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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0008767CDAAgrostis viridisLarry Hendrickson16562006-06-17 San DiegoBanner Creek watershed at the southeast tip of Volcan Mountain, just north of and below State Highway 78. Square: K21.
CDA0012690CDAAgrostis viridisG.F. Hrusa80691990-06-07 SacramentoLakeshore area immediately below Rainbow Bridge at Folsom. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
CDA0015195CDAAgrostis viridisG.F. Hrusa147331998-07-21 San Luis ObispoFew plants on disturbed roadside within residential site on Temettate Rd. off Suey Creek Rd. South Coast Ranges.
CDA001694CDAAgrostis viridisM.K. Bellue1945-05-08 OrangeRight and Hazzard, about 1-2 mile south of Garden Grove.
CDA001695CDAAgrostis viridisM.K. Bellue1945-05-30 Orange.
CDA0018723CDAAgrostis viridisG.D. Barbe28331980-07-14 TulareEast of Limestone Cliff Campground on Kern River, 4 N of Fairview Lodge, Sequoia National Forest. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0019209CDAAgrostis viridisWhitlockPDR 0415912001-04-30 Contra CostaAt San Joaquin yacht harbor, Antioch. San Francisco Bay Area.
CDA0020550CDAAgrostis viridisA. McVickerPDR 13493092005-06-06 SonomaWinkler Water Gardens at 1925 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa.
CDA0029656CDAAgrostis viridisD.G. Kelch9.4712009-06-25 MarinSan Rafael. In brackish ditch E of Davidson School.
CDA0029810CDAAgrostis viridisM. Beyers1552009-06-14 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. In Sweetwater Canon. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0032188CDAAgrostis viridisMark A. Elvin52152006-10-23 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountains: Pipes Canon Preserve; Pipes Canon, Pipes Creek, just upstream from the ranch house and parking lot. ,Southern Mojave Desert.
CDA0035868CDAAgrostis viridisM. Beyers9602011-06-12 Santa BarbaraSouthwest of Miranda Pine Mountain, along Kerry Creek. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0038392CDAAgrostis viridisWm. Daviss.n.1957-08-16 San MateoNursery; Millbrae.
CHSC100222CHSCAgrostis viridisJohn Dittes14362006-11-26 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range; San Gabriel Mtns.; Big Tujunga Cyn; ca. 2.7 air-miles SE of Mt. McKinley, ca. 3.8 air-miles W of Big Tujunga Reservoir, ca. 3.6 air-miles NE of Mt. Gleason Jr. High School; moist sand at edge of Big Tujunga Creek near Delta Flat Picnic Area. T0 N R1 W S33 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sunland 1:24,000
CHSC39983CHSCAgrostis viridisL. Ahart42371983-07-29 ButteCa. 0.5 mi e of Milsap Bar, ca. 25 mi ne of Oroville. T2 N R06E S3 W1-4
CHSC41910CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart42371983-07-29 ButteAbout _ mile east of Milsap Bar, about 25 miles north-east of Oroville.
CHSC42839CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart57001987-05-27 ButteAlong the North Fork of the Feather River, near the Poe Power House, about 2 miles south-east of Jarbo Gap.
CHSC49499CHSCAgrostis viridisVernon Oswald29141987-05-18 ButteButte Creek Reserve on the s side of Butte Creed n of the Skyway. T2 N R02E S03 NE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC69524CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart79011997-09-11 PlumasOn the west edge of Caribou Road, on the west side of the North Fork of the Feather River, about 1-8 mile south of Mosquito Creek, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Belden. T2 N R07E S3 W1-4
CHSC94280CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart131112006-08-09 ColusaGravel bar on the south side of Stony Creek, at Mine Camp, about 3 1-2 miles (air) west of Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S35 NW1-4
CHSC94474CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart131592006-08-09 ColusaNorth side and under the bridge across Stony Creek, just north of Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S29 between SW1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC94704CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart127302006-06-11 GlennOn the east side of Forest Road 1 N03, about 1 1-2 miles (air) northeast of the North Fork Campground, about 5 3-4 miles west-northwest of Stonyford. T1 W R07N S15 SW1-4
CHSC96764CHSCAgrostis viridisA. McVicker13493092005-06-06 SonomaNursery Plants. Sonoma County. Winkler Water Gardens at 1925 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa.
CHSC96863CHSCAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart139772007-06-03 ButteOn the west side of Jordan Hill Road, about 1 1-2 miles northwest of Concow Creek, about 1 1-2 miles west of Concow Reservoir. T2 N R04E S1 W1-4
FSC0001261FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell22431953-06-05 FresnoSkaggs Bridge xing of San Joaquin R. on Madera Ave. about 8 m. w. of Hiway 99 xing of river. Barren open bench few ft. above river on s. side below corner on Madera Ave. (Gravel Co. property tho no recent activity).
FSC0001262FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell22891953-06-09 FresnoSycamore dominated 10 bank of San Joaquin R. over 1m. n. of Shields Ave. on ne-sw leg of river - 23 m. w-nw of Fresno.
