carpenter1892-08-01 NevadaCounty = Placer on label, Bowman Lakes region, Nevada Co fide Jepson fieldbooks 28_158
    UC21852UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMiss Michener1893-08-01 NevadaTruckee
    UC21853UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-01-01 Lassen
    UC21854UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMilo S. Baker1893-08-06 SiskiyouMedicine Lakes
    UC21874UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. H. Brewer13811862-09-13 SiskiyouMount Shasta
    UC32672UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisChesnut, Drew1888-07-21 Humboldte slope S. Fork Mt.
    UC32678UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock34791902-07-01 TuolumneYosemite Creek and Indian Canon to Porcupine Creek; Yosemite National Park
    UC32679UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. W. Congdon1897-06-05 MariposaGlacier Point Turnpike
    UC54438UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock41071903-06-01 SiskiyouAsh Creek Sierra Nevada Mts., Mt. Shasta
    UC61066UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1902-07-16 SiskiyouSisson Mount Shasta
    UC61678UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeo. B. Grant51281902-09-01 SiskiyouHorse Camp Mt. Shasta
    UC63817UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4141900-06-25 FresnoBald Mt. Sierra Nevada Mountains, region of Dinkey Creek
    UC70646UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMiss K. A. Chandler1901-09-01 El Doradobetween Tahoe and Lucile
    UC72142UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisChesnut, Drew1890-08-11 El DoradoMt. Tallac Lake Tahoe Region
    UC82942UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. A. Purpus13691895-06-01 TulareMt. Moses
    UC82943UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1892-07-01 TulareMineral King
    UC82957UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. W. Congdon1900-08-01 Siskiyounear Sisson
    UC82970UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisKatharine Brandegee1889-07-01 NevadaDonner
    UC82979UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisT. S. Brandegee1885-09-01 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts.
    UC83022UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDr. E. B. Copeland35201903-07-14 SiskiyouKlamathon
    UC83025UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. W. Congdon1899-06-05 MariposaGlacier Point Turnpike
    UC83028UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. A. Heller70411903-07-29 Nevadaabove Donner Lake (toward Donner Pass)
    CHSC3303CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. L. Miller1966-04-23 ButteAbout _ mile above Sterling City on the Skyway.
    CHSC5245CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. West1946-07-12 LassenEagle Lake. Silver Lake.
    CHSC9492CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. F. Goodwin1301971-07-03 Siskiyou2.6 mi. south of Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl area on Everitt Mem. Hwy.
    ELH00117ELHArctostaphylos nevadensisGary Schoolcraft5871981-07-01 LassenNortheast slope of Goodrich Mountain
    ELH00118ELHArctostaphylos nevadensisGary Schoolcraft24271994-08-31 LassenLower north slope of Freodonyer Peak
    LAVO1859LVNPArctostaphylos nevadensisUnknown1671939-08-18 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LAVO1860LVNPArctostaphylos nevadensisBurgess, J.E.1621939-08-18 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LAVO1861LVNPArctostaphylos nevadensisBurgess, J.E.162a1939-08-18 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park.
    LOB116648LOBArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge Kridner921972-07-15 Kerncollected at Portuguese Pass under pine trees
    MCCC3281MCCCArctostaphylos nevadensisTeresa Sholars4081987-06-27 Del NorteSanber Lake, Six Rivers National Forest, 15 miles east of Hwy 199 on Rd. 1 N07
    OBI126141OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid J. Keil313542012-05-19 FresnoKaiser Pass road
    OBI126142OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Rodin60901956-07-12 MariposaPorcupine Flat, Yosemite National Park
    OBI126143OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid J. Keil207311988-06-16 TulareSequoia National Park. Vicinity of Eagle Lake, ca. 3.5 miles south of Mineral King.
    OBI126144OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisLarry Kelly1351988-05-20 MaderaAlong Beasore rd, ca. 3 N of Malum Ridge rd.
    OBI126145OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid J. Keil173831983-07-03 SiskiyouSlopes of Mt. Shasta along Memorial hwy
    OBI126146OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid J. Keil173311983-07-02 HumboldtHorse Mtn summit SW of Willow Crk.
    OBI126147OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisH.E. McMinn29361932-08-04 El DoradoEmerald Bay Island
    OBI126148OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisLewis S. Rose671641967-07-11 PlumasMt. Hough, summit
    OBI126149OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert F. Hoover108241967-09-05 PlacerCarnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
    PUA12129PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarvin Butler1971-07-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: El Canon Peak Quad.
    PUA13611PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Bull Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13626PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-07-31 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13627PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-07-31 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13628PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-02 SiskiyouLocal landmark: South China Mountain. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13629PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-03 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13630PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-03 SiskiyouLocal landmark: China Mountain. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13631PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-08-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain. China Mt Quad.
    PUA13632PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1978-07-31 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Lake. China Mt Quad.
    PUA15284PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Ground1978-07-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Scott Mountain Summit. China Mt Quad.
    PUA15552PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Ground1978-07-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hidden Lake. Coffee Creek Quad.
    PUA15677PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Ground1978-07-13 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA15848PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Ground1978-07-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: State Line. Canon Quad.
    PUA15976PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Ground1978-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Alex Hole. Condrey Mt Quad.
    PUA18101PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
    PUA18125PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18227PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18287PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
    PUA18301PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18362PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18385PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-21 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18428PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18479PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sanger Peak Road. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA18526PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gasquet. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18561PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-23 Del NorteLocal landmark: Humboldt Flat. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18582PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Lower Coon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA18640PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
    PUA18686PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
    PUA18727PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. High Divide Quad.
    PUA18840PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-05-16 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek Ridge. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19445PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Camp Six Lookout. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19660PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMuth And Griswold1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Stevens Canon Peak Quad.
    PUA19694PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Lower Coon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19762PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Lower Coon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19786PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gordon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA19853PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMuth And Griswold1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sanger Lake. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA19863PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMuth And Griswold1979-06-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sanger Peak. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA19896PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Hardscrabble Creek. High Divide Quad.
    PUA19986PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Ship Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA20073PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA20134PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gasquet Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA20289PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: French Hill. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA20568PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Gordon Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA20596PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: four Brothers. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA20676PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA20713PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA20743PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA21187PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Doctor Rock. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA21202PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain Meadow. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA21254PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain Lookout. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA21272PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-26 Del NorteLocal landmark: Red Mountain Lookout. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA21386PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Broken Rib Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA21408PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-06-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Broken Rib Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA21711PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Beans Camp. Orleans Quad.
    PUA21808PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-27 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Shackleford Creek. Scott Bar Quad.
    PUA21827PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-06-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Upper Devils Peak. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA22795PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1979-07-10 Del NorteLocal landmark: Myrtle Creek. Hiouchi Quad.
    PUA22915PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-07-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bald Hill. Hiouchi Quad.
    PUA22935PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-07-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bald Hill. Hiouchi Quad.
    PUA23540PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGriswold & Butler1979-07-13 HumboldtLocal landmark: Horse Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA23732PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisWalter Overton1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Horn Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA23791PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton & Butler1979-07-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Boundary Trail. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA23806PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-07-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Horse Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA23852PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Titlow Hill. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA23977PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-07-26 HumboldtLocal landmark: willow Creek. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA24019PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-26 HumboldtLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24026PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-26 HumboldtLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24043PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA24047PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-24 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Creek. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA24147PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Red Canon Mt Quad.
    PUA24193PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1979-07-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA24218PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Chimney Rock. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA24250PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Chimney Rock. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA24265PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sawtooth Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA24274PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Overton1979-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Sawtooth Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA24335PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-31 HumboldtLocal landmark: Trinity Summit Guard Station. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24434PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: North Trinity Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24448PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Jerome Muth1979-08-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: Horse Trail Ridge. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24511PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-02 HumboldtLocal landmark: Oregon Creek. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24603PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA24604PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA24609PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Medicine Lake Glass Flow. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA24640PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA24654PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTerry Griswold1979-07-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hemlock Lake. Bartle Quad.
    PUA24677PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTerry Griswold1979-07-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA24695PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1979-08-05 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Twin Valley. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA24755PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Alex Hole. Condrey Mt Quad.
    PUA24803PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Dry Lake Lookout. Condrey Mt Quad.
    PUA24929PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton And Butler1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Alex Hole. Condrey Mt Quad.
    PUA25001PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Blue Jay Ridge. Coffee Creek Quad.
    PUA25012PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Blue Jay Ridge. Coffee Creek Quad.
    PUA25078PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisClifton And Griswold1979-08-12 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Isinglass Lake. Scott Bar Quad.
    PUA30473PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarvin Butler1971-07-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: El Canon Peak Quad.
    PUA30903PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJimerson And Pageau1979-06-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Ship Mountain. Ship Mt Quad.
    PUA30917PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJimerson And Pageau1979-06-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bark Shanty Camp. Orleans Quad.
    PUA32871PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-05-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Plateau Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA32919PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-01 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cold Spring Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA33032PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Peridotite Canon. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA34590PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Onion Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA34652PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Barren Butte. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA34717PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA34820PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
    PUA34932PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
    PUA34976PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Ladder Rock. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA35838PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-07-13 TrinityLocal landmark: Mule Ridge. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA36111PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-07-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Packsaddle Ridge. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA36172PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Somes Mountain. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
    PUA36241PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wounded Knee Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA36251PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-08-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: Harrington Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA36342PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: Baldy Peak. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA36411PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Blue Creek Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA36468PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-08-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Blake Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA36504PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-17 Del NorteLocal landmark: Nickowitz Creek. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA36525PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: South Red Mountain. Tectah Creek Quad.
    PUA36614PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Chimney Rock. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA36694PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA37660PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-19 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bret Hole. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA37746PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Island Lake. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA37806PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-28 Del NorteLocal landmark: Table Mountain. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA37835PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Orleans Mountain. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
    PUA37877PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Orleans Mountain. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
    PUA38005PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-30 Del NorteLocal landmark: Jedediah Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA38077PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-07-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Prescott Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA38171PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-08-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: Stevens Mountain. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA38245PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarc Baker1980-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: smith River. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA38310PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1980-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA38730PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-04-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA39289PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-05-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA39315PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-05-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA39345PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-05-15 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cleopatra Mine. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA39801PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-04-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA39828PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDwain Goforth1980-05-13 Del NorteLocal landmark: Wimer Road. Crescent City Quad.
    PUA41420PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker1975-05-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Old Gasquet Toll Road. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA41615PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisBarbara L. Williams1980-07-02 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Toad Lake. Weed Quad.
    PUA42303PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Pumice Stone Well. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA42358PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Glass Mountain. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA42383PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA42391PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-21 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Mt. Hoffman. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA42554PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-21 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Haight Mountain. Bray Quad.
    PUA42588PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-09-09 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Medicine Mountain. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
    PUA42809PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer1980-07-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Grouse Hill. Medicine Lake Quad.
    PUA42862PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA42934PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-07-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lily Pad Lake. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA44706PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Lick Creek. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA44715PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer1980-07-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Elk Hole. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA44799PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer1980-07-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Dillon Divide. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA45132PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer1980-08-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA45141PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer1980-08-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA45321PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA45379PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-06-27 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Dillon Creek. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA45589PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-08-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA45621PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-08-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Preston Peak. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA45801PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA45818PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-06-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Flint Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA45876PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-07-03 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Meadow. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA46071PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-09-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bear Mountain. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA46114PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn Renner1980-09-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Trout Canon Peak Quad.
    PUA48541PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1981-08-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: bluff Creek. Orleans Quad.
    PUA48610PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1981-08-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Tish Tang A Tang Creek. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA49999PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisValerie Gizinski1981-08-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Goat Hill. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA51207PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDennis Kearns1981-07-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mosquito Lake. Fish Lake Quad.
    PUA51240PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDennis Kearns1981-07-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mosquito Lake. Fish Lake Quad.
    PUA51396PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTeresa Prendusi1981-07-09 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Camp. Fish Lake Quad.
    PUA51437PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTeresa Prendusi1981-07-09 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Camp. Fish Lake Quad.
    PUA51597PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDennis Kearns1981-07-06 Del NorteLocal landmark: Dan′s Creek. Lonesome Ridge Quad.
    PUA55008PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1982-06-14 Del NorteLocal landmark: High Divide. Crescent City Quad.
    PUA55123PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1982-05-20 Del NorteLocal landmark: Monkey Creek. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA55186PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1982-08-04 Del NorteLocal landmark: Forks Of Blue Horiz. Control. Dillon Mt Quad.
    PUA56112PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTom Jimerson1983-06-22 Del NorteLocal landmark: French Flat. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA56159PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTom Jimerson1983-05-03 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Camp. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA56205PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisTom Jimerson1983-05-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cedar Trough Camp Ground. Gasquet Quad.
    PUA56231PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisJimerson-imper1983-09-08 Del NorteLocal landmark: Cracker Meadows. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA59623PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Imper1987-05-14 HumboldtLocal landmark: Slate Creek Butte. Orleans Quad.
    PUA61430PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton1981-07-25 NevadaLocal landmark: Canonner Pass Quad.
    PUA68569PUAArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda Sears1987-08-10 PlacerLocal landmark: Robinsons Flat. Royal Gorge Quad.
    RSA52905RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. Weatherby15261950-08-11 PlumasSide of Mt. Elwell, Lakes Basin Area.
    RSA633215RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley226811993-05-06 MonoLake Mary Road, northwest of Mammoth Lakes, eastern Sierra Nevada.
    RSA633216RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley74051979-06-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Tioga Road (Highway 120) at Siesta Lake.
    RSA633217RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisAllen Massihi160591992-07-14 TuolumneSlopes above Siesta Lake on Tioga Road, Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    SCFS0267SCFSArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Funnell941965-07-04 NevadaBelow Carpenter′s Ridge 1 mi, near road from Sagehen to ridge
    SCFS0268SCFSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Davidson62364-81964-06-23 Nevada3rd turnoff from road W of station, across Sagehen Creek, ca. 3.5 mi from station
    SCFS0269SCFSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Brooks2481964-07-18 NevadaOne mile past point where road crosses Sagehen Creek at western end of station
    SDSU02812SDSUArctostaphylos nevadensisFrazier, Chris6XX91-ANVa1989-08-09 Fresno
    SDSU02813SDSUArctostaphylos nevadensisunknown16151947-05-31 KernGreenhorn Mts.
    SDSU02814SDSUArctostaphylos nevadensisHowe, D.F.34391962-08-15 Fresno8 miles east of Shaver Lake on south face of Bald Mt., Sierra National Forest.
    SDSU02815SDSUArctostaphylos nevadensisGodsil, J.6031953-05-18 KernSunday Peak.
    SFV105708SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisR. L. Armacost261933-08-27 FresnoSierra Nevada; West side of Pilot Knob
    SFV105709SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisC. Lee192002-04-21 HumboldtNorth Coast Ranges; Along Titlow Hill Road near summit of Horse Mountain.
