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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
JEPS26313UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWayne Roderick1961-8-20 San MateoBean Hollow State Beach; below south entrance of San Mateo State Park, about 2 miles south of Pescadero turn-off.
JEPS18996UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumDr. Reino Alava1957-10-05 Mendocino1.5 miles southeast of Pt. Arena lighthouse, along side road to the lighthouse.
JEPS67142UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumDorothy King Young1971-10-15 SonomaAlder Creek Beach.
JEPS28822UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWayne Roderick1961-9-10 MendocinoAbout 1 mile north of Anchor Bay (post office).
JEPS70097UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumKenneth Daniels1965-9-01 MendocinoCoastal bluffs at Mendocino City.
JEPS15519UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumJob Kuijt, L. T. Dempster1956-9-09 MarinHeadlands at tip pf Point Reyes.
JEPS126161UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAlison Colwell2006-6-30 MontereyVista Point, just north of Rocky Point, Carmel-by-the-Sea.
JEPS126160UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAlison Colwell2006-6-30 MontereyRocky Point. Along social trail immediately NW of Rocky Point Restaurant.
JEPS11666UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumMrs. Clara Hunt1908-9-01 San MateoFarallone City.
JEPS126148UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAlison Colwell, A. Sanders04-1962004-7-24 San MateoShelter Cove, near Pacifica
DAV352172DAVAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumD. H. Hartmann1031941-11-07 MarinMarin County: north side of Point Reyes Peninsula.
CAS-BOT502774CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumShevock, James R.; McLaughlin, Tim109671984-8-5 FresnoSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sierra National Forest: John Muir Wilderness. Along trail E of Crown Creek toward base of Kettle Dome
CAS-BOT499670CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumLee, Edward11521934-8-17 HumboldtEast shore of Big Lagoon, 35 mi N of Eureka
CAS-BOT499672CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumLee, Edward11521934-8-17 HumboldtEast shore of Big Lagoon, 35 mi N of Eureka
JEPS6047UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumV. F. Hesse13461954-7-30 San MateoNear Pebble Beach.
JEPS126152UCJEPSOrobanche robbinsiiAlison Colwell, Tim Hyland, Bruce Ponman15-012015-5-5 Santa Cruz4 miles N of Santa Cruz on west side of Highway 1, at end of dirt branch off Coast Road.
JEPS11665UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWillis L. Jepson159501931-7-19 SonomaJust north of mouth of Salmon Creek.
CAS-BOT499681CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumEastwood, Alice16391912-8-8 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT502777CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumSetchell, W. A.1731909-8-29 San MateoFarallone City
CAS-BOT499678CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWheeler, Clare R.19541980-8-18 MendocinoPt Arena Lighthouse Road; near lighthouse gate
CAS-BOT499694CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumThomas, J. H.196841979-7-31 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain, in northern part of county. Upper portion of Reservoir Hill, NE of Guadalupe Parkway
SBBG195567SBBGAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumDonald Myrick21141969-7-31 Mendocinomouth of Alder Crk just N of Manchester
JEPS86212UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumLawrence R. Heckard24631970-9-01 San MateoOcean bluffs to south of South parking lot at Bean Hollow State Beach.
CAS-BOT499689CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAbrams, L. R.42751909-8-2 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula; Pebble Beach hotel, Pescadero
AHUC104040DAVAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumB. Crampton43351957-7-11 SonomaSonoma County: 1.3 miles north of Salmon Creek, Sonoma Coast State Park.
CAS-BOT499676CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumKeck, David D.47531938-8-4 MendocinoFort Bragg, 1 mi N.
CAS-BOT499677CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumKeck, David D.47531938-8-4 MendocinoFort Bragg, 1 mi N.
JEPS11667UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumJoseph P. Tracy49701918-7-01 HumboldtCape Mendocino, southwestern slopes, fronting the ocean, three miles south of Point of the Cape.