FSC0001263FSCAgrostis viridisJ.S.3061933-05-21 FresnoFresno, California. Elevation 300
FSC0001264FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell21371953-05-30 FresnoSan Joaquin R. bottom about n. of Fruit Ave., reached by Jeep from N. Van Ness Blvd. along old promotion canal cut into the bluff face.
FSC0001265FSCAgrostis viridisJ.S.1021932-09-11 Fresnobetween Blackstone and Fresno Aves., Fresno, California.
FSC0001266FSCAgrostis viridisSimon Simonian2484A1953-05-24 FresnoDry Creek Canong North Ave. ablut 1-2 mile e of Grantland, 100 yds w of Dry Creek Canal xing of North Ave. About 8 m sw of Fresno. Main canal.
FSC0001268FSCAgrostis viridisChas. H. Quibell20591953-05-26 FresnoScout Camp at Scout Isld., s. side of San Joaquin R. in broad bottom, w. of terminus of N. Van Ness Extensive Scout property a long abandoned resort returned to the wild in midst of long cultivated area. Canonium, etc., large Elms, Eucalypts, Palms, etc.
GMDRC280GMDRCAgrostis viridisS. F. Warrick1081978-05-25 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: On moist sand of wash, Bull Canon, 3500
GMDRC698GMDRCAgrostis viridisJ. Evens1191999-06-08 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve: NY Mtns., in NNW-facing canyon bottom, just E of old mines, approx. 3 mi. S of Ivanpah, c. 1465 m.
GMDRC844GMDRCAgrostis viridisJ. Andre38992000-05-23 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Granite Mountains: At Coyote Springs. T9N R1 W1-4 NE1-4 sec. 25. Elev. 3200 Feet.
IRVC100353IRVCAgrostis viridisMark A. Elvin52152006-10-23 San BernardinoPipes CanonPreserve; Pipes Canon, Pipes Creek, just upstream from the ranch house and parking lot.
IRVC29999IRVCAgrostis viridisMark A. Elvin; Rick Burgess53872007-03-10 VenturaSanta Clara River; ca. 1.5km upstream from Pacific Ocean, 1200m upstream (east) from Harbor Blvd.
JEPS110348UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart127302006-06-11 GlennOn the east side of Forest Road 1 N03, about 1 1-2 miles (air) northeast of the North Fork Campground, about 5 3-4 miles west-northwest of Stonyford
JEPS110386UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart131592006-08-09 ColusaNorth side and under the bridge across Stony Creek, just north of Stonyford
JEPS113791UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart139772007-06-03 ButteOn the west side of Jordan Hill Road, about 1 1-2 miles northwest of Concow Creek, about 1 1-2 miles west of Concow Reservoir
JEPS21671UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRimo Bacigalupi1924-06-07 San Franciscoin garden Jones Street near Lombard Street; San Francisco
JEPS33886UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence R. Heckard13231963-06-18 AlamedaBerkeley, U.C. Campus
JEPS39718UCJEPSAgrostis viridisCharlotte N. Smith10451961-06-22 Kernbelow the spring on French Ranch (about 4 mi sw of Eugene Grade); Greenhorn, Mike Harney Canon, French Ranch
JEPS68408UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish1891-05-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS68409UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson70801917-05-15 InyoHanaupah Canon Panamint Mountains, Hanaupah Canon
JEPS68410UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. L. Bauer551927-12-01 KernBakersfield
JEPS68411UCJEPSAgrostis viridisElizabeth Day Palmer1908-07-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles
JEPS73752UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence M. Booth11631932-06-07 OrangeNewport Bay
JEPS73945UCJEPSAgrostis viridisCarl V. Meyer6491928-08-10 San DiegoEscondido
JEPS75055UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson129321928-06-25 SolanoSuisun
JEPS75413UCJEPSAgrostis viridisWillis L. Jepson164101932-07-26 HumboldtBull Creek
JEPS77797UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRobert M. Lloyd10741962-10-08 Santa BarbaraRefugio Pass and U.S. 101 (under bridge next to stream at entrance to beach state park); Refugio Pass
JEPS78003UCJEPSAgrostis viridisW. H. Shockley6401886-01-01 InyoBishop Creek
JEPS78016UCJEPSAgrostis viridisSamuel B. Parish1884-05-01 San Bernardino
JEPS82377UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. S. Hitchcock3691913-07-08 Santa Cruznear Santa Cruz (Blackburn Gulch); Blackburn Gulch
JEPS94290UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLowell Ahart79011997-09-11 Plumasabout 5 air mi ne of Belden (about 1-8 mi s of Mosquito Creek, on the w side of the North Fork of the Feather River, on w edge of Caribou Road); North Fork of the Feather River, Caribou Road
JEPS99493UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary Bowerman1975-09-14 Contra CostaMount Diablo, near Chase Pond.
JEPS99592UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary Bowerman1993-10-22 Contra CostaMount Diablo, Pine Pond, South side.
MACF033879MACFAgrostis viridisC. KutcherFW-141981-04-17 OrangeSan Juan Creek, north of I-5, near golf course.