    SFV105710SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. D. Dilley3771998-07-18 TehamaSierra Nevada; East slope of Hampton Butte on USFS Road 3 N17, 3 miles north of the town of Mineral.
    SFV105711SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisB. C. Templetons. n.1957-06-25 TrinityKlamath Mountains; Salmon Mountains. Coffee Creek Canon above Battle Creek.
    SFV105712SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisB. C. Templetons. n.1957-06-24 TrinitySalmon Mountains. Battle Creek.
    SFV105713SFVArctostaphylos nevadensisT. R. Gordon3161974-06-08 TulareSierra Nevada; 2.25 miles northeast of Highway 190 on US Forest Service Road to the Needles. Open, rocky, sandy slope (facing east).
    SHTC5215SHTCArctostaphylos nevadensisCarosella, T.-1982-09-21 Calaverasoff Hwy 4. Calaveras
    SHTC5216SHTCArctostaphylos nevadensisGretchen, M.291966-05-22 AmadorSouth Shore Silver Lake
    SJSU11157SJSUArctostaphylos nevadensisP.L. Billings931965-07-12 Siskiyouslope above Horse Camp, SW side of Mt Shasta
    SJSU11159SJSUArctostaphylos nevadensisH.T. Harvey1958-06-16 NevadaDonner Summit
    UC154194UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisHarley P. Chandler15791901-06-01 Siskiyounear Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges
    UC154195UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. W. Mackie1902-09-01 Laken Lake Co. Hull Mt.
    UC154199UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisHarley P. Chandler15981901-06-01 Siskiyounear Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges
    UC166196UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeo. D. Butler1011908-08-04 Siskiyouhead Shackleford Creek
    UC174029UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. M. Hall95601913-07-21 Lakein semi-arid section of ranges 40-50 mi from Pacific Ocean (n Lake Co.); inner North Coast Ranges, Mt. Hull
    UC193038UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. F. Sonne1884-07-13 Placeron road to Summit
    UC205095UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisR. M. Austin7281896-07-01 ShastaLassens Peak.
    UC335821UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisunknown1889-06-09 PlumasGold Lake
    UC412651UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMus. Vert. Zool.1661911-06-21 SiskiyouJackson Peak and Lake
    UC412652UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1901-07-06 El DoradoPoint Rubicon vicinity of Lake Tahoe
    UC412702UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisR. L. Pendleton, F. M. Reed10431907-07-23 El DoradoGrass Lake trail Lake Tahoe Region, Glen Alpine
    UC412712UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisM. Alice King1907-06-24 MariposaYosemite
    UC412748UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1901-07-06 PlacerCascade Mts. Vicinity of Lake Tahoe
    UC412763UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMilo S. Baker1904-07-05 El Doradonear Angora Lake (near Lake Tahoe)
    UC412764UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. W. Mackie1902-10-01 Laken end of Lake Co. Hull Mt.
    UC412765UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisBelknap C. Goldsmith311911-06-14 ModocN. Fk. Davis Creek Modoc National Forest, Warner Mts. (w slope of mts.)
    UC412768UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. P. Taylor1913-08-02 Tehama2 mi s S. Yolla Bolly Mt.
    UC426930UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland4371930-07-06 Butteabove Jonesville (on high ridges)
    UC456164UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisI. J. Condit1911-07-22 SiskiyouShasta trail below Horse Camp
    UC456165UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisI. J. Condit1909-08-23 Siskiyounear Sisson; Castle Lake
    UC478485UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland672a1931-06-22 Butteridge e the Summit; Jonesville
    UC478486UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland6721931-06-22 Butteridge e the Summit; Jonesville
    UC480734UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. C. Blasdale1923-07-13 Placertop of peak Lake Tahoe Region, Ellis Peak
    UC481530UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copeland1931-06-11 Butteabove Kirby Meadows; Jonesville
    UC481535UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. W. Fetters1929-06-11 PlacerPomin′s Lake Tahoe
    UC481538UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copeland1930-07-28 Buttealong So. Willow Creek Jonesville
    UC481588UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copeland1931-08-09 ShastaMt. Lassen
    UC481602UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copeland4861920-07-08 Butteon summit Jonesville
    UC484016UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl B. Wolf17201930-10-09 El Doradorocky hillside about Susie Lake
    UC494267UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMrs. H. P. Bracelin7321932-09-13 Tularebeside trail from Eagle Lake to Mineral King; Sequoia National Forest
    UC496442UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMerle Randall1930-06-17 El DoradoBay View Lake Tahoe Region, Emerald Bay
    UC496443UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMerle Randall1930-06-19 El DoradoGranite Lake Lake Tahoe Region
    UC501455UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisFrank W. Peirson101911932-07-10 Shastas Burney; 1000-Lake Basin
    UC549373UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams5401933-08-08 PlumasQuincy
    UC549454UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams8181934-05-13 PlumasSilver Lake
    UC549519UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams8171934-05-13 PlumasSilver Lake
    UC549520UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams5131933-09-15 AmadorPeddler′s Hill
    UC549521UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams5111933-09-15 AmadorPeddler′s Hill
    UC549522UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. E. Adams5121933-09-15 AmadorPeddler′s Hill
    UC549576UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. W., H. K. Sharsmith13081934-06-29 MariposaOstrander Lake Yosemite N.P.
    UC551480UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge Zentmyer20421935-07-30 MaderaIsberg Pass Yosemite National Park
    UC551497UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisBeryl O. Schreiber17221935-07-03 Mariposatrail to Sentinel Dome Yosemite National Park
    UC565902UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Nourse281934-09-04 Plumase side Clermont Hill; Downieville Quadrangle
    UC565945UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Nourse271934-09-04 Plumas2 mi ssw Quincy; Downieville Quadrangle
    UC566019UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Embree901934-06-06 PlumasThree Lakes Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
    UC566958UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisB. Bolt3871935-08-07 Tuolumne1 1-2 mi se mouth of Niagara Creek; Dardanelles Quadrangle
    UC566968UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. A. Rutter321934-10-03 Alpine1-4 mi e Twin Lakes; Pyramid Pk. Quadrangle
    UC567082UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. G. Albertus2411935-08-07 Plumasfour mi nw Blue Nose; Downieville
    UC571079UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDorothy Tebbe1221929-07-25 TrinitySalmon Summit Trinity Mountains
    UC571212UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. L. Mason33181926-05-30 El Doradoridge between Emerald Bay and Cascade Lake
    UC585954UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy143701935-07-30 HumboldtSalmon Summit
    UC585956UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy143801935-07-30 HumboldtSalmon Summit
    UC585957UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy81321927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain
    UC585958UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy89441930-07-16 Humboldtopenings in fir forest near McKay Camp; Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
    UC618623UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. Bridge Cooke115041938-08-18 SiskiyouHorse Camp Slopes Mount Shasta
    UC625305UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisPaul S. Bartholomew1934-07-27 TuolumneKerrick Canon Yosemite National Park
    UC648670UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWm. M. Hiesey3841937-07-27 MonoSlate Creek Valley Sierra Nevada, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area (n side)
    UC682104UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. L. Stebbins, Jr.33351942-09-01 Placeralong Southern Pacific railroad track 1-2 mi s Blue Canon Station
    UC703374UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38871944-07-15 Monotrail Sweetwater Mountains, Sweetwater Canon
    UC718340UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisP. C. Everett, E. R. Johnson74751935-07-19 FresnoHuntington Lake-Florence Lake Rd 5.7 mi from (w) High Sierra Ranger Station; Sierra Nevada
    UC726693UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. A. Heller162891941-08-11 Shastaforest e King Creek Meadow (toward Summit Lake)
    UC738119UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisR. P. Allen5221935-06-21 Alpinelake shore Lake Alpine
    UC747661UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins20841945-08-05 El Doradon shore of lake Desolation Valley Wilderness Area, Rockbound Valley, Rockbou
    UC747662UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins20281945-07-01 El Dorado2-2 1-2 mi e Wrights Lake (9 mi n of US Hwy 50, above shore of Grouse Lake); Grouse Lake
    UC747685UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins12161943-06-27 El Doradoridge above Echo Summit Pass
    UC748234UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg48281946-06-25 Modocon road leading down to Dismal Swamp (n end of mts.); Warner Mountains
    UC763107UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert F. Hoover13661936-06-20 TuolumneEagle Meadow
    UC774953UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl B. Wolf91291937-08-10 Del NorteHigh Divide Siskiyou Mts.
    UC796483UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine118011948-06-12 Siskiyouon Scott Mt. Rd. at Mule Creek Crossing (s of Callahan)
    UC876438UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLewis S. Rose343981934-07-21 SierraGold Lake
    UC876439UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLewis S. Rose406181940-06-17 Alpinesummit Canon Pass
    UC876443UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. Epling, Wm. Robison1935-07-18 ShastaHelen Lake Lassen Peak
    UC876445UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeo. L. Fisher601920-06-28 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
    UC909357UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisIra L. Wiggins123731950-05-28 Siskiyousmall bog on side of ridge above Grouse Creek (about 1.5 mi from Carmen Lake)
    CHSC11941CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland4371930-07-06 ButteAbove Jonesville.
    CHSC11945CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland672a1931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    CHSC11946CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland6721931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    CHSC21058CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. S. Taylor8381975-07-16 LassenOn trail between Echo Lake and Summit Lake, Lassen National Park.
    CHSC25465CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisHayes891977-09-11 ButteNear top of Humboldt Peak, on Butte-Tehama County line.
    CHSC26696CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. S. Taylor14721977-08-17 ButteOn both sides of Old Humboldt Rd, ca. 3 mi E of its jct with Scotts John Rd, N of Jonesville.
    CHSC37664CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisT. B. Devine7701981-09-05 TehamaForest Service Road 2 N22, ca. _ mi from junction with Hwy 89. T29N R04E S10 USGS Quadrangle: Lassen Peak
    CHSC43530CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLowell Ahart8141975-06-28 SierraAbout 2 miles east of Gibsonville, about 3 miles west of Mount Fillmore.
    CHSC48372CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisVernon Oswald9941983-08-17 ButteOn Humboldt Peak, NE of Jonesville.
    CHSC56293CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisK. R. Stern81301985-06-14 El DoradoEcho Summit.
    CHSC67360CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJames D. Jokerst25701985-08-12 PlumasRed Mtn. Rd. in saddle below summit, above junction with Rich Gulch Rd., N of Hwy 70. T2 N R07E S10 NE1-4 NE1-4
    CHSC76052CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG. D. Barbe32631981-06-24 PlumasSummit of Mount Hough. T2 N R10E S08
    CHSC85486CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Douglas Barbe37181982-06-15 PlumasSierra Nevada. 1.0 mile below and northeast of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. T2 N R07E S10
    CHSC85573CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisL. P. Janeway79492003-07-30 HumboldtHigh North Coast Ranges. Along Friday Ridge Road, at south end of Friday Ridge, 1.0 km (air) east-southeast of Friday Camp. Roadside. T0 N R04E S12 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Grouse Mountain 1:24,000
    CHSC90965CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisL. P. Janeway83872005-05-11 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; upper slope overlooking Lockerman Creek, 0.5 km east of Lockerman Creek and 2.3 km north-northeast of its confluence at Camp Creek. T2 N R05E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Pulga 1:24,000
    CHSC97172CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLowell Ahart140162007-06-08 PlumasEast side of an open rocky flat, 60 yards east of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R13E S18
    CHSC99887CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJames I. Mallory3621969-10-02 Butte1 mile east of Quartz Hill, 1 mile south of Fall River Campground in abandoned logging road. Just north of the center of the section. T2 N R07E S34
    DAV231176DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisEllen Dean100902019-06-21 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. Antone Meadow area. North side of meadow along bike-pedestrian trail.
    DAV317967DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJames A. Neilson, Jr.2481959-08-12 NevadaNorth end of dam at Sterling Lake.
    DAV317968DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy164681939-09-02 Del NorteNear Gasquet; mountain slopes; north side of Middlefork of Smith River on old Gasquet Toll Road.
    DAV317969DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Thomas Howell360451960-08-18 TehamaBluff Falls.
    DAV317970DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoger RaicheRR-506771985-07-27 TehamaLog Springs Road; near intersection with road to Sugar Spring Campground-Government Flat; near marker 35.68.
    DAV317971DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisW. Robert Powell30691984-10-09 El Dorado2.5 air miles northwest of Ice House Dam; 0.6 mile east of Big Hill Lookout.
    DAV317972DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor51311975-07-03 MonoMono County: Near Angelo Mission mine in Sweetwater Creek Canon.
    DAV317973DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Thomas Howell388411962-09-24 KernNorth side of Sunday Peak; Greenhorn Mountains.
    DAV317974DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisCharlotte Glenn164 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake. [Coordinates and elevation estimated by label maker]
    DAV317975DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisG. F. Hrusa146831998-07-05 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: south side of pass on Happy Camp-O Brien Road around side of State Boundary, above Indian Creek Camp.
    DAV317976DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisAlbert Grigarick2262010-07-09 NevadaNevada County: West Castle Peak Trail. Approx. 0.25 mile north of gate.
    DAV317977DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisB. F. Smith821968-07-26 TulareMountain Home State Forest.
    DAV317978DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.I. Mallory3831970-08-03 Plumas1 1-2 miles north of North Valley and 3 miles northwest of Rock Creek Power House.
    DAV317979DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRodney Gale Myatt8721971-07-10 NevadaSouth of Hwy 80, near Cisco. Along trial from Hwy 80 south to Loch Levin.
    DAV317980DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Axelrod161934-06-08 PlumasLa Porte.
    DAV317981DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisSamuel A. Bamberg956b1963-09-02 MonoEast side of Lake Mildred flat; along trail of Bright Dot Lake; Convict Creek Basin; Sierra Nevada.
    DAV317982DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJack Major9911962-07-11 MonoConvict Creek; Convict Creek Basin; Sierra Nevada.
    DAV317983DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy164051939-08-16 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
    DAV317984DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor23611973-06-03 AlpineAt summit of Highway 88 in Subalpine Forest; Canon Pass.
    DAV317985DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisEllen Dean19202003-08-29 NevadaTahoe National Forest, north of Hwy 80. Along Bowman Lake Road, about 1 road mile north of intersection with Hwy 20, just north of bridge over aquaduct.
    DAV317986DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisSteve Edwards1041983-07-09 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: Along trail between Cook and Green Pass and Lily Pad Lake.
    DAV317987DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoger Raiche205181982-06-28 LakeHull Mountain.
    DAV317988DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisP. B. Kennedy1191920-08-17 El DoradoEl Dorado County: El Dorado National Forest, Barrett Camp.
    DAV317989DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisMorris Halperin9131932-08-14 El DoradoStrawberry.