CAS-BOT499679CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumHowell, John Thomas54741930-9-14 MendocinoMendocino coastal plain 4.5 mi N of Ft. Bragg
CAS-BOT499671CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWiggins, Ira L.58941932-7-19 HumboldtNear the beach at south end of Big Lagoon
CAS-BOT502776CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumFrenkel, R. E.6091964-6-24 MendocinoOpposite Ten Mile River RR Road at its intersection with Cleone Road
JEPS11679UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumJoseph P. Tracy67611924-8-03 HumboldtBig Lagoon.
JEPS11663UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumDr. L. M. Newlon681919-9-07 San MateoPillar Point, northern end of Half Moon Bay.
CAS-BOT499669CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumClausen, J.6901932-9-18 HumboldtAbout 5 mi S of Cape Mendocino Lighthouse
CAS-BOT502775CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumClausen, J.6901932-9-18 HumboldtAbout 5 mi S of Cape Mendocino Lighthouse
OBI129709OBIAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumD. R. Miller712.10262012-7-8 San Luis ObispoOn ocean bluffs, 1.8 N of Arroyo de la Cruz bridge, Hwy 1
JEPS26031UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumJoseph P. Tracy88931930-7-21 HumboldtCape Mendocino, near ocean shore, south of point of the Cape.
JEPS127941UCJEPSAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAdam C. Schneider, Will Freyman, Songyi Xu9452016-6-27 SonomaSea Ranch Lodge, west side of CA Hwy 1 North side of Bihler Point on sea bluffs.
CAS-BOT584547CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumShevock, James R.98151982-6-30 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Along the Pacific Crest Trail at the northeast slope of Skinner Peak.
SD4870SDAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumKate Stephenss.n. MontereyMonterey
DAV352173DAVAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumBruce M. Pavliks.n.1980-5-14 MontereyMonterey County: Salinas Lagoon Wildlife Area.
CAS-BOT26989CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumEastwood, Alices.n.1900-9-1 MarinVision Hill, W of Tomales Bay
CAS-BOT499673CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumWickes, Ethels.n.1917-9-1 MarinPt. San Pedro
CAS-BOT499674CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumHolm, Adolfs.n.1915-10-24 MarinPt. San Pedro
CAS-BOT499675CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumHowell, John Thomass.n.1939-7-2 MarinBig Lagoon (Muir Beach)
CAS-BOT499680CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumJackson, Belle R.s.n.1940-9-17 MendocinoPt. Arena
CAS-BOT499682CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumScupham, J. R.s.n.1921-8-3 MontereyCarmel
CAS-BOT499683CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumMcMurphy, J. I.s.n.1923-5-9 MontereyNear Point Joe, Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT499684CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumAbbott, E. K.s.n.1931-7-7 MontereyMonterey
CAS-BOT499685CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-7-1 MontereyNear Reservoir, Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT499686CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-8-2 MontereyBanks of Clay Pits Reservoir at Pacific Grove
CAS-BOT499687CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-6-27 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT499688CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumCox, Robert S. Jr.s.n.1946-8-17 San MateoHills above Half Moon Bay
CAS-BOT499690CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumGeis, Helen D.s.n.1901-10-26 San MateoHalf Moon Bay
CAS-BOT499691CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumMcDonald, Julias.n.1918-7-1 San MateoPescadero
CAS-BOT499692CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumTaabor, Dr. Henry T.s.n.1953-8-30 San MateoPigeon Pt.
CAS-BOT499693CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumSetchell, W. A.s.n.1909-8-29 San MateoFarrallone City
CAS-BOT499695CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumZanelli, Cecilias.n.1925-9-1 SonomaPlantation
CAS-BOT499696CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumEdwards, Steves.n.1984-7-22 SonomaN end of prairie, N of Duvoul Cr., N of Camp Meeker, E of Highway
CAS-BOT499766CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumRowntree, Lesters.n.1932-1-1 MontereyPoint Lobos
CAS-BOT502772CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumBergmann, Chas.s.n.1920-6-5 San FranciscoSan Francisco, near Ingleside
CAS-BOT502773CASAphyllon californicum subsp. californicumClausen, J.s.n.1932-5-21 MontereyMonterey Peninsula: Point Lobos

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