MCCC3465MCCCAgrostis viridisAlison Gardner1994-06-06 MendocinoIn N. staff parking area near shed, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
SACT259SACTAgrostis viridisVan Ess1976-05-12 Placerjust north of the campus. small stream. 1-2 mile past Bankhead Street stream.
SBBG114404SBBGAgrostis viridisR. Burgess47042001-06-05 VenturaN of Lake Piru, trail to Ellis Apiary
SBBG141470SBBGAgrostis viridisR. Burgess75902007-05-27 VenturaCuyama River drainage, N side of Lockwood Valley, Los Padres National Forest.
SBBG141896SBBGAgrostis viridisR. Burgess74872007-03-10 VenturaSanta Clara river bed E of Harbor Blvd, Oxnard.
SBBG155266SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney83902005-08-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns, Big Rock Creek at Paradise Springs
SBBG157367SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney75501999-06-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: upper E Fork San Dimas Cyn, N of confluence with Fern Cyn
SBBG173613SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney68411998-08-28 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns, Stoddard Cyn at Stoddard Falls
SBBG174452SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney66811998-08-06 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: Falls Gulch, waterfall 100 m above confluence with upper E Fork San Gabriel River
SBBG198564SBBGAgrostis viridisR. Burgess61512003-10-24 VenturaCA Hwy 33, Sespe Creek, just N of Tule Creek; mile marker 29.98
SBBG200452SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney66071998-08-01 Los AngelesMine Gulch at East Fork of San Gabriel River Canon
SBBG210795SBBGAgrostis viridisR. G. Swinney71671999-05-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: Wolfskill Falls in upper Wolfskill Cyn, above La Verne and San Dimas, San Dimas Experimental Forest
UC1100115UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith16071949-08-26 San Mateoabout 1 mi s Pidgeon Point
UC1100116UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith8501949-06-23 San Luis Obispoca 4 mi nw Guadalupe; Oso Flaco Lake
UC1100117UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5921948-09-06 San Diegoabout 4 mi e La Posta
UC1100118UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5591948-09-05 Imperialabove Laguna Dam (lower Colorado River); Colorado River
UC1100119UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith4821950-09-02 Kern13 mi n Tehachapi; Tehachapi Pass
UC1103370UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy158181938-06-04 AlamedaBerkeley
UC1103371UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy34601911-07-09 Humboldtwet places along Willow Creek (creek is tributary of Trinity River); Northern Coast Ranges
UC1108510UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. S. Ferris20651920-09-12 Santa ClaraMt. View-Alviso Rd. Guadalupe Creek
UC1117450UCJEPSAgrostis viridisPeter H. Raven178441962-05-22 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch Santa Catalina Island
UC1137056UCJEPSAgrostis viridisAugust L. Hormay1932-06-26 San Francisco25th and Fountain Streets San Francisco
UC1145072UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy161121938-08-14 Humboldtalong mining ditch near South Fork; Trinity River Valley
UC1145073UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy174451943-08-29 HumboldtEureka
UC1146353UCJEPSAgrostis viridisVictor DuranM1041931-06-13 InyoSilver Canon White Mountains
UC1146709UCJEPSAgrostis viridisRobert M. Lloyd26901963-06-18 Inyo5.1 mi w White Mountain Road (Toll-house springs); White Mountains, Westgard Pass
UC1148040UCJEPSAgrostis viridisPaul S. Bartholomew1934-07-24 TuolumnePiute Creek Trail Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, Piute Creek (Piute Creek is a tributary of the Tuolumne River)
UC1177036UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJohn Thomas Howell196411944-06-25 MarinSan Rafael
UC121315UCJEPSAgrostis viridisDr. E. Palmer1875-07-17 San DiegoCuiamaca Mts.
UC129059UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler70421906-05-16 InyoPanamint Canon
UC129060UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler69611906-05-10 InyoPleasant Canon Panamint Mts.
UC1523866UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJames D. Morefield3125g1985-08-25 Inyoat spring 1 mi s mouth of Silver Canon (1.5 mi ese of Laws); Owens Valley drainage
UC1548571UCJEPSAgrostis viridisW. R. FerrenFS731983-07-23 Inyoat barrier separating slough from Owens River Canal (1 mi n of jct of Fish Slough Rd and Jean Blanc Rd); Owens Valley, Fish Slough and Vicinity
UC1587690UCJEPSAgrostis viridisTim Ross45281991-04-21 Los Angelesvicinity of old water tank Whittier Hills (Puente Hills, pro parte), Middle Turnbull Ca
UC162394UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. A. Heller83421906-05-29 Inyoe Laws; White Mountains, Silver Canon
UC167152UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish69531908-06-10 San Bernardinomeadows San Bernardino Valley
UC1778613UCJEPSAgrostis viridisG. Douglas Barbe, T. C. Fuller, J. T. Howell28331980-07-14 TulareE of Limestone Cliff Campground on Kern River, 4 N of Fairview Lodge, Sequoia National Forest.