    DAV317990DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Sawyer2811935-07-09 Plumas2 1-2 miles SSW of Crow.
    DAV317991DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJack Major8401962-06-11 MonoAlong trail; Convict Creek Canon; Convict Creek Basin; Sierra Nevada.
    DAV317992DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoman Gankin6031965-08-10 Del NorteOn Indian Creek Road between O′Brien, Oregon and Happy Camp, California; 1.1 miles south of California-Oregon state line; county line between Del Norte and Siskiyou counties.
    DAV317993DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJack Major14741962-08-27 MonoSouth slope above junction of Lake Genevieve Creek with Convict Creek; Convict Creek Basin; Sierra Nevada.
    DAV317994DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoman Gankin10211967-07-07 MendocinoBald Mountain; from summit 6739 ft. and northeast-facing slopes; ca. 13 miles north of Hull Mt. on USFS Rd. 1 N02 (1-4 mile east of uct. USFS Rd. 1N02).
    DAV317995DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoman Gankin11641967-10-25 Del NorteSummit Bear Basin Butte; via USFS road 1 N71.
    DAV317997DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJames I. Mallory3301968-08-06 TulareSunset point; Mountain Home State Forest; Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV317998DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor26701976-07-21 AlpineAlong Schneider; 1-2 mile East of the El Dorado County Line.
    DAV317999DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Douglas Barbe37181982-06-15 Plumas1.0 mile below and northeast of Red Hill Summit; Plumas National Forest.
    DAV322046DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJames I. Mallory3621969-10-02 Butte1 mile east of Quartz Hill, 1 mile south of Fall River Campgound in abandoned logging road. Just north of center of the section.
    DAV322047DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRex PalmerN811979-05-27 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
    DAV322048DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRex PalmerN31979-05-26 PlacerHeadwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River
    DAV322049DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert E. Preston15602001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest; north slope of Rainbow Mtn.
    DAV322050DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisEllen Dean88702016-05-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. D.L. Bliss State Park. Western side of park on east side of highway 8 North side of access road (leading to northernmost park entrance).
    DAV322051DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisD. O. Burge17892015-07-30 Del NorteDel Norte County: Smith River Watershed, roadside on Old Gasquet Toll Road.
    DAV322052DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisBryan Drews.n.2003-07-28 FresnoFresno County: Sierra National Forest, Teakettle Experimental Forest. BC3.
    DAV322053DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisR. O. Hanes2381994-06-08 NevadaNevada County: Tahoe National Forest, Rocky Glenn.
    DAV322054DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-30 ShastaLassen National Forest; Lassen Volcanic National Park.
    DAV322055DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-08 AlpineStanislaus National Forest; Lake Alpine-Mosquito Lake.
    DAV322056DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisG.W. Mason3011958-05-25 El Dorado50 yds. north from U.S. Hwy. 50 on either side of gravel road leading down to a bog at eastern foot of Meyers Grade.
    DAV322057DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph M. DiTomaso531975-06-24 TrinityAt junction on Swift Creek and Bear Basin Creek.
    DAV322058DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisGordon H. True40781967-08-19 NevadaSmall Lake on Bowman Lake Road; 1-2 mile west of Meadow Lake.
    DAV322062DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisN. Hopkins3141970-06-10 SierraNear Packer Lake.
    DAV322063DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisEllen Dean95612018-05-11 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along path between Vikingsholm trail and water towers.
    DAV322064DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRodney Gale Myatt10391971-09-16 LakeHull Mt., north of Lake Pillsbury.
    DAV322065DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRodney Gale Myatt10341971-09-16 LakeHull Mt., north of Lake Pillsbury.
    DAV322066DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRodney Gale Myatt4511970-07-26 TuolumneSpicer Lake. South of Hwy 4 NF Stanislaus River Canon, south of Lake Alpine.
    DAV322067DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJames I. Mallory2781967-08-15 PlumasPlumas National Forest.
    DAV322068DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge Mason3011958-05-25 El Dorado50 yards north of U.S. Highway 50.
    DAV322069DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJack Major8161962-06-10 MonoAlong southeast shore of Convict Lake; Convict Creek Basin; Sierra Nevada.
    DAV322070DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRudolf Schmid691964-07-23 NevadaCa. 3.5 miles southwest of University of California Sagehen Creek Station, Sagehen Creek Basin; off State Highway 89; ca. 12 miles north of Truckee.
    DAV322071DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisRoman Gankin9041967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: Windy Point, 0.2 road mile N of Hull Mountain.
    DAV322072DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.I. Mallory3821970-08-03 Plumas1 1-2 miles north of North Valley and 3 miles northwest of Rock Creek Power House.
    DAV322073DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisBeth Lowe Corbin2361982-08-04 PlacerOne and 1-8 mile NNW of Onion Creek Campground.
    DAV322093DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1997-07-31 NevadaNevada City-Lake Spaulding; Tahoe National Forest.
    DAV322095DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisSteve Edwards1021983-07-10 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: On Cook and Green Pass east of the pass.
    HSC204199HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker6821975-05-31 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 8.5 N of S boundary
    HSC204200HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker13911976-04-25 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek, 8.5 N of Patrick Creek junction
    HSC204201HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker13921976-04-25 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., at Stateline, head of Shelly Creek, 8.5 N of Patrick Creek junction
    HSC204202HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker13311976-03-18 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Road. .1 N of southern entrance
    HSC204203HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisLinda M. Barker2851975-04-26 Del NorteOld Gasquet Toll Rd., 0.2 N of S entrance.
    HSC204206HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisDoris K. Kildale26151926-09-05 HumboldtLassicks Peaks, Red Lassick and Gray Camp
    HSC204207HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBrad Klipfel6541975-05-30 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    HSC204208HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBrad Klipfel7121976-07-01 Del NorteW edge of Chimney Rock Saddle
    HSC204209HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBrad Klipfel331973-05-27 HumboldtGrogans Hole near N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC204210HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBrad Klipfel3661974-05-15 Del NorteAlong Elk Camp Ridge NE of Gasquet
    HSC204211HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBrad Klipfel6311975-05-24 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    HSC204212HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisFreed W. Hoffman16321947-06-23 TehamaNear Government Flat
    HSC204213HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton30181979-05-22 Del NorteNear Sanger Peak Rd., close to the town of Happy Camp
    HSC204214HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton50421979-06-18 Del NorteNear Four Brothers, No. 4, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC204215HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton29771979-05-21 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
    HSC204216HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton52861979-06-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin
    HSC204217HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWalter Overton87621979-07-18 TrinityNear Van Horn Creek, close to the town of Mad River
    HSC204218HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Muth103291979-07-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC204219HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton33251979-05-24 Del NorteNear Wimer Rd., close to the town of Smith River
    HSC204220HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton114361979-07-31 HumboldtNear Water Dog Lakes, close to the town of Hoopa
    HSC204221HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton26311979-05-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC204222HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton94161979-07-23 HumboldtNear Horse Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
    HSC204224HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Pursell101731964-10-17 HumboldtRoad to Box Camp in Hoopa Valley
    HSC204225HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisL.S. Rose690551969-06-25 SierraGold Lake
    HSC204226HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisRich White2021978-07-03 Siskiyou0.5 mi. up Dillon Ridge Trail
    HSC204227HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisR. White891977-06-20 SiskiyouNE area around Devils Punchbowl
    HSC204228HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Sommer161977-08-15 InyoInyo National Forest, Convict Lake Basin
    HSC204229HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisS.R. Ahrens291981-05-31 TrinityScott Mountain Campground
    HSC204230HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Pursell1017141964-10-17 HumboldtRoad to Box Camp in Hoopa Valley
    HSC204232HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton42221979-06-13 Del NorteNear French Hill, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC204233HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Muth103171979-07-24 Del NorteNear High Plateau Creek, close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC204234HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton43011979-06-13 Del NorteNear Gordon Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC204235HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton26801979-05-16 Del NorteNear Monkey Creek Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC204236HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton76521979-07-13 Del NorteNear Bald Hill, close to the town of Crescent City.
    HSC204237HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton51751979-06-19 Del NorteNear Blue Ridge, close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC204238HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMarvin Butler251971-07-06 SiskiyouNear El Capitan
    HSC204239HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Muth121361979-08-01 HumboldtNear Horse Trail Ridge, close to the town of Hoopa
    HSC204240HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton61231979-06-28 SiskiyouNear Upper Devils Peak, close to the town of Seiad Valley
    HSC204241HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton76721979-07-13 Del NorteNear Bald Hill, close to the town of Crescent City.
    HSC204242HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisG.L. Clifton120711979-08-01 HumboldtNear N Trinity Mtn., close to the town of Hoopa.
    HSC204243HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton51181979-06-18 Del NorteNear Ship Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet.
    HSC204244HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisOverton66411979-06-26 Del NorteNear Red Mtn. Lookout
    HSC204245HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisHelen Constantine-Shull7721995-09-08 MonoS facing slope on N side of Deadman Creek S canyon
    HSC204246HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisHelen Constantine-Shull6031995-08-19 MonoS facing slopes below crest N end of Deadman Pass
    HSC204247HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte711966-06-22 SiskiyouJosephine Lake Basin
    HSC204248HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte16451974-08-16 TrinityBelow W side of Summit Lake
    HSC204249HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte9361967-08-16 TrinityE side of Packers Peak
    HSC204250HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte6691967-07-08 SiskiyouNear Le Roy Mine
    HSC204251HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte5591967-06-28 TrinityE side of Packers Peak
    HSC204252HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisRuby Van Deventersn1960-07-07 Del NorteSanger Lake
    HSC204253HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisRuby Van Deventersn1941-02-09 Del NorteOld Gasquet Rd., 1-2 mi. out
    HSC204254HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisHelen Constantine-Shull7081995-09-03 MonoTop of ridge separating Deadman Creek S and middle canyons
    HSC204255HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner26801980-09-01 SiskiyouBear Mtn.
    HSC204256HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner20271980-07-24 SiskiyouLily Pad Lake
    HSC204257HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner12101980-06-26 SiskiyouN edge of Flint Valley
    HSC204258HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner12281980-06-26 SiskiyouSE edge of Flint Valley.
    HSC204259HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner12911980-06-26 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, ridge along FS Rd. 1 N01, 1 mi. N of Flint Valley.
    HSC204260HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner6531978-08-23 Del Norte
    HSC204261HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.P. Smith66891973-05-12 Humboldt6.1 mi. from Redwood Creek on Hoopa Rd.
    HSC204262HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.P. Smith53401972-05-27 Trinity1 mi. S of Dan Rice Creek along Scott Mtn. Creek, Hwy. 3
    HSC204263HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.P. Smith53401972-05-27 Trinity1 mi. S of Dan Rice Creek along Scott Mtn. Creek, Hwy. 3
    HSC204265HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisD.E. Anderson55571972-06-13 HumboldtWestward lower slopes of Black Lassic near Trinity Co. line.
    HSC204266HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisD.E. Anderson10851971-06-18 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    HSC204267HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisD.E. Anderson37591965-06-01 HumboldtHorse Mountain, S facing slope
    HSC204268HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas W. Nelson25281976-05-23 HumboldtCanon of Bear Creek, W of Black Lassic
    HSC204269HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas W. Nelson44841978-07-24 TrinityAlong road to Bully Choop, 10 N of junction with road to lookout
    HSC204270HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas W. Nelson9851973-05-30 TrinityAlong Mule Ridge SE of Red Lassic
    HSC204271HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisFrederick W. Oettinger3661968-08-02 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area, High Lake Basins, .1 mi. S of Diamond Lake
    HSC204272HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisT. Jimerson5141979-06-13 Del NorteNear Ship Mtn., close to the town of Gasquet
    HSC204273HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. R. Mesler15562013-06-29 HumboldtBret Hole. 1.1 km SW of Trinity Summit
    HSC204274HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.P. Smith12,9442010-06-13 TrinityAlong road to summit of Hayfork Bally.
    HSC204275HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisTeresa Prendusi101974-04-04 Del Norte1.5 mi. E of Gasquet, along Smith River.
    HSC204277HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer13051969-06-10 SiskiyouAbove S Sugar Lake, SE facing slope
    HSC204278HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer32801978-06-21 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, along trail N of Clear Lake
    HSC204279HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer21831970-04-18 Del NorteSW side of Red Mtn. E of Klamath
    HSC204280HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer3361968-06-25 Siskiyou
    HSC204281HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer6601968-09-09 SiskiyouRidges S of Cyclone Gap
    HSC204282HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyersn1967-11-05 Del NorteLittle Jones Creek road to Doe Flat
    HSC204283HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer2231968-06-18 SiskiyouHeadwaters of Blakes Fork of S Russian Creek
    HSC204284HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer7501968-09-28 SiskiyouAlong ridge NE of Orleans Mtn.
    HSC204285HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer5311968-07-22 SiskiyouBetween Handcock and Diamond Lakes
    HSC204286HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer4211968-07-09 SiskiyouRidge between Sugar Creek and Duck Lake Creek drainages
    HSC204287HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer37651980-07-20 Siskiyou2 N of Little Glass Mtn., on road connecting FS Rd. 45N05 with FS Rd. 47N75
    HSC204288HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer24141971-07-08 ShastaBully Choop
    HSC204289HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer36701980-07-19 SiskiyouN and W of Little Mt. Hoffman
    HSC204290HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJ.O. Sawyer36961980-07-19 SiskiyouNear FS Rd. 4 N05, center of section
    HSC204291HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisSteve Selva101974-08-16 SiskiyouAbove Sugar Lake
    HSC204293HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisTimothy B. Devine3051974-04-13 Del NorteAlong E bank of the N fork of the Smith River, about 200 yds. N of the jct. of Stony Creek
    HSC204294HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton3601980-06-19 Del NorteNear Forks of Blue Horiz. Control S.
    HSC204295HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton5061980-06-20 SiskiyouNear Bald Mtn.
    HSC204296HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton5761980-06-24 HumboldtNear Ladder Rock
    HSC204297HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton2761980-06-17 Del NorteNear Nickowitz Creek
    HSC204298HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisClare R. Wheeler18141980-06-18 Mendocino1.5 N of Wells Cabin Campground, E of Anthony Peak
    HSC204299HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisClare R. Wheeler18971980-07-10 MendocinoAlong road 2 miles below Anthony Peak Lookout
    HSC204300HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisClare R. Wheeler17431980-06-17 MendocinoAnthony Peak Road
    HSC204301HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisK.T. Stillman461976-06-25 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area
    HSC204302HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJennifer Whipple11351976-06-25 TrinityMt. Eddy, S facing slopes N of Deadfall Lake in the Deadfall drainage
    HSC204303HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJennifer Whipple17681976-09-03 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on the E face of Mount Eddy
    HSC204304HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJennifer Whipple9681976-06-11 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage on the E face of Mount Eddy
    HSC204305HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn S. Palmer271973-06-19 TrinityBear Lakes Area, below Big Bear Lake.
    HSC204306HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn Palmer5811980-07-24 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Elk Hole
    HSC204307HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM. R. Mesler9972011-08-02 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ˜ .25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
    HSC204309HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton3121980-06-18 Del NorteNear Elk Valley.
    HSC204310HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker35321980-08-03 Del NorteNear Stevens Mtn.
    HSC204311HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker20711980-06-18 Del NorteNear Chimney Rock
    HSC204312HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker20281980-06-18 Del NorteNear S Red Mtn.
    HSC204313HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker33061980-07-30 Del NorteNear Jedediah Mtn.
    HSC204314HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker17351980-06-02 Del NorteNear Peridotite Canon
    HSC204315HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker34211980-07-31 Del NorteNear Prescott Mtn.
    HSC204316HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker7811979-06-07 Humboldt
    HSC204317HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisM.A. Baker7941979-06-07 HumboldtTelescope Peak
    HSC204318HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton2421980-06-17 Del NorteNear Barren Butte
    HSC204319HSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGail Newton1861980-06-16 HumboldtNear Onion Mtn.
    IRVC100035IRVCArctostaphylos nevadensisMark A. Elvin; Mark S. Brunell, David Isle50222006-08-03 LakeSnow Mtn: Cedar Camp.
    JEPS13286UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins52681955-06-07 Lakeat junction of Boardman Ridge and Hull Mountain; Timberline Camp
    JEPS16625UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRimo Bacigalupi, Aldo Bacigalupi39551952-08-19 Plumason slopes to e Long Lake (Plumas-Sierra Co. boundary); Mt. Elwell region
    JEPS24822UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava68381958-09-02 Trinitys slope Scott Mountain
    JEPS38786UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisP. B. Kennedy2281920-09-18 El DoradoBig Silver Creek Eldorado National Forest
    JEPS38787UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson20471902-07-16 HumboldtTrinity Summit
    JEPS38788UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisSanford Holley1929-07-01 TulareWhite Chief Canon Mineral King
    JEPS38789UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisSanford Holley1928-07-11 TulareWhite Chief Canon Mineral King
    JEPS38790UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson122831927-06-22 ShastaLassen Peak
    JEPS38791UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson153161929-09-28 Shastaon ridge above head of Manzanita Creek (nw slope of peak); Lassen Peak
    JEPS38792UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. H. Shockley1888-06-01 El DoradoC. F. Allen Lake Tahoe
    JEPS38793UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson32231909-07-11 MariposaMcClure Fork of the Merced River
    JEPS38794UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson81361918-08-25 El DoradoMt. Tallac Lake Tahoe
    JEPS38795UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson147171894-08-04 SiskiyouHorse Canon of the Upper Sacramento, Mt. Shasta
    JEPS38796UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson147181897-07-24 Trinityse Trinity Co. Soldier Ridge
    JEPS38797UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson56781913-09-01 MariposaGlacier Pt. Yosemite
    JEPS38798UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. M. Ottley8671920-06-22 El DoradoAngora Lake
    JEPS38799UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJos. Grinnell1928-06-28 LassenProspect Mt.
    JEPS38803UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson1898-07-01 NevadaSummit sta.
    JEPS38872UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJos. Grinnell1925-07-01 TehamaMineral
    JEPS38940UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy107221932-07-18 Humboldthead of Brett Hole Trinity Summit
    JEPS38948UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy131551934-03-11 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
    JEPS38953UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy80591927-05-15 Humboldton road w from Hoopa Valley Hoopa Mt.
    JEPS38954UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy104741932-07-12 Humboldthead of Brett Hole Trinity Summit
    JEPS38982UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy143701935-07-30 HumboldtSalmon Summit
    JEPS38983UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy81321927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain
    JEPS46287UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisCharlotte N. Smith7301942-08-02 Kernrockpile near top of north slope; Dunday Peak
    JEPS48506UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisEsther Fritz1933-07-04 Plumassummit and slopes Spanish Peak
    JEPS48586UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisHilda W. Grinnell1934-05-24 MonoMammoth Lakes Post Office Lake McCloud
    JEPS49476UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisB. Wise Neilsen1936-10-18 Siskiyou2 mi nw Etna Mt.; Salmon Mt.
    JEPS49538UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWillis L. Jepson200401940-06-27 Siskiyoue slope Mt. Shasta
    JEPS57221UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLawrence R. Heckard1716A1967-08-13 Trinityabove Upper Deadfall Lakes (sw of Mt. Eddy)
    JEPS66675UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeo. D. Butler1011908-08-04 Siskiyouhead Shackelford Creek
    JEPS72447UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith17391963-07-07 El Doradowithin 300 yd of California Alpine Club; Echo Summit
    JEPS72448UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith30971971-09-25 El Doradoalong road from California Alpine Club Lodge and US Highway Maintenance Station Echo Summit
    JEPS72449UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith, Alasdair H. Neilson24931970-07-27 El Doradosummit area Echo Peak
    JEPS72450UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith, Alasdair H. Neilson24941970-07-27 El Doradosummit area Echo Peak
    JEPS72451UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith24361970-07-15 El Doradonr. Berkeley Camp; Echo Summit
    JEPS72452UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith18081963-07-27 El Dorado50 ft from U.S. Hwy 50 at top of old Hawley Grade (first pass over Echo Summit)
    JEPS72453UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGladys L. Smith33811972-07-20 El Doradoalong trail from Glen Alpine Lake Gilmore
    JEPS74506UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisW. J. Ferlatte711966-06-22 SiskiyouJosephine Lake basin Trinity Alps
    JEPS78106UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisG. W. Zamzow611972-07-05 Alpine350 m e Ebbett′s Summit (Hwy 4, w-facing slope)
    JEPS80051UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman50511979-06-15 Colusaeast trail from Frog Pond to cirque of east and west peaks (ne slope of West Peak ridge); Snow Mt.
    JEPS82470UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGilbert Muth3721966-07-08 SiskiyouMarble Valley Meadow Marble Mt. Wilderness Area
    JEPS82684UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWayne Roderick1984-06-05 Siskiyouabove Castle Lake (ca. 12 air km sw of Mt. Shasta City)
    JEPS83893UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWayne Roderick1976-07-01 Siskiyouareas near Cook and Green Pass (along trail to Lily Pad Lake); Siskiyou Mountains
    JEPS86119UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisWayne Roderick1966-06-26 Siskiyoujust e Pass; Cook and Green Pass area
    JEPS88977UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy120151933-04-08 Del Norte6 mi e Gasquet; 18-mile Creek
    JEPS91229UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDean Wm. Taylor, Rexford E. Palmer99041988-06-26 ShastaClover Mountain, summit and northeast face
    JEPS91230UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDean Wm. Taylor, Ingrid Olmsted4898b1974-07-31 ShastaMagee Peak, Thousand Lakes Wilderness, Lassen National Forest
    JEPS91245UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor42381974-07-20 ShastaLassen National Forest, Thousand Lakes Wilderness, vicinity of Magee Peak,
    JEPS99664UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMelanie Arnett, Sylvia Haultain, Linda Mutch80552001-06-20 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; E-facing 30% midslope in a dry white fir-Jeffrey pine-lodgepole pine forest with some western white pine; loose pumice over degrading granite.
    OBI158918OBIArctostaphylos nevadensisLee W. Lenz24539a1963-09-10 MonoAbove confluence of creek from Lake Genevieve and main stream from Lake Mildred
    RSA0156124RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRebecca Wenk9422008-07-25 SiskiyouLily Pad Lake, just west of Kangaroo Lake, south of the Gazelle-Callaha Rd.
    RSA0156126RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. K. Balls139441949-07-09 Siskiyou10.3 miles from Etna on rd. to Sawyer′s Bar. Summit of pass over Salmon Mts.
    RSA0156127RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. C. Everett202681954-10-11 SiskiyouRoad from Castle Lake to town of Mt. Shasta, about 2 mi. n. from Castle Lake Forest Service camp.
    RSA0156128RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland35201903-07-14 SiskiyouKlamathon.
    RSA0156131RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. S. Rose343981934-07-21 SierraGold Lake.
    RSA0156133RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin3871931-05-30 ShastaMt. Lassen National Park.
    RSA0156134RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. R. Josephson181933-06-12 ShastaShoemaker Bally [Valley].; Weaverville
    RSA0156139RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisTim Ross30301990-07-02 FresnoSequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness; Monarch Divide. Saddle along ridgeline, ca 221 degrees SSW and 1800m distant from summit of Mt. Harrington, and along ridge to ca 1320m distance from Mt. Harrington.
    RSA0156141RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. B. Wolf24161931-09-10 El DoradoWest Side of Lake Tahoe, 0.75 mile from Emerald Bay on road to Meeks Bay.
    RSA0156142RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl B. Wolfs.n.1930-10-09 El DoradoAbout Susie lake
    RSA0156143RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace29311990-06-25 El DoradoSierra Nevada: Kirkwood Lake.
    RSA0156152RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisI. L. Wiggins123731950-05-28 SiskiyouAbove Grouse Creek, about 1.5 miles from Carmen Lake.
    RSA0156156RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte711966-06-22 SiskiyouJosephine Lake basin; Trinity Alps.
    RSA0156158RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisM. B. Dunkle90511944-06-26 SiskiyouDeer Creek.
    RSA0156161RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. C. Everett202511954-10-08 SierraSummit road to Gold Lake from Bassetts, Sierra Nevada.
    RSA0156162RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisB. Pitzer9471988-05-29 SierraPlumas National Forest, Gold Lake, near the boat ramp.
    RSA0156163RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Peirson101911932-07-10 ShastaInterlake Area, Thousand-Lake Basin.
    RSA0156166RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert Gustafson31731985-06-14 SierraHwy. 49, ca. 1-2 mile below Yuba Pass summit toward Sierra Valley.
    RSA0156168RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. M. Straw21691962-06-22 FresnoKaiser Pass east of Huntington Lake.
    RSA0156170RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace14371975-06-14 FresnoSierra Nevada Kings Can. N.P.E of Gen. Grant Grove along Park Ridge Trail ca. 1-4 mi. S of Panoramic Point.
    RSA0156174RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. B. Wolf33631928-08-17 El DoradoGlen Alpine to Susie Lake.
    RSA0156176RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins12161943-06-27 El DoradoRocky ridge above Echo Summit Pass.
    RSA0156201RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Axelrod161934-06-08 PlumasLa Porte.; Downieville
    RSA0156202RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. C. Wheeler69551952-09-24 PlumasPlumas 5: Vicinity of Crescent Mills.
    RSA0156203RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. T. Howell348761959-09-23 Plumas3 mi. south of Lassen Park boundary, on road to Chester.
    RSA0156206RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace13741974-12-27 PlacerNear Lake Tahoe on the outskirts of Homewood.
    RSA0156207RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLyman Benson45391933-06-26 PlacerCisco, U.S. 40. Sierra Nevada; Bear River watershed.
    RSA0156208RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. K. Balls155911950-09-01 PlumasLong Lake, ridge above east shore along trail going south of lake.
    RSA0156209RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisA. A. Heller70411903-07-29 NevadaAbove Donner Lake toward Donner Pass.
    RSA0156210RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz211881955-07-24 MonoHead of Sweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mts.
    RSA0156213RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisPercy Train196261937-05-29 MonoLeevining Creek.
    RSA0156215RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copeland4861928-08-29 ButteNeighborhood of Jonesville. Summit of Humboldt Road.
    RSA0156216RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland6721931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    RSA0156219RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisM. B. Dunkle46321935-08-03 MaderaRidge N. of Lake Ediza. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    RSA0156220RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz177211952-06-24 Del NorteCanon road from Gordon Mt. to Big Flat, Siskiyou Mts.
    RSA0156222RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. C. Wheeler73791958-08-10 Del NorteLittle Rattlesnake Mountain.
    RSA0156252RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. K. Balls156241950-09-02 PlumasRoad to Mt. Ingalls Lookout after leaving road from Ramelli to Walker Mine.
    RSA0156253RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. S. Rose671641967-07-11 PlumasSummit Mt. Hough.
    RSA0156258RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. Weatherby15381955-06-22 PlumasSpanish Peak.
    RSA0156261RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Peirson61171925-06-27 MonoWest end of Gem lake, Sierra Nevada.
    RSA0156262RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisBeatrice Willard71945-07-06 MonoT.H. Trail, s.e. side of Lake George, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest.
    RSA0156265RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Atwood117391985-08-08 MonoUpper West Walker River, upper Piute Meadows.
    RSA0156266RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLloyd Parratts.n.1965-07-14 MonoGreen Lake Trail just below Green Lake.
    RSA0156268RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisBetty J. Jorgensen4531944-06-06 NevadaAbove highway near A.S.U.C. lodge. Near Norden.
    RSA0156269RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland4371930-07-06 ButteAbove Jonesville.
    RSA0156271RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. K. Balls180981952-10-07 Amador6.4 NE of El Dorado Nat′l Forest boundary, by turn off to Peddler Hill, Hwy 88.
    RSA0156273RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. A. Rutter321934-10-03 Alpine1-4 mile E. of Twin Lakes.; Pyramid Peak
    RSA0156274RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1900-07-26 NevadaSummit, Sierra Nevada Mts.
    RSA0156275RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. R. Abrams48371911-07-29 El DoradoGlen Alpine Trail Mt. Tallac.
    RSA0156277RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. B. Wolf91291937-08-10 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains, High Divide.
    RSA0156280RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisAlice Eastwood150821928-03-30 Del NorteGasque [Gasquet].
    RSA0156281RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLester Rowntrees.n.1934-05-28 Del NorteGasquet.
    RSA0156282RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace14831975-08-22 Del NorteSix Rivers Nat. For., just N. of Gasquet 1 mi. along the road.
    RSA0156310RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisB. Bolt3871935-08-07 Tuolumne1.5 miles SE of mouth of Niagara Creek.; Dardanelles
    RSA0156311RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisB. C. Templetons.n.1957-06-24 TrinityBattle Creek, Salmon Mts., Shasta Natl. Forest.
    RSA0156312RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz167171951-07-20 TrinityN.E. slope of Black Rock. North Yolla Bolly Mts.
    RSA0156354RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisAnstruther Davidson16741908-07-01 TulareSequoia National Forest.
    RSA0156355RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. T. Howell7151927-08-29 TulareNear Twin Lakes, Sequoia National Park.
    RSA0156356RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLester Rountrees.n.1929-09-19 TuolumneNear Sonora Pass. Patterson Grade.
    RSA0156359RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. A. Jensen2201931-09-01 TrinityGrizzly Mountain.; Hoaglin
    RSA0156379RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin7321932-09-13 TulareBeside trail from Eagle lake to Mineral King, Seuoia National Forest.