UC205245UCJEPSAgrostis viridisD. L. Crawford1916-05-20 Los Angelesmountains above Claremont
UC330028UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1935-05-03 Unknown
UC334430UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1936-03-22 Unknown
UC337350UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1992-05-09 Unknown
UC36991UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall22521901-07-01 RiversideFuller′s Mill Mountains San Jacinto Mountains
UC36992UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall22751901-06-01 Riversidealong watercourses San Jacinto Mountains, vicinity of Strawberry Valley
UC36993UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. Hansen17621896-06-25 AmadorVolcano Sequoia Gigantea Region
UC36994UCJEPSAgrostis viridisS. B. Parish1889-05-20 San Bernardino
UC429687UCJEPSAgrostis viridisIra L. Wiggins30741928-06-13 San Diegoriver bottom 4 mi below Pala
UC486466UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown711923-02-01 San Diegolowlands near sand dunes; Cardiff-by-the-Sea
UC50548UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJos. Burtt Davy40821897-09-04 Contra CostaStege
UC50549UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJos. Burtt Davy40141897-08-28 AlamedaClaremont Canon Berkeley
UC50551UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy1861(bis)1896-04-26 Kernnear Bakersfield; Head of the San Joaquin Valley, Greenfield
UC50552UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy18601896-04-26 Kernnear Bakersfield (by roadside); Head of the San Joaquin Valley
UC50553UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJ. Burtt Davy19841896-04-26 Kernmouth of canyon Head of the San Joaquin Valley, San Emigdio Canon
UC520035UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph A. Ewan75121932-06-28 Los AngelesHyperion Bridge Los Angeles River (about pool in river bed)
UC526890UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph P. Tracy76971926-07-04 Humboldtnear South Fork; Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity River Valley
UC53499UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. M. Hall32921902-05-01 San BernardinoSanta Ana River
UC53509UCJEPSAgrostis viridisJoseph Burtt Davy76831901-05-01 MontereySan Miguelito Rancho
UC537288UCJEPSAgrostis viridisLawrence M. Booth11631932-06-07 OrangeNewport Lagoon
UC573795UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates68441937-07-07 Fresno6 mi nnw Reedley; Dinuba Quadrangle
UC573796UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates67051937-06-27 Riversidenear Relief Hot Springs; San Jacinto Quadrangle
UC573797UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates65901937-06-22 Santa Barbara2 mi w Goleta; Goleta Quad.
UC573798UCJEPSAgrostis viridisW. A. Peterson8491937-05-16 San Luis Obispo1.3 mi ese French Camp; La Panza Quad.
UC573817UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. S. Yates63761936-08-29 Riversidenear Keen Camp; San Jacinto Quadrangle
UC589498UCJEPSAgrostis viridisBeryl O. Schreiber7271932-08-03 MarinHoneymoon Beach Tomales Bay (open slope)
UC589900UCJEPSAgrostis viridisA. Simontacchi991935-06-12 Ventura3 1-4 mi ene Whiteacre Peaks; Tejon Quadrangle
UC597482UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. K. Sharsmith11941934-05-27 Santa Claran base Mount Hamilton (Santa Isabella Creek, at crossing of Kincaid road);, Santa Isabella Creek
UC597540UCJEPSAgrostis viridisH. K. Sharsmith12431934-06-10 Santa Clarane base Mount Hamilton;, Santa Isabella Creek
UC650542UCJEPSAgrostis viridisIra L. Wiggins29901928-06-12 San Diegoflats of river near ocean; San Mateo River
UC677528UCJEPSAgrostis viridisFrederick V. Coville, Frederick Funston5791891-04-05 InyoFurnace Creek Canon Death Valley, Funeral Mountains
UC685535UCJEPSAgrostis viridisBob Rodin2581943-07-17 Alamedanw of Botanical Garden; Strawberry Canon
UC692383UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary L. Bowerman35271936-08-17 Contra CostaSulphur Spring Mount Diablo, Pine Canon
UC692385UCJEPSAgrostis viridisMary L. Bowerman24621933-11-04 Contra CostaAlder Creek Springs Mount Diablo
UC694369UCJEPSAgrostis viridisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg26731942-04-20 Inyos Hunter Canon; Saline Valley, Warm Springs
UC766883UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover45481940-09-01 San MateoLa Honda summit La Honda
UC766965UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover12661936-06-04 Fresnonear Sanger; Kings River
UC76878UCJEPSAgrostis viridisunknown1891-06-01 UnknownEmery′s
UC76933UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. B. Grant301901-01-01 Unknown
UC771716UCJEPSAgrostis viridisR. F. Hoover64581946-10-02 San Luis ObispoCal. Poly. State campus San Luis Obispo
UC815200UCJEPSAgrostis viridisGeo. B. Grant34421902-04-01 Los Angeles
UC912585UCJEPSAgrostis viridisHerbert L. Mason32321929-05-24 AlamedaUniversity of Calif. Campus Berkeley
UC912640UCJEPSAgrostis viridisHerbert L. Mason22031925-07-31 Tuolumnemeadows Mather
UCR104218UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White56521997-08-19 KernBodfish, slopes adjacent to Lake Isabella Road beneath SCE flume crossing over road and Bodfish Creek
UCR106397UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White49981997-04-16 San BernardinoCanon Wash: near Blue Cut & Keenbrook c. 4-5 road miles south of Hwy 138 junction w- Interstate 15 Fwy.