    RSA0156380RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. R. Shevock87461981-06-08 TulareSequoia National Forest: Greenhorn Mtns. Along Forest Hwy 90 near Portuguese Pass.
    RSA0156381RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin3871931-05-30 TehamaMt. Lassen above Mineral.
    RSA0156383RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRoger RaicheRR-506771985-07-27 TehamaLog Springs Road near intersection with road to Sugar Spring Campground-Government Flat, near marker 35.68.
    RSA0156414RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Peirson8321910-08-02 MariposaTamarack Flat, Sierra Nevada.
    RSA0156416RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLyman Benson5921928-04-28 LakeKelseyville.
    RSA0156418RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisCora W. Bensons.n.1940-05-01 LakePine Grove, Cobb Valley.
    RSA0156420RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisDoris K. Kildale153901938-06-05 HumboldtHorse Mountain.
    RSA0156423RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisDoris K. Kildale153351967-08-15 HumboldtHigh Divide.
    RSA0156458RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisHutchinson19311910-06-01 MariposaYosemite.
    RSA0156459RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisW. B. Augustine1531935-06-11 Mariposa1-2 m ile W. of Mt. Watkins, Yosemite quadrangle.
    RSA0156462RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. C. Twisselmann123891966-06-23 KernSummit of Sunday Peak. Just below the east summit of the peak.
    RSA0156463RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisAlice Eastwood99121941-07-10 GlennNear Copper City.
    RSA201339RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. T. Howell348761959-09-23 Plumas3 mi. south of Lassen Park boundary, on road to Chester.
    RSA633213RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley74041979-06-30 MariposaHighway 120, 16 km east of west entrance to Yosemite National Park.
    RSA633214RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley74031979-06-30 MariposaHighway 120, 16 km east of west entrance to Yosemite National Park.
    RSA633218RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRaymond J. Dobbs9401926-07-03 TuolumneYosemite, toward Ten Lakes.
    RSA633219RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley228371993-06-28 TuolumneHighway 120 (Tioga Rd.), ca. 10 km east of Crane Flat, Yosemite National Park.
    RSA633220RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley228421993-06-28 TuolumneHighway 120 (Tioga Road), Siesta Lake, Yosemite National Park.
    RSA633221RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJon E. Keeley228431993-06-28 TuolumneHighway 120 (Tioga Road), Siesta Lake, Yosemite National Park.
    SPIF00530SPIFArctostaphylos nevadensisAnn Willyard3432000-05-17 SiskiyouThompson Ridge. Happy Camp. Exact location not recorded.
    SPIF00531SPIFArctostaphylos nevadensisBotany Crews.n.2001-01-01 HumboldtLord-Ellis Summit 7.5 USGS quad. Exact location unknown.
    SPIF00532SPIFArctostaphylos nevadensisAnn Willyard4892000-06-14 TrinityTangle Blue Lake 7.5 USGS quad. Hwy 3, e-Co. Rd. 133, 3 N26, SPI spur 13a.
    SPIF00534SPIFArctostaphylos nevadensisDean Wm. Taylor, Ph.D.179892002-04-19 TrinityCovington Mill 7.5 USGS quad. ca. 1 mile west of Hwy 3 near Davis Creek (6 air miles SW of Trinity Center); edge of young (20yr) conifer plantation along gravel logging road; these plants with leaf color of A. klamathensis; hairs of A. nevadensis.
    SPIF00535SPIFArctostaphylos nevadensisAnn Willyard3992000-06-06 TrinityCovington Mill 7.5 USGS quad. Near Lake Eleanor.
    UC1001344UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLouise Kellogg911952-07-18 Tehamaon ridge near Squaw Camp and Pole Corral (directly s of South Yolla Bolly Mountain); North Coast Ranges, Mendocino National Forest, Boswell Ridge
    UC1005032UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisPhilip A. Munz160931940-07-21 Mono18 mi sw Bridgeport; Barney Lake
    UC1036256UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge W. Gillett821952-07-15 Shastas side lower Twin Lake; Lassen Volcanic National Park
    UC1037404UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDouglas Barbe2281955-07-21 Tehamarocky hill at w shore Square Lake (w Tehama Co.)
    UC1075635UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Weatherby15261950-08-11 Plumason side of mt. Lakes Basin area, Mt. Elwell
    UC1075706UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Weatherby15381955-06-22 PlumasSpanish Peak
    UC1076066UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLawrence W. Reinecke1937-07-27 Tuolumnenw cliff Yosemite National Park, Jack Main Meadow
    UC1173710UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy164051939-08-16 HumboldtHorse Mountain
    UC1187350UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisR. G. Skolmen10(2)1960-10-25 Humboldttwo and a half mi nnw Weitchepec; Quad 11D2
    UC1190121UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisIra L. Wiggins135591955-07-27 SiskiyouCaribou Lake Salmon-Trinity Alps Primitive Area
    UC1193135UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisP. Zinke1301950-06-20 Trinityintersection of Trinity Co. line and west boundary Mendocino National Forest; Quad 43A2
    UC1196871UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy34251911-07-07 Humboldtviz. ridge n Willow Creek (between Willow and Campbell Creeks, near the summit); Northern Coast Ranges, Brannan Mountain
    UC1196873UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy8132 1-21927-06-12 HumboldtHorse Mountain
    UC1196874UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy126701933-07-11 HumboldtHorse Mountain
    UC1196875UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJoseph P. Tracy64941923-06-30 Trinitynear summit (on road to Low Gap of Mad River); Northern Coast Ranges, South Fork Mountain
    UC1215453UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell73141958-07-13 Fresno2 mi directly n 10,320 Kaiser Peak (2 mi sw of Sample Mead. Camp Grd., sw corner of quad); Kaiser Peak Quad., Prior Lake
    UC1254078UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisB. F. Smith371964-07-20 Del NorteBald Hill Mt. Rd ca 6 air mi se Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park; Quad. 9D1
    UC1254079UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisB. F. Smith361964-07-20 Del NorteBald Hill Mt. Rd ca 6 air mi se Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park; Quad. 9D1
    UC1254081UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisB. F. Smith341964-07-20 Del NorteBald Hill Mt. Rd ca 6 air mi se Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park; Quad. 9D1
    UC1281381UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. E. McMinn32611933-09-04 Amador16.2 mi down hwy from Plasse Resort at Silver Lake (toward Jackson)
    UC1281403UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. E. McMinn26161931-07-28 Amadornear Silver Lake; Granite Lake
    UC1281404UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisH. E. McMinn26161931-07-28 Amadornear Silver Lake; Granite Lake
    UC1341101UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert J. Rodin60901956-07-12 Mariposa14 mi w Tenaya Lake; Yosemite National Park
    UC1375582UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisAkey3261935-08-17 Madera1 mi s Moraine Meadows; Yosemite National Park
    UC1375730UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisPetrides1939-08-02 TuolumneShepherd Crest Yosemite National Park
    UC1388320UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisFreed W. Hoffman16321947-06-23 Tehamanear Government Flat (sw Tehama Co.); North Coast Ranges
    UC1389153UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. E. Wieslander10081939-09-03 Del NorteFrench Hill Siskiyou National Forest, Preston Peak Quadrangle
    UC1389154UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. Lewis2241933-08-20 Del NorteFrench Hill Siskiyou National Forest, Preston Peak Quadrangle
    UC1389161UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisA. E. Wieslander10041939-09-03 Del NorteFrench Hill Siskiyou National Forest, Preston Peak Quad
    UC1408967UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert F. Thorne354821965-09-20 Del Nortealong Old Gasquet Toll Road ca 5 mi ene Gasquet (on rocky bank above small stream)
    UC1409401UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisFrederick W. Oettinger3661968-08-02 Siskiyou0.1 mi s Diamond Lake (high lake basins in vicinity of English Peak); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Shasta R
    UC1483541UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisMaralyn A. Renner27651980-09-09 Siskiyouridge to sw Medicine Mtn.; Klamath National Forest, Forks of Salmon Quad.
    UC1602024UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. W. Congdon1904-07-23 Humboldt< illegible > Eureka
    UC1733768UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisKay H. Beach6331940-05-15 Siskiyoubetween Bull Meadows and Goosenest Mtn. Goosenest Mtn.
    UC1748317UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJames D. Jokerst, R. A. Schlising, L. Ahart25701985-08-12 PlumasRed Mountain Road in saddle below summit, above jct. with Rich Gulch Road, N of Hwy. 70
    UC1949513UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisAlison Colwell, Dena Grossenbacher, Jim Shevock, Lauren Dennis07-2762007-07-24 TuolumneAlong trail between Seavey Pass and Benson Lake, about 1.5 km north of Benson Lake.
    UCSB036054UCSBArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, Winifred1938-07-29 TuolumneSaurian Crest
    UCSB036055UCSBArctostaphylos nevadensisField School2331937-07-10 MariposaResearch Reserve Yosemite; Plot 9
    UCSB036056UCSBArctostaphylos nevadensisDennis E. Breedlove32771962-06-10 Del NorteOn bank of Dunn Creek; along Indian Creek Road from O′Brien to Happy Camp; 24.1 miles northwest of Happy Camp; Siskiyou Mountains
    UCSB036057UCSBArctostaphylos nevadensisAnn M. Howald8311976-06-24 MonoUniv. of Calif. Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, Old Mammoth Rd., 2.5 mi. SW of Highway 203; above Mammoth Creek
    AHUC100786DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisBeecher Crampton93251975-10-14 NevadaJct. of Interstate Hwy. 80 and State Hwy. 20.
    AHUC100787DAVArctostaphylos nevadensisBeecher Crampton44881957-08-05 AlpineAlong State Hwy. 4; 2 miles east of Ebbett′s Pass summit.
    CDA0009335CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisD.G. Kelch6.2982006-06-21 SierraAbove Sardine Lake on road to Sierra Butte.
    CDA0014732CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.D. Barbe32631981-06-24 PlumasSummit of Mount Hough.
    CDA0015575CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.F. Hrusa146831998-07-05 SiskiyouS side of pass on Happy Camp-O′Brien Rd. Calif. side of State Boundary, above Indian Ck. Camp. Siskiyou Mountains.
    CDA0018487CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.D. Barbe33751981-06-26 PlumasWalker Plains. Along the Plumas-Butte county line. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0018662CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.D. Barbe37181982-06-15 Plumas1.0 mile below and northeast of Red Hill Summit, Plumas National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0038693CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.D. Barbe27501980-05-20 TrinityScott Mountain Summit campground, Scott Mountains, Trinity National Forest; summit of Highway 3 between Callahan (Siskiyou County) and Trinity Center.
    CDA0038694CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisG.D. Barbe42781987-05-20 NevadaRoad west of Graniteville.
    CDA0038696CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. H. Keifers.n.1960-09-14 GlennPlaskett District.
    CDA0052427CDAArctostaphylos nevadensisSteven Serkanic802016-06-30 SierraSierra County, California. Tahoe National Forest; USFS Road 621-00; north of Sierra Buttes 39 ° 3 N, 120 ° 39 W, Elev 6370 ft. Montane chaparral.
    CHSC101427CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid Isle15331990-05-18 MendocinoWest aspect of Hull Mountain top adjacent to Raod 1N02.6. T1 N R1 W S11 NW1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hull Mountain Top
    CHSC110262CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisL. P. Janeway108532012-06-02 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Plumas National Forest; top of Mt. Ararat, 6.5 km southeast of Bucks Lake. T2 N R08E S3 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Haskins Valley 1:24,000
    CHSC121272CHSCArctostaphylos nevadensisBelinda Lo3832017-09-30 TrinityEast of Indian Valley Campground and along road 2N10.
    FSC0017772FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell3871951-07-30 FresnoOn slopes between Eastern Brook (approx. 9300′) and Rainbow (approx. 9500′) Lakes on N.W. outlier of Three Sisters ridge (10,500′). Slope faces W. over Dinkey Crk. over 1000 below and opposite ridge is lower than the Lakes.
    FSC0017773FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell73141958-07-13 FresnoPrior L., 2 m. directly n. of 10,320 Kaiser Pk., 2 m. sw. of Sample Mead. Camp grd. (sw. quarter Kaiser Pk. Quad.). Lake in large cirque, sidewalls 500 & 650′, back wall rises to 9600, outliers of Kaiser Pk.; near Lake outlet.
    FSC0017774FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell46001954-08-24 Fresno
    FSC0017775FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisGlenna Walters FresnoEastern slope of Mt. Tom about 15 miles N. E. of Huntington Lake
    FSC0017776FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisMr. Graves; Miss Achey951930-07-12 FresnoHuntington Lake; on trip to Twin Lake
    FSC0017777FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Robinsonb3081936-07-11 FresnoN slope of peak on Kaiser Ridge to s. of Twin Lakes, 1 m.w. of Potter Pass, n.e. of Huntington Lake.
    FSC0017778FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisKenneth E. Christensen31959-07-10 Fresno4 1-3 W. on highway 168 from Rancheria Creek bridge; meadow on rt. hand side of road. 300 ft. from meadow.
    FSC0017779FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisChas H. Quibell41741954-08-08 Fresno10,000′ Big Margaret L., headwaters Silver Crk. 1 m. sw. of 11,878′ Silver Pk. on Silver Divide, 1 1-2 m. ne. of 11,192 Saddle Mt. (9 map - miles n. of Mono Hot Sprgs.). Above w. shore of Lake where trail crosses to Fern L.
    FSC0017780FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisPaul A. Mitchell11959-06-06 UnknownLake Tahoe Region. D. L. Bliss State Park. Growing about 40 yards north of the Park Entrance Station.
    FSC0017781FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisRichard Coviello67-1261967-07-02 Madera1-4 mile southeast of Lillian Lake in the Lodgepole forest
    FSC0017782FSCArctostaphylos nevadensisShlomo Aranson771963-07-14 SierraFound between Amemia Lake and upper Sardine Lake,
    JEPS105105UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor138091993-07-09 ShastaTrinity Mountains; Gray Rocks; ca. 10 air miles WSW of Dunsmuir
    JEPS113387UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino140162007-06-08 PlumasEast side of an open rocky flat, 60 yards east of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis
    JEPS123157UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisD. Burge, J. Nelson, Jepson Herbarium workshop participantsJHWS-1312015-06-27 TrinityScorpion Lake
    JEPS124854UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Yamanaka1351965-07-13 SiskiyouMt. Shasta.
    JEPS124855UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisHimayat H. Naqvi1561965-07-20 Siskiyou200 feet north of the Ski level club, Mount Shasta.
    JEPS124856UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisC. L. Kline2001965-07-13 SiskiyouMt. Shasta. 500 above ski bowl,
    JEPS125971UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisD. W. Taylor179892002-04-18 TrinityCa 1 mile W of Hwy 3 near Davis Creek, 6 air miles SW of Trinity Center.
    JEPS126857UCJEPSArctostaphylos nevadensisDean W. Taylor00011967-05-31 AmadorBetween State Highway 88 and Plasse on Sliver Lake, near the switchback on the country road
    LA00607344LAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland4371930-07-06 ButteAbove Jonesville
    LA00607346LAArctostaphylos nevadensisLewis S. Rose353831935-07-16 MonoMammoth Lakes Region; Lava Arch; above Twin Lakes
    LA00607348LAArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-18 ShastaLake Helen; Lassen Volcanic National Park
    LA00607349LAArctostaphylos nevadensisHarlan Lewiss.n.1940-09-12 TulareHeather Lake; Sequoia National Park
    LA00607352LAArctostaphylos nevadensisHarlan Lewiss.n.1940-09-12 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Heather Lake
    LA00607353LAArctostaphylos nevadensisH.P. Bracelin4591931-06-21 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy above Dobkin′s Lake, near Mt. Shasta City
    LA00607354LAArctostaphylos nevadensisWm. Bridge Cooke138351939-08-08 SiskiyouMount Shasta
    LA00607357LAArctostaphylos nevadensisCarl Eplings.n.1935-08-01 ShastaCascade Range; Mt. Lassen; Upper King′s Creek
    MACF035210MACFArctostaphylos nevadensisFay A. MacFadden109031933-07-10 NevadaDonner Lake Highway
    RSA0069922RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLee W. Lenz24539a1963-09-10 MonoAbove confluence of creek from Lake Genevieve and main stream from Lake Mildred.
    RSA0100171RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJessica Orozco11692015-06-02 TulareSequoia National Forest. South fork tule river watershed. Mule peak at summit where the lookout tower is.
    RSA0101499RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1957-06-23 TrinityCoffee Creek Canon above Battle Creek.
    RSA0101627RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisBonnie C. Templetons.n.1957-06-23 Tehama[Or Shasta County] At Battle Creek.
    RSA0156125RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisA. E. Culbertson1011943-06-26 SiskiyouCastle Lake, in a north facing cirque with an abrupt 1000′ backwall; 14 miles s.w. of Mt. Shasta on n. side of a 6600′ eastern spur of Trinity Mts.; 2000 above Sacramento R. within 10 air miles of its headwaters to the west.
    RSA0156129RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisFrederick W. Oettinger3251967-08-26 SiskiyouTop of English Peak. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA0156132RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. A. Barker7951927-07-06 SierraSummit Lake.
    RSA0156135RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-07-07 ShastaLassen′s Peak.
    RSA0156136RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. R. Quick40-1001940-06-05 FresnoRoad between Shaver Lake and Dinky Creek, S of summit, 8 miles E. of Shaver Lake.
    RSA0156137RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell3871951-07-30 FresnoOn slopes between Eastern Brook (approx. 9300′) and Rainbow (approx. 9500′) Lakes on n.w. outlier of three sisters ridge (10,500′).
    RSA0156138RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Robinsonb-3081936-07-11 FresnoNorth facing slope of peak on Kaiser Ridge to south of Twin Lakes, 1 mile west of Potter Pass and northeast of Huntington Lake.
    RSA0156140RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins20281945-07-01 El DoradoAbove shore of Grouse Lake, 2-2.5 mi. E. of Wrights lake, 9 N. of U.S. Highway 50.
    RSA0156151RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. F. Thorne633721969-08-04 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, high lake basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Above Diamond Lake.
    RSA0156153RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin4591931-06-21 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy above Dobkin′s Lake, near Mt. Shasta City.
    RSA0156154RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRoxana S. Ferris118011948-06-12 SiskiyouAt Mule Creek crossing on Scott Mt. Road so. of Callahan.
    RSA0156157RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisFrederick W. Oettinger3661968-08-02 Siskiyou0.1 mi. So. of Diamond Lake on Shasta Ridge. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
    RSA0156159RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin4281931-06-19 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy, up from Metcalf′s ranch house.
    RSA0156160RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. S. Rose690551969-06-25 SierraGold Lake.
    RSA0156164RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. F. Copelands.n.1935-07-29 ShastaMt. Lassen. About Emerald Lake.
    RSA0156165RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace29451990-06-29 ShastaCascade Range: Lassen Park, Emerald Lake, west side of lake, trail to Bumpass Hell.
    RSA0156167RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell41741954-08-08 Fresno10,000′ Big Margaret L., Headwaters Silver Crk, 1 m. sw. of 11, 878′ Silver Pk. on Silver Divide, 1- 1-2 NE of 11,192 Saddle Mt. (9 map - miles N of Mono Hot Sprgs.).
    RSA0156169RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. C. Everett74751935-07-19 FresnoSierra Nevada. Huntington Lake - Florence Lake Road, 5.7 mi. from (W.) High Sierra Ranger Station.
    RSA0156171RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace14371975-06-14 FresnoKings Canon Nat. Pk. North of Grant Grove along Park Ridge Trail, ca. 1-4 mi. S. of Panoramic Point.
    RSA0156172RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. Russell Bruff8461937-07-03 FresnoKaiser Ridge above Huntington Lake.
    RSA0156173RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisChas. H. Quibell46001954-08-24 FresnoGraveyard Lakes, 1.5 miles Glaciated basin, SE flank Silver Divide 600-1000′ above Cold Creek. E-SE at 9300′. Lowest saddle on basin rim 10,670; Graveyard Peak 11,584 at W corner. 5.5 map miles N of Edison Dam on Mono Creek.
    RSA0156175RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisG. Thomas Robbins20841945-08-05 El DoradoAlong north shore of Rockbound lake, Rockbound Valley, Desolation Valley Wilderness Area.
    RSA0156177RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Peirson95181931-08-07 El DoradoNear stream course above Grass Lake, Glen Alpine Creek Basin.
    RSA0156178RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace29261990-06-25 El DoradoSierra Nevada: Kirkwood Lake.
    RSA0156179RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. L. Johannsen4911934-09-11 El DoradoOne mile west of Grass Lake. El Dorado National Forest.; Markleeville
    RSA0156204RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisF. W. Embree901934-06-06 PlumasThree Lakes.; Bidwell Bar
    RSA0156205RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisN. H. French3971934-06-01 PlacerN Fork of N Fork of American River.; Colfax
    RSA0156211RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisArthur R. Kruckeberg35891954-07-26 MonoH.M. Hall Natural Area, Inyo N.F.; Slate Creek drainage.
    RSA0156212RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisWm. Hiesey3841937-07-27 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area.
    RSA0156214RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisDoris Bowers19031972-09-05 NevadaWhite Rock Lake, N-o Donner Pass, Tahoe area. Found along South shore.
    RSA0156217RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLyman Benson28391931-08-23 AmadorSilver Lake, Sierra Nevada Mts.
    RSA0156218RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. E. Stanford21201933-08-10 AlpineSilver Lake Region. [May also be Amador County.]
    RSA0156221RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. F. Thorne354821965-09-20 Del NorteAlong Old Gasquet Toll Road, ca. 5 mi. ENE of Gasquet.
    RSA0156251RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. Nourse281934-09-04 PlumasE. Clermont Mtn.; Downieville
    RSA0156254RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. T. Howell542651981-06-24 PlumasRocky sumit ridge, Mt. Hough.
    RSA0156255RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisR. W. Lundh2371933-04-26 Placer3 miles S. Signal Peak.; Coflax
    RSA0156256RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisN. H. French4061934-06-10 PlacerNear Lake Van Norden.; Truckee
    RSA0156257RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-29 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
    RSA0156259RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-07-28 NevadaSoda Springs.
    RSA0156260RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisD. D. Keck15801932-06-30 Nevada1 mi. E. of Cisco.
    RSA0156263RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz160931940-07-21 MonoBarney Lake. 18 miles SW of Bridgeport.
    RSA0156264RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLyman Benson37951932-07-01 MonoSierra Nevada Mt. Range, Mono Lake watershed, Lee Vining Canon.
    RSA0156267RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisDerham Giuliani64401993-09-01 MonoSierra Nevada: Mammoth Lakes; Canon with Hemlock.
    RSA0156270RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland6721931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    RSA0156272RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisGary D. Wallace26641987-06-23 AmadorKirkwood Lake, near Hwy 8 NE of Silver Lake. West edge of campground.
    RSA0156276RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisE. B. Copeland672a1931-06-22 ButteJonesville. On ridge east of the Summit.
    RSA0156278RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. B. Wolf99241941-02-22 Del NorteSiskiyou Mountains: Low Divide.
    RSA0156279RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz177371952-06-24 Del NorteCamp 6, east base of Gordon Mt. and ca. 10 mi. by air north of Big Flat, Siskiyou Mts.
    RSA0156283RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisL. C. Wheeler83661963-09-07 Del NorteDiamond Creek, Copper Prospect.
    RSA0156309RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisW. A. Peterson4071936-08-01 Tuolumne1 mile S. of Buck Lake.; Dardanelles
    RSA0156357RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisJ. T. Howell197631944-07-14 TehamaAnthony Peak, east side.
    RSA0156358RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisH. P. Bracelin3871931-05-30 TehamaMt. Lassen above Mineral.
    RSA0156382RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisP. A. Munz118521947-05-18 TehamaOn Highway 89, 2 miles south of south main entrance to Lassen park.
    RSA0156384RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisG. D. Barbe2281955-07-21 TehamaWest shore of Square lake.
    RSA0156385RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliam J. Ferlatte5591967-06-28 TrinityEast side of Packers Peak.
    RSA0156415RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisNathan C. Sweets.n.1940-06-25 MariposaWest shore of Iron Lake, near Fish Camp P.O.
    RSA0156419RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisRoman Gankin10211967-07-07 MendocinoBald Mountain, from summit 6739 ft. and northeast - facing slopes. Ca. 13 miles north of Hull Mt. on USFS Rd. 2 N02 (1-4 mi. e. of jct. USFS Rd. 1N02).
    RSA0156421RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisLyman Benson60641934-05-06 KernSunday Peak. Greenhorn Mountains, Kern River watershed.
    RSA0156422RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisC. B. Wolf40401941-02-26 Humboldt6 2-10 W. of Klamath River Bridge on Weitchpec to Orick Rd.
    RSA0156460RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisNathan C. Sweet3311948-07-30 MariposaIron Lake, 18 mi. east of Fish Camp.
    RSA0156461RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisDoris K. Kildale27641926-09-11 LassenJuniper Lake.
    RSA0159470RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisPercy C. Everett221271956-07-12 Alpine1.7 NE of Calaveras-Alpine Co. line. State Hwy.4, Ebbetts Pass road.
    RSA0159471RSAArctostaphylos nevadensisHerbert F. Copeland4861928-08-29 ButteNeighborhood of Jonesville. Summit of Humboldt road.
    UCR0066249UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisMichael Theroux6391983-09-03 KernSequoia National Forest, Greenhorn Mountains, Tiger Flat Campground
    UCR0066250UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp124152007-06-29 AmadorShot Rock Vista picnic area along CA-88, 0.9 miles east of its junction with Mormon Emigrant Trail
    UCR0066251UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp183292011-09-24 El DoradoLoon Lake Road at the junction to the campground at the south end of the lake
    UCR0066252UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisGeorge K. Helmkamp99772005-10-01 PlacerNW of Lake Tahoe; Junction of Bear Creek Dr. and Big John Road (c. 2.2 miles west of Calif. Highway 89 and just south of Alpine Meadows Road)
    UCR0066253UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisLouis C. Wheeler73791958-08-10 Del NorteLittle Rattlesnake Mtn.
    UCR0066255UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisEugene Cardiffs.n.1967-08-01 Monobetween Lake George and Crystal Lake
    UCR0066256UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisColeta A. Lawler1481968-07-01 Nevada5.4 miles west of Sagehen Creek Biological Station, on Carpenter Ridge Road, 7.6 miles west from intersection with Hwy 89
    UCR0066257UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisDavid J. Keil173311983-07-02 HumboldtHorse Mountain Summit SW of Willow Creek
    UCR0066258UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisAnn Howald38102016-06-27 MonoMammoth Lakes Basin, Heart Lake Trail at intersection with Mine Trail
    UCR0066259UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisRobert E. Preston15602001-06-23 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, north slope of Rainbow Mountain
    UCR0066260UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisMichelle A. Strull201985-06-22 Trinityc. 0.1 mile south of Hayfork Bally lookout along FS road 3 N52
    UCR0066261UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisB.G. Pitzer09471988-05-29 SierraPlumas National Forest, Gold Lake, near the boat ramp
    UCR0066262UCRArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn C. Roos39511948-09-01 Siskiyoumountains SW of Etna, high exposed rocky ridge, summit of pass
    UCSB051232UCSBArctostaphylos nevadensisGregory A. Wahlert2292018-07-07 AlpineStanislaus National Forest, New Spicer Meadow Reservoir.; 38.4261 -119.9125
    THRI-SEKI403THRIArctostaphylos nevadensisPusateri, Samuel J.J748-101943-00-01 UnknownTwin Lks
    UCSC100000171UCSCArctostaphylos nevadensisD. J. Norman3971969-06-24 El Doradoabove S. shore of Fallen Leaf Lake, growing in dry rocky soil in Yellow Pine For. in cabin area
    YM-YOSE59883YMArctostaphylos nevadensisHAINES, A.LEENONE GIVEN1936-07-11 ?  MariposaNORTH DOME
    YM-YOSE59884YMArctostaphylos nevadensisRODIN, ROBERT J.60901956-07-12 ?  MariposaPORCUPINE FLAT
    YM-YOSE59885YMArctostaphylos nevadensisSCHREIBER, BERYL O.17721935-07-03 ?  MariposaTRAIL TO SENTINEL DOME.
    YM-YOSE59886YMArctostaphylos nevadensisHAINES, A.LEE18951936-01-21 ?  Tuolumne1-2 MILE E OF NEAL LAKE
    YM-YOSE59887YMArctostaphylos nevadensisHAINES, A.LEENONE GIVEN1936-07-11 ?  MariposaNORTH DOME
    YM-YOSE64009YMArctostaphylos nevadensisZENTMYER, GEORGE A.1935-07-07 ?  MariposaBOUNDARY HILL REGION. NEAR PLOT 7
    YM-YOSE64010YMArctostaphylos nevadensisDUNN, DAVID1940-08-01 ?  MaderaWEST SIDE MIDDLE BRANCH TRIPLE PEAK FORK
    YM-YOSE64011YMArctostaphylos nevadensisDUNN, DAVID1940-08-01 ?  MariposaWEST SIDE MIDDLE BRANCH TRIPLE PEAK FORK.