UCR113774UCRAgrostis viridisMitch Provance21542000-05-25 San Bernardinoalong the N base of the La Loma Hills and the associated flood plain along the north side of the river c. 0.25 miles west of La Cadena Ave.; Santa Ana River Wash
UCR113940UCRAgrostis viridisMitch Provance21062000-07-04 RiversideRiverside; Santa Ana River Wash, between the Market St. and Riverside Ave. crossings; Riverside
UCR114860UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders207921997-06-21 InyoChina Lake Naval Weapons Center, Coso Range at Coso Springs, site of Coso mining town; Mojave Desert
UCR118189UCRAgrostis viridisStephen J. Myerss.n.1996-05-17 RiversideCorona, River Road bridge over the Santa Ana River; Corona
UCR118530UCRAgrostis viridisDavid Charlton43671990-06-10 Kernred clay hill west of the Bodfish Piute Cypress Botanical Area, Piute Mountain Road, 12 miles south of Lake Isabella
UCR125632UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders258622003-05-26 Los Angeleslong abandoned gravel pit on boundary between Irwindale and Azusa, east of Irwindale Ave. and south of Foothill Blvd, north edge of 210 Fwy east of the San Gabriel River channel
UCR128291UCRAgrostis viridisPam Wrights.n.2003-05-09 San Joaquin1 mile south of Collegeville, southeast of Stockton and east of French Camp, off Littlejohn Creek immediately west of Jack Tone Road and south of BNSF railroad line, 55 acre Mariposa mitigation site (created in 2000)
UCR130205UCRAgrostis viridisMeryl B. Dunkle86511939-08-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, [in Central Valley at] Main [Stanton] Ranch
UCR131749UCRAgrostis viridisCarl B. Wolf108171941-05-28 San BernardinoWest slope of Providence Mtns., 6 miles (airline) east of Kelso in Cornfield Spring Canon
UCR133415UCRAgrostis viridisJeffrey RossMOR--316A1998-06-09 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Lion Canon, c. 3.5 miles NNW of Canon; San Bernardino Mtns. Region
UCR134449UCRAgrostis viridisGeorge K. Helmkamp81852003-09-26 San Luis ObispoSW edge of Oceano; border of sand dune recreation area
UCR136341UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders278172004-05-07 San DiegoCarlsbad, Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve, canyon c. 1 mile SE of Cerro de la Calavera, c. 0.25 mi. SW of the dead end of Canon Rd.
UCR136563UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders279342004-05-21 San DiegoCanonda Ecological Reserve, near El Camino Real and Canon Rd., vegetation restoration area
UCR136642UCRAgrostis viridisFrank W. Peirson102391932-07-04 San Luis ObispoOceano
UCR136643UCRAgrostis viridisFrank W. Peirson82921929-04-20 Santa BarbaraEl Capitan Auto Camp
UCR136835UCRAgrostis viridisJohn F. Greens.n.2003-06-24 Los AngelesArroyo Seco, Pasadena, north of Jet Propulsion Laboratory
UCR136900UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders279752004-05-28 San DiegoCanonda Ecological Reserve, near El Camino Real and Canon Rd., along lower Agua Hedionda Creek
UCR143549UCRAgrostis viridisLouis C. Wheeler27921934-06-26 SiskiyouCottonwood Creek
UCR146022UCRAgrostis viridisJon P. Rebman87172003-04-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve: between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, along arroyo bottom near stream
UCR146214UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White105122004-06-29 San BernardinoAlong San Antonio Creek, between Mt. Baldy (town) and Icehouse Canon
UCR146223UCRAgrostis viridisValerie Soza13132001-07-17 San BernardinoMt. Baldy Ski area, upper San Antonio Canon, SW end of Sugarpine ski lift from Mt. Baldy Notch
UCR146519UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White10502B2004-06-25 San BernardinoYucaipa; corner of 8th St. and Ave E.