    YM-YOSE64012YMArctostaphylos nevadensisMICHAEL, ENID3981926-10-25 ?  MariposaGLACIER POINT
    YM-YOSE64013YMArctostaphylos nevadensisMICHAEL, ENID1926-10-25 ?  MariposaGLACIER POINT
    YM-YOSE64014YMArctostaphylos nevadensisMICHAEL, ENID911922-08-18 ?  MariposaGLACIER POINT
    YM-YOSE64015YMArctostaphylos nevadensisAUGUSTINE, W.B.1531935-06-11 ?  MariposaWEST 1-2 MILE OF MT WATKINS. LOT 37
    YM-YOSE64016YMArctostaphylos nevadensisAUGUSTINE, W.B.1531935-06-11 ?  MariposaWEST 1-2 MILE OF MT WATKINS. LOT 37
    THRI-SEKI2685THRIArctostaphylos nevadensisBuchanan, Hayle6001963-07-04 UnknownNear Little Baldy Tr
    THRI-SEKI2686THRIArctostaphylos nevadensisStocking, S.K.62-611962-06-29 UnknownNear Alta Tr, S Of Wolverton
    THRI-SEKI2687THRIArctostaphylos nevadensisStocking, S.K.63-201963-06-19 UnknownPanoramic Pt
    THRI-SEKI2688THRIArctostaphylos nevadensisStocking, S.K.62-091962-06-22 UnknownBuena Vista Grove
    YM-YOSE217116YMArctostaphylos nevadensisColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Shevock, Jim - -Dennis, Lauren07-2762007-07-24 TuolumneAlong trail between Seavey Pass and Benson Lake, about 1.5 km north of Benson Lake. Datum: NAD83.
    YM-YOSE217117YMArctostaphylos nevadensisColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Shevock, Jim - -Dennis, Lauren07-2762007-07-24 TuolumneAlong trail between Seavey Pass and Benson Lake, about 1.5 km north of Benson Lake. Datum: NAD83.
    YM-YOSE231919YMArctostaphylos nevadensisTaylor, Dean --Colwell, Alison --Hutten, M.206732009-07-10 MariposaYosemite National Park: Big Creek, about 1 stream mile above the crossing of the Chowchill Mountain Road, westerly side of the stream
    CLARK-A1528-7768CLARKArctostaphylos nevadensisJohn C. Roos39511948-09-01 SiskiyouEtna
    STNF-4646543-TEMPAIDSTNFArctostaphylos nevadensisSusan Erwin2000-06-15 TrinityHayfork RD
    STNF-4646544-TEMPAIDSTNFArctostaphylos nevadensisSusan Erwin2000-06-12 TrinityScott Mountain
    CAS-BOT39926CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.90731963-10-03 TulareSierra Nevada - The Needles
    CAS-BOT39952CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRaiche, Roger506761985-07-27 TehamaRound Valley Road (Log Springs Road), near intersection with road to Sugar Spring Campground-Government Flat, near marker 35.68
    CAS-BOT39953CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1916-09-08 TehamaHigh Mts. near Government Flat
    CAS-BOT39954CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, H. P.3871931-05-30 TehamaMt. Lassen, above Mineral
    CAS-BOT39955CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, H. P.3871931-05-30 TehamaMt. Lassen, above Mineral
    CAS-BOT39956CASArctostaphylos nevadensisCarter, Eugene6091973-06-20 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Open brushy ridge southwest of Jorstad Cabin.
    CAS-BOT39957CASArctostaphylos nevadensisCarter, Eugene6081973-06-20 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Cabin Peak Trail
    CAS-BOT39958CASArctostaphylos nevadensisCarter, Eugene4871972-06-28 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Dry rocky slope above Whites Creek Lk
    CAS-BOT39959CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1932-09-01 TrinitySummit Trinity Mts. between Callihan and Carrville, s. of Scott Valley and n. of Trinity Center.
    CAS-BOT39960CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMunz, P. A.167171951-07-20 TrinityNorth Yolla Bolly Mts. - n.e. slope of Black Rock
    CAS-BOT39961CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMunz, P. A.167171951-07-20 TrinityNorth Yolla Bolly Mts. - n.e. slope of Black Rock
    CAS-BOT39962CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBaker, Milo S.285b1926-08-21 TrinityNear Sulphur Springs 9.5 miles north of Mineral
    CAS-BOT39963CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, L. B.105141930-08-26 TrinitySouth Fork Mountain
    CAS-BOT39964CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.535341980-05-20 TrinityScott Mt. summit on road from Carrville to Callahan
    CAS-BOT39965CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.8571895-07-21 TulareSouth Sierra Nevada - Needles Ridge above Lloyd′s
    CAS-BOT39966CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.12511895-08-13 TulareAbove Panihee
    CAS-BOT39967CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.26731898-09-05 TulareS. Sierra Nevada - Jordan′s Pk. Tule River
    CAS-BOT39968CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.19121897-07-15 TulareHockett Trail, So. fork
    CAS-BOT39969CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.17351896-08-23 TulareTriber - Goh. on way to Mineral King
    CAS-BOT39970CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.25971897-08-11 TulareSouth Sierra Nevada - Farwell Goh
    CAS-BOT39971CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, H. P.7321932-09-13 TulareBeside trail from Eagle Lake to Mineral King, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT39972CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDuncan, W. B.s.n.1923-09-01 TulareVicinity of Mt. Moses
    CAS-BOT39973CASArctostaphylos nevadensisGrant, G. B.s.n.1902-07-17 TulareAlta Meadows - Giant Forest
    CAS-BOT39974CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.101071964-08-20 TulareSummit ridge of Mule Peak
    CAS-BOT39975CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.101071964-08-20 TulareSummit ridge of Mule Peak
    CAS-BOT39976CASArctostaphylos nevadensisLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-07-25 SiskiyouMt. Bradley
    CAS-BOT39977CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHenderson, L. F.59351926-04-04 SiskiyouWell up Sanger Peak Trail, 5 miles from Takilma, S. Ore, but in California.
    CAS-BOT39978CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-20 SiskiyouNear Castle Lake by Mt. Shasta.
    CAS-BOT39979CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWiggins, Ira L.123731950-05-28 SiskiyouSmall bog on side of ridge above Grouse Creek, about 1.5 miles from Carmen Lake.
    CAS-BOT39980CASArctostaphylos nevadensisApplegate, Elmer I.3061895-05-29 SiskiyouWest base of Mt. Shasta near Sisson
    CAS-BOT39981CASArctostaphylos nevadensisAbbors, Steves.n.1980-07-23 SiskiyouEveritt Memorial Highway, ascending Mt. Shasta.
    CAS-BOT39982CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRoderick, Wayne; Roderick, Marthas.n.1979-07-11 SiskiyouMumbo Basin
    CAS-BOT39983CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRoderick, Wayne; Roderick, Marthas.n.1979-07-11 SiskiyouMumbo Basin
    CAS-BOT39984CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, Doris K.65401928-08-19 SiskiyouTop of divide between Snglish Lake & hancock Lake on trail to Marbles.
    CAS-BOT39985CASArctostaphylos nevadensisGrant, G. B.51281902-09-08 SiskiyouMt. Shasta - Horse Camp
    CAS-BOT39986CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHarris, T. H.s.n.1951-06-01 SiskiyouTanner Butte Road, Happy Camp
    CAS-BOT39987CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, H. P.4591931-06-21 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy. above Dobkins Lake.
    CAS-BOT39988CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas134401937-07-25 SiskiyouCaribou Basin, Salmon-Trinity Alps
    CAS-BOT39989CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Louis C.756381934-07-23 SiskiyouLong John creek
    CAS-BOT39990CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice12431912-07-19 SiskiyouMount Shasta
    CAS-BOT39991CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice107641921-07-24 SiskiyouCastle Lake
    CAS-BOT39992CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice109871921-07-29 SiskiyouPumice Mt.
    CAS-BOT39993CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas98521941-07-10 TehamaAnthony Peak
    CAS-BOT39994CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas192101943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge
    CAS-BOT39995CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas192081943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge
    CAS-BOT39996CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas192111943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge
    CAS-BOT39997CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas192081943-08-08 TehamaLog Spring Ridge
    CAS-BOT39998CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas197631944-07-14 TehamaAnthony Peak, east side
    CAS-BOT39999CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas360451960-08-18 TehamaNear Lassen Volcanic National Park, Bluff Falls
    CAS-BOT40000CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas361671960-08-19 TehamaBrokeoff Mt. Trail
    CAS-BOT40001CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas357781960-07-20 PlumasBetween Boiling Springs Lake and Terminal Geyser.
    CAS-BOT40003CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, M. B.27641926-09-11 PlumasJuniper Lake
    CAS-BOT40005CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSuttiffe, Mrs. S. G.s.n.1921-10-01 PlumasGold Lake Region
    CAS-BOT40006CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.544021981-06-26 PlumasWalker Plain, about 8 miles southwest of Bucks Lake on road to Oroville
    CAS-BOT40007CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas21461926-07-27 PlumasNear Prattville
    CAS-BOT40008CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.433451967-07-11 PlumasSummit ridge of Mt. Hough
    CAS-BOT40009CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHead, Annas.n.1921-06-25 PlumasFeather River region, Lake Center camp.
    CAS-BOT40010CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSuttiffe, Mrs. S. G.s.n.1919-08-01 PlumasGold Lake region
    CAS-BOT40011CASArctostaphylos nevadensisClemens, Mrs. Josephs.n.1919-10-29 PlumasCrystal Lake
    CAS-BOT40012CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWeatherby, Robert J.15261950-08-11 PlumasSide of Mt. Elwell, Lakes Basin area.
    CAS-BOT40013CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, Gladys L.46081976-06-07 PlumasSecondary road from Quincy to La Porte, drainage of Middle Fork Feather River, south end of summit ridge.
    CAS-BOT40014CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, Gladys L.45841976-06-07 PlumasNorth end of summit ridge, secondary road between Rt. 70 and LaPorte.
    CAS-BOT40015CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice145931927-06-15 PlumasForest Lodge near Greenville
    CAS-BOT40016CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSeneres, Albert; Harold, Nigel; Edwards, Stephen W.s.n.1982-10-02 SiskiyouOn southwest grassy spur of Deadwood Peak
    CAS-BOT40017CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKelsey, Ednas.n.1961-08-01 SiskiyouMarble Mts., Shackleford Trail below Bull Meadow
    CAS-BOT40018CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMuth, Gilbert3721966-07-08 SiskiyouMarble, Valley, Marble Mts.
    CAS-BOT40019CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMuth, Gilbert13351969-08-10 SiskiyouRidge w. of Boulder Peak
    CAS-BOT40020CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, Doris K.90941929-08-25 SiskiyouWiskey Lake on trail to Preston Peak
    CAS-BOT40021CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, Doris K.65701928-08-19 SiskiyouHancock Lake on trail to Marble Mt.
    CAS-BOT40022CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas149981939-08-03 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mts.
    CAS-BOT40023CASArctostaphylos nevadensisC., W. B.91621937-07-28 SiskiyouNorth Ridge Hudsonian
    CAS-BOT40024CASArctostaphylos nevadensisC., W. B.115041938-08-18 SiskiyouMount Shasta - Horse Camp Slopes Hudsonian
    CAS-BOT40025CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, Mrs. H. P.4281931-06-19 SiskiyouNorth side of Mt. Eddy, above Metcalf ranch house, N. of Shasta City about 8 miles.
    CAS-BOT40030CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKeck, David D.15801932-06-30 Nevada1 mi. E. of Cisco
    CAS-BOT40031CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKeck, David D.15801932-06-30 Nevada1 mi. E. of Cisco
    CAS-BOT40032CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBrandegee291889-01-01 NevadaDonner
    CAS-BOT40033CASArctostaphylos nevadensisjorgensen, Betty J.4531944-06-06 NevadaNear Norden, on bank above hiway near A.S.U.C. lodge.
    CAS-BOT40034CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSonne, C. F.2041878-06-18 NevadaWoods above Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT40035CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHeller, A. A.s.n.1903-07-29 NevadaAbove Donner Lake toward Donner Pass
    CAS-BOT40036CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRattan, Volneys.n.1879-01-01 NevadaWaldo
    CAS-BOT40037CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBailey, Vernon1091900-07-21 NevadaEmigrant Gap
    CAS-BOT40038CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-01 NevadaShores of Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT40039CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-13 NevadaBy north Bloomfield Ditch
    CAS-BOT40040CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-06-07 NevadaHill south of Donner Lake
    CAS-BOT40041CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWells, Mary P.s.n.1980-09-12 PlacerForest west of Pioneer Way, Tahoe City
    CAS-BOT40042CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWells, Mary P.s.n.1980-09-12 PlacerForest west of Pioneer Way, Tahoe City
    CAS-BOT40043CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWilliams, Margaret74-P1-251974-08-08 PlacerMurphy′s Meadow, 5 miles southeast of Hirschdale
    CAS-BOT40044CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHeller, A. A.126951917-06-17 PlacerNear the Yuba river below Cisco.
    CAS-BOT40045CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHeller, A. A.126951917-06-17 PlacerNear the Yuba river below Cisco.
    CAS-BOT40046CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSachss.n.1922-07-01 PlacerPlacer
    CAS-BOT40047CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBrandegees.n.1889-01-01 PlacerDonner
    CAS-BOT40048CASArctostaphylos nevadensisJackson, Belle R.s.n.1932-06-01 PlacerDonner Pass
    CAS-BOT40049CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHoover, R. F.s.n.1967-09-05 PlacerCarnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
    CAS-BOT40050CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice4241912-06-15 PlacerDeer Park, Lake Tahoe region
    CAS-BOT40055CASArctostaphylos nevadensisJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-07-03 CalaverasCamp Baxter, North fork of the Stanislaus River
    CAS-BOT40056CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.18081897-07-12 TulareSouth Sierra Nevada, near summit of Homer′s Pk
    CAS-BOT40057CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHansen, Geo.19241896-11-30 AmadorPedlar
    CAS-BOT40059CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRaiche, Roger205181982-06-28 LakeHull Mt. - On ridge ne. of summit.
    CAS-BOT40060CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRaiche, Roger506771985-07-27 TehamaLog Springs road near intersection with road to Sugar Spring Campgrond-Government Flat, near marker 35.68.
    CAS-BOT45401CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas172631942-07-27 TulareBetween Mineral King and Timber Gap.
    CAS-BOT45402CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas30751927-08-29 TulareAlong trail 1 mi. below Twin Lakes, n. part of Sequoia Park.
    CAS-BOT45403CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, Mrs. H. P.7321932-09-13 TulareBeside trail from Eagle Lake to Mineral King, just below rock slide. Sequoia National Forest.
    CAS-BOT45404CASArctostaphylos nevadensisJessel, M. S.s.n.1927-06-29 TulareGeneral Grant National Park.
    CAS-BOT45405CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWahlert, G.; Connolly, M.862007-06-27 TuolumneHwy. 108 at Spicer Meadow Rd.
    CAS-BOT45406CASArctostaphylos nevadensisClemens, Mrs. Josephs.n.1919-08-07 TuolumneTen Lakes Basin, Yosemite National Park
    CAS-BOT45407CASArctostaphylos nevadensisAbrams, LeRoy47411911-07-21 TuolumneStanislaus River near Clarks Fork.
    CAS-BOT45408CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-07-01 TuolumneYosemite National Park.
    CAS-BOT45409CASArctostaphylos nevadensisQuick, C. R.18631937-06-29 TuolumneUpper Cow Creek.
    CAS-BOT45410CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBurnham, S. H.s.n.1894-07-02 TuolumneEagle Peak, vicinity of Yosemite Valley.
    CAS-BOT45411CASArctostaphylos nevadensisCovel, Paul F.14081938-07-03 TuolumneBelle Mdw. rd. above Pinecrest.
    CAS-BOT45426CASArctostaphylos nevadensisApplegate, Elmer I.33681921-09-07 SierraGold Lake.
    CAS-BOT45427CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKelley, Mrs. S. Earles.n.1919-01-01 SierraSalmon Lake.
    CAS-BOT45428CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSuttiffe, Mrs. S. G.s.n.1926-10-16 SierraSalmon Lake.
    CAS-BOT45429CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBarker, Horace Albert1321926-07-16 SierraGold Lake - 1st island
    CAS-BOT45430CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHaley, Georges.n.1927-08-06 SierraWebber Lake.
    CAS-BOT45431CASArctostaphylos nevadensisAhart, Lowells.n.1975-06-28 Sierra2 mi. e. of Gibsonville.
    CAS-BOT45432CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBest, Catherines.n.1981-06-18 SierraOn the Packer′s Lake Rd.
    CAS-BOT45433CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, Doris K.53351928-07-02 SiskiyouSalmon Summit on Hom Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT45434CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKildale, Doris K.87101929-07-20 SiskiyouRaspberry Lake, upper Indian Creek.
    CAS-BOT45435CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1901-08-18 SiskiyouMorraine of Jackson Lake. Salmon Mts.
    CAS-BOT45436CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-01 SiskiyouSide of Craggy Peak.
    CAS-BOT45437CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-08-24 SiskiyouSide of Craggy Peak.
    CAS-BOT45438CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWiggins, Ira L.135591955-07-27 SiskiyouCaribou Lake, Salmon-Trinity Alps Primitive Area.
    CAS-BOT45439CASArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas, H. A.; Thomas, J. H.45061954-07-24 SiskiyouSalmon-Trinity Mts. Vicinity of Rush Lake and Rush Creek Meadow. About 9 mi. e. of Cecilville.
    CAS-BOT45440CASArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas, H. A.; Thomas, J. H.45061954-07-24 SiskiyouSalmon-Trinity Mts. Vicinity of Rush Lake and Rush Creek Meadow. About 9 mi. e. of Cecilville.
    CAS-BOT45441CASArctostaphylos nevadensisFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura118011948-06-12 SiskiyouAt Mile Creek crossing on Scott Mt. Rd. s. of Callahan.
    CAS-BOT45442CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMcClintock, Elizabeth; Roderick, Wayne; Roderick, Marthas.n.1967-07-29 SiskiyouMumbo Lake, Trinity Mts. A dammed lake.
    CAS-BOT45443CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRaiche, Roger; Zadnik, Kurt207851982-10-12 SiskiyouEleven miles west-northwest of Yreka at Deadwood Lookout.
    CAS-BOT45444CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.101071964-08-20 TulareSummit ridge of Mule Peak.
    CAS-BOT45445CASArctostaphylos nevadensisShevock, Jim11801971-06-19 TulareFreeman Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT45446CASArctostaphylos nevadensisShevock, Jim11801971-06-19 TulareLloyd′s Meadow Basin: Freeman Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT45447CASArctostaphylos nevadensisShevock, Jim11801971-06-19 TulareLloyd′s Meadow Basin: Freeman Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT45448CASArctostaphylos nevadensisLeskinen, Paul10071972-07-29 TulareSouthern end of Slate Mtn.
    CAS-BOT45449CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDerby, Mrs. Charless.n.1928-07-03 TulareGiant Forest, Sequoia National Park.
    CAS-BOT45450CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-07-03 TulareTop of ridge e. of Caboon Meadow.
    CAS-BOT45451CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRose, Lewis S.353831935-07-16 MonoLava lake above Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes region.
    CAS-BOT45452CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRowntree, Lesters.n.1941-05-10 NevadaBear Valley Rd. 1 mi. east of Silliman Flat Campground.
    CAS-BOT45453CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKawahara, Saichi16281969-07-20 Nevadasteep trail between Forks of Sage Hen Creek, e. flank of Carpenter Ridge.
    CAS-BOT45454CASArctostaphylos nevadensisNeilson, James A.1281959-08-12 Nevada100 yards n. of Sterling Lake Dam.
    CAS-BOT45455CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMott, Lillian S.34641964-06-21 NevadaPenner Lake, also known as Lovelock L., in lake area around Loney′s Meadow.
    CAS-BOT45456CASArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas, John H.; Thomas, Hazelle A.61341956-07-21 NevadaSierra Nevada. Vicinity of Donner Pass, about 80 mi. ne. of Sacramento.
    CAS-BOT45457CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.; Roof, James B.79681975-10-16 NevadaBear Grass Ridge on Alpha road just n. of Hwy. 20, 13 mi. e. of Neveda City.
    CAS-BOT45458CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.69661971-08-25 NevadaSouthwest slope of Mt. Lola.
    CAS-BOT45459CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.14901964-06-17 NevadaAbout .2 .3 mi. north of Cisco Grove, at Woodchuck Flat on Rattlesnake Creek.
    CAS-BOT45460CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.445201968-06-09 NevadaSouth of Donner Summit near Norden.
    CAS-BOT45461CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas72711972-07-06 NevadaAndesite Ridge Between Castle Pass and Andesite Peak.
    CAS-BOT45462CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas60111970-07-15 NevadaCarpenter Ridge at head of Sagehen Creek, ca. 7.5 mi. west of Truckee-Sierraville Highway.
    CAS-BOT45463CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas40781967-08-19 NevadaSmall Lake on Bowman Lake Rd., ca. 1-2 mi. w. of Meadow Lake.
    CAS-BOT45464CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas54621970-07-13 NevadaEagle Lakes Road at Fordyce Creek Trail ca. 2 mi. n. of Indian Springs Campground.
    CAS-BOT45465CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas185061943-07-17 NevadaW. side of Donner Pass near Norden. Boreal Ridge.
    CAS-BOT45466CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBracelin, Mrs. H. P.3881931-05-30 ShastaMt. Lassen National Park.
    CAS-BOT45467CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas363851960-08-22 ShastaAnklin Meadows.
    CAS-BOT45469CASArctostaphylos nevadensisApplegate, Elmer I.57661929-06-20 ShastaMount Lassen Trail above Drakesbad.
    CAS-BOT45470CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas348771959-09-23 ShastaLassen Park Boundary on Juniper Lake Rd.
    CAS-BOT45471CASArctostaphylos nevadensisCantelow, Ella Dales25721939-06-10 ShastaNear Geyser, Mt. Lassen National Park.
    CAS-BOT45472CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRose, Lewis S.343981934-07-21 SierraGold Lake.
    CAS-BOT45473CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRose, Lewis S.690551969-06-25 SierraGold Lake.
    CAS-BOT45474CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBacigalupi, Rimo16121927-07-03 SierraNear Yuba Pass.
    CAS-BOT45475CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, G. L.12421959-06-20 SierraRoadside, down-grade n. of Gold Lake.
    CAS-BOT45476CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEverett, P. C.; Johnson, E. R.74751935-07-19 FresnoSierra Nevada. Huntington lake - Florence Lake Road, 5 7-10 ,i. from (W.) High Sierra Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT45477CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWalker, Jay B.13841995-04-25 GlennMendocino Ntl. Forest. Alder Springs Rd., 2km e. of jct w-Round Valley Rd.
    CAS-BOT45478CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas99121941-07-10 GlennNear Copper City.
    CAS-BOT45479CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas99151941-07-10 GlennNear Alder Springs.
    CAS-BOT45480CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas99101941-07-10 GlennNear Copper City.
    CAS-BOT45481CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1916-09-07 GlennNear Black Butte, Calif. Nat′l. Forest.
    CAS-BOT45482CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMerriam, C. Harts.n.1916-09-07 GlennBlack Butte.
    CAS-BOT45483CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja42781981-07-05 MendocinoSummit of Hull Mountain (slightly to the west).
    CAS-BOT45484CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, Gladys L.; Lembke, Betty; Wheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Charles H.80841983-07-13 Mendocino1.0 mi. s. of Monkey Rock, USFS 1NO2, where rd. was closed by deep snow.
    CAS-BOT45485CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.18141980-06-18 MendocinoMendocino National Forest, ca. 1.50 mi. n. of Wells Cabin Campground e. of Anthony Peak.
    CAS-BOT45486CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.17431980-06-17 MendocinoAnthony Peak Rd.
    CAS-BOT45487CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Clare R.; Smith, Gladys L.27091981-07-30 MendocinoSphaghum bog off Summers Lane. 2 mi. e. of Hwy. 1, off Hwy. 20, s. of Ft. Bragg.
    CAS-BOT45488CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Clare R.5581978-07-25 MendocinoHull Mt. Lookout.
    CAS-BOT45489CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWheeler, Clare R.18971980-07-10 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Growing along road side 2 mi. below Anthony Peak Lookout.
    CAS-BOT45490CASArctostaphylos nevadensisGankin, Roman; Hildreth, W. R.10211967-07-07 MendocinoBald Mountain, from summit 6739 ft. and northeast-facing slopes. Ca. 13 mi. n. of Hull Mt. on USFS Rd. 20NO2 (1-4 mi. e. of jct. USFS Rd. 1N02).
    CAS-BOT45491CASArctostaphylos nevadensisPusateri, Samuel J.748-101943-07-01 MonoTwin Lakes.
    CAS-BOT45493CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHiesey, William M.3841937-07-27 MonoNorth side of Slate Creek Valley. Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area.
    CAS-BOT45494CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHuber, Jeannette L.11161970-01-09 MonoCa. 1 mi. se. of Lake Mary, Mammoth Lakes region, Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    CAS-BOT45495CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmith, Malcolm G.; Smith, Laura3141965-08-01 MonoGreen Creek Trail.
    CAS-BOT45496CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRoof, James B.s.n.1971-08-30 MonoConvict Lake, so. east end near Lake.
    CAS-BOT45497CASArctostaphylos nevadensisBamberg, E. S.8161957-05-26 MonoS. shore Convict Lake.
    CAS-BOT45498CASArctostaphylos nevadensisKruckeberg, A. R.35891954-07-26 MonoE. Plateau, H.M. Hall Natural Area, Inyo N.F.; Slate Creek drainage.
    CAS-BOT45499CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWillard, Beatrice71945-07-06 MonoT.J. Trail, s.e. side of Lake George, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest.
    CAS-BOT45500CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTrain, Percys.n.1937-05-29 MonoLeevining Creek, Mono Lake region.
    CAS-BOT45501CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHowell, John Thomas12421925-06-28 El DoradoTrail between Eagle Lake and the Velma Lakes, Lake Tahoe Region.
    CAS-BOT45502CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHawver, Elizabeth Parsonss.n.1909-06-01 El DoradoLake Tahoe Regions.
    CAS-BOT45503CASArctostaphylos nevadensisHerrick, D.; Houghton, N.; Scheuer, J.; Bloom, A.s.n.1967-07-24 El DoradoL. of the woods. Fallen Leaf Lake Quadrangle.
    CAS-BOT45504CASArctostaphylos nevadensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-06-01 El DoradoNear McKinneys.
    CAS-BOT45505CASArctostaphylos nevadensisEastwood, Alice9761906-07-23 El DoradoGauch Aquifer.
    CAS-BOT45506CASArctostaphylos nevadensisGrant, Geo. B.69701906-08-01 El DoradoAbout Lake Tahoe Cal.
    CAS-BOT45507CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWolf, Carl B.17201930-10-09 El DoradoAbout Susie Lake.
    CAS-BOT45508CASArctostaphylos nevadensisPrice, Francess.n.1919-06-01 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake. Tahoe region.
    CAS-BOT45509CASArctostaphylos nevadensisMorris, M. D.201923-08-02 El DoradoBig Hill.
    CAS-BOT45510CASArctostaphylos nevadensisLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1949-06-23 El DoradoLower Angora Lake.
    CAS-BOT45511CASArctostaphylos nevadensisLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1947-05-30 El DoradoGlen Alpine Rd.
    CAS-BOT45512CASArctostaphylos nevadensisSmkaune5031962-07-11 FresnoNear inlet of Dusy Cr. into Courtright Reservoir, 0.5-1 mi. e. above the n. arm of the Reservoir; Kings River District, Sierra Nat′l Forest.
    CAS-BOT45513CASArctostaphylos nevadensisQuick, Clarence Roy53-261953-06-22 Fresno3-4 mi. se. of summit of Shaver lake to Dinky Creek Rd.
    CAS-BOT45514CASArctostaphylos nevadensisQuick, Clarence Roy40-1001940-06-05 FresnoRoad between Shaver Lake and Dinky Creek. S. of summit, 8 mi. e. of Shaver Lake.
    CAS-BOT45515CASArctostaphylos nevadensisWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-06-19 FresnoJackass Meadow.
    CAS-BOT45517CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRaven, Peter H.72171954-07-06 FresnoStream nw. of Mt. Hilgard.
    CAS-BOT45518CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRubtzoff, Peter; Meneghin, Gary82941975-07-29 FresnoLost Canyon on e. side of Courtright Road ca. 7.5 mi. n. of junction with mcKinley Grove Rd.
    CAS-BOT45519CASArctostaphylos nevadensisVon Loh, J.60364A1978-08-22 FresnoRock slab above Balsam Meadow.
    CAS-BOT45520CASArctostaphylos nevadensisTwisselmann, Ernest C.160971969-09-10 FresnoTennessee Point (ne. of Kaiser Pass).
    CAS-BOT45523CASArctostaphylos nevadensisRoss, Tim30301990-07-02 FresnoSierra Nevada Mtns: Sequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness; Monarch Divide. Saddle along ridgeline, ca 221 degrees ssw. and 1800m distant from summit of Mt. Harrington, and along ridge to 1320 m. distance from mt. Harrington. Elev. ca 9840′.
    CAS-BOT45524CASArctostaphylos nevadensisThomas, H. A.; Thomas, J. H.54631955-09-12 FresnoSierra Nevada. Vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneed Basin, 4th Recess, and adjacent Mono Creek. Between Mono Creek and lowermost lake in Pioneer Basin.