UCR148699UCRAgrostis viridisJon P. Rebman69082000-06-30 San DiegoSan Diego Urban Canons, North Park-Golden Hill area: Cedar Ridge Park Canons, along stream beside Hwy I-15
UCR150456UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney73581999-06-21 Los Angelesspring c. 15 W of mouth of Jesus Canon
UCR150615UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White50851997-05-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel River Canon: north of Azusa; canyon bottom and adjacent slopes below San Gabriel Reservoir
UCR150714UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney71671999-05-15 Los AngelesWolfskill Falls in upper Wolfskill Canon, above LaVerne and San Dimas, San Dimas Experimental Forest
UCR154782UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders303252005-05-27 San DiegoBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, north side of lagoon, east of the I-5 Fwy, along the trail past the nature center
UCR157201UCRAgrostis viridisJon P. Rebman106032004-08-10 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (CA Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, southwest of Loveland Reservoir; on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak, in a wet spring area along Sloan Canon Road
UCR158113UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders141831993-07-31 San BernardinoWarm Springs Canon, along Forest Service Rd 1S12, 2.3 mi below the junction with road 1N12
UCR159013UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders311252005-06-22 San DiegoBuena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve (DFG), Carlsbad, south side of lagoon just east of Carlsbad Blvd. (S-21) near Brown Park
UCR159747UCRAgrostis viridisJon P. Rebman102352004-05-11 San DiegoSycuan Peak Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): southeast of Dehesa, south of Loveland Reservoir on the lower north side of Sycuan Peak; Sweetwater River watershed in Sloane Canon, in the vicinity of the entrance gates
UCR162306UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders317082005-10-05 San DiegoBlue Sky Ecological Reserve (DFG), east of Rancho Bernardo and north of Poway, along road in lower canyon below turnoff to Lake Poway
UCR163377UCRAgrostis viridisB.G. Pitzer39891999-06-09 San BernardinoPiute Valley, powerline road 1 mile north of telephone cable road, c. 2 miles SSE of Piute Spring-Ft. Piute
UCR163520UCRAgrostis viridisB.G. Pitzer39611999-05-31 San BernardinoArrowweed Spring, south end of Providence Mtns., near site of Pine Tree Ranch
UCR164286UCRAgrostis viridisStephen J. Myerss.n.2001-07-16 RiversideBautista Canon
UCR164300UCRAgrostis viridisStephen J. Myerss.n.2001-07-16 RiversideBautista Canon
UCR164845UCRAgrostis viridisNaomi Fraga16222005-07-14 San BernardinoColdwater Canon east of Arrowhead Hot Springs resort
UCR164853UCRAgrostis viridisNaomi Fraga16102005-07-07 Los AngelesCucamonga Canon, past the gauging station just south of the narrows
UCR165207UCRAgrostis viridisNaomi Fraga16052005-07-06 San BernardinoLittle Sand Cyn, north of Del Rosa
UCR168614UCRAgrostis viridisT.B. Salvato5762004-05-27 Riversidehead of Banning (San Gorgonio River) Canon close to the San Bernardino Co. line, 0.5 mile southeast of Oak Glen Conservation Camp
UCR178938UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinneys.n.1989-05-13 Los AngelesGlendora, Little Dalton Canon Debris Basin
UCR179673UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney52941996-08-12 San Bernardinosprings at confluence of Canon Wash and Lone Pine Canon, between east and west RR tracks
UCR179676UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney52901996-08-12 San Bernardinoc. 0.6 mile SW of junction of Swarthout Canon Rd. and Canon Rd.
UCR179983UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney51941996-07-25 San BernardinoBear Flats, about 1.7 mi north of Mt. Baldy Village, east fork of Bear Canon
UCR180217UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney38701995-06-21 San Bernardinoc. 1 mile WSW of Canon Junction, Granite Falls on the east side of Ralston Peak, 1.7 miles SE of Lone Pine Road and Hwy 138 on FS Rd. 3N49, c. 0.5 mi. west of FS Rd 3N49, 0.9 mi SE of junction of 3N49 N53 and 3N49
UCR182123UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney56251997-06-19 Los AngelesJackson Lake, west of Wrightwood
UCR186189UCRAgrostis viridisAnuja Parikh31122007-06-16 Kernhills NE of Castac Lake, survey area 2.1B, c. 3 miles NE of Lebec
UCR186673UCRAgrostis viridisT.B. Salvato30292007-08-08 Los AngelesEast Fork Road crossing over the north fork of the San Gabriel River, Islip Saddle
UCR186755UCRAgrostis viridisT.B. Salvato20162007-03-28 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, lower Santa Anita Canon at the upper end of Santa Anita Reservoir
UCR190230UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney66071998-08-01 Los AngelesMine Gulch at East Fork of San Gabriel River Canon
UCR190879UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney75501999-06-12 Los Angelesupper East Fork San Dimas Canon, north of confluence with Fern Canon
UCR192983UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders354672008-06-17 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Agustine staging area near Limestone Canon Rd. gate at Santiago Cyn Rd.
UCR193037UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders354942008-06-17 OrangeLomas de Santiago, West Loma Ridge Spur Road c. 0.8 mi SW of Irvine Lake and 0.9 mi. SE of Sheriffs Training Facility, just east of Hwy 241
UCR193381UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders353882008-05-13 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Santiago Canon above (S of) mouth of Hangman Tree Canon, just below Modjeska Canon confluence
UCR193387UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders353482008-05-13 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Santiago Canon at mouth of Hangman Tree Canon and lower Hangman Tree Cyn, c. 1-2 mile below Modjeska Canon confluence
UCR193762UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders357032008-07-03 OrangeWeir Canon, along Weir Canon Rd. 1.2 mi. SSE of Walnut Canon Reservoir, below Upper Blind Canon Rd.
UCR194346UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney68411998-08-28 San BernardinoStoddard Canon at Stoddard Falls
UCR194840UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney66811998-08-06 Los AngelesFalls Gulch, waterfall 100 m above confluence with upper East Fork San Gabriel River
UCR19666UCRAgrostis viridisHenry J. Thompsons.n.1959-05-24 Los Angeles0.3 mi north of Pacific Coast Hwy (1), Tuna Canon
UCR201412UCRAgrostis viridisJustin M. Wood1752008-09-30 RiversideTemecula-Murrieta Creek, downstream of 1st Street bridge
UCR201703UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White122772008-06-19 Riversidemeadows at Baldy Mountain
UCR204573UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney83902005-08-05 Los AngelesBig Rock Creek at Paradise Springs
UCR205937UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders370682009-06-01 Los AngelesRio Hondo in Whittier Narrows area, west of Rosemead Blvd. (Hwy 19) under SCE powerlines, beyond a tree nursery
UCR206141UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney89132008-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon, 0.4 mi. above (east) of El Encanto park office, on shoulder of the old road
UCR206458UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney89502008-06-09 Los AngelesSandrock Creek, 1.0 miles SSW of Valyermo post office at Valyermo Rd.
UCR207173UCRAgrostis viridisJoseph Cahill31712009-02-28 VenturaOrmond State Beach, south of Port Hueneme
UCR209133UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney90832008-06-24 Los AngelesRoberts Canon, 0.4-0.7 mile north of San Gabriel Canon
UCR209632UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney99142008-12-02 Los Angelesmouth of San Gabriel Canon between Foothill Blvd. and the I-210 Fwy, from main river channel to 300 m east
UCR209922UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney91692008-07-12 Los AngelesSan Dimas Experimental Forest, lower Volfe Canon near confluence with Big Dalton Canon
UCR210499UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney99512008-12-04 Los AngelesAzusa, mouth of San Gabriel Canon 1.8 mi. north of Sierra Madre Ave., north of bike trail parking lot, along flowing aqueduct of water filtration plant
UCR210653UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney98072008-11-10 San BernardinoCanon Pass, 0.6 mi. SW of Swarthout Canon Rd. junction with Canon Road
UCR2130UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed40071918-05-26 San Bernardinoriverbottom south of the Santa Ana River near Colton
UCR2131UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed1711903-06-05 RiversideRiverside, wet ground at outlet of lake in Fairmount Park
UCR2132UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed13911907-06-02 Riversideold pasture along Crestmore Road, West Riverside
UCR2133UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed14141907-06-16 RiversideRiverside, upper south fork of Arroyo Tequesquite
UCR2134UCRAgrostis viridisF.M. Reed9591906-05-26 RiversideRiverside. Wastewater ditch on Blaine Street
UCR223727UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney111482009-06-12 Los AngelesShoemaker Canon Rd., at Blind Deer Spring in first canyon north of Shoemaker Canon, a tributary of East Fork San Gabriel River
UCR227719UCRAgrostis viridisOrlando Mistretta53042010-06-15 Los AngelesUpper Big Tujunga Canon, Lynx Gulch, along Lynx Gulch Road, 0.68 road mi north of junction with Upper Big Tujunga Canon Road
UCR230257UCRAgrostis viridisDan S. Cooper411--192011-04-15 Los AngelesGriffith Park, Skyline Trail
UCR24051UCRAgrostis viridisJohn C. Roos48491950-07-05 San BernardinoLoma Linda, residence at 414 Steward Street
UCR254104UCRAgrostis viridisMitch Provance108762009-06-24 KernTejon Ranch, Los Alamos Creek, 0.5 W of South Portal No. 4 of the Tehachapi Afterbay, 1.5 miles north of the Los Angeles Co. line
UCR265339UCRAgrostis viridisLarry Hendrickson16562006-06-17 San DiegoBanner Creek watershed at the southeast tip of Volcan Mountain, just north of and below State Hwy 78. Square: K21
UCR275189UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders248732001-09-07 San DiegoBoden Canon, tributary of Santa Ysabel Creek at east end of San Pasqual Valley; along road in upper Dept. Fish & Game parcel
UCR275266UCRAgrostis viridisPeter Rubtzoff63771970-09-03 SonomaMarsh off west side of Highway 1, 0.7 miles SE of Salmon Creek crossing
UCR282941UCRAgrostis viridisDavid J. Keil291462000-11-10 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo, above Chorro Reservoir, vicinity of type locality of Cirsium fontinale var. obispoense, Choro Creek bog thistle
UCR284530UCRAgrostis viridisTim Thomas22831999-05-29 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, San Emigdio Canon at confluence with Doc Williams Creek
UCR288248UCRAgrostis viridisMitch Provance412--482012-04-07 San BernardinoSE Chino, Mill Creek (= southern reach of Cucamonga Creek), both N and S sides of Chino Corona Rd., 0.1 to 0.4 miles W of Hellman Ave.
UCR288557UCRAgrostis viridisMitch Provance612--762011-06-07 RiversideSan Timoteo Creek Wash, N side of Hwy. 60, about 0.7 miles NW of Jack Rabbit Trail.
UCR30616UCRAgrostis viridisJohn C. Rooss.n.1950-08-07 San BernardinoBeck Spring, Kingston Mountains
UCR37461UCRAgrostis viridisSteve Boyds.n.1981-05-15 RiversideGavilan Hills, confluence of the major drainage off the west slope of Estelle Mountain with Temescal Wash
UCR37648UCRAgrostis viridisGeorge K. HelmkampA--131984-04-29 San BernardinoBig Morongo Canon near the Riverside Co. line, 2 miles below the Big Morongo Preserve headquarters. Floor of the main canyon and to 0.25 mile up a broad side canyon to the east
UCR42737UCRAgrostis viridisEric A. Wise19801984-07-17 San Luis ObispoChorro Creek.
UCR43939UCRAgrostis viridisBarry A. Prigge64341985-06-14 VenturaOxnard Plain, Calleguas Creek. Lewis Road, 0.2 mi north of West Potrero Road.
UCR43943UCRAgrostis viridisBarry A. Prigge71641986-03-29 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek, just above Calif. Hwy 138
UCR44063UCRAgrostis viridisJames D. Morefield31251985-08-25 InyoOwens Valley drainage, at the spring [Dry Lake Spr.] 1 mi south of the mouth of Silver Canon 1.5 mi ESE of Laws
UCR56092UCRAgrostis viridisJeri Hirshbergs.n.1988-06-07 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.
UCR57207UCRAgrostis viridisJeri Hirshbergs.n.1989-06-09 Riversidesouth of town of Murrieta. Mouth of a small SW-draining channel on the SW side of Mesa de Burro
UCR72727UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders124461992-08-22 San BernardinoWaterman Canon, 1.2 mi above lower end of Old Waterman Canon Road (at Hwy 18)
UCR77062UCRAgrostis viridisA.C. Sanders141161993-05-30 San BernardinoCornfield Spring Canon, W slope of Providence Mtns, 4 mi SE of Kelso
UCR77278UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney16351991-10-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest. Canon Canon, near stream c. 0.5 mile south of the north end of Old Hwy 395
UCR78014UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White18591993-09-15 San Bernardinoephemeral stream course crossing of USFS Road 2N47, c. 0.5 mile west of Cleghorn Pass
UCR82934UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White17891993-07-23 San BernardinoCleghorn Canon
UCR84624UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White19961994-04-21 RiversideMillard Canon, near stream crossing of Forest Service Road 2S05, c. 4 miles south of Bear Wallow Spring
UCR84670UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White15071993-06-09 San BernardinoSanta Ana River wash at Alabama St.
UCR89321UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White32391995-06-08 InyoPanamint Mountains, Pleasant Canon, west of Clair Camp
UCR91707UCRAgrostis viridisGeorge K. Helmkamp10311996-05-24 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park-Los Osos State Park, north of Turri Road and 1.5 miles east of South Bay Blvd
UCR92358UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White24961994-10-17 RiversideMurrieta Creek channel at confluence with Santa Gertrudis Creek
UCR94026UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White41031996-05-31 San Bernardinodesert-facing slope, above Lucerne Valley; west of Silver Creek, just south of Pluess-Staufer haul road to White Knob quarry
UCR94321UCRAgrostis viridisScott D. White41861996-06-11 San BernardinoDesert slope above Lucerne Valley, Wild Rose Canon., above Specialty Minerals Furnace Canon limestone quarry, at road crossing
UCR94376UCRAgrostis viridisR.G. Swinney50271996-06-20 San BernardinoWrightwood, Twin Lakes swim park and meadow area; private development
UCR95753UCRAgrostis viridisLauren Raz61996-10-23 Los AngelesEntrance to Ruby Canon on FS Rd 6N24, 1-10 mi from junction with Lake Hughes Road
UCR96392UCRAgrostis viridisGeorge K. Helmkamp12051996-09-22 San Luis Obispoalong San Simeon Creek, c. 0.2 mile east of CA Hwy 1
UCR99813UCRAgrostis viridisB.G. Pitzer28421996-05-04 San BernardinoMill Creek wash, where it crosses the entrance road to Bearpaw Ranch the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary. Entrance to sanctuary just off Hwy 38 turnoff to Forest Falls; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCSB041755UCSBAgrostis viridisCCBER StaffMV12005-06-30 Santa BarbaraUCSB Campus, Manzanita Village.
UCSB041779UCSBAgrostis viridisDavid L. Magney163-002000-06-04 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Upper Sespe Creek; Wheeler Springs Quad., SW1-4 W1-4, S19, T6N, R23W, San Bernardino Base Meridian; Derrydale Creek from SR33 milepost 31.72 upstream for ˜ 1mi on E-fork.
UCSC100009709UCSCAgrostis viridisSpencer Roth691997-05-14 Santa CruzUC Santa Cruz Arboretum near geodesic domes; specimen collected near riparian area of Moore Creek